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Ren Nevisu

“When you’re this strong, you don’t have to be smart or rational.” ~ Ren, in the Dark Crystal

Name: Ren Aka Nevisu (r-eh-n AH-kah n-eh-vE-sue), means the “white, red lotus”.
Title: Sir Nevisu
Occupation: Knight of Queen Zelda Nohansen's Royal Guard

DoB: Moon of the Warrior, 13th day, 2013 AD (April 3rd)
Age: 16
Apparent Age: 17
Zodiac Sign(s):
Sun: Aries
Moon: Scorpio
Rising: Aries

Species: Retuson (half dragon)
Sex: Male

Hair: White
Eyes: Red (Example 1, Example 2)

Height: 5’ 9” (175 cm)
Apparent Weight: 160 lbs (72.6 kg)
Actual Weight: 250 lbs (113 kg)

Head – His most stunning features are his red eyes and snow white hair. His blood red eyes are a shocking and intense color to see. His white hair magnifies the shocking intensity of his scarlet eyes. His eyes are naturally narrow and piercing. They convey his moody and intense personality extremely well. Ren isn’t precisely albino. Usually an albino’s eyes are rather pink than the actual blood red. They tend to have bad eye-sight as well. It’s not that Ren lacks melanin (the pigment for eyes, hair, and skin) in his eyes. He just has a different type that reflects his blood red. But it is true for his white hair and paler skin (not deathly pale, just fair) that he lacks pigment in them.

Ren’s face is a little more oval-shaped than the usual male. When he was younger it’s was a more heart-shape, rounder. His jaw has started filling out more, becoming more like a man’s. Of course, he’s only a 16-year-old boy. So he still looks young and boyish. His chin, mouth, and nose are more delicate than he would like them to be, small, narrow, and I dare say it—cute. Don’t tell him that though. Thus Ren leans more toward the pretty-boy area, though not feminine enough to call him anything close to androgynous. He’s a very attractive young man. He has a good forehead, his eyes are set a little lower on his face, giving it more length but it fits his face well with straight white hair that falls over it. White eyebrows are close to his narrow eyes, not bushy or too thin or of coarse hair. His ears are noticeably pointed, showing his elf blood.

His hair is shaggy and layered with bangs that can fall in his eyes if his head is bowed low enough. They are not parted down the middle, but actually to his left side. So far to the left that it doesn’t even matter that it’s parted, his bangs still cover most of his forehead. But it shows more of the left side of his face and temple area. It’s short and his layered tips don’t reach past the base of his neck.

Body – Ren is far heavier than the average teenage boy. This is due to the fact he is a half dragon. His bones are black and made of an iron-like substance, except that it has a hardness of 6 (Moh's scale) but refuses to shatter upon impact, unlike diamond . His muscles are not the same as human or elf muscles. They’re denser, thus heavier, though not noticeably bigger. They’re built to handle that iron frame of bones. Though his teeth show no signs of containing iron, for they are still white, his enamel is extremely impressive and hard.

Outwardly, his more muscular build makes him look like a normal half elf half human; a toned athletic body, but not abnormally bulky and huge. His shoulders are noticeably developed and toned features on him. His body is the hardened, athletic one of a warrior. Due to the lesser amount of body fat, Ren’s muscles are chiseled and attractive features. Ren's skin is always hotter than normal, as if he has a fever. His body temperature is always higher than that of a human's just naturally. Ren is immune to heat (see Strengths); so he never really sweats, but he will if he is nervous (emotional trigger).

For how young he is, he already has an impressive amount of battle scars. Some from taking the beatings of the older dark elf soldiers of the Drow Empire, others from training, and battles of a war he fought in Hyrule. There are two particular crescent-shaped lines on the right side of his neck, forming a sloppy oval. Its thick, looking as if he had been very aggressively bitten at one point. His body is young but tells the story of a warrior that has seen much action. Due to his elf trait he does not have a very hairy body, like human males do. Because of this, Ren will never have facial or chest hair. There isn’t even very much hair on his legs. Less than is expected of a young human male. It’s not very noticeable because of his light hair color.

Clothing – Ren’s clothes can vary just like anyone’s. But he left Hyrule in one outfit and thus far has been stranded in it. The quality of his clothes suggests wealth of some kind. They’re finely made. He has a thick blood-red cotton shirt, circular neck, and no sleeves. It fits well, but not tight enough to really show off his muscular torso. On his legs he wears sturdy black pants, fit well but not skin-tight. They’re held to his waist with a black leather belt and a nice silver buckle. The ends of his pants are tucked into dark leather boots that reach part away up his calves. He wears a sleeveless jacket, ivory white with straight scarlet embroidery. The end of it comes down around his calves. The collar is turned up around his chin, jaw, and neck. He has fingerless black leather gloves, a gift from his lover.

He holds his three weapons on his person. A second dark leather belt on his hip sags down on his right hip holding the sheathe of his main sword. Next to his main sword, is another sheathe attached to the second belt, holding a shorter sword. On his left leg, there is a dark leather pad strapped around his thigh. This is for his mace that hangs down from it coiled chain, secured in a clip on his first belt. It keeps the spikes on the metal ball from poking and scratching him. His large knife is kept attached to the back of his belt, horizontally placed at the small of his back, hilt accessible at his right.

Pic - I drew this from a DNAngel pic with a graph. I adjusted some stuff so that it looks like Ren.

Akane – Full name is Akane Ryuu Masaru, which means “(deep) red dragon victory”. He carries this katana around with him; the blade is 2’ 6” (76 cm). The hilt is made of a glossy, blood-red threads wrapped around the metal base and is eight inches (20 cm) long. All together makes it 3’ 2” (97 cm). The sheath is made from red-black dragon scales plated over the wood base. This is the weapon Ren fights with the most.

The steel was made by the Otius earth dragons of Sekin. Metal that comes from those dragons is the best material one could ever wish to create a sword out of. Their craftsmanship is almost other worldly. Since Ren has owned the sword it has never needed to be sharpened. It is capable of cutting swords of a lesser material like chopping wood or slicing butter (Moh's hardness of 10.5, yet not brittle like diamond). It is unaffected by normal fire and heat, only the fire of dragons similar to the dragons of Sekin can be used to bend and shape the blade. The sharp edge is lined with silver, making it an excellent weapon against Vehenmus (evil/negative) creatures such as vampires.

Rin – Full name is Hitomi Rin Masaru, which means “pupil (of the eye) dignified, severe, cold victory”. Rin is a very special knife to Ren. He only uses it to kill certain people. So it is seen rarely in normal fights. However, if he somehow runs out of weapons, he will use it. The blade is curved and about nine inches (23 cm) long with an ebony handle. The sheath is made out of the same black ebony as the hilt.

This knife is also of dragon-make. However, it was made by the Vehenmus earth dragons, in contrast to Akane, which was made by the Otius earth dragons. It was made with Vehenmus fire, thus the blade is embedded with dark energies. It is a Vehenmus weapon, excellent against Otius (good/positive) creatures such as high elves. This is also due to the knife’s history. It has belonged to many violent and corrupt persons and did many dark and heinous deeds before it came into Ren’s possession.

Kasai – Full name is Kasai Shinzui, this means “fruit pith” or “essence of fire.” Its blade is a kris design, the handle is not dissimilar to a bastard sword. The blade's core is made from the same sort of iron as Ren's bones, but the blade is the same metal as his other sword, Akane. Blade length is 1' 11" (60 cm) and the blade width starting from the base of the hilt is 3 1/2 in (9 cm). The double-edged blade narrows as it waves to its point. The edges of the blade are lined with the metal copied from Akane. The hilt is made from wood and steel reinforcements (same as Akane's) with leather grips, having a small, clear faceted crystal ball at its end. Hilt length is 1 ft (15 cm). Length all together 2' 6" (75 cm). The dimensions are similar to the size of a Gladius (aka a gladiator's sword). The weapon itself is kept in a sheath made from a combination of wood, vellum, and leather, which rests strapped to his belt along with his other blade.

It was made specially for him; Ren will be able to focus his essence, or energy, into the work of its blade. It is fair to say, however, that the working of its magic may take practice to get right. If Ren focuses his fire into the sword, the blade will first melt in shape and then become flame. It works in the same way with the traits from his blood spider, but those are actually secondary to the sword's design. Kasai Shinzui is supposed to enhance Ren's ability to reach his fire. There more tricks for him to learn with the blade, such as making the blade grow or shrink in length, throwing a bolt of fire like Zeus throws thunderbolts, turning the blade to flame, then stabbing something with it before turning it solid again (for maximum piercing ability), or vice-versa. The fire abilities of this weapon will only function for as long as Ren has energy to fuel it.

The sword will also always follow Ren. Even if he were to drop it down some abyss. It will always find its way back to him.

Isamu – Full name is Isamu Shin Masaru, which means “courage, real/true victory”. A small metal ball with small spikes all over it connected to a very long chain. The ball is six inches (15 cm) in diameter. The spikes are an inch (3 cm) long. The chain is about fifteen feet (456 cm) in length. It is not made out of any particularly special material. Ren uses this weapon when outnumbered and taking on many opponents at a time, alone.

Armor: Ren wears no armor but his skin practically counts.

Skin and Tissue Hardness - The hardness of Ren's muscle and skin tissues increases depending on the state he is in. The hardness of his body tissues is measured with Moh's scale from (1 to 10+) and absolute hardness from [1 to 1600+]. Average weapon steel is a (5.5) [60]. (His bones also naturally harden in each state, starting at 6 hardness in normal state.) It is important to note though, that until Ren's Kituson state, which means once he has scales, Ren can still be cut the same as most people. The hardness accounts for blunt force trauma mostly. However, blades and weapons do need to be especially sharp in order to cut him deeper. Even more so for his Tejison state.
  • Normal state: (5) [48] His normal state means he has not entered tejison or infusion mode. Average weapon steel is 1.25 times stronger than his skin in this state.
  • Infusion state: (6) [72] This is infusion mode of his bloodspider without any other states added. His skin becomes 1.2 times stronger than average weapon steel.
  • Tejison state: (6.5) [86] This is his tejison state without any other states added. His skin becomes 1.43 times harder than average weapon steel.
  • Tejison/Infusion state: (7.5) [158] This is the combination of Ren being in tejison while his bloodspider has been activated to infusion. His skin becomes 2.63 times stronger than average weapon steel.
  • Tejison/Infusion/Heroic state: (8.5) [300] This is the combination of his Tejison, infusion, and heroc state should he take his pill. His skine becomes 5 times tougher than average weapon steel.
  • Kituson state: (10) [1600] This is Ren in the Kituson state alone, without any additional states. His skin (or scales rather) becomes 26.66 times stronger than average weapon steel and is equal to the toughness of diamonds.
  • Kituson/Infusion state: (10.5) [28000] This is the combined states of Kituson and infusion mode. His scales become 17.5 times harder than diamond, and equal to the steel forged by earth dragons, thus equal to the steel of his own weapons.
  • Kituson/Infusion/Heroic state: (10.75) [30000] This is the combined states of Kituson, infusion, and heroic states. His scales become 18.75 times harder than diamond. Thus, tougher than the steel of his dragon-made weapons.
Carried Possessions:
Map – Ren carries a map made for him by Omentus, which is a piece of thick vellum that is 18 in (46 cm) high and 24 in (61 cm) wide. Because it has been enchanted with the god blood of Alrohir and Penrimaglos, it will draw a detailed map of the area which Ren wishes to see upon opening it, in the desired size and scale as well. This also includes the location of living people and such creatures around him. It has also been treated to withstand fire and water damage. This is rolled up and tied to the back of Ren's belt hidden under his coat most of the time.
Pills – These horse-sized pills come in two separate leather pouches on Ren's belt. This is because there are two kinds. The one on the right side of his belt activates the emergency switch in the blood spider on his heart (see Powers/Magic/Skills). This allows him to access the affects of Isalie and Nesconx by releasing their blood into his system. The one on the left side of his belt switches this part of the blood spider back off, stemming the flow of the two god's and goddess's blood. He only has about five of each pill at a time. He has to make more when he runs out.

  • Due to certain events in The Dark Crystal, Ren's blood was mixed with that of four gods and goddesses: Thael (god of dragons, magic, and the sun), Fyhri (goddess of black magic, evil fey, and undeath), Nesconx (god of chaos, destruction, and the void), and Isalie (goddess of death, fate, and heroes). This was done by the use of a device called a blood spider, which was invented and implanted by a powerful, yet twisted seromancer, Omentus Anima:
    Originally Posted by Drammor
    A blood spider is secured to its owner's heart by an eight-armed construction of the same metalloid that Omentus uses on his chest and arm, so it flexes and moves as easily as a muscle should, while being very durable. The device itself is made from a reservoir with a tiny crystal window on its side, and a sort of refinery/primer on the other, which is in turn attached to a pair of capillaries that go directly but harmlessly into the heart, which makes the overall device looking remarkably spider-like, hence the name.

    The reservoirs on these devices contain a bit of the blood of the dead gods that Omen carries around, and they're used to alter the intrinsic abilities of their owners, whenever the spider is activated, by allowing traces of the deific blood to course the owner's body. Similar implants at the kidneys, spleen and in the marrow of the thighs and shoulders allow the body to produce inert god blood that is collected by the appropriate blood spider capillary, so there's never any danger of actually running out of this stuff.
  • Due to the installment of the blood spider, Ren is more able to access his magical abilities. This more so being his dragon shape-shifting. The dragons from Sekin are natural users of shape-shifting magic. This was mostly used to converse more easily with elves and humans. Ren is only half thus he has two set forms.
  • His once hidden ability to manipulate and create fire has been awakened after his first exposure to the blood of Thael. Now that Thael's blood is continually in Ren's system, he has more access to this ability as well. Even Fyhir seems to aid Ren in his ability to tap into his energy sources. However, since he has just barely discovered this power, his limits of its potential is still uncertain.
  • Ren's capabilities have been expanded due to the other god and goddess blood running through his system or waiting to be expelled by the blood spider on his heart. More details on this below.
  • Skilled in swordplay, throwing knives, crossbows, knife fighting, hand-to-hand (a type of martial art), assassination, stealth, and slinging around his mace.
  • Ren’s endurance is fairly weak considered to others who are masters of fire magic or are otherwise skilled in using their physical energy in these extraordinary ways. Using his dragon shape-shifting abilities also requires physical energy. Yet he still has more on average to compared to others at the same skill level as him. He has the potential to reach higher levels of energy and endurance. He simply requires more practice, experience, and a good teacher to get a better handle of it. If Ren uses too much of his energy he may faint or even die depending on how much was used and how quickly. Using all of his 500 PEP at once could nearly kill him. How much PEP he uses reflects the strength of his fire, the push behind the flames, and how much fire he is able to use and create at once. He requires food and rest to restore his PEP. He is often especially hungry. PEP takes the kind of energy it does to run, swing weapons around, and punch things, so using it makes him more tired the more he runs closer to his PEP limit.

    Due to the various god and goddess blood running through him, Ren also has mana for he now has the ability to manipulate certain magics that are more spell-like. Mana is more like mental and emotional energy. So it takes a period of relaxation to restore mana.

    Physical Energy Points: 500; Mana Points: 100
Dragon Shape-Shifting:
Tejison – This form is more humanoid based with extra dragon parts. Ren has learned to transform into this very easily and it’s the form he uses the most when he’s in a pickle. He must have at least 30 PEP to transform. His skin turns paler, almost a milky white. His density increases as does his weight about 50 more pounds (22.7 kg). Thus, he’s even harder to damage in this form. His pupils change to a Sekin dragon’s eye (example). His nails grow an extra third inch or so and become razor sharp. His canines grow, becoming more animal-like and pointed. Pearly white dragon wings sprout from his back in formless white light and then materialize themselves. His wing span is the same as his height when including both wings across.

His strength, speed, and reflexes increase a little less than double his normal abilities. His eyes seem to slow things down around him, seeing more. He has the ability of flight.

Kituson – This form is more dragon based. He must have at least 50 PEP to transform. Ren can’t take the form of the quadruped dragons of Sekin like his father is. His dragon form is a biped. Before Ren's contact with Thael's blood he had no control over this form. He could not control when he phased into it or when he would phase back out, and when he was in it, he would lose his mortal mind and become nothing more than a raging beast. Thael has helped Ren again more control over this. However, it is still difficult for him to phase into by will. Without the pressure and adrenaline from dangerous situations and combat, Ren can't seem to force a phase into Kituson. However, if the circumstances are correct, he phases easily into Kituson, and he retains his mortal sense. While in this form he can hear the guiding voice of Thael, as he speaks to the dragonkin in his deathsleep.

The largeness of him varies, since it’s shape-shifting, in theory he could learn to control how big this form can get. He can have a monstrous size, 50 ft (15.24 m) or bigger, or a smaller one, closer to people perhaps about 8 ft (244 cm) tall. He’ll have wings, white scales all over his dragon-like form, white sharp claws, and tail. When he transforms into this Ren will be covered in bright blinding light that will then grow and reform into Kituson. The strength and hardness of his scales are something akin to the steel forged by earth dragons, like the metal of his blades.

His strength in this form is the immense and overwhelming sea of the great and majestic dragon. He also has more access to his energy sources in this form, meaning his energy increases exponentially.

Kasai (fire/pyrokinesis) – Due to the first and intense exposure of Thael's blood, Ren is now able to control and create fire more consciously. His body tends to heat up as well. That he can consciously control if he focuses. Though this can also be an unconscious habit. Ren has to be careful with this and his emotions for he can literally burst into flames from intense feelings, most often being rage. If he's not careful he can hurt others unintentionally and waste PEP as it costs at least 1-5 or more depending on how hot he gets (per minute).

PEP cost for flame heat/size. Heat PEP cost on the left (starting at 5) and size/amount PEP cost on the right (starting at 10). It depend on whether Ren just wants to heat up or increase the amount of flame (which involves more an element of control). Things will catch fire generally at the heat increase of 1 PEP, especially if they are in direct contact with Ren's body, but flammability goes into account with that. Typically, heat and size are added together for the total cost, depending on the combination. Heat+size/amount.

5-10 -- A candle flame burns at a temperature of 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit (1,000 degress C).
10-30 -- A camp fire or fire place fire. This is about the usual amount of flame he uses for tongues of fire or covering his fists and forearms in fire.
30-50 -- A bonfire. The amount usual for his fire aura.
50-100 -- A forest fire. More involving controlling a fire that size.
175 -- The heat of magma, temperature of 2,400 degrees F (1,300 degrees C). (This is the hottest Ren has ever managed to get his fire.)

By contact with his body, such as his fingers, he can heat even metal until it becomes mailable and glows a hot red. This can be done without actual flames appearing. Something like this costs at least 30 PEP. He can create an aura of fire and wreathed in flames like a fiery demon. Or he can focus them down to just covering his hands and forearms. He can spout tongues and spirals of flame from these, or he can create fire on combustible materials from afar. The latter, however, will take more practice to learn. The farther the combustible is from him and the less combustible or flammable the material the harder and less likely he will be able to ignite it. Anything out side a 10 ft (3 m) radius and is less flammable than alcohol he is not likely to ignite. He'd just waste PEP in trying, takes just 1 point to ignite it and more if he wants to increase the heat.

However, Ren has just barely become consciously aware of his magic. He’s just a baby in fire magic. He is at the tip of the iceberg with this ability. The limit to his potential remains unknown.

It takes physical energy (PEP) to use this ability.

White Fire – Ren is able to produce a white flame. However, like phasing into Kituson, he is not able to do it by will in a practice setting. This fire is different not only by its color but in heat and magical properties. It is considered far more holy and potent in nature. It is known as an alchemical flame. It transmutes Ren's pain both physical and emotional/mental into this fire. It turns things that are painful, ugly, dark, and vile into something bright, beautiful, and holy. It is fueled by whatever agony Ren is in. Thus, not an easy thing to create in a calm training session. Ren must be much more stressed to produce it. The more pain the hotter the flame. It tends to sprout from any physical injuries on his body or even from his split blood. It can also ignite from his tears. It also dispels all magic it touches, consuming it actually. It reacts more to dark and vile magic, as if more attracted to it than other types of magic. The magic it touches also becomes fuel for the flames, burning hotter and hotter. Darker and more evil magic makes it burn hotter than other magic. This fire will also burn evil and dark creatures severely, feeding off their tissue and spreading like wild fire all over their body from just one touch. Water does not put it out. It only dies once it no longer has anything to fuel it. It may even wreath Ren in its flames to protect him from evil creatures or those with dark and vile intentions. It requires no PEP for Ren to use. Just pain.

Reservoir of Thael and Fyhri – The spider's first reservoir has two settings, determined by the state of Ren: trickle and infusion. Under normal circumstances, the spider will trickle out Thael and Fyhri's blood in one part to two thousand. It contains an even mix of the bloods. The presence of these bloods will most likely cause some small physical changes over time, and the intensity of their effects will certainly be nothing like injecting the blood directly. When under severe duress, however, the spider will introduce much greater quantities of those bloods to Ren, elevating the effects greatly and causing new effects to appear.
Trickle: Ren's personality is somewhat influenced by the blood as well. He becomes sporadically mischievous and playful. His mischief powers include a number of very subtle naturally-cast magics that make his pranks easier to get away with such as: turning invisible, keeping others asleep, creating illusions, etc. There can also be a hint of malice, though Ren has a tendency toward that during combat anyway, it may be intensified. His abilities in stealth will also become increased. Ren had also always enjoyed the sun as well, but now he'll tend to lounge in it more often and longer than usual, much more enthusiastic about sunbathing. The mix of Thael's divine magic with Fyhri's divine black magic gives Ren the possibility to actually develop an aptitude for more conventional magic. In his natural ability, he may also notice a particular ease with harmful magic and curses. There are many possibilities, even an affinity for the undead but not to such a great degree. Whether Ren gains all of these attributes or just some is to be seen as time passes and he is continually exposed to the bloods.

Infusion: During the infusion setting of the spider, which is activated when Ren is under great distress and adrenaline, his fire burns hotter or he expels a greater amount than he normally would when using the same amount of PEP. His body becomes harder no matter which form he is in, his durability will increase. His scales/skin will be much harder to scratch, scrap, pierce, or damage. He will become far more aggressive in nature. His nails/claws and teeth in Tejison and Kituson become sharper, harder, and longer. It will become easy for him to phase into Kituson by will and be able to phase back out and manifest his clothes back as well.

Zombie Mode – If killed, Ren will become an undead being, similar to a lich. The transition is smooth enough that most people wouldn't know why he survived the killing blow. He'll change back to living in about a day or so; depending if his injuries are repaired or healed enough by then he'll die again and thus repeats the process until he is completely healed. He won't feel pain after he's dead unless he is wounded by holy or silver things. All his PEP is transferred to MP, with this he can transform into Tejison and Kituson and create and control fire while still remaining undead. However, he can no longer die if he uses too much of his MP while using his pyrokinesis. He just runs out of magical energy now. His remains are still just as resistant to heat and fire as it would be in life. Death does not change his body's composition. He does not become tired or fatigued from excessive physical activity.

Black Fire – This is somewhat the opposite of Ren's white fire when living. It is still catalyzed by Ren's pain, only it now feeds off life energy, holy and light magic more than evil and black, and severely burns holy and light creatures, feeding off their issue and spreading all over them like wild fire from one touch. The more pain, life energy, and magic the colder the flame. It burns cold rather than hot, but it can get so cold, it feels like it's the original white-hot flame. It tends to eat away any holy magic or silver objects that hurt him. It can not be put out by any normal means. It takes a force of will and concentration to stop the burning or when it runs out of fuel. This fire is harder for Ren to produce when in zombie mode, because it's harder for him to feel any physical agony.
Reservoir of Isalie and Nesconx – The spider's second reservoir, on the other hand, will release only enough blood to prime the Ren's body for greater introduction at any time. This figure, being one part to six thousand, will be released from the spider only once every seventy-two hours. It is filled with a mix of 70% blood of Isalie and 30% blood of Nesconx. The effects of these bloods in such a small amount will be next to negligible. This part of the spider is instead activated with a simple catalyst that must be introduced to the bloodstream by an outside source, such as ingestion or injection. This is done by the pills made with the instructions left by Omentus.

The first pill activates it for up to a half hour. The second kind of pill keeps it switched off for up to a day and onwards depending on whether he takes another of the first pill. It's best for him to not take too much of either constantly, or the blood spider becomes immune to the medication. He will not be able to ingest any of the pills while in zombie mode. If it was active before he died, he will still have the same abilities, but they will not last long for he will burn through the blood in his system and his heart will have stopped pumping it through his body after he died. Once it activates he will be able to do these abilities:
Luck – This is mostly expressed in Ren becoming more lucky as he combats or is pressured in stressful situations. The probability of tripping over something and avoiding fatal blow increases. The odds seem to tip slightly more in his favor. The more focused he is about winning something, whether it be a fight or a desired outcome in a situation, the more likely chance favors him and his wishes. While this can create complex chains of events, Ren does not have control over what those are, but he can determine whether they are good or bad. This effect lasts only so long as he concentrates on changing the target's luck, and ends within ten seconds from after he stops trying to change it. He can also change the luck of others by focusing on them and what he wants. To maintain this ability, Ren must actively focus, taking 5 MP for every 10 minutes that he influences someone's luck. This part of the blood spider only stays active for a half hour after Ren ingests the pill, so he can only do it for 30 minutes.

Temporary limit: Ren is not yet aware that he has this ability. So he is more likely to accidentally make something go well for him in a fight just once, but then lose his focus and concentration, thus the luck change will also stop. He will not be exactly aware that he does it either until he gains more awareness.

Heroic Feat - Ren ascends to a heroic state, gaining better physical abilities and often becoming able to channel magic from within himself unlike before. This boosts his PEP a whole 500 more as well as boosting his MP 100, creating a whole 1000 PEP and 200 MP if he has not yet spent any. It will be likely for him to discover new magic while in this state. Not only does his energy sources increase, but his strength, speed, and reflex also doubles yet again, no matter what form he is in or takes after ingesting the pill. Ren will becomes able to endure more punishment and abuse as well as deal it out. His durability and ability to shoulder pain increases. This gives him the ability to pulverize most anything that gets in his heroic way.

Entropic Vortex – Ren has the ability to summon a hole in reality, which sucks things into itself and casts them into nowhere. In addition to pulling in normal things, it also strips things that get too close to it of their vitality--life energy. It will pull in things within a 3 ft (91 cm) radius, and anything that got closer than 1 ft (30 cm) would start losing pieces of their life force to it. The hole is a 16 in (41 cm) sphere. It is a very faint pale beige in color, and distorts light that passes along its edge with a texture that looks like fur. At it's center, it is hazy and indistinct, as if it were severely out of focus. Its edges also undulate, vibrate and jerk about slightly, as if the space it occupies were not quite defined. Its strong enough to break apart a wooden table that wouldn't fit through, but not a metal one. If one got a big enough rock, they could plug it and then have a floating rock. It would still suck life force, however.

Temporary limit: Ren is not aware of this ability yet either. He is likely to summon it on accident. If he tries to do it again on purpose, it will not work until he gains more awareness about magic.

Void Gate – This is the ability to use something's death or earthly remains to create a doorway to the Void, where Ren could cross large distances in a very short amount of time, but at a steep cost to his own health and stamina. No one else but Ren can pass through the void, unless they find some way to breathe or get around not breathing. The void doesn't have air. If using someone's corpse, it looks as if Ren simply walks through a corpse. If just using the death of something, it summons a dark blue veil in space. The cost in health and stamina is a side affect of walking through the void. The farther he goes the worse it gets. However, there's a fail safe that kicks him out if gets too close to death. He can travel close to a thousand miles. Distance is a variable figure in the void. Twenty feet of travel is generally equal to anywhere between a quarter of a mile, and thirty miles. Any who find a way to solve the breathing issue would need a guide like Ren or someone else with an affinity for the Void. The inside of the Void is black, but with a sourceless light. Pieces of worlds that have been lost to the void sometimes float like islands in it.

Temporary limit: Again, this is not something Ren would consciously be aware of. He is more likely to accidentally fall through a dead body and find himself in the Void without any idea of what happened or where he is. He is probably not likely to walk through a mysterious blue veil in space if he is just using the death of something without knowing what the hell it is. Unless again, it is an accident. This could be even more potentially dangerous for him to do, as it is likely to spit him out randomly somewhere else after having drained him of a large portion of his stamina (PEP) and health.
  • Because he seems to be built out of stronger and heavier organic materials, it makes his body far more durable. Ren can take a beating unlike any human or elf. Not only does he have endurance, stamina, and durability, but his body is utterly immune to heat and fire. Because of his iron bones, he’s also immune to lightning. As a plus, if another were to strike Ren with their own hands and feet, it is more likely they will damage themselves on him more than they will manage to hurt him. It does some damage, but far less. Thus, it’s not wise to attack Ren with only bare hands, unless they are of an equal material and durability.

    UPDATE: Due to the blood spider his durability can increase several times this. His starting point is just his normal Retuson form composed of an iron skeletal frame and dense materials to accommodate it. When he enters Infusion mode of his first reservoir, the hardness of his skin and body will suddenly increase. The same happens if he is in Tejison, where his skin and body has already hardened, it will harden again. His scales in Kituson will be something indestructible after hardening in Infusion mode.
  • Ren has monstrous strength. He can kill a full grown mortal humanoid adult with one strike of his fist. This usually means he smashes their heads like eggs. He can bend and break metal, iron, with his hands like rubber and plastic. This is due to his special dense and powerful muscles. Yet he has perfect control over it, thus can keep from hurting normal people. He can be shockingly gentle with his hands at the same time. His powerful muscles are also coupled with his weight, which makes him very difficult to move if he does not want to be moved. His strength increases even more when he takes his Tejison form (see Skills/Magic).

    UPDATE: Again, this can increase twice this much after Ren activates his second reservoir. In Tejison, this strength becomes mindbogglingly intense. He could already make the earth shake a bit with a stomp of his foot. Now he could possibly create craters and a possibility of much more...
  • Stronger muscles mean better speed as well. Ren is fast can out run the most highly trained athletic adults with longer legs than his in a flash. His reflexes are just as well heightened to abnormal levels. His endurance is also extremely impressive. Speed will increase more when he takes his Tejison form (see Skills/Magic).

    UPDATE: Increases twice this after second reservoir activation. Now Ren starts to reach levels where the naked eye cannot track his movements. If he moved suddenly enough, he has started to leave blurred images of himself behind, a trick of the eye. The images get burned in, not being able to process his speed quickly enough to really see that he is no longer in that position.
  • His eye sight is sharp and better than perfect. He can see through the dark like a wolf. He was trained to fight in darkness, shadows, even to keep his eyes closed. He does not need his eyes to fight accurately; he can hear and sense where his enemy is and their attacks. He is still deadly without his eyes. Along with heightened sight, his other senses are more sensitive than the average human-like being. His nose picks up smells more intensely as does his taste buds do flavors. Due to his point elf-like ears, he has sharp hearing. He can focus on certain sounds, pick up strange and usually unnoticeable noises, and then fade out of focus as to not damage his ears should there be a sudden din. This makes it nearly impossible for others to sneak up on him.
  • His olfactory senses (his sense of smell) are also very sharp and sensitive. It can help him detect enemies and others in his environment as well as other differences that sight and sound cannot.
  • Ren spent about four or five years training under the Drow Empire, which was harsh, cruel, but effective training none the less. He then spent a little more than a year training in the Hylian armies of Hyrule as a knight of Queen Zelda’s Royal Guard. As a Retuson he has the advantage of being a faster learner. Fighting comes almost naturally to him. Ren is skilled, experienced, and deadly with all his weapons. He is without weapons. He knows how to kill and fight. He knows how to do it well. Amazingly well for being so young, but of course he has the advantage of his race. Ren is far above the norm. He’s basically a tank.

    UPDATE: Now he's a freaky tank due to blood spider installation. Especially if he is killed and enters his Zombie Mode. Because he will no longer be bound to the limits of a living body. He will no longer grow physically tired, thus he can exert his physical abilities beyond their usual capabilities.
  • He is accustomed to pain, it being almost a part of his brutal training process back in the Drow Empire. Ren is often too stubborn to let injures keep him back anyway. Thus he has a very high pain tolerance that compliments his durability. It’s very hard for people of average strength to cause him enough pain, with their hands alone, to be effective.

    UPDATE: Zombie mode renders him immune to most pains.
  • He has ways of repairing critical damage, even damage meant to be permanent. Kituson is large enough (thus with enough energy) to repair Ren back to normal when reverting back to Retuson or changing to Tejison. It can repair, regenerate almost everything. When Ren shape-shifts from Retuson to Tejison or Kituson, any damage gained before will be healed. Tejison is not as effective in repair and regenerating as Kituson is.

    UPDATE: Zombie mode makes him hard to kill permanently. So even is one does have enough strength to damage his hardened body that can regenerate itself in ways listed above, he will simply become undead.
  • Ren's incredible will power is often a strength of his. It's part of his ability to shoulder pain, and continue to fight and move even when pushed to the extremes of his limits. He is just too stubborn to lie down and die just because it hurts a lot or maybe one of his limbs isn't working anymore or perhaps missing. In this way, he can often resist magical affects that are weak to force of will.
  • Ren can go months without sleep. His endurance is also inhuman. He can keep fighting for hours on end. His body is also immune to most poisons, drugs, and diseases.
  • Though he is completely immune to heat, fire, lightning, this makes him sensitive to cold temperatures. Iron bones may make him vulnerable to certain kinds of earth elemental users.
  • While being very dense, heavy, and durable, Ren can still be cut or beaten with other materials to have a better affect (when in Retuson). He can still be hurt and killed (if one has the right tools, he can permanently cease to exist even in zombie mode). His heavy weight makes swimming, though not impossible, just more difficult to manage. It’s much easier for him to drown than the average person. Ren will not be able to swim at all in Tejison, due to the weight increase. His body does not grow bigger, just heavier and denser, to such a degree that he will not be able to swim. He will sink like stone.
  • Though his sharp hearing is a strength, it is also a weakness. If a very loud noise were to occur while Ren is listening so intently, honing his ears, it will hurt his sensitive ears, causing him to become disarmed and stunned for a rather long time. This pain is different from physical cuts and blows. Ren cannot block out this kind of pain. It could even damage his ears permanently.
  • Ren may have more magic now, but it's still a rather small, even if intense, list. More skilled and varied magic users may have the upper hand. Depending on the type of magic it may not even matter. Also, all the new magic he has because of the second reservoir of the blood spider is only available to him when he uses a pill to activate it. Even when he does have access to these abilities, the only one Ren will be able to use easily is Heroic Feat. The other abilities require Ren to discover that they are present in the first place, and then he will need continue practice and exposure to learn how to use them on command.
  • Damage and injuries gained after shape-shifting into Tejison will not be healed when Ren goes back to his normal Retuson state.
  • If Ren’s wings in Tejison become damaged, for them to heal he must go back to Retuson for 72 hours at the least considering maximum damage, such as they being completely torn off. If they are completely destroyed (maybe vaporized or torn off and lost in a different dimension), they require a month to grow back. For that time Ren will not be able to access the Tejison form. Perhaps with the exception of going from Tejison with damaged wings to Kituson and then back again, but Ren isn’t able to shape-shift into Kituson by a conscious command (except when the first reservoir of his blood spider going into infusion mode).
  • Despite Ren’s natural edge and talent for battle, though it makes up for being young and less experienced than seasoned warriors. Older and more experienced fighters may be able to read him easily. He’s not impossible, especially since he reacts so impulsively to his emotions (see personality). Ren can be easy for experienced warriors to trick and manipulate into traps. He’d be a challenge, a lot more than one would ever expect, but nothing much more than that.
  • UPDATE: Ren becomes vulnerable to holy and silver things when in zombie mode.
  • UPDATE: High chances of dying or passing out after the pill for the second reservoir's activation gets burned up after a half hour if his PEP plummets to zero, depending on how much he used during his heroic state.
  • Ren is a complete hothead. He may often run straight into a trap. It's not that he's stupid. Most often he knows that it is a trap. He just doesn't care and plans to come out on top anyway, because he is stubborn.
Personality: Ren’s internal world is an extremely intense and complex place. His moods and emotions are so strong, so intense that others can sense it in him, around him. Like an aura. His presence is strong and dangerous—potent to others. Shy and timid persons may be instantly intimidated by it.

Ren doesn’t really notice, but sometimes for fun he may increase the affect with a sharp gaze from his narrow red eyes. The strength of his eyes is so startling. Even if others are not so startled by it or even intimidated, they will notice him, they will feel his stare. How people react to it may vary depending on each individual’s personality. It usually makes others feel naked and threatened by the sense of danger.

He likes behaving in ways that shock and surprise others. Mostly by being completely arrogant, rude, saying insults directly to anyone’s face. This is probably because he likes the attention, and because he likes to affect people. He feels a certain kind of power in it, because most of the time it is so easy to get under another person’s skin. Ren likes to feel like he can control others in this way. It’s fun to him, a sport. If it doesn’t work, he simply gets bored with the person. It’s also kind of a way in which he tests others. See how much they can take. It tells him about their boundaries. Pokes here and there to see what makes them tick. And if they will quickly judge him by what he shows on the surface. He puts all those who try to get close to him through this test.

He likes his privacy, and gets irritated immensely if it is violated somehow. He switches from being quiet and reserved to being loud and playful in a teasing arrogant way. Usually his playfulness only surfaces around his friends and loved ones. It can be a sign that he likes and accepts a person if he is playful with them in this manner.

He does not like public displays of affection. There are very rare exceptions to this rule with Ren. He doesn’t even like touching others more than he has to. He hates being touched excessively. The only time he seems to accept it is when he is fighting and training. Only when it is for violent means. Which is odd if someone considers it. Ren seems more afraid of touches meant to be loving and comforting. It’s a sign of utmost trust if Ren allows a person to touch him like that. It’s a miracle if he voluntarily touches another person like this (exception of his girlfriend Trisa). This is because Ren trusts that violent touches are meant to hurt and nothing more. He finds an odd security in it. It’s something he understands easily. It’s simple. He’s a warrior. He’s very familiar with it.

Ren tends to be hot and cold. Sometimes seeming calm one moment, but then irritated and snappish the next. His moods swing almost violently. He’s a hard person to deal with at times. He’s demanding, arrogant, sarcastic, sometimes selfish, rude, and insensitive. He likes feeling superior to others. He likes having power over people, physically or socially as described before. Ren is a very dominating person, which makes it extremely easy for him to clash with other personalities. It tends to happen constantly.

He sometimes doesn’t seem it due to his liking of physical things like fighting, power, muscle, but he’s more intelligent than others would give him credit for. His eyes go into people because they’re observant. He sees more than most people do. Thus, he is also sensitive to what others may be truly feeling and thinking. During his social tests, he can always tell if a person is judging him critically. They always do in his mind. Of course, because he always causes them to. He doesn’t tend to think kindly of the average person. They’re always stupid and weak in someway to him. So if they judge him critically at first, he doesn’t find them worthy of his time. One could call him a hypocrite for doing the same to these people he judges.

Though Ren is smart for his age, he’s also very intense and emotional. He reacts to his feelings impulsively even if it is not always the smartest thing to do. Thus he is not always wise. His emotions tend to blind him. He’s a teenager still and acts like it.

Ren is stubborn. No, really, he’s unbelievably stubborn. Don’t tell him he can’t do something. In the true spirit of a teen and a rebel, he will do it just to spite you. Even if it is not smart to do. His will is like iron, brick, concrete, steel, fire—unstoppable like a volcano. He hates being controlled by others. He loathes others having power over him. He cannot stand it. He’d rather die. Don’t tell him to do something. He won’t do it. He allows very very few people to give him orders. He only follows the orders of those he respects. Probably after testing them a few times with his shock factor of rudeness. Ren won’t respect anyone who lets him trample over them. This can include trying to trick him into doing something, like trying to tell him not to do something just so that he’ll do it. Ren’s smart enough not to fall for these if they’re extremely obvious. He sees through it. And often, he may just ignore the person and do whatever he feels like. Thus, it takes strong-willed and often equally stubborn persons to win his ultimate respect.

Do not try to dominate him. He will never forget it, and he will never forgive you for it.

It should be obvious that he has quite a temper and it’s very short. His normal irritated anger may feel more threatening and dangerous than Ren is really feeling. He can be sensitive to the way things are said and can snap easily if he believes anyone is trying to degrade, demean, mock, or criticize him. When his honest and deep wrath comes about, you will know it. It can be terrifying to see, and it’s never good to have 245 pounds of half dragon mad at you. It can be either a quiet and madly boiling rage or as loud as an angry dragon.

The truth is that Ren can be a dangerous person other than his taxing and overwhelming personality. He has had a very violent and cruel past. He was a child soldier, warrior, assassin. Because of his race it was easy to make him an effective one. He’s been exposed to almost every kind of abuse one could name. To survive it, he had to harden himself, numb away things, become just like the people who hurt him so. It’s safe to say, he’s recovering from insanity. He learned to like having power and control over others because it makes him feel safe. He was programmed so effectively that it still shows in his personality. Ren still likes to hurt people, make them vulnerable to him in someway. Especially if he finds them threatening. He likes to hurt physically and emotionally, say things he may not truly believe just to see the other wilt and hurt. He feels this keeps them away from him. Wards off those he feels threatened by, and discourages them from even thinking of hurting him back or taking something from him.

He has a sadistic quality, especially when fighting; his enemies beware of this child. It’s easier for him to let loose in this area, lose control over his need to feel powerful, dominant, secure, safe. Because from where he was from, only the strongest, the dominating, the powerful can secure their safety, their pride, their dignity. He learns to secure this you have to make them afraid of you. You have to make them hurt to be afraid. You have to take away their dignity to have your own. It fills him with a primal kind of wild joy.

His pride is even more pronounced than usual because he comes from the descendants of the Nevisu clan of high elves. They were an extremely proud and honorable clan. To dishonor themselves was to take a large blow to their immense pride. It was nearly as important as their own lives to them. They always fought to defend their pride and honor for themselves and for their clan and relatives. Though of course they tend to be arrogant, they were still a people that lived by a strict code of honor, dignity, and respect for most things.

As one can imagine, this is where all Ren’s own insecurity, his distrust of others, his constant need to test them comes from. The abuse he endured was humiliating. His abusers never allowed him dignity, respect. To Ren his pride and honor are extremely important, and these were continually insulted and attacked. He’s afraid of being hurt. To be hurt to him is weakness. There is no pride and dignity to be found in it. Because others hurt you, you were not strong enough to stop it, then you are weak. Thus his need to be strong, for power, so that he can stop it from happening to him.

Ren used to find weak people disgusting. When he was in the Drow Empire he hated the weak people he tormented. He convinced himself it was their own fault for not trying harder. So he liked to torment them more. He enjoyed it. Like he was punishing them for their crime of weakness. They deserved to die in his eyes. It was survival of the fittest. Until he realized what he really saw in these people was himself. The part that had suffered, had been hurt, abused, been made weak by others. Ren wanted to kill that part of himself, banish it from existence. He was disgusted with himself.

He eventually realized that he really became just like the people who hurt him, the people he hated so much. His life changed and he has grown into the person he is today. He is no longer disgusted by weaker people. Though he is sometimes insensitive to them, he might tell them to stop whining and do something about it. However, he will not stand to see others hurt, abused, humiliated. He sees himself in them, and feels that if he can save them that maybe he could save himself too.

However, he has gained a considerable amount of self-loathing from it. Memories of violence and hurt haunt him. His crimes, the people he hurt and killed. He can’t seem to give himself for it. He struggles with his acceptance of happiness into his life. He feels unworthy, undeserving. Why should he have happiness when he gave so much hurt, torment, and unhappiness to others? Ren will never consider suicide because he feels that it’s too kind, too easy, he’d be running from what punishment he felt he deserved. He believes he should continue through life and suffer it. Thus Ren is prone to self-destructive ways. He makes guilt and shame his friends. He won’t let himself forget the past. He wants to remember it always. He wants people to hate him, which may be the real and deep seeded reason for him testing others. Because he knows if they knew all that he had done that they would hate him. So he might as well be rude and arrogant, to make up for what they couldn’t know about him. He judges others only because he judges himself harshly.

He’s been recovering from this way of thought, after turning his back against the empire and helping the people he once tormented rebel and gain freedom, he feels he has made up for some fraction of his debt to them. He continues as a knight of their queen’s royal guard to ensure their safety and happiness. Ren doesn’t mind that many of these people still hate and distrust him. He knows why and feels it is justly deserved. So now he feels more comfortable with the kindness of his girlfriend and friends. He accepts good fortunate with a little more ease.

Ren is secretive by nature. He does not often voice his emotions, his inner thoughts, and personal issues to other people. Distrustful as always he likes to keep himself protected in a number of ways. Ren still doesn’t like others to think of him as weak, so he doesn’t like sharing his vulnerabilities. It’s vastly connected to his pride and his past programming of never allowing signs of weakness. It’s still a very hard habit for him to break. This includes his sex life and sexuality. Ren keeps that part of his life extremely private. To others he seems almost shy about it.

It’s hard for him to find people with whom he can relate. Children his age often have never had to struggle like he has in his life. He doesn’t know how to talk to them. They never seem to like him anyway, due to his dominating personality and his constant testing of boundaries. Ren has trouble talking to almost any and every age group. One could say he’s socially awkward; though not at all shy (there are a few rare exceptions). Even before he was taken away from his mother, Ren had a difficult time making friends as a child. Ren tends to have very few close friends and a few other friends.

Likes: He likes to train, physical exercise is a must with him. He loves being active. He gets restless easily and needs to move. Though he can enjoy quiet and still moments, often in solitude, to his preference in nature somewhere. He likes to train where he can see beautiful natural scenery, like he used to back in his home town. So when he takes a rest he can stare at it in silence.

Ren loves to win, but only by his own strength, skill, and power. He likes hot places like deserts that have lots of sun. Hot water is good as long as it is not too deep. He likes bothering, upsetting, and dominating others. Occasionally, he still really enjoys killing people, mostly just his enemies. He still likes to fight, even if he doesn't intend to kill the person. He is always ready for a fight and to pick a fight. He enjoys his personal privacy. He likes to argue. He likes food and to eat a lot of it, as he is often hungry all the time. He loves feeling powerful, superior, and dominant.

Dislikes: He dislikes cold and/or deep water, swimming, cold climates, being scared, his fears, being dominated and/or controlled by others, whiners and cry-babies, weaklings, public displays of affection, watching someone cry, people nosing into his business, being touched, being treated like property, seeing others being treated like property, seeing others be severely humiliated and abused, know-it-alls, people who talk too much, those who fight dirty or by "cowardly" and underhanded means, drow (dark elves).

Fears: Feeling weak, hopeless, powerless, defenseless, helpless. In short, being unable to protect himself or others. He is also afraid that he may never regain his lost honor. Vampires.

Virtues: Ren reacts oddly to what he fears. Normally, he challenges any thing or anyone who scares him. He likes to challenge his fears and face them, because it makes him feel braver and in control. His pride could not handle shying away from something just because he is scared. This can be a virtue once he turns this inward, which he hasn't quite managed just yet. This aside, he is still quite the dare devil. Fear can sometimes excite him. He is brave and there is little he would not face.

Honor, bravery, and pride are very important to Ren. He is arrogant and prideful, and he is brave. However, he, himself, is still ashamed. He feels he has lost his honor. Thus while he is proud of his combat and physical prowess, he is ashamed of himself as a person. He is trying to regain his honor, and become a different person.

Ren’s more positive points are his passionate, determined, and stubborn ways. In love, Ren is overwhelming and intense like he is with everything. He is passionate about the things and people he loves. He will protect his friends, his love, the people of Hyrule with everything he has. All his courage, all his power, all his stubbornness, all his passion goes into it. He likes to protect things and people. It’s become his reason for breathing, a way of paying his dues, but also because he likes to keep them happy and safe. Safe-guard them like he wish he had been safe-guarded.

Ren loves to win. He’s extremely competitive. This might seem like a vice, but because of his stubbornness and determination, even if he fails he won’t stop trying until he gets it right. In this way, Ren has a strange kind of patience that is rare. He never gives up just because it’s hard to overcome. In fact, he loves the challenge. He never likes it when something is too easy. Even if it means he wins. He likes it more to really earn a win than to get it without any struggle. To him, it seems it wouldn’t have as much value. It provides him with a sense of strength that is deeper and more powerful than just his material muscle. Ren survived his harsh past because he was simply too stubborn to lie down and die. It’s his way of life. His own religion in a way, to never give up, even if it hurts like hell, even if it’s so hard. He knows he must never give up. It’s simply not in his nature to ever do such a thing.

Out of all Ren's vice, he lacks being a greedy or lustful individual. He has no issues sharing money and the like. Ren doesn't often even notice when he finds someone attractive. He just doesn't normally think that way. Not that it's impossible. He's not a naive virgin. It's just he is often oblivious to it. It would take some direct and blatant flirting for him to get the picture immediately and understand.

Vices: He's sadistic with those he views as his enemies. He's arrogant, prideful, stubborn, and stuck in his ways. He will hardly listen to anyone, no matter how well-intended they are. He respects very few people. He gets a certain joy out of irritating, upsetting, or hurting others with his words if he cannot physically (whether due to his new moral codes or otherwise). He has a horribly short and often violent temper. He gravitates naturally to self-destructive habits. He's also just naturally aggressive toward everything around him. He's dominating both physically and socially, needing to feel superior in some way. Everyone is mostly equal to him, so he will often treat both men and women the same in his aggressive antagonizing. However, he can be slightly partial to women, subconsciously he finds them less threatening and more soothing. The more unstable he gets emotionally, the more aggressive, rude, and destructive he gets. He can also be rather possessive of those he is romantically in love with. He insists on always having things his way. Ren has an incurably strong sense of self-entitlement.

Theme Song(s):
Warrior, by Disturbed (lyrics and youtube)
I Stand Alone, by Godsmack (lyrics and youtube)
Coming Undone, by Korn (lyrics and youtube)
Leave A Scar, by Marilyn Manson (lyrics and youtube)
Hell, by Disturbed (lyrics and youtube)


Ren's Training (Dropped)

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The Big Head Award (Most Arrogant), 2011, 2014
The Soap Award (Most foul-mouthed character) 2014

New and improved: Version 2.0 (profile updated)
Updated: 4/19/2010 due to events in the Dark Crystal

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“We must be greater than what we suffer.”
[Between the Worlds|A Light in the Dark|Empire of Darkness|Under the Red Sea]
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(WARNING: This history contains spoilers for anyone who reads my fanfiction, Empire of Darkness. So if you don’t like spoilers, don’t read it.)

I was born to fight, and I mean that literally. The only reason Tasuki and I were created was because my father wanted the perfect warriors. Retusons make the best warriors. We’re stronger, faster, have more endurance, learn and adapt faster, and it’s hard as hell to keep us down.

I hate giving up; I won’t do it.

Even before Nottuu’s influence, I’ve always just been like this. I’ve always had the spirit of a warrior, as my grandfather would tell me. He knew that me and Tasuki would grow to be warriors somehow, someway. It was going to happen. Call it whatever you want—destiny, fate. Whatever. I was born to fight. And I love every minute of it. The way the body moves, the ach of the muscle under such tension and physical strain, and the pain in your lungs and the demand for more air to fuel the body. It’s the perfect machine. It’s a spiritual experience for me. This is how I worship. I worship nothing else, but my own body’s ability to be active. The body can be such a powerful thing. I pity anyone who doesn’t have this experience with their body, those who don’t even know how to use it and just let it waste away.

So it never bothered me that all Nottuu wanted from me was the warrior I could become, because that’s what I wanted anyway. It’s fitting and I can’t see it happening in any other way. It all just seems so perfect. I was made for this. But I just sure as hell don’t want to fight for him.

I fight for me, and no one else.

While my father wanted a warrior, my mother just wanted a child. So it balances itself out anyway, I guess. She gave the part of me that needed to know that I was created out of love and not just for their own personal gain. She gave me that. My mother wanted me and my brother like nothing else in the world. She just wanted some kids of her own to love and be loved by. And that makes me complete.

I just never thought it … would end up like it did.

Why did it have to be like this?

Ren and his older brother, Tasuki, are the children of Nottuu, Dark Lord Void, and the only white dragon in the history of their world, Sekin. Their mother was Rika Nevisu, a powerful High Priestess of Elohim, the old religion of the six gods. She was a high elf. And the only reason Tasuki and Ren were born was because of the deal she made with this old vampire called Lilith. His father, Nottuu, worked for her. Rika was infertile, and the man she had loved and married was dead. He was killed in battle, having been a solider of the Kanet armies of Ranelu. She just wanted children of her own. So, Lilith came to her and offered to restore her fertility, but only if she would then mate with Nottuu, while he was in his elf form, and produce two children. She would be allowed to keep them until the younger of the two turned ten years old (Ren). Lilith wanted the perfect warriors that Retusons, half dragons, were rumored to be. Rika agreed and the deal was sealed along with Ren’s fate.

He was told all of this. His mom never kept the truth from them. She wanted them to be ready for what would come on his tenth birthday. Until then, they lived happily together in the city of La Luka Falls with his grandfather, Kuza. He was an old veteran of the Kanet armies as well. He was the one who taught Ren the basics of sword play and battle arts. Ren loved every moment of it. Ren and his brother were natural warriors. He dreamed of being a courageous warrior of Ranelu, following under one of the six gods. Faia was the warrior’s god. Kuza told Ren and Tasuki all about the strong and brave god of fire. His mother told them tales and stories about the rest of Elohim’s gods. Ren always liked listening to her beautiful voice.

He had always been a moody stubborn child. Others called him selfish and rude. He never did have very many friends. He played with the other children, though often with many arguments and disagreements. Ren always won the games they played. He had always been extremely competitive. Thus, he did not have many friends, because they didn’t like to play with Ren because they could never win against him. Being half dragon, he always had the advantage. Ren grew bored with the games easily. There never seemed to be a challenge for him. The others called him arrogant as well, for his words of compliant of being bored seemed that way to the rest. However, when it came to teams, they fought over whose team Ren would be on. That team always won.

Though they all played often together, Ren could never really call any of these children his friends. Except for one, his name was Aaron, and he never seemed to mind Ren’s attitude or losing to him. Aaron enjoyed the fierce challenge Ren brought into their games. He was always pestering Ren to keep playing even after he had grown bored of winning. Even if Ren was rude and selfish, Aaron hardly seemed to notice. He was a child that laughed and smiled easily. He didn’t mind not having the best of something. He would give the best away to his friend without a second thought. He was a generous child without even trying. Aaron stuck close to Ren, even when he complained and said he was annoying. Soon he grew on him, and Ren called him a friend.

It came, his tenth birthday. Ren hated the fact that it had to be on his birthday that he would be taken away. To somewhere nameless, alien, and frightening. Somewhere far away from his mother and grandfather. Kuza gave him his first real katana. The sword he still wields even now. He named it Akane Ryuu Masaru. It was his grandfather’s family treasure.

His family still celebrated as if there was nothing different about this birthday, though they did finally face the mourning tone of the day by night fall. No longer suppressing the anxiety of what awaited. They sat together, Rika assuring them that they would not be in that place for long. She promised Ren and his brother that she would be coming for them. Rika was going to go against her deal with Lilith. She told her boys to be brave and to stick together. That they would need each other to make it through until she would come for them.

Nottuu did come, and Ren finally laid eyes on his father. He was an abnormally tall man, around seven feet tall, very lean, and lanky. He had short white hair, completely blank white eyes, and very pale skin. The tall elf wore black clothes. He came with Gold and Scarlet soldiers of the Drow Empire, which Lilith lead in the shadows of the emperor Sheinron Beonzeluxae. They took the boys from their home in wagons like sold slaves. Ren and Tasuki stayed close to each other and spoke to no one. They both trusted their mother would come for them.

Their journey wasn’t very long, just deeper into the woods. But when they finally broke out of the trees, Ren found himself somewhere that was not on the maps of Iki, or even Sekin for that matter. They had been taken to another world, into a very small and reclusive kingdom called Hyrule. The Drow Empire had just conquered it a few years back. His father, Lord Void, he had been appointed head of those armies, thus Lord of Hyrule.

The empire had enslaved the Hylians, the native people there. Nottuu took the boys to the castle he stayed in while he was posted in Hyrule. There, they found the princess of those people. Her name was Zelda Nayru Nohansen. Their father kept the girl alive for some unknown reason, like a bird imprisoned in a gold cage. Safe from the soldiers of the empire and danger, but no freedom to speak of. She was Tasuki’s age, fourteen. Their father seemed to ignore the girl for the most part. No one really knew why he kept her in the castle with him.

Zelda comforted the boys when they first came and the three became fast friends, prisoners of Nottuu. The empire tried to force the two children to train, improve their skills for the empire’s use. Ren and Tasuki endured violent beatings by the top officers when they refused not to. Zelda was with them again, aiding their injuries after. They weren’t allowed to talk about Elohim gods around the empire’s men. Instead they heard doctrines of the Spider Queen Lolth, the Drow’s wicked goddess of venom, fear, vengeance, and hate.

They had been at the castle for about three weeks until their mother came for them. Rika stormed the castle, having killed dozens of Drow soldiers until she finally found Ren. She took her child’s hand and led him off with her to find his older brother. Ren could tell his mother was very tired from using all of that magic. It must have taken a lot of energy to cross between the worlds and fight a castle full of imperial soldiers.

They didn’t find Tasuki in time. They got cornered by Niko Kashino, one of his father’s personal assassins, a Gold ranked soldier at the time. He had earned the title “Widow Slayer” for his boastful killings of powerful women. Rika was too tired and was by slain by Kashino’s knife, which had cut her throat.

Ren saw his mother fall; die, along with his old way of life. Afterward, with nothing else familiar to turn to, he started training with the officers, telling Tasuki that they would all pay in blood. Ren wanted Kashino and his father to pay for destroying his happiness. Tasuki stood by him, and the brothers swore their vengeance on Nottuu and all those that had tormented them.

They trained for a year, until Ren found an opening and couldn’t resist attacking Niko Kashino. He was only eleven when he cut the Drow’s throat with the same knife the Widow Slayer used on his mother. It was the same day he met Kagai Teishu, his soon-to-be mentor. Kagai met Ren while he was standing over the body of Kashino.

Ren kept the knife of Kashino and named it Hitomi Rin Masaru. He still had many others on his personal hit-list. Hyde Kushin and Dito Caminar, now Scarlet ranked, had tormented him and his brother from the moment they had arrived at the castle. However, they were stationed else where before Ren had a chance to challenge the pair as he had Kashino.

Ren then turned his focus back to training, which led him to the year he spent under the skilled vampire, Kagai. Despite his general distrust, he came to admire the vampire. Kagai suggested that he wasn't with the empire by personal choice either. Ren looked up to him, his idol, his remodel of power, grace, and pride. His brother tried to tell him that Kagai was not what he seemed and that he should quit seeing and training with the vampire all together. Ren didn’t want to believe it and didn’t. He still went against his older brother’s wishes, certain he was wrong this time. Tasuki decided to go with Ren at all times he was around the vampire and train with them, constantly watching. It annoyed Ren immensely. So he managed to sneak off with Kagai once without his brother’s watchful eyes, which was the last time he would ever be with the vampire.

It went like their training normally did, until it turned sour at the end. Kagai changed suddenly and attacked him. He raped Ren and bit him, ravaging him roughly, though was soon found by an enraged Tasuki and Zelda. Ren felt utterly betrayed and stupid for trusting anyone in the empire. He was determined to forget it ever happened. That anyone could ever hurt him like that.

But it showed. Ren became vigorous in his training, needing the exercise, the feeling of gaining strength to feel secure, safe, undamaged. The feelings of confusion, utter helplessness, powerlessness, and shame eating him alive. It was slowly turning him bitter and angry, full of so much hate. It fermented inside Ren. He added Kagai Teishu to his personal hit-list. Tasuki and Ren began their transformation as they sank more into their hatred for the empire.

Zelda told them to stop, to attempt escape with her instead. She wanted to flee to a rebel group hidden in the forest. The brothers refused. They wanted to keep their enemies close, so when they were ready it would come more unexpectedly to them. Thus began a painful distance growing between them and her. They had come to know each other so well. Zelda had been there for Ren when he was recovering from Kagai’s assault. But he turned his back on her. Revenge became more important to him.

As the brothers trained with high ranking officers, soon they started to gain so much skill and prowess that they would often kill those who trained with them. The soldiers quickly grew to fear the Nevisu brothers. Ren and Tasuki feed off their fear, but it was never enough. They learned to hurt these people like they had hurt them before. They had the advantage over most of them now. They used it with great pleasure, quickly turning to sadistic behaviors.

Ren loved it. More than Tasuki did. All his feelings of helplessness faded when he hurt those people. He became addicted to that feeling of power over them. He had changed. No longer the boy he had once been. He became a monster so young, drunk on his own strength that he had gained through hard work and suffering for so long. He was thirteen when they sent Tasuki and him to the Kakariko base to suppress a rebel up-rising. They demolished half of the Hylian slaves there before they were called off.

Zelda no longer spoke to them at all, though she didn’t seem to show hate and bitterness. Just a horrible aching sorrow that Ren couldn’t stand looking at, so he avoided seeing her at all around the castle. It had been the last and most brutal betrayal of her friendship with them. They had killed and terrorized her people.

A year or so passes, and then the impossible happened. Zelda escaped. More like rescued by four Hylians that had somehow broken into the castle. Nottuu set Ren out to find her and take her back. But also to kill a specific Hylian that had headed her rescue. Some guy called Link in green clothes. He found them about two days later in Hyrule Field. There he attacked the man described to him. He planned to kill him, but his resolve to bring Zelda back with him was shaky. Sure, he could kill her people behind her back, but how could he drag her back to her prison? He knew what it felt like to be trapped.

Lucky for him, he never killed the young man called Link. He was knocked unconscious by him and taken captive by the Rebellion of the Desert. Because Zelda had requested that he be taken with them and kept alive. He was dragged along with Zelda and her new companions by force (with the aid of her magic); all the while Ren promising them that he would kill them the very second he got the chance to. He was forced to join them on their missions such as getting the Zoras to join them in the Rebellion. Ren didn’t care about Hyrule being freed. All he cared about was all his revenge that he hadn’t gotten yet. He had to kill his father still, and Dito, Kushin, and, of course, Kagai.

On their way back from the Zora’s Domain, they spent the night on the Zora’s River, said to have magic drifting along its shores. So far, most of the group hated him, and that was fine with Ren. He didn’t care. Yet Zelda still treated him kindly, even after the number of ways he has betrayed her friendship out of his own selfish impulses. There was another, a Gerudo girl, called Trisa Shahoma, who treated him with kindness that reason probably shouldn’t have allowed. Even Rontu Nyzento, a grumpy rogue dark elf, the only one in the Rebellion, showed Ren a tough sort of compassion. He didn’t understand these people. ‘Thought they were just stupid.

That night he dreamed. He dreamed of the truth about himself and his pain. Something inside him was forcing him to feel things he had tried to get rid of to be stronger. It called out to him and forced him to see himself and what he had become. When he awakened, he opened his eyes as a different person. Trisa was still awake when he did. They ended up talking together. She seemed to notice the difference in Ren immediately, though he kept trying to push the nosy girl away.

In the morning, they headed back to the desert. Along the way were ambushed by Nottuu and a large group of men, during which Ren risked his life to take an injury for Trisa. It was the first time he shape-shifted into Kituson. It must have been triggered to save his life from the blast his father had meant to kill him with. He was able to force his father to retreat, and everyone was able to make it back to the desert safely after Ren changed back and fell unconscious.

When he woke, he was accepted into the little group after proving himself in saving Trisa. Zelda and Nabooru, current leader of the rebellion, invited Ren to join them, to fight the empire to get his revenge that way. Ren accepted.

The rest of the war carried on with many losses. While Ren had changed and grown, his older brother had not. They had been so close to each other that Tasuki could not handle these new friends of Ren’s. Staying with the empire, he tried to kill Rontu and Leita during a battle at Kakariko. Both Tasuki and Ren thought the two had perished. The boys fought, and Ren killed his brother in attempt to avenge his friends. Truthfully, Ren had also done it out of anger and pain. His brother tried to hurt him, even kill him. Another betrayal that pierced too deeply. When Rontu and Leita resurfaced to show Ren they were, in fact, alive and well, Ren was devastated. His guilt continues to haunt him.

Nabooru, Trisa’s mother was slain in a surprise attack. Blaze (Trisa’s older half brother and new king of the Gerudo), Zelda, Link, and Khaz were captured. Ren and the others tried to rescue Blaze in time, but he was tortured by Kushin, the Scarlet hands. Leita just barely managed to save the king’s life, but he now suffers massive scarring all over his body.

By the end of it, Nottuu and his army was defeated in a last battle and the empire retreated, leaving Hyrule free.

Zelda was made Queen of Hyrule, and assembled her royal guard out of her most trusted companions. Ren joined and was knighted, determined to help Zelda mend her broken kingdom he had once helped break in spirit. He was romantically involved with Trisa ever since the day he saved her. Her brother was taking time to recover from his torture in the desert to the west.

Zelda and the others were told by the Deku Tree Sprout that five Dark Lords would challenge the fate of many worlds, including Hyrule and Sekin. Nottuu was one of the five, the Dark Lord of Void. Ganondorf Dragmire, Trisa and Blaze’s father, was the Dark Lord of Sorrow and sealed away by Link, Zelda, and the Sages. A year or so passes, and the peace was disturbed again when a demon called Nelu stomps into Hyrule market causing trouble. Link and a few of the others recognized him. They believed he was connected to the Dark Lord matters.

Zelda set a large portion of her guard after Nelu, to stop him. Ren, Kira, Rontu, Khaz, Leita, and Kai headed out to track him. They followed him into the gap between dimensions, the forest where Ren had passed before six years ago when he was first taken into Hyrule. They came out on the other side in the world of Sekin. They lost Nelu’s trail shortly after, and then while traveling the Spirit Mountains there was a rock slid in which Ren was separated from his companions.

“We must be greater than what we suffer.”
[Between the Worlds|A Light in the Dark|Empire of Darkness|Under the Red Sea]
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