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09-30-2014 until 10-30-2014
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I'm not sorry
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Changes in the Battle Arena

The RPG mods recently updated the Approval Code of Conduct, so everyone knows what to expect in the approval process. However, it is also to empower the community and to let our members know what their rights are when it comes to approval. We are looking for feedback for this in our Character Approval Discussion thread.

This is a big change in our community, and there will be more changes on the way. While we do this, we want to make sure everyone is informed and has the chance to offer any feedback they might desire.

Jack Brant and Joker drawn by Chibi
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BA Characters
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09-28-2014 until 10-29-2014
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Zelda Shirt Design Comp/New Forum Games Mod!

Over in the Zelda Section, we have a Zelda Shirt Design Competition happening~! It doesn't require you to draw or do anything outrageously artistic, but what it DOES require is for you to come up with zany ideas for what would go on the shirt itself. There are prizes to be won too, so please, check it out

Just a heads up, ZU member Dysphoria has joined the ranks of the mod team! He is now co-mod with Yeraza and thus is one of the two mods watching over the area! Congratulate him on his shiny new banner! Well deserved and we're looking forward to working with him on the team!
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09-21-2014 until 10-22-2014
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New Hyrule Warriors Forum!


So over in the Zelda Section, we've got a new board dedicated to Hyrule Warriors! So for anything and everything to do with that game, post there :3 Though, three things:

1) Please be aware of spoilers in this forum if you've not played/completed the game.
2) Use the [spoiler] tag provided to highlight if your thread has spoilers in it.
3) Be careful not to put spoilers in the title of the thread!

Happy posting, guys!
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01-05-2014 until 02-05-2015
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New Graphic Design Project: Repopulate GD.

Hey all! For those who are and are not familiar with the Graphic Design board, I have come here today to announce to the world of Zelda Universe, there is a new project underway and it's quite exciting! This particular project is aimed at anyone who is eager to learn about graphic designing! Our lovely moderator of the Graphic Design board will be making and posting many tutorials to help you get started. It's an exciting thing, so you should totally sign up for it! Follow the link below if you're interested and wanting to sign up and take part! Repopulate GD!
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12-24-2013 until 12-26-2014
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Last Day to Vote

Hey everyone, I'm posting a reminder that there is one day left to vote in the ZU Community Awards. If you haven't voted yet, be sure to cast your votes!

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