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Re: Character List

Name: Dythren Addara (Dith-ren)

Age: 23

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: Dythren has shoulder length blonde hair that’s straight but with a small curve up on the ends of his hair.

Eyes: Deep green

Weight: 206 lbs (269 lbs with armor)

Height: 6’2

Weapons: Hepyn (Heppin) is a great sword made of steel. The weapon’s left side (faced down when held vertically) has a jagged teeth build while the right side is simple. Hepyn has two points that are connected with a sharp groove, similar to a scimitar. The sword is about five feet long from hilt to point and the blade itself weighs about 18 pounds. Due to the sword’s sheer weight and size, the handle acts as a counterbalance being made of gold painted iron with plenty of room on the hold for both hands.

Haegthall (HAYG-thawl) is a scythe with a six foot staff made of Mahogany wood and a three foot blade on both sides of the top of the staff. The staff has a smooth texture with a special coating to increase the wood’s defense when blocking direct attacks. The blades are shiny, steel, and kept fatally sharp at all times by Dythren. The scythe also has a small knot near Dythren’s right hand which releases a six foot chain that connects the blades into a very sharp boomerang-like structure.

Armor: D’lasenhilde- D’lasenhilde is a full body suit of heavy armor that Dythren plundered when he fled his homeland. The armor is black with gold trimming on each individual plate, along with a few strange runes carved into his upper arm plates and chest plate. The shoulder plates have a large spike that reaches upward, curving away from the helmet to give a startling appearance to Dythren. The helmet itself is a full helm that has few holes so he can breathe easily and see. There is also a red cape that extends from Dythren’s neck to his thighs, but it is only for glamour. D’lasenhilde is incredibly resistant to many forms of attack, but also slows down its bearer quite a bit. This armor only appears in the fourth seal and heavily increases the chance of Dythren losing control of his emotions, as it was formed from Chaos.

Strengths: Dythren is a very skilled warrior in close combat. He is an accomplished swordsman and general, having led and fought in his fair share of battles. Due to his early life as a poor child in a small village, this warrior picked up some very strong skills in brawling or fighting with punches and kicks. Dythren also has some reasonable with his scythe, but as not mastered the chain release. The young warrior also has a incredible patience and trains hard to control his emotions and fears, so that he is very calm and clear-headed during almost all battles. His seals then offer him boosts to abilities so that he can overcome more powerful foes.

Weakness: Although strong and brave, Dythren has a number of fears and problems. Dythren is terrified of his power, so he is very reluctant to ever go past his third seal. The young man also is always struggling against his urges, whether they be for greed or beautiful women. Dythren also has a unique fear of women, due to the torture he suffered at the hands of one, and although not terrified of them he tends to lose his nerve. As far as his combat goes, Dythren is not very skilled at any type of ranged combat except his chain from his scythe, but he is far from mastering it. The young warrior also tends to overestimate himself and try something like wielding his sword with one hand, which although is possible, it’s very clumsy and inaccurate unless used so he can throw a quick punch. If someone stops a seal from being released, Dythren will loose a massive amount of energy, but even if he does release it there are problems that arise with stronger seals being broken.

Seals: As Dythren grew more powerful and came to realize his life would be threatened until he destroys a mighty Empire and a power that has existed since the beginning of time, his body somehow absorbed a chunk of Chaos energy and gave him a new power. The Seals are powerful, slowly transforming a young man into a terrifying demon of Chaos. These Seals are used as a pressure based system and require certain things and timing to unleash. All appearance changes, updated abilities, and requirements will be listed with the Seal. Dythren can also relock a seal to regain energy or heal a wound depending on how high level it was. Lastly, Dythren must remain calm unless he unlocks the Sixth Seal; otherwise the Chaotic powers will attack and weaken him, which will force him to revert.

First Seal: The First Seal is very easy for Dythren to unleash. All the seal requires is one wound of any size and type, whether that be cut, burn, bruise, etc. This seal takes an instant to activate, so it cannot be stopped. If activated, Dythren’s nails harden and he grows noticeable fangs. This seal gives him a decent boost to his speed. If reversed, this seal will not give anything.

Second Seal: The Second Seal is slightly more difficult for Dythren to unleash, but not by much. This seal requires a small hint of anger or fear and a moderate wound of any type. This seal takes about five seconds, which is stoppable by a lucky shot. If activated, Dythren’s hair gets wilder looking and his nails sharpen into considerable weapons if needed. This seal gives him a small boost to his strength, but enough to startle an opponent. If reversed, this seal will give him a small boost of endurance.

Third Seal: The Third Seal is the first of moderate difficulty. This seal requires a strong will to unleash it, which is unique only to this seal. This seal requires Dythren to hold still for ten seconds and concentrate incredibly hard, leaving him open for a strong blow if the opponent notices. If activated, his eyes become silted and all of his teeth become very hard and sharp, able to tear through light armor. If reversed, this seal will heal a single wound. This seal also ends the Control Seals, seals after this Dythren fears to use because he slowly loses his humanity.

Fourth Seal: The Fourth Seal is difficult and risky for Dythren to unleash. This seal requires a total of five terrible wounds and a large amount of pain. This seal takes thirty seconds to activate, but it takes a strong attack to cancel the release. If activated, black fire consumes Dythren then dissipates to reveal a man clad in D’lasenhilde. This seal, due to the armor, slows him down considerably but increases his defense to incredible levels. Although a major bonus, this armor causes Dythren to be in great risk of losing control of his emotions, which is a great fear of his and would make him grow weak. If reversed, this Seal will stabilize his emotions and purge any type of poison of burn from his body.

Fifth Seal: The Fifth Seal is a very difficult seal that is easily disrupted. This seal requires a nearly fatal or fatal wound and a large amount of anger. This seal takes a full minute to activate and can be disrupted by just one wound, but Dythren does have D’lasenhilde guarding him. If activated, Dythren gains an incredible boost to his strength that allows him to duel-wield his weapons and crush most defenses with a slow, but powerful attack. He also grows a black scaled tail with five inch spikes that can be used as a weapon. This seal is very dangerous to handle, for it required nearly unstable amounts of anger to unleash, and makes Dythren on the brink of unstable so he must use much control or become heavily weakened. If reversed, this seal will repair any damage done to D’lasenhilde and heal any major wounds, but leave all minor ones.

Sixth Seal: The most difficult of all the seals to release. This seal requires Dythren to time its release the second he loses control of his emotions and all of his energy to open. The seal takes a lengthy five minutes to unlock, but it erects a barrier around Dythren that is immune to magic. Although hard to cancel, this does allow a large amount of time for the enemy to prepare a hard hitting attack or heal. If activated, Dythren gains a major boost to his speed, being able to move gracefully and quickly even in his armor and wield his two weapons with terrifying agility. This form marks the end of Dythren’s active conscience, so although very powerful, it has a tendency to do things so against his morals that he’d rather throw a fight then allow his new form to hurt innocents. If reversed, all of Dythren’s wounds will be healed.

Seventh Seal: This is the most powerful and final seal. This seal requires a fatal wound. It only takes a few seconds to activate, and cannot be canceled. If activated, Dythren transforms into a black dragon, the Avatar of Chaos. He gains boosts his defense and strength, wielding the power to crush nearly anything. The monster is a seven foot tall dragon that walks like a man and breathes hot flames that reach up to ten feet. He fights with claws, tail, etc. The armor has fused into the dragon, becoming its scales. Though powerful, the dragon can be defeated, for his defenses are strong, but not invincible. Due to the dragon being the Avatar of Chaos, Dythren can only retain this form for thirty minutes, or else the power would overwhelm him and rip his body and spirit apart. This form cannot be reversed, if the timer hits zero before Dythren wins the battle, he will transform back before the First Seal and be incredibly weak; the battle will basically be over.

Appearance: Dythren is an attractive white, but tanned, young man with shoulder-length blonde hair. Due to living an early life as a peasant and battling in his later years against powerful demons and warriors, his body filled out quite nicely. He has a small scar on both of his cheeks and another one on his chest from the bottom of his neck to his upper stomach. His most notable feature is a large scar on his back from his left shoulder to his right thigh where the very scythe he now wields was used to try and kill him. When wearing clothes and not in his armor, he’s typically seen in a tight black shirt and loose-fitting khaki pants held on with a belt that suggests a tight fit.

Personality: Dythren is a rather prideful, but caring young man who tries to be sure of himself and control his emotions. He spent a year or two mastering how to remain calm unless in the worst of situations, so he has a cool head most of the time. Dythren, mostly due to his age, has a hard time when struggling against the urge when he sees a beautiful young woman or an arrogant snob. Although he still often struggles with his fears and emotions, this human has proven on the required occasion that he can overcome them. Dythren despises anyone who harms the innocent or poor, because he grew up with humble origins and was often the victim of cruel punishment due to his social status. Although he loves war, because his father taught him much about strategy and combat, he hates any over-powered warrior who kills those lesser then him for no reason. One of his flaws, however, is that Dythren will do nearly anything to gain more power and money, which has trapped him in countless problems. Despite his greed, the young warrior has yet to betray his morals for a pretty penny or magic sword. He has a tad bit of pride, and will challenge any passing warrior to a fight just to see if he can win. Then there’s the Seals, since he doesn’t quite understand them yet, Dythren doesn’t like to use them and fears the final four because they once caused him to turn into a complete monster.

Biography: Dythren was born in a small village town near the coast of a massive continent known as Yrnaea. This kingdom was a great empire that matches the size of modern day Europe, except for united under one king. The empire never had to deal with great armies over the horizon, for they owned the entire continent without rebels of any kind save the nomadic tribes of madmen roaming the forests and seas.

Dohóren, Dythren’s father, had to raise the boy alone, for his mother died soon after the birth of a mysterious plague that killed thousands that year. Despite the grief from losing his wife, Dohóren enjoyed holding his newborn son in his arms knowing that his son was safe. Their life was going to be hard, he knew, but would be sure that his son would have a chance to live a less humble life then his father.

When Dythren reached the age of five, Dohóren began to teach him about combat and strategies, having been in the town militia back in the earlier days of the empire. His son learned surprisingly fast, preferring the sword over any of the other weapons. As Dythren grew strong mock fighting with his father, he also gained skill at brawling as the older boys of the village liked to pick on him and other children.

After about eight years, Dythren was nearing manhood and had grown to be an attractive young man who could wield sword, spears, and axes with great skill. Though the first thirteen years of Dythren’s life had been peaceful, it was not to remain as such. The empire found its Golden Age abruptly ended when a terrifying horde of demons came crashing out of the forests and destroyed many large and small villages, sparing no one.

The host of demonic creatures swept across the land, no region was spared from the chaotic fighting that engulfed the entire continent. Dythren took command of his region, being the greatest warrior and one of the few tacticians with any skill. He quickly assembled a civilian militia and led his force against a demonic host, putting his skills to work for the first time. The victory went to the humans and they hailed Dythren for his combat and tactical prowess.

As years dragged slowly by, Dythren’s skill became well known around the continent, many villages abandon their homes and fled to his region to fight for him. Soon, the King himself led a host down and gave their command to the mighty general. Time after time Dythren crushed the demons, his pride swelling more and more with every victory. This streak, however, was not to last.

A red sun peaked over the far eastern mountains on a cold December morning to watch as Dythren’s forces assembled under his command. The largest demonic host ever seen had spawned somewhere deep within the ancient woods and had crushed every force it had found save Dythren’s. Rumor had it that a strange warrior clad in cackling black armor was leading the force, his skills as a general unmatched by any. The host was nearing the edge of the forest, entering unto the plain where Dythren would make his stand.

Filled with unmatched arrogance, Dythren laughed at the thought of the enemy general, he did not anticipate any chance of failure. He strategy was very simple and predictable, but he thought that since he hadn’t lost it would work without flaw. He decided to watch this battle instead of bothering to partake in it, thinking no demon would ever match even his worst warriors.

It was discovered that very morning that the demons were the physical manifestation of fear. If any man had a fear on that battlefield, a demon would spawn forth to kill him. Dythren had a great army of men that feared naturally, for they were merely human. With this, there was no way Dythren could win, but he was not aware at the time.

Due to Dythren’s arrogance and the fear of mankind, the demonic host swelled to startling size and charged, wiping out nearly the entire army in one move. The young general watched in horror as his men were ripped apart, devoured, and burned alive by the great host. Being young and foolish, the general abandon his army and fled in complete horror of witnessing his men die.

Dythren’s voice, raspy and broken by tears, cried out hysterically as he ran through the empty village, loud and horrid screams following his every step. As he turned to hide in an alley, he smashed into a black wall, only to realize it was the legendary general of the demonic host.

The boy cowered in fear and begged for his life as the general grabbed his hair and aimed a massive axe at his throat. Just as the killing blow was about to be delivered, a small spear burst through the black behemoth’s chest, causing him to cry out and drop his weapon. Dohóren grunted as he twisted the spear, attempting to kill the mighty general, but the monstrosity quickly turned and smashed Dythren’s father to the side.

Dythren, curled up on the ground petrified by fear, awoke from his stun when he heard a sickening crack as his father crashed into a stone wall from the general’s attack. He fell, his wet eyes pleading Dythren to flee for his life before the general struck him down as well. The boy watched dumbstruck as his father bled to death.

The mighty armored warrior grunted as he removed the spear and turned to the frozen boy, preparing to end what he had started. As the general lifted his mighty axe to finish the opposing general, he saw Dythren’s eyes change as a crazed look appear in them. The general then found himself blocking a barrage of amazingly powerful strokes coming from a madman who was sick with rage and grief.

Dythren screamed as he threw himself at the general, stabbing his sword in every possible spot he could manage as the black behemoth attempted to knock him off. This went on for a short time before the general finally laid Dythren out with a large black gauntlet. Blood poured from the general’s armor like a fountain as he slowly stood up, staggering as he tried to remain conscious to kill Dythren. As he raised his axe like a drunk, the general found himself surrounded by the demons, which seemed to have noticed their new master was no longer strong enough to control them. Unfortunately for the great general, no one was around to help him as he screamed when the demons tore into his flesh and devoured him.

Dythren awoke the next day to find a heap of black armor lying where he had lost his mind. He groaned as he attempted to get up and tried to touch the black armor, but cried out as it burst into black flames and consumed him only to dissipate a moment later. The young man shook off the feeling and walked over to his father’s crushed body, kneeling gently before the corpse and weeping.

It was then that Dythren decided to find the King and tell him what had happened, but when he finally made it to the great capitol, he discovered everything about the demons listening to the city’s High Priest’s lecture in the town square. Apparently, the monster had come from the realm of Chaos when a foolish man had called upon the ancient, forgotten God of Chaos to answer his desires and grant him ultimate power. Much to everyone’s surprise and horror, the God had answered and bestowed the man with black armor and a horde of demons.

Dythren then remembered the black fire consuming him and hoped that he had not been tainted by the ruinous powers; he quickly made his way to the castle to talk to the King to be sure. As he ran up the steps of the castle, Dythren stumbled on a piece of parchment with a picture and writing. As he quickly read the declaration, he was mortified to see that a massive bounty had been placed on his head, for someone had seen him take the Chaos leader’s armor.

With that, Dythren fled the capitol and went into hiding, traveling around various villages and cities, for the demons were very few in numbers since the general had died and peace once again ensued. Thinking he was safe, Dythren tried to start over as a simple villager, but the next night narrowly defeated a group of assassins that had followed him home.

Then she came, the one woman Dythren should have avoided at all costs. Erin, known as the Mistress of Sin, had followed Dythren for two months studying his fighting patterns and preparing to capture him. When she struck, she simply attracted him to her home after a conversation and the offer for him to spend the night with her.

Much to his horror, Dythren awoke to find himself bound within a dark cove, his capturer smiling at him as she prepared to have her fun with him. The following two months involved horrid torture for the unlucky warrior as she toyed with him, but he slowly began to come up with a plan using his skills as a warrior and tactician to escape.

As Erin walked in, the day she was going to hand him over to the royal guard, she noticed that he was panting and growling in a very strange manner. The violent woman decided not to risk it and plunged a long dagger in Dythren’s chest…her last mistake. A dragon was later reported in that area, having cruelly tortured some woman and slaughtered an entire village.

When Dythren awoke and discovered what had happened, he broke down and fled, only to bump right into the Royal Guard led by the mighty King himself. Without a moment to think, the young warrior charged the small battalion, using all of his skills to strike down anyone that dared to get in his way. As he slaughtered the Guard, something strange kept bothering him about the King, the way he looked.

It was then that Dythren realized the King was the new general of Chaos. The great man, in his lust for power, had made a pact with the Chaos God that required him to reclaim the lost armor. The King, his guard having been slain, brought forth his special scythe. The following battle between Dythren and the King lasted three days of constant battle.

As Dythren went for the killing blow, he was not aware of the chain hidden within the King’s mighty scythe and his advance was halted as pain erupted through his body. Having been overcome by hatred for the King, Dythren had neglected to view his surroundings and didn’t notice when a boomerang-like blade came hurling towards his exposed back. The King, thinking he had won, laughed and allowed Dythren to make a final statement, instead, turned to find a monster creature growling at him.

With the King slain, Dythren was marked as a traitor and follower of the Chaotic entity trying to destroy him. The young man fled the continent, soon arriving on a new continent, where he hopes to leave his past behind him. Since then, he has mastered the system within him that released the terrifying monster. He has even mastered the use of the King’s scythe, which he had plundered from the King’s corpse to show the Chaos God he would not be slain.

Now, beginning a new journey in search of glory and riches, power, and love, Dythren makes his way across a new land. Secretly, he searches for the greatest power attainable, so that one day he might enter the Realm of Chaos and destroy the Chaos God himself.

Thank god for Safer and this awesome sig he made for me!! Fitting, don't you think?

Dythren Addara
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Re: Character List

Name: Armand VanVoorhes (Are-mond Van-vore-hees)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'-8"
Weight: 150 lbs/68 kg
Race: Human
Class: Mage (Ice/Lightning)

Weapons: He has the ability to conjure both elements at will, but the true strength lies in the spells in which he casts. These spells are brought upon with incantations and by a series of hand gestures and/or body movements which vary in complexity.

Ice Spells:

Eisstange (Ice Spear) - Spear shaped icicles rain down from the heavens. This is performed with a simple incantation and a small series of hand gestures, starting as a sort of prayer and ending with his hands stretched out towards the heavens. Once completed, a blanket of clouds fill the sky and a barrage of ice falls for a period of 20 to 30 seconds. This attack can be avoided by either disrupting the caster or counterattacking with stronger magic (i.e. fire-based magic).
Conjure Speed: .25-.5 minutes
Strength of Attack: Those with little or no magic defense and those weak to ice are the hardest hit with this attack though it's the weaker of his spells. It has no effect on fire-based casters.
Power Used: Since this is one of his weaker spells it has a minimal affect on his strength.

Eisdämon (Ice Demon) - Large amounts of ice circle the caster before combining around their body to create a gigantic form of themselves. What action the caster makes, the demon mimics. The incantation is a little drawn out for this spell so he only uses it when he knows he has the time. It starts in the same fashion as Eisstange then his arms stretch out in front of him and slowly part ways to their corresponding side. These attacks are physical based. Fire magic or Armand removed from the ice discontinues these attacks .
Conjure Speed: 1-2 minutes
Strength of Attack: The attacks are quite slow due to the size and weight, but the blows are immense on contact. The ground shakes as he moves and it breaks when he attacks which can help against fire casters but those who can fly have an upper hand.
Power Used: It takes all of his strength to perform this attack therefore he tries to keep this as a "last resort" spell.

Lightning Spells:

Blitzgefängnis (Lightning Prison) - Bolts of lightning encircle their target before engulfing them into one large bolt. This quick incantation has very few movements to it, nothing more his hands at prayer until a brief moment before the sky turns black he throws his left arm in front of him, his palm in the direction of his target. 6 to 10 bolts of lighting come crashing down to the ground and encircle around his target, all coming together with a snap of his fingers. This attack can be avoided by either disrupting the caster or counterattacking with stronger magic (i.e. earth-based magic).
Conjure Speed: .25-.5 minutes
Strength of Attack: It's quite a strong attack when it comes in contact due to the voltage of lightning, but it's no comparison to the verocity of Faust des Gottes.
Power Used: Depending on weather conditions and how many bolts are being controlled, this attack can affect his strength minimally or harshly.

Faust des Gottes (Hand of God) - A gigantic ball of lightning crashes down upon its target leaving a fist-like depression in the ground. Just like Eisdämon, time is of a factor with this spell. Armand will only use it if he believes he can pull it off. He begins with hand against the bridge of his nose, the palm facing to the right and his right arm stretched out to the side. The out-stretched arm slowly moves to his left shoulder, to the right, down his chest, then finally up to his left hand, forming a cross. He then stretches both hands off to the side for a brief moment before raising his left to the sky and dropping his right to his side. One by one his fingers curl into a fist and at the end of the incantation he buries it into the ground in front of him. This attack can only be avoided by disrupting the caster.
Conjure Speed: 2-3 minutes
Strength of Attack: This is Armand's most powerful spell, the voltage of lightning mixed with a power to pound into the earth.
Power Used: It's the ace up his sleeve, therefore it's a "last resort" spell.

Personality: Armand has a split personality which comes alive when he's forced into battle. Just before it emerges, he's succumbed with a terrible sort of migraine before the pain pushes him to the ground. Once he arises, he's a completely different sort of person. Going simply by VanVoorhes, he is an arrogant and cocky sort of gentleman, preying on the weak and laughing in the face of his opponents. Outside of battle, he has no knowledge of his split personality only what he endures. Because of that, his recollection is extremely hazy and he questions what he's been through after such battles. In his normal state he is a quiet young man deeply enthralled in his spell books, continually trying to find ways to excell in his gift of magic. He is alo a very kind and thoughtful young man, willing to help those in need even at the cost of his own life at times.

Appearance: He has short, sandy blonde hair that has sort of a "bed-head" look to it. It's somewhat spiked up on the right and falls predominantly to the left. His eyes are a very deep blue which normally hide behind the black thin frames of his glasses that sit at the top of his nose. He has two scars about 1 1/2 inches below his right eye, the highest only several centimeters long while the lowest is about 2 inches, wide at the median and thin at both ends. His facial hair is a bit scruffy, starting just below his lower lip and slowly arching away from his chin.
He wears a sleeveless white collar shirt which hes found in a dumpbin near the facility, like everything else he wears. On the top left corner is a small embroidered patch with the words "Dussen Laboratories" written in the middle and the intials "M.E." just below that. He wears a long black overcoat and fingerless black gloves to hide the third-degree burns that stretch along both of his arms. The coat itself has a high collar with a red trim around it, identical to the ones around the end of the arms and the bottom of the coat. There are severel dark gray straps along his coat located on his shoulders, arms and across his chest, fastened on both end with silver buttons with "DL" inscripted on them.
The back of the coat is simple, all except for the large embroidered dark gray patch on the back with the word "Dussen" written in a sort of casual cursive while the word "LABORATORIES" is written below with the letters spaced apart along the bottom of the patch. He has black slacks which are rolled up once at the ends and are held up with a quite worn out leather black belt. He also wears a pair of black Soldat combat boots which have seen their fair share of wear and tear.

Strengths: Arman has the ability to use any nearby source of water and/or electricity to conserve small amounts of his own strength. The more of the source there is, the greater he is in battle. He also has the ability to conjure these elements at will depending on how much strength he has remaining. His greatest strength of course are his most powerful spells. Though time may be of a factor, when these attacks hit, they hit hard.

Weaknesses: Just like all element-based attacks, Armand's greatest weakness lies in the two elements that are strong against his attacks, Fire and Earth. Both of these elements can deal heavy damage to him but unfortunately as VanVoorhes, he's usually too stubborn to escape battle he can't win. This in turn brings us to his other weakness, being blinded by rage. He will continually fight due to his competitive nature even if it kills him for he cares for nothing but ultimate power and strength.

History: A young German boy born with a great power stripped from his family when he was barely out of the womb, Armand had no memory of his real family. His memories of anything before he arrived at Dussen Laboratories was wiped clean from his mind for they believed it would do nothing but hold him back. As years passed, he came to attach himself to doctors that came to check him though it was always short-lived. They feared that too much contact with the same person would weaken his magical prowess, therefore anyone who they thought was too close to him was gotten rid of. It was quite hard on the boy, tears welling up in his eyes when he no longer saw a familiar face. Unfortunately, any sort of emotion was cleaned off his face with force.

The years continued to pass and Armand was indeed becoming stronger. The experiments they subjected him to were becoming more and more intense, from injections that would send him into fits of rage, to tossing him into simulated sequences that left him on the floor practically drowning in his own blood. Every night his screams would get louder and louder as the pain ravaged his mind. The German government was prepared for various effects to their experiments but they never expected what happened to him. The once innocent and soft-spoken boy suddenly became a weapon of destruction and by the time they realized this it was far too late.
It was a day like any other, he was pulled from his room and given his daily injection. They decided to triple the dosage in hopes it would have a larger effect on his it did. Just before he was tossed into the simulation, he could feel his head throbbing. His fingers clenched into his scalp as the pain became more and more intense. The doctors had no explanation for it and wrote it off as a migraine as they sent him to their deaths. The moment the simulation started, his hands left his head and he looked to the ceiling, screaming in agony...then it stopped.
Armand felt almost weightless, as if his body was drifting down a slow current. When he opened his eyes though, he was enveloped in darkness. He couldn't see or hear anything and went in a panic, scrambling in his mind to find any sort of light. At that moment, a small light caught the corner of his eye. It started out as a faint flicker, but as it came closer it grew into a ball of fire, engulfing the darkness and Armand with it.

A cool breeze flew across his body as his eyes opened once again. He tried to push himself, but his arms were ripping with pain. Armand slid his body through the dew filled grass and propped himself up against the base of a nearby tree. As he looked to the horizon, all he could see was flames. The birthplace of his pain and suffering was slowly burning to the ground, but tears welled still up in his eyes. Were they tears of joy? No, his memories were slowly coming back into focus. All those he thought so fondly of were now lost in the fire.
As the flames subsided, Armand got himself to his feet and wandered back to the destruction. There was nothing left of Dussen Laboratories, all except for dumpbins and water tanks at the far end of the lot. He dragged himself down the lot toward the bins, hoping for some slight chance that someone may have hidden themselves there, but no such luck. Nothing but garbage and some worn out clothes he decided to keep for himself. They were a little too big for him but it was at least something to cover his body. Once he got himself together, he walked down a dirt path into the wood and never looked back. Armand had no idea what to do from this point but he knew God gave him a second chance for a reason. Perhaps to learn more about himself? He did not know, but he was certain he would find out and set off to find the answer.
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Re: Character List

Name: Attica Starr
Age: 20
Occupation: Mobile Suit Pilot; Amateur Necromancer
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Weight: 150 lbs.
Height: 5’ 6’’
Eyes: Green with flecks of gold.
Hair: Red with streaks of gold.

Appearance: Attica’s hair is thickest in front, with the sides and bangs in a sort of spiked style that hangs low in front and tapers to the back around the base of her head. The flecks in her eyes as well as those in the fibers in her hair follicles glitter brightly during thirty minute intervals due to her nano-machines performed regulated tasks. Her face is heart shaped, with high cheekbones and a widow’s peak hidden beneath her hair. Her chin is softly pointed, her lips somewhat pouty. As for her body, while not tall, she has maintained a lightly muscled physique in order to maintain emergency functions when piloting her Mobile Suit.

Clothing Inventory-
1x Black Hooded Cape
1x White Tank Top
1x Golden Lip Ring
1x Black Overalls
1x Black Boots

Hand-To-Hand Combat Weapons:

The Repair Gun- On those rare occasions when the Mobile Suit is not prepped for battle, the multifunctional tool that Attica uses to repair her Mobile Suit is a handy weapon. It has the appearance of a gun with a long silencer and a hanging large ammo clip. It can fire automatic screws, which can drill into flesh, discharge detonating cartridges, which explode with oil at temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius. Also, as a side function, it also shoots a grappling talon that can pull things close as well as pull her to things that are heavier than her.

Thrusters: Attica always wears four thrusters when outside of her Mobile Suit. They can be used as weapons, but are more useful as transportation if the Deploy Bike isn't available or is disabled. She has one thruster for each forelimb, as well as a pack on her back to stabilize her movements.

The Pipe- Also a tool for “repairing” the Mobile Suit when other things don’t work. A fairly ordinary pipe at first glance, with a bend on one end. The pipe is very heavy, and is the reason Attica’s left arm (her swinging arm) is more toned than her right. However, it has one more attribute. It has been ritually prepared for use as a staff for necromancy, which is sorcery concerning the Dead. She almost never uses her necromancy in battle, though, because of the taboo involved.

Armour: There is only one article of armor on Attica, and that is the belted plate that is attached internally to her ribcage over her heart, to protect that vital area. It is virtually invisible to those without an X-Ray machine

Necromancy:All Attica has been able to do so far with her Dark Arts is trap souls in bottles and torture the dead into telling her of their exploits or secrets. She has not found a use for the souls yet. Neither of these skills is offensive.

Strengths: Her no. 1 strengths are dexterity and intelligence, that coupled with the Baphomet Suit giving her an edge on firepower, while not so much speed as the thrusters on the suit require an opponent of equal speed to really require it. Decreasing the power of the thrusters is a complex activity that was not in mind during the suit’s design.

Weaknesses: Attica has an only very basic grasp on bare-handed fighting tactics. Without her weapons or Mobile Suit, plus the Deploy Bike, she is out of her comfy technological element and is very vulnerable to all sorts of attacks. Also, she has no armor outside of her vehicles, which is incredibly dangerous for her.

Personality: Attica first appears shy. This is not the case. She just cares very little for most people and will avoid those she cannot imagine integral to her purposes.

She could be considered by some as very sexual in nature, but she rarely shows it. The glint in her eye is usually the only sign she’s interested in some prospective guy. Attica always carries the chip on her shoulder that she was never the top of her class, and so is incredibly competitive and rude when it comes to things like fights or contests.

Also, Attica is very touchy about her illegal practices. The use of the dead from her previous battles is a touchy matter to her, because many would find it disturbing. Her mother believes she is just going through a little phase, so she doesn’t pay it very much attention. She is much more intimidating to most when they learn all her previous opponents never got away and simply became fodder for her dark experiments.

The accolades of respect she has received for her Grade A performance in missions so far have started to get to her head recently.

History: Attica Starr graduated nearly at the top of her class. Her better, the Pilot Valedictorian Leon Hancock, was supposed to get the honor of piloting the Suit she calls the Baphomet, but was mysteriously killed in a training exercise before he was actually able to use it.

Because Attica was known for her Occult interests, she lost her hard-won close friends, who believed she had something to do with the horrific accident that caused his death. However, the Academy couldn't prove anything, and so Attica was given the ability to change the name of the Suit, which she did, and was assigned to her daily tasks of infiltrating and disarming the weapons of the Space Alliance that had rebelled from the Earth Colonies.

While most other pilots have entered psychoanalysis about the horror and chaos that is inherent in the abominations of war, Attica already refused such services. She rarely is ever phased by any combat situation, even though her assignments are far more deadly than the ones her comrades face in open space.

One day, she made a point to use Necromancy to resurrect Leon and ask him what went wrong with his Mobile Suit. After he apologized for how he always one-upped her, she proceeded to bash him back into the earth with her Pipe and then exited the summoning circle.

The Assault Vehicles

Name: Mobile Suit Baphomet

Height: 13’’ 2’
Weight: 3.6 metric tons
Armor: Heavy

Explanation: This Suit is much smaller than any regular model on the battlefield at the moment, measuring only slightly above thirteen feet in height. Because of that, it is suited for special operations that don’t have as much danger as far as large numbers, but moreso in more closed and specialized environments involving recon and intelligence missions.

Strengths & Weapons: Has shield-mounted heat rod whip on left arm and beam sword attached to right hip. The sword is fed by a roping wire that attaches to the main power core of the mech, which enables it to cut through most types of armor and flesh by modifying the energy intensity used. The shield can retract the rod for transport. Very good defensive armoring and build. Cockpit reinforced with the Lodium that makes up the entire frame of the unit. Bipedal movement lends powerful dodging abilities. Teleports to headquarters after the pilot evacuates to prevent theft.

Weaknesses: Slow to react to close and human-sized enemies because of intense thruster motion. Limited charge for heat rod. Several weakened areas on the machine because of limited budget after past encounters, and Lodium is more easily damaged by fire-based moves than other attacks, as repeated heating actually weakens the outer shell of the armor. Also, every critical strike on the Mobile Suit actually causes it to use more power, which heats up the interior in a fashion that can leave Attica in a very hot spot.

Name: Deploy Bike Marduk

Height: 5'' 1'
Weight: 1.2 metric tons
Armor: Moderate
Explanation: Attica discovered the bike was possessed when it sought her out, being a necromancer, seeking her talents to acquire a potential host to transfer its soul into. Apparently, it was once a vampire whose plans to attain godhood went terribly awry. After some remodeling, she installed the handy undead bike into the back of her Mobile Suit in place of an escape vehicle of some mundane competence. The spirit holds Attica to her promise, as soon as the girl's powers are great enough that she could do as the being asks. Until then, he will remain her servant.

Strengths & Weapons: Much more travel-friendly than Baphomet, the Marduk is a sleek model of bike that is equipped with a mounted turret gun, cleated wheels, a missile launcher on each side, and…a taste for blood.
In exchange for absorbing the blood of her enemies, Marduk retains the ability to regenerate, as well as reach amazing speeds (but only in moonlight,) as well as summon small familiars with its dark power. When she activates the bike and it launches with her out into the fray.

Weaknesses: Marduk has very little armor for protecting its rider, though it tries to make up for that with speed. It is also encased in a layer of Lodium around both wheels and lining the sides, but the seat where Attica remains perched is completely vulnerable.
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Re: Character List

Ralis Alexander Lerin

He has failed to ever say his actual age, though it's easy to tell he looks around 20-22 years old.



His hair used to be a dark brown hair, goes to the back of the neck, almost shoulder length, now it's turned a snowy white, due to the adverse reactions of the darkness, Ralis will never answer why if he's asked.

His eyes used to be a dark brown, but now they're pitch black, again, due to the dark's corruption on his appearance.

157 lbs


Ralis disposed of his old weapon, he now carries several shafts of metal and several blades. Combining these seemingly useless tools, he can infuse his darkness powers into the metal and have them join in certain patterns. His favorites are:

The Severer: A wicked, two handed sword that is sharp on one side of the blade and serrated on the other side. The blade is covered with seething darkness, empowered with all of Ralis' power, making it unable to be scratched or broken. Touching the blade with bare hands sends the tendrils of darkness at the impostor, it rejects anyone except Ralis.

The Slicer: A cruel looking polearm with a long, metallic shaft and two blades at each end, both serrated and saw-like. The darkness crawls over the weapon's shaft as it does with the sword.

The Spiker: Lastly, a metallic hilt with a blade at the end and a long chain, empowered with the darkness, attached at the end of a chain is the blade of the sword, the serrated saw part.

Ralis still carries his old black and hooded traveling cloth, with chainmail woven into the interior of the cloak. He wears and a dark black leather tunic and dark black pants with dark black boots and black iron gauntlets over his hands, he wears no actual armor other than that, he likes being agile and fast on his feet. To make up for not having any real armor, he conjures dense blankets of shadow and empowers his clothes, making his clothes incredibly hard to rip, tear, pierce, set aflame, etc. However, blunt weapons and such do a lot more than anything else and light magic heavily reduces the shadows. Regular attacks weaken his 'armor' with each hit and he has to conjure more darkness, which uses a lot of energy.

Ralis was trained very well in swordfighting, sparring, and is experienced with or without a blade in his possession. He has martial arts skills which allow him to disarm or knockout an opponent. Used to be a common thief, and is trained to sneak around, steal. Using his own shadow, Ralis can turn invisible in dark places and his shadow can touch and hold real objects. Ralis can see, feel, hear, taste, and smell things in shadow form and cannot be hurt, he can converse with others in this form.


Besides magic, Ralis has no long range capabilities. No bow, arrows, throwing daggers, etc. Ralis's armor is very lightweight, but still protecting. However, direct hits from heavy weapons won't be shielded very well. When Ralis creates a shadow object or person, light will cause it to die and vaporize. Ralis cannot control trees, nature, light, or earth through magic. In shadow form, Ralis can be seen when a form of light and can been heard still. His real body is vunerable and unprotected when Ralis is controlling his shadow.


Ralis has a dark personality at some times and his powers are controlled by his emotions. When feeling sad, or depressed, anxious, nervous, or frightened, he gains full control over dark magic.

Shadow Puppetry: Ralis can control all shadows around him for numerous reasons, to grab opponents, use shadows as a barrier or control a certain shadow, but concentrated light will vaporize it.

Dominant Shadow:
Ralis can manipulate the darkness from shadows and have them materialize into real world objects or things.

Ralis can materialize objects from darkness or shadows. Small things such as arrows or daggers take small amounts of energy and concentration and can be made almost instantly.

Larger objects such as shields, swords, or armor take a longer amount of time, energy, and concentration. Ralis can link his sword to whatever shadow weapon he creates and by using his sword, he can wield the shadow weapon as well since the two are linked. Ralis can use shadows to cover his body and they can protect small blows before vaporizing.

Ralis can only materialize another living shadow when another person is near. He morphs their shadow into a 3 dimensional being and Ralis controls it. Ralis is extremely vulnerable while controlling it, because it is an empty vessel with his mind, but in the shadow Ralis cannot be harmed even in the light.
Ralis can camouflage himself only at night, but direct light will reveal him.


When Ralis is happy or optimistic (very rarely) he can wield the water element.

Materialize and shape water. Can be used as a projectile and freeze others in place. Ralis will need a larger body of water if he wishes to use more dangerous attacks.

Ice Barrage:
With a substantial amount of water, can morph water into large shards of ice to either use as a shield around himself or projectiles to an opponent.

Water Vortex:
With enough water can summon large waves against more than one enemy which knocks them backwards.

When Ralis is vengeful, angry, hurt, et cetera, he can wield fire magic. The angrier he is, the stronger and more potent his attacks will become.

A simple attack that form a shower of sparks or fire blasts.

Infernous Rage:
Ralis only uses this attack when his life or another he cares about is threatened and will do and he can to prevent that. He becomes severely exhausted after this attack. Ralis protects himself with a ring of flames around him and in wherever direction he thrusts his hand(s), a blast of fire will follow. Can only be used for a small duration as it takes a lot of energy.

Ralis looks as young as he was a few years ago except for his brown hair, it's now white and his eyes have turned pitch black. His skin has turned a pale, ashen tone and the rest is what it used to be, young. He carries the metallic weapons and tools in a dark black pack that slings around his shoulder and lies at his hip, he keeps it tied to his waist with his belt, having the strap and belt overlap.

Ralis doesn't have a set or a default personality anymore. His darkness has taken a serious hold over his mind and it dictates over just about everything he does. At times, he is funny and joking, playful and never serious. At other times, he tends to be angry, spiteful, sarcastic. Yet, he can also act depressed, lonely, bored. One simple word for his mindset: crazy.

Ralis was born in the Drainor Province, ruled by a greedy and demanding king. His mother died during his birth and his father had to take care of him. After the kingdom suffered a great battle, they won against barbaric invaders, but at a horrible cost. The city was nearly destroyed and ruined so the king leeched off his denizens through taxes. After his father couldn't pay the officials enough money for three fortnights in a row, he was taken to the city and Ralis had no choice but to run. That's when he accepted the ways of the theif and stole to survive.

When an old merchant moved near his village, Ralis went to steal from him. Little did he know, that the merchant, Alan Droskin, was a dedicated battlemage. He forgave Ralis and took pity on the poor boy. He taught him how to grasp and understand magic. After Ralis had finished his training, Alan gave to him his old blade and armor as the time passed for Alan to need it anymore.

Ralis never believed in a god because in the Drainor Province, only the king was to be treated as a god or deity and Ralis cringed at the thought. Ralis seeks to someday avenge his father, but he wonders how and won't rest until he does, one of his only dreams.
"It's a sense of touch. I think we all miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just to feel something."

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Re: Character List

Ralis Alexander Lerin

He has failed to ever say his actual age, though it's easy to tell he looks around 20-22 years old.



His hair used to be a dark brown hair, goes to the back of the neck, almost shoulder length, now it's turned a snowy white, due to the adverse reactions of the darkness, Ralis will never answer why if he's asked.

His eyes used to be a dark brown, but now they're pitch black, again, due to the dark's corruption on his appearance.

157 lbs


Ralis disposed of his old weapon, he now carries several shafts of metal and several blades. Combining these seemingly useless tools, he can infuse his darkness powers into the metal and have them join in certain patterns. His favorites are:

The Severer: A wicked, two handed sword that is sharp on one side of the blade and serrated on the other side. The blade is covered with seething darkness, empowered with all of Ralis' power, making it unable to be scratched or broken. Touching the blade with bare hands sends the tendrils of darkness at the impostor, it rejects anyone except Ralis.

The Slicer: A cruel looking polearm with a long, metallic shaft and two blades at each end, both serrated and saw-like. The darkness crawls over the weapon's shaft as it does with the sword.

The Spiker: Lastly, a metallic hilt with a blade at the end and a long chain, empowered with the darkness, attached at the end of a chain is the blade of the sword, the serrated saw part.

Ralis still carries his old black and hooded traveling cloth, with chainmail woven into the interior of the cloak. He wears and a dark black leather tunic and dark black pants with dark black boots and black iron gauntlets over his hands, he wears no actual armor other than that, he likes being agile and fast on his feet. To make up for not having any real armor, he conjures dense blankets of shadow and empowers his clothes, making his clothes incredibly hard to rip, tear, pierce, set aflame, etc. However, blunt weapons and such do a lot more than anything else and light magic heavily reduces the shadows. Regular attacks weaken his 'armor' with each hit and he has to conjure more darkness, which uses a lot of energy.

Ralis was trained very well in swordfighting, sparring, and is experienced with or without a blade in his possession. He has martial arts skills which allow him to disarm or knockout an opponent. Used to be a common thief, and is trained to sneak around, steal. Using his own shadow, Ralis can turn invisible in dark places and his shadow can touch and hold real objects. Ralis can see, feel, hear, taste, and smell things in shadow form and cannot be hurt, he can converse with others in this form.


Besides magic, Ralis has no long range capabilities. No bow, arrows, throwing daggers, etc. Ralis's armor is very lightweight, but still protecting. However, direct hits from heavy weapons won't be shielded very well. When Ralis creates a shadow object or person, light will cause it to die and vaporize. Ralis cannot control trees, nature, light, or earth through magic. In shadow form, Ralis can be seen when a form of light and can been heard still. His real body is vunerable and unprotected when Ralis is controlling his shadow.


Ralis has a dark personality at some times and his powers are controlled by his emotions. When feeling sad, or depressed, anxious, nervous, or frightened, he gains full control over dark magic.

Shadow Puppetry: Ralis can control all shadows around him for numerous reasons, to grab opponents, use shadows as a barrier or control a certain shadow, but concentrated light will vaporize it.

Dominant Shadow:
Ralis can manipulate the darkness from shadows and have them materialize into real world objects or things.

Ralis can materialize objects from darkness or shadows. Small things such as arrows or daggers take small amounts of energy and concentration and can be made almost instantly.

Larger objects such as shields, swords, or armor take a longer amount of time, energy, and concentration. Ralis can link his sword to whatever shadow weapon he creates and by using his sword, he can wield the shadow weapon as well since the two are linked. Ralis can use shadows to cover his body and they can protect small blows before vaporizing.

Ralis can only materialize another living shadow when another person is near. He morphs their shadow into a 3 dimensional being and Ralis controls it. Ralis is extremely vulnerable while controlling it, because it is an empty vessel with his mind, but in the shadow Ralis cannot be harmed even in the light.
Ralis can camouflage himself only at night, but direct light will reveal him.


When Ralis is happy or optimistic (very rarely) he can wield the water element.

Materialize and shape water. Can be used as a projectile and freeze others in place. Ralis will need a larger body of water if he wishes to use more dangerous attacks.

Ice Barrage:
With a substantial amount of water, can morph water into large shards of ice to either use as a shield around himself or projectiles to an opponent.

Water Vortex:
With enough water can summon large waves against more than one enemy which knocks them backwards.

When Ralis is vengeful, angry, hurt, et cetera, he can wield fire magic. The angrier he is, the stronger and more potent his attacks will become.

A simple attack that form a shower of sparks or fire blasts.

Infernous Rage:
Ralis only uses this attack when his life or another he cares about is threatened and will do and he can to prevent that. He becomes severely exhausted after this attack. Ralis protects himself with a ring of flames around him and in wherever direction he thrusts his hand(s), a blast of fire will follow. Can only be used for a small duration as it takes a lot of energy.

Ralis looks as young as he was a few years ago except for his brown hair, it's now white and his eyes have turned pitch black. His skin has turned a pale, ashen tone and the rest is what it used to be, young. He carries the metallic weapons and tools in a dark black pack that slings around his shoulder and lies at his hip, he keeps it tied to his waist with his belt, having the strap and belt overlap.

Ralis doesn't have a set or a default personality anymore. His darkness has taken a serious hold over his mind and it dictates over just about everything he does. At times, he is funny and joking, playful and never serious. At other times, he tends to be angry, spiteful, sarcastic. Yet, he can also act depressed, lonely, bored. One simple word for his mindset: crazy.

Ralis was born in the Drainor Province, ruled by a greedy and demanding king. His mother died during his birth and his father had to take care of him. After the kingdom suffered a great battle, they won against barbaric invaders, but at a horrible cost. The city was nearly destroyed and ruined so the king leeched off his denizens through taxes. After his father couldn't pay the officials enough money for three fortnights in a row, he was taken to the city and Ralis had no choice but to run. That's when he accepted the ways of the theif and stole to survive.

When an old merchant moved near his village, Ralis went to steal from him. Little did he know, that the merchant, Alan Droskin, was a dedicated battlemage. He forgave Ralis and took pity on the poor boy. He taught him how to grasp and understand magic. After Ralis had finished his training, Alan gave to him his old blade and armor as the time passed for Alan to need it anymore.

Ralis never believed in a god because in the Drainor Province, only the king was to be treated as a god or deity and Ralis cringed at the thought. Ralis seeks to someday avenge his father, but he wonders how and won't rest until he does, one of his only dreams.
"It's a sense of touch. I think we all miss that touch so much, that we crash into each other, just to feel something."

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Miss Kylie Wild

Name: Kylie Wild
Title: The Luckiest Girl Dead
Occupation: Gambler, Warrior

Race: Human

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Hair: Glossy, naturally bright red hair of neck length, styled with pixie spikes in some places.

Eyes: Dark jade green, with a large black spade for her right pupil. This feature of her right eye is stylized, appearing as one would on the “Ace of Spades” card. Normally, this quirk raises many questions, although some people assume the effect is created by a contact lens. If questioned directly, she states that the shape is natural, but changes the subject if questioned further; throwing off the impression that it makes her uncomfortable.

Weight: 130 pounds

Height: 5’ 7”

Kylie is a slim girl of average height, who might easily be confused for a woman in her early twenties. Her skin is smooth, soft and very fair of color, as though she has spent little time in the sun. Her neck length, glossy hair is a very bright, natural red in color; she wears is styled with a few pixie spikes to give her a vibrant appearance. Her eyes are green like the color of dark jade and her right pupil takes the shape of a stylized spade, such as one that would be found on a playing card. On the back of her right hand she has a black tattoo of the Aries sign, and a myriad of astrological signs arranged into a symmetrical design tattooed on the small of her back.

Kylie can usually be found wearing a simple, yet stylish outfit of a pair of black, wide legged pants with silver threads around their ankle cuffs, a short sleeved shirt with a silver flame design and a black leather jacket with silver decorations on its cuffs and collar. Around her waist, Kylie wears a tough black leather belt with a small, simple buckle. Attached to her belt, on her right hip, she wears what appears to be a black camera case, and on her left hip, she wears a green and black case for a deck of cards. She wears a pair of black, silver and green running shoes. Slung on her right shoulder, and crossing her back, she also wears the sheath to her wakizashi. Around her neck, she wears a blood stained 5.7x28mm bullet with a red tip, engraved with the symbols for Aries and Scorpio.

Kylie is like a living dynamo. She is a very spirited and energetic person, tempered with a need for material wealth and security, and a creature of intense emotion. She is a constant bundle of energy and vitality, always ready to meet each new challenge head on and live every day and moment to its fullest. To others, she appears confident, proud, and sure of her abilities. When she wants something, she attacks it with passion, energy and intensity that can sometimes leave others a little bewildered. Through her invigorated, demanding nature, Kylie has developed a sense for the true inner motivations and the workings of highly detailed things, such as the personalities of others and the complexities of a nine deck game of poker with twenty-two players, black-eyed jacks wild.

Kylie has also developed a mask of class and self-containment that combines with her determined and energetic nature in a way that accentuates her confidence and gives her personality a powerfully magnetic edge.

In her life, Kylie has a constant need for adventure, challenge and freedom. Nearly everything she does becomes an issue of all or nothing. Her sources of conflict and motivation come from a constant feeling of confinement, her association of security with material gain, her fear of poverty, and her near refusal to accept authority, rather than being the authority. Leading comes naturally to her, following does not.

Although inexperienced, Kylie makes for a superb fighter. She can rally to any cause she believes in, and sees it through to the end. She's the first into battle and the last one out. Vague ideas and plans easily crystallize under her influence; she excels at turning plans into reality with firm practicality. She is gifted with drive, ambition and determination.

G26 “Baby” Glock
A small, ten-shot 9mm pistol made from a lightweight, yet stronger-than-steel polymer. Kylie usually carries two extra clips for the gun. The gun itself is carried on her belt, opposite to her deck of cards, snugly inside a cloth and plastic carrying case that looks like it might be more for a camera than a gun. Kylie is an average shot with the pistol, but is strangely more adept at shooting moving targets than still ones.

Orothos Wakizashi
A twenty inch-long blade with a six and a half inch long handle. The material of the blade is metal, but is steel alloyed with tungsten, carbon and a metal called orothos that gives the blade a dusky violet cast. The wakizashi is of great quality and would make a very desirable weapon in full scale combat. Altogether, this weapon weighs less than three pounds but can withstand incredible pressure or blows without breaking. If the weapon does break, its pieces can be held together, and they will “melt” together again, rendering the weapon as though it were never broken at all. Cracks in the blade mend themselves instantly. Additionally, the blade will melt only under extreme temperatures – in excess of 5,200 Celsius degrees. If the blade is heated or cooled, it never transfers any of that temperature to its handle.

Unfortunately, Kylie only bought/won the wakizashi because she thought it looked cool. She has no idea how to properly wield such a weapon, using it more like an axe or a knife than a sword. The merchant who lost/sold the weapon to Kylie also mentioned special powers, but the sword has never shown any of that to its owner. Kylie usually wears the wakizashi in a sheath on her back.

Tungsten-Steel Darts
These are twelve heavy darts with deadly points and solid metal bodies. Their fins are made from the same sort of durable polymer as her gun, and she keeps six spare sets of fins on hand in case a dart or two loses its own. Four of these darts have spiraled barbs along their tip, making them extremely painful to pull out one’s flesh. These darts are Kylie’s only weapon with which she is truly proficient; she can accurately and powerfully throw one of her darts up to forty-five feet away – even further if she is using her Spades suit.

Super Cool Jacket
Kylie’s jacket has flexible plates of the same polymer as her gun planted into its body. The armor that this addition provides is undetectable under most conditions and provides better protection against bullets than a Kevlar vest, as well as good protection against anything else that might try to punch through her jacket.

Cell phone
2 spare cell phone batteries
Laser pointer
Pair of dice
Wallet filled with “legitimate” IDs and licenses for just about anything

Best Shoes Ever
Kylie’s shoes are specially designed to provide her with excellent support no matter what she is doing. Although they appear to be normal, if high quality, running shoes, they could actually be called all-purpose shoes. The shoes themselves are waterproof and can change their inner temperature to make Kylie more comfortable, although they can’t really stop water and stuff from getting in through the feet holes. Inside each shoe is a very precise computer that reads Kylie’s actions and environment up to three thousand times each second and then modifies the air support within the shoe and traction on the ground to give her the best possible support at any moment.

The shoes know the difference between high activity and low, and therefore have a standby mode they assume to conserve energy. The shoes are also equipped with retractable cleats and tiny pores along their soles that can both exude and dissolve an adhesive substance of varying strength, all to ensure that Kylie’s traction is stellar at any moment. If the shoes sense a shift in direction and angle that indicates their wearer is attempting to slide, the shoes will shift traction in the other direction. High powered magnets along the soles, a built-in metal detector, the shoes’ gyroscopes and an unusually high ankle cradle that can adjust to hug a wearer’s ankle tighter can even work together allow their wearer to walk, run or jump on ferrous surfaces

Kylie doesn’t know exactly how the shoes work, but she was told that their batteries can survive several dozen hours of intense activity, and are recharged by their wearer’s motion during down time; all she needs to do is change her insoles every now and then, and the shoes will take care of the rest.

Better Than the Old Days
Kylie is an amazing gambler. She is familiar card counting, probability and is familiar with some very advanced mathematics. She is a natural psychologist and somaticist, able to people’s “tells” and faces to ferret out lies, partial truths or bluffs with remarkable ease. Since her death, her knack and prodigious skill in the art have only grown, becoming augmented by her new powers. When chance becomes a factor in anything she does, she develops a powerful intuition for the best course of action. For this reason, Kylie often closes her eyes when she fires her gun, finding that this intuition makes her a much better shot than when she relies on her own skill.

Luckiest Girl Dead
Fate and Luck are always on Kylie’s side, helping her out when mere skill is not enough. It is difficult to say how this power manifests, since its effects are nearly invisible, but Kylie’s luck is now easily noticeable both to herself and to others. With this ability at her disposal, money is only rarely an issue for the young woman, and danger is only rarely as dangerous for her as it would be for others.

You’d have to be Superhuman…
Since her death, Kylie has developed an array of superhuman powers, all of which are linked to her emotions, gambling terms and a spiritual deck of cards. By spending “suits” out of her deck, Kylie gains speed, strength, reflexes, healing ability or luck far beyond the human norm. Alternatively, she can spend “cards” to change someone else’s luck for the worse, make a copy of her self, vanish, produce a blast of psychokinetic energy, strike a devastating blow, or a number of other effects.

Unluckiest Girl Dead
Although she is unaware of it, her Luckiest Girl Dead strength is actually the use of her Motley suit. If it were not for Kylie using this power, her pool of “cards” would be 54, instead of 52. Kylie also loses her incredible luck at any time that Kylie loses her other card tricks. Whenever the Motley suit’s effect wears off, the suit also renews, and Kylie uses it without becoming aware of doing so. If Kylie is somehow prevented from using the Motley suit in this way, fate and luck are set against her until she can. Skill will avail her less than it would others, and danger is more imposing for her than others would find it. Interestingly, this weakness does not affect Kylie while she sleeps.

The Nature of the Gamble
All of Kylie’s card tricks rely on a set pool of points from which to draw their power, which Kylie is not aware of. Although one or two of her powers may only use one or two points, the majority of them will eat through much larger portions of her reserve. When Kylie runs out of cards in her pool, she is not aware of it, and may therefore place herself in harm’s way with some sorely misplaced confidence. Furthermore, when her card pool reaches zero, she loses the benefit of any ongoing card trick effect instantly, such as the “Luckiest Girl Dead” effect of her Motleys suit, but not her enhanced intuition.

Kylie does not yet have a full grasp of her superhuman powers. She is unaware of the existence of most of her abilities, cannot always control the ones that she does know about, and does not understand what her limits are. She has never been a fighter, and has very little understanding of how to fight, but has decided to take that path.

Card Tricks
Kylie has special powers based on her emotions, gambling terms and a spiritual deck of cards, which manifest in a wide variety of ways. Presently, she has only suit- and blackjack-associated abilities, but may have more as she gets to know her powers more fully. Kylie normally has a total of 52 cards to work with, although this number could conceivably be 54. Her cards available renew at the beginning of each day. The following are her abilities, as well as their durations and costs:

Cost – 13 cards (1 suit)
Kylie’s Spades ability can be used only once per day, but lasts for about twelve hours (or whatever the local half a day is) once activated. With it, Kylie can perform feats of herculean strength, such as lifting a semi truck or smashing through a stone wall or pillar with ease. Her Spades suit is linked to a desire to be physically stronger, although Kylie is not yet aware of the upper limits of this power, and is not keen on testing them.

Cost – 13 cards (1 suit)
Like all other suits, Kylie’s Hearts power can be used only once per day. It lasts only a single hour, but during this time, Kylie could recover from near fatal injuries to perfect health, but could not do so multiple times within that same time frame. With the Hearts suit, Kylie could even reattach a severed limb to her body, although Kylie would never want to be in a position to try such a thing in the first place. The Hearts suit is linked to Kylie’s desire to not be injured, and so usually activates whenever she suffers a wound of any kind.

Cost – 13 cards (1 suit)
The Diamonds suit increases both Kylie’s speed and reflexes to amazing levels. With this suit active, Kylie could react fast enough to dodge a bullet, but not many bullets in succession, or could run at speeds in excess of 70 miles per hour (112 kmh). The Diamonds suit lasts for two hours and can be used once per day. The Diamonds suit is triggered by nothing more than the desire to move faster.

Cost – 13 cards (1 suit)
The Clubs suit raises Kylie’s stamina to heights on par with the rest of her Suits abilities. For as long as the Clubs suit is active, no amount of activity or effect will cause the girl to tire. After the suit expires, she does not feel the effects of anything she had done while under its influence. The Clubs suit can be used once per day and lasts for a total of eight hours before wearing off. This suit is made active by Kylie’s want to get a second wind.

Cost – 2 cards (Motleys suit)
Kylie’s Motleys suit (usually referred to as the Jokers in a deck) is the source of her incredible luck. It lasts for a full day once activated, and can be used once per day. The Motleys suit requires nothing but Kylie’s want to be awake to activate, and therefore is active almost constantly. The only lag time this power usually experiences is during Kylie’s first few moments of wakefulness.

Cost – 3 cards
The fold power allows Kylie to vanish from reality for a few moments – anywhere from a few fractions of a second upwards to two and a half seconds. Either way, it isn’t much time, but it makes for an ideal manner of dodging just about anything. Although Kylie leaves existence when she uses her fold power, her awareness remains, allowing her to end the effect as soon as she wants to. Although the fold power is triggered by a desire to give up, Kylie is aware of this one, and so can sometimes activate it without actually experiencing that emotion.

Cost – 1 card
The hit power hits something psychokinetically. The starting point of this force is usually a position directly next to its target, and the hit has packs enough punch to break a pane of thick glass. Kylie’s hit power is linked to a want to have more of something, and she is not yet in control of the power or even aware of it.

Cost – 2 cards
The stand power allows Kylie to resist almost any level force, whether she’s arm wrestling with a very large and strong opponent, being hit by a car, or standing in a hurricane, she will not be moved in any way or direction she doesn’t want to be moved. This power does not grant her any particular resilience against injury, only assurance that she won’t budge. The stand power is linked to a sensation of smug confidence, and lasts as long as her confidence does. Kylie is not yet aware of and therefore has no conscious control over this power, either.

Cost – 7 cards
Caused by a want to be in more than one place at the same time, Kylie’s split power makes a copy of herself for a short time. Normally, Kylie cannot maintain having a copy for more than a few minutes, and if one of them suffers an injury, then Kylie maintains that injury after the split power ends. The same goes for things learned by one and not the other or similar experiences. Conversely, both Kylies draw the cards for their powers from the same pool, so she could easily drain her pool of cards almost instantly in this way. Although Kylie has triggered this power in the past, she doesn’t know how she did it, and thus has no control over it now.

Double Down
Cost – 18 cards
When Kylie feels that it’s all or nothing and the payoff is more than worth the gamble, she’ll use her double down power without even realizing it. When this happens, her intensity of success or failure for the next one minute becomes amazing. If she succeeds, she’ll do it beyond her intent. If she fails, it will be dismal.

Cost – 27 cards
Activated by Kylie’s sensation of impending victory against overwhelming odds, Kylie’s blackjack power makes her like a force of nature. It lasts for only three minutes, but during that time, she gains the benefits of her Spades, Diamonds, Hearts and Motleys suits, as well as the effect of her Double Down power and full control over her Hit power – the latter without the cost of any cards. When Kylie’s blackjack power is active, the spade in her right eye develops a brilliant golden glow, visible from nearly a quarter mile away in broad daylight. Further, if Kylie’s blackjack power would reduce her to 0 or less cards, it remains in effect until its three minutes have elapsed. This power has never manifested for Kylie before, and she has no control over it in any way.

Cost – 9 cards
When Kylie realizes that she is facing an opponent or multiple opponents far more powerful than herself, her insurance power activates. If she would be struck down in combat while her insurance is active, she’ll be transported away from the battle to a very safe distance, usually measured in miles. She has no control over which direction she goes or where she ends up, but will always be delivered from harm’s way. Her insurance power lasts for the entire duration of a battle, no matter how long. Curiously, while Kylie’s insurance power is active, she cannot use her Blackjack power at all. Kylie is not yet aware of her Insurance power, and therefore cannot control it.

Cost – 0 cards
Kylie’s only manner of recovering cards without waiting for them to return at the next day’s beginning, her Push power activates when she realizes that she and an opponent are at an impasse, whether or not they truly are matched for power or options. When this happens, she recovers 2 cards from her pool. Since her push power happens instantly, it has no duration. Further, it doesn’t matter whether she knows of the power or not.

Kylie was sixteen years old; she faked an ID card and a persona that kept her own first name so that she could gamble in professional environments. She was fond of dressing in stately blacks with a little flair that helped to make her look like she set her own style. She had bright, natural red hair, dark jade green eyes and very fair skin. She lived at home with her parents and attended school by day; her parents thought she was a waitress at a very prestigious restaurant downtown at night. She explained the money she made as tip money. In reality, she had left that job just weeks after she picked it up.

Ever since she was a small child, Kylie had a knack for gambling. She could read peoples' tells and faces and had a special feel for all varieties of card game. As she grew older, she honed her knack into a powerful skill and learned card counting, probability and some very advanced mathematics. She could run the numbers on tables of up to thirty people and engineer a dotted winning streak that would earn her end profits of $200 or more on a $5 start, though she kept her numbers small like that in order to not draw attention to herself from either the casino owners or her parents.

One evening, her parents went to her "restaurant" to see her while she worked. Obviously, Kylie wasn't there. When they got home, they went through her room to see if they could find a clue to where she had gone and found a strongbox under her bed with all of her "persona" information in it, as well as a "small savings account." Her savings had amounted to more than $3,200. That was in no way normal for a 16 year old girl, so they confronted her about it.

When Kylie got home just after midnight (as normal), the **** hit the fan. After the fight, she went to her room and, while her parents thought she would have been crying on her bed, she grabbed a few of her things and took off through her bedroom window.

She used some of the money she had earned that night to buy herself a hotel room for the night and made herself look nice for the next night of casinos.
She played ruthlessly, and didn't stop at her usual $200. Instead, she racked up between one and two thousand from six different businesses. She knew that this method would keep her under casino radar while she made enough to make a living at a nearby hotel until she figured out a plan for her life thereafter.

At the seventh casino, she went from the front end to the back and got into a game of blackjack with some big business types. She dazzled, setting up an uneven rhythm of winnings and losses that would net her an average of +$300 per hand.

During the games, someone offered her a job as a secretary at their business, and she declined graciously, saying that she was too involved with college to get a job just then.

After earning a solid $7,000 from that table, Kylie said that she didn't want to push her luck too far, and took her leave with everything she had won that night. As she left the casino through the alleyway exit, she had almost $16,000 in her purse. That's some pretty good cash; she was very satisfied with herself and thought that instead of living out of a hotel, she'd find a good roommate in the city and stay there until she was old enough to buy her own house without using her persona.

As the door shut behind her, she looked out toward the street to her left and tucked a tendril of hair back behind her right ear. A voice she didn't recognize called out to her, "Kylie!" The only people that should have known that name were some of the folks at the table inside the casino. She hesitated for a moment, and then turned to look at her addressor.

There was a black charger parked in the alleyway. A tall, black man in a black suit with a white shirt and a black tie was standing beside it. He was wearing glasses, so she couldn't see his eyes but she could tell that he was bald. He was holding something up at her as she turned, and she opened her mouth just as the stranger fired the bullet. “Huh?”

The next thing she knew, she was beside herself. Literally. She was looking at herself. The lock of hair from her right ear was still in mid-swing, and the look on her face was one of unaware surprise. She was in a pose like she should have been walking forward, but had been stopped by something that she was turning around to look at. Just barely touching the center of her right eye was the red-tipped point of a 5.7x28mm round.

Numb, Kylie followed the back of the bullet back to its source. It was the man she had seen, he was holding the gun at an angle from the recoil of the shot. His face was expressionless, and she knew him to be professional at once.
She took a deep breath and tried to keep herself steady, but she was beginning to tremble. She was seeing her own death in still life.

As she looked around the alleyway frantically, she noticed something was out of place – very out of place. There was an elderly gentleman standing across from her "self" in the alleyway. He was dressed in a khaki-brown suit with a matching tie secured to his shirt by an engraved gold pin. He was holding a pocket watch in his right hand, looking down at it with some interest. The watch's chain led inside the man's jacket.

When she looked at this man with more interest, he suddenly looked up at her and cracked a smile, "Right on time, Miss Wild." His voice was easy and yet polite, inviting in its timbre and it sounded familiar. Like a beloved grandfather.

Kylie looked at the man without saying a word, but the expression on her face was one of sheer confusion. She opened her mouth to say something, but she closed it again and regained her composure. Taking a breath, she asked, “Right on time for what?”

“To die, Miss Wild.” He perked his brows at her as he spoke; his expression was a gentle one.

Kylie looked back at her ‘self,’ who was still standing there with a bullet on her right eye, then over at the man with the pocket watch. “No,” she protested, shaking her head, “you can’t be Death. You don’t even look like Death!”

The old man sighed deeply, placing a knuckle against his forehead, “Very well, then, Miss Wild. Would you prefer–”

The next thing Kylie knew, the entire alley was covered in black tatters of cloth, flapping violently in some unseen wind. A grinning skull beneath a hood was at the center of it all, and a crooked scythe in its bony hands, beneath that. Its voice screeched like steel nails on a blackboard, “– this?”

Something in her chest seized from fear. Kylie was convinced; she most definitely did not prefer this. Her throat suddenly dry, she managed to squeak, “No.” Suddenly, everything was as it was before, with the man in the khaki-colored suit and alleyway around her. Death beckoned her forward, toward the same door he had stepped out of, and turned around to walk into it. Before he could leave, though, Kylie shouted after him, “Wait!”

That was it. Death knew the sound of that voice well. It was like denial, but more whiney. It always preceded the But-I-Don’t-Want-to-Die shpeal. Putting on his most fatherly smile, he turned around to face her. “Yes, what is it?” he asked her.

“I’ve heard that if I beat you in a game…” she began.

That caught Death’s attention. This happened only rarely, and it always turned out in Death’s favor. It wasn’t another boring day in the field, and when the dead lost, they always came along willingly afterward. An earnest smile slipped onto his face, “What’s the game, Miss Wild?”

“Blackjack. Single deck, resplit to four, three two payout, dealer wins push. The bet is my life, and walking away from this without a scratch.” Kylie smiled, naming the game in professional form.

A table now stood between Kylie and Death. She brushed its smooth green felt with her hand as she sat at the newly arrived chair. As long as she was living, she lived by the gamble, why not now? As Death sat down, a deck with red backs appeared beside him and shuffled itself. The game started, the alley was silent but for the sound of cards being dealt.

On her side, Kylie Wild had the jack of clubs and the jack of hearts. The dealer was showing the queen of diamonds. Death peeked at his other card, and then looked at the player. “Split,” she stated. She slid the jack of hearts to the side, indicating that she would play her jack of clubs first. Death dealt her jack of clubs a deuce of the same suit. “Hit me,” she spoke again, her voice was intense but disinterested at the same time. The three of diamonds. She smiled, fifteen. Chances were she’d drop a large card, next. “Hit me.” The six of spades landed on the table. Twenty-one – win or push. She was almost completely certain the dealer wasn’t hiding a blackjack, so she counted that one a win. There was just one problem. She still had another hand, and if she didn’t win that one, she’d cut even with Death and push. Death would win, so she’d have to win the next hand, as well.

Kylie slid the cards of her winning hand to the side and moved the jack of hearts in front of her, showing the dealer that she wished to move on to the next hand. Death nodded and dealt the card. The jack of spades. Narrowing her eyes, Kylie slid the new card to the side, splitting again, and then glanced up at Death, waiting for him to deal another card. It was the four of diamonds. With fourteen, things were looking in her favor. On this fourteen, she was practically guaranteed the card to win. For flair, she grinned as she said, “Double down.” Death lifted the top card of the deck and flicked it into place. The eight of spades. Bust. Kylie’s heart skipped a beat, but her smile didn’t falter.

This wasn’t just bad. Her cocky attitude had gotten her into a horrible fix. She was a life behind. Among her only options now were another split and two wins, another double down and a win, or blackjack. What bleak options.

Death’s face was like a stone wall. He looked completely unfeeling as the young woman slid her losing hand to the side, and pushed the jack of spades in front of her. He dealt the card.

Kylie watched it fall from his fingers, turning face up in mid-air with the precision of Death’s practice across the eons. When it hit the felt, Kylie could have sworn she heard its boom echo across the alley. In perfect alignment with the jack of spades, the card stood black and bold. The ace of spades. Blackjack, payout 3:2, and she’s suddenly ahead by half a life. The dealer revealed his card – the king of hearts.

Kylie was stunned and speechless. She beat Death. She. Beat. Death. On the inside, she was bursting with excitement. On the outside, however, she wore nothing but a veneer of classy win. Standing up, Kylie reached across the table and offered Death her hand, “Well played, Master Death. It was a pleasure to play with you. He reached up and shook her hand back, but Kylie noted he lacked the strength for it as he stared at the cards in amazement.

She split twice and lost a double down, the odds reviled this young woman, but she beat him anyway. Death set his face set into a frown, and Kylie thought he may have been angry. His voice sounded nothing of the like, though. "You're dead," he protested. "There's not a whole lot that can be done about this, look at yourself. You have a bullet in your eye. That gun is a Five-SeveN IOM. That hitman is less than twenty-five paces away. His aim is perfect. This man will go crazy if you survive. You would have to be superhuman to live through this without a scratch."

Kylie only shrugged and replied, "You agreed on the bet. It would be unprofessional to try taking it back."

The old man shook his head, "I won't take it back but, you're not getting away with this for free. You won by half a life, not a whole one."

Time started again. The resounding blast of the gun's shot finished its course. Kylie heard herself hit the ground. A hideous pain flared from her right eye, blood gushed from it copiously. She turned around, and saw herself dead on the ground. She glanced up at the hitman, who was looking at Kylie, the old man, and the dead Kylie assembled in the alleyway. The table, of course, was not there.

The man looked to the side, uncertain of what to do, or even think. Those other two weren't there a moment ago. He hesitated badly, then holstered his gun, shook his head and said, "I did the job. I’m outta here." With that, he got in his car, started it, and drove out of the alley.

Kylie stood over herself, dead in the alleyway, as Death himself walked through an unseen door in the alley's wall. Her right eye bled profusely, and the pain was almost unbearable. Her mind was racing; there was no clean way to hide this. She couldn't leave herself there, so she did the only thing she could think of. She took the purse full of her belongings off of her own body, slung it around herself, and took out her cell phone. She called an ambulance.

Before she knew it, she was sitting beside her dead self in the back of an ambulance. She was in shock, and one of the EMTs was bandaging her eye. The EMTs figured the girls were twins, but were puzzled over the lack of ID on the dead one. Everything seemed to happen in a blur for the next few hours.

On arrival at the hospital, one Kylie was declared dead, the other was taken into emergency care. There was paperwork, police and a lot of concerned medical people. She met a shrink briefly; he was something like a trauma specialist. They asked about her parents; she told them she was a runaway.
After she was settled into a room, and some more talking with people she had never seen before, she was allowed to call her parents. She explained to them that she was alright, for the most part, and what hospital she was staying in.

Some twenty minutes later, a nurse came in to change the bandage on her head. As soon as the bandages were removed, a look of confusion and slight panic crossed the nurse's face. He got up, and walked, nearly jogged, hurriedly out of the room. Midway in his stride, everything stopped again.

A door that was not there a moment before appeared on one of the room's walls. The door opened, and an old man dressed in a khaki-colored suit walked out of it. Kylie looked at Death with a mild confusion, then a dawning understanding. Before she could speak, Death cut in gently, "It's only going to get worse from here, you know. Look at the facts. You're dead on a slab down in the morgue. Your parents are going to positively identify that corpse as you. Then, they're going to come up here and create all sorts of chaos. Your parents stand to lose quite a bit from all of this. The doctors and psyches think you're in shock right now. However, after they think the shock has worn off, there's going to be a scandal. Your parents will be accused of hiding away a twin of you from the world. They'll lose everything, because there is no evidence to support that they are nothing but good, loving people, and a corpse on a mortuary slab to prove everything to the contrary."

Death went on, "There's something about you that scared that nurse out of his wits. It probably has to do with your eye. Think about it, this is an emergency hospital in one of darkest places in town. The nurses here have seen everything from code blue to the downright disgusting. Last week they pulled a shotgun barrel out of a very injured man's..." Death cleared his throat, and then moved on, "Anyhow. Something about you scared that man, and now he's about to bring in doctors of every field and specialty he can think of to figure it out. You'll be labeled and studied for weeks – if not months or years. An air of eternal mystery will surround you and your broken family until you pass away. Oh, and you'll never be able to gamble again, because your face will be all over the news across the nation."

Kylie's mind whirred with all these thoughts as Death put down the pieces. She began to panic, finding almost all of it to be nearly unavoidable. As she started to pant from the excitement, she turned partly numb, and got up from the hospital bed. She walked over to a mirror in the room and looked at herself. Her eye was uninjured. No blood, no scar, not a single scratch. Uninjured did not mean that it was normal, however. Her pupil had been replaced by a spade, black and bold. She whirled around and looked at Death, beginning to pant as panic set in again. Before she could say anything, or even become faint, Death interrupted her again.

"Of course, I do have an alternative." The door behind him opened of its own accord, revealing daylight and a grassy field beyond. Outside, it was four in the starless black sky morning and, she was on the third story. Kylie stared at the door, not knowing where it led, but she knew it would not be here, in this mess. She glanced at the old man. "You'll disappear from this world; your presence here this evening will be improvable. The scene will change from wretched scandal to divine mercy. Your parents will think it was a ghost that called them on the phone. No one will be able to prove them wrong or right. A mystery will remain, and your parents will be very sad but, your family will remain intact, for the most part. Think about it."

Kylie didn't have to think about a thing. She took ten grand of the money in her purse out of it, and left it in an envelope addressed to her parents on the bed. Then, she followed Death through the door.
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Re: Character List

SIDE NOTE: -Akane uses his dark angel form to travel around in the night, or when a person around him possesses a threat.
- Akane in Japanese means "brilliant red, while Ahiga, a Cherokee name, means "he fights".
- Akane is of Japanese descent, but lives in a small town in the US, current day.

Name: Akane "Dark Ahiga" Takeno

Age: 15

Race: Human/ Dark Angel

Sex: Male

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 130lbs. 4oz.

Hair: Normal: A silverish blonde. Akane's bangs come down to just past his nose, and comes short of reaching his shoulders. It ends in small spikes scattered over his head.
Dark Angel form: A jet black color, that his side bangs come down to his lower chest, his front bangs in front of his right eye, while the rest of his hair comes to his shoulder blades, spiked downward.

Eyes: Normal: A silver color.
Dark Angel form: A dark red, about the color of blood.

Weapons: Akane carries with him a few items given to him by his mother, Keiko.

Nier: (pronounced Ny-eer) An heirloom passed down to every first child of the Takeno family on their 15th birthday, this ancient sword is still infused with the powers of long ago. Akane, being the eldest of the children in the Takeda family, had received this blade to help take down evil in his town. The original makers are unknown, but it is said that powerful sorcerers crafted this blade. They infused in it the power for the person wielding it to transform into a Dark Angel, capable of flying and telepathy. The sword, when not being used by Akane in his Dark Angel form, is capable of transforming to become his glasses that he wears, or the little sword pendant he also acquired from his mother.

Like every other person, Akane uses his own body as a weapon, jumping over otherwise impossible gaps or heights. When in his Dark Angel form, his wings provide him with a wind gust, keeping weapons like arrows and darts from hitting him. Akane (Ahiga), also carries small daggers in his boots, only available when in his Angel form.

Armor: In his human form, Akane wears no armor, for he goes to school like very other kid in the country. But, when in his Dark Angel form, Akane, now called Ahiga, wears a pitch black cape infused with basic magical properties that allow a few attacks, magical or no, to be deflected off, leaving a small mark indicating where they hit. Akane wears on his shoulders black guards, dotted with black studs to protect from swords cutting from top, but not straight on.

Strengths: Being a fifteen year old human, Akane is like evey other normal guy in his class, save for the transforming into a Dark Angel. He has a quick mind, which helps him to strategize easily. And, being a popular kid at school, Akane is often confronted by bullies, but the kids that hang with him will quickly chase them off. Akane's sincere look also gets him into most anything he desires. Since he is also a Dark Angel, his strength is increased tenfold, as well as his stamina, pain tolenrance, and the like. Akane in his normal human form, can withstand slightly extreme temperatures, but since he's only human, can't be in them too long. His Dark Angel form is able to withstand temperatures far greater than his other form; up to 1000 degrees Fahenheit, or down to -250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Weaknesses: Even though Akane is more intelligent than his classmates, when he sees a cute girl, he'll drop any defense he has, as well as most of his brains. Akane's capable of magical feats only in his Dark Angel form, but after a while, it begins to weaken him, sometimes to the point of passing out, but not quite. Once Ahiga passes out, he turns back into Akane, which can often cause problems, espsecially if he's in the middle of a battle, or saving a person/ classmate's life. Nier is the source of Ahiga's power, and if it is stolen, or taken from Akane, he isn't able to transform into Ahiga, but is only able to communicate with the spirit. The most fatal flaw of Ahiga/ Akane, is that he's not the strongest to light attacks, or light in general, so he tends to keep a pair of sunglasses on to block it out.

Magic/Skills: Akane had known of only the stories of "Dark Ahiga, the Dark Angel", from his mother, as they were his favorite stories to listen to, and as they were her's to tell. He'd thought of them as passed down rumors and make believe tales of the hero, and never took them for real. Because of this, on his 15th birthday, his mother Keiko gave him the legendary sword, Nier. It gave him the ability to transform into Ahiga at will, as long as the blade is with him. He's still trying to get control of the Dark Angel's form, and hasn't learned anywhere near half of the spells and charms Ahiga can cast. 0 is no talent and 100 is mastered.
Fire: 70
Dark: 100
Ice: 30
Water: 30
Light: 0
WInd/air: 80
Lightning: 25

Telepathy is a natural skill mastered by all of the Takeno's, and Akane is no exception. His mother had helped him tune into the realm of the spirits, and to listen to and repspond back to them, as well as other humans with his mind. The youth is able to jump fences four times the height of himself, as well, as run twice as fast as the other teens at his school, thanks to the spirit Ahiga's power. The sword when not being used, transforms into his glasses, which is rare, or into the sword pendant, the form it first came in to him the day he turned fifteen.

Since the powers are newly acquired to the teen, Akane has yet to unlock their true potential, which has been seen only once, before he was born. He trains with his mother nightly, and after the workout, Akane will go to his room, and begin to repractice what he learned, almost never getting into his Dark Angel form, for fear of wearing himself out. Swordfighting is a natural to the young teen, as it was with all of his ancestors before.

Personality: Since he's one of the popular kids at school, Akane Takeno is very outgoing, and very intelligent. If a person of any age needs help, the youth is not one to turn them down. For his nice manner, he has very few rivals and enemies at school. When you first meet him, you notice his hair and eyes are a different color than that of the other students and people around him. His happy-go-lucky attitude is very pleasing, and because of this, Akane is well known throughout his town. He's not afraid to meet new people, and some say they're intimidated of him at first, but becomes friends quickly, and stay friends.

But once he transforms into Ahiga, all of the nice attitude disappears. The youth becomes very serious, and it becomes harder to make friends of Ahiga. Few have had the chance, and tell of him to be nicer and more caring than normal, but since not many people become close, they never get the chance. His face is not an emotional feature, and it becomes hard to tell his emotions when this way.

Appearance: Akane Takedo is like almost every normal teenage boy in looks. He's cute, funny, smart, and is very athletic. Akane has strong cream colored arms and legs, showing muscle beneath his normal grey and blue striped shirt, the sleeves reaching his elbow in length. It has a small symbol of a pair of Angel wings. He wears a pair of black and red shorts that come down to his knees, showing off the muscle there too. The youth's shoes are a silver color, with red and blue stripes running down the sides. The girls at school fall easily for him. The youth's hair is a silverish blonde. Akane's bangs come down to just past his nose, and comes short of reaching his shoulders. It ends in small spikes scattered over his head. His innocent yet hard set eyes are also a silver color.

When Akane transforms into the Dark Angel Ahiga Dark, his whole outift changes. His hair becomes jet black color, and his side bangs come down to his lower chest, his front bangs in front of his right eye, while the rest of his hair comes to his shoulder blades, spiked downward. Ahiga's outfit becomes completely black, his cape flowing behind him gently. (read armor for more detail to his uppers body and cape.) In this form, Akane's eyes change from the innocent silver color to a dark forbidding red, the color of fresh blood. His skin becomes a bit more pale, and his height increases by four inches, making it easier to fool his peers who happen to catch a glimpse of him. Instead of the normal shoes that Akane wears, they become black combat boots, helping for him to sneak in and out of places without being detected. He also has a pair of black wings that he folds up, unfurling them only to fly or protect himself.

Bio: One night, on November 8, 1975, a figure swooped down onto the cold streets of Tokyo, Japan. He was a dark figure, tall, a smooth talker, and devilishly handsome. He walked the quiet and seemingly empty streets, his footsteps echoing into the distance. A lone figure stood at the end of the two way, looking directly at the man. "So, have you come with what I asked of you?" The figure nodded, and pulled out of his cloak a thin longsword, the hilt of it glowing a dull silver, the blade itself reflecting the two dark figures above it. The other figure nodded to him, and let the sword drop to the ground. A few small words were said, and the dark caped figure was gone, along with the sword, and the other person.

The woman finished her tale, the young boy she told breathing lightly, indicating he was asleep. She smiled and nodded, gently getting up off the edge of the bed, as well as being sure not to disturb the sleeping youth. The next morning, the boy woke up, and jumped out of bed, smiling. He ran into the kitchen and jumped to his normal spot at the table, looking to his sister and mother. "Akane, why are you so hyped up today?" Akio (sister) looked at him with a sideways glance, enjoying her bowl of cereal. "It's not like going into the fourth grade is any big deal."

Akane looked back at her with the same look, and smiled. "Well, I get to see my friends from last year that I didn't see this summer," he laughed, taking a bite of his Frosted Flakes. A little while later, the bus pulled up, honking its horn to indicate its presence. Both the Takeno kids ran onto the bus, waving to their mother before boarding, and sitting down with their friends.

beeeeeeeep. beeeeeeeep The mechanical throb of the clock blared, making the person in the room get up in a daze to turn it off. Once it stopped, the youth got dressed, and dragged groggily to the breakfast table. "Morning, Akane," his mother smiled, pouring his normal breakfast of Frosted Flakes. Akane nodded, and began to eat slowly, still half asleep. Akio was already at the table, finishing her pancakes, when the bus pulled up, honking its horn like normal.

"Oh, Akane, happy birthday," Heiko (mother) added, "and I almost forgot to give you this." Holding out her hand, she wrapped a small pendant resembling a sword around his neck, tying it off and smiling. "It was passed down in our family for hundreds of years. Now go on, before you're late." Akane nodded, and ran off to the bus, looking at his new pendant once he got on.

--------<>At school<>--------

"Hey, Akane! Happy birthday! Hows it been?" Alex ran over to him, waving. The youth turned, smiling.

"It's been good. I just got this sword pendant from my mother." Both of them began to walk, talking the whole way. Once they both got to class, Akane took his normal seat in the middle row, grabbing his pencil and notes from the previous day. All of a sudden, a shrill noise sounded in his ears, Akane falling out of his chair, hitting his head and passing out. He awoke a few hours later, back at home in his bed, a bandage over his left temple.
--------<>Back at home<>--------

"Akane... Good, you're awake." Keiko was beside him with a glass of water and some ibuprofin, handing both to him gently. He took them without a second thought. He then looked at his mother, wide eyed.

"M- mom, why is my hair..." He never finished, as Keiko looked at him, a smile crossing her face.

"I told you a few years back," she then turned to him again, the smile on her face gone. "On the first child in the family's 15th birthday, the sword pendant is given to them. In that pendant, is the legendary Dark Angel, Ahiga Dark." Akane looked at her again, his eyes even wider than before. The youth slowly stood up, noting that he'd grown another two inches in the past few hours.

She looked to him one more time, and gently unfastened the pendant from around his neck, placing it into his hand. "Just hold the sword pendant, and think about the stories and the description of the cloaked hero in the tales." Keiko stood back, letting him do so.

Akane looked at the pendant, and began to think about all of the past stories from years ago of the Dark Angel. He felt a sharp pain in his head, and dropped to his knees, the youth's hands planted on the floor to keep him balanced. Akane watched his hands grow to a pale white, his silverish hair turning a jet black, and growing longer. He could also feel a slight pain all over, his bones and muscles stretching and growing.

After a few moments, Akane stood up again, looking at his mother, who had a complete black outfit in her arms, holding it out to him. Keiko was smiling again, looking to the Dark Angel. "It's been what, twenty years since we last met, Ahiga?" The Angel nodded, stretching his arms and extending his wings, refolding them and taking the clothes to change.

Ahiga came back out a few moments later, his black outfit and cape flowing as he walked. "Hm-hm, I haven't seen this world in over twenty years. It's good to be back, wouldn't you say Keiko?" The young woman nodded, smiling still.

"You've been chosen as the protector of this small city of Aiken. But be warned," Keiko took out a small orb, showing another small sword pendant, this one a light yellow color. "Another one of the students at Akane's school wears one of these pendants as well. Keep an eye out for it, like you did all those years ago." Ahiga nodded, walking to the second story window and opening it, jumping from the small portal to the outside world, snapping his wings open and beginning to soar above the town, not looking back.

Selsimir is back again, huh? It looks like I'll need to take him out for good this time.
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Re: Character List

It feels so weird to be reviving my old RP character. It's been years since I've played her.

Just to note, I have no intention of participating in the Battle Arena or whatever. I'll only be involved in the story RPs. So if I'm not too sharp on the battle aspects of this character, you'll have to forgive me.

Name: Sapphira Lorak

Age: Twenty-two.

Race: Human.

Sex: Female.

Hair: Long, layered warm brown hair, parted on the left, with bangs sweeping across her forehead.

Eyes: Green.

Weight: A lady never tells, but somewhere in the vicinity of 130 lbs.

Height: 5'7".

Weapon: Sapphira carries a longsword now. She used to use a staff, but no longer, and her skills with staves are quite rusty. She's fair with a bow and arrow, but she's no dead-eye. Her sword is an unremarkable, light steel longsword with a hand and a half handle. The sword's balance is average, but hilt heavy, build for speed instead of power.

Strengths: Sapphira's best offense comes from her sword, although she does use it rather defensively. She's quite fast, as well.

Weakness: Sapphira works on endurance, not strength, and so when it comes down to locking hilts and pushing, she'll be down pretty quickly. She also lacks magical ability, and therefore has very few defenses against spells.

Skills/Magic: Sapphira has no magic, nor does she have many defenses against it (beyond a few simple and cheap charms against more basic spells). Her sword-fighting abilities are better than average, but she can't do anything particularly skillful. She's more of a strategist than a fighter.

Appearance: Sapphira is a young woman of medium height. Her hair, as stated before, is warm brown in color and long, down to her elbows. She wears it layered, with a part on the left and bangs sweeping across her forehead. When the situation calls for her hair to be out of her face, she typically braids it and goes all "Heidi" with it (braids across head). She prefers to wear earth colors, especially while traveling; she usually wears a tunic and jacket, with brown leggings and knee-high boots. When the situation calls for more formal apparel, she has been known to show up to events wearing a sapphire-blue strappy gown and matching heels.

Personality: Sapphira is quite loyal to her friends, but after a series of events, she finds it very hard to trust people and open up. She can be quite cynical as well, although she is by no means trying to bring anyone down. She prefers to spend her time reading, and writing when time and resources allow. Otherwise, she prefers to keep to herself.

Biography: Sapphira grew up in the city, the daughter of merchants. When she was sixteen, her parents attempted to marry her off to a young man of another prominent household. In response, she ran away to a neighboring city, apprenticing herself to a seamstress. To her surprise, the very man she was supposed to marry had tracked her down, saying that he also had been angry with his parents, but that he thought she was very beautiful, and he wanted to get to know her better. He took up an apprenticeship with a blacksmith, and the two began dating.

After a couple years, however, Sapphira discovered that the young man was actually sent by her parents to woo her in order to make the betrothal happen anyway. While she decided to talk things out with him, since she was in love with him very deeply, she found him in his bedroom with another girl. In her rage, she did what she always does: she left the city to seek another place to live.

For the last four years, since her boyfriend's betrayal, Sapphira has been hopping from place to place, apprenticing herself to different tradespeople. Before apprenticing herself to a blacksmith when she was twenty, she taught herself how to wield a staff. However, since learning how to make swords, she's learned how to use one, too.

She still travels from place to place, trusting very few people, and refusing to get involved in serious relationships. Unfortunately, she is usually quite unfulfilled and restless, which perpetuates her never-ending travels.

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Re: Character List

Name: Monroe Vossler
Title: The Technological Quincy
Age: 24
Height: 5’11’’ (five feet eleven inches)
Weight: 145 pounds.
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Black, about two inches long and flat on his head.
Race: Enhanced Human.
Race Explanation: This is a human that was nearly killed that was deemed too important to simply let die during his time. Frozen Cryogenically and then rebuilt when technology deemed it possible. During the process of rebuilding, his body was enhanced in order to make him a kind of super weapon for assassinations and other jobs of the like using the skills he had before he was frozen. After he was repaired, before he was awoken, they isolated all memories deemed unnecessary and destroyed them, only keeping useful things like fighting styles and such. Also, the person’s body is physically enhanced, making him or her stronger, faster, and have better senses.

Sub race: Quincy
Race Description: A group of spiritually enhanced humans that are skilled bow users. A remnant of the Aura Masters, (Although closer in how their powers work to the Ki Masters) these warriors draw upon spirit particles from around them to form weapons.

Monroe, however, has powers inverse of a normal Quincy. Instead of spiritual energy, he draws on photon energy that has merged with his body instead. Also, instead of drawing energy from around him, Monroe releases energy from within his body through his hands to form the weapons that the Quincy wield.* Also, in this way, Monroe doesn’t rely on the need of strong magical or spirit forces nearby to use his powers, and can use either his powers or weapons anywhere so long as he still has energy left.

Weapons: Sanrei Glove (Spiritual Scattering Gauntlet): A glove that is specially designed to make it harder for a Quincy to use their power. In Monroe’s case, this glove makes it so he has a harder time focusing photon energy and then turning it into a now solid matter bow. After materializing the bow and shooting arrows for seven days straight, Monroe has forced the glove to accept him as its owner and has increased his powers beyond the power limit of a normal Quincy. It is said if the gauntlet is ever broken, the person wearing it gains immeasurable power for a short period of time, but then loses all of the wielder’s Quincy powers afterwards, although Monroe knows not if this is only a rumor or is, in fact, real. The glove can be broken by breaking off one of the silver spikes.

The glove itself covers all of Monroe’s left hand from his fingertips to the middle of his forearm. The glove is dark green in color with four black lines at the top, bottom, and on the sides towards the wrist, where the lines merge and form a circle around the wrist before running lines between the fingers. There are four small metal bulbs on the top, bottom and sides of the wrist that, when the bow materializes four spikes form from the sides. Also, two thin bars from the top and move up eight inches before the bars move at a forty five degree angle until they attach to the bow. This glove has the power to make the spiritual bow a physical object of extremely highly condensed energy.

The bow that this glove forms is dark green in color and nearly half an inch thick at the top, then expanding slightly to about an inch before widening to about half an inch just above the handle for about half an inch in a diamond shape and then tapering down back to about an inch where the bow is held. There are two black lines that run down from the top of the bow, both about a quarter of an inch thick and running about a quarter of an inch between them, but that distance expands slightly as the bow becomes slightly wider. All in all, the bow is five and a half feet in height, and made of highly condensed photon energy, making it harder then most mortal metals.

The bow string of this bow is also made of extremely highly condensed photon energy, making it stronger then the bow. The arrows this bow shoots are very heavily condensed energy, making them a bit more damaging then Monroe’s arrows before, but not much more. This bow also makes using Monroe’s other special arrows slightly less draining, although the difference is very, very slight, it does help in long battles. Monroe found this glove in the armory of the Dome, along with the other tools he uses.

Seele Schneider: (Soul Slasher) The Quincy’s only edged weapon. This is a blade of highly condensed spiritual particles that are meant to weaken the bond of spiritual particles and make the particles easier to separate from their user and absorbed into the blade of this weapon. However, since Monroe doesn’t leach energies from others, he channels his photon energy into this weapon. In this way, the edge is turned into more of a sword, and can cut with extreme skill, leaving mild burns on whatever it cuts. Because the energy is condensed and vibrating at such a high frequency, the blade of this sword can cut through almost anything less dense then titanium with ease.

The handle of this sword is made of a hard, silver alloy in the form of a long, rectangular prism design*(nine inches long). The wider side of the handle (About an inch and a half wide by half and inch thick) is mostly flat, except for an indent in the center of the face that runs down to the hole in the handle about eight inches down the weapon. The indent is on both wider faces of the hilt. Also, at half an inch and an inch down from the top of the hilt, another indent runs around the handle on both widths and the length sides. These indents are about one eighth of an inch each, as is the one running up and down the handle. At the last inch of the hilt, there is a hook-like design that leaves an opening with about a a quarter of an inch piece of metal that curves into a rectangle around at the very bottom of the weapon. This hook is for when this blade is turned into an arrow, and the handle widens about two tenths of an inch around just above the hook.

Lastly, the blade is about three feet in length, and bright green in color. The blade is double edged and only about an inch and a half wide. This weapon’s blade vibrates at a very high speed, making it capable of easily cutting through almost anything that isn’t as dense as titanium. Also, because this weapon is actually a sword, it can cut through anything that isn’t magically based, since magic disrupts the photon particles slightly, or too dense. Also, when needed, this sword can become an arrow. Also, the handle of this sword absorbs and stores photon energy, so even if Monroe uses up all of his power, he can still use this weapon for a limited period of time.

Silver Tubes: Small, silver cylinders that are filled with photon energy. Monroe can channel his energy into the tubes for later use, instead of having to do it on the battlefield. Normal Quincy use these tubes, filled with spiritual energy, to create spells to assist them, however, Monroe fills them with Photon energy with one purpose. For all practical purposes, these tubes are completely useless for their normal purpose, but become very useful as a kind of grenade for Monroe. When using these, Monroe will throw them at a foe, and, by holding out his hand and saying the word, “Ignite,” he can manipulate the particles in the tube, causing it to explode and create a small blast. This can also be done with multiple silver tubes, but Monroe normally only uses one at a time. Monroe normally carries eight of these on himself at all times.

Strengths: Before gaining Quincy powers, Monroe’s main strengths still remain. He’s about one and a half times stronger and faster then a normal human capacity, giving him super human qualities. Aside from that, his senses are extremely attuned, allowing him to hear things, even light sounds, with a great deal of ease. All of his senses, but his sense of touch (for good reason), have been amped up to make him extremely perceptive. Combined with his new Quincy power of sensing energy levels, Monroe can now judge how well he matches with someone with some level of ease.

Monroe’s also gained several new advantages from gaining his Quincy powers, not the least of which being the fact he now no longer needs to rely on technologies drawbacks to help him fight. Monroe can now create his weapons out of the photon energy in his body and use it to fight his foe into submission. Also, with this new energy bow, Monroe has become a more adept at aiming and firing off arrows towards his target. Also, during his training, Monroe became more agile, making it easier for him to be able to move around and evade attacks, along with performing aerial offensives.

Also, Monroe’s other new edges come from his new weapons. Aside from the bow, which Monroe has great accuracy with and several inventive and self designed special arrows (based off of the logic of his old bullets), Monroe is incredibly skilled at sword play, and his best weapon is the Seele Schneider (since he’s been using a sword longer then a bow). With the Schneider, Monroe has the power to easily cut through most metals (anything less dense then titanium) and his attacks are quick with the blade. Monroe’s being a swordsman makes him strong at long and close range, and he always has his silver tubes, which are more of a grenade for Monroe then normal Quincy, which settle very well in midrange.

Weaknesses: Monroe’s major drawback is the fact he’s extremely weak to magic. Any kind of magic has the potential to cause a good amount of damage to Monroe because of his scientific roots. Because Monroe’s body has man-made energy as a kind of core, his body is sensitive to magical attacks, and they do a great deal more damage to him then a normal human. Also, if he uses his weapons to block magic, the magic disrupts the weapons form for a few seconds, making it impossible for him to use whichever weapon he was for a second.

Since Monroe’s arrows are made of photon, they don’t pierce and simply impact (causing blunt force damage) and combust (creating minor burns), they aren’t very effective against well armored foes. Also, having lost technological defenses, Monroe no longer has the same ease he once had in defending himself from metallic projectiles, which, although isn’t an overwhelming thing, is something Monroe needs to keep in mind.

Lastly, when the handle of the Seele Schneider is destroyed (as rare as it is given the very strong metal the weapon’s handle is made of), the sword becomes completely useless. Also, Monroe only carries eight silver tubes, so when they’re used up, he’s left without any kind of explosive weapon for midrange. If both of these things happen and Monroe is left with only his bow, it is feasible that he’ll be forced to retreat and rethink his strategy. Also, with no weapons but his bow, Monroe is very vulnerable, since he can only fight at long range at that point.

Skill: Although Monroe lost all of his skills when he gained his new powers, Monroe has adapted his old bullet types into his bow and arrows. Even so, Monroe has yet to find a way to replace his step skills.

Quincy Eyes: A skill that gives enhances Monroe’s sight to the level of a Quincy. With this level of sight, he can see for nearly a mile with enough focus. Aside from that, by simply looking at an object, Monroe can detect its molecular movement, namely how fast the particles in whatever he is looking at are vibrating. Also, due to the nature of his Quincy eyes, they can detect the amount of Spiritual Pressure a foe has, allowing Monroe to get an idea of how strong his foe is. The last thing it grants is a form of limited Clairvoyance, allowing him to slow down high speed movements to allow him to respond to them appropriately. This skill is the mark of both a high level swordsman and archer.

Special Arrows:

Precession Shot: A special arrow made of extremely highly condensed photon energy. This arrow is in the shape of a cylinder with a sharp, cone like point. When this arrow strikes something, it pierces, though only slightly, before detonating. This causes a bit more damage then one of Monroe’s normal arrows, but takes a little more time to make. It normally takes about three seconds to create one of these arrows, and takes about 1.5 times the energy to create it.

Bounce Shot: An arrow that has the power to be bounced off of one solid object at the angle of refraction towards a target. This arrow takes a much more loosely bound together bundle of Photon energy that condense as soon as it strikes something and then impacts and combusts when striking something. This skill takes as much energy as a normal arrow, but takes about five seconds to form.

Scatter Shot: A skill that’s actually very common to the Quincy. This is, more or less, simply the release of multiple arrows at once. Monroe has, after trying this skill out several times, learned he can only muster up the energy to shoot six arrows at once to date. This skill takes the amount of energy used per arrow times that number, and can be done without any wait. Monroe generally saves this skill for fighting multiple foes, or foes with shields. This skill is also exceptionally good for shooting down projectiles in small groups.

Force Shot: This skill is, essentially, an arrow that has twice as much explosive force then a normal arrow. By increasing the energy of a normal arrow by two, the blast from this arrow causes a much larger burn area and makes the burns a little bit worse then a normal arrows. The impact from this arrow can move something weighing about three hundred pounds back about ten meters. This skill takes about seven seconds to produce.

Rip Shot: This skill creates an arrow that is four times the power of a normal arrow. This skill is only used by Monroe when he’s in great danger. It takes almost ten seconds to form, and the power from this arrow actually causes Monroe’s right hand to quiver as he holds it. When released, the shock from releasing the arrow causes the spirit bow to scatter and blasts Monroe back normally about twenty feet. The shear force of the arrow striking something and exploding is enough to destroy a massive boulder with ease. This skill is extremely draining, so Monroe does everything in his power to avoid using it. This skill can only be used four times a day, at max.

Schneider Shot: A skill that combines the Schneider and the bow. The Schneider Shot takes no energy but the small amount it takes to create the blade of the arrow/sword, and takes no time to form. Monroe simply pulls the Schneider back as the bowstring attacks to specially made attachments in the handle just above the hook that appear only when the Schneider is being used for this purpose. When released, the arrow is five times stronger then Monroe’s normal arrow, and can pierce through almost any mortal metal, including titanium. However, despite how strong this attack is, Monroe normally won’t use it, mostly because the Schneider’s blade vanishes after five seconds of being fired, and if the foe isn’t killed by the blade piercing right though them, then the handle falls to the ground, and Monroe needs to reclaim it. Monroe will only use this skill when he is dangerously low on energy and has no other way of defeating his foe.

Quincy Skills:

Ransoutengai (Heaven Wild Puppet Suit): A special, high level Quincy skill of the Quincy that requires the release of mass amounts of energy. This skill creates threads of energy that give the Quincy full power over a limb to move it like a puppet’s limb. This allows a Quincy to fight, even if their arms or legs are damaged as if nothing is wrong. This skill takes a good amount of energy, and needs to be applied to different limbs individually. This power also only lasts for a little while, lasting no longer then thirty minutes at most after being used. Even so, it gives a warrior to fight on, through old age or heavy wounds. This skill was learned after mastery of the Sanrei glove thanks to the increase in energy gained from mastering the glove.

Hirenkyaku (Flying God Step): A high level Quincy skill that creates quick bursts of speed for short periods of time over distances. This skill creates a stream of photon particles beneath the Monroe’s feet which he can move upon at a very high speed. Movement like this creates the image of an almost short distance (about five to ten meters) teleportation. This skill can be used on the ground or in the air to evade attacks and is extremely good for dealing with other ranged foes. Still, this skill takes a moderate amount of energy, and used in the long run can be draining. This skill was learned and mastered during Monroe’s training with the Sanrei Glove.

Unlimited Blade Works: A skill that disturbs time and space, creating a dimension in a contained area. To activate this skill, Monroe must focus power into his half Quincy Cross and then drop it into the ground to cause the dimensional shift in the form of a massive flame expanding in a circle. When he does this, all people in the room where he is fighting are transported into a barren wasteland that has swords sticking out of the ground infinitely, or so it is assumed. The sky is red orange and has massive, black gears turning in it. There is also a faint, red fog that sits just over the barren landscape and small embers, like those from a forge, rise from the ground as well. In this place, Monroe’s Quincy powers are sealed, but it maximizes his strength and speed, along with allowing him the ultimate chance to prove his prowess as a swordsman.

Monroe learned this skill during his training in the Dome. After his mastery of the Sanrei glove was complete, he began to further research the Quincy Arts before he planned to return from his training in order to be with Tracey. In his research, he accidentally opened a book containing one of the sealed Spirits of a Rogue Quincy. After an intense battle where Monroe defeated the Quincy in bow combat with some degree of difficulty, the spirit used this attack in order to try to kill him. In a skillful display of sword skills, Monroe defeated the spirit and laid it to rest. After its defeat, the spirit became an orb of energy which Monroe absorbed and learned his special skill from.

The swords in Unlimited Blade Works are all the same in appearance. They are single bladed, thin, slightly curved, have a cross guard, and have a hilt wrapped in white tape. The blade is forged out of an incredibly strong alloy that Monroe can’t identify, but he prizes them on their extreme beauty and craftsmanship. In the center of the cross guard of each sword, Monroe’s symbol is engraved, as a sign that this Unlimited Blade Works is his. Monroe only uses this technique when his Quincy powers are either ineffective, or he’s backed into a position where he needs to fight close range and has no close range weapon.

Appearance: Monroe's hair is short and barely moves down to the center of his forehead, and in the back reaches the center of his neck. The sides moves down past the ears at the sideburns, but is relatively balanced before that. HIs face is very stern, and his eyes ill show anything more then absolute seriousness. His face is still very young, despite his age, giving him the appearance of being somewhere between eighteen and twenty.

His upper body is very toned, and strong. His muscles don’t ripple, but are still defined, making appear strong, even though he is slender and thin. His arms are very strong, even though they don’t appear it. His legs are strong, giving him a strong run and the power to jump fairly long distances.

Monroe now adorns himself in the Quincy’s uniform that appeared on him when he first became a Quincy. The uniform is extremely intricate and beautiful in design. The design starts at the mantle upon Monroe’s shoulders. The mantle covers from Monroe’s shoulders down to just above his elbows and wraps around until about where the center of Monroe’s sternum, where the mantle is apart by a few inches and moves towards the top, where it is buttoned loosely around Monroe’s neck by a golden button. Also, a golden chain is attached to two links that are linked to the mantle just below the button with buttons attaching it.

Below the mantle, Monroe wears a jacket that reaches down to just above his thighs. The jacket’s sleeves are relatively perfectly fit, and his sleeves have golden cuffs at the wrist, keeping the shirt close around the wrists, but the sleeves allow for easy movement. The jacket is lined with golden buttons that click together, rather then are buttoned, like all of the buttons on his shirt and mantle, and allow for easy opening, since the jacket has several small openings in it where Monroe keep his silver tubes.

On the back of the jacket, a half Pentacle (Quincy Cross) is sewn in in dark green. The half Quincy Cross is a horizontal line with a vertical line meeting it at a ninety degree angle, with two other diagonal lines at forty five degrees, halfway between the horizontal and vertical lines. Also, the half Quincy Cross has a semicircular part that passes from the halfway mark of the horizontal bar on both sides and up through the center points of the two diagonal lines and meets at the center point of the vertical line. This is the symbol Monroe is known by.

Also, Monroe wears a dark green belt that has five loops where Monroe can store Seele Schneider hilts. The loops start at Monroe’s left hip and move around to his spine. Beneath the jacket is a simple black tank top that’s very airy that Monroe wears when he’s relaxing. Aside from that, Monroe wears black pants. At the moment, Monroe only carries one Schneider on his belt.

Personality: Monroe has changed greatly since he first came back to life and became a bounty hunter. After the Set experience, Monroe’s learned a deeper lesson about death and suffering, and no longer wishes to be the cause of destruction and death, but to stop them. In that fact, Monroe’s become a devil hunter for hire that seeks out battles with creatures that are dangerous ot mankind. Also, Monroe is willing to help anyone who asks, so long as they really need help.

After finding a mutual kind of love with Tracey de Carlo, Monroe has gained an infinitely better view of himself. She gives him someone to protect and hope for when he returns from missions or when he leaves for them. His desire to make sure that no harm comes to her, although she’s capable of handling herself from most dangers, gives him what he feels is a reason to live. Also, Monroe will help Tracey with anything she asks, since he feels she is the only one that will ever feel the way he feels about her.

With other friends, the few that Monroe has, he’s very loyal and will do his best to assist them whenever they need it. His willingness to aid those who need it, although sometimes for a fee, comes from his newly gained sense of right. Although his isn’t as absolute as Zorlo’s, Monroe does take the fact that good and evil, in one form or another, exist, and he seeks to fight the evil that only seeks to cause harm.

In that way, Monroe also no longer seeks out pointless battles simply for the fact he desires to fight. With the exception of a few people, Monroe won’t start fights with warriors pointlessly now, unless it is for a spar. Also, Monroe’s stoic nature means he takes the good with the bad, so unless something is endangering Tracey, Monroe will normally take bad things and good things involving himself with a grain of salt. Aside from that, Monroe’s become a happier person.

Finally, in battle, Monroe is very strategic, focusing mostly on planning out his battle as he goes along, but having some faint idea of what action he’s going to take first. Also, because Monroe has several kinds of weapons now, he can easily vary them up to keep his foe guessing.

Biography: What good is it to discuss a man’s history, or at least the part that he doesn’t recall happening? That was Monroe’s question just after he awoke and realized where he was. All that he was told when they revived him was there was a terrible accident and that he had, fourteen years ago, been a world class fencer. He could recall the fencing part, and he retained the language they spoke, but he didn’t recall anything else.

You see, when they found his frozen body in the catacombs, he was dated as being from 2007. Had they just left him, he would have remained in Cryostasis until the day someone else awoke him, but finding his records, they deemed him useful. After fourteen long years, they would revive the fencer Monroe Vossler as an assassin for them. All they had to do was modify his memories and remove everything he couldn’t use. Basically, any memories that were of things that weren’t his ability to speak, his ability to write, his understanding of things he knew before he died, and lastly, his fencing skills.

All of his personal memories were erased, deemed as being hazardous to the nature they needed him to be. He would do their bidding and kill anyone that they ordered, and all they did was repair his body with nanotechnology, and also enhance it. The nano machines weren’t left in him, for they would serve no purpose. When they finally awoke him, all he could remember were basic things. The one thing they couldn’t change, as much as they would have liked to, was his personality.

After several weeks of debriefing and training him in the art of stalking and assassination, they gave him his sword, his most prized possession, along with his other standard arms that he carries. It didn’t take long for them to know that they had made an ideal warrior, who only didn’t question why. His methods were his own, his job his life, but something in his heart yearned for more. He couldn’t help but feel this wasn’t the job for him, and a few months after being awoken in the year 2021, he escaped from the FBI’s headquarters and became a rogue agents.

Since his escape, Monroe has been searching for his place in this world. Of everything he’s lost, he misses his purpose the most, and searches for it desperately, in hopes that one day, he’ll have a reason to live beyond just being a tool.

In search of finding a purpose, Monroe entered into the world as a bounty hunter and took up his weapons to win any fight he encountered. After several fights and a good number of near defeats, and several defeats, Monroe decided he needed new arms. It was then he met Mark Vandibrough, whom aided him in creating new tools to fight on with. It was then that Monroe first met someone who could mass produce photon energy, and the first touches of it were used by Monroe.

Also, around that time, the bounty hunter began to experience a series of strange events. In the end, he learned that the Egyptian God of Chaos, Set, lived within his body and was taking over his body. Occasionally when Monroe slept after the two made a pact, the demonic god would take over and destroy entire towns without a care. These events began to take their toll on Monroe’s heart, weighing him with guilt as he continued on.

Despite these things, Monroe found something redeeming to his life. Monroe met the detective, Tracey de Carlo, who helped him find the more human part to his nature. The loving, caring person he, at times, wished to be. During a battle with Arietta and Zachary, Monroe risked his life to save Tracey and, ultimately, admitted his love for her. Zachary, despite himself, left after this to go about his own business. As for Monroe, he found himself continuing on.

Not long after, Monroe and Zorlo had a conversation where Zorlo offered to help Monroe in exchange for a bit of assistance. Monroe agreed and began his work as an assistant to Zorlo in the Dome. Despite having a common job with Zachary, and doing a few jobs along side Zachary, Monroe had no interest, as did Zachary, in being friends with the red haired warrior. From time to time, the two found themselves in conflict, and intent on killing one another.

After a time, at Zorlo’s wedding, Zorlo gave Monroe a stone that had the power to seal Set’s soul in when it separated from Monroe’s. Zorlo also told Monroe where to go. After that, Monroe found Tracey and set out to get her better weapons so they could deal with Set when he escaped. Thus Monroe and Tracey set off towards the Temple of Light in Rubato.

After a long trip, the two found the temple and completed the ritual. After which, Monroe was stabbed nineteen centimeters to the right of his heart and absorbed the power of Photon energy and gained new powers similar to a Quincy. After fighting Set off, but failing to seal him away after he broke out of the containment crystal Monroe had been given by Zorlo. For the next month, Monroe spent time in the Dome learning and mastering his powers and, finally, taking up his new mantle as a Quincy. He now works as a demon hunter and co-owns a shop with Tracey. De Carlo and Vossler Detective and Hunting it is called.

A Friendly Duel (Complete)
Unseen Beauty (Complete)
Chinatown Rush (Complete)
Leaving the Sandbox: Black Cats, Black Clothes, and Black Business (Completed)
What was Coming to Them (In Progress)
Perfect War, Perfect Deception (In Progress)
Training Day at Midnight Meadow (Complete)
Predicted Futures (Completed)
Meetings of Chance (Completed)
Alliances of Chance (In Progress)

An Unexpected Partnership (Complete)
Unloading a Chamber or Two Before a Job (Complete)
Industrial Espionage (In Progress)
Winter Comes to the Desert (Complete)
Temple of the Sun (Complete)
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Re: Character List

Name: Tomahawk Greywind

Age: 29

Sex: Male

Fur: Brown with white areas

Eyes: grayish blue

Height: 7' 1"

Weight: 450 lbs.

Race: Tauren(thats a page about em)WoW -> Info -> Races -> Tauren They a large race of gentle(usually) cow men, that walk on 2 hooves. they specialize in herbalism and work at healing the earth

personality: pre Death knight training: he was a goofy tauren, always cracking wise, and lookin for a laugh anywhere he could find it. After Death knight training: a hardened tauren wishing for nothing other then a strong foe, to turn into a strong minion. despite his tauren heritage, he loves a good keg of ale, at the local bar, and despite being a death knight, tell a few good jokes and break loose a bit.

Appearance: A tall tauren, with slightly grayed fur with darker eyes. he has 2 massive horns on his head, with an ear thats slighty cut. He has fuz on the side of hisface, with a long thing braided beard hanging down his chin.

Class: Death Knight

Mount: a Kodo(a gaint animal that looks something between a rhino and an elephant)/Arctic wolf

Weapon: Tom(ahawk) carrys a large dai katana cast from Dark iron ore, mined from the blackrock mountains of the burning steppes/searing gorge. it appears to have a glow about it of blood red and black. arthas himself enchanted the sword to never grow dull, or ding.the sword was forged by the wolvar, wolverine people of the howling fjord, in central northrend. it is infused with there primal shadowy insticts, occasionally, there spirit will enter him, and he will become a beast.

Armor:World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King it is thick broad plated armor, made of metal and bones of fallen victims(arthas in the piccy)

Skills/magic: He is a Frost magic based death knight, with lesser abilitys in blood and unholy magic.

Frost magic:

Ice lance:he breaths a breath of freezing air, and the breath hardens into a razor sharp icicle, that soars to its target, due to its magicle properties, it pinatrates anything that is chain mail of weaker. it is high speed, but it cant curve. its a straight shooter. if it hitsa barrier it shatters into miniture shards, if they drop shield to early, they still fly into them

Icey Gauntlets: right behind the hand cover of his gauntlets he can create small thin spikes of ice. they are thin, so they are very weak, meant for assassination/last resort

Freezing chains: he takes the water molicules around him, and uses his frosty presence to turn them into ice chains, that constrict the target, by the neck, arms, and legs. a stronger person can usually break them.(they apear already on the victim)

Chilling blood: Tom locks his apponent with an icey stare that freezes your blood, for a total of 10 seconds. only works on living beings/things that arnt evil(the reason behind the only non evil people is because, cuz they are evil, and arnt easily fearful, its kinda of a freezing fear thing...i hope you kinda understand that)

Blood magic:

Bloody arms: he can coat his weapons/armour with vile blood, solidifying it, wich makes his armour virtually invincable, and his sword grows to double its size. this move leaves him physically drained for a good 20-30 minutes, and can possably make him feint

Unholy magic: Undead army: he calls upons the dead, promising not to harm them in the afterlife, if they serve him. he is unable to act while he raises his army, deep in concentration. he gives them orders, they obey. the skeletons bones can be easily shattered..

Strengths: Because of his tauren-ness and thick armor he is hard to hit good
along with his incredible training with his sword. his excellence in frost magic, with the ability to conjure weapons makes him a tough foe to fight.

Weakness: His spells, especially his unholy, drain him horribly, leaving him weakened and unable to use them for atleast 2 hours(using an abbundance of moves anyway). also is rather slow because of his size and armor also do to his attacks and being mostly ice, he is extremely suseptable to fire attacks.

Biography: During the war for Nordrassil, he and his father were captured and sent to an Alliance camp in northrend, where they were tortured. after just 4 months at the camp, his father passed, and was tossed into the freezing waters of the northern sea, to be swallowed by the vicous northern nar-whales. For years Tom wished to be dead...just to be free once more. then a great prince, Arthas, of silver hand, was looking for recruits to help build Lordaeron, the greatest city of northern azeroth.

tomahawk, being a strapping young 20 year old tauren, practically promising a strong worker, was drafted. as it turned out, Arthas was recruiting strong people to turn into his army..Death Knights. feeling he had nothing else, he accepted arthas' promise of power. There on the brutal continent of northrend, he learned the way of the sword, and of the death knight. After 6 years of back breaking training, he was put to death. to join the ranks of lich and undead, known only as death knights. He woke from his deathly slumber confused, only remembering Arthas, shoving Frostmourne through his heart. confused and angry, he stormed from his crypt where he lay, up to the world above.

right outside, he found Arthas, with a brand new Dai-katana, an a set of powerful armor. half please, have angry, he took his sword and, and struck at arthas. much to quick for tom, he fended of the blow. "Yes, you will be one of my most powerful commanders." he said with a malicous grin and maniacle cackle. Tom was sent to the high elf city of Silvermoon, after the Sun well, at the citys center.. Sagearas, the leader of Kel'thuzud, The lich king, destroyed the city, and drank from the waters of the well.

it tainted and turned all High elfs into Arcane magic thirsty blood elves. Seeing the hordes of elves rising quickly, tomahawk abandoned the war effort and went off on his own, too new lands..looking for a fight, a reason, and himself.

Approve-ed by ciroton. =D
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Mahalia; Zombie wolf shapeshifter

~* Approved by insaney. *~

Name: Mahalia (Mah-all-e-yah)

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Race: Human / Zombie Wolf

Eye color: Gray with two red triangles, which makes her eyes form a horizontal cat’s eye appearance. / Black in her wolf form, looks like she is blind, but is not.

Hair color: Dark gray, with a blood red edge at the tips. / Fur color: Light gray with darker and near white patches.

Height: 4’ 9” / Wolf Form: 34 inches tall.

Weight: 95 lbs. / Wolf Form : 46 lbs

Weapons: Human: None, unless you count her ‘pet’ Worm. Wolf form: Teeth, claws, and Worm. (Mahalia’s ‘pet’ is explained in the Appearances section below.)

Appearances: Human; Mahalia wears her hair down straight on the sides, then has the rest bound into two ponytails in the back. Her head is medium in size and is slightly oval in shape. Mahalia’s ponytails are tied back with a light gray cloth, which is tightly bound around them. Her nose is angled downwards, but small. Mahalia’s lips are small as well and a pale pink in color. Her skin is pale but still holds a slight pink color, enough to stand out from her white long sleeved shirt. The shirt hangs loosely off her thin frame, Mahalia is flat-chested, but has a gray fabric bound around her chest anyway. The sleeves actually drape an inch past her hands, and has a scalloped appearance on the ends. Her hands and have a dark gray leather wrapped around them in an X fashion, which are tied on Mahalia’s tops of her hands and the front of her feet. There is a horizontal, slash type of wound on the underside of her wrists which is a half an inch away from the leather X. These wounds are from her first shapeshift. Her pants are a dark red fabric, with gray leather straps bound around her legs in the same X style, the X does not touch her knees. Mahalia is barefoot.

Wolf; It appears to be a gray furred timber wolf, with what looks like no eyes, her left ear has a small chunk missing. The snout has a gash on the left side, while skin is missing from her right and shows the bone. The skin on the underside of the wolf’s jaw is gone, which forms a hole into her mouth. All of the teeth are still there, and her fangs are sharp, but the tongue is missing. There is a hole on the wolf’s chest, its about five inches in diameter, and you can see into the creature’s ribcage. The fur around the wound has turned a dark color, and is somewhat matted down. Two deep gashes on both forelegs have left lines carved in her bone, a bit of muscle hangs out of the upper wound on the wolf’s left. Going to the wolf’s paws, two of the four toes are gone, exposing the bones underneath. Along her back, her spine is visible from two holes, one strangely has three veins still stretched across it. Both wounds are about eight inches in diameter. On the right side is a large, crescent shaped gash, which ends on the underside of ribcage which the tip points to her tail. Three, two inch long scratches are on the left side, the third is past the ribcage, two inches from it. Going to the hind legs, there is an unknown bite wound and torn flesh and muscle are hanging about two inches on the lower right leg, which almost touches the ankle. Only one toe is missing on the right foot, the bone and claw is still attached. The left hind leg has a large gash in it, which spans 5 inches from the hip, to the knee, and the foot has all of its toes. The tail has torn flesh and muscle hanging down about two inches from the tip, the rest of the tip is bone held on by tendons. The whole tail is about ten inches long.

Worm; This is actually a maggot, but it doesn’t look exactly like one. Worm’s appearance is basically a white, puffy worm, which is about two feet long and eight inches wide. It’s eyes are three inches in diameter, and placed on the side of it’s head, it has a cloudy-milk white covering over it’s eyes at first. Worm can form two, three clawed arms at any time it is outside of Mahalia. It communicates with her by gurgles and clicks, which she cannot understand yet. Worm is actually a part of Mahalia’s blood, but she doesn’t know it.
Accessories: A gray leather collar is around her thin neck. It is decorated with a blood red ribbon sewn into it, which is in the center of the collar. There is a silver rectangle in front, with a small ring attached to it. The ring is supposed to have a gem attached to it, which marks the person as a shapeshifter and they are able to control their other form. There is a chain hooked onto a clasp, which holds the collar on her neck. Mahalia does not have a gem on her collar, since the incident that followed her first shapeshift.

Personality: Mahalia is on the quiet side, and tends to mutter to herself. When in a fight, she would try and scare an opponent off, but if need be, she tends to rely on Worm and use her wolf form for last. Among friends, she barely talks, and tends to focus on other things. If Mahalia is around people she trusts, she becomes a little more open and talks more. Around family, she is less nervous and talks a little, but still stays to herself most of the time.

Strengths: Mahalia’s wolf form is strong. She can swim well. She’s observant of attacks and can read body language, even if its just the basics. Her caution keeps her away from suspicious areas. Knows how to survive in the wilderness.

Weaknesses: Mahalia does not have a lot of stamina. She can become weakened and tired at times, due to her what her wolf form is, also happens after she runs for a while. She has no control over her wolf form. Has little fighting experience and relies on Worm and her wolf form to fight for her. If Worm is captured or forcefully separated from her, Mahalia could faint. If Worm is injured, Mahalia receives a wound in a similar area to where Worm was attacked at.

  • These skills use Worm.

Growth: Even though Worm has a defined length, it can actually stretch itself to about ten feet in order to assist Mahalia.

Engorge: This skill tends to follow Growth, but can be used on its own. Worm is a maggot, but it’s also somewhat of a vampire. It can feed off of blood if it chooses to, which can aid Mahalia in recovering some of her energy. Worm does not drink a lot of blood when using this skill.

Hybrid: Worm can mess with Mahalia’s body in a way. Before using this skill, Mahalia’s body goes limp for a moment. The white part of her eyes turn black while like this. It usually changes her mouth into its own, by fusing into her skin, basically Mahalia‘s mouth is lined with Worm‘s fangs. Worm also lets its claws come out of her fingers. Mahalia tends to become a little berserk when using this, and can be somewhat vampiric, meaning she only feeds on blood. By feeding on blood, she can make this skill last a couple of seconds longer.Hybrid wears off in ten minutes or until Mahalia is knocked unconscious or even loses most of her blood from enemy attacks.
  • She is bleeding slightly from her wrists when she uses this skill.
  • Worm can also activate this on its own as a last resort, if need be.
  • Mahalia is unable to use this while in her wolf form

Putrid Spit: Worm can spit out a gray liquid that is like a weak acid. If it comes into contact with skin, it causes a mild burn. Mahalia can use this too, if Worm decides to help her with it or she is using Hybrid.

Automatic Response Skills

Wound Jump: Worm can come out from any slash type of wound inflicted on Mahalia, even the ones Silk Blood has caused to scab over.

Silk Blood: After a couple of minutes a wound is form on Mahalia, her blood turns a light gray, and starts to seal the wound. This is due to Worm trying to help her from bleeding out too much. This skill can not completely heal wounds, only helps then form a scar faster. This skill also cannot treat large and open wounds.

Transformation Skill
  • Requires Worm to be within Mahalia in order for her to use this.
  • Mahalia’s wolf form can use all of the skills above, except for Hybrid.

Wolf Form: Mahalia’s veins turn black for a couple of seconds, then a red glow completely obscures her shifting body from view. After the glow fades, her wolf form stands in her place. Worm is actually within the wolf form’s body, and can pop out of the wounds around her ribcage, it can even be seen within the ribcage by the same openings.

Worm’s Transformation Skills
  • Worm’s transformation skills are dependent on where it is after it leaves Mahalia.
  • Each form has one unique skill.

Air: If Worm is still in the air, by falling down or being thrown, it’s body will be covered in a red type of sheet and glows. After the red glow fades, Worm appears to be an five foot long wasp, with a six foot wing span with all four, cloudy white wings. It’s legs are three feet long and end in two claws, the club-like abdomen is three feet long and a foot wide and is covered in two inch long spikes. It is still able to spit acid from its mouth, which is just three inches long, and has the same look as Worm’s original mouth. The black eyes are oval in shape and are faceted. The antennae span eight inches long. Worm’s air form is very aggressive and is one of the common forms it takes on.

Air Form’s unique skill: Spike; Worm swipes its abdomen at the opponent, which sends four to six spikes towards the target. This skill forces Worm to stay still, and it takes two minutes for the lost spikes to grow back.

Land: After Worm hits the ground, a red glow surrounds it. When it fades away, Worm retains its maggot body, minus four new limbs that are on it now. Its tail spans one and a half feet and has two pairs of spikes on the sides of its tail. The first pair is four inches long and is two inches wide and tapers to a point, while the second pair is five inches long and three inches wide and tapers at the tip. Worm is now four feet long and ten inches wide. Each leg ends in three claws. It tends to keep its body low to the ground, and uses its claws to swipe and can bite. Very protective of Mahalia, tends to stay near her, but will chase after opponents. The other common form Worm takes on.

Land Form’s unique skill: Inject; If Worm manages to bite an opponent, it can choose to inject a small amount of Putrid Spit into the wound. It causes irritation in the wound and burns slightly. Worm is wide open to attack while using the skill.

Water: When it lands in the water, its body glows red. Worm keeps its entire maggot form, but lengthens to eight feet long and widens to two feet long. It now has six flippers, the middle pair being the longest at six feet, while the other two pairs are four feet in length. All six flippers are six inches wide, and look like boat oars, but more oval in shape. Worm moves through the water in a wave type of motion and is very fast, but turns around widely due to its size. Worm can fight like this, but mainly uses this form to help Mahalia in the water. Stays near her, or has her ride on top of itself. This form is not commonly used.

Water Form’s unique skill: Breath; If Mahalia is under the water and is sinking, by a weight or her exhaustion, Worm can come up beside her and absorb her into itself until it reaches the surface, where it allows Mahalia to come out onto its back. If attacked after Worm uses this skill, Mahalia is forced out of Worm’s body.

Shapeshifters and a link to the elements
A shapeshifter’s animal form can have an element attached to itself when the shapeshifter is born. The animal’s element remains hidden as well as its form until the ceremony is complete for the young shapeshifter.

The elements can range from the simple, to a rare version, but they come from the same element source. For example; a simple version of an element is earth, while a rare form is crystal. Another would be from the simple fire, to the rare form of lava. There are hybrid elements that are extremely rare, like molten rock, which is the hybrid of earth and fire elements. Other rarities include an animal form along with an unusual element, for example; an elephant form with the wind element.

This element is shown in the shapeshifter’s animal form, but cannot be used in the animal form until the shapeshifter begins to train with it. The animal form can then slowly leak it’s element over to the human side over time, thus letting the actual letting the shapeshifter use the element without transforming first. This requires practice and a fellow element teacher to assist the younger shapeshifter.

However, some animal forms can actually hide their element from view, until a reason is made where the element must come into play. The reasons can vary from a extreme anger, or the shapeshifter’s near death. This element is easily given to the human side immediately, but it is extremely difficult to control. Another experienced shapeshifter should be nearby, hopefully one who has the same element, to assist the new elemental shapeshifter.

Cursed Forms
The cursed form is easily understood as an oddity among animal forms. This can be in many guises, like a hybrid of two animal forms, like a dragon and a wolf hybrid. The hybrids are not common, but they are not looked down upon here, especially if the young shifter has control over it, or the hybrid is deemed no threat to the clan.

There are exceptions to the cursed forms however. A walking shadow or corpse of an animal form is an example of this. These ones tend to be the most violent as well as difficult to control, any young shapeshifter that has it is an extreme threat to the clan.

There has never be anything recorded in any writings I’ve read, but it is a rumor they exist. I hope I do not see one among this new group.

Cursed Form sub-section: Passengers
Another addition to the cursed forms is the Passenger. These tend to take on an animal form as well, and assist the ‘cursed’ shapeshifter in many ways. These assistances can vary from teaching, to helping the shapeshifter to survive, and can also help defend the shapeshifter they are attached to. The shapeshifters tend to be called ‘hosts’, if the cursed one is deemed no threat to the Mirror Yggdrasil clan.

Many Passengers tend to be small animals, like a bird, mouse, or even a butterfly. There could be others, but I’m uncertain to that. There have been only two Passengers recorded, unfortunately both shapeshifters have long died.

Icon of a shapeshifter: A marked collar.
The stone/gem/crystal attached to a shapeshifter’s collar indicates that the person is a shapeshifter in this clan. Every stone/crystal/gem is unique to every shapeshifter. It also aids the shapeshifter in controlling their animal form and element, if the animal has any.

It assists the shapeshifter by absorbing their element and a part of the animal and human’s spirit inside of it. The spirit absorption happens over time while the shapeshifter learns to control the animal form.

Animal form and Control
The shapeshifter mostly is able to control the animal form from his/her first transformation. Sometimes, that is a little harder, since the animal could naturally be a skittish one; like a mouse or another prey animal, or the young shapeshifter’s personality.

Their rate of control improves overtime with repeated transforming, under the assistance of a teacher, or one the leaders; like myself. The ones that get taught by us are generally accepted ‘cursed’ forms, or other odd animal forms/elements.

Written by: Crystal Dragon, chief leader of the Mirror Yggdrasil clan


Noon, the time of the ceremony, was approaching the Mirror Yggdrasil clan. The Mirror Yggdrasil clan was made up exclusively of shapeshifters, which were lead by five leaders, each having a rare other form, according to the clan. Each shapeshifter had a unique animal form, but there could be multiple animal forms which include elements, like fire or water.

Mahalia was one of the ten ‘children’ that had reached the age of fourteen, the age where they would finally find out what animal form they had. The term ‘children’ is used by the leaders and older shapeshifters in the clan, as to notify who has yet to find their animal form. The ‘children’ do not mind this title, since it will not last long.

She was one of the ‘children’ that the other ones thought would become a mouse or something, based off of her personality. Mahalia was like a ghost, never really noticed by the other shapeshifters. This day just seemed to make her more secluded, because the ‘children’ were not allowed to see their peers’ first transformation, they were separated in the first floor rooms in the tented lodge.

The area where they would transform would be underground in the large basement of the lodge. It was a large, dark brown dirt packed, rectangle that spanned eight feet long by six feet wide and had a height of ten feet. The ceiling and to the walls were supported by wooden beams and poles. A circle in the center of the room was made out of pale gray stones. There were twelve torches spaced about two feet apart and were seven feet off of the ground.

It was about two hours before one of the leaders came to Mahalia’s room, “It is your time, ‘child’. Follow me.” The room Mahalia was in was an exact copy of the other rooms, minus the door positions. It had four torches in the center of the four six foot long walls. The ceiling was supported by wooden beams, which was eight feet off of the ground. The room was bare otherwise, designed so items can be brought in to change the room into whatever is needed to be.

She got up from the corner she was sitting in earlier and followed the cloaked leader down eleven wooden steps into the basement. The other four leaders were standing outside the circle, the one that she had followed stepped to her left, “Please enter the circle, ‘child’.” Mahalia nodded then slowly walked into the circle, the white sleeves of her shirt gently moved with her gait.

The fifth leader of the clan walked to the circle as well, before another leader spoke in a feminine tone, “Allow yourself to relax, and try to shift then, when you feel you are able to. I can tell you are frightened by this, like the others were. There is no need for that, the shift is painless.” Mahalia nodded again, and let her head tilt downwards. Her vision blurred for a moment, then felt a slight burning pain all over. Her body fell to the floor, and landed in a kneeling position. A moment later, her veins turned black, then Mahalia saw nothing.

A decaying wolf stood were Mahalia once was, one of the leaders cried out, “The ‘child’ has a….cursed….form?!” The wolf managed to get past the shocked leaders of the group and headed up the stairs. Only two of the leaders had animal forms that were small enough to follow the decayed wolf, which were a water elemental leopard and an earth elemental fox. One of the other three leaders turned into a crystalline dragon.

Her vision came back a moment later, but it was blurry. Mahalia could hear something akin to screaming, though she couldn’t place the direction of the sound. Her vision held only red, and a tan-ish almost white line near her head. The screams continued, which followed a voice, “That thing…killed him!” The undead wolf looked around, which to Mahalia seemed strange, as if she was a onlooker through the lupine’s eyes.

I…I killed…someone? She watched as the forest turned up in her sight, but it was blurred. A roar sounded behind her, as the wolf bounded out of the glade that her clan stood in. She had left her home, the decaying lupine turned back and saw a crystal dragon glaring back at Mahalia, the wolf headed deeper into the woods.

A voice rose up over the constant drone of screams and cries. “You are a ‘child’ forever to us, Mahalia! Never return, you are cursed!” The trees blurred again for a long time, then she saw black. The young teen came to on the bank of a river, she crawled over to the calm water and looked down. Her eyes were different now, two red triangles in her gray eyes gave her a cat’s eye look, but it was a horizontal version. A strand of hair came into view next, the tips of which held a blood red color.

The ‘child’ looked up and saw the setting sun, the sky ablaze with orange, which was fading into a dull purple-gray. A slight pain came from her left wrist, and a horizontal slash wound looked up at her when she turned her arm over. “H-How did that…happen?” Mahalia checked her other arm, there was the wound’s twin on the underside. Her left hand twitched, then a slight bulge appeared next to the wound. What the…?

The scabbed-over wound opened up and a white, bumpy tube emerged from it. A tube wasn’t the best term however, since Mahalia noticed thin fangs sticking out of a slightly flattened top. A cloudy, white sheet fell to the bottom of two black, four inch diameter, eyes. What ever the thing was blinked, then gurgled at her. The ‘child’ couldn’t move out of sheer terror of this thing, she looked down to the wound, this creature was actually sticking out of it.

It’s body rose up and extended itself, and moved its head closer to hers. Why is this thing here? It’s actually coming…out of my arm… She wanted to run from this thing, but she knew it wouldn’t work. Mahalia looked directly at the white creature, and slowly rose her right arm to touch it. The creature shuddered for a second, before giving off a long gurgle, almost like it purred.

It felt squishy under her hand, it was hard to get a hold of. The tube-like thing continued to purr, “Y-you like that?” It nodded in response, “I guess I’m stuck with you, huh? I should call you something then… How about Worm?” It opened its eyes at the name and gurgled again, and slightly opened its mouth, in a sort of grin. The creature retracted back into her arm, and the wound sealed again, leaving Mahalia in the increasing darkness as night began to fall. “That was…strange. Do all ’cursed’ forms have what I do?”
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Re: Character List

Name: Malkarth

Age: Unknown. At least two centuries.

Race: Stalfos (Note that every single ability mentioned below is used by a type of Stalfos in at least one LoZ game, although occasionally altered to suit RPing slightly more. I thought Stalfos would be a suitable race for a first character, seeing as the Stalfos race is the only thing apart from Link himself to appear in every single Zelda game ever - even more than Ganon/dorf, Zelda, and the TriForce!)

Sex: Not applicable. Being a skeleton, he doesn't exactly have the required parts to be male or female (although pelvis structure and jawbone do differentiate between male and female). However, he was male in life, and considers himself male when he talks about himself.

Hair: Not applicable. Being a skeleton, he isn't exactly well-endowed in the hair department.

Eyes: Not applicable. Being a skeleton, he isn't exactly well-endowed in the eyeball department. He does, however, have a light green glow in both eye-sockets, which are used to replicate vision. They function somewhat similarly to eyes as well – his equivalent of shutting his eyes is making the lights go out.

Weight: 13.6 kilograms. (Skeletal mass contributes to roughly 20% of living body-weight, so Malkarth would have been approximately 68 kilograms in life.) Note that this applies purely to Malkarth – it does not include the weight of any of his equipment or personal belongings.

Height: 1.82 metres.

Weapon: An unnamed steel falchion. It is light-weight in construction, and weighs roughly 2 kilograms. The blade measures approximately 90 centimetres, and the hilt approximately 16 centimetres. The blade itself has one straight but comparatively blunt edge, and one curved but sharper edge, and an edge connecting the two. The edge connecting the cutting edge and the blunt edge is hooked, curving upwards. It is in good quality – there is no rust, and the hilt is is undamaged, but there are a few dents along the blade. The hilt is made of somewhat lower quality steel than the blade, and is adjoined to the blade via welding. It has no crossguard. The grip is made of tough, untanned leather. There is a piece of wire running through the leather, which when heated, allows it to be wrapped around the hilt, and when left to cool, becomes very firm, preventing the grip from moving. There is a disc-shaped pommel at the top of the hilt, which is used to counter-balance the weight of the blade when wielding the weapon. It is primarily a close-ranged weapon, used for slashing and hacking, and excels at dealing heavy damage. It is poor against long-ranged melee weapons, such as a short spear or pike, and missile weapons, such as bows and crossbows. The falchion has no special properties – it appears to be an ordinary weapon. Its history is unknown – Malkarth found himself wielding it after he regained sentience, and has retained it since.

Armor: Malkarth does not wear that much armour – he doesn't really need to, seeing as there are no vital organs he needs to protect. However, he does wear a shield, and pauldrons, the shield to aid in combat, and the pauldrons for appearance, rather than actual functionality.

The shield is a buckler made of steel. It, like the falchion, is light-weight in build, weighing roughly 4 kilograms. The buckler is 76 centimetres in diameter, and curves outwards slightly. There is a design on the shield, that of a skeletal wolf, jaws ready to bite. The handle is made of steel as well, and is welded onto the inside of the shield, and the grip is of the same design as the falchion – rough, untanned leather, attached by wire. The buckler is excellent at deflecting both close- and long-ranged melee weapons, such as swords and spears, due to the curved design. It can also be used as a “metal fist” - being punched with a buckler will cause serious damage, due to the rim of the buckler. However, it fairs poorly against missile weapons, such as a bow and crossbow, due to the comparatively small size of a buckler when compared to large shields. The buckler has no special properties, like the falchion, it is a purely ordinary weapon. Its history is the same as that of the falchion.

The pauldrons are made of a discoloured, slightly brown, iron. They weigh approximately 3 kilograms each. They measure about 40 centimetres. They are attached to Malkarth's shoulder bones by simple leather straps which go round the upper arm. The design is quite unusual – the pauldrons are shaped like the head of a Stalhound, although missing the lower jaw. They serve no particular purpose in battle, although they may deflect the occasional blow aimed at the neck or upper body, and would hurt if body slammed with, but instead, are for dramatic purposes – they look quite intimidating. They have no special abilities or attributes. Their history is the same of that as the buckler and the falchion – they were all found after Malkarth regained sentience.

Strengths: Malkarth possesses all the innate strengths of a Stalfos – for example, he is very difficult to kill. If he is damaged enough in combat that he should fall apart, the necromantic magic which animates him will cause him to reform after about five minutes. The only way to prevent this is to move the separate bones long distances away from each other or put them behind barriers, or to shatter the bones completely, so none of them are large enough to reconnect successfully. This is mostly easily done by an explosive weapon such as a bomb. Being dead, he also has certain other advantages – asphyxiation, drowning, burning, poisoning, and disease won't kill him. This means he can enter areas filled with water, alight with fire, filled with toxic gas, and vacuums, without much danger to him. Finally, he is excellent at jumping and running. His physical strength is much the same as it was in life, only now, he is a lot less lighter, due to the considerable loss of living mass. He can jump from standing start at least 2 metres, and can move swiftly and with agility. He also has one thing an ordinary Stalfos does not have – sentience. Malkarth is an intelligent being, capable of making his own decisions, and experiencing his own emotions.

Weakness: Malkarth also possesses all the innate weakness of a Stalfos. Explosive weapons are lethal, and he really doesn't stand much chance against them. Extremely heavy weapons, such as a morning star or ball and chain, are also strong enough to shatter his bones enough so that he cannot reform. He also fairs poorly against people with missile weapons, although that is probably due to his weapon choice rather than his specific weakness. He is physically incapable of swimming, because his body is far denser than water – he will just sink. That means, while pushing him into the sea won't kill him, he would have to walk out of the sea. Which could take some time. Bright sunlight weakens Malkarth greatly – he is slower, and not as strong, and his jumping skills greatly diminish. Light from fire or other light sources, does not have this effect. Presumably, weapons blessed by light spirits or Sol Orbs, would have this effect. Being dead, he also lacks a few senses – he cannot feel heat (it always seems cold to him), and he cannot smell or taste anything.


Staltongue: Malkarth is capable of communicating with other Stalkind, such as Stals, Stalchildren, Stalhounds, Stalkins, Stalfos Knights, Staltroops, and Stallords. Whther they will actually say anything interesting is another matter, since they all possess only a very basic level of intelligence, with the occasional exception (such as Captain from the Oracle games)

Basic Unarmed Combat: Malkarth is proficient in unarmed combat, and can fight well without a weapon.

Basic Mêlée Weapon Combat: Malkarth is proficient in combat when armed with swords, axes, spears, and clubs, and can perform basic feats of swordplay. However, he does do slightly better with one-handed weapons, rather than two-handed.

Basic Archery: Malkarth is proficient with a bow and arrow (although, not a crossbow). He can accurately hit a still target, and fire reasonably quickly, although he has difficulty hitting moving targets.

Expert Falchion Combat: Malkarth excels at combat with a falchion. He can wield the blade with much skill, and is capable of using a wide range and variety of sword fighting techniques with it.


Shadow Pulse: Malkarth is capable of creating a sphere of dark magic by focusing his magic through an iron object – usually his sword. He can then fire the sphere in a direction of his choice. The size of the sphere depends on how much energy Malkarth puts in. The sphere appears as a jet black orb, that seems to suck in light – everything just around it seems slightly darker. The sphere causes the sensation of burning and heavy bruising on impact, even if the target is wearing armour. This is because it causes blood vessels, usually capillaries, just under the skin to burst. While usually non-lethal, merely causing nasty injury, and brief pain, it could be more serious if it hits an open wound, as it could come into contact with larger blood vessels such as arteries exposed by the aforementioned wound, and cause internal bleeding, resulting in death. This is somewhat unlikely though, and would be quite hard to do. Practically, the shadow pulse is more likely to be used as a deterrence, to warn off approaching enemies, rather than used in actual battle. The shadow pulse is also much weaker when exposed to bright sunlight. Using it also consumes physical energy – Malkarth can't use a normal sized (roughly 30 cm) shadow pulse more than about nine times a day without becoming extremely tired. It also requires a decent amount of iron or steel, through which the magic is focused, to be performed. Malkarth couldn't use it if he was unarmed, for example.

Appearance: This would be a rather hard category to fill – all skeletons looks rather similar, with little variation. In fact, that could even be included as a weakness – Malkarth would be very hard to distinguish from an ordinary Stalfos, seeing as they look almost exactly the same.

Personality: Malkarth is typically quiet, realistic, independent, and a highly pragmatic person and would come across as objective, even-tempered and unflappable in almost all situations. Malkarth, while he hardly ever interacts with other people, tends to communicate with snappy one-liners and sarcastic comments. Because Malkarth is a realist, he is able to capitalize well on available resources, which makes him practical, with a good sense of timing. Malkarth has an innate understanding of how mechanical things work and is usually skilled at using tools. He tends to make logical and private decisions, stating things clearly and directly, just as he sees them.

• Able to work well independently with defined tasks & tangible products
• Keen observer; excellent memory for factual information
• Highly logical thinker; able to bring order to confusing & recognizable facts
• Able to stay calm & cool in a crisis or under pressure
• Highly resourceful and pragmatic
• Great at identifying the most practical, simple solution to what may seem complex

Malkarth reacts well to battles. While he would prefer to avoid conflict, he will fight if he must, and if he does, surrender is unlikely. He is already dead, so he doesn't worry too much about his fate. Malkarth is, unusually, not religious. He does not worship Din, Farore, or Nayru, as he feels they have abandoned him. Perhaps, in a way, they have. He also has slight self-hatred problems – while he doesn't hate himself or his personality, he hates what he is – being a Stalfos means many things in life are inaccessible to him.

Note that I like my characters to involve themselves, and have personality and character development during RPs. So, while this may be Malkarth's standrad and default personality at the start of any given RP, it may change or develop differently in reaction to the events of the said RP.

Biography: (I'm just going to say this briefly: why do we need a biography? In RPing on other sites, while I do use character templates, their biography is always different. Having a changing biography allows you to include aspects of any RP you may be involved in, giving your character greater depth. Why is it necessary to have one set biography? But anyway. As such, Malkarth doesn't really have a distinct biography. I could flesh it out if you want, but it won't have any particular effect on Malkarth, and I may change the biography from time to time to suit my mood. Another point is, before posting this, I briefly checked through other approved characters - they don't have biographies half the time, they have epically long fan-fics, with loads of character interaction and speech. Sure, its good writing, but a biography is where you sum up some-one's life, not tell every single last bit of it as it happened in excruciating detail. I want to avoid that. So, this will be short, but sweet.)

Malkarth doesn't even remember his life, or who he was prior to his death. It doesn't particularly matter, either. Seeing as he cannot remember it, it has no effect on his personality, and anybody who may have known him prior to his death would now be dead. Being resurrected as a Stalfos was common enough, especially during various wars – those endowed with magic would often resurrect entire armies to fight again. He was probably just an ordinary solider among many.

A more interesting question than who he was in life, would be who he is in death. Why him? Among all the mindless Stalkind that prowl through the night, why is he the only one who has sentient intelligence, a functioning mind, emotions? Who, or what, did this? Malkarth has yet to find out.

Malkarth's first memory, is of the sound of a bell. It was dark, everything was dark, and then a bell rang. And then Malkarth opened his eyes. He saw the world, in all its beauty – the verdant trees, the night skies, the crescent moon. And then he looked upon himself, and saw his hideous contrast – a skeleton, the symbol of death. And yet, he knew who he was. He was Malkarth. A Stalfos.

Malkarth began to wander the world, exploring. Why, he could not say. Perhaps it was to find remnants of his former life. Perhaps it was because seeing the wonders of life dulled the despair of his death. Perhaps it was to find out why he had been granted sentience. He became a traveller, constantly moving from place to place, never staying too long. He rarely met with people, because of their reactions.

Very occasionally, he made allies, met friends, who were willing to look past his outwards visage. But as they grew old and died, all he could do was watch. Eventually, the pain of watching another friend grow old and due became too much. Malkarth began to avoid people altogether. He is little more than a memory now, a story told to frighten small children – the shadow in the forest, the darkness on the hills. All this, despite the fact he never hurt anybody who did not give him reason to.

But maybe, one day, he will find peace.

(As you can see, no names are named. That means Malkarth can fit in almost anywhere. Should the RP be set after OoT, it can be set after OoT. Should the RP be set after aLttP, it can be set after aLttP. Heck, Malkarth can be set into almost an fantasy medieval world role, as long as you replace Stalfos with skeleton. I'd probably rewrite the biography to suit the RP anyway.)
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Re: Character List

Approved by Ciroton (for a second time)

Name: Jason Grimm

Occupation: Vampire Hunter

Theme Song: ... the song playing in this video.

Age: 27

Race: Human (infected with vampirism, but not a vampire)

Sex: Male

Hair: Black hair that is washed enough to stop it from getting disgusting, but is rarely combed. His hair is somewhere between short and medium length. His hair is normally covered by a black fedora.

Eyes: His brown eyes are almost always bloodshot from lack of sleep. His eyes can be hard to see due to the fedora he wears on his head.

Weight: 175 pounds

Height: 6 feet, 2 inches

Stake Gun: Well, not a gun, more like a crossbow, a crossbow that fires stakes at incredibly high speeds into his enemy, ensuring that they will die a slow and splintery death. The crossbow also fires silver bolts, which Jason keeps in a pouch in his utility sash. The crossbow can be folded down to one fourth of its size and stored in one of his pant's larger pockets.

Short Sword: A titanium short sword that is primarily used during close combat in his fight against the undead that plague his world. The titanium has silver mixed with it to aid him in fighting vampires and such; it also has a leather grip. The sword is kept in a sheath on his back. The sheath itself is attatched to his back with a harness that goes across his chest. The sheath is normally worn over his duster.

Anti-Vampire Grenades: Silver-based, UV grenades, which release a powerful ultra-violet explosion while spraying silver shrapnel everywhere. These are kept on his utility belt.

Stakes: Jason wears a sash across his chest that holds his extra wooden stakes and a small mallet, which he uses to pound stakes into someone’s chest if his crossbow isn’t working or if he wants to use a more personal approach to killing someone.

Silver Daggers: Well, not really silver. More like titanium and steel mixed together into some sort of monster killing super metal. They are kept in two holders in his utility belt, and then another one in a holder on his right ankle and a fourth one in a holder on his left arm. The arm holder and leg holder a covered, adding an element of suprise to his attack when he pulls them out and stabs someone.

Shotgun: It is a shotgun; it is a pump-action gun and is used to kill zombies and… people, also vampires and werewolves if he chooses to use the silver shells he keeps in one of his belt pouches. He uses this weapon the least, preferring to use either the Stake Gun or the classic “stake and mallet” approach. The gun is kept in a holder on his right hip.

Holy Water: Jason normally keeps a large flask of holy water in one of his coat pockets. Holy water damages almost all undead creatures and unholy creatures.

Assortment of Religious Symbols: Jason wears a symbol from very major religion, and a few of the more obscure ones. Each symbol is made of pure silver and all the symbols hang from one necklace which he keeps under his shirt. It is also a little ironic that Jason, an atheist, relies on religious symbols as his last attempt at defense from vampires.

Armor: Jason wears a black short-sleeved shirt, a pair of black trousers with multiple pockets, a utility sash that contains many hunting items in the pouches, and a utility belt that does the same. He almost always wears a light, loose fitting black duster over his shirt that has a high collar with a thin silver lining running through it to prevent any vampire bites to the neck. Or werewolf attacks. Actually, when I think about it, it seems that everyone is vulnerable to silver. He also wears a pair of black combat boots that have silver lining the sole and contain several small pockets that he puts small cloves of garlic in.

Garlic Necklace: The classic vampire repelling garlic necklace. As you can imagine, Jason is not a pleasant smelling man.

Night Vision Sunglasses: Jason wears a pair of sunglasses that have been modified to allow him to see in the dark for hunting at night. When they are not on, he keeps them in one of his many pockets.

Bag of Sawdust: After his first few encounters with vampires, Jason began to approach his methods of killing them with more classical ideas and strategies. He uses the sawdust and wood flakes left over from carving stakes to distract vampires by exploiting their odd need to count things compulsively.

Strengths: Jason is skilled in sword and hand to hand combat; he is also some form of genius, as he has designed and built almost all of his equipment and often comes up with complicated plans in a manner of seconds. He has an advanced sense of smell, hearing and vision when compared to the average human and has perfect vision. His agility and strength is somewhat above that of the average human. He is also an excellent shot with his crossbow and shotgun. He also has a minor immunity to vampirism.

Weakness: Being a mortal human, Jason is vulnerable to everything that will hurt a human. He is also infected with vampirism, although his immunity keeps it from turning him completely. He needs to take medication (which he keeps in his belt) to dull the constant headache and nausea that comes from his odd state of vampirism. He must take something stronger (also in his belt) to dull the pain from the two puncture scars on his neck. Due to his condition, there is a constant possibility of him turning into a vampire.

Sunlight retrogrades his vampiric condition; making him human as long as he's seen the sun recently. Silver keeps him from advancing quickly in condition as long as he's got skin contact with it, but he'll still progress slowly. If he's out of sunlight for too long (more than twenty-four hours), he begins turning into a vampire. The pain gets worse, and he grows pale. After a while, he starts exhibiting unusual strength for a human, but not beyond the human maximum. After a while, he will enter a point that looks like he is dying while he makes the transition to being a vampire. Then his vampire instincts would kick in, and he would start to avoid sunlight, which would further prevent him from returning to normal. If he is exposed to sunlight again, he'll change back. But he will have to cross that agonizing threshold from undeath to life. If he's 100% gone, it could take an hour of him thrashing and then ultimately bursting into superficial flames, which soon die off as he becomes a human again, then transitions over across a ten-minute span. Afterwards, he'd be dehydrated and exhausted, and therefore useless.

Appearance: Jason looks very sick, to put it simply. He has bags under his bloodshot eyes and two scars on his neck from when he was first infected with vampirism. He does not shave as often as he would like, so he normally has a few days worth of stubble on his face. He has a tan due to all of the time he needs to spend in the sun to keep from turning. Jason has a muscular build, but does not give off the appearance of a body builder. He looks like he has spent many nights without sleep, and has a hint of insanity and genius in his eyes. He could probably be considered attractive if he ever got around to taking care of himself or taking a night off from vampire hunting, but for now he looks like some unholy combination of a sick person, an insomniac, a Goth and an average beachgoer. He wears a black duster, a sash with many pockets and loops for stakes and such, and a belt with the same purpose. His sword is kept in a sheath on his back, and his crossbow (in its folded form) is kept in a larger pocket on his belt located near the left side of his hip. His shotgun is kept in a holder on the right side of his hip.

Personality: Jason is a pessimist and is does not trust people easily, since the last person he trusted ended up infecting him with vampirism. He has an incredible hatred of vampires; his obsession with killing them has caused him to go up to a week without more than a few hours sleep. Some call it commitment, and others call it insanity, but no matter what you think of it you must admit that Jason is one seriously devoted man. He is the kind of person who would carve a tally mark for each vampire he has killed onto his sword.

Jason is the kind of person who will force you into a frightened respect for him solely from him giving you a cold, hate-filled stare. He could make you believe in him, he is a natural born leader and would probably be in charge of his own guild of vampire hunters if he was friendlier towards his fellow hunters. Jason immediately distrusts and hates any vampire he encounters, even if that vampire has saved his life on multiple occasions. He also hates vampire hunters, because he knows that they would turn on him in a heartbeat if he were to be kept out of the sun for too long.

Biography: Jason Grimm was born and raised as the latest in a long line of vampire hunters. While other children were in elementary school, Jason was already learning how to kill vampires. Over time his skills as a hunter developed, and his body and mind were made into tools for fighting undead. He was trained in the use of weapons and the best techniques for eliminating them. He became a weapon for serving a purpose that his family has been serving for years and years.

However, years of being trained to be an expert hunter had made him too confident in his abilities and Jason began to get cocky. By the time he was seventeen he was already one of the greatest vampire hunters in the country, he even broke into a vampire compound on multiple occasions, something normally thought of as a suicide mission. He would be out fighting vampires for days at a time, often not returning until every vampire in the area was killed. He made his family both proud and ashamed of him with his actions. Nobody would guess that he would eventually make one of the stupidest mistakes in vampire hunting history. Never, EVER let a vampire speak with you for more than a few minutes at a time unless you are backed up by a small group of hunters.

Thinking back on it now, Jason doesn’t even remember her name. He does remember what happened that night with almost perfect clarity. He met her while he was fighting his way through a small clan of vampires. She managed to block enough of his attacks, and just kept talking to him the entire time, telling him how powerful he was, feeding his ego until he ran out of reasons to hate this particular vampire. And just when he let his guard down, she struck. There was pain, Jason remembered that, and he could feel the blood being drained from his body, he could hear the screams of the vampire that attacked him as she was killed by a group of hunters that had stumbled upon her during the feeding.

He woke up in a hospital bed with bags of blood draining into him. The doctors told him that they had to perform a full blood transfusion, but they managed to seal up the bite wound and stop the vampirism from turning him. They gave him a prescription for some pain medication and told him to get plenty of sunlight if he wants to remain a human much longer. They said he was lucky to survive, and that his body has some sort of natural immunity to vampirism that prevented him from turning before he could be taken to the hospital. As soon as he got out of the hospital he began spending more time developing his weapons and armor. He loaded himself with silver so he could prevent himself from turning, and spent a lot of time in the sunlight. Soon his wounds had healed up, leaving two scars on his neck and a new motive to hunt other than it being his family’s legacy.

Jason still had a lot of questions about himself that he needed to answer about himself and his new condition, but he didn’t have time for them. As long as there were still vampires in the world he would not have time to answer those questions about himself. Hell, he would barely have time for sleep. As far as Jason was concerned, his miraculous survival of a vampire bite had caused him to lose time that could be spent fighting vampires for… sunbathing. Nobody trusts him now because he could become a vampire at any moment, but Jason didn’t care, he didn’t trust them either.

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Jade Long

Name: Jade Long

Age: 3,218 appears 18

Gender: Female

Race: Vampire

Occupation: Assassin

Height: 5’7

Weight: 108

Hair: Fairly short and spiky at the back with the tips a dark red. In the front her left eye is covered by a wisp of her bangs.

Eyes: When she is not thirsty her eyes are a golden amber, but as she gets thirstier her eyes grow darker until they are completely black.

Weapons: One long sword on her right hip, bow, throwing knives, and something she uses in rare occasions, a bull whip.

Armor: None

Strengths: Jade is very stealthy, and silent. She is very light on her feet and can be very unnoticed when need be. Most of her senses are very well attuned. Her hearing and vision is very sharp, and even sharper in the dark, she can run at a great speed requiring no horse or any other transportation and can also jump great distances. She can read minds to an extent and has no need to sleep.

Weaknesses: When the need to feed arises on Jade she starts to become very weak. Until she replenishes her thirst she stays weak. Though she tries hard to keep from killing humans for no reason, the smell of their blood tempts her and almost drives her crazy until she has to feed on them.

Skills: Jade is very attractive and persuasive with her appearance. She can easily convince people, especially men, to do things against there will simply by batting her eyelashes at them. Not only are her eyes convincing, but also her smile, her perfectly straight teeth add to the thinness of her light pink lips. Her voice is very angelic like and very smooth.

Magic: None as of now

Appearance: Jade is fairly average for a girl in height, she is petite. Her skin is very pale, almost like a porcelain white, it is very beautiful and flawless and just adds to her angelic features. When on the job for a client, Jade wears tight leather pants, along with a tight leather sleeveless top. Over that she wears a black cloak which helps her blend into the darkness of the night. When not on the job, she wears tight, black short shorts, showing off her pale legs, and a sleeveless, black top that shows part of her belly. If it is daytime she wears her cloak. Unlike most vampires, Jade can be out in the sun, it doesn’t burn her. Her skin just looks unusually transparent so she usually chooses to wear a cloak to cover it.

Personality: Jade usually comes off a pretty rude. Sometimes she acts better than other people and acts snooty. It seems like nobody is good enough for her. But despite her rudeness and her feeling of being better than everyone, she tolerates humans and does what she can to blend in with them. When she wants, Jade can be a very charming, and loving person, which she uses to her advantage.

History: Jade Long was a pretty ordinary girl with an ordinary life. She had a wonderful family composed of her loving mother, father, one brother and one sister. The town she lived in was a cozy little place with friendly neighbors and delightful shops. Nothing strange or weird ever happened here and the people lived happily with ordinary lives. Jade was a gorgeous girl with long, flowing brown hair and jade green eyes. She had slightly tanned skin.

Jade like most of the 18 year old girls around her village was wanting more in her life. She was ready to settle down to get married. In her little village, 18 was a very common age to get married. But she never really found someone who met her taste. Jade and her family were a little bit more wealthier than the rest of the town, and she found that no man was good enough for her.

She felt like something was missing in her life, but she couldn’t quite put a finger on it. Though she loved her family dearly and didn’t want to leave them, she has a nagging feeling that she must leave her town and find something better for her in the huge world she lived in. Leaving a note for her family Jade left her town to find new things for her life. She wanted to fill the hole that she felt inside her.

After a few days of traveling, being near death, Jade stumbled upon a mysterious little village. The people here wore strange. Every single person she could muster the strength to look at was absolutely and strangely gorgeous. They were almost perfect in every way. All of them had pale porcelain skin, perfect black hair and amber colored eyes.

Most of them ignored her until a young man approached her and picked her up of the ground with ease. Jade’s eyes were growing heavy as she smelled the sweet scent of the young man’s skin. She felt his face get close to her, was he smelling her? He was in fact as she felt him set her down on a cushiony couch. But then the pain!

She heard a shrill shriek and was surprised when she realized it was herself. Fire was coursing from her soft neck and was slowly making it through her body.

“It burns!" she screamed with tears streming down her face, "The fire! Stop it!"

The burning stopped and she started to feel strength in herself again. She was strangely aware of many sounds around her. Her senses were much sharper than before. Feeling her strength returning Jade stood. No one was around her so she started to wander. The place she was in was just concrete and cobblestone all around her. It looked cold, but to her surprise she was quite comfortable with the temperature. As she was trying to find her way out of the stone building she passed by a mirror and gasped at what she saw. She hardly looked like herself. Her gorgeous brown hair was now black and her jade green eyes were also black. Her once tanned skin was now pale, a porcelain white.

Jade started running. ‘What is happening to me?’ she thought to herself. She eventually found an exit and ran outside. Then it hit her. A glorious smell. It drive her mad as she made for the first human being she saw. Before she could stop her instincts she jumped the man and took a ferocious bite out of his neck. Oh the blood! It didn’t smell salty and metallic like it used to, it smelled wonderful! Almost sweet smelling.

After her feeding, her eyes returned to an amber color and she came out of her instincts. What had she done? She had to leave, to save the people around her. Jade ran into a forest and burrowed herself in a cave. She stayed there for many many years, getting control of her thirst. When she got thirsty, she would feed on animals. Her attitude grew cold.

When she had learned to control her thirst she headed back into the real world. It had changed much in her years of absence. She wasn’t sure how long she had been a way, but it had been a long time. She realized she liked her new attitude she had. She liked the idea of the “badass angel” so to speak.

Not quite controlling her lust for blood, Jade became an assassin. She taught herself to use weapons, her quietness and fast pace to her advantage. She became feared by some and became well known as one of the best assassins around.
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Name: Feather-Tooth

Age: 35

Race: Xorani (lesser dragons)

Sex: Asexual (male appearance)

Scales: Back scales are a deep blue extending to the tip of the tail, underbelly scales are a light tan, and scales on wing buds are a deep elegant purple

Eyes: Yellow eyes with black slits

Weight: 275 lbs

Height: 6 feet 7 inches

Wingspan: Six feet

Weapon: Spiked steel mace

Armor: Natural scale armor; Steel buckler and steel armor on shoulders, wrists, thighs, ankles, tail, and connective piece between shoulders and wings

Strengths: Decent healing magic, survival instincts, moderate melee ability, increased regenerative ability (not much, about twice the speed of humans), can perform surgery and excels in first aid

Weakness: Unable to fly, healing magic takes from his own health and is useless to heal himself, poor English

Major Heal: Restores all minor wounds (scrapes, slight cuts) most mid-level (deep cuts and trauma) and a few major damage sources (impalements, massive trauma, internal bleeding)

Shield: A shimmering protective shield against physical damage coating the target’s skin

Spell Absorption: Instead of a spell normally damaging a persons vitality, their willpower is increased to superhuman status and they actually absorb the spell, using its power to their own advantage

Resurrection: NOTE----------------------NOTE
This spell is possible only under extreme stress to resurrect said person and only if Feather-Tooth is in perfect health and the target has been dead for less than three hours. No coughs, no cuts, no scrapes, perfect health. Feather-Tooth will immediately be put in a vegetative state whether the spell renders the target alive again or not, and will not recover for several months to several years. All healing Xorani are taught that this spell is forbidden unless an extreme circumstance such as a diplomatic or political figure is killed.

Appearance: From tail to nares Feather-Tooth is seven and a half feet long. From the tip of his tail up to the connections to his wings, hundreds of small inch long spikes make two lines up the body. The tail is armored with several steel plates with chainmail underlay to protect from blades. The plates cover the top of tail but not the bottom. They move up the body to the wing connections with have steel coverings over the bone and none over the connective skin to the first finger bone. The steel covers the back of the neck moving into standard shoulder armor ending at the bicep and starting mid forearm in a bracer again. Flexible steel plates cover the thighs ending just above the knee and starts mid tibia. His entire body is thickly scaled with deep blue scales slowly lightening as they reach the underbelly and underneath the upper portion of the tail changing into a light tan. The wing connective tissue is a violet color and the bone pieces of wing are a deep purple.
Now, for body structure… here, just add these wings between the spine and the shoulders with this sort of connective tissue these.

Personality: Feather-Tooth has a deep sense of personal conviction to help the sick and wounded instilled in him by the Witchdoctor of his village. He feels out of place with those he does not know and especially if they are of a different beast-race. He is always at war with himself over the meaning of his birth and left the world to gather wisdom. He is bright and intelligent and all around good natured, though he is easily provoked to anger when the safety of others is at stake.

Biography: Feather-Tooth’s birth was an omen, of what the village of Kilia is still unsure. His species eventually rises into greater dragons at the age of two hundred. The rarest of these particular dragons are the purple-wings. They are destined to be the head of the race so only one will be born every several hundred years, and when another is born, the current head of the race departs into the Void.

Feather-Tooth, given the opportunity to choose his lot in life because of his destiny, chose to become a Witchdoctor for his people and keep them alive. He began to study medicine regularly then specialized in magic healing as he grew into his thirties. It was at this age that he was charged to journey the world seeking wisdom, courage and strength to lead his people. He prepared for two years, studying the art of melee combat to help defend himself, then set off at the age of thirty-three.

At the age of thirty-four he lost his first patient, an outcast of his race who had been attacked by wild animals. He tried to repair the lacerations magically but couldn’t maintain the focus required, and then at that point it was too late to heal him with conventional medicine. After that he swore he would never lose another patient.

He began gathering herbs and making his own medications for villages in exchange for room and board and would learn local culture and seek the guidance of the elders as he wandered town to city to village. And to this day, he continues to journey, waiting until he has enough wisdom and strength to lead his people, one hundred sixty-five years from now.
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Re: Character List

Tarkienav Geoffrey Torr

Name: Tarkienav Geoffrey Torr (He goes by his middle name, which is pronounced, incase you don’t know, Jeffrey.) Tarkienav is pronounced-
‘Tar’ as in ‘tar pits’
‘Ki’ pronounced like ‘key’
‘En’ say it like it looks
‘Av’ phonetically- ‘ahv’
Torr is pronounced how it looks; it rhymes with ‘door’

Age: 598, born February 24, 1410, made into a vampire June 20, 1422

Race: Elvish Vampire- The ‘elf’ part mainly refers to a human sized, pointy-eared, immortal-unless-killed-in-battle kind of elf, and the vampire part refers to the author Stephanie Meyer’s rendition

Sex: Male (obviously)

Hair: Dark brown, normally with bangs down to his eyebrows and hair grazing the top of his ears and completely covering the points; spiky like a Japanese school-boy’s; lighter brown streaks through some of his spikes

Eyes: Changes with the level of bloodlust from a butterscotch color to pure black; normally somewhere in between; however, this is only if he is eating animal blood; when he eats human blood his eyes range from almost a neon red color to black; the latter is rare

Weight: 172 1/4 lbs.

Height: 6 ft, 4 in.

Weapon: He wields dual poison-edge katanas, each one hanging opposite of the hand it’s used for; a dagger strapped to his outer left calf; his teeth (used rarely)

Strengths: Marble-hard skin; superhuman strength and speed

Weakness: Garlic; werewolf/vampire bites; holy water/magic; and his sense of humor

Garlic- if he eats anything with garlic, he will lose his powers and be unable to go into the sun for one day times each ounce in the food; if he does enter the sun with "garlic poisoning," he will be sunburnt to a literal crisp
Ex.: if something has three ounces of garlic in it, then that’s three day without his powers and with the inability to enter sunlight

Werewolf/vampire bites- the only things that can truly kill him by ripping him to shreds and burning the remains

Holy water- when it touches his skin, it acts like an acid, burning his skin off, sometimes down to the bone; however, unlike popular belief, crosses do not affect him in the least (he has one on a necklace, a necklace he never takes off)

Holy magic- whenever he comes into contact with an item or spell imbued with holy water or something similar, a it causes something that's a combination of the effects of garlic and holy water at the same time; simply put, he loses his power for one week, and his skin burns off

Skills: He can read other people’s minds as long as they are within 9-10 miles of him, he can create black fire from the palm of his hand, and he may change his face to any human face he’s seen before; however, this does not apply if he has been in contact with garlic and/or holy magic

Appearance: Looks like a thirty-two year-old albino Caucasian; has a black goatee but no sideburns; normally wears a green t-shirt and baggy jeans; has white sneakers; he has caved in cheeks reminiscent of Grand Moff Tarkin from Star Wars Ep. IV; big black bushy eyebrows; squared off face

Personality: Normally he’s somewhat jokey, though during battle he is very serious. He has a good sense of humor, and laughs with someone just to please, even if the joke sucked. He is a very good-natured soul when it comes to environment and people in general. He loves comedians and comedy shows, comics, and old cartoons, such as Loony Toons and the Pink Panther cartoon. He hates people who cause pain, suffering, and deaths just because they can, and hunts them down to quench his thirst sometimes. He has never killed an innocent person in his life, and he cannot bring himself to do so.

Biography: Born in a little town southwest of modern-day Berlin to Adolf Alastar and Marie Weimer Torr, Tarkienav Geoffrey Torr (Geoff for short), was the eldest of the two children, the other being Adolf Alastar Torr, Jr. They were, at the time, one of the richest families in Germany. Little Alastar upheld the family name, while his brother, Geoff, only sought fun in the forest near they’re house. He would almost always come home dirty, and always got a beating if he did. As such, his parents started to abuse poor little Geoff, and on his twelfth birthday, he ran away from home. In June of that same year, he was bitten by a vampire who pitied the orphan boy, and wished to give him a way to get back at his parents for seven years of abuse. However, Geoff, horrified at what he had become, ran far away, almost into the region that is now modern-day Czech Republic, and hid in the forests there. He soon discovered he could feast on animal blood, and quenched his thirst/hunger. He walked around Eurasia, and soon discovered that polar bear blood is his favorite kind, and he studied and perfected their fighting style to be used as his own. He does not know of his family, only that they died and are buried in the personal family cemetery. He is now coming to battle because he likes to do so.
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Re: Character List

First Name: Reashiae (Re-ah-shie)

Last name: Kirhatnao (Kirh-atn-a-oh)

Age: 10

Race: Spirit/Rose Goddess

Sex: Female

Hair: Black with streaks of blue, long.

Eyes: dim red with slight green swirl (right eye) yellow (left eye)

Eyes- How they affect her: People don't make fun of her eyes much, but some people consider her weird due to it at times.
Eyes- How they became that way: She was born with eyes like that.

Weight: 90 lbs

Height: 4'5"

Weapon: Gem Sword
The Gem Sword's Powers-
Atsukami: Launches a series of beams from the sword into the enemy.
Tahei: It can form a shield around anyone for 3 minutes, then it shatters, sending glass at the enemy. (Enemy can also shatter the barrier if the barrier is attacked to much)
Zettuki: Can blind the enemy for a minute.

Strengths: Most water attacks do not effect her, unless its a rain/thunder hurricane. She has the ability to run really fast, about up to 130 MPH. She is extreamley nice, so its easy to make friends with her, and she is always willing to fight if she has to. If she doesn't really need to fight, then she stays out of it, which is another good thing about her, making it really hard for her to make unnecessary enemies during her journeys. She is also able to tell if fruits or plants are poisonous or not.

Weakness: Due to when she runs so fast, her vision can blur and she wont know where she was going, or she can run into something. It is really hard to stop when running so fast. Electricity and fire are her main weaknesses. She can't withstand them both because fire can burn her to a crisp, and electricity can zap her so she catches on fire, due to her having the element of flowers and earth, she is very weak when it comes to those things. Therefore she never heats up any of her food, and she never eats meat. All she eats are fruits. The way that the fire and electricity can hurt her is because she is a tangible spirit, meaning she can be touched, making it so unlike most spirits, she can be seen and touched.

Skills/Magic: The powers listed for the Gem Sword, can summon giant roots from plants to restrain the enemy for a short period of time by wrapping roots around their arms and legs and restrains them in the air. This can be avoided if you chop up the roots if you are fast enough. The roots are vulnerable to most fire and electric moves, but be careful using it if they have your friend tied up, they wont loosen until they are completely destroyed. Since they are pretty strong too, humans cant break them with their bare hands, they would need to cut them up with a sword, Stronger races meant for breaking roots would be able to break them though.

Appearance: She has long black hair with blue streaks in it, it covers her right eye. She wears a white dress made out of giant white rose pedals, and the dress does not dry or get messed up or torn. Her skin is perfectly smooth, but she is very pale due to her being a spirit.

Personality: She is kind, and willing to fight if urged to or attacked. She can not make unnecessary enemies due to her not getting involved in fights so often, and she is very scared when it comes to electric items, or fire. She is very courageous, and can't get her feelings hurt easily. When she is in battle, she is really shy at first but as the fight goes on and she actually starts getting hurt, she gets really annoyed and angry at the enemy and tries to kill the. Out of battles, She is nice and cute, but she always hides from people who look even the slightest bit suspicious, Therefore its sort of hard for her to make friends.


Reashiae is the young rose princess of the kingdom called Kirisha. She is 4 years of age currently, and she loves roses, they are the only type of plant Reashiae was fond of, along with all fruit-growing plants. Although she lived a happy life for quite awhile, her kingdom was attacked by the kingdom’s most hated rivals, the Hirnaki.

Shortly after, Reashiae was asked to leave by her mother and father because they didn’t want her to die. That is what they regretted the most. She obediently listened to them, and ran far away from what was soon to be her kingdom if it weren’t for the Hirnaki. She ran away to a small town, known as Apacei, when she was 8 (before that she just was wandering in the wild). She stayed there for many days, hiding from the Hirnaki, and from anyone that would keep her in custody for running into territory not owned by her kingdom.

She was ran out of Apacei one day when it was raining and she had nowhere to stay. She was desperate, so she went into an inn. They knew who she was, and thought she came to take their town as part of her kingdom, so she was ran out by the citizens, and forced to live in the wild. There she stayed, until she died due to drowning in a flood that happened the same day she ran away from Apacei, but her spirit lived on.

She remained in that place, her rose-petal dress soaked, but not tattered. She knew she had to hide in a cave or something whenever there was a fire or thunder storm, and shortly after there was a hurricane that lasted 3 days, she stayed in a small cave, where she found many fruits growing, and fresh supply of water from a little stream of water that trickled into a larger puddle that was very deep, full of water. That supplied her and the plants with enough water, and after 3 days past, she left and continued to wander to what she hoped would be her new home.

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Re: Character List

Name: Bleak

Age: ???

Race: Garo

Sex: Male

Hair: None

Eyes: Cobalt

Weight: 120 lbs.

Height: About 4 feet.

Weapon: Two retractable swords in his huge robe sleeves.

Strengths: Is a master with his swords, master of stealth, amazing speed. He is also pretty cunning. He will also attack relentlessly, furiously and without mercy.

Weakness: His back is an open area, and relies mostly on offense rather than defense. He will also sometimes leap into battle before thinking, and actually has quite a hot temper and a short fuse.

Skills/Magic: None

Appearance: A brown robe and hood that hides his face along with large sleeves for hiding his blades. He also has bandaged feet. His face is entirely hidden, only revealing two piercing cobalt eyes.

Personality: He is brave, and a little headstrong. He will not stop until a job is done. He is also very intellegent. He is also easily angered, but will try not to lash out at anyone. However, he may lose it if insulted enough.

Biography: Born hundreds of years ago in the Ikana Canyon, Bleak was considered the most dangerous Garo in the entire area. He lived with three brothers, two of which died in skirmishes against the Ikana army.
However, one fateful day, the Ikana army attacked the Garo village. The Garo Ninjas defended their home valiently, but alas, all of them died.
Bleak emerged as a shell of what he once was. Like all the others, he believed himself to be alive. They all believed that they had made it out of the raid safe and sound. He then decidedthat he should take the life of a mercenary. The reason? He was one of the village's front guards, and blamed himself for the raid on the village, and decided that the village would be better off without him. He then set off to be a mercenary, working to whoever needed him.
He traveled all across the world. He set up shop to Termania to Hyrule, expecting someone to hire him. He doesn't aspire to do anything, and believes himself dishonored for letting the raid happen.
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Re: Character List

Name: Gazrimere Katharis

Age: 25

Gender: male

Eyes: Jade green

Hair: Jet Black

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 175 lbs.

Ally: A falcon with golden wings name Azrigoth.

Appearance: He wears black silk pants along with a long black shirt/coat with a hood connected by small latches. He wears his dagger across his back, with the throwing knives strapped to both sides(5 on each). He wears somewhat large robes for his size, to give off the appearance that he is larger then he is. Under those robes he is a rather lean man with broad shoulders, and under his stubble and dirt, a strong handsom face.

Personality: Gaz is a headstrong oddball. Many consider him to be insane, when infact he's perfectly sane, Fact more sane then most. the reason he's considered insane is 'cause he runs around on rooftops, and makes a fool of himself in public, mostly so he can laugh at himself. He loves nothing more then to relax by a stream with Azri, and fish.

Weapons: A 20" curved dagger, with a black dragon carved into each side, 10 Short, sharp throwing knives, and a hidden blade(A thin long compartment on the bottom side if his gauntlets/gloves that when he flicks his wrist correctly, it shoots out. The blade comes 8 inches past his knuckles.)

Armor: His clothes and his leather gauntlets.

Pack contents: a Lantern, Shaving kit, Spare cloths, Sharpening stone, Water skin, replacement parts for his weapons, rope, and a fishing pole.

Strengths: He is very gifted in acrobatics, along with high profenciancy levels in all his choice weapons. He is strong for his being lightweight.

Weaknesses: Gaz is lighter then most men, therefor fairly easily overpowered by bigger foes. He commonly jumps into things blindedly.

Skills: Acrobatics, multiple weapon proficiencys, fast runner, high stamina.

Biography: I grew up in a in a small town outside of Acre, a great city of the East. An "Urchen" of the streets, often nicking small things from stands, and people. My mother in father where murdered in the Third Crusade at the hands of Templar knights. I hoped for nothing more to exact my revenge on the Templars.

But that hope was cut short by a mysterious assassin. They say he wore white robes to hide amongst the scholors. After years of nicking things, I finally nicked the right person. They caught me in the act, and told me of their ways. Theivery and Assassinations. The man liked my "chops" and trained me in their ways.

I turned 25 today, and was wandering the streets, looking for something to eat, I came across a man dressed the way they discribed. He wore weapons on his waste a back, all glinting in the morning sun. I follow him for half an hour, weaving through the streets. Then he came to a wall, looked left, then right, then while no one was looking, darted up the wall, and climbed to the roofs. I quickly copyied what he had done, and saw him dropping through a trellis like roof. I walked to the edge, and saw a strange, trianglur symbol. Quietly, I dropped the the ground below, and crept up to a door way that the man went through.

"I plan to do the Assassination tonight," the man said. "Do I have your leave?". "Yes, just be careful." another man said. "I'll be on my way then." the man I followed said. Panicing, I scaled the wall, and hung on all fours on the trellis roof. The man scaled the wall the same way he did earlier. I dropped down quietly and peeked through the door, and saw the other man's back turned. I hunched down, and quietly walked up to the bar like desk he was behind. I peeked over the desk, and saw a marvilous dagger. I want you to find that dagger, The Rahfik has it. Get it at all costs. the words of my master ran through my mind. I reached over the desk, and grabbed the hilt, and gently lifted it. I accidently poked his back once it was almost out, and he turned, and I started running, with him close on my heels. We both scaled the wall with ease, and dropped to the dusty streets below.

"Guards! Guards! Arrest that man!" the Rahfik yelled, while pointing at me. Great.... I thought to myself as I charged through the streets. Behind me, I heard the hiss of swords being drawn from their sheaths. I hurtled down the streets jumping over baskets, and stalls. "Watch it, Ruffian!" I heard a vendor yell, as I grazed him while he was tending to the front of his stall. I turned quickly to my right, and spied handholds in a wall. Without thinking, I climbed the wall, and lay there on the roof motionless, controlling my breathing as best I could. "I can't believe you idiots let him get away! That man stole a priceless dagger from the Rahfik, Gondrak."

At the mention of the dagger, I grasped it tightly. Standing up, breathing more steadily, I strapped it to my back, and ran along the rooftops back to base. "You have done very well, Gazrimere." Kyreegose, my leader told me.
"You may keep that dagger." Kyreegose told me. "Keep it?" I asked. Keeping a weapon you stole in the Grabbers Guild meant you were an Officer. "Does that mean I am promoted?" I asked. "Yes Gazrimere. Now, go down to the horde and pick out a few more weapons that you like." said Kyreegose. With that I turn and went down the spiral stairs for many levels, untill I came to a vault. I tapped on the door twice, paused, three more times, pause, then once more. The large door opened wide and behind it there was a large horde of gold, jewels, weapons, artifacts, and other various valuable things. I looked up and down the weapon area, to find two things that took to my fancy, a glove that had a hidden blade in the bottom, and 10 throwing knives.

I left the vault, and climbed the stairs once again. "Find anything you like?" Kyreegose asked me. "Sure did." I said as I threw a knife right past his head, and flicked out the hidden blade. "I like it. Deadly combo right there." Kyreegose told me, obviously pleased with the choices I had made. "Now, go. Live in the wilds for 1 year, then return, not a day early, not a day late. you must learn to live of the land. But, so you won't be completely alone, take this falcon, his name is Azrigoth." Said Kyreegose as he held out his arm, with a bird on it. It flew over to my right shoulder, and started nuzzling my ear. "Go now, you need not delay, take your possessions." Kyreegose said with a hint of sadness in his voice. I left the building, Azri on my shoulder, pack on my back, and left for the woods to the north.

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Re: Character List

My second character

Name: Clora (No surname)

Age: 42 (Which would be about 18 in ‘human’ terms)

Race: Wood Elf (See Race details below for more, uh… details)

Sex: Female

Hair: Long, copper red hair, going all the way down to the halfway point of her back.

Eyes: Darkened hazel.

Weight: 72 lbs.

Height: 5’11’’

Weapon: She has a shortbow on her back at all times, attached by a strap made of vines. She crafts her own arrows out of fallen trees she comes upon, normally keeping 30-50 in her specially made quiver. She also has a small 6 inch long silver dagger with an ornate wood frame carved from a cherry tree in her quiver. She is quite proficient at fighting with wooden shafts as well if she can find any in the area she is fighting.

Strengths: Clora has amazing skills with her weaponry and is quite proficient with aim and accuracy, leading to few misses in combat. If there is heavy plant growth in the area around her, she can make the area entirely hers to control with little effort. Wood elves like her can withstand large amounts of the elements, so water, air, or lightning based attacks will not affect her nearly as much as other ones.

Weakness: In barren land, Clora cannot use her plant powers to any advantage, and she can’t move trees or larger plants very much at all. Her arrows are entirely wooden (albeit incredibly sharpened wood) so if she is fighting any opponent with great defenses, (like a robot or something) her bow won’t do much good. She can also run out of arrows fairly easily, (they do snap easily and can’t be reused) as it takes her several hours to make a new batch of arrows out of new wood, and she can only do that if there is a source nearby. She is also very sensitive to cold, and will easily be defeated in a cold environment or when facing an opponent with ice spells.

Skills/Magic: Like any skilled wood elf, she has the unique ability to control plants (think Poison Ivy from Batman, or Bushroot from Darkwing Duck.) using her mind. She can make any smaller plant lengthen up to 20 times its normal size if needed, although she cannot thicken plants. They can also not leave the ground when being utilized; otherwise they are no longer usable.

Clora also has access to some minor healing spells using dew that she can summon. This only works in areas where water vapor is present to form the dew. It can fully heal minor wounds and most burns. The dew cannot heal broken bones, torn muscles, or frostbite.

Appearance: Clora is an obvious Wood Elf, looking at her. Her skin is a fair pale color with traces of green tint hidden throughout her skin. Her veins are also green. Her eyes are large for an elf’s and have a very innocent demeanor when just being looked upon, while most of her facial features highly resemble what you’d expect from an elf, with the non-obtrusive nose, long ears, etc.

Clothing wise, Clora always wears earthly tones. Her normal attire is a long, flowing brown gown which almost looks like flexible bark when observed. When felt, it feels like smooth silk. Her shoes ARE made of bark, smoothed down and with leafy pads added into them. Clora prefers to keep her hair in a long ponytail, or just letting it free. Her hair is naturally straight, and she never braids it.

Like most wood elves, she has various elements of nature covering her body. Leaves protrude from her hair like a crown, and 2 large leaves grow down the back of her legs, from the back of the kneecap to just above the ankle. Vines cover her left arm, and her right wrist is rough and brown, like tree bark, segueing in naturally with the skin. The bark effect is also apparent on the back of her neck, although it’s rarely noticeable with her long hair.

Race Details: Wood elves are an offshoot species of elf that evolved with the nature around them thousands of years ago, making them basically less technologically advanced elves that are at one with the world around them. Wood elves are able to control the earth around them, with some focusing on larger plants, some focusing on vines and grasses, still others preferring to offshoot plants all together and control water or air. Most wood elves do not gain much fighting prowess in arts like sword fighting and archery, although most elves from a mixed group of parents get at the very least an idea of combat training.

Picture: I’d draw one myself, but I can’t draw. So… anyone wanna help ol’ UZ out by drawing a wood elf?


* QUIVER: An arrow quiver made of soft leather. It’s large enough to hold almost 75 arrows, although it is rarely full. It is about 1 foot in depth and has several pouches along it in varying size and shape, with some going the whole length of it and some hardly big enough to hold a couple coins.

* BOW:
A shortbow made from Oak. A strand of her mother’s hair is inlaid into the wood, giving it a reddish glint at some points. The bow has been dipped in beeswax keeping it moisture resistant and almost unbreakable. Normally the string in the middle is a vine plucked from Clora’s own arm. It’s attached to her back directly below the quiver with vines.

* DAGGER: A 6 inch long dagger with a cherry frame. The frame is carved with different pictures of animals and shrubs. The dagger is covered by the other half of the wooden frame, which is hollow and fits on top of it. The dagger is stored in a small pocket in the very bottom of the quiver.

* ARROWS: Clora crafts her own arrows with her dagger. Leaves are placed on the back for air resistance in place of the more traditional feathers. Each arrow is approximately a foot in length, and they vary in what type of wood they are made of, due to the fact that they’re made from whatever trees she can find.

* FLUTE: A small wooden flute with a 2 octave range from middle C to a higher C. It is the only instrument she knows how to play, as it was all she studied in the musical portions of school. She is quite good at it, although she cannot read music. It was a gift from her mother, who also played it at one point.

Clora is one of the sweetest people you’re ever bound to meet. Her demeanor is always to try and talk first, fight later, which has gotten her into a bit of trouble at times. Good natured, kind and often outspoken, Clora can’t be beat in the kindness department. She’s the kind of person who nurses birds she finds in the wild back to health.

Clora tends to be very shy around people, and rarely speaks up in conversation. In fact, unless she is spoken to it’s rare to hear her talk at all. Regardless, she makes friends quite easily with her naturally lovely demeanor. She can quite easily sense when someone finds her attractive, which she sometimes uses to her advantage, one of the only mischievous aspects about her. Otherwise she is rarely known to lie, cheat or manipulate anyone in any way.

She despises fighting in general, as she dislikes harming other creatures, especially animals. As such if an opponent is using any sort of summoned creature or steed, she tends to try and hit the source rather than the mount in most situations. As a rule, Clora does not fight back unless totally necessary and will not kill her opponent if at all possible. Her amazing aim with the bow helps her achieve this goal and she has yet to kill another man or elf in combat in her life. She hopes to keep it that way.

Biography: Compared to some of the more war-oriented elves in the world, Clora’s lifestyle has been a fairly boring one. She was born from a regular male elf and a female wood elf, gaining mostly her mother’s attributes. She was often shunned by other wood elves as a child due to not being quite as plant-like as they were, but Clora quickly learned the charisma that it would take to make friends. Slowly but surely as she grew, more people began to notice her and she was soon able to use her differences as a strength for herself, not a weakness.

During schooling Clora mostly focused on the fine arts in her studies, leaving warfare and fighting techniques to the more aggressive of her peers. She specialized in painting and musicianship, learning to play an old wooden flute provided by her mother. She wound up being quite good at the flute, although most of her musical peers were able to outshine her at their prospective instruments. Her painting style is quite absurdist, with strange color combinations and pictures. She was generally praised as a student for her new and sometimes innovative ideas in the fields of the arts.

As she grew, her powers of control over nature began to arise in her, and she chose to focus on medium sized plants and vines, due to the overwhelming variety of plants she could find in that region. She focused all of her training on that area, losing any chance she may have had to gain power over air or water. Eventually she had a change of heart near the ending of her training, and gave herself just enough time to gather the knowledge and ability of healing dew from the air. As her training solidified and finished, her mother died at the age of 205, quite young for an elf. Saddened and in despair over her mother’s death, she took solace in her father, who decided to show her the joys of archery.

Clora’s father was delighted to see Clora take up archery so easily, and as a year passed she got very skilled at both aim and agility. Soon he gave her an old quiver that he himself had used often during his youth. After teaching her all that he had known about it he began to teach her about other fighting styles, none of which wound up sticking with her as well as the archery had. She eventually got decent at all around combat styling, but archery remained her favorite. Soon after learning the art of staff fighting, her dad was summoned away by the local king for his role in a fight against several of the king’s men during a burglary. He was thrown in the King’s dungeon and Clora has yet to hear from him since.

In the year following her dad’s imprisonment, she grew more and more apart from the elven community and eventually decided it was high time she left the forests and woods she knew and explore what else the world contains. She started towards the more populated areas of the world with a sense of glee and a twinkle in her eye.

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