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Captain Kaida Willcot

Name: Kaida Wilcott

Age: boasts 30 but is actually 25

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Occupation: Pirate Captain
Crew: First Mate- Allan ‘Bloodbird’ Murphy,
Ship Name: Cassandra
Ship Specs: East Indiaman, 44 meters long, 800 tons, crew compliment of 125, 56 cannons (10 Carronade cannons on deck, 2 below deck in-front, 4 below deck in-back, 40 Long Gun cannons below deck, two rows on the sides, 20 to each side)

Hair: Kaida has medium length golden hair, which hangs in gentle corkscrew curls. Usually tied back into a loose ponytail at the nape of her neck, or in a messy bun under her hat.

Eyes: Her eyes are dark green with brighter flex towards the center.

Weight: 140

Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Weapon: Her main weapon is a cutlass, but she also carries a long curved knife, a switchblade, and a small pistol.

Armor: none

Strengths: Her commanding personality makes her a natural leader, and she is also skilled at bluffing. She easily convinces people she knows what she is talking about even when she has no idea. Her enthusiasm, even when it borders on the slightly insane, gets into people and they get caught up in her momentum and follow along quite happily. She is also skilled with all her weapons. Of course her greatest strength is ship under her feet and the crew at her back.

Weakness: Because of her upbringing she is always a bit fearful that other pirates will consider her a fraud. This leads to her showing off and overextending herself, which often gets her and her crew into trouble. She is a bit of a hothead and will often say or do things that are not beneficial. She occasionally has strange whims, which her crew often doesn’t understand. She is also not as strong as a man and tires out faster, though she is much more flexible.

: She is lightning fast with her cutlass and can throw both her knives with deadly accuracy.

Appearance: Kaida is stunning. Her figure is a voluptuous hourglass and well muscled. Her skin is a glowing honey brown with only has a few scars; none in places that mare her beauty. When she lets her hair down it hangs in thick corkscrew curls, which unlike a lot of pirates she keeps clean. She has a slender face with large dark green eyes, rimmed with long dark lashes. Her hands are callused and scared from working on the ship.

Outfit: Kaida wears an off-the-shoulder cream top, with lace at the top and bottom. Over this is a black leather corset with thin straps up to her shoulders. Her boots are tall and cover her knees with loose folded cuffs, and are embroidered at the edge with gold thread. Black leggings cover the rest of her legs. Over all this she wears a fancy dark green frock coat belted at the waist. The coat has golden trim. On her head she wears a wide brimmed, dark brown hat, with a black band and golden buckle on the crown. The right side of the hat brim is folded up, and supports a huge feather. She always wears the hat tilted rakishly to the left.

Personality: Kaida was taught all about etiquette and manners growing up and so can break them with more skill then those who haven’t, however, she clings to a few. She is meticulously clean for a pirate, and keeps her ship the same way, though she allows her crew leniency, as long as she isn’t wearing or walking on filth she doesn’t’ mind seeing it on others. Kaida is theatrical, vivacious, and showy. She is proud of her beauty and dresses to impress. Often she will lose her normal pirate attire and dress up in the fine silk dresses stolen from prosperous merchant ships. Though usually she only does so when bored, or attempting to impress her First-Mate, who she is in love with. She has a bad temper, which she often unleashes on said First-Mate when he fails to be impressed. Much to her unhappiness the first-mate treats her only as his captain and nothing more. Kaida alternates between flirting with him and punishing him when he fails to be seduced. Her stubborn nature wont let her give up, however. Kaida is whimsical, which often confuses people.

Biography: Kaida Wilcott was born into a wealthy, high class merchant family living in the port of Le Harve, in France. Unfortunately her mother died when she was very young, and Kaida could remember very little about her. While her father was off trading for weeks at a time, Kaida was left in the care of several governesses. They trained her in everything a young lady aught to know. By the time she was 16 Kaida she was considered a very accomplished young lady. Kaida however wasn’t sure she was herself anymore. They had taught her everything from dancing to the proper way to pour tea. Manners had been ingrained into every inch of her. During his prosperous career, her father set aside a rather large dowry, as everyone did, to brib young men to marry Kaida.

Finally she was introduced into society on her sixteenth birthday. Now that she was ‘out’ suitors clamored for her attention. Things went very well for the next year, and everything pointed toward a happy life, good marriage, and plenty of money. Her father had even taken on a new partner, who seemed like a nice, respectable man. Sadly this proved to be false. Shortly after a rather large deal had been struck, her father's partner cheated him out of the whole thing, putting him into deep debt, and had him sent to debtors' prison. The traitorous partner claimed that he would pay off all the debt that Kaida's father owed if Kaida married him. She was given a few days to make a decision, and she did.

In the dead of the night she hijacked a ship, named Cassandra after her mother, which her father had owned until recently. Kaida dubbed Cassandra a Pirate ship, and herself it's eighteen year old Captain. Several of her fathers old hands took up with her. Kaida had learned to sail at a very early age, and loved the sea even more than her father. She sailed into a port, a good distance from where she had started out, and purchased more Pirate-like clothing. If she was going to be a pirate she figured she should look the part While docked she also hired the remaining crew she needed for her ship. With her looks, it wasn't hard to find a few men, good or otherwise, to sail with her. They set off to go pirate enough money to pay off her father's debt, focusing mainly on the ships that belonged to the traitorous partner. After nearly a year of piracy, Kaida had the money she needed, and paid off every bit of her father's debt and set him up in comfort. However, she had enjoyed the life of a Pirate so much, that even after her father was free, she continued her life of crime, far from grammar books, polite conversation, and accomplished young ladies.
One year later she met up with a man named Allan BloodBird while docked in a port near Cardiff, Wales. His very first comment to her was saying that her ship was very clean. "Cleaner than even a ship of the Royal Navy," as he put it. While her ship distracted him, she took a chance to look him over, and liked what she saw. He was well dressed, well armed, and over-all handsome. She took an instant liking to him and, after he mentioned that he was tired of working for some tycoon, offered him a position on her ship. He told her he'd think it over, and left. He returned a few days later, just before she was about to shove off, saying that he had quit working for the tycoon, and would gladly join her crew.
Kaida’s interest and friendship devolped over the next year into something deeper, but try as she might she could not break through his professional attitude. She often losses her temper on him and punishes him, both to channel her frustration and to try and break through his calm indifference.
When he is being particularly bothersome she has been known to dock him pay, make him clean cannons, or give him other such punishments. He takes it all in stride, which just makes her angrier.
Allan rose through the ranks of the ship quickly mostly because of his leadership talents and level head in tight places, but also because the captain isn’t exactly indifferent to him. Because he feared the crew would see the promotions as bribes, he had rejected them several times, and only accepted in the end because Captain Kaida threatened to toss him overboard and strand him on an island, and also because the crew voiced their support. It wasn't long after this that Kaida's original First Mate died, leaving an open spot. Naturally Kaida appointed Allan as First Mate of Cassandra.

A few months later Kaida went quite far with trying to impress Allan. She decked herself out in a new red silk dress, and set up a fantastical private dinner. He refused to come, saying that, while on the job, his duty was to the crew. Kaida was furious that he refused her orders and showing her up to the crew. Kaida punished him severely, demoting him to the rank of Cabin Boy, and put Skipper, her cat, if you can call him a cat, in his place. The crew claims that Skipper is a mix of panther, demon, and wolf, with perhaps a little crocodile thrown in. He is dirty black with huge orange eyes and tattered ears. His head comes up almost to Kaida’s knees.

Allan's demotion only lasted a week, however, because Kaida needed him when ordering an attack on another ship; a Brig with about one-fifth the fire power of Casandra. Allan and several other crew members were sent over to loot the ship, and capture the crew for ransom, but something went wrong. Many Royal Navy officers stormed out from the inside of the ship, and surrounded Allan's group. The lead officer ordered Kaida to surrender herself, her crew, and her vessel over to the Royal Navy, by order of the King himself. She refused, and when the lead officer threatened to kill her men if she did not, she retorted that she'd send them to the bottom if they did so. Allan and his men jumped the naval officers while they were distracted with negotiations with the beautiful pirate captain. They were much better fighters, and their pistols were better for close combat. The naval officers had muskets, meaning reloading was longer, and they had to be further from their targets. The rest of the pirate crew took this opportunity to also attack. Soon the Pirates had won, but several had died, and Allan had been stabbed clear through his lower right leg. The Pirates finished looting the ship, and then re-boarded their own. Allan made a request to Kaida that the ship be sunk for housing officers of the Royal Navy, and she accepted. Setting the survivors adrift in the jolly boats.

Kaida seemed to have forgotten their quarrel completely, and poor Skipper was demoted back to a simple cat. Surprisingly, though she was most attentive in nursing him back to health, she did not attempt any of her normal games until he could walk again. Thankfully his injury healed most of the way, though he was left with a limp in his right leg. From then it's been a few years, Kaida is still sailing, still trying to crack Allan's impossible shell, and still being a great Captain of the Pirate vessel, Cassandra.
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Re: Captain Kaida Willcot

Arr, there be an approval boarding me ship.

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