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Re: Character List

[I]Name: Faro Hounding

Nickname: “The Unseen”

Occupation: Mercenary

Apparent Age: 70

Actual Age: Faro has been alive for over 500 years.

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Shadic Clan)

Height: 6 Foot

Weight: 70 Kg

Eye Color: While there is white around Faro's iris seems normal, his pupil and iris are complete black. This makes his eyes look unusual.

Hair Color/Style: No Hair

General Appearance: Faro never wears flashy clothing. He wears a simply a black uniform similar to that of a tunic. It has long sleeves and reaches his knees. Faro wears black tight like clothing for trousers over his black plants. Faro also wears a matching pair of gloves and shoes that are plain black. The shoes are designed with air holes to maximize comfort when running/sneaking around. Faro's tunic sports a hood that covers most of his face leaving his eyes open to see in front of him. Faro's outfit is covered in reddish/brown symbols, unknown to anyone else. They are from his clan and it means the phrase "Shadow Dwellers". It is all held together by a sleek brown belt. Faro is also known to not consort with others, this is because he has various scars across his face and body. His face is considered ugly, if anyone was to see it. his nose is broken and his mouth is slightly crooked. Although his skin is smooth the scars he has received during battles against enemies, they have never healed but the pain from them has subsided over the years. Faro's head shape is considered normal and proportionate to the rest of his body. Faro keeps a presence of power, similar to that of a prince, but can disguise this to look like respectfulness for a elder/leader. He holds himself as the only person in the world worth the trouble for, but understands the philosophy behind a king or a leader, therefore does not show any arrogance to this. As his reputation has exceeded his capabilities, he does not flaunt his natural abilities and tries to make sure no one recognize him.

Weapon(s): Faro carries only a small dagger, on his belt, he never has needed another weapon, but has a great sword hidden in a unknown location to anyone else but him. If he wants his sword Faro has to travel for many days to a location sacred to his clan. It is said that the sword is only meant to be used for challenging enemies. So far it has not been needed.

Armor: Faro wears no protective armour, apart from some padding under his feet.

Carried Possessions: Faro never goes anywhere without his book, this book contains one page and one word, in a lost language not known to anyone currently alive. The book is 15 by 10cm. The book has a very old cover with no design or no evidence of age on it. The page itself seems indestructible against any weapon of treatment, whether that be fire or acid. He keeps it inside his tunic in a concealed department. Inside his belt pocket there is also a glue like substance concealed in a bottle, for emergency use.

Powers/Magic/Skills: Faro is a master of words, he is able to persuade weak minded to join his side by simply talking to them. Although he rarely talks to people. This is no magic power, so when talking to a smart person they simply may be confused for a moment, before recognizing Faro's intention.

Stealth: Faro turns invisible. He will stay invisible as long as he is touching a shadow. This does not work on his own shadow as it is considered to be apart of him, by his people. As soon as he lets go he can be seen again. This can be used at any time and can last for as long as he is touching a shadow. While invisible Faro's shadow cannot be seen.

Limits: To use stealth, Faro has to utter the word in his secret book, but because he can't understand it, yet gains possession of the book, he is able to stay invisible as long as he is touching a shadow. If a light is shining on the spot where Faro is, while invisible, the light will seemed blurred and shadow do not seem as focused as they should be. Like shining light through class as a example.

Battle Strengths: Faro prefers to fight in the shadows where he cannot be seen. He is a master of close combat. He is extremely fast and sensitive to all senses. He has a high intelligence that is useful for solving puzzles and tactical efficiency.

Battle Weaknesses: Faro is weak against an average man, he has not trained his muscles therefore would not prefer to fight hand to hand. Although born strong boned, Faro would not be able to win a battle where he cannot use weapons. Faro did not train his muscles as he believes that strength is not the way to win a battle. He is very protective over his book, willing to go through anything to defend it, also it allows him to turn invisible in the dark. Faro hates fighting in the light as it makes him a visible target for his enemies. If a light is shining on the spot where Faro is, while invisible, the light will seemed blurred and shadow do not seem as focused as they should be. Because of this Faro would be exposed slightly. Also he cannot move at his full speed, therefore needs to be careful of his movements to stay hidden and not exposed.

Other: Faro's shadow can communicate to him through his mind, it generally has a evil personality and tempt's Faro into doing stuff he wouldn't normally do. Faro's shadow cannot take a solid form and can only be seen or heard from by Faro himself.

Personality: Faro is a man of wisdom, he knows everything about anything. He has seen war in it's wildest form. But he hates it. He hates Everyone, regarding them as lesser life forces. Faro barely talks to people unless he has a reason to. Faro has no respect for anyone but hides this and tries to act polite. His only real friend is his shadow who he talks to on a regular basis. Faro tends to hang out at random places, to try not to make a pattern of any habits.

Likes: Finishing what he started.

Dislikes: People getting in his way.

Fears: Losing his book.

Virtues: Self-reliance, Determination, Wisdom, calm nature

Vices: Dislikes people, Will not accept help unless it’s the only way.

History: Faro was born to poor parents, who died in the raids of his village. He taught himself to look after number one, him. By the age of 12 he was regarded as a scholar and hired his services to various schools, were he got a negative reception.

In 5 years Faro had enough money to buy a proper home, but refused to spend it and went for a hike by a nearby mountain. This saved his life. The same day a neighbor country invaded and completely destroyed his new city. The fires could be seen miles away.

Whilst hiding out in the mountains, Faro accidentally found a unattended home in a cavern. Later he found out no one had occupied the house in 1000 years. Hidden under a floor board was a book with 2 pages; one in a language he understood, the other unknown. As he read the first page, the words started to disintegrate until the whole page ceased to exist. The second page containing a word he did not know, therefore did not disintegrate. A voice from behind his back told him he would not be able to understand the text until he conquered the most evil man alive. It was his shadow, upon seeing it, 100 thoughts entered his head and he finally understood.

He found the books of the Shadic Clan, a inbred community of desert people. The people who mastered the art of stealth and disguise. The book was said to work on only the descendants of the people themselves. They spoke a language that can only be learned by another of the clan. But they were apparently killed by a great curse set by the man of the dessert.

Faro then gave out his services as a mercenary to the highest of bidders. His newfound skills amazed even the toughest of generals. Because no one could see his face he was given the nickname "The Unseen". For many centuries he has terrified the inhabitants of the lands he travels to. He was so bad he was known mainly as a myth told by mothers to their children who behaved badly. "He will take you in the night" some say "he talks to our shadow, and learns our secrets" others may mention.

Until this day he searches for the great evil, his shadow talks about, so that he may finally uncover the great mystery of the Shadic Clan.
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Re: Character List

Name: Orion

Alias: Factory Model EC13, Unit 45

Occupation: Orion is an exploratory contact research observer and initiator.

Race: Orion is an artificially intelligent, fully sentient automaton. He is essentially a 'living" android.

Race History: Orion is, by all accounts, a robot - yet he is fully sentient and self-conscious, and is as 'alive' as any biologically functional entity. His factory model, the EC13 (Exploratory Contact), are designed for the purpose of interspecies relations - specifically, initial contact and communication, and further development of contact and relations. The EC13 models are designed to learn. They observe and study other beings in an effort to better understand them, thus aiding in first contact. This ranges from learning languages to understanding (and even imitating and innovating) behaviour.

From the moment of sentience, the EC13 models are given three years to study and learn. They are unique in that they are created with the inclusion of free will. Over this three year period, they adapt individual personalities. They choose their own appearance format, and their own gender. They choose their own names (most are taken from the names of star systems and constellations). They grow and learn just like any biological being. They are conscious, sentient, and alive in every way except physical biology.

Age/Birthdate: Orion became sentient 53 cycles ago (approximately 74 years, one cycle being the revolution of his home planet - with around 1.4 years to a cycle).

Gender: Orion is an automaton, and as such has no biological attributes - however, his personality is decidedly male.

Height: At his current configuration, Orion stands at 5 foot 10.

Weight: Orion weighs approximately 310 lbs.

Eye Color: Orion's ocular lenses are a light blue.

Hair Color/Style: As an automaton, Orion has no hair (or any other biological systems whatsoever).

General Appearance: Orion's specified target for initial contact is bipeds and humanoid beings. Thus, Orion's chosen body structure is basically humanoid, with two arms, two legs, a torso and a head.

Orion's structure is composed of two main layers, not unlike that of many biological organisms. The inner layer is composed of base function systems (for functions such as movement, etc) and circuitry, while the outer layer, the exoskeleton, acts as the skin barrier. The circuitry layer is similar to a nervous system in that it transports signals to and from Orion's mind, to the rest of his body. It also interlaces through the exoskeleton, allowing Orion to 'feel' with his body. (Similar to pain, heat, pressure sensors, etc - like the nerve endings of a biological skin.)

Orion's exoskeleton is composed of a dense alloy named cortesium. In small quantities, it is colourless and transparant, like glass, but in higher quantities such as in Orion's (and the rest of his model class) case, it becomes semi-opaque, and unless a colour composite is added to the alloy it remains a dull grey. Orion's alloy is coloured an opaque dull white with a bluish-grey tinge.

Orion's exoskeleton, like the others of his kind, is composed of various parts and pieces, and they are customized by the unit themselves. This means that each piece of the exoskeleton can be removed for repair or even replaced entirely by Orion without the need for disassembly. This process also gives each automaton the option of a unique appearance, if they so wish. Orion's configuration is relatively simple, as he considers it a reflection of his nature. Thus, the various pieces of his exoskeleton are smooth and plain, without adornment or decoration. They cover his entire body except for the major joints - the elbows, knees, shoulders and neck, etc. (These areas obviously cannot be covered without restricting movement.) These joints and motors, like the rest of his base structure, are made of a dark, gunmetal grey alloy. The joints themselves look almost like three thick, entwined tubes, which is essentially what they are. The tubings contain complex fiber-based motor functions, allowing the joints to twist, bend, and swivel as necessary. This ensures that movement is fluid and graceful and largely unrestricted.

Orion's face has a mouth, eyes, a nose, and ears. It is based upon an ordinary humanoid face - the major difference is that it is made of an opaque alloy, and is obviously devoid of hair or skin lines, etc. However, unlike the rest of his body, the alloy of his face has a different composition. It is slightly softer in parts, giving it flexibility; it also has complex microcircuitry underneath which allow him to blink, move his mouth just like any Human, raise his eyebrows, smile, etc - essentially, all the movements available to the Human face. Orion typically holds an expression with a blank smile, but his expressions change according to his emotions.

Weapon(s): On each of Orion's hands, there is a small oval section set into the palms. This is a multipurpose device which is capable of performing various functions (see below for more details), one of which acts as Orion's main weapon.

Deep inside Orion's chest, there is a small but powerful fusion micro-processor. These fusion chips can power the EC13's for an unknown amount of time. The pads on Orion's palms draw power from these chips, and release blasts of pure fusion energy. The power of these attacks vary, from a stunning blow, strong enough to knock a man off his feet without killing him, to a charge powerful enough to kill an ordinary being with relative ease. The more powerful the charge, the longer it takes to build the power. A typical charge intended to stun take around 1.5 seconds to charge. A killing blow for a Human would take around four seconds. The amount of power drawn is relevant to the time taken to charge.

Orion is also capable of defending himself using physical means, from hand to hand combat to using various forms of weaponry.

Armor: His alloy is his natural defence. It cannot deflect bullets, but it protects him from basic elements. A direct blow from a sharp instrument (i.e. a blade) would bring varied results, dependant on the force of the blow. A standard sword swing would perhaps crack his alloy but not penetrate it until several blows (again dependant on the strength behind of the blow), while a knife would have far less of a result. It is strong enough to take a fair amount of force, within reason - for instance, being struck by a fast moving car would easily crush or crack his alloy.

Carried Possessions: None.

Powers/Magic/Skills: Orion has no magic powers or arcane skills. He is a being born of science, not magic.

Battle Strengths: Orion is well equipped to handle himself in battle. As an automaton, his reaction speeds are extraordinary. He is much stronger than an ordinary Human, capable of lifting and moving extreme weights. His speed and dexterity are also excellent. He does not tire, he does not require sustenance. He is able to defend himself by hand, using his speed and his strength to defend himself, and his agility and dexterity to evade and dodge - all the while evaluating the opponent for weaknesses.

Orion's mind processes information at an incredible rate. As it is essentially a computer, it is also capable of performing several processes simultaneously in a short amount of time.

Orion is adaptable and resourceful. His intelligence gives him a tactical superiority, and he is smart in battle. His wits and ability to react rapidly to the situation make him a formiddable foe.

Battle Weaknesses: Though his tough structure is capable of taking great pressure and force, Orion is by no means indestructable. He has no defence from magic or magical weaponry, or means of detecting or defending himself from arcane powers. He is strong, but not unstoppable. He is tough, but not invincible. He is also particularly weak to electromagentic forces such as EMP, etc. While these will not necessarily kill him, they will almost always shut down the majority of his base functions and will likely put him into a decomissioned or standby state.

Other: Orion is mostly uneffected by basic elements. Fire, ice, or water do little to nothing, even should he become submerged in water or run through fire, etc. He can withstand temperatures much higher and lower than biological organisms, though longterm exposure will begin to effect him. Extreme highs and lows will do damage. Electric or static discharges can effect him at high rates, but he is not particularly vulnerable to them.

Personality: Orion's mind, like the others of his line, is a three part difference engine with a neocortex matrix core. It gives him massive learning capabilities, equal to some but surpassing that of most living creatures. It gives him extremely high reaction times. Unique to the EC13 line, this configuration also includes a processor which gives Orion emotions, although he can activate or deactivate these as he sees fit; for instance, if he believed his emotions conflict with logic, he could disable them.

Because of the three part difference engine, as opposed to the standard single partition engine for generic automatons, Orion's model type are much more intelligent than most AI, and are fully sentient, with a full desire for survival and a completely unique personality.

Orion is a careful, quiet being, though he enjoys music greatly. He's a very curious individual. He's always trying to figure people out, to understand them. He is kind, willing to help others for no benefit to himself. In some ways he's like a child; if he sees something that interests him, he'll quietly observe and then try doing it himself. He enjoys humour and talking to friendly people. He is not bound by any of the Robotic Laws, but he would be willing to sacrifice his own safety for the protection of others. He is no coward.

Likes: Music; knowldge; good humour; the colour blue; helping people; friendliness; stars; travelling.

Dislikes: Aggressiveness or violence; seeing people hurt or in need; being unable to help.

Fears: Death; pain; obsoletion and disassembly.

Virtues: Self-sacrificing; courteous and friendly.

History: Orion's main purpose is that of initiating contact with new species and races. He was built by a peaceful conglomerate of species spanning across many worlds. This conglomerate was formed millennia ago; it is composed of several different races, all united over time by a common goal of science and betterment. The conglomerate sought to expand knowledge and form relations with races and species all over the multiverses.

The conglomerate, with its advanced science and technology, is also highly populated by robotic AI; having used machines and robots for many, many centuries, such technology was commonplace. However, while travelling through space was second nature to these beings, finding new species to study and form relations in different galaxies was a difficult task - and so, the conglomerate created someone specifically for that task.

The EC model (EC meaning Exploratory Contact) was created for just that purpose. Starting out as a basic model for observation, later models were given the task of implementing and establishing contact. Orion's model, the EC13, is the latest model of AI for this purpose.

The EC13's typically travel alone or in pairs, though sometimes in bigger groups. They are each assigned to a ship for travel. Most are assigned for long distance travel and searching - these are usually sent in groups, so they have someone to interact with. Some are sent when a race has been discovered or found.

Orion's ship, The Mithonen Trident, was assigned to such long distance travel, and this is where his story begins...

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