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Re: Character List

Name: Kaizar

Nickname: Cyborg

Occupation: Mercenary

Age: 34

Apparent age: N/A

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hair colour: Brown

Eyes colour: Blue

Weight: 90 kg (187 pounds)

Height: 6 foot 1 inch (1 metre 85 centimetres)

Weapon: Twin blades passed down to him by his swords master. The blades of these swords are plain. The hilts have an intricate gold tread pattern that looks like many rivers that spreads from the centre, leaving a hole in the middle, only to be completed when the young man finds the right gemstones.

Dimensions of swords: Blade - 30 inches (76 centimetres)
Hilt - 4 inches (10 centimetres)

Armour: None.

Carried possessions: His twin swords, a pendant given to him by his mother the day they left the town, a shaving set and a spare set of clothes.

Magic: Kaizar has a basic use of an ancient and powerful magic. It was said to have died out thousands of years before his birth, but those who used it merely remained hidden in society. Those able to control this magic are said to have the secret to life itself.
While he is using it he sees everything as threads. Each thread is a certain type of magic. There is a thread for fire, one for water, another for air, a fourth for earth, and the final one, which is only present in living creatures, is spirit. Kaizar takes the threads from the surrounding area, and himself, and weaves them together to make his spells. Each spell has a certain, and different, way of weaving the threads together. If he weaves the threads even slightly wrong then he can either end up with the wrong spell, or an explosion that will severely hurt him at the least. The ability to weave these threads means he can perform almost any spell, as long as the threads are available, and he has seen it first.
He can also able to pick other spells apart, but this often results in a massive explosion and is not advisable. Sometimes when he is sat quietly away from people his magic will call to him, and if he answers he could destroy everything in the surrounding area without meaning to. He also needs to clear his mind to reach for it, leaving no room for any emotion, meaning he will attack friend and foe without thought. When using his magic Kaizar is not easily stopped, but he is not always able to control it, or even summon it for use at all!

Abilities: Magic weaving - This is Kaizars form of magic. Although it is powerful when used, he cannot control it well so tends to ignore it in battle, instead he tends to use it outside of battle for the menial tasks like clearing his camp site in the morning. No one other than Kaizar can see the magic he weaves until it is finished and it becomes a spell. This can take many forms, depending on the spell he wishes to perform.

Sword skills: Kaizar relies on his swords in a fight in order to survive. His skills in wielding his two blades can lead to many surprising styles.
Style 1 - focused attack - When using this style Kaizar focuses all his attacks and blows on one opponent, trying to deal the most damage as possible. With this style he swings both swords in unison with each other, striking any foe with both blades at once. His favourite move in this style is to swing them in front of himself, like a windmill. He will often block an attack with one sword and strike back with the other when using this style.
Style 2 - unfocused attack - Kaizar uses this style to fight more than one foe. His swords will often seem to be used by two separate people when fighting in this style. When fighting link this he can block two separate attacks at the same time, but then cannot fight back until one of the others breaks off their attack. This style has more thrusts than his first fighting style, but contains less slashes. Kaizars favourite move in this style is to act like a spinning top, extending both arms in opposite directions and spinning around with both swords in hand.
Both styles are fought in close quarters with his opponents and are mainly focused on defeating the enemy as quickly as possible.

Strengths: He is an expert swordsman, which he has been practising from the day he was left his family. Now he uses practise to keep fit and check his left arm works properly. He is blindingly fast with his swords and it is not easy to get past his defences. Kaizar also has the basic use of a powerful magic that means he can do almost anything when it is used. He can also pick other peoples spells apart, if he so chooses.

Weaknesses: Kaizar is not able to control his magic effectively, and it sometimes doesnít even answer his calls for use. He is easily overpowered by other people magic spells used on him due to his inability to use his own magic. If Kaizar ever gets disarmed in a fight he cannot fight well as he was only taught how to fight with his swords, and not his magic, before being outcast by his home town.

Appearance: Kaizar has a pair of icy blue eyes, and messy brown hair. His face is harsh looking and covered in many scars, the main one running from just under his left eye to the right side of his mouth. His nose is short and stubby, most if it missing due to a fight he had a few years ago. His mouth is almost always twisted into a frown. He is clean shaven and doesnít like to have a beard.
His torso is quite well toned with plenty of muscles. But it is also pitted and scared from the many operations he has had to replace his left arm, which is commonly in a sheath of synthetic skin, giving the appearance of a well muscled arm. He has a small power pack hidden beneath his skin just under his left shoulder, which needs recharging every few days. His right arm is well muscled due to his constant sword practice.
The hilts of his two swords stick out over his shoulders, and often get caught on low hanging branches. He wears a top made from cotton with a sleeve on his left arm that goes down to his wrist. This sleeve is very loose fitting and shows no detail underneath it. He also wears a pair of black leather trousers and a black leather long coat, also revealing no details of his physique beneath.
He likes to keep himself clean and washes whenever he can. Sometimes however he is not able to wash for a few weeks and can smell quite bad. But as soon as the opportunity arises he will go and have a wash.

Personality: When meeting new people Kaizar often puts on a cold and heartless personality, and rarely says anything unless spoken to. Even then he keeps his answers short. He also tends to hide his left arm from view, whether it is under the sleeve of his top, under the synthetic skin he buys, or just under his long coat. This is because of the bad experiences he has had whenever people have found out that he arm was metal.
Once you get past all the cold remarks and heartless outlook on life Kaizar can be a very kind and caring person, who would do anything for anyone. Not many people take the time to get to know him however, and he finds it easier to keep them away by pretending to be cold and heartless instead.
His outlook on life is that you only get one life so there is no point complaining about your misfortunes, you just have to get on with it instead. His favourite line to use when describing this is ďLifeís not fair. Now get on with it!Ē

Likes: spending time alone, practising his sword fighting skills, animals of all sizes, his special drink called Ďpowerí and defending others.

Dislikes: Being in a crowd, losing his swords, being alone with another person, seeing animals hurt and telling people about his robotic arm.

Fears: The four things that scare Kaizar most are being hated by the world because of his left arm, never finding anyone who would stand by him despite the way he is to them, death itself and losing control of his magic, and destroying everything he has left that he holds dear.

Virtues: He will do almost anything for anyone, and will always defend those he feels to be in the right. Kaizar will also give out his trust to any that he thinks he should.

Vices: Kaizar will often give trust to those he shouldnít and feels betrayed by them, he also doesnít make the right decisions on everything when he chooses who to defend. Because Kaizar has spent most of his life alone he often makes rah decisions and gets himself into a lot of trouble.

Biography: Kaizar was born in a small town deep in the countryside, almost cut off from the rest of the world. At the age of seven he started swords school, and at the age of ten he showed promise of magic practises as well. He spent the next four years training to use both swords and magic, but not doing well with his magic.
At the age of fourteen he infected by a demons curse. His left arm soon became useless and Kaizar fell very ill. The only way to save his life was to remove his arm and replace it with a metallic one. His parents agreed, even though cyber limbs were shunned in their society.
Kaizar had to have a special synthetic drink called Ďpowerí to recharge the power cell used to power his arm from that day on. Even though his arm was covered in a synthetic skin it was not long before other people in the town found out about it and chased him and his family out of the town. This went on for two more weeks in every town they stayed in. Finally Kaizar packed his things and left when the family were asleep.
He became a mercenary and worked for many people just to pay for the hospital bills he incurred from having his arm replaced. His life continued like this for the next seven years, when he had his last replacement.
Two years after that he was finally able to return to his hometown, only to find it being destroyed, and the people killed. He was soon captured by the demons that had laid the curse on him. These demons then forced him to watch everyone he had ever known and loved killed right in front of him, because he had escaped the curse of the demon all those years ago.
Eleven years has passed since that day, but he still harbours the thought that everyone is against cyber limbs, and no one will ever want to know him because of it. He has never taken the synthetic skin off his arm, and replaces it at every opportunity he gets. He never lets anyone get close to him and always keeps them at arms length.

Battles: My training

Sig made by Snurtlicious

My BA character: Kaizar
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Re: Character List

(Approved by meeee!)

Name: Damien
Occupation: No fixed occupation, tends to pick up odd jobs as he wanders from city to city but is rather unskilled.
Age/Birthdate: 19
Apparent Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Angel
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 140 lbs
Eye Color: A muddy, turbid brown color that's rather unremarkable, but look somewhat friendly if they give off any impression.
Hair Color/Style: Skunky blonde and wavy, cut in a rather messy, shaggy style in short layers, the bottom-most reaching to his jawline. Has a cowlick in the front that never seems to want to stay down, no matter how much he wills (and excessively gels) it to.

General Appearance: Damien is neither cherub nor like an adonis from a classical Michelangelo canvas, and cuts a rather gangling, tall, lanky figure that slouches because it's most comfortable for him and would more so belong to a lazy college freshman majoring in general studies with a nickname like "Pizza Face" than an angel. His face is neither handsome nor particularly unattractive--the best way you could really describe it would be to say it's "average", and still rather youthful. He gives off the appearance of having yet to grow into his features, and has a slightly bigger than normal nose, thin lips, and eyes set a little wider apart. He has a somewhat strong brow with decently trimmed eyebrows, and his face is longer than it is wide. His chin and jaw are a bit weak and not particularly overtly masculine or mature looking. His first set of wings were stubby, pathetic, irregular-shaped things too flimsy to support flight and too embarrassing to pull out in front of the other fledglings--they have grown since then into more functional things, but are still not the perfectly plumed kind that one would expect from an angel (at least they're white, he often says.) Sometimes they make his back itch when he retracts them. He has large, skinny feet and hands, and fair, more or less smooth skin that sunburns quicker than most. He has never been able to grow more facial hair than boyish peach fuzz.

While in Heaven, Damien sticks to wearing the standard toga, leather belt, golden sandals, and laurels behind each ear. On earth, he likes to sport old, comfortable, worn-in t-shirts (often band t-shirts, thrift store, or rummage sale items), similarly old and battered jeans, brown leather sandals or well-worn white sneakers, and a blue South Carolina Tar Heels college windbreaker he feels helps him blend in more. He carries a off-brand backpack with his few possessions, covered in buttons and stickers of various places he's been, with the straps loose so its weight sags comfortably on his shoulders.

Weapon(s): A slingshot, which he feels is rather pathetic and not worth pulling out, made of oak. The pellets are simply old, hard acorns. He's attempted to purchase a gun, but has always been too afraid to follow through and hasn't got an ID to prove his age.

Armor: None but his cloth kneepads and a helmet he occasionally wears when skateboard, but feels is too dorky to be seen in.

Carried Possessions: Inside his backpack (described in appearance), Damien has a scuffed old red Walkman, repaired countless times with duct-tape, with a skip button that tends to stick; an assortment of CDs collected from yard sales all over the United States; a thermos with a slight leak, some pens, a spiral-bound notebook he sometimes likes to jot down thoughts or notes in, covered in band stickers; and a few changes of clothes which, when lucky, he scrounges up enough change to wash at local laundromats. He also carries a threadbare, fabric fold-up wallet with a few useless membership cards, whatever cash he may have on him, and a library card that is the only proof of his identity. Buried underneath the clothes is an old gray Gameboy Advance he picked up at, yes, a yard sale, and he has a small collection of games in cheap plastic cases to go with it. He carries a blue, mesh-and-fabric South Carolina Tar Heels ballcap for the days when he simply can't tolerate his cowlick any longer. If he's got some extra cash, he tries to keep at least one package of batteries in his backpack, but has always been afraid of them getting damaged and leaking acid all over his things. His backpack often smells of half-finished food.

Powers/Magic/Skills: As an angel, Damien has decently serviceable wings that can fly for short distances and/or medium altitudes. He also possesses a few holy talents.

Blessing: Damien possesses the power to heal small wounds, minor illnesses, and injuries, by using a specific prayer. He needs to focus to perform this, and then clasp his hands together, speaking the words earnestly and with genuine and selfless care for the person, plant, or animal he wishes to heal. The prayer takes about a minute to recite, and he cannot perform it repeatedly without tiring himself in the process. If he visits a church or other holy location, he is able to return to Heaven with God's permission.

Sanctify: With a different prayer, Damien is able to bless a certain area or building (or if he wishes, a person), and make it holy for a limited period of time (at most, two days.) This blessing protects the area or person from any manner of dark or sinful magic or power. It can also purge an evil or demonic spirit from a person or place. Depending on how long the blessing lasts, this skill will consume more of his energy.

Battle Strengths: Being a holy being, Damien is unharmed by gunshots and most mortal wounds that would kill a human, as well as lesser dark magics and curses. He can fly for short periods of time, and his wiry body possesses some strength, but not much.

Battle Weaknesses: He's awkward and often clumsy on his feet when under pressure, and does not possess much in the way of offensive magic or physical dexterity or power. He's not really very sure how to fight; his punches are sloppy, and he sometimes does not know where he should hit to make an effective blow. This leads him to waste a lot of energy punching someone in their sturdy shoulder when he should have gone for, say, the vulnerable Adam's Apple of their throat. More powerful dark or sinful magic can harm him and require him to flee or return to Heaven injured.

Personality: Damien is not your typical angel. He can't carry a tune when singing, and harps and bows have never agreed with him well--he'd always hurt a finger on either. He goes through life feeling as though he's the butt of most jokes, and therefore has become rather mellow, jaded, and skeptical of any luck that comes his way. He has low expectations and takes little seriously. He's awkward around girls, but tries to pretend he's not. Feels most at home around earth, because people are more "average", he thinks, and he can fit in better. After about seven years on earth he's fairly well assimilated into the culture, especially the teenage culture, but still finds some habits and other things about humans strange or incomprehensible. He's unused to kindness and can be easily flustered, but often tries to hide it and play things "cool" and not looking too eager. Damien speaks slang to even the most dignified of audiences and when he gets excited, he has trouble controlling how quickly or loudly he speaks. He gives off the impression of a grungy teenager slacker, and is well-aware of this perception others hold of him. Someone can easily endear themselves to him by not judging him in this way right off the bat. He doubts his own merits and has low self-confidence, despite the image he tries to project of a more laid-back, socially competent young man. He likes to sometimes try to act older or more mature and manly than he is.

Likes: Video games, burgers, rock music, television, skateboards, girls, cars (despite never learning how to drive), movies, magazines, thriller novels, pizza, tea, cocoa, sugar, Dance Dance Revolution, thrift stores, dogs, cities.
Dislikes: School, math and science in particular, artificial sweeteners, bullies, snobs, over-priced things, trains, elevators, car horns, car alarms, broccoli, beets, socks, harps, bows.
Fears: Being rejected (especially by girls), being judged, being the worst.
Virtues: Modesty, honesty
Vices: Overeating, laziness

History: He was an angel named Damien, and he had always felt there had been rather a mix-up between babies when he was being named. He was an ineffectual angel, been told he would never amount to much, and had been that way from the very start; when all the other fledgling angels had been practicing their hymns and stringing their harps, he was getting his fingers tangled and squeaking off-key, and tripping over his own sandals (just learning to strap those things had been a monumental chore--like shoe-tying, but with pointy metal buckles.) Something about him just always "screamed" average, and in a world of flawless divine beings, he always stood out like an awkward sore thumb. For many of his childhood years, he tried to ignore this--ignore it even though it stared him in the face each day, thwarted him in nearly every effort, followed him around like a tiny, personal stormcloud. He grew miserable and yet tried to stay chipper for as long as he could manage, until finally, someone noticed.

Damien did not, actually, get an audience with God when the day came. But he was assured that the big man upstairs was very sympathetic to his plight, and yadda yadda, some heartening jabber they put together for his sake. But he at least got a brief sit-down with an Archangel, and a decently comfy cloud to sit on during it. The blonde, chiseled superior angel sat across from him, pulled out some impeccably clean reading glasses, and a file that materialized out of thin air. He spent some minutes skimming it, with the occasional half-interested "hrrm".

"I see that, perhaps, you have not been particularly happy here in Heaven, Damien, my boy," he said, without much feeling. "This seems somewhat contradictory, seeing as how this is... well, Heaven, the eternal paradise and all. Even if this place is meant for humans, angels are normally quite content here as well. Most don't know much else beyond this place."

"B-beyooond, sir?" his twelve-year old voice cracked.

"Yes, Damien, beyond--Earth, the living world, inhabited by humans and all of God's other creatures. Some angels have spent time there. We believe... perhaps you would like to spend some time there."

"M... me? You'd let me go...? Even though only a couple angels get to...?"

The archangel gave him a small smile. "Yes, Damien, we will let you go. He has decided it."

Damien was not sure what he could expect on earth, but even so, for the first time he could remember, he was thrilled. He was getting a chance to start somewhere new, where he could possibly fit in, and a chance to see a world few of his kind had seen and experienced in person. That made him different... and in a good way. He couldn't wait. He had no belongings aside from the clothes on his back, and after some further discussion with Michael, the archangel who had first talked with him, he soon learned that his clothing would not be well-suited for earth life anyway. He was given a small wad of bills, and directions to seek out some kind of place called a "thrift shop". They would become his new favorite sight, more welcome than a fluffy cloud or a bright patch of sun. They guided him and left him in a small city in South Carolina, where he would start his first day, as an angel on earth.

He has seldom wanted to go back to Heaven since.
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Re: Character List

I recently realized that I never posted Tatek here. While this copy of his profile likely won't stay updated, it's probably a good idea to have a version of it here anyway. Unofficially approved by Puck, officially approved by Altamira.

Name: Tatek (No last name. Pronounced: TAA-tehk)

Age: 25

Race: Enchanted Human (Type: Qixueye). Many of his ancestors were the subject of a semi-magical enchantment (actually more closely related to the Chinese term "chi"/"qi" or the Japanese term "ki", than magic) which made them immune to all forms of magic. This immunity is hardwired in their DNA, and so is passed on as a (in this case dominant) genetic trait. More on this ability in the skills/magic section.

Gender: Male

Hair & Eyes: None. Approximately 1 in 20 enchanted humans are born with no hair or eyes, but instead can see magic & chi/qi/ki (hereafter referred to as qi, pronounced identically to the term "chi") without peer. There is only skin where the eyes would've been.

Weight: 75kg

Height: 181cm (5 feet, 11 inches)

Weapon: None

Armor: *see Skills/Magic -> Qi Abilities*

Skills/Magic: While magic comes in many forms, qi is simply a being's internal energy focused to be usable outside or in a different part of the body, allowing for increased speed, strength, and with the particularly powerful, it allows for telekinesis and ranged attacks, plus more which Tatek has yet to even learn about.
Innate abilities:
Magical Immunity: Due to his powerful and unnaturally-structured qi aura, Tatek cannot be harmed or helped by magic. Any magic used on him will automatically be absorbed into his aura upon touching him, which lessens his ability to use his qi. Similarly, no kinds of telepathy work on him unless they are strictly technological in nature (eg. an MRI machine). This ability is always active as long as he is alive, and thus takes no effort whatsoever (except when his qi is depleted, but he replenishes it quickly when unconscious). To clarify, it is only magic itself he is immune to; a person using magic to hit him with, let's say, a rock, would still hurt him as it would a normal person.

Magic Banishment: Through his martial arts or through simple touching if he chooses, Tatek is able to forcefully dissipate magical energy, whether it be in an object, a creature, or just latent in the air. The more magic he wants to destroy, the more energy it takes him.

Second Sight: Tatek can see both latent and active magic & qi, simple as that. What magic looks like depends on the caster and/or the environment (of course, latent magic has no caster), while qi depends purely on the user. This ability includes magic which is normally invisible (yes, this includes qi and magic power which a person suppresses within themselves). The stronger the magic, the brighter Tatek sees it, and the further away he can see it from (although particularly far away things will be somewhat blurry and undefined). This ability is only inactive when Tatek is unconscious (asleep, coma, dead, etc.), and thus takes no energy to use. One downside is that he cannot "blink" away this form of vision as a normal person would blink to stop using their eyes. And a positive or negative thing, depending on the situation, this ability lets Tatek see straight through all non-living, non-magical objects.
Qi Abilities:
Super Strength: When fully focusing his qi, Tatek would be able to lift objects up to around what a mini-van weighs. His combat strength increases as well (up to around 10x)

Super Speed: When fully focusing his qi, Tatek's running speed increases four-fold, while his reaction time (including sharp turns while running) doubles. However, since his brain cannot be similarly powered-up, his reaction speed is the only complex action which is quickened. His normal, unpowered, running speed is around 20km/h (which is typical for a fit person of his age)

Telekinesis: Tatek can pick up or move any object he could normally, even if it is not near him. Combined with his qi-enhanced strength, this allows for large or heavy objects to be moved as well, however the further away the object is, the weaker his movement is. The range for moving something with his natural (1x) strength is 20m. (2x) is 15m. (4x) is 10m. (7.5x) is 5m. The full (10x) strength is not usable at range (ie. 0 metres). Everything in between is on a simple curved scale.

Armor of Qi: Surrounds himself with his qi to create a iron-strength armor around himself. Can be maintained indefinitely as long as he does not get hit, but halves the effectiveness of all his other qi abilities, including his Magic Immunity. If hurt, Tatek can choose to either restrengthen the shield (further lessening his capacity for other qi abilities) or leave it at lower power, with the latter being the default. The shield will lose defensive strength uniformly.

Shield of Qi: Like the Armor of Qi, but focused to a single part of his body. Tatek will usually make this steel-strength, which lowers his other qi-based abilities' potential power by around 25-50%, depending on the size of the area protected; a single limb is 25%, and each further limb is 5% more (including the torso and head each as limbs).

Bandage of Qi: Essentially the same as the Shield of Ki, only focused inwards, healing a part of his body. It takes between a few seconds to a few minutes to heal wounds between bruises and deep cuts, depending on the size of the wound, a few hours to repair broken bones, and full day to reattach dismembered limbs. Everything in between is on a fairly linear scale.

River of Qi: Tatek can channel his qi through any object he is touching, giving it all the same benefits he gives himself. Only works on non-living things, and only works while he touches it.

Qi-insomnia: Due to his extraordinarily large Qi reservior, Tatek needs only half as much sleep as would a normal person with the same age and physical fitness as him.

Qi-equilibrium: Really a side effect of having used Armor of Qi so much during his training, Tatek has developed a permanent, yet very weak, layer of qi all over his body. This qi does essentially nothing to protect from enemy attacks, but does protect him from high or low temperatures, letting him feel little temperture change nearly no matter where on the planet he is. Excessively hot or cold temperatures will break this shield though.
Un-armed combat: Tatek began being taught at a very young age in the practise of an unnamed style of combat focusing on utilizing the versitility of the upper body in executing direct hits, feints and grabs. This style of combat focuses little on offensiveness, and instead works with the foe's momentum to tire them out until they can be subdued. (See footnote section for more information)

Zhonguen: Tatek does not speak English, or any other language essentially identical to English, but instead speaks "Zhonguen", which shares almost all its words and grammar with Chinese. (Note: As a translation convention, Tatek's speech shall always be surrounded by pointy brackets <Like this> instead of quotation marks "Like this", unless it's written exactly how he's saying it: in Zhonguen.)
Strengths: His speed & strength are superior to an average human's, and his immunity to all magic makes him stronger in combat than most magic-users. Tatek's combat style of evading and reciprocating enemy attacks means that he is at an advantage over many melee fighters too.

Weakness: He's blind, so moving around is a bit of a problem. Although his ability to sense magic & qi means he can "see" living things easily, inanimate objects are invisible to him unless they are magical in nature. In order to not look disabled to others, he forgoes the use of a walking stick or other guiding tool, and so can be clumsy if the ground is not flat or if there are many walls. Tatek is at a serious disadvantage when fighting foes who use weapons, especially large weapons, as he cannot see the weapons themselves, only anticipate where they are based on his foes' qi, and unless magical in nature, he cannot sense incoming attacks from ranged weapons by anything except sound.

Appearance: If you looked at him, you'd likely call him Asian, and if you were particularly skilled, you'd be able to tell that most of his lineage came from what amassed to the south-east Asia region equivalent on his world... but beyond that, Tatek is a bit of a pot luck.
He wears a large hood whenever he can to hide the fact that he has no eyes (which is made even creepier by the fact that he still has eyebrows). While travelling, he likes to wear an oriental-style silk robe which is white with an ornate red patterned lining. He also wears loose, open-ankled, pants of a similar design.

Personality: Tatek is the kind of person who will not get into a fight unless he wants to, and practically the only reason he'd want to would be if his foe is either magical or threatening his life, in which case he will remain calm even during the fight. Note that just because he is calm, it does not mean that he is kind. The only time his calmness would normally deviate would be if he was fighting something he really wanted gone, and in which case his mood can range anywhere from normal calm right up to a fanatical frenzy. (Only entering a frenzy against the strongest of opponents.) Tatek will back down from a fight if he knows he cannot win, but he tends to have a high opinion of his abilities, and so this doesn't happen as often as it should.

Biography: It was a warm summer night. The nomadic people known to some as the Chidun, or "Shield's breath", made camp for the night, halfway between the cities of Shou-du and Chengshi, a six-year-old Tatek asked of their travel-hardened leader, "Why do we fight the wūpo?"

"Ah... this is a long story. Bring here whichever other children want to hear, and I shall tell you all together." After a few minutes of convincing parents that they did not need the help of their sons and daughters, the nomads' leader Lingdao Ren began.

"Well you see children, long ago, before even my great-grandparents were born, our people lived in a small village near the base of Xueshan. Life was peaceful, and everybody helped where they were needed."

"One day, mere weeks after the flowers bloomed and it started to get warm again, a man came from the west, exhausted from traversing the mountain. Then, as we always had, we gave this man shelter, food and a promise of safe passage down to Gangkou when he was ready."

"Little did we know though, this man was a Class-A magician - a wūpo held with extremely high regard among their community - and he was not happy that we tried to help him. In hindsight, we think he deemed recieving help from us as an insult."

"We lasted three whole days and nights in the nearby caves as he took our town to rubble. It was just as he found us that the qilaoshi came. The fight was close, but our people could tell that we would not be saved if they stayed still and did nothing. It was from this realisation that they came up with a plan."

"The first step of the plan was to get the qilaoshi to keep the wūpo away for long enough for the rest of the plan to work. The second step was to get the qilaoshi to make us able to help him. Of the various options, only one was effective enough and quick enough to actually work - we would trade our magical potential for immunity to magic."

A girl a few years older than Tatek butted in to the leader's story, "ah, so that's why magic doesn't work on us."

"Yes Ke'ai, that's right. Now, where was I? Ah yes, the immunity." the leader shifted his sitting position when he began to speak again. "After the wūpo was defeated, many people asked if the immunity to magic could be removed, believing that they could better protect the village if they had magic. The qilaoshi was doubtful, but he agreed to try after he was feeling better - the fight took a lot out of him. When the reversal spell was cast, it didn't seem to work, but as payment for our people's hospitality, he decided to accompany us, and teach us of a power we could use - qi. And so our people learnt.

When our ancestors chose to trade away their magic potential, on top of not realising that it could not be reversed, they were not aware that the children they were yet to have would also be affected, but they were lucky for one point: The children of two immune people would invariably become a qi prodigy. While many members of our wandering village have over the years partnered with people who were not born into the village, some have had children together with others here. Although these children may be blind like Tatek here, it is well known that they can see all the people around them." Lingdao Ren turned to face Tatek, "You dear boy, and the six other qixueye here, can see magic and qi. You also likely have a far higher potential for using your qi than almost anyone else."

"Anyway. It has been our mission since we were first given our immunity to eliminate or depower any and all of the wūpo we find, and to put your life on the line to do so. As you are all children, you are either in the middle of, or are soon going to start your qi training; once you have completed it, you and a number of others who completed it at the same time will go on a pilgramage to our old home by Xueshan."

When Tatek looked around as he noticed the leader had finished his story, he saw that most of the other children had fallen asleep, and were being carried to their huts by their parents, and the ones who weren't asleep looked like they soon would be. It was likely nearing midnight, he thought. "You'd better get to bed now too; your qi won't keep you awake forever," Lingdao Ren told him, "goodnight."


"I now declare your training officially over. We shall be waiting at Gangkou for your return," Lingdao Ren told the five teens gathered before him, "good luck." With that, the band of teens gathered their belongings and set out to their ancestral home.

Chao Lan, the eldest (at 18), was the self-declared leader of the group. She was a bit bossy when things needed to be done, but the others all knew that she was never afraid to show her lighter side. Weilding a pair of iron dao, she was the most proficient at offensive useage of qi.

Xu Xiang, one of a set of twins aged 16, was the antithesis of Chao Lan's business-first attitude; she always kept that a job done well is a job done slowly. A master of the qiang and the Magic Banishment ability.

Xu Roen, the younger twin, was always the brains behind his and Xiang's antics when they were little children. He would've finished his training when he was 11, but he wanted his sister to catch up. He spent the five years between his and his sister's end of trainings to learn the best ways to incorporate a gun into his qi useage. The gun he used when he was younger was wooden, but as he grew stronger he moved on to heavier, harder-hitting materials, finally settling on steel - A rare and powerful metal, considering that the gun is a blunt weapon.

Ke'ai Fu, mere days younger than Chao, was never really focused on her studies. A less-than-satisfactory effort put into her qi training meant that the only reason she was granted pilgrimage to Xueshan was so that she did not complain when her closest friends left. Ke'ai haphazardly weilds a steel jian into battle, and in the process neglects to actively use any of her qi abilities at all.

And Tatek, the only one without a family name, which is due to his mother not having one. Tatek began the trek to Xueshan as a 15 year old, but had his birthday before they reached their goal. Weilds no weapon, but is fairly good with most useages of qi, and acts as the team's radar due to his unique form of vision.

It was early afternoon of the fifth day when the group reached the twisted snowed-over wreckage of their ancestors' village. Having been told beforehand that they must stay there for three nights just as their ancestors did, Lan organised everyone into setting up their pinnacle camp.

The first day passed without a problem. Berry bushes were rich at this time of year, and fish, however small, loved the fresh running water in the nearby stream. It was the second day when the problem came. "Problem" being an understatement.

"Fu! What have you done now?" Lan berated the other.

"I don't know Lan; I just went to look up this little path... I think I tripped over a rock, and then heard that huge noise..." Fu didn't really seem to notice that Lan was angry. "And now I'm stuck under this avalanche."

"Ugh. I'll go get Roen; He'll know what to do."

After a few minutes, when Roen and Xiang had arrived, Fu had begun to complain louder, although she stopped when she heard Roen's voice.

"Now Fu, I need you to make a Shield of Qi around each of your hands - that should give you enough strength to dig your way out."

"But it's too cold! I can't concentrate my qi at all!" Fu complained.

"Well, if you want to freeze to death, you stay there and die," Lan brutally responded.

Ignoring her plees, they left Fu one-by-one, with Xiang staying the longest. Just as she too started to leave, a man suddenly appeared in front of her. "Now just what are you doing on this fine afternoon young lady?" He said.

"Why does it matter?" She answered, "and who are you anyway? This place isn't even on any maps, and hasn't been for more than 100 years."

"100 years, eh? The Dome has a lot to answer for then; it keeps sending..." The man trailed off mid-sentence. "Regardless, where are my manners? Pelarn Veyer, mage of the balance elements Light and Dark, at your service."

Upon hearing the word "mage", Xiang's demeanor shifted to the right a notch, making her choose to whistle out to the rest of the people in her group. "Mage? Then you won't leave here alive."

"...You picked the wrong man to pick a fight with. I've destroyed this place before, and dammit, I can do it again." The mage pulled a small orb out of his pocket and formed a wall of darkness between himself and the people coming up behind him. "I can see you have no magic, so this will be a piece of cake."

After blasting Xiang with a bolt of Light, he was surprised to see that she had not moved. "You... How?"

"Why should we tell you?" Tatek called out from behind the mage.

"Oh great, and now you completely ignore my wall of darkness. Four against one isn't in my odds if my magic won't work against you, so I'm outta here." Pelarn quickly looked around for an escape route and decided that up the mountain would be the best option. After creating a giant flash of Light magic, he ran up the mountain.

"Get him!" Lan commanded.

"But what about Fu?" Xiang asked.

"Ugh... Roen, can you get her out quickly while the rest of us chase the mage?" Chao groaned.

"I can do that. Don't have all the fun though." he answered.

"He's pretty quick; if we don't leave now, he's going to get away," Tatek said as he looked up the mountain. "I'll lead the way."

And they ran.


It had been almost ten years since she last saw her friends. Xiang may have been the only one to catch up to the mage that fateful day, but she was no match for him in a one-on-one fight. Bringing out her diary, she began to write.

At least I know that the others are okay. Lan was taken as a wife by the Emperor of Zhongguo merely two years after the incident. It meant no one was allowed to see her unless they were of the imperial family, but she's always been at home in politics, so she's fine. She'll probably be Empress soon too, considering the Emperor's health.

When I went back down to Gangkou after the encounter with Pelarn Veyer, I had heard from multiple sources of people matching the descriptions of Roen and Fu had joined back up with Chidun on their way leaving the city.

And of course, Tatek is hard to miss. Like me, he's been travelling rather randomly around the world, but I know it's him because he's the only person who could fit the description of "has no eyes". I hope I catch up to him soon.


Bio Glossary: It's mostly based closely on Chinese words, so I shall just give translations direct to english from their chinese origins. Note that I used each of these with artistic licence, so there's nothing really wrong with, for example, calling a large city "Chengshi".
Chidun - Qi Shield/Qi Armor. "Shield's breath" is also correct.
Shou-du - Capital (city)
Chengshi - "Large city"
wūpo - witches
Lingdao Ren - "One who leads"
Xueshan - snow (Xue) mountain (Shan)
Gangkou - harbor/port
qilaoshi - Qi teacher
Ke'ai Fu - cute (Ke'ai) shallow (Fu)
qixueye - qi blood
Dao - Sabre
Qiang - spear
Gun - staff
Jian - (double-edged) sword

Note that as in Chinese style, a person's first name here is their family name, while their given name is their second name. Also note that it is the mother's family name, not the father's, which gets passed down to descendants.

Tatek's unarmed combat style has many similarities to Bāguŗ zhăng, the Chinese martial art on which airbending (from Avatar: The Last Airbender) and the fighting style of the Hyuuga family (from Naruto) were based, except that Tatek's style also incorporates grabs and holds if dodging and direct attacks don't work. So if you can't picture properly what I write, then just think of one of these other fighting styles.
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Re: Character List

Name: Ryal Hamad

Nickname/Alias: He is famously know as “The Bard.”

Occupation: He is a bard and plays at inns, but also does some mercenary work in his free time for extra cash.

Age/Birthdate: 26. Birthdate is unknown.

Apparent Age: He looks fairly younger than he is, but mainly because of his small build.

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Hair: He has dark-brown hair that is gelled back usually.

Eye Color: He has brown eyes.

Height: 5'7

Weight: 184 pounds.

General Appearance: Ryal wears a dark green cloak with a brown shirt and tan slacks under it. He has an eyepatch over his left eye because of an accident when he was a child, and has dark brown buckled boots. He also has a belt that his sheath is attached to on his side. He is very slim for his age and is slightly pale because he usually covers a lot of his skin with his clothes. He isn't very muscular, but is in enough shape not to have a flabby looking body.

Weapon(s): He has a long sword (a sword that has a grip that allows the sword-user to weild it either a one handed or two handed style) that is polished to a mirror sheen. It is made of steel and the guard of it is wide. The hilt has an eye engraved in the center of it that Ryal has fashioned himself. He also has a knife that he hides in his boot. The knife is as short as a butter knife, but is as sharp as the claws of a lion. It is a very thin blade that would likely break in half if Ryal would try to deflect a heavy blade with it. It does not have a hilt and is made of iron.

Armor: He wears a thing layer of chainmail underneath his shirt, but is otherwise lightly equipped with armor for mobility.

Carried Possessions: He carries a lute on his back that is engraved with many strange words that is in a language that Ryal neither understands or knows of. It is made of wood from a willow tree. He has a little bit of money earned from playing at inns, but doesn’t have any other notable possessions apart from these.


Total Magic: 80

-Speechcraft (10 Magic): The ability of sheer persuasion to achieve certain goals. Masters of speechcraft can get many things in a simple conversation to go their way. Ryal is adept in this skill, but sometimes says the wrong things that get him in a lot of trouble.
Limits: He can use speechcraft pretty often, but if used too much on the same person, his wily tricks can be seen and he will probably not get what he wants. It does not work very well on people that are intelligent and is only useful on the very weak minded if Ryal really wants to get something out of it.
Side-Effects: There aren’t many notable side affects to this, but sometimes it can get people to dislike him after they figure out they’ve been fooled. If speechcraft is failed, it can sometimes get the user into some real big trouble if the victim takes it the wrong way.

-Swift Strikes (40 Magic): This is a very quick swordstyle that is used to overcome the enemy with speedy attacks. The style usually requires a light weapon and trades power for speed. The speed of this style is often so fast that the user’s weapon becomes a blur to the opponent. This style uses a lot of magic to amplify the speed of the user.
Limits: This style is very tiring if used excessively and must be used sparingly. It takes a while for the user to use this style after assailing their opponent with it.
Side-Effects: The style is not a very strong one, as it sacrifices strength for speed. Often the user can be quite tired after using it, as well, because it drains their magic quite a bit.

-Lute of Healing (25-40 Magic): Ryal can combine his lute playing skills with healing magic to make melodies that sooth the body and heal all ailments. The inscriptions on the lute are really notes for this song of healing. Anyone that can hear this, unless they be an enemy of Ryal, will be healed. The farther away they are, the less effect it has on them. It Ryal targets a single person, he can heal all of their ailments such as broken bones, cuts, or sicknesses. If Ryal targets several people, he can only heal minor wounds and nothing else.
Limits: This healing power takes quite a bit of magic depending on how many people Ryal is healing at once. Normally it will take a few minutes for the powers of the magical lute to recharge.
Side-Effects: Sometimes, if Ryal is not careful, he may heal his enemy by accident. He must concentrate on who is healing so that he doesn’t heal anyone he does not want to.

Battle Strengths:
-Ryal is very quick and agile, making him able to move a lot faster than most of his opponents.

-He is very skilled with the blade and is great at deflecting blows with it.

-He is great at hand to hand combat as well, when the need arises, and can give very quick punches.

-Ryal can utilize the advantages of his small size and speed to sneak around when he is forced in such a situation. He is very light of feet whenever he is concentrating on his task of sneaking around or to his opponents.

Battle Weaknesses:
-Though he is quick, Ryal lacks the strength to make up for it. Most of his opponents are much stronger than he, so it makes him rely on pure speed to fight.

-He is not very skilled with any other weapons other than the sword and fist, so improvisation in battle almost never happens.

-Ryal, though he would never admit it, has the weakness of women. Whenever in battle with a woman, he is always cautious about his strikes, as he does not feel it is right to strike a lady.

Other: Nothing at the moment...

Personality: Ryal is not a very flattering person. He is often rude to most people when he feels that they aren’t any use to him and often throws sarcastic remarks at people to anger them. Though he probably wouldn’t ever reveal it to anyone, he is, deep inside, a caring person, but he does not want anyone to know, as he thinks that it would show weakness. Ryal tries to be funny around people sometimes, but usually ends up making them angry instead. He acts like this mainly because he desires a lot of attention, no matter how bad he has to act. Whenever Ryal is in battle, he usually tends to make fun of the opponent and taunts them a lot.

-Ryal enjoys music and loves to show off his musical skills to others. He has been fascinated by the art ever since he was a small boy.

-He likes to have conversations with people, even though he usually never does unless they are kind of close to him.

-He is greedy and likes money. Most of the things he does are for money.

-Ryal also likes women, and often tries to impress them, though he fails to do so usually.

-He is also a lover of food, but he often restrains himself so that he maintains his current build.

-Ryal does not like people who think that they are smarter than him. He does not like people who try to show him up by outsmarting him.

-He dislikes authority, and does not like them to get involved in anything, because they get in the way too much.

-Ryal dislikes rich and corrupted people, and feels that someone should do something about their evil deeds for money.

-He hates puzzling situations or mysteries, and tries to avoid them.

-Ryal also dislikes it when someone tries to outmatch him and succeeds at it.

-Ryal has a great fear of heights and usually goes into a state of panic when too high up. He has this fear mainly because of a bad experience when he was kid trying to help his father on their house and he fell off, breaking his arm.

-He is scared of the dark, and is very embarrassed by it. He always has a feeling in the back of his head that someone is watching him through the darkness, and is frightened a lot by it.

-Ryal is also afraid of bugs, and anything related to them. He doesn’t like the sight of them and thinks that they are very disgusting and pointless creatures designed to make life for people a living hell.

-Ryal is very brave in combat and usually never gives up until he or his opponent are defeated.

-He is good at working in a team and often utilizes their powers.

-Sometimes Ryal gets clumsy when he feels that he can easily defeat his opponent, and often tries to do tricks, but fails.

-He will do many things for money, and sometimes his greed can blind his judgement.

History: Ryal was born in a small town under his father, a great bard. Ryal grew up messing around with various kids in town and having fake sword duels with branches from the trees. Ryal was sent to school when he was old enough, but he could scarcely pay attention and usually messed around and got in trouble.

After being reported by his instructor to his parents, his father laughed, remarking that he went through the same thing. Soon his father realized that school wasn’t for his boy. He was almost sure that his son did not want to be a scholar and wanted to be something else in the world. Someone important.

Thus, his father took him out of the school and brought him under his own wing to teach him how to be a bard like himself. Ryal was, of course, thrilled at the idea of leaving school and spending the days with his father. For quite a few years, Ryal’s father instructed his son how to use the lute and taught him the world and the people in it.

Ryal picked up the lute playing very quickly because he became entranced by it, but struggled with the other subjects that his father thought was important for his son to learn. After his training sessions, Ryal would leave his house and go to the town’s sparring arena to view the fights that were held there. Soon, the master of the arena, Matsu, noticed Ryal’s interest in the art of fighting, and offered to give him lessons for free.

Ryal accepted without a second thought and began to go to the lessons after his father’s teachings. Ryal was slow to pick up on the art of the blade, but became very adept in due time. Finally, after a few years, Ryal finished his father’s training.

After a long celebration party at his house with his family and friends, Ryal’s father took his son to the back yard to show him something. He brought out a case, and gave it to his son. Inside it was a willow lute, carved with intricate patterns and designs and polished heavily. His father told him that it had been passed down through their family and that it had magical power deep within the wood; power to heal wounds. Ryal accepted the gift at once with much joy and thanked his father merrily, but his father held out his hand to his son, stopping him short. Ryal’s father told him that he would have to go to work as what he trained to be tomorrow: a bard.

Ryal soon realized the reason that his father gave him the instrument and sighed, but was eager to explore the world and please its inhabitants with pleasant music. On the day that Ryal would finally leave his home, he was approached at the town gates by his master, Matsu. His mentor held out a bright sword and a leather sheath for Ryal to keep as his own, claiming that he would need to have some protection in the wild world.

Ryal was overjoyed, happy to receive two great gifts in such a short time span. Ryal thanked his master, and ran into the wide open world. His name spread across the land quickly, and he soon became a popular invite to inns around the country.

Overall, business for Ryal was great, until one day he received a letter from his parents. Ryal, hoping for some sort of congratulation, opened the letter quickly, but realized soon after reading over the letter, that something was wrong. The handwriting of the letter was very hasty and it stated that something had happened to his father.

Some sort of disease had struck him, and was killing him slowly. It would be only a matter of time before his father would pass painfully from this terrible blight. Ryal was grieved at knowing of his father’s troubles, and knew just what to do. There was a certain medicine man that Ryal had met along his travels that he thought would be willing to help him out.

When he made it to the medicine man’s hut, he was informed that the doctor only worked for money, not pity. Ryal was angered to learn this, and the amount of money was high for healing, but he didn’t have a choice. He would not let his father die. Thus, Ryal gathered his money from his concerts and set out on mercenary missions for extra cash.

After finally gathering enough money, he told the doctor to meet him at his home town for the cash, so that he could heal his father. The medicine man swiftly made his way to the town, and walked into the house to see his father. The doctor all of a sudden burst out into a frenzy, burning the house down and stealing the money for his own. Ryal, realizing he had been cheated, ran after the thief to fight.

Ryal challenged the doctor, but the medicine man turned around and shot fire at Ryal, hitting him in the eye, blinding him and leaving a foul mark. Ryal fell onto the ground in pain and the thief escaped with all of his hard earned money. The next day, his father died from grief and from his disease, causing Ryal to become angered. Ryal left his home and set out on a journey to find that foul doctor and bring him judgement that he deserved.

After a few years of searching, Ryal’s anger passed, and he soon gave up on his pursuit. It was like the doctor disappeared into thin air. Ryal gave up his mission of revenge, and resumed his bard and mercenary duties for money, but he never forgot that foul medicine man. If he ever came across the man again, he would do unspeakable things to him.
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Re: Character List

Heh, here he is at last, and I've gotta say that I'm looking forward to trying him out. ^^ Should be a lot of fun! xP

Name: Luca Mercury

Nickname/Alias: He usually prefers to be known as Mercury. He considers it his 'work name', though he does not mind his friends to call him Luca.

Occupation: Mercury is a master thief, and he considers himself to be a rogue in general, but of the good kind.

Age: 26

Gender: Male.

Race: Human.

Height: Luca is not overly tall; he stands at 5' 6".

Weight: He is light, with an average build, weighing approximately 138 lbs.

Eyes: Luca's eyes are a deep blue. They gaze casually and easily at the world, giving him a relaxed and friendly look, yet remain curious and inquisitive. His eyes wrinkle at the corners slightly when he laughs and smiles, which is often. There is a twinkle in his eyes that tells of his confidence and easy personality.

Hair Color/Style: His hair is a simple dark brown. He keeps it several inches long, enough so that it ends just above his brows and over his ears. It is loose and thin, but neat and tidy.

General Appearance: Luca is not particularly tall or largely built, but he uses his smaller stature to his great advantage. His shoulders are neither broad nor thin. His torso, like the rest of his body, is lean and athletic. Toned but not muscular, he takes care of his body with regular work outs, but not with the intentions of buffing up - instead, he simply keeps in shape, focussing more on stamina than strength.

His face is content and he always has a small smile on his lips, often breaking out into huge grins. His face is average in its proportions, and unremarkable, which helps Luca blend into crowds and not be particularly memorable.

He is an easy going person, which comes across in his confident, relaxed stances. He can feel at home anywhere, instantly leaning against something and getting comfortable. He always looks confident, calm, and relaxed, with an amused look in his eyes, as if he knows a joke that he's not sharing.

He wears two sets of clothing - his regular attire, and his 'work' clothing. His regular clothing isn't pretentious, but clean and smart, usually consisting of tan suede pants, high, soft leather boots, and a dark blue tunic with lighter blue trimmings. He wears a brown leather belt about his waist, over the tunic.

His work attire, which he wears if he is planning a theft or some adventure of his, is instead composed of very dark grey clothing. In place of high boots, he wears soft shoes which end at the ankles, giving him more flexibility with his feet; the shoes have tough soles, which gives him better traction and grip. His pants are loose and slightly baggy so as not to hinder his movements, and are made of a soft yet tough fabric, which does not rustle when he moves. He wears a jacket of the same material; it too is slightly baggy, cinched about the waist with a black belt, also of the material. The end of the arms have fingerless gloves attached to the underneath of the wrists, so he can slip them on and off quickly and not have to worry about dropping them. The palms of the gloves are tough, allowing a strong grip (most notably for climbing). When they are not in use they are tied loosely to his wrists. About the neck of the jacket, there is a loose material which Luca can lift to cover the lower half of his face, with drawstrings at the back.

Luca has a bag containing his equipment which he wears on the belt of his clothing (regular or work), on his left hip. On his right hip, he wears his small dagger in its sheath.

He also has a tattoo on his right shoulder blade of a caduceus (image). He had this done because it is a symbol of one of the gods of thieves (Hermes). It marks him as a thief, and he wears it with pride.

Luca's voice is not particularly deep or melodious, but is easy and relaxed. He talks calmly and confidently, and almost naturally puts the listener at ease. He has no particular accent.

Weapon(s): None. (Though Mercury carries a small knife, it is not used as a weapon.) Luca does not involve himself in fights, choosing instead to flee and escape if he is found or chased.

Armor: None.

Carried Possessions: Luca carries an assortment of equipment, both during his everyday activities and during his work. He carries these in a pouch at his waist, attached to his belt (whichever he happens to be wearing). This pouch is his Bible, and he would never willingly go anywhere without it. It contains:

-- a roll of velvet, which in turn holds his extensive set of picks, which progress in size for locks of every size.

-- small paper packets of substances for varying uses, including (but not just) smoke packets, for diversion or attracting attention; a gel like substance which reacts with water violently, acting as an acid and burning violently (Luca keeps small vials of water for use with this substance); powders with differing effects, from tranquilizers, to powders to induce sneezing or temporary blindness, etc.

-- a small roll of strong nylon rope. Though not particularly long at only 20 feet, he can use it effectively for short climbs and other uses. Its smaller length allows it to be stored easily.

-- a grappling hook; this is a small, intricate contraption which, at only five inches long, can be stored with great ease. The beauty of this device is that at the flick of a catch, three strong metal claws are released, which helps with its storage. It has a small hoop at its end, through which the rope can be looped and tied.

-- a small glass-cutting tool; collapsible, this tool unfolds into a V shape, each arm 6 inches long. The main arm has a suction pad on a swivel joint, which can be attached to the glass. The other arm ends in a small diamond tip. The tool is used in two ways. For a circular hole, the sucker is placed on the glass, and the tool is rotated on the swivel joint. The tool can cut a circle hole of up to roughly 8 inches radius (or a hole 16 inches wide). The other method for use of this tool is simply grasping the tipped arm and using it manually - this method is best used cutting squares and rectangles, or other rough shapes.

Luca also carries a small knife. He wears it in its sheath upon his right hip, on the belt - like the pouch, he wears it at all times. It is a simple thing, coloured black, and double edged, with no special properties at all. At 4 inches long, its only purpose is for cutting and slicing objects; it is not a weapon at all, but is instead carried and used as a tool in Luca's line of work.

Powers/Magic: None whatsoever.

Skills: Luca, as a master thief, has many skills and talents at his disposal. Easy and charming, his charisma can be employed to his advantage, often acquiring information and details he can use in his plans. He is an extremely confident and affable person, and finds it easy to get along with and adapt to the crowd he's in. He is also an easy, practised liar.

He is very dexterous, deft and quick with his hands and his movements, which gives him his skill in lock picking, which he has perfected. He is also extremely good at pickpocketing, able to slip in and out of someones pockets or purse in a blink of an eye.

His agility is extraordinary, as his stamina. He has trained each to their limits over many years. He can sprint over short distances with ease, but his particular preference for escape is scrambling over rooftops and through quick, short alleyways. He excels at climbing, and can scale most buildings with no problems.

Mercury is also extremely lucky. He uses both his good fortune and his great agility to slip out of danger, which aids him greatly when he needs to make an escape from pursuing guards.

He is also good at sneaking about, keeping quiet and moving with great care. He can usually disguise himself and often hides amongst groups of people. He does this using his astounding confidence and people skills, assimilating himself into a group with little trouble.

Battle Strengths: Effectively, very few. Luca would has virtually no means to attack a foe, and nor would he like to, as he's firmly unwilling to take a life. However, his agility, speed, and dexterity would be highly effective in evading and dodging attacks. He also has a strong will to live, which would no doubt bolster his attempts to avoid being hurt.

I an only imagine that, in the case of a battle, he would need to repeatedly avoid an opponents attacks, and (if absolutely necessary) to use his agility to get close enough to his opponent to hit them (probably somewhat clumsily) with a rock or something heavy, in the hopes of incapacitating them. Mercury would never draw his knife on another, not even with the aim of simple injury.

Battle Weaknesses: Mercury is almost completely vulnerable in a fight. He has no armor, no weapons, and no way of defending himself from attack. His moral code means he is unable to slay or severely harm an opponent, even in the face of threat to himself. He could also become overconfident in the face of a threat, putting himself into danger.

Personality: The first thing most notice about Mercury is his confidence. He is a very relaxed, easy going person. His confidence is incredible; he isn't afraid to take chances, and he's extremely flirtatious. He'll flirt with any women he meets, simply because he enjoys it - even if the woman's lover is present. He considers himself a bit of a ladies man, flirting with them for the simple enjoyment of it. Despite his flirtatiousness with women, Luca respects them as equals, and completely abhors the mistreatment of women, and is weak for the 'damsel in distress' - something that has, more than once, gotten him into trouble.

Luca often comes across as arrogant or cocky, but he is not. His confidence is simply his driving force, and he believes he is absolutely up to any job, any woman, or any challenge.

He is, despite his profession, an honourable man. He has a conscience and a strong moral code. He doesn't steal from those who would suffer for it. He is even kind and generous for a thief; he has no problems spending money because, at the end of the day, it isn't his. He often gives to the poor and needy, though not excessively so - he keeps enough to ensure a high standard of living for himself.

He isn't greedy - he simply steals for the fun of it, and he loves a challenge. He has even made several incursions just to see if he could, with no particular goal in mind. It has occurred to him - and others - that with his skills, he could do anything and go anywhere. He has been invited to become an assassin many times, but the thought of killing repulses Luca. He has never taken a life, and he has vowed that he never will. He'll steal anything that catches his fancy, but his favourite saying is, "There is honour among thieves."

Mercury has a vast sense of humour, and is able to brush off jokes and insults with great ease, for he knows his abilities and takes great pride in them. However, his pride and his honour can be his downfall. He will not take smears to his pride or his honour. He considers an oath to be of the highest importance (which is why he is loathe to make them), and would never break one - another of his sayings is, "If a man's word is meaningless, what value have gold and silver?"

Luca loves to have a good time, and enjoys his work thouroghly; he often taunts the guards that chase him. He has even waited for them to catch up before dashing away again - further evidence of his confidence and astounding luck.

Likes: Stealing; a challenge; gold; treasures; women; his drink.

Dislikes: Having no gold; fighting; poor living standards; authority, particularly those eager for his imprisonment; harlots and whores; greedy people; merchants; assassins and killers.

Fears: Imprisonment. As a thief, Mercury's greatest fear is to be locked up. He needs to roam the open lands, to see the starry skies, to steal the finest treasures. To be locked in a tiny room would be the end of him.

Virtues: Honour, pity, and mercy.

Vices: His pride; distressed women (he feels compelled to help them); over-confidence.

History: Luca was born into a well to-do family. He often tells a woeful story about how he became a thief, telling of his family's downfall at the hands of a greedy baron, who raised and raised the tax until there was nothing left, at which dramatic point, Luca chose his current profession, vowing to steal from the greedy, selfish, and wealthy, and help the poor. This is a lie.

The story he tells less often is that, as a child, his family was set upon by a band of travelling brigands. They killed his parents, capturing him and his sister. Mercury escaped, but was forced to leave his sister. Seeking help, he stumbled across a fabled thief, who took him in and trained him. Becoming a thief became his new goal in life, but he would always have his sister in his mind. Bits and pieces of rumours would float to him. She had been sold as a harlot, working in various towns and cities, and the present day Luca searched for her still.

This too is a lie, one he uses if his first tale is discovered or he needs something more dramatic - it is usually saved for women.

The truth is that Luca simply grew bored of doing nothing. His father, a landowner, simply wanted Luca to follow in his footsteps, but that wasn't good enough for the young Mercury. He wanted to see the world, and experience its wonders for himself. He had always had a way with words, and his confidence was vast from childhood.

One day, while bartering with a merchant for a trinket, he grew angry with the man's refusal to lower the price. He stalked away, but still lusted after the small bronze piece. Unwilling to ask his father for more money - his pride at work again - he fumed silently, until finally, nervously, he simply walked past the stall and picked it up with ease. Walking stiffly from the marketplace, he ran home after turning a corner.

Despite the fear of being punished for what he had done, the act of theft had revitalised his dull life. And so, he had the bug for it. For a year he would steal and pinch that which he wanted, perfecting the art of picking pockets. Finally, at 16 he decided to leave his home town. Setting out with his meager belongings, he changed his surname, inventing the new Luca Mercury. He moved to another town, continuing his quick fingered crimes, challenging himself further and further.

For many years, he'd challenge his wits and his skills, developing more on the way, joining a 'guild' of thieves - albeit an unofficial one - learning what he could, improving his already potent skills. Working on his agility and stamina, he challenged himself to be the greatest thief ever. He would never settle for second best.

And so, to this day, he roams from town to city to village, looking for riches, challenges, and excitement.

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Re: Character List

Alright, I've not been able to participle here for a while, seeing how I was incredibly busy all the time, but I'm going to give it a shot again.

Name: Storm

Occupation(that's new ): just a wanderer. (I know, incredibly original)

Age: 19

Apparent age: 17

Gender: Male

Race: Human (I know, boring, but I'm too lazy to come up with something I like)

Height: 5 ft 9 in

Weight: 140lbs

Eye color: Stormy Grey

Hair Color: Pitch Black

Style: Storm tends to wear his hair to where it is spike and the spikes are pointing towards the back.

General Appearance: His face always seems to have a shadow over it, which makes him appear angry most of the time. He wears a blood red robe with a hood. The robe is short sleeved, which allows a long-sleeved, black, skin-tight shirt show.He wears no shoes, but his feet are callused enough that only the things that would hurt him if he wore sturdy boots hurt him. A thin cord goes diagonally from his sword to his waist. The cord holds a scabbard, to which his sword goes to(duh). He tends to intimidate even friends with his brooding look, which appears as if he is scheming against you, even if he isn't. He slightly skinnier than normal people, and his muscles show quite easily. He is not overly strong, but stronger than most people.

Weapons: He carries one weapon, Lightning. Lightning is a single-edged sword. The simple handguard is gold, while the hand piece is silver, with a dark blue pommel with a star indent that something could fit in. He can charge the sword with an electric current, which fries anyone who gets touched by it.

Armor: Clothing in General appearance.

Carried Possessions: He carries a blue, throwing star shaped gem, Kin, that he can touch to his sword so that whenever he inserts into the indent on the pommel of his sword, it makes the sword lighter, which allows him to wield it much quicker.


Kaji: Kaji is a nine-tailed female fox, which is about 3ft 7in tall. She can shoot fireballs from each of her nine tails without stopping for 5 minutes, then she has to recharge for another 5 minutes. Her fire balls' heat reaches a peak of 250 degrees Fahrenheit. She can also fight tooth and claw. If necessary, she can suppress 8 tails and shrink to look like a normal fox. Kaji is also able to communicate with humanoids by talking telepathically with them.Kaji is easily defeated by high amounts of energy being sent through her body( lightning for example).

Magic: Can manipulate the weather.He can call thunderstorms, rain, tornadoes, and (in extreme cases) hurricanes.

Limits: Doesn't normally create great powerful storms and stuff, because it easily escapes his control. The more powerful the storm, the more mana it takes from him. He stores around 20 units of mana in his body at a time. A simple raindrop falling from the sky takes half a unit, a rainstorm takes 3, a thunderstorm takes 5, a tornado takes 7, and a hurricane takes 10. One unit of mana recharges every 30 minutes, and it is double that if he eats and rests.

Side-effects: Because of his weather ability, his eyes are noticeably grayer than other people. In fact, they often startle people, and people often remember him. As he uses more of his mana, he becomes noticeably more tired.

Battle Strengths: Because of his years of studying different types of sword fighting, he is able to figure out that persons flaw in their fighting and strike a critical hit in their defenses. Storm is fast and sure-footed, making it easier to dodge attacks and confuse the enemy.

Battle Weakness: Easily struck down by projectile weapons(Arrows, Throwing stars, javelins, ect), so he tends to run away at the first sight of people who wield these kind of weapons, making him an easy target from the back. Storm is susceptible to bright light because he has extremely sensitive eyes, so if he is introduced to a sudden brightness, he becomes blinded for a moment.

Other: Not really.

Personality: He tends to not speak a lot but usually listens to what other people say. Storm is quick to anger if he sees someone persecuting someone less fortunate than them. If he sets a goal, then he will work diligently to achieve it, and will always finish his task. He also tends to be wary of new people when he meets them, and it takes a while for them to gain his trust.

Likes(boy you increased the necessary criteria) : Oranges ,Pears, and most fruit. Prefers the day to be cloudy.

Dislikes: 1)Extreme Warmth 2) extreme cold 3) vegetables 4) bright sunny days

Fears:1)Archers, 2)closed in spaces, and 3)heights

History: Storm was born in a large city. As he grew up, it became obvious he possessed supernatural powers. He became despised by his parents, the townsfolk, even the children around him, who constantly picked on him day after day.

On a normal day, his parents would hardly say anything to him, hardly give him anything to eat for the day, and send him off to school without a good-bye. As he walked to school, he would constantly be jeered, tripped, and many other things. When he would finally make it to school, he would be pounced on by several kids his age. When the teacher would mercifully call them in to start school, the teacher would make mean analogies towards him all the school day, making him feel even worse than he did.

At lunch he would be picked on even more by his colleagues, and they wouldn't let him eat a thing. Eventually school would be let out, and he'd walk home. The jeers would be even worse, and eventually his anger would boil over and he'd lash out at the nearest person. When this happened, storm clouds usually appeared out of nowhere, and the people would run and hide away from him, and leave him alone for the rest of the day. When his parents got home, they would give him the scraps of their dinner like a dog, and then they'd send him to go to bed.

This abuses caused him to be constantly angry, and always afraid to speak, lest he call upon his powers in his anger and it grow out of control. Eventually, he ran away at the age of eleven, and ran to the forest nearby. A hermit there sought to help him control his powers, and took Storm in. Storm trained diligently for three years, and he believed himself in complete control of his powers.

At fourteen years of age, he went back to the city to see if they had changed any. They soon recognized him, and were even meaner to him. He called up a storm, which very, very quickly grew out of hand. In a matter of hours the countryside was leveled, and Storm ran away, fearing himself and his powers.

He came across a swords master, who taught him how to fight, and recognize each form of sword fighting. He was then able to use this knowledge to defeat his enemies. Even though he knew these techniques, he fought with his own style, soon surpassing those who had trained much more than he had. After three more years, at age seventeen, he stole one of the masters favorite swords, which later became known as Lightning to Storm, and a blue, star shaped stone, which he named Kin.

At first he was afraid of being chased after because of his theft, but he soon realized he wasn't being chased for some miraculous reason. He then set out to help those who were being persecuted like he had been. As he traveled, he came upon a fox that had a long scratch along its side and was at death's door. He proceeded to clean the wound, and wrapped it up. Soon, the fox healed, and it began to follow Storm like a dog. Storm considered it his pet, and they traveled together. One night, Storm was trying to light a fire, but wasn't having any success. The fox then grew larger and grew 8 more tails. The fox then threw fireballs from its tails at the fire, and it caught fire immediately. Storm realized what he had befriended, and named it Kajin. They have traveled since, looking for people to help from their persecution.
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Re: Character List


Sade Zwengli


28 years


Prophet of Thaumewt


Magical Being

Gender Type:





195 lbs.


5' 6''

Strengths & Limitations

He has above average psychic ability, limited by current level of physical vigor as noted in the Gliph section, and his physical strength is roughly the average of a magical being; he has an amazing grip, but brittle, and his punches are enough to leave heavy bruises, but he doesn’t have the power to punch someone into a quick submission.

Another strength of his is endurance; when he descends into the threshold of Thaumewt, he is subject to sensory deprivation and low levels of vital things like an oxygen supply. Also, nutrition is very scarce, but that isn’t much different from his existence living in the poor village where his life began.

One of his biggest weaknesses are foes with heavy armor. Armor is very resistant to psychic effects like heat or frost and so he will usually attempt to damage these before the real fight can even begin.

Even bigger as a weakness is that he is not willing to kill sapient beings. If you are humanoid, he will not dare to hurt you past the point where he can extract your mind essence. He is more willing to kill simply sentient beings to achieve “saving” a human mind, which he considers a greater cause.


His principal weapon is an automaton of strange design, Betelgeuze. It is not terribly complex, and runs on gears and other technology similar to that of steam technology. However, instead of steam, the mechanoid is powered in a very specific method. Betelgeuze connects to Sade by means of the vertebrae; that is, the back of the abdomen harpoons a flexible, barbed cord to connect to his spine and tap into one of his key Psi chakras.

Betelgeuze has a small body, but the limbs, neck, and tail of the machine are very long and spindly. However, they are also thick, and not easily broken. The tail ends in a long stinger with a scissoring claw attached to the base and will snap with immense force if willed to move at high velocity. The front arms of the creature end in long blades and hang downward, like a mantis. These blades are dual layered so that the sickles can swing forward and crescent blades will swing from the pivots.

The head of the mech has four headlights for eyes and a probicus composed of reinforced silvers of many types. The probiscus can spray an acidic compound that becomes mist at discharge, suitable for burning away flesh at a slow rate. Acid compound is also very flammable, and is produced by a type of mineral in the abdomen of the machine that is broken down by Betelgeuze’s filtering system.

Handheld Weapons:

The Gates of Bliss: These organic syringes protrude from Sade’s wrists when he wills them. They are the key to his missionary work as the savior of all beings, the harbinger to Thaumewt. A quick stab to the back of the skull and in moments the essence of the mind is congealed into a fluid and drained into Sade’s body, circulating through his vastly complex nervous system and into his own brain, and from there, into a living place called Thaumewt, a shadow of a thought which speaks to Sade on a daily basis.

Mind extraction is essentially the same idea as the soul, however because the soul is transmuted into a fluid before it can leave the mind naturally, it is unable to escape through intangibility until it is sealed insideThaumewt.

Oak Staff: A simple wooden staff that has a small knob or tumor on the end.

Mind Chakrah:

While it is believed by many that every person has chakrahs, this is actually only half true. Every person has the potential to activate these vorticies of energy within the body, but it requires special power to awaken them without years of training, as Sade did. Sade has only opened one Chakrah, using unnatrual methods; the mental Chakrah, and by that he has amazing psi, or psychic power.

The gifts of this Stolen Chakrah are utilized in a transcription of mental commands into physical matter instead of flowing directly from the Chakrah as ancient masters had learned through natural training. These pieces of matter are called Gliphs, and resemble gems of varying colors. They are easily destroyed, but also easily created. Each type of Gliph is by extension created by a different command of the Mind Chakrah. All of the Gliphs are moved by the simplest Chakrah skill, Movement, and only four can be active at one time.

NOTE: The power of each Gliph is moderated by how much damage Sade has taken already. Each strike he receives in battle releases a little more of his inner energies into the air and the Gliphs feed on this. Therefore, the less able he is to put up a physical fight, the more powerful his Gliphs are.

However, at the same time, the weaker he is, the longer it takes to create a Gliph, and the range of the active Gliph is reduced by half. Each successful strike made by the enemy brings him slightly closer to the Dire State, away from the completely battle-ready Vigor State.

Gliph Ranges:

Vigor State: 10 x 10 x 10 feet

Dire State: 5 x 5 x 10 feet

Thermic Gliph: Gliphs that induce a change in molecular speed of matter. Can induce freezing or incredible heat at touch, or any temperature inbetween within a certain range.

Vigor State: Enough heat to give several spurts of flame hot enough to give second degree burns. Can launch a smaller foe.

Dire State: When damaged to a point near exhaustion, enough energy is present to roast a cow while simultaneously launching it into the air.

Gravity Gliph: Controls the attraction or repelling of matter it touches. Can also decrease or increase gravitational forces around it in a limited cube range.

Vigor State: Enough to hurl an opponent/object or drag them closer.

Dire State: Enough to crush a dog-sized foe into a compressed mass of entrails, or swiftly rip them apart. Unlikely usage for a humanoid considering he wants their minds, so he would be more likely to use it to break bones.

Light Gliph: Can absorb the light flowing from any source within a predetermined field, or create a blinding light capable of a momentary distraction that is fairly effective.

Vigor State: Create a temporary flash of light, or blow out surrounding candles and light sources within the Gliph’s range.

Dire State: All light reflects off of the Gliph’s range, creating a small field of invisibility, or the Gliph flies around the room, absorbing all the light it can manage.

Vibration Gliph: Can absorb sound and movement within a predetermined area, and also release it. Good for throwing opponents physically without touch or ploying others to run towards a recognized voice. It can absorb any amount of vibration during a battle but has only limited amount of release. The weaker Sade is, the more it can unleash.

Vigor State: Can release recorded voices or simple physical blows.

Dire State: Can release all absorbed records at once in a torrent.

Mime Gliph: A Gliph that takes the appearance of people and can mimic movements. However, it can do no magic, has no physical strength, and cannot speak. Any excess abilities must be given to it by using other Gliphs.

Vigor State: Can store other Gliphs inside of it to allow it to use other gliphic energies.

Dire State: Explodes at Sade’s will.

Biotic Gliph: This Gliph is actually used on recently mindless bodies to replace their missing intelligence. Very limited, it causes a rapid degeneration of bodily tissues and mutations until functioning is impossible. Very useful after Gates of Bliss have been used for a momentary minion.

Vigor State: Can resurrect only recently mindless organisms.

Dire State: Mindless organisms can be empowered by all previous victims of Gates of Bliss.


Usually wears little to no clothing besides a loincloth. His blonde hair glistens and hangs down slightly past his shoulderblades. An ornate crown of thorns is wrapped around his forehead. His Mind Chakrah actually gives the thorn vine the incentive to grow, and so it is wrapped in many layers around his scarred forehead. His ribs are plainly visible, as though he is malnourished. His nails are long and light blue, with white tips. A long black cape hangs from his shoulders and tied at his chest, the huge collar of which borders the sides of his face. His lips are dark blue.

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Black

Skin: Chalk White

Physique: Lithe and sinewy.

Face: Sharp chin, high cheekbones, small mouth, sunken eyes.

Personality: Sade has a mind that has become chiefly pathological in nature, but his personality still lives beneath it, albeit in a twisted manner. Besides his chief ambition to rescue all sentience from the pain of existence, his attitude still possesses the charm, stubbornness, and ingenuity that he had in his ordinary life. However, in regards to his missionary work, he has an abrasively emotional perspective that hinges on everything a person does in response to his offer of salvation.

Sade was also always known for his pragmatism, and when he had the inner conviction at last as to what the greatest thing he could do for all minds was to release them from pain, that became his earnest desire and he has thrown away much for this ideal, spending hours dedicated solely to developing tactics of attracting people to his plan of saving grace which was given to him by Thaumewt, the Enigmatic Guest.

Sade’s greatest fear is that of rejection, emotionally and in terms of his work more concretely. He feels this way because he has a bit of an ambition to satisfy his harsh mentor, who reincarnated his flesh into this new form. So, he not only feels that he owes Thaumewt, but he also wishes to make himself useful, since his old life is dead and gone.


Act I

Sade was once a man from a primitive tribe called the Summ. He was the poorest in his village and had to take loans from the village chief in order to get by. Eventually, because he was unable to pay back his debts because of several years of bad harvests, he was made a slave and slept on the farms of the chief’s friends, on beds of piled straw.

After a few years of hard work, he was sold to a rich Scribe in the Great City of Ekobo. The man’s name was Mujengi, and he had many slaves already. He used them both as house servants and as tomb robbers to fatten his purse. His legitimate work was translating scriptures of the native religion of Su Ta Ya, but this did not pay as nicely. However, raids on ancient tombs were a grave offense to the goddess Su Ta and so he had to keep it a secret.

Even though his slaves made him rich, Mujengi did not treat Sade any better than the chief had, and made Sade sleep in a basement and eat only grain soups. The hard wooden floor was even worse than the scratchiness of the straw, and Sade began to hate working for such a greedy man. Sometimes, if the slaves did not find any decent treasure, Mujengi would strike them very hard with his gnarled staff until skin on their backs was torn. One girl named Chue tried to fight back, but he struck her to the ground and gouged out one eye to teach her a lesson.

That night she cried a great deal. Mujengi from his bed, yelled threats to ensure her silence. Sade held the girl and gave her some curative oil and a tuft of cotton. She tore a strip from her dress and wrapped it around her head to hold the cotton in place. It made a good bandage, so she was somewhat better. She gave him a kiss, and it was good; his first kiss. He held her closely and they fell asleep a while later.

This routine, however, soon ran its course. Not too many nights after that one, Sade and three other slaves crept out of the basement and took the sacks of gold and other jewels Mujengi had made them prepare for sale the next day. When all the bags were ready, Sade signaled the rest of the servants below and they made their way out of the house. But Chue stayed behind, and Sade paused to stare at her. She started creeping up the stairs, and he followed.

The door to Mujengi’s room was open (he liked good air circulation,) and there was a small second kitchen connected to his room, full of cutlery. Chue grabbed a dagger for shelling seafood, and Sade held a blunt iron pan. Because the scribe slept soundly, they were able to toss the few unused blankets at the end of his bed over his face without his immediate notice. Once the sound was muffled, they began their work. When he had stopped grunting beneath the stuffed cloth, they rolled him in his fabrics and onto the floor.

Then the two of them crawled onto the padded bed and began , ignoring the dark patches where the old man had bled out. This was the first time Sade had been with a woman, and he relished the feel of her legs wrapped around his thighs. She was soft and warm like fresh bread.

Later that night, after they left their old master to Su Ta’s will, they had a rendezvous with the other slaves to discuss how to make money. Most of them had always been slaves and they did not know what they would do. The answer was obvious, Sade realized, and he told them they should all do what they had been doing. They could have the same wealth as old Mujengi if they only sold the treasures themselves. There was a nearly inexhaustible supply of old tombs to plunder, lending credence to the legend was that every woman from the Time of Grandeur gave forth ten babes at a time.

That was the beginning of their work not as slaves but as profiteers. They worked together like before, but they split the finds amongst themselves, so they never became quite as rich as the scribe who had taught them. But because Sade and Chue pooled their gold, they could afford a quiet ceremony to confirm their love, later purchasing a decent hut near a rich assortment of tombs hinted at by local records.

Act II

For many years, Chue and Sade wallowed in prosperity. At times spaced five moons apart, they would meet the same Fence who traded and bartered with those carrying taboo items. The two of them wondered about the man, and once asked him if he feared the wrath of the Goddess for trading such things. He spoke no answer, but instead reached into a bag to withdraw a tattered strip of cloth. It was a pattern of the divine pantheon, usually stiched onto a flag. Then he turned his back to them and revealed there was a patched hole, about the same size, on the back of his robe. “What the Goddess gives is meant to be taken,” he said, and then led them both out the door after he dropped dully gleaming coins into their sacks.

“This is more than agreed to, Namor,” said Sade, and I know you would not make that mistake.”

“I could not put it past you, I know. The excess is for any method necessary to stop your ways. It is not that I do not approve. But two, M’dwe and Saffuir, as you know them, have left Nelinga.”

“Where were they found?” Nelinga included the known world of the living. The euphemism was the same used in the village Sade grew up to describe the death of Miurna, the crone who had cared for him during the Thogas, which were hunts for both men and women of the tribe.

“In the same places you hunt, they fell at different times. My buyer tells me this has happened in other places. Sometimes there are other thieves who forage new grounds. They don’t want competition.” He then did the universal fingermark across the throat to denote their intent. “Use the money and find some new craft.”


And then he shut the door. He was not that old, but he was stubborn; if they were not convinced, he felt no need to argue. The two of them talked the whole way home. Chue considered learning artisanry, and mentioned they could probably afford to borrow a manuscript on the work by Webe, a man she had met when buying dried fruit in the nearby market.

Sade, however, was not convinced. To him, the hunt was addictive. The way things were hidden, the rich, bewildering smell of preservative herbs that masked the dead, not to mention the gold earned was more than he knew they would ever accrue as artisans. So, they fought over it, and in the end, Sade would not budge. Even if she switched work, he would remain with raiding, even on the chance he might be killed. He thought of the idea as preposterous; every raid was a quiet act of solace, never had he been disturbed while doing the like to pilfer from the bones of the silent grave.

Against the wishes of seemingly everyone, his reason, twisted by desire, kept him exploring. And he found more and more treasure, and when he came home with it, he would always give Chue a derisive eye, and she returned it a frown. He made good on his instinct THIS time, but how long will it last? When she heard from Namor that another man was found murdered in a tomb, she confronted Sade in the early morning before he left, and he ended up leaving anyway, fuming and dismissing her words as that of a frightened child. If there was someone out there, he would kill them. Part of his response to her was showing his dagger and small wooden shield, mainly bought to quiet her fears, but she did not think them adequate.

And so he went off into another ruin, leaving his wife to sulk. Let her, he thought. I know my luck, I have seen it myself, and it will not abandon me. He felt he had earned this life from all his suffering in the past.

To pinpoint ruins, he had a large old map--the kind Fences sold from information given by scouts and sold to show where tombs were plentiful. And this time his choice on the map was farther off than usual, with no nearby villages, so he had to stay the night in a straw bed in the woods like he had as a slave. But it was not as severe, for he had a blanket over the needles so they did not scratch him. The night was uneventful, if not unusually quiet.

The day was a little overcast when he finally reached what the map marked as the next gravesite of the ancients, but he could not seem to find the entrance. The mound was prodigious; he knew he had found the place, for it seemed at first to just be a hill, but was too uniform to be natural. He scratched around some large rocks at the base but eventually found himself scrambling to the top of the thing for a way down. At last, he laid sights on a dark opening overgrown by vines, and ran towards it.

About halfway there, the grass beneath his feet ripped and the earthy tomb ruptured. He found himself grabbing at nothing but dewy grass that shredded in his hands. He fell into the dark, clothes fluttering. A rough ledge of rocks shattered his spine and he struggled to find air. He felt limp, and he could only manage ghosts of words. His body was bent backwards from the midsection in a position that his tears flowed backwards into his eyes and blurred his vision, and so he could barely make out anything at all.

He began to make out something not of his vision, but his mind’s eye. He thought it was Su Ya’s great jackal, Magoi, coming to devour him and then expel him from its bowels into Michra, the darkest hell. He thought of Michra because that was what this place most resembled. His luck had finally exhausted itself. Now was the time for his undoing, and his pain was terrifying; he felt no pain at all in his legs, they weren’t moving, but the blood from the wounds on his back he felt.

The figure before him seemed to be doubly real and yet elusive; in the eyes of the flesh, Sade saw him as an outline in his tears, and in the sight of the mind, it was a crudely human shape, composed entirely of white light. It spoke to him only in the latter way, as his life was draining out of him.

Why have you lived this way? You have mistreated your wife and you have obsessed over mere trinkets that were left in adoration of those who have nothing. And you helped kill a man in his sleep. YOU TOOK A LIFE.

Each word spoken was like the brand of a blazing iron. Wholly in his mind, but as real to Sade as the sun or moon, the words scathed off the entirety of his surface flesh. He was convinced his eyes were gone and he wailed every word of apology his mind could link together in such hysteria.

You have stolen everything from the grave except what matters; that human life is short and nothing is guaranteed. But in your insolence you come here and risk news of your death to your wife and now you are going to Michra Hell.

This time, the words charred through his muscles and he was little more than a thinking arrangement of bones. He was horribly helpless now, unable to even move his hands to beg or weep in a torrent of etheric lights in a plane with this being.

This is the true helplessness of every living thing you feel now, behind their minds they hide this. But psychically you see the truth of every man, woman and child, what their minds fight and how they avoid the inevitable encroaching of hell. I tell you: there is no Su Ya. Only this follows death. Only this.

The words had such knowing that Sade could not question it, and he hit a realization of the thousands of bodies he had seen that had once seen life and all of this pain. His mind asked the one thing that came natural after the horror of this knowledge: “All of this...Could I stop it?”

Your heart finally sees nobility. I have the keys, and I think you are right for them.

The sounds echoed throughout the chamber in the realm of living things were those of bones and skin flapping and ripping, and muscles twisting about, while a loud hum, which would have driven a man mad were there any there to hear it, lingered in the background.

Later that night, a group of men in red hoods and travelling cloaks approached the mound. They were talking quite solemnly about how business was at hand, now that they had removed a great deal of their rivals. They found two entrances upon their ascent, and they circumvented the collapsed pit in favor of the one surrounded in foliage. Upon reaching the ground floor by taking a set of old stairs, they came upon a full bag. Several of them unsheathed their daggers, and they peered around the place. After a moment they determined the place was vacant. They emptied the bag and filled their pockets with the gold, and then began their hunt for jewelry. But the sound of footsteps made them stop. They echoed loudly, almost deafening.

“Why are you stealing? Don’t you know stealing is wrong?”

Two of the men pulled out their bows, and the rest reprised their blades.

Sade was hurt. “You don’t understand, do you? Don’t worry, it’ll be clear in time.” He looked like he had sharp things in his hands, but they couldn’t make them out, and before any of them could make heads or tails of his nonsense he had his grip upon them all, and days later he was seen returning home to his wife, with a kind smile upon his face.
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Re: Character List

short post is short
i am hereby retracting all of my characters except Gazr Metalshade (Gazr Metalshade)

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Re: Character List

This is ZeldaZealot's character that will hopefully fill out more as ZeldaZealot becomes a better writer.

Name: Saveli (This is the Russian form of a Latin word that is the name of a group of people that lived... somewhere.)

Nickname /Alias: N/A

Occupation: Wanderer / Adventurer

Age/Birthdate: 20

Apparent Age: N/A

Gender: Male

Race: Naga : Nagas, in general, are like humanoid snakes. They have several traits that are very similar to snakes. From being cold blooded, which makes them weak to cold weather and such. Also since they don't make their own body heat, they don't have to eat as often(usually eat once a week, and last up to 2 months before dieing from starvation). To having having heat pits, and being able to sense vibrations from the ground better than other. Having no eyelids, to having a forked tongue with which they use to 'smell' the world around them.

Height: Going to give total length of body, then the length of the upright portion of the body, and finally the tail.

Total Length: 10 ft 9 in(3.28 meters)

Upright body: 5 ft 4 in (1.63 meters) *while the Upright body can change a bit, this is the usual height he is at when he is standing still*

Tail: 5 ft 5 in(1.65 meters). *while the Tail can change a bit, this is the usual length it is at*

Weight: 177 lb(80.29 kg)

Eye Color: Ruby Red

Hair Color/Style: N/A(He doesn't have hair)

General Appearance: Think of a normal human standing at 5' 4" that is slightly muscular and bit lean-ish. Now cover him with emerald green scales. Replace the legs with a serpentine tail that is a little longer than he is tall. Place claws on his hands. Elongate and flatten his head and turn it into more of a triangular shape. A hood starts at the edges of the eyebrow, that swoops out before sweeping back to connect at the place where the neck meets the shoulders(can fold up). Narrow the eyelid-less eyes a bit, which are ruby red with horizontal elliptical pupils(just a note, the horizontal pupils are just uncommon among Nagas, like left handed people). And your done.

Saveli has nothing on him except for 2 iron bracelet that has 2 small, orange, sun-shaped Topaz in each of them.

Weapon(s): All natural claws, teeth, and venom.

Claws: At the tip of Saveli's hands are claws that are a half inch long and charcoal black, they are strong and sharp enough to pierce iron with a bit of force(not his fingers, just the claws).

Teeth/Fangs: Saveli's teeth are small, needle like, and slightly curve towards the back of the mouth. They aren't designed to chew, but to grab and hold. He has two pair of fangs, one pair at the front and another at the back of his mouth, and they look no different from his teeth.

Venom: The venom is colorless and slick. Within minutes of injection of a normal dose(that would be used for an average human) the victim will feel paresthesias around the injection area(about 5 minutes), soon followed by ataxia(around 15 minute), and then paralysis(30 minutes). The venom(and the symptoms that fallows) will spread through most(maybe all) of the body in an hour. Dyspnea usually appears when/if the venom reaches the lungs, and the paralysis that comes after can and probably will cause death. Saveli has enough venom for 3 normal doses.


Paresthesias : A sensation of tingling, pricking, or numbness of a person's skin with no apparent long-term physical effect. It is more generally known as the feeling of "pins and needles" or of a limb "falling asleep".

Ataxia : A neurological sign and symptom consisting of gross lack of coordination of muscle movements.

Dyspnea : A debilitating symptom that is the experience of unpleasant or uncomfortable respiratory sensations. Can also be called shortness of breath.

Armor: While Saveli doesn't wear armor, his scales act as a natural one with the same protectiveness(except for how much depth it has) as light quilted armor.

Carried Possessions: Twin bracelets made of normal iron(2 in width), each fitted with 2 orange sun-shape Topaz(1 in in length), poor clarity. They are used to keep Saveli warm if he is in a colder environment. If the temperature is about 60-70(F), it will drain all the energy of 1 topaz in 24 hours (same amount of time it takes for them to recharge, they can't recharge while they are being used), temperatures lower than that down to 40(F) requires 2 Topazes. They can also be used to cause second degree burns around the area where he is touching the foe(with his hands), but doing so drains all the energy of a fully charged topaz.

Powers/Magic/Skills: No skills, but might as well describe how magic works from where Saveli comes from.

Magic comes in the form of precious gem-stones, the size of the gem determines the strength of the magic within it and how much energy it can have stored, the clarity determines how fast it can recharge, while the color and shape of the gems determines the power that can be used from them. You can change the shape of a gem from one to another, but that is a dangerous task and of course the second shape will be smaller than the first. Magic can be used by anybody, they just need to learn how to use it, learning how to use the magic within one gem does not mean you can easily use the magic from another, in order to use the magic you must have skin contact with the gem.

Battle Strengths: All Saveli has are his natural strengths that all Naga have:

His reflexes are 4 times faster than the average humans, and he can move up to 30 mph(48.28 Kilometer) for 3 hours a day, his normal 'walking' pace is 7 mph(11.27 Kilometers)

His coils are about three times as strong as his arms, which have the same strength as an average human. He does have claws, which gives him a slight advantage in hand to hand combat.

Saveli's venom is a Tetrodotoxin, which causes paralysis, and maybe death.

Saveli has heat pits which allows him to 'see' most people during the night or behind cover/camouflage.

Saveli can tune into vibrations from the ground better than most.

Battle Weaknesses:

Saveli does not know how to fight.

Due to his size, it is hard for Saveli to move silently(tho him having scales does help a bit), hide, or dodge multiple projectiles at the same time. It doesn't help that he can't really jump either.

Cold makes him sluggish, and will eventually cause him to fall asleep, then death.


Personality: Due to his life and what he is, Saveli doesn't get close(physically or emotionally) to people often, and so is quiet and a bit shy. When he does talk, he speaks softly as if trying to hide his voice from others, or the fact that he talks in third person. Saveli is usually standing off to the side so as not to get in the way or be notice. Saveli is also quite pessimistic and believes that he is not that helpful to others, but will try none-the-less. In battle he panics, as he has no clue what to do except try to stay alive.

Likes: Heat

Learning new things.

Listening to music.


Being useful.

Dislikes: Being cold.

Physically affectionate people.

Hunting for fun.

Too many restrictions.

Eating any sort of vegetation, as it causes him indigestion.

Fears: Not being accepted by others.


Being completely unneeded.

Virtues: N/A

Vices: N/A

History: Saveli pretty much had an uneventful childhood. He grew up in a small city that was hidden from the rest of the world. He also had very few friends that kept him company, nor did he had any siblings to do so either. He was also said to have low luck, always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, nor did Saveli had any sort of talent that could change it.

If there was one thing that kept him hopeful, it was the the chance to run off to a small outpost tower at the edge of the barrier to have a glimpse of the outside world, for the outside world always entertained him more than the world he was stuck in. The barrier was to keep their world from the world outside. Centuries ago there was no barrier, nor was there a thought to have one as they lived deep in the jungle, but they came into contact with other races. These other races were said to be understanding at first, but soon their cruel nature showed itself. The other races started slaughtering the Nagas, and so to prevent further bloodshed the Nagas set up the barrier.

It was on his 20th birthday when it happened. Saveli, being a little reckless, decided to go on top of the outpost tower again while there was a storm going on. There was a flash of lightning right before he passed out. When he came to, he found out that he was on the opposite side of the barrier, and there was no way to get through it to town. Turning around, Saveli started taking the first steps into the world he always wanted to see, while muttering to himself that he will probably die within an hour.

Credits go to Zorathan for this Sig.


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Re: Character List

Name: Rato Stormridge

Occupation: thief/musician

Age/Birthdate: 13

Apparent Age: N/A

Gender: male

Race: Kera (Humans with animal features, like horns, tails, or hooves. They accelerate in using mystical instruments to summon or use several spells. They also control the shadows, which make them good thieves or assassins and have a they have weak magical aura.

Height: 1m 35cm

Weight: 40kg

Eye Color: Forest green

Hair Color/Style: Grey, messy hair. About 5 cm long everywhere.

General Appearance: Unlike most Keraís, He only has wolf features, while others have multiple animal features (like goat horns and eagle wings etc.). He Has grey wolf ears, furry arms, wolf legs which enable him to be faster and a tail. He wears a black bandana and a blue shirt with long, white sleeves. He wears baggy pants to cover his wolf legs and he wears a green vest over his shirt. Although he looks like a 10 year old, thereís something about him that makes him seem older. He has a bright skin color and sharp teeth.

Weapon(s): He has two large daggers which he stole from an adventurer before he was killed by a Stalflos and a flute that he received on his eighth birthday which he uses for magic and summoning.

-His daggers are 50 cm long, (with the hilt 60) 10 cm wide and 2 cm thick. The blade is made of black meteorite steel, and itís hilt is brown. Because of the material of the blade, it is sharper and harder than a normal blade. The only thing that can brake the blades is crystal, which is the only object which they can't cut. The daggers sap energy from the wielder when he wants to cut something that a normal blade shouldn't be able to. It saps energy according to how hard the object it he wants to cut.

-His flute has the same size and shape as a recorder. It is as smooth as silk and seems to be made out of metal. The whole flute is white. Rato uses it to summon winds, storms and other elements. Every Kera who gets their musical instrument, (It isn't always a flute) automatically has a magical bond with it, so anyone else who would play it, wouldn't be able to even make a sound come out. (this is the instrument magic, not the wielders) The flute uses it's owners energy for spells, but it doesn't require a big amount to use one.

Armor: He doesnít really have armor. He has a thin magical barrier around him which is invisible. the barrier isn't very strong, so it can only deflect very weak spells. It can't protect him from physical attacks.

Carried Possessions: He always carries his flute and three empty bottles with him, which he uses when he needs to collect a certain resource.

Powers/Magic/Skills: He posses several summons and Skills and all involve his flute, except for the shadow slash. Although he has some magic, he is not a wizard sorcerer, or magician of any kind. The flute contains the magic, not the musician. His shadow spells take a lot more energy than all his songs together.

-Wind call: Calls the wind to blow in a certain direction or to blow an enemy away. Involves a song on the flute (five quick notes). He can control the direction of the wind by pointing in a direction with his flute. Strength is controlled by Rato's will. The longer the wind lasts and the stronger it is, the more energy it saps from him. The longest he can hold a small breeze is 5 hours.

-Storm call: Very similar to the song of storms, just this allows him to create rainclouds above an enemy or shock him with lightning (four long notes). The storm lasts up to 1 hour, as Rato has no control over when it stops. He can control the direction of the lightning, but only when the lightning comes naturally.

-Hail call: calls forth a cloud of hail or snow. Uses it to his advantage or to his enemyís disadvantage (thereís a difference). Needs song on flute. (ten quick notes) It is very similar to his storm call, just this controls snow and ice

-Fire call: Blows fire through his flute. (doesn't require any song). The fire comes in the shape of a small ball the size of a fist.

-Shadow slash: creates small blades of shadows on his fingertips which he uses when he doesnít have a weapon in a moment. They are as hard as steel and as sharp as his daggers. The shadow becomes solid when it surrounds his fingertips. After using the shadow-slash twice, he faints.

-Shadow merge: Allows him to teleport a few meters away. Great when getting chased by someone fast. It appears as if he were fading away like a smoke and then solidly appearing a few meters away. When he uses it once, he can merge up to 15 times directly after each other. It takes as much energy as the shadow-slash.

Battle Strengths: He has the stamina, strength and speed of a wolf. This allows him to run up to 5 hours and not get tired, be double as strong as a normal human (or as strong as link with the silver gauntlet) and be as fast as a young horse. In Narron Island children learn how to use weapons at the age of 5, which makes him really good at fighting. When in the dark, his power increases to the double and he can use shadow spells 4 times before passing out.

Battle Weaknesses: He is bad against airborne enemies and light type attacks, because is very short ranged and a warrior of the shadows. Using the flute during battle is also time consuming, which gives his opponent a chance to strike.

Personality: Rato is quite lively and sneaky and he is quite optimistic, though sometimes people tell him that he is plain stupid. He doesn't think he needs to be smart, which makes him quite unwise. He believes in the saying "brawns over brains" and this caused him to get into trouble a few times. because of him being a natural pirate or thief, he doesn't have many friends, though to the few friends which he has, he is very loyal and never would leave them behind. He is very greedy which comes to his disadvantage.

Likes: He likes sailing, the ocean, music, fishing, pirates and wind

Dislikes: Arrogance, egoistic people, being mistaken for a ten year old, people who think everything is great and act as though they were little angels and sunlight.

Fears: Bats, Sharks, Snakes.

Virtues: He knows how to sail, play almost any sort of flute and knows the basics of pillaging and theft

History: Rato was raised on a small island called Narron Island. At the age of eight, after he got his flute, Pirates came and kidnapped him, because they said he had something that they wanted. He learned the basics of sailing and tending a ship. At first, he was miserable, but then he grew fond of the pirates and treated them as new parents. He learned to love the sea more than he ever did. At the age of ten, they arrived on Dragonroost, where he escaped and got taken care of by the Rito. At eleven he finished building a sailboat and decided to sail to new horizons, so he left Dragonroost and sailed out to new adventures.
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Re: Character List

Name: Golgoth
Alias: Dioxn
Occupation: Creator of Heartless, Seeker of Power
Age/Birthdate: Exact Birthdate is uncertain, possibly hundreds of years old
Apparent Age: Looks like a shadow
Gender: Male
Height: Six feet, Two inches
Weight: One hundred Sixty-Four pounds
Eye Color: Completely black with glowing red slits
Hair Color/Style: Silver-Grey, spiked backwards

Race: Knightshade
Every living being consists of three things: a Heart, a Soul, and a Body. Death occurs when the three separate, the Heart returning to it's origin, Kingdom Hearts, the Soul living on as it's own being, and the body wasting away. With the deepest darkness are born creatures named Heartless, beings of instinct and hunger constantly lusting after darkness. It was these creatures that inspired Xehanort to create the Emblem Heartless, dark Beings that seek to devour living Hearts. When a Being loses it's Heart, death is the natural response, yet sometimes the Body and Soul fuse again to create a Nobody, an unnatural being incapable of emotion. When this Being perishes, death is made complete and the Soul is liberated as a living testament of the Being it once was. Yet what is left of the Nobody, the Being which did not even exist? A kind of shadow lives on, the 'Soul' of a Nobody. These beings, Knightshades, are like Nobodies in many ways, yet they possess Hearts. Golgoth is one of the first of his kind, and it was due to his work that other 'shadows' received Hearts and became Knightshades. They are physical Beings of Shadow, having powers of a Nobody or Heartless, as well as the ability to breed Heartless, both Emblem and Pureblood.

General Appearance: Most of Golgothís physical features are imperceptible as his flesh is solidified darkness, thus his exterior appears to be a shadow (the darker it looks, the stronger he is). His heart shaped face is topped with silver-grey hair styled backwards, and all you can perceive of his eyes are two vertical red slits. He wears a skeletal mask to define his face, rather than hide it, as most masks are prone to do. His body is slender and lanky, and he typically slouches when he walks, which detracts from his height a bit.

Now, I hate describing clothing, so if youíll just look at this picture that Doran Bladefist made me, youíll get a good idea of what Golgoth dresses like.

Battle Strengths: Itís never really been of Golgothís style to fight his way into everything. Not that heís incapable of doing battle, he just feels more Ďin controlí when he delegates his enemies to some of his minions while he uses his magic from afar to influence the battle. Actually dueling with a worthy opponent feels like a power-struggle, and he doesnít like to struggle, though he will typically accept a challenge, should it be offered. One of his favorite fighting techniques is to transform his Heartless into living weapons, and use their according fighting style. He canít make a Heartless any stronger as a weapon than itís living equivalent is, and these weapons are more prone to taking damage and dying than other weapons are, but itís just a thing of his.

Battle Weaknesses: Golgoth's dueling style while using his Keyblade is mostly on the defensive, preferring to block or dodge incoming attacks and attack when the opponent is fully exposed and unable to counter quickly. Needless to say, this form is very slow and wonít cause too much damage at one time, giving his opponents plenty of time to heal themselves. Another weakness quite easy to exploit is Golgoth's extreme sensitivity to intensified light (the reason his clothes cover so much of him). A single, powerful beam of light would have the impact of a bullet upon Golgoth if his skin is exposed to it.

Weapon: The one weapon Golgoth carries with him is his Keyblade. Summoned to his hands at his will and crafted from the darkness around him, the Avenger (for so it is called) is Golgothís lifelong companion, and perhaps the only thing that can understand him. It consists of two thin rods which form a blade of sorts, connected to an intricate handle on one end, and a double bladed scythe on the other. Colored red and black, it features a repeated wing motif, along with a Heartless emblem on the hilt and a Nobody symbol opposite of the scythe blades.

Powers: Most all of Golgothís power is derived from his core, called an Arkoden. Arkoden are Hearts that were broken and carried by Heartless, then reforged by their former master. It holds itís userís memories of their past life, as well as the amount of Darkness they achieved in their lives. Golgothís Arkoden, however, differs from others as he chooses to keep it pure of both Light and Darkness. Thus, while other Arkoden take the form of an Inner Heartless, Golgothís is an Inner Nobody.

Absorb: Golgoth holds forth his hand, palm out, and absorbs the force of an incoming attack into an open dimension 4 feet wide. The opening may not be large enough to completely envelope the attack, and this move relies entirely on Golgoth reacting fast enough.
Limits: 13 uses per fight.
Side-Effects: Gravity may become slightly weaker in the vicinity of an open dimension.

Reflect: Directly after Absorb is used, Golgoth may return the energy in an attack of his own.
Limits: Same as Absorb.
Side-Effects: If the energy of the attack is more than Golgoth can physically contain at one moment, the extra energy will backfire on Golgoth unpredictably when drawn upon.

Phantom Draw: Golgoth temporarily unweaves dimensions at a single point in space, thus increasing gravityís pull towards the designated point.
Limits: 5 uses per fight.
Side-Effects: The altered gravity will effect Golgoth, too.

Levitate: Golgoth creates an dimension which completely negates gravity within a set field.
Limits: 5 uses per fight.
Side-Effects: The altered gravity will effect Golgoth, too.

Havoc: The explosion from this spell unravels multiple dimensions in many places at once, disrupting gravityís uniformity drastically within the effected area, which can be as wide as 40 feet. Some areas will become zero-gravity zones, while others may collapse from their own suddenly increased weight.
Limits: 3 uses per fight.
Side-Effects: The altered gravity will effect Golgoth, too.

Nobody Inversion: Golgothís Inner Nobody is externalized, and itís powers become accessible to Golgoth. His clothes change to that of a Nobody uniform (a black jumpsuit that covers the entire body and face, allows inhuman flexibility, and features a bunch of zippers, too), and he is now armed with a black glaive. (The following 4 abilities are only useable when Golgoth is a Nobody.)
Limits: 1 transformation per fight.

Twist Warp: Golgothís Nobody rapidly dissolves into a series of black and grey thorns, which quickly extend across a distance and then the Nobody reforms. Using this technique, a distance of 10 yards can be covered as fast as 4 seconds.
Limits: 10 uses per fight.

Demi: Upon casting, a short-range gravity sphere is created that draws in up to a quarter of the remaining power of those close by. The power is then accessible to Golgoth. (The effect can be stacked by casting multiple times, yet the effect will be lessened each time.)
Limits: 8 uses per fight.
Side-Effects: Depending on the amount of power Golgoth absorbs, he may become physically denser, which, while increasing his defense, will also make him slower, heavier, and more vulnerable to his own gravitational attacks.

Graviga: In short, Demi increased tenfold. A wide-range Gravity field forms which quickly sucks away over 1/3 of the power of those in the field.
Limits: 1 use per fight.
Side-Effects: Same as Demi.

Shade Convert: Golgoth transfers Darkness from a beingís Heart into a Shadow, then controls that Shadow as a minion. A kind of artificial Heartless, exerting properties similar to an ordinary Heartless. If left on itís own, it will act accordingly, attempting to devour the Heart of another. Golgoth can completely control the Heartless if he chooses, even to channel his own attacks or senses through it.
Limits: 13 uses per fight.

Limit Break: Sealing Gate Golgoth creates an spherical dimensional gate 8 feet wide that draws objects into an artificial dimension by it's intensified gravitational pull. As it draws in more matter, the gate will expand and the pull will increase. The only way to stop it is for Golgoth to 'lock' the gate with his Keyblade, sealing the dimension until he should again open it, or for someone to physically destroy the gate with enough attacks.
Limits: 1 use per fight.

Carried Possessions:
Data Analyzer: Shaped like an iPod and carried in Golgothís pocket, the Analyzer constantly takes in data samples of everything around him, and stores them. This data can be relayed or used to create lifelike data replicas of beings. Similar to Nobodies in behavior and power, these replicas are not actual beings, rather they react to outside stimulus through their basic programming and any additional programming Golgoth might add. They are not especially durable on their first charge and can be destroyed by a few basic attacks unless they are strengthened. They feed off of electrical charge, which powers their attacks and keeps them alive.
Charge Life: The Data Analyzer will operate for 48 hours on a single charge, and if used excessively will last shorter.
Limits: Can only create five basic Replicas on one charge without shutting off.

Liquid Darkness Orbs: Black spheres 6 inches in diameter, the Orbs each contain an amount of liquid Darkness. If Golgoth absorbs the darkness, it will recharge all his Powers for one turn. The darkness can also be used to strengthen Heartless, or it can be ingested by organic beings to temporarily fuse with the darkness in their Hearts until it is expended.
Carries: 3 orbs.
Side-Effects: Organics who ingest liquid Darkness may experience dark or Ďevilí inclinations during the effects, as well as waves of euphoria at the beginning and end of the effect range.

Personality: Much of Golgothís character is dominated by an immense jealousy of the human race. He wishes he could be like them, live a happy life, have feelings, and just exist in general. But he hides this envy from himself by overcompensating with hatred. He will act callous and cruel towards humans he encounters, very rarely showing any kind of sympathy. Only at a few instances in his life has Golgothís humanity shown through, and he harbors feelings for only a select few humans.

Yet Golgothís devout love of science is apparent in every aspect of him. If he lets something live, itís normally because he wants to understand it, while at the same time he would eagerly trade an objectís existence to understand it just as well. Others who destroy knowledge, for any reason at all, have instantly earned Golgothís contempt. He is meticulous and calculating, and likes to feel in control at all times. Should he ever feel weak or powerless, for even an instant, he is bound to miscalculate or overreact in some way.

Likes: Experimenting, Knightshades, power, seeing people become like him, tragedy.
Hates: People in general, especially those who think theyíre right, and those who live happy lives, overconfidence, emotions.
Fears: Becoming like everyone else, dying.
Virtues: Sense of Justice (Though often misguided).
Vices: Apathy, Cruelty, Sadism.

Origins: Golgoth was born of a woman named Rhea, noone knows how long ago. She was a victim of rape, and thus she bore a child, whom she named Odin. She raise him, and for the first fifteen years of his life he lived like any other boy. And then she died of a virulent disease, leaving Odin sorrowful and alone. And it was then that he first saw the Heartless. Bizarre beings of shadow like nothing he had ever seen before, the Heartless were incensed by Odinís sorrow, and hungered to devour his Heart, as was their nature. He tried to fight them off, yet his physical attacks were unable to hold off their growing numbers for long, and soon the Heartlessí hunger was sated. Left without a Heart, Odinís Body and Soul divided, then fused again to form a Nobody, an unnatural being incapable of emotion.

The Nobody did not live long until it encountered another of itís kind, a powerful being justifiably named Grimblade. Grimblade gave Odin a name, Dioxn, and trained him to use his new powers. Dioxn worked under Grimblade for three years, then Grimblade perished at the hands of a Keyblade Knight named Aaglour. Dioxn hunted down Aaglour and challenged him to a duel, as he said that his Masterís fight with Aaglour had not been fair. When Aaglour accepted the challenge, Dioxn quickly filled the shadow of Aaglourís Keyblade with itsí wielderís Darkness, and used the Keybladeís shadow to shatter and absorb itís former masterís Heart. Insisting that the battle was now fair as neither of them had Hearts, Dioxn defeated and killed Aaglour.

This greatly provoked the other Keyblade Knights, who now knew Dioxn to be a threat, so they dispatched a stronger Knight named Escardier to destroy Dioxn. When the two fought, the Nobody quickly gained the upper hand, and his enemy was forced to perform a powerful suicide attack which terminated them both. As the two beings perished, the Souls of Odin and Escardier lived on, and there seemed to be nothing left of the being named Dioxn. Yet part of him did live on, in the form of a shadow which existed in the Realm of the Incomplete Beings, the Voidís Shroud. Only there did Dioxn exist anymore, amongst others like himself, shadows of nonexistent beings. Years and years went by...

Dioxn slithered down the black shore of his home, only half awake. Shadow Heartless scattered as he neared. Yet something inside of one caught Dioxnís notice. It was a Heart, quite common, yet something seemed very special about it. Coming more to his senses, he stood and examined the Heart. IT WAS HIS! Stretching forth his shadow of a hand, he called to the object. It rose, the Darkness liquefying and rolling off of it. He sealed the cracks in it with his memories, memories of being a Nobody, and then a shadow. Memories of Grimblade, memories of Aaglour and Escardier. Now perfectly his, the Heart floated forward and rested in his chest, then violently fusing with him. He knew that he was real now. Examining his newly defined body, he summoned forth his Keyblade just as it had been. Reaching out his new hand, he compelled the shadow that had possessed his Heart for so long, calling it back into being and lending it life. The Shadow crawled over to him, nuzzling his leg. ďCímon, little guy,Ē He said, stroking it behind itís ears and then scratching the back of itís neck. ďLetís find you something to eat.Ē

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Re: Character List

Name: Jacob Vladworth

Nickname /Alias: Pelican-Throat

Occupation: Hunter

Age/Birthdate: 45

Apparent Age: N/A

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 6 Feet, 6 Inches (1.98 meters)

Weight: 255 lbs

Eye Color: Extremely dark amber eyes (so dark in fact, that unless light reflects off them, they seem dull brown).

Hair Color/Style: He has neatly kept (when possible) curly dark brown hair, cut fairly short and kept fairly neat. He seems to take an odd pride in his hair, visiting a barber shop whenever he can find one.

General Appearance: Jacob generally wears a thick brown knitted sweater and trousers of the exact same color. His shoes are a type of goulashes he developed in order to remain quiet while keeping dry in wet areas. When in warmer climates, he garbs himself in a light tan poncho, thinned breeches of a darker tan, and a bright white hat composed of cloth and mesh he made on a trip across the rim of a desert. Since the battle in the floating arena, he also possesses a orange, red, yellow, and white striped suit, with white silk pants and gloves, black dress shoes and white spats, a straw boater with an orange band, and a bamboo cane (see Dick van Dyke's outfit in the country scene in Mary Poppins).

He has a rather burly build, but often appears obese due to carrying around an exorbitant number of pouches, packs, and vials underneath his sweater. His back has a slight slump from years of playing on keyboard instruments before packing up and beginning wandering. He is slightly fat around the edges, but most of his weight is muscle.

His face is shaped like a triangle, sloping down from his flat forehead to his pronounced chin. His brows just out somewhat, but not in any noticeable fashion. He has a deeply recessed nose bridge, with nostrils perfectly perpendicular to his face. His lips are thin and cracked. His eyes are shaped like two pointed ovals, as in Egyptian art. They have the slightest downward direction to them horizontally. His ears are thin and slope backwards. He has a somewhat inquisitive look on his face when not exhibiting any particular emotion.

His skin is peach in color, with calluses on his hands from years in the thick underbrush. His limbs are all damaged in this manner.

Weapon(s): He owns a epťe-like sword measuring 3 feet 6 inches (around 108 cm) in length (including the handle) and an inch thick at the base, tapering off until the end. The hilt fits perfectly into his hand. It is composed of a type of carbon metal found in a mine in northern Africa (or the equivalent of it in a RP), which has a hardness roughly equivalent to a diamonds, but flexes rather than snapping (and then only under extreme circumstances), and holds a sharpness much greater than in other materials. He also possesses a short broadsword of about two feet which curves into a long, sharp point. He doesn’t fight with it, but stabs it into animals if attacked by them. There is nothing terribly special about this one.

When he was making plans to leave the life he knew, he bought a steel-limbed crossbow, which is kept strapped on his back in an easy place to reach. He is quite handy with it, though it possesses no special powers.

On his first outing, he discovered a small dagger with an opal encased in glass in the hilt. The dagger, if stabbed into the ground, can cause it to rain, or, eventually, almost any weather pattern (development takes around 10 minutes to a half hour depending on the location, and no other magic can dispel or control anything the dagger summons [but neither can Jacob]. Jacob himself is the only one who can remove the dagger from the ground.)

Armor: He is already copiously weighed down, and uses none.

Carried Possessions: The most important thing he owns is a plain silver band on the index finger of his left hand. It causes a bolt to materialize in his crossbow when he pulls back the string. After 30 minutes of existence, the bolts disappear. One other (possibly) magical artifact he owns is a small brass disk on a chain he found sitting on his doorstep the day he left his home. The writing on it reads “Get out of situation free disk. This disk entitles the owner to one free plot advancement in true Mary-Sue style. Warning: Anyone using this disk twice shall die a painful and very entertaining to read death.” He hasn’t the foggiest what that is supposed to mean, but thought it best to keep it anyway.

As previously noted, he is constantly laden with multiple packs of items he keeps under his clothes for safety. Among them are multiple tools, vials of whatever potions and concoctions he can buy or otherwise obtain from those who make them, soap and other hygiene essentials, extra nonperishable food, a sleeping sack, a couple books, and many miscellaneous pieces of equipment for someone who never knows where they may be at any given time.

Powers/Magic/Skills: He is fairly accurate with his crossbow, and can hold up in a sword fight if he absolutely has to, though he tries to avoid conflict he doesn’t arrange himself. He is extremely strong when provoked, however.

His abilities mainly range on the mental side of things. He can speak about 12 languages including English, and is fairly good at guessing mechanics of unfamiliar languages. His ability to convince people of things is enormous.

He can play the Piano and Organ, and compose music for anything from a solo flute to a whole orchestra. He still keeps a bundle of papers he used to convey his musical ideas.

Battle Strengths: Jacob’s greatest strength in battle is his skill at not entering them. He can’t hold up in a straight fight with most people, so he uses tact. He secretly loads his crossbow if there is any chance of any encounter becoming a conflagration. When possible, he approaches people from behind. He bluffs about his skill, and attributes magical abilities to himself.

When part of a larger skirmish, he begins to excel. He has imagination. In almost any circumstance, there is some way to create something that will tip the scales in your favor. He has exceptional prowess in thinking things up which accomplish that.

Battle Weaknesses: He is just an average human. Weight, magic, more skilled people, poison, anything which would kill you would kill him. At least he can walk around in the sunlight.

Other: N/A

Personality: He is a man with immense mental drive who never goes out of his way to show it. Even though he probably knows more about a certain situation than the next guy, he doesn’t offer any solution unless the matter concerns him or he feels the cause is a good one. He is a tad on the gullible side, being trusting of the average person, but he has a sort of sixth sense for when something bad will come of a setup.

One of the main things he does talk about is how ridiculous any given scenario is. He never lies in normal conversation, and willingly admits he has a great many faults.

Likes: Orchestral Scores, Masks, Money, Chicken Pot Pie, Theology, Plants

Dislikes: Insects, Communists, Cheese, Unisex Hats, Ridiculous Details (such as the rest of this list)

Fears: Certain Insects (Roaches, Queen Termites, Wasps)

Virtues: He never drinks, smokes, or chases women. He upholds the law. He fights criminal organizations. He can cook amazingly.

Vices: He will not fight any battle he cannot win, so is perceived as a coward. He gambles (but usually wins). He lacks true battle skills. He is stubborn. He overeats often.

History: Jacob Vladworth was born to a rich family, heads of a merchant chain. His Parents, John and Ana, raised him very well, and gave him a desire to make something of himself. At the age of 12, he gained a sudden desire to learn to play keyed instruments, and took very well to the lessons he was given. At 14 his parents died in a cholera outbreak, which he took fairly well. After briefly living with his kind grandmother, he went back and took up residence in his father's position, which he proved to be very able at.

Becoming even more affluent than his family by the age of 35, he was struck with another desire, to travel and seek adventure. Though he was already past the usual adventuring age, He found a sword and crossbow, and set out on his merry way. His first adventure was a success, in which he stole his dagger from a (very, very damp) mausoleum. However, he has had no victories of any kind in the ten years since.

Recently, he has become fed up with his bad luck, but has a feeling he is about to come into his own...
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Re: Character List

Name: - Malvak Valiak

Nickname /Alias: - Mal

Occupation: Arena Fighter/Vigilante

Age/Birthdate: - 19
Apparent Age: - N/A

Gender: - Male

Race: Human

Height: -6 feet

Weight: - 180 lbs.

Eye Color: - red

Hair Color/Style: - Black and hangs around head.

General Appearance: - Tall and dark, he wears a black shirt and black jacket, with black pants and black leather shoes. There are holes for wings. His build is very slender, but he has strong muscles. Everything about the face and head is slender, and his cheek bones are around the middle of his face. His ears are perfectly rounded and bigger than most. There is a scar going from the upper right side of his face to the lower left.

Weapon(s): Basch and Ashe- A pair of longswords that are extremely light and allow for quick, agile strikes. These are his main weapons, and they give off light when needed and can erupt into flame whenever he wants to use fire, but if it comes into contact with ice or water it stops working and it's power shoves into hilt for a second and scorches the hand, then recedes quickly. They have a a Firestone where the hilt meets the blade, and the hilt is also blood red to match the stone. Reside in scabbards at his sides. The hilt is around five inches long, and the blade itself is five feet long and an inch wide on both.

Ghis- A heavy claymore slung across Malvak's back. This is his secondary weapon, and freezes whatever it cuts, however, if it comes in contact with a fire substance it immediately stops working for about five hours and shoves some of the cold into the hilt just like the longswords, even though it's a good wep without the ice. It also fully matches, but everything is ice-blue steel instead of bloodred, and it is an Icestone. The hilt is five inches like the longswords and the blade is six feet, with a three inch wide blade. He is just barely strong enough to wield this, the blade being seven pounds, the rest being much heavier. (the internet said around this, so...)

Vaan- A pistol that never needs to be reloaded or cocked. It resides along his right hip in a holster running along Ashe's scabbard. It has runic symbols running along it that allow it to shoot lighting, and unlike the other elements, it has two weaknesses: 1: if it hits any ground element wep it shoves lightning into arm. 2: If it is shot twenty times it shoves lighting into your arm really hard that it hurts, the equivalent of cocking it. The circumference of the barrel is four inches around, and the barrel is about ten inches long. It is a very long pistol, however it is light.

Armor: A chainmail and a biker helmet with spikes coming out of where his ears are. This helmet comes from a disk that always ends of in Malvak's pocket and expands when he needs it to. It is pure black and covers his eyes.

Carried Possessions: A gold bracelet with a ruby set in it, which must cost a fortune. But Malvak would never sell it. It had been his mother's.

Powers/Magic/Skills: - The power to use Ashe, Basch, Ghis, and Vaan. These were given to him by the gods when an epidemic broke out, killing all the villagers but him. These were given to him so that he could survive. No other mortal can use them. Main weakness in the wep description
Limits: - They can burn or freeze him or electrocute him if used for completely selfish and/or evil purposes.
Side-Effects: - The red eyes.

Wings: These were also given to him by the gods and Malvak uses them well. His bones were turned hollow with air sacs, like birds, so he could stay aloft.
Limits: they are simply muscles, therefore get tired and are about as strong as his arms and legs combined (they have to fight the air and hold his entire body weight, so it's about the same time frame of his arms under heavy weight, and he benches one hundred with slight strain).
Side-effects: It's really, really hard to find big enough shirts!

Battle Strengths: - Good sword skills. He trained himself against beasts and people in the arena. Able to find chinks in armor and tough hide, it makes him a nearly impossible miss except for an extremely fast person, but is not good at noticing a person's stance so it is blocked without trouble if the other person's weapon is in a good place.
Excellent reflexes. Flying through the air will do that for you. His reflexes mean he almost always dodges, but like before a well-placed stab or swing can easily hit him without trying. And a gun will almost always hit some part of his body because in battle he is rather reckless and won't see the finger bending to pull the trigger.
Good agility. Quick wits allow him easy access to fighting several enemies at once. Several people would overpower most, but his keen eyes and agility allow him to keep track of everything, like fighting one man with six arms and legs is all it is to him. When he pictures it this way, his normal reckless attitude is NOT an impediment.

Battle Weaknesses: Attacks are light if not using Ghis. The attacks easily glance off armor, but when using Ghis he is very slow and therefore cannot attack chinks in armor.
Is VERY lightweight, so one hit can send him at least three feat away if the person is strong, so as in if someone punched him he would go into the air. If a body builder punches him he's outta here.
Hatred makes him reckless. When angry, he will go all out, not registering ordinary defense tactics.

Other: N/A

Personality: - Malvak is a quiet person who hardly ever talks. Caring is an emotion not normally felt by this young man, so when he does feel it he freaks out and makes a fool of himself around said person. Fighting is all he's ever known, so his first reaction a lot of the time is combat.

Likes: Girls
Alone time

Dislikes: Corruptness
The world
Most people

Fears: - Spiders
Friends being taken away

Virtues: Very likable if he lets you get to know him
Always has a snappy comeback
People tend to shirk away from a glare

Vices: Is not very good with people
Isn't too bright, in book smarts
Isn't too great with staying still

History: Malvak grew up in a small village in Turkey. This village worshiped four gods/goddesses, named Basch, Ashe, Ghis, and Vaan. Basch and Ashe were the mother and father, and Ghis and Vaan were the children and brothers.
Malvak had two brothers and one sister. The two brothers were twins and mischief makers, always causing trouble, but Mal and his sister were always quiet, and spent all their free time together. Soon, Malvak fell in love with a girl named Sara. She was his forever...or so he thought. They were a very happy village...
Until they broke out in a massive epidemic of a special disease which no one had time to name. Everyone was dead within two days. As Malvak died, he was visited by the gods/goddesses, who bestowed great gifts upon him so he could defeat evil, which he does. Nowadays, he fights as a gladiator for money and lives in an apartment, sneaking out and pulling a vigilante act with his jacket zipped up and his helmet on completely disguising him.

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Re: Character List

Name: Barom Wind-Chaser
Nickname /Alias: None yet
Occupation: Warrior, Hunter
Age: Young adult for a moblin
Apparent Age: N/A
Gender: Male
Race: Moblin
For those of you not familiar with Moblins, they are large, brutish humanoids, with faces resembling a boarís.
Height: 7í6Ē
Weight: 310
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color/Style: He doesnít have hair, per se. But he does have a coating of very short, coarse, bristling fur like a boarís. It is a light tan in color.

General Appearance: Overall, Barom has a large, imposing presence. He stands a head and shoulders over most humans, and have a bulky, muscular build. He has broad shoulders and thick, strong arms and legs. His skin is coarse and tanned, with calluses on his hands and feet. All this is topped with a fierce looking face. He has a huge nose and a long snout shaped like a boarís snout, complete with a pair of four inch, bone white tusks jutting from his lower jaw. His ears are large and flopped over like a dogís. Added to this appearance are several minor scars picked up from a history of raiding and battles, the most noticeable being a series of three parallel scars over his right shoulder. On one shoulder, he bears a primitive tattoo resembling a spear head.

He is dressed in a plain leather vest, faded brown in color and worn from long years of use, and generally worn open in the front. To this he adds a pair of trousers (Also faded brown and worn), belted with a leather belt, dyed black, with a large bronze buckle. He carries a water skin and several pouches on this belt (one or two smell of herbs) His feet are protected by heavy, crude, iron shod boots that clink like metal as he walks. Over his back, he wears the hide and fur of a white wolfos as a cloak. Lastly, he wears a stone pendant not of moblin make. It bears the symbol of the temple of spirits.

Weapon(s): Baromís spear was constructed by him when he came of age. The spearhead was made from a piece of iron that Barom beat into a rough and jagged arrowhead shape. The iron is worn, but Barom keeps the tip and edges sharp and relatively free of rust. The shaft of the spear is a gnarled length of wood, only roughly straight. Barom is used to the shape of his spear, but anyone else who tried to use it would probably find it imbalanced and awkward. The shaft is covered in an array of carvings consisting of angular abstract shapes and stylized creatures. (In addition to decoration, these carvings let Barom know where his hand is on the shaft just by feeling it.) A dark green tattered strip of cloth is tied to the shaft near the spearhead.

Additionally, Barom carries a small bundle of six smaller throwing spears or javelins. These are made from straighter wood, smoothed and uncarved to reduce on the air drag they experience. The spearheads are small metal points salvaged from rusted armor of beaten foes and are ground to a sharp point. When he is not using them, he keeps this bundle over his back, out of his way.

To throw these javelins, Barom has a spear thrower or atlatl. Itís a straight stick the length of Baromís forearm. It has a groove carved down its length, with a raised peg at one end and a small stone weight in the middle. The javelin rests in the groove, with its butt resting against the peg.

Lastly, Barom has been known to use his tusks in battle, often while grappling with opponents. This often takes the form of a bite to the neck to tear the major arteries and veins there.

Armor: Barom wears no armor, trusting to his thick hide to protect himself.

Carried Possessions: Barom carries a pouch of rupees, a pouch of healing herbs, and a waterskin on his belt.

<> Barom does not know any magic as of yet. As he develops though, he will gain skill in manipulating winds. Particularly of the sandstorm variety. <>

Mundane skills:
Scent: Baromís huge snout allows him to smell scents as keenly as a bloodhound.

Hunting: Barom is a skilled hunter of large game, deer and such. He either uses his javelins to bring down his prey, or simply pursues it until it drops from exhaustion.

Tanning: Barom knows how to tan and preserve skins and hides. Not his favorite activity, but he knows how to do it.

Forest survival: Barom has lived most of his life in the woods, and as such, knows how to sustain himself off of the local life. He has a good sense of location and direction in forests, and has a knack for finding good hunting spots and springs or other sources of water.

Battle Strengths:
Toughness: Baromís skin is thicker, coarser, and harder to damage than a humanís. His bones are also stronger and more difficult to break than a humanís and his thick muscles can absorb blows easier. (For reference, attacks that hit him will have 3/4 the effect that they would have on a human. His bones take twice as much force to break as a humanís)

Strength: Being a moblin, Barom is very strong, able to lift boulders as large as himself and easily heave them impressive distances. (The most he can lift is twice his weight, 620, but he can do little more than stagger a few steps under that load before he has to drop it)

Endurance: In addition to being strong, Barom can endure exertion and hardships for long periods.

Weapon expertise: Barom is very skilled with his spear at melee, and with his javelins at long range. With the atlatl, he can hit a man sized target at 100 meters.

Battle Weaknesses:
Unarmored: Barom wears no armor or helmet aside from his regular clothes and tough skin. While his skin is tough, it is by no means as effective as even crude armor, and any good blow can pierce it.

Moblin mindset: In battle, as with any challenge, Baromís first response is to charge headlong with spear leveled. He turns to other tactics only after brute strength has failed, and can be rather predictable at the start.

Magic ineptitude: Barom knows little about magic and the arcane. He has few ways of dealing with spells aside from toughing them out.

Barom doesnít know why he has the stone pendant, but he believes itís extremely important. Anyone trying to take it will start a fight.

For the most part, Barom is much like one would expect a moblin to be. Loud, boisterous, coarse, always ready for a fight or a strong pint or few of ale, often both. To his friends, heís always ready with a booming laugh and a hearty slap on the back. He may occasionally laugh and banter with them, but when push comes to shove, heís steadfast and loyal, always willing to lend his strength to their problems. However, to those he hasnít met he can be suspicious and mistrustful.

However, his experiences in the desert had left their mark on him, mentally as well as physically. Occasionally (particularly when heís reminded of his time in the desert) he will lapse into a brooding, thoughtful silence. His loud laugh will quiet, and heíll ration words like food in a famine, speaking unusually softly for a moblin. Heíll dwell on subjects such as destiny and fate and other weighty topics. He becomes very focused on the task on hand if thereís something that needs doing.

Fighting: Barom is a moblin, and enjoys battle. Whether It be a massive siege between armies over huge fortresses, or just a drunken bar brawl.

Alcohol: Barom enjoys a stiff drink or a dozen. His liver is just as durable as the rest of him, and he needs two to three times as much to drink as the average human before he starts showing signs of being drunk.

Wolfos: One of Baromís favorite foods is fire roasted wolfos meat. He also likes their pelts, and wears a white one as a cloak.

Companionship: A good brawl or a spit of wolfos meat is all the better with a friend to share it with. Being isolated in a desert has made him appreciate friends all the more keenly.

Courage: Proving oneís courage and valor in battle, whether with him or against him, is one of the fastest ways to earn his respect.

Cowardice: Fleeing from battle without good cause is a good way to earn his contempt.

Isolation: Being isolated in the desert for a long time has given him a strong urge to seek out others when alone.

Arid environments: They remind him too much of the desert often.

Waiting: Barom likes to be doing something at all times. Sitting around idle chafes at his active spirit, and causes him to be restless.

Pears: Heís allergic to them. They make his skin red and itchy and makes him sneeze.

Becoming a coward: Barom, being a warrior at heart, feels the need to never back down. Even if he has good cause, he is loathe to leave a battle before itís finished. This isnít so much a fear as it is a strong revulsion and aversion.

Deserts: He will not enter one without a pressing and dire need. Even then, heíll take an excessive amount of water with him.

Ghosts and such: Moblins are rather superstitious, and Baromís experiences in the desert didnít help that any. Besides, how can one defeat an enemy one canít even stab? (If said ghost is corporeal, all bets are off though)

Valorous: Baromís courage in battle is exemplary. He fears no living foe, and will fight it to the death.

Loyalty: Once you earn his respect, Barom will remember it through thick and thin. He does not abandon his friends.

Intelligence: By moblin standards, Barom is very intelligent. By Moblin standards, mind.

Moblin mindset: Being a Moblin, Baromís default approach to any problem is Ďsmash ití. He tries other solutions only after brute strength fails.

Rowdy: Baromís love of battle and of ale often leads him to starting Ďfriendlyí fights when bored and drunk.

Impatient: Baron dislikes waiting. He becomes restless and fidgety if compelled to remain idle.

History: Barom was born to a wandering clan of Moblins called the Rohm clan (named after itís chief, Big Rohm.) He was like most other Moblin males (called boars in this clan, while the females are called sows), quite strong, but none too bright. He grew up like the other moblins, cared for largely by his mother Roma, while his father Baro one-arm hunted for food. Baro also instructed Barom in the use of the different weapons the Moblins favor, ranging from light javelins to massive maces. Barom participated in the sport of wrestling, and when he came of age, went with Big Rohm to raid the local settlements (they were particularly fond of raiding the Gerudo fortress, since they valued their fine weapons).

However, after one particular raid on said fortress, the clan had camped at the edge of the great desert. Barom was tasked with finding some game for the clanís supper. Striking out on his own, he tracked down a deer and began pursuing it. The deer ran into the great desert, and Barom followed, despite the warnings of his clan. He was confident that he could follow the scent back to the edge of the desert. However, a sandstorm sprang up, as it frequently does in that region, and erased the trail. Barom soon found himself helplessly lost in the desert.

Back at the camp, it was discovered what had happened. Roma and Baro one-arm begged Big Rohm to organize a search party, or at least let them search for their lost son. But Big Rohm refused, though he too desired to find Barom (since Roma was the daughter of his fatherís brother.) Big Rohm did not want to loose any more warriors to the treacherous desert. The clan mourned the needless loss of a fine warrior, and prepared to move on. However, Giromha the old, the wisest and oldest of the clan, took Roma and Baro aside. She told them, rather cryptically, that they would see their son again, among the living, yet he wouldnít be their son.

But Barom did not die, though he wished it several times. He wandered the desert, searching for a way out. Hours became days. Days became weeks. Weeks became months. Time was measured in cycles of thirst and hunger. His memory faded into a blur of heat and sand, and bitter cold nights. Only his stubborn pride forbade him from lying down and dying.

Strong and hardy though he was, the arid dryness of the desert soon began sapping his strength. As Barom found that he could no longer rely on his strength, he had to rely on his primitive intelligence. As his strength waned, he found his intelligence sharpened, enabling him to find water, or ambush the occasional beast or scavenger looking for an easy meal. He found himself wondering why he had been so foolish as to run into the desert in such a manner.

Eventually, the sands and brutal sun were replaced with a sunless stone corridor. Barom didnít remember how or when the transition took place, half delirious as he was. He continued his wanderings in the timeless tunnels, with whips of things supernatural just outside his vision. Whether they were figments of his tortured mind, or actual spirits he knew not. He only fled from them.

At last, his wanderings in the tunnel came to an end. Stumbling past one last gateway, he found the blinding sun in his eyes again. There, in the sands illuminated by the sunlight, lay a carved stone talisman. He didnít know what it was for or knowing why he did so, but subconsciously picked it up and wore it. As he did so, as a huge sandstorm began rising up, itís dusty winds soon occluding the sunlight. Having endured so much, only to see his life ended in a sandstorm, his will crumbled into despair, and his stubborn pride yielded. He dragged himself into the shade of a large ruin of a pillar, to wait until death. It was not long before consciousness fled from him.

A period of time later, he awoke again. As his scattered wits began to return, Barom found himself in a strange stone hut. The stone talisman was still around his neck, though he had no recollection of picking it up. He was laying on a rough, skin covered cot. His wounds were bandaged, and a loaf of bread and a pitcher of plain water lay nearby. Of this he eagerly ate and drank. After his trials in the desert, they tasted better than the finest meat and ale of the Rohm clan. It was only after he finished, he noticed the other occupant of the room: a small elderly, flightless Rito.

Barom soon learned what had happened. This Rito, named Kirakkik, had found him unconscious in the desert and had dragged him back to his hut before the sandstorm struck. He had been unconscious, in a fevered delusion, for some weeks, but Kirakkik had some skill in healing and knew the desert herbs well. Under his care, Barom had survived and eventually recovered. Barom vowed that he would repay Kirakkik for saving his life.

Barom stayed at Kirakkikís hut for a time as he healed. While they were together, the two talked at length. Barom, about his clan and the mighty battles and raids they fought. Kirakkik about the legends of his people about the dragon Valoo and his time in the desert. (Barom never asked why Kirakkik was flightless, and Kirakkik never explained why.) While alone, Barom would handle the talisman, wondering how, and why, he was spared. He became convinced there was a reason behind it, and that the talisman was connected to it somehow.

Eventually, the Moblinís strength had returned, and he longed to return to his clan. Kirakkik begged him to stay, fearing he would get lost in the desert again, but Barom was adamant. In the end, Kirakkik decided to lead Barom to the desertís edge. Kirakkik knew the safe paths through the desert, and what took Barom months of wandering was accomplished in three days under Kirakkikís guidance. When they came to the edge, Kirakkik helped Barom to sneak past the Gerudo fortress in the dead of night.

At the edge of Hylian Field the two parted ways. Barom offered to let Kirakkik accompany him to the forest (where food and water are plentiful, Barom had said), but Kirakkik longed to return to his hut in the desert. Barom again vowed to repay Kirakkikís kindness, and made for the Lost Woods, which was a frequent resting place for the Rohm clan.

It caused quite a stir when Barom strode back into the Rohm clanís camp. Some even thought he was a wraith come to haunt them. Others said it was an imposter. But when it was learned it really was Barom with them and still among the living, the clan celebrated. They held him in high esteem and called him Wind-Chaser. Of those celebrating, none were louder than Roma and Baro one-arm, but they learned that old Giromhaís prediction was true, for their son was no longer the foolish brute he was before the desert. Barom was glad to be back, but he didnít care for such attention. He merely wanted to return to his old life.

Or so he thought initially. For the most part, he was his old self: loud, boisterous, rough and ready. But every once in a while, the members would find him silent and contemplative, or talking at length with old Giromha. But such instances were rare, and the clan dismissed it as unimportant. Barom himself soon did, he had much to do now that he was back. He eventually put the matter from his mind.

Much later though, the matter would come before Barom again. A Rito was caught trespassing within the Moblinís territory and was being brought before big Rohm. Curious, Barom went to see who it was who was caught, and was surprised to find it was Kirakkik. Barom intervened on Kirakkikís behalf and convinced Big Rohm to spare the Rito from punishment. He even managed to gain an audience with Big Rohm so Kirakkik could explain why he came.

Kirakkik needed help. When he helped Barom slip past the Gerudo fortress, he was successful but not unnoticed. The Gerudo on patrol had seen him, worse yet, seen him helping an enemy of the Gerudoís to escape. The Gerudo doubled their watch and increased their vigilance. Several times Kirakkik tried to sneak by, but each time was unsuccessful. Sometimes, he saw the path guarded and turned back, others he had to flee from the Gerudo sentries. The last ended with a dangerous escape from the Gerudoís pit of a prison and a harrowing climb down a sheer canyon wall. But Kirakkik could find no other way into his beloved desert. In desperation, he turned to the forest, hoping to find Barom and his clan. Perhaps he could accompany them on one of their raids into the Gerudo lands and slip by then.

Though Big Rohm listened, he did not intend to help Kirakkik. He didnít want to raid the Gerudos so quickly again, but wanted to wait for their watch to relax. He disliked the idea of having a Rito in the clan for so long, he disliked owing the Rito for saving Baromís life, and he disliked that the Rito knew so much about the clanís raids. He stated simply the Rito would be allowed to leave unharmed and unhindered, provided he did so immediately.

Kirakkik was despondent, but Barom again intervened. This time, he took Kirakkik to see old Giromha. Though she had not been at Kirakkikís hearing, the ancient Moblin sow guessed much of Kirakkikís history. There Barom learned why Kirakkik was flightless, Kirakkik did not know where the ancient temple of the dragon Valoo was. But old Giromha knew!

Kirakkik was overjoyed, and prepared to search for it at once. In a move that surprised Kirakkik, Big Rohm, his clan, and even himself, Barom announced that he would accompany Kirakkik on his search. This was a chance to repay his oath that he twice made to Kirakkik, and it was a chance to explore the world and perhaps find why he was spared death in the desert. Big Rohm was displeased, but gave Barom leave from his duties. Kirakkik was most glad for the company and protection Barom provided.

And so, the two set out the next day. One to pursue his destiny, the other to discover his.
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Re: Character List

Oh, I wasn't aware of that I was supposed to post my character here too, sorry!

Anyway, here is my first and so far only character. :3

Name: Meozi

Age: 11

Gender: Female

Race: Feline Fairy

Height: 3’ 28”

Weight: 44,09 lbs

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color/Style:
Not really long, straight, black hair – it reaches her shoulders. It is often dishevelled a bit, but she is trying to handle her unruly hair.

General Appearance:
Meozi is a thin girl. Her face is round. Her eyes are dark brown and very friendly – you feel a sudden warmth when you look in her eyes. They are also narrow, almond-shaped, a which causes a beautiful contrast against her round face. And they look a little bit like cat eyes. Her eyebrows emphasize her eyes: they are not really thick, but their line is nice and graceful. Her nose may look like any other nose at first sight, but you must notice soon that the end of her nose is a light pink cat nose in fact. Her cheek-bones are a bit high, due to her leanness, but otherwise her cheeks have a healthy red colour. She has tiny cat ears, but you can barely see them because of her hair. They are covered with black fur. She wears nothing in her hair, for she loves when the wind plays with it.

She is very skinny and little for her age, so she looks quite fragile. She has no feminine curves; she looks really girly – since she is a young girl. She is not really muscular either. At first sight, she looks rather clumsy, because her limbs are quite long. Her nails are not human nails: she has quite long sharp, silver coloured cat claws. She usually wears comfortable, simply coloured (black, white, grey, light blue, etc.) clothes: she doesn’t really care about dressing. Maybe it’s because she is not a teenager.

Meozi can float in the air due to the fact that she is a fairy. She has no wings though, as no one has in her race. She loves to fly and she can fly pretty quickly.

She has no armor. Her defense is where her strength lies.

Her weapons are her claws. She can use them perfectly, for she’s been living with them since she was born; and they are handy as well. They are naturally sharp; nevertheless sometimes she sharpens them. They are the perfect and the only needed weapons for her.

Carried Possessions:
She has a silver necklace. It’s a common tradition in her race that the parents have a necklace made and give it to their child at the age of ten. It can do nothing useful, but it is pretty. It shines like stars and the pendant is a somber moon. The somberness represents that she reached a more serious age in her life. It’s not a significant jewel though, cannot do anything, but she likes it and always wears it.

Meozi is a fairy, she has a few magic skills, but unfortunately, she has much less than the others in her race. She’s worked hard, though, to be very good at the few she actually has. Whenever she uses her magic skills, her eyes and claws are glowing.

Lullaby: This is a common fairy skill. If she sings a special fairy lullaby – it works as a spell – the one who hears it will fall asleep immediately. That’s how it works in her race.
However, Meozi has a beautiful voice and she loves music, so she worked a lot to make her ability better, for it is her favourite skill. Now, she can focus her singing, and technically can „decide” who to make drowsy. Interestingly, in her case it also works on deaf people.
Limits: It is not a hard magic skill. She can sing for about an hour; then she must stop. Lullaby is not just about singing: this is a charm that emanates from her skin (that’s why it actually works on people who are unable to hear), and it takes energy to cast it.
Side-Effects: She may feel drowsy as well and her throat may start to hurt: for the energy of the charm mostly emanates from her neck.

Healing: It is technically speeding up the procedure of healing; but it takes a lot of energy. Meozi is just a little girl though, so she can’t heal dangerous wounds, just little scarrings. However, when she can heal something, it won’t leave a scar there - thanks to the long months of training.
Side-Effects: She become extremetely tired, because she uses her own energy to heal the wounds. She must realize when she needs to stop healing, because if she does not, she might die.

Confusing: She can confuse people with her eyes. That requires the enemy to look in the eye of hers for a quite long time (that’s why she barely can use it), and then she can manipulate the victim. He/she will do anything that she asks, and this status can last even for a day long.
Limits: It’s unusual to have the chance of looking someone’s eye for such a long time. Therefore she doesn’t really use this skill. She can manipulate the victim for about a day long, but then she must stop and have a long, deep sleep.
Side-Effects: Makes her exhausted, sleepy and useless, in general. That is a very hard skill of hers, and she couldn’t practice it a lot, so she can’t really handle it either.

Hide-and-seek: Meozi has a really sensitive smell in general; investing a bit energy intensifies this. She can find anything if she knows the smell of the target (means she’s ever smelled it in her life); and there are no exceptions. That is the strongest skill of hers.
Limits: If she doesn’t know the smell or can’t remember, then this ability doesn’t work at all. Also, if she’s after somebody and uses this skill, she must have more rest than usual.
Side-Effects: Her cat-nose glows as well. Also, it makes her smell maybe too sensitive: a strong scent could even hurt her nose.

Battle Strengths:
Meozi is not really strong, her physical attacks are technically useless. Her best is her agility: she is exceptionally swift and she moves flexibly on the ground and gracefully in the air. Her mind is pretty quick as well, so her reflexes are very fast, so she usually dodges whatever comes close to her. She has good balance, and can poise well.

She is not affected by weather, temperature and other natural effects. No matter if it’s raining or snowing, she can run fast and move quickly. The maximum heat she can bear is around 800 įC (1472 Fahrenheit), and the minimal is -250 įC (-418 Fahrenheit).

She can see perfectly in dark, because of her cat eyes, so darkness doesn’t matter for her too much. Her battle skills are the same as usual. She can fade into dark, and her footsteps are impossible to hear.

Battle Weaknesses:
She is weak. Both physically and mentally. She usually doesn’t even try to use strength in a battle, because she knows she can’t win that way.
Mentally, she is weak, for she’s never killed anybody, and she seems rather unable to do so. She doesn’t like violence and she can be fooled by look. For example, if she meets with a warrior who seems strong and confident, she’ll be a bit afraid and less confident.

She doesn’t like to battle on closed places, because she is claustrophobic. She is worried, distracted, and she can’t concentrate on the battle. Her mind is constantly thinking about the free fields and the sky, the green grass, the beautiful trees, the clouds, and all in all: freedom. She feels like a prisoner when she is in a closed place. She even might have panic attacks.

She is sensitive point is pain. She can’t keep it out, and if she can’t heal her wounds, they usually cause a lot of disadvantages in battles. Her moves are not so quickly, and she might even lose her ability of flying if she is injured so badly.

Meozi is a cheerful, happy, vivacious person. She is generally optimistic and she laughs and smiles a lot, she is a real sunshine. She takes things easily: don’t really worry about things, just enjoys every day of her life. She is a sociable person, loves to be with others and they also like to be with her due to her sweetness. She is very trustworthy and honest, she does tell you her opinion about things if you ask for that. Sometimes she can be pretty silly, but her family and friends find it cute and funny. She can be a bit naive and she sometimes trusts in strangers. She is very talkative, she is the spirit of a conversation, and she is also very intelligent, so she fortunately doesn’t say stupid things.

Her personality is, of course, not perfect. She is headstrong and a bit egoistical, so she doesn't listen to much advice that is given to her. She loves to learn though, but she hates when you tell her that she did something wrong. She wants to be perfect and sometimes she thinks she already is. She has a thin skin: if you give just a little offence to her, she’ll be in a huff for a long time and she wants you to ask for her forgiveness. If you don’t act this way, then she’ll turn rusty for a long time.

However, under the surface Meozi has quite low self-esteem and she wants to compensate this with being egocentric. She thinks that this way she’ll look confident and cool. And that’s why she is so sensitive for offences, because those make her self-esteem even lower. Only a few people know about this side of Meozi, and she wants it to stay this way, for she thinks that having a low self-esteem is the sign of weakness.

She likes fruits and sweet things. In her personal heaven, every meal is a cake.
She also likes cooking and she is pretty good at that. Unfortunately, she is a bit messy, so the kitchen looks disastrously, when she is ready!

She loves nature a lot. She can’t imagine her life without the beauty of nature. She is the friend of animals as well.

She is a very musical person, so she loves music a lot. Her voice is nice and she knows some musical instruments well too. She can play the violin, flute and trumpet.

She likes the air and the wind. Perhaps that’s because she is a breezy person too.

She likes flowers; their smell makes her more relaxed and calm.


She dislikes dogs and wolves. Probably it’s because of her race.

She is dissatisfied with her appearance. She hates that she is so tiny and looks younger than her age. She also wants to be prettier and things like that.

She hates cheesy things, so you not try to say „romantic” things to her – she’ll probably hit you hard. Interestingly, she doesn’t really like cheese either.

She doesn’t like water and swimming. Why? There is no logical reason. However, she can swim. She just dislikes to do so.

She hates to be alone.

She is claustrophobic, so she obviously is afraid of of having no escape and being closed in.

You can say that she is afraid of bugs. She finds them disgusting, and you’d never catch her touching one.

She is afraid of losing her loved ones. That is a logical fear, especially for such a social person like her.

She is a very helpful person. If she sees someone who definitely needs help, she won’t hesitate. She can also cheer you up anytime, no matter how she feels. She is also very hardworking if she has a goal to reach.

Meozi is not a patient person. So, she is too impatient to see which way the cat jumps and bide her time. That is a rather weak point of her.

Meozi is a Feline Fairy. This short, humanoid, yet still feline race lives in friendly, not dark forests, where they can find small animals (mostly rodents) and berries to eat. They live in small communities, in villages, and they life is pretty simple: hunting, taking care of the family and protecting their villages.
Their culture is, however, quite interesting. The eldest child in the family must leave the village at the age of ten to go an adventure (that’s why they receive a jewel at that age – it simbolizes that the family is still with the child, even if he/she is far away on his/her adventure) in order to widen their perspective and learn new things – and then return to the village and use their new knowledge to make their home village a better place. That system works perfectly: the Feline Fairies are bright, they discover a lots of things, they make great maps and their village improve a lot in every year, so overall, the system has a vital contribution to the local economy. They are quite rich in per capita income, and they still could save the idyllic, unspoilt feeling of their small villages – they are full of local charm. They are known as the best adventurers in all races – so they are fairly famous.

Meozi has been living in a loving family with her mother and father. Her mother is also a bit skin-and-bone as well, so probably that’s why Meozi is so thin as well. Her father is the blacksmith of the village, he loves his daughter a lot and plays with her often.
Meozi is an only child. She was supposed to leave the village when she was ten, but due to her fragility, weakness and being underweight, she wasn’t allowed to leave the city for a year. She was really ashamed of herself because of this – it’s a rather unnatural thing to happen among the Feline Fairies. On her birthday, she was finally allowed to leave the village, first time in her life and start her adventure around the foreign races and towns.
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Re: Character List

Name: Bioko

Occupation: Adventurer/Thief

Age: 13

Apparent Age: 8

Gender: Male

Race: Deku Scrub

Height: 1 meter /39 inches

Weight: 5 kg/ 11 pounds

Eye Color: red glowing

Hair Color/Style: A bunch of green leafs with a hard flower cocoon

General Appearance: A small creature made of wood, with red circular glowing eyes and a cylindrical mouth. His clothes consist basically on a loincloth, made up with orange leaves, and pair brown gloves and brown boots.


The Big Knife:

It is a sword with its blade broken at the middle, which Bioko found in the forest. It was held by a swordsman that was killed in the forest by a monster. Bioko found the swordsman dead body and the broken sword that he took because it could be useful in his futures adventures. With it he can cut everything that stands on his way, but it is too heavy for a Deku Scrub.


Gloves of Power:

Theyíre powerful gloves that allows the wearer to carry up really heavy objects that he/she couldnít with his/her own hands, for a limited period of time. Note: the heavier the object is, the less will be the time that its power will last. These gloves were created by a magician that wanted to carry the world by himself, but when it fail he sell them to buy magic essences.

Boots of Poseidon:

Theyíre special boots that allows their wearer to walk on the water surface for a short period of time depending on its wearier weight. The legend tells that these boots were created by the god of the seas for his human girlfriends to visit him

He stole both of them from Sakon at Termina.

Carried Possessions:

Bottle with magic swamp water:

When ingested it gives, only to the Dekus, the ability to shoot poison bubbles to their enemies. But once the bottle is empty it is useful to put things on it and carry them, such as water or oil.

Magic Tree Seeds:

When planted in the ground it makes a tree to completely grow up in less than a second, but in a couple of minutes it will quickly wilt.


Body Shell:

He can make his own body to get hard as a shell for a short period of time, like about 10 minutes, to protect himself from an enemy. When his does this his body turns into a hard dark brown shell, the leafs on his head will turn into green thorns and the cocoon will get bigger and display brown thorns.


With his mouth he can inhale any object nearby, even an enemies weapon, and keep it in his mouth for a while, the he will throw it up to broke it or to damage the enemy. Note: pointy thing may damage him if he inhales them and if he inhale big things theyíll get stuck outside his mouth instead of inside.

Cocoonís Flower:

He may pop-up from his cocoon a flower that has 2 helpful uses:

- Its petals will start to rotate and make Bioko fly long distances. Theyíre very vulnerable to fire, and they will go back into a cocoon instantly if they get in contact with fire or high temperatures, even if Bioko does not want to.

- It will create somniferous spores to make his enemy feel numb. This can only in moments of great fear, and just once a day.

Battle Strengths:

Heís really fast at the moment of attacking or protecting himself from an enemy. This skill he gained from his father after years of training and he improved during his experience as an adventurer. His capable to feel the presence of an enemy from distance and he is very stealthy as well. Any essence or poison canít damage him.

Battle Weaknesses:

Like all others Deku Scrubs, Bioko is very weak. His body is very inflammable, even a spark may cause him to catch fire and kill him instantly. Also very low temperatures may numb him, making himself incapable to feel the presence of an enemy and also makes him react slowly.


He is brave most of the time, but when he is in a extremely dangerous situation he will find the way to flee. He is also stubborn, he will never give up when he propose to himself something. He can be selfish too, heíll never help another person at least he has a good reason to. He really outgoing, he doesnít like to keep things for himself. Heís vegetarian.

Likes: He likes temperate climate and loves fruits, especially Mangos.
Dislikes: Heís vegetarian, so he hates meet.
Fears: Fire.


He was born in the southern swamp of Termina. Heís family consist of his older brother, his parents and his grandmother. When he was five, a fire killed his mother and his brother. During his childhood his father taught him how to protect himself from any danger he could find in the swamp. His father was a very strict Deku, but also a good father for Bioko.

When he was eight he joined her grandma in her potion shop. He was in charge of the delivering of potions to the clients around Termina, that job was the reason why he started to enjoy the adventures. During the two years that he worked for his grandma he met lot of people and visited lot of places. His grandma also taught him how to make different types of potions.

One day Bioko went to Snowhead to make a delivery for the Goron Elder, his father told him not to go because those places are very dangerous for a Deku Scrub, but Bioko didnít mind. When he was on his way back to the shop, a Dodongo attacked him, and almost kill him. After that his father told him never to leave the swamp again. Bioko got very angry after that and started arguing with his father almost every day.

When he was ten he escaped from home and started a new life as a traveler. One day he was camping on Ikana Canyon, there he met a strange man named Sakon. Sakon was a thief. They became good friends and Bioko started working as Sakon right hand. He became a very skilled thief thanks to Sakon. When he was 13 he decided it was time to leave Termina and start traveling around the world, but he needed some money to start his new live, right? So he stole some of Sakonís ďmerchandiseĒ and sold it, except for a couple of things that he kept for himself. Then he left Termina in search of adventure.

In his first night out of Termina he slept in a forest. In the middle of the night he heard some strange noises deep inside the forest but he didnít matter. By the morning he went to the place where he thought the noises came from last night, and he found the dead body of a swordsman and the rests of a his sword. Bioko took the sword because he thought that a weapon will be useful in his future adventures.
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Re: Character List

Here's mine.

Juan Dabliero
(won dab-lee-er-oh)

Nickname /Alias:
The Blind Rat


He is 35
Birthdate: July 19 1435

Apparent Age:
He looks 42 to others


A Spanish Human
He is 6 foot 2 inches

220 lbs. Mostly muscle.

Eye Color:
Hair Color/Style:
His hair is brown. Halfway down to the shoulders usually looking rather wild.

General Appearance:
Far from good looking, is blind on his left eyeball causing it to look slightly mutilated. A long scar stretching from his temple to his injured eye and a broken nose. He is rather intimidating yet despite his appearance he has a slight pleasantness about him. He is tall and strong in stature and wears a simple grey tunic with a belt, brown pants and brown boots.

He carries A primitive rifle, a pistol wedged between his waist and belt, a simple sword from his late childhood old yet strong and sturdy and a roll of ammunition for his rifle slung over his shoulder.

None except for a chain mail hand guard which doesn't achieve much. He relies on sword parries to defend himself.

Carried Possessions:
A small clay flute from his childhood given to him by his sister which he entertains himself and his companions with.

He is exceptional at ranged arts of any kind specializing in rifle pistol and crossbow. He has mediocre skill in swordsmanship. He was taught swordsmanship by the local butcher in his spare time. The rest he taught himself with lots of practice. His rifle, even though it was primitive, was breach loading and was efficient in battle.

Battle Strengths:
His ranged combat is very strong as I have said before. His rifle is a primitive version of breach loading spencer. And it fires and reloads rapidly. His pistol on the other hand has a heavy butt and is effective for clubbing. Hiis body mass makes his hand to hand combat effective he is able to deliver blows with a lot of power. His body mass again along with lots of leg and arm hair and a gravelly voice provide a good deal of intimidation.

Battle Weaknesses:
His lack of armor is at fault for these first two weaknesses. Heavy weapons he cannot parry with his sword because of their power. He is forced to run from or dodge these. He has no defense against magic whatsoever and is extremely susceptible to mind control. Mention of is sister is an emotional problem and he breaks down like a child after mention of it. As I said before it only works with mock pity and the like, as a taunt it enrages him.

Mention of his sister only weakens him when it is used general speaking. When it is used as a taunt it only further enrages him.

He is strong silent and to the point. He appears as someone who doesn't stretch his neck out for anyone and has a reputation as being stingy to every one who doesn't know him well. On the inside heis kind towards beggars and children who are gracious for his generosity but soon forget because their superiors speak badly of him. He has adopted a manly gusto in which if he is inflicted by wounds he does a good job at taking the pain but this wears him out quickly and he is just wasting his strength. He is very lonely and finds joy in giving to beggars and children he finds this in a sense making up for his childhood.

He likes music, target practice, beer and wandering with his companions.

He dislikes rude obnoxious people, and rich or higher class people.

He fears people who have more power and a very high social status, and Mages.

He is morally correct and would never do a bad thing to a poor or unlucky person.

He has a bad temper causing fits of anger periodically. He can be clumsy at night and in the morning and his eyesight is bad.

Juan Dabliero was born to a pauper family to a remote town in spain where he lived most of his life in poverty. At twelve his parents gave birth to a young girl which he loved very greatly by this time his obsession with shooting sports had already begun. At fourteen he received a sword from an old knight who was to pass away that year he learned the ways of the sword over time from the butcher (as I have mentioned before) who knew the art. His parents all this time preserved his holy motivations by sending him to daily mass at the local church.

When he turned seventeen a corrupt leader who had great fighting skills arose over their town. He inflicted great pain among the people of his town and Juan Dabliero being the most advanced boy in town took the opportunity to challenge the leader. He brought his sword, pistol and rifle to fight with. Juan won the battle and had unfortunately received great injuries. His little sister who was now five rushed into the chamber to see her brother in agony with the wounds he had she helped him up smothering him with kisses. The dying leader picked up Juan's pistol that he dropped and in revenge yelled and shot Juan's sister through the heart where she died in his arms.

Juan was then taken out and healed by the local physician. When he came to his senses five weeks later he wasn't the boy he used to be. He had lost his fair complexion due to wounds, and he was disliked and shunned by his townspeople who did not believe that he killed their oppressor. He wallowed in self pity for five years before he decided he was going to leave the town rebuild his life and wander the world......
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Re: Character List

Oops, I forgot about this. Introducing Sanguine:

Name: Jerik Sanguine [prn. J-eric San-gween]

Nickname /Alias: Usually known simply as Sanguine.

Occupation: Psychotic murderer.

Age/Birthdate: 26.

Gender: Male.

Race: Human.

Height: Sanguine is a touch over 5 foot 9.

Weight: He weighs around 142 lbs.

Eye Color: A very pale, dim green. It seems almost translucent.

Hair Color/Style: Sanguine has brown hair, but he shaves his head regularly and keeps it smooth and hairless.

General Appearance: Sanguines face is fairly average. He has all the right features, like a nose and a mouth, eyes, etc - nothing particularly stands out. His head does have a somewhat rounded appearance, which is accented by his shaved cranium. His skin is very pale. His eyes are wide, and they have a tendency to flicker around a lot almost as though he's trying to see everything at once. His gaze rarely settles in one place. Sanguine wears a smile almost all of the time. He can typically be seen with a vague half grin, as if there's something funny, but no-one else gets the joke.

Sanguine's typical outfit is a long sleeved white shirt, with a black cotton vest over it. The vest is fastened by means of the loop buttons running down the middle. His pants are a simple dark grey, and he wears plain, dark leather shoes. He also wears a long duster, which reaches his knees. Once a sheer black, it is now somewhat worn with age. He wears black fingerless gloves on his hands.

[Images: Shirt and vest; Duster.]

Weapon(s): Sanguine carries only one physical weapon. He often uses his hands or anything he can grab as a weapon. He can kill with almost any object (within reason), and he is highly proficient at it.

Dorrwr Miniog [prn. Dor-roow-rr ('Dor' sounds like "dot") Min-yog]

Dorrwr Miniog is the only weapon Sanguine carries. It is a small magical dagger. It is about seven inches long, and has a double edged split blade, meaning there is a gap in the center of the blade running to the tip. Dorrwr Miniog's hilt is plain. The handle is wrapped in tight black leather, the original decoration hidden underneath. There is no pommel and the blade extends directly from the handle.

[Image of a split blade - not Dorrwr Miniog itself.]

Its magical properties lie in the metal of the blade itself. The metal is an unnamed, highly magical alloy, and when forged into an edge, is able to cut through any other substance except objects made of the same metal or objects infused of equal power. It is a very rare, very old substance said to have been found in magical lodestones from other worlds. It has been used in various ancient, legendary weapons throughout history. For instance, there is another blade which is the sister of Dorrwr Miniog, named Hirminiog Ddiguro - it is a longsword, forged at the same time as Dorrwr Miniog, from the same alloy deposit. Such legendary weapons have not been forged in thousands of years, since ancient times when magic was common, and much fiercer and wilder.

Dorrwr Miniog's history is long, as it was made many, many hundreds of years ago. However, Sanguine has no idea of (or interest in) its past. To Sanguine, the only point of interest is its ability to cut through and kill anything (he has never encountered other objects made of the metal). He learned of the blade whilst torturing a mage. The mage told Sanguine of its existence in the hopes that by appeasing him, the murderer would spare his life. Unfortunately, while the blade was certainly of interest to Sanguine, so was the torture, and eventual death, of the mage. The magical dagger was simply a great bonus.

Sanguine keeps the blade in a sheath on his thigh. The sheath is made of leather, with two straps designed to hold the blade down so it doesn't simply slice through the leather of the sheath. These straps must be tightened down each time the blade is sheathed.

Armor: None.

Carried Possessions: Sanguine carries nothing but the clothes on his back, and Dorrwr Miniog.

Powers/Magic/Skills: Sanguine has no actual magical powers to use per se, but there is one thing about him which is somewhat magical - his insanity.

The first thing to know about Sanguine is that he sees and hears things that aren't there on a regular basis. This in itself is not unique. However, the force of his belief makes things...somewhat real. The level of his insanity can actually affect the reality around him, at least temporarily. For example, he has a long scar on his back from an injury he took whilst fighting a creature from his imagination. Another example would be, if Sanguine were to see a brick wall that wasn't actually there, his body would be completely unable to pass that wall, despite it being purely in his mind.

How much his insanity impacts the surrounding area depends on the strength of the of the belief, which Sanguine has no control over whatsoever. Sometimes, other people can see and hear the things from inside his head, but often such hallucinations are only physical to Sanguine. It's largely hit and miss.

One important factor of Sanguine's insanity is that it gives him certain advantages as well. For example, over the years Sanguine should have died several times. He has been stabbed, choked, shot, and beaten to a pulp, but his mind seems to refuse even the possibility of his death. He'll get up after a blow that would fell a bigger man. He'll fall forty foot and jump to his feet with naught but a curse. This is a great advantage for someone who fights and kills as much as Sanguine does.

Sanguine has also performed extraordinary feats such as walking on water, stepping through solid walls, riding an imaginary horse, etc. Again, Sanguine has no control over such hallucinations whatsoever.

Limits: Sanguine has no control over his subconscious mind (and thus, his hallucinations). It simply does what it will. Furthermore, anything Sanguine hallucinates cannot touch, harm, or have an effect upon anyone but Sanguine. The limitations of his projections depend on the state of his mind. There is a direct balance between the strength of his projections and Sanguine's grip on sanity. Typical projections reach no more than twenty feet in radius. When Sanguine is asleep or unconscious, the projections stop.

Battle Strengths: The most obvious strength that Sanguine has is his resistance to getting hurt. Whilst he can actually die, his body can take an awful lot of damage without even acknowledging it. He can take most physical and magical blows and recover with ease.

Sanguine is also somewhat immune to mental attacks, given that his mind is already so twisted and messed up.

Added onto that, Sanguine is well and truly evil. He's vicious, vindictive, and enjoys making people suffer. He'll fights as dirty as they come using anything he can grab in a fight to hurt his enemy, and he'll quite happily use his fists, knees, head or teeth. He'll not only kick you when you're down, he'll stamp on your face and spit in your eye. Sanguine actually enjoys killing people. He likes hurting them. He'd kill children and kick puppies without any remorse whatsoever.

Battle Weaknesses: Sanguine has no magical power to use at all, meaning he has no defence from magical attacks other than the resistance to damage that his insanity gives him. He also has no superhuman qualities like mega strength or speed. Nor does he have any ranged attacks - Sanguine has to get up close and personal to do any kind of damage. Even his weapon, magical as it is, needs to be within close range to be of any use. (After all, it's only a dagger.)

Other: Not really a skill as such, but it should be noted that Sanguine breaks the fourth wall, somewhat. He is aware of people "watching him" (i.e. the reader) and he hears the words written about him. A lot of the time it goes unnoticed in the crazy mess that is his mind, but sometimes it becomes unbearable for him - usually in one of his less stable moments.

Personality: Many crazy people are evil because they are insane. Sanguine, however, is an evil person by nature - his insanity only spurs his vicious nature on. He is a born serial killer. He takes immense pleasure in seeing people suffer, and much more so if he is the cause. He enjoys tormenting people wherever possible. Torturing others is fun for him. He likes killing people, and does so frequently. Sometimes he does it for the thrill of it, sometimes he does it because of some perceived injustice the victim has given him (real or imagined).

Sanguine's predominant feature is that he is psychotic. This means that the world he sees is not always on par with reality. He sees cratures and people that aren't really there all the time. He goes through stages of insecurity and paranoia, mostly brought on by his delusions or otherwise. In those times he can become extremely edgy or nervous, and may be likely to lash out and attack someone. The majority of the time, however, Sanguine is lucid and seems as 'ordinary' as the next person - at least, until you start to talk to him or watch his eyes.

Sanguine is sometimes greedy when it comes to items of power or value - especially if is of great value to the previous owner. He often kills just to take something he wants. He has killed for horses, or a ring he liked the look of, etc. He'll kill just for the sake of killing. However, such greed is only temporary, and he'll discard most items after he grows bored of them.

Likes: Killing. Inflicting pain. Objects of great power. Darkness, the night. Cats. A good rant. Rain, thunder.

Dislikes: People being happy. Children. Heroes, goody two shoes. Bright lights.

Fears: "The Green". (One of his recurring hallucinations. A cloud of green vapour appears and stalks him. He is terrified of it.)

History: Sanguine led a troubled childhood. Most children had imaginary friends, but in the case of the young Sanguine, it went a little over the top...

He lived in an ordinary household with an ordinary family, but young Jerik was anything but ordinary. He thought it was quite natural to hear voices, describing everything around him in a flurry of words. Sometimes it gave him headaches, but sometimes it was quite interesting. He would sit and stare at people, and that scared them. What scared them even more was how he sometimes seemed to know things about the people around him, things that they were thinking or trying to hide.

Then, from the age of around six or seven, odd things began to happen around the Sanguine household. Objects would go missing, or be moved, or get broken. Sanguine always claimed his innocence, but he would always be stood in the center of the trouble. When his parents asked him what was going on, he claimed that "his friends did it".

His parents, already worried about the strange talents their child seemed to possess, took him to see a magician, who was intrigued by Sanguine. He told Jerik's parents that he sensed great potential in the boy, and there was indeed potential. Sanguine could have grown up to be a powerful, wise man, if it weren't for the mistake of his parents.

Scared and worried about the paranormal gifts of their son, they ignored the protests of the magician and took the young Jerik home, keeping him hidden away. Over the next six years, Sanguine developed more and more "friends". Things would be thrown around the house, pottery would break, jewellery would disappear, and through all of this Sanguine would be sitting dreamily in his room.

The tension all but destroyed his household, and as his family deteriorated around him, Sanguine steadily lost more and more of his sanity, retreating further into his own mind while his "friends" ran amok in the real world, doing more and more mischief. As the young Sanguine sat and dribbled blankly in his room, people in the area began to see creatures, shadows and figures hovering on the edge of vision.

It got so bad that his parents finally sent for the magician once more. When he arrived at the Sanguine house, he tried to explain that there were no creatures, there were no figures lurking in the shadows - they were all a projection of Sanguine's mind. He then attempted to bring Jerik out of his stupor. Even as things shook and fell around him, the magician sought to find Jerik in his own mind.

He found him. When Jerik's mind "returned" to his body, he was docile and quiet. He knew nothing of the projections that the magician spoke of. The magician convinced the boys parents to let him take the boy, for the safety of the neighbourhood. He promised them he would take care of the boy and teach him control, and the boy's parents agreed. Sanguine went quietly with the magician, and stayed under his care.

Two years passed, and the magician was found dead one morning, strangled in his sleep. The young Sanguine disappeared. Two weeks passed, and the Sanguine household burnt down. The bodies of Jerik's parents were later found inside, charred and mutilated.

Sanguine fled to a city named Arkon, where he lived in the slums. He found that he had a desire - no, a physical need - to kill, to maim, to hurt others. Even as a young boy of sixteen, he was a monster. Killing was so pleasurable to him that it became an addiction.

For the next ten years, he roamed the various cities, satisfying his needs as he so wished. The hallucinations would stay with him for life, but to Sanguine they would always be as real as anything else in his mind.

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Re: Character List

I forgot. DX

Name: Calore Esevill (pronounced: cuh-lawr ess-veel)

Nickname /Alias: He never gives anyone his whole name. Not for any reason in particular, he just prefers to be known as Cale.

Occupation: He travels. Occasionally, if he has extra game, or perhaps an interesting trinket he came upon, he will sell it to a local merchant in any town he comes across. If he found someone who needed a cook, he'd take the job.

Age/Birthdate: 25 Years. He was born on the 23rd of January.

Apparent Age: N/A

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 168 lbs

Eye Color: Turquoise

Hair Color/Style: Brown. His hair is thick, unkempt, and drops down to his neck. He only cuts it when it gets in the way.

General Appearance: His eyes are smaller than average, though their bright turquoise color draws away from that fact. Often, when looking into his eyes, people feel calmness shower over them.

He has a slight tan from traveling so often, but, because of his tendency to stick to shadows and shade, it never gets very dark. There is a small, almost unnoticable scar on his right wrist that he got when he was a young child. He does not remember the incident, nor is it of any significance.

He wears tunics, normally. He has woolen ones for cold weather and cloth ones for warm weather. The colors are a mixture of dark green and brown hues. He also wears long, brown breeches. They are always brown, and always cover his legs. Looking at him, one would think he cared little about his appearance and only wore clothes as a necessity. That person would be right.

He is a very scrawny man. His shoulders have little width and his muscle mass has always been lower than that of a normal man his age. He is also just a bit on the tall side, which, coupled with his scrawny build, makes him appear very lanky. Contributing to this aspect are his long, slender fingers and arms.

Weapon(s): Cale carries around a bow. He only ever gets a cheap, standard wooden bow most of the time, but has one strong, magically reinforced bow that he bought for a hefty price when he realised his regular bows would never amount to much in self defense. When he decided to buy the bow, he also bought a cheap iron dagger. He keeps the bow (and the sheathe of arrows) strapped to his back with rope, and the dagger is strapped likewise to his waist.

Armor: N/A

Carried Possessions: Cale keeps a teardrop shaped emerald. This emerald was his father's, and whenever he stops he makes sure to check for it. He also keeps basic cooking supplies along with a couple of spices. He keeps these in a simple cloth bag that he carries with him everywhere he goes.


Hypnosis: Unknown to him, Calore's eyes possess a slight hypnotic ability. When someone looks directly into his eyes, they are captivated by them for a matter of seconds. If they are feeling a bit disgruntled or depressed, a quick look into his eyes will take those feelings away. This will not work if the person's emotions are especially passionate or extreme.

Bowman's Hands: After rescuing a woman's husband from the slave trade (more about this in the bio) the woman cast a spell on Cale's hands that would make his arrow travel a bit faster (e.g. If an opponent jumped from an arrow, and it would normally miss, this skill would let the arrow just barely hit the body) and travel at a normal speed through any substance that would normally hinder it (such as water, but not through things an arrow wouldn't normally be able to travel through).

Battle Strengths: Cale's speed and agility are to be envied. He excels in ranged combat, with both his bow and when throwing his dagger. He can also fight for long periods of time without much wear.

Battle Weaknesses: Though Cale is quick and agile, if he ever did trip, or if anything should happen to stop or hinder him, it might take a while for him to pick himself up. His bows have been know to break on him, and though he has the 'magic' bow strapped to his back with the one he is currently using, he hasn't had much practice with it. When he does get winded, however infrequent that may be, it takes him a long time to recover.

Other: As mentioned earlier, Cale can cook very well.

Personality: Cale is very curious. If something happens, he wants to know why it happened, what led to it, who or what made it possible, and whether it will effect him. If he hears a new word, he must find what it means. Because of this, he is also very inquisitive.

Cale loves to talk. He doesn't often have contact with others, so when he does meet someone, he will be the one to keep the conversation going. He'll ask any number of questions about you, but he is very reserved about himself. When the conversation does make a turn toward him, he steers it straight away.

Above all, Cale is very calm. No situation can faze him. He is never worried or paranoid for himself. Even if it involves a loved one, Cale will lay out the situation and figure out the best way to solve it with almost no indication of panic. This can be a bad thing, though. Sometimes he isn't worried, and should be.


Cooking- Since he fends for himself mostly, he learned how to cook his own food. After a while, he began to experiment. He mixed flavors, used spices, found herbs, and, after a while, he grew to like the process of learning what mixed well with what.

Swimming- Cale has always liked swimming, even when he was a child, his parents found that he could keep himself aloft very successfully. Even after his father's death, he liked to go to the lake near his home and swim. This is the first thing he would think to do if he felt a need to relax.

Nature- This is the main reason he decided he could keep himself traveling. He's naturally good with animals, and has an affinity for finding edible herbs. Occasionally he takes detours just to explore an interesting looking forest. This often keeps him from getting to town and/or getting rest like he should, but he usually decides it's worth it to take in all of the green.

Music- Though he has little to no access to it most of the time, Cale likes to listen to music. Whether it's a group of street musicians or a child learning to play a simple beginner's tune, it soothes him and brings him happiness.

Conversation- Mentioned previously.


Thunderstorms- One of the few things that can throw him into worry. If he's in a forest, he feels fine, but if he's out in the open, the jagged scars of lighting he sees in the sky irk him. When thunder rolls, he laments the sounds that he could be hearing, like bird calls, or even chirping crickets. He finds thunderstorms more obnoxious than frightening.

Disrespect for life- Every now and then, Cale will find an animal carcass lying on the ground, rotting and only half eaten. Whether this is from a predator or a person, he doesn't care. He always buries the unused parts of an animal, or at the very least leaves them somewhere that a predator will likely take them for its own. He also loathes seeing antlers, heads, or anything saved from a kill mounted on a wall. He kills only for the sustenance he needs.

Violence- He isn't necessarily a pacifist. He doesn't like the thought of violence. In self defense,it's fine, of course, but if someone mildly inconvieniences you, does that make it okay to hurt them? If they did something serious, like killing someone from your family, then fine, let them have it, but don't go around punching people for taking your favorite hairbrush.

Callousness- Even though he seems, on the exterior, very calm and collected most of the time, he still expressess concern when it's due. If someone you know has been captured by someone you think will harm them, then you should show some concern or take some action. In his eyes, the lowest person is someone who doesn't seem to care about what happens to anyone else.

Overly bright/Overly dim light- Cale likes to have a healthy amount of light around him. He'll take a gloomy, overcast day with sufficient lighting over a cloudless day with a bright sun anytime. Likewise, if he is indoors, and you feel like any step you might bump into a wall, then Cale will probably find a way to light the room up as soon as possible.


Anything that stings (e.g., jellyfish, wasps, scorpions). (irrational)

Inability to escape a situation.


Thinking that people don't think that he doesn't like them. He generally does not think badly of anyone, and if he does, he's probably confirmed it. Otherwise, he feels he's lost his ability to connect with you, when he'd like to at least have the chance.

History: Cale was raised in a very lower-middle-class family. He was the only son of Jaelene Esevill and Tahar Esvill. He had a great many friends in his younger years, and in those days he was permitted out of the house frequently to go play with them, as long as they were near the house or someone was watching over them. He was a very happy, very naive child up until about his eighth year. He was changed greatly, though, on the fifth day after his eighth birthday, when his father die. Cale never figured out why his father died. In the months before that, he did notice his father becoming a bit more reserved, a bit more pale, and that he had less energy than he normally had, but Cale dismissed that as being because of the winter. Cale had no thought in his mind that his father might die. In fact, had that never happened, he might have assumed that everyone lived forever. His father did die, though, and when he passed, he gave Cale an emerald that he got from the man who taught him archery. Ever since that day, Cale has been working to become as good an archer as his father, and maybe even his father's teacher. Even more, he wanted to find his father's teacher, but he was never even told the man's name. He didn't even know whether it was a man.

After Tahar's death, Jaelene became bitter. So bitter, in fact, that Cale, as a child, thought that someone had cursed her and his father, so that his father would die, and afterwards his mother would become the opposite of herself. Cale was right to suspect this, because it was very out of character for his mom to act so bitter. Worse still, she never got better. She scolded him for crying, and sometimes when he did something wrong, she would hit him. It would only ever be a pat, not even what most would classify as a 'spanking', but it was significant to him, because she had never done that before.

Years later, when Cale turned sixteen, he left home. He was never allowed to leave the house, and thus had become distanced from all of his old childhood friends. Life felt empty at home, so he ran off to travel on his own. He never new what happened to his mom afterwards.

There has only been one significant event in his life since he left home. When he was 22, he came across a town that had become desperate for labor. It was a small town, distanced from many others, and there were few people available to do handiwork. So, whenever someone needed something done, they would 'hire' someone to do it for them. True, whoever did the work was paid, but they were forced into the work and had to do whatever the employer told them. Cale met the wife of a man who had been 'hired' to build a few new buildings for the towns slowly growing populace. He was not permitted to go home until the work was finished. The family was just about to leave the town when this happened. The woman was pregnant, and already had a 4-year-old child. She didn't want to stay, because by the time her husband was finished, she would be too pregnant to leave. Cale got the man out of work by agreeing to do his job for him without pay. Before they left, the woman, who was a skilled magician, enchanted him lightly to increase the adequacy of his bowmanship.
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Re: Character List

Name: Dawn
Nickname /Alias: N/A
Age/Birthdate: 37
Apparent Age: 14-19
Gender: Male
Race: Shadowed Beast
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Eye Color: Dark
Hair Color/Style: Dark

General Appearance: Dawn's appearance is fairly similar to a shadow. Always changing depending on his own and other people's emotions and desires. Usually the form of his shadow-like appearance is in the form of his previous host, but gradually changes. When he is in his "shadow form", he has diffrent shades of gray/black covering his body. If Dawn is around a small group of people and he feels accepted, his true human form starts to take shape a little bit, but never completely. His skin color is tan, his eyes are light blue, he has smooth brown hair, and is lean and tall.

Weapon(s): The Sword of Light-while the presence of this, would weaken other shadow beasts, it clears Dawn's mind of other people's negative emotions and traits from entering him. The Sword of Light is weakest in the light and powerful in the dark. It also gives off a glow in the dark. The Sword of Light is about 2 ft. 8 in. long and very sharp. The handle changes depending on how the person best grips the Sword.

Armor: N/A

Carried Possessions: The Necklace of Memories- Dawn knows his life used to be different and people would've loved him, but ever since he got turned into a shadow beast, he had lost touch of his old memories. The only thing that helps him to return to his memories is an object supposedly passed down by his mother.

Powers/Magic/Skills/Limits/Side-Effects: Speed-Dawn is extremly fast in battle. His speed makes him look like a blur, however Dawn can not travel this quickly for long/

Shadow Travel-This allows Dawn to transport to places he's familleir with and remembers a lot of details about this place. It takes a lot of energy. This causes him to become a bit drowsy. If Dawn shadow travels when weak or exhausted, he could end up in the wrong place and/or becomes extremely weak.

Morph- This allows Dawn to look only a little a bit similar to a person and feel the same way. Morphing is hard to control. You have to let go of yourself a little bit, but not completly or you risk your memories. It's hard to morph to a certain person because other people's emotion/ traits/memories enter that you are not trying to morph to. This is also a good way to see other peoples memories.

Shadow Mist- This allows Dawn to blend in in shadowy or dark environments. Even one born into the darkness, would not be able to adjust their eyes well enough to see him off the spot.

(More skills will be developed along the way)

Battle Strengths: Dawn is quite skilled when it comes to sword fighting. In his past life, he was an excellent swordsman and this probably why he is such a pro at it. Using shadow mist to his advantage he can easily attack without being unnoticed. Dawn is actually quite fast. When he is running towards you he just looks like a blur of blackness.

Battle Weaknesses: If Dawn dosn't control his energy very well, he can become very drowsy. Dawn can go fast for a long time, while thinking clear decisions in battle, however if he makes a mistake, then he lets his guard down and has a hard time getting back to how he was. During this period, he is most vulnerable to attacks, for he has no defensive techniques.


Personality: Dawn is can be very shy in public for he has a hard time opening up to people, due to his emotional morphs. If Dawn is around people who are either filled with hope, joy, curiosity, and other positive emotions, he is most likely to open up. When in a crowd, he is always serious trying as much as he can to keep a clear mind. When alone his true personality shows. Dawn is very relaxed and playful, making jokes occasionally.

Likes: Positive energy
Dislikes: Negative energy
Fears: Losing control over himself
Virtues: Dawn can act and look like anyboy he previously seen.

Vices:If Dawn dosn't focus on who he is while morphing into someboyd else, he will lose control of his thoughts and body. It takes a long time for him to come back to reality. Sometimes a day, sometimes a year.


My body trembled over the excruciating pain. My breath becoming heavier and heavier until I could hold on no longer. The light seeped out f my eyes. I knew I had to be dead.

Moments passed by of no feeling, no emotion, not even black or white. Everything was just blank. A terrifying voice boomed into my head. The language was foreign, but I felt I chill come down my spine, even though I didn't have one. Moments later, the pain came back. My vision slowly came back, but everything was a blur. I was able to make out a few shapes, but that was it.

As I loooked around I noticed something glowing. It was a body of a 14 year old boy. Then it hit me, that was me. A shadowed figure glided around my body, and landed on top of it. It's a hands thrust into my chest and went through to my heart. I immediately felt one last sharp pain then it was it went away. The figure pulled my heart, crushed it in his hands. What was left was a dark heart. I felt a wind tugging me towards it, then everything went black.

I woke up the next day, and I was a shadow beast. My only memories I had were those of last night, but beside me I saw a necklace. I grabbed it and images flushed into my mind of a forest.

I spent the next years, figuring out who I was, but never got close. One day, I walked into a meadow and realized it was the forest in my vision. Another image came of a small misty lake. After days of searching a found it. The mist flew around me. A kind voice entered my head.

"In order to overcome you first hardship you must carry along the opposite of what you are."

The mist disappeared and there lied the Sword of Light.

"Never give yourself in to emotions, but don't be afraid to feal"

And with that, the scenery changed and I was in a village. Memories and emotions of others entered my head. Depressing ones hit me the most. I soon collapsed.

Over the decade. I overcame most my magic, but one thing bothered me. I was always staying away from crowds. That was no way to find my family. I finally decided to leave out into the word and explore in hopes to find my family.

This was the start of the real journey.

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Name: Dawn
Nickname /Alias: N/A
Age/Birthdate: 37
Apparent Age: 14-19
Gender: Male
Race: Shadowed Beast
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Eye Color: Dark
Hair Color/Style: Dark

General Appearance: Dawn's appearance is fairly similar to a shadow. Always changing depending on his own and other people's emotions and desires. Usually the form of his shadow-like appearance is in the form of his previous host, but gradually changes. When he is in his "shadow form", he has diffrent shades of gray/black covering his body. If Dawn is around a small group of people and he feels accepted, his true human form starts to take shape a little bit, but never completely. His skin color is tan, his eyes are light blue, he has smooth brown hair, and is lean and tall.

Weapon(s): The Sword of Light-while the presence of this, would weaken other shadow beasts, it clears Dawn's mind of other people's negative emotions and traits from entering him. The Sword of Light is weakest in the light and powerful in the dark. It also gives off a glow in the dark. The Sword of Light is about 2 ft. 8 in. long and very sharp. The handle changes depending on how the person best grips the Sword.

Armor: N/A

Carried Possessions: The Necklace of Memories- Dawn knows his life used to be different and people would've loved him, but ever since he got turned into a shadow beast, he had lost touch of his old memories. The only thing that helps him to return to his memories is an object supposedly passed down by his mother.

Powers/Magic/Skills/Limits/Side-Effects: Speed-Dawn is extremly fast in battle. His speed makes him look like a blur, however Dawn can not travel this quickly for long/

Shadow Travel-This allows Dawn to transport to places he's familleir with and remembers a lot of details about this place. It takes a lot of energy. This causes him to become a bit drowsy. If Dawn shadow travels when weak or exhausted, he could end up in the wrong place and/or becomes extremely weak.

Morph- This allows Dawn to look only a little a bit similar to a person and feel the same way. Morphing is hard to control. You have to let go of yourself a little bit, but not completly or you risk your memories. It's hard to morph to a certain person because other people's emotion/ traits/memories enter that you are not trying to morph to. This is also a good way to see other peoples memories.

Shadow Mist- This allows Dawn to blend in in shadowy or dark environments. Even one born into the darkness, would not be able to adjust their eyes well enough to see him off the spot.

(More skills will be developed along the way)

Battle Strengths: Dawn is quite skilled when it comes to sword fighting. In his past life, he was an excellent swordsman and this probably why he is such a pro at it. Using shadow mist to his advantage he can easily attack without being unnoticed. Dawn is actually quite fast. When he is running towards you he just looks like a blur of blackness.

Battle Weaknesses: If Dawn dosn't control his energy very well, he can become very drowsy. Dawn can go fast for a long time, while thinking clear decisions in battle, however if he makes a mistake, then he lets his guard down and has a hard time getting back to how he was. During this period, he is most vulnerable to attacks, for he has no defensive techniques.


Personality: Dawn is can be very shy in public for he has a hard time opening up to people, due to his emotional morphs. If Dawn is around people who are either filled with hope, joy, curiosity, and other positive emotions, he is most likely to open up. When in a crowd, he is always serious trying as much as he can to keep a clear mind. When alone his true personality shows. Dawn is very relaxed and playful, making jokes occasionally.

Likes: Positive energy
Dislikes: Negative energy
Fears: Losing control over himself
Virtues: Dawn can act and look like anyboy he previously seen.

Vices:If Dawn dosn't focus on who he is while morphing into someboyd else, he will lose control of his thoughts and body. It takes a long time for him to come back to reality. Sometimes a day, sometimes a year.


My body trembled over the excruciating pain. My breath becoming heavier and heavier until I could hold on no longer. The light seeped out f my eyes. I knew I had to be dead.

Moments passed by of no feeling, no emotion, not even black or white. Everything was just blank. A terrifying voice boomed into my head. The language was foreign, but I felt I chill come down my spine, even though I didn't have one. Moments later, the pain came back. My vision slowly came back, but everything was a blur. I was able to make out a few shapes, but that was it.

As I loooked around I noticed something glowing. It was a body of a 14 year old boy. Then it hit me, that was me. A shadowed figure glided around my body, and landed on top of it. It's a hands thrust into my chest and went through to my heart. I immediately felt one last sharp pain then it was it went away. The figure pulled my heart, crushed it in his hands. What was left was a dark heart. I felt a wind tugging me towards it, then everything went black.

I woke up the next day, and I was a shadow beast. My only memories I had were those of last night, but beside me I saw a necklace. I grabbed it and images flushed into my mind of a forest.

I spent the next years, figuring out who I was, but never got close. One day, I walked into a meadow and realized it was the forest in my vision. Another image came of a small misty lake. After days of searching a found it. The mist flew around me. A kind voice entered my head.

"In order to overcome you first hardship you must carry along the opposite of what you are."

The mist disappeared and there lied the Sword of Light.

"Never give yourself in to emotions, but don't be afraid to feal"

And with that, the scenery changed and I was in a village. Memories and emotions of others entered my head. Depressing ones hit me the most. I soon collapsed.

Over the decade. I overcame most my magic, but one thing bothered me. I was always staying away from crowds. That was no way to find my family. I finally decided to leave out into the word and explore in hopes to find my family.

This was the start of the real journey.

Sig by the ever so fabulous ~ Sůlsetur
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