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Re: Character List

Name: Yuri Ka

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Height: Six ft, on the button.

Weight: 153 Lbs.

Appearance: A magnificently unkempt swath of hair, charming, brilliant, eccentric blue eyes that sparkle in the sunlight (a hereditary trait), a clean-shaven, pale, and otherwise nondescript face (well, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that his ears stick out a little), longish neck, lean body dressed in jeans, a gray t-shirt and a blindingly white lab coat (although the pockets and areas around them seem to be perpetually stained with a dark, black powder that he caries around with him in case he needs to intentionally blow things up), or occasionally a trench coat, shiny white tennis shoes.

Personality: Spacey, though friendly and generous. He's also slightly tactless, but that is mostly due to the fact that he doesn't often think things through before he says them. He's kind to his friends, strangers, and enemies alike. A strong leader, he puts others before himself all the time, insisting that he go first into dangerous situations. He believes in absolute science, and no deities of any kind.

Special Skills: Yuri has the uncanny ability to blow things up, no matter how he does things. (for example, once a colleague was attempting to do something, and failing, but when Yuri tried the exact same thing the exact same way, it exploded in his face) Of course, much of this may be caused by the black powder he carries around with him all the time, but occasionally it’s just uncanny how everything he touches tends to explode. This is because his mother (unbeknown to him or his father) was a witch, and he must have inherited a very small portion of her magical powers. Never having learned to control them (or even that he had them), however, means that they can go off at any moment, though they tend to do so more when he's focusing on something than otherwise.

Strengths: Charismatic, nimble- and uniquely-minded, fast runner (though lacks endurance), and persistent.
Weaknesses: Nervous around women (although he's okay if he's used to them), occasionally absent-minded, tactless, physically inept (except for running short distances), no fiscal sense, occasionally gets so caught up in what he's doing he stops paying attention to other things.

History: Oh boy.
Yuri was born in 3757 (year of the wombat) on the northern tip of the island of Sen-Tur, in Kroy-Wenian territory, to Eric and Jessie Ka. Naturally inquisitive and nonresponsive to authority, he had a frustrated childhood caused by overprotective parents. The problem was that Sen-Tur was a war zone, and, although the city he lived in was deep in Kroy-Wenian territory, everyone was terrified of the possibility of enemy attack. Yuri, however, was not the kind to be afraid.
Ever since he was born he was obsessed with finding out how things work. Much to the dismay of his parents, he took apart everything he found, including a stove. His parents constantly quashed his ambitions, saying that it was too dangerous, especially seeing as everything he touched tended to end up as a tangled pile of rubbish our a heap of charred remains thereof.
At age sixteen, after a panic attack from his parents upon hearing a rumor that a Ysterdaen raid party was heading up the coast (which was untrue), Yuri grabbed as much money as he could carry and fled in the night to a ship departing for Kauf on the main island of Kroy-Wen, then hijacked a carriage to the city of Kroy-Wen.
Within a week he was starving in the streets. By merest luck, however, a passing professor discovered he could read, having learned from examining confidential military reports after accidentally removing a section of the wall in the main barracks. The professor recommended him to his superiors, and Yuri’s formal education began.
Doctor Yuri Ka graduated from Kroy-Wen University of Science and Theoretical Applications Thereof near the bottom of his class. After all, KWUSTAT, one of the only two universities in the city-state of Kroy-Wen, was based on theoretical science, and that is not the kind of thing Doctor Ka is interested in. After graduating, Yuri appealed to the city-state’s emperor, Tyler Rent, for financial aid in the construction of a grand laboratory, the first of its kind. Ty, in a rare stroke of kindness, granted Yuri’s request.
At first, Yuri was rejected by his peers. At the time, all of the scientists of Kroy-Wen did not experiment or hypothesize—they merely looked up the answers in books. Experimentation was for the lower classes, not the learned Doctors of KWUSTAT. Doctor Ka eventually gained the support of a small group of scientists including a zombie and a troll.
As with most scientists, Yuri and his group were not at all fond of wizards, and the wizards were not fond of them. Yuri struck a most fiendish rivalry very early on with the professors of The Observatory, lead by Professor Dox, who were also rogues from their own magic university, the Kroy-Wen University of Magic and When You Should Not Use It Please (KWUMWYSNUIP).
Now Yuri and his fellow scientists are in a constant tussle with the wizards of the Observatory for the favor of Kroy-Wen's cunning dictator, Lord Tyler Rant. While this rivalry is often hard on Yuri, who doesn't particularly like fighting, it drives both the wizards and the scientists to invent/discover more spectacular things. Yuri and his scientists are currently planning a trip across the world to discover whatever there might be to be discovered, and so that they can rub it in the faces of the wizards.
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Re: Character List

Name: Quid

Age: 53 (looks more like 12)

Race: Sprite/changeling
~Sprites- Under three feet tall, very thin, lightweight, gravity has less affect on them, dainty, beautiful, wings, a natural magic abilities, live-forever.
Changelings- four-five feet tall, ability to change themselves physically, have child like/impish faces, large pointed ears, knack for stealing things, can open most doors, can’t enter human dwellings without permission, live for around eighty years, iron burns them.~

Gender: Male

Hair: Quid has Long dark green hair in the front, short spiky chocolate brown hair in the back which somehow manages to defy gravity and sticks out every which way.

Eyes: He has large slanted golden eyes.

Weight: 57 pounds

Height: 4 feet 1 inches

Weapon: A long, thin dagger.


Strengths: Anything that has to do with moving fast. He was not born with wings but still seems to have some of the same traits as a sprite. Gravity seems to have less affect on him than on normal people, so that he can jump higher and farther than most. Also no lock can keep him out, a trait from his changeling parent. He just twists the handle and the door opens. He is immune to most poisons and because of his work with the elements hot and cold no longer affect him. He has incredible hearing, probably because of his oversized ears, but most importantly he can summon elementals.

Weakness: He isn’t at all strong. Fast yes but he is terribly thin and his bones can be easily broken. Also he cannot go into a human owned dwelling without permission(it has to be owned by a human and they have to actually sleep there). Iron burns him when he comes in contact with it and saps his strength. While in physical contact with iron he also loses his immunities. Meaning while touching iron he can be burned, frozen, poisoned...take your pick. Once free of the iron his regains his immunities. Also he can still be bound by ice he just won’t feel cold. The normal laws of physics still apply to him i.e. the force of a fireball will still knock him back just not burn him. In fact because gravity has less affect on him he is easier to knock around. The elementals are his greatest strength but they are also one of his biggest weaknesses he hates to see them get hurt so much so he might even lose a fight because of it.

Skills/Magic: Quid does not require incantations or spells to use magic. Instead he uses hand motions to control his power. He also has some natural abilities that don’t require magic, the opening of any door(unless magically locked) and the ability to change the way he looks at will. Though he has to stay roughly the same size. (His eye and hair color often change depending on his mood.) He doesn’t stay in disguise long however, because it is uncomfortable like wearing cloths that don’t fit right. He also plays the pan flute with great skill and the haunting tunes seem to have a magic quality of their own because even the animals stop to listen sometimes.
Quid has a number of magical abilities.

He can teleport short distances; the limit is 15 feet. The ability takes several seconds from when activated before it takes affect and another few seconds before he pops into existence again. He hardly ever uses this skill in battle because a lot can change in those few seconds. (Motion: snapping fingers)

Quid can call up a wind to stir up debris and blind or confuse his enemies and if angry can do real damage with it. (Motion: Brings hands together in a clapping gesture fingers pointing in the direction he wishes to send his whirlwind.)

Can toss small fireballs at his enemies. Can take up to thirty seconds to form the ball. (Motion: like rolling a snowball until the fireball forms. Lobs it at the enemy.)

If he has access to water he can send small ice bolts at his enemy. (Motion: Pushing gesture.)

Can create an earthen wall to protect himself will break with a strong enough blow.(Motion: brings up arms and crosses them in front of him in a protective gesture. If he drops his arms the wall crumbles.)

He is skilled at healing, but finds it extremely draining. (Motion: slowly moves his hands back and forth over the wound.)

Quid can summon one or more elementals to help him: Fire/light, water/ice, earth/stone, wind/storm, and shadow/night. Each has a different form; they are also sentient with individual personalities. If destroyed the element must rest for a few hours before it can be summoned again. When not summoned they exist on the spiritual plane and can still communicate with Quid if they desire. He has the option of shutting off his connection to the spiritual plane--if needed--but rarely does so unless Stealth(Shadow/night) is being extremely unpleasant. If the connection is shut off he cannot summon an elemental till he has reestablished the link, which can take a few minutes, longer if his focus is elsewhere, like trying not to die. (Motion for summoning: a grabbing gesture followed by a throwing motion.)

The wind/storm elemental is female and was given the name Tempest by Quid. She takes on the appearance of a giant hawk(wingspan about 8 feet) and is all but invisible until the windstorm that she consists of picks up debris. She can call up gale force winds, bring down lightning rain and hail, on the battle field, and cause cyclones. Unfortunately if Quid is close by Tempest is just as likely to hit him as the enemy. She is the wisest of the elementals and has a deep sense of honor and pride. She will voice her opposition to Quid’s ideas but will always follow his orders to the letter. Unfortunately even though she is the smartest elemental and actually listens to him it is all but impossible to use her abilities in battle without hurting Quid as much as the enemy.

The water/ice elemental, Frost, is male and takes on the form of an otter--about two feet long--made out of water with teeth and claws of ice. In battle if there is water near by Frost can create ice bolts and fire them at the enemy, and form ice structures. He can use water too but that usually isn’t as affective. He can also seep into the ground and come up close to the enemy and sink his teeth or claws into their legs. Enough fire can destroy him. Frost is mischievous and always curious which often can get in the way while in battle. He usually listens to Quid but sometimes goes his own way to satisfy his curiosity.

Fire/light, Blaze, takes on the form of a fiery wolf. He can breathe fire at the enemy and can burn them just by getting too close. He can also light up dark areas and put out fires as well as start them. He can easily be destroyed by water, ice, or enough wind. Though not the brightest, in terms of brains, Blaze is fiercely loyal and will do whatever Quid says(After all Quid is the only person who can pet him). Unfortunately Quid has to be very careful with the instructions he gives the wolf. Simple short orders that Blaze can understand and remember are best, which means complicated plans involving the wolf are impossible. Anything too long Blaze will forget and do something stupid instead. Like forgetting where he is supposed to go and accidently running into Frost destroying them both.

The earth/stone elemental, Terra, is female and appears as a giant stone turtle big enough for Quid to ride and even lay on(the shell is about five feet on the longest side and almost flat on top.) She can create earthquakes and generally control the very ground the enemy stands on. Unfortunately she is slow and big making her an easy target. Though fire, wind, and water have little or no affect on her a strong blast of lightning or a heavy blow with anything hard will break her. She is the kindest of all the elementals and though slow is wise in her own way. She tends to want to mother and look after everyone, even the enemy. She usually listens to Quid unless she thinks it will put him in danger in which case she will do what she can to protect him often messing up his plans, but he can never get angry with her. She was after all just trying to look after him.

Shadow/night is the only elemental Quid didn’t name. She was adamant about naming herself; and she chose the name Stealth. Stealth takes the form of a shadowy cat with starry eyes. She is about half the size of a panther. She is debatably the most powerful elemental because of her ability to see a person’s greatest fear or nightmare and bring it to life. She and her illusions are only as real, however, as the person thinks they are. If you believe they can hurt you they can. Stealth only has as much power as the enemy gives her. She can also control shadows and turn light into darkness. Fire and light can destroy her if enough of it is focused on her. Stealth is manipulative and sneaky. She usually fights for the joy of fighting but will sometimes require favors from Quid if she helps him. Though she claims she doesn’t care what happens to him she often takes a keen interest in his life and constantly gives him advice he doesn’t want to hear.

When not on the spiritual plan the elementals have to be careful around each other. Several of them are not compatible. Quid usually does not summon them all at once as this often leads to chaos and they can end up destroying each other.
(Frost+Blaze=both are destroyed. Blaze+Stealth=Stealth is destroyed. Frost+Terra=if the collision is hard enough Frost bursts apart and is destroyed. Tempest+Blaze=Blaze is blown out. Tempest+Terra=if accidentally struck with lightning Terra is destroyed.)

Appearance: Quid has a round youthful face with large golden eyes--which can change depending on his mood—and a mischievous smile. His hair is dark green and long in front and short, spiky, and chocolate brown in the back. Sticking out from his head are his enormous pointed ears. He is sensitive about them and they will often shrink in size when he is embarrassed or nervous about something. His is painfully thin and looks on the verge of starvation but in reality he is healthy and no matter how much he eats he never gains weight. He has thin arms and slender hands with long dexterous fingers, and his long thin legs hardly seem strong enough to carry him and yet a can run like a deer. Though he is 53 he looks more like a small 13 or 14 year old, so it is probable he takes after his sprite parent in that respect. He dresses simply in brown shorts and green shirt no matter the weather. He wears no shoes and has large feet with long slender toes, which make him an expert climber. He carries a small backpack in which he carries his worldly possessions … it is a very small backpack and has lots of room.

Personality: Quid is usually cheerful and exudes a happy-go-lucky persona but he isn’t half has thoughtless as he pretends and can be extremely logical when he needs to be. He has a mischievous streak and likes to confuse and irritate people with his idle chatter. Also if they don’t see him as a threat they might let something useful slip. He doesn’t usually get close to people because deep down he believes everyone sees him as a freak. He is much too thin, his ears are way too big, and people stare at him. He looks to his summoned elementals for friendship… even Stealth if she is in a good mood. He has no real goal in life and so wonders around intent it seems on seeing everything there is to see in the world. He has a strange fascination for anything shiny and is a bit of a kleptomaniac. He has his changeling heritage to thank for that. This never makes a good first impression on people and usually leads to trouble, though usually they don’t realize he took something until he tries to give it back. Sometimes he will just keep the object to avoid getting into trouble, but his high sense of morals, which he got from his sprite parent, usually forces him to confess and return the object.

Biography: His parents met at an ambassadorial meeting between the changelings and the sprites. The meeting was a failure but Quid’s parents managed to hit it off. What fallowed was a Romeo and Juliet story, only instead of dying they were banished. They were happy, however, and lived in a small sod house just outside their lands. Quid was raised there and was content for a time. When he was 12 he began to experiment with element magic. He eventually learned he could summon a manifestation of an element, but he hit a snag. Forcing just one element to manifest itself was exhausting and if something happened to it he would have to go through the whole process again. Not to mention every time he did he got a different personality who had a different way of doing things. After studying them he came up with the idea of the spiritual plane. If he could link an elemental’s spirit to it he wouldn’t have to force the elements to manifest every time he needed one he could simply transfer them from one realm to the other, which would be much easier. Also the elementals would be stable and he would only have to deal with one personality for each element instead of a new one every time, and as a bonus even when a manifestation was destroyed instead of merely dissipating its spirit would return to the plane and after recovering could be summoned again. He started adventuring at twenty and has been traveling ever since.
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Re: Character List

Name: Agent Mar

Age: 22

Race: Composite Being:
Following the Great War of Balance, the private company Argus began a project to ensure that the worlds of the material universe would have some form of protection against any cataclysms in the future. This led to the biological analysis of a being codenamed “The End” due to his ending of the war. As The End was biologically superior to many other races, Argus Company choose his biological features and integrated them into unborn elf pregnancies. The resulting composite beings had slightly pointed ears, eyes that could view different spectrums, and two hearts, as well as massive amounts of intelligence.
Sex: Male

Hair: Brown hair, spiked slightly.

Eyes: Can flit between red, blue, brown and green.

Weight: 9st

Height: 5ft10

Weapon: The Gemini Raptors:
The Gemini Raptors are two one handed pistols, similar in basic appearance as a Mark XIX Desert Eagle. The key difference is the magical augmentations the pistols have equipped. Both pistols have built into them large spheres of amber crystal, magically charged to create bullets when the gun is shot. This effectively gives the Raptors unlimited ammunition; however the crystal does need to recharge after every 5 shots, at least 2 shots less than the standard Desert Eagle. Reloading is significantly quicker however, needing only a short burst of kinetic energy to refuel the crystal, the equivalent of spinning the gun around on a finger. The power of each shot is equal to the power of .44 Magnum rounds. If one gun shoots fifteen shots as quickly as possible, the gun will likely overload and be rendered unusable for up to thirty minutes. The guns are also designed to be compatible with various magical crystals, which can be inserted into the body of the gun. These crystals can increase damage or give effects such as freezing the target or setting them a flame.

Armor and Clothing: Mar wears a black pinstriped suit, with white shirt, matching trousers and black tie. A gun holster is fastened around his waist, where the Gemini Raptors are stored. On top of this a long black trench style coat is worn. His shoes are immaculate business men’s shoes, and he also wears a pair of black shades. All these items of clothing are enchanted in someway. All clothes are enchanted to be cleaned almost instantly and automatically, as well as removing any unwanted odors or stains. The shoes are enchanted to retain their shine, and all clothing will automatically dry itself given time. The most important enchantment however is the reinforcement placed on the clothing, so that all clothing is the equivalent of steel chain and plate armor, but with none of the weight.

Additional Items: The Key:
The Key is a specific device designed to assist Mar on his mission, based upon The End’s own version of the device. The Key is a small, golden key made of a metal salvaged from artifacts from before The War. It is imbued with the power to bend space and time to certain positions. This ability is manifested when the key is inserted into any lock. When the key is turned, the door will open to anywhere, any when. As soon as the door is closed again, when it is reopened it will lead to where it should, unless the key has been used again. To prevent the key being lost, doors cannot be opened after the Key is turned until it is taken out of the lock.
Cell Phone: A pitch black, touch screen cell phone. No numbers are saved on it. It does have the ability to ring, text, take pictures and record video and sound. It has the ability to phone from anywhere, to anywhere, regardless of signal strength. It also has the ability to phone times from the past. Another key feature, which is very important, is the phone’s compatibility to The Key. A place or person that is videoed or pictured by the phone can be fed into The Key, making the Key narrow its possible locations down to places near that place or person.

Magic: Mar’s magic is based around crystals. These crystals are spherical and charged with a certain amount of energy, which can be manifested into various things such as fire. At present he has none, as they are rare to find, and so has no magical abilities, save for the spheres within the Gemini Raptors. If and when he does acquire a crystal, it is absorbed into his body, and its ability is given to him.

Strengths: As he is part of a project to protect against cataclysms and threats, Mar has many physical and mental advantages. He can flit between different forms of vision, such as Infrared, Ultraviolet, Visible Spectrum and Night Vision. His two hearts make him tire less as well as improving circulation. His skin his mildly resistant to magical attacks, while any physical damage can be healed in half the time providing the damage is not too much. Due to his training at the Argus facility, he is physically strong and healthy, with higher reflexes and strength than ordinary people. He is also highly proficient with firearms and bladed weapons, as well as a graduate in various aspects of martial arts. While he can die, he has the ability to eventually regenerate in a safe place, out of battle. He is also extremely intelligent, and retains his free will, unlike other Agent experiments. He also does not age.

Weaknesses: He can be killed. He is weak to stronger magics as well as physical blows that could rip through the protection afforded by his enchanted clothing. Large open wounds can only be healed outside of battle. Any magic that dispels or negates other magic can potentially remove the protection offered by his clothing. While he is skilled with his fists, against a close combat opponent who is wielding a sword or mace, he may easily be overcome. He has a severe lack of magical abilities himself, so any opponent that can only be damaged via magical energy may be extremely difficult to overcome.

Appearance: A white man that could be thought to have European or British heritage, with spiky brown hair. His face is quite handsome, and many test subjects believe his black suit and smooth voice to be part of a both trustworthy and intimidating persona. His appearence stands out amongest the pristine white of the facility, his figure like a shard of the night sky. The slight grey of his pinstriped suit often glints under the artificial lights of the facility, sometimes revealing the Raptors, the only subtle hint that this brilliant, handsome and well dressed man is any sort of threat.

Personality: Agent Mar is kind and helpful man, who is determined to see the many worlds a better place for everyone. He loves to learn as well as take part in social interactions, often with strangers. He understands and values bravery, even if at times he himself acts as a coward. Because he is new to culture and overall people in the outside world, Argus scientists predict that he will at times seem inhuman, and have difficulty understanding motives of some people.


Dr. Peter Jones, Log Entry 537 – Experiment Mar is officially one year old, and already his body is changing in the ways we expected. Both hearts are fully operational, and at the expected size. He is slightly larger than the other test subjects, with accelerated growth patterns. Hopefully this will allow us to begin training early.

Dr. Peter Jones, Log Entry 611 – Tissue tests show a high resistance to magical energy, far higher than we anticipated. Tissue also regenerates extremely quickly, again, past the expected rates. Perhaps we have finally done it this time, it is looking so promising, but the final preliminary test is yet to come….

Dr. Peter Jones, Log Entry 705 – Unbelievable! Finally after our hard work and past failings we have done it! The now two year old Mar as successfully regenerated fully, after being, skewered through his stomach by a standard issue broadsword. In honesty, I couldn’t look as the poor child had the metal stuck through him, but now that he has recovered, I feel it was necessary.

Dr. Angela Moore, Log Entry 101 – Agent Mar is finally ready. It is saddening that Dr. Jones cannot be here, though unfortunately his cancer finally overcame him. I’m sure however Dr. Jones would be proud. Mar is ready to begin his mission, though it will be a miracle if he survives the initial startup of The Key. The first time it is used the energy won’t be controllable, and it may well kill him. Providing he survives however, the key will be safe to use, though only by him. Anyone else would have to unleash the energy again, which is likely why they haven’t tested it already. It begins in one hour. Let’s hope God is in a good mood.

Mar was standing there, suit fastened, coat flowing and guns holstered. In front of him was a huge mechanical door, wires hanging about it, connecting electricity and other, more arcane energies through the door’s system. The Key was in his hand, ready to take him to places unknown to everyone.
“Agent Mar,” said a woman’s soft voice over the intercom, “You understand your mission?”
“Yes ma’am, to investigate and support the well being of other worlds.”
“Word for word Agent Mar. You may proceed.”
“Thank you ma’am,” said Mar stepping up to the door.
“Good luck, and may our gods be with all of us.”
This was it, Mar thought, stepping closer to the door. He leaned closer; he could sense the power running through it. Slowly he inserted The Key, turned it once, and then put it back in his chest pocket. Swallowing hard, he turned the handle and stepped through the door.

He heard the door close behind him for a moment, but then it was drowned out by the greatest roaring noise imaginable, as if the might and power of a thousand suns was being blasted through his body and soul. He daren’t open his eyes, waiting for the roar and the pain to stop…
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Re: Character List

Name: Thracia Dayna

Age: 21

Race: Jumper. A human that is able to teleport to places seen before. For example, Thracia can ‘jump’ to a place if she’s seen it in a photograph, but she can’t teleport to places that she’s never seen.

Sex: Female

Hair: Red, almost orange-ish/fiery.

Eyes: light brown.

Weight: 5 feet, 6 inches.

Height: 136 lbs.

Weapon: Two Springfield XD-9 Tactical 9mm pistols, also known as Blacktails. These guns aren’t very powerful, but they have increased accuracy, and can be wielded effectively due to the addition of the lasers attached.

Strengths: Thracia is very strong willed, determined and almost headstrong. She is observant and remembers most things that other people would not. She is an excellent driver (said to be the best in the CIA ) and wields her guns with great efficiency. Her teleportation is perfect for combat, as it allows her to dodge attacks and return her own attacks without much trouble.

Weakness: She is still human, and a single wound or bullet can put her out of commission. Due to her abilities, she is brash and headstrong, sometimes teleporting right into the midst of danger without realizing it; and will sometimes depend too much on her abilities to the point where, if she can’t use it in a certain situation, she might deem the situation ‘hopeless’.

Skills/Magic: ‘ Jumping’ forms the core of her skills. She is able to teleport to places she’s seen before, and there is no limit to distance or the amount of times she can do it. When she teleports, she leaves behind a visible ripple in the air, a wormhole (called a Jump Scar). She can teleport people or things, but can’t teleport anything too large or too heavy and not able to move; however, she can easily teleport anything (even if it weighs tons) if it’s moving at a good enough speed.

Dynamic Entry: When teleporting into an area, she can, if she chooses, send out a shockwave as soon as she enters and damage the surroundings. It is most powerful at the point of entry: underneath her craters or cracks, depending on the type of ground.

Dynamic Departure: The same shockwave can be sent out when teleporting away from a place.

Trickster: She can use her teleportation skills to fight as well. During a scuffle, she can teleport to dodge attacks, sometimes just seemingly disappearing for a moment and then reappearing in the same place right after the attack. Continuous teleporting and attacking work well in bringing an enemy to his knees. She can continuously evade and return attacks, disorienting her opponent(s) with her abilities.

She also has the uncanny ability to stuff large things into small containers or spaces (no innuendo attached). For example, she packed one suitcase for a trip, but found it was too heavy. When she opened it, she had to toss out numerous guns along with a rocket launcher and its ammo.


Personality: Thracia is very serious about her job (and her position), although she may not seem like it. She is easily excited, and goes to the ends of the earth to prepare if she’s given a case. Although, once she gets bit by the shopping bug, she has a hard time quitting. Obsesses over silk clothing, especially undergarments. She’s usually extremely upbeat and mouths off to her opponents when she feels like it. Thracia is spontaneous, even impulsive, and will flirt back when flirted with; Thracia doesn't usually go beyond kissing, but if she gets turned on enough...well.... She’s extremely attracted to fiery personalities, but hangs out around mellow/cool people to balance things out...most of the time. Even though she’s excited and upbeat most of the time, she has a number of berserk buttons that’ll send her temper to the sun, and then some. The buttons are easily pushed to make her go off, and comically, all her surroundings seem to darken when she’s pissed, spelling impending doom.


Thracia Dayna was born in a small town in an English speaking country. She was born into a very poor home, but not poor enough to care for a child. Her mother had no skills to speak of (and an amount of berserk buttons that made her father slightly afraid of his wife), and her father was only good enough to be a lower-than-low ranked officer at a police station. He was put into this job after someone from the precinct allowed him to join, returning a favour.

Because her mother was easily angered, a young Thracia spent some of the time at the precinct, helping her father, and the another part of the time out on the streets where she picked up her attitude and found out her attraction to fiery, fun, wild people. The rest of her time was spent doing fairly well in school. Although she was excellent in physical education, her grades in the other subjects were above average at best.

Her time on the street was also when she discovered her ability to jump. Being attracted to fiery people doesn’t mean the same thing as being attracted to good people. It was in this way, she was pushed onto the road and by the time she looked at the oncoming vehicle and raised her hands to brace herself, she found herself in her room, with the whole thing in disarray and large cracks on the floor, caused by her teleportation in.

Growing up in the precinct, coupled with her grades and physical prowess (and cheating: her ability to teleport), allowed her to become familiar with the officers, and as she turned into a young woman, it allowed her to join the precinct as a higher-ranked police officer with a little ease. During this time, she had to learn how to drive and when she did go for lessons, she found that she had a natural knack for driving, doing each things expertly (even hastily) and coming out with top scores; and while she may seem reckless on the road, she was careful and always on the lookout.
Thracia then learnt something from her father. She had an older brother that her parents had left to someone else (this was the favour; her father had to ‘pay’ by working for that man in the precinct, giving part of the salary to him). The man who had ‘supposedly’ took her elder brother in was dead, along with the rest of his family, but her brother’s body was not found. Both father and daughter were convinced that her brother was still alive.

As such, she was a great police officer, and rose through the ranks in no time, soon becoming a detective, intending to use resources to find her brother. However, she would not stay in that position for very long. She happened, by chance or destiny, onto the supercar project. She happened onto RAIVE, who was being hacked into at the time and was being used as a getaway vehicle.

This meeting was the beginning of Thracia losing her current job and getting introduced to the world of SIS (Secret Intelligence Service), or MI6. Because of her involvement with that incident, and her current skills, the higher-ups found that she was more of an asset than a liability, and decided to give her a job of partnering with the supercar, RAIVE. They were partnered for a while, before things went haywire, and RAIVE was sent out on his own without her as the driver.

Because of this ‘loss’ the higher-ups decided to put Thracia out in the field on her own, as a ‘semi-freelance agent’, basically ‘unemployed until you’re called in’, which is ever so often. MI6 keeps tabs on her, and allows her to move and use resources freely, but sometimes if they have need of her in the area she’s in, they call on her and she responds.
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Re: Character List

Name: Star

Age: 34

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: Blond, short, and messy

Eyes: gray

Weight: 123 lb.

Height: 6' 3"

Weapon(s): Element Sword. A sword that can be fused with elements. Orange hilt and it's blade varies between which element it is fused with. It's sheath is blue with golden lines running through it. Element Shield: A gold shield that also can control elements. It has the medallions of element on it.

Armor: Element Armor: Green Armor that can use the power of elements. It has several weak spots.

Strengths: Able to use any sword to take energy from atleast on medalion. he is really skilled with bows and his sword and shield. he knows some moves most people do not. The Lightning Strike and Fire Burst as two of them.

Weakness: Weak against wasps, bees, and ants. He has several weak spots in his armor. His neck, armpits, forehead, and knees. He sometimes gets really angered and ends up hurting himself this is one of the problems he has had since he was a kid.

Skills: Good with Swords, Bows, Spears, Shields, and can control elements. He knows moves like these.

Purple Lightning: He splits into four and surrounds an opponent. He then fuses his sword with purple lightning and all four of him attack at once. When this move is finished all four of him becomes one again.

Fire Burst: He enflames his sword with fire and is able to shoot fire from it for 1 minute. He can only use this move every 30 minutes.

Lightning Strike: Infuses sword with lightning and charges at opponent slashing with a lightning infused sword.

Earth Armor: He infuses armor with earth to protect him better.

Fire Armor: Infuses armor with fire to protect him better.

Water Shield: Infuses shield with water for better protection against fire based attacks.

Magic: Can control Water, Lightning, Fire, Light, and

Appearance: White Skin, Carries a bow. Wears Jeans. A pale yellow shirt with green mail ontop. Black shoes with red socks. His hair is blonde and messy and he gets dirty often mainly because of rain or being in a battle. His socks are dark and short and his shirt is torn and his jeans are torn at the knees.

Personality: Very friendly and brave. Never backs out of a fight and will help anyone or thing in need. He gets angry when people make fun of him which is very ahrd to deal with in battle. He also will try his best at everything he starts and if he fails he never forgives himself until he completes it.

Biography: Star grew up alone with no parents. He lived in fear as a child for a terrible war was being waged. During this war his parents were captured and executed for unknown reasons. At the age of 15 Star found the Element Sword and knew what he had to do. He journeyed in search of the Element bow and the Element Shield at the age of 20m he got his
green mail. (Element Armor.)
And at 21 he stumbled upon a small cave with a shield in it. The Element Shield. He then began to control elements. He started to train and found strange but powerful moves that hadn't been used in centuries.

At 24 he found a companion Colin. He was a strong boy about 11 years old. After helping Star beat the evil wizard Fjord Star stayed in the land of elemnts as the hero of elements for some time. At 30 he left the land in Colins hands and left to find the person responsible for killing his parents. He knew it wasn't an ordinary person ... but a demon.

The Medallions: their is a medallion for each element. The Water Medallion is blue with a tear on it. Earth is brown with a rock on it. Fire is red with a flame on it. lightning is yellow with a thunderbolt on it. Darkness is black with nothing on it, just plain black.


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Re: Character List

Name: Goro

Age: 21

Race: Goron

Sex: Male

Hair: Brown, flat

Eye Color: Blue

Weight: 2,467 lbs.

Height: 8 ft.

Weapons: Goron-Enhanced Megaton Hammer- Almost the same as Link's Hammer from Oot but this hammer can break through metal and its power is increased by 1000%. Also, this hammer can be thrown like a boomerang and come right back to Goro. Fists and Legs- Basically with his fists and legs he can punch and kick right through metal, and Goro knows a Goron version of Karate. This enables him to be a skilled fighter with weapons and fists. Din's Fire- This is the same power Link has in Oot. Goro puts his hands in the air, then puts them together while he moves them down, and out comes fire spreading for 10 meters. Rock is also controllable by Goro because the rock is inside of him. He does the same thing as he does with fire. Goron-Enhanced Bombs- These are the same as any other bombs except they are more powerful and have a 20 feet radius. Spikes- Used only for transportation, not battles.

Strengths: Buff Arms, Fists made of rock, Able to Control Fire (Goro can control fire and rock because those elements are in his body.), Pick up Boulders, Controls Death Mountain and All Rocks and Land etc (Goro can control fire and rock because those elements are in his body), , immensely powerful, buff arms, feet are made rock so he can withstand anything that falls on his feet, Summon anything that has to do with rock or fire, Shadows, able to jump from any height and not break any bones, power of the Sages, spikes on his back enable him to roll very fast

Weakness: Weakness: Water, Too much Sunlight, Forest, Owls, Dodongos, Bombs (when used on him), Redeads, Lizalfos, Soft material, can't resist dancing to music, spiders, vegetables, fruits, running long distance, strengths tire him out quickly because they are so powerful

Appearance: Hair sticks up straight in form of rock, blue eyes, normal size, skin color is gold-brown, always frowning, dark spots all over his back, fat, spikes on the back, thumbs, wears a black vest when he is not fighting. He is a tall Goron, about 7 feet tall, and he is very muscular. Since he is the leader, he stands out with the "Seal of the Gorons" tattoo right on his chest. The tattoo shows Goro eating a boulder. Leader of the Gorons are leaders for life, so the tattoo always stays on him, even after they pass away.

Personality: Goro is calm through battles, he is not scared of anything except his weaknesses. He is smart enough to know how much power to summon during a battle. It all depends on how powerful his enemy is. Goro likes to eat and sleep, but he is not as lazy as you think. He lifts rocks twice his weight everyday for 2 hours. He doesn't like Water, A lot of Sunlight, Forests, Owls, Dodongos, Redeads, and Lizalfos. Also, he does not like people disturbing him when he is in his meditation. He believes in meditation, Sages of Hyrule, and rocks that talk in his sleep.

Bio: Goro doesn't know much about his past, but he knows enough to keep himself going everyday. Goro was born on Death Mountain with a huge family at his side. He grew up in luxury because his grandfather, Darunia, was the leader of the Gorons. His siblings were like any other siblings, fun, annoying, you name it. Since he was the last child to be born in the Goron family, he was forced to remain on Death Mountain forever due to strict beliefs. They believed that when the last Goron was finally born, he was destined for something that would impact the Goron family. So, now it has been 21 years since his birth, and he is still on the grounds of Death Mountain. His family members have gone off to other countries or mountains all across the world. Goro is now the leader of the Gorons, and he runs the area very smoothly. Goro is fond of training himself and others, meditating, hosting dance nights every Friday, and leading the Gorons by his knowledge which he picked up from Darunia. He has already achieved his goal of becoming the leader of the Gorons. Goro has now decided to leave Goron City because he has a very weird feeling about something, and this feeling has been bothering him for 2 months. As a result, Goro decided to leave the place under control of another Goron and go where his heart wanted him to go.
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Re: Character List

<<-Bella Rhian Kyna->>
Approved by Cookie

Created: 04-18-2009, 08:34 PM
Approved: 04-22-2009, 03:56 AM

Age: 24

Race: Peritus Magus-Hominid

Sex: Female

Hair: Her long hair is a clean, rich brown color

Eyes: Her eyes are periwinkle, a purple-blue color, but look glazed over

Weight: 146lbs

Height: 5’7”

Known Family:
- Eugenia Isha Kyna, Mother, Living age 48
- Imaran Abu Kyna, Father, Living age 51
- Tynan Baquer Kyna, Brother, Deceased age 25
- Vadin Dorjan Kyna, Uncle, Living age 54
- Alden Lev Kyna, Grandfather, Deceased age 87

Weapon: Bella carries only a dagger with an eight inch blade on the back of her right hip, for close combat and stealthy attacks. It’s hilt is made of a gold-like material, the grip is wrapped tightly in leather, while the blade is made of pure, incredibly strong steel. The overall length, including both the blade and hilt, totals twelve inches.

Strengths: Bella’s obvious strength is with her magic. She’s highly skilled in it, and takes pride in her work. Along with her magic, she’s learned many aspects of dagger combat. Her variety of magical abilities allow her to be able to counter numerous types of magic attacks, although it depends on their strength.
Bella’s eyes have been enhanced with magic so many times, they’ve been permanently changed; they always have a “glazed over” look, and with them she can see far better than a human. Her heightened eyesight can detect features of a person, such as whether they use magic (and how much) and if not, what else they may be. She can see the electrical currents running through a robot, the aura around a magic user, and can even see the nerve endings of a human spark, when they feel pain or pleasure. As a side effect, however, she has a harder time distinguishing colors of things, although she isn’t completely colorblind.

Weakness: Bella is horrible at defending herself against fast, physical, and ranged attacks, such as an arrow or throwing knife. She can be overpowered by the aura of someone. As an example: If they were to pin her to the ground, or a wall, and their aura was great, then she’d be helpless to resist them. Even if they didn’t pin her down, one could still force her back with a great enough aura. Having been trained in many forms of magic, she has a slight weakness to the types of magic she knows. For example, she knows both Light and Dark magic, and therefore has a slight weakness to them both.

Skills: Bella has learned much of magic, and is considered a Peritus (experienced) Mage. She has a variety of spells that are from several types of magic. She isn’t particularly proficient in one type of magic, but she uses all that she has well.

Shielded Realm: This, purely defensive, spell takes Bella out of the normal realm which she is in. There is a visible red bubble around her when she casts this spell. The inside of the bubble is it’s own realm, in which Bella can’t be touched or injured in any way. The bubble itself, however, can be destroyed. Several medium powered blasts of any form of magic can do it, and, if struck enough, even a non-mystical weapon like a sword can burst this bubble. It’s highly effective against non-magic arrows. If the bubble is burst, then she’s thrown to the ground as she is pulled back into the normal realm. The spell takes little time to call and cast, but can only be used once every 12 minutes.

Fireball: This is Bella’s most basic skill, but stronger than her normal fire attack. It takes 10 seconds to create a ball of fire around 4-5 inches, less than 30 seconds for a ball 6-8 inches, 50 seconds for balls 10-12 inches, and so on. Almost no energy is required for the spell on a small scale, up to eight inches, but from there it takes doubling amounts of energy for every extra two inches.

Rushing Winds: This Wind magic attack is used mostly as a defense to blow an enemy back. If the enemy cannot be blown back normally, then Bella can charge it longer than the usual couple minutes, and send out a spinning ball of wind, made visible by leaves, dirt, twigs, and a few wind effects, into a foe. This attack can possibly stun a foe, but is used, mainly, to slow an enemy.

Dark Wrap: This is a weaker spell that binds most foes. However, if the foe is a Dark magic user, then the bind will do nothing, and if they’re users of Light magic, they’ll usually have a much harder time breaking the coils. This attack can only be used in shadows and dark places, and takes only a moment to charge and cast. However, it cannot be used again for several minutes.

Light Beam: Bella can use this attack to fire a beam of light energy from her palms at an enemy, and is much stronger than her normal light attack. It’s a medium power attack, and takes an average amount of energy to use. It will only work in direct light, although it can be any kind of light, including fire light.

Squelching Water: This attack is one of Bella’s powerful attacks, as it brings down a pillar of water onto a foe, usually pinning them to the grown for a moment. It takes a few minutes for it to charge, and only a moment to cast.

Thundering Crash: Bella’s most powerful attack, next to the Golem summons, is her Lighting magic attack. She requires extra focus to pull off this spell, as she must first call in a thunder storm. It takes almost three minutes for the storm to roll in, and if she looses too much focus, it will retreat, and she must call it again. If the storm arrives, it will stay for up to ten minutes, giving her time to battle before initiating the spell. After a minute of concentration up to about twenty large bolts of lightning come striking down, five at a time, in random locations near the opponent, with a decent chance that some of them will hit.

Poison Golem: As one of Bella’s three Golem spells, it’s one of her hardest to cast. As with all other Golem spells it takes three consecutive spells (each taking three minutes to cast) to create the Golem creature, which is made of a pure, gooey poison. The Poison Golem is 5’8”, and sends out several shot of poison every second until one of them hits the enemy, or it’s shot itself out of existence (ten shots). After one successful attack, or after it’s exhausted itself, the creature falls apart, and cannot be called again for the duration of the battle.

Ice Golem: As one of Bella’s three Golem spells, it’s one of her hardest to cast. As with all other Golem spells it takes three consecutive spells (each taking three minutes to cast) to create the Golem creature, which is made of ice. The Ice Golem is 6’0”, and uses icy magic to send a shot of incredibly cold air at an opponent for several seconds, freezing them for a minute or two. After one attack, the creature falls apart, and cannot be called again for the duration of the battle.

Stone Golem: As one of Bella’s three Golem spells, it’s one of her hardest to cast. As with all other Golem spells it takes three consecutive spells (each taking three minutes to cast) to create the Golem creature, which is made of stone. The Stone Golem is 6’6”, and uses brute force to pound an enemy with its hands (in a sweeping motion). After one attack, the creature falls apart, and cannot be called again for the duration of the battle.

As a note on the Stone and Ice Golem summons, whether they hit the opponent or not, after they attack, they will crumble. As for the Poison Golem, it shoots itself at the opponent, so after ten shots, it’s gone. If it hits the enemy, then it’ll dissipate. The reason for them to be gone after attacking, is that their attacks are very strong. The Stone Golem can crush an opponent, causing great pain and stunning them for a long moment, due to immense force of the impact, while the Ice Golem can freeze an enemy, also stunning them, and the Poison Golem’s poison will do continuous, minimal, damage through the battle.
When summoning each of the Golems there are three spells that must be cast, each requiring three minutes. The first is basically a call for the creature, Their names must be called out periodically for the first three minutes, a total of ten times. The names are as follows: Semotana (Poison), Kelsrak (Ice), and Defnonte (Stone). The second spell is the gathering of whatever materials are required. Bella doesn't require them parts to be in the enviroment, as she can produce them herself. The final spell is taking the reasorces gathered, and putting them together to form the Golem.

Her general magic attacks cover many forms of magic and, while weak to mediocre, can be used commonly. Fire, Water, and Light attacks tend to be in blasts, while Dark, and Ice magic will surround the target, causing continual damage until it dissipates, within a few minutes. The ways to counter this would be to use Light and Fire magic against their respective opposites. Her Lightning magic comes out as bolts from her hands. The Earth magic she knows can cause minor quakes, and control plants to a limited extent, while her Stone magic can create thin stone walls, and hurl rocks at opponents. The Poison magic she uses will cause damage for a short time, and her Wind magic can create breezes the throw off the aim of an archer. She cannot use Metallic magic to any extent, other then bringing her dagger to her, if it’s knocked away and still within a few feet of her location.

Her other magic skills include the ability to fly, without a charge or rest time, and healing. Her flying ability is used as a way to avoid opponents, and get to places easier. She can fly as high as is safe for her, but she likes to stay near the ground. The weakness of flying, however, is that she moves slower when flying, as opposed to when she is on the ground. Her healing is good enough to heal small wounds in moments, and medium wounds in minutes. Large wounds, depending on how bad they are, can take hours to heal.

Other than her magic Bella has learned how to fight with her dagger, for close encounters (possibly of the third kind). She’s proficient with it, but if it’s knocked away, she’s helpless to a strong character when things get up close. She usually uses it with the blade down, as that’s how she has to pull it from it’s sheath, but she can quickly change it to point the blade up.

Appearance: Bella is a beautiful young woman with long brown hair, and periwinkle eyes. Her face is fair, and her hair is always kept clean, and shiny. She has visible muscles in her arm, from training with a dagger a lot, and her wrists are strong. She wears a long, mage's robe which goes down to her feet. It’s a slightly lighter form of maroon overall, with long gold and black swirls all around it. It’s sleeves go all the way to her wrists when her arms are down, and she always keeps it buttoned up in the upper body area, although open plenty by her legs, to allow fluid movement. She wears a matching dark maroon silk belt around her, above her hips, showing off her (not incredibly skinny) waist. The cloak is open near her neck, so she can move her head easier, but if it were closed, it’d cover her whole neck. Her dagger is kept in a little sheath on the back of her right hip. The handle points toward to right, allowing her to quickly pull it out, with the blade facing down. Her hands are small, but strong, and even though she hasn’t ever trained in fist-fighting, she can throw a pretty solid punch. She wears simple gold and black colored cloth shoes, with thick brown leather souls on her feet, while both her pants and shirt are a slightly dark red velvet-like material.

Personality: The way Bella acts depends largely on the current situation. In a normal, social place, she’s happy, and flirty with the men. She refuses to go further than a flirt, however, as she has no interest in a relationship. She will participate in some social events, especially if they are based around magic, as she usually wins such competitions. While she isn’t a visibly sore loser, she really does not like the feeling of having lost something.
At times when she’s alone she’s happy, but usually will go out to interact with people. She doesn’t desire a relationship, but she doesn’t like being alone for long periods of time, unless she’s training. If she is training, then she hates to be interrupted, and will usually be angry at whoever disrupted her training for some time.
If she’s challenged to a battle she becomes quite serious, unless it’s a friendly spar. When sparring she takes it seriously, but goes easy on her opponent, and tries to keep a smile on her face. If it’s a real battle, however, then she’s prepared to do whatever she needs to do to win, despite who started it. She takes real battles like this seriously, hardly ever showing a smile unless she’s won.

Biography: Rhian’s past is surrounded by magic; she was born into a people who used magic, her parents, and all other relations were magic, and she was taught magic. Her immediate family, that she lived with, were her mother, father, uncle, brother, and grandpa. Her brother was only a few years older than her, and was quite a problem child. All of her people inherently knew how to use magic of all sorts, but had to be taught to control it, and what can be done with it. While she followed her mother and father by learning a variety of magical tricks, and how to use most forms of magic, her brother followed his grandpa and uncle, turning to Dark magic. The main reason for this was that he loved pranking people, and Dark magic could hide him well in the shadows, making certain pranks easier. He could even use it to hide a small object in the light from someone’s sight, after enough training.

Her own life was a social one. She made several good friends, and many good acquaintances as she grew. She did take a bit after her brother, and was a bit sly as a child. She’d sneak into the bar in town to get some “free” food to take with her when she went off to train. It was convenient, and she would always buy some of the exact same food, and replace what she had taken. She’d play games of magic, such as batting a small, yet harmless, ball of light around with paddles, also made of light.

Playing was just the start of being taught to use magic. As she grew to nine years old she was put in an official magic school, known as Veneficus Academia. She pursued many classes all over the school to learn as much of the different types of magic as she could. Again, her brother focused on Dark magic, but took some Light magic classes to learn better ways of countering it. She attended this school for years, until sixteen, when she was put into the Veneficus Universitas. Here she was taught advanced spells, rather than just magic. These spells took time to learn, and cast, for her at this point.

As she was growing up, and attending Veneficus Academia, she had been on relatively good terms with her brother. But by the time he was sixteen, and went to learn advanced Dark spells at Veneficus Universitas, they grew apart, as he became more violent, and “evil” in her eyes. Other didn’t see it the way she did, but there was a very literal reason for this. On her own, she created a spell that could enhance her eyesight for a short time to see things no one else could, in an attempt to see if her brother truly had become evil. With this spell she could actually see the aura of the people around her, and to what side they were aligned. Very few people - including her grandpa, uncle and brother - were shown to be aligned with evil, as their auras were very dark. But it was her brother that she feared. His aura was spread wide around him, and as black as the depth where one could no longer see. Just being around him one could feel a chill.

Fearing her brother’s powers, she kept what she saw a secret from everyone, even her own parents. As the years passed she kept enhancing her eyes, and watched as her brother’s aura grew, and darkened further. But as she went on, she noticed she could still slightly see his, and other’s, auras even when the spell was deactivated. But it wasn’t until she was seventeen, and now attending Veneficus Universitas, that she was experiencing a slight loss in her ability to distinguish colors. Whenever she washed up after training with a dagger, which was a strong requirement once she enrolled in Universitas, she watched as her eyes became more and more glazed over. She could eventually see auras, and several other things no one else could normally, but still lost her ability to see colors. She never did go completely colorblind, however.

At the time she became 22 she left Universitas and just wanted to get away. Her strange ability to see these things was scaring her, her grandpa had died of old age, and she feared her brother more than ever. She feared he’d transform into a Malum Bestia, and destroy anything or anyone he disliked. She was someone he despised now. But he followed her wherever she fled, eventually catching her. She attacked him in defense with a Light Beam, doing a good deal of damage, and upsetting him greatly. She was the instrument of his doom now, as what she had done caused him to transform into what she feared most… the aforementioned Malum Bestia… An Evil Beast.

With what she’d learned, and her advanced eyesight, she was able to beat him back. She could see when he charged an attack, and where a weak point opened up, allowing her to fire her Light Beam at him, for several damaging strikes. This brought him back to his normal, human form, but inevitably killed him, despite what she, and others did to try to heal him. He died without ever saying a word, but Rhian could feel that he was sorry, that he utterly regretted what he’d done.

Never having seen the battle, and never hearing anything from her brother, the people of her town sent Rhian into exile, as they thought she had killed him out of an unprovoked fear. They didn’t accuse her directly of murdering him, but they didn’t want someone who’d kill her own brother around their town. She lived out the next two years of her life, living on her own, but still socializing with people, as she’d grown so accustomed to it. She enriched her skills of magic, and got so used to her sight, that she couldn’t even remember what the world had looked like before.

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Re: Character List

Name: Jordan Drajon
Age: 177

Race: Half-dragon
Sex: Male
Hair: Black mixed with red and hair like bedhead
Eyes: Black as nothing

Weight: 179 pds
Height: 6’1

Weapon: Dragon Scale Blade made from scales from his father’s back. A white blade tinged with blue and green.

Armor: His own skin due to being half-dragon he has the tough skin of a dragon minus scales and has a pair of strange white gauntlets belonging to the old White Dragon of the Snow. He sometimes wears armor just in case of strong opponents or need of a projectile.

Strengths: Incredibly intelligent which allows him to outsmart most of his opponents manipulates the surroundings to traumatize opponent into a state of shock.
Amazing swordsmanship able to unarm most swordsman except for those far stronger and skilled than him also the style he uses often cannot be blocked due to its ancient style not seen by most.
Quite a Wizard due to dragon heritage Wizard Dragons can wield much more energy than humans this allows them to use spells that leave most humans exhausted while full grown they can use almost any spell except 3 forbidden spells and bloodline spells.

Weakness: Incredibly slow runner 2-4 miles per hour at max he can’t outrun anything save a turtle and a rock and slug.
Lazy often takes a nap without warning and not even protecting himself he loves to nap and often does it in the middle of a battle or important information.
A glutton for many things even with intellect falls for basic baited traps a trap set with some KFC will almost always ensnare him.

Skills/Magic: Inherited the Secret Dragon slayer sword style a sword style only known by dragons and taught to the youngest child of the family allows the user to use 10% of their latent power. This allows the user to use swords to a far more greater extent than a human stretching your power to its limits it can cleave most opponents in two with Its Great Dragon Rent. It cloaks the user in a heavenly white aura.

Magic: Elemental manipulation which allows Jordan to control lightning fire etc at will and create it as well.
Dragon Wave: an immeasurable power wave created by a wave of rage when Jordan gets extremely mad a radius of 50 ft a releases a spherical orb of energy.
Rage Release: Instantly makes Jordan turn almost into a full dragon with enough power to destroy most anything except fellow dragons and certain enemies and ore while a full dragon he cannot reason well and must calm down to turn back.This Magic is only able to be used when he is enraged enough there are two requirements for Rage release. A target and extremely high rage.
1st focus: focuses enemy attacks and can convert them to energy.
Calm release: When Jordan goes almost full and gains the untold power of dragons and enhanced intelligence and speed.He must meditate to attain calm in his mind and body then he has to start focusing on himself and his transformation to a dragon.
Nap: Teleports Jordan so he can nap in a nano-second through different dimensions harnessing the powers of Sleep. Heals most wounds except those of iron and obsidian. It also allows all his powers to recharge and also rests him instantly due to the nature of dimension travel. Can only nap two times a day. And it can only half heal mortal wounds.

Appearance: Slightly Bored expression, a bit of a chubby guy. As a dragon he is white as snow he has usually a four leaf clover motif on his shirt and has tan olive skin and as a dragon black eyes as dark as nothingness. Has a white shirt and normal denim jeans on normally. He wears a black and red shirt when he is angry. His armor when he wears any is always white.

Personality: Quite relaxed a really laid back guy loves to eat KokiriFriedCucco but, although cheerful at times mostly keeps to himself. Has a bit of a pained look in his eyes hinting a childhood trama or painful memories. Has a shortish temper and he is usually quite kind. When sad he tends to eat…… a lot. Loves the colors white, black, red, and blue.

Biography: I lived a good life keeping to myself and pigging out on store bought KFC I loved my life as a half-dragon my family was kept in an less populated region with more half-breeds as they called me one day he had a horrid thing happen to me my family had been hurt by a half basilisk though they said they had nothing to do with it I knew better. All half breeds always were sent to camps by racist humans many liked to live with others while some didn’t play well with others….

My life at 144 had been simple a teensy tedious but good none the less. Then when those half-basilisks barged into town they didn’t bother trying to fit in they just came and made everything go wrong. I used to be able to lay back and relax then when the HBs came we couldn’t relax. Just walking on the street was tough since we didn't know what would happen next. We didn’t know who to trust so we had to do something anything.

The reason is, my family has a sort of blood feud going on with basilisks for tens of millennia which is pretty long for dragons and half-dragons we were immediately targeted by the HBs just for being part dragon We had to fight for our lives and we decided to learn to fight so we spent 13 years learning in our basement when we came out the village was in chaos. We saw outline of blood in the shape of a serpent where our friends the drakes were. Everywhere where are friends had been the serpent of blood was there.

Everything we knew had changed and replaced by something of the HBs they had taken control and no one was strong enough to stop them save dragons and Cockatrices which neither had been present for 13 years. The whole town was even moved to become the shape of a snake. The utter arrogance of HBs sickened me and I started to rage. I released into a dragon and went right into the den of the Beasts in the center of the town it was once used as a recreation center.

They were using my friends as mere servants in their evil and they used them as mere dogs to kick. I got so mad I almost killed one of them by tearing him in half with my teeth and burning him to a crisp. My parents stopped me short of killing them. My dad was barely holding me back. I still forced them to leave by destroying their base. After, a few minutes I calmed down with the HBs threat finally eliminated I could finally live again. But the horror of the act my friends slaughtered or enslaved by the HBs I couldn't live it down. The long life of a dragon meant it would take a long time for me to forget the atrocities the HBs had done.
20 years later…
I was finally ready to start his journey into the world and I had gotten rich and had my sword and gauntlet I was ready to go out and explore. I had to look for the truth behind the attacks on the village and why they came and after we had come out I had discovered that a human village had been diseases near my home and it could only be the basilisk. I went to find truth of the attacks...

Btw:HBs=half basilisk
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Name: Dilnos

Age: 19

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Class: Spellwarrior

Hair: Black, with a tuft of hair near his forehead, to the right.

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 150 pounds (With the Gravity Gauntlets, he weighs 155 lbs.)

Height: 5 foot 7 inches

Weapon: Two-handed sword called the Magnif; it can change into 15 different forms.
Forms are as follows:
1.Magnif- Regular Sword
2.Sawyior- Saw Sword. Ability: Cut through tough objects.
3.Fire-Burner- Fire Sword. Ability: Cast Powerful Fire magic.
4.Leafio- Grass Sword. Ability: Cast Grass spells.
5.Knifier- Sealing Sword. Ability: Seals magic and cut through what the Sawyior can't (magic)
6.Rocko- Earth Sword. Ability: Manipulate earth to attack or defend him.
7.Shocko- Electric Sword. Ability: Cast powerful Electric spells.
8.Liqua- Water Sword. Ability: Manipulate water to attack or defend from Fire spells.
9.Psyco- Psychic Sword. Ability: Manipulate enemies to turn the tides of battle.
10.Healo- Healing Sword. Ability: Heals others at the expense of his health.
11.Stratnus- Sky Sword. Ability: Fly around or over large enemies/objects.
12.Wakeboarder- Surfing Sword. Ability: Lets Dilnos navigate water quickly; alternative for Stratnus when staying low.
13.Invisia- Disappearing Sword. Ability: Turns Dilnos invisible so he can get into heavily guarded areas unnoticed.
14.Zooidia- Animal Sword. Ability: Summons an animal of his choice to help in combat.
15.Ex-Zodiac- Power Sword. Ability: Allows Dilnos to attack stronger than he can with the Magnif. He must be in Berserk Mode to use it.

Armor: Guantlets that can use the power of gravity to fight; it is only activated if he feels threatened. It works by encasing the fists in the center of a ball of gravity. When it gets touched, it caves in and, a spilt-second later, bounce outwards, hitting the opposing object. Dilnos does have control over when it is active (He has to stay calm, though.), but it encases his whole body every once in a while (He has no idea how to control that.)

Strength: He has heightened senses and can hear what the average human can’t. He gives credit for this to the fact that in the crime-fighting force, he got conked in the head. When he got up a while later, he felt a strange tingle. He turned in time to hit the guy behind him full in the stomach. He has extra strong training in the ways of magic, even though he learned magic in an experiment, and will put it to good use.
Weakness: He has a chance of going berserk, which increases his attack power at the cost of his defense, if successful. Once he recovers, he feels triple the pain he received, if any. While in this form, he can use Ex-Zodiac, but if he does, he loses consciousness. It takes at least one hour for him to wake up, more if he’s severely injured. It also injures his organs, so if he exits Berserk Mode, he may start puking.

Skills/Magic: He is skilled in ALMOST all types of magic, but he does the most damage with Fire or Thunder spells; he can make lightning bolts hit the ground in certain places, or he can mix fire and lightning to make plasma, which is used to perform his strongest spell, Volcanic Eruption. When this happens, the whole area is drenched in lava, damaging all enemies in the area. Also damages enemies in the air. He is able to heal people with the Magnif--but he loses strength as he heals--and is skilled in close-ranged combat.

Appearance: He has a mild case of acne on his face. His left arm has a scar on the right side that runs from his wrist towards his elbow; it stops after 1.5 inches. His hair is straight and will "stand" up on its own free will, no matter how much he combs it. He also has the muscles of an adult of his age, weight, and build that engages in moderate exercise. He wears a green T-shirt with a hawk on the front and has blue jeans on. He wears a red baseball cap with the bill backwards and has leather boots on. He wears a digital watch on his left wrist.

Personality: He is an easygoing person, but don't get him mad or he'll get you. He has an air of decency around him, and can act like a gentleman in some cases, like opening doors for people. He is also not the kind of person who gives up easily. Give him a hard task, and he’ll get it done unless he isn’t able to. He will try to complete the job until he can't take it anymore. In his Berserk Mode, he gets angry easily, and when he regains consciousness, will not remember a single detail when he was in Berserk Mode.
Biography: Born on May 21, 1994, in a city called Merced, he was the oldest son, out of 3 sons and a daughter, of an ordinary couple. He had three siblings: his sister Ariel, who was born about two years before him, on May 27, 1992; his half-brother, Aiden, born March 25, 2003; and Ryan, his younger brother, born September 25, 1998. When a priest came to baptize him three days after birth, he gave grim news to the parents: he was a descendent of the Hero of Day, who died 10 years ago at the age of 70. He also was to be taken away from them for someone's experiment at the age of 6. True to the prophecy, on his 6th birthday, he was taken away and was held in a lab and for 2 years, he was experimented on to see if there really was such a thing as magic. On September 24, 2002, he used his newfound magic to break out of there and headed back to his family.

He spent the next 2 years getting his life back together, which meant getting to know his family. The CIA was watching him, though, and decided that he would be a great leader. When the CIA came to talk to him, they told him of a team of heroes who made it their duty to fight evil. He joined up and learned that there were such things as mages, but they were born with it, unlike him. It also had anthropomorphic animals working alongside humans. He befriended three mice—two males named Monty and Chris, and a female named Gadget.
He rose quickly through the ranks. When he was a recruit, he did easy rescues, but as he learned more about the force, he reached officer by the time he was 9. He worked on harder and harder missions until he was made Commander of his own platoon. He was learning fast, but one day, when he was on his hardest mission, his mom and stepdad were murdered by a team of criminals named Monster Squad. After hearing the news, he chose to retire and set his sights on destroying Monster Squad, the people responsible for his family’s murder. He went home and rummaged through the attic until he found the Magnif and a pamphlet on the history of the sword. He learned of a man named Vlad, who was the last owner of the sword. He was the same person who died ten years before his birth. His last known coordinates were in Usa.

He strapped it on his back and set out to Usa. He reached the coordinates, but it was burned down. So he walked around and asked people where Monster Squad was. They pointed him to a city called Loisia, where he would find them. After walking for two days, he reached Loisia. Monster Squad was around, alright, and they were stealing from two people, a man and a woman. He took the thieves down with a Fireball, and helped the victims pick up their stuff. The grateful people led him to their house and introduced themselves as Ardnal (the man) and Natalia (Ardnal’s daughter). Dilnos stayed a while to rest up, but before he left the next day, an assassin tried to take him out. He was seriously injured, but hung on until Ardnal and Natalia arrived. They took the assassin down and brought Dilnos back to their place for recovery.

Three days later, the gang was out of Loisia, and heading back to Merced. When they got there, though, they were ambushed by Monster Squad. Dilnos and the others tried to hold them off, but there was too many. Fortunately, help came. Ryan and Ariel came in, Ryan holding a sword, and Ariel holding a staff. They still couldn’t stop them. More help came when Gadget, Monty, Chris, and Reggie (one of Dilnos’s human friends) popped up. Together, they drove them off. Dilnos asked if all of them wanted to help him take down Monster Squad, to which they said yes. After forming, the group stayed together for six years. He is currently hunting down the leader of Monster Squad, Firoh. He is also married to Natalia, and lives in a town called Antalta.
Heroes aren't born-- they're made.
My BA Character is Dilnos.

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Name: Axen Heth Black (A.K.A. Ax by his friends)

Age: 19

Race: Hylian

Sex: Male

hair: Jet black hair that is short

Eyes: Emerald Green, have a bit of blue in them and give you the idea that he sees the truth in them

Weight: 160lbs

Height: 5 ft. 10 in

weapon: 2 swords. The first of them (Aren)has a emerald in the hilt that he stores energy in them to use later, he does this by concentrating on the emerald and focusing his energy(or life force) ,into the gem.This allows the sword to become more powerful, expending a small amount of energy every second, and allows him to pull energy from it, to use on spells or other strenuous activities, but tends to use it for heavy lifting, and, difficult acrobatics and sprinting.He is also faster and stronger when the sword is charged up. The second of the two(Itoc) has a rope at the end so he can throw it and impale it in someone and then pull them in and kill them, or any way that he sees fit.

Armor: Leather, with the cloak( Ref. to appearance)

Strengths: Good at parrying and acrobatics, He is adept in the art of speech, and he is very creative, using the landscape to his advantage.

Weaknesses: Hot headed, he is weak to poison and doesn't hold up well without a energy source to live off of(worse than normal people),Plus he can't work machinery well. Also, he is slower with his coat on.

Skills/Magic: Subrosian stealth( his subrosian stealth allows him to move,at any speed without a change in noise level,also,it allows him to become invisible, but, uses energy every second he is invisible.), Simple compass spell( which just tells him where north,south,east,and west are), he can condense ( or make things smaller and compact, which allows him to carry more)things with his mind, and teleport( he can teleport by finding a source of energy(or life force,A.K.A. an enemy)and then he can teleport to that location. He can only sense life force two miles around him)

Personality: He is fairly neutral, with a strong sense of right and wrong and enforces to that sense. He doesn't go around and show off his strength, exactly the opposite, he instead blends,figuratively, into the background, and holds his own court. He is hesitant to fight, rather seeking peace, avoiding unnecessary fights and seeking diplomacy, but, once he makes his decision, he acts without regret, or second-guessing. He does have a soft spot for the little man, speaking figuratively, and helps others, quick to do a favor here and there.

Appearance: A tall, thin, man, with lean features. He holds himself in a proud way, not regal royal proud, more so just strong-willed and proud. He wears a black cloak with leather armor and cloth underneath.His boots have emeralds embedded in the leg of the boot. His eyes give a hard stare, and his skin is travel-worn. His cloak has metal knobs that he hangs his gear on. His dual swords go at his sides, by the hip. he has leather jeans that he switches out for shorts and a t-shirt on a hot day.He has gloves he uses to give him some grip on his swords, but takes them off for hand-to-hand combat. His face is a hard,sharp, and outlined features.

Biography:This man was found lying, near death on the plains of Hyrule by the Subrosians after his parents, being the secret keepers to the subrosian tunnels, fled because his parents were being hunted by zant, to make sure everything was under his watch. They took pity on this poor baby and brought him back to their tunnels, through the land of termina. The boy had a peaceful but arduous childhood, testing his strengths and weaknesses. He has the common belief of all hylilians As he grew older, the subrosians made him swear an oath that he would not divulge his secrets to anyone, friend of foe. The man obliged and he underwent training that allows him to blend with the shadows and to sneak with such stealth that you can swear that it was only the wind.
And when the boy became of age, the Subrosians told him of his origins and allowed him free passage but he was forewarned; if he gave away their position he would be banned forevermore and all Subrosian goodwill would be revoked. So the man set out to avenge his parents and the life they would've had and he hopes to become ambassador for the Subrosians one day.

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Re: Character List

{0X Allan BloodBird X0}
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Name: Allan Murphy Blair, alias Allan BloodBird

Name Meaning: Handsome Sea Warrior

Age: 28

Race/Nationality: Human, Welsh

Languages Spoken: English, French, Italian

Sex: Male

Occupation: First-Mate of the Cassandra.
Ship Specs: East Indiaman, 44 meters long, 800 tons, crew compliment of 125, 56 cannons (10 Carronade cannons on deck, 2 below deck in-front, 4 below deck in-back, 40 Long Gun cannons below deck, two rows on the sides, 20 to each side)
Pay: One-and-a-half shares.

Hair: Most of BloodBird's hair is black, but there is a stripe of grey going from the front center, around the left side, and down to the center of his head in the back. His hair is all pulled back, and put in a short pony-tail.

Eyes: Leaf green

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 156 lbs

Relationship Status: His Captain is obviously in love with him, but he has no desire to take part in the relationship, keeping things strictly professional between them, no matter how much she may flirt.

Weapons: BloodBird carries with him nine pistols, a long pistol sword with six shots, and three small hand bombs. Two pistols are on the front of his hip, two on the back, two inside his coat, one on a belt over his chest, and two on his boots (one gun on the outside of each boot). His pistol sword is kept on the side of his left hip, while the pouch holding two small smoke bombs and one flash bomb are on his other. Unlike typical Pirate bombs, BloodBird's bombs require no fuse, and thus can be activated even in water (not that there's much use for that).

Armour: BloodBird has no actual armour, but his frock coat is thick, providing decent protection from light slashes and thrusts. He really has nothing else that could be considered all that protective.

Strengths: BloodBird is a master of flintlock pistols, able to fire off all nine that he has with maximum accuracy within twenty seconds. Reload time for single gun is around ten seconds. His pistol sword can fire six shots and reloads like a revolver; he can reload it within around twelve or so seconds. He's also an exceptional fighter with the sword aspect of his pistol sword, and ship rigging are his friend; he's excellent at swinging from ropes, and climbing around on ropes.

Weakness: Water is a considerable weakness to BloodBird because if his pistols and black powder get wet, they're useless to him. This leaves him with just his pistol sword and bombs, and though he's good with his pistol sword, he's much better with his pistols. Also, his right leg was injured years ago, leaving him with a limp. He can't run very fast, and he wobbles a bit when walking. He can't stand on his right leg for more than a few minutes, so knocking him off balance isn't very hard. Despite his polite mannerisms, and charming character, Allan gets drunk very easily, becoming tipsy after only a couple drinks. His aim is off by a lot, and get use his pistol sword very well, and he can hardly stand by the time he's had three cups.

Skills: BloodBird is extremely skilled with using pistols. He's very accurate, shoots fast, reloads quickly, and can holster his pistols, take out the next two (he uses two at a time), fire, and holster them again with all haste. He does show off from time to time by spinning, juggling, holstering and un-holstering, and tossing his pistols around.
His skill with his pistol sword is very good, and it's an advanced weapon, able to fire six shots before needing to be reloaded. He uses this when in close combat situations, or when he runs out of ammunition for his other guns.
While his left leg is injured, he can dodge fairly well from a stationary position, though he can be knocked off balance while dodging.

Appearence: On his upper body BloodBird wears a standard white Pirate shirt, and over that a maroon waistcoat, with four pockets. Over the shirt, and around his wrists and lower arm, are black studded bracers with a Skull and Crossbones on each. Going over the waistcoat (and connecting to his belt) is a strap that holds one of his pistols. Over all of this is a red, gold, and black frock coat with two holsters inside for two more of his pistols. Also inside the coat, in four small pouches, are bullets and black powder (two bags of powder, and two of bullets). He wears a dark red head band, which acts like a sweat band, on his head, and has gold hoop earrings on both ears.
For his lower body he has simple, dark blue pants, a black leather belt with a silver buckle over his waistcoat, four holsters (two on the front on his hip, and two on the back), the sheath for his pistol sword on the left end, and the pouch holding his bombs on the right. Covering his feet are black boots with a small loop on each to hold two of his pistols.
To top everything off (bad pun, I know), BloodBird has a fancy hat. It's the two ended style (as opposed to a tricorne), three feet in length, black, thick, has white down along the rims, a Skull and Crossbones made from gold on the left front end, and three large feathers. Each feather is two feet long, and comes out the right side of the hat. The two on the sides are white, while the one in the middle of the three is red.

Personality: Allan is a fancy, polite Pirate, though not the nicest. He'll do his job without hesitation, unless he's fighting a female. He will never kill a woman, but he will knock them unconscious. When on shore-leave he will dress up, go to high-end parties, and may even dance. However, due to his injury he rarely dances, as it's difficult and painful. He socializes often, and most people he knows have no clue he's a Pirate, due in part to the fact that he removes his bracers, frock coat, hat, and head band, and then puts on a thinner, cleaner frock coat, and removes all of his pistols. While on duty he's fine with killing men, though he prefers to just disable them so they can be put up for ransom. When against rival Pirates, or officers of any government navy, however, he shoots to kill.
Normally, whether on duty or not, he's calm and in a good mood. He doesn't show surprise often, but he can be surprised, no doubt.
His Captain, Kaida Wilcott, is in love with him, but he will not return those feelings, as he thinks of her as just his Captain, attempting to keep things professional. This can be hard as she flirts with him often, and unleashes her anger on him often times.

Biography: Allan Murphy Blair was born in the city of Cardiff, Wales in the United Kingdom. His parents and only sibling, a sister named Cambree, were traders who spent most of their time sailing. Allan himself was born on a Fluyt. His family got good pay, considering they owned an entire Fluyt, a Dutch ship designed with maximum cargo space, and decent defences. He was on the ship for an entire year before he first set foot on land. He, his mother, and his sister stayed on land while his father and the rest of the crew went on to continue trading. Life was simply growing up and learning everything he would need to know to help the family with their trading. He spent seven years on land, waiting for his father to return. When he did he had nothing to trade, and so spent a whole year getting to know Allan.

Finally Allan got back onto a ship, and put what he knew to work, helping his family with their trading. He went on like this for six more years, until he was fifteen. A few years back, the ship, named Amity, had successfully fended off a small Pirate ship with very little damage taken. But now they weren't quite so lucky. This band of Pirates had a Sloop-of-War, with seven more guns than them. The Pirates captured the Amity and killed more than half the crew. Allan and his family were untouched, and put up for ransom. Only he and his sister were paid for, leaving his parents with the Pirates. He and his sister were paid for by a wealthy tycoon who thought they would be of more use, as they both knew a lot of trading, and were much younger.

However, the man himself was a Pirate, merely posing as a tycoon. Allan was separated from his sister, and taken onto one of the man's many ships. To the best of his knowledge he was merely on a trading ship, and after a few days the ship met up with another one, and the two met of with six more. After several more days he could see a whole mass of Royal Navy vessels through the fog. He was thrown into the bottom of the ship, out of the way, while the Pirates fought these navy ships. During the battle several Navy officers had boarded the ship Allan was on. He was handed two pistols, a bag of bullets, a bag of black powder, and given a crash-course in pistol reloading. He was ordered to fire on anyone from the Royal Navy, and he did. He killed nine men total, before being knocked out.

Upon regaining consciousness he found himself on a couch in the office of the tycoon. He was awarded for his excellent shooting, and helping to keep the ship from their enemies, with a total of nine pistols, equal to the amount of men he killed. He served under the tycoon for eight more years, until he was twenty-three. During his time with the tycoon he's learned how to socialize with high class citizens, appear not to be a Pirate, and was taught many manners. To this end he became a polite, well dressed Pirate, who was respected for his ability to use pistols, and many were in awe at his pistol sword, which could fire six shots before needing to be reloaded. He had gained this weapon while on shore-leave from a merchant who had all kinds of exotic weapons. His bombs were high-end, but standard issue for the tycoon's men.

But by the time he was twenty-three he met someone; a woman. She was no doubt good looking, but he was never seduced by her looks. It was her brave, commanding personality, and loyalty to her crew that he admired. She was Captain of an East Indiaman, a small ship with just over fifty cannons. He had met her while the ship he worked on was docked next to hers. Upon first meeting he commented on how clean her ship was compared to any ship he'd seen. "Cleaner than even a ship of the Royal Navy," as he put it. She looked him over as he looked over her ship, and immediately took a liking to him. He was tired of working for the tycoon, and wanted a more free-style Pirate life. This woman, Captain Kaida Wilcott, offered just that to Allan. After this first meeting with Ms. Wilcott, Allan "resigned" from the service under his old Captain, and met up with Ms. Kaida before she left shore. They left together, but Allan had no idea what he was getting into. Within the next few years Allan rose through the ranks on this ship, knows as Cassandra, fairly quickly, mostly due to the fact that Captain Kaida had utterly fallen for him, but also because he was just that good.

Often times Kaida would try to seduce Allan, but to no avail. As far as Allan was concerned, she was just his Captain, and that's all. She was not a love interest to him at all, though she was very much in love with him. She even went as far as to set up an amazing, romantic dinner in her private quarters, and dressed all up in red silk. She was an amazing sight, but this didn't faze Allan one bit. He refused to come to this dinner, saying that while on the job, his duty was to the crew, not to any personal wants or needs. Whenever he would not submit to her seducement, she would get very angry, and let it all out on him. This time around she actually demoted him to a mere Cabin Boy, and set her monstrous cat-like creature in his place. Allan, while surprised by this impetuous act, didn't act so, and took it like a man, doing his job. However, this lasted only a week because she had ordered an attack on another ship, and needed him to help.

The attack was against a Brig, meaning Captain Kaida's ship had the advantage in fire power, five-fold. After the Brig had been disabled Captain Kaida ordered it to be boarded, and looted, and put Allan in the group. Upon boarding it looked like there was just a small crew, nothing to pose a real threat. But, when one of the Pirates opened the door leading into the lower ends of the ship, many Royal Navy officers stormed out and surrounded Allan's group. They figured that Captain Kaida wouldn't sink the ship if it had her own men on it, and ordered her to surrender herself, her crew, and her vessel over to the Royal Navy, by order of the King himself. Naturally she refused. The lead officer threatened to kill her men if she did not, but she retorted that she'd send them to the bottom if they did so. The situation was at a stalemate, so Allan, along with the boarding party, acted independently. While the other men jumped the officers, Allan fired off his pistols, killing an officer with each shot, not missing. However, one had slipped behind him, and shoved his sword into Allan's lower right leg, while tripping over some rigging. The blade went clear through Allan's leg, and fractured his bone slightly. He couldn't use that leg at all, so he sat himself against a mast, and kept shooting, despite the pain.

After the attack, which was successful, Allan was brought back aboard Cassandra and, after it was completely looted, the Brig was sunk for housing officers of the Royal Navy (this was done by request of Allan himself). For his bravery, skill, and ability to save his fellow crew-members, Allan was promoted back to his position as First Mate of the Cassandra. Captain Kaida comforted him while his injury healed, though he took it the wrong way, thinking that she was flirting with him even at this time. Eventually his wound healed most of the way, but he was left with a nasty scar, and a limp in his right leg.

This incident had happened two years after his joining with Captain Kaida, while he was twenty-five, and Kaida was twenty-two. He's been with Captain Kaida and her crew for the last three years as well, still resisting Kaida, still commanding the crew, still doing what he does. Whenever he's on shore-leave he enjoys going to high-end parties, wearing very fancy clothes (as opposed to his normal fancy, yet dirty, clothes), and occasionally dancing. He has friends in some places, and none of them know he's a Pirate; to the best of their knowledge, he's a very respectable sailor.

Theme Song: The Sailor Song - Toy Box
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Re: Character List

Name: Kaida Wilcott

Age: boasts 30 but is actually 25

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Occupation: Pirate Captain
Crew: First Mate- Allan ‘Bloodbird’ Murphy,
Ship Name: Cassandra
Ship Specs: East Indiaman, 44 meters long, 800 tons, crew compliment of 125, 56 cannons (10 Carronade cannons on deck, 2 below deck in-front, 4 below deck in-back, 40 Long Gun cannons below deck, two rows on the sides, 20 to each side)

Hair: Kaida has medium length golden hair, which hangs in gentle corkscrew curls. Usually tied back into a loose ponytail at the nape of her neck, or in a messy bun under her hat.

Eyes: Her eyes are dark green with brighter flex towards the center.

Weight: 140

Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Weapon: Her main weapon is a cutlass, but she also carries a long curved knife, a switchblade, and a small pistol.

Armor: none

Strengths: Her commanding personality makes her a natural leader, and she is also skilled at bluffing. She easily convinces people she knows what she is talking about even when she has no idea. Her enthusiasm, even when it borders on the slightly insane, gets into people and they get caught up in her momentum and follow along quite happily. She is also skilled with all her weapons. Of course her greatest strength is ship under her feet and the crew at her back.

Weakness: Because of her upbringing she is always a bit fearful that other pirates will consider her a fraud. This leads to her showing off and overextending herself, which often gets her and her crew into trouble. She is a bit of a hothead and will often say or do things that are not beneficial. She occasionally has strange whims, which her crew often doesn’t understand. She is also not as strong as a man and tires out faster, though she is much more flexible.

: She is lightning fast with her cutlass and can throw both her knives with deadly accuracy.

Appearance: Kaida is stunning. Her figure is a voluptuous hourglass and well muscled. Her skin is a glowing honey brown with only has a few scars; none in places that mare her beauty. When she lets her hair down it hangs in thick corkscrew curls, which unlike a lot of pirates she keeps clean. She has a slender face with large dark green eyes, rimmed with long dark lashes. Her hands are callused and scared from working on the ship.

Outfit: Kaida wears an off-the-shoulder cream top, with lace at the top and bottom. Over this is a black leather corset with thin straps up to her shoulders. Her boots are tall and cover her knees with loose folded cuffs, and are embroidered at the edge with gold thread. Black leggings cover the rest of her legs. Over all this she wears a fancy dark green frock coat belted at the waist. The coat has golden trim. On her head she wears a wide brimmed, dark brown hat, with a black band and golden buckle on the crown. The right side of the hat brim is folded up, and supports a huge feather. She always wears the hat tilted rakishly to the left.

Personality: Kaida was taught all about etiquette and manners growing up and so can break them with more skill then those who haven’t, however, she clings to a few. She is meticulously clean for a pirate, and keeps her ship the same way, though she allows her crew leniency, as long as she isn’t wearing or walking on filth she doesn’t’ mind seeing it on others. Kaida is theatrical, vivacious, and showy. She is proud of her beauty and dresses to impress. Often she will lose her normal pirate attire and dress up in the fine silk dresses stolen from prosperous merchant ships. Though usually she only does so when bored, or attempting to impress her First-Mate, who she is in love with. She has a bad temper, which she often unleashes on said First-Mate when he fails to be impressed. Much to her unhappiness the first-mate treats her only as his captain and nothing more. Kaida alternates between flirting with him and punishing him when he fails to be seduced. Her stubborn nature wont let her give up, however. Kaida is whimsical, which often confuses people.

Biography: Kaida Wilcott was born into a wealthy, high class merchant family living in the port of Le Harve, in France. Unfortunately her mother died when she was very young, and Kaida could remember very little about her. While her father was off trading for weeks at a time, Kaida was left in the care of several governesses. They trained her in everything a young lady aught to know. By the time she was 16 Kaida she was considered a very accomplished young lady. Kaida however wasn’t sure she was herself anymore. They had taught her everything from dancing to the proper way to pour tea. Manners had been ingrained into every inch of her. During his prosperous career, her father set aside a rather large dowry, as everyone did, to brib young men to marry Kaida.

Finally she was introduced into society on her sixteenth birthday. Now that she was ‘out’ suitors clamored for her attention. Things went very well for the next year, and everything pointed toward a happy life, good marriage, and plenty of money. Her father had even taken on a new partner, who seemed like a nice, respectable man. Sadly this proved to be false. Shortly after a rather large deal had been struck, her father's partner cheated him out of the whole thing, putting him into deep debt, and had him sent to debtors' prison. The traitorous partner claimed that he would pay off all the debt that Kaida's father owed if Kaida married him. She was given a few days to make a decision, and she did.

In the dead of the night she hijacked a ship, named Cassandra after her mother, which her father had owned until recently. Kaida dubbed Cassandra a Pirate ship, and herself it's eighteen year old Captain. Several of her fathers old hands took up with her. Kaida had learned to sail at a very early age, and loved the sea even more than her father. She sailed into a port, a good distance from where she had started out, and purchased more Pirate-like clothing. If she was going to be a pirate she figured she should look the part While docked she also hired the remaining crew she needed for her ship. With her looks, it wasn't hard to find a few men, good or otherwise, to sail with her. They set off to go pirate enough money to pay off her father's debt, focusing mainly on the ships that belonged to the traitorous partner. After nearly a year of piracy, Kaida had the money she needed, and paid off every bit of her father's debt and set him up in comfort. However, she had enjoyed the life of a Pirate so much, that even after her father was free, she continued her life of crime, far from grammar books, polite conversation, and accomplished young ladies.
One year later she met up with a man named Allan BloodBird while docked in a port near Cardiff, Wales. His very first comment to her was saying that her ship was very clean. "Cleaner than even a ship of the Royal Navy," as he put it. While her ship distracted him, she took a chance to look him over, and liked what she saw. He was well dressed, well armed, and over-all handsome. She took an instant liking to him and, after he mentioned that he was tired of working for some tycoon, offered him a position on her ship. He told her he'd think it over, and left. He returned a few days later, just before she was about to shove off, saying that he had quit working for the tycoon, and would gladly join her crew.
Kaida’s interest and friendship devolped over the next year into something deeper, but try as she might she could not break through his professional attitude. She often losses her temper on him and punishes him, both to channel her frustration and to try and break through his calm indifference.
When he is being particularly bothersome she has been known to dock him pay, make him clean cannons, or give him other such punishments. He takes it all in stride, which just makes her angrier.
Allan rose through the ranks of the ship quickly mostly because of his leadership talents and level head in tight places, but also because the captain isn’t exactly indifferent to him. Because he feared the crew would see the promotions as bribes, he had rejected them several times, and only accepted in the end because Captain Kaida threatened to toss him overboard and strand him on an island, and also because the crew voiced their support. It wasn't long after this that Kaida's original First Mate died, leaving an open spot. Naturally Kaida appointed Allan as First Mate of Cassandra.

A few months later Kaida went quite far with trying to impress Allan. She decked herself out in a new red silk dress, and set up a fantastical private dinner. He refused to come, saying that, while on the job, his duty was to the crew. Kaida was furious that he refused her orders and showing her up to the crew. Kaida punished him severely, demoting him to the rank of Cabin Boy, and put Skipper, her cat, if you can call him a cat, in his place. The crew claims that Skipper is a mix of panther, demon, and wolf, with perhaps a little crocodile thrown in. He is dirty black with huge orange eyes and tattered ears. His head comes up almost to Kaida’s knees.

Allan's demotion only lasted a week, however, because Kaida needed him when ordering an attack on another ship; a Brig with about one-fifth the fire power of Casandra. Allan and several other crew members were sent over to loot the ship, and capture the crew for ransom, but something went wrong. Many Royal Navy officers stormed out from the inside of the ship, and surrounded Allan's group. The lead officer ordered Kaida to surrender herself, her crew, and her vessel over to the Royal Navy, by order of the King himself. She refused, and when the lead officer threatened to kill her men if she did not, she retorted that she'd send them to the bottom if they did so. Allan and his men jumped the naval officers while they were distracted with negotiations with the beautiful pirate captain. They were much better fighters, and their pistols were better for close combat. The naval officers had muskets, meaning reloading was longer, and they had to be further from their targets. The rest of the pirate crew took this opportunity to also attack. Soon the Pirates had won, but several had died, and Allan had been stabbed clear through his lower right leg. The Pirates finished looting the ship, and then re-boarded their own. Allan made a request to Kaida that the ship be sunk for housing officers of the Royal Navy, and she accepted. Setting the survivors adrift in the jolly boats.

Kaida seemed to have forgotten their quarrel completely, and poor Skipper was demoted back to a simple cat. Surprisingly, though she was most attentive in nursing him back to health, she did not attempt any of her normal games until he could walk again. Thankfully his injury healed most of the way, though he was left with a limp in his right leg. From then it's been a few years, Kaida is still sailing, still trying to crack Allan's impossible shell, and still being a great Captain of the Pirate vessel, Cassandra.
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Re: Character List

Name: Aphon (named by my smartass friend who saw that he had no mouth)

Age: 30

Race: A wild race from a nameless planet.

Race Description: This race has a larger build than a human. Their skin is red-brown, and is very sensitive. Protective scales cover the skin. The scales can be torn off of the body with enough force, but will regenerate in about 24 hours. Broad and bony are the shoulders, while the torso is only broad. The hands are long and flat, and hold four long fingers; one of which is the thumb. These fingers are covered on the back by hard bony plates that protrude the skin, with serrated tips at the end extending a little ways past the tip of each finger. Basically the same for his toes, save the thumb part. Their legs are long and powerful.
There is no mouth to feed or speak with. Instead, they feed off of the pure energy of nature. Such energy is found everywhere; in rocks, plants, dirt, clean air, and most abundantly in hinterlands and areas seldom touched by man. To feed, he must go into a profound meditation, allowing the energy to enter, but leaving him vulnerable for at least a half hour, as he blacks out during.
To communicate, they use signals of raw emotion that only their kind, and other higher beings, can pick up and understand. The eyes are where they should be, but eyelids are nowhere to be found. Round eye sockets hold eyes large and white, with a gray pupil in the center of it all. In place of ears and nostrils are two wide vertical slits. They're less effective than a human's.
One more thing is that he does not have any type of phallus due to his race's bizarre reproductive methods, but that's nasty so I won't get into that.
Essentially the same lifespan as as a typical human's.

Sex: Male

Weight: 330 lb.

Height: 8'3

Weapon: A spherical stone from Aphon's planet floats around him passively. It is hard as steel, and completely red with streaks of a darker red. It gives off a faint, orange light that warms everything around it. It's about nine inches in diameter.
If struck with enough force, the weapon will split into a myriad of razor-sharp shards. The weapon is also capable of doing this on its own, with different shapes, able to form many more things, blades or armor both examples. The shards can be controlled by Aphon, both individually and as a group, quite easily. If and when a shard is launched out of Aphon's radius of control, it will automatically begin to come back to Aphon once it loses all momentum. If unable to do so, it will break itself into smaller and smaller pieces until it is possible. The shards can fuse together to once more create the full stone after use.
The stone's true form is a sort of elemental. Aphon can awaken it by attempting to send thoughts into the stone. From there, it produces a great well of gravity that pulls objects in to use as a body as well as a shield, and strikes out under Aphon's command. The gravity well takes a lot of energy to withhold, so the elemental will gradually become weaker after each minute or so of use. Other than that the rock's elemental form has another weakness, and that is the rock itself. If it's hit by a strong enough attack, it will fall out of the center of gravity, cancelling it out.

Strengths: Aphon's scales are rougher than sandpaper, and able to rip things up on contact. If magic hits the scales, they will cancel it out at the cost of a large amount of scales around the hit area having to disappear. This is dependant on the power of of the magic more than the area of effect. This could be a weakness, if against an enemy who is skilled in both magic and melee.
To feed, Aphon absorbs the raw energy that the very planet gives off. He absorbs it through his entire body, and when he does so, his wounds regenerate quickly, so long as his body feels no stress.
Although not the nimblest of creatures, Aphon's long legs make him a fast sprinter. His reflexes are well-honed with time and experience, and because of his air ability This combined with his powerful focus makes him hard to hit. He is also very flexible.
Aphon can still think like a human, and has learned the basics of the most common languages used in this new land. He can portray thoughts to people in the form of words or images through eye contact using his average telepathic ability.

Weaknesses: Aphon is easily overwhelmed and distracted outside of battle. He's slow, and although his scales are strong, the skin underneath is hopelessly weak.
Up against creatures not found in nature, or beings that are against nature, is when Aphon is weakest. Creatures such as angels or demons, twisted, holy and unholy magic, pure evil intentions, warlocks, and other such things weaken him greatly, and in their presence he loses stamina very quickly, his scales slowly shed off, and his empathic aura dissipates.
He is very large, and although his vigor drives him beyond the limits of his body, this may cause his body to break down after a while of ignoring its cries for a rest.
It is required for Aphon to feed at least once a day on a degree close to, yet smaller than, a human's. If he doesn't, his scales will slowly shrink and disappear, and he will become very anemic for the while. His skin becomes white and his eyes begin to pale. Eventually his skin begins to flake off.

Emotion - Aphon has an empathic aura around him. The stronger he feels, the stronger the aura gets. Each emotion gives it a different effect.
While calm and without stress, or with a basic feel of dejection, it clings to him passively. If he feels useless, then the aura will almost disappear.
Anger and intense sorrow makes the aura solid, able to strike enemies using Aphon's physical strength as a medium, and 'stretch', allowing him to strike from afar, giving it its usefulness. The angrier he gets, the less dependant the aura will be on Aphon's movements, and the more it will act on its own to strike.
Pride, courage, and confidence warps his aura into a whirlwind. This pushes everything in a two yard radius around him; the stronger he feels, the faster it goes.
Fear, surprise, stress, and helplessness makes his emotion aura form a protective field around him. The aura fiercely repels objects in a two-yard radius around Aphon.
Gravity - Aphon can change the weight of something through contact, for as long as need be. He can also generate wells of gravity on contact with objects, which will pull things toward the object in an area around it.
Although the alteration of weight is a strong ability, its power is solely dependant on how much effort he puts into changing it.
Air - Aphon can feel the air around him in a couple yards' radius, and can acknowledge any changes alien to the area without having to rely on any other senses.
The air can around him also be compressed at will. Though not powerful enough to, say, level a building, it could still knock someone off balance, serve well as a hindrance for weapons and the like, or boost his rock shards forward.
Magnetism - Aphon's final ability is magnetism. Through contact, Aphon can create powerful magnetic fields around enemies that attract any nearby metals. It is initially a lot stronger than gravity would be, but requires more time and control.

Appearance: Aphon's basic physical appearance is given in his race description, other than that it's very simple. His scales are frosted gray. He has no hair. In its place are two long scaled tendrils that can act as whips, and reach to his waist. The same tendrils are featured on his elbows, though they reach to his hands in length.
Aphon wears absolutely no clothing. He enjoys the wind on his back more than a woven plant or hunk of metal.

Personality: During battle Aphon is confident and passionate. He focuses deeply when fighting, and as such does not lose control or make foolish mistakes often. A very scary thing to see fighting, mostly because of his completely blank expression, disability to make any vocal sounds, and his sheer size.
Out of his combat mindset, he may still look blank, but he's a lot different. Aphon knows nothing about this planet, and is very careful of everything around him. He feels very uneasy everywhere, especially around civilization. He tries not to make a mess, but his mass makes him unintentionally clumsy.

Biography: Aphon lived a normal life in the wilderness of his home planet before the demigod A'marul struck it full-force, enslaving his brethren left and right. He alone was the only of his kind to escape through one of the many ancient portals that dotted their planet.
Feigning inferior physical prowess to one of A'marul's warriors which had bound him in chains to be dragged back to the demiplane of his god, Aphon and his captor stumbled upon such a portal.
Among his race there are descendants of the creators of his race. On this day he learned that he was one of them, because for the creators' needs alone shall the portals open, and as soon as he stepped near that portal it lit up like a torch.
His captor, who was planning on getting it to work and showing it to his master, fell backward in astonishment. Aphon, seeing the perfect chance, seized the orange rock that his race gathered annually to be forged into weapons, and heaved it at the slaver, at the same time snapping his chains with a flex of his arms, as if the chains were made of twigs and vine. Without even turning around to see if the rock had hit the mark, Aphon turned, and his long legs pumped furiously toward the portal.
But apparently the rock had missed the target, because a ball of flame slammed into his back, throwing him down into the ground and destroying a portion of his scales. He turned around to see another fireball in the making, and quickly scrambled backwards in hopes of getting out of the way. Suddenly the slaver howled, his glowing hands dimmed, and he began flying toward aphon, doubled over backwards. Into the portal he went, disappearing with a flash. Aphon cautiously followed, very confused as to what had happened.
When he reappeared Aphon was in the air. Very far in the air. He began tumbling and his mind raced to find a way not to get painted onto the surface. Slowly he began to reverse the pull of gravity on him, and as such he began to slow down. With much effort he was able to make the fall 90% less dangerous than it would have been, falling at a measly .98 meters per second. Landing in a vast area, filled with nothing but beige sand, Aphon found the crushed body of the warrior who had captured him, laying face-first in the sand with that orange rock lodged into his spinal column.
Taking up the orange rock, the only vestige he had left of his home, he went to explore this new land, for a power large enough to reclaim his people from the demigod that ruined everything.
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Re: Character List

Aproved by Shrub

My first character w00t

Name: Archon Stilgate

Age: 48

Race: Construct

Sex: Male

Biography: Born Archon Stilgate, the only child of an aristocratic family, Archon was trained essentially from birth in the magical arts. He proved especially adept at the construction and animating golems and earth magic. At age 24 he began work on his masterpiece and by age 28 he had finished it, a perfectly porportioned golem crafted from mythril, pure white limestone with a great diamond core, created to be his families gaurdian while he traveled. However everything went very wrong, Archon locked himself in the basement of his family manor and began the incantaion to animate his prometheus. A blundering servant of his fathers, not heeding the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door and the fact that is was locked, unlocked the door and bardged in tumbling down the stairs and right into Archon. He misspoke the last phrase of the incantation, causing his soul to be ripped rather painfully from his body and to be fused to his golem. To Archon's horror he found his own body unresponsive on the floor still breathing, but so very empty. His parents were shocked to say the least but they quicklly scoured every magic institution looking for a way to return thier son to his body. Archon didn't bother to wait, he knew there was no known way to return to his body. Only the antient dark arts had a chance could restore him.Archon left his 'body' at the manor incased in a special ice to keep it from aging and embarked on his own to find a way to return himself to normal. He has wandered the world for 20 years hiding in odd places always keeping an ear out for any leads.

Personallity: Even though Archon's soul was scarred from the transfer his original personality is mostly intact. Once being the son of an aristocrat he is very much a gentleman, though a touch sarcastic and suspicous of everyone. He is loyal to a fault and will do anything to protect his friends. However the damage done to his soul has created almost an entirelly different being within him an irrational beast with a touch of sadism and a whole lotta pissed off, It is sometimes difficult to keep the 'evil side' in check and often puts him in bad situations. Hi is willing to kill but would prefer the diplomatic route if possible.

Hair: White limestone formed into the shape of shoulder length dreadlocks

Eyes: Red rubies

Weight: 1500lbs

Height: 6'6"


Armor: Limestone

Appearance: 6' 6" humanoid construct his body is in perfect porportion, his 'hair' is made to look like dreadlocks and his eye have an spooky red glow. Archons limestone body given time can be changed to resemble clothing, but more often than not he 'wears' a pair of shorts leaving the rest of his chiseled body bear(pun very much intened). Every so often he must restore his limestone skin due to weathering which dulls his features but more importantlly thins his 'armour'.

Magic: His once massive knowledge of earth magic is know almost completelly gone. He still retains the skills to repair his body should he get damaged. He can still do some very basic earth magic such as creating stone spires and raising up man sized slabs of earth. He pulls his magic from energy storeded in his core, which he pulls from the earth slowly but surelly, unless he 'sleeps' if it could be called that, the energy is not limitless but it is more than enough to get through a regular fight. Should it ever 'run out' he would not perish for the energy binding his soul to the core is from an entirelly different source.

Strengths: Archon's body is now a mythril body with a 1 inch thick covering of limestone, his pure physical strength is impressive and his mass is a lethal weapon in itself. Any strikes to his limestone skin is ineffictive. The enchantment that binds his soul to the golem is unbreakable. He is also free of most basic needs such as food and water. He does 'sleep but it is more of a habit then a nesscessity, he will bury himself in the earth and 'rest' storing more energy in his core.

Weakness: Though he can repair himself it requires a long time thus any damage caused to him in battle cannot be repaired during battle and his mental state is unstable. He is als a little bit on the slow side. His mythril body is not impervious to harm and his diamond core is very sensitive. The destruction of his core would destablize his soul and would instantlly kill him.
How I roll
My character

Also these are my dragons please click and help them grow!
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Re: Character List

Approved by Cookie

Name: Joe Vac




Hair:dirty black;strait back to shoulders

eyes:bright blue and sharp

weight:150 lbs.

height:5ft. 4in.

weopon:Kaila: This is a longsword made by Joe and named after his beloved, Kaila. He is extremely practised with this and it is his main weopon.
Birch Bow:Joe bought this bow at about 14 and is well practised. He uses this rarely because he is rather attached to his sword.

armor:Gold Upper Breastplate:Joe bought this as well at a store in his home town.
Roundsheild:Joe bought this just like the others and it is about twice as big as his head.

items:Rope:Rope:20ft. of rope around his belt loop.
Flute:He has a small flute which he is well practiced with that his father gave him.
Fishing rod: He also has a fishing rod which he found in a trash bin.

Strengths:Extremely good with a sword which he made and shoots farely well with a bow. Has a strong will and good heart.He can easily climb trees as well.

Weaknesses:Will go to any lengths for the people he cares about. Upward thrusts can easily get under his armor. Has trouble against ice and water magic. He sometimes has issues with overconfidence.

Skills/Magic: Can throw simple firebals and engulf his sword in flame. Blacksmith. Has good sword and bow skills.

Appearence:Wears a golden chestplate over a read vest with a pair of jeans. Has dirty black hair down to the top of his back. He wears brown work boots and metal-plated gloves. He is broad in the shoulders and has strong arms and legs. His hips are about 1 1/2 ft. apart.

Personality: Good nature and a strong heart and does all in his power for family and friends, but stays fairly quiet. He is nice to all who have not shown an evil personality. He loves small children. Joe has a strong side where he will speak firmly but calmly.

Biography:Raised by a blacksmith dad, Joe knows how to make lots of metal. They never had very much money, but they survived. He met a girl on the streets at the age of ten. Her name was Kaila. He soon fell in love. But a year after they met, Kaila was kidnapped.
It was known that she was sold as a slave to traders. Joe then made a sword for himself and named it Kaila. He vowed to find her.
He then began to make and gather equipment for saving her. He made gauntlents and a gold chestplate out of extra materials. He also managed to find a fishing rod and some rope. He then lived his life practicing with his sword.
When he turned 12 his father gave him a lute and said"When you play this, know I am always with you."He then died when Joe was 13. Joe took over the shop then.
He began then to dable in fire magic at 14. He also started putting money away. Soon he had 10000 gold peices. Now, at 15, he is about to go search for his beloved.
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Re: Character List

Approved by Cookie

Name: Tora

Appearance: Black Hair, purple eyes that fade into blue at the middle, black overcoat over a red and black striped shirt, black pants, black boots with a red stripe, a grayish pendant around his neck. He is thin with a fair set of muscles and a tattoo of the kensei symbol on his chest.

I've got a pic from FaceMaker,

Race: Human

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Age: 18

Height: 5' 9

Weight: 145 lbs.

Weapons/Items: His Kubiwa, a pendant hung around his neck, it gives him the power to turn into his Kensei (power) form, the kubiwa is a small pendant with the four cardinal points, and a small red ruby, also infused with his blood, in the center. He also has a small sword,
sheathed under his coat.

The Kensei Form is his powerful form, locked inside his soul, it is released when he touches the ruby on the pendant and clenches his open fist. When in the Kensei form, his eyes turn crimson red and his teeth turn into small fangs.
His Kensei gives him abilities that help him in fighting, such as, strength and Speed increased, can shoot Fire, Ice, Wind, and Vines out of his left hand, can work with allies for combo attacks, sword skills increased.

His sword is roughly 1 1/2 feet long, it has a red jewel with the symbol of the Kubiwa pendant on it. It has the words, Kensei Kubiwa Blade, engraved along the blade. It is made of standard steel but had a bit of his blood infused with it, making it connected to him, it's power is only at its fullest when he uses it. There is an engraving of a coiled snake with red eyes on the handle.

Element Barrage: The element barrage is his ability to shoot Fire, Ice, Wind, and Vines out of his left hand, he does this by touching the tattoo of the Kensei Symbol on his hand and sticking out his open palm. It is an effective way to finish off enemies but it sucks out his strength if he uses it too much.

Fire: Burns Enemies
Ice: Fires Ice Crystals
Wind: Blows Enemies Away
Vines: Entangles and Whips Enemies

He is able to tell a person's true emotions, he knows when someone is truly angry, sad, happy, afraid, etc.

Strengths: Strong , fast, good swordsman, incredible fighting power while in Kensei Form, can shoot Fire, Ice, Wind, and Vines out of his left hand, can work with allies for combo attacks. Intellegent and clever. Able to fight through pain and never give up. He is flexible and good at climbing things. He is a fast runner with good hearing and eyesight.

Weaknesses: Verbal attacks about self and family, smoke (incredibly weakens his Kensei Form), others grabbing his Kubiwa, (necklace) Hitting him from behind is more effective than from the front. If you stab him with a weapon infused with mercury, that part of his body is temporarily paralyzed.

Personality: Brave, Motivated, Caring, Strong, (Emotionally and physically), He gets emotional when he thinks of his family, he is very instinctive and is intent on accomplishing any goals he may have. He is sometimes quiet an doesn't have much interest in girls. (or does he? JK) He often thinks very deeply and tends to look into the past a little too much.
He is reckless, but can be sensible, when he is, he has a good sense of right and wrong. He is very intellegent and is able to size up situations and form a plan.

Story: Lived in the town of Pala, at age 17, a strange shadowy creature with claws and a scythe attacked the village, killing his father as he tried to defend the citizens. He is intent on avenging his father and killing... it... as the townspeople came to call it. They do not know anything about it. He knows he holds great power, (his power was locked inside him at birth, due to the fact he was born during an eclipse on a day in which the gods were said to have created the universe, and the gods gave great power to any child ever born at that time.) His mother died when he was an infant. He has a younger sister, who stayed behind in the village, he is very protective of her, and would do anything to keep her safe. He lived in his family's home with his sister after the death of his father. He took care of her for one year until he left. When he set off, his sister was left in the care of friends. He knows, whatever the thing was, it probably came from somewhere terrible.

The sky had turned a dull gray, with the green foliage of summer dancing to and fro. Tora stood valiantly at the foot of the trail, with several of the townspeople watching.
"Don't go big brother, please!" The young child ran up to him.
"Ariana, you know I have to, I have to find out what it was." The boy said as he knelt down.
"But what if it gets you?" The young girl asked anxiously.
"If anything gets me, I won't go down easily." He added valiantly. "But no matter what happens, I promise I'll come back."
The young girl hugged him deeply, and he held his beloved sister in his arms. A tear rolled down his cheek, but he couldn't cry, not now, he had to be strong.
The hug ended and Tora stood up, a man approached him. The man, named Jonah, was the lead swordsman of the village and Tora's Mentor.
"Boy, whatever happens, whatever you do, don't forget the people you care for."
He nodded at Ariana and Tora gazed around at the villagers.
"I won't, sir, I promise." He said.
He turned and began to walk down the path to a stream of goodbyes, and looked back one last time, they were there, waiting, they knew, and he knew, that someday he would return.
At this, he turned around and started down the dirt path.

EDIT: If I need anything else, just tell me and I'll fix it.
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Re: Character List

Name: Felix Wythest

Age: 17

Race: Human/Demonist

Sex: Male

Hair: Long, brown hair, partially covering his eyes.

Eyes: Blueish grayish, and red when Unleashing

Weight: 150 LBS

Height: 5ft 10"

Weapon: Felix can summon several weapons from the Nether, from demonic long-swords to hellstorm bows. He always carries a small, 5" dagger in his robes.The blade is adorned with pictures of demons, and is made of black ebony. But his main weapon is The Oracle Scythe, a grim-reaper like scythe, 4ft long and with a silver blade. Carved onto it's surface is a humanoid, with black feathery wings, and a wicked smile. The Oracle Scythe can rip through the fabric of space, and can create portals to travel to distant areas, as long as Felix has been there recently. It also gives Felix one free summon of Novice to Eclipse weight/power

Armor: The white and black robe of the Demonistic Acolyte adorn Felix. It has a hood, and it's floor-length. The robe gives Felix one free light or dark attack of Novice to Eclipse power.

Strengths: His wide array of techniques and abilities suit a constantly shifting battle. The free summon and light/dark attack his Scythe and robes give him lets Felix start off strong, and with the help of his summons, let him take on more than one person better than most.

Weaknesses: Felix has no actual armor, as any weapon can tear through cloth. His attacks are also generally slow, and leave him open at the worst time. He can sometimes underestimate enemies, a weakness that can change the tide of battle. He is quite skinny, and is easily tossed around by heavier opponents.


Netherenergy: Energy is what keeps us going. It keeps us alive. Netherenergy is a form of energy found in roughly 1 out of 300 people. Demonistic magicians use it to tap into the Nether and draw things out. Drawing out things of great power and weight require much more Netherenergy than things of smaller power and weight. If Felix summons a pebble, for example, he won't break a sweat. It would feel like bending down and picking it up. But if he tried to summon a river, it would feel like running several marathons in a row. He will die if he attempts to draw out something too heavy or powerful. Summons and spells are classified into groups: Novice, Journeyman, Eclipse, Inner and Wraith.

Summoning: Summoning is the meat-and-bones of Felix's magic. It is the act of magically reaching into the Nether, and taking something out. Felix can summon weapons to help him, from Angelic Axes to Hellstorm Bows. They disappear when another weapon is summoned. Summoning Demons is a three way cycle. When summoned, Felix may choose where the cycle begins. Let's start with Form. A Demon in Form is basically just as it is in the Nether, and must obey all of Felix's or Felix's teammate's commands. It can attack and can be attacked back. A demon of higher level (Inner and Wraith) may turn on Felix if he is wounded or knocked out when they are in form. He can not desummon demons that are not under his control, and must either A: Kill it or B: Run away and hope it attacks his opponents. If Felix uses Retrieve, it enters it's second stage, Dormant. It turns into dust and races into Felix's body. When Dormant, Demons empower Felix with new abilities. These new abilities are based on the characteristics of the demon. A demon with wings would give Felix wings, and a demon with many eyes would give Felix an extra set of eyes. The abilities always affect him, until he Unleashes them. When unleashed, Felix commands a powerful magical attack. Again, this attack is based on the characteristics of the demon, a demon with tentacles, if unleashed, may make Felix shoot tentacles from his hands. Depending on the power of the attack, the Demon will go into Form after a while. In general, it takes 10 secs for a Novice demon reappear, 30 secs for a journeyman demon, a minute for an eclipse demon, three minutes for an inner demon, and 10-20 mins for a Wraith demon to appear. So, here's an example. Felix summons an imp in Form. It can claw enemies and do a Novice healing spell. Later on, Felix Retrieves it. It becomes Dormant. Felix can now grow claws. Felix then decides to Unleash him, and a phantom claw comes from him and hits the enemy. Because the Imp is weak, only ten seconds pass until the Imp reforms into Form. The cycle repeats until the Imp is dead or desummoned. Desummoning give Felix about half the energy he used to originally summon the object. If the Imp dies, nothing is gained. Felix may only have two Demons at a time.

Retrieving: A spell to turn the Demon from Form to Dormant. The spell level depends on the Demon, from Novice to Wraith.

Unleashing: A spell to turn the Demon from Dormant to Unleashed. The spell level depends on the Demon, from Novice to Wraith.

Light Magic: Felix can use any Light Magic spells from Novice to Inner. Light magic generally incorporates healing and smiting. The ones Felix knows are:


Small Heal: A weak heal, heals small cuts at most.

Smite: A low damage attack, which does more damage to evil characters.


Purge: Cures the body of a poison.

Heal: A regular heal, heals small wounds.


Judge: A stronger version of smite.

Vaccine: Cures a disease or poison and makes you immune to it for ten minutes.


Strong Heal: Heals large wounds and fixes non-major bones.

Dark Magic: Felix can use any Dark Magic spells from Novice to Inner. Dark magic generally incorporates attack spells and disease spells. Only one disease spell may afflict a target at any one time.The spells he knows are:



Fires a small dark sphere at the enemy, doing minimal damage.


Plague: Blindness: Inflicts a disease on the target, that makes it harder to aim weapons/spells.

Plague: Weakness: Melee attacks are slightly weaker with this disease



Once every ten minutes, this spell stops an opponent from casting a spell, and disables that spell for ten seconds.

Plague: Sight: Felix can shift his vision to the enemy's vision if they are afflicted with this disease.


Plague: Sleep: Puts the victim in a state of sleep for five seconds. While short, this gives him time to gain range or get away. Any damage breaks the effect.

Appearance: Felix is a handsome lad, even if he is on the skinny side from all the energy he uses in his spells. He has a small scar on his right cheek from an encounter with a panther in the jungle. His Demonistic Acolyte robes are a mix of white and black, with a small hood. He has a leather satchel in which he carries his supplies, such as food and water.

Personality: Always a good laugh, Felix is always looking on the brighter side of life. In battle, his teammates are top priority, and by himself, his own survival is the most important thing. Felix is respectful to everyone he meets, and is a likable person.


Dr. Dalstone took a good, long swig from his bottle of brandy. He had earned it. Dalstone was a man in his late 50s, with thin gray hair and large brown eyes. He had worked at the Royal Academy for twenty long years, and had finally uncovered the secret to unlimited Netherenergy. With some special equipment, he could become godlike. A sound came from downstairs. Probably old Mrs. Jones again, he thought. Another sound, defiantly a crash this time. Dalstone turned away from his work and looked out the window. The streets were in chaos. Building's were on fire, and armies marched the street. The great city of Caemit was in catastrophe. It was the last thing Dalstone saw, as at that moment, a high level Wraith flame spell hit his lodging house. It exploded into the night, leaving no one alive.


Felix stood in the Royal Academy's Demonistic section. You see, the Royal Academy was divided into three sections: The Light Section, The Dark Section, and The Demonistic section. Demonistics can tap into the Nether and draw something out. It can be anything, but usually it's Demons. Demons just mean Nether-creatures, they can be anything from angels to monsters. The Nether is another world, parallel to ours. It contains all the supernatural creatures of our world. Demonistics use Netherenergy to bring things from there to here. So, Felix was standing in the Royal Academy's Demonistic Section, in the garden, reading a book entitled The Nether Almanac: A list of all known Nether apparitions and residents. The Royal Academy was in the center of Caemit, and it was only five months since the enemy nation of Kradel attacked it. Parts of it were still in ruin, despite the best efforts of Light Magicians. A sudden voice boomed in the air: a magical spell used by the headmaster of the Academy to amplify his voice.

"Would all students of the Academy please proceed to the entrance hall."

Felix had been a Demonistic since he was very young, and they had detected Netherenergy in him. He was an only child, and he visited his parents every month since he came to the Royal Academy. They lived in Caemit, a half-hour walk from the Academy. Felix closed his book, and walked to the entrance hall. A crowd of about 1000 students were milling around in the entrance hall, discussing their ideas and gossiping.

"Why do you think we're here, Douglas?"

"Hey Becky, did you know that Archmage Travis is going deaf in his old age?"

"David, pass me some Kradel Juice, will you?"

Felix sat down next to his best friend, a dark magic user, Harold.

"Hey Harold"

"Hello Felix"

"What do you th-"

Felix was cut off as the front door opened and the headmaster walked in. He was a man in his late 40s, with thinning gray hair and a stern look on his face. Felix was a little scared of him, as he was quite imposing.

"Students! It is time to help your nation in it's hour of need. Normally, you would become agents of our king and members of the army after you graduate from the Academy, but the need is greater now. You all remember the devastating attack on our great city five months ago. Thankfully, the enemy army never made it to the Academy's gates, but they did get something they wanted. When this-- MR. WINTERS, STOP TALKING AND PAY ATTENTION!"

Douglas Winters looked sheepish and turned to the front.

"Now...When this war started, a high ranking researcher, Dr. Dalstone, started working on a project called The Nether Flow. The Nether flow was a project in which, after the ritual was completed, the participant would have an infinite flow of Netherenergy. He called it The Oracle Effect. He was working on it in a lodging house on the east end of town when it was struck by a high-level Wraith spell. Naturally, he was killed, but the instruments to activate the ritual had an enchantment on them. As soon as Dr. Dalstone died, they flew into the clouds, and scattered to the winds. A Wraith Arcane Displacement spell. The items are: The Oracle Sword, The Oracle Axe, and The Oracle Scythe. We assume the Kradel know about The Nether Flow, and have begun searching for the instruments. We must divide you all up to get them all. Light Users, you will go with Dr. Castel to search for the sword. Dark Users, you will go with Dr. Vladiscus to search for the axe. And Demonistics will go with Dr. Preston in search of the Scythe. Please follow you're leader out the room to waiting horses."

The headmaster turned and walked out the room. Everyone got up and said their goodbyes. Felix said goodbye to Harold, who jogged over to Dr. Vladiscus. Felix walked out of the room along with the other Demonistics, and they stopped in front of rows and rows of horses. Dr. Preston handed out weapons in case they ran into the Kradel. Dr. Preston handed Felix a long dagger, black ebony and adorned with various demons. Felix chose a brown and white horse, and saddled on him. When everyone had a horse, which was about 300 people, they headed out towards the city gates. The gates were made of pure bronze, and were many times bigger than Felix. They passed through it and started their journey. It was pretty uneventful. They got into a trend: go to a town, ask about the Scythe, go to the next one, rince, repeat. After a month of journeying, they entered a small desert village named Anoukay. When they asked the village chief, he told them that a shooting star had been observed crashing down on a nearby mountain on the night of the attack. The small army headed to it. They had to leave their horses at the foot of the mountain, for it was too steep for them. As they were all Demonistics, they all simply summoned flying creatures to scale the mountain. Felix closed his eyes and summoned a Gryphon, and climbed on top of him. Felix had wanted to show off, and had summoned a Wraith level Gryphon. Felix slumped onto it's back, and lay down until they reached the mountain top. Felix was first up there, and lay down behind a boulder, exhausted from the summoning. He de-summoned the Gryphon, which restored some energy, but not enough. A few seconds later, Felix saw many different demons carrying Demonistics rise up and onto the cliff. Some Demonistics just summoned their flying demon in the Dormant stage, and used it's powers to fly there themselves. Dr. Prestons landed, and they were about to begin searching when a Kradel soldier climbed up onto the peak from the other side of the mountain. Soon hundreds were there, just like the first one. Both sides just stared at each other, in total shock. Two seconds later, they snapped out of it and the battle began. But it was too much for the tired out Felix. He struggled against it, but then everything went black.


Felix awoke an hour later, refreshed. He wondered were he was, and then he remembered the battle. He stood up in total shock. Bodies were everywhere. Demon corpses, and human corpses, side by side. A Kradel had his back turned to him, hunched over something. He was wearing rich Kradel robes, marking him as a great warrior. He was saying something. Felix sneaked closer and eavesdropped.

"They're all dead" he said, fighting back tears. He was holding a relay stone, used to send messages back and forth. "I'm the only one still alive. On the bright side, I do have the Oracle Scythe. Ok, you'll pick me up early tomorrow? Ok, see you later" He stood up and turned around before Felix could react. They locked eyes, and he pulled out an amazing silver Scythe that radiated power.

"Ha! I can take a single boy!" he exclaimed, as he brandished the Scythe. "Let's see what you can do!"

Felix took a step back and sent a journeyman fireball in his direction. The man waved the scythe as if cutting something, and a black portal opened up in front of him. He ran through, and the portal disappeared. All in five seconds. Felix stared with disbelief, wondering were he went, as his fireball hit a rock behind where the Kradel had been. A sound of hurried footsteps gave Felix just enough time to duck the incoming blow, as the Kradel somehow had come in from behind him. As he ducked, he twisted himself to face his attacker, and he pulled his dagger out from his secret pocket inside his robes. He thrust it forward, and into the Kradel's stomach. He bent over and fell to the ground, dead. Felix brushed himself off and picked up the Scythe in his shaking hands. He knew he held an item of great power. But what of the other two? Felix had to get them before the Kradels. And so began his journey.
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Re: Character List

Name: Saisuu Fennikusu (goes by Sai Fenn).

Age: Looks eighteen, but in reality is about one millenium old.

Race: Phoenix/Superhuman.

Sex: Male.

Hair: Crimson red ...just check out the picture. Sometimes he wears it withe headband, up; other times no headband, just loose.

Eyes: Unpatched eye is emerald; patched eye is bright, cyan/blue.

Weight: 156 lbs. (or pounds).

Height: 6' 1" (or six feet and one inch tall).

Dual R&R Futuristic revolvers; length of blades span to about two feet -in addition, blades are completely retractable and energy source of blades on both dual revolvers come from solar power therefore, the revolvers' blades are laser based and can cut through almost anything. The ammunition is basically unlimited as long as the location of battle/duel is somewhere sunny due to both revolvers gaining their energy from sun (solar). Bullets have the appearence of streaks of light when fired -light ammo flies faster then any other ammo ever created- and gun never needs to be reloaded unless fighting in a dark area when real ammunition will most likely be needed to load the solar powered gun in order to conserve the guns' energy.


Retractable Claws A light, yet strongly reinforced glove that's located upon Saisuu's right hand contains a highly advanced hydraulics system that allows four razor sharp retractable claws -up to three feet in length- to spring forth from the glove's fingertips. Also, glove enhances control and power of Saisuu's lightning element.


Fellstar This gigantic sword boasts eight feet in length and twelve to sixteen inches in width (give or take a few inches depending at what part of the blade you're looking at). Forged from a fallen star, 'Fellstar' is pretty much undestructable. Very very very heavy -it's weight is based upon the burdens Saisuu's had to carry throughout his life. Power to turn one's will, determination, and bravery into energy that will enhance attacks. Despite it's weight, Sai has learned to wield it properly, fluidly ...and attack with his elements through Fellstar's blade.

Diamond Layer Underneath Saisuu's skin is a thin, yet dense, compact, concentrated layer of diamond-like material that reinforces his muscles/bones and keeps his body from taking any serious internal damage; plus, this diamond-like material being a little stronger than diamonds itself, it's pretty difficult to penetrate. This 'Diamond Layer' was created by the many experiments the LoA (League of Assassins) conducted upon Saisuu's body.

Strengths: Enhanced strength (bend metal with bear hands), flexibilty (can preform splits, bridge, bend seemingly impossible), speed (can hold and control his speed up to thirty mph), stamina (great stamina, but based on how he attacks/defends ...lifting his giant sword is no problem), and unmatched dexterity (can manuver his huge sword, Fellstar with ease and grace) due to extreme training.

Weakness: Quicker opponent, stamina drains quite quickly based on how he attacks/defends, element overuse (can lead to internal damage/bleeding), and women. Cannot use same element skill over and over again; a twenty minute break is required for energy to refill after use of that specific element (other element drawbacks listed under elemental skills). To be more specific, depending on how wisely he uses his elemental powers -like using weaker ones to warmup, etc.- and not going all-out at the very start of a fight, this all determines how long his stamina lasts. If forcing himself to overuse his elements, a body part -such as arm, leg, etc.- will most likely fail.

Flare Element ~ an element that's a mix between both fire and light elements. Not only is it bright enough to blind his opponents, but at full power/strength, Flare Element can reach temperatures as high as a star's core. Saisuu can naturally create this element by himself because it's his phoenix's own element. Has no actual limit, but weakens as Sai's stamina decreases. Color of element while in use: bright, pure white ...light gold as Sai weakens.
Heavenfall ~ somersault attack where Sai's weapon will ignite and slash downwards in a somersault/circle pattern while he flips up to two times through the air.
Red Padma ~ Saisuu's whole body becomes engulfed by Flare Element as Sai jabs/stabs his weapon into opponent (strong enough to cause knockout/paralyze by shock of the heat) -does damage to Sai himself though.
Phoenix Dive ~ soaring into the air by flaming phoenix wings, Sai straightens his weapon parallel with his body and towards his opponent before quickly crashing down into the opponent, causing a blazing inferno of fire and heat to expand about fifty feet in diameter from origin of use/attack. After using this ability, Flare Element may no longer be used for one day. Fellstar's blade overheats (very very hot) and Sai is unable to use his Ice Element to attack at all for the day.


Lightning Element ~ another element granted by the spirit of Sai's phoenix. Basically, the ability to naturally generate or create electricity. Saisuu may allow his whole body to become one with this element, allowing him to travel/teleport at light speed for a short period of time -about ten minutes- however, after using this way, the Lightning Element becomes dormant for about an hour before allowing reuse. If not fusing with ownself, Sai could practically keep using this element for attack/defense purposes depending on opponent's attack/magic/etc.
Cliff Sunder ~ a lightning-quick jab with his weapon into the opponent, that's followed by a downwards or upwards slash which summons a streak of lightning out of the skies and upon Sai's target.
Lightning Drake ~ summons four long and flowing bolts of lightning that chase down Saisuu's opponent at incredible speeds -bolts may split into smaller ones, however attack's aggressive persistance will not last long after bolts split. Limit of two of these attacks per day.


Ice Element ~ exactly what it means ...just control over ice. Can manipulate vapor (water particles)/water and change it's temperature to create ice. Takes sometime to preform temperature change (about ten minutes), but once ready, can swiftly change any form of water directly into desired shape of ice.
Icebloom ~ summons an elegant flower of ice -strong as steel- to surround his opponent, making the target immovable/paralyzed temporarily, while Sai then smashes Fellstar's blade horizontally into the flower of ice; this will cause the shards of ice to break and burst straight into Sai's opponent.
Rime Blade ~ forces Saisuu's speed to greatly increase while Sai rams his weapon into the opponent's pressure points, each stab followed by shards of ice peircing out from Sai's weapon and into the target. Drains stamina like overusing a physical skill/attack.


Wind Element ~ can manipulate air/wind and control. In addition, can concentrate the wind or air he manipulates into dense and compact, sphere-like shapes in the palm of either of Sai's hands. If given enough time to strengthen/concentrate (about five minutes), the pressure and thin, razor-like streams of wind (air currents) can shred his opponent to bits, devour the composition of other elemental attacks, or just shred an object of almost any size to peices.
Scension ~ Summoning of wind to back-up Sai's weapon of choice.
Ascension ~ Two swift strikes, complete turns, while wind slices up enemy.
Transcenion ~ Huge range (about twenty feet) where Fellstar's blade becomes wrapped in currents of wind and unleashes a upward, tornado-like, spiral upon the target, forcing Sai's enemy into the air while giving him/her damage ...then allows Sai to slice opponent however he wishes on the way back down after skill use. Wind element becomes unusable for twenty minutes.


Patched Eye ~ Saisuu's patched eye allows him to see into one's past, present, and future -nope, not mind control or anthing like that, just seeing through time- when 'pirate patch' over eye is removed.


Saisuu bears a unique tattoo of a phoneix that stretches all across his back, the design consisted mainly of black flames the formed the shape of a mythical creature, a phoenix.

Personality: Emotionless and expressionless most of the time, Saisuu will soon grow/force himself out of the character that the LoA molded him into. Caring fella, cherishes life & lives it to the fullest. He's always there when you need somebody to talk to. Very wild and free-spirited at times and a difficult person to restrain. Rai always will find a way out, no matter what obstacles or problems get thrown at him, he solves each situation with ease by use of his wonderous wisdom and strange experiances. Also has an interestingly, intriguing mysterious side... how's that? Well you'll just have to find out.

Biography: Blessed with the spirit of an ancient phoenix -that only appears on the earth once per millenium- Saisuu's uncontrollable outbursts of unearthly powers made a secret group of assassins notice him soon after Sai's birth. These silent killers called themselves the LoA or League of Assassins and they desired Saisuu and his abilities all for themselves. Murdering Saisuu's loving, caring parents when Sai was merely four years old, the LoA stole Sai away into their hidden headquarters. There, Saisuu desperately tried to withstand the LoA's attempts to mold his character to their own liking. Sai did cause the lot of them quite a bit of trouble, unleashing the powers his phoenix granted Sai upon the LoA and demolishing half their headquarters, however, this victory was short-lived. Finally managing to contain Saisuu's powers, the LoA tortured the poor little boy, crippling Sai's will, determination, and hope. Now that the assassins had Sai in a delicate state of mind, they trained him day and night in their ways; the LoA started off by teaching the boy to hide his emotions, to not show his true feelings any longer ...soon enough, to kill mercilessly. Next, they preformed experiments upon the young lad, enhancing his body's capabilities -such as biological defense mechanisms, extreme flexibility, etc. Finally, they worked on his fighting skills, teaching him in many martial arts -including Tae Kwan Do, Muai Thai, Caporeia, Kendo, etc.- and forced Sai to master the unique abilities the phoenix blessed him with. From the age of four to nineteen, Saisuu remained submissive towards the LoA ...but all that was soon to change; for deep within his caged heart, Sai still felt the need to escape, to be free. His free-spirited heart would no longer take this enslavement and torture! It was time to take action! ...and so he did. Being known as top assassin in the LoA's ranks, the LoA truly did fear Sai, but they foolishly trusted in themselves too much that they now controlled Saisuu. Saisuu proved how wrong the LoA really was when he blasted through their defenses, stealing various equipment and weapons for himself and escaping their headquarters by means of his powers. Oh yeah! He was finally free and Sai was lovin' it. 'Cept, there were a few problems the young man didn't take into account: First off, he was taught to not feel so he had to somehow learn how to express his emotions once again; Second, the LoA implanted a few mind-controlling devices (or chips) within Saisuu's body that'd make him do their evil biddings (assassinate targets) whenever the LoA desired; Third, Sai didn't know who he was -other than knowing his own name, Saisuu still had yet to discover himself, his forgotten past, and his meaning in life. The young man, brave warrior now journies to find satisfying answers to his deepest thoughts and questions ...followed closely behind by the toughest bounty hunters that the LoA could hire.
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Re: Character List

Name: Haradin Hurcule XVI

Age: 27

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: long and black

Eyes: Green

Weight: 175 pounds

Height: 6' 7"

~~~Alzian Long Sword~~~

weapon the reaches 6 feet, only the strogest of warriors can handle such a massive weapon. it was forged in the eastern mountains using the special steel only found there, Hepzta steel.

~~~Battle Knife~~~

a small weapon at 6 inches, it is used to stab people in the coraded or juggular artery when in close quarters.

~~~Royal Alzian Armour~~~

Armour of the Royal Family of Alzio which includes chain male underneath articulating plate amour which is gold plated where the amour sticks out, also made of the strong Hepzta steel. Only royals and nobles are allowed to ware this armour let alone afford it.

~~~Royal Shield~~~

Also made of Hepzta steel. with a crest on it mountain forest ocean and fire in the middle.

Strengths: he can lead, when he orders people fallow.
being that his armor and sword is made of the hepzta steel it can resist most attacks, arrows bounce off and sword slashes glance off with little to no damage done, due to its good balance of carbon and other elements making it flexible and tough.
he is fearless before he had the royal armor he would rush into battle and kill with out thinking twice.
in addition to being an excellent swordsmen he is also a great diplomat and talk himself out of almost any situation.

cannot lead with his right leg due to that fact that it was broken, and never properly healed, which means he has to fight in an awkward position, making his sword hits not as strong as they should be.
Hepzta steel is heavy so when he does move on his legs it is slow.
One bad thing about Hepzta steel is it has a low meting temperature at about 850 degrees F, compared to a much weaker steel Sutzta at 1600 degrees F.

Skills/Magic: no magic.

Appearance: Haradin wares Royal Alzian Armour a white and green robe the colors of this people with the crest mountain forest ocean and fire in the middle he has a beard black, no mustache his nose is crooked from a battle long ago fought and is often stained with the blood of his enemies. He is also extremly muscular.

when meeting new people he likes to command the conversations and find out what kind of people they are, when he does he lets up and relaxes more.
he doesn't like to play games, he is not this way on the battlefield he will try to trick and confuse his enemies before ordering the final advance.
he likes to control things is personally fighting at the front of every battle.
he believes that his local star is god and prays to him before and after battles.
has 24 kids with 14 women (it's good to be the king lol), he is a meat and fruit eater and rarely eats vegetables.
kind, would do anything to protect his family, he considers all of Alzio part of his family.
forever loyal to his country and everything it stands for, "United for Peace".
always willing and ready to learn and teach.
he likes women too much, sometimes they distract him from what he is doing.
he is afraid of water because he almost drowned as a boy.
he despises laziness to the point where he nearly beat his oldest son to death for refusing to bring him his sword.

Biography: Haradin son of Ordajian and Heniss was born in 955 AH (After Haradin I aka Haradin the Great) and took over his father's thron after he died in battle against the Gangins at Borius in 976 AH. He was brought up with war all around him he even lead a small division of cavalry in 970 at the battle for Kilimesh plain, his dogs Aken and Broden road with him when he killed his first man then. He lives on the planet Grisima IV (Grisima being the local star IV being the 4th planet out from the star) and rules the Land of Alzio which he united after capturing the Capital City of Gangula, Geldis Galhem, and beheading it's King Markus Galugian V, he already ruled over the other country Oritus but that was becasue his dad Ordajian took it over. so now he presides over an expanding empire he builds roads orders theaters constructed standardize schools and so on. Above all Haradin is a fair person and believes second chances are found in the army which is on a feudal type system.
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Leonna Fallenstar

Here's my character!

Name: Leonna Fallenstar

Age: 18

Race: Astral Faerie

Gender: Female

Hair color/style: blond/braided bun

Eyes: Unnaturally bright blue

Weight: 135 lbs.

Height: 5'6''

Weapon: Crystal Quarterstaff; Leonna can channel her powers through the staff.

Armor: None

Strengths: Because Leonna's powers are fire and light based, she has a high tolerance for light and heat damage. She has wings to fly, so she can move in any direction with great agility (when her wings are out). Leonna can move fairly quickly and is not hindered by heavy armor. Her deep knowledge of nature also allows her to percieve her enemy's weaknesses fairly quickly. She also has great flexibility and a long range with her quarter staff and magic capabilities.

Weaknesses: Although Leonna has high tolerance for temperature extremes, if she is exposed to cold for too long, her powers will weaken. Dark based attacks generally absorb most of the energy of her magic attacks so that they become ineffective. She's also a sucker for the weak and injured and will hesitate before striking a deadly blow. Because she wants to keep a low profile, she will not use magic unless it becomse absolutely nessesary. Because of her light frame, her physical attacks are fairly weak and will take a heavy toll from phsyical damage.While Leonna can fight well with a quarter staff, she has not mastered it, and when put against a true master of the sword, she is at an decided disadvantage.


(offensive) Leonna doesn't have any specific spells, she simply has the ability to create and manipulate fire and light. Her powers generally manifest themselves as balls of fire or rays of plasma and can reach temperatures hot enough to boil metal (around 3134K). As with any power vs. energy attack, the more powerful Leonna's flame is, the more energy she must use to create and maintain it. She is also skilled in fighting with a quarterstaff, but it is the only weapon she is skilled with.

(defensive) The energy Leonna uses to create fire and light can also be used to create defensive barriers made of sheer energy (this ability looks like a wall of color and light, much like an aurora borealis).

(healing) Leonna can focus her energy into any living being to speed up its process of healing. The more energy she uses to do so, the faster its wounds repair themselves.

Appearance: Leonna has an average height and an athletic body. Her skin is a light peach and the basic features of her face are very soft. She wears a plain white bodice with a dark blue skirt and leather boots. However, she usually wears a long grey cloak, which conceals her clothes.Leonna doesn't look like a warrior, and because she can control whether or not her wings are in or out, she generally doesn't have them out. When she does, they look like butterfly wings and glow a bright orange-yellow. The staff she carries is longer than she is tall and is trasparent, having the appearance of glass. She usually keeps her hair up in a bun, either in braids or ringlets. Her most notable feature is her unnaturally blue eyes, which generally capture most of an onlooker's attention.

Personality: Leonna is a very kind person, perhaps to a fault. She will never pass a chance to help someone and is a little too trusting. Though she is quite knowledgeable in a number of subjects, she generally comes off as naive because of her obsessive need to help others. She is optimistic and graceful, loyal and not easily offended. In battle, she rarely takes the offensive and will never attempt to kill the offender (if they're not a monster). Leonna belives in the value of life and takes a strong dislike to those that malitiously take it. When coming accross abrasive people, Leonna will generally submit rather than fight, unless of course, her fighting will benefit someone else. Once she decides on acting on an event she will stubbornly stick to it.

Biography (brief): Leonna does not know where she was born, what family she has, or even what kind of being she is. She was a baby when her adoptive parents (Minerva and Erevan) found her, lying unconcious in the remains of a smouldering forest. Rumor has it that she fell from the sky, since the people of a nearby village saw a comet hit the forest on the night Leonna was found. It was this rumor that gave her her name, Leonna (named after Leo, the constellation) Fallenstar.

Leonna lived her life being treated differently than other people. Her strange eyes, and discovery of her magic led to quiet discrimination in her village, ostrisizing her from her own parents. She was allowed to live in the village, but people were forbidden to speak to her, lest they be cursed.

Leonna took on the same beliefs that the villagers had, which was worship of a Hyrulian goddess, Farore. She became familiar with the village priest, Hedias, who didn't seem to mind her strange abilities. It was he that taught her how to use a quarterstaff, how to hone in on her magic abilities. He also instilled in her the value of life and its connection to magic.

Unfortunantly, even Hedias began to suffer because of her differences, and she then decided to leave in order to protect him. It was then that Leonna went on a journy to find the meaning of her life, to see if there were indeed others like her...


I have a seriously awsome history of what Astral Faeries are, but it is a tid bit too long to post here. If you're super curious...then...uh...just ask or somthin'.
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