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Old 05-09-2012, 07:00 AM
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Re: Love, Appreciation, Adoration, and Any Other Nice Stuff About People!

your muff is cabbage

"It is not bigotry to be certain we are right; but it is bigotry to be unable to imagine how we might possibly have gone wrong"
- G. K. Chesterton

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Re: Love, Appreciation, Adoration, and Any Other Nice Stuff About People!

Right back at you chris.


Chris is one intense mother❤❤❤❤er. He seems one way and bam! he's another.

People see him around and he always seems to have a stupid or funny comment to say. Probably one of my favorites in that regard. I love me some stupid jokes.

But there's another side of him. He may be a stoner or whatevs but I can tell that he's a deep thinker. He is definitely the most open minded person here. I respect you in this regard as well.

Lastly, this bro is smart. He knows how to deal with people really well. He couples this with a "not afraid to speak my mind" attitude quite often. I've even seen him stand to his superiors and win!

Overall he's a really cool guy and pretty much is a carbon copy of Jim Morrison.

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Re: Love, Appreciation, Adoration, and Any Other Nice Stuff About People!

~Eternal Legend~

(it's only recently we've gotten to know each other, but I thought from one artist to another, something like this mixed with my lame and silly sense of humour would tell you how much I appreciate you as a person, friend and mod on this board. I think you're kind, beautiful and a joy to be around. Don't ever change. Mwah xoxoxox)
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Re: Love, Appreciation, Adoration, and Any Other Nice Stuff About People!


Now for the obligatory long post:

When I first joined not so long ago (half a year ago?) then you were the meoderator I noticed. Don't know if you were Admin then, but I noticed that you were the most active mod by far.

You're also very nice and engagable in general. I like dropping you a message now and then saying something positive. It's nice to know that you are aware of my existence 'cause you're that cool.

You also handle criticism and arguments very well, both as a member of the community and as a moderator.

So, all in all, I just think you're a cool person.

If I was old enough I'd totally date you, just, just saying.
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Re: Love, Appreciation, Adoration, and Any Other Nice Stuff About People!


When I first came back to ZU in 2009 I had a neutral opinion of him which soon turned negative because I perceived a negative abrasive personality from him. It wasn't some active hatred or anything, but it was more of a "I don't really feel like getting to know this guy because I don't like him (even though I don't really know him)".

This persisted until maybe 2-3 months ago? not sure and he VMed me about something I posted and I realized we were somewhat alike in certain ways like beliefs and political stuff. More than that I was reminded personally of how members and staff at a Zelda site I modded at (, disliked and avoided me for the similar reason of my drive being mistaken for abrasiveness.

So yeah, he's pretty awesome.
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Re: Love, Appreciation, Adoration, and Any Other Nice Stuff About People!

daddy wasn't there to take me to the fair or change my underwear.

but Avalanchemike was. Michael is an incredible man, a natural-born leader and master of logistics, all of this with a heart. Michael is the closest thing to Jean-Luc Picard I have ever known in my entire life, knowing when to be stern, knowing when to be jocular, knowing when things need levity and when things need a foot broken off in their ass. Michael has always pushed me, and god knows I need to be pushed, he helps me to see that I am capable of so much more than I have done, and that I owe it to myself and those around me to make better use of my personality and my talents. I have often fantasized about serving on the forum staff under his direction, doing everything in my power to make him proud and show him that I am not some lost cause pothead moth, drifting and edging in towards the fire. I do not think that michael aspired to be a father figure of sorts for me but he filled the role easily, something that is very strange, as I have always had a lot of trouble accepting any of my mother's choices in men as adequate to show me what is what and where the doors are. Michael would never force me to do anything and he doesn't have to, he shows me those doors and I choose which one. often I have probably made the wrong choice, but I hope to correct that, I hope to show him that I am worth the time he has given me, for his time is immeasurably valuable, his incredible logic and heart being this wonderful lantern in a dimly lit cavern, showing the different avenues and bends. I have learned so much just from observing him and how he handles other people, the way he is considerate but assertive, the way he strives to do what is best for all and provide in any way shape or form he sees that he can for others. I love you michael and though we have grown apart you will always be my big gay daddy, and some day I am going to come to Toronto and you and I and eric will discuss the future of the world we are destined to dominate together.
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Re: Love, Appreciation, Adoration, and Any Other Nice Stuff About People!

Okay, so here's another big post:


Okay, so you're just such a cool person. I've known you for a few years, and we chat sometimes, we really don't talk as much as we should. Every time I see something about Zooey Deschanel, Australia, the Sims, or beer cans (lol), I think of you. You're adorable and spontaneous sometimes, but you're also an amazingly level-headed and mature member when you need to be. You're really funny, and you run a great Youtube channel and blog. Also, you're one of the reasons I started reading Homestuck but a lot of people would call that a bad thing. I just love like all of your posts, and you're one of the biggest reasons why I love being in Din.


We don't always see eye to eye. As Raptor Buddha pointed out, you and I are almost totally opposite in terms of personality. We rarely talk, and, when we do, it's usually not for friendly conversation. Still, you are one of the core members of Zelda Universe, and one of the best posters I know. While not being too scholarly or pedantic, you show in SD that you know so much about so many topics. In nearly every thread, you have something of value to say. Although I guess this doesn't really matter, you probably have the most Likes of any ZUer. This is because your posts are just so great. You're hilarious and genial at times, and intelligent and wise at others. In some ways, I certainly look up to you. Very few of your posts aren't somehow clever, funny, or thought-provoking. I'm guessing that you rarely think of me, and, when you do, you regard me as annoying or naive, but I'd just like to say that I'm so glad you've never left Zelda Universe, and that you're one of my favorite members on this website.


Whenever I think of how ZU is such a diverse community, I think of you. I mean, you live in a small, remote village on an isolated Alaskan island and are ethnically Inuit. That's just so amazingly cool. Even if you were a terrible poster (you're the opposite), you'd still be remarkable just because of that. I love seeing the photos and videos you put up that showcase your town and island, and it's incredible to see how different the life of someone in your own nation can be. Most importantly, though, your posts are amazing. They're almost always charming, humorous, and silly, but not to the point of being annoying. You show that you can be light-hearted but serious at the same time, which is really admirable.


You're such a great person. I just love the "idgiaf" attitude you always have, but I especially love how you actually do care about many things. Your posts are witty and insightful and a ton of them (as well as your Facebook statuses) are just so funny. The ZU Question Tag thread that you originally made was such a good idea, and it really makes ZU a better place. You're a great ingredient in the ZU stew, and I wish I could be as hilarious as you are.


Serious Discussion is home to no more skilled debater. You're the single most knowledgeable individual on this website, and one of the smartest people I know, online and off. I don't think I disagree with you on any issue, but, even if I did, I would love your posts. I would have to say that you're my SD role model. The thing is, that's like saying my role model as a budding composer is Beethoven. You're just so incredibly talented that I have no idea how I could ever come close to being as mature, intelligent, and certain of an arguer as you are. If SD would have a king, it would be you. While there are over a dozen excellent, skilled debaters that lurk in that murky mire of a forum, you shine above all others. For as long as I have been a Zelda Universe member, you've been the most skilled and most polite arguer on the site. Bravo, John.


Ffffff, so much to say.

FIRST OFF: You're so incredibly bubbly, fun, and vivacious. Since you exploded onto the website a year ago (or less?), you've totally changed the community in the best possible way. The question tag thread, although originally made by Amy, was something that you turned around into an awesome tool for social networking within ZU, that really helps strengthen us as a forum. Your videos in that thread are so amazing, and you're the kind of person that can turn a message that most people would do in one sentence (Like, saying how you somebody's deadline is coming up) into something that's literally post-of-the-year material.
And you do it all the time. Somehow, you seem to effortlessly craft amazing post after amazing post, and I'm sitting here, open-mouthed, like you're Mozart and I'm Salieri. FUN FACT: The two composers were actually just friendly rivals, they didn't kill each other.

SECOND OFF: Your art is incredibly. Like, it's famazing. The simple doodles that you make manage to have more emotion and life than a lot of paintings that take months or years to make. This cute lil' doodle of you is my favorite drawing of yours. The use of color is really nice, but the best part has gotta be your stance and expression. There is no way for somebody to look at that drawing and feel sad. The rest of your art is just as great. The way you can capture people's subleties and nuances, like the incredible details in your ZU Dogs, is inspiring. Back to those dogs, they're great. You've only made three of those posts, but each of those little dog-avatars is amazing. You can capture the personality of various members so well. It's stunning. Half of them make me say "Hahaha, wow, I would never think of that", and the other half makes me say, "WOW. Buu can make any little doodle an awesome work of art!" I don't know how you do it, Elin. It's just so wonderful.

You're one of the most fun people that I know, anywhere. You're always so lively and silly, and it's great chatting with you on Skype from time to time. Even when you're being serious, you seem affectionate and light-hearted, but you are certainly one woman who can put her foot down. When you mean business, you mean business. I'm so glad that I know you, even though we're not even best friends, because you're a wonderful person, and one of the most unique, caring, hilarious, and talented people I know.

P.S. You're also really pretty, and your hair is just like your personality: Poofy and cute and funny and charming. Both of them are really memorable and really great.

Be warned, I probably will make a third giant gay post like this.
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Re: Love, Appreciation, Adoration, and Any Other Nice Stuff About People!

I've not really been in this community long enough to appreciate people largely, obviously there are some people that I enjoy speaking/arguing with but due to this I just want to say...

Too all of y'all.

I love and appreciate all the people in the forum who make it such a delightful place to visit.

So to you reading this right now, yes you.

Cheers Much loves and appreciation
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Re: Love, Appreciation, Adoration, and Any Other Nice Stuff About People!


I have no idea how to write all the good ❤❤❤❤ people have been writing, so WITNESS A TERRIBLE LIST.


SO. We met for the first time IN THE OLD NAYRU CHAT THAT APPARENTLY NO LONGER EXISTS. We talked alot, and that was awesome. I don't remember what happened to make it that way, but it felt like we were just instantly best friends and I could tell you ANYTHING. Not even sure how it happened, but it DID! I can trust you with ANYTHING, you're hilarious, an amazing arteest, and you're a big reason why I'm always up til 3am xD. BEST PERSON OF LIFE. The THEORY OF EVOLUTION stories always make me laugh, too. STAY CLASSY.


So you uhhhh (I'm thinking). WE MET IN THE SAME NAYRU CHAT. I remember making fun of someone in there, because the first message you sent me was "YOU'RE MEAN, BE MY FRIEND". I guess that kind of stayed because I always ❤❤❤❤❤ about everything with you and EL! You're a sick Aussie, and I can't imagine never having met you now, because I talk to you (AND EL) EVERY SINGLE DAY. It really sucked not having you on skype every day when your charger broke, but now that you're back everything's awesome again! STAY GASSY.


YOU KNOW WHAT I CAN'T BELIEVE? I just started talking to you around a month and a half ago and I'm already gonna be invited to your wedding, as the ❤❤❤❤❤ who says the wedding ❤❤❤❤. THAT'S DEDICATION. I don't even know why, but you turned into a second Nate for me while he was gone, but now that he's back, I talk to you both every day! You're ❤❤❤❤ing awesome, even though I make fun of you all the time for being dumb, but don't change! :]


WELL WELL WELL. We first started talking, I think, when Mushroom introduced us? Don't remember. I remember I found out you lived really close to me, and it didn't freak me out like people that are intimidated by you, because you're just a LEETLE BABY. But uhh, we talk about Canadian stuff sometimes, but I think you're a SLIGHTLY DECENT person that's an important part of the forums (like lee-er). STAY MASSY.


I only started talking to you because of Cayley, and we never really talk seriously, but when we did (once) you were actually pretty smart and fun to talk to. IT'S NEVER ME IN THE VMS, ALWAYS CAYLEY. TRUST ME. You're pretty much the drug FAQ, and that's sweet. STAY SASSY.


IN THE NAYRU CHAT. I remember you saying something about long hair and living in the POOL OF ORGANS. I started imagining you as being a Beatle as a joke, but then you even SOUNDED like Ringo. That pretty much sealed the deal. I've talked to you sometimes in the Skype chats, but not too often. You've always been a pretty nice guy, though, so STAY GRASSY.


You all suck.
Nah, you're actually the BEST GROUP OF INDIVIDUALS ON THE INTERNET. I haven't really gotten that close to too many of you, but I love you all.
STAY ❤❤❤❤ing awesome bromans.
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Re: Love, Appreciation, Adoration, and Any Other Nice Stuff About People!

Gather around children, for tonight we discuss

So I never really talked to this awesome person until we happened to be in the same skype group as eachother.

And I'm glad we did.

She is a ❤❤❤❤ing AMAZING ARTIST. Seriously, if you have not checked out her art thread then go do it right now. I can't believe that she isn't rich and famous yet. I honestly, in the deepest and purest part of my heart believe she's on the same level as the most famous and influential artists in history. Her artwork just really speaks to me, whether it's based off of Zelda or not. It's alive, it's sentient, she manages to literally breath life into things. I'm a very visual sort of person. Most of my inspiration for writing comes from visuals, so I deeply appreciate her ability to take thoughts and emotions and transcribe them to a visual medium. Artists are beautiful people to me, and you are no exception <3333

So we get it, right? She's pretty much the greatest artist that we've ever seen. But there's more to her than art. There is a beautiful and caring person in there. This person is close to me and I'm so glad for it. She's so humble with her artwork, like, she doesn't go around shoving it in peoples' faces. She's just this amazing person whom I love very much. I might not talk to her as much as I'd like, but I count her as one of my really good friends. I just want to hug her very much.

Then there is staff. She makes these lovely banners. She made the ZUer of the Week one for me when I asked for it, and gave me three different ones to choose from. EL's done some other requests for staff, and when we needed a Zelda mod she stepped up to the plate and took it almost immediately. She works very hard in her section, probably the most active there. I have no clue how she manages it.... but holy ❤❤❤❤ does she do her job good.

Artists are beautiful people and EL is no exception. From her artwork which outshines every artist in the history of mankind, to her care and empathetic feelings towards her friends and family, she is a wonderfully kind soul whom I am glad to be graced by. Her presence lights up the daunting night sky like a bright flash of brilliant thunder. Keep being amazing.
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Re: Love, Appreciation, Adoration, and Any Other Nice Stuff About People!


I don't know her at all -- I think we've only crossed path once -- but it gets me in a good mood everytime I see her posts. She seems so cheerful and it makes me smile. (:
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Re: Love, Appreciation, Adoration, and Any Other Nice Stuff About People!

Originally Posted by Tavros View Post
FIRST OFF: You're so incredibly bubbly
You wanted to say ~effervescent~
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Re: Love, Appreciation, Adoration, and Any Other Nice Stuff About People!


So yeah. This dude is pretty cool. He was one of my first friends when rejoined back in July. He's always really easy to talk to about...well anything! He's kind and understanding and just an all around great guy. PLUS HE'S GOT AWESOME MUSCLES. Shut up. I said it.

We should talk. It's really been a while.
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Re: Love, Appreciation, Adoration, and Any Other Nice Stuff About People!

Originally Posted by Hombre de Mundo View Post
I wanted to say something about Blizzaga. Zecora, whatever, he'll always be Blizz to me.

I think that the guy speaking at the end, Jeff I believe (.... the fat guy ) was really spot-on. It was a really moving mini-speech if you will and of course I agree whole-heartedly with him, despite me not having gone through what he had gone through. Though I believe Blizzaga must've felt something similar as he left mormonism. I remember talking to him as he returned from his mission in Argentina... I think I was one of the first ZU people he spoke to. I was on an airport in London I believe and was surprised to see him online because it hadn't been two years yet, and he said he had to leave because of personal things... I can't remember what we talked about exactly but I realised it was a sensetive thing for him and I wished him well and told him to take time and think about stuff and he'll eventually make the right decision.

I've known blizz since... 2008 or so? We've had some religious discussions in the past and I've always been pretty striaght-forward with what I beleive: Religion is unreasonable. My impressions have always been that going to church and being with those people made Blizz happy, made him belong, feel like he was in a good place doing good work, etc. And I'm a big believer in following your own heart and doing what you feel is right, at all times. So obviously I'm not going to bash him for doing things he like.

Anyway, since he came back from his mission I felt as if he had some serious issues with his religion, probably an insecurity that's been slowly growing for years before he finally had to confront it. Like I said, I haven't experienced any of that becasue thankfully I wasn't brought up in a religious family or a religious community (you'll have a hard time finding those around here so I guess changes were slim anyway), but from what I've heard from other people, giving up such a central part of your life is huge, and sometimes devastating, oftentimes involving month of struggling, doubt, confusion and tears. Many people aren't strong enough to make it, especially if almost everyone around them adhere to that religion. I don't know if this was the case for blizz or not, but regardless... it made me so happy a couple of weeks back when he made this post in SD:

This to me shows a strength in character, a strong will to pursue his own goals and not be governed by others. A courage to speak out against the thing he disagrees with and maybe most importantly a person who's come to realise he's a unique individual, his own master and that life can be whatever he wants it to be.

I think it's beautiful, really.
Thank you so much for this, Hombre. It couldn't have come at a better time. Right now I am in a dark place and feel very disconnected from life and happiness, for the problem that was powerful enough to send me home from my mission early has reared its ugly head yet again. I was never able to solve my anxiety and OCD then, but now, without religion being in the way, I've been able to research for unbiased knowledge regarding my issue. I've fallen on hard times. Can't afford help, can't get medicare, nor can I get insurance. I saved up money by recycling cans and bottles to get a used self-help book from Amazon and am awaiting its arrival. But yeah, I'm doing everything on my own. I have no professional guidance and no one to lead me by the hand. No friends to visit to help ease the pain. No support groups in town. Nothing. I am all alone with my problem. Just recently I decided to stop burying my head in the sand and actually do something about it. But in making the commitment to do so by using free snippets here and there from the Internet, my anxiety and OCD have been getting worse. It's hard fighting a battle all by myself, not knowing exactly how or having constant encouragement from a professional who has been there before.

And thus, you can imagine how alone and afraid I feel right now, full of self-doubt and constantly being knocked back down by my greatest enemy: me. Me and a lifetime of negativity that has twisted my mind into the hub of anxiety, worry, and irrationality that it is now. Not knowing how to win, or even if I can. So deeply entrenched in a war with myself that I have forgotten who I am and the positive things I've accomplished.

It's in this dark hour, Hombre, that I read the nice things you have to say about me. Thank you so much for helping remind me that I am not alone. Thank you for your friendship and optimism. When the day finally comes that I have rid myself of my problems I'll remember this as being one of the few things which helped me along the way.


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Re: Love, Appreciation, Adoration, and Any Other Nice Stuff About People!

Sorry. Didn't mean to ruin this thread by my negativity.


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Re: Love, Appreciation, Adoration, and Any Other Nice Stuff About People!

Asia Queen or something

So I opened Skype and was punched in the face with a totally random "good luck to your exams" told in the unique asia-sque way and it warmed my heart so much that I just needed to leave a few words. HERE.
Because she's offline.

And I'm bad with compliments.

I'll just ramble, because people have described her so neatly already and I'm just randomly typing words next to each other, hoping they would make sense one day. c:

Despite her being amazing, I WAS AFRAID TO APPROACH HER ON SKYPE. I got a random nervous-attack because what am I going to say after we are done with the "hi I'm Nesi hi I'm Asia" part?? So she waited and waited and then jumped on me like a big fluffy bear and didn't let go.
And conversation was never a problem. She doesn't know what awkward silence is!

She's often offline or hiding like a mafia. So I leave her random messages.
"Hey Asia, I saw a lady with bright smile on the bus today. She reminded me of you."
One would expect that she'd forget or ignore these, because hell, I realise she's busy. But nooo, she's always all ":>>" about them.

Seriously... I am so amazed by her. I like metaphors and I always come up with a few and they're usually clumsy, but I like them. And she's like the sun. So much. She's warm, bright, loving and gentle, but fierce too, and all the love, kindness and compassion she has in her could warm up the entire planet. She's also not only an incredible tender woman, but also a wonderfully intelligent one, she knows many things about the world, especially about people. Yet, she never looks down on anyone ever. Never trashtalks. Never judges. She turns to everybody with the same amount of niceness, genuine interest and love regardless of what they are like. She forgives all. She gives second chance. And third. And fourth. Her wisdom is that she notices the values people have, even if they are hard to discover because internet persona, text-based communication, blah blah. She still has an eye for that. This sounds overappreciating when written, but the incredible thing is that it's actually true. Her relationship with mankind could ~heal the world~ She just has all the comfort to offer. <3

I DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT HER. I ask about her, but I don't know how we always end up talking about me and it makes me feel so ego-centric now! :'D But I'll fight. I won't let her change topic ever again! Even if it'll make me feel like the creepiest person in the entire universe. She's also a cheeky one! She laughs in your face and dances around you and tickles you until you just have to LAUGH. Or grin only if you are a particularly grumpy person. :'D

I don't even know what to say to her. I know that if I were to write a novel about her fantastic personality, that still wouldn't change her sweet-humble-modest-hahaha attitude. MY DREAM IS TO SING IN A CHOIR WITH HER. Because that would be magical. Even the cold Russian mountains would be crying in happiness. <333

Oh and it's an immense pleasure to be disQUALified by her <33


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Re: Love, Appreciation, Adoration, and Any Other Nice Stuff About People!

Strawberry- because she's always nice and doesn't just ignore you or brush you off, even though I can tell that you don't find me particularly interesting. She's one of the few people on this site that I talk to on skype once in a while.
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Re: Love, Appreciation, Adoration, and Any Other Nice Stuff About People!

I dont wanna make a list, because I dont like leaving people out, or playing favorites and stuff.

but if I've ever Liked one of your posts, that means I appreciate something you've done here.


thank you
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Re: Love, Appreciation, Adoration, and Any Other Nice Stuff About People!

Maybe it's because I'm bored (lol the only time I think of you) or some demon possessing me to type this, but I figured why the hell not. The person I will be talking about is quite possibly the most important person in my life at the moment:


We've known of each other for quite a while now, started talking well over a year ago, through VMs. She randomly commented on a signature of mine and the conversation veered from that to us planning how to take over the world. It was a couple of months after that that Blizzaga added me to a random group chat on MSN. Among the fine people there was Rhian as well. At first I didn't even realize it was her, I didn't know half the people there. The conversations were very sex-related (as is to be expected when she's around) and overall a lot of fun. We joked about how she dominates me and makes me wear a girly dress (totally not something I do already). This group existed for a good while and whenever it disbanded, since there were a few folks from very different times zones, me and Rhian would continue our conversations 1 on 1. At that point the conversations would go from being overly sexual to just learning new things about each other. We also ended up playing Civilization IV for a good 7 hours on a couple occasions which was superb fun.

Then the chat group disbanded for good, but me and Rhian had already developed a strong friendship. We would talk every day, share pictures and videos, make each laugh and generally just have an awesome time together. I got to know her more personally too, she turned out to be a very loyal, caring friend, who would always be there for you if something was wrong. There have been times we've argued and fought, but it hasn't taken me too long to think "I wanna talk to her again" afterwards, no matter what we fought about or how pissed off I was (Well, I haven't been pissed off at her, mostly just annoyed). Hopefully she feels the same. We kept on talking throughout the summer and she quickly became one of my closest friends.

During Fall of last year I had a severe Internet problems. This left us not being able to talk for a good couple of months which obviously made me very, very sad. I still feel awful about it, since the Internet outage happened so fast I had no chance of warning her. We did message each other a couple of times through PMs, she wished me happy birthday which made me so damn happy and I was able to get on MSN to talk with her a couple of times during the so called Internet blackout. It felt very good to be able to talk to her again when I got my Internet connection back last January and we've only gotten closer ever since.

So that's pretty much the story of me and Rhian. A wonderful person that makes every day so much better. She's funny, cute, crazy, o u crazy, caring and all-around an amazing girl, that I'm so lucky to have met. She always tries her best to cheer me up when I'm done, make me feel better if I'm sick and usually she accomplishes just that. I can't imagine my life without and I sure as hell hope that never becomes a reality.

Thank you, Rhian, for being a part of my life.
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Re: Love, Appreciation, Adoration, and Any Other Nice Stuff About People!

Your signature pic makes it even more touching.
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