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Character List

After you have had your character approved please post it in here.

This is for APPROVED characters only.

(((If you have your character over in the old thread, please copy it, and move it over here.)))

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Re: Character List

Character(s) with threads to see instead of cluttering up this post:
Robert Cornett
Niko Callahan

2 characters listed here.

Name: Alex Caffran (Often refered to as just "Caffran")
Age: Not relevent
Race: Kokiri
Sex: Male
Hair: Green
Eyes: Green
Weight: 70 lbs
Height: 4'9"

Weapons: A magical short sword (capable of deflecting energy blasts); a small collection of daggers and throwing knives, numbering between 5 and 15, depending on the day, his mood, and what he planned on doing; and a recurve bow.

Armor: No armor, just the fabrics of his clothing. He has a device on his left wrist that looks like a silver bracelet that he can activate to render himself nearly invisible.

Magic: He has fairly impressive healing magicks, capable of repairing most injuries and wounds that don't kill outright, although it takes a considerable amount of energy to heal more serious injuries.

Caffran has also become very apt at basic telekinesis-style magic, being able to move objects that he would normally be able to lift with his hands, and he can teleport objects that belong to him to and from his person, so long as he is aware of where the objects are. In general, he only makes use of the second of these abilities, finding it more convenient than carrying around certain things. It is also his style to show off, so will occasionally toss a dagger straight up and have it land perfectly in its sheath.

Abilities: He is an incredible acrobat, no matter who he is compared to--children, impossibly so, as by the time any child were as skilled as he, they would not be a small child any more. Adults--he is better than nearly anyone, and he hasn't encountered anyone who was obviously more skilled than he. He can jump fairly far, and no matter the circumstance tends to land with a sort of grace.

He has become fairly skilled at using his sword and shield in conjunction with his acrobatic antics, and uses that in leu of standard swordplay.

Strengths: See above.

Weaknesses: He has the stature, appearance, and the strength (albiet the maximum possible) of a 10 year old boy. As such, he cannot stand toe-to-toe with nearly any swordfighter, no matter how skilled or unskilled they are. It is not hard to overpower someone of his size. He also detests fire, as he has an affinity for the forest.

Appearance: Caffran is average in height and weight, for a 10 year old boy. He his not at all imposing, or frightening, some even regard him as "cute," although (as with most kids, which is what he is, basically) that tends to annoy him. His hair is green in color, matching grass in the field fairly well. It is kept fairly short, so it doesn't impede his vision or get caught, though it is by no means a crew cut. His eyes are bright and happy looking, and quite green. He is usually smiling, and tends to be playing with something in one hand or the other. Very often, it's a knife.

He still often wears the clothes of a Kokiri, although he is just as likely to be found wearing things that the Kokiri would never see. For exploring, and for when he's expecting a fight, he wears long dark brown pants that have pockets in the style of a modern pair of "cargo pants;" a long-sleeved dark green shirt with a subtle diamond pattern around the neck, but otherwise solid in color; and a pair of brown hiking boots.

Atop his shirt, Caffran often has a dark satchel pack slung across his body, as a convenient way to carry various things. While he won't admit it to most anyone, he has an enchantment on the pack that allows him to fit more into it than should be physically possible. Within he keeps a spare quiver of arrows, a pad of paper, some pencils, any random small thing that strikes his fancy (and can be legally obtained), and a scroll of protection runes that ward against various magicks.

He keeps his bow and the quiver attached vertically on his left shoulder (the bag sits on his right side). His sword is slung at an angle opposing the satchel.

Personality: Cocky, but generally good-natured, with a rather twisted sense of humor. Since he will never 'grow up' he has a tendancy to act immature and skittish, although he is prefectly capable of being an utterly calm, analytical person. He likes to taunt people, and say odd things to throw people off. When not in a hostile situation, he tends to act rather childish, and likes to draw a lot. He keeps some materials for that purpose in his satchel, and makes much use of it.

In addition, he is almost always happy, and takes most every opportunity to play around, or play with people. If people aren't willing to play, he likes to play with their minds, whether by word or unexpected action.

Bio: Caffran is not a true Kokiri. He was not born in the forest, and has no guardian fairy. Exactly where he came from, and how he got to the Kokiri forest none within, including the Deku Tree himself, seem to know. Caffran either has no recollection, or won't tell anyone.

He first appeared in the Kokiri forest unconcious under a tree, obviously grievously wounded by (judging from the markings on his crumpled form) sharp claws and fire. The Kokiri who found him was horrified by what he saw, and not knowing what else to do picked him up (with some difficulty, but the boy was rather light), and took him to the Great Deku Tree. The Deku Tree was also surprised by the sight, although being what it is, was not totally surprised. He sensed something important and powerful about the boy, though he did not know precisely what. This was worrisome, but he decided that saving the child was the best course of action.

As close to death as he was, the only way to save him was to use a fairy, although not in the same sense that healing fairies are often employed by Hylians. For some reason, likely due to whatever force inflicted the injuries on Caffran, the powers of the healing fairies could do nothing. A forest guardian fairy willingly sacrificed itself in the process of saving Caffran. More correctly, the fairy essentially flew inside him, and became a part of him. The act healed him, and changed him in several ways, giving his hair its green color, and making his already green eyes even moreso. It also stopped his growth (as he happened to be the same age as what Kokiri perpetually are), and gave him the healing power of fairies.

He awoke dazed and confused, though regained his senses after a time, and was given new clothing, and shelter. He lived with the Kokiri, as a Kokiri, for several years (never aging), although he tended to be more hyper and skittish then his friends all around. He took to exploring every nook and crany of the forest, in the process figuring out how to perform all kinds of wild stunts, which he used to amuse the other Kokiri now and then. The forest was massive, and it took a very long time to explore in detail the entirety of it. In fact, Caffran never finished. After a time, he found a hidden cave which had an entrance in a rather large tree. This was quite odd, since no where else in the forest had he found such a thing, and had heard nothing of anything of the sort from the other Kokiri, the fairies (who seemed to like talking to him for some reason), nor the skull kids.

Curious, he went inside. Within, he found, to his surprise, a beautiful fountain. He walked up to it, and noticed a golden triforce symbol on the ground, but he had no idea the significance of it, so he continued forward, and tenatively touched a finger in the fountain's water. Suddenly a giant fairy came out of the fountain, and he fell backward in surprise. "Hello there, young one," it said calmly. "I expected you a long while ago."

"What...? Me? Why?" He returned to his feet, and brushed himself off, as the great fairy just smiled at him.

"You know, of course," she said to him, still smiling serenely, "that you don't belong in this forest. You haven't left since you arrived here years ago, but you're always restless... moving around, searching for things." She paused a moment. "But you never knew what, did you?" Caffran shook his head in response. "You've been searching for me, of course," Caffran said nothing, but looked slightly bemused by this. "And now that you've found me, it is time for you to go into the world beyond and seek your destiny."

"My...destiny?" He frowned slightly. "What? How am I supposed to do that? Kokiri can't leave the forest."

"You can, child," the great fairy replied cooly. "Though, it would be unwise to leave completely unprepared. I have some things for you..." She held out her hand, and on the triforce symbol appeared a small sword, a beautifully crafted bow, and a glimmering shield. Caffran stared in wonder at them. "These are yours, now. Learn to use them, and then set out to the world beyond the forest." Without another word, she vanished back into the fountain.

Caffran tried to get her to reappear by calling out, prodding the water, and various other means, but she didn't appear. He gave up after a little while, picked up his new equipment, and left the place. To his mild surprise, the entrance vanished after he exited.

He spent the next several months learning the art of archery, and handling his sword. He had absolutely no idea what to expect, but he figured if the fairy gave him weapons, it meant he should probably know how to use them... so learn he did.

He eventually bid farewell to the Kokiri, the Deku Tree, and the forest, and set out to the world beyond, eager to know what lay ahead.


Name: Tahredron
Age: 636
Race: Eldar (Race from Warhammer 40,000, and I am aware of what the word means. "Space elf" is a reasonable description of the race.)
Sex: Male
Hair: White
Eyes: Green
Weight: 80 kg
Height: 2 m

Weapon: Rune Staff, a 2 meter long shaft with a large glowing crystal on the end, which changes colors depending upon what Tahredron is doing; a witchblade, called Kabel. The witchblade is capable of cutting or tearing through most anything, although it cannot hurt him.

Armor: Robes inscribed with runes of warding, which make it harder for opponents to properly hit him, and nearly impossible for ranged weapons to hit him. Bullets, missiles, laser beams, magical bursts of energy--all these things will actually curve away from him. Underneath the robes, he wears heavy body armor that is stronger than steel, but much more flexable than armor of humans. He also wears an ornate helmet affixed with gems, and glowing red eyepieces.

Strengths: Powerful psyker, incredibly agile. His armor is powered, pressurized, and has internal equipment that gives him sensory data of his surrounding area, allowing him to 'see' in total darkness. His readouts are designed to assist him in combat, and properly direct an army on the field of battle. He can also operate in the vacuum of space.

Weakness: Not very strong. He is not a shock trooper, he is the leader of armies.

Skills/Magic: Tahredron can create psionic blasts of varying degrees of intensity, manipulate the minds of others, and create energy barriers to protect himself. His psionics are usually channeled through is staff, though it is not necessary. If he is not in immediate danger, he can go into a trance of sorts and see the strands of time and space, and what courses of action to take to accomplish his aims. He never does that in single combat, as it takes time. It is useful to him as a leader, though.

He is a reasonably good swordsman, although he does not often employ his witchblade, prefering to stay back. That said, Kabel is a very potent blade infused with psionic energies. His sword fighting is not showy, particularly acrobatic, or very fair. If he is forced into a sword fight, he will simply use the best possible method of incapacitating or killing his opponent. "Swordplay" is not something employed in battle. That is a training exercise.

Personality: Tahredron is a very aloof individual, and tends to look down on humans, and anything else that is not of his race. If one can prove themselves worthy of his presence, he can be tolerable to be around. Otherwise, the superior air about him is very bothersome. He is not an evil being, he does not desire to rule the galaxy, or destroy all life. His ultimate goals are the survival and safety of the Biel Tann, and all Eldar. If it can be reasonably accomplished, he generally wishes to protect sentient life, no matter what species it is, though he is not bothered by leaving others to die if there is not a reasonable way to save them, or it would cause undue loss to others. Fear is a foreign concept to him, although he does know when retreat is necessary.

Appearance: Tahredron is very tall and thin. He moves with inhuman grace, and despite the heavy armor underneath his robes, he still moves very quickly. His hair, if it is ever visible, is kept behind his head, and goes down to his neck. His robes are white, and written along the inner edges of them are many different runes, some with practical purpose, others just to show who he is. Underneath the robe is another, smaller robe dark green in color, and atop his chest and his green robe is a large golden emblem made out of a material called 'wraithbone.' This emblem, which resembles a triangle of many shapes, glows and hums whenever he uses his abilities. In the center of the wraithbone is a large blue gem which has a constant glow to it. His helmet appears very large an unwieldy, as it has two horns of sorts extending above his head about two and a half decimeters. Affixed to these horns are gems of varying size, and they glow various colors and brightnesses depending on what he is doing.

If ever he is not wearing his armor (which will never happen in any concievable combat situation), he will still be wearing his robes, complete with runes, and the multitude of charms he keeps with him. His pale face is narrow and taut, and his eyes are inhuman in shape, although not hideous in appearance. His ears are stereotypical of an elf, and his white hair is slightly more than shoulder length, pulled back behind him.

History: Tahredron is a Farseer of the Eldar Craftworld Biel Tann. Farseers are the leaders of the Eldar, both in war and peace. Powerful psykers all, they can see the flow of space and time, and direct courses of action for the craftworld to ensure events are as the Eldar would wish. This does not mean that they are all powerful. Even the best planned action, with the power of a farseer watching over, can go awry.

He has not always been a Farseer, although he as been one for a reasonable length of time.

By human dating stadards, Tahredron was born near the end of the 40th millenium on one of the Craftworlds of the Eldar. The Eldar are an ancient race, existing as an interstellar power before mankind ever even arrived in space. However, their arrogance, power, and decadance, combined with the psionic abilities of all Eldar brought about their downfall, millenia ago. Their flaws borne into the warp a chaos god--who when created consumed entire worlds. Trillions of Eldar were killed, and those that survived were onboard massive interstellar trade ships. As time progressed, the main vessels of the Eldar were expanded, although the numbers and power of Eldar are still small--they live an extremely long time, though they have very few children.

Mankind expanded out from their home planet, and the Imperium of Man rules most of the galaxy in the 41st millenium, mostly by sheer number. The Eldar hold no hopes of taking over the galaxy--their numbers are too few.

Each of the craftworlds operate independently, and there is no unified government of the Eldar, although the craftworlds rarely fight one another, and they do maintain contact. The Seer Councils of each craftworld direct the actions of their craftworld, and what ever outlying colonies they may have established. The Eldar of the Biel Tann hold a slightly more militaristic view of actions than the other craftworlds. They believe that the only way for the Eldar to survive is by combat, forcing back those who would threaten them. This does not always put them at odds with other sentient species--they have been known to help human forces from time to time, although they are equally well known to do such things, and then promptly turn on their human "allies." They have their reasons, though explanations are never given to the targets. Why bother?

Eldar in general follow strict "paths" of learning so as to not be consumed by desires and decadance. Most eldar follow many paths in their lifetimes, and Tahredron is no exception. Once he was old enough, he first became a Striking Scorpion, which is a specialized combat unit within the armies of the Eldar. They focus on close quarters fighting, and annihilating the enemy before they can properly react. After a time in that role, he moved to the path of the seer, and became a Warlock, and served on the command staff of a venerable Biel Tann Farseer for years. In a particularly bloody battle against a large warhost of Orks, the Farseer in command was killed in single combat by the leader of the orks, a massive beast who could crush a person with its bare hands.

Without hesitation, Tahredron decapitated the ork with whom he had been fighting (the entire command staff of the Farseer had been engaged in combat at the time), and turned to take on the ork warboss. The Warboss chuckled something about "puny" (as it was nearly 3 meters tall and just as wide, and likely weighed a ton), and went to clamp its massive metal claw around Tahredron. To the warboss's surprise, it couldn't close the claw, because is quarry managed to mentally hold it in place. Taking advantage of the confusion, Tahredron ducked under the claw, and came up right next to the beast, and drove his blade up through its chin, and into its skull.

Seeing the death of their massive warboss, the orks fighting the Biel Tann army's command staff turned and fled. Hesitating only a split second, Tahredron took command and directed his now tattered army to eventual victory over the numerically superior ork forces. The Biel Tann Swordwind army that had arrived on the planet eventually eradicated the orks--under a Warlock's command.

After the conclusion of the campaign, the Biel Tann Seer Council named Tahredron a Farseer, as he proved himself capable of leading armies, and weilding the power of a Farseer. For a Farseer, Tahredron is exeedingly young, although this detail escapes most non-eldar he encounters, as he is over 600 years old. Many Farseers still around witnessed the rise of the Imperium of Man, in the 32nd Millenium. Because of his relatively junior status, he is not often designated the high commander of armies, though he does command sizable forces on the field of battle, as any farseer does.
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Re: Character List

Here are mine..

Name: Malony

Species: Half-Elf and half-human. A mighty woman with the best qualities from the both worldes.

age: Because of her elf blood, Malony is very old, almost 300 years. But she has the body and spirit of a 20 year old human.

Appearance: Long dark hair, blue ayes, a long and powerfull body. She is 1,77 meters. Her beuaty oftley stun her opponents.

Armor: Malony wear an armour af mithril. It protects her fron all kind of shap items. The armor is partley hidden beneath a blue elf cloak. Because Malony almost float when she walks on the ground, shen do not wear heavy boats.

Wepons: Malony always carry her sword, Zintrana of Perfection with her. The sword is also made of mithril. Even though she prefer long distans combat, she is very skild with the blade. Her main wepond is the medium sized Crossbow which she can manage evan while she sleeps... Big bows are to clumsy. She seems never to run out of arrows..

Attack: Malony have the magic power to summon Mother Earth. This makes a great numer of attacks avalible. With this ally Malony seldom loses a fight.

Weakness: Yes, there is some, but there would be a huge tactical misstake to tell... hint: impatient...

Gods: Malony is a immovable atheist. Gods to not exist in her world, and got no power over her.

Personality: The half-elf is not the quiet girl, nor the one who talk all the time. She speaks well, but can sometimes be seen as a snob(She really is not) She is quick-witted and very smart. She is friendly, but hard to come close. She choose her friends with great care. She never fails a frind.

Bio: Malony is the result of the love between a Human Woman and an male elf. Even though their destiny was not to be together, they got a daughter; Malony. She was cept inte the elf town of Telluna with her father. Some of its citizens did not like the idéa of a half-blood living with them. But as long she was just a small girl, they let her be. Malony did not see her mother often, and knew that her city constanly were in danger, because of the constantly war between man and man. Malony wanted to go and fight, to save her mother, and after years of training she become a mighty young warrior. But she had the elf-blood in her veins, and her mother died of age before Malony could do something. But after a time the elfs had enough, they kicked her out. Alone she began to travel, search for a world without prejudices.

Ally: Looks like her searching is over, she has recently found an ally in Majin Link.

Battle Rank
Player: Malony
Character: Malony - The half-elf
OverAll Rank: IV
Strength: III
Speed: IV
Magic: IV
Skill: II

pic: (made by Nénuë and a mediocre coloring madee by me)

Name: Gamya

Species: Female dwarf

Appearance: She is short but strong, robust but lithe and Hairy but beardless. Gamya has red hair and green eyes and overall rather ruddy. The most female dwarfs look like males, but Gamya doesn't, she is a fair young woman. She also, Unlike most dwarfs, does not got a beard (weather she save it away, or if it is naturaly remain unsaid)! She is very short, which is not very strange because her race. She is about 1,20 meters.

Armour: As a true dwarf, she wear mithril from her helmet and down to the boots. She is very well protected agains blade attacks and flying arrows. But the armor slow her down a bit.

Wepons: Gamya's mainwepond is a large, heavy battleaxe, which can be deadly in close attacks. It's broad edge can be use to fend off attacks, and work as a sheild. She also carries liger axes used for throwing.

Special attack: The female dwarf possesses the power of the sky. Like the Aesir god Tor, she can summon thunder, lightning and raind etc. She also domesticate the electricity whcih the lightning creates.

Weakness: Her armour can sometime slow her down. She also got one unknowd weakness which her oponents have to find out for themselves.

Personality: Gamya is a cocky little dworf, sometimes it a disadvangage, sometimes not. She's temperamental and sometime got a hard time controling it. She likes what she is doing, and are for the most time a happy dwarf. Gamya like to make jokes and have a good time. Her passion is to eat. Meat. Beer. Yummie.

Bio: Gayma is raised and born in the village of Ginataou, far up north in the mountains. She had a loveing father and a weak motehr, but no siblings. Her dad, which was the supreme commander in hte dwarf army, and trained her as she were a son. Her mother, who was a highley respected woman, learned her all about the sky and the weather. She learnt her daughter how to posses the power of the sky. Because she wanted to see more than mountains, she traveled away from the hom e village, and are still traveling.

Ally: Majin Link

Battle Rank
Player: Malony
Character: Gamya - The dwarf
OverAll Rank: III
Strength: V
Speed: II
Magic: III
Skill: III


(This one is also made by Nénuë :wink: )

Name: Triofagra

Species: A female Budamen(fourhanded human, but is much more intelligent)

age: 227

personality: Because she is so clever, she see everyone els who is not that clever as she, as an idiot. She can act superior in some times. She do not harm others in vein. If you manage to make friend with her, you got a friend for life! She can be very stuburn if she knows she is right.

Appearance: She is large and mighty, but at the same time thin and noble. She wear special clothes who fit her fourarmed body perfect; A red dress, a darker red cape, leather shoes and a leather belt. She care a ruby in her neclese. Triofagra got long blond hair, a beautuful face and a healthy body. Her eyes are blue and her teeth arewhite.

Armour: Hardly none besides her energy. She she slowly heal herself.

Wepons: Trifagra rely upon her magic more than her weapons. Her only weponds are two hooked and very sharp long kniwes, which she has made herself.

Special attack: As said, Triofagra use a lot of magic. She posses abillities others can't even imagine of! She can read peoples mind, and therfore know how to defend. With her mind only, she can lift things, toss things, and controll other peoples minds making them become her slaves. She can also create concenrated energy to use as attack or defens.

Weakness: She is not very strong or very fast, which can be dangerous in fights.

Bio: Triofarga is a Budamen, a species old as the elves and with thier long-livingness. They are very intelligen and do not like to fight, normally if it isn't personal. For Triofagra it is. She lived, as most Budamen in harmony in her forest house, untill one day when her forest became set on fire, and burned down. All her friends, and her beloved forest became burn down to the ground. That made Triofagra very upset, anry and furious. She set out to find the guily ones, and then to kill them.

Battle Rank
Player: Malony
Character: Triofagra- The Budamen
OverAll Rank: IV
Strength: II
Speed: II
Magic: X
Skill: V

Ally: Majin Link

I really miss beeing active on the BA, and I hope this new character would get me started again.

Name: Aquintina

Species: Salon, a human like species that are slightly taller and thinner than a regular man. They are not as strong as humans but possess the elemental skills that few humans do.

Age: 18

Appearance: She does not have the typical Salonian look as being blond and blue eyed. Aquintina got curly dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and a healthy pigmented body. But she is as tall and thin as the rest of her kind though. She wears a hard leather armor that is light in weigh so it wont make her slow, but still so strong it will make a good protection against attacks. She also wears boot in the same kind of leather. Over her armor she wears a blue regular dress which is very common and with few decorations. Around her waist she has a leather belt in which she keeps important things she might need in the heat of the battle of in the daily life.

Weapon: She is equipped with a silver spear that both can serve as a fierce and powerful melee weapon or a magical staff from which she can use her elemental skill if she would like.

Attack: Aquintina is Salon and her element is the element of the water. She can control water, ice and rain in different skills. She is getting more skilled as the time flows. Even though she prefers elemental attack, she is skilled with her spear and can be really dangerous in melee fights. Her spear doesn’t only make pure physical damage but also add a cold damage her opponent and makes him slower. She is rather fast which she use in fights, but can’t compare in strength with huge men opponents.

Strength: Aquintina's strength is that she is very alround. She prefers attacking at range with magic, but is also skilled in close combat. Because she is tall and light, she can move very quickly and often react faster to the situation than her opponent. She is also very smart and calculating, she can often figure out what her opponets next move will be.

Weakness: Since she is very alround, she can face most of opponents pretty good. But if she get dragged into a fight with someone that for example only use his stength in meleefights, she doens't really have all the strength it need to go on like that a longer time. She is a little to weak for beeinga really good fighter, but she is working on it. And another weakness is that she is emotionally very cold, but is someone do reach her, she can become very vulnerable.

Personality: She is often very quite; don’t talk much if she isn’t forced to. She seems to have a dark and dangerous side and she don’t let anyone come close, even though all she really wants is love. The hate she is filled with makes her a really strong fighter and she enjoys showing up how skilled she is. She doesn’t like to lose, even though hasn’t got something to lose. She doesn’t enjoy killing her opponents, but she enjoys feeling the power of her being superior.

Bio: Aquintina was born as the second child in the royal Salon family in year of 9543. It was a highly respected family among the Salon tribe and had been that for many generations. Her mother was the “chosen” one and when one of her two daughters would turn 18, it would be determined who was the next “chosen one” and inherit the magical silver staff.

In the village of the Salon, the citizens were divided into four different elements; air, earth, fire or water. The most common ones where wind and earth. Children possessing one of two first elements were normal into the eyes of the Salonians. But now and then it happened that child would turn out to be a possessor of fire or water. Fire was though to be the strongest of all elements while water was the weakest one. What made Aquintina’s family so special was that it had a straight line of Fire possessors in the family. Since fire was the superior element no other could claim the crown or to claim herself the chosen one. Only a woman could be the chosen one. The chosen was in the old tales the one that would lead the defense against the dark power according to the prophecy. The prophecy was written down in their sacred books from the ancient times.

When Aquintina turned 7 years old it was time for her, like all children to get their element determined. This was done trough long classic rituals that took about a week to perform. Her bigger sister had done this three years before her and not surprisingly enough, she had turned out to be a carrier or the fire element and was already planned in inherit the silver staff and be selected to the “chosen one”. After a week of rituals Aquintina’s family got the result that she belonged to the really small population that water as their element. This was a tragedy for her parents. They couldn’t not believe that their youngest daughter was of such low status. Instead of starting her magical practicing they started to look down at her. Now they understood why she did not look like a normal Salon, it was something wrong about her.

When Aquintina turned 10 yeas old, she still hadn’t attended her magical studies and had not got any friend among the other children. They seemed to despite her. She felt so alone a 10- year old could do. Her only comfort she found in a old woman named Acardia who also possessed the power of the water. She felt sorry for the young girl and decided to take her into training. She was not, like all the others thinking that water was the weakest element, she the opposite thought; that the water had with the right user, the potency to turn out into something great. She felt that her own powers were limited but put her trust in the young girl. The time went on and when her sister became an adult and turned 18. The day she turned 18 the folk gathered at the temple to see if her sister could be the “chosen one”. This would be done with the silver staff. If she could fill it with her energy, her fire and make it glow red, she would be the one, the “chosen one”. Aquintina was rally sad about this since she know she would not get even the smallest chance to try this. No body cared about her, and less did her parents. They had only eyes for their firstborn. During the years of loneliness Aquintina had found herself growing a hate against her. She hated her sister and felt dark inside when she thought of her.

When it was just some minutes left before the ritual she went to meet her sister that were dressing into the traditional clothes, On the wall behind her,the silver staff was hanging. Now Aquintina’s feelings were top upset and her sister were really annoyed with her false sister and they started fighting. The fight turned more and more serious and they both were getting really hurt. Suddenly Aquintina used her water skill to create an ice blast that knocked her sister hard into the wall. The hit was really serious and she fell into coma. Just as grabbed the silver spear for the wall her parents followed by the crown entered the room.

What happened after that was something Aquintina want to forget. She was accused for being the darkness helper and also the murderer of her sister according to the ancient rule. The rule also said that she had to be killed because of this. But because of Arcardia’s love for the girl. She managed to get out alive after this terrible accident but became banned with death penalty if she ever would return. The last sentence her parents said before she, only 15 years old, had to live the civilization was; “You are not our daughter, you never were”

During thee years she has now been wandering around in the bush increasing her powers hoping that one day she would be able to go back, go back to show them that Water is the superior element, not fire. She also hope she will be able to ever get any love again nut she realize that is impossible.

Battle Rank:
Player: Malony
Character: Aquintina
OverAll Rank: III
Strength: II
Speed: IV
Magic: IV
Skill: III

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Re: Character List

Well here we go with my mystical cosmic Naiad, Rembu. Most of you probably know who he is by now; he's my main fighter.


Name: Kedisar the Reborn, Majus Rembu Maura, or just Rembu.
Age: 23
Race: Naiad (Altega)
Sex: Male
Hair: None
Eyes: Pearly white with large, black pupils.
Weight: 12 kilograms
Height: 1.9 meters

Battle Rank:
Character: Rembu
Overall Rank: V
Strength: III
Speed: IV
Magic: X
Skill: III

Weapon: None
Armor: Rembu can create an extension of his body that is a suit of shiny black platemail, called the Shadow Aegis. This offers no benefit except the fact of it being nearly impossible to pierce or shatter. However, it prevents him from channeling most magical energies, meaning he can't cast very powerful spells while wearing it. Also, it is very cumbersome and limits Rembu's amazing dexterity.

Attributes: Rembu has no bones, no organs, and no blood, due to the fact that he is composed of solid, and liquid, mana. He devours mana for food. Rembu is extremely strong and agile and posesses nearly unmatched skill using spells. Oh, and he can't feel pain.

Personality: Extremely emotional. Rembu often has fits of uninstigated rage and anger. He often raises his voice and speaks in melodramatic overtones. Most of the time, his attitude is generaly light-hearted, but he is actually brooding and depressed inside. He masks his emotions with his vivacious facade because he thinks that if he lets his feelings bleed through, he will be seen as weak.
Appearance: Rembu looks similar to a zora from "Zelda", however his skin is pure white and glows with a faint aura of white magical energy. He wears only a pressed, white, button-down robe. (Think Neo's from the Matrix Reloaded, but white.) I will draw him, yeah yeah...
Bio: Rembu is a magical projection of his previous form, Kedisar. Kedisar was a Naiad who was deliberately corrupted by his master (who will remain nameless to not spoil the plot of my fic) and turned into a vile necromancer. As the years passed, Kedisar's wrath towards the living increased to the point where he would mindlessly kill anything he saw.

Kedisar somehow (unknown how this happened- most likely his master fell ill and the bondage weakened) came to his senses and prayed to the Heavens for release. It spoke to him and said she would grant him emancipation in exchange for him creating a kingdom for her. Desperate, Kedisar agreed to her pact and traveled to the Sky Tower in Epiath, home of the Avatar (The Altega's mortal puppet.) The Avatar rended Kedisar's body and destroyed it, turning the Naiad into a mystic being of stellar matter. Kedisar renamed himself to Rembu, an ancient ophidian word for "star".

The future for Rembu is unknown even to me, but it will be devised in a fictional writing I am... writing . (The fanfic's timeline extends from Kedisar's involvement in the Epiathan Temples to the creation of Taonius's empire, to the foundation of Vann Pyros.)
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Kafei, Tido AND Jace

Age: 13
Race: Half Rito, Half Ice apparition
Sex: male
Hair: Navy blue
Eyes: blue
Wieght: 96 lbs
Hieght: 5' 6"

Weapon: Aqua Staff, The Angel Triforce
Armor: Feather Tunic
Accessories: a steel hammer used to forge weapons past their
current abilities to their true power

Personality: distant, and lonely, usually depressed.
Apperance: Picture an average 13-year-old Rito with blue hair and eyes, an Aqua Staff, and the Angel Triforce, a Trifoce symbol inside a circle inside a circle with wings on it.
Bio: Abandoned by the Rito Tribe of Dragon Roost Island, and by the clan of Ice apparitions, Kafei is a loner who's lived on Outset Island with the Hero of Winds and Aryll. Nomatter where he goes he gets strange looks because Rito usually have ash-colored hair and brown eyes, but he stands out. he may seem like a calm weakling, but from all he's been through, he's very strong.


Age: ???
Race: Kokiri
Sex: M
Hair: Emerald green
Eyes: emerald green
Weight: 100 LBS
Height: 4' 11"

Weapon: A bow and arrows, and the mysterious powers to make plants grow anywhere he steps.

Armor: none, just a forest green tunic

Personality: a Funny prankster that never gets caught...

Apperance: A young boy with green hair and matching eyes, who just happens to be holding a pie behind his back... (I TOLD you he was a prankster!)

Bio:Tido's an average Kokiri boy with a bow and arrows. He plays pranks, but they never harm anyone. Tido's the little brother of Fado, and has a major crush on Saria. Just like his body, Tido will never act mature. The last time he did was when Link left the Kokiri Forest. Tido has heard of Link's jorneys and wants to become as strong as Link is, so he came to the Battle Arena to train and fight.


Name: Jace
Age: ???
Race: Subrosian
gender: male
Hair: He's a subrosian, he don't got no hair. (sorry, too much time away from School...)
Eyes: Pure White
Weight: 85 lbs.
Height: err... Short.

Weapon: Supreme magic
Armor: Just a red cloak that covers his body

Personality: Secretive and Frantic
Apperance: He just looks like a cloak with white eyes. but under the cloak he's like a black snowman with legs, hands, and pure-white eyes
Bio: Jace is an average Subrosian, but when the Temple of Seasons rose from Subrosia he went up with it too. When he finally got used to the light, he had to fight Lionels, Darknuts, and Ball-And-Chain Troopers to escape. Eventually, after defeating hundreds of creatures on the way, he got to the Skull Pirate's ship. He departed with them and sailed the oceans until he became a top-notch magician.
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Re: Character List

Here are my two. And i've included the stats thing that Kishin has posted about.

Name: Pheddra
Age: 23
Race: Zora
Sex: Male
Hair: None
Eyes: Blue
Wieght: 14 stn 3 lbs
Height: 6'1"

Battle Stats
OverAll Rank: IV
Strength: III
Speed: II
Magic: I
Skill: III

Steel Sword/Harpoon. Durable, thin, moves fast through water like a harpoon, but also has a hilt so it can be used as a sword.
Grappling Hook. As seen in The Wind Waker.
Zora Techniques. Notably the shapr fins (which are not detachable on this guy, how painful would that be?) and the electric shield.

Steel Shield. Just a Hylian Shield, but is engraved with the symbol of the triforce, the Zora symbol and the Water Temple Symbol.
Fins. Obviously, the fins on his arms are very strong and can deflect various blows. Very heavy or strong attacks though, aren't deflected as well.

Personality: Pheddra is proud of his title of a warrior, but feels saddened by the fact that he gained it only through his father's death. Through pangs of guilt, he maintains his braverey and courage. Guilt come sometimes be an ally in battle, as his anger gives him strength and etermination. Pheddra is confident in his abilites as a fighter, and has every intent to do as well as he can, in anything that stands before him.

Apperance: Like most Zora, Pheddra stands tall at 6 foot and weighs in quite well. He is fairly muscular, but not noticabley more so than any normal Zora. His distant appearence is much the same too, featuring all the normal appearences of a Zora. But up close, it's noticable that his scales are not all the same colour. Across his limbs, chest and back, where the bones are most prominant, the scales take on a deep red or green tone. Across his chest is a sheath, that holds his Sword, and across the back, also houses his Shield. His grappling hook is usually cloiled around his shoulder. He wears a black leather belt, which inturn holds up a pair of tattered and torn, brown trousers. They aren't much, but they have allowed him to fit in more with non Zora, who have problems with people walking around naked.

Bio: Pheddra grew up in the seas of Labrynna, in the Zora settlement. His father was a trained hunter, who along with a larger party would centure into the vast sea to search for food and materials with which to continue city construction. In time he trained with his father, and helped defend the city against many attacking aquatic monsters. With the demise of his father to a Giant Eel on his 18th, Pheddra ventured out alone to avenge his father, and returned a hero among his people, carrying the decapitated head of the monster behind him.

At his coming of age, at 21, Pheddra bid farewell to his people and began his journey to explore the seas. Taking housing ona small boat rather than swimming, he found his way across the seas and to Hyrule. His title didn't come with him of course, and his deeds were unknown to even the Hylian Zora, so he fights to regain his title.


Name: Kuakurai (Koo-Ah-Ko-Rai)
Age: 90 (which is relativly young)
Gender: Male
Species: Subrosian
Description: Like a Subrosian is generally seen (though not often by most) he wears a full length, body covering red robe, hooded to hide all but his flourescent red eyes. Beneath the gown, is the body of a Subrosian that has never been revelaed (and now come my creative liscense). His body is thin and reptilian with dark brown scaled skin. His eyes are large, also reptilian but glow with a brilliant white flouresence. His hands and feet have only 3 apendages, each are clawed, with a larger talon at the back of the wrist and ankle.
Personality: For a person who's species is practically unknown to the world he is very defenceive. He always takes to defending himself first, but when the time is right, lashes out with speed and agility. He's a dedicated fighter.
Skills: Very resiliant to heat, sharp claws, keen sense of smell
Weapons: Aside from his sharp claws, a pair of short swords (about a foot in length, no more than that)
Armor: Doesn't need any. His skin is very tough and resiliant, having lived in a lava filled cavern for much of his life.

Battle Stats
OverAll Rank: II
Strength: II
Speed: III
Magic: II
Skill: IV

History: Long ago, the Subrosian people lived above ground, in a vast city behind Death Mountain. They were a race looked upon with some fear because of the way they looked, and so faced many dangers when they left to sel goods, that they were forced to wear large gowns that hid their faces. When a violent volcanic eruption shook the mountain, the earth cracked and the Subrosian race sank into the depths of the world. They were considered all but destroyed, with only a few relics and artifacts remaining as any evidence they existed. The Subrosians were infact, perfectly safe, albiet a few cuts and brusies, but their city was now deep underground, in a volcanic cavern.

In time, the Subrosian race was all but forgotten about, apart from a few obscure references in Goron Literature. The race thrived below ground, maintaining their way of life, undeterred by outside influence. Further volcanic activity revealed small warp points that would push those who stepped into them, back up into the core of Death Mountain, where the outside world of Hyrule was accesible. Many Subrosians left to explore during a time, whereupon they never returned. Kuakurai was one of them. He traveled the land of Hyrule, etching out a meger life as a merchant dealing in goods to rouges and travelers. He hopes to win battles, to make the name Subrosian as well known as it once was.
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Re: Character List

Name- Tom Rodriguez

Age- 15

Race- Human/Werewolf

Height- 6'0"

Weight- 160

Eyes- Brown

Hair- Black

Garbs- Long, black jacket that covers weapons, blue pants and light blue shirt underneath jacket

Weapon of choice- Sword

Other Weapons- 2 pistols, an M16, and lots of different explosives

Bio- Tom wishes he could change his past. His brother was killed right in front of him. He couldn't take the grief of his family so he left them. Tom's brother made Tom's sword for him just before he died. Tom became interested in making things to get back at the man who killed his brother. He made 2 pistols, his M16, and a bullet that allows him to change into his werewolf form whenever he uses it. Tom was going to kill the man but the only thing that stopped him was the tears of the man's wife and child. Tom promised he would never make a girl cry again so he always helps them. Tom made explosives later in his life to deal with tough fights. His kind heart makes it easy for him to fall for girls. Tom fights to take his mind off of thinking about himself.
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Re: Character List

Player: IrishSamurai
Character: Patrick O'Dwyer, The Irish Samurai
OverAll Rank: IV
Strength: III
Speed: V
Magic: III
Skill: IV

Name: Patrick O’Dwyer, and The Irish Samurai
Age: 36
Race: Human (Irish)
Sex: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 68 kilos or 150 lbs
Height: 5’11”

Weapon: A Magical Katana aiding in strength and speed and ability to use special magical attacks
Armor: The Spirit of the Land of his Fathers and agility

Personality: Calm, Strong Willed, independent, angry
Appearance: Wears a White Kimono, covered by a Green Hakama and sword at side.

NOTE: History has no real meaning here
If you are English, no hard feelings. I have nothing against you guys!

During the time when England controlled Southern Ireland, the British Army would show no mercy to the villages of the Irish peasants. They would march and burn every town in sight. In 1814 A British Commander brought his troops to the small but prosperous village of Tipperary.
Earlier that day
Kevin O’Dwyer, a blacksmith by profession brought his son to work as he done since he was 8. But today was a special day, his 12th birthday. It was the day that he could give young Patrick his present: a sword. This blade had been in the family for over 200 years. It was not Irish made, as during those times swords were not to be found, but it came from a far away kingdom, known as Japan. Going from merchant, to merchant, to merchant the sword traveled great distances. It eventually came into the ownership of Lord William James Hunterberry, a British General and Noble. When he controlled Tipperary, a man by the name of Philip O’Dwyer led a great revolt. Acquiring the sword during the revolt, O’Dwyer kept the sword and passed it to his son on his 12th birthday. It had been that way for years, and not Patrick is to get it. It seemed to Kevin that he could always do more with the sword than with his hammer and even the other swords he made. He also felt more at ease. When young Patrick walked through the door it would be the last time the sword was his. Upon receiving the sword, Patrick thanked his father and asked to run off to play with the sword. He ran up the hill outside the village and when he reached the summit he looked down and saw the little people go about their daily business. He played and fought with the imaginary opponents. He could do things he normally could not. He was strong, faster and more powerful. The odd feeling continued even when he dropped the sword to lay down on the ground to go to sleep. As he slept, the spirit of Irish Fathers past spoke to him.
“Patrick, you are the one who can save your people. The English will destroy us all! You must resist.”
“My father told me about the fools in the North who go on and kill any protestant they see! Then the Brits come and not only kill him but many innocent Irish too! I want no part of it!” screamed Patrick.
“If you don’t, the world we know of will be destroyed. Many English are good hearted, but there is one…one who will kill us all. He is not like most English in that he believes in the Dark Arts. Worst off, he has control of English troops. You are our only hope,” Spoke the voices.
“But why me?”
“You have the spirit of Ireland flowing through you. You must do this…”
With that Patrick woke but with different clothing on. Cloths he had never seen, ever. It was some sort of dress and weird wooden shoes. He stood up and saw a mass of red and white on the hill on the far side of town. In town the people were running frantically when shots from cannons came from the top of the other hill. Patrick watched as the Red Coats marched into the town, looting and burning. He watched until the stars came up and the British left to the East. He grabbed his sword without looking and ran down the hill as fast as he could to the ashes of his home. No one escaped alive. He saw dead men and women as he ran towards his father’s shop. When he arrived, he saw his father almost dead clenching a sword.
“Pat…rick. You…must…fight…them…he…is…evi…” with that Kevin O’Dwyer gave his last breath.
Patrick looked at his new katana and noticed that it was glowing green, which it had not before. When he drew the sword he noticed that it said “The Irish Samurai” on it. He remembered the spirits’ voices. And ran to the east.
The Irish Samurai trained for several years and then went to face the Demon General. His legend continues until today…

My second character

Player: IrishSamurai
Character: Jean De Paris, The Parisian Valkyrie
OverAll Rank: IV
Strength: V
Speed: V
Magic: III
Skill: III

Name: Jean De Paris or The Parisian Valkyrie
Age: 24
Race: Human (French)
Sex: Female
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Wieght: Never ask a woman’s weight, 110 lbs
Hieght: 5’5”

Weapon: A great sword with magical powers and strong attack
Magic: Different Attacks including Levee En Masse, and French Soothe (Makes the opponent sleep)
Armor: The Valkyrie Armor of Callas. It is blue with white specifications on it. It is not only light but it increases the stamina of the wearer of it. It covers the torso and some of the upper arm. She wears a helmet (think bugs bunny in Kill the Wabbit!) Armored Gloves and Long Boots Cover and protect the other parts of her body

Personality: Spirited, Patriotic, Beautiful yet strong
Apperance: Beautiful in every way. She is like an angel. Her skin radiates beauty. Her eyes shine with love. With her armor on she looks like a thin blue Valkyrie (the Viking people, female warrior…Bugs Bunny’s costume in Kill the Wabbit, Kill the Wabbit). With out it she wears a white skirt (long) and a blue shirt. Overall in battle she looks like Sailor Moon except the hair thing balls are not there and the shirt and gloves and boots are armor…the skirt is not. Her sword is behind her.
Being born into a family of French Farmers, Jean had no intention of ever becoming a warrior. Even when war broke out with the English, her family still stayed out of the fighting. They had no need to fight as the knights have protected them for years. But one day the English Army, led by a man known as the Demon General to the villagers, came to the city of Paris. Burning it to the ground many of the women and children fled from the coming army. Jean, her mother, and her sisters fled to a neighboring of Saint Germain en Laye village’s church. Jean, an independent little girl watched the city from the top of the bell tower. With that she ran back to her home only to see her husband’s dead charred body. She held his hand and realized he held a piece of paper. On it he had written, “The Saint Germain en Laye church…X marks the spot.” She ran back to her mother and sisters where she searched for the X on the chapel floor. When she found the only X in the entire city, she realized that it was apart a map to caves in the south. She had been past the caves there so that night; she kissed her sister’s heads and wrote a note to her mother telling her plans.
She ran to the Callas Caves and she went deep inside them. She soon came upon a great door, which had strange writing on them. She touched the door. It did not move but when she pulled her hand away the writing began to illuminate and the door began to open. As the massive stone moved a great white light shined through. Jean walked into the room and the door closed behind her. The room was all white except an alter with a great sword on top of it. She walked towards the sword and she heard a voice.
“Jean de Paris, you have been chosen to be the savior of your people. Take this sword and you will become a great warrior. You shall fight to protect your land and people from the Demon General. Now go!”
Jean picked up the sword and instantly a blue light shown through out her body. She felt her rags being stripped away and new rich clothing coming on her: a small short sleeve shirt and a small skirt. She then felt her hair moving about into a braid. She soon felt the feeling of metal touch her. When the transformation was completed, she looked at he new cloths and her new self.
“You are now the Parisian Valkyrie” said the voice. “When you want to change into normal cloths just feel the armor going away. You will then look normal. The sword will disappear too. When you need it feel it coming back.”
Jean did what the voice told her to do. She soon felt that she was no longer in a skirt that would not be accepted by the villagers except as heresy. She was now in a long skirt and a nice shirt. She ran out of the cave and went to the east to join the French Army. Although the men were reluctant to let her join, she was quickly accepted when she showed her transformation she was promoted to be the leader of the French Army. She accepted and the army moved towards the Demon General. The armies came together and the great battle began. Jean approached the Demon General. The fight began and when it seemed as though she would win the Demon General disappeared.

We are Faroreans. We are Courage!
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Re: Character List


weapon:Magic sword
Armor:Magic shield and red mail

Battle Stats
Overall Rank:III

Personality:Usually stays calm even under severe pressure
Appearence:a kid about average hieght and long hair
Bio:Lived with his parents in Hyrule Castle Town until some Gerudos killed them and stole all their valuables. Angry and overcome with grief, Blademaster headed to the Gerudo's Fortress to avenge his Parents. On his way to the fortress, Blademaster went into a cave with an old man inside. He gave Blademaster the magic sword and shield and the red mail and told him that he was the direct descendent of the Hero of Time.
__________________________________________________ __

Hieght:6ft tall

Battle Stats
Overall Rank:IV

Weapon:None, he attacks with powerful magic
Armor:A long white robe

Appearence:A tall old man with long white hair and a white robe
Bio:Not much is known about Kanobi except that he travels around the world, looking for worthy opponents.
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Re: Character List

Name: Narcissa
Hieght:5' 7"
Wieght:125 lb
Eyes: dark green
Skin Color: almost white
Clothing: tight black shirt with sleeves that go a little past her elbows, a long black skirt that comes down to her ankles, a red sash around her waist, and high heeled sandles (I'll try to make a pic soon)
Appearance: her hair comes about halfway down her back and she always keeps it down, she has a very beautiful face, and most of her body length is in her legs
Personality: Ussually very kind-hearted but she has a very hidden evil side that you don't want to see unless you're an insane retart
Weapons: sword, throwing knives, gun, and a dagger
Bio: She was born happy into a wealthy fammily. She had almost everything she wanted. But like most powerful people, her family had enemies. One day one of her family's enemies threw a bomb into the mansion she lived in. The house caught on fire and everyone died except her. She took all the weapons she could find in the ruins of the house and started a life on the streets. She learned how to fight by protecting herself from all the street thugs. Eventuly she became psycic. Now she can control objects by looking at them. She hates it when men treat her like a baby just because she is a woman. She has a bright white war stallion named Bright Star who follows her everywhere. How she got the horse is unknown to everyone.
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Re: Character List

Always good to have these things saved up:

Name: Kunaku Juuno
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Race: Half Hylain/Half Samurai
Height: 6'-2"
Build: Nice Build, 185 lb.
Hair: Spiked Blond
Eyes: Light Blue, Maroon in heat of battle
Other Body Features: One earring on upper part of left ear, two on right. Goatee.
-Black Hooded Cloak
-Dark Blue Outfit
-Light protective chain mail under outfit
-Platinum Gauntlets
-Quick Boots
Weapons: Two Kodachi sheathed behind back
Personality: Even though he has gone through tough times, he is a little more outspoken and outgoing than he seems to be. Out of battle, he is a kind young man to most.
Battle: Kunaku always likes to find the weakness in an opponent before he'll actually attack. At most, he'll only need one Kodachi to fight. He rarily ever needs two unless he's being attacked by large numbers or he runs into a fight that becomes a challenge. He is a very swift young man, and he uses his speed to his advantage against his opponents.
Fighting Style: Defend is first priority. Attack when necessary.
Abandoned as a young boy, he was left to look out for himself for some time. A few years later, he was taken in by an old swordsman, who at the time was still very skilled in his work and teachings. A few more years passed and Kunaku was trained in the art of sword.
Even at a young age, Kunaku seemed very skilled with a sword. This seemed to intrigue the swordsman for sometime and sought to find out more about the young lad's past. Years went by, and finally the swordsman had found the truth about Kunaku. His praise would only last but a minute, for then he was slain, unbeknownst to Kunaku, who had left on an errand. He later returned to find his teacher dead on the floor, and his notes strewn all over him. This is when Kunaku had found the identity of his family:

The great samurai, Hatashki Juuno was a wanderer in his earlier days, coming across great and mystical lands in his time. He was very skilled in the art of the sword, especilly the Kodachi. He would travel the lands and teach ones wanting his guidance and expertiece, and this is how he came across his wife. From records, her name is still unknown, but what is known is she was from a place known as Hyrule...

That was all Kunaku could read from the blood-stained notes, but to him it was something, and he then set off to seek some more answers. He found out the identity of the killers from a few nosy villagers, picked up his things from his living quarters, and from then on sought revenge against the swordsman's killers.
Appearance:To save space, I'll just post the URL, heh:
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Re: Character List

Name: Lasur
Age: 23
Race: 100% Hylian
Gender: Male
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Light Green
Weight: 153 lbs
Height: 6'4"

Weapons: Kasata's Greatsword: Very big of a one-hand-sword.
Lasur was given some un-natural powers by 'Kasata' so only he has the strenght to wield it,
if anyone else tries to they'll be blasted away. This sword also has the power to give Lasur back his strength if he's tired in battle, but he only has that strength when he touches the sword.
Two ordinary daggers: Nothing special about these.

Armour: Protection of Farore: A Mithril chain mail(Hope that's the word for it) it is very light so it doesn't affect his speed.
He is wearing it under his ordinary clothes(Not very much unlike Frodo in LOTR).
It is almost impossible to cut through.

Personality: Cold, quiet yet still merciful warrior.

Appearance: Lasur wears some very old looking brown clothes and he has a green cloak. He is tall and has long blond hair, he looks very much like an elf.

Bio: At the age of 13 he ran away from his home, he went out into the forest and there he met Kasata.
Kasata was a warrior but he was getting on in years so he was looking for a young lad he could train to be as good as him.
Kasata told Lasur that he was sure Lasur was the young lad he was looking for.
So after a couple of years Lasur had become a decent young warrior.
Kasata gave Lasur 'Kasata's Greatsword' and 'Protection of Farore' right before he died.
Now Lasur is travelling through different countries seeking out worthy challengers.

Magic Powers: Lasur's magic is not the best in the world he specialises in speed and swordfighting, though he's still got some usefull magic up his sleeve.
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Re: Character List

Just to let you know I've edited Mirren's bio to fit how he is now that I've gotten deeper into my Zelda fic and he's gotten stronger.

Mirren is officially retired
Link's little brother
Age:12 (now that I wrote about his birthday in my Zelda fic!!)
Eye color: Hazel
Hair: dirty blonde, similar to Link's style
Height: 5 foot
Weight: Less than 100 pounds Probably like me, 84 pounds.
Size: Small, short. Also thin.
Attire: For his normal clothes, he wears a green turtleneck, brown adventuring pants, and brown boots, but sometimes a red turtleneck with gold fabric on the collar and ends of the sleeves given to him by Zelda. He also has special armor given to him by the Sages which is light as a feather, but as tough as iron ore. It consists of a red cape, indigo steel body armor, golden shoulder pads, steel elbow and knee pads, and chainmail gauntlets and pants.

Weapons: Longbow, but gives it up when he puts his armor on. Broadsword, for most of the first story, he uses this, but towards the end he recieves the Goddesses' Sword from the Goddesses. It has a platinum-like blade, and a bronze hilt. But if Mirren gets enraged enough, his sword will get a power boost. The hilt will become gold, and the blade will shine like a diamond, then be surrounded with lightning.

Magic:He has three magical crystals called the Ice, Fire, and Thunder Diamonds. The Fire Diamond shoots a blast of fire hot enough to melt rocks, the Ice Diamond shoots a beam of ice cold enough to freeze fire, and the Thunder Diamond shhots a thunderbolt powerful enough to destroy huge boulders and if charged up enough entire mountains. He can also play a special melody on his redwood ocarina to call upon his great golden dragon Goldenfire. Along with that, he can shoot energy beams from his blade. And finally he has the Triforce of Justice, the upside down piece in the Triforce. It is a combination of the other three regular ones, and is stronger. It gives him incredible power like no other, although he can only use it when he becomes enraged.

Family/Best Friends: Link (older brother) Zelda (his crush) Both adult, age 21, but Zelda turns 22 in the epilogue. Goldenfire (a golden dragon that has been hsi companion for years, but is killed in the second fic. He comes back though in the third story) Three Goddesses; Din, Nayru, Farore. Malon (romantic advicer in a way)

Quick Bio: Mirren is a good hearted boy. He likes to live life to the fullest, and is a bundle of energy. He may be a very small kid, but his heart is bigger than Hyrule himself, and he'll always lunge into a fight no matter what the odds. While he is at the ahe will he'll soon be a teenager, he looks, feels and acts like he's 11. But even with his younger personality, his maturity and behavior is just as great as Link's. He loves all of his friends, and is a very close little brother to Link. He lives at Hyrule Castle with Impa, Zelda, Link, Mardera (a Gerudo female) Taursus (a great minotaur) and Nepsana (a teenaged Hylian girl he met in the Lost Woods). He is very fast, and also agile. This is mainly because of his lightness and small size. One thing that breaks him down, is the fact he is afraid to fight women, and is terrified of ever serverly hurting them. His crush on Zelda is often his embarrassment and cause of blushing around the Goddesses' and few friends who know, but Zelda has a special liking for Mirren, and treats him almost as great as Link, her true love.

Character: Mirren *normal form*
Overall Rank: IV
Strength: I
Speed: IV
Magic: IV
Skill: V

Player: Mirren
Character: Mirren *with the Triforce of Justice*
Overall Rank: V
Strength: II
Speed: V
Magic: V
Skill: V

Stats *In his ultimate power from the Triforce of Justice*
No real answer. His powers are imaginable, the strength of a god at times. There is no real limit to them.

~My second battler Vaarshola. A new charcater in my newest Zelda fic

Age: Unknown *somewhere between 25 and 35 maybe*
Gender: Male
Race: Herlassian *people from the land of Herlassia south from the New Hyrule. The people there are just like normal Hylians*

Eyes: Deep blue, almost cerulean.
Hair: Long white hair that's down to his shoulder blades. It has a bit of a darkish sky blue tone to it, almost like a robin egg's color. but a bit darker. When it gets wet then it becomes much darker, like a real regular blue color.

Weight: Not known, but probably from 210-230 pounds
Height: 6 foot 3

Weapons/skills: A very large curved sword, almost like a Japanese one, though different too. It it very long even while curved, and as wide as almost one dock leaf. It is named Sylence for the way it has silenced every one of Vaarshola's foes. The blade is very frightening, and has the aura of death and horror about it. Vaarshola is also a good physical/fist fighting battler. He can do tramendous kicks that can shatter bones with one hit and massive knife-edge chops with his hands. His chops can be so deadly that if put enough power into them, they can break through armor, leather, regular tunics and garments, and then through the human flesh. Some are also so powerful that they can create slash marks in boulders and even destroy large tree branches.

Magic: He knows telekinesis, or at least mental powers which he use to send a powerful mental energy blast at his opponents. It can be incredibly forceful, enough to send his adversary flying back several meters and hitting them with the impact of rolling boulder. Also, he can produce crimson lightning bolts from his hands. When he gains enough energy and power, the crimson star on his forehead will start to glow, and now allows him to emit the powerful energy bolts from his. They can be fired at a rapid pace if he wants, and have great power to them. They fly at opponents in a jagged form, somewhat confusing the enemy on how to evade them. The bolts can continually strike the ground and destroy it until it hits the targeted adversary, making them even harder to avoid. A very terrifying thing of them is that they actually have two blasts upon contact. The first is a minor one which greatly weakens the hit spot, and the second blast is the one that adds the most damage and annihilates the target. The explosions though ahppen very quickly, so fast that you can't even notice they're double-hits.

Clothing: He has only one piece of armor, which is a black steel breast plate, though it is extremly strong and protects his sternum very well. On the borders is somewhat groovy silver, indented in many places, almost like very wide roots on an old exotic tree. The rest of his clothing consists of a long, snowy white robe with numerous dark blue designs and symbols on it, ranging from mystical suns to runes to angelic-spirit like figures. He has two crimson sashes on his shoulders, and a long firebrick-red cloth piece in the middle of his robe. It is in the shape of an obelisk pointing down.

Personality: Vaarshola is a wicked man and is very intelligent. He has no remorse for the numerous people he's killed, and shows no mercy in battle. He'll kill everyone, including even women and children. He has that very gentlemen-like wickedness, where he oftens acts like somewhat *fancy*, but sinister. In battles he is often smirking or grinning devilishly, showing his intense iniquity and how he knows he is so superior to his adversaries. His loyality to Princess Sephia is incredible. Always he is thinking of her, and whenever she wants it, he is by her side keeping her company, listening to her speak, and advising her in her ways as a leader of Herlassia. He has known her since she was a child, and had grown a friendship with her at that point. He is willing to complete any task she gives him, and always works at his hardets to please her and try to make her happier. Though when he has free time, he does as he wants- that mostly being spending time in the Herlassian Castle or traveling around the land searching for new victims to add to his death list.

History: WARNING- Spoilers for my Zelda fic

Not much is known about Vaarshola, but he is a very great warrior with incredible power. He is a great swordsman, and also knows strong telekinesis. He has created a terrible death-spree throughout Hyrule, Herlassia and other lands, and is a very loyal servant and warrior for Sephia, Ganondorf's fiance and the princess/queen of Herlassia. Often he advises her in her ordeals and problems, or just in a plan she is scheming up, not to mention he spends a lot of time with and is always by her side. Vaarshola grew up befriending Sephia at a young age, and stayed by her side as both a friend and loyal defender. At times is she was stuck in a plan or depressed or ire, he would aid her or try to calm her down, and every time it seemed to work. The mystical killer was also a loyal servant to even the late King of Herlassia *Sephia's father*, and also becomes one to Ganondorf. He has the mark of a crimson star on his forehead, though he can disguise it whenever he pleases. During battle if he reaches a high enough power level, he reaches a breath-taking amount of power, and can summon the might of crimson lightning bolts upon his opponents. In my Zelda fic "Descendants of Destiny" he first goes to the Cobra's Tomb within the desert to try and find Link and the others, but instead meets the desert monk Ubaru inside. They have a brief duel, though it ends in a draw when Link and the others all head into the room and Vaarshola leaves. He does no more fighting then until the final battle where Link, Mirren, the Goddesses and all their friends and allies storm Sephia's castle to rescue Zelda, the Sages and Malon from the clutches of the queen of Herlassia and Ganondorf. He waits for them to come in a large room, and when Link and Mirren enter, Link decides to stay back and fight Vaarshola as Mirren goes on ahead of him. The two warriors have a vicious, brutal battle, and Vaarshola pushes the new Link to the brink of defeat using the power of the Crimson Star. But towards the end of the fight, Link unleashes the might from the Triforce of Courage, and ends up killing Vaarshola with ease actually. Later in the final battle when Ganondorf's shadow puppet is near to defeat, the spirits of Vaarshola, Sephia and Sephia's father return to hold Ganon back from escaping before he is thrown into a secret dimension that leads back to the Demon World, or the Hell of Hyrule. Once the battling finishes, he, Sephia and Sephia's father all speak with everyone for a few minutes, but then go to whichever after-life the Goddesses have chosen for them. It is not known if Vaarshola ends up going to the Demon World for all his sins and killings, or if he goes to the Heavens for completely being sorry with his iniquities. Only the Three Goddesses know...

Player: Mirren
Character: Vaarshola
Overall Rank: V
Strength: IV
Speed: V
Magic: IV
Skill: X

Note- I've edited the bios a bit, especially for Vaarshola's history, plus I put some underlining here and there. Now it looks pretty! ^^

Now I give you the new Mirren, and my current top character ^_^

Mirren Jadewood
Age- 14
Height- five foot one- five foot four, what you want
Weight- Extremly light. Abot 100 pounds if not less
Hair color- dirty blonde, and is slightly long. The front goes down to a bit over his eyebrows, to the sides it hangs far over most of his ears, and in the back a little over halfway down his neck.

Homeland- Hyrule dozens of decades after the first Link, Zelda and Mirren, it is almost like a new kingdom actually. It is also connected to the quite-similar kingdom called Herlassia. Mirren and his friends all live in the province that Hyrule Castle is in, in fact they all live in there. Zelda Sharla *the new Zelda* and the Castle Council are the main rulers for that region, while her father rules the entire land in Erron Castle up North in Hyrule, in the provinces of Minoko and Paradas

Eye color- hazel
Weapons- Mirren is quite proficient with the bow and arrow. While he normally uses his sword, at long range he'll still use this. He has great accuracy most of the time, and knows perfectly how he can kill a person in one hit, and how he can merely immobilize them in one hit. Likewise to the first Mirren, the new Mirren can fire almost four arrows at once by holding one in between each space in between his fingers. As said, he normally uses his sword though. Mirren's main sword is a curved sword with a coblat hilt and gold indentations of runes and symbols. The weapon has one side that is dull and flat, which Mirren will use in battle if he merely wants to immobilize his adversary or just stop him instead of killing him, the flat side only batters of bludgeons with hits, so he must only hit the enemy in a very weak spot and very hard in order to actually kill them with that side of the blade. This is known as the Reverse-Blade sword for a katana, which is techincally is, or a one-edged sword. This is the main type of weapon used in the Moso Talao Style, which Link Jadewood *the new Link* uses. Mirren is learning the ways of it and already knows a few techniques of it.

Battle Styles- Besides the Gilada Style *which will be explained later* he knows some of the Moso Talao Style as already stated. He is able to perform the beam attack from his blade using his spiritual energy, and can control the force and power of it just like Link. Other than that, the only other main thing he can fight with using the Moso Talao Style is the, which taught to him by Valor Lao as the Carinoso Tarivisa, is actually the same exact move as the Moso Talao Style version, though he always shouts "" instead of Carinoso Tarivisa for it.

Garments- Mirren has a simple supply of clothing, nothing fancy. Normal brown boots are his footwear, a dark green long sleeved tunic covers his chest and has a collar, and his pants are a dark blue, baggier type. On other days Mirren will wear different colored turtlenecks, including white, crimson, black and dark blue, like a navy, and he will also wear different colored pants that are like jeans, like dark blue or black. Sometimes he will wear a white or other colored sash about his neck like a bandana or such, and then different also maybe a colored bandana on his left elbow, like an elbow pad. Other colors for the sashes/bandanas are blue, red and black, like the colors of his turtlenecks. On other occasions Mirren will wear a cape or cloak, one that is usually of an indigo color and surrounds his entire body like a robe in a way, except thinner and much more loose.

Magic- Mirren usually relies on just his sword tactics, but even for a young swordsman he has great magical/sprititual energy. If he concentrates enough he can fire a powerful energy beam soaring out at his enemies from the upper region of his sword, which is also an very powerful technique. The most amazing thing about that is that he can change the power of it. He can either make it so that it has more a damaging, wrecking power to blow them to nothing, or more of a pushing power that simply batters an enemy and just sends him flying or knocks it unconscious. While in such a state of high power he can perform even more special energy attacks. Mirren also bears three legendary items the Mirren before him had; the Fire, Thunder and Ice Diamonds, but now the Ice and Fire ones have been renamed the Frost and Blaze Diamonds. The Frost Diamond can shoot a beam of ice and freeze anything it touches, even fire. The Blaze Diamond shoots out a blaze like no other that burns anything to ashes, even boulders, though it also can also shoot fireballs. And the Thunder Diamond can shoot a thunderbolt so power it can actually destroy a mountain if it’s at full power. If he powers up enough, he can also shoot energy bolts from the Thunder Diamond and energy fire spheres from the Blaze Diamond. Though, he rarely uses these, as they are very dangerous, and unlike the first Mirren hasn't mastered them just yet.

Other special powers he knows are ones the Mystic Elf Sages taught him in their sanctuary. The Mystic Elf Sage of Wisdom, or Wisdom Lao, taught him how to use his Mental Energy and be able to attack his foes with Mental Energy Attacks. He also taught him how to use the mental energy blast as a shield, to block both weapons and energy attacks.

Friends/loved ones/allies- Mirren had a good bunch of friends. The first is Alsay, a young woman who his a fine warrior and who Mirren considers a big sister almost. The next is Tarrsus, a big Minotaur warrior who has a gentle attitude and a kind heart. Naltia is another one, who is a young girl he knew since he was eleven and is a good friend to. Sona is a young man who is a fine martial-artist who Mirren and everyone has known over the years, and soon comes to live at Hyrule Castle with them. Ralon then is a large dragon warrior who he knows through the new Darunia, and like Tarrsus is a kind hearted being too. Also the four Mystical Elf Sages he meets are good allies and friends to him too, those being Might, Wisdom, Valor and Elder Lao. Kaepora Gaebora, the same from ages ago, is another dear friend to him, just as the original Mirren, and his huge monster companion Gorida is like a true friend to him. Then theres the new Link, Link Jadewood, Mirren's older cousin actually and most famous warrior of Hyrule from his many years of traveling through the land and defeating many monsters and saving the kingdom from other threats. This is the main reason for his title "The Hero of Hyrule". Finally there is the new Zelda, named Zelda Sharla, another beautiful young woman. Zelda like before is a great friend to the new Mirren, and truly like his big sister at times. And of course, the new incarnations of the Sages, Saria, Darunia, Ruto, Impa, Nabooru and Rauru.

His "allies" *which are still more like friends* then include Trinia, the female leader of the Sea-Hawk Pirates, who was once his enemy but then became his ally. Another two are Salva, a friend of the new Saria and an expert in explosives, and Sabarru, a young female Gerudo at Gerudo Fortress and a master of scimitar fighting. Others the Police Chief of the Hyrule Castle Region, Odokai, including Berabo and Woridan, former allies to Erasa Uujutsen who he and the gang defeated to save the province of Lansuu from, Berabo and Woridan then became top police officers alongside Odokai. Jeraasin Maklouden is a Jet Hylian Elf whom everyone meets up in Paradas at Erron Castle, a loyal spy and law abiding warrior for King Sharla, Zelda's Father, who is also like Jeraasin a good friend to Mirren. His friend Naltia, a young girl is age, is another long-time friend of his who he visits in Lansuu with everyone, and soon the vacation turns into an adventure called the "Lansuu Arc" of my fic series. Also, Nojin Tiroku, the present Master of the Moso Talao Style and Master to Link, is someone he befriends, training under him for a bit. Another pair are Perlo the old inventor and Kaliga the Head-Waiter at the Bourbon Domain, the group's favorite restaraunt.

Personality- Mirren is not like the normal fourteen year old kid. He looks as if he's only twelve years old at times, and deep inside feels that way in a sense. Always he has been this way, and forever will be. Though he is like every fourteen year old; immature and rowdy at times but at other times calm, mature and severe. For a young kid with a small build, he is actually a rather amazing physical fighter. When brough to the Mystic Elf Sages' sanctuary, the Mystic Elf of Might, or Might Lao, taught him several physical tactics, including blocking techniques, combos and single strikes. Even with his incredible thiness and weakness, he can fight rather well physically. Being so small and light, he can use his agility to fly around his enemy, and since he's so boney his hits feel like smashing rocks. His hyperactive attitude then and viciousness really allows him to thrash his opponent with claws, swipes, punches, kicks, slaps and backhands...and his teeth...

He really loves all of his friends, and would do anything to make sure they're safe and he can live with them for eternity in peace, as likewise with the innocent people and creatures of Hyrule.

Life summary- There isn't much to say here, because he is younger and not a lot has happened in his life. All his life he's lived at Hyrule Castle, and for many years has trained with Link to become a warrior, and now at the age of thirteen he's an amazing one. He always goes on adventures with his big brother and his other friends to either fight monsters or other warriors doing harm to Hyrule. While at the age of 13-14, he has been in many fights and adventures, some of those being the re-capture of Gerudo Fortress from an army of Iron Knuckles and Dinolfos, the fight against another army of monsters in Terlon Forest, the war against Erasa Uujusten and his army to capture Lansuu, and even the Crusade for Minoko against Cosho Lanigali and all of his Christian Allies to fight for a Free-Kingdom of God after the unknown schemes of many corrupt polictians.

Special Powers- Besides Mirren's intense warrior skills, spirt energy and magic, the boy knows certain techniques of the Gilada Style, taught to him by Wisdom Lao and Valor Lao. Gilada is the word for "Light" in the old Hyrulian tongue, and the Gilada style consists of attacks and skills using light. Mirren was taught three by the Mystic Elf Sages, the first being one that can actually heal wounds almost. By shining light from his blade on a cut or such, he can clean the wound and also sooth the skin almost, so in a way he diminishes the pain and heals it a bit. This tactic is called the Domoto Paerilia, which in the new Hyrulian tongue means "Healing Gleam". The next is the Verasila Nilodar, or the Blinding Beam. This technique focuses on shining a light with his blade upon his adversary's eyes, and if doing it correctly can temporarily blind the enemy. The final, and most powerful attack is the Rasila Gilada li a Jadae, or in the new Hyrulian language, the "Glimmering Light of the Blade". When doing this, Mirren holds his sword him front of him with the front facing his adversary. Once he gets a fine amount of light shining onto it, he turns it in a very quick motion so that light plus the new rays of light reflect off the side of the blade and fly at his target. The single beam of light will be some powerful it can either shot directly through his adversary, wounding his insides, especially his or her nerves, or burning him or her. *Mirren learns more as my fics go on, but for now this is all he knows*

Strength- I
Speed- IV
Magic- III
Skill- IV
Overall- IV
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Re: Character List

Name: Roshi Raion
Age: 27
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Hair: Messy black hair with white streaks and spikes that come out at all angles.
Eyes: Green with orange blaze around the pupil
Wieght: 75 kilos
Hieght: 6"1'

Weapon: two daggers that are held at either side of his waist by his belt, tranquilizer/poisonous/various other types of darts
Armor: clothes that reform after transformation (explained below)

Personality: Quiet around people he does not know very well, but around his friends and allies he is known to be quite loud, often regrets doing things in his past but accepting of the fact that what is done is done.

Apperance: Fairly well built man, wears a black traveling overcoat that covers his chest and goes down to between his knees and his feet and is going grey in areas from wear, at his waist under the coat he has a belt that houses his two daggers, thick dark brown gloves cover his hands almost up to his elbows, he wears worn green pants that are torn around the bottoms of the legs and his feet are bare but rough from traveling most of his life. (I'm hoping to have a picture soon)

Bio: Son of the great war tactician Taine Raion, great things were expected of him, feeling that he could not live up to his fathers heritage he ran away from home when he was 13, and began life as a wandering traveler that lived in the wild. He became a great hunter and learnt alot about the animals. He is always willing to fight, to make his skills better and hopes that one day when he is strong enough he will return home to his parents and make his dad proud, untill then he continues to wander.

Abillities: It was his special link with animals that led him to develop his greatest skill in battle, the skill to absorb the abillities of animals that are around the battle field (real creatures or made up) and even use the skills of his opponents. Upon absorbing a creature's abilities he transforms in appearance to resemble a humanoid version of that creature, (eg. he absorbs a tiger and grows orange fur with black stripes and so forth, he always stays fairly humanoid, standing on two feet) and he gets the creatures advantages and disadvantages (eg. he absorbs a bird and gains the ability to fly and gets better sight, but his body becomes weaker due to the birds weak skeleton... and stuff like that), to gain the powers of an enemy he must have a part of them (like a strand of hair) and he consumes an entire animal when gaining their powers. He also has the ability to call creatures to the battle field at will, but there are limitations to this, for example if he is in an arctic wasteland and calls a creature that lives in a warm climate and absorbs it, then he will be weakening himself. As a human he has trained to use his daggers in combat and has a wide array of attacks with them, he uses throwing darts/shurikens that are tipped with various poisons in battle also, once he becomes an animal he can no longer use his weapons (depending on what animal, a man with monkey characteristics could wield a dagger, but a shark-man, could not). He is immune to poison and other things like it.


Name: Tetsuo Nagata
Age: 19
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Wieght: 66kg
Hieght: 5"9'

Weapon: Twin katanas, and limitless supply of shurikens.

Personality: Has almost no personality whatsoever, some would describe him as "Blank", yet he still shows emotions like pain.

Apperance: Wears a standard black ninja gi, with a black belt wrapped twice around his waist, his swords are held across his back in black bamboo sheaths. He occasionally wears a black ninja mask to hide his face, he makes no noise when he moves.

Bio: From the age of 6 he has trained in ninjitsu under different sensei each year, he lives as a mercenary selling out his skills for money. There is very little to him, he does not have a tragic past, or a great heritage, he is just a ninja.

Abillities: He is well versed in ninjistu and skilled with his weapons, he has various special abilitys at his command, most of which you would usually associate with your run of the mill ninja, you will witness these when he battles (that means I'm to lazy to write them out , but it is 2:20 in the morning so I have an excuse...).

thanks Mercutio for the great sig!

Thanks to Dark_Magician for this one.
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Re: Character List

Name: Crain

Age: 15

Gender: male

Race: Hylian

Hair: yellow

Eyes: blue

Weight: 100

Height: 5'6"

Weapons: Sword of Power, Shield, Bow and Boomerang.


Personality: kind and helpful unless in battle.

Special abilities: fire slash, good with arms,fire arrow ,blinding strike (blinds you when you get struck by any weapon), lght arrow (turns demons back into there regular forms, it can only be used once in a battle),and fire shield.

Appearence: blue tunic (like links), thin, lite skin, and he dose not wear a hat.

Bio: Raised in the city, he got tired of the
cramped spaces. He left his parents and home to live freely in Hyrule Field. He wishes to become a great swordsman.
Member of Farore clan.
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Re: Character List

Here's my newest character.

Name:Agent Mike
Race:Agent(A program that can take over bodies jacked into the Matrix)
Hieght:6 feet tall

Weaponistol. Also skilled in hand to hand combat.
Abilities:Can dodge gunshots unless snuck up on and shot in the head. Is also incredibly strong.
Armoruttoned suit with a tie

Personality:Absolutley fearless and shows no mercy toward opponents
Appearance:A tall well built man with sunglasses and a suit.
Bio:A program in the Matrix that took over a body, he fought a lot of rebels that attempted to free the humans from the Matrix. Though not as strong as Agent Smith, he has killed a lot of rebels and continued to fight them as long as he could remember. One day, someone Jacked Agent Mike out, but he survived. He kept all his skills he had in the Matrix. One day, Agent Mike saw something that looked like a tear in the atmosphere. Being absolutely fearless, Agent Mike realized that it was a rift between worlds. When he got to the other side of the rift, Agent Mike appeared in Hyrule. Agent Mike realized that it was more primitive than the Matrix. Everything was strange to him because he had never even seen a world like that one. Knowing that he could never go back, Agent Mike decided to travel the world. After much travel, Mike learned he had gained the ability to travel between worlds when he went through the rift.

Overall Rank:V
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Re: Character List

Name: Sharess
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Race: Underdark Hylian
Rank: Goddess of the Underdark
Hair: purple
Eyes: depends on her mood. Normaly purple
Height: 5"1

Weapons: Wolf head staff,daggers a lance, Lanasakai (ally)
Armor: Shoulder sheilds.

Personality: Arrogant, Cocky and shy.
Bio: At the young age of 5, Sharess's mother was killed in a battle against the Overworld hylians. She was abandoned untill a goddess wolf named Jnuea raised her. When she was 10 she got her weapons and a baby dragon named Lanasakai along with bad news. The overworld hylians poached her mother for her black fur. She lives in revenge and wishes to kill the royal arm of defense along to kill the men who killed Jnuea. She ran into Link a couple times but always quickly runs away.
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Re: Character List

Name: Wielder
Age: 13
Race: Human/Hylian
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Wieght: 99 libs
Hieght: 5 feet
Wepon: Battle ax
Personality: Cheerful and very kind.
Apperance: I have Dark black hair but light green eyes. I'm 5 feet and weigh 99 libs. I have a few scars from battles I've been through.
Bio: A few years after my parents died in the war I began to train with the ax. I became so good I was able to inlist in the hylian army at the age of 13.
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Re: Character List

OOC: Okay, I've changed Alys's bio so that she can fit in with a fan-fic Kedisar is writing. I may have to change it some more, since I'm on a school comp and don't have Kedisar's timeline with me...

Name: Alys (ah-LEES)

Race: Elven moon angel

Age: Unknown

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 135 pounds

Hair color: Silver

Eye color: Emerald green

Weapons: Alys wields her silver, crystal-topped Lunar Crescent Staff. She is able to channel the powers of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, and Time through her Staff to attack her opponents and to defend herself. The Staff helps magnify the power of the elements; it is not necessary for her to channel. Alys can channel Fire, Wind, and Light easier than Water and Earth, and she is much stronger when channeling those three. Time is in the middle of the spectrum, but, out of all the elements, Time uses the most of Alys's strength. She will channel Time only in the direst of emergencies. Alys can also use her own body as a weapon in physical combat.

Armor: None

Personality: Alys is usually very calm and cool even in the midst of battle. She possesses the power to destroy, but she does have a soft spot for any living thing in need. She hardly ever has problems controlling her temper, and she is very modest in all that she does.

Appearance: Alys has silver hair that falls to the middle of her back. She has striking emerald-green eyes and smooth, pale skin. She has a lithe muscular body which can move with catlike grace. She possesses incredible reflexes and speed, but her light frame causes her to get knocked aside easily sometimes. Being an angel, she has wings composed of pure-white feathers, and her wingspan measures six feet in length.

Bio: Alys is the oldest of two children born to the king and queen of the Elven Realms of Valina. Her younger sister is named Sileya. Both of them are very skilled in combat and trained daily with their weapons of choice. Alys's favorite weapon is the staff, and she is very adept at wielding it. Alys often went into the forests to train alone, searching for opponents to test her skill with.

A day came when Alys tired of the frivilous duties of court, and she begged her parents to let her journey away from the Elven Realms. She had heard tales of battles being fought in a distant land from an Elf named Valthanis. He had been to that land and fought against the forces of evil that pervaded it. Alys longed to get away from the monotonous duties of being the future queen of the Elven Realms. However, her parents would not allow her to run off to join in someone else's war.

On a night when the moon was full, Alys slipped out of her bedroom window and met up with Valthanis who had promised to take her to that land far away. Later, after she had joined with the Arken, she received word that her parents had disowned her and had set her sister, Sileya, in the position of future queen.

As has already been stated, Alys joined with a group of fighters called the Arken who fought against the evil naiad, Taonius. In a massive battle with Taonius's forces, Alys met Rembu. They immediately connected with each other as if their friendship had already been ordained by the heavens. Eventually, after many adventures together, Alys and Rembu fell in love, and from then on, they always fought side by side with each other.

However, their happiness was not to last for long. In an assault by Taonius against a particular city the Arken and Rembu's forces were defending, Alys was killed by an arrow from Taonius himself. Rembu became enraged and completely destroyed Taonius's forces as well as his own and the Arken.

Immediately after her death, however, Alys was summoned before the God of Creation and Truth, Jehovah. He granted her the status of a moon angel, the power of the elements, the Lunar Crescent Staff, and a task as a Guardian of Time. She was to watch over the inhabitants of Earth and make sure that none of them disrupted the flow of Time. She herself was given the ability to alter Time's flow, but she was instructed to never use it for her personal gain. If she did, she would immediately be punished and stripped of her powers as a Guardian of Time. From that moment and on through eternity, Alys serves Jehovah faithfully and follows His every command.

Eventually, Alys and Rembu met each other again and were married. Their souls were literally bonded to each other so that they know at least the general direction that the other is in at all times. The soul bond also inhances their powers and allows them to fight almost as if they were one being.

Character rank
Character: Alys
Player: LadyElvenarcher
Overall: V
Strength: III
Speed: IV
Magic: X
Skill: V
[BA Characters]

Set by Insaney. <3
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Pip the Imp

Yay! I made a character! And here he is!

Name: Pip
Age: Ageless...
Race: Imp
Sex: M
Hair: None
Eyes: Gold
Weight: Less than 50 lbs.
Height: On his hind legs, he stands maybe 2 feet tall.
Weapon: none
Armor: none

Personality: A buddist in temperment, Pip looks at the big picture. His goal is to educate others and this has made him seem passive, weak. But cross him and you'll see just how much he loves teaching...

Apperance: Pip is small, as are most Imps, with a round head and long, pointed ears. His eyes are bright and gold; the eyes of a leemur. He has a wide mouth that all but disappears when it's closed - when it's opened, you see rows and rows of sharp, rounded teeth. He has five fingers on each hand, ten toes, all ending in normal nails... unless he is angered. He has a thick tail which he uses as a third arm, and which can lengthen at his will. His arms are long, like an ape's, and his common mode of transportation is a sort-of gorillaish amble on his knuckles.

Bio: Pip was here as soon as the universe was. It seems that when Chaos was reigned in by Order, a few bubbles of it remained intact - so came the race of Imps. Their purpose was to create as much dis-Order as possible, with the hopes of eventually upsetting the balance and bringing the Universe crashing down. Pip stayed on course with his fellow Imps for a time, but grew tired of the task - Order was so much more interesting, after all. Realigned, he set out after his brothers, and though it pained him, killed every last one. Or so he thinks...
Now he travels all the words, seeking to elighten others, preaching peace... but an Imp is always an Imp, and there are things in his nature he may regret, yet can not control...

Special Abilities: The one great advatage Pip has is the ability to stop Time. It expends most of his energy, therefore he uses it sparingly. When he has stopped Time, he can cause no specific harm to any being in the vacinity - it wouldn't be sporting, after all. He can interact with objects, however, and in his unreformed days, many a prominent leader would be found suddenly pantless in uncomfortably public situations. He can only hold Time still for a short while, and will usually use it only as a means of escape.
Pip uses magic - Old Magic, the kind that was tapped to create Order, and the same that was used by Chaos to disrupt it. His abilities are limitless in this arena - he need only speak a word with enough power behind it to cause a thing to happen. His 'Chaos' powers are stronger, but each time he uses them he feels himself slipping back into his old habits, so he refrains when he can and depends on his 'Order' powers which are much more beneign in nature.

[edit] I slightly changed things to make Pip smaller, because, well, he told me he is. Also he skin has stopped changing colour - apparently it is something that only happened until a few hundred years ago, and now he's grown out of it.
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