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Re: Character List

Name: Eleken Sasura

Age: 127

Race: Elf

Sex: Female

Hair: Eleken has medium brown, layered hair styled like spikes, which look so real you could swear that if you so touch one, your finger would bleed.

She also has an electric blue highlight down the middle shaped almost exactly like a thunderbolt. She’s obsessed with thunder and lightning, in fact she’s been labelled a “Lightnimaniac”.

Eyes: Eleken’s eyes are a clear, bright blue with a tint of yellow near the pupil- some say that when she’s angry, you can see a miniature thunderstorm in her eyes, reflecting her rage.

Weight: 132 lbs.

Height: 5’ 5

Weapon: Eleken uses a jian sword called “Ley-Bing”, welded upon the high mountains of china over five hundred years ago. The blade has witnessed many a bloody battle, and was used by the most honourable emperors and warriors of China.

Ley-Bing’s grip and guard were carved from a large thunder egg imported from the hot country of Australia, and the actual Blade is made from steel tinted blue, and the tang has been shaped like a thunder bolt.

Armor: Eleken has a medieval breast-plate with her people’s thunder crest in the middle of it, which stores excess energy to stop her from overloading with electricity. There are patterns of storms and lightning all the way down the plate, and beautiful Elvish literature written across the top and bottom, telling tales of heroes and legends.

Strengths: Eleken is a very powerful fighter, and excellent with a blade. She’s capable of strong blows, and can cause chaos, if she’s fighting in a place where things could be knocked over…
Also, if when she’s fighting a thunderstorm is happening, or certain other situations (mentioned in the "skills/magic" section) it boosts her will to fight and allows her to think quicker.
Her personality affects how she begins to fight, if she's feeling particularly lonly today, she'll probably be hit first as her mind is on other things, if she's been with her friends, she'll be full of willpower and dive into the battle headfirst. I suppose this is classed as both a strength and a weakness.

Weakness: Eleken isn’t a very quick thinker, she’s got no chance against fast fighters, as she lacks the ability to avoid quick attacks, leaving herself wide open a lot of the time, unless she is fighting where a thunderstorm is happening.

Skills/Magic: Eleken can use electrical attacks when she likes, but they're strongest when she’s fighting in any of the following situations:

a) she's in a thunder storm
b) she has been attacked by another electrical attack and absorbed the electrical energy
c) she is exposed to electrical interferance/waves

If Eleken is in any of the above situations, her attacks become more alot more accurate, she can only miss the target 10% of the time, the attacks also become stronger, taking off more damage than usual and if she's in one of the above situations, she thinks and moves a little faster, boosting her likliness to avoid an attack up to 65% rather than 40% of the time.
The electrical attacks are:

She can only use this twice per battle, it allows her to stun her opponent with a bolt of lightning, giving her enough time to attack the open enemy. She only really uses this against fast opponents as she struggles avoiding their attacks.

Conducting Blade
Eleken’s hands let off an electrical discharge, which travel down her sword making her sword attacks stronger. When the sword during “Conducting Blade” strikes the opponent, the foe is zapped and becomes a little weaker.

Thunder blast
Eleken can only use this attack during a thunderstorm, or an exposure to electricity in the area. Eleken can use her hand to fire a white beam at her opponent, which makes them a little weaker for a short time.

Appearance: Eleken isn’t very elegant when it comes to dressing up, she has just a T-shirt underneath her bullet-proof vest, and she wears ordinary blue trousers, almost like a mark of her humbleness.

Her face has a scar all down the right side, painfully reminding her of the time a wolf scratched her as a child.

Her skin pale due to disliking of the sun and natural light and love of gloomy wet weather.

Her eyes stand out against her pale skin, like two diamonds in a white gold bracelet reflecting every strand of light back into space.

On her left arm, a birthmark shaped like a bolt to remind her people of her extraordinary power over electricity, her pale, white lips blend into her face, and her speechless expression makes her look sad all of the time.

Finally, two long ears the size and shape of knives cut into her long brown hair.

Personality: Eleken is a very quiet person when left alone, she grieves on problems of the past and waits for destiny to lead her into another tragedy.
Her cold tears of regret seemingly have no end, and many worry about her constant depression.

Despite this, when Eleken is around her friends and aunt, she has a hyperactive attitude often luring her into trouble. She enjoys life more when she's around people she knows, so she often hangs around with them. Her friends enjoy her company, although they say Eleken is easily offended at the bare mention of the word "mother". When this does happen, she'll usually make a small, sad comment and be quiet for a few minutes.

When life is looking up, which it very rarly does for her, Eleken makes the most of it. If it's something worth celebrating, she'll celebrate it. If it's something worth think or talking about, she'll think and talk about it. It's only when the event dies down- usually after a week at the most- that she starts to go back into her cycle of sadness.

When in battles, Eleken becomes serious and angry if she keeps getting hit, making her unfocused- but she respects all of her opponents and if she feels the fight it fair, she will fight honourably.

Biography: Eleken was born in the high waterfalls of the Troll’s Mountain during her mother, Aurora’s quest to find the Elves thunder crest. Eleken was incredibly early, and her mother had expected the quest to have been over when Eleken was born, her mother had to continue the quest, and so she sent her child back to the forest where Eleken was being looked after by her aunt. The plan was that Eleken’s mother would return after a month… but there was no news of her mother for five whole years. Due to this, Eleken took the surname of her aunt- Sasura, rather than her mother’s surname- Okaile.

Eleken was brought up in the Elven forests, Surrounded by lakes and fields which she often wandered into as a child. Aurora didn’t have any children besides Eleken, and Eleken’s father is called Juikko. Jikko is actually Eleken’s teacher, although neither the child nor the father know that they are related because Aurora had never told her husband Juikko that she was pregnant when she left on a quest. At the age of four, a small wolf during a thunderstorm attacked Eleken. Luckily, a bolt of lightning struck nearby and scared the wolf away. Her injury was very serious, only her best friend was there to drag her back into the village where she was seen to immediately.
She recovered, but a large scar still covers the right side of her face.

When Eleken was five, her aunt received horrible news of Aurora. Aurora had been killed in a battle with the keeper of the thunder crest, her small party of two returned to the village to deliver the bad news, and the blood stained thunder crest…
Eleken was given the crest by her people, and it forever marks the start of a perilous journey- blood filled battles, and tales of sorrow.

During Eleken’s teenage years, she had grown to hate strangers, and any travellers that passed through her town were often under close surveillance by Eleken. Her rage filled within her for years after she had developed a hatred for others, and a loss of any string of love inside her. The only two people she ever loved were her aunt who had raised her and her best friend who ensured her protection and survival. The young girl started taking sword fighting lessons, and learned how to use her electrical powers to take out her rage. Eleken became incredibly successful, and she later became a fighter in her adult years.

Eleken’s rage had continued to grow, but at the same time, it was drained out of her as she fought battle after battle to avenge her mother. To this day, Eleken is one of the most powerful fighters representing her species (but unfortunately, not the most evasive). Eleken still doesn’t know about her father, Juikko, but Juikko is currently out in search of Eleken as he has discovered the truth and doesn’t want his daughter to feel pain anymore. He knows that he is the only one who can put an end to the angry beast of rage within Eleken…



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Re: Character List

Name: Nik Luen

Age: 5026 but she doesn't know that

Race: Harpy

Sex: female

Hair: brown and curly

Eyes: blue

Weight: 150 pounds

Height: 6' 4"


--==Huular Knife==--
poisonous knife, 10" long, the poison paralysis very slowly and can kill with in hours

--==Bastero Sword==--
The sword she had back before she became a Harpy, made by Notsil the Smithy, it is a one of a kind weighing less than half that of other swords Notsil had made of the same size, he achieved this by by using a very rare light weight steel, it has no other special properties. it is a European type broadsword with an actual gold hilt the blade it's self is 44" long and is gold on the sharp parts.

--==finger nails==--
always sharp at the tips, they are as strong as steal and are hard to break, and if they are broken she can grow a new one in seconds it causes very little pain if any.

Her brand of Harpy can control air make, typhoons, or just have a gentle breeze. she can see in inferred when she wants.

if water touches her skin it burns like acid. if even one of her feathers is missing she is unable to fly, after about an hour any cut feathers grow back, but she will be vulnerable for the whole hour.

she can fly. she has the power to transport things light years in distance but after she uses it she must eat a bit of grotin, a plant, and wait 15 minutes for her to be able to use it again, Grotin can only be found in dark dank caves, on any planet. she can control O2 (oxygen) and she can use it as a weapon consentrating it like a needle and open skin.


very easy going, doesn't like to fight, but will tear you up if you make her mad enough, she likes all manner of people/creatures. even as a Forgian she was happy and never got into fights, when she became a Harpy people taunted her and shunned her so she became more angry, so she kept more to herself on alien uninhabbitable worlds.

Nik has been alive for many years, she stopped counting her age thousands of years ago. before she was a harpy she lived as a Forgian, a race of land based mammalians, there was an earthquake one day and opened up a fissure in the ground, which she fell into it had radio-active matter in it and it transformed her body and her genes, it also gave her long lasting life, but it also made her forget everything about her family and her life before the earthquake, though she would like to know more about it she can do nothing about it the information has no doubt been destroyed many thousands of years ago but now she spends her time looking for some sort of a family.
When she was a Forgian she was a happy kid. she was only a forgian for 14 years and she can't remember any of it so it is sort of unimportant to her life now.
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Re: Character List

Name: Avaline Wings

Age: 12

Race: Angelclaw-a race of red eyed angels who can sprout wings from their back and change from human to Angelclaw at will.

Sex: Female

Hair: Black, short with bangs combed to the left (or right, depends on which way you're facing her)

Edit: Yes, if she's facing forward (to you) the bangs are to her left.

Eyes: Blackish brown, but they turn red when she is in angel form.
Edit: Bleh, angel can mean the same thing (at least in this context, lol)

Weight: Just 80 pounds, she has better things to do than eat
Edit: Like go on Zelda Forums! Now isn't that better?

Height: 4 foot 10 inches. Like I said, she doesn't eat that much cause she's got better things to do.
Edit: Hm, I don't know if weight affects growth. Maybe? Lol.

Weapon: Avaline wields a double sword. Her sword is called the Sword of Elements, and she can seperate/fuse together the two halves at will. On the maroon colored hilt there are swirly markings which flow into a swirl/guard that has a jewel inside it. On one side the jewel is blue (sword of ice) and on the other the jewel is red (sword of fire). The sheathe for her sword is golden yellow in color and has swirly marks of the same kind as the hilt. The sword is about 2 feet long and hangs from the right side of her belt when not in use.

Edit: It's two fused swords, but it's like half and half. When it's one sword it has a red jewel on one side and the other one is blue, but when the sword is split, one sword has two red jewels on both sides and the other has two blue jewels. She uses the red one for the burning spell and the blue one for the freezing spell. Anyway, moving on

Armor: She has a pair of navy open finger gloves that have a metal plate on the back. The gloves go up to the inside of her elbow.

Edit: Yes, I fixed this one.

Strengths: She can fly, but not for long periods of time as she gets tired. When in angel form she can also scratch people if her sword is unusable. Being light and fast on her feet she can also dodge pretty well. She can also dive bomb people and stuff like that which applies to flying.

Weakness: When in the air she cannot dodge things such as arrows as well, and she can be easily overwhelmed by a heavier, stronger opponent as her blows fall quite lightly on such an enemy.

Skills/Magic: Avaline channels her magic through the jewels in her swords. She knows two basic spells: a freezing spell and a burning spell. Both are relatively weak, though and only work well when used on multiple enemies. She can also magically dry her clothes with a water spell and is training in healing magic which is an Angelclaw specialty.

Edit: The healing magic is weak and can only turn cuts into scabs and not heal them completely. The freezing spell and burning spell won't kill a person when only used on one person, but it grows stronger a more people catch on fire/freeze. She can also burn/freeze inanimate objects.

Appearance: Avaline looks like an average tween kid. She has tan skin and likes to wear sneakers. She usually wears regular tween clothes unless when going into battle, during which she will don her battle gloves and hoodie and capris. Her sneakers are blue and brown and her wings are a tint of maroon-red.

Edit: Avaline likes more tomboyish clothes and SHE WILL NEVER WEAR PINK. PINK IS FOR TEH PIGGIES. Her face is more of a rounded shape but she has a pointed-ish chin. And there is a picture attached at the bottom, lol. I'm not really sure what else goes in here.

Personality: Avaline is a tomboy. She likes to draw a lot, and usually draws birds and dragons. She also is easily irritated and will hurt anybody who decides to even slightly provoke her. She likes to be random and has a tendency to blurt out something completely unrelated during conversations-and battles. She is a total geek when it comes to school stuff, and is the smartest in her grade. She just doesn't like to show it.

Edit: Avaline also wanted to be a bird before she turned twelve. Coincidence? Nah, I was just bored and decided to put this in.

Biography: Avaline grew up in the city, but moved to the suburbs at the age of 6. As the years went by, Avaline became less and less popular. During 6th grade, she had only 8 close friends, 6 of which were guys. The guys really understood her more.

On her twelfth birthday, she learned of her true nature-that she was an Angelclaw. Before that she took to hacking at trees with a stick. Also hacking at people she didn't like with a stick. That caused problems in school.

Avaline has a cockatiel, and she still has her to this day. She grew up with her parents living a regular life with a wii and an itouch, and she still does, basically. She likes to glide in the sky and prides herself on the fact that she can get to school before everybody else. She dislikes smart-alecks and people who are better than her. Her goal is to become somebody who helps everyday people doing everyday things. She is traveling from home in search of adventure and things to hack at.

Edit: No, not superman-ish. Like a person that if you told them, "Avaline! The fire department is on fire!" and she would reply, "Oh, that? I set that fire." Lol. Sort of a person that would help if she felt like it. Not really good or bad. Also, murf is what one of my birds says. Murf. I say murf too.

She also likes to say Murf. There is no meaning for murf, it is just that-murf.

The picture is attached. Edit: DOWN THERE! Yes!!!
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Re: Character List

Name: Gregory Hiltman

Age: 19(Biological) 204(Chronological)

Race: Genetically Modified Human

Gender: Male

Hair: Short and dark brown. He usually keeps it neat and combed back.

Eyes: Hazel

Weight: 243lbs

Height: 6 feet 10 inches

Armor: He wears no armor, because he has no need to. His body can withstand enormous amounts of trauma.

Weapons: For the most part he just uses his fists, but he does carry a concealed Ruger SP-101 in case of emergencies. A situation like that only happens once in a blue moon however, and if he ever has to resort to using the pistol he's probably already lost the battle. He is also proficient at wielding most energy weapons, but he finds them awkward to use.

Strengths: He is incredibly strong, the most he's been able to lift is about six tons however lifting that much weight is a huge strain on his body and leaves him exhausted. He is also extremely resistant to damage. Bullets, grenades, and artillery shells barely cause him any pain, but the force of the explosion can knock him back if it's powerful enough. His strength, combined with his incredibly hard and invulnerable body make him a human artillery shell. He can punch his way through steel, concrete, and even the thick armor on an Iowa class battleship. This was proven when he was pitted against a tank and was able to not only withstand a shot from its main gun, but was able to punch his way into the cockpit.

He was also able to adapt to new environments and situation. For example if you poured lava on him, his body would become more heat resistant. This ability has waned over the years, and now only produces a noticeable effect after a near death experience.

It has been predicted that he will live for thousands of years because his cells do not wear down as quickly as they do in other people. This has caused his cellular reproduction to slow to the point that it’s measured in decades. If he is hurt however, his cells will multiply and heal at the normal rate. He has received combat training from his time in the US Army and has some skill at coming up with battle strategies. He can also go much longer than the average person without food or water.

He does not flaunt his powers, which leads many to believe that he is just a normal human being. While this deception is not intentional, he has no qualms with using it to his advantage should the need arise.

Weaknesses: He has no resistance to magic. Most forms of magic can cause him significant harm, and it is one of the few things that could potentially kill him. His body has not been able to develop a resistance to magic despite encountering it multiple times. Energy weapons such as laser pistols can be blocked by his skin, but they leave severe burns, this can be debilitating if he's not careful. In the twentieth, and early to mid twenty first centuries this wasn’t a problem for him, but as weapons technology advanced he found that they had become a major threat.

He cannot come into contact with acid of any kind, even the weak acid found in chili peppers causes him intense pain, and can leave gaping wounds in his body. This was a fail safe programed into his genetic coding to ensure that he could be stopped should he go rouge. This includes his own stomach acid, and he is extremely careful no to do anything that would damage the mucus lining his stomach walls, or else the hydrochloric acid would burn through his intestines and kill him.

His body is not much heavier than usual and can still be tossed around by large explosions, or other beings with super human strength. He is also not very agile, and can run only at an average speed. His large body makes it nearly impossible for him to use any kind of stealth, and he is an utter fool when it comes to climbing. Due to his nature Gregory will outright refuse to fight if he believes bystanders would get hurt in the process. Even if his opponent begins to attack him he will not retaliate.

Skills/Magic: None.

Appearance: His height, broad shoulders, huge biceps, and massive chest make him look intimidating. He keeps his hair neat, short, and combed back. His face has somewhat well defined except for his nose, which is slightly rounded. His cheeks are full but not puffy, and his jawbone is sharply defined. His eyes are slightly narrower than usual, but it’s somewhat difficult to notice. It does not appear that he has aged a day since he turned nineteen, and he still has a very youthful look about him.

He prefers to wear the simplest and most comfortable clothes possible. He usually settles for a denim jacket, a long sleeved shirt, some jeans, and tennis shoes. He does keep a wardrobe which has most of the clothing one would find in a wardrobe, and as expected he wears different attire as appropriate.

Personality: Gregory is what you would call a gentle giant, he tries to avoid trouble if possible and has never started a fight since he acquired his superhuman abilities because he fears hurting or killing another person. If he can, he will try to talk an aggressor out of fighting him. It is virtually impossible to truly anger him, although he does get annoyed somewhat easily. He has also worked to improve his willpower and self control. He is incredibly patient, never becoming annoyed at the prospect of waiting for something.

Despite being constantly compared to comic book superheros, Gregory doesn’t want to go out and fight criminals. Calling him a “hero” will irritate him, and has lead to many arguments in the past. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care for others. If he sees someone in trouble, he will not hesitate to help, but as he’s quick to point out he never goes out and patrols the streets.

He very quiet, and a good listener. Many people go to him for advice or if they want a sympathetic ear. Gregory is very good at calming people down, and could subdue even the most enraged person without lifting a finger. He walks and talks very slowly and deliberately in an attempt to conceal his unnatural power. He doesn't do this to try and deceive his opponents, but because he prefers to be viewed as normal.

He has been alive for over two centuries, and has witnessed many of his friends' deaths. Knowing that he will outlive virtually everyone he becomes acquainted with has left him somewhat depressed and lonely. In an attempt to counter this he tries to be around people as much as possible, but he rarely lets someone get close to him emotionally.

Biography: It was a warm summer night on the west coast of the United States. In the cities it was bright, noisy and the air was polluted with smog. In the suburbs however, it was tranquil. There was almost no noise, as everyone slumbered int their cosy homes. The streetlamps gave off a comforting, yet strangely eerie light. A beautiful crescent moon hung overhead in a clear cloudless night. A slight breeze flowed through and gently rustled the grass.

Only the crickets with their soft chirping dared to break the silence, and a seventeen year old boy in a new convertible roaring down streets. He swerved once, and nearly hit a truck before coming to a stop in front of one of the houses. It was a two story house with brown shingles, white painting and a red door. In front of it was neatly trimmed lawn, although the summer was clearly taking its toll on the grass. There were little yellow patches scattered around the green field.

Gregory pulled himself out of the car and stumbled his way towards the door. As he neared he noticed a briefcase with a piece of paper attached to it. With some effort he managed to bend over and pick up the note. As he read it his expression became more and more outraged and infuriated. His parents had kicked him out.

“Is that the way you want it you bastards? Fine, I’m gone. See you both in hell!” he shouted at the house, kicked the door. He picked up the briefcase and trudged back to his car. He slumped back into the seat and mulled over the note.

...It's too much for us to handle... We don't know what to do with you anymore... You're always drunk... We gave you everything, even a new car, and you never showed any gratitude... We recommend joining the Army. You could use some discipline..."

"I wasn't really that bad, was I?" Gregory thought to himself as he started up his convertible and began driving toward the city.

"The Army," he said out loud to himself.


Gregory sat waiting for General Decker and the doctor to return. He stared at his palms and noticed that they were shaking and sweaty. He balled them into fists and looked up. The room was small with just a desk, a chair and a bed. There were posters on the wall some showing the organs of the human body, and other displaying various diseases. On the desk was a model of a human head, with one half removed to show the internal components of the mouth, nose, and brain. There was a calender that revealed the date to be August 16, 1962.

“Why did I sign up for this? What are they gonna do to me?” he mumbled to himself, and then heard heavy footsteps approaching the door. A stocky man in a military uniform, an a thinner but taller man in a white coat strode into the room.

“Okay Corporal Hiltman, we’re ready to begin,” said the General as the doctor reached forward to pull Gregory to his feet. Gregory pushed the doctor’s hand away and stood up.


"Are you sure this will work, Doc?" asked the General.

"I'm sure of it, the process was quite simple," was the reply.

Gregory Hiltman was asleep in the ICU ward, while General Decker and Doctor Rubinstein observed him through a window.

"I don't understand it, you take genes from his bones, do some scientific gobbledygook to it, and we make a superman?" grumbled the General.

"We merely enhanced the natural genetic properties of the bone. You see whenever the bone is damaged, it actually become more resistant to trauma as it heals. It becomes denser, and harder. His body will now become harder and denser every time it is traumatized. This will probably carry over to physical strength as well. Why, there's no telling how powerful he could become!" exclaimed the Doctor giddily.

"Not too powerful for us to control, I hope," said the General gravely.


Gregory was at a military base, he had not been told where the base was, and on the journey they had gone so far as to blindfold him. Now he was in what appeared to be the bases proving grounds, a wide field that had multiple obstacles designed to test the suspension of tanks. There were also some tanks the Gregory guessed were from World War Two. They sat waiting for their younger counterparts to roll onto the field and use them for target practice.

“Alright, bring in the M103,” came a voice over the loudspeaker. Gregory prepared himself as the tank rolled into view. As it lumbered across the field Gregory couldn't keep his eyes off of the 120 millimeter main gun that was now aimed right at him. Above the main gun was one of the tank crew who had manned the secondary machine gun.

“First off we’re gonna test your endurance, fire the machine gun, private,” called the voice on the loudspeaker. The private was hesitant to open fire on Gregory.

“It’s alright private, if our tests are correct it shouldn’t even faze him,” the private didn’t seem to reassured by this, but opened fire anyway. A spray of thirty calibur bullets splashed against Gregory’s body. The bullets stung a bit, but he was able to take an entire belt of ammunition without flinching, but he did notice that he had been pushed back about half a foot by the hail of bullets.

“Very good, now lets see what he can really take, fire the main gun!” ordered the voice on the loudspeaker. The tank fired a round, the recoil knocking it back slightly. The round connected with Gregory’s abdomen, and exploded. The blast knocked him back well over ten yards, he cried out in shock and pain. He landed on his back, his ears ringing. He slowly stood up, shook his head put his hand on his stomach. The heat from the blast had left a painful burn, but that was the extent of the damage he had taken.

“Okay Corporal I’m sure that at this point you’re pissed off at the guys in that tank, go ahead and show them what you can do,” said the man on the loudspeaker. Gregory wasn’t really all that angry with the tank crew, they were just doing their job, but he decided to follow orders. He ran at the tank and threw a few punches at the side armor. Every time his fists made contact with steel armor on the tank it left a dent. He kept pummeling the armor and eventually was able to rip through to the tank’s cockpit.

“That’s enough now,” called the loudspeaker voice, still in a calm flat tone even after witnessing this supposedly impossible feat.

Gregory wondered at his own power. He had just single-handedly defeated a tank, and he was barely winded. He could take on a whole army if he wanted to. It was then that Gregory realized that if he was used by the military, he would become an incredibly destructive force in the world. He decided that he didn’t want that, for himself, or for the rest of humanity. He knew that the Army wouldn’t just let him go, so he began plotting his escape.


Gregory sat again, this time in an airplane. He closed his eyes and leaned back against the rough white and blue fabric of the airline seat. He had snuck away from the base the first chance he got, had gone to the nearest city, and had bought himself a new pair of clothes, with the small amount of money had had kept on himself. His size had not made this easy, and the clothes he was wearing were two sizes too small for him, but it was the best he could do.

He had then stolen a car and drove to a larger city with an airport, sold the car and used the money buy a plane ticket.

"Stewardesses please prepare for take off," came the voice of the plane's captain over the intercom.

"I made it, I'm home free," Gregory thought with a sigh of relief. The stewardesses began to squeeze their way through the narrow walkway between the seats, checking to make sure every passenger was comfortable.

"Pillow, sir?" inquired one of the stewardesses.

Gregory opened his eyes slightly. The stewardess was shorter than her coworkers, and skinnier as well. She appeared to be very young, probably in her late teens. She wore the same white and blue blouse tucked neatly into a thick but short white skirt that all of her fellow employees did.

"No I'm fine," came his reply. The stewardess smiled before continuing her trek to the front of the plane.

The plane began to roll down the runway and picked up speed. The front wheels of the aircraft lifted off the ground and the rest of the plane quickly followed suit. The plane eventually leveled and began its journey north, blasting air out of its huge engines and whipping by clouds. Inside the plane however, it was peaceful. Gregory soon drifted off to sleep, his dreams filled with hopes of a peaceful, quiet life.
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Re: Character List

Name:Phos (pronounced Fose with a sssss sound not a zzzzz sound)






Weight:100 lbs

Height: 5'2 feet

Weapon: Cloudburner, this sword has a keen blade of a white color. The guard is formed like a hand with gold inlaid in the fingernails, curling protectively over the wielder's own. Its pommel bears a series of alexandrites.

Armor: He has no armor as it would slow him down, he wears normal clothes with the sheikah emblem on them.

Strengths:Phos is very fast. He can run up to speeds of 30 miles per hour. Though when he does, he easily gets exhausted. So rather he would just run up to 15 miles if he were to go long distance. If he He is also clever and smart when it comes to ideas. Phos can easily tell if people are afraid or not. He can easily control the person and make them go against their own will when they fear Phos.

Weakness:He is easily distracted. Light is his worst weakness. A normal flashlight would annoy us, a normal flashlight would torture Phos. As he is fast and clever, somebody extremely buff like a goron could slaughter Phos. If anyone is happy rather than afraid or lying, Phos won't be able to turn them against their will. Rather, it could (If the other person knew) the other way around. You might think if Phos can easily be tortured by a flashlight, the sun would affect him too. But, Phos just makes himself weaker when out and about in the day, and the sun has no affect on him. Only in a room shielded from the sun or at night does he use is full power.

Skills/Magic:Besides his sword, Phos has two types of curses. All involving shadow.

I. Sacrifice of Visions, a shadow curse. His gray eyes turn a bright red and can stun you, if caught by this curse long enough (about 10 minutes) it can kill you. It is like listening to an extremely loud ringing or being caught in a redead's scream. The only way to escape this is by thinking of happy thoughts.

II. Acid Rain, this curse can dissolve an opponent if used correctly. However, if used more than once in one day, it will kill the user. Even when used once it will tire the user so much that he automatically faints. If you are caught by Acid Rain, the only way to escape this is to send a beam of light in the direction of Phos. If light is unavailable, happiness and good thoughts. (Like the Expecto Patronum Spell In Harry Potter.)

Personality: If you were to talk to Phos, you would automatically find him different from children his age. If his dad were a greek god it would be Hades. He's sort of goth, except happier. He's a hater and a good kid at the same time. He is also just a tiny bit timid. If you were to say anything, and anything at all involving the three goddesses (Farore, Din, and Nayru) he would lecture you on how they're the worst things to ever be.

Biography: Centuries before OoT, he was one of the many sheikah that still lived. He was born and raised in Kakariko before the sheikah left and it became a normal town. at age five his parents were killed in a gerudo invasion. He got adopted by Hylian parents until age seven, where they abandoned him. The Hylian parents abandoned when he first learned he could do the Sacrifice of Vision.

One day Phos was angry at his dad for not letting him go outside like the other children, (Phos's parents didn't want him to go play with the other children as he was "different") so Phos started yelling, and all of a sudden his eyes glowed red, and he did the Sacrifice of Vision on his dad. He wanted to hurt his father for not letting him play with the other children.

"S-stop!" He uttered, Phos kept going. He started coughing up blood, he did this for eight minutes. Nearly dead, Phos's mother walked in the room. Phos got distracted easily and stopped torturing his father. His parents then left him.

At the age of twelve, he was walking in the market. He recently stole some meat so he wanted to get some bread as well. The bakery had just cooked up some bread, he snuck some behind the baker's back. Phos got caught and the baker took him into a private room.

"What's the matter with you, boy?" the baker asked,

"I, I just wanted some bread." Phos replied. Unfortanetly for Phos, this baker was secretly a deity. He expected some young trouble-maker to linger around his famous bread.

The baker surprisingly smiled, and said "You can have the bread. I understand." Obviously Phos could tell there was some kind of trick behind this as he was very intelligent. But he thought, It's a baker, what's the worst he can do? So he took the bread and had lunch.

The bread had a jinx on it, when he ate it he would remain the age of which he was forever. He would never hit puberty and grow up. So, he is stuck at the age of twelve. He lives on to the day past Twilight Princess, as he is immortal as well. At first he found this great! He never had to grow up and lived forever. But eventually, Phos became tormented by this curse. Phos realized this and went straight to the baker a couple years after the curse. He saw the baker, putting bread by the window. He walked inside the kitchen, and right away pushed him against the wall. He took Cloudburner (His blade) to his neck, and threatened to kill him.

"Take this curse away from me, I hate it!" Phos demanded. The baker said nothing, "Did you hear me? I said take it away!" He pressed Cloudburner harder against his neck. The baker was silent for a moment.

"... Ha, ha ha ha!" The baker laughed.

"What's so funny?" Phos asked, "Just take it away and you'll live to see another day!"

"It's just so funny that you get distracted so easily!"

Phos' eyes turned a brilliant red, the baker fell to the ground, coughing up blood after a few moments. The blood, was surprisingly golden.

"What the?" Phos saw,

"Don't you see boy? I live forever like you, the only difference, is that I am a god."

Phos stood for a moment, thinking of what to do next.

"A god or not, just take away the curse. Now."

"Hmm... Alright. I'll do it."

"Do what?"

"Take away the curse, like you asked."

The baker went to his cabinet, and opened a drawer. Inside Phos saw multiple things that confused him. The baker took out a small vial.

"Drink this." The baker said,

"O-okay." Phos reached out to grab the vial. He stopped and hesitated. Phos thought about the decision he was about to make, should I keep my youth? He asked himself. After a moment of decision, Phos thought it through as he was a good thinker. He took the vial, and took a large sip. "Hey, I actually feel good. Infact, I feel older already." He sat contently, and for the first time in his life he was happy. He was truly happy, and only had one thing to say. "Thankyou."

Phos was about to leave, but he turned around and stopped. "Oh, what's your name?"

"My, my name?" He asked, "My name, is Skoteinos."

"Well, goodbye Skot, can I call you that?" Skoteinos nodded. "Goodbye Skot."

"Goodbye, Phos." He said a tad evilly. Phos turned around yet again. He walked up to Skot, and asked him a simple question.

"How do you know my name?" Skoteinos said nothing. After a second of silence, Phos passed out. And fell to the floor. He was paralyzed.

"Well, Phos." Skot said, as Phos lay there, appearing frozen. "I have always wanted to get you, and now that I got you, I want to kill you. Son." And those were the last words he said, before Skoteinos knocked Phos out.


Phos awakened within a room, in an inn. He was in an inn, and didn't know how. He thought, and remembered yesterday. He got out of his room, and walked down to the front counter.

"Can I help you?" The woman at the counter asked,

"Yes, in fact, you can. How did I get here?"

"Pardon?" she asked, bewildered.

"Last night, how did I check in?"

"Oh, I see. A man walked in carrying you. He said he was your father, his name began with an S. Let's see was it, Scotty, Skot, Skoteinos! That was it, Skoteinos."

"Thankyou." Phos left, and went toward the bakery. He walked in the kitchen and saw no one there besides a man.

"Hello." Phos said,

"Hello." Said the man, "Do you want a fresh baked bread? Or possibly a pastry today? It's a perfect temperatue to bake in the sun."

"No thank you. Is one by the name of Skoteinos here?"



The man walked up to a counter and picked up a book. He flipped the pages, and responded, "I'm sorry, there is no one by the name of Skoteinos. In fact, he never even joined."

Phos stood confused, he walked outside and thought. He realized that he was a god, and he must've tricked them. He must've erased their memory. Wait, did he say that he was his father? Was he, his dad?


The ironic thing is, that Phos is the greek word for light. And if you read this: light is Phos' main weakness.
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Re: Character List

Name: Saruu

Age: Unknown

Race: Evil Spirit

Gender: Male

Eyes: Glowing White

Weight: Technically it’s weightless, but comparing to the way he move, jump and attack he would weigh around 6.28 lbs

Size: It's length is 5,58 feet .It's tail is 19 in long. It is 3,93 feet high at the shoulder.

Appearance: From afar he resembles a blurred black wolf, however when you approach him you can see that he is actually a dark void constantly moving in the shape of a large wolf. The lack of a definite boundary makes he looks like he is out of focus. A thin black smoke concentrates around him, and it doesn't fade, not even in the mid of a gale.

Three small white circles glow on what seems to be his head. There is no smoke around of these "eyes".

He can be touched and wounded. When cut, black blood splashes from the void that is his body.

Strengths: Its only strength would be his creepy form that scares normal people; however experienced travelers seem to be not affected by its form, and when that is the case Saruu choose another one of its strengths, the ability of running like a coward.

Two of its eyes used to be able to see the past and the future, however unknown even for Saruu this ability disappeared once he left a witch that summoned it. [check History]

The only thing that can be considered strength would be its knowledge of dark things that hail from where, or around, the place he was originally born.

Weaknesses: Saruu is a coward, it feed on little children, mostly babies, or weak women, it tries to evade fights, and when battle is inevitable it tries to flee, and when he can’t run away, it’ll cry for its life. But if it has the chance to kill you in your sleep it will. Saruu has little affection with light, not cause it hurts him, but because when it is in light places it becomes blind.

Skills: Saruu knows every child song and can sing it perfectly attracting little children to where it is so it can devour them.

Personality: Saruu is a coward, a betrayal and a liar. It will take any chance to kill you just to steal whatever you have of precious. Beings friends with it is knowing that someday you’ll get backstabbed when you least expect it to happen.

When battle comes to challenge it and its companions, Saruu will try to hide, and if its side is victorious it will show up just to say that it helped too, but when its side is the loosing side Saruu will run as far as it can.

It doesn’t have dignity or scruples, he is able to do anything, and will do to get what he wants, even if it means killing his companions or burning babies alive.

History: Saruu was created with dark energy and the soul of a betrayal in a pos-apocalyptic realm. During its life there it made the already spoiled world gets even worse, until a hero appear and banish it from its realm.

After that Saruu wandered the dark sea of space between realms until a witch summoned it to a small town around the city of Trenna, there it devoured countless children and in the end killed the prettiest girl of the land, which caused people to start hunting it, Saruu decided to kill the witch, steal all her belongings and flee from Trenna.

During this time, it traveled around the world, and found some portals that took it to other worlds too. However when it killed the witch Saruu lost his ability of seeing the past and future, and now it travels around the realms searching for a way to regain its ability and once more go back to its dark life style.

Trenna belongs to Navi007, or at least I believe it does, lol
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Re: Character List

Name: Baltazar Kahara

Age: 32

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 156 pounds

Eyes: A little small and sharp, hazel brown

Hair: Short and ruffled dark brown, also has a moustache and a small beard.


Oscar Travis Kahara (father, deceased)

Juliet Obelia Kahara (mother)

Alice Kahara (younger sister, killed by thugs)

Gregory Kahara (younger brother)

Christian Kahara (older brother)

Homeplace: The city of Ravien in Torturia, in the world of Balladena.

Weapon(s): Currently observed using a pair of guns. These guns resemble magnums, but are slightly modified to increase the firing rate of bullets. As a result, the guns are somewhat weaker than normal magnums.

Armor: The only armor he wears is thin chainmail under his torso.

Appearance: Baltazar is quite a lazy slob, and as such he is rarely if ever dressed properly. He wears a long, dirty, patched, brown leather coat, a thin white torso under it, and loose grey slacks held in place by a black leather belt. He also wears grimy brown boots and a wide-brimmed brown hat that he never takes off. He’s not a beauty, and may have a few bruises and scars over his face here and there. However, he is far from hideous. Due to his constant travelling, he has gotten a little sunburned in his face, as he rarely takes off his coat, even in boiling heat. Lastly, he carries a small backpack that he keeps with him at all times. In there, he has his supply of drinks and food as well as a map, a compass and bullets.

Strengths: Being born into the Kahara family, Baltazar was from his childhood trained up into mastering the scythe as his weapon. He is capable of performing a great deal of swift damage to opponents with this weapon in hand. He is also quite the marksman, and can use any ranged weapon well as long as it has a trigger and a barrel. He is a quick thinker which makes him figure out his enemies’ strategies and movements very quickly, and he is also rather charismatic.

Weaknesses: Baltazar is not very strong, nor is he any quick at all when it comes to agility and running. He is a complete novice to magic, making him rather limited even for a human. In short, he is vulnerable towards anything, and very weak against powerful magic.

Skills: Due to him having little experience with magic at all, Baltazar is limited to his abilities with scythes and guns, as well as a few skills he has either inherited from his father or picked up during his travels:

NOTE: Most of the skills require Baltazar to use his inner energy to empower them. Using energy will gradually weaken Baltazar, until he is too fatigued to continue. Baltazar has a moderately high energy level compared to regular humans, which allows him to use several techniques before he is drained, such as using several techniques in swift succession. With his energy level at max, he is also able to keep his Callus beast active for a whole half hour.

Shadow Mirror – Baltazar creates a mirror image of himself that can attack and harm just like he does, and that shares all his traits. However, the copy is significantly weaker than him (in terms of both physical and mental strength), and taking a few hits it will disappear again. The mirror image can also be easily spotted because of its appearance; being mirrored, its switched features and clothes may give it away. A keen eye will therefore almost always see through the mirror image. The mirror image thinks and functions on its own, not needing to receive orders from Baltazar on what to do.

Steel Dance – Baltazar makes his scythe swing on its own as he throws it at his opponent. It only lasts for a few seconds though, and as a result he only uses it as a sort of boomerang to pull his enemies to him or hit them from behind should they dodge it. He can also use this technique to bring the scythe to him.

Glass Barrier – The only form of defense Baltazar has. He creates an invisible, somewhat sturdy barrier around himself that he can bring with him to protect himself while moving. However, it is easily overpowered by more powerful magic, and should it remain untouched it will still fade after a few minutes, having to be recharged by energy from the environment before it can be used again. The more energy around him - natural energy, meaning plants and growths - the faster Baltazar can use the spell again.

Callus: Bear – Baltazar musters up an incredible amount of energy to summon a spirit bear, which will follow and aid him wherever he would go. The spirit bear is bigger and stronger than a normal bear, but as a result requires a lot of energy to be maintained in its solid form, and as such will eventually drain Baltazar of his power should he not dismiss it after a given amount of time, which is decided by how much energy Baltazar has left upon summoning it. The Callus can remain active from anywhere between five minutes to half an hour. The Callus is able to converse with Baltazar, and can sometimes prove useful in situations such as fishing or pushing a boulder out of the way.

In addition to all this, Baltazar also has a great talent for playing on the guitar, though he does not carry one with him.

Personality: Baltazar is lazy. If there is an easier route to solving a problem, he will take that option as long as it does not conflict with his moral standards. He hates washing and cleaning in that he means that he shouldn’t have to worry about what other people think about him and how he looks or smells. However, he is a light-hearted and kind person, and he can be a big softie when it comes to children. Even though his looks are quite messy and ruffled, he is very polite and kind to strangers, and is also a big optimist. He is, however, oddly distinct towards his family, and rarely speaks of them. He is abnormally unselfish and always puts other people before himself. He despises fighting, partly because he does not like being hurt at all. He also has a strong weakness towards alcohol (though he claims that he has never actually gotten drunk in his life).

He does not follow any specific code of honor, but never attacks from behind and never turns to arrogance should he meet a weaker opponent. He tries to stay out of conflict as long as possible (maybe to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, maybe to avoid getting beaten up badly), but if pushed to a limit he will no longer be considerate and hesitating and will attack head–on.

Biography: Baltazar Kahara was born into the noble family of Kahara, second-born of Oscar and Juliet Kahara. He was raised to be a proper and well educated boy, but seemed to always prefer fun and games before school and duty.

His older brother, Christian, was exactly what Oscar wanted his second son to be. Always behaving himself, always staying clean and proper, studying hard to get good grades in school, and etcetera. Baltazar, however, always took every opportunity he had to get out of the Kahara Mansion and go see his friends, with whom he played and roamed the streets of Ravien in the evening. He received many lectures from his parents, being told over and over again what a shame he was to the Kahara family.

When he turned 16, Baltazar finally packed his bag and set off on his own, not caring about his mother’s constant begging to make him stay. Receiving the family scythe from Christian, he picked up new tricks and techniques along the way as he went from town to town. During these travels, he participated in many small bands and groups, eventually learning how to shoot with a rifle from a friend who belonged to a criminal gang. Following this gang, Baltazar found the pillaging and stealing to be demeaning and shameless, and left after a mere week.

When ten years had passed, Baltazar received word from his family. His sister had been robbed and killed by thugs while going to the groceries, and his father was in his sickbed, dying. Boarding the first ship he could to Ravien, Baltazar came home a few days before his father’s death. By his father’s wishes, Christian was to inherit the mansion and the fortune with it, and left with the task to look after his siblings and mother. Baltazar was given the family scythe officially, but decided to pass it on to his younger brother, Gregory.

Spending half a year in his hometown, Baltazar once again set out to travel. He would roam the lands for several years to come.
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Name: παγετόάλογο (Original Greek), pronounced Kryoshippos

Age: Unkown

Race: Spirit (in the form of a unicorn)

Horse Breed: Andravida

Gender: Female

Hair (mane and tail): Blue flame that varies from 2-4 feet long

Eyes: Opaque, light blue orbs that glow like flame

Weight: 950lbs.

Height: 5ft. (from front hoof to shoulder)


Kryoshippos shares all of the physical features of her breed, with a muscular chest and legs. The major difference, however, is that her entire body is completely transparent, having the appearance of blue tinted glass. She appears to have no organs at all, which she does not. She is composed entirely of crystalline ice, which is formed entirely out of her spiritual energy. Her mane and tail, unlike her rigid body, is a bright blue flame, which freezes everything it touches, unless Kryoshippos wills it not to. The glass-like hide of her body is also slightly frosted, and her very breath contains ice crystals. When exposed to sunlight, the light that passes through her body will be reflected off as rainbows. Her light blue eyes have no pupils, but are stunningly sharp, able to pierce though a person's very soul.

Kryoshippos moves with silent grace, leaving footprints of frost on the ground. Her hooves, however, leave no indents even on the softest of ground. Her cold aura brings a distinct chill to her immediate surroundings, which she can control with her power over cold. She cannot speak any discernable human language through her mouth, but she can speak telepathically through her horn. When she uses her mouth, her voice is a resonating, high pitched sound, but when she speaks in a person's mind, she has a distinctly calm and feminine voice. Though she speaks many languages, all of them are accented with a Greek accent, which is almost Spanish in sound.


The only weapon Kryoshippos wields is the two and a half foot long horn on her head. It looks like a perfectly smooth and pointed icicle, entirely transparent with a light blue glow that matches her eyes. Like any typical unicorn, her horn is the source of her power, and it is the hardest part of her body. Its pointed end is as sharp as a normal rapier, the spiritual energy within it able to pierce through protective spells on any given piece of armor.

Armor: None. Kryoshippos' skin, however, is extremely hard. Her skin has the strength of human steel, but powerful impacts can shatter her body.


(Cold): Kryoshippos has a nearly perfect immunity to cold. As it is part of her very being, she cannot be slowed or harmed by it, as even the sharpest icicles will only shatter when they hit her body. Though she appears to be made from ice, ice will not stick or bind with her being, making it impossible to encase her in ice.

(Movement): As a horse, Kryoshippos can run up to speeds of 50 miles per hour. She can jump up to eight feet in height, and can leap distances up to 27 feet. As beast of magical nature, her stamina is much higher than a normal horse, allowing her to run at full speed for up to an hour.

(Power): Weighing almost half a ton, Kryoshippos has serious weight to throw around. Her muscular body is strong enough to easily crush a man, her hard form making it that much easier. She can break even brick walls, but anything stronger than that is difficult for her to damage.

(traction): Kryoshippos can run on ice as if it were plain ground. She doesn't lose traction on its slippery surface, and her body will slide on ice as if it were normal ground. Despite her weight, she will not break thin ice unless she is knocked against it. This ability is due to her connection with ice, which takes on different characteristics around her radiating spiritual energy.

(magic resistance): Unicorn horns have long been the bane of magical spells. Their pure, concentrated energy is powerful enough to dispel the malicious magics of humans, and only in the cases of extremely powerful magic is Kryoshippos' horn ineffective. By touching her horn to corrupted spells (most human spells are considered corrupted by nature spirits, for it has been manipulated into a form that is not in its pure state), she can remove them, often using her own magic. This works by reversing the nature of the spell by purifying the magic back into its original form, which effectively nullifies the power it had in its corrupted state. This does not mean that she can nullify projectiles created by magic, but it does mean that she can undo traps, curses, and distortions of nature created by magic. Still, there are powers that even she has no control over, and a truly strong spell or curse cannot be broken with the touch of her horn.

(Insight) As a creature of spiritual nature and a servant of the Greek Gods, Kryoshippos has a profound intsight into others. Her uncanny ability to look into the soul of a person only adds to the intensity of her eyes.


(Heat): As a being of cold and ice, heat can seriously damage Kryoshippos' body. Not only does it pain her more than scratches of any kind, but it can even deform her body until she takes the time and energy to reform it.

(Extreme Force): Heavy impacts affect Kryoshippos in ways uncommon to living beings. Instead of breaking only a part of her body, entire limbs can be shattered. When this occurs, she must grow back a limb with her energy, which takes her complete concentration. Growing back a hind leg, for instance, would take a full three minutes of lying down, entirely focusing her power into growing it back. It is extoordinarily painful for her to break a body part in such a way, but the agony is short lived. After a few seconds, she will no longer be able to feel it.

(Combat): Since Kryoshippos is armed only with her body, she cannot duel humans like a normal opponent. It is much more difficult for her to stab a target than a normal human who wields a sword. Her experience in combat is also limited, and she is unfamiliar with the battle tactics of humans. A good, direct stab to her chest could easily shatter her body.

(Horn): If, by some unfortunate turn of events, Kryoshippos' horn is severed from her body, her form will shatter and her spirit will be released. This weakness could be considered to be an instant kill, for her horn is where most of her spirit lives. Once severed from her body, her body ceases to exist, shattering into a million bits of ice. The majority of her power will be released from the horn, though some of it will remain in the object until it fades into nothingness. Upon being released, her spirit will leave to the icy mountains of her home, where she will be born again in the form of a unicorn.

(Movement): As a horse, Kryoshippos does not have great flexibility in battle. In closed spaces, she is particularly vulnerable, her horn being the only defense.


*Numerical energy limit within five hours is 150 points*

(Spontaneous Ice Formation): It is a very simple thing for Kryoshippos to freeze objects around her. If she stays in an area for at least three minutes, frost will start to form on nearby objects, and small amounts of water will freeze over. If she is standing in the midst of a mild rain, it freezes to snow even before it hits the ground, and more heavy rainfall will freeze into hail. Opponents who stay around for these three minutes will be forced to deal with the cold, though this alone cannot freeze them. Her cold aura, however, is limited to a radius of ten feet, and she must remain in the same area for the cold to condense.

(Ice Formation):
*Energy cost: 10 per minute

Using her spiritual energy, Kryoshippos can form ice. She cannot move it without actually using her body, but she can form it in areas that she is not standing in. By concentrating her power in one particular area, a cold spot will be created, from which ice crystals start to rapidly grow. This growth is not fast enough to freeze a moving object in place, but it can create blocks of ice and walls within minutes. She can also do this in up to three different areas at a time in order to freeze multiple objects. When using this ability, her horn starts to glow with a gentle blue light.

(Concentrated Ice Formation):
*Energy cost 15 per attempt

Using her frosty breath, Kryoshippos can direct a stream of freezing air at an object to freeze it in a matter of seconds. This will stop opponents in their tracks, immediately freezing them from the area of impact and encasing them in a thin layer of ice. This encasement can be broken with concentrated force from the target, but she can extend more power to make the encasement thicker. In order to be effectively frozen, the target must be within five feet of Kryoshippos' mouth. An indirect hit can spread over surfaces (within three feet) to reach the target, but it is a shallow encasement that covers whatever is on a nearby surface with 1/4 of an inch of ice.

(Direct Ice Formation):
*Energy cost of 5 per attempt

By stabbing her horn into an object, Kryoshippos can instantly freeze it. This ability, however, has a small freezing radius of only one foot. She must extend more time and more power to freeze it further, and the denser the object is, the longer the freezing will take. When used on water, however, the extremely fast freezing radius extends to five feet. Objects in the water will not be frozen themselves, but are easily trapped in the ice.

*Energy cost 20 on self, 10 on living flesh

As stated before, Kryoshippos can concentrate her energy in her body in order to reform it, smoothing over cuts and even reforming limbs. It takes time and concentration to do this, and this process can be interrupted if she cannot focus on healing herself. This ability can also be used on living creatures when she channels her energy into their fleshy bodies. By touching a creature's body with her horn and calling forth her power, she can heal wounds and diseases in a matter of seconds. She must use more energy for more severe wounds. When performing this magic, the target is likely to feel a soothing cold ease the pain of their inflamed wound.

(Water Purification):
*Energy cost 2, more depending on amount of water

As is typical to most unicorns, Kryoshippos has the ability to purify water. Any toxins or harmful substances in the liquid will dissipate into nothing, and the substance gains healing power. Unicorn tainted water can heal injuries when poured on a wound, and even cure ailments within a person by drinking it. Hexes and curses are easily dispelled when the victim is immersed in the pure water, which has been known to cure even the powerful petrifying spell. Also, when she uses this magic, the liquid will become considerably colder.

(Walking through Ice):

*Energy Cost 5

As a creature made up of crystals herself, Kryoshippos has the ability to manipulate her body and the ice surrounding her in a way that allows her to pass through walls of ice. Because she must use magic to manipulate the ice, it is considered to be a spell-like ability, though this can be done without a great deal of concentration and can happen almost instantaneously.

(Survival): As a spiritual being, Kryoshippos doesn't need food to live, or even air. Her power relies solely on the energy of the earth, which is often distorted or blocked by human colonization. For this reason, she avoids human settlements and powerful magicians, where her power is considerably weakened.

(Immortality): Kryoshippos is a creature of immortality, whose spirit never dies. While her body can be crushed to smithereens, her spirit will remain on the earth, only to reform a new body in the mountains of her home. The only thing that will remain upon death is her horn, (which is stronger even than diamond), which will keep a portion of Kryoshippos' power for a time. After that energy is expired, it becomes nothing more than a very hard and shiny crystal.

(Telepathy): Kryoshippos can, as afore mentioned, speak in a person's mind. Her ability to do this is limited by distance (depending on her familiarity with the subject), and she cannot penetrate a person's mind any further than to hear thoughts directed at her.


Kryoshippos is most definitely a being of solitude. It is her general nature to shy away from human beings, who are best known as hunters to non humans. She is not accustomed to great emotion, and is herself a fairly apathetic being, who sees nature as an unstoppable force. She is not likely to feel pity for any manner of being, believing that interfering with the course of nature is a shameful manipulation of it.

But Kryoshippos does have the mind to interfere with those who distort nature. She has a strong distaste for mages and wizards, who more often than not abuse their power over mana. While she does not see herself as a guardian of nature, she will attack those that willfully seek to gain power over it.

As a spirit formed from the earth itself, Kryoshippos has gained great knowledge in observing the world she has spent her whole life in. She understands to a great extent the mysteries of magic and nature, though human behavior constantly confuses her. She views most of their actions as trivial and selfish, and it takes a great deal of time for her to gain respect for any individual. Kryoshippos also sees humans as a highly emotional species, for it takes a great deal more than any normal human to move her into feeling any kind of emotion. Because of this, she is a very calm, placid creature, who rarely feels the need for anxiousness or anger.


The legend of the Crystal Unicorn is a vague one. Its origin traces back to ancient Greece, where the first humans became familiar with what they called Kryoshippos, meaning "Frost Horse." According to their tale, the mountains of the land were once very hot and barren. The heavens scorched the land with unforgiving heat, leaving only the salty ocean as a source of water. This made life impossible on the land, so the gods held a great council to see what could be done to rectify this situation.

After much debate, it was finally decided that only a creature of ice could calm the heat of the land. Pegasus' mare sister, Kryoshippos, was summoned to the council of the gods and told of their predicament. She obeyed the order to leave Mount Olympus and descended upon the earth, taking the first clouds to grace the earth along with her. These clouds protected the earth from the heat of the sun and provided rain, while Kryoshippos' ice covered the tips of the highest mountains. When the clouds parted enough for the sun to melt her ice, water flowed from the mountains, and green came upon the earth. This made the land habitable for the people created by the gods, who grew in great numbers on the fertile land.

It was not long, however, before mortals became curious of the icy power that lived on the mountains. Oracles had predicted that Kryoshippos would one day leave the mountains and wander the earth, spreading her icy powers as she went. Such prophesies brought great fear among the people, who believed that Kryoshippos' decent would freeze the land below. Because of this, a hunting party was arranged amongst the people, who traveled to the peak of the great mountain which Kryoshippos was said to live on.

A great battle occurred between the ice spirit and the men, with many falling into frozen graves. One particularly strong hunter, however, managed to sever Kryoshippos' horn from her body, and she disappeared in a cloud of ice and snow. Only her horn remained, which the remaining hunters took down to the village as a trophy of their hunt.

Despite the death of Kryoshippos, the ice remained on the mountain, and her existence no longer troubled the souls of men. However, unbeknownst to them, her spirit still remained on the mountaintop, and after four days, her icy body reformed in the shape of a colt with a horn. Years passed, and she grew into her into her adult form, but she no longer wished to remain on the mountain. She begged the gods to release her of her unwanted position as the keeper of ice, and as her duty to cool the land was fulfilled, they allowed her to leave the mountains.

Since that time, the untamed Kryoshippos has been said to wander the world, her frozen hooves growing ice wherever they touch the earth...
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Re: Character List

Name: Scythius, formerly King Ptomely

Age: 48

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: White, a military style cut.

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 180lbs Unarmored, 275 lbs in armor

Height: 6'2

Weapon: Scythius has three sets of weapons that he can change at will:

Regald: Regald is the name of his Two-Handed Axe. The axe is made of black Onyx metal, and a hardwood shaft. Runes are carved on to the side, which read Taker. An enchantment on the axe allows it to be thrown and returned like a boomerang, but in return it can't be used to parry attacks. This axe is a slow, heavy hitting weapon, and is strong against ranged opponents due to its reach, but poor against melee attackers, due to its slow speed and inability to parry blows.

Grimstalf: Grimstalf is Scythius's Two-Handed Sword. It's made of tempered steel, and the runes on the silver-inlaid handle read Receiver. The sword is made light-weight by an enchantment, making is good against melee attackers combined with it's ability to find holes in armor with an accurate stab. However, it is weak against ranged attackers due to its enchantment, which slows Scythius down to walking pace in return for making it very light.

Durgrum and Audulf: Durgrum is the name of Scythius's One-Handed Sword. It is made of an Iron blade, with a copper hilt. It is one-edged, the other edge of the sword made of black steel, hardened down to form a shell along that side of the blade. This side of the blade is enchanted to never break, in return for weaker attacks. The runes on the edge read Giver. Durgrum is always used in combination with Audulf, Scythius's Shield. The shield is rounded, with a depiction of a castle inlaid in gold on the middle of the shield. The runes around the edges read Haven. It's enchantment allows it to negate spells that hit the center of the shield, but in return Scythius loses energy with each mitigated attack, according to the strength of the spell.

Armor: The Whisper Armor is talked more about in the backstory, but the short answer is that it's a suit of black Onyx steel, complete with gauntlets, boots, leggings, chestplate, and a helm. It covers his entire body, from head to toe. Atriech, the spirit of Madness, dwells inside the armor, its soul split in to each component of the armor. Whoever wears it is both blessed and cursed. He's blessed with long life (250 year or so), slowed aging, and un-natural strength and resilience. However, the wearer constantly hears Atreich's whisperings, the constant chatter slowly driving him insane. He hears this even if the armor is off, which can guide him back to the set. If he overexerts himself, he may go in to the deep end for a short while, the whisperings taking their toll on him.

Strengths: Scythius has a few strengths that allow him to push his way to victory in a few instances. His strongest trait is his versatility, and being able to match an opponent with his arsenal of weapons and attacks. He's also very strong when sane, able to lift 250 lbs of weight. His attacks are also very versatile, allowing him to adopt a defensive position during a powerful assault, or risk everything if he think he sees a weakness and blows his most powerful attacks.

Weakness: The key weakness to Scythius is: price. Everything that Scythius has comes with a price, whether it's his weapons, his abilities or his armor. If he can do well in one area, he'll pay for it in another. If he uses too many attacks, he goes Insane (explained in Skills/Magic), which always ends up with him in a bad position. His rash nature is a key exploitable weakness, as he'll often rush in to battle without a plan of action. He also has lost the ability to have a conscious , and is unable to picture other people's emotions, even his teammates. He would quite easily betray another if it would mean he benefits somehow.


Insanity: Insanity is the mechanic that keep Scythius's powerful abilities in check. Depending on the power of the attack, his Sanity goes down: It starts at ten, and goes down from there. A weak ability is 1, a moderate ability is 2, a strong ability is 3, a powerful ability is 5, and Tidal Attacks cost all 10. When an attack is used, it's follow by a number in brackets in red, eg: (6). This is the number of Sanity he has left. When it reaches zero, Scythius becomes insane for 60 seconds. The first five and last five seconds are spent with him crouching on the ground, completely open to attack. The rest of the time, Scythius attacks everyone, friend or foe, does significantly less damage and makes no attempt to dodge, block or parry attacks. This is the perfect time for an opponent to attack him.

Weak Abilities (1 Sanity):

Shield Bash (Audulf only): This attack slams the opponent with Audulf, doing a small amount of damage and knocking the victim back a few yards.

Hamstring (Regald only): This attack hits the back of the opponents legs (the hamstring), doing moderate damage and slowing down the opponents speed for a short time.

Accurate Stab (Grimstalf only): If the opponent has a hole, rip, or tear in his/her armor, this attack finds that breach in their defense and exploits it. It doesn't work if something is blocking the hole, eg. With a shield.

Moderate Abilities (2 Sanity):

Cover (Audulf Only): This ability transforms Scythius's shield, making it extremely lightweight and four times its normal size. However, Scythius cannot move or attack while this ability is in effect. Lasts until five attacks are made on the shield or thirty seconds have past.

Burst of Speed (Regald Only): This ability empowers Scythius, allowing him to move three times his normal speed. Usually used as a distance closer, this lasts for only ten seconds.

Sweeping Strike (Grimstalf only): This ability preforms a strike directed at the opponents legs, and attempts to knock the enemy to the ground.

Strong Abilities (3 Sanity):

Reflection (Audulf Only): Scythius crouches, and raises his shield. If a spell hits the center of the shield, it will be reflected back at the attacker. The enchantment on Audulf still applies, so the spell still drains his energy based on the power of it.

Regald's Fury (Reglad only): Scythius uses the enchantment on Regald, throwing it at an opponent. After it hits or misses its target, it returns like a boomerang to Scythius.

Impale (Grimstalf only): This attack is only usable on an opponent who is knocked down or has just been parried by Grimstalf. This is basically a more powerful version of Accurate Stab, finding a hole in his opponent armor (if one is present) and stabbing, but this time the opponent is stunned for a few seconds.

Powerful Abilities (5 Sanity):

Disarm (Durgrum and Audulf only): Scythius aims for his opponents weapon, smashing his/her arm with his shield while delivering a powerful upwards stroke with Durgrum. If it connects, the opponents weapon is knocked away. Although it is fairly easy for the opponent to go retrieve his/her weapon, this ability is mostly used to give Scythius a pause in the battle.

Execute (Regald only): This ability is used on enemies who are casting a spell. First, Regald's hilt comes up to smack them in the head, interrupting the cast. Next, Regald's blade is cast down on them, delivering a powerful blow to their flank.

Black Impale (Grimstalf only): Scythius picks up an opponent by the neck, and jumps up in to the air with them. He then throws them to the ground and performs Impale.

Tidal Abilities (10 Sanity aka Instantly Insane):

Bastion (Durgrum and Audulf only): A black shell about ten square meters wide and 12 feet tall surrounds Scythius. In this shell, no spells can be cast, and all movement is slowed down. For this reason, it is in an opponents best interest to not enter the area. Mostly used as a deterrent, Scythius can also temporary extend the walls of the shell by four meters, engulfing anyone who wanders too close. Lasts for two minutes. Again, this is usually used as a way to protect an ally or himself, not an offensive measure.

Massacre (Regald only): Scythius roars, and his size is increased by two feet. His roar stuns anyone within 40 ft, forcing them to cover their ears. He then teleports to each victim within 40 ft, performing Execute on each.

Ghost (Grimstalf only): Scythius's form dissipates, and is replaced by a ghostly version of himself. This version is immune to melee attacks, but weaker against spells. When Scythius transforms, a black ring 15 square feet wide surrounds him, and ghostly arms appear out of the circle. If anyone is in this circle, they will be grabbed by the arms, and held in place until Scythius attacks. The arms will disappear after the first attack has been made. The form disappears after Scythius performs three Ghost strikes. Ghost strikes are regular attacks, but they pass right through armor.

Meditation: Scythius sits on the ground and mediates. This ability restores all of his Sanity, however any attack interrupts this, and he must meditate for five minutes. Almost always not used in combat, this is more of a plot device to explain why Scythius starts with full Sanity at the start of a fight.

Appearance: Without armor on, Scythius has the appearance of a man who is past his prime. His hair is white, and his face is gaunt and drawn. His eyes are sunken in, and constantly shift around. However, appearances can be deceiving. While he looks too old to fight, the Whisper Armor gives him the abilities of a man in his 20s. His voice is eerie, always very deep and seems to echo even in an open area. He is very pale, and wears a rich robe when he doesn't have his armor on. With his armor on, he radiates power through his body language and the power of the suit, something some people can pick up.

Personality: Before his exodus, he was a serious man. After running his kingdom for so many years, he learned to guard his heart closely. This, however, did not mean he didn't have emotion before the exodus: He just didn't allow it to show except to friends and family. Behind his public mask he was a jolly person, doing his best to entertain guests. He had a warm smile and an optimistic outlook on life. After his exodus, he lost his conscience. He couldn't connect with anyone on an emotional level, or sing or dance. He has lost most of the emotions a regular human has, instead replaced with only anger and cold logic. An aura of depression can be felt by some people as they get close to him when he has the Whisper armor on. Although a logical man, Scythius's anger takes over at times, especially in battle. If someone angers him he'll rush in to battle without a plan of action, which can usually land him in a lot of trouble.

Biography: Price Ptomely was born to King Bearmoth and Queen Algarna. They lived in the country of Vares, a fairly small kingdom on the northeast area of the world. Ptomely was the eldest of two children, the other being Princess Railea. They received a top-notch education, as was befitting royalty, and were content with their lives until Ptomely was 24. Vares and the neighboring kingdom of Skalin have been at war for the last six years, the result of a border dispute. Vares had slowly been loosing ground, as their troops were unaccustomed to the marsh like environment the bulk of the forces were fighting in. Skalin was mostly marshland, however, and their troops knew how to take advantage of their terrain.

One night, four assassins arrived in the capital of Vares, and approached the royal castle. Their missions were to kill each member of the royal family. Although most military matters were handled by a high general, Skalin hoped that this move would upset the already demoralized Vares soldiers. Two of the assassins murdered the guards at the foot of the castle, and hid the bodies. They then produced bows, and one fired a shot at the battlements. The arrow silently whistled through the air, a rope trailing behind it, and lodged itself in a barrel at the top. The other assassin followed suit, and they quickly scaled the walls. Meanwhile, on the other side of the castle, the third and forth assassin waved their hands around, as if feeling along an invisible wall. They suddenly found what they were looking for: a weak point in the ground surrounding the castle. The pointed their hands downwards and started to dig with magic, the dirt quickly coming away as a makeshift passage was formed.

The two assassins on the battlements hid in the shadows, and ran as fast as they could towards the northwest guard tower. They kicked the door down to find three very surprised guards, who they dispatched with ease. Taking a set of keys from one of the guards, they climbed up the ladder to the top of the tower. They took out their arrows again and fired at the four guards standing on duty in the courtyard. The guards crumpled on to the ground like a deck of cards. They then lit a torch beacon, and quickly slid down the ladder, running out the door they had entered with.

Upon sighting the beacon signal, the other two assassins crawled through their passageway, emerging in a wine cellar. They moved quickly to the door, and opened it to find the bodies of the arrow-ridden guards. They moved these bodies in to the cellar, and moved on. Crossing the courtyard, they split up. One entered the nearby door to the main living quarters, and one entered the nearby gate to the guard tower. The one in the main door was soon joined by the two assassins who lit the torch beacon, and they ran up the main stairs, killing the few guards they met on the way. One entered the bedroom at the first floor, and murdered Railea as she slept. The other two reached the top of the staircase, and assassinated the King and Queen. Silently, they left the castle, jumping out of the windows on to the ground below.

The remaining assassin entered the training room, where Skalin spies claimed Ptomely trained at this time of night. They were correct, as Ptomely hacked at the wooden dummy with a one handed sword. The assassin crept up behind Ptomely, and drew his blade. Just as he was about to strike, Ptomely turned around and accidentally slashed his would-be assailant while trying to perform a spinning attack. The assailant was decapitated, his head rolling on the floor. Ptomely panicked and started to flee the scene, only to be stopped by the captain of the guards, Gren.

“Sir, you need to stay near me!”

Despite himself, Ptomely forgot what had just happened and frowned. Gren was never as frightened as he appeared now.

“What happened, Gren?” Ptomely asked, his voice still a little shaky.

“Bodies of some of our guards have been found in the wine cellar. We thin--”

Gren was cut of by the sound of the alarm bells tolling, as several guards and servant rushed out of their living quarters, a great swell of panic filling the air.

The next day, Ptomely learned what had happened, and the intent of his would-be assassin. A funeral was held for the victims of that night, and Ptomely's coronation began. Ptomely ruled Vares for twenty four more years, during which time the war between Vares and Skalin raged on. Now that Vares had been pushed back in to open fields, a stalemate had occurred: The troops of Vares had superior numbers, which kept Skalin at bay. However, if Vares entered the marsh when Skalin retreated, they would be easily picked off. Eventually, one of Ptomely's top scholars uncovered something that might win the war: a superweapon. This suit of armor, known as the Whisper armor, was thought to have been lost on the southern regions of Vares. According to the historic text, the great King Dakoth defeated and imprisoned the spirit of Madness, Atreich, in a suit of armor. Darkoth placed an enchantment on this suit of armor and weapons, allowing whoever wielded them the power of Atreich, but the spirit could gain control over the wearer during times of weakness. The crown of Vares was the key to unlocking the shrine that these pieces were held in. Due to the presence of Atreich, no previous king had dared to open the shrine. However, these were dark times, and sacrifices had to be made. Ptomely saddled up and rode out on his warhorse, along with a few guards.

They arrived at the shrine a month later, and Ptomely approached the doors. He placed the crown on the ground in front of the doors, and backed off. Suddenly, the doors opened, and an unseen force grabbed Ptomely and the crown, hurtling them in to the shrine as the doors closed behind them. The shrine was unusually plain, the only furniture being an alter upon which the Whisper armor was resting, along with a two-handed axe, a two-handed sword, and a one-handed sword and shield. Cautiously, the King approached the alter, and picked up the boots. He put them on, and felt nothing. Frowning, he did the same with the rest of the armor. As he put on the helmet, and clamped down the visor, he suddenly heard a whisper. He couldn't hear what it said, but it kept whispering in his ear. Then another. And another. Soon, a crescendo of whispers were assailing him. Ptomely tried to take off the helmet, but found that it changed nothing, the whispers as loud as ever. He screamed, and blacked out.

He woke up a short time later, and found that the whispers had died down to a very quiet muttering. Ptomely donned the helmet again, and clamped the visor shut. He looked around, and spotted the weapons on the alter. He picked up the axe, and suddenly is vanished in to thin air, along with the rest of the weapons. Suddenly, he heard a voice in his head. This one, however, was distinguishable:

“Greetings, blood of my blood. I am King Dakoth, defeater of Atreich. I left this message to the brave soul who needs this armor. By accepting this responsibility, you must know that you are now both blessed and cursed. Atreich's power is yours, allowing you to be stronger and live longer then you ever though possible. However, Atreich will continue to bombard you mind with her twisted magic. If you utilize her power too much, then she will be able to take over your mind for a short while, driving you insane. I recommend you meditate as much as you can, clearing your mind of the foul influence of Atreich. In addition, you should wield the weapons on the alter, as they have been enchanted to aid you. The axe is named Regald, the greatsword is Grimstalf, the blade is Durgrum, and the shield is called Audulf. By saying their names, they will appear in your grasp as long as you wear the Whisper armor. I do not know your intentions, noble King or Queen, but know this: You will forever be tested by Atreich. All I can give you is advice and my blessing. Good luck, wearer of the Whisper armor.”

The voice faded, and Ptomely sat down and began to meditate as instructed. After a while, the faint whispers faded altogether. He reflected on the voice of Dakoth, and decided to put this to the test.


Suddenly, a heavy weight was applied to his hands, and he glanced down to see Regald sitting in his grasp. The king raised an eyebrow, and tried again.

“Durgrum and Audulf!”

The axe dissipated in to mist, only for the mist to reform and solidify in to Durgrum and Audulf. Ptomely dropped them, and before they hit the floor they turned back in to mist. The king strode out of the shrine, to find that his guards had deserted him. Muttering curses, Ptomely mounted his horse and galloped back to his castle.

A finally returned home a month later. As he approached the gates of the capital, he noticed something wasn't right. The castle seemed to be on fire. Ptomely galloped through the deserted streets to see Gren stride towards him, along with twenty armed guards.

“Gren! What happened here?”

Gren gave Ptomely a smile, and turned to his guards.

“Under orders of King Gren, you are to fire upon this cursed being.”

Ptomely looked up, realization dawning upon him. While he was away, Gren had led a rebellion on the castle, taking it over and positioning himself as King. Ptomely drew Durgrum and Audulf, but it was too late. A hail of arrows struck him, and he lay bleeding on the floor. Gren approached him, and said in a triumphant tone:

“This filth, who called himself King Ptomely, has failed us in our times of need, and for that, I banish him from our great country forever! As is the custom, he is renamed Scythius, the name of the spirit of shame, and is forced to flee our lands. You, dog, have a two week headstart before I send out a hunting party. Move, Scythius”.

As much as Ptomely, now known as Scythius, wanted to strike down Gren where he stood, he was not a dishonorable wretch, and needed to follow tradition. He limped off to the stables, and saddled his warhorse, before galloping away. For months he ran, allowing his wounds to heal. He trained with Atreich's powers constantly, with only revenge on his mind. Sometimes he overdid it and went insane, blacking out before waking up surrounded by dead animals. He never approached civilization until well out of the borders of Vares. As his exodus from his homeland continued, he found that the pressure on his mind from the constant training and going insane was taking its toll on him. His heart hardened, as he slowly lost several emotions over time as Atreich's influence spread through his mind. After almost a year of intense training, the only emotion to survive is Anger, and it now thrives, giving Scythius an unstable temper.

A shadow of what he once was, Scythius travels around the world, living like a nomad. In a few years time, tradition will allow him to return to Vares, and finally have the revenge he desires.
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Re: Character List

Name: Akecheta (Sioux name meaning "fighter." Go's by Ake).


Race:Wolfian (A type of wolf that grows faster than normal, usually taking from 7-9 years to be full grown.)

Gender: Male.

Hair: A sleek coat that is as black as night.

Eyes: A dark green, and when he is angry you can see fire in his eye.

Weight: Around 95 pounds.

Height: From end of the tail to tip of the nose, about 5 feet, but on all fours, 3 feet.

Weapon: Uses teeth and claws with great skill, but when the need arises, can use Tarok's sword. He hold's it in his teeth and runs, cutting through everything.

Strengths: He is faster than a normal wolf. He can run farther than a normal wolf. He is stronger than a normal wolf. He can also have Tarok ride on his back to get away faster.

Weaknesses: He is deathly afraid of undead, be they friendly or not, as they were the ones who burnt down his den when he was a cub. He is also afraid of flying. He cannot stand of having nothing beneath his feet. He also has a weak point on his flank, and if the enemy gets behind him, he's dead because one hit anywhere on the flank make him dead or very near death.

Skills/Magic: He is a telekinetic, meaning he can move things with his mind. He can lift up to 250 pounds.He can also help with Tarok's teleporting, and taking Akecheta with him takes no more beads than taking himself.

Appearance: His slick black coat and green eyes makes him, if he closes his eyes, seemingly invisible when he is in the dark of the forest. When he is out in the light, he looks normal. Well........ almost. The Wolfian gene makes him look more civilized than a regular wolf. He does not have a feral look. Sure, he can look mad at times, but not as wild as a regular wolf.

Personality: He is very protective of Tarok, as he saved his life when he was a cub. He doesn't reveal his powers to anyone, unless he or Tarok really trust them. He is still very drawn back, and doesn't like to show emotions. When strangers come, he stays in the shadows, close enough to see Tarok, but far enough that they can't see him.

Biography: The first thing he can remember is a warm milk running down his throught. He opened his eyes, and saw Tarok sitting next to him holding a makeshift bottle. When he sensed no malicious intent, he closed his eyes and went back to sleep. He had a fitful sleep, where his dreams were mixed messages of what had happened to him, but never the full story.

The next day, when Ake woke up, Tarok was asleep. But the minute he moved, Tarok's eyes shot up. He started cooking a deer he had killed the other day, and tossed most of it raw to Ake. It was then when Ake revealed his mind-talking powers. Thank you, Tarok. Tarok was a little startled when he heard this in his head, but he quickly got over it. They experimented with it for a bit.

Tarok told him that he had found Ake in a ravine next to a burnt down den. Of course, they didn't actually talk with their mouths, but with their minds. He had been asleep for two days. He found that Ake couldn't remember a thing from before last night. Ake told him about his dreams, and he said, "That.... I had not expected that. You are able to see the past, and remember things that people can't. Let us not talk about this anymore."

They played together all night, and Tarok felt better than he had in a long time. He had finally found a full-time friend.
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Re: Character List

Name: Ralalta Zorozin

Age: 17

Race: Zora

Sex: Female

Hair: She has no actual hair, but a tail similar to a whale's or a fish's sticking out from the back of her head substitutes this. It is turquoise/blue and is slightly iridescent, with an orangish fin.

Eyes: Green

Weight: 135 pounds

Height: 5' 6''

Weapon: A tall spear with a sharp, fin-shaped blade and a pole made of wild, carved hollow pink coral. Unlike most Zora spears, Ralalta's can be split into two halves, both connected by a chain hidden inside the spear, and can be used similar to a nunchaku this way... but, y’know, bigger. The spear, from the bottom of the pole to the tip of the blade, is 6 and a half feet tall. She usually keeps it strapped to her back, folded in two halves, when she is traveling. She can hurl the spear from far distances with great accuracy, or attack at close-combat with the blade, by stabbing and thrusting. She can also use it like a large nunchaku when it is split, although she is less skilled in fighting this way and will rarely use this in fighting.

Armor: Although she does not have any direct armor on her body, she can occasionally use defensive bursts of electricity (it's basically a biological Zora ability, only some can use it better than others) that will surround her body, deflecting certain projectiles. It may also help in countering up-close attacks, if performed at the right time. Anyone in contact with her when she uses this will receive a jolting shock to a minor spark, depending on size, abilities, and endurance.

Strengths: She can breathe underwater and is very good at swimming. She is streamlined and can swim swiftly in the water (her speed varies), which may give her an advantage in certain situations. She is also very fit, and is able to handle objects of a slightly greater weight and mass than the average man could handle, up to hundreds of pounds.

Weakness:She is very vulnerable to ice and fire. An ice attack or use of flames can badly injure her. She becomes weak under extreme temperatures, high or low. For instance, even a cold, icy area that isn't particularly freezing to non-Zoras will be almost unbearable to her. And although she can handle hotter temperatures better than colder ones, she is still quite uncomfortable in very dry, warm places. She can go without being in water for up to three weeks, but any longer than that and she will become extremely weak and may die. A broken left arm from long ago has now healed, but leaves it a weak spot on her body. She is also much clumsier on land than in the water.

Skills/Magic: She can breathe underwater and is, as most Zoras are, an incredible swimmer. She can use her spear with deadly accuracy, and can pierce enemies with it from quite far away. She also has a small magic harp which she can play (not very well, but she's getting better) to lull weaker enemies (such as small creatures, animals, or young children) to sleep with. It is golden and light-weight, and has four strings. The louder and harder she plays the farther its reach is and the bigger the creatures it can effect, but when trying to play like this it is easier for her to make a mistake and break the spell. She can currently only play very soft, simple notes. The harp has other magical abilities as well, but Ralalta isn't nearly good enough at playing it to use them yet.

Appearance: Ralalta, as a Zora, shares many similarities with fish but is a humanoid figure. She has gills on her stomach and cheeks, as well as lungs, so she can breathe in water and out. She has fins and flippers, like aquatic animals, but has arms, legs, a face, and a head like any human being.

Ralalta looks similar to this, a Zora from Twilight Princess.

She has shiny blue-green skin on most of her body and silvery skin on her torso and part of her arms and legs. She also has more traces of lavender/purple in her skin than most Zoras. Her skin is slightly iridescent, especially when wet. She has broad fins on her arms and a fish-tail fin on the back of her head, looking a bit like hair. Her fins are bright yellowish orange. She has piercing green eyes (they are unusally brighter than other Zora's), and soft facial features. Her slender legs end in flipper-like feet. There are small, ornamental dots along her head and feet.

Here's another picture:

Ralalta also shares some similarities with the Zora in this picture, especially the unique purplish hue:

She has a few gold bangles on her arms and legs, a small necklace with a jade pendant, a gold hoop around her waist with little green and blue beads, and a messenger bag near her hip. She keeps basic supplies, food, and writing implements in the bag.

Personality: Ralalta is often a bit skeptical toward and reluctant to interact with new people, but around people she is familiar with she is more expressive, friendlier, and more open. She is sometimes rude without realizing it, and will blurt things out unintentionally. She is usually kind and very fun-loving, although sometimes too much and will stick her business into places where it doesn't belong because of it. She loves the water, is indifferent about land, and hates ice and fire, unless it is chilling her lemonade or lighting the way in a dark tunnel.

Adventure is one of Ralalta's most beloved things. At any chance of more excitement, she will not hesitate to join in the fun. She has a very adventurous spirit and is always, always looking for more action in her life. Her constant hunger for new and exciting places and things are probably due to the fact that she spent most of her life in one place. This feature is one of her most prominent, especially as one gets to know her better.

She is very serious when it comes to protecting the rights of living creatures, and will go to no bounds to help an animal in any sort of harm. She loves animals very much, and is always motivated to defend them. She also hates people that are cruel or abusive toward innocent beings. If involved in a fight, she will either battle to the death or retreat, whatever works better for the thing she is trying to protect. Trying to save or protect something is one of the only reasons that she ever will get into a fight, because she is otherwise quite peaceful. Also, she often feels more compassion toward animals than people, especially if she is frustrated with humanity and seeks condolence in the innocence of creatures.

She is a believer of the three goddesses of the Triforce (Din, Farore, and Nayru), as most people born in Hyrule are, but sometimes resents their more impassionate acts told about in legends. When it comes to the Goddesses, she can become quite heated about the issue. She is usually less friendly toward people that have stronger connections with them, more so when she is in a bad mood and tends to blame the Goddesses for some of the world's problems.

Biography: Born and raised an only child in Zora’s Domain in the Kingdom of Hyrule, Ralalta has spent the majority of her life there. She narrowly missed being born as royalty; she was born in the only part of her family tree that has not had a prince, princess, king or queen.

As a little girl, her father beat her anytime he caught her being vain, as he thought vanity was reserved only for the weak and foolish. Her mother was as caring and loving as any mother could be, but died from a mysterious disease when she was only five. Spending the early years of her life in Zora’s Domain with her rather cruel father, she was far from spoiled and lived a typical and fairly peaceful life of average hardships. Her father was murdered one day by a crazed Hylian who greatly disliked and did not agree with some of his political views. She had one friend, a little Zora boy whose name she never learned but who she was very friendly with most of her childhood. Her Zora friend reluctantly moved away with his family a few months later, leaving her completely alone.

She finally got a chance to do something with her life when she enlisted to be a warrior for the Zora royal family. She proved her skills well, and at once became a guard. She spent several years living alone after her father was killed, taking orders from the royal family with the other members of the guard. These are looked back upon by Ralalta as the most enjoyable years of her life, so far. One day, when a mission called for the murdering of several large Kargorocs (large dragon/bird creatures that tend to terrorize the populace) that were keeping important trade ships from traveling down river to the capital of Hyrule, she refused to allow her fellow warriors to carry the mission out. She even went as far as injuring one of the other warriors who failed to listen to her, causing her to be branded a traitor by the jumpy royal family. She was disgraced and stripped of her warrior status.

After a long and lonely period of social exile among her fellow Zoras (most of them refused to talk to her), Ralalta was eventually allowed forgiveness by one of her royal cousins for saving the life of a pregnant Zora mother. She was placed in the complementary (and a bit apologetic) position of Royal Messenger for the Zora royal family. She spent a few peaceful (but quite boring, to her) years of her life carrying out her duty for the royal family, until she became tired of it all and decided to travel the world.

Her current goals, while traveling, are to bring animal rights awareness (she loooves her animals) to foreign populations, to find out more about the strange disease that took her mother's life and prevent it from causing more tragedies, and to half-heartedly (although she didn't like her father much, she felt it was an obligation) find her father's murderer.
She also just wants to travel, plain and simple. Although she has not even explored most of Hyrule yet, she seeks to travel the world in search of a more exciting and interesting future elsewhere.

sig made by Steve

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Icaris taisen

Name: Icaris Taisen (a.k.a Icaris)

Age : 13

Race : Wind fighter (Special mages who fusion sword battle with magic. This particular type fusions it only with wind. their powers usually show up at 10, before that they seem to be normal people.)

Sex: male

Hair: gray hair combed to the right with traces of white and blue in it.

Eyes: Sky blue

Weight: 50 Kg

Height: 175cm

Weapon: Sacred wind blade: A black long sword with a golden edge, about 1 meter. The grip has runes in the ancient wind language engraved into it and a black orb rests in a glass located above the holding area. Since it was crafted from the essence of air, it is so light you can barely feel it in your hand. It has the ability to slow down and become heavier in the hands of a stranger. If it is used to harm someone who is innocent, it becomes so heavy, not even a giant could lift it.

Staff of Time: a wooden mahogany staff with a gear on the tip. Can slow down time for up to 10 seconds, making everything (besides him) a lot slower, but it needs to charge for 30 minuets. It also can fire razor harp gears from a distance. It's 1m and 40 cm long (including gear on the tip).

Armor: A light blue top and beige pants. He also wears gloves, brown boots and a dark blue cloak which he hates to take of, since it was the last thing he has from his parents… besides their little money and house.

Strengths: He's good at running, jumping, and exploring. His magic skills still need to be improved.

Weakness: feels scared and vulnerable in open spaces and becomes occasionally nausea. He is very sensitive to heat and stays away from someone when he finds out that that person can do something with fire.

Spells: -Wind fury: Slashes sharp Cuts of wind towards enemy

-Call of the wind spirit: summons a gray werewolf with a mace as a fighting
companion for 10 minutes; not very good at it which can cause it to be very, very weak. Unlike the staff of time, he needs to fall asleep before he can redo it.

-Burst of gust: sends a whirlwind towards enemy; favorite Spell and can do it every two minutes.

-Call of the Storm: sends three storm clouds to collide with the enemy at the same time, causing paralization and pain.

Skills: -Temporal high speed: slows down time before shooting 10 gears out of his staff at a deadly speed.

- Dual jump: only possible with gray werewolf summoned; makes the werewolf throw him into the air while pulling him up as well and slinging him over a distance.

-Oracle dreams: He sometimes gets visited in his dreams by the hodded figure who gave him the sword. He tells him about what dangers he faces in the future and teaches him sword fighting, which explains why he
learned to handle a sword in three months like a pro.

Appearance: He looks lanky but his body form only allows him to move faster. Usually doesn’t have a face expression and has dark circles around his eyes, no matter how much he sleeps. His skin color is really pale and a little girl once ran away, screaming “Vampire!” when he approached. Looks deceivingly weekly built, but once someone has fought him, he never underestimates children.

Biography: He grew up in a small village as an orphan, who lived alone in his parents house. Other children made fun of him in his younger years, because he behaved differently than the others and because he didn’t talk much. He got bullied, mobbed and left out so basically, his child hood sucked. At the storm festival, a festival that was held in his village every year in honor of the storm spirit, a lighting crashed to the ground and a hooded figure appeared who gave him the sacred wind blade and told him that it was his destiny to find the seal of storms before Sarone did, who was an evil necromancer that wanted to take revenge on the ancient wind fighter for destroying him, many, many years ago. At the age of 10, his only friend went missing and he had a horrible feeling that Sarone had something to do with it. He stayed in the village for another 3 months which he spent training, before he set of on an adventure of a lifetime through the places he knew and beyond.

Personality: loves the time before, during and after it rains, because at that time he feels more alive than when the sun shines. He hates the heat and the sun at midday and is mischievous, curious, courageous and adventurous. He never thought about the fact that his curiosity could kill him and would much rather make friends and protect others and even offer his life than kill someone. He also has a slight problem with being lunatic; he becomes crazy when the moon shines and does unexplainable and illogical things. he is short tempered but kind and friendly, although very anti-social. When in battle, he becomes quite aggressive and doesn't exactly know when to stop.
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Alex Denman, Transdimensional Drifter

Approved by Cookie on 10/18/2009.

Name: Alex Denman

Age: 26

Species: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: Cropped, dark-brown.

Eyes: Green.

Weight: 153 lbs.

Height: 5'11"

Weapon: Unless circumstances subvert the possibility, Alex regularly carries with him a pistol of some sort, though the amount of firearm ammunition he possesses usually limits its effectiveness. When he runs out of ammunition, Alex will fall back on the use of a shortsword he carries in his bag of belongings.

Equipment: Alex has various items and trinkets he has collected from multiple realities, all stashed away in a long bag slung over his back. Some of the contents include: preserve food, flashlight with spare batteries, a can opener, US currency from multiple realities, one to three extra clips of ammunition for the pistol being used at present, a lighter, and a shortsword. Some extra items are carried from time to time, such as magazines, jewelry that is sold for cash, or other miscellaneous items of interest. He tends to carry a mainspring wind-up wristwatch with him at all times, because of its ability to survive the dimensional shifts and not be rendered useless.

Strengths: Spending three years shifting from reality to reality changes a person. In Alex's case, he has honed some of his skills, as well as developed new ones. The young man can fight very well with ranged and melee weapons, and he is not too shabby in unarmed combat either. He is quite athletic, is skilled in pickpocketing, hiding, sneaking, and shadowing. Navigation in a variety of terrains and environments is not difficult for Alex, as he has confronted dozens of worlds where the artificial navigation systems modern humans rely on are entirely nonexistent. Having spent years on the bottom rung of societies from virtually every dimension has given him insight into the working of the human mind, as well as criminal elements and street knowledge. If all else fails when it comes to making a buck, the young man is also quite skilled at playing his trusty harmonica and panhandling.

Weakness: Alex is utterly human. He has no armor, and only possesses weapons that are not special in any way aside from the fact that they do not originate from the world he currently is in. He can die just like another person, though he has developed a slightly greater resistance to pain and injury due to his experiences with death over the past few years. His reality shifting ability activates exactly every 2 days, 1 hour, 46 minutes, and 2 seconds, creating a plethora of limitations to his existence. Till the next shift, he can still be killed, tortured, injured, captured, starved, drowned, beaten, or experience anything unimaginable that is unpleasant.

A slight peculiarity due to his dimensional shifting is Alex's compulsive need to press his fingers against flat surfaces. Though this doesn't really constitute a weakness, it is something that could tip off his identity to those who already know of him. Because of quirks surrounding the sudden shift in the fifth dimension from one reality to the next, Alex is unable to have any long-lasting electronic equipment with him. With each shift, electromagnetic disturbances disrupt the wiring and structure of such devices, rendering them entire drained and nonfunctional. This leaves Alex in a situation where he cannot rely on modern (or even advanced) technology for long periods of time, though his aptitude with them is still present.

Skills/Magic: Dimensional Shift/Reality Jump/Timeline Switch- Not so much a skill but rather a forced event, the dimensional shift which forces Alex from reality to reality works on principles similar to those contained in Superspace Theory. At best, the roughest understanding of this phenomenon would follow as such: space is comprised of three dimensions (height, width, and depth) and time is comprised of two dimensions (duration and potential). Each space-time reality is composed of four dimensions, three being spatial and one being temporal (duration). However, all realities are connected via a second temporal dimension (potential), which allows for travel from one timeline (and henceforth one reality) to another. The shock living beings would experience from being moved from one reality to another by a fifth-dimensional object would be akin to the taking of a two-dimensional living being and moving it via the third dimension.

The force that shifts Alex from one part of the fifth dimension to another is entirely unknown to him and all those who have witnessed it. On one half, he wishes to understand the enigma for what it is and use it to get home, yet he remains somewhat content with the mystery for what it is. Some mechanics surrounding his shifting from one reality to the next seem to transcend Superspace Theory. Any physical injuries sustained in one dimension will be healed upon jumping to another. Should Alex die in one reality, the cyclic shifting occurs regardless, and he will be revived (with injuries healed) when he arrives to the new reality. Strangely enough, any belongings Alex has with him will be transported with him, though he has never successfully taken another living being with him to another reality. Another strange side-effect of dimensional shifting is the compulsive behavior Alex possesses: the urge to press his fingers against flat surfaces. Why such things occur are unknown, but for some reason seemingly beyond any comprehension to both Alex and physics itself they happen regardless.

A less bizarre, yet more practical side-effect of dimensional shifting is the impairing of electrical devices from one dimensional shift to another. Should Alex hold in his possession an electronic device during a dimensional shift, the object will be drained of energy and rendered utterly useless upon arrival to the next reality. The object's wiring is fried, and all power sources drained to their minimum, leaving Alex to find new electrical gadgets as the first order of business upon arrival to a new modern reality.

Appearance: With his medium height and weight, along with an athletic build, Alex regularly catches attention for a number of reasons. He is no ordinary young man, judging from the worn-out sneakers on his feet, the thick, baggy jeans with small holes and tears, a thick brown jacket that looks like it has been unwashed for days, a wool beanie with various designs covering his head, and a pair of dark black sunglasses that completely mask his eye sockets. His facial hair appears to have been untended for quite some time, leaving the gentleman looking very rugged and scraggly. Every now and then, he is seen pressing his fingers slightly against flat surfaces, a discontent expression on his face matching the seemingly compulsive motion. Along with this behavior, he is regularly seen glancing at his watch, albeit if he has one on him. A slight bulge is present at his waistline, indicating the location of his pistol. He is regularly seen with a long bag that carries his various belongings, brought with him from various dimensions. Despite the fact that he is naturally an attractive-looking individual, the test of time and the rigors of dimensional travel have worn down whatever visual appeal he once retained.

Personality: Experiencing the different possible realities that exist has drastically changed Alex's original personality, giving him a rugged, if not pessimistic view of the world. Despite knowledge of the potential of never returning home and being forced to shift from reality to reality for eternity, the young man still finds the internal motivation to continue living. Knowing it is better to stay away from all the action, Alex keeps to himself unless the attention is brought to him forcefully. When his identity comes into question, the vagabond has found ways to play off the typical false persona of a homeless man for most, if not all, modern societies where other homeless exist. At heart, the young man is interested in different worlds and the people inside of them, so he is regularly tempted to make empathic connections with the people he meets with each shift. Unfortunately, the fact that he will not remain in that universe for long creates distance between Alex and other people, sometimes causing him to become depressed, paranoid, or hysterical.

Fortunately, the young dimensional drifter keeps himself out of trouble long enough to slip in and out of realities without anybody really noticing. A strange facet of his dimensional shifting is the development of an obsessive compulsive disorder: Alex feels the urge to press his fingers against flat surfaces, and it is unknown why or how this is connected to his shifting. This compulsive behavior is a minor annoyance to Alex, as he regularly performs it against his will. Alex is a generally-pleasant person to speak with, if you can at least withstand the minor body odor and his rugged appearance. He speaks in a calm tone in every situation, never raising his voice even in response to violence (unless he is the one inciting the violence), as if he is positive of the fact that no long-lasting injury can befall him. Because of this calmness, the young man has developed a reluctant curiosity that motivates him to at least explore a new reality and understand the major differences between it and previous worlds he has visited.

Despite his calmness and curiosity Alex has kept himself away from the average person in any given reality, creating an ever-present longing for companionship. Every once in a while, he will speak with random strangers, seem completely interested in everything about them, and share with them the vast knowledge he has collected from his experiences. Unfortunately, not many entertain, let alone comprehend, the reality of interdimensional travel, and as such Alex is forced to keep that part about himself secret unless he wants to visit the asylum again.

Biography: If the universe is a mysterious place, the multiverse must be truly bizarre. Whether it was God, fate, karma, or just coincidence, Alex is a person whom was given the ability (or curse) to hop between the dimensions of space, time, and the fabric parting whole realities. However, he had humble beginnings, and would have been no more different from you and I had he not befell the fate of being a transdimensional drifter. Born and raised in Redmond, Oregon, Alex was the second child of Douglas and Melissa Denman. Having spent most of his youth in the middle class, Alex lived a relatively normal life in terms of modern American society. His childhood and adolescence was not that unique, and upon graduation from high school he moved to Klamath Falls, Oregon. There, he entered Klamath Community College, and spent the next few years of his life working towards a Bachelor's Degree in Business and Management.

The year after graduating, Alex began working in Klamath Falls for various marketing and sales companies. His life was quite standard, and he even had enough of an income to begin making down payments on his own house by the end of the summer. However, on an unremarkable day in late Fall, his entire life was turned upside down. In the early morning of November 15th, Alex awoke to find himself in a bed that was not his own. Bewilderment and confusion pervaded, and with further investigation Alex discovered that he had woken up in a different house. But stepping outside proved that to be false, as the house appeared identical to his own. Searching the residence, he discovered pictures of people he did not recognize, and there was furniture that he had never seen before.

Utterly mind-boggled, the young man did not know what to think, and became more distraught when he couldn't find his car. Walking on foot, Alex went to his sister's house and decided to look for answers to his ever-growing number of questions. When his sister opened the door, an expression of shock and terror instantly covered her face. The young man was oblivious to this, and asked his sister what had happened to his home and where all his stuff went. She invited him inside, pale-faced and hands shaking violently. Alex asked his sister what was wrong, and she managed to explain to him in a stutter-ridden voice that he had been dead for over a year now. Thinking this was all some sort of giant ruse, Alex became upset with the way the joke was going.

Through a series of interesting conversations, Alex's sister eventually convinced him that he had actually died two years ago, leaving the bachelor more confused at what exactly was going on. The world no longer made sense to Alex Denman, and through this delirium he decided it was best to spend a few days at his sister's home and uphold his low profile. A day had passed, and in that day the young man went about learning how he had died as well as how the world around him had changed because of it. His perceptions of his "real" life for the past two years were beginning to fade under the mist of depression and the inability to cope with this new reality. The following day was full of apathy, with Alex attempting to hold a positive mood and continue his de-fragmentation of the new reality at present. In the middle of the night the young man lie on the bed, restless and full of questions that he attempted to answer in any way possible. At approximately 5 AM, his thoughts were interrupted as he felt an obscure but terrifying sensation rapidly growing.

Suddenly, the world around him changed, drastically. He was no longer in the guest bedroom, but on the floor of a teenager's bedroom. Shocked and dazed, the young man stood up, noticing a teenage boy fast sleep on a bed. Alex exited the house without waking any of the new residents up, and found himself in a different-looking neighborhood. Dressed in nothing more than the clothing he was wearing, he could find no other route to pursue than to seek help of any sort. Little did he realize, that in the next 2 days the same event occurred. The world around him shifted once again, and he awoke to find himself in a different place than that which he thought was reality. This event occurred over and over again, rapidly driving Alex to the brink of insanity. He sought psychological help, only to be placed in an asylum that would shift into something else in the next cycle.

With each new shift, Alex realized the world changed in drastic ways. At first, events that occurred in the previous world did not occur in the new one. As the changes became more drastic, people he knew changed drastically while some ceased to exist, and strangers he never knew even took the form of family members and friends. It became more and more difficult for Alex to find food and a place to sleep, so he resorted to homelessness and even went to the extreme of robbing people for cash. Then, whole cities changed with new shifts, and sometimes cultures too. The sudden changes could no longer be taken in by Alex, and in desperation to make the cycles cease he stepped in front of a moving semi-truck. As quickly as the sting of death came to the young man, just as quickly came the sudden burst of light and new life.

Thinking he had entered the afterlife, Alex only had to take a few steps to realize he had just shifted once again. Multiple suicide attempts only affirmed the fact that he could not die, and that somehow he would be revived and sent to another world. Apathy pervaded him, and many days he would merely sit around and starve himself to death in submission, only to be revived once again and awaken in a new reality. In time, he began to build the fortitude to survive, and eventually began to make something of this new existence. Systematically creating patterns of behavior to allow him to experience each new reality fully, Alex discovered the pattern of each shift. Every 2 days, 1 hour, 26 minutes and 2 seconds, he would be shifted to a new reality.

With the new-found knowledge of the specific cyclic pattern of his reality shifts, Alex formulated plans for dealing with people in other realities. He would stay low profile, mind his own business, take what he needed, deal with appropriate threats, all the while waiting out the two days, one hour, forty-six minutes and two seconds till the next jump. Over the next three years, Alex spent every waking moment finding ways to survive, honing whatever knowledge and abilities he had to make his situation more accommodating. Despite his encounters with worlds were John F. Kennedy was never shot, or aliens invading planet Earth, or even realities where the colonization of the New World didn't occur and so on, Alex never could fully grasp the idea behind his dimensional shifts. He could not wrap his head around the idea of multiverses, nor could he find anyone with even the faintest explanation (or imagination) behind his predicament. Revealing his identity as an interdimensional drifter would label him a nutcase, which brought along with it the ramifications of spending a few nights in a padded room till he shifted to a new reality (and without his gear).

Despite all this, Alex found various methods of survival, depending on the reality he would shift to. Sometimes he would rob for money; but he would have to spend all the currency before shifting, lest he travel to a world where that money would easily be noticed as a "fake" or just wouldn't be accepted. Of course, the young man found ways to make ends meet: he would collect various trinkets, currencies, and items from different realities and carry them in his bag, hoping they would be of some use to the people in the next reality over. Over the course of three years, Alex encountered various worlds (sometimes with alien physics), forces (including magic), and people (and sometimes alien beings) that he did not fully understand, nor did he always try to. Despite this, he constantly seeks for a way back home, hoping even such a concept is feasible.
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Re: Character List

:<8)Korat Si-Sawat(8>:
Approved by Tohopekaliga

Created: 10-16-2009, 4::42 PM
Approved: 10-20-2009, 8:06 PM

Name Pronunciation: Koh-raht See-sah-waht

Age: 19 (based on her race's calander, she's 92)

Race: Homofelis

Sex: Female

Hair: Korat's hair is a naturally short silver-tipped blue. As in, her hair is a sort of slate-blue, with silvery tips. This gives her hair an interesting and unique shine. Even her eyebrows and eyelashes are like this, without any variation.

Eyes: Her unusually large eyes look like that of a cat with a more rounded pupil. Most of the iris is a light, soft green, while the edges are a yellow-green color when light hits them right (which can also make the eyes 'sparkle'). Her pupil can become narrow, of course, but still keeps a rounded shape, holding a more human aspect.

Weight: 116 lbs (It's a natural quality of her race to be light, even with strong muscles.)

Height: 5' 5"

Relationship Status: Currently single. Korat's very shy around strangers, but if she falls for someone, she'll be very loyal... With enough care.

Weapon: Korat carries only a katzbalger with her, located in a polished hardwood sheath, and kept on the back of her hip, horizontal (hilt to the right). The sheath is a dark redwood color, like the grip of the hilt, and has two gold strips to reinforce it, as well as a silver tip at the end.
The notably sturdy katzbalger is short, at just two-foot-six, and very light, weighing a mere two pounds (the same as its sheath). The grip, as mentioned, is dark redwood, but unpolished (whereas the sheath is polished). On each end of the grip is an iron support strip. The guard and pommel are both gold, giving the entire hilt a good strength, while the blade is expertly sharpened steel, plain and simple.

Skills: Korat's a natural contortionist and acrobat. Her bones are light, but solid; they don't add too much weight, but won't break easily at all, so she can do crazy bends without risking a fractured bone. With her contortionism, she can get herself out of a great deal of holds (save for some of the stronger ones), and into very small spaces. She can even 'slither' through small vents, though it is slow. Again with her strong bones, she can fall from great heights without damaging herself at all (very high heights, and/or uneven ground can cause problems, though).
And then there's her katzbalger; her movement are swift and precise. The light height of the weapon, and small size, means she can swing it very fast. With its sturdy build, it can take solid strikes without breaking, though it could get dinged.

Strengths: Korat's exceptionally large ears give her a very good sense of hearing. She can hear things humans normally can't, and sounds father away than most humans. Just as she can hear so well, she also has a strong sense of smell; she can pick up every detail of a scent. Like a dog, she can also track scents to follow people, or things. Then, with those large, highly expressive eyes, she can see great. While not exactly seeing 'further' (implying some sort of magnification) than a human, she can most definitely see the details of far off objects with ease. Finally, she's a naturally quiet walker, which gives her a great stealth advantage, especially in the dark, since she has a sort of 'night vision' (she can pick up on light reflected off things better than humans).

Weakness: Korat hates loud, sudden noises. With such sensitive ears, who wouldn't? If she knows the loud sound is coming, she can prepare, but if it's too sudden/soon, it can be really painful. It can cause insane headaches and, if loud enough, can literally make her ears (and nose) bleed. While not usually as much of an issue, her strong sense of smell can be really annoying around certain scents. Terrible smells, and very strong ones, can give Korat mild headaches, and make her nose 'burn.' And of course, with sensitive eyes, bright lights can cause severe headaches, and damage her eyes easily. She can't stare right into the sun for more then a few seconds without temporarily blinding herself for some time (she blinds easily, and sunglasses are almost useless). Also, objects with a lot of small details can give her a mild headache if she tries to take them all in too fast. Finally, she may have a sturdy frame, but she's very light, so if someone managed to catch her, they'd easily be able to toss her around.

Appearance: For one thing, Korat doesn't have perfect skin. In fact, her skin looks more like a man's, with rough elbows, feet, and what-not, plus a fair deal of dirt (usually, though she does enjoy bathing). She's got little freckles here and there, but mostly they're sparse, except for her face. There, she has seven freckles near her cheeks; four on the right, three on the left. Three on each side go in a curved 'line' from just above the edge of her lips, to half-way up her nose. The forth one on the right is at the side of her lip, instead of above it. From each freckle is a four-inch, stiff black hair; her whiskers, which lay over her cheeks. The exception is the fourth right freckle, which has only a one-inch whisker. Speaking of her nose, it's rather small, despite strong, and fairly flat (though not looking smashed), shaped almost like an upside-down heart.
Her lips are small, pale, and chapped, and while this may seem like a bad thing, it's perfectly normal for her. Her teeth almost all look like fangs, except for those in the back, which are more blunt and 'human-shaped.'
Her ears certainly stand out among humans, as they shaped like large triangles, and stick up above her head. They're elongated, like elven ears, but still wider, and longer. In addition, she can make them point to the back, showing that she's annoyed. There's a little tuft of the silver-tipped blue hair at the end of each ear.
Only adding to her masculinity is that she's got clearly visible, strong muscles. All her running and acrobatics has finely toned her body, so while she's light still, she's powerful.
On more feminine notes, however, she's got long nails that she keeps trimmed to be sharp and pointed (even her toe-nails), and keeps a very 'womanly' figure. Korat's also got a cute, thin tail. It's four feet long, and covered in short silver-tipper blue fur (this hair is different from that on her head, but similar to that on her ears).

As for clothing, Korat has knee-length slate-grey leather boots, black leather 'short' shorts, a slate-blue cotton short-sleeved shirt with a low-cut top, and a black leather jacket.
The boots used to be quite shiny, but time and dirt has worn them down to a minimal shine. The bottoms are wide and flat; these are tough boots, not really for show. Something interesting is that there's a pattern of a cat's paw-print on the treads, making for a unique footprint. Her short shorts are fairly simple, as they're really just strong leather shorts with four pockets and a brown belt that holds the sheath of her katzbalger.
Her cotton shirt is really soft, and not the strongest, but keeps her warm when it's cold. The shoulders have yellow rectangles along their length, and a small image of a purple dahlia on the left side of the chest. The leather jacket over this is short, thus only reaches her stomach, while the sleeves go halfway down her forearm. She leaves it open, but it can be buttoned up if the need arose. However, due to its smaller size, this would put some uncomfortable pressure on Korat's chest.

Personality: When it comes to meeting new new people, Korat's a very shy one. She doesn't talk much to them, and what she does say is short, and sometimes choppy, due to being nervous. When meeting Korat, it's quite helpful to look her right in the eyes. If she stares back for a while, that's a good sign, but if she just looks away, then there's something she doesn't like about that person.
Reasons for not liking someone usually include them being noisy, and nosey, which she hates. She's also prone to being posessive of people, which might cause issues with other women. But if someone gives off a sort of positive 'aura,' and stares her in the eye, she could take a liking to them.

Once she's gotten to know someone well enough, however, things change. She herself becomes loud and demanding of the other person, mostly because she loves to have someone pay constant attention to her. However, she is also very, very loyal to her friends, and just expects the same from them.
On the flip side, if she's constantly neglected or abused, she'll quickly begin to hate whoever is mistreating her, and start to act extreme. All in all, she'll be your best friend for life if you treat her her way, but if you ever cross her, you'll never be able to sleep easy again.

She's quite curious about new things, but does her best to not look it. She tries to keep a air of respect around herself, though her usual appearance tends to say otherwise. While she's not the kind to press the "Do Not Press" button, and she does try not to touch too many things, she can get herself in a bit of trouble with people for messing with their things.

Biography: Korat's people are that of a human-feline 'hybrid' that has existed, nearly unchanged, for countless years. However, one unique feature, among several, is there's there's only about one-hundred of them total. Each has their own features and characteristics, and while some are similar, they're all still different, and only that one Homofelis can have those exact features. One must mate with a human to continue their line. Internal breeding is prohibited except for only very few special cases where the group as a whole wish to introduce a new 'breed' to their numbers. This is usually only done when a Homofelis dies without having continued their line. This is rare because the Homofelis live very long lives; in their years (which progress much faster than a human's), they live to be 472, while in standard human years, they can live to be about 112. The natural death of a Homofelis comes quick, and unexpected. Unlike humans, they don't gradually degrade into sickness, but rather die quietly in their sleep.
Occupationally, Homofelis have two dominate options, among several minor ones. Most either become high-standing citizens, with an air of royalty about them, or they become thieves, using their stealthy abilities to their own advantage.

Korat Si-Sawat chose the latter path... that of a thief. She constantly went out of her way to train, and used several human flexibility programs to add onto her natural ability to bend. She trained in acrobatics, allowing her to move quick and quiet, and even jump a considerable amount more than a human. She kept to a fairly strict diet to keep her energized, but not gain unnecessary body fat, leaving her with a well-toned body, and an excellent figure. Despite her figure, however, she still had her masculine side, starting with the muscles, then extending to her roughened skin, chapped lips, and light covering of dirt. But the dirt wasn't much of an issue for her; she enjoyed bathing, and so took some baths every now and then.

Meeting up with humans wasn't a 'rare' event, per se, but it didn't happen often. However, when it did, she was treated with respect, like all those of her race. Of course, she was a thief, so she took clear advantage of the human's reluctance to harm her, and thus stole whatever she could. One thing about her, though, was that she didn't have much money. She didn't care for it, and most of the things she stole were for her own use, rather than things to be sold off.
One of these objects included an arming sword, a katzbalger specifically, from a wealthy human. It was on show, and kept in very good condition, with its shiny gold guard and pommel... polished redwood sheath... sharpened steel blade... How could she resist? She took it from the man's house without a second thought, and made a note not to come near that house with the sword visible.

She made quite a personal collection of items, and this made her feel good, and rather satisfied. But the humans weren't. Even the other thief Homofelis were getting annoyed with her. She could feel the tension around her, and only understood what it was about when a horde of humans found her, and ran her out of the land.

And yet, while shaken up by how sudden the event was, she still carried on. She was used to constantly moving from here to there, and just moved on. Unfortunately, the land she was in was completely different. People weren't used to seeing her, and many shunned her. Korat began to hate everyone, but one man restored her faint in humans, and convinced her to give them a second chance.
Strangely, this man was an outcast himself, a sort of thief like Korat. He was a pirate, a sea thief, while Korat was a land thief. But this man had his job. He couldn't stay with her, which upset Korat greatly. Even still she kept hope in his promise to return someday, whenever that might be.

Her idea, on the other hand, was to follow him. She wasn't going to just sit around and wait. This man was just too much! She knew where he was going, and soon compiled a list of ports along the path he'd be taking. She wanted to try and meet him at each and every port she could.
But it wasn't that easy. He always seemed to arrive before her, and by the third time she missed him, she decided to skip the next port on the list, a city named Keithon, so that she could run ahead to the next one and meet him there. Her plan worked, and she greeted him right as he came off his ship.

((This biography is going to carry on into an RP, so it shall end here, abruptly. The RP will be with Shrub and Navi007, some time after The Dark Crystal ends... Whenever that'll be.))

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Re: Character List

Ok, so here's my very first Character, as approved here.

[Edited 31/10/09 for more detail.]

Name: Balthazar

Age: Balthazar is around the age of 11,300.

Race: Balthazar is an Angel half-breed.

History: There are many different races of Angels, spanning many different worlds. Balthazar comes from a world named Xion, which is inhabited almost purely by Angels of various breeds and races. Balthazar's caste of Angel are known as Seraphim, and they have evolved over the aeons into stronger, larger beings, relying more on physical strength and stature than magical power or speed.

Xion is a colony world, and all Angelic breeds are welcomed there. The Xionist Angels do not worship or follow any deities. They know of the existence of deities, but simply choose not to follow them and instead acknowledge them as equals if at all. Xionist Angels, whilst respective of their brethren who do follow deities, renounce such faith and believe themselves to have chosen a 'free path' (possibly hinting at a revolt against a deity in ages gone by); as such, Xion is considered a haven and a homeworld for Angels, although it is by no means the origin world of all Angelic breeds.

Sex: Male.

Hair: Dirty blonde, several inches long, and slightly shaggy.

Eyes: His eyes are a pleasant, light azure blue. They are stern yet caring, and seem somewhat sad. His gaze is steady and piercing. They reflect Balthazar's nature in that he values honesty and openness. When he smiles, slight creaselines appear in the corners of his eyes. When he is angry or in battle, his brows lower and his eyes narrow, giving him a much more forbidding, darker expression.

Weight: His powerful build gives Balthazar a solid weight at around 246 lbs.

Height: Balthazar only partially inherited the stature of the Seraphim; he stands at 6'8".

Weapon: He carries a large broadsword with a hand and a half hilt. There is a dull red stone set in the pommel, faceted like a diamond but not as reflective. The blade is a dull grey metal, yet the edges shine silver and sharp. He wears the blade on his back, vertical with the hilt over his right shoulder.

Armor: None. (See Strengths section.)

Strengths: Balthazar is but a half-breed Seraphim, and as such bears only a portion of their physical strength, yet that strength is still vastly beyond any mortal standards. His extraordinary strength allows him to deliver hugely powerful blows that can cleave an enemy clean in half, and shatter even the strongest swords. He can crush bones and rock, and he is able to lift, move, and throw objects of extreme weight and size, including creatures and opponents many times larger than he. He can best most beings in terms of raw strength alone.

Added to that, Balthazar excels in swordplay, combining his strength and his cunning, and when his skill with the blade is not enough, he can simply resort to dealing blows of raw strength. Balthazar is intelligent and quick-witted and uses it to his great advantage in combat. He is also proficient with other weapons, particularly heavier weapons like maces and warhammers.

As a Seraphim (even just a half-breed), Balthazar's body is a working, moving powerhouse. His body is naturally tough, able to take great impacts, pressure, and physical blows, though he is of course vulnerable to blades and other weaponry. He can take extreme punishment and pain without failing. This also applies to magic, to some degree. As an Angel Balthazar has some resistance to magic, meaning he is somewhat protected from it's effects and damages.

Weakness: Whilst they are immortal, Angels are not invulnerable; however Balthazar is not a full-breed Seraphim and as such he is much more prone to injury. Like all Seraphim, he vastly prefers physical combat (hand-to-hand or swordplay) over magical combat, as the Seraphim are weaker than most in terms of magical power. As their breed has evolved, it seems magical potency was replaced with brute physical strength - while such powers are still inherent, they are greatly diminished. However, added onto this weakness, as a half-breed Balthazar is even less powerful than the average Seraphim. His powers are not as steady or powerful as those of the true Seraphim; they are unformed and unstable. He has never pushed them to test their limits, and is secretly somewhat fearful of losing control of them.

Thus, his magical abilities (or lack thereof) and his fear of using them are his major weakness, as not only is he hesitant to use them in the first place, he has less protection or defence against such forces.

Another of his weaknesses are his emotions. He is not as stoic as the Angels. He is immensely lonely, and sometimes his enemies have been known to play on that to weaken him.

Skills/Magic: Balthazar possesses only a fraction of the power of Angel's. He can summon energy in the same fashion as they, wielding it and using it to blast his enemies with raw energy, but his power is far weaker, far more erratic and much more unstable than that of the Angels. He rarely uses it unless it is absolutely necessary, and even then he uses as little as possible.

Balthazar is a skilled survivalist, meaning he can survive in most environments with relative ease. He can hunt, cook, and is proficient at finding and preparing edible roots and vegetables. He is average at preparing and applying medecine. While he prefers to leave it to others he knows enough to get by when it is needed.

Appearance: His facial features are stern, but compassionate and caring. He has fairly high cheekbones, and keeps his face cleanshaven at all times. His brows are a little thick, giving his eyes a determined, penetrating look.

Balthazar is tall and powerfully built. His shoulders are broad, his arms thick and muscular. It is his physical strength that he relies on most, and it shows. His chest is toned and well-defined, as his back. When he manifests his wings, they sprout from his shoulder blades with thick, muscular joints. His body, though muscular, is not obscenely so. His muscles are simply well-toned and proportionate to his body and size. His skin is smooth with a good complexion, even a little bit tanned from his travels, but his body also bears several scars which natural healing was unable to cure. Though he could have them healed via magic, he chooses not to, instead using them as a reminder to be prevalent and determined, and to always strive to better himself.

His wings are huge and a pleasant tawny brown in colour. When he stands with them down, they rise above his shoulders by about two feet, then drop at the joint a further six feet or so, the tips stopping at his calfs. When he spreads them wide, he has a wingspan of a little over 16 foot, giving him a huge, overbearing presence. He sometimes uses his wings to intimidate, as they give him such a massive presence. His wings are almost fully flexible (with one major elbow like joint roughly two feet along - the rest of the wing is composed of smaller, more malleable bones and flexible cartilege) enabling him to curl them around his body to some degree. For instance, he can bend his wings around the front of his body and cross them over for several feet, creating a sort of shelter. When he flies, his massive wingspan belies his agility and speed, although the Seraphim are not as fast as their Angelic brethren with smaller wings.

Balthazar also has the Angel's gift to hide his wings. At will, they fade, seemingly from reality as well as sight, meaning they are physically not there until he wills them back. This gives him the appearance of a Human, albeit much larger and well built. On foot, he always travels with his wings hidden, only manifesting them when they are needed.

He wears somewhat plain clothing; dark brown pants, boots, and a light blue or a plain white sleeveless tunic. He often wears a dark green or black cloak, which he removes during battle. He has slits cut into the tunic for his wings but not in the cloak, meaning he must remove his cloak to manifest his wings. He wears a small pack with various items and spare clothing in it, also on his back, next to his sword's sheath.

He has a pleasant, old-leathery kind of scent about him, mixed with the vague hint of the oil he makes to clean and maintain his wings. (He produces it by grinding seeds (known as mayell seeds) and a flower into an oil, then rubbing it into his wings and feathers.) He washes regularly and keeps himself clean. His is the scent of careful attention to his blade and his wings. It's a clean, almost relaxing scent.

Personality: Balthazar is kind, caring, and always does what he can to aid those in need when he finds them, yet his outlook on life is secretly rather bleak. This is because Balthazar has always been alone, and he suffers for it every day. Even those he helps, while grateful and happy for his intervention, cannot offer what he seeks. He travels the many worlds looking for someone, or something, that he can relate to. He seeks companionship more than anything, and it is both his greatest dream, and his worst nightmare. He is scared that he will never find that, and it haunts his mind continuously.

He is a very determined individual, and will do anything to accomplish a goal that he truly believes in. He places a great deal of value in trust and honour. When he gives his word, he sticks to it no matter what. Balthazar's oath is his bond. He is compassionate and merciful. He quells confrontation wherever possible, be it with words, logic, or simply his size and strength if necessary. He does not like to see or hear people mocking others, and he thinks little of those who hold deep grudges.

Biography: Balthazar is half Human, half Angel (of the Seraphim caste). He never knew his mother. His father, a Seraphim Angel, took him to the Angel world of Xion after his birth. Angels rarely mate, meaning Balthazar was the only youngling at the time. This also meant that Angel half-breeds were rare, and each known case was unique.

Though nothing was ever said to him, Balthazar often felt like an outcast among the Angels. His physical appearance, being smaller than most Angels, was the first noticeable difference. As he grew he realized that he did not share some of the traits of the Angels. He discovered that they had a form of telepathy, which he lacked. His powers and strength were by no means comparable to theirs. He was also much more vulnerable to his emotions, not being as stoic or taciturn as the true Angels.

Becoming increasingly upset by the seemingly vast differences, and having no-one to talk to or share his problems with, Balthazar left the Angel world. Racked with loneliness and the need to find company, Balthazar spends his time travelling the many worlds, searching for someone, anyone, he can relate to. He fights what evil he finds on his travels, because he feels it his duty to do so.

His dream is to find another half-breed to travel with and befriend.

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Re: Character List

Here he is, my second character, Cyrnan, as approved here.

Name: Cyrnan [pronounced: keer-nun], or Cey [prn: key], for short.

Age: Unknown; Cey does not visibly age.

Apparant Age: Cey's appearance resembles that of a Human boy of around 13 to 15 years of age.

Race: Unknown.

Sex: Male.

Hair: Cey has dark brown hair. It is thick and several inches long; his fringe ends just above his eyes.

Eyes: Cey has remarkable eyes, and they are one of the first things people notice about his face. They are a pale grey in colour, and they are large enough to seem slightly disproportionate to his face, though not overly so. This means his normal expression appears surprised, even scared or shocked, even when he is not necessarily so.

Weight: Cey is small with a thin stature, and weighs a mere 69lbs.

Height: Proportionate to his weight, Cey is a diminutive figure at 4'10".

Weapon: Cey carries no weapons at all. (See the Strengths section.)

Armor: None whatsoever.

Strengths: (Read the Personality/Bio sections for a better understanding of this:) Cey is an odd being. He seems to have two sides to him. One is the everyday, ordinary Cey, but the other is what makes him so remarkable. Inside Cey there is a rage, pure and unadulterated. When this rage is loosed, it brings with it an unbelievable, almost limitless increase in physical strength. It makes almost no physical difference to Cey's body, as he still looks small and weedy. However, Cey himself has no access to this incredible strength. It's almost as if there are two beings in one body; the ordinary Cey on the outside, and an utterly insane Berserker of seemingly boundless strength on the inside. The berserker uses no weapons other than his strength to batter and smash anything and anyone around him, be it with fist or knee or head or foot.

The berserker is almost invulnerable to pain; while he can be hurt and injured, he doesn't feel it, meaning he won't shy away or back down from pain or damage, or any perceived challenge or anything he attacks, until there is nothing left, his attention is drawn away, or he reverts back to Cey.

Weakness: The ordinary Cey is childlike. He has no strength, no powers or weapons, and absolutely no inclination for violence; he couldn't bring himself to hurt anyone at all - he physically would not even think of it. He can only fight when he loses control and the rage washes over him. Without the berserker inside, Cey is every bit as helpless as a leaf in the wind; he is weak, timid, and frightened as a sick kitten, and every bit as vulnerable too.

Cey is also addicted to a herb called narciton. Narciton is used in a potion that is made for him to prevent losing control of his rage. The drug puts Cey in a sleepy state of mind, making him completely powerless to defend himself or become the berserker. Depending on how much narciton he has taken, the drug usually either makes Cey doped up and high, or completely trancelike. His dependancy and the effects the drug have on him are both potential weaknesses.

As the berserker, Cey's only real weakness is his mindlessness. Unable to reason or think, he will rush into any attack or trap or danger. He cannot think or reason or deduce at all; he can only act and react. He is also unable to discern between friend or foe, person or inanimate object. He simply reacts to his environment with all his strength and rage.

Skills/Magic: Cey has no skill or power other than the incredible strength the berserker brings out. The berserker takes over when Cey can no longer contain or control the rage inside him. The berserker always retreats back into Cey after a while, seemingly whenever the rage ebbs away. Typically Cey will be left standing mid punch or whilst running or moving, and he is always exhausted, often collapsing into a deep sleep where he stands.

Appearance: Cey is a small being, thin and weedy. His appearance is similar to that of a Human child. He is Humanoid, with an identical body; they only real differences of appearance are his eyes and his ears, both of which are larger than the average Human. His eyes are larger and much wider than Human eyes (which give him a surprised expression), and look disproportionate to the rest of his face. His ears are also much larger than average Human ears. Pointed, like an elf's, they are around three or four inches long. Unlike an elf, however, they are slightly curved and stick out a little.

Cey wears forest garb; plain brown boots and pants, a green tunic, and a dark green forest cloak with a large hood. Cey typically wears the hood up, casting his face into shadow. He walks slightly hunched, and he moves around quickly and erratically, flinching at loud noises and sounds. His movements are usually furtive and quick, and his eyes are always roving and flicking, looking everywhere. His expression, due to the size and shape of his eyes, almost always seems to be surprised, which is often how he feels.

His appearance does not change as the berserker, except for two things; his expression, which contorts from an innocent surprise to malicious grimace, and his skin colour, which simply pales considerably.

Personality: Primarily, Cey is a timid, easily scared creature, which accounts for his quick movements. However, he is also extremely childlike, meaning he can be easily astonished and distracted by the simplest things. He loves bright colours and toys both intricate and simple. But his nature is also similar to that of a bird; easily spooked, he's prone to fleeing loud bangs and crashes. He is, like a child, kindly and good natured, yet he is very simple. He tends to think only in terms of his little world, his own little area, and often with Cey, out of sight means out of mind, meaning he can be forgetful, his thoughts not far-reaching. He doesn't consider money or belongings to be of much value, and he is not very possessive at all in that nature.

Cey despises violence and could never raise a hand to another living creature. He loves animals, and can have hours of fun doing something as simple as chasing a butterfly, though never to catch it or hurt it. Cey doesn't understand much about the world that doesn't directly relate to him. He is a simple being with simple needs.

However, there is a dark side to Cey; deep inside there is a core of rage and hatred. It is so deep that it almost a seperate being, and is embodied by the berserker. Cey himself feels no rage, hatred, or anger, but knows that there is something dark inside of him. He simply calls it "the bad" or "the nasty". The berserker does not have a name or a personality. When Cey see's violence he runs from it, as his greatest fear is losing control forever. He does not like to think or remember the feeling of the rage, as it scares him so much. When the rage takes over, Cey does not remember any of what he does. He only remembers "the darkness", and being lost. He would describe it as a bad dream he has to struggle to wake up from.

Biography: Cey's history and background are unknown even to him. (It should be noted that Cey literally has no history before the moment he was found.) He was found by a witch and soothsayer, named Tesha, while she was travelling through a mountain range to another town. While she camped during the night, an almighty boom sounded from nearby, followed by terrible crashes and an inhuman roar. Tesha's witchly nature made her resolve to find the cause of the noise, and went to find the source.

She found a valley which had been almost utterly destroyed, trees and the rock itself smashed and pummeled, littering the valley. Amongst the floor of the valley she stumbled upon (quite literally) the unconscious form of a young child. Noting the boys slightly odd appearance, she realized that he wasn't Human, and tha he was likely the cause of the destruction about her. She took him back to her camp and when he awoke, she realized that he posed no threat whatsoever to her. She gradually gained his trust and befriended him, and so she took him with her on her travels, caring for him like a mother.

She eventually settled in a town, living there with Cey for many years, though Cey's appearance and nature never once changed. In all that time, Tesha never once saw anything further to suggest anything other to Cey than his childlike innocence, but the truth would soon shatter her beliefs. One day a man followed Cey on his travels, trailing after him into an alleyway, where it is assumed he assaulted Cey. Whether the man wanted to mug Cey for his belongings, or something more sinister, was never made clear. The attack on Cey brought out the berserker, and he smashed his way through the surrounding area and most of the town in his blind fury.

Tesha soon realized what had happened, and when Cey found his way home that night it was made clear. Tesha created a potion for Cey containing a herb known as narciton, which could act as a tranquiliser or a euphorigenic drug, effectively doping Cey up to prevent the berserker taking hold. Cey wouldn't come to depend on the drug for many years to come.

To the current time, Cey lives in a hut in a forest of the mountains, where he lives simply and contently. He makes frequent journeys to the town where Tesha still lives for supplies, specifically for the narciton potion he is addicted to.

(For a more detailed history, see this thread.)

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Re: Character List

Name: Silly Diamant

Age: Ageless (appears 16)
Race: Aternian
Sex: Female

Hair: White, Straight, Torso-Length
Eyes: Red, Soft, Playful
Height: 160 cm
Weight: Not Telling

  • Diamond Dust - Silly's primary weapon are a large cluster of diamond-like substance crushed into fine dust, which is controlled through what can be best described as metaphysical influence, different from telekinesis but achieving similar effects. Diamond Dust fulfills a different number of applications, including the creation of illusions and decoys, the hindering of enemy movement by using the fog to generate razor cuts against enemies attempting to move through the razor-sharp particles, and the damaging of the internal organs for those who are unfortunate enough to inhale the dangerous substance. Diamond Dust's sphere of influence, a range in which the density of the particles are high enough to cause bodily harm to enemies and create coherent decoys and illusions, has a radius of fifty meters, more if the space is compact and condensed. Although called "Diamond Dust", the weapon is not actually made of diamonds, but of a much harder, artificial substance with diamond-like properties.
  • Mirror Shards - Although effectively used much in the same way as one uses a knife, Silly instead stylizes her weapons as fragmented shards of mirrors, keeping in symbolism towards her portrayal as the master of illusions. Due to her influence over reality, the mirror shards are much sturdier and sharper in her hands than any other normal shard. Can be used to slash, stab, or throw, as well as assist in generating illusions. They do not, however, have handles, and are sharp on all edges, so skill and familiarity are required to proficiently wield them by clasping the flat sides.

The clothing Silly wears are embedded with light defensive magical properties. While they do little good in stopping physical attacks, they are semi-resistant to different elements - such as fire and electricity - and magical spells. It does not completely negate damage from the elements and magic spells, but it takes a respectable portion of damage out from them.

The most immediate of Silly's strengths is her speed. Of the limited power the Aternians allow to be allocated to her mortal form, Silly has invested most of her capabilities on the ability to get from one place to another in as short a time as possible. She does not seem to "move" as much as she simply "appears in another place", although this means of transportation clearly is not teleportation. Accompanying this speed is the ability to pull off gravity-defying acrobatics, giving her a wide range of options in terms of movement and placement in battle. To complement this, Silly has limited control over the forces of overruling metaphysics, allowing her to occasionally violate common sense and the basic rules of physics; this generally manifests in strange but ultimately minor phenomenon such as being able to stand on walls or ceilings, or conducting aerial acrobatics without actually generating a counteracting kinetic force.

Furthermore, despite possessing below-average capabilities in a preemptive offensive, Silly's capabilities in defense, evasion, and counterattack are exceptional. Her weapons and abilities allow her to create numerous decoys of herself utilizing mirrors and her specialized weapon, Diamond Dust, while her speed also gives her an edge when it comes to evading attacks. Aside from avoiding attacks, Silly is capable of completely sealing certain options of offense with Diamond Dust, utilizing the razor-sharp fragments to prevent rapid movements within her sphere of influence; taken to the logical extreme, Diamond Dust can deny the enemy's capability to approach her.

The first and foremost weakness is that Silly is only as strong as the situation allows her to be. Although she has various superhuman traits, the Aternian self-imposed honor code and restriction, that Aternians should surrender their omnipotence and omniscience while masquerading as mortals to prevent abuse and dominion over mortal worlds, greatly limits what would've otherwise been raw power. This essentially means that she only enough power to initiate even combat with whatever opponents she has to face, and that she would not possess the power of a one-man army unless she was actually faced by an army, ensuring that she cannot misuse her powers as a benevolent deity.

The second pronounced weakness is that Aternians believe in balance; while Silly possesses superhuman and near-gravity-defying speed, skill, and acrobatic abilities, her mortal shell is also physically weak in comparison. Physical combat is indeed not her forte, her physical strength is somewhat underwhelming, and her skills and weapons are geared much more towards defense and counterattack roles rather than offense; Diamond Dust, which has little preemptive offensive capabilities, only proves to be an extremely deadly weapon should an opponent choose to be within engagement range of Silly, while her mirror shards are clearly not the most overwhelming weapons in existence. Battles of attrition also wear down her sixteen-year-old stamina relatively quickly, which pronounces her reliance on decoys and defense in order to allow her opponents to expend their strength on her illusions in long-winded battles before moving for a counteroffensive.

Skills/Magic: Silly possesses limited control over metaphysics; as a result, she can control her Diamond Dust in a manner akin to telekinesis, and defy - within reason - the laws of physics when it comes to her extraordinarily fast movement. This usually manifests in phenomenons such as Silly being able to stand on walls or ceilings, or Silly being able to conduct elaborate aerial acrobatics despite not actually physically generating an equal counteracting kinetic force.

Despite being ageless, Silly's physical mortal form lends an appearance to a rather short sixteen-year-old schoolgirl, complete with uniform. Standing only at one hundred and sixty centimeters, Silly seems physically underwhelming, but ultimately rather cute with her own childish, pretty appeal, despite her unusual appearance, sporting snow white hair reaching down to her torso and blood red eyes that seem playful. Her appearance is charming and endearing, and it isn't difficult for her to use that advantage to get others to warm up to what would've otherwise be a cute, harmless schoolgirl. Her physical form also seems quite lithe and feminine, although modestly-endowed, certainly not voluptuous. Although she clearly changes clothes depending her mood, Silly is most often found wearing her schoolgirl uniform, featuring a white blouse, red bow, navy vest, and navy skirt that goes past the knees; this, in turn, is complemented by knee-length white socks and dark Mary Janes. Another common choice of attire Silly can be found in is a variety of Gothic Lolita dresses, which can be an extremely varied affair.

The near-universal first impression of Silly Diamant is that she certainly lives up to her namesake. While the appearance of her mortal form certainly depicts her as an adolescent schoolgirl, masking her actual agelessness, her personality seems to take that impression and take many more years off it. Whimsical, needlessly cheerful, and with a seemingly poor grasp on reality, Silly is just that, silly. With a somewhat hyperactive disposition, an apparent inability to pay close attention to anything, and a seeming lack of common sense, her traits are sometimes endearing in a childish way, and sometimes offsetting when tainted with a measure of equally immature arrogance and selfishness.

Of course, the persona Silly chooses to adapt most often is largely a mask for a more scheming, manipulative, and holier-than-thou personality, which clearly insinuates a great amount of arrogance, empowered by her confidence towards her abilities and status as a goddess-like Aternian. She enjoys poking at the weaknesses and insecurities of others, and essentially has no real fears, likes, or dislikes as an immortal not bound to flesh; her personality merely shifts in whatever way she wishes it to. On the other hand, while all Aternians are hard-coded to love and sympathize with the mortals they are supposedly watching over, Silly is rather sentimental towards mortals, even by Aternian standards. Masked behind her silliness and her contempt is a care and appreciation for mortal life, and despite her self-proclaimed superiority, she sometimes goes to certain lengths to allow and assist mortals to dictate their own fate and pursue their own happiness.

Silly Diamant is a relatively mid-ranking member of the Aternians, a specie that transcends time and space, belonging to no universe and transcending the rules of physics. Although the Aternians do not know of their origins - difficult without the reference of space or time - as much as they simply realize that exist, the Aternians are aware of their ageless and undying presence, and, as a result, consider themselves to be deity-like entities responsible for balance and order across the many universes in existence. As self-proclaimed gods and goddesses, they see to it that anomalies to the time-space fabric of the universes are repaired and prevented, and that mortal races follow the "correct path of history".

The Aternians, however, do have self-imposed metaphysical rules, a modus operandi enforced on themselves through unknown means. To prevent abuse of their god-like power and knowledge upon the more "mortal" universes, any Aternian tasked to "repairing" a universe, or merely entering a universe, will be confined to mortal form, its power and knowledge greatly restricted to only what is enough to exert influence over the entities within that world and repair a designated problem, but not be omnipotent or omniscient. It is thus that Silly prefers to take a human form when traversing across universes, although, despite being human on a molecular level, she exerts limited influence over the fabric of time-space through metaphysical control given to all Aternians.

Like all other Aternians, Silly transcends the rules of time and space, and therefore is not limited to the subjective concepts of past, present, and future; at the same time, she does not comprehend her own origins as much as she realizes that she just is. Another universal trait amongst Aternians that Silly shares is the lack of biological parents or a known creator. As such, they all share the seemingly universal view that they are as close to deities as any race is capable of getting, and that they are eternal. What makes her unlike many other Aternians, however, is her fascination and enjoyment of lingering in the mortal world. While other Aternians "find enjoyment in their work", Silly does not seem to regard her obligation as "work", and instead seems to find amusement and entertainment through her meddling in the universes.

Although being relatively scheming and manipulative, Silly has managed to mask her "black sheep" behavior, allowing herself to come across as merely "interesting" or "slightly eccentric" to her fellow Aternians. What the rest of her race does not readily comprehend, however, is that prolonged exposure to the inhabitants of various worlds she has been to, coupled with the compassion hard-coded into her personality for lesser beings, has developed an ideology for Silly, that mortals and inhabitants of their own universes should have the right to decide their own history and fate, and that Aternians should no longer play the role of gods across so many different worlds. Unfortunately, the self-imposed restrictions of her race places a considerable obstacle to her ideology, an ideology that she strives to circumvent...if she wasn't too busy enjoying herself across different universes, masquerading as a mortal.
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People are not stupid. They believe things for reasons. The last way for skeptics to get the attention of bright, curious, intelligent people is to belittle or condescend or to show arrogance toward their beliefs.
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Re: Character List

Name:Jericho Baen


Race:Genetically Altered Human


Hair:Tomato-red, spiked

Eyes:Completely green, including the whites. Pupil is black and spiral-shaped.

Weight:165 lbs

Height:6' 1"

Weapon:For use against opponents without abilities, Jericho can create a sword out of spare nanites in his armor. The sword is one-handed, with a 29" blade, and is entirely gray in color. The cross guard is straight, with no decoration. He can keep the sword for up to 15 minutes if his armor is slightly damaged, but the length of time decreases as his armor takes more damage.

Armor:Jericho wears the Adje, a suit made of nanites that can slowly repair itself, usually within thirty minutes. The nanites can "eat" materials from his surroundings to create more nanites, which replace damaged ones. When an object hits the suit, the nanites bunch together at the impact site to soften the blow. The suit is a dark grey color, and covers all but his head and hands. Being made out of trillions of tiny machines hooked together, it is only moderately heavy (20-25 lbs), and acts much like elastic.

Strengths:Jericho is especially good at inventing strategies that match his current ability. He can also combine several weaker abilities to create unique powers. His genetic engineering enables him to take more punishment than normal humans. His eyes enable him to see in the dark, to the point where dark rooms are moderately lit. He has slightly enhanced strength, being able to lift at least 400 lbs. Jericho has been trained in several styles of swordplay, and while not a master at it, he can hold his own against most opponents.

Weakness:If he is exposed to very bright light, his vision takes longer than normal to recover. His stealth is virtually nonexistent, and his multicolored skin causes him to stand out in public. His skin slows him down when he runs, because of the less-flexible scar tissue.

Skills:Jericho has the ability to copy almost any ability he sees in use. He cannot copy abilities he does not see in use, and he must know that an ability is in use. He must be within 100 feet of the original user to copy an ability. His eyes analyze the ability, and send signals to the brain, which sends the signals necessary to manipulate his body to reproduce it. This process usually takes two minutes.

Depending on the strength of the ability, he can hold on to it for longer (weak-15 minutes, strong-3 minutes). He can copy two weak abilities and hold onto them for 7 minutes. His control over the ability is limited by the original owner's control. If he tries to copy abilities that are extremely powerful, he is stunned. Additionaly, if he copies a creature whose physiology is very different from his, he experiences crippling pain.

He can copy most superpowers, such as super speed, super strength, etc. During the experiment trace amounts of magic were infused into his body. They remain dormant until he copies an ability involving magic. This enables him to use most basic forms of magic. He can also copy bodily adaptations (such as extra senses, additional body parts), as long as the original user is human.

Appearance:Jericho's hair is an odd, tomato-colored red, and is usually worn in large spikes. His eyes are completely green, the whites being a darker shade than the iris. His pupils are spiral shaped, and spin when he is copying an ability. His skin is covered with scars from stitches, and is in patches of different colors. He wears a dark green shirt, jeans, and any shoes he can find.

Jericho is what most people would call antagonistic. He will pick a fight with anything or anyone who annoys him, and often will start fights out of boredom. However, if he sees that an opponent is too strong he will attempt to back out of the fight. He is also a bit of a show off when he is starting a battle. His showboating often gets him in trouble, though.

Jericho is not opposed to taking money for fighting people, but he will not attack those who can't defend themselves. He often will stop a crime for kicks, but he can't be relied upon to do so. Jericho does not like being called a "hero," because it is "just not my thing."

Jericho does not try to hide his strange appearance, instead flaunting it. He always makes a point of looking people in the eyes when he talks to them, since his odd eye color disturbs most people.

His family is a touchy subject for him, and he will often attack anybody who does not leave it alone. His attitude makes it hard for anyone to even want to know him, and he prefers it that way. He prefers travelling alone, and often will leave fellow travelers while they are sleeping.

Jericho Baen was born to Amadeus Baen, owner of Baen Industries, the largest megacorporation in their universe. In order to protect his son, Amadeus sent Jericho to live with relatives who would protect him from any assasination or kidnapping attempts. Growing up in remote Northern Canada, Jericho was taught how to defend himself against attack, and learned the almost extinct art of swordplay.

At the age of fifteen, he rejoined his family, having learned all he could from his relatives. Only two weeks after returning, he foiled a kidnapping attempt on his father. Seeing how strong his son was, Amadeus did something unexpected; he made Jericho his bodyguard.

Jericho worked as his father's bodygaurd for four years, until one day when a rocket was launched into his father's office through a window. Amadeus was just leaving the room, so he escaped unscathed. Jericho was not so lucky. He had survived the explosion, but was horribly burned.

After one year of special treatment by his father's medical staff, it was determined that unless something drastic was done, Jericho would be unable to move independantly. His father's scientists had just completed a method of genetic manipulation, so Jericho underwent the treatment.
The results were perfect, the only side effect being his multicolored skin. Jericho was offered the job of bodyguard back, but declined and left his family. He travelled the world, eventually discovering his abilities.

Two years after he left, Jericho recieved word from his father. Amadeus's scientist had discovered a wrinkle in space time. Returning home, Jericho volunteered to explore it. He was outfitted with his nanite suit, and entered the ripple, sending him on a continuing journey from universe to universe.
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Re: Character List

Name:** Doyle Silverpaw* (Rruuv in wolf form)

Apparent Age:*** About 30

Age: "One loses track after the first 10,000 years or so..."

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Race:*** Human

Sex:** Male

Hair:*** Black (silver in wolf form with some black blended in over the back)

Eyes:** Chocolate brown with flecks of emerald green (golden in wolf form)

Weight:* 280lbs**

Height:*** 6'5"

Weapon:*** Hands, magic (magic, teeth, and claws in wolf form) Doyle can make use of whatever object comes to hand, though he hasn't gotten reacquainted with his human form well enough to be very efficient.

Armor:* Doyle wears a wolfskin cloak while in human form that protects him from many magical attacks as well as minor stabbing and slashing type attacks.. This cloak is actually alive in a way. It is warm to the touch and will bleed if stabbed or torn.

Strengths:***Well-versed in all elemental magics (Light, Dark, Earth, Fire, Air, and Water). His power is drawn from his summon, which acts as an outlet to the life energy, or chi, flowing around him, including through his opponents. This energy can then be rechanneled into elemental attacks. Thus his magical power is directly proportional to the energy level of the area surrounding him. His current drawing radius is roughly 3-5mi. An average summoner from his world has a drawing radius of a little over a mile.

He has outstanding strength and speed for a human. He has single-handedly pushed merchants carts out of ditches (or an average sized car if he were in our world). His speed and agility is above that of a normal human in roughly the same proportion as his strength.

He is stronger, both physically and magically, and tougher in wolf form. Rruuv sometimes knocks over large trees, leaning on them to scratch his shoulder. The wolf is also able to pull energy for attacks over an area roughly twice the size of his human form, easily reaching 10mi.

Doyle's senses of smell and hearing are acute, due to his wolf side, but not quite as acute as they are when he is actually in wolf form.

Though proficient in all elemental magics he is strongest in four of the six types (in order of strength): Dark, Light, Earth, and Fire. These are upgrading combinations Doyle gained for Rruuv during his second training pilgrimage. (See Bio section) He has no elemental weaknesses.

Doyle can heal most wounds, given enough time, but cannot do so when distracted by battle. Changing forms speeds this process, healing all but the most dire wounds in a matter of minutes.

Weakness:* He is still growing reaccustomed to his human form and does not melee fight as well in this form as a result.** Must revert to his wolf form at least once every two weeks for at least 12hrs. He would have to revert sooner if exhausted or heavily wounded.

Further elemental upgrades are impossible after the mergence of a summon into the physical form of its human summoner. (See Bio)

Doyle/Rruuv cannot heal himself without concentration, unless he changes forms to do so. Thus it would be near impossible for him to heal during battle.

Skills/Magic:***Summoner, able to utilize elemental magics, including light and dark, though he is much stronger in some elements than others. (See strengths section) He can use the elements by converting energy into a specific element and hurling said element at an opponent (like a fireball or a wind gust), reverting an element into raw energy for healing or another type of attack, or manipulating an existing element in his environment (diverting an attack, boosting a cooperative attack, or just making a campire burn bigger and brighter). These abilities also vary based on his power level which varies in proportion with the energy to be found in his surroundings (he would be more powerful in a rainforest, for example, than in the Sahara.)

Appearance: Doyle is tall, every inch of his frame sculpted and while well-muscled and defined, not overly bulky. His skin is the rich color of coffee with a touch of cream, and his thick, blue-black hair is usually kept in a braid reaching down to his waist. His features could best be descibed as Native American in appearance, angular with a thick brow and square jawline strong and extremely masculine, but not unattractive. His features appear stern if one doesn't take into account the depth of his thickly lashed eyes, or the smile threatening the edges of his mouth at any given moment.

He changes clothes like anyone else, but can most often be seen in heavy, black, military-style boots, well-fitted and well-worn blue jeans, and a black leather vest, with or without a band collared dress shirt in varying colors.

The only constant in Doyle's wardrobe is a wolfskin, which he keeps with him at all times. He most often wears it as a cloak, sometimes with the wolf's head sitting atop his own as a hood. It is a huge, silver fur, so luxuriously warm and shining it seems to be alive.

Doyle pulls the wolfskin around him to tranform into Rruuv. The wolf stands 5ft at the withers with silver fur, some black hairs blended in over his back area and golden eyes.

Personality: Doyle is a tacturn man, rarely divulging more information than is necessary, especially about himself. He is quiet, preferring the outdoors to most human company, and despises large crowds, not for fear, but because as cities grow, the common sense of its inhabitants seems to drop.

This summoner seems stern, unapproachable, and simply not fun at first glance, and many do not fully understand his very dry sense of humor. However, if given the chance, he can prove to be the most dependable, loyal, adventurous, and companionable man one could wish to know. As long as one doesn't mind companionable silences, that is...

He loves children, and they are inexplicably drawn to him, despite his stiff demeanor. Often he will linger near a town with many children, finding a place near the outskirts to sit and tell stories in his deep, gravelly voice. He will sometimes even show them his wolf form, if he can avoid being seen by adults (which he knows are less than understanding). If you were to catch them at such a time, you might see a giant wolf laughing, tossing children in the air and carrying them around on his broad, furry back.

In wolf form, his personality changes slightly. Rruuv has a different speech pattern and his sense of humor is not quite as dry.

Biography: Doyle grew up in a clan of migrating hunters, the men following the herds across the plain in the summer months, while the women tended crops in small villages near the great river, which divided the land in two halves.

When he was born, the village shaman saw signs in the stars that he would be not only magically talented, but could be a summoner. This was rare in their people, and brought great honor to the family. When he came of age, 16 years, a summoner came to their village and accepted Doyle into his apprenticeship. This summoner was from the Dark temple, but Doyle's tribe saw no fault in this as in their world, Darkness is not equated with evil.

So Doyle began his apprenticeship as many youths in his world do, by learning elemental magic, then touring each of the elemental temples, undergoing the mysterious Trial in each, to see if he would be chosen by a summon of that element. As is the custom, when Doyle was chosen by no summon after visiting all the temples, his apprenticeship ended. He parted ways with his teacher and departed into solitary training. He had spent 10 years in apprenticeship, and refused to return home with a failure hanging over his head.

The summon who chose Doyle was of none of the Temples. The great wolf Rruuv, a rare wild summon, chose him during his solitary training as he knelt in meditations deep in the forest.

Having gained a summon at last, Doyle returned to his clan. He was welcomed with open arms and given a new surname, as was the tribe's custom, Silverpaw, in honor of Rruuv.

Then the war began. Doyle's old mentor tried to draft him as the Dark temple rose up to subjugate the other elements. The tribesman refused, and the Dark summoner performed an unspeakable act, calling on his summon beast to slaughter the village. Doyle tried to defend his people, but failed against his more powerful teacher.

Kneeling in the ashes of what was the home of his people, broken and bleeding himself, he met another summoner who would change his life. This new summoner took him under wing, developing his talents by sending him through the trials once more. This time, he gained the power of four of the six temples, starting with that of the Dark temple. This mergence with an over element stopped his aging.

His new teacher gradually became his friend instead, and as his training ended, they stayed together, travelling and fighting the battles of the war together, protecting the people as best they could. This went on, the war sometimes going cold for decades, then flaring up again.

Ultimately came the final battle. The forces of the Dark temple behind the summoner Raedium, and those who stood beside Aurora clashed on the field. Doyle fought side by side in the elite force of summoners forming the Ominae's self-appointed honor guard.

The final clash saw Aurora's forces slipping and that of the Dark near victory as Raedium met his sister on the battlefield. The two master summoners fought, their dragons locked in a deadly dance overhead. Doyle was all that remained of her bodyguard as Raedium's personal guard closed in behind her, seeking to eliminate her while she was focused on the duel.

Doyle fought a losing battle, dropping half of them before hope seemed to fade. The tribesman made a desperate decision. Calling Rruuv, he merged with his summon, gaining the power needed to protect the Ominae, but losing his humanity, forever to be trapped in the form of the giant wolf.

It took thousands of years worth of adventures and training, but he finally achieved his seemingly impossible goal. He can finally step out of the skin of the wolf, becoming a man once more, though Rruuv is always with him in the form of the wolf fur and can never be a completely separate entity.

Now he seeks his teacher and friend to show he has succeeded in breaking his curse. And, his people have sent him on a quest to find the Ominae and persuade her to come home after decades of absence.
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Re: Character List

James Vincent Gainsborough

Alias: Vinx

Age: Born December 13th, 1793 AD (Approx. 123yrs old)

Race: Half Demon

Affiliates: Demon Slayers: Rose

Gender: Male

Hair color/style: Short black hair

Eyes: Gray-blue

Weight: 155 lbs. (70kg)

Height: 5'11'' (1.5m)


Vinx has collected quite an arsenal of weapons throughout his life. As a Demon Slayer, much of his tools are mandatory to carry, though his time in the field has allowed him to collect more effective, rare weaponry with which to kill monsters. Like any typical Demon Slayer, his weapons are also made mostly out of silver, a well known purifier of evil.

Bequeath- A fencing sword formed in the style of an Épée (picture), which is a three pronged foil. It is the heaviest of foils used in traditional fencing, reaching about 110cm (3’7’’) long. The sword itself is formed from an alloy of silver and steel, which is kept in a black leather sheath with silver lettering on it (which is also worn on his left on a slanted, black leather belt). These letters are a latin saying, "Causarum justia et misericordia," which illustrates the Vampire Slayers' cause. Both edges are dangerously sharp, though the tip of the blade is the deadliest point. The hilt of the blade has a curvaceous, intricate guard that protects the hand with metal rings and curves (picture).

Revolvers- Vinx carries two small black revolvers that are strapped in another leather belt, resting on the front part of his legs. Both are carried in their own holster, with two pouches of ammo kept on the same belt. These pouches are medium sized, one holding steel bullets and the other silver.

Silver Stake- A collapsible 2 foot long stake made of pure silver. It has a grip on the thick, blunt end, which is reinforced with carved bumps to keep the hand from slipping. When collapsed, it is no longer than a foot, and a small, ovular button on the hilt springs the tip of the stake out. Engraved onto the hilt are ancient symbols which bless the staff with holy magic. This rests in a holster on Vinx’s right, held at the bottom of another belt that straps diagonally across his chest.

Bottled Sunlight- Perhaps the rarest of a Slayer’s tools, bottled sunlight is collected light that is retained within an enchanted bottle. The flask itself is painted an opaque black to keep the light from showing. Upon breaking, it emits a powerful burst of light that covers a radius of ten feet. Anything caught within that blast of light is exposed to very condensed sunlight, which inflicts both burning and holy wounds onto the flesh of the victim. Outside of that, it is simply an extraordinarily hot and bright light. Vinx carries three such bottles in padded pouches that rest on the belt that crosses his chest.

Silver Darts- Within a black leather pouch strapped tightly to his left thigh, Vinx carries five six inch darts made completely out of silver. Each darts’ shaft is about one centimeter in width, with four black feathers placed at one end for balance. The darts are perhaps even sharper than needles, with the barrel full of a blessed substance known as liquid silver. Upon impact, this substance is released from the dart’s tip and into the creature’s body, which sends deadly poison into living creatures, and even more potent toxin into cursed creatures.

At a glance, these darts are fairly plain, the feathers being the only decorative touch. Within the barrel, the liquid is a somewhat translucent silver which has a sharp metallic smell, even stronger to cursed creatures.

Silver Crossbow- The crossbow itself is not made out of silver, but of simple wood. Vinx can fire it fairly rapidly, though at far distances, the blessed silver bolts are much less penetrating. The crossbow itself is also rather plain, with no complex designs or writing on it. This weapon is also attached to a leather strap so that Vinx can wear it on his back or pack it on his horse. Vinx keeps the 16’’ bolts in a black leather quiver that he also straps on his back. He doesn’t usually wear these unless he is already on a hunt for demons.

Whip- Vinx carries a thick, black leather whip that reaches about eight feet long. It has a strong wooden handle which is also black. At the end of the rope, there’s a small, sliver tipped blade. This he keeps on a strap on his belt, which is wrapped up in a coil near the back of his right side.

Silver Knives- Vinx carries four knives, all of which have been blessed and have the same latin saying on his sword carved into their blades. Each one is about eight inches long (made of silver) with a black leather hilt to reinforce the grip. Vinx carries one in the back of his right boot, another on his left side, a third in the center of the belt that goes across his chest, and the fourth is strapped onto the back of his right shoulder. These are easily used for both stabbing and throwing.


Leather- Vinx wears black leather gloves that extend halfway up his arms that have mystic symbols carved on the inside. While this does not make it impossible for cursed weapons to penetrate it, cursed objects will be burned and corroded when touched with them. His black leather boots are tough, but not reinforced with magic. His thick leather coat provides protection for his torso and upper legs, with enough flexibility to keep from hindering him in battle. Just like his gloves, his coat is also blessed to keep demons away.

Shadow Charm- One of the few mementos that Vinx carries from his home, the Shadow Charm acts as an efficient means of protection from dark magic. It serves to absorb the damage that projectiles inflict, and protects against curses that other demons may inflict on their prey. While it is most effective to reduce at least 30% of dark magic damage, it can also absorb any kind of elemental damage, though this is much less powerful, taking only about 10% of damage away.

The symbol itself is carved out of silver, forming a small pendant shaped into an ancient symbol. Vinx wears this around his neck, underneath his clothing, and its magic power is subtle enough not to be noticed by even the best of wizards.


Reflex- As a Half Vampire, Vinx has inherited the traditional “supernatural” reflexes, which include superior senses to that of a human’s. He can hear whispering through a solid rock wall, see with perfect vision for great distances, and has a very strong sense of smell— especially for blood. He also has faster reaction speed to stimuli, which has been improved upon in his years of survival and combat. This gives him a decided advantage against those who move at a normal pace, allowing him to move with ethereal speed and grace, which becomes particularly deadly when he wields his weapons.

Raw Strength- Vinx has inherited unnatural strength, allowing him to perform feats of power that would be impossible for other humans. This includes being able to jump distances of 32 ft (9.8m), as high as nine feet (274cm), and lift weights up to 1670lbs (757.5kg). This makes for incredible strength in combat, and with power tempered over 100 years, it is perfectly lethal.

Demon Fighting- Vinx’s victims over the years have been nothing short of inhuman. His experience with evil creatures— everything from ghosts to vampires— has left him with creative skill in investigation and combat. His many years of life has given him enough time to perfect his own proficiency with his weapons, and he can easily adjust to fight creatures of different backgrounds and strengths. If there’s any kind demon at all out there, it’s very likely that he’s killed one of them.

Weapon Versatility- Vinx’s experience in numerous weapons gives him a basic proficiency with almost any kind of weapon, and even without one, he is particularly dangerous. His past battles have often forced him to improvise, and he can do so fairly well when put in a difficult situation. His particular fighting style specializes in lunges and stabs, which is pointed mostly at getting a silver blade into a vampire’s chest.

The numerous weapons Vinx carries also serve to create very interesting combinations. He can wield different weapons at the same time with ridiculous skill, and is ambidexterous with each one.

Range- Vinx’s weapons provide a versatile range to fight with, allowing him to fight comfortably with targets at close and far proximities.

Knowledge- With any centuries old character, Vinx also holds a great knowledge of the world. He can read and understand demonic language (as well as French, Chinese, Spanish, Latin, and Arabic), and is easily able to memorize and retain any given information. He knows of most races and their history, as well as important historic dates and cities. This also gives him uncanny perception into other people, allowing him great insight into ambiguous characters.

Poison/resistance to Disease- As a half vampire, Vinx has strong resistance to toxins, and will never age. He is not, however, impervious to poisons, and can in fact die from strong illnesses and poisons, though this will take much worse circumstances to harm him than it would a normal human.


Humanity- As a half breed, Vinx does not have the full power of a vampire. He still has to breathe, still has to keep warm, and he cannot match another vampire’s full speed and power. Though he is on fairly equal ground with a newly formed vampire, older ones provide a much greater challenge. In such cases, he generally relies on his wit and weapons.

Blood Lust- Yes, the lust that haunts all vampires also gets on Vinx’s nerves. While his attraction to blood is not as strong as a normal vampire’s, it still tempts his self control, though he has taken great care to master it. Blood is instinctually desirable to him, but it will not have a distracting influence unless he is particularly weakened, in which case he will easily loose his concentration. In extreme cases, he may loose himself enough to attack even a friend to obtain their blood.

Holy Weapons- Vinx himself is impartial to the very weapons he carries. While he has lived with irritability of these things for a very long time, and they no longer bother him, holy attacks of others will strike extra damage upon him.

Magic- Though Vinx has had plenty of experience with the supernatural, he lacks the ability to dispel or destroy the magic of… well… magical creatures. He relies solely on physical attacks to inflict damage, though he has been known to play mind and logic games with his prey. He also doesn’t have much of a defense against magic, and almost anything magical that he comes up with to use against an enemy has to be researched and found before he attacks.

Light- Though Vinx can walk in daylight and doesn’t have to sleep as long as a human, he still isn’t very fond of it. It takes longer for his eyes to adjust than it does a normal human, and bright lights are particularly painful. He’s also more susceptible to sun burn.

Weapon Rarity- The ammo and weapons which Vinx uses are expensive and rare. He has to make good judgment when using them, and often has to salvage what he can from his targets.


Dark Sight- Another trait of the vampire, Vinx can see in the dark as if it were day. It does, however, take time for his eyesight to adjust to perfect darkness.

Diet Versatility- Vinx can eat both food and blood. While he is naturally more partial to blood, he can still eat even vegetables with the greatest of ease. However, his body is effected immensely by his diet, and becomes much stronger and proficient when he drinks blood. When drinking blood, he doesn’t have to eat food at all, but he has to feed at least weekly, or he will become fairly psychotic. On a diet of plain food, Vinx’s vampire abilities become less prevalent, and his blood lust is much calmer, though it still burns his throat.

Though Vinx lacks the traditional fangs to suck blood, his sharp teeth can easily pierce human and animal flesh. He can bite into a prevalent vein and suck blood from there, allowing the person’s heart to do the majority of the work. This makes his drinking slower than the average vampire, but his bite is just as effective. When he bites and blood is released, certain capillaries in his mouth release a drug, or vampiric venom that works to sedate and calm the subject that he drinks blood from. The pain of his teeth is but a moment— the drug will quickly take effect to block the pain by inducing the victim’s system to release large amounts of dopamine (a neurotransmitter), thus hindering their moving capability and stimulating the pleasure center of the brain.

Stealth- Vinx is an excellent tracker of humans, animals, and demons. He knows how to stay unnoticed by his prey, and his skill in stealth is undeniable. He is nearly silent when he walks or moves, and his movements are unnaturally quick, though he has learned to conceal such irregularities when around humans.

Survival- Vinx is easily able to adapt to wherever he is, be it urban paradise or rural marshes. He is an excellent hunter, and has great stamina when it comes to travel. In wilderness settings, Vinx generally allows himself to become more vampiric, feeding off of the blood of animals. In urban areas, he rarely eats blood, and never blood from a human. He makes exceptions only in dire situations, when he has to hunt down another demon quickly within a city, which requires that he is at his full strength. Though he may feed from a human, he will never kill them— he’s spent too much time practicing control over blood lust for that.

Intimidation and Insight- Vinx is annoyingly attentive. He can read a person simply by what they’re wearing, and it’s easy for him to catch the tell-tale signs of a liar. His background in history (particularly in cursed creatures) gives him a wide arsenal of knowledge to pull from when faced with a challenge. His vampiric nature also serves well in intimidating others, as he has a naturally dark aura and particularly cold, sharp eyes.

Demonic Sense- Vinx has an uncanny ability to sense the presence of other dark creatures. He can sense them as far as three miles away, and has taken great care to be sensitive to such things (as it often implies an attack). It’s not a matter of strength of aura or magical presence— the sense is in the blood. Other vampires are particularly sensitive to him as well.

Form- Vinx is used to being in sticky situations, and has thus learned how to use his body to get out of them. His flexibility and skill allow him to climb and doge quite well, which makes him rather difficult to chase down.

Vampire Slayers- As part of a group, Vinx can call upon the aid of other Demon Slayers, who are scattered throughout the world. They easily exchange information and are quick to give aid, as they all share one common purpose: to protect the innocent from demons. Along with this, he also has strong ties to the Christian church, which provides much of the information and weaponry Vinx uses.

Regeneration- Vinx has an unnatural healing speed, which isn’t instant, but can be quick enough to save him from mortal wounds. It takes a good hour or so to completely heal minor scratches, and a broken bone will keep him down for about three days.


Physical Features- Vinx’s eyes are light, grayish blue, and unremarkable in shape. His face is heart shaped with a prominent square jaw and sharply pointed nose. His face is lean, as is the rest of his body, with his skin being an albino white. His dark black hair is short and neatly combed over to the left side, with a few bangs falling over his forehead. His red lips are thin and his teeth perfectly white, with his incisors being particularly sharp (but not nearly as prominent as a vampire’s fangs). This, however, is difficult to see, as he is almost always wearing crooked fedora whose brim masks his face and hair with shadow. He stopped aging when he was turned— that was at about 25 years of age.

Clothing- Vinx’s prominent feature is one color: black. His hat is black, his leather boots (that go up to just below the knee) are black, his pants are black, his long overcoat is black— he’s depressing as a raincloud. This general gloom of his very appearance is enough for others to subconsciously avoid him, and his tall figure is only more intimidating. Everything he wears is pretty much the same color of black, even his long sleeved shirt. The dark linen shirt tucks into his gloves, which are rather loose at the arm end. His leather overcoat extends a few inches past the knee, with buttons lining the chest until it reaches his belt, where it splits in the front and back. This conceals many of the pouches on his belt and legs, including a good portion of his sword.

Body- Vinx has a firm and muscular frame, though it is not ostentatiously so. He also has plenty of scars across his chest and back from some particularly nasty bouts with demons, though his body heals fairly quickly. He carries a subtle scent of Juniper and mint, and his voice is pleasantly smooth, but almost always apathetic, with a very strong British accent.

Other equipment:

Salt- The wonderful substance for all who fear the undead—Vinx carries the stuff in a medium sized pouch that is strapped to his belt (the one also attached to the sword). It’s useful for drawing protective circles, including circles which the undead cannot cross.

Holy Water- The bane of curses and acid to evil, Vinx carries three bottles of water blessed by a priest. These serve well to reduce and banish curses, and are particularly good at burning the flesh of the undead. He has three bottles of this, which he keeps in padded pouches on the belt that comes across his chest.

Holy Symbols- Vinx wears blessed pendants of various religions on himself. This includes a silver crucifix that he wears on his neck, a bracelet with the Star of David (made from silver as well), another bracelet with the holy symbols of the crescent moon and star (Islam), and various other symbols from different religions. All of these are meant to protect from any kind of demon that has ever walked the earth.

Thievery Tools- Not all of life’s doors are unlocked. Vinx carries a pouch of small lock picking tools to help with door locks and cumbersome binding devices.

Elixir- Vinx carries a potent healing potion created by a Christian monk, and its healing qualities are unmatched in the world of chemicals. Drinking the whole vial will provide the drinker with full health, healing all physical ailments. The liquid itself looks just like water, though it has the sweet scent of vanilla. Vinx carries two bottles of this, which are strapped in a pouch on his belt.

Travelling Supplies- Vinx carries a bag full of all traveling necessities, including vittles, soap, cooking utensils, flint and steel, money, spare clothing, as well as other various, simple items used for convenience. This bag is usually left strapped to the saddle of Vinx’s horse.

Vinx’s Horse:

Name: Amin

Race: Arabian horse breed

Height: 14.2 hands (58 inches from the base of the neck to the hooves)

Weight: 900lbs. (408.2kg)

Appearance: Amin has a sleek black coat with a long black mane and tail. He is a muscular horse with a delicate looking head, though he is quite a strong and powerful animal.

Temperament: Amin has been extensively trained and is loyal and obedient to Vinx. He has a tendency to blatantly ignore others that may try to ride him. Amin can easily take jumps and is a difficult animal to spook. He doesn’t handle ship travel very well.

History: Amin was a mount that Vinx acquired in England through an expensive trade in London.


Vinx is a rock. He just is. He has a very unmoving and logical personality, which is attentive to detail, but not always responsive to it. Vinx is a particularly quiet man, and while he is generally willing to cooperate, he will not hesitate to disobey orders in order to take the course of action that he thinks is best. He’s generally curious about information he has not heard or seen before, but unless it is information of any importance, he doesn’t care to pursue it.

Vinx isn’t necessarily peaceable—simply calm. If he thinks he needs to take something, he will not hesitate to take without asking, hardly even thinking of how his actions might offend another. He cares nothing about how others feel or what they think, only that they are safe. The only law that exists for him is his own, and his belief in the Christian God is one of grudging acceptance.

Though Vinx’s hatred towards demons is strong and deep, he is not easily moved or manipulated by them. His encounters with them have often been callous and sardonic, removing any sense of pity at all in him. He doesn’t have a great interest in the world, seeking only to pursue and kill demons, leaving him with very few friends. He has pursued no relationships, and much prefers solitude over any kind of company.

Despite his isolation, Vinx is a gentleman, if grudgingly so. A good portion of his life was spent in England, and before he became a Half Vampire, he belonged to a noble family. His is perfectly aware of social graces, and generally acts upon them, often being genially detached. Annoying people, however, will find that Vinx’s terse mannerisms can be somewhat harsh. Vinx tends to use his "genteel" charm best when he's in need of human blood.


Music- Vinx has always had a soft spot for music. He enjoys listening to classic and opera, and is fairly skilled at playing the Violin. This was a taste that he developed in his earlier years as a human, and it still remains with him. Along with this, he is particularly well trained in traditional English dances, including the scandalous waltz.

Children/Innocents- Vinx is only too familiar with the dark side of society. He prefers the company of sincere, honest people who lead small, simple lives. It is to their protection that he has committed his life.

Books- In the small moments of peace that Vinx has, he prefers to read. While novels aren’t exactly up his alley, he still enjoys informational text on linguistics, mathematics, geography, and history. There are few technical terms that he is unfamiliar with.

Food- Vinx rarely has time to settle down to a decent meal, and while he’d never admit it, he’s particularly grumpy when he goes without eating. Eating good, hot food generally puts him in a better mood. He tends to favor traditional English food, with his favorite dish being Crown Roast Lamb.


Demons/Vagabonds- Vinx has zero tolerance for demons and criminals. A sadistic demon is dead on sight. Criminals are given no mercy when they cross him. While Vinx doesn’t go out of his way to hunt down criminals, he will not hesitate to inflict “justice” where necessary, and is particularly terse with cruel and dubious individuals.

Pleasant Weather- When the sky is blue and the sun at its highest, Vinx becomes particularly sullen. Perhaps that’s because his dreary attitude contrasts heavily with anything cheerful, but he prefers the cool, dark and damp to anything bright and painfully vibrant.

Indulgence- Vinx has a strong dislike towards materialism and insincere, ardent emotions that are so easily expressed in the Victorian society. Showy, chatty people are likely to get little response from him.


Crudelius est quam mori semper timere mortem - It is more cruel to always fear death than to die.

Vinx was born during turbulent times in England. The Revolutionary War was recently lost by the British, and great reforms in slavery and the Church of England were occurring. His father was a wealthy merchant of the noble class, and so he was provided with genteel education. He also studied business alongside his father, and being the oldest of two brothers and one sister, he was also expected to inherit his family’s wealth.

As Vinx grew into a young man, the French Revolution was occurring just beyond the English Channel. He saw his father become politically involved as Britain faced fears of revolution, and became active himself by studying the arguments of men like Edmund Burke and Thomas Jefferson. He continued his basic studies in Latin, mathematics, and business, and balanced such activities with music, dance, and fencing. As he gained good reputation as a dignified and intelligent noble, his birth engagement to Callista Elizabeth Cudney was soon announced, though the marriage to this noblewoman never took place.

A terrible event occurred one night as Vinx’s family gathered to dinner. He was at his prime, strong and ready to marry, his family was comfortably wealthy, and his parents and siblings were in perfect health. This in and of itself was a small miracle considering the hard economic times, but they graciously accepted the circumstances. All of that changed on that chilly autumn night.

What happened was a vampire attack, the reasons of which Vinx did not discover until a full year after it occurred. His father’s business had expanded particularly well because he had employed the help of a vampiric cult to help “negotiate” otherwise impossible deals. This turned into an alliance in which Vinx’s father provided the vampires with supplies and shelter, until he became overconfident. Disgusted with himself and his own business, and certain in the strength of his trade, Vinx’s father tried to break the deal with the vampires, claiming he would never work with them again. Before this deal ever came into effect however, the cult attacked, and Vinx’s family was killed.

Vinx was not the sole survivor, in a sense. Both of his brothers were successfully turned into full vampires themselves, but something strange occurred with Vinx. Fearing for his life, as his other brothers did, Vinx also tried to drink the vampire blood presented to him once his human blood was nearly drained, but was only half successful. The vampire attack was interrupted by two demon slayers, who managed to kill one of the vampires and chase the others off, and it was then that they discovered Vinx. They originally intended to kill him, as they did all vampire survivors before they turned, but they were quick to sense that the transformation was incomplete. A rare event had occurred— one in which Vinx held a perfect mix of human and vampiric blood.

In order to keep his life, Vinx had to take the Slayer’s Vow, a pact with God that promised his allegiance to him, which had hold over his very life. He swore to protect God’s innocent, and to slay the wicked demons that walked the earth, unchallenged by mortal power.

To make a long story short, Vinx joined the ranks of the Demon Slayers and undertook their training. This consisted of controlling his blood lust and attaining resistance to holy objects, as well as intensive survival and weapon training. After learning such basics, he was paired with another Demon Slayer until he learned the ropes of demon hunting, and since then, he has gone solo. He has reached a more “elderly” position among the Demon Slayers, having managed to kill even a 700 year old vampire.

History of the Demon Slayers:

Causarum justia et misericordia - For the causes of justice and mercy (Saying on Vinx's blades)

All Demon Slayers are half vampires. There are no exceptions. Each and every one of them has sworn a sacred vow to protect the innocent, and it is a vow that they uphold with their very lives. The group has existed for almost as long as vampires have, though they are certainly less in number because of the unique and rare way in which they are created. Their purpose is generally fed off from the circumstances in which they were turned, which are predictably violent, abhorrent events. They have all been assaulted by vampires and affected for eternity because of it, and none of them bear any fondness towards vampires because of this.

Half Vampires are created when a subject’s blood is replaced with enough vampiric blood to biologically change them, but not enough to turn them fully. Such a balance is virtually impossible to create, and these instances have occurred only because of a bizarre mix of fate and luck. None of these subjects ever turn to become sadistic demons themselves— the Demon Slayers are too tightly knit a group for this to happen. They have an unnatural sense for finding each other, and there have been no known half vampires to have refused to make the Slayer’s Vow. Because of this, they have become a small, but terrorizing group to demons that traverse the world. Their numbers have never grown over one hundred (which is pretty small, considering the world’s population), due, of course, to their rare creation and dangerous profession.

Demon Slayers work closely with the Christian church, though they are by no means on “friendly” terms with it. They are recognized as demons themselves, damned creatures that drink forbidden blood, but they are kept around because of their supernatural abilities. It is rare for any mortal to have the power to kill a vampire, and even half vampires are at a serious disadvantage. Their real power comes from their holy weapons, which are immensely effective against powerful, dark creatures. They are unforgiving soldiers of the night who are trained with incredible skill, which is only reinforced by their vampiric strength.

Demon Slayers are the bane of all demonic and dark creatures, and are greatly hated for this. While those outside of the Demon Slayers have no understanding as to how they function and what they really do (Demon Slayers are often interpreted to be singular mercenaries that aspire to do God’s will), it’s not difficult for dark creatures to recognize that these “mercenaries” have the intent and power to kill them.

For all these reasons, the Demon Slayers are a mysterious, isolated group that very, very few ever come to recognize. They disappear as quickly as they come, often leaving nothing behind to tell their story. Vampire Slayers rarely gather in large groups, but it is not unusual for them to work in pairs and small groups when teaching or gathering up power to fight a particularly large enemy. They’re also known to wear similar clothes and wield similar weapons— a Slayer is easily recognized if one knows what to look for. Each of them has contact with the Christian church, though only a few monks and priests even know of their existence.
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