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01-05-2014 until 02-05-2015
brokenjoker Sweden brokenjoker is offline

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New Graphic Design Project: Repopulate GD.

Hey all! For those who are and are not familiar with the Graphic Design board, I have come here today to announce to the world of Zelda Universe, there is a new project underway and it's quite exciting! This particular project is aimed at anyone who is eager to learn about graphic designing! Our lovely moderator of the Graphic Design board will be making and posting many tutorials to help you get started. It's an exciting thing, so you should totally sign up for it! Follow the link below if you're interested and wanting to sign up and take part! Repopulate GD!
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12-24-2013 until 12-26-2014
Jaime Lannister Sweden Jaime Lannister is offline

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Last Day to Vote

Hey everyone, I'm posting a reminder that there is one day left to vote in the ZU Community Awards. If you haven't voted yet, be sure to cast your votes!

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