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Re: Character List

Name: Donik Aiden Carak (A.K.A. Man in the Black Cloak, or BCM)

Age: 24

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: Bald

Eyes: Emerald Green

Weight: 190

Height: 6 feet 10 inches

Overarching Theme: "These Mistakes are Mine Alone"

For the Fighting Times: "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face" (Remix) -- Original song by Coldplay, Rush of Blood to the Head

The Cargo Cloak: Donik’s trademark amongst his Merc brethren--his enormous hooded black woollen cloak. Donik’s cloak reaches to just below his knees and wraps around his entire body. It also has sleeves. There are several large pockets of various designs, but only three pockets are shown on the outside--two large pockets in the front for easy access with his hands and a large zippered pouch on his back left--the rest are hidden within the cloak itself. Those are: a sown-in short sword sheath and two dagger sheaths on either side (2 short swords and 4 daggers total), and a small zippered pouch on his left side. There are also two pairs of quick release straps on the back.

Primary Short Range Weapon: The “M.C. Staff” -- Appears to be a rather plain looking wooden staff, about five feet long. However, there are several unique properties to this staff. First, 4 1/2 foot blades can be swiftly released out of either end. (Two total, one assigned for each end) These long, thin, swords are released with the use of powerful magnets. Secondly, the staff can repel or attract elemental attacks, according to the user’s will. The staff is of a moderate weight, about 12 pounds. The balance of the staff changes depending on whether the swords are deployed. When traveling, the MC Staff is usually strapped onto the back of Donik’s cloak.

Certain innate properties within its design enable the Staff to take incredible punishment without damage. Not that Donik can't drop it, but the Staff itself is virtually indestructible.

Secondary Short Range Weapons: 2 short swords and 4 daggers.

Primary Long Range Weapon: The “MAG Rifle” -- Essentially, a sniper rifle. However, the bullets are propelled by an incredibly strong magnetic repulsion between a magnet within the “chamber” and another on the butt end of the bullet, instead of your typical “Click. Boom. Pow.” Thus, the weapon is virtually silent. However, as with all weapons of this type, they are not meant for medium or close range use. Additionally, as magnets powerful enough to effectively fire a sniper bullet are quite difficult to produce, lack of ammunition is always an issue. As the Mercenary organization Donik works for regulates and distributes these bullets among their employees based off of rank, Donik is only authorized to carry five bullets at a time.

The MAG Rifle is stored within a hardshell case, which is strapped onto the back of Donik’s cloak. It takes about a minute to set everything up.

The “Magnet Butt” bullets are held within one of his cloak’s zipped pockets.

The M.C. Scroll: Not particularly a weapon, but it is quite useful. Created by his mentor over thirty years prior, this little scroll of paper seems to defy every law of physics. Donik can “seal” any object desired within the scroll, while the weight of the scroll itself remains the same.

To withdraw or deposit an object, the user must open the scroll and place their hand on the paper. Then, a pseudo-telepathic category map will "appear" in their mind (think of tags and the folder system on your computer) and the user will proceed from there. If they are withdrawing, one must select an individual item and take their hand off the paper, which will trigger the item to appear where their hand just was. To deposit an object, the user must make their way through the "folders" until they reach the designated placement. Then, they must take the item they wish to deposit and place it on the paper, where it will "sink" into the scroll.

Serious damage to the Scroll (burns, gouges, etc...) will cause it to temporarily lose function. However, the paper is self-repairing, like human skin. So, after a few hours, all damage will be healed and all functionality will be restored.

Within this scroll are replacement swords (5) and daggers (10), but not bullets. Within, he also has steel and hemp rope (5 sets of hemp rope, each 20 feet, and 1 set of steel rope, also 20 feet), time released electric trigger bombs (Set off by an internal electric charge -- 5), electric-trigger bombs (triggered by an external electric charge -- 5), metallic wire (100 feet), a small and large pair of pliers, a comprehensive first aid kit, a small tent, sleeping bag, electric lamp, extension cords, small electric generator (it is, however, a virtual perpetual motion machine, so it can produce a lot of power), weapon maintenance supplies, copper wiring (10 feet), a sewing kit, toiletries, a compass, spyglass, a fountain pen, ink, blank paper, an unabridged series of encyclopedias, a pocket calendar, industrial rubber gloves, a fishing pole along with bait, hook, and line, a month’s worth of dried food and water, changes of clothes, and replacement Cargo Cloaks (2).

The MAG Generator -- This small electric generator, stored within a 6 inch x 6 inch hard-plastic case, acts as a virtual perpetual motion machine, through a fairly simple process of self-generated power with the use of magnets. Thus, creating an unlimited source of electric power.

With Donik's generators, he has exposed one of the device's corners, where you can quickly access an electric charge by tying a metallic rope or thread around a sturdy metallic rod. This rod is only "live," of course, when the generator is turned on.

There is also a standard electrical outlet for the generator's more mundane uses.

MAG Bombs -- As described in the Scroll section, there are two kinds of bombs Donik wields: one that is set to explode in a set time, or time-released, or one that explodes once an electric charge goes through it.

Both bombs look nearly exactly the same, a nearly perfectly proportioned gray cube about the size of our Rubik's Cube, but they operate in slightly different ways.

The Time-Released bombs have to be armed in order to detonate. To arm the bomb, the user must set the "time till explosion" on a dial mounted on one of the bomb's six faces and press down. At that moment, the internal clock starts counting down from the set time.

The External-Charge bombs require an energy source and some way for an electric charge to reach it. The most common method is for the user to attach a long, thin, metallic wire to the bomb, then to a device that produces electricity, causing the bomb to explode at that moment, as long as the device providing the charge is "live."

The Time-Release bombs have an explosion radius of about fifty feet, while the External bombs have a radius of about seventy-five.

Armor: Donik’s woolen cloak has a thick inner lining of leather, to repel light attacks and keep melee attacks from causing fatal damage.

Strengths: Due to Donik’s incredibly lanky frame, his long reach is a major defensive asset. This, combined with his staff, makes it an even greater challenge to land a decisive hit. He knows this, so he trains his overall stationary position speed so that he can keep up with the majority of direct melee attacks that come his way. Because of this training, his overall strength is quite impressive, as he is able to swing around his staff and effectively use it while wearing his cloak.

Donik is fairly accomplished in knife throwing also, as he was trained in this by his mentor. Additionally, thrown projectiles go at a pretty good clip, due to Donik's lanky arms.

His cloak is meant to conceal the that he has two swords and four daggers a mere hand-fwip away. Keep that in mind.

Donik makes light footfalls, due to his training and that he wears moccasins.

On the mental side of things, Donik is, frankly, a scholar. He is very accomplished in engineering, science, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics and the vast majority of "hard" sciences. Due to this, he is able to calculate distances on the fly and deduce inferences about his opponent and the environment from his vast array of knowledge.

Weakness: Even though Donik is quite swift and agile, he tends to heavily rely on his weaponry. If you can neutralize this threat, the battle will probably tip in your favor, as Donik doesn't have much training in traditional hand-to-hand combat. His background in that area is fast'n-loose street fighting, which will barely have any effect against one with either formal training or proper armor.

If you get past his defenses, you’ll find that Donik’s cloak is relatively yielding. The only thing separating your weapon from his skin would be cloth, leather, whatever weapons are on that side (If you are attacking his side at all), and his clothing. Compared to standard armor, this isn’t such a bad deal for an attacker.

Donik’s a very tall guy. Therefore, he has a lot of body to defend. Even though his reflexes are top notch, a guy can only take so much.

As you can tell from former sections, Donik has many offensive capabilities if he's able to access his Scroll. If you, however, keep him busy the entire fight, then he won't have time to open the Scroll and unseal whatever supplies he needs.

Stealth isn't one of Donik's strengths, considering there's a lot of him to hide and that he wears two large objects on his back that knock against each other with every step he takes.

Skills/Magic: None.

Appearance: Donik has olive skin, a long angular face, and a large, slightly skewed, nose. As stated before, Donik’s build is of an, almost freakish, lanky nature. Underneath his already described cloak, which he wears nearly all the time, save for sleep, he wears a simple white cotton tunic and a similarly colored and constructed pair of pants. For shoes, he wears a pair of tan moccasins.

On his back, you can find a very faded burn scar that reads, “DONIK.”

Speech Patterns: In terms of tone, Donik's voice is a nasal baritone, seeming to come out of his forehead.

Under normal circumstances, Donik uses casual wording with an intellectual twist. (The wording is causal, but the meaning isn't.) He is, however, able to change his pattern at will in order to conform to the situation, like when he speaks to dignitaries, gods, and other people or things who could easily kill him.

Personality: He is generally virtuous and has a very strong sense of duty and purpose, but he can be disturbingly ruthless to achieve his virtuous aims. He has a very cynical, and often acidic, sense of humor, but likes to keep to himself at most times. He is a very cunning individual and will generally not take a risk unless it outweighs the troubles of staying as he is.

Donik tries to avoid fights, not because he is morally opposed to them, but, rather, as an attempt to be as efficient and as committed to his overall goals as possible. Spending his energy on useless scuffles doesn't further his aims, so he discards these "opporunities" and seeks ways to avoid unwanted physical confrontation. That is, unless they serve a direct purpose, revolving around his perpetual mantra: "Is this worth the risk?"

During battle, he can become angered, but he never enters into a state of rage. Rather, he becomes cold and devilishly cunning--utilizing all of his mental faculties toward either severely wounding his opponent, or, often, killing them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Biography: So, you want to know about me, eh? Well, I suppose that it wouldn’t do any harm.

I was, presumably, born in the mining city of Altin and found by my ‘brother,’ Erkek while some men were attempting to kill me, according to him. I was raised by Erkek, who is a gang leader by the way, and was taught the basics of street fighting and was, for the most part, kept safe. That is until I was eight, when the rival gangs of the city joined forces in order to kill Erkek and I was stuck in the middle of it. When it looked like the two of us were going to die, a group of Wielders, a special sub-group of humans and bears, yes, bears, in my world, saved us.

One of the Wielders, a man named Marcus Carak, offered to adopt me and I accepted. So, he and his wife, Angela, took me in as their son, and as Marcus’s apprentice in both fighting and politics. Marcus was, as he described, ‘the union of Diplomat, Lawyer, Lobbyist, and Soldier known as a ‘Wielder Advocate.’’ What he did, essentially, was travel the world and solve disputes concerning the welfare of Wielders. You see, people fear them for various reasons, as they are, essentially, Super Human.

So, I traveled around with Marcus, Angela, and my little brother, David, until I was nineteen, when Marcus and Angela were assassinated, and framed, post-mortem, for the manslaughter of a few hundred pedestrians.

The Anti-Wielder groups used this as an excuse to round up Wielders and “test” them, to see if they would unhinge in the same way my parents purportedly did. In actuality, they were being killed by the hundreds.

Also, as I was Marcus’s apprentice, the authorities were, and still are, looking for me. But I evaded them and moved other Wielders and their families, with some help, to asylum in South Canada.

Myself and a friend of mine, Harold Churchill, a Wielder, planned to join the premiere Merc association in the world, and rise in the ranks until we could do anything we liked--without any authorization--so we could save as many Wielder’s as possible. For Harry, who chose the road of politics, that meant becoming the Merc Commissioner. For me, that meant becoming a Commander.

Currently, I’m a higher level peon--praised for my fighting skill, but, apparently, not up to snuff for promotion. Thing is, I can wipe the floor with everyone in this chacking organization, but... I tend to rely too heavily on items my father, Marcus, made for me, which have distinct Wielder characteristics. So, I don’t use them in promotion tests.

In the field, this isn't as much of a problem, as the lower level peons aren't smart enough to connect the dots, and I just tell everyone that I found my weapons or bought them on the black market.

But that won't last long.

So, I'm here at The Dome, and the places connected to it, to improve myself enough by fighting those stronger than I, so that I can pass the test by either learning enough new skills so that I don’t have to rely on my father’s creations, or hide my skills enough so that they won’t be detected.

For now, that is all.


App'ed by Shrub.

Sig by Veritas

Affectionately butchering the English Language in the name of Originality since 1990.
[Donik Carak]
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Re: Character List

Name: Bibu.

Age: 15.

Race: Wolf (who shapeshifts into a human form)

Sex: Female.

Hair Colour/Style: Her hair is a sandy blonde colour and it's never tied up. She prfers to let it run free.

Eye Colour: Her eyes are meant to be blue but due to an eye injury, she is blind in her left eye, which of course makes it a clouded colour.

Weight: 110 lbs

Height: 5' 4"

Weapon: Just a basic sword.

Strengths: Bibu can fight really well. She's talented in sword combat but she prefers to fight with her fists. Because of her keen sense of smell and hearing, It's harder for enimies to sneak up on her.

Weaknesses: Being blind in her left eye, Bibu can't exactly hit her
target everytime. Although they provide her with an advantage, her ears and nose are also the source of her weaknesses. She is very sensitive to sound and smell.

Skill/Magic: Bibu has the ability to shift into her "True Form" (wolf form)
Since she's really a wolf, Bibu is extremely agile and has advanced speed. She has strong musscels in her arms and legs which allow her to jump really high which is handy when she wants to confuse her opponant

Appearence: In her "True Form", Bibu has baige coloured fur that has white mixed in with it. Her eyes are two different colours, the one she is blind in, is clouded gray and her "good eye" is yellowish brown.

In her "Human Form", Bibu has sandy blonde hair that is always down. Her eyes again are two different colours. One is clouded grey and the other is a deep blue colour. She wears a green shirt, army-pattern combats and black and white sneakers. She's quite skinny.

Personality: Bibu has a pretty laid back personality but she can get aggresive. Her troubled past has made her quite violent and unpredictable so it's best to stay on her good side. If you can find it.

In battle, Bibu fights like a professinal. Her violent past has taught her how to stay alive during battle with an opponant twice her size.

She's a bit of a tomboy.

She can get a little bit claustrophobic at times and she's a little bit scared of the dark. She likes the colour green and she wears it all the time.

In everyday life, she acts like your typical 15-year-old girl except she has very violent mood swings. She can be friendly towards the people she knows but still pretty cruel. She has to get to know somebody before she treats them nicely. She doesn't usually associate with humans. (major trust issues) The idea of death doesn't scare her for she has seen what death really is and to her and other fighting dogs, Death is much better than the painful memories of the fighting ring.

Background: Ever since she was a "Pup", Bibu had been trained in the vicious bloodsport of dog fighting.

She was taken from her family just after she was born so she never knew her parents. She won every dog fight she was involved with.
Since pet "Dogs" believe that anything their masters say is law, Bibu never realized that killing other dogs was wrong so she did it without hesitation, untill she befriended a little Pitbull puppy.

The puppy was going to be used as a bait animal to help train Bibu. Bibu's owner instructed her to kill the puppy. Since the puppy was her friend, Bibu attempted to refuse but her owner viciously beat her in the side of her head (that's how she went blind).

Knowing her owner could kill her if he wanted to, Bibu had no choice but to kill the puppy.

After she ripped the poor little thing apart, Bibu became so angry at her owner that she killed him. After that, she ran away, hoping to find a better life.

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Re: Character List

Well here's mine.
Name: Ahruon Alcala

Age: 14

Race: Fairy

Sex: Male

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brown

Weight: 120

Height: 6 feet

Weapon: His weapon is magic bow. That bow is made of a special wood that was carved in a 1000-year- old tree, the bow allows Ahruon to trap enemies in ivy.

Strengths: Most of his strengths are plants and nature, when he touches a tree leaf he absorbs that energy, without causing the leaf to die.

Weaknesses: His weaknesses are fire and ice, when he is really tired, he plays with his flute, which allows him to call any kind of animal as he wants to help him.

Skills/Magic: He can summon trees to life and made animals to recover quickly from damages.

Notable Weapons Skills: One of his most notable weapons is the bow he carries and the flute in his pocket.

Notable Magic Skills: He can recover by the power of plants and animals without hurting the animal or plant's life.

Appearance: He looks like an ordinary boy, he has a hat the is green, in the top of the hat hi has leaves growing out of it. (It looks just like my avatar)

Personality: He is ver shy to new people, he hide from them until knowing that that person is safe to talk to.He also likes to be calm (most of the time) when he gets mad he does stuff very crazy. When he sees someone in trouble he helps as soon as possible.

Biography: Ahruon was born in an mountain witch was called the land of winds.
The leader of that tribe was called Arpa, he was the leader to do that he killed a dragon, most of the people were attacked by dragons those days. Arpa was like a father to Ahruon, but many weren't because Ahruon's real father was not a fairy, but his mother was a fairy. Most of the people look like humans but with wings, Ahruon didn't have wings.
Ahruon went to a journey to find his father, Acha... but when he found him... he saw that he wasn't a human, he was a demon, and he almost killed Ahruon... in that moment Ahruon felt like nothing... what was his purpose in life ?... none remain to know... of his existence...
Hope you enjoy me as part of this great place

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Post Princess Anna

Name: Princess Anna

Age: 200 (Considering my race)

Race: Elf

Sex: Female

Hair: Blonde hair with black highlighting around the edges. It's styled with bangs and reaches my waist.

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 130 Lbs.

Height: 6 Foot (Considering my race)


Silver Elemental sword.
It's blade starts out small at the tip, widens towards the middle, and shrinks to a point just past the handle. Along the side that the handle is on, there's a long hole that runs through half of the inner part of the sword. About 5 inches of metal attach the blade on both ends of the sword.

The sword is able to produce the damage of all of the elements. (Air, water, earth, fire, wood, metal)


Elemental Immunity Breast Plate

The breast plate is worn layered on top of an undergarment and has a robe over it. However, it is made of silver, forms around my chest in the same way a corset would, and has the ability to flex with my body.

This breast plate can protect you from any damages from Air, water, earth, fire, wood, metal. It cannot protect you from magic or physical damage of any other kind. (Ex. Psychic damage.)

Power Grieves

The grieves look like white gloves, but are remarkably resilient to any physical and magical damage that strikes my hands.

Energy Boots

My boots are made of lambskin and deer hide and are an inch thick.

The boots allow me to walk forever without tiring.

Crest Shield

This shield bares the crest of a city that is a friend of the kingdom of Hyrule. My father's kingdom is the kingdom of Dinshire and our crest is a single yellow triangle with a cutlass sword through it. (Handle at the top)

This shield can protect me from any physical damage that hits it. It's in good shape, but in time it may break.

Strengths: I am very quick and can dodge and attack equally as fast. With my small body, it makes it more difficult to attack me. I'm also very intelligent and if I see that I'm in way over my head, I know to either be extremely cautious, or not fight my opponent. I'm also very strong in my physical and magical abilities that I do know. (See appropriate sections)

Weakness: Due to the fact that I'm very skinny, I'm also easily injured when I'm struck. If you attack a part of me that isn't protected, then I will scream in pain and not be as proficient in my skills. It may leave me open for more attacks if I don't guard myself and heal.


Full Healing
I can cast this spell two times during a fight. It will give me full health again again I won't be injured at all.

If I cast this spell, I'm invincible for a 30 second period. This gives me the ability to heal myself as necessary or plan my next move.

Elemental Storm
If I cast this spell, I can produce an elemental attack that lasts 30 seconds and for every second that my opponent stands in the attack, they will be hurt by the spell. Due to the fact that I'm the one who casted the spell, I'm unharmed by it. The elemental attacks produced by this spell are Hell Storm, (Fire balls fall from the sky) Rain Storm, (Makes it rain water) Earth Storm, (Earthquake), and Wind Storm. (A gust of wind blows my opponent down.)

Tree Charm
I'm able to talk to the trees and if I befriend the right tree, then it will uproot itself and attack my opponent for a time. (Trees do not move very fast, so if my opponent runs away, then the tree may just stop fighting.)

Summon Animal
I can summon an animal of my choice to attack my opponent for a time. If the animal is hit two times then it will die.


I'm very good at manipulating people and if I try to trick my opponent then they most likly will fall for it.

With my good looks, male opponents will be tricked into going easier on me and thus, giving me an advantage.

I am a 6 foot elven girl who's very slim and toned up. Despite the majority of my race, I have a nice deep golden tan. My hair is very pretty and shiny blonde and black and contrasts with my soul piercing cerulean blue eyes. My skin is perfect and I'm wearing black eyeliner, mascara, and an elegant pinkish red lipstick. I also have long eyelashes. I'm wearing a long ornate white dress with an ornate belt that displays the crest of Dinshire in the front and the rest of the belt is patterned with a cross cross green and white pattern. (The lines are white and the diamond shapes that they form are green.) The dress top is strapless and shows my cleavage, form fits down to my waste and out again to a more poofy skirt at the bottom. (The belt holds it up and the back straps me in like a corset.

In addition, I also have several pieces of jewelry that I wear. I wear a necklace with the Dinshire crest and a ring with my own insignia on it. (My insignia is the letters AMS) My 2 bracelets fit to my wrists and are platinum with diamonds in them. They were given to me as a gift from my parents when I was born.

I have the girl next door personality. I can be the sweetest girl when you're nice to me or the meanest girl when you treat me wrong. My beliefs are that I'm a princess and I should be treated like one, but I still enjoy partaking in the lives and friendship of the commoners. If someone is in need, I'll be there to help them out in any of the problems they have.


I grew up with my parents in the castle in the Kingdom of Dinshire and my parents were very overprotective of me. I wanted to see the world and meet new people, so I had to leave and see the world myself. The guards are looking for me, but with the people I've befriended, I have safe harbor when I need it. My parents didn't think it right for a lady of such class to be wandering around unguarded and fighting brutish wars that the guards should be fighting. As I'm the same age as Princess Zelda and she and I were best friends all of our lives and we still are. We help each other whenever we need it.

In my travels, I've met many people, seen many things, and hidden many times. One thing that I've missed out on was a decent relationship. I've always wanted a man who would fight by my side and treat me like the princess that I am. The troubles I seem to have are that the men I meet don't seem to want to fight by my side, but instead they want to protect me while I stand back. I know it's romantic and I try to fight anyway, but they treat me like I don't know what I'm doing. Poor spoiled little rich girl. She thinks that the world will all bow down to her and that will be her folly. Well, I won't step back. I want to see the world including fighting. I've already been sheltered and I've had enough of it.

Q. Where was she born?
A. I was born in the Kingdom of Dinshire as the guards watched over us.

Q. Did she grow up with parents? If no, why not?
A. Both of my parents are still alive and they both are very worried about me.

Q. Did the character have any brothers or sisters? Any friends? Where are they now? Does she still talk to them?
A. I have one brother and his name is Luke. For what it's worth, I don't care for his spoiled nature.

My best friend in the world is and always will be my lifetime friend, Princess Zelda.

Zelda took flight from her kingdom and returns often. Her family is deceased and she rules the castle as a queen. However, she still goes by princess in honor of her family.

Zelda and I talk whenever we get the chance. It's great whenever we get together. We always recall the past and keep each other in good health.

Q. How was her childhood? Abusive? Peaceful? Ordinary?
A. My parents were overprotective of me and now that I left without their knowledge, they decided to send soldiers out to look for me.

Q Does she have any pets? Familiars?
A. I don't have any pets or familiars, but I can summon animals in fights.

Q. What are her beliefs? Does she worship a god? Is she willing to do anything to protect or guard their beliefs?
A. I believe in a higher power, but I'm unsure of my beliefs on that level. I do know that the spiritual realm is real and is not meant to be toyed with.

Q. Why is your character traveling from home?
A. I don't like being under protection constantly and I wanted to see the world.

Q. Does she have the ability to kill others?
A. I will kill others only if they attack me first. I rather make friends than enemies.

Q. Is your character easy going?
A. I'm easy going.

Q. What are her dislikes?
A. I don't like people thinking that I can't handle myself.

Q. Anything special she’s fond of?
A. I've always been fond of chocolate moose, fine clothing and jewelry, meeting new people, and visiting exciting places.

Q. How would she treat others? Rudely? Friendly?
A. I'm the sweetest girl when you're nice to me, but if you're mean to me, I'm be the meanest person.

Q. Any goals? Dreams?
A. My goal is to figure out a way that I can prove myself to my parents so that they will stop being as protective of me. I also would like to find a man who will fight by my side.

Q. Has she considered the possibility of death?
A. I know I can die, but what is life without ever truly living it the way you want to live it. I rather die and have lived the way I want to than have lived a life I didn't enjoy.
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Re: Character List

Name: Henry Serranzana
Alias:"The Ghost"
Occupation: Full-time student and full-time Paranormal Detective and Vigilante
Age: 17
Race: human; Filipino
Sex: male
Hair: black; spiky with semi-long bangs (past eye level)
Eyes: dark brown
Weight: 135 pounds
Height: 5 ft 5 inches
Black Nines:
A pair of .45 Springfield Armory XD with laser sight nicknamed Black Nines.
A 12-gauge, cartridge feed Benelli M4 Super 90 shotgun nicknamed Predator.
A .45 AMT Hardballer Longslide magnum nicknamed JESPER (extremely power).
Henshin-Ha Knife:
A knife called the Henshin-Ha Knife which translated from Japanese means Transform Edge. The knife’s point is unique in that it is flat rather than pointed, and on the blade near the hilt it has an engraved kanji of henshin-ha. The Henshin-Ha Knife has a mysterious origin and has the ability -with the help of special seals- to transform into many, more powerful blades. These blades are categorized into three groups: Speed, more for mobility and swiftness than damage making; Balanced, for mobility and damage making; and Strength, more for damage making than mobility and speed.
His element-influenced blades include:
• Big Blade (Ōkii seal): a zanbato akin to the Double Helix Sword; extremely strong blade capable of cutting through four inches of concrete. Because of its size, it is difficult to handle. Strength Weapon.
• Fiery Twins (Ho seal): a pair of gladius that engulfs anything in flames. Speed Weapon. Strong against Wind and Dark magic; weak against Water magic.
• Flame Tongue (Ho seal): a flaming broad sword; Balanced Weapon. Strong against Wind and Dark magic; weak against Water magic.
• Fin Blades (Mizu seal): a pair of tonfas shaped like fins; capable of healing/curing any wound or illness using water. The seriousness of the injury requires a corresponding amount of energy. Also allows the user to swiftly swim. Speed Weapon. Strong against Fire and Earth magic.
• Esperanza (Hikari seal): rapier of pure silver emanating light; capable of penetrating the darkness and cause major damage to Hell Beast, Unholy Beast, etc. Balanced Weapon. Strong against Dark magic.
• DeathBringer (Kurayami seal: a zanbato akin to the Buster Sword; the blade emanates a darkness capable of overcoming the light. Able to sap the life force from organic organisms, albeit at the cost of much of the user’s own life force. Strength Weapon. Strong against Fire and Earth Magic; weak against Light Magic.
• Kaze-Ha (Kaze seal): a yatagan with a bird-shaped hilt; able to manipulate air currents. Can cause storms, typhoons, hurricanes, etc. Balanced Weapon. Strong against Fire magic and Earth magic.
• Sunburst (Uchū seal): a xiphos with a hilt designed like a exploding star; able to manipulate gravity and slow down, pause, speed up, or reverse time for a limited time. Balanced Weapon. Strong against Water and Wind Magic.
The Seal Weapons have no set limit as to how long “The Ghost” is capable of sustaining, but he tends to use them sparingly- only on a scenario requirement basis. The Big Blade, although, is his favorite blade of the group.
Dragon Skin:
Dragon Skin body armor is a type of ballistic vest made by Pinnacle Armor. It is distinguished by its silver dollar-sized circular discs that overlap like scale armor, creating a flexible vest that allows a greater range of motion and can allegedly absorb more hits than standard military body armor. The discs are composed of a silicon carbide ceramic matrices and laminates, much like the larger ceramic plates in other types of bulletproof vests.
Pinnacle SOV-2000 level III armor is made of an imbricated overlapping configuration of approximately 0.25” x 2” ceramic discs encased in an aramid textile cover. The area of Dragon skin body armor coverage varies between different layout configurations selected by the user.
The armor is available in two basic protection levels: SOV-2000, which was certified as Level III protection and SOV-3000, which is advertised as Level IV but has not yet been certified as such. Pinnacle Armor's website also identifies a "Level V" variant, which does not correspond to any body armor standard and is not available to the general public. (Wikipedia)
“The Ghost” is outfitted with the “Level IV” vest variant. This armor protects against .30 caliber armor piercing (AP) bullets (U.S. Military designation M2 AP), with nominal masses of 10.8 g (166 gr) at a reference velocity of 878 m/s (2880 ft/s ± 30 ft/s).
Bracelet of God:
A silver chained cuff bracelet, known as the “Bracelet of God” that enables “The Ghost” control of the elemental seals independently.
Glove of Judgment:
A dark brown leather gauntlet with craved symbols that enables “The Ghost” to perform the “Jesus Palm”: a high energy blast originating from his palms.
Strengths: Henry is a highly trained athlete and martial artist. He is an accomplished gymnast and track runner, competing at State Level in both sports. In his free time, he also practices parkour; running around the city landscape with several of his friends. Henry is also an excellent marksman with most weaponry and well-trained in multiple martial arts (holding high ranking in many of his disciples).
Weakness: Aside from the Dragon Skin ballistics armor, Henry’s body is susceptible to any physical damage. Although, he is a highly trained martial artist and can withstand pain at the very least, but as a human being his body is susceptible to physical damage and can tire over time and use, and only time and rest can replenish his stamina. In accordance to exhaustion, his performance on the battle field is affected: focus is decreased, aim and accuracy drops, ability to use the Henshin Seals is reduced, and strength to sustain Henshin Seal Weapons is minimized.
Martial Arts disciplines:
Unbeknownst to Henry, his father was training him to take up the “family business”. His father has had Henry study multiple Martial Arts disciples since he could walk (figuratively speaking but all the same). All disciplines including:
• Karate, Shotokan style- twelve years of practice and experience; nidan, second degree Black Belt.
• Eskrima - eight years of practice.
• Muay Thai - eight years of practice.
• Jujutsu - ten years of practice; sho-mokuroku, equalivant of shodan, first degree Black Belt.
• Kendo – ten years of practice and experience; ikkyū rank.
• Hapkido – ten years of practice and experience; shodan, first degree Black Belt.
• Aikido – ten years of practice and experience; shodan, first degree Black Belt.
• freestyle collegiate wrestling - competing at State level; seven years of practice and experience.
• Ninjustu - studying the Ninja jūhakkei, or 18 Disciplines (spiritual refinement, unarmed combat, sword combat, staff and stick combat, shuriken throwing, spear combat, naginata combat, kusarigama combat, pyrotechnics and explosives, disguise and impersonation, stealth and entering methods, horsemanship, water training, tactics, espionage, escaping and concealment, meteorology, and geography), for nine years.
• European swordsmanship - seven years of practice.
Firearms Training:
With his father, Henry has gone on hunting trips since he was ten years old. He is experienced with the handling and care of firearms. Since then, he has regularly practiced with pistols, shotguns, and bolt action rifles. Occasionally, he has been able to get hold of a machine gun, grenade launcher, and, once, a rocket launcher - at separate times.
Henshin Seals:
With the help of the Henshin seals and the “Bracelet of God”, Henry/The Ghost is an elementalist controlling fire (Ho seal), water (Mizu seal), wind (Kaze seal), earth/cosmos (Uchū seal), light (Hikari seal), and dark (Kurayami seal), including a unique seal, the Ōkii seal, which enlarges the sword or strengthens the body to steel like qualities.
Henshin Seal Move set:
Ōkii Seal:
• Iron Fist (incantation: puquus de magnus) - makes arm stronger than steel. Limit – ten strikes, includes taking damage.
• Grow (turmae de magnus) - increases the user’s girth (three to ten times) and strength. Limit –five posts.
Ho Seal:
• Fire Bullet (glandis de ignis) - shoot small balls of fire (size of a baseball) to a maximum of fifteen at any given time before the user must rest.
• Fire Bullet Lv 2 (glandis de ignis) - shoot slightly bigger balls of fire (size of soccer/football) to a maximum of ten.
• Flamethrower (flamen de flamma) - a constant stream of flame with a range of thirty feet. This move uses up a lot of oxygen so it is advised to not use in a confined area. Limit – two posts.
• Fire Shield (parmae de ignis) - creates a short lived wall of fire. Limit – twenty uses.
• Radii Flame Burst (radii flamen de flamma) - using the Fire Shield, the attack creates a dome of fire and quickly pushes outward. Limit – five uses.
• Fire Punch (pugnus de ignus) - surrounds the user’s fists in flames. Limit- ten posts.
• Fire Kick (caleis de ignus) – surrounds the user’s feet in flames. Limit – ten posts.
• Engulf: Fire (devorare in ignus) – completely surrounds the user in flames. Limit – once per battle, lasts for ten posts.
Mizu Seal:
• Water Gun (glandis de aquae) – shoot small balls of high-pressure water (size of handball) to a maximum of fifty in a minute). This attack is affected by humidity- more humid, more strength and ammo; less humid, less strength and ammo. Limit – based on available water sources, around two hundred uses.
• Water Stream (flamen de aquae) – a steady stream of high-pressure water with a range of twenty feet. Range is affected by humidity - more humid, more strength; less humid, less strength. Limit – based on humidity or available water sources, around ten uses.
• Water Shield (parmae de aquae) – crates a manipulatable dome of water. Limit- based on humidity or available water sources, around twenty uses.
• Flood (radii flamen de aquae) – using the water shield, this attack creates a fast moving flood. Limit – based on humidity or available water sources, five uses.
• Aqua Punch (pugnus de aquae) – surrounds the fists in high-pressure water. Limit - based on humidity or available water sources, around ten posts.
• Aqua Kick (caleis de aquae) – surrounds the feet in high-pressure water. Limit - based on humidity or available water sources, around ten posts.
• Engulf: Water (devorare in aquae) – completely surrounds the user in high-pressure water. Limit - based on humidity or available water sources, around ten posts once per battle.
• Heal (remdium) – can heal any non-serious wound and cure any developing illness.
• Heal Lv 2 (remdium) – can heal most life threating wound, cure most serious illness, and mend broken bones. Limit – within the realm of logic, no regeneration of limbs or organs, can’t cure caner, AIDS, HIVs, STDs, genetic disorders, etc.
Hikari Seal:
• Flash (fulgoris) – creates a quick burst of blinding light. Limit – twenty uses.
• Illuminate (illuminare) – creates a small yet powerful ball of light that follows the user. Limit – ten uses, last for ten posts.
• Light Needle (acus de luminis) – shoot a barrage of piecing needles of light (maximum of fifty needles). Limit – ten uses.
• Light Bolt (fulmen de luminis) – shoot a homing bolt of light (maximum of seven). Limit – three uses.
• Light Punch (pugnus de luminis) – causes the user’s hands/arms to glow a brilliant light; this magick enables fast movement of the arms. Limit – ten posts.
• Light Kick (caleis de luminis) – causes the user’s legs to glow a brilliant light; this magick enables fast movement of the legs. Limit – ten posts.
• Swords of Light (gladius de luminis) – locks target in place with swords of light; also an offensive magick. Limit – two uses.
• Light Shield (parmae de luminis) – protects against Unholy magick, Dark magick, Hell magick, etc. This magick slowly heals the user. Limit – twenty uses.
• Engulf: Light (devorare in luminis) – the user is surrounded by a heavenly glow; enables fast movement, travel in beams of light, and protection from Unholy Beast, Hell Beast, etc. Limit – once per battle and lasts for ten posts.
Kurayami Seal:
• Shadow Ball (flamen de nigrum) – creates a chargeable ball of darkness. Limit – ten uses.
• Gatling Gun (glandis de nigrum) – fires a high-powered volley of shadow balls; takes a while to get going. Limit – two uses.
• Dirty Bomb (dirumpens de sordidum) – fires a slow moving, homing missile with a large blast radius. Requires a lot of energy, so use sparingly. Limit – one use.
• Psionic Shield (parmae de psychic) – creates an offensive shield of darkness; can be manipulated to attack. Limit – five uses.
• Blind/Bind (oculos obligare) – shoot a blob of viscous goo to decrease use of target limb; works for a limited time. Limit – ten uses.
• Blackout (obscurare) – cuts out all lights, natural and electrical. Limit – three uses.
• Dark Punch (pugnus de nigrum) – surrounds the user’s arms in darkness; extremely devastating magick, but slowly consumes user’s energy and impedes movement. Limit – five posts.
• Dark Kick (caleis de nigrum) – surrounds the user’s legs in darkness; extremely devastating but impedes movement and slowly consumes user’s energy. Limit – five posts.
• Engulf: Dark (devarore in nigrum) – engulfs user in darkness; enables girth manipulation. Allows high speed in twilight to complete darkness but vastly impedes movement in any light. This magick slowly consumes the user’s energy but enables the user to suck energy from others. Limit – three posts.
Kaze Seal:
• Aircutter Lv 1 (dissecare aura) – a fast-moving air current (47-54 mph) that cuts through enemies in seconds. Limit – fifteen uses.
• Aircutter Lv 2 (dissecare aura) – a faster air current (55-63 mph) quick and effective in cutting apart enemies. Limit – ten uses.
• Gale (flamen de ventus) – creates a column of air currents traveling at 64-72 mph that moves forward until it hits an opposing air body of equal or greater strength. Limit – five uses.
• Tornado (procella) – creates a terrifying tornado designed to take down large groups of enemies or completely devastate one enemy. Limit – three uses.
• Wind Dome (parmae de ventus) – creates a dome of wind strong against most attacks and can be used offensively. Limit – twenty uses.
• Hurricane Dome (radii flamen de ventus) – creates a fast-moving air funnel traveling at 150 mph in a horizontal direction, tearing enemies to shreds. Limit – five uses.
• Wind Control (volatus) – allows the user to control the direction of air currents (25-40 mph); this magick has no fatal characteristics, it is more for defensive maneuvers. Limit – thirty uses.
• Wind Punch (pungnus de ventus) – creates a small cyclone around the user’s arms; blows enemies away! Can be used to float for a limited time. Limit – ten posts.
• Wind Kick (caleis de ventus) – creates a small cyclone around the user’s arms to blow enemies away. Enables the user to fly for thirty seconds. Limit – ten posts.
• Engulf: Wind (devorare in ventus) – surrounds the user in high-speed winds; enables nearly limitless flight. Limit – five posts, flight for three posts.
Uchū Seal:
• Comet Strike (cometes) – flaming comets fall from the sky! Limit – fifteen uses.
• Meteor Strike (facis) – sends a rain of meteors upon the enemy. Limit – ten uses.
• Asteroid Fall (asteriod) – a large asteroid falls on the target; has a huge splash radius- can damage user as well. Limit – three uses.
• Gravity (gravitas) – enables the user to control gravity- manipulation of objects akin to the “Force” or telekinesis. Limit – thirty uses.
• Lunar/Solar Song (tanto intervalles) – controls the orbit of Earth to forward into day or night; requires a lot of energy. Limit – two uses.
• Orbit (orbis) – rocks and other such materials gravitate towards the user to create an offensive shield of orbiting debris. Rocks can be used as projectiles. Limit – twenty uses.
• Orbital Blast (flamen de orbis) – using the Orbit ability, all the rocks in orbit fire out in all directions. Limit – five uses.
• Golem Punch (pugnus de saxum) – covers the user’s arm in stones; slow but powerful punches. Limit – fifteen posts.
• Golem Kick (caleis de saxum) – covers the user’s arm in stone; impedes mobility but provides powerful kicks. Limit – fifteen posts
• Engulf: Chronos (devorare in saxum) – creates a surface of rock over the user’s skin; radically decrease speed and increases weight but allows for a great defense. Limit – seven posts.
Blood Techniques:
Other than these magicks before mentioned, Henry has two unique abilities:
• Stigmata Blast, an attack that draws energy from the earth and body to fire a blast of pure power. Physically attacks the target’s body; requires blood seal to activate. Limit – once per battle.
• Jesus Palm (upgraded to Holy Rain when the “Bracelet of God” and “Glove of Judgment” are fused), an attack that draws energy from the atmosphere and the soul to fire a high powered blast of light; attacks the internal organs and the spirit and soul of the target. Advised to be used sparingly as this attack drains a great deal of life force. Comes in two forms 1) concentrated blast or 2) wide-ranged blast. Requires blood seal to activate. Limit – once per battle.
Appearance: Henry is rather short for his age due to his gene pool (his father is five feet and eight inches while his mother is four feet and eleven inches) but makes up for this with a built body and high stamina. The Ghost’s outfit consists of a multi-environment patterned muscle shirt with an Improved Outer Tactical Vest, matching BDU trousers, combat boots, and padded, fingerless gloves. His accessories include a belt with a hip holster holding VESPER, a sheath holding the Henshin-Ha Knife, and a small pack on the small of his back attached to the belt holding gun magazines, a private line radio connected to his tech-support, and a first-aid kit. He wears the Predator on his back in rear carry (muzzle downward), and the two Black Nines are also holstered on his back (on top of his shoulders) with the handles facing each other. The Ghost also has a cartridge belt strapped diagonally across his chest from his left shoulder to his right hip.
Personality: Henry is a serious person overall: disciplined and mature. Also he feels sympathy towards all (as long as he/she has a decent bone in his/her body). He is devoted to his studies well enough to be in the top 10%, and he still finds time to train in martial arts, perfect his aim, and study music. A very devote Christian and open minded to others’ ideals and views. He has a righteous and justice-bringing complex, seeking to help the defenseless and fight the evils in the world.
He is cool headed even in even the most stressful of situations, resourceful, intelligent, and even-tempered. He is also a well-tuned athlete, confident in his abilities and brave in the face of danger. He is very sympatric towards human and animal life and will protect it at all costs- even with his own life.
When he first meets people he is kind and polite, but he prefers to be introspective and solitary. It is only when he is in his comfort zone (with friends or a familiar place) is he more sociable and outgoing. Lastly, Henry feels great remorse when he is forced to take a life- human or animal- so he avoids the situation as much as possible, killing only when necessary.
Born in the fictional city of Spring, Henry was born to Leo and Elle Serranzana on August 22, 1990. Henry lived a rather typical childhood, financially secured by his grandfather’s company, Serranzana Corp. He grew up in a Christian household along with his older sister, Amber, and the child of the family servant, John. The ideals he holds is greatly attributed to his family and close friends: his mother taught Henry to care for human and animal life and kindness to strangers (especially the weak and poor), his father trained him in martial arts, marksmanship, and athletics, and his sister and best friend taught him the value of companionship.
Unfortunately, on his thirteenth birthday both his parents were murdered by a demon- only his sister and he survived the attack on that dark, deserted highway. This event has sparked a interest and desire in Henry to study the occult and caused him to believe it is his duty to do God’s work and stop these evils. This event has also altered his demeanor and become estranged with his socialite classmate at his academy.
Since then, his sister will acknowledge the event but not do anything to prevent it from happening to others; only Henry has taken it upon himself to hunt and eliminate the hidden evils of the world. He often travels the country (and the world occasionally if school wasn’t in the way) based on leads he gets from the underground and investigates the matter. However, Henry’s main area of operation is his city of Spring. Despite her unwillingness to hunt with Henry, Amber will provide him with weaponry, technology, and transportation from the family company (which she has become CEO of since her grandfather’s death). Oliver also lends his services to Henry as technical support.
In regard of his attitude toward his classmates, the majority of which he disagrees with, he has found a small group to which he can confide in. Since entering high school, Henry has transferred to public school (as the same classmates whose ideals he disagrees with all populate the private boarding schools), along with his small group of friends whom most of which only attended his junior high academy because of scholarships. It is this small group that are also fellow protectors of the city- albeit the two separate groups are what could be consider a “sentai” of magical girls and a “super sentai”.
"Violence never settles anything" -Genghis Khan 1162-1227

"Rascality has limits; stupidity has not" -Napoleon Bonaparte 1769-1821

My Character:
Henry Serranzana/ "The Ghost"
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Re: Character List

Name: Jonah

Age: Approximately 25 years old.

Race: Armai, War Elf

Sex: Male

Hair: Short, spiky brown hair, though some hairs are slightly silver.

Eyes: Red.

Weight: 134 pounds.

Height: 5 foot 10.

Weapon/s: His main weapon is a traditional Armai long sword, made from a combination of lightweight titanium steel, and magically reinforced crystalline alloys. It can cut through most materials, including mid level magical barriers. He is highly skilled with this weapon, training with it from the age of sixteen.
He also carries many silver throwing knives, effective against many magical creatures, including the common werewolf.

Armor: He wears an Armai chest piece, with a shirt of light weight chainmail beneath. He wears padded leather gloves, protecting his hands from bow fire. He wears a black tunic, decorated with runes and boots with light weight crystal plating to protect his feet. Similar plates are fitted around his groin and leg areas. The chest piece is resilient against many types of magic, though is weak against ice. The crystal plates give resistance against bow fire, but strong blows from close combat weapons will dispel them. This means that their magical essence will wear away, leaving them heavy and brittle, with little to no protective ability. They also mold to Jonah’s body, to give more comfort.

Strengths: He is quite strong, highly intelligent and extremely agile. Skilled with both a sword and magic his key strengths are is willpower and endurance. His strongest forms of magic are light and shadow magic, his weakest being fire and ice magic. He has been taught other forms, though tends to use them only in the direst of circumstances. Combat can only go so far however, his words must walk the rest of the way. He is a strong believer of negotiation before violence able to talk is way out of situations that an other would be stumped by.

Weaknesses: Due to his Armai chest plate, he is weak against ice, and extreme cold. His lack of ability in the use of fire and ice magic also prevents him effectively shielding against attacks of that sort. He is also very reluctant to take life, preferring to be a coward rather than a killer, sometimes leading him to break down into a state of inability on the battle field. He can also easily fall for beautiful women as he wishes to find love, sometimes as far as feeling a deep urge to protect them even if they are trying to butcher him.

Spells: Jonah is highly skilled in Light and Shadow magic, talented in Water, Earth, Air and Mind magic and almost useless at Fire and Ice magic. This also equates to how well he can protect himself at various types of magic. While he may be able to fully repel a Shadow based attack, his shielding would be easily torn down by a Fire based spell.
Jonah’s spells are none verbal, their true names unspeakable in any tounge. They manifest on his command, their nature warping to fit what his mind desires of them. To easier manifest such forms, he may think words that inspire his mind in a certain way, allowing him to easily cast such spells.
Each type of magic has its own capabilites:
Light Magic: Create Light, blind enemies, make enemies photophobic, make enemies burn in sunlight, minor healing spells.
Shadow Magic: Diminish light, create pitch blackness, various destructive spells.
Water Magic: Breathe underwater, walk on water, drown enemies, create bridges of water, sterilize wounds.
Earth Magic: Can control rocks, make rocks explode, create platforms and bridges, suffocate or crush enemies, knock down walls, create golems.
Air Magic: Fly, Improve speed and agility, Hold breath indefinately, suffocate enemies.
Mind Magic: Telekinises, Teleportation, Telepathy, Make enemies flee, drive enemies insane, control peoples minds. (Mind control works best if the controlled mind is near death.)

Skills: Jonah can read and write in a variety of languages. He has a good knowledge of different plants and animals as well as first aid. He is also an accomplished rune smith, allowing him to enchant various objects with magical effects, as well as allowing him to mentally scry areas he has visited.
Jonah is very good at talking to people, is looks charming those he wishes to get information on, or using his humor and well versed manner of speech to make valuable allies. This comes in handy when being supplies as he is often short of money and his only option is to barter.

Race Characteristics: Jonah is an Armai. All Armai have the following characteristics; Red Eyes, Pointed Ears, Strong resilience against disease, extremely long life span.

Appearance: Jonah is quite tall, his broad shoulders giving him a sense of stature and power. His face is weathered and seems ancient, the lightly tanned skin sharpening his features. His hair is dark and spiked, streaks of silver subtly present. His eyes are deepest crimson, a sign of the blood he has and shall shed. His clothes are black, a tattered and torn tunic hiding his armor beneath, an electrum colored chest of metal and crystal. Slung across his back is his sword, its dark metals casting a bizarre glow in the sunlight. The hallmarks of a soldier.

Personality: While Jonah was still part of the army, he was an easy going man, one who would always stick up for his friends no matter the cost. After he was falsely accused and exiled for cowardice he became a lonely and uncaring wanderer. His ld personality still showed through in the form of and honorable ally who would assist those who gave him aid. After a meeting with a great man in a similar predicament, he became more like his old self and started his life again. Now he is a caring, if sometimes cold seeming man, who tries to help those in need and only take life when absolutely necessary.

Biography: Jonah was born 25 years ago. His father was the great mage Mars, his mother was an elf called Lorelei. At the age of three, magical occurrences began happening around him, indicating he would become a magic user, and due to his father, likely one of great skill. His father began teaching him magic for seven years, before sending him to the Armai training academy. There he learned to read and write, improve his magical skill and learn the art of combat. At the age of fifteen he graduated, the youngest to ever do so. He was gifted his armor, weapon and his eyes were turned red. Over time he learned the craft of runes and was soon on the frontline of many of the greatest wars. He was often the one who kept morale up, earning several medals for his troubles. However it was soon to come to an end.
In the midst of battle his good friend lay injured and would likely die. Jonah tried to get him back to the trenches, but his officer told him to press forward. He ignored him and upon returning to the trenches was exiled for cowardice when he in fact was rescuing an injured soldier.
He wandered the world, surviving off the wilderness. He worshiped no God, for he thought surely they would help him. He forgot his past, forgot about the loving parents he had left behind. He became cold. He saw many great things on his travels, many terrible things on his travels. The fury of the great beast Charybdis, the jungles of the Ancient world. But he looked upon them with no awe or wonder.
Then he met a great man, who showed him the world before him. This man was like him, exiled from what he had known but this man was still hopeful for a better future. He took Jonah back to Charybdis and slew the beast, instead of leaving it to hurt the innocent. The man took him to a small village, a village that was under attack. While Jonah reached for his blade, the man simply talked to the beasts, and they left soon after. That was when Jonah realized, that fighting was not to be the first choice, but to be the last. He had opened Jonah’s eyes and he became the friendly, morale lifting elf once more.
He could still kill, but only beasts. He only killed other elves when absolutely necessary. The man showed him what happened after death and to not be afraid. To have no regrets.
He has a single dream; to find one he can love, one whom he can care for, for all eternity.
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Re: Character List

Name: Kirieo (last name currently unknown)

Age: 19

Race: Wild elf

Sex: Female

Hair: Chestnut colored, falls to waist, ragged and unevenly cut. She tends to keep it hap-hazardly tied back.

Eyes: Faded forest green

Weight: 128lbs

Height: 5’7’’

Weapon: Self-sharpened, cut, and curved fingernails, prefers to call them ‘talons’. They are hardened and darkened from use. She also bites.

Armor: No armor, prefers to wear sewn together furs from notable beasts she’s slain.

Strengths: Has a mental disorder that allows her to take on the behavior of a beast. Called “going feral”, this ability gives her enhanced reaction timing, reflexes, sense of smell, tactability (touch), and hearing. This activates whenever she experiences a strong emotion or is in danger, and she reacts to the situation like an animal would. She gains an abnormal amount of energy when her ‘fight or flight’ reflex is triggered.

Weakness: However, when ‘feral’, she is blind and has poor reasoning, which can be costly. Is also sought out by hunters who wish to 'break' her bestial spirit. If the land she touches is dead (could be caused by fire or drought, anything that kills off living things) her ferality is triggered by intense, sudden fear, causing her to have less rationality than she usually does when feral, and will attack anything on sight; including allies, usually with poor skill and focus.

Skills/Magic: Hates magic, but is skilled in hunting, skinning, and tracking down prey. Can feel movements in the earth through her feet, and is able to turn and move her ears in any direction to pick up sounds. Her crafted fingernails aid her in skinning beasts for clothing or food.

Appearance: Generally a crazed or tired expression on her face, (eyes height, and hair already described) wears stuffed, sewn together animal skins. Around her calves and forearms, the stuffing is thick, for defense and wrapped with red-dyed leather, fastened with rawhide strings. The furs are light tan and shaved to the skins, the fur itself is what she uses to stuff them for warmth and protection. A headband decorated with red and blue owl feathers rests on her forehead.

Personality: Still wild from her childhood, Kirieo is attempting to civilize herself by observing inhabitants of cities. Very beast-like, even when not feral, she is incredibly loyal to those who she calls ‘friend’ and will defend them with her life. She doesn’t immediately trust anyone she meets, and generally has a sixth sense telling her whether or not it’s worth finding out. In civilized areas with building, she feels alien, especially if her feet can’t touch the earth. If the land is dead (could be caused by fire or drought, anything that kills off living things) her ferality is triggered by intense, sudden fear, causing her to have less rationality than she usually does when feral, and will attack anything on sight.

Biography: Kirieo was born and abandoned in Death Mountain. Raised by the Gorons until she was of ten years of age, she ran away to the wilds of the Lost Woods. There, she found a welcoming place amongst the inhabiting beasts. She raised herself with survival skills, and didn’t learn how to behave in civilized society. She stumbled upon Hyrule Castle Town when she was fourteen, observing the townsfolk and imitating civil behaviors she had seen. She was soon adopted by a quaint Hylian couple and their daughter.
A year later, however, her adoptive father went missing. Seeing her mother go into her depressed state upset Kirieo and her sister, and she left town to look for her father. Using the instincts she picked up as a child, she followed a trail she believed would take her to her next lead. She strayed into a cave near the entrance to Lake Hylia and soon realized she was not alone.
A large, unidentified, black beast jumped out at her and sunk its saber-teeth into her defending forearm. After a fight she knew she couldn’t win, she recoiled and ran home, defeated. A chemical in the beasts tooth sickened her for a few days and affected her mentally. Whenever she hunted for food for her newly impoverished, broken family, Kirieo realized she would take on the aspect of the beast, her ‘feral’ ability.
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Re: Character List

Approved by Andurhil/Cookie

Name: Sergeant Jonathan ‘Johnny’ Andrews

Age: 23

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: Brunette, Short, back and sides

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 14 st

Height: 6ft

Weapon: Sten Mark 2 submachine gun, Cheap and fast submachine gun used by British commandos during World War 2.
Lee Enfield Rifle No. 4 Mk I, A reliable British bolt action rifle used by many British troops in World War 2.
Combat Knife, Standard combat knife a commando’s best friend.

Armor: None

Strengths: Johnny is a trained killer, can kill a person with his bare hands. He is born marksman with any weapon, he has set numerous records in his platoon for marksmanship. He is strong and can lift bit more than his bodyweight and he can run quite fast. He is very social and this helps him make Ally's to help him in combat.

Weakness: Johnny is a proud man, any remarks about him make him angry and he gets sloppy when he is angry thus affecting combat. He is used to normal humans anything new and he doesn’t know how to combat them. He is a human so spells can get him down and also powerful, physical attacks hurt him a lot or knock him out. He is quite sad as he thinks he will never see his wife again.

Skills/Magic: Standard Commando training, which enables him to be silent in battle and blend in his surroundings. He can run quite fast when the comes and can jump high. He is born leader and can lead his Ally's into battle and save their lives.

Appearance: John (as he is also called) is tall and well built over years of training and battle; his clothes khaki colored shirt and khaki combats. His boots are dark brown and well worn. His Sten is carried by a strap around his shoulders so it is hanging down near his waist, the rifle like all other grunts carry it over their shoulders. His face is tough looking and he has a small scar on his left cheek.

Personality: John is quiet in battle by himself or quite loud with other allies, although he does like to tease his opponents. He is, what his superior officers call him, a loose cannon, he is fun loving out of battle and likes to make friend out of his beaten opponents and keep friendly rivalries with them. He is also very down to earth in his thinking. He is religious (Christan) and prays before he goes into battle. he likes to keep in contact with his friends.

Biography: John was born in east Kent near Maidstone and spent most of his childhood playing cricket and football in the local park with his friends. His father fought in the Great War and was one of the lucky ones who survived, so John grew up listening to stories of his dad’s time in France although he did’t explain the horror of it. These stories convinced Johnny to join the army.

John left school when he was 14 and got a job with his father in the steel factories this is where he got strong and got his down to earth look on things. When he was 18 he joined the infantry and accomplished his childhood dream and after 6 weeks training he was a proper soldier.

This was where he met Joy the love of his life; she was the daughter of John’s elderly major so it was wrong for them to fall in love. Despite that they did and John found himself spending his spare weekends with Joy either in the pictures or having picnics. They planned to get married but the war broke out and John was shipped out to France.

John leant this where he was different to his father, his dad hated combat while John loved the thrill of it and the adrenaline. He soon got renowned for his marksmanship and bravery. In the middle of the North Africa campaign he was transferred to the commandos and begun the extreme training.

John was in England again so he met up with Joy and now he was 20 and she 19 they got married secretly. John spent all of his spare time with Joy for two years until his unit was sent to France to help with the invasion. After many successful missions, the mission of his life came up in 1945.

His unit were briefed and were set to capture a German castle were the Nazis were building a weapon. On the night April 1st John’s unit parachuted into Germany and stormed the castle. The mission was a blood bath, high causalities on both sides but John was determined to accomplish the mission. And he fought to where the weapon killed the colonel working it and planed to escape. The machine started working and John was sucked in, after about an hour or so John work up. In front of him was a strange huge building with many people inside and so John went to look.
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Re: Character List

Because of a donation too wonderful to fit in my Signature, I have made this little page here. Please enjoy.

Shisho, Kawaii, Fuzen, Ijinken, Neko, Sukoshi, Dreamer, Miss Spider, and Black Shisho.

Signature, Avatar, and Character Buttons made by Lady Knives.
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Re: Character List

Name: Aer (just pronounced ‘Air’) Athene

Titles: ‘Prince L’Arch’
‘The Prince of Thieves’.
To those who ask, he usually gives his name as ‘Prince’.

Age: 21

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: Blue, almost cyan-coloured, but darker.

Eyes: Deep blue.

Height: 5’ 11”

Weight: 158lbs

Known Relatives:
Iris Athene – Queen L’Arch, The Emerald Queen – Sister
Ismaire Athene – Former Queen L’Arch (stepped down, giving her daughter the throne), Lady of the Blade – Mother
Marce Athene – Former King L’Arch (deceased), Warrior Without Peer – Father

Weapons: A silver talwar that he draws if he’s cornered or if he’s challenged to a duel for his title. He keeps small throwing knives in his left sleeve (6 at most) each is no longer than his index finger, and no wider than three inches. They are all extremely sharp, and he wields them with deadly accuracy. “It’s like throwing darts.”

Armor: Nothing special. The only thing really worth taking note of is the jet-black ‘Void Cloak’ that he has. Its abilities will be explained further down.

Strengths: Aer is a strategist genius. His skills with a sword and throwing knives are peerless; swift and accurate. He’s observant, and can use the surroundings efficiently enough to escape pursuit or return the pursuers’ attacks. He is also headstrong and very determined, courageous, insisting that he picks fights that he knows he will win. Aer is swift and extremely stealthy, even if it comes to attacking. His information network spans to all the corners of the globe (and even through time) and he still has knights and members of the royal court that are loyal to him, and can obtain their assistance in almost any matter; even including his twin sister, the Queen L’Arch, and his mother. Both are strong, extremely skilled in fighting with blades, and are forces to be reckoned with.

Weaknesses: The prince is, after all, only human. His strength is just average, but he makes up for it with speed. Even though he is an expert strategist, numbers count for something. If he is outnumbered, he can be easily beaten if he chooses not to run. One wound can easily be the beginning of his downfall; his endurance is not very high.

Sword Skills:

“Reversing Cut” -- The most skilled swordsmen using the best of blades are supposedly able to slice an object in two and rejoin the halves together, as if it were never cut at all.

“Sparrow Reversal” – A triple-swift-strike attack that is said to be swift enough to cut the wings off a sparrow in mid-flight.

Other than his skills with a sword and knives, he has an item called the ‘Void Cloak’. Its name is Sierrazin, and is one of the Sacred Twin Relics (basically, two items that have been infused with tremendous amounts of power, and were used in a massive war ages ago) of the kingdom of L’Arch. Iris wields the other Twin, the, shamshir-shaped sword, Emeralin, the Crystal Flash, which is made entirely out of green crystal.
Sierrazin, the Void Cloak: It is as its name says: a void. The cloth is like a portable black hole, a rip of time and space. It negates light, time, even weight (making it easier to carry heavy, stolen stuff). Light is swallowed up by the cloak, so it can be used to blend in with shadows expertly, even during the day. One fully covered in the cloak looks entirely like an upright shadow. A person wearing it would never age. Even after taking it off, the person would age normally instead of having all the years rush into them at once. The cloak can also transport items and people through time, but only by the century (this explains the ‘info network through time’ thing, although that isn’t very reliable). The cloak also has another, creepier trait. When taken off and left alone, it takes on the form of a fully cloaked human that doesn’t move from that spot. It can speak, but it will do so only when spoken to. What makes it even creepier, is that Sierrazin has no…self. It takes on the personality and voice of the one addressing it; there are as many Sierrazins as the number of people facing it.

Personality: The prince is well liked for his candid, direct manner. He is passionate, courageous and headstrong, but at the same time, he is intelligent and well-mannered. He cares deeply for his twin sister, Iris and his mother, Ismaire, and does much to protect them directly or indirectly. He is quick to blame himself if he is unable to protect someone close to him. Aer is secretive, preferring not to let people get too close to him (knowing his true identity could be his and his family’s downfall), which is why he gives his name as “Prince” until he feels he can trust enough to say “Prince L’Arch, and the Prince of Thieves, Aer Athene.” Even though he does that, he will happily laugh and talk with anyone who is willing, on any number of subjects aside from ones that center around him.


The Kingdom of L’Arch is appropriately named: “The Kingdom of The Arch”. The Arch represents many things, but mostly the shape a blade, specifically, a shamshir. It was, and still is, the symbol of the family that has ruled over this land for ages, since a great war hundreds of years ago. This was no normal family; every one of them, every generation, from the first Athene, were peerless warriors, skilled in the arts of fighting with swords. “Swordmasters”, they were called, warriors with swift and lethal skills. But even though they were born warriors, the leaders of the land did their best to uphold peace with neighbouring kingdoms. Their efforts were never in vain, and so they co-existed peacefully with their neighbours, and prospered from trade and travel.

* * *

It was inevitable, the princess had to leave. Her mother could not risk getting her captured. The twins were already fine adults, and could have taken care of themselves. After all, their mother was the Lady of the Blade, second only to her two children. But the queen chose to stay behind to meet the soldiers that would storm the castle at any moment. She wanted to know why Taraine would attack and invade, had she faltered in her duty, somehow…?

Iris was also worried about her brother; he had slipped off with some of the best knights and one of the Sacred Twins in order to distract Taraine’s eye by leading an assault as close to their capital as possible. It was no use convincing her mother; after she had escaped along with Ismaire’s trusted bodyguard and paladin, Jehanna, the two would ride to her brother and tell him of what happened at home.

* * *

It was as easy as slipping away from the classes he didn’t like when he was younger, the only thing that could have gotten him to stay during a history class would be his sister’s soft persuasion or his mother’s scolding. Aer’s band would strike any of the enemy’s battalions down quickly and then disappear into the forest before having a chance to retaliate.

To avoid raising suspicions while travelling from place to place, the group disguised themselves as mercenaries. But when they went into a town, they turned into righteous thieves; if they approached any vendor with large sums of money for supplies, the might be figured out immediately, and since this was Taraine’s territory, it wasn’t hard to steal from the rich and help the needy, either. During his travels, he realized that there were some things that no king or queen could do to protect or help some people, but only people who were there, who saw and experienced these things, could help; people who were not royalty, but part of the ‘normal world’ and experienced hardships like ‘normal people’.

By the time Jehanna and Iris had found him, he was already some kind of folk ‘hero’ among the people, some called him a mischievous thief, but most (who knew his identity, but didn’t want to give it) had regarded him as the ‘Prince of Thieves’, because of his Robin Hood-esque ventures; steel from the greedy and rich and give to the needy and poor. The knights in his loyalty also found some fun in taking part, even joking that they would give up their current jobs to become thieves.

They became thieves at every town they entered, but were guised as mercenaries on the road, and then soldiers of L’Arch when it came to fighting the troops of Taraine. His sister and her knight also joined the group; she was able to experience the hardships of the people herself, and decided to do something about it when her brother finally became king. But for now, she chose to deliver the news from L’Arch: the castle was captured, and Queen Ismaire had stayed behind.

Aer and his sister made his way back to their home and easily infiltrated the castle using the skills they acquired along with the Void Cloak. The twins had found freed their mother and the remaining prisoners, first before entering the throne room and seizing the throne from the inhabitants. With power restored to the rightful owner, the guards and knights were able to drive the rest of the troops out.

The news of the king of Taraine’s death came suddenly, only a few hours after they had retaken the castle. The invasion was over, but there were pockets of turmoil all across the land; there were soldiers who still refused to give up and go home. The prince decided to move on his own, under the guise of a thief, to different areas of different countries who were affected by Taraine’s sudden outburst.

The queen Ismaire stepped down, allowing her daughter, who had seen the hardships of the people with her own eyes, to rule fairly and justly, on the condition that one day, her brother would come back home to be crowned king. Lady Ismaire, still queen in some eyes, decided to travel within the kingdom, helping to restore it to its former glory.

The prince formed a band of thieves once more, even including some of the knights that he took with him during the invasion. The Prince of Thieves’ fame grew, until the band’s network was so far and wide, it covered all the corners of the globe; they had members from almost every town, from every country, but only a select few knew his true identity.

The Prince of Thieves is the crown prince of a powerful kingdom? Hard to believe.

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Re: Character List

Name: Drároth.

Age: Fetchs don’t age, so it is irrelevant.

Race: Fetch.

Sex: N/A (Fetchs don’t have genders, though I shall refer to Drároth as male).

Eyes: Milky white, pupil-less.

Weight: 2lbs.

Height: 11inch actual height. 6ft (usually) including spectral body.

Race: Fetchs reproduce in a manner similar to cellular division, and the newly born Fetch retains all the memories of its parent. They can live indefinitely so long as they don’t starve or their core isn’t destroyed.

There are two parts to a fetch: Its spectral body, which can change shape and be used for defence, assault or (more usually) for manipulating its environment. The core of a fetch, resembles the skull of a bird and acts as their anchor to the physical world. If destroyed their spectral body simply dissipates.

Fetchs are carrion feeders that feed off the remaining ‘life energy’ of the recently deceased. They seemingly have the ability to sense when someone’s death is near and, because of this, they are seen as bad omens and are persecuted on many worlds. Though to most, they are merely scary tales to tell children.

They are solitary creatures and usually stay away from human settlements. They only gather in groups when there is a large number of dead (e.g. after a battle or a plague).

Fetchs also have the ability to sense weakness in the fabric of reality and, if large enough, they can use these tears to move between worlds.

Weapon/Armour: His only real weapon or armour is his spectral body which can change shape and consistency at will. In a fight he would usually morph a sphere around his head (the core of a fetch) while projecting several tentacle-like arms with which he would lashes out at his enemy.

Strengths: He doesn’t need to sleep nor does he tire and his strength is greater than a human. His spectral body makes him strong against physical attacks and because he floats, difficult terrain doesn’t pose much of a problem. He is completely immune to psionic communication and manipulation.

Weaknesses: His inexperience with fighting means he is prone to making mistakes and he often repeats the same tactics. But magic is his real Achilles heel in that he has no magical (or psionic) ability and his spectral body provides no real defence against those kind of attacks. If hardened, his spectral body will become gradually weaker (softer) after repeated blows. His core is his most vulnerable point, it is quite fragile and if destroyed, he dies.

Skill/Magic: His skills mostly revolve around his spectral body, which can change shape and become hard as rock or as soft as butter at will. He also floats just above the ground.

Mimic: Like all fetchs, Drároth can assume the appearance of a nearby person for a short amount of time, though his eyes remain unchanged. He can take the natural strengths and weaknesses of a person and their weapons and armour, but not any magical, technological or psionic abilities or enhancements. He is also unable to mimic ranged weapons.

Hide: Fetchs have the ability to blend in with the scenery, and can become almost completely unnoticeable, though they must remain motionless. This is their primary defence.

Appearance: He appears to be a human, wearing a hooded cloak and a bird skull-like mask.

Please forgive my crude sketches.

Personality: Drároth is usually quiet and contemplative, but also has a childlike curiosity of other races and, given the chance, will bombard people with questions about their lives and the use of various items. Like all fetchs, he dislikes violence but will defend himself if necessary. He also never holds grudges and will forgive any transgression made towards him. He also does not understand the concepts of sarcasm or deceit and usually takes things at face value.

Background: Drároth is something of an oddity among fetchs, in that he does not retain the memories of his parent. He has also become enamoured by the other races; their cultures and their creations, and has made it his mission in life to learn as much of them and their ways as he can. Though this has, more often than not, brought him into conflict with them.


The man had been walking through this godforsaken wasteland for days now; ever since his caravan had been ambushed. He knew that he wasn’t long left for this world, though he continue his desperate journey toward (he hoped) civilization, anyway. But for miles in every direction, lay only scorched earth.

A growing flock of vultures had begun circling high above, but those weren’t what worried him. Trailing him, not far behind, was a fetch. A despicable creature of darkness, a stealer of souls.

When he noticed that omen of doom, early that morning, he knew his time was at an end. But that didn’t mean he was going to give up without a fight.

“Don’t think I can’t see you!” he growled at the spectre. The shadow seemed to hesitate for a moment, surprising the man, before continuing in his wake. The fetch couldn’t possibly have understood his words. He shook his head, the heat must be starting to me, he thought.

As the day ground on, he could feel himself grow weaker and weaker. Every step he made, becoming more and more difficult and, even with the makeshift walking stick he had found, his balance was abandoning him.

He felt a chill run down his spine, and the hairs on the back of his neck rise. His heart raced in his chest as he spun, coming face to blank face with the creature.

“Stay away from me!” he cried and staggered towards the fetch, waving the large stick about but missing it completely. He fell to his knees panting, dropping the stick. “I’m not going to let you have my soul,” he said defiantly, though not sounding so sure himself.

The man tried to stand again, but now he was too weak. His legs buckled and he collapsed face-first onto the ground. With some effort he managed to roll onto his back and he saw that the creature now stood over him.

“Why do you torture me like this?” He closed his heavy eyelids, he was so very tired.

“Why do you fight against the inevitable?” came a hollow voice; sounding as if it were coming from some great distance.

Through bleary eyes he looked up at the creature, unsure as to whether he was losing his mind. It just stood there, looking down at him unblinkingly.

He gave a derisive snort, he was losing it. Fetchs can’t talk, and there was no one else in view.

“Survival.” the hollow voice came again.

Again, there was not a sole, only the dark shape of the fetch standing over him, as still as a statue.

These were his final moments, he thought, he might as well play along. “But your survival comes at the cost of others!”

The creature continued to look blankly at him. “Do you not eat the flesh of animals?”

“But that‘s different,” the man breathed, his voice beginning to fail him.

“How is that any different from my consuming you?”

“Humans are intelligent!” he protested, “We have a soul.”

“Are you sure?” The fetch, cocked its head slightly to one side, questioningly.

“Yes!” the man snapped, before his head fell and he released a defeated sigh from his parched lips. “But what does it matter now. You’re going to take it as soon as I die.”

“I can assure you that your soul is your own.” But the fetch’s words provided no consolation, for the man had already passed.

It shook its head ever so slightly. “Humans are strange creatures, indeed.” It could never understand why these humans needed to delude themselves into thinking they were somehow special, somehow unique among all others.

The vultures screeched impatiently from above, hungry to get their beaks into fresh flesh. But they wouldn’t dare approach a fetch, so they settled for screeching impotently from the safety of the sky. They knew their turn would come soon enough, though.
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Re: Character List

Name: Krindulmar

Age: 230 (looks 23 in Human years) looks like he ages normally, can control what age he looks like

Race: Winged Demon

Sex: Male.

Hair: Dark Grey/Long spiked hair

Eyes: Dark Red

Weight: 89 Kg, average build (like links)

Height: 190 cm

Weapon: Great axe called Armads imbued with fire (when it hits it also burns oppenent), and a Crossbow called Reinfleche it is able to split one bolt into 7.

Armor: Chest - One sided chain mail - called Deskrop - drapes over his left arm so his arm cannot be hurt if hit by a sword
Shoulder - One plated shoulder pad - called Imortan - covers his right shoulder, makes his crossbow arm incredibly durible and very fast, so he can shoot a verious number of bolts without slowing down,
Legs - Ragged pants

Strengths: strong at fighting with/without his weapons can fighting the air very good.

Weakness: easily hurt from the back or against his wings doesnt like people hitting his tail, is enraged when his tail is injured doesnt think strategically and fights without disgregard of anything in his path.
Fire Golem can easily be destroyed.

Skills/Magic: Blazing Tornadoe, takes to air and starts to spin fast with axe out and creates a fire Tornadoe to destroy his enemy's, can only use it 3 times before passing out due to exhaustion
Multiple shots, shoots one bolt and splits it into several others
has the ability to summon a fire golem which helps him fight his enemys with vigor and strength, fire impact when it hits and summons a fire wall

Appearance: he is quite tall and strong, he has frizzy long spiked back hair, demon wings on his back along with a tail, always seen wearing a long dakrk robe, unless fighting. (will add picture later)

Personality: Normally quite, not very interactive with others, will interact with anyone that will allow him to buy them drinks or buy him drinks, has a few very close friends
Reacts in battle with a instant bloodlust for anyone, he likes warm places and demonic things also farm animals (instant reaction to save a animal from any danger), hates cold areas normally stays inside in a damp basement/sewer.

Biography: Doesnt remember where he was born, but grew up with a elderly couple on a quite farm, when he was growing up he loved to play witht the animals the never ran away from him, never had any childhood friends, lived with elderly couple for years until the passed away when they pass away was when he started to feel his demonic hatred again.

He decided to go a find place that can cure him of this burning hatred, was travelling up in the high sacred mountains when he was almost dead from hypothermia when a group of monks found him, they took him back to there temple and where about to kill him when there master said that this demon has a sacred duty to purge this land of evil. so from that moment on he was trained in the art of combat and was told that he must purge the lands of the evil covering it.

Where was he/she born? born in hell

Did he/she grow up with parents? no only sort of parents he knew of where the elderly couple

Did the character have any brothers or sisters? Any friends?
oblivious of any siblings, no friends,

How was his/her childhood? ordinary farm life

Does he have any pets? Familiars? Hawk (doesnt use in battle) and a fire golem that he can summon

What are his/her beliefs? Does he/she worship a god? Is he/she willing to do anything to protect or guard their beliefs? no beliefs, doesnt worship a god,

Why is your character traveling from home? gaurdians died, lived with monks decided to find out why he is here,

Does he/she have the ability to kill others? very much

Is your character easy going? not really will barley talk when spoken to, has a idea of how to speak with royalty

What are his/her dislikes? hates animal cruelity

Anything special he/she’s fond of? animals (only thing that keeps him under control)

How would he/she treat others? Rudely? Friendly? comes off rude but intentions are friendly

Any goals? Dreams? find out why where he came from

Has he/she considered the possibility of death? always
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Re: Character List

Name: Grundcull
Favorite Aliases: Leon Rosendo, Sean Lorrin, Artemis Lalit
Age: He's not exactly sure but his earliest memory involves dinosaurs if you want a general idea.
Race: Magic Feeder(Explanation in Bio)
Sex: Male
Hair: Black and blue, short.
Eyes: Black where a human's are white, green iris, slitted black pupil.
Weight: 187lbs.
Height: 5'11''

Weapon: His claws usually work for close range combat because they are razor sharp but he has a silver pistol if needed.

Armor: He has thicker and stronger skin than a human that resist blades and small caliber bullets. He also has stronger bones, requiring nearly three tons to break a bone.

Strengths: Because of a long time of learning he's quite skilled in most hand-to-hand combat skills. He also has learned several styles that specialize in disa-arming an armed opponent. Grundcull has only recently purchased his pistol but has a minor degree of skill with it. He can also lift a great deal of weight. Grundcull is also a digitigrade meaning his foot steps are nearly silent. He also has strong sense of sight, smell, and hearing. Antoher great strength is that physical things can't kill. He can only die if he doesn't recieve enough magic.

Weakness: His greatest weakness is his dependancy on magic. If he doesn't absorb magic for longer than four months he will die. After about one months of not "feeding" he will experience minor headaches and drowsyness. This will escalate into migranes and randomly falling unconcious which will then turn into a mind numbing pain that makes him attempt to kill himself. He also has nearly no outward armour whick makes him weak to sharp blades and high calibur bullets. Though he can't die he can still suffer great amounts of pain. Because he can't die there is no end to the beating someone could give him.

Magic Absorbtion: This is Grundcull's most basic ability. Usually this is done by touching his claws to a person's head but after not having magic for two or more months simply touching his skin will absorb magic. After he absorbs someone's magic they will get a minor headache and ringing ears. He can feed off primates but they only give him about a minute of sustanance.

Ability Steal: If Gruncull steals the magic of someone who is aware they have magic and can control it then he will gain a few of their abilities but on a smaller scale. This disappears after an hour or so.

Memory Wipe: By targeting a specific area of the brain Grundcull can destroy memories.

Bottling Magic: This is an ability he developed to allow him long periods without feeding off magic. If the bottles break it makes a small explosion.

Rage: This ability is gained during crunch time. After not having aura for four months he is nearly dead but still has some life in him. His system kick starts and he loses control but also gains unmeasurable strength. This lasts for tweleve hours.

Fear: When most sentinent beings look into Grundcull's eyes they are overtaken by a temporary paralizing fear. Strong-minded individuals are not effected by this.

Morphing: To better blend in with his prey he can change his shape to anyhting as long as it has a similar size and shape to him. For example he could turn into a human or gorilla but not a whale or mouse. He retains all his abilities except Fear while morphed.

Appearance: Grundcull is quite the scary figure. Evolution made it so his specied scares the hell out of humans. His sharp fangs protrude slightly when he closes his mouth and his five brown claws drip with a lubricant that allows them to slide in and out of flesh easily. He has three claws on top and two on the bottom for each hand. When he closes his hand they interlock with a perfect fit. He has short, black hair covering his entire body but he has blue haired markings on his face. The bottom of his paws and palms of his hands are also blue. Like most digitigrade animals his ankles are set higher up on his leg. (Think a dog leg but bigger.) He only has four claws on these feet and they are shorter than on his hands. The hair on his head is a darker shade of black and goes down to his mid back.

When he morphs into a human he has a favorite form. A white male with green eyes and brown hair pulles back into a ponytail that reaches the bottom of his neck. He'd the same height and weight as he is in his regular form. In this form he also appars to be around twenty-nine. In this form he appears to be quite scrawny.

Grundcull wears the same clothes in both his regular and human forms. He wears a very light black hoodie with an icon on the front. The icon is an exact copy of his own eye inside a white circle. If it's too hot for a hoodie he'll just wear a white shirt with the same icon. He also wears a pair of worn out jeans and black tennis shoes.

Personality: Though he appears to be a scary brute Grundcull is a kind and caring creature. His scary appearance was a result of millions of years of evolution and is by no means his choice. Grundcull is also extremely curious and he will investigate any situation because he knows it's highly unlikely it will kill him. He's indifferent to humans. He views them simply as animals. He views them as humans view cows. Just a source of food. He also holds a grudge againstchumans because he has seen everything they've done to Earth. Grundcull tries to avoid conflict and when one does arise he'll either attempt to flee and if that fails he'll just try to disarm his opponent.

He's also quite kowledgable and has gone through college several times. His favorite subjects were psychology and sociology. A hobby of his is to simply spend time provoking people simply to see their reactions.

Biography: "Magic. Magic is quite complicated. It is held in the back of the brain. It is also part of someone's soul. Magic is similar to blood in the human body. If some is taken away the person will live and the magic will return. But if all of it is taken then the person will die. Some people have the ability to control their magic but this is quite rare." - Exerpt from Grundcull's book of facts.

"There are several species of vampire but most humans only recognize one, the Bloodfeeders. They are the middle ground of sophistication in the eyes of other vampires. Those who are good at it are elegant and calm but then there are those who bathe in blood and will slit someone's throat just to see the subtance. The most sophisticated are the Emotion Eaters. Different human emotions give them different powers. They are viewed as royalty in the eyes of vampires. The most barbaric are seen to be the Magic Feeders. This is mostly because of their looks and the other factor is their barbarian nature. It is very rare to see a calm Magic Feeder." - Exerpt from Grundcull's book on vampires.

Grundcull isn't exactly sure when he was born but he knows he thinks he is the oldest living thing on Earth. He grew up in the largest tribe of Magic Feeders in existance. There were about two hundred of them. Usually they could not work in such large numbers but Grundcull's father, the head of the tribe, was a very good leader. Back then, when humans weren't born, all vampires fed off dinosaurs. (Emotion Eaters weren't alive back then.) Grundcull was a bit of an outcast growing up because he viewed feeding as a necessity, not a form of pleasure. When Grundcull reached adulthood something... bad happened. Grundcull's father spoke with the elders and they spoke of a similar meteor. The entire tribe moved underground, taking as many dinosaurs as possible with them. Nearly half the tribe died in the this time. In an act of bravery Grundcull's father starved himself so his tribe could eat. After his father's death Grundcull became leader. Instead of feeding off all a dinosaur's magic he instructed them to eat little. The next day the dinosaur would be full of magic aggain and then could be fed off again. Becuase of the small amount of dinos the tribe numbers stayed at about forty members. Sadly, the dinosaurs died out because of the horrible conditions. The tribe experimented with various animals and found. One could sustain them for a day. They adoopted the ways of nomads and searched for food each day, going from one place to the next.

After doing this for an extremly long time they found an animal that could keep them alive for nearly a year on just a small feeding. These animals were what humans evolved from. After this discovery the tribe flourished. Some members broke off to start their own tribes. Eventually these tribes became larger and tried to overthrow Grundcull in many great battles. (After hearing these ancient stories Indians decorated their faces with war paint to strike fear into their enemies.) The attempts never suceeded and soon there were no other tribes left. But evolution had to have it's say in the matter and soon the magic of the tribes food source lost their potecy and became humans. The tribe numbers dented at this.

Now we go to the worst time of Grundcull's life. His tribe was around twenty members because of a break soon after humans developed their intelligence. A long time passed with no real changes except the humans slowly getting smarter and smarter. Eventually a country, Russia, captured them. The Russions didn't mean to kill the vampires but they were wary to comply when they asked for people. In this time everyone in the tribe died except for Grundcull. As the leader, Grudncull had fed last before they were captured so he had more energy. Eventually though he lost his energy. He suffered the worst pains in his life but nearly an hour before he died a great fire erupted inside him and every cell of his body wanted to eascape his prison. He broke free from the holding chamber with his new strength and fed off the scientists, killing them. In the area there was a self-destruct buttoon incase the vampires eascaped. One of the scientists pressed it and the entire complex went up in a massive explosion. Though he survived the pain of being in the middle of an explosion knocked Grundcull unconcious.

(Approved by Shrub.)
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~* Approved by Shrub *~

Name: Amberstone

Age: 2 (Around 14-15 in human years.)

Race: Vassyr Gargoyle, Copper

Race Explanation: Vassyr gargoyles resemble humanoid dragons, but usually have another animal feature, like a cat’s paws or a bird’s beak. Some families of Vassyr gargoyle can carry on an animal trait, like a certain bird’s beak or a fish fin or frill. They are either bipedal or quadrupeds, but can change into the opposite freely.

These gargoyles have a hierarchy established in their mountainous city of Cloudbluff. There are three ranks, or kinds, of Vassyr gargoyle; Silver, Iron, and Copper. Silver Vassyr gargoyles are the strongest, and the most revered of the three. Iron Vassyr gargoyles are the second strongest, and more normal in attitude. Copper Vassyr gargoyles are the weakest and are looked on by the other two as lowlifes, never to be respected.

Gender: Female

Eyes: Muddy yellow around black cat-like slit pupils.

Height: Biped; 5’,3” (Read as 5 foot, 3 inches) / Quadruped: At shoulder; 3’,3” (3 foot, 3 inches). Including her head; 3’,7” (3 foot, 7 inches)
  • Prefers to be a quadruped.

Weight: 200 pounds

Wings: Length; 5’,3”

Tail: Length; 3’, 2” (3 feet, 2 inches) Width; 8”, before slowly tapering to a tip. (Eight inches)

Weapon(s): Her claws, fangs, and tail. Her wing scales can count as well.

Armor: Covered from head to toe in copper scales. Most are hidden under her beige fur

Appearance: While in nature, a gargoyle, Amberstone has the appearance of a sort of cross between a lioness and a dragon. Like in the armor section; copper scales everywhere, most hidden under beige fur. Has faint brown spots on her fur, due to she is a cub still. Certain areas show her scales without any fur; from her head down to her stomach area, all four paws, along her spine and tail. Wears a pale brown fabric slung around her hips, which wrap around her tail.

Strengths: Strong due to her weight, and agile to a degree. Can fly well, and can hunt for herself. Her copper/silver scales offer protection from some attacks.

Weaknesses: Even though she is has cat eyes, she has trouble seeing well, especially in fog. Water also makes her electricity jump around her, and can give her a mild shock. She is not used to her Life Spark either, and can mildly shock herself at random or during a fight. Her weight slows her down in areas, like in sand and mud.


Natural Skills

Chain: Her wing scales can loosen to absorb impacts, like chain mail does. Her Life Spark is what keeps them connected.

Shatter: The scales on her wings can fall off whenever she wants them to. They are still able to move under her control, despite being off of her wings.

Shard Dart
: Amberstone can manipulate the scales to fly after an opponent, potentially cutting into them

Life Spark Skills
  • Life Spark is what she calls electricity.
  • Falls under natural skills as well.

Collect: Her scales can be charged with her electricity, and can discharge at any time she wants. They can also be used to aid her to see in dark areas by giving off light, or can be used against enemies to distract them.

Arc Fang/Claw
: Amberstone can make electricity collect around her mouth and claws, in order to add the effect to close range attacks.

Cage: After moving her scales around the enemy, Tawnie lets the stored electricity go, and her scales tends to launch towards the enemy in lances/lightning bolts from every direction at random times. -Easy to escape from by jumping or dodging her scales. -Is wide open, due to this takes a lot of focus for her.

Voltage Trap
: A variation of her cage skill, she can use her wings normally, and sends her electricity out in a bomb type fashion, which she is somewhat immune to. Uses her wings to wrap around an opponent that tries to get close to Amberstone. Can also bite and claw at the trapped enemy. Her immunity counts as she cannot be blinded due to this skill, but still causes mild pain to herself
  • The range is short, directly in front of her.
  • Can easily be attacked during this.
  • Easy to get out of, unless the electricity hits.

Personality: Despite a fierce appearance, Amberstone is of a calmer, kinder demeanor than one might think, and approaches new things with both caution and curiosity. In a fight, she tends to be on the defensive, before she starts to eventually turn to offense. Stays alert during a fight too, Around her mother, she’s kind, but protective, just like her mother would be near her. Around others, she tends to be curious, but still remains wary, until she feels that she can trust someone.

  • Crevice in here means a window.
  • Sunwake means morning, sunfall means evening.
  • Outlook is city and/or town.

Only one newborn mewed underneath the cloth sheet, the other one was silent. My sister wrapped it in a new cloth, hanging her head at the loss, it was dead. My brother quickly asked, “When will this one’s scales show?”

Grandma, looking at the little one under the cloth, muttered the answer “Tomorrow at sunwake.” Most of my family left me and the newborn alone, as I looked out of the wide crevice, I saw the moon come up, as my silver scales sparkled in its light. Moving toward the bed, I pulled the sheet down, below her head and she squirmed about, before mewing at me. Grinning, I put my head around hers before my tail followed and I fell asleep, curled around my only cub.

Sunwake came, and I looked at my little one again, and noticed a couple of scales now. They shone as silver for a moment, before copper took over. A hybrid…? That’s rare. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to tell them… Worry passed over my face, as my mother came into the stone room.

“What’s wrong, my cub?” She looked at the newborn, who yawned for a while. Her eyes widened, “A Copper… with Silver accents? How is that possible?” Looking at me, she left the room, and before long an argument occurred. Many growls and roars echoed into the room, my newborn shuddered and tried to bury itself in my chest, it’s cries drowned in the argument nearby.

I know what’s going to happen…
I looked down at her, They mean to kill you… I won’t let them, my cub. You don’t need to fear. I gently wrapped her in a cloth bundle, taking it in my jaws carefully, before I moved over to the wide crevice in the wall. Stretching my giant wings, I leapt out of the room, and quickly took flight, escaping the roars from my home and left the outlook behind.

You are not going to be raised around the hierarchy, nor learn the hatred most of our species has for humans, due to the war and their hunting us for our scales. It took my a while to find a safe spot to land, since I was now an outsider to my species, I flew high above mostly human outlooks. Sunfall was coming more quickly than I thought, the mountains nearby awash with orange, before I spotted a small plain, on the edge of a cliff. The black behind it was the beginning of a forest, which I noticed as I swooped down to land, I made sure my cub wasn’t hurt as I touched the ground. My silver scales changed to a gray fire as the sun continued to fall, and I moved closer to the treeline and set my cub down.

She mewed at me from within the bundle, and I gently unwrapped her. Her scales blended in with the orange of the sky, and I grinned at her, finally thinking of a name for her. “It’s alright, little Amberstone, you’re safe here.” My cub turned her head towards me, and opened her muddy yellow eyes at me, and grinned back.


Mother, Boltvein, watched me practice my Life Spark again. Thankfully, she has the same element as I do, so it really helps with learning. I still get hurt by my Life Spark, but it’s not that bad. She said that my copper scales actually help my element work with me, since copper conducts it. I also know how to hunt as well, my element even helps me out here too. No creature that I catch can deal with it either, especially the small ones.

“Good, my cub, keep trying,” mother said while watching my swipes, as she dodged left and right. The yellow-green grass around us swayed with our movements, the trees behind mother swayed gently in the breeze. Her element is more calmer than mine, but she says that’s because I’m a cub still. Electricity ran around my paws, and jumped to mother, but it didn’t bother her. Mom ducked after a left swipe, before I stepped back a bit. “Good, you’re alert.”

My tail swept left and right, I liked to practice with my mother, it was fun. Sometimes both of us really get into it, and its hard to stop, but we always stop short of hurting each other. My mother nodded, “That’s enough for today, sun fall’s approaching, little one.”

“Yes mother,” I eased up and turned back to the cliff, looking down at an outlook on the horizon. Most humans didn’t bother us up here, and I didn’t mind them. The wind shifted and blew against my wings, slightly opening them up. I wonder what’s out there… I’ve flown with mother before, but we’ve never gone very far… The cliff near me seems to be a light brown stone, but it’s very strong, despite sand that collects on it.
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Re: Character List

Name:Theodor Flurry (Subject #77)
Age: 24
Race: Human (Trust me.)
Sex: Male
Hair: Blond pulled back behind his ears.
Feathers: The top/back of his wings are a grayish-black color while the bottom/front are a pattern of white and light blue that looks like clouds.
Eyes: Light blue
Weight: 136 (Hollow bones.)
Height: 5'11"
Mr Blue Sky - ELO
Freebird - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Weapon: A mahogany staff with a knot of roots at the top forming a ball shape that glows gold when he uses magic. If a stab is needed there is a pointed bottom made out of a gold metel that is slightly arder then titanium. The wood is also enchanted to be nearly unbreakble and any cracks are healed immdeiately. It can only be permenantly broken by being split completely in half.

He also weilds a short oak bow to great use. The arrows are also made of oak and have yellows feathers at the blunt end.

Armor: This is a gold plated suit of armor that can be summoned at will. The armor itself is made to cover all areas of the body while also allowing for maximum mobility.

It consists of pieces on the chest, stomach, arms, lower legs, and head. Where these pieces break off there is a steel chain mail. The stomach area also has leather pads and chain mail to reduce any chance of internal bleeding. There are also thin, but durable, plates on his wings to prevent flight damage. The armor is rather lightwieght and so can easily break but Theodor has several spells to repair it.

Strengths: With his wide stance and quick reflexes Theodor performs well with his staff and can make do with his hands if his staff is of no use but his true strength lies in air combat. He relies on quick strikes at vital points He can function just as well in high altitudes as in low so higher altitude combat is a breeze and this also allows him to breath longer under water. He also has several spells to aid him.

Weaknesses: Although his armor covers all areas of his body he rarely summons it because of the extra weight. This leaves him open to surprise attacks. Although hollow bones equal less weight this lack of weight can also make him easily thrown around. Fighting in water is also difficult for him partially because he has less then amazing swimming abilities. His wings are also rather sensitive and if a signifigantly large hole is in one of them he'll be unable to fly.

Bird Calls: Not a spell but an inate ability. He can imitate the call of any bird you please.

Flying: This comes naturally to him. He can do anything you please, from barrel roles to turning on a dime.

Summoning: Theo can summon three objects: His wings, his bow, his staff, and his armour. (Listed in order of strength required to summon from least to greatest.) They appear as a gold mist around where the object will appear then the mist disappears to reveal the object summoned. When his wings are summoned nothing happens to the shirt, jacket, etc. he'd wearing.

Wind: This ability allows him to change the direction wind is blowing. It takes several seconds to take effect and about a quarter of an hour to recharge.

Repair: This can be used to repair inanimate objects such as his armour or a weapon. This ability is quite easy and can be done very quickly but Theo has found it's easier to repair one large place of damage than several small places.

Heal: Because this regenerates living tissue this ability takes double the effort of repair but the same rules apply.

Appearance: You could see Theodor walking down the street and not think anything of it, just another man going about his business. Then a golden mist would appear around him and he'd appear to be completely different.

He usually wears a long-sleeved white undershirt which is partially concealed by a rather baggy blue short-sleeved shirt. His pants are usually baggy and black. He also wears steel-toed brown boots made of soft leather. All his clothes are water resistant and they keep him warm in high altitude flight.

When standing upright his wings reach from the top of his head to his lower thighs. The backs are a glassy greyish-black while the bottoms are a random mix of light blue and white, which makes them camoflauged. When summoned they connect to his shoulder blades.

His armor is a gleaming gold seperated in several pieces but joined toogether at those places by a steel colored chain mail. (Further details in Armour section.)

Theodor has tanned skin and the color is only broken by scars on his upper back, specifically around his shoulders and shoulderblades. He wouldn't be considered muscular but couldn't be labeled as scrawny either so he's a sort of middle ground in physical appearance.

His blond hair reached about the middle of his neck and is pushed back behind his ears but not secured there because he dislikes the restricting feeling a rubber band makes on his head. Because of this their's usually a lock of hair in front of his eyes that he quickly brushes back.

Personality: Theodor has only two goals, one usually taking the passenger seat. His main goal is to be free. There is no greater pleasure for him than the wind whipping against his face and the thermals keeping him suspended in air. His other goal is to kill the people that both murdered the closest friend he ever had and tortured him for most of his life.

When not plotting his revenge on these men Theo is fun loving and an all around fun person to be around. Combined with this and his good looks he's often approached by women but he promptly turns them down because he's just too random a person. One moment he might be cooking dinner and the next he might be sharpening the tip of an arrow in preperation to kill someone. He may consider it after his task is complete though.

Theo often ponders death. He's not sure what will happen to him. Religious people have often told him he will roast in hell for being an abomanation but he doesn't think that to be so because it was not his choice. The thoughts swirl around his head in a confusing jumble and he has yet to come up with a clear answer or one that doesn't change within the hour.


I liked my life. My family was kind and I had many friends. I had two sisters, one older than me and one younger, and a brother older than me by three years. I played and enjoyed myself to the fullest, not worrying that my family had little money. As I grew it began to worry more but I tried to not think of it. One day, when I was seventeen, a man come to our door. He offered a scholarship to a school for gifted children. My parents didn't want to let me leave but the men wouldn't leave without me. Eventually a fight broke out and they slughtered my family before me very eyes. They took me to the building for my first "test" as they called it.


Pain. White-hot searing pain. After several moments I realized the pain was coming from my shoulder blades and that there was also a kind of coldness that accompanied the white sparks of pain. People muttered around me as I realized they operared on my body, their goal unknown to me at the time. After awhile the pain sparks subsided and someone began to stitch the flesh back together. It felt like I had gained several pounds but I didn't let it bother me at the time. I slowly wandered off to an anethesia induced sleep.


I awoke laying down with my shirtless back facing the ceiling. Air from the large air conditionar unit soothed my burning back. I got up and felt a pain jolt from my back. I jumped up from the pain and saw I had been sitting on a feathered pillow. I brushed it my fingers through it and searched for a sharp object that might've caused the pain but gasped. I felt myself touching the... This area is hard for me to explain. Simply press your finger into your palm. You get the feeling of touching your palm from your finger and the feeling of being touched by a finger from your palm, correct? Imagine my hand as the finger and this fluffy pillow as your palm. I turned around and when I looked into the mirror I realized the truth.

The thing they were doing to me the previous night was an operation to give me wings by using both modern surgery techniques and magic. The pain I recalled from the operation was caused by conecting nerves in my spine to nerves in the wing. I turned back to get a scope of my surroundings.

I was in a plain white room that resembled a prison cell and that is how I will refer to it for the remainder of my tale. I looked and saw a note toped to the sink I walked over to it , feeling light despite the wight of the feathery wings. I plucked the note from the sink and read:

Dear Subject #77,

We apologize for the pain you felt last night. You were meant to stay unconcious the entire night but there was a slight mishap and you awoke. The pain you felt must have been horrible and I am grateful you aren't one of our patients with super strength or a bad temper. Your wings are the most obvious change you have achieved but you may also notice that you are lighter. Your bones are now hollow, like a bird's. You may also notice sparks emitting from your fingers throughout the next week. Don't worry, this is just excess magic discharging fromy your system. You see, we imbued your bones with wind magic. We will perform several other operations later in the day.

Kean Berach

I thought the men operating on me to be very nice men at that point. I was as wrong as possible in my assumption. The following night they brought me through dimly lit hallways to the operatiing room. They stuck a bitter tasting leather rag in my mouth then threw me on the table. They bound me down then once again something cold slid against my back and then my wings too. As the flesh split cold air went into it, both chilling me and sending fiery pain through me. I drifted into a painful sleep after several minutes.


I awoke in the same cell again. I got up to see ig any changes had been made. I gasped at my reflection in the mirror. The wings, which I had become slightly emotionally attached to we gone. I pictured them in my head, remembering their marvelous beauty even from just the one time I'd seen them. To my surprise when I imagined them on my back they appeared again! I imagined them disappearing and they disappeared but they would return when I imagined them coming back. After this discovery I wrapped them around myself to fight of the cold air and sat on my bed, waiting for anything.


Through this time they educated me in the use of my staff, hands, and my bow. If I failed I was viciously beat and denied food. At first I faied miserably nearly every time but eventually I gained speed. I flew trhough the tasks and, though it angered the others, one of them rewarded me with extra food and praise. When I asked him his name he told me Kean Berach. I also learned he didn't want to be involved in the epirements but his brother, the group founder, forced him to take part in it.

Eventually we both devised a plan to escape. It suceeded but in the battle to escape I was seperated from Kean. He was killed before my very eyes and it was then I decided what I was going to do.

I will hunt down those monsters and kill each and every one of them the same way they killed Kean, chopping their heads off.

But do not worry, for I am kind.
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Re: Character List

Name: Mathias Thanan Blackharrow

Age/DOB: 29; Primensis 17, 3e 1331 (Nova Imperium Calender)

Race: Norlander (Human)

Sex: Male

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Straight, black, chin-length

Height/Weight: 5’11”, 184 lbs.

Mathias commonly wears a combination of mostly red, white and black in his apparel. He typically favors a red or charcoal tunic, wearing either black knee breeches or loose-fit pants. He wears thick black leather boots that lace up nearly to the knee, fitting best with his breeches and very well with his armor. When in combat situations, Mathais dons his armor, which is a combination of molded leather on his arms, shoulders, and legs, as well as chain mail and brigandine on his body. Over his armor, and occasionally over his standard clothing, Mathias wears a black, red, and purple tabard-- he is rarely seen in battle without it, as it represents his homeland and his family name. He also owns a black cloak for unfavorable weather, and a crimson and dark blue layered robe for winter climates.

His straight black hair accentuates the stubble that lines his face. In the wilderness, it seems, it is simply too time-consuming to shave every day. His distrusting dark brow eyes never stop moving, always searching out some new detail of his surroundings, or scouting for a new threat. Other than the slight facial hair that covers the lower half of his face, his skin is completely and entirely smooth. His body is just as smooth, with well defined muscles that are often adorned with grizzly scars. He is well-trained and well-defined in all things, including physical training, and despite his injury record, still carries a sense of rugged good looks.

--Stormy Night-- Mace, straight steel shaft with leather grip and four silver jagged rings around striking surface, as well as a pointed silver crown; unenchanted; 30” overall (18” striking surface, 12” handle). Named after a quote from his father, "Death comes like a stormy night."
--Steel Shield-- Round shield, with leather arm straps and wooden reinforcement behind a steel plate and border, accented with a steel knob in the center; mountable targ spike available (tri-sided, 8" long); unenchanted; 33” overall in diameter
--Paladin's Dagger-- Dagger, straight blade, high-carbon spring steel, double-edged; steel cross guard, hilt and pommel; unenchanted: 8" blade, 4" handle; 12" overall. Weighted for throwing. Given to him as a reward for outstanding honor and performance in battle by the Keepers of the Faith guild.
--Boot Knife-- Dagger, straight blade, steel, double-edged; brass hilt and pommel with wooden inlay on the handle; unenchanted: 5" blade, 4" handle; 9" overall. Weighted for throwing. Purchased at a market in Mulhallen, his favorite city in Syenxa.
--Clockwork Pistol-- Pistol, flintlock, five rotating steel barrels, brass and wooden stock; unenchanted: 9” overall. Accurate up to 20 meters. Taken from the body of a dead companion and used in his memory. Originally muzzle-loaded, this pistol has been modified by Mathias to load a wooden cylinder containing five led balls from the back of the barrels, via a hinge in front of the trigger mount.

Mathias is an expert warrior with his mace, and has fantastic shield work. He has extensive military and martial arts training, and can be very deadly in close-range combat. His armor, a blend of leather and metal, protects many of his weaker areas. Thanks to weight training, he can be very fast and agile, even when weighted with armor and his mace and shield. He is very observant, and skilled at spotting weaknesses in his enemies. He is also quite skilled at using aggressive alchemy to his advantage, such as throwing a combustible potion at an opponent, or blinding them with a flash potion.

For all the things that Mathias is, he is no wizard. He is not, nor could he ever be, a magic user, and has difficulty predicting them on the battlefield. His standard, unenchanted equipment typically provides little protection against anything other than basic elemental spells. Another issue is that Mathias has a difficulty fighting women. Due to his gentlemanly nature, and his sensitive heart, he cannot stand to see a woman-- even a vile one-- in pain, or in suffering. It hurts him to see this, and though he has been forced to kill women before, he loathes doing so under any normal circumstances.

Mathias is very introversive. He is quick to distrust, and never goes into a situation unprepared. He longs for someone in whom he can confide, but is not willing to settle for a partner, in love or in combat. Romantically, Mathias is very needy. He constantly needs to be reminded that he is loved and wanted by his partner. In combat, he is dominant. He needs to know that he is in control of the situation and of his opponent, or at least that he has a planned response to it. There are several traits that he hates to see in others, such as dishonesty, treachery, and lack of a moral foundation. Mathias is a rather pious individual, believing firmly in the Ipsxillian religion of his homeland. His faith is a large part of who he is, and is often the reason for continuing in his life.

He was raised in a military family, and so his response to most situations, no matter how gentlemanly he is, often boils down to force. His manners are impeccable for a soldier of his caliber, and he has all the etiquette of a high-society noble. Those manners, however, are often reserved for the fairer sex, as men often receive little more than distrust and subtle hostility. His respect is difficult to gain, but not impossible; he most often respects foes who best him in fair competition, be it combat or something else entirely. Mathias believes that taking responsibility for one’s actions is a basic element of being an adult, and is never one to make excuses for himself. He can often be found writing in his journal, but is not just logging in his daily events: he writes stories in his journal to pass his free time. He also enjoys fine music, and loves researching alchemy. A lover, a fighter, an alchemist, a writer; Mathias is many things to those who care to know him.


Close Combat Prowess
All of his life, Mathias trained in the art of weaponry. Polearms, single-handed blades, two-handed blades, thrown weapons, crossbows, and primitive firearms are included in his repertoire of aggressive skills, though by far his most advanced is in his skilled usage of a single-handed mace. He has learned, after years of experience, that wielding a mace can come to rely on the channeling of momentum: the momentum of the swing into the enemy, the momentum of the bounce into a recoil, and the momentum of the recoil into another swing. By mastering this art, he has reached a level of speed with a mace that most men cannot attain with a sword, and has sacrificed no swinging strength in doing so.

As a man of many talents, and as a woodsman and traveler, Alchemy is one of Mathias’ most valuable skills. His years of travel have taught him much about herbalism, and his ability to analyze a chemical’s certain properties makes him a skilled alchemist. Whenever available, he makes a habit of buying the majority of an alchemy shop’s stock, as he can make something out of anything. He has also developed the rare skill of using aggressive alchemy in battle. He keeps a padded pouch on the backside of his shield, and another on his hip, often filled with small vials that include various explosive, blinding, or otherwise magical potions. Among his rarest are dispel potions, which negate any magical effects on their target, and paralyze potions, which cause the muscles and tendons to lock up.

At the beginning of any given fight, he can be expected to have these:
--Dispel (1)
--Paralyze (1)
--Night eye (1)
--Flash/Smoke (3)
--Mulhallen Healing (3)
--Firebomb (3)
--Acid (3)

Mathias Blackharrow was raised by a military family. Though he was born a Norlander, the only family he knew were Imperials, in the Wraithsea Islands. His father was a soldier in the Drakkenok Militia, and he and his family lived in the capital city of Ahn. Drakkenok was one of five islands in an archipelago southwest of Thatchia, and was established by the Imperial humans-- sworn enemies to the elves of the Thatchian mainland. However, after the War of White Shields, the so-called ‘Wraithsea Islands’ became Thatchian property. Mathias was raised by an Imperial family, but his loyalty lied entirely with the elven nation of Thatchia. He hated his father's ancestors for their terrible deeds to the other peoples of the world; their lust for land had made them both the strongest military nation in the known world, and the most feared. Mathias wanted nothing to do with them. Instead of joining the militia in his father’s footsteps as was customary, he left Drakkenok and established a life in the Thatchian mainland. Soon, he met a young woman with whome he was quite taken: her name was Areila. She was an elf, born and raised in Thatchia.

Mathias fell in love, and in a years time, the two were married. By the end of the next year, Areila was great with child. However, it came to pass that during the summer of that year, the Imperials again besieged Thatchia, and Mathias was called to war. He was trained and taught as a soldier, and fought valiantly against the invading forces. However, he took a leave of absence from the battlefield to return to his wife, who was soon to give birth. Then came the shock of Mathias’ life. The child was born a son. However, as soon as Mathias saw the infant, he learned of his wife’s infidelity. The child was clearly half Dark Elf, with dark blue skin and light red eyes. Infuriated and betrayed, Mathias questioned his wife to discover that she had been living an adulterous lifestyle with a Dark Elf mercenary who had recently settled in Thatchia. With little left to lose, Mathias removed his wedding ring, wished Areila and her lover, Arethan, a happy life together. With that, he returned to war.

By the end of the campaign, Mathias was in his late twenties, and was a captain in the Thatchian ranks. However, he found the end of the siege to be his calling elsewhere, and departed to find an old friend from the beginning of the war. His search brought him to Synexa, where he soon became ensnared in a local guild war. During the war, he found his friend, a Dark Elf named Volarkwel with whom he had fought in the service of Thathchia.

After some time spent in Synexa with his friend Volarkwel, Mathias received word that his former wife’s son, now seven years old, had died. Mathias departed, and returned to Thatchia. History, it seemed, was doomed to repeat itself, as Thatchia was again besieged by the Imperials. Mathias’ ship sailed directly into an Imperial blockade, and it was riddled with cannon fire before Mathias and his fellow crew were pulled from the sinking vessel and imprisoned in an Imperial ship’s brig. There, he rotted for nearly a week with no food or water before being taken onto land and shoved into a dark cell in an Imperial stronghold. His time spent there was short, however; a raiding party associated with a guild known as the Keepers of the Faith soon destroyed the fort and liberated he and the few surviving crew members. Mathias joined their guild and fought for a short time to break the Imperial blockade on the Thatchian shoreline, and once the blockade was cracked, Mathias boarded a ship to Synexa once more.

Three months had passed, when Mathais then returned to his home away from home. His heart was heavy, however, as upon landing, he heard the news that his friend Volarkwel had departed to war in an unknown region. With little left in his life, Mathias returned to the only other form of life he knew: the life of freelance mercenary-- a soldier for hire. Until war came to Synexa, giving Mathias a reason to fight, all he has is his faith and his mace. But Mathias never went long without finding trouble. At some point, he assumed, he must have wronged a rich man, because he was accosted by a duo of bounty hunters while foraging for alchemical ingredients. Thought he hunters themselves were quick work for Mathias’ mace, the event put him on the run. Unsure as to whether or not he was a murderer in Synexan law, he moved from forest to forest, camping for shelter. The occasional highwayman or bounty hunter was all the hope he needed to keep moving, but he was always cautious, afraid to dig in too deep.

Then, he met Raleigh; she was the woman he had been waiting for. She chanced upon his campsite after a series of bounty hunter attacks, and helped Mathias clean his wounds and gather herbs for his alchemy. The two became friends quickly, but their companionship was solidified when they fell under attack together. Raleigh was no fighter, but Mathias recognized something about her that he had never seen before: she was a lycanthrope. In the following months, Mathias never forgot the first time she changed before his very eyes. They had found an abandon cabin to stay in, and during their second night there, they were assailed by a highly religious bounty hunter. A silver arrow, which had been meant for Mathias, grazed across Raleigh’s thigh, and sent her into violent convulsions. Mathias, distracted by the melee in which he was caught, could do nothing. But just as Mathias struck a wounding blow on the bounty hunter, despite his already-wounded shoulder, Raleigh finished the hunter off in the form of a lycanthrope-- an erect-standing wolf anthromorph. Moments after the thread faded, Raleigh reverted to her human form, and collapsed.

Mathias nursed her to health over the course of the next day, and soon they were ready to move on. But their time together would be tragically cut short. Just before they were able to exit the Hollow Woods, they were suddenly surrounded by highwaymen who claimed to own the forest. The two fought as hard as they could, and even attempted to burn the forest down with alchemy to escape, but were unable. Mathias was knocked unconscious and beaten badly, and Raleigh willingly surrendered in fear of Mathias being killed. The two were taken captive and held in an underground fortress beneath the woods, where Mathias met a man named Anran, who promised to help them escape. The man wanted to kill the leader of the thieves, Falthad, to right some wrong that had been done to him. Mathias never pressed for details. But as the next month passed, he slowly lost grip on reality. He was kept naked in a dank, cold, black stone room, chained to the floor. The guards would toss in scraps of meat and bring small bowls of water, which Mathias would have to eat and drink without the use of his cuffed hands. He was beaten, demoralized, and interrogated daily, and worst of all, was never once allowed to see Raleigh. Finally, he was told she had been killed. Mathias believed it was simply a lie, meant to crush his spirits. But when Anran assisted him by cutting his links and returning his equipment, Mathias found her body, and carried it from the fortress.

Mathias and Anran killed every living thing in the fortress. When they found Falthad, Mathias broke every bone in every limb, before Anran took his head. Anran led them to a stable where they took two horses, and Mathias never once left the body of his lost lover. Once far enough away, Anran took his leave, and Mathias burned Raleigh’s body, and said his prayers for her soul. With nothing else in the world, Mathias gathered up all that he had, and left Synexa, swearing never to return. His ship was a ship of drifters, aimed into the great unknown of the sea. Frankly, Mathias simply did not care where it landed. All that mattered to him was that he find a place where he could kill, or be killed.
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Re: Character List

Name: Acthaiyne Tyried Sleavuunsu

Age/DOB: 33; Quartumensis 21, 3e 1327 (Nova Imperium Calender)

Race: Thatchian Roulen (Vampire)

The Roulen:
“Likely the most civilized of vampire species to exist, they are combination of most vampiric species who consciously reproduce in a human fashion- and even some non-vampire species. Specifically, the bloodline is unknown, but it is believed that the strongest bloodlines in this species are the Achini, Dereth, and Caiyun. Extremely civilized, and completely capable of adapting to any culture, they tend to feel some remorse and mercy for their victims, but cannot deny their roots. Most of them grudgingly accept that blood is a necessity for their survival, and are forced to hunt. To much surprise, however, they have fantastic capabilities in the line of stealth and intelligence. They learn very quickly, and are quite wise no matter their age, and prefer to keep to the shadows. Many of them dig deep into their Thatchian roots and master spells, long thought dead, making them a rather powerful race. Nonetheless, they are hated by most vampiric species, though are occasionally even accepted into human culture. They are always born with black hair and brown eyes, even though occasionally an unknown crossbreed of vampire can simply be labeled a Roulen for lack of better classification guidelines.”
--Taken from “The Vampires of Thatchia and the Cultures Therein” by Alren Seleth, 2e 2145

The Roulen are an astonishing form of vampire. Though there are many known species, there are none so closely related to the human race as the Roulen. As a Roulen vampire, which are exclusively of Thatchian origin, several things are true of the individual:
1.) One can only be born a Roulen. They are unable to infect others with Porphyric Hemophilia.
2.) One is only slightly superior to humans in speed, strength, and agility, and their extreme senses; and their Thatchian bloodlines give them access to magic not available to other races.
3.) One is not susceptible to any kind of uncontrollable bloodlust. Any loss of self-control is a result of a conscious decision.
The Roulen have the extraordinary ability to blend in with other peoples. They can hide their true selves immaculately from any who cannot sense what they are. They look, act, and speak like everyone else, when it is called for. Though they have extremely increased senses, these are easily concealed from the general public. The Roulen are not susceptible to sunlight or any type of religious symbol; their only true physical weakness that is not present in Thatchian blood is their allergic reaction to silver.

Sex: Male

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Straight, black, just past shoulders

Height/Weight: 6’, 179 lbs.

The robe that Acthaiyne wears never changes. It is a loose-fitting crimson and navy blue robe, worn in layers with cropped sleeves. It is the standard robes for the monastics and scholars of Thatchia, and Achtaiyne wears it out of respect for his father. Beneath it, Acthaiyne wears a loose shirt or tunic, typically in darker colors, and baggy breeches. On his left hip resides his trusty two-handed blade, and on his right hip is his duffel bag, which contains all of his possessions of travel. His staff slides neatly into place on a sheath sewn into the strap of his duffel bag. His skin is a light pale Caucasian, accented by his dark hair and eyes. Wrapped around his hands and forearms is a grey cloth, which extends past the sleeves of his robe and ends just above his elbow.

His lengthy black hair casts a distinct contrast to his fairly pale skin, though it is otherwise flawless. His deep, dark brown eyes look as though they could never miss a single detail in anything upon which they set their gaze. The smooth skin of his face shows no sign of shaving or facial hair, nor bears any scares from fights long over with. Though he carries an unimpressive build, as he is little more than lean and defined, his strength goes beyond that of his looks, which, as they say, can be deceiving. On his right hip usually lies his duffel bag, which carries all manners of his personal effects for travel.

--Icewind-- Bastard sword, double-edged, dual blood grooves, cross hilt with leather wrap and teardrop pommel; enchanted; 40” overall (28” blade, 12” handle).
-Forged by the goddess Akaila the Icewind as a last act of independence before her forced marriage to Tyried the Dark, this blade was given as a gift to Akaila’s mortal love interest, Neuuval Sleavuunsu, in the year 3e 1321. It was present in every battle in northern Synexa for the Dark Elves’ independence, and in many of the battles in which Tyried Shimeane (after whom Acthaiyne was named) fought against the invading Imperials. This blade was used by Neuuval in the legendary Battle of Ipsxilliovn against the forces of Tyried the Dark in 3e 1331 (which Neuuval narrowly survived), and used again as Neuuval’s weapon of choice when he took on the secret identity of the mysterious warrior, Hood. Finally, as Neuuval married for the third and final time and settled down with a deteriorating mind, he gifted the blade to his son, Acthaiyne, in hopes that he could free Ipsxilliovn from the Dark Dynasty Scourge.
Its enchantment has two effects: the blade causes massive cold damage, and can even crystallize the blood upon striking a wound; it also grants its bearer complete immunity to the cold, both natural and magical
--Thaumae-- Staff, laminated elven Thaenivrae wood, the top looks gnarled and twisted; enchanted; 5’ overall.
-Thaumae was created by Acthaiyne as the completion of a test. During Acthaiyne’s training from his father in the Thaumaturgic arts, he was given the task to create a staff that could resonate his magic more powerfully than he could, even with the assistance of a spell tome. Though Acthaiyne first thought it impossible, his journey to Thatchia led him to the discovery that certain types of material contain a magical resonance capability. He returned to his father in Synexa with the longest branch from the Thaenivrae tree in West Thatchia, and created the staff using his fathers Tome of Thaumaturgica; the end product was a staff that could manipulate barriers in a way that Acthaiyne, still to this day, cannot.

The strongest point of Acthaiyne’s fighting style is not his swordsmanship, or his magical abilities, though both are impeccable. His strongest suite, without a doubt, is both of them combined to make a terrible war machine. Acthaiyne often fights sword-and-staff, and is able to manipulate his most powerful barriers while causing maximum damage with his blade, Icewind. He is incredibly agile, which comes from his elven heritage, and when fully fed, very strong and fast as well.

Acthaiyne’s greatest weakness is his analytical mind. He often thinks too far ahead, focusing so much on the future that he is surprised by a change in the present. In battle, though prediction can be an invaluable asset, his over-analysis can risk his very life. Acthaiyne’s greatest physical weakness is also connected to his emotional mind; he needs blood in order sustain his maximum potential, to be strong and fast, but he feels badly for those from whom he takes it. Often, he drinks from people with whom he has made an agreement, or from his significant other should he have one, but if this is unavailable, he simply does not drink at all. As a Roulen vampire, his blood also reacts to the alchemical properties silver; it burns his flesh, and when it comes in contact with his blood, boils that as well.

To many who observe him, Acthaiyne seems like a very happy and energetic individual. To many others, he seems like a hyper lunatic. Both perspectives hold some measure of truth. Acthaiyne suffers from a number of mental and emotional problems, not the least of which is paranoia, partial schizophrenia, and a crippling insecurity complex. Though Acthaiyne has always longed for a woman to share his life with, he has never met anyone who he has been able to trust, other than a few friends on the battlefield.

Acthaiyne’s mind works like building blocks. Everything fits together, as though he were observing a puzzle. Few things, even on the battlefield, truly ever bother Acthaiyne because, to him, it is just another piece of the big picture. His manners, a gift from his mother, are a part of him, and he never leaves them behind. His faith, much like his manners, is a part of his being. Because of the nature of his father’s lifetime, and the close relationship Acthaiyne had with his father, the Gods and Goddesses of Ipsxilliovn are as real to Acthaiyne as any friend or enemy he ever had. Acthaiyne prays constantly, but not in a completely reverent manner; he often addresses the gods more as friends than as superiors.


“The properties of Thaumaturgy-- that is, the use of magical barriers-- are new details to an old magic. For thousands of years, our ancestors have used all manners of barriers to seal away ancient evils and protect relics from the impure. But if one man could harness the magic of these enchanting shields, could he not protect himself from an oncoming blade? Or his army from a volley of arrows? Or his castle from a round of trebuchet fire? I submit to you that he could, because I am that man. I have harnessed this magic, this unknown school, and taught it to work in my favor. I have used a magical barrier to crush a feeling warship, and have used the same barrier to disarm a for and leave him unharmed. This magic, that has gone untapped for too long, is now mine to command, and in this tome I shall construct the fibres of this school so that future generations can use this to better the world, and stop those who would oppose it.”
--Taken from the “Tome of Thaumaturgica” by Neuuval Sleavuunsu, 3e 1329

The use of Thaumaturgic magics is a new practice. According to recorded history, Acthaiyne is the second person ever to use it so efficiently, the first obviously being his father, the inventor of the school. The magic was solidified as an official school when Neuuval first wrote the Tome of Thaumaturgica, the most powerful spell book on the subject. With nothing to do in his final years, Neuuval filled his personal library with spell tomes and research books which have since been published.

This magic provides limitless possibilities in its uses. One could create a barrier around himself for protection, or around an enemies head, and quickly close it to crush the skull. Though the barriers exert an amazing strength, the resistance against an object is proportional to the actions of the user. If one creates a barrier around an apple, and grasps his fingers closed, the apple will splatter with little resistance. But if one places a barrier around a steel sphere and grasps his fingers, the user would feel as though he were truly crushing the steel sphere in his hand; though it may succeed, the pain could be great. Likewise, for a skilled Thaumaturge who does not need to use extremities for barrier control, the strain on the mind would wear just as severely. Thus, there is a boundary as to what these barriers can do, but they are reflective to the skill of the wielder.

Acthaiyne learned a few tricks of Necromancy from some of his father’s hidden books. He is only a novice Necromancer, and does not get very much practice; he normally uses it only in specific situations, as a support to a problem where neither Thaumaturgica nor his blade is the answer. He is capable of temporarily reanimating a corpse, causing a corpse nearby to explode, and drawing energy from a corpse. These are examples of the three basic forms of Necromancy: Minions, Death, and Blood. Of the three, Acthaiyne excels most in Blood magic: that is, the capability of stealing energy from the blood of both the living and the dead.

In 3e 1324, a Roulen vampire called Neuuval Sleavuunsu met with the Thatchian hero, Tyried Shimeane. From that moment on, Neuuval’s place was solidified in the storybooks of the Thatchian people, and of the whole world of Lerveovn. Neuuval spent most of his later lifetime in Synexa, where he accomplished such things as becoming High Knight of the Dark Elven Order under Princess Valerin, defeated the Imperials countless times at Fort Alvereth, formed an alliance with the Brotherhood of Arille, and even ascended into the heavens to fight alongside Tyried and the gods in the Battle of Ipxilliovn, against Tyried the Dark, in 3e 1331.

But Neuuval was always very concerned with leaving behind a legacy. After two failed marriages and a failed engagement, Neuuval finally settled into Fort Alvereth in the year of peace following the end of the third era after the Battle of Ipsxilliovn. His first wife and his true love, Kaleya, returned to him in dismay for what she had done to him, but to Neuuval, it was old history. She dedicated her life to taking care of the mentally-ill Neuuval, and his son from his previous marriage.

Growing up in the dank, dark Fort Alvereth seemed boring to Acthaiyne until he had his first taste of his father’s power. Oloth, Neuuval’s friend and personal assistant, was a Dark Elf who remained at Neuuval’s side after the wars, and a personal friend to their family. But to Acthaiyne, Oloth was more than just that. When Acthaiyne was eight years old, Oloth began to train him in the ways of war. Acthaiyne, who would grow to become physically superior to Oloth, was seemingly a master of the trade. He was a lethal shot with a crossbow even beyond the maximum range, and his skill with a blade was unprecedented. Oloth gave this news to Neuuval, who never seemed too surprised.

At that point, Neuuval took it upon himself to train his son in the ways of Thaumaturgica. Neuuval was the first to discover this particular chain of magic and harness it so efficiently; prior to this, ’barrier’ magics were considered a byproduct of other magical schools. Neuuval, however, who was also adept in shadowmancy, pyromancy, and even necromancy, knew that this could be the most powerful school of them all. And so he trained his son for hours every day, locking the two of them away in his dark library to study his own written texts and tomes. Acthaiyne spent the next twelve years of his life like this with his father, learning the trade of Thaumaturgy. Finally, the time came for Acthiayne to leave home and test his skills. Neuuval disembarked Acthaiyne on a quest to create a staff that could cast more powerful Thaumaturgic spells than he could-- a task which Acthaiyne formerly believed was impossible. “How can a staff create a stronger spell than its creator?” he asked. But Neuuval never answered, for want of Acthaiyne discovering it himself.

And he did. When Acthaiyne’s quest took him to his home country of Thatchia, he discovered through the words of magicians and wizards there that some materials can resonate with the magic cast on them, and reflect a greater enchantment than the caster’s original spell. Acthaiyne was lead to the Thaenivrae tree in West Thatchia, and returned home with the longest branch. He and his father soaked the wood in bloodwax (a laminating liquid comprised of Thatchian blood, said to have intense magical properties, and a combination of various kinds of hardening wax and tanning liquids) and enchanted it with the essence of Thaumaturgy. When Acthaiyne tested the completed staff, he was stunned; the staff allowed him to cast stronger Thaumaturgy spells than he had ever been able to. The power of the staff was nearly as great as his father’s power.

He named his staff ‘Thaumae’, which is the Thatchian term for one who uses Thaumaturgy. And at this time, as Acthaiyne prepared to leave his home behind to find his own destiny, his father gave him his legendary blade, Icewind. “Take this,” Neuuval said, “and wield it to the glory of the true rulers of Ipsxilliovn, as I have for so many, many years.”

Acthaiyne never forgot those words, as they were the last words he ever heard from his father. After two years of adventuring, he followed his heart back to Fort Alvereth, which he was shocked to find deserted, void of Neuuval, Kaleya, and Oloth. Acthaiyne took up residence there himself, for a season, before adventuring across Synexa with a few companions, including Korbin Elvenson, son of Adina the Wood Elf and Fjorgeir Hrolfadd (friends of Neuuval and Tyried). His studies in Fort Alvereth allowed his Thaumaturgic power to tap into the ability to teleport and travel across dimensions, which he experimented with many times.
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Sathis Hlaalu, Mathias Blackharrow,
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Name: Aevukepe

Age: 431

Race: None

Sex: None

Hair: Aevukepe has a liner of soft, mink brown fur around the inside of its collar.

Eyes: None

Weight: 38 pounds

Height: 2’ 8”

Appearance: Aevukepe was once a cuirass of light steel plate mail with its own pauldrons, culet and fauld, but since an obsessed armorer acquired it, many of its portions of armor plate have been replaced with banded mail and fine chain. These banded mail replacements were made in the trouble spots of the plate mail, like the sides of the armor and the flanks, and the chainmail has been placed primarily in the joints of its arms and along certain portions of its back. On each of the original plates on Aevukepe’s body is a polished copper rune with a stylized appearance whose meaning has been lost with time.

On the the left side of Aevukepe's culet is a small, steel plated shield is attached to its armor by means of chain links and a spring-loaded mechanical device. The shield is made from light yet strong steel, and its outside face is adorned with a polished copper rune. The armor also has a set of vambraces, bracers and armored gloves that aren't quite gauntlets, but are designed to be locked to its shield, to ensure that a warrior wielding the shield is not disarmed of it. Each plate of the arm and hand armor had also been ornamented with a polished copper rune.

A pair of thick, black iron chains have been anchored to either side of the armor’s hips, and those chains are in turn connected to a pair of simple, black iron swords. Each sword appears to be a length of curved iron with a blade honed onto one side, and a wrapping of cloth and leather around its hilt. The blades can be sheathed in a pair of crossed scabbards on Aevukepe’s back.

A midthigh-length, bright red cape of strong silk or some other cloth material is attached to the base of Aevukepe’s collar at the nape of the neck. The edge of this cape can be brought around one of the armor’s shoulders (either shoulder, but only one at a time) and attached to the front of that shoulder, near the middle of that collarbone. There are slits in either side of the cape for the sword hilt on that side, so that the "over the shoulder" fashion isn’t ruined by Aevukepe’s built-in weaponry.

And here is a sketch of Aevukepe, made by the incredibly awesome Chozo:

Personality: Aevukepe’s primary interests are protecting its wearer and being worn into battle, and furthering its wearer’s interests, in that order. When first worn, the armor is straightforward about itself and its abilities, but dislikes speaking of things that would tempt its wearer to trying daredevil stunts. After that, its persona tends to change, adapting to suit its wearer’s, whether they be good or evil, or indefinable on such a level.

Aevukepe has grown wise over the course of its years, and part of its mind never leaves the battlefield nor the war room. It is aware of death, and knows that all living things must die eventually; it has accepted death as a natural part of life, and though it occasionally misses its past owners, it rarely mourns them.

Having been passed from father to son, from master to pupil, and having seen the camaraderie between warriors, the armor has become protective of its wards in a fatherly way, doing its best to guide them to the best course of action. At times, this guidance is at odds with the armor’s need to further its owner’s agenda, which causes Aevukepe to become contemplative until it comes to a decision on the matter.

Weapon: Connected firmly to either of Aevukepe’s hips is a thick iron chain, which is in turn attached to a single-bladed iron short sword. These blades are made from a single length of iron each and have a slight curve on them, in the direction of the edge. Each sword is designed to be sheathed into one of the scabbards on the armor’s back, which form an X shape. The chains which connect the swords to the armor change in length, but are always the length of the wearer’s single armor span when the blades are drawn.

Below the small of Aevukepe’s back on the right hand side is a small, hidden sheath for a sleek steel throwing knife, 8 inches long. The knife’s handle blends into the armor well, making the little blade a final ace-in-the-hole for Aevukepe’s wearer.

Armor: Aevukepe.

Strengths: As a piece of armor, Aevukepe is in no real danger of dying. It does not fear its own destruction, but insists to its wearer that it be repaired whenever necessary. Aevukepe is also particularly aware of its surroundings, as it can see, hear and smell the area around itself as though it were a living human (though with eyes looking in all directions at once). The armor has been through enough war and battle that it can school its wearer in the ways of combat and how to protect themselves.

When manifesting a body, Aevukepe fights with all the skill and precision that could be expected out of a veteran soldier and arms master in his prime, with 431 years of experience under his belt. He is versed in hand-to-hand, melee and ranged combat, tactical warfare and both offensive and defensive siege warfare, with benefit of knowing the styles and trends of battle throughout the ages.

Aevukepe can fight nearly any opponent with tactics they are not familiar with, best them with their own, or adapt to new tactics and styles with frightening speed. Aevukepe's manifested body is very strong, very fast and has almost inhuman reflexes and agility. He is also intuitive and perceptive enough in combat to foresee many attacks before they happen, making him seem even faster or stronger than he really is.

Weaknesses: Aevukepe cannot move on its own, speak out loud or manipulate the world around itself, except where its powers affect things that aren’t itself. Though it has desires, it has no real control over its own destiny and is ultimately at the whim of its owner. At times, Aevukepe may be forced to sit in a museum or emptied battlefield for years before it can see glory again.

Although the armor is not in danger of dying from abuse in the normal sense, the runed plates on its body are the bodies in which Aevukepe's spirit resides. If all of these plates are somehow completely destroyed, the spirit of the armor will die.

If Aevukepe is manifesting a body, it loses the weakness of inanimateness and may speak, but will lose its body if it becomes disowned or if its owner dies. While manifesting a body, it gains the normal weaknesses for humans, such as an axe to the neck, or suffering injury from other implements. If a person would otherwise die due to injuries, Aevukepe loses the ability to manifest a body for one week. The armor will also lose its body if it faces dispelling magics, as though it had suffered a lethal injury.


Wear Me
Aevukepe can project an attention-grabbing aura around itself, drawing passerby to examine it, and then instilling them with the desire to wear the armor. If a person examining Aevukepe is larger or smaller than it is, the armor can change its size – and to a degree, its shape – so that it can be worn by that person. When not being worn, the armor has the appropriate dimensions to be worn by a human who is about six feet tall. The armor chooses whether or not to use this power at any time.

Aevukepe’s wearer can go for up to three days without the need to rest or sleep, regardless of the amount of physical exertion the wearer is put through during that time. This effect even extends to helping the armor’s wearer resist poisons and torture.

Death Sentinel
If a single physical assault to any place specifically protected by Aevukepe would kill its wearer, the armor will resist that strike and keep its wearer safe from that death. In this way, Aevukepe can only protect its wearer from singular strikes which would mean instant death, and it cannot protect its wearer in this way more than once per day. If the armor is not pleased with or does not trust its wearer, it can choose to withhold this power.

Aevukepe can speak directly to its wearer’s mind. When speaking to a wearer’s mind, the armor’s “voice” can be heard in the wearer’s ears, as though it were speaking aloud, although no one but the wearer can hear the voice. The armor chooses whether or not to use this power at any time.

Soul Chameleon
The first time Aevukepe is worn by a new owner, it searches its surroundings, the rest of that wearer’s attire, and the new owner’s mind for a color scheme which would fit its wearer’s desires, then changes its own colors to match those. The only exceptions to this change are the bright copper runes adorning the armor’s plates. If the armor is not pleased with or does not trust its wearer, it can choose to withhold this power.

Eternal Vigil
When Aevukepe’s wearer is dying and saving them is beyond the armor’s ability, it can offer to seal the wearer into history forever, by transforming their body into a statue of white alabaster. This transmutation is instant, painless and permanent, but does not extend to the warrior’s weapons or to Aevukepe itself. If the armor is not pleased with or does not trust its wearer, it can choose to withhold this power.

Manifest Bodyguard
If an owner does not to wear Aevukepe, but does not disown the armor, then Aevukepe may manifest the body of a human warrior for itself. When Aevukepe manifests this body, it also gains a traveler's pack that is partway filled with the trappings of a well-prepared traveling warrior. If the armor is not pleased with or does not trust is owner, it can choose to withhold this power.

Appearance: Aevukepe's manifested body is that of a man in his late twenties, with a fair complexion and bright eyes the color of polished copper. He stands almost exactly six feet tall, with broad shoulders and a very strong build. He is clean-shaven and has straight black hair that falls down to past his chin, but not as far as his shoulders. Other than that, Aevukepe's body is only notable in its lack of distinguishing features. He has a profoundly average and yet attractive face, and his skin is completely devoid of imperfections.

Biography: Aevukepe was once a nameless piece of ornate armor worn into battle by the commander of the guard for a small fortress city. One day, while defending the city from a raid, the commander suffered injury from a lucky arrow. He survived the arrow, and took the armor to the city's armorer to have it repaired. The armorer tried to tell him that the damage to the arrow was extensive, perhaps irreparable, but the commander wouldn't have it. He demanded that the armor be repaired, and that he would accept no substitute.

The commander of the guard left that day, and died three days later from an assassination while in his war room. During his life, he had been a good friend to many of the town's people. When the armorer heard word of the man's death, he was aggrieved and fell into a depression, blaming himself for the commander's death. He became obsessed with the armor, laboring day and night not only to repair it, but to improve it - so that it would never fail to protect its owner again.

During the twenty-third day the armorer worked without sleep, he finished it at last. He looked up from his workbench and realized his folly. He had neglected his own life in the fit of his upset over the death of a friend. Wanting to be rid of his mistake, he donated the armor to a noble youth who had joined the guard.

As the armor traded hands from the armorer to the youth, it awoke. The armorer, not knowing it, invested some portion of his soul to the armor, and it became alive. Days later, when donned, the armor spoke to the youth and guided him through battle until his tragic death, which the armor could do nothing to prevent, as the man refused to turn back from the fray when he began to tire.

Since then, Aevukepe has been found on the fields of battle, for sale in shops, or handed from father to son dozens of times. Now, it trades hands, and that is all.

Battle Rank
Innate Element: Steel and Iron
Overall Rank: 4/7.5
Strength: IV/VII
Speed: 0/VIII
Magic: VI/V
Skill: VI/X
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Omentus Anima, the Patchwork Necromancer

Although I am listing Omentus here to be nice, it would be good if people playing with him check out the thread at because there will be replies that detail the things he keeps on him, rather than floating nebulously in his strengths section.

Name: Omentus Anima

Age: 51

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: Omentus’ sable hair is long and unkempt, as though it has not been properly cut or trimmed in years. It falls down as far as the bottom of his collar and is usually arranged into a series of red suede lashes that keep his hair off the back of his neck. Although he is meticulous about keeping his hair washed and clean, Omentus doesn’t seem to notice it often enough to have it professionally trimmed, and therefore does most of its cutting himself – with the years of practice he’s had, it hardly shows anymore, and almost gives his hair a ‘naturally wild’ look.

Eyes: His eyes are a remarkable dark teal color not normally found in humans. Further, his pupils are vertically slitted, and his eyes shine a glittering golden color when seen from the right angle.

At some point in his life, Omentus also performed self-surgery, planting a third eye into the nape of his neck. Omentus’ hind eye is lime green in color, with a white pupil. When under certain angles of light, his hind eye shines even brighter than his forward eyes. Normally, Omentus’ hind eye remains closed; it blends in with the back of his neck almost perfectly.

Weight: 207 pounds

Height: 5’ 11”

Personality: Omentus is completely psychotic. He does not rage or scream at people, nor does he blabber. In fact, most of the time he’s trapped in a haze of thought that keeps him from interacting with people around him in any meaningful way. While in this haze, he contemplates himself, the things around him, his research over the years, and analyzes everything. If someone talks to him or tries to grab his attention, he responds automatically. Normally, this haze of thought will not put him in harm’s way. To the casual observer, he probably looks very stoned.

A few things will bring Omentus out of his haze. Music will do it, but not ‘music’ that is more screaming and noise than rhythm and tune. Also, when Omentus encounters a new person or event, or creature with a trait he is not familiar with, he will pick up out of his fog. Physical pain will bring him back to reality. Also, Omentus has a phobia of natural death, and seeing people near death for reasons not directly related to acts of man (disease, old age, falling rocks, wild animals, et cetera) will shake his head out of the clouds.

When not in his haze of thought, Omentus is very direct. He takes pleasure in everything, but is annoyed with everything at the same time. If he finds a trait he desires, he becomes excitable, but his single-minded pursuit never changes. His personality borders on sadistic, as he enjoys watching a person’s psychological reactions to pain or other unpleasant discoveries. The longer he manages to stay out of his haze of thought, however, the more stable he becomes as an individual.

Omentus believes that his body is imperfect, and by making enough modifications to himself, he can eventually become perfect. He also believes that blood is a source of incredible power. With something’s blood, you can have all of the power it does. You only need to find a way.

Appearance: Black magicks, bodily grafts, alchemy and highly specialized drugs have shaped Omentus Anima’s body for the last thirty-one years, making him an unusual breed of man between young and old. Standing at five feet and eleven inches tall, his light frame seems too light to weigh in at over two hundred pounds; he is far more solid than he seems. At first glance, Omentus appears to be only twenty-two years old or so, especially because his skin shows no signs of aging beyond that point. Other parts about him are the proper fifty-one, however, such as his hair and the relaxed stride with which he walks. Since so much of him has been ‘replaced’ or ‘improved,’ these small things may do nothing but shroud his real age.

Omentus’ hair is a soft black color, usually restrained into a small collection of red leather straps and arranged in such a way that it won’t touch the back of his neck except in strong winds. His eyes are a strange, bright teal color with slitted pupils and that shine like the eyes of a cat under different angles of light. His first voice is moderate in tone and has both the deliberateness of an aging man and the verve of a young one, and his second voice is a little rasped and has the definite sound of a middle aged man’s voice. Fused to his left forearm is an ornate, brassy metallic band with a circular port of sorts that sits above the prominent vein near the wrist. Another of these metal ports is located over his heart, with a web of the same brass-colored metal fusing it to his chest and around his left side.

The core of Omentus’ clothing is a simple black velvet buttondown shirt with short sleeves, black canvas pants, a thick leather belt with a steel buckle and a pair of well-worn walking boots. On his thighs, he wears a complicated leather harness that holsters each of his syringes for safe storage and easy draws, as well as an extra eight syringe barrels. On the left side of his belt is Fluffy’s sheath, where she normally rests, and his shield is secured to the right side of the belt.

Over his shirt, the necromancer wears a dull green and black piece of living body armor. Strapped to the outer side of each calf, he wears a tooled red leather pack which contains many of the components of his portable lab, and a similar but slightly larger pack is attached to the right hand side of his belt, beneath his targe. Covering everything else, Omentus wears a dark red insulated leather cloak with a deep hood and many inner pockets; it has seen many years of use, repair and extra tailoring. It even buttons up in the front for cold weather.

This is a Tektek avatar of Omentus I made because I can. It doesn't look exactly like him...

"Fluffy" (Everyone else was naming their swords…)
A large pitviper, reformed into the shape of an ornate, basket hilt rapier. The blade is made from the snake's 'naturally' sharpened bones, and is twenty-nine inches long. Its fangs and mouth point outward from the guard, from around the blade’s base. Its eyes are positioned on the outside face of the basket guard, making it capable of seeing threats within a close range. Despite its warped shape, the snake is very much alive – its heart beats, it breathes and eats, and its scales are kept glossy, smooth and clean.

If Fluffy is injured, she staunches her wound and heals over time. If she dies, she’s dead and eventually rots. In the event that she dies, Omentus will probably just reanimate her a few times with beli and argindur, and then throw her away and find a new animal to distort.

In addition to Fluffy, Omentus keeps an array of four syringes in sheaths on his legs. Each syringe is different from the others, and one of them is even meant to be used only in combat. Each syringe is made from surgical steel and silver, and is usually filled with a drug unique to that syringe.

Argindur is a shiny, gun-like syringe with one ring on its top side, and three on its bottom side. The needle on the end of Argindur is two inches long, stocky and reinforced by small rods to make it sturdier. Its plunger is drawn from the syringe at an angle, but can be punched from a trigger on the top side of the syringe, directly in front of the index ring. The casing around Argindur’s barrel is a jagged swirl of red and clear crystal, which is usually filled with the deep, red-black color of its translucent drug.

When muscle, whether living or otherwise, is exposed to the argindur drug, it sparks intense sensations of heat, cold and pain all at the same time. This sensation is strong enough to force a spasm out of flesh that has been dead for weeks, sometimes even revitalizing the tissue. For the living, it is sheer agony and muscle spasms that can persist for up to four hours. Fortunately, argindur’s effects are local; it does not spread easily from the point of injection.

Beli is shaped like a normal, if expensive, steel syringe. It has two steel rings near its top where its wielder may grasp it firmly, and a plunger which sits between them and is punched or drawn straight to the barrel. A graduated steel coupler connects the barrel to Beli’s one and a half inch long needle. However, all of Beli’s steel portions are rainbow hued, as though the metal had been electrified for color. Normally, this syringe is about half filled with the beli drug, an opaque, bright purple liquid.

The beli drug is a sedative which has the strongest effect on living creatures, but undead or even the dead themselves are influenced by its incredible effect, providing all of them with a release from pain and discomfort in the extreme. Beli is also a powerful hallucinogen which fills its recipient with sensation of joy, love and happiness, while providing vivid delusions for all five (or more) senses. Its effects are moderate term, lasting for a duration of five hours or more.

Helir is an elegantly shaped, sturdy steel and crystal syringe. Its barrel is more stout than those of most syringes, and partially covered with a lattice of millimeter-thick metal. Its plunger is set on a spring and connected to the trigger on Helir’s side, which is in front of one of the two metal rings near the base of the barrel. Helir’s stalwart needle is designed to draw blood or bodily fluids quickly and efficiently, being equipped with a one-way nozzle that can be disengaged by the syringe’s owner with the flick of a switch. The sides of Helir’s needle are flanged by small razor blades, making it a fine and horrific knife-like weapon in addition to its ‘medicinal’ purpose.

Helir does not have a drug associated with it, although Omentus is most fond of using it in combat, over all his other syringes, and sometimes even Fluffy. It is used to draw the blood of creatures even as Omentus fights, and he will sometimes even put himself in danger of injury to procure a blood specimen.

The syringe called Valiau is an especially unique tool, such that its design limits it to left-handed use only. Although the core of the syringe is mostly normal, it is surrounded by a guard reminiscent of but heavier than the swept hilted rapier’s. A set of five rings around Valiau’s barrel allow it to be held comfortably and dexterously. Its skull-motif plunger can be punched either incrementally or smoothly, allowing its wielder to accurately control exactly how much drug is administered. The syringe’s needle extends one and a half inches from its neck, but rather than straight and post-like, the body of the needle is a triangular blade with a half-inch protrusion from its tip. All of the Valiau syringe’s metal except its needle is the same tarnished silver color, giving the tool a very foreboding appearance when combined with the opaque black drug in its barrel.

The valiau drug is a viscous, pitch black fluid with a sickly gray sheen over its surface when viewed from an angle under light. The drug rapidly becomes thin and watery when exposed to heat, with a boiling point at barely over 105° F (41° C). When administered, valiau deadens the senses and body as a powerful regional anesthetic and disturbs coordination, but has no effects on the mind, a victim’s consciousness or its other perceptions. Making the drug dangerous, however, valiau also halts healing or regeneration in the body, prevents blood clotting, and slowly necrotizes the flesh from its point of contact outward, and is especially effective when injected.

Armor: Omentus wears a dull gray piece of body armor which has many large, black chitinous plates on it, covering the vital areas of the wearer's body. On its sides and along its sleeves, it is held together by bands of thick, sticky-looking webbing. In the seams between its chitin plates, it has many squat, bony spines. From a few points on its back, eight multi-jointed legs reach around the rest of the creature's body and hug it to its owner. Finally, the right shoulder of the armor is also its face. It looks like it is always grinning, and its mouth is filled with rows of poisonous fangs.

The necromancer carries a furry white and brown targe with him, the front of which is the living faces of a white bunny and some breed of shorthair puppy. Most of the creatures’ bones provide the bulk of the targe, but some has been allocated as a sturdy grip for the shield. Omentus altered the rabbit part of the shield so that it could produce sounds similar to human speech. So far, it is only capable of saying things like, ‘Stop it, please! You’re hurting us!’, ‘Why are you doing this?!’ and, ‘Can’t you see you’re killing us?!’. The rabbit only makes these noises when in pain, while the dog whimpers, whines and cries.

Strengths: Patchwork necromancy has afforded Omentus Anima a number of “natural” advantages. Over time, he has grafted onto or into himself the bodily parts of many other creatures while still maintaining a human guise. He has replaced his own eyes and skin, and rendered himself immune to even the most virulent of diseases and poisons, and to extreme heat and cold.

Having the eyes of a great cat, Omentus can see in darkness far darker than the capacity of humans. Further self-surgery on his own eyes has also left him at no loss for color, and he can see behind him by opening the eye in the nape of his neck. Replacing his voice box with a demon’s has given him the benefit of two voices, and he has become skilled in speaking in both at the same time – even performing acts of ventriloquism with one while speaking normally with the other. Like his voice, his skin is taken from the body of a demon, and has the profound armor-like quality of being able to turn away even some of the sharpest blades and points.

Omentus fights with utter cruelty in battle, using his agility and inhuman stamina to his advantage, and holds back no sly or depraved trick to gain the upper hand. He is devilishly clever, often luring his opponents into deadly or debilitating traps or siccing one of his pets or creations on them rather than fighting them directly. Tricking an opponent into stepping on a phial of tarasps and leaving them to deal with the deadly swarm is one of his favorites. At times, Omentus will even be accompanied by a “zombie” or two.

His mind is a place of total psychosis and incomprehensible alienism, stitched together from a single man's life and the memories of many others. Although this affects Omentus in no way than already mentioned, it makes trying to read his mind impossible, and doing so for more than a moment will quickly disorient and throw off the intruder. For reference, imagine trying to read the tie-dyed pages of a book on astrophysics in relation to the effects of opium in a blender. The same could be said of trying to read his soul, as it is shrouded behind walls and mazes of dark magicks, stitched together from the lives of many men, and home to a sort of darkness that could only exist in a thing that is both mortal and demonic.

Lastly, Omentus Anima is a man of many hobbies – alchemy, pharmacology, the dark arts, fishing and research of the deific condition. As a result, he keeps a variety of potions, drugs, reagents, lures and relics on his person at all times, giving him a nearly endless supply of tricks up his proverbial sleeve.

Weaknesses: Although a cruel opponent in battle, Omentus is not especially familiar with combat, and suffers from amateur mistakes if forced into melee with another person. If found in his haze, he is especially vulnerable, as very few things will bring his head out of the clouds; he may even lapse back into the fog during a lull in combat if he hasn’t suffered any injuries.

Electricity also poses a particular threat to Omentus. Although his grafts and bodily additions appear to be physically perfect, even imperceptible in some instances, electrical shocks or lightning cause a severe but temporary disruption in their nervous connections, damaging his vision and partially paralyzing him for a short time after suffering such jolts.

Omentus is also particularly vulnerable to holy, blessed or silvered weapons. Whether this is due to being steeped in the dark magicks of his craft, having demonic skin or a combination of both, even Omentus does not know. The fact remains, however, that holy water burns his flesh like acid, and blessed or holy weapons that break his skin burn just as much. Silver does not readily agitate him, but wounds caused by it heal slowly and leave a lasting impression on his body.

Skills/Magic: Omentus is skilled in alchemy, fishing and many of the dark arts. Most of his magic is focused on the plethora of abilities which allow him to change the physical shape and sometimes even function of living creatures into other things, usually items which he can wear on his person, or to merge them together into new creatures, and to remove parts from other creatures and graft them onto his own body as though they were never separate from him. He does, though, know three spells that are not directly used for these other abilities. They are:

Omentus draws a dart-like construct of blood out of any fresh source, usually an open wound or syringe. The ‘star’ is about two inches long, the blood’s color and sharp on its edges. When cast, the star flies free of its caster and harasses a single target, inflicting small cuts on its victim as it flies around them. If the star is struck hard, it is broken and splashes apart. Casting the spell from a person’s injury will injure them further, and the star lasts for about half a minute after it is cast.

Wound Transfer
Omentus may move wounds from any creature, such as himself, onto any other creature. Both the wounds’ source and their recipient must be not unwilling for the spell to take effect; if anyone involved in the transfer of the injury is opposed to the transfer, the spell fails. With it, though, Omentus may move a wound from one place on a person’s body to another place on their body; break the injury up into smaller, less harmful injuries; or move the injury onto another body altogether. He cannot, however, move any wound anywhere that would make it more harmful than it already is, or combine wounds to create a single, more serious injury.

Ignore Me
With this spell, Omentus sheds an aura within about forty feet of himself that causes most people to not notice him, or at the very least, not notice anything special about him. The spell fails on anyone who is specifically looking for him, but makes him just another face in the crowd to everybody else. The spell ends if Omentus does something flashy or if attention is called on him by at least three other people, or about two hours after it is cast.

Mockeries of Science and the Natural Order: Omentus is skilled in the art of fusing together two or more different species of creatures from the natural world into twisted animals of his own creation. He can also simply change the natural shape and function of a creature's body to a certain extent, and also its mind. He has practiced these magicks in order to produce his sword, shield and armor, as well as a few things that have yet to be mentioned. The creatures whose names are marked with an asterisk and detailed below are usually kept in vials of crystal glass and iron, which are physically too small to contain the vast numbers or size of creatures that are within them, but Omentus has magically augmented the vials to allow for this sort of storage without causing the death of a vial's occupants. He has done nothing, though, about the pain that would be associated with being crammed into such a tiny space.

Guren Hawks*
These insects are crossed between a tarantula hawk (a type of blue wasp with red wings that kills tarantulas to implant their eggs in them) and a box jellyfish. They appear much as tarantula hawks do, but for being covered in a light blue coat of jelly, with tentacles hanging down between their each of legs. They are about two inches and their tentacles can be as long as three inches. They can both fly and swim, and store bubbles of air in sacs to breath with when they go underwater. They attack other creatures by stinging them with their tentacles, biting them and stabbing them with their stingers. The poison of their stinger causes wicked horrible pain that has been described as, "Blinding, fierce, shockingly electric. A running hair drier has been dropped into your bubble bath."

Guren Hawks are usually in groups of two to eighteen dozen when first released from one of Omentus' vials, and tend to angrily swarm the first thing within five feet of them before moving on to anything else nearby. They are especially resistant to fire and heat, but cold makes them sluggish and eventually fall dormant with freezing. If guren hawks are allowed to live in the natural world, they search out temperate to jungle regions and cities to build colonies near bodies of water, and have a hierarchy that consists of a queen, hunters and workers. They eat fish and small animals.

These creatures are a hybrid of tarantula and paper wasp. They have much of the outward appearance of large, hairy spiders. They are about six inches wide, bright yellow in color with blacks bands on their bodies, and have bright red eyes. There are broad, chitinous wings on their backs and the end of their abdomens contain, large black stingers. The poison of their bite is mildly paralytic in nature, but several bites (7-12?) can render even an adult human almost helpless with delirium. The tarasps move as both a pack and a swarm and prefer to hunt large game for their food, which they can chase down and set upon with frightening speed. Tarasps can run quickly, leap long distances and even fly for short periods of time. When a packswarm of tarasps manages to catch its prey, some of the creatures bite their victim, while others wrap it in a cocoon of tough webbing.

Tarasps are first released from a vial in groups of twenty to eighty, and viciously attack anything within twenty feet, before moving out and covering a much larger area. The body of a tarasp is resistant to physical harm and suffers in no way from lightning or electricity, but the creatures instinctively fear fire. If tarasps are allowed to live in the natural world, they prefer to live in forests, cities and savannas where large game are prevalent. Tarasps build complex tunnel-hives composed of 'paper' and webbing in their territories and have a hierarchy of regional queens, hunters, warriors, workers and drones.

Biography: Full bio at Of Mortal Evil by ~UmbralVoice on deviantART
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Tarnogh, the Colossus

Name: Tarnogh, the Colossus

Age: 20 years

Race: Minotaur

Sex: Male

Hair: Tarnogh’s thick, long hair transitions is medium brown on his head, to dark brown at his neck and shoulders, and gradually fades from there to near black at his hooves.

Eyes: Tarnogh’s eyes are the rich, vivid color of molten gold. More importantly than their color though, is the expression that often crosses them; they are windows to the many savage and murderous things that inhabit his mind.

Weight: 140 stones

Height: 12 feet, 8 inches

Appearance: Tarnogh is a truly colossal minotaur, who stands at nearly two-thirds of a rod tall and amounts to nearly twenty hundredweights. His build is nothing short of remarkable, with an amazing muscular structure that stems from both his racial nature and many years of intense physical training. His grand, semi-curled horns are just four inches short of five feet wide from tip to tip, and his shoulders are almost as broad. His thick hide is covered in a healthy coat of wiry, dark red fur that becomes darker toward his head, until it is as black as coal. His intense golden eyes often echo his extreme and dynamic spirit, and the few truly cultured thoughts that ever cross his mind. The beast’s powerful hands, which are covered in a slightly longer hair than the rest of his body, are large enough to fold around a human skull with ease and, his fingers end in thick, deadly-looking claws.

His body seems to be an incarnation of raw power, and any part of him that isn’t, is made of metal. His great horns have been gilded with rich oriental gold not merely once, but twice, so that they look heavy and deep-colored. Similarly, his canines are golden, and the sides of his hooves have been coated in a heavy, glittering dark steel. Lastly, his feral voice is a stunningly deep bass, that kind that causes tremors in the ground he stands on, as well as any object of stone or metal within thirty feet of him.

Personality: Tarnogh is not a calm and gentle giant. Instead, he is more like an everlasting tantrum of nature. It would not even be surprising if Tarnogh really were a living force of nature. As a minotaur, his spirit and many of his emotions are so powerful that they seem to surround him like a heavy aura. He is primal, driven, brutish, direct, stubborn and prone to wild tumult at the hap of things that other people might hardly even notice. He could be an earthquake and a hurricane at the same time.

By some, Tarnogh’s temper might be described as fickle. Any who would call it this do so only because they do not understand what things are important to him, what drives him, and what he is sensitive to. Many of these things are quite different than they would be for anyone else.

For Tarnogh, honor and respect are very important, but they are not dispensed equally. To be worthy of his honor, a person must display that they are either very strong, very large, or very wealthy, or they must challenge his superiority in some way. To challenge him makes the other an opponent in combat, to whom honor and respect are always allotted until they have done something to have it taken away; something deceitful or disrespectful. Since most beasts are incapable of understanding these things, it cannot be taken from them, but only them. Everyone who becomes worthy of his notice is immediately given respect, although the Colossus still expects deference from anyone who is not stronger, larger or more wealthy than himself.

Tarnogh is a proud individual, surrounding himself with an aura of hale eminence as he stands tall at any time he is not in the presence of someone or something greater than himself. He speaks directly, especially since his vocabulary of trade common (the language spoken by most people) is small by comparison to most people, although he speaks fluently and almost intelligently in the minotaur tongue. Belittling him or his accomplishments, making jokes at his expense – especially concerning his use of language and intelligence – and doing the same to those people who have earned his respect are all ways to invite his anger.

To Tarnogh, wizardly magic is a crutch for the weak, although the magic granted by one’s god is a different circumstance, since that is given by divine favor. Anything given to a person by divine favor is their right, and should only be taken from them if they prove they do not have the strength to wield it any longer. The use of sorcery, on the other hand, is a deceitful and low thing, and its use marks its wielder as a dishonorable, disrespectful individual. In order to earn Tarnogh’s respect after showing talent and skill in magic, a person would have to do something very impressive, and put up with his contempt for a long time.

Tends to ignore people smaller than him, often not even recognizing that they are there. He is a gruff individual, often considered rude by other people, particularly because he does not notice them. If a person did want to get his attention, they’d need to make a show of superior size, strength, spirit or wealth of gold, or challenge his own superiority. The latter method often ends in the swift and brutal death of the challenger.

In the wild, the minotaur is most often a hunter, looking for game even larger than himself. For this reason, he might often be found in infernal planes – one of the many Abysses, Hells, Gehennas or elsewhere that the six rivers meander. More often, though, he will be found in the wilds, and he particularly likes hunting in mountains, forests, swamps and ruins. When he visits cities, he usually has something he’s doing there, like having his armor repaired or stocking up on supplies and information for another foray into the wilds for the hunt.

Despite his feral tendencies and otherwise barbaric ways, the minotaur is not completely unrefined or without compassion. The beast has a soft spot for children and infants, and looks on invalids with pity. He prefers a nomadic lifestyle, traveling here and there until he becomes Kanoh and can return home and await the next word of either his chieftain or tribe shaman.

In his leisure time and when not hunting or training, Tarnogh likes to cook food for himself and other travelers, even if they are smaller than he is, and especially if they can be useful to one another. He isn’t yet the world’s best cook but that’s why he practices so often. Other than that, Tarnogh enjoys the peaceful and harmonious scenery that can often be found in mountainous forests, especially where there are small waterfalls that lead to small, clear pools. When he is enjoying one of these places, he can be found in one of his rare, truly tranquil and quiet moments. He also carries a long, straight pipe with him and a number of matches, and is fond of smoking the herbs that grow naturally in forests, which he harvests himself.

The Colossus is very pious and dedicated to his god, Necrucian, although he frequently commits a heterodoxy by not laying waste to nature, especially forests. Despite this disagreement he has with most other worshippers of Necrucian, he otherwise serves and protects the will of his god without question. Since his is the god of destruction, chaos, the void, fire and darkness, this generally means the minotaur has no qualms about killing others.

Tarnogh has very few goals in his life, but the ones he has are of great importance to him. First and foremost, he wishes to join the Circle of Ash, Necrucian’s holy order of destroyers and innermost trusted circle of followers. He has so far been unsuccessful in this endeavor, and is slowly growing impatient with Evalius, the leader of that same order, despite how many times the Dark Knight has praised the minotaur’s work while admonishing the members of the order.

His other goal is to become Kanoh, who was the largest and most powerful minotaur Renohk had ever seen. That monster was versed in both the ways of the warrior and gifted with the divine magic of Necrucian, making him a living terror. Kanoh was reputed to have mastered every warrior spirit and vahrgh technique ever known, and even to have created a few, himself. By “becoming Kanoh”, he means to learn and master all of these techniques, become a divine knight of Necrucian, and to become even larger and stronger than he already is.

“Havoc” – Tarnogh’s sword, which he usually keeps stored in a mechanical scabbard on his back, beneath his bow and arrows, is a twelve foot long single-edged fullblade (a type of greatsword) made of daemonsteel and the fangs, hide and bones of an ancient shadow dragon from one of the many abysses. Havoc’s heavy blade is nine and a half feet long, made from daemonsteel and the dragon’s fangs; its edge is purposefully jagged and serrated, making it rip through the minotaur’s quarry as much as it cuts. The sword’s hilt is two and a half feet long, with a tang made from daemonsteel, a handle from the dragon’s bones and wrapped in the glossy, black scaled dragonskin and equipped with a heavy, splayed crossguard of the shadow dragon’s teeth and bones. Its pommel is diamond-shaped, fashioned from both daemonsteel and one of the dragon’s claws.

As a hunter, Tarnogh uses his bow and arrows far more often than his sword. With a draw weight of seven hundred and twenty pounds, and a draw length of five feet and ten inches, the bow would be next to impossible for anyone but another giant to draw. It is usually harnessed over his back, and the bow is an eleven foot long compound made mostly from a black metal known as entropium, pieces of daemonsteel and shadow dragon bones. The bow’s string is carefully repaired and added to constantly by Tarnogh, crafted from a piece of sinew from every worthy beast and opponent the minotaur has felled.

The bow’s arrows are each five feet and two inches long, from nock to tip, and weigh monstrously at about 4,150 avoirdupois grains apiece. They are made from heavy wood shod in a thin sheaf of steel, fletched with the feathers of some very large bird, and tipped with a white metal called sdiacq. Sdiacq is a strong metal, comparably to iron, which is noted for its ability to quickly build a frightening electrical charge when its fibers are rubbed against anything, even air.

For the benefit of anyone who would like to know the actual power of Tarnogh’s bow, I’ve found the mathematical formulae and crunched the numbers. Assuming that the bow maintains the equivalent dimensions of a compound with a 6 ½” brace height as it grades upward in size, it fires arrows at about 310 feet per second. Therefore, the kinetic energy of an arrow fired from this bow is 885.78* ft-lbs, which is determined with the equation ((mass)(velocity^2))/450240. The reader should know that a bow with < 25 ft-lbs is recommended for small game like rabbits, groundhogs and so forth; 25-41 ft-lbs is for things like deer, antelope et cetera; 42-65 ft-lbs is for hunting large game like elk, black bears, wild boars and so on and; > 65 ft-lbs is for the toughest game, like cape buffalo, grizzly bears and musk oxen.

*This number is not a typo.

Armor: Unlike many monsters of his kind, Tarnogh garbs himself in a suit of shadow dragonleather armor inlaid with thick, black daemonsteel plates which leaves no portion of his body exposed to the attacks of his prey and adversaries. At the same time, the leather of his armor has been tanned, softened and waterproofed, making it nearly as quiet as normal leather armor, while providing much of the daemonsteel plate’s protection. Making it appear even more fearsome, Tarnogh’s armor is engraved with runes of the void, revenge, chaos and destruction, and is limned in a dim aura of blood red light. The armor is even complete with gauntlets more heavily clawed than his own hands.

On the right plate of his tasset, several small lines have been scored. If a person knew the trick to counting these tallies, they would count to 2,613. A heavily tooled leather backpack hangs from the right side of his belt, for all the world looking like a mere satchel when compared to the minotaur’s massive size.

Strengths: Although Tarnogh is an enormous brute, he isn’t called the Colossus just because of his size. His raw physical strength is herculean, able to swing his sword and fire his bow with remarkable ease, even while clad in his full plate armor. To say that Tarnogh has “inhuman vitality” might be accurate, but also insufficient. Tarnogh has unusually robust spirit and verve even for the most hardened of minotaur warriors – or warriors of any other race, for that matter.

Tarnogh has been hunting, fighting and serving his god’s will for twelve years, which is a long span of time for the relatively short lifespan of the minotaur race, who on average do not live past thirty-five. Due to their short lives, the minotaurs enjoy getting to know everything about their profession, and learning it all quickly. The Colossus is no exception, he is a near master with the fullblade, the bow and arrow, and as a brawler. He moves with an agility contrary to the normal perception of brutish monsters such as himself, and has caught many a very dead foe off guard with such a burst of speed and dexterity.

Magic is the crutch of the weak, but the will of one’s god is a different matter entirely, and as a living force of destruction, Tarnogh is highly favored in his lord’s eyes. Many of his weapons and armor are imbued with the blessing of Necrucian, granting them the powers of chaos, destruction or revenge when Tarnogh’s personal prowess is not enough. Though these blessings are certainly not the root of the Colossus’ prowess, they are not powers to be trifled with, either.

Weakness: Tarnogh, although cunning in battle and skilled in the hunt, is not an especially intelligent person. He has a simple manner of looking at nearly everything, and has difficulties thinking outside of his own perspective. Tarnogh is not versed in magic or defense against it; if magic is brought to heel against him, he will be at the caster’s mercy.

Tarnogh has an aversion to deep bodies of water. Which is to say, anything deeper than his nose, since he swims with all the grace and buoyancy of the average cast iron chair. Tarnogh will therefore avoid the water if he can, and is found to be uncharacteristically jittery on boats, for fear that he might fall through the deck.

Also, although this weakness does not come into play during combat often, Tarnogh has a very single-minded pursuit of his prey at any time. Once he’s on the hunt, he will hedge all other things out of his mind until he has brought down his quarry or it has escaped him.

Skills: Tarnogh is well trained and very experienced in the manners of combat. He works well with a one- or two-handed sword, axes, hammers, and shields of all sorts. He is especially versed in hand-to-hand combat, using both his horns and his claws to devastating effect on whatever fool was hapless enough to earn his anger.

It is important to remember that the minotaur has been fighting and training with many other warriors, animals and monsters that are smaller, larger, stronger and/or faster than him, and many that are even like the warrior himself. The fact that he lives and has been triumphant should explain that he is no fool in combat. In addition to tearing mercilessly into his enemies, Tarnogh is also highly skilled in blocking, parrying and dodging attacks, and usually knows which one of these is appropriate for the moment. When Tarnogh parries an opponent’s attack, he might also choose to make a riposte, with which he is not especially skilled but can still be devastating for that opponent.

Like most minotaurs, Tarnogh is especially versed in the art and act of goring an opponent on his horns, usually inflicting terrible damage on them. This skill is augmented by his height, strength and weight, and also by a few different anger skills, a some of which Tarnogh knows. Being impaled on a minotaur’s horn is a frightening prospect, especially since it is often followed up with being tossed bodily through the air, away from the monster.

Tarnogh is an expert in the way of tracking prey across many kinds of terrain by finding and following their tracks left behind, by the knowing their mannerisms of many creatures, and by knowing their individual scents.

Trained in the methods of destruction taught by the priests of Necrucian, Tarnogh has learned how to strike hard and well for the weak points of weapons and armor, damaging and even destroying them in a remarkably small number of attacks.

Although possessed of a sense of honor, the Colossus has no qualms about knocking out his opponent for a short time or bashing them to the ground in the middle of a fight, so they might no longer be able to defend themselves properly. Over the years, he’s learned this trick well, and has been seen to stun even especially large game (compared to him!) with a single swipe from his armor-clad fist.

Warrior Spirit Skills
The minotaurs have a force of spirit that most other races simply cannot comprehend. For them, a fellow’s spirit and vigor are not only physical things, but nearly corporeal things about a person. Not surprisingly, then, they have learned to hone and shape their warrior spirit into a variety of useful abilities, most often simply imbuing a mundane action with spirit to give it an effect that most humans would describe as primal and elemental. Despite their sheer quantity of vim, though, most minotaurs, such as Tarnogh, cannot use more than two warrior spirit skills at the same time. The following are the warrior spirit skills that Tarnogh has learned over the course of his life:

The minotaur unleashes a mighty roar infused with warrior spirit at the top of his lungs in a bellow that can be heard for hundreds of feet in all directions, often even in the din of battle. Anyone too close to the minotaur – say, within forty feet or so – is touched briefly in the soul with the force of spirit and some of the primal sorts of ire that only minotaurs and a few other beastly monsters are capable of truly feeling. Many fighters boast of being fearless or being unaffected by their fear, and this trait is said to be true of absolutely everyone until they face something truly terrifying… the spirit roar of a minotaur is truly terrifying.

By building up and allowing their great spirit to flow freely through their body through a special sort of moving meditation, a minotaur can use his warrior spirit to help him recover from his wounds at a greatly accelerated rate. This recuperation cannot solve a loss of limbs, but mere scratches are healed within moments, and larger wounds begin to close within just minutes. If a warrior were to focus on recuperation, he might be able to recover from a near-death set of injuries and even poisons in just the span of four or five hours.

Perhaps the simplest of all uses for the warrior spirit, this technique is taught to nearly all minotaurs in their youth, and one cannot become a tribe warrior without mastering it. By focusing and upwelling his vigor, and then releasing threads of the excess created it into his body, a minotaur can quickly recover from and stave off fatigue and exhaustion.

Blood Ripper
Pushing the force of their spirit onto another person in an abrupt surge, the minotaur throws his opponent off guard and stuns them temporarily. During the time that an opponent is recovering, the minotaur redirects the flow of his warrior spirit into a burst of speed, to attack his enemy with a flurry of bloody slashes and thrusts from his sword. For some reason, the minotaur can feel when the effect has worn off of his opponent, and therefore does not usually leave his guard down by continuing the storm of attacks after his foe has recovered.

Vahrgh, Anger Skills
Tarnogh’s tribe places a great deal of importance on one's ability in combat, and minotaurs have always been prone to fits of anger. Instead of learning to keep their anger under control, though, they learned how to focus their anger into a variety of seventeen specific, empowering forms. Most anger skills stack with one another, others replace certain active skills, and a few of them cannot be stacked with other anger skills. Nearly all of the anger skills remain in effect until a fight has finished, plus another a short time thereafter. It is also important to know that many of the types of anger an minotaur experiences through the use of these skills would inhibit a human’s accuracy and focus, but this is not the case for these beasts; anger is a part of their souls. Tarnogh currently knows four of these skills. They and their effects are as follows:

One of the simplest forms of anger, this skill fills its user with a thirst for violence. While under its effects, the minotaur’s already impressive strength is greatly increased – less than doubled, but more than one and a half its usual measure, in addition, the effects of an enraged minotaur’s warrior spirit skills are all increased in effectiveness by a like amount. An enraged minotaur can also ignore the effects of all forms of pain, whether these are natural, magical or otherwise in nature.

Personality shift: The user loses their sense of self-preservation until the rage expires. This doesn’t mean that an enraged minotaur won’t abandon a fight, but that risk of death or injury will simply not be a good enough reason to do it.

A sudden fit of unrestrained and unrefined anger, this skill allows its user to lash out at everything around them, striking in multiple directions at the same time without suffering in the in the strength or accuracy of those attacks. Additionally, a berserking minotaur can bear the burden of more injury than normal until the berserk wears off.

Personality shift: A berserked minotaur has difficulty telling friend from foe, and is like to attack anyone that gets too close to them. Bystanders far enough away from the minotaur aren’t in any danger from this shift, but anyone in arm’s reach is probably in harm’s way.

Using this intense, passionate and vehement anger skill, the minotaur gains increased speed and a jump in the rate of his attacks in measures about equal to the strength gain from rage. Furthermore, the passion instilled by the skill causes the minotaur to reach deeper into each successful attack, working out even more damage than his normal strikes would, without hindering the speed of those attacks.

Personality shift: The user gains a primal urge to hunt down and kill anything moving both fast and away from the minotaur. Often times, a minotaur will abandon a current quarry to attack something running away from him, instead, killing it before turning back to the original prey.

One of the most specific forms of anger, bloodlust is a desire for bloodshed but, the minotaur’s bloodlust is a type of anger beyond the human ability to experience, and likewise has a more dramatic effect on the minotaur feeling it. The minotaur’s strength is increased by the use of this skill, becoming a measure of about one and one third their normal strength, although this increase also stacks with the enhanced strength gained from the rage skill. Also, the minotaur’s horns and claws extend by a few inches each, allowing them to achieve more significantly more damage with each use of the minotaur’s impaling skill or rending with his claws.

Personality shift: A minotaur in bloodlust becomes more cruel for the duration of the skill. He takes a greater pleasure in seeing others injured and suffering, and may even prolong an opponent’s suffering before killing them.

Holy Relics of Necrucian:

Waters of the Rivers
One of the gifts that Necrucian has bestowed on Tarnogh for his service is a collection of six adamantite bottles, each of which holds two pints of water from one of the six rivers that wander the infernal planes. Each of the different waters has a different effect, but if one ever runs out of water, Tarnogh will need to travel to the bank of that river to refill it, which could be a dangerous task. The rivers are Styx, Acheron, Cocytus, Eridanos, Phlegethon and Lethe.

The waters of the river Styx are strong indeed, having more than a single power. First, any being may swear an oath on the waters of the river by holding the bottle and proclaiming their oath. An oath sworn in this way cannot be willingly broken, and if it is failed, than the oath-giver is robbed of their voice for the duration of a single season. Second, if the waters are drank from the bottle, they will restore that person’s health and well-being. A single dose restores a person from injury, disease and poison; two doses can cause a regrowth of one’s limbs; three doses can restore a person’s mind and memories and; drinking the entire bottle can bring them back even from death. A single dose is half a pint of the river’s water.

Where countless souls have traversed the river Acheron into their final resting places among the underworlds, the river has drawn out dregs of their passing selves, seeding itself with the substance of spirit. The water of this river can either be drunk or poured over things, each having a slightly different effect. When the water is drunk, it emboldens the spirit of the drinker, filling them with it until they brim. For Tarnogh, this is especially useful for his warrior spirit skills, increasing the effectiveness of all of them. For anyone who is not a minotaur, or does not have any abilities linked to the strength of their spirit, it is uplifting and their spirit sheds outside the body to protect them from harm like a near-tangible aura. When the water is poured over weapons or armor, it bathes them in the ‘steam’ of souls. This allows weapons to strike true upon and cause lasting harm to spirits, vampires and many other “immortal” beings. Armor becomes able to resist their attacks, resisting them as if they were mere mortals. The bottle can hold enough for three doses.

The river Cocytus has a special meaning to the dead, and its pull is powerful, indeed. Souls who cannot afford to pay the Charon, the boatman of the infernal rivers, the fee to reach their destinations must wander along its shores for hundreds of years until they find the money to pay him with. This water has no effect on the living, but when splashed upon the waking dead – whether they are an incorporeal spirit, a zombie, a vampire, or of a completely unique classification – that creature is banished the shores of Cocytus.

Any creature banished in this way that does not arrive with an obolus to pay the ferryman with wanders along the river’s shores, wailing in grief and mourning for themselves until they come to their senses. Depending on the power of the undead, this visit could last anywhere from a few minutes (at the very least) to upwards of a month. For lesser undead, such as anything mindless, they might never return from the shores of the infernal river. The bottle can hold enough water for three banishings of this manner.

The amber-colored waters of the Eridanos river are a blight to wielders of magic, acting as a very special form of poison. The bottle the water is stored in has a special brush on its stopper, which is used to apply the water to edges of blades and to other weapons. If a magic-wielder, or other person who uses supernatural powers, is struck with a weapon adorned with the water of the Eridanos, he or she will lose the use of those abilities in any capacity for the next hour. The water of this river can also suppress magical items and dispel enchantments or other magics by brushing or pouring this water onto them.

The waters of the Phlegethon river are not water at all. Instead, this bottle contains liquid fire that has the power to burn even souls. This substance is extremely destructive to the touch, but its fire does not spread to things it burns. Tarnogh uses the Phlegethon’s waters only rarely, but one should be wary of its ability, it is a truly devastating liquid. It cannot be doused or extinguished, it must be allowed to burn itself out.

The water of the river Lethe is a potent draft. Anyone who imbibes the water will forget all of the events of the last day. These memories might be recovered, as though they had been lost to trauma, but are otherwise nearly impossible to dredge up. Worse is if a person is doused in the water of the bottle, as the entire container could take away months or possibly even years of a person’s life. Tarnogh is protected from the effects of this water by the will of his god, but can choose to forgo this protection or take it up again as he wishes.

Bag of Oboli
Tarnogh dislikes the water, particularly because he cannot swim and never floats. If he ever has an absolute need to travel somewhere, though, he may stand upon the shore of any body of water for an hour with an obolus from this bag in his mouth. After that hour, a thick and heavy fog rises up from the water, and Charon shall emerge from fog, pushing a ferry large enough to comfortably accommodate Tarnogh and anyone who is with him and also holding an obolus in their mouth. By boarding the ferry but refusing to give Charon the coin until they’ve arrived at his destination, Tarnogh can use this method to go wherever there is water.

Biography: Savage. That was probably the best way to describe everything about this place. From the weather to the people and their basic ways of life, everything there was in this … tribe, could be called savage. Savage and impressive; but that made sense, for this was a village of minotaurs.

Je, the bard, nearly had to jog to keep up with their great strides, and being half-elven, he was horribly out of place among the hundreds of brutes that milled about in their daily lives. The bard did thank his luck, though, for being half-elven, he felt as if he might have been eaten by now, if these beasts had not placed the idea of importance on a matter of size – the larger it is, the more important it is. The only other determining factors of respect here were prowess and the amount of gold on a minotaur’s body. The only exceptions to these facts seemed to be the chieftain, who had attained his position by proving his might and wisdom long ago, and the tribal shamans, who were favored by the gods. Also, these great beasts had a profound sense of brotherhood and honor – both personal and tribal.

The most remarkable thing that the bard may have seen, though, was the grand monster beside him, who brought him to this place. That colossal minotaur, who stood more than a time and a half the size of his peers around him, and who weighed more than twice as much, and who was bedecked with rich and heavy gold on his horns and teeth, and glittering black iron on his hooves. He strode through this tribal village as if owned it all, – and indeed, he might have owned most of it – his name was Tarnogh.

All of these things considered – his epic size, his great prowess as a warrior, the wealth of gold on his body and his titanic spirit – Tarnogh had the fewest of tribal brothers to whom he owed deference. This worked well for the bard and the beast, as not a single minotaur got in their way when they made their way to a high grassy knoll which overlooked the village.


Tarnogh sat down on the hill and patted the ground beside him, indicating for me to do the same. As I took my seat, the great creature pointed at me and demanded in an ominous tone, “Scribe.” I felt no need to die that day, so I took out my parchments and quill, and wrote down everything Tarnogh told me. After some brief dialogue on translation, here is the story I gathered:

‘My clan name is Tarnogh. This is my home, Renohk. I was raised here by my brothers, my fathers and every mother in the village. When I was born, Grand Shaman Visoh said I had Kanoh’s gold eyes. That means I have the spirit of Kanoh, the greatest warrior of Renohk ever born. I will be great. Grand Shaman Visoh also says my guiding spirit is the auroch. The auroch is large, powerful, and has strong horns. Grand Shaman Visoh says Great Lord Necrucian blessed my birth. These will make me the strongest warrior born since Kanoh.

‘I think Great Lord Necrucian gave me a special blessing when I was born. I did not start big. I was very small, much smaller than even all females born under that moon. This means I was never important when growing up. Everything gets to Tarnogh last, but Grand Chief Dennec and all shamans in Renohk had faith in Grand Shaman Visoh. Grand Chief Dennec decided that I would start hunter training at four springs, and all time not spent hunting, I would train with Renohk’s strongest warriors, and all time not spent hunting or training, all Renohk shamans would teach me their wisdom. When not working of these things, I would have eight hours to sleep. I remember much training.

‘At seven springs, I was still small, but I was strong and fast and smart. When I wanted something first, I could fight for it. I was faster and more balanced than my larger brothers, and victory was mine much more than failure. At seven springs, bulls talked of my prowess. At eleven springs my teeth were all new, so I decided to leave Renohk for five days to find gold. I found a train of merchants, and killed every human who could fight. When I returned to Renohk, I took two hundredweights of gold with me. I gave a hundredweight to Grand Chieftain Dennec, half one to Grand Shaman Visoh and kept half a hundredweight for me. I took ten weights to Brother Gurrik, who makes fire and metal,’ – Tarnogh was very particular about the phrase “fire and metal”, but I think this means that Gurrik was a metal smith, – ‘and Gurrik takes half for payment and makes eight teeth of gold for me.’ At this point, Tarnogh opened his mouth for me and showed me that his four canines and four rearmost molars had been sheathed in pure gold.

The minotaur continued, ‘For nine springs, life was hard, but every mother was good to me, and I hunted many things for food. I grew very large and when I was sixteen springs, I was already larger than all of my brothers of my moon, and five moons after. I did not stop growing. Grand Chieftain Dennec said that my honored mothers could not feed me again until I was done growing. If I wanted food, I hunted it myself, always. I stopped becoming tall at eighteen springs, and I trained and hunted harder than every warrior in Renohk and still I did not stop growing until I was of nineteen springs and my horns were one hand short of five feet. Then, on nineteen springs, I left Renohk again and did not return for one moon.

‘I remembered merchants and their gold, and went to hunt man for three weeks. Each week, I found a road and each week I found a caravan of merchants. At the end of three weeks, I counted eight kills of ten and four.’ – This number means 84, I calculate. – ‘I carried three hundred weights and one half back to Renohk for one week. And for the half-hundredweight, Gurrik gilds my horns heavy twice. I did not use coins for my horns. I used gold that comes from where the sky turns bright’ – I think this means East – ‘that is pure and rich. When I gave a hundredweight to Grand Chieftain Dennec and Grand Shaman Visoh, I was blessed and made an adult.

‘Two springs later, when I was full-grown, Grand Chieftain Dennec and Grand Shaman Visoh came to my home. Grand Shaman Visoh said, “The auroch says it is time for you to leave Renohk. You are the Colossus, Tarnogh. Your spirit is strong and your honor is good. You are seventeen springs a warrior, and own two hundredweights of gold. You are larger than all warriors born since Kanoh. Your horns are grand and golden and Great Lord Necrucian blesses your birth. The auroch says you will leave Renohk for another home, and come back Kanoh. Brother Tarnogh, in the name of Great Lord Necrucian, I bless your journey.” I left Renohk the next night, and gave a pound of gold to every honored mother and every brother of my moon, in Renohk.’

His entire life having been explained to me, he drew a pipe out of the bag at his waist and smoked for a while. When he was done, he offered me the pipe, but I turned him down and gathered my parchments.

Tarnogh said, “Your guiding spirit must be the duck.”

“What makes you say that?” I replied.

“You are very strange.” He took a deep breath and turned back to me with a more serious expression. “Go tell my story to every small one who will listen. Make a book, go.”
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