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Old 03-07-2010, 04:33 PM
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WE HAVE A WINRAR! Hombre's Theorizing Contest

Oh yes. We finally have a winner in Hombre's Theorizing Contest! He was one of three brave people who dared look fear into the eye and say "YES I CAN write a page of timeline"!

While we realise that all three did a great job, only one can be the best and recieve the grand price of the Erimgard Stickers!

Now before I reveal the winner, I want you to know exactly how this was judged:

The submissions were sent to me. I then went ahead and removed the names from the documents so that the secret judge had no idea who wrote what.

I also want to make clear that I did not influence the judge in any way.

The Secret Judge... well, now I'm gonna reveal his/her identity so that he/she can confirm what I said if he/she wants to. The secret judge is...

Nah, just joking. Mr Spork was kind enough to volunteer and he picked the following theory:

"It's explained more clearly than the others and backed it up with evidence both from in the games' stories and from what developers have said. Also, it had nicer formatting. It presented a well-reasoned timeline that makes sense with the arguments put forward, backed up with multiple sources"

Congatulations RIVER ZORA for convincing a noob that your timeline theory is the best one! You'll recieve your Erimgard stickers shortly. As a bonus price your theory will be featured in Newbie's Guide to Theorizing!

As a final note before I post the submissions I want to thank everyone who participated

Originally Posted by River Zora
Once upon a time there were two games which told the story of a boy who saved the water-logged, island-y Hyrule from Ganon(fig.1). Later there were two more games. These games told the story of a boy who saved the land-locked, mountainous Hyrule from Ganon(fig.2). Several men in charge of the series claimed that the second pair was intended to be a sequel to the first pair; other men in charge of the series, however, were under the impression that the second pair were designed as a prequel. No one could seem to agree, and it was a general mess. These games were supposed to be linked somehow, but clearly it was causing problem.

Then, a third pair of games was released. This time, they were explicitly called a prequel to the previous games. But how did this help the previous games’ situation? It just so happened that this pair of games did something very dramatic- split the timeline itself. Why, no one can know. It seems silly to think that the people in charge already had ideas for two futures for this game- indeed they have said often that storyline is the last thing they think of with a game, and that storylines change all the way to the final stages of production. Why, therefore, would they have felt the need to do something so drastic? The answer, to me, seems obvious that they were making right their earlier confusion. Neither pair has to be placed incongruous to the other because each can have its own future independent. But which pair goes on which side of the split?

The Wind Waker showed a future where the old land of Hyrule had been swallowed beneath a dreadful flood and people are living in a water-logged land full of islands, a land where the Master Sword is lost beneath the waves, and follows the future where six sages’ names have become well known- Ruto, Saria etc. The first pair of games has islands everywhere, towns named after Ruto, Saria etc. and no Master Sword to be seen. Its direct sequels, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, also confirm there is a new Hyrule in these islands, and that some legend of the sages (in the form of graves/stained glass) still exists. Check one. (fig.3)

Twilight Princess features a mountainous, landlocked Hyrule in which the Master Sword is found and left in a forest grove and follows a continuity where red/blue/green pendants have not yet been used to harness its power. The second pair of games features a landlocked Hyrule, the Master Sword in a forest grove and has a prophecy of red/blue/green pendants to be collected not yet fulfilled. Check two. (fig.4)

The Four Swords games seem to have to be placed together on the timeline, as they have their own mythos unmentioned in other games; splitting them leaves one to wonder why their legends are never mentioned elsewhere. They take place in an islandy Hyrule (The Wind Waker) where tales of ‘life force’ and ‘force gems’ abound (Spirit Tracks). The final game in the series also introduces a new Ganon. This gives us both explanation for Ganon in the first pair. Being called a ‘new Hyrule legend’ by developers only furthers this suspicion more than its context of being the first story released after The Wind Waker’s continuity. To argue against, Four Swords Adventures is superficially very similar to the second pair in level design, however a gameplay aspect such as this seems minor in comparison to the logic and story behind its post-The Wind Waker placement. Check Three. (fig.5)

The Oracle games feature the enemy Twinrova and the race Zoras. On The Wind Waker’s line, Twinrova is dead and the Zoras have evolved/transformed into a new race- the Rito. This leaves the Twilight Princess line in which Twinrova was not killed and the Zoras thrive. We also have an advanced resurrection technique for Ganon introduced to explain his appearance in the second pair, combined with two teal-skinned wizards who are trying to aid his resurrection in an incredibly similar backstory of the same second pair(fig.6). Fourth/final check.

OoT-tWW-tMC-FS-FSA-LoZ-AoL(first pair)
OoT-MM-TP-OoA/OoS-aLttP-LA(second pair)

Fig.1 Fig.2
Fig.3 Fig.4
Fig.5 Fig.6

PS. River Zora had some nice color coding which you can't see here. Just FYI.

Originally Posted by Watties
Welcome to the Legend of Zelda gaming series. I’m going to introduce you to my timeline theory today, and I hope you enjoy, and get some insight based on the Legend of Zelda series. The first game in the series is the Minish Cap. I’m going to get to why a little later though. It pieces itself together. The second game is OoT, the 5th installment. In this game, we learn that Ganondorf was one of a male Gerudo – this being important because one is born only every 100 years (as said in game). Ultimately, Link (HoT) releases the new seven sages, and seals Ganondorf in the Sacred Realm. Zelda here sends Link back in time, and closes the door of time, and thus splitting the time line. We’ll continue with the adult side for now. The adult side is with the new seven sages (more on that after) comes the WW. The intro to this game describes the events of OoT, and the after math. Ganondorf breaks out of the sacred realm, and no hero is around to save Hyrule, due to the HoT being on another time line. So, the people of Hyrule pray to the gods who created Hyrule (Din, Nayru and Farore) for some sort of saving. They flood Hyrule, but this does not stop Ganon, just hold him back until the new hero comes. So, we now have the Hero of Wind, who meets the King of Old Hyrule (most likely the king directly after the one in Ocarina of Time, who is implied (not confirmed) to be dead). This Link stabs Ganon in the head, thus putting an end to him. The game confirmed to follow (story wise and developer) is Phantom Hourglass. 100 years later New Hyrule is formed, and a new Link and Zelda put an end to the demon king (a new villain). I currently believe nothing else comes after this, it just isn’t setup properly land mark wise and with the train tracks and modernization. Child Timeline: Majora’s Mask, no time line significance (HoT tried to find Navi the fairly in Termina). Next, TP. In this time line, Link never sends Ganon to the sacred realm, instead warns the king of Ganon’s plans, and leaves. The king has the 7 sages (presumed to be the 7 wise men), and seal Ganon with a failed attempt into the Twilight realm. (Note: the 7 sages in OoT were never released here, due to the destruction of Hyrule never existing). Link defeats Ganondorf through his week point the 7 sages gave him trying to seal. This is where the time line gets shaky. I now put the Oracle series here, due to Twinrova being around, and the revival of Ganon (meaning he probably died in Twilight Princess). Twinrova appeared in OoT, Link killing them, but on the Child, they’re still loyal supporters of Ganondorf. Link foils that plan, and sails off at the end, leading in Link’s Awakening. Here I presume Hyrule goes through an era of prosperity and the first Zelda and Adventure of Link, although there is nothing to back it up, this is really the only place they fit with Miyamoto’s saying ALttP comes after. After this, we have FS and FSA, Minish Cap follow-ups. The reason I don’t keep the series together is because of names, I doubt the names change then change back, and then you add the they just don’t fit in factor there. Anyway FS has ALttP geography dead, and leads into it with the sealing of the Four Sword, then finding the Four Sword broken in the GBA version of ALttP. ALttP tells the story of the sages (presumably CT OoT events), followed by FSA Ganon Sealing. ALttP is currently my last game in the series, for it kills Ganon once and for all.

Thank you for reading my theory, sorry about the room and cramming, but Hombre only allowed me one page -__^

Abbreviations: ALttP (A Link to the Past), OoT (Ocarina of Time, GBA (Game Boy Advance), FS (Four Sword) A (Adventures), WW (Wind Waker), TP (Twilight Princess), HoT (Hero of Time)
Originally Posted by Slagr
In the Legend of Zelda (LoZ), there is not much story to decide placement. The same goes for the Adventure of Link (AoL). I’ll return to these games after discussing other relevant games and geography. In Link to the Past (LttP), we’re told of the ancient Seal War in which Ganon is trapped in the Sacred Realm after attacking Hyrule in search of the Triforce (TF). When Ocarina of Time (OoT) came out, its original purpose was to show the Seal War. This was then supported by the developers at the time. Along with this LttP-OoT arc came geographical similarities (see map). At the end of Ocarina of time, Link is sent back in time, prior to Ganon’s attack on Hyrule. This movement through time caused a split in the timeline: one in which Link left and Ganon was defeated and sealed away, and another in which Link arrived and Ganon never conquered Hyrule. Wind Waker (WW) shows the return of the sealed Ganon, as he makes several references to the game, specifically his recognition of the Master Sword (MS). This side of the timeline is called the Adult Timeline(AT). On the other side of the split is Majora’s Mask, as it shows a juvenile Link travelling from Hyrule. The next core timeline game on this side (Child Timeline/CT) is Twilight Princess (TP). In TP, Ganon makes references to the state of OoT prior to Link’s return in OoT, but no references to time after that. He does not recognize the MS, saying only that it is “impressive looking.” At this point in time, LttP’s placement possibly changes. Due to the fact that the MS sinks beneath the ocean in WW and remains in a pedestal in the woods in TP, LttP seems to follow TP as its MS is found in the woods as well. Both WW and TP follow OoT almost directly, therefore LttP probably must come after either. The last game to add into the “core timeline” is Four Swords Adventures (FSA). In FSA, we see many references to LttP and OoT such as geography (see map) and things such as NPC races and the like. FSA also provides the origin for LttP’s Ganon as TP shows Ganon ‘s death and FSA shows the birth of another Gerudo king who becomes Ganon. At the end of FSA, Ganon is sealed in the Four Sword (FS). In LttP GBA, the FS is found inside the Dark World. At this point, LoZ and AoL are placed after LttP for their common geography (see map) and continuity in terms of Ganon, as he is only seen in the same form, a blue pig, on the CT but not the AT. Now, we add in the FSA prequels, The Minish Cap (tMC) and Four Swords (FS). In tMC, the names of most locations are not the same as any other game. For this reason, I place it prior to OoT, by which point the names have become standardized and do not change. FS is placed directly before FSA as FSA NPCs are very familiar with Vaati, the villain. The Oracle Series (OoX) and Link’s Awakening (LA) are the hardest to place, but I place OoX after AoL because Link has a TF symbol on his hand but does not possess an actual TF piece in both, and Ganon seeks revival in AoL and is revived in OoX. LA then follows OoX because the games share many exclusive enemies, and OoX ends with Link sailing away and LA begins with Link sailing toward Hyrule after “journey[ing] far away from Hyrule on a quest…” (LA Manual). Phantom Hourglass (PH) shows what becomes of Link after WW as he explores the oceans, and Spirit Tracks (ST) shows the birth of a new Hyrule after the flood.


Bold: core timeline

EDIT: Seems to be an attachment just below. Yeah, I fist tried to attach the word document but only Watties wanted to upload and then I couldn't delete it. So if you want Watties Timeline really bad, here it is
Attached Files
File Type: doc Watties.doc (30.0 KB, 9 views)
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Re: WE HAVE A WINRAR! Hombre's Theorizing Contest

I feel this is a victory for non-tMC-first-supporters everywhere.

I'd like to thank my mum, dad, Jesus, and of course Smallville Boy, without whom none of this would be possible.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go do fish stuff.

Hugs and Ponies,

*What actually happened*What if Vaati had been sealed, not destroyed, in tMC*
*As blue, plus what if Midna had not destroyed the Mirror of Twilight*What if Link had failed in OoT*
*What if Link had failed in OoX and Ganon changed his name to Gannon*

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Re: WE HAVE A WINRAR! Hombre's Theorizing Contest

Congratulations RZ
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Re: WE HAVE A WINRAR! Hombre's Theorizing Contest


But seriously, nice work. =)

Check out ZeldaInformer.

Bombers Articles: (Zelda Theorising)
The Master Sword Exposed (out of date due to SS, some images missing)
The Oocca: Engineers of Hyrule
The Great War of Ikana
The Mysteries of Malladus: The Demon King's Story

I'll be updating some articles and providing new content at Zelda Informer over December/January (2011/2012)

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Re: WE HAVE A WINRAR! Hombre's Theorizing Contest

Viral, you have my love <3
*What actually happened*What if Vaati had been sealed, not destroyed, in tMC*
*As blue, plus what if Midna had not destroyed the Mirror of Twilight*What if Link had failed in OoT*
*What if Link had failed in OoX and Ganon changed his name to Gannon*

Webcomic: 72 Hours Remain//First Place Z.U. Awards Best Zelda Fanfiction Summer '09//First Place Hombre's Theorising Contest 2010
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Re: WE HAVE A WINRAR! Hombre's Theorizing Contest

Congradulations River Zora.
Well done.
You are far superior with all that smart fish stuff you do.
Cilgehk dfahdo telgc ban semecaluht
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Re: WE HAVE A WINRAR! Hombre's Theorizing Contest

Congratz RZ.

Best Theorist Fall 2007, Summer 2011 ; Most Devoted Theorist Summer 2010, Winter 2011, Summer 2011

Originally Posted by Beemnorv
You see, Pine, you and I - we're the superheroes of ZU.
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Re: WE HAVE A WINRAR! Hombre's Theorizing Contest

Fish and their superior intelect...the others never stood a chance. .-.
But congrats Riverfish! Well done.
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Re: WE HAVE A WINRAR! Hombre's Theorizing Contest

I want River Zora stickers
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Re: WE HAVE A WINRAR! Hombre's Theorizing Contest

I blame my loss on the one page rule.

I'm just gonna be a cocky ******* once again and say because Hombre posted myn 2nd I came in 2nd.

And to not be a cocky ******* for once, CONGRATZ RZ


Let me guess, RZ was the only one who got it in on time so you extended it?

Edit 2: lol Hombre, I'll remember it's here so I can remember my beautiful time in this contest

gz again tho RZ
Watties -__^

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Re: WE HAVE A WINRAR! Hombre's Theorizing Contest

Congratulations, River Zora.

If I had the time, I would have participated. And I would have done a DAMN good job.
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Re: WE HAVE A WINRAR! Hombre's Theorizing Contest

River Zora, you have changed my perspective on the timeline. I now realize my flawed timeline is more flawed than I might have thought. If anyone cares, it went something like this...

-----------------------------\ /MM-TP-FS/FSA/OoX

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Re: WE HAVE A WINRAR! Hombre's Theorizing Contest

Old news. For the latest in timeline theories, see the theorizing section.
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