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Re: Character List

Chomps ( himself only)


name: Chomps

age: currently eight years old, his species grow fast.

race: dinosaur, a species of tyrannosaur called Tyrannosaurus knucklerii, one of the species of present day tyrannosaurs.


hair: none. Only his green protofeathers as a pup, used in kaiju classification,
can be counted.

eye color: a light red, round and cat eyed.

weight: typical specimans weigh 5 tons. Chomps is one of the "extreme" specimans (predicted) to reach 6 tons. He is currently 600 pounds.

height: Adults reach up to 55 feet long and 20 feet tall. Chomps, being a juvinile, is currently 15 feet long and 7 feet tall, and counting.

weapons: extremely powerful jaws that has the biggest bite force of all animals, even against the best known placoderm and it's ancestor the Tyrannosaurus rex. bone crushing teath. powerful three fingered arms used to grasp his prey (consisted from as small as mice to as large as the biggest saltasaurid, which has saltasaurus itself, sauropods). A long tapering tail. Eagle clawed feet. strong regenerative power.

strengths: Sharp eyesight, allowing him to see sudden movements out in the open and in dense cover. Being the largest land carnivore, Chomps has the greatest sense of smell of any animal. This allows him to track enemies for miles away. Able to find obey strategies by his master.for his strengths, Chomps has the ability to regenerate at a fast, but not too fast, pace.
The amount of miles chomps can track is near indefinite. His ability to obey his masters commands is similar to that of a dog, which also obeys his/her master. He mostly uses his jaws as a killing weapon. One GREAT chomp can crush a big animal.

weaknesses: Bulls of chomp's species are fearcely protective of their territory and will do whatever it takes to save it, even death can apply. Domesticated animals will react to the masters danger to a halt. Chomps' specie is also able to react to an event to what happened to a person or thing and express it. His chance to visit the battle feild is good as long as his master is not captured or killed.Any time if the scent chomps is tracking is crossed with another scent, he will stop and retract the smell. Although his specie is lighter built than it's ancestor, The species has a wide radius turning, making him tough to catch agile opponents and prey.

skills/magic: Chomps is one of the many specimans who's blood stream can accept kaiju power vaccines. One such vaccine increased the sound of his roar to an extreme, allowing him to kill enemies at a safe range. Another vaccine increased his mobility, which allows him to leap vast distances of 5 to 10 feet.

Here are the vaccines and the effects.

Flexibility (injected in the bones): allows the patient to have incredible flexibiltity. The downfall, to much flexibility vaccines will kill you as your skeleton turns into cartilage.

Sound increasers(injected in the voice box): increases the volume of sound in your voice box. The down fall, a wrong vaccine of volume will either make you mute or highly squeeky.

strength(injected in the muscles): similar to steroids, but has no harm to the internal systems(reproductive, breathing etc.). the only thing harmful is that the vaccine limits the movement of the joint where the muscles are when they are vaccinated.

regenerative: decreases the amount of days of healing. but power hungry people who take too much vaccines will have to be euthanized(killed).

smarts: increases the amount of brain cells by one thousand. Too much will cause you to suffer from head aches. the vaccine for that will be mentioned next.

brain drain: decreases the amount of brain cells by one million. useful for those who are suffering from too much smart vaccines.

apearence: His species, although similar in build to tyrannosaurus rex, is more lightly built. their color is judged by the color of the pup's protofeather color,for example if they are black then their skin is balck as adults. thus chomps' color is light green.His species skull is longer. Chomps specie also has an increase in flexibility, allowing them to do the tripod stance in Charles R. Knights drawings. His species back has small osterderms and small spines lining from back of the neck to the tail tip.

personality: Chomps is honest to his very goodness. His main problem is how will he protect his freinds and defeat baddies. His sense of smell usually leads him to traps. Smoke is chomps major dislike, as he cannot see in the smoke. Chomps usually takes things that are very hurtful to him such as "big head" and "how can you grab with such small, dinky arms?!". But he is very forgiving and will forgive his freinds and forgets the bad things.

Biography: His birth place is in Shark city, Shark island in the game preserve around the time of the ocarina of time events (at least around 2035 HC to 2047 HC).

He has a family yes and he grew up with them for seven years, but they died on the seventh year when ganondorf killed them for protecting their son.

here's a very sad story, chomps was the only one of his egg clutch to survive. He has deciesed brothers and sisters because of the egg theiving dinosaurs of the preserve. He does make up for them with his freinds, one a Therizinosaur called baby, and a genus of Troodon called mary. They still live in the preserve today as honorary animals. Chomps visits them often.

His childhood, although short, was extremely abusive. Chomps was abused by other carnivores and hugely a speciman of an giant, albino pliosaur called Moby. Only by his parents will he be saved.

Chomps is protective of his former master knuckles the echidna.Chomps protectivity of knuckles was his mostly sworn oath when he became seven years old. This was later passed down to his and knuckles' descendants( most importantly knuckles' daughter). Any sign of trouble, chomps will usually come as fast as he can to save him. Thus, while he is compassionate to knuckles, he will attack enemies without mercy and most likely will eat them in the process. His temper is quite long, but it
whittles down at a fast pace because his enemy usually hurt his feeling by racial means.He will also not trust those he does not know. Though shark isle is his current home, he wants to know whats out there in the old world, which he does later in his life. He later explores the apparent New World, which is west of supremia. I have mentioned tthat he will not respect those who disrespect him. The goal in being a worldly dominant predator is moving to a top predators land and killing one in the process. Chomps, being the dominant predator, tests his power over all the other predators in the land.Chomps' species age is opposed to the original age of tyrannosaurs, which lives for 29 years. This is because the amount of food on shark island allows them to live a long time.

During the Ocarina of time timeline, a bridge of rock forms from Hyrule to Shark island, which allows animals to cross the ocean. Chomp's, seeking revenge for what happened to his parents by ganon, crosses the bridge with the others.

His name is Knuckles the Echidna. Chomps and knuckles is really a referance to the comics in which knuckles has a pet dinosaur named chomps, though it is unknown what the comic version of chomps is. The reason I add him to the zelda universe is because in my version of ocarina of time, Knuckles had a vision of an evil man, which apeared to be ganon, taking every single super powerful item in his grasp and conquering the world. Knuckles, thinking the vision is true, moves from Angel Island, which is above the Old World, and settles in death mountain, near dodongo's cavern.

his age is 16 years old, but became 23 years old after link's seven year nap after he drew the master sword.

his apearence is exactly what he is in the sonic universe, Long red dread locks, two spikes on his knuckles, and so fourth.
Here is a picture from wikipedia

his personality is quite the same as he is in the games except that he is more expecting to do what he can to protect the master emerald. He also has a hatred for people who are carefree, but that changed when he met chomps.

How the duo met is this. During the adventure,knuckles accidently broke the kaiju game preserve wall.He, along with his friends found an egg when the destruction was over and decide to take it to be sacrificed because they have lost the kaiju's most prized possesion, The Holy Grail. They later found out that the grail was returned safely. A little later they have seen the egg hatch and knowing it was a predator, all, except knuckles, have fled. Knuckles, seeing it as a cute harmless pup, accepts it and powerful bond starts. He does everything a parent does, which includes naming him chomps. The only problem is feeding it as he experianced seeing him eat a mouse. He introduces them to the others. They were just close to accepting him when Chomps' predatory instincts caused him to bite one of his friends tail. After that, Chomps was treated horribly by the others and after knuckles told him that predators cannot be accepted to the city, though later they accept predators, Chomps runs away from the foursome heroes. Just as he ran away, His parents, A dark forest green male (which is his dad) and an albino female (his mom) enters the city. They find chomps and return to the game preserve. The inhabitants see that the wall is damaged and that they plan to seal it. Knuckles finds Chomps' family returning to their home. Chomps see's knuckles and tries to join him again. His words are " chomps, you must go to your family! The people are trying to fix the damage done to the wall!" Chomps becomes startled, then knuckles say's " It may be your first time you met me, but I have something important, we'll meet each other again sometime." After Chomps leave's, and the kaiju close the wall, the scientists were still unsure what to call Chomps' specie. Knuckles, being in honor by his new friend for life, calls his specie Tyrannosaurus knucklerii for his honor of experiancing one.
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Re: Character List

I don't think I did this after my character was approved, so I'll just do it now.

Cnl. Ethan Hurron - Expired


Team Leader, Tactician





A solid blue turquoise colour.

Cyan (like his hair, but a darker shade).

165 lbs

5 ft 11 in.

Fadeaway - Celldweller

Spearhead wields a trident forged from a very strong and highly conductive metal. The side blades of the trident resemble single-edged swords because that's how they are intended to act like; the side blades are used not only for stabbing but for slicing. It is considered more effective than a normal spear because it acts like both a spear in that it stabs, and a sword in that it slices. In both spaces between the blades, the edges are lined up with teeth that are used to catch weapons and break them. The middle blade acts like a spear, since only it's tip is sharp and exposes itself when used to attack.

Spearhead's trident is 6 ft 6 in. long, the blade being a foot long. The blade is purple-tinted, and the staff part is a dark bluish-purple. A blue-almost-white coloured cloth is tied where the blade meets the staff part, hanging a fair 2 ft in length off the weapon.

Aside from his weapon, Spearhead can control lightning to attack his enemies (see Skils/Magic section for further details).

Spearhead wears no armour.

Spearhead is a very agile fighter, with exceptional balance and hand-eye coordination. Being in the military since a very young age, Spearhead has learned to adapt to the vile conditions of war very quickly, creating a sixth sense for danger; Spearhead can tell something dangerous will occur during battle, and quickly act to that situation.

Being able to control lightning makes Spearhead much stronger in thunderstorms or in wet areas like marshes and bogs. He also has an advantage inside steel hallways or in areas where there is metal.

Spearhead dislikes silence. As a matter of fact, he entirely loathes it. He will always carry with him an MP3 player on every mission. This helps him totally ignore the cries he continuously hears whenever his adrenaline rushes. If it breaks, the cries will torment him and distract him, which could leave him entirely open. Also, if this happens, Spearhead might call in for back-up, but his overall more common approach is suicide; he'll use any of his last resort that could result in a fatal end.

Spearhead isn't much of a strong individual, lacking physical strength when fighting much bigger and stronger opponents. Avoiding such strong blows that could literally crush him can easily bring down his endurance and leave him partially open during a fight.

Lightning is considered to be the most difficult of elements to control due to it's severely violent and unstable nature, capable of destroying the user if he/she loses control and/or is too weak to control its violent nature. Spearhead is capable of controlling this elements, but at the cost of his mental stability; everytime he uses an offensive or defensive ability with his elemental weapon, his mind tends to mess up in that he can either gain blurry sight, get light-headed, or dizziness that provokes vomiting. Fortunately the effects are temporary and can be rid of with a good days rest, but severe , the greater the risk. To avoid this, he does not use his elemental power unless he deems necessary (i.e. when faced with a stronger opponent). However Spearhead is able to safely charge his weapon with The Ballad of Blades, but it takes awhile to charge and it takes longer to reuse over and over again.

Spearhead's skills comes from the music he listens to. He listens to music every mission, mainly to help ignore the voices and cries that overwhelm him whenever he experiences an adrenaline rush. However, music has influenced his fighting style in that his fighting style is almost similar to dancing.

There are 3 forms of this style:

Form 1: Ballad of Blades
The name does not imply a dance, but rather a song. Reason for such a name is the sound the trident makes when it is spun continuously in Spearhead's hand, which resembles the sound of a high-pitched flute (you know those flexible plastic tubes you can swing around and it makes that hollow sound? Think that, but more higher-pitched sort of, like a flute). This style is equally offensive and defensive, and is danced to mainly post-grunge type of music. This form can also help generate lightning into his weapon to shoot at his opponent(s).

Form 2: Breaking Off
This is more of a defensive style, but still can be used for attacking. This style involves heavy acrobatic movement for countering close and long-range attacks, resembling power moves in breakdancing (i.e. breaking). The style's name implies that Spearhead is usually off the ground when using this style, therefore "Breaking Off" means that Spearhead "Breaks Off" the ground, never landing and planting his feet onto the ground for a long time at once. As with all breakdancing, this style corresponds to heavy hip-hop (it can be rock with a hip-hop-like beat, or actual hp-hop) and rap music.

Form 3: Dance with Thy Weapon
This is the very opposite of "Breaking Off" in that this form involves all-out offense, and it is also connected with that form because this form is used right after exiting the defensive form. Spearhead attacks the enemy head-on, throwing fast attacks with his weapon. Using this form requires good timing, for attacking an open spot a second later could have him meet his grave. There is no defense used in this, so he must be quick to attack when the enemy exposes him/herself. This is danced to anything fast-paced, like really aggresive power metal or some form of techno.

Spearhead can go into a state of total concentration and power. During this time, his eyes are glowing light blue and he's surrounded by lightning. This is due to his arm, which is covered in black, flame-like tattoos that spread all over his back and both arms, and turn the same blue as his eyes when in this state. Unlike his abilities, this takes no toll on him and will not use up his power. He can stay in this form, but after using all the energy he has he can gain some of the problems listed in his weaknesses. There is no known name for this, but he calls it an "elemental state".

Steel Strike:
Rather simple, and does not require any sort of energy from Spearhead's body. Just by spinning his weapon quickly while in his "Ballad of Blades" form, Spearhead is able to generate small amounts of lightning into his weapon. When enough is created, he throws his weapon at his opponent. If it misses, the energy inside the weapon can send the enemy back. Drawbacks? It takes awhile to generate, and Spearhead must constantly spin his trident in order to generate enough energy at once. This, unlike the others, does not need Spearhead to be in his elemental state.

Thunder Blade:
The simplest and safest of his lightning abilities. Spearhead creates a razor-sharp blade of pure lightning in his hand, about the length of his forearm, and literally uses it as an extension of his arm. It takes the least amount of his energy to create and use, so he can use it for a long period of time. However, it begins to disappear when he overuses it for too long. After using it the second time when he finishes using it the first time, then problems can occur.

Crumbling Pillar
This requires a good amount of energy. This move is done above the opponent from a good height above him/her, so this is done when in Spearhead's "Breaking Off" form.. A strong blast of lightning shoots from Spearhead's palm straight below him, looking like a pillar in a sense. It's powerful enough to leave the earth scarred, almost like it "crumbled" so to speak (hence the name).

Godly Annihilation
For this to be successful, Spearhead must be in his "Break Off" form, and a thunderstorm must occur. During this attack, Spearhead jumps high into the air and lifts his trident above him, using it as an antenna to attract lightning to him. Once finished collecting enough energy into himself and his weapon, Spearhead attacks his enemy straight-forward. Once he collides with the opponent, a large blast of lightning consumes a large radius from the point of impact. This usually is the final blow, since there are no survivors. Only once had Spearhead used this attack, but not to its full potential and he was very lucky to live in the aftermath.

Spearhead's hair hangs down to his neck. It appears messy but is naturally straight. His hair is long enough to cover his eyes, but he has them off to the side to avoid distraction from loose hair.

Spearhead wears a dark-blue-almost-black, sleeveless cloak that hangs down about 2 inches off the floor. The sleeves were apparently ripped off, as it appears ripped where the sleeves would be. Spearhead wears no shirt or anything on his upper body, leaving his scars on both his chest and back visible. Spearhead wears dark brown pants with same coloured boots that rise up halfway his shins. When he has his MP3 with him, he carries it in a pouch-like carrying case that's attaches onto his belt. To make sure the cord doesn't get in the way, the cord goes behind him, up his back and to his ears instead of in front.

Spearhead is very calm and quiet, always keeping to himself and isolating himself from others when doing something other than his mission. When it comes to taking action, his voice shows leadership. He never wastes time and always sees the mission as his first and most important priority. He has no relationship with anyone; no girlfriend, no friends, no known family, except his team who he also sees as no more than just that. He doesn't like anyone, but he doesn't hate or despise anyone. He is very neutral when it comes to judgement of a person, as if he either doesn't care at all or he believes in equality among everyone.

Even if Spearhead has no known friends, he always places his mission first, but also places his team before himself. If one of his teammates are injured or in danger, he will place himself at risk for their safety. As some who know him would put it, he places his team the same way he places his mission.

He hates praise, whether it be from his peers or his team, or his officers. It doesn't matter who praises him, he absolutely despises it, reason being that he sees no reason for it at all. He feels that whatever he is asked to do by his commanding officer, he will do it until it is completed. "There should be no reward for what we are asked to do," he always says.


"What the hell happened here?"

"I don't know, sir, but I have the data pertaining to the incident."

"Good. So what happened here?"

"That we cannot say, but the body count is high. 90% have been proven dead, and the rest are all missing. They too seem to be dead, but the evidence is insufficient to prove it."

"Do you mean to say that this is an extinction?"

"It appears to be that way, sir."

"My God, what could've done such a thing?"

The sound of a baby's cries were heard not too far from where both men stood. Both took cautious steps to the source of the sound, aware of the possibility that it could be a trap. They carefully turned over a corpse, only to find an infant child in the arms of a dead woman, his head covered with a small patch of brown hair and his black eyes were dark but innocent.

Both were surprised to still see a living being in the silent graveyard they stood on. The baby was known to be the only survivor of a massive genocide responsible of killing off the entire population of Grajik, a small, rural-type country that was home to 8 million farmers and war veterans, and other people who wished to live peacefully. This incident was such a mystery due to the reasons behind the attack; they had no enemies, no signs of actually posing a threat, and they were trading partners with almost all nations due to their well-grown crops and agriculture. Why would someone, or something, attack them if they were no threat? Could it be the ones responsible wanted the exports for themselves? Was it just mindless bloodshed? No one knows why it happened, and as it stands, no one will.

As for the baby boy who was found among the dead, he was the source of much debate. The man who found him, known only as Cnl. Warrick Hurron, wanted the boy to be taken care of in the W.P.F. (World Police Force) Headquarters. His superiors were against the idea. "Who would have the time to take care of the child?" they'd ask. The colonel knew no one would stand forth and claim the responsibility of raising the boy, so he decided that he will take on that responsibility. Everyone else were thrown off by this decision.

"Are you out of your mind, War?" a friend of the colonel's asked in disbelief and dismay. "You are the most important asset to this force. You are going to waste your time with that kid, and he'll only slow you down either way if you keep him here."

"Will I slow you down? Or will the infant slow you down?" Warrick looked at his disappointed friend with sharp eyes, almost peering into his mind after reading his friend's face like a children's storybook. "I will take care of him and train him so that he will become as great a soldier as anyone else... No, not as great, even better. He will be the greatest!"

"So that he can continue your legacy when you're gone?"

"So that he can carry on his legacy when I'm gone."

General Dom Quarren, CEO of the agency, was very skeptic about the colonel's decision, but after learning that the boy had no relatives and had no family friends as well, being the only one to live in the family, the boy was to be taken care of in the refugee department. There, the survivor of the calamity was raised by volunteered individuals, visited by the colonel from time-to-time. He was also given a name by the colonel, being called Ethan. It wasn't long until Cnl. Hurron formed a fatherly-like bond with the child.

After turning 6 (they didn't know his real birthdate, but after genetic tests his birthdate was estimated to the closest date), Ethan began high-level academic studies in the force, unusual for a child at such a young age to undertake. Everyone thought the colonel was on the brink of insanity when he decided to enroll the boy in one of the high classes in the school that the force heavily sponsored in the building. Keeping the child in the base was already a crazy idea, but this was stupid, and everyone agreed to that. Although everyone's thoughts were absolute, Warrick's thoughts were the complete opposite; he had much faith in Ethan and believed that he'll manage one way or the other. It might've been stupid in a sense, but he wasn't going to change his mind about his decision. Besides, the boy had nothing against it, so unless something severe happened to the child the colonel made his choice final.

4 years have passed, and Ethan was handling the academics of his training exceptionally well. He even stayed at the top of all his classes after two years of grasping what he needed to learn. After turning 10, it was time for the physical aspect of his training. It started off as simple exercises to help the body develop good endurance, then it continued with more complex training: running in abnormal conditions, learning the basics of survival in the wilderness, firearm training, close-combat involving both hand-to-hand and weapon combat, and recon. Ethan excelled in all his training exercises in a matter of several months, and again became the top trainee in all categories. Although he highly excelled in all his training exercises, it was evident enough that he favoured the hand-to-hand combat training, especially using the polearms of any sort he chooses. The boy's achievements pleased the colonel very much, knowing that his dream would finally be accomplished soon. There was only one more thing he needed to do.

"Ethan, please come with me," Cnl. Hurron called the boy.

"What is it, sir?" Ethan asked as he tagged along.

"You don't have to call me that," the colonel retorted. "I told you many times that you can call me Warrick, or something other than sir."

"But my teachers say that it's disrespect to your commanding officer if you don't call him by sir, or ma'am." Ethan looked confused by Warrick's plea to call him by another name.

"Well, I allow you to call me by something other than that name." Warrick was disgruntled by the constant calling of "sir" that came from the boy. He always heard the boy call him sir, regardless of how many times the colonel explained that he didn't have to call him by that name. He didn't like being called sir by a boy not even able to shave since it gave him the impression he was getting old. He didn't like the feeling lingerig about.

"If you say so, si - I mean, Warrick," Ethan replied, grinning.

"Anyway," the colonel continued with his previous thought, "Do you remember your first day of school?"

"Yeah, it was real hard," Ethan replied, scratching the back of his head as he reminisced about the said day.

"Yes, it was hard, and I knew it was. However, I knew you would do great." The colonel crossed his arms. "But you did more than great. You amazed everyone with your accomplishments, and still continued to show us your growing potential."

"I don't get it," Ethan retorted with his charming innocence, which everyone adores about him as one of his qualities. "What do you mean, sir?"

"Today is your gift from all the hard work you accomplished, Ethan," Warrick said with a warm smile. "You will receive something that was special to you, even if you didn't know it."

The child, now 12 years old, looked at the officer with a perplexed look. Seeing this on the boy's face, Warrick couldn't help but let out a chuckle.

"You'll soon see in a moment."

They entered a clean bedroom that housed many pictures of family and friend's of someone's. The colonel sat on the neatly-made bed across from the door. Ethan stood neext to him, watching the officer pull something out from under the bed. It was a long, wide case made of polished wood, making the boy look at it in awe.

"What's inside, sir?" the boy asked, anxiously waiting to set his eyes on the object inside.

The colonel silently opened the case, and the boy saw a long, dark bluish-purple pole the length of the case, and an oddly-shaped spearhead. Ethan's eyes glistened wondrously like the light shining off the blade.

"Is this for me?" the boy asked hysterically.

"Yes, it is," the colonel replied with a warm smile. "For your hard work and continuously growing talent, I present to you a gift like none other."

"Why is it so special?" Ethan asked.

"I cannot tell you," came the answer, "But you will know when the time comes."

"When will that be, sir?" Ethan asked impatiently, followed by the colonel's chuckle that was an indirect reply to the boy's displeasing habit.

"I cannot tell you," Warrick explained, "But you must find out for yourself. You will learn when you get older."

"Everyone tells me that. When will anyone tell me anything?" The boy let out a disgruntled sigh.

* * *

"Attention!" Came the order, and everyone stood straight to await their orders. Warrick stepped up to the front to explain the current situation. After clearing his throat, he began the briefing.

"As you know, there are multiple insurgencies in the western continent around the city of Damaro. The Kaet Tribe is breaking the treaty the two societies have signed by rampaging through the city streets, and this could give birth to a war. We have been called out to stop these insurgencies before it becomes a calamity.

We will be split into two teams, the Security Team and the Assault Team. The Assault Team will drive off the insurgencies from the cities, whereas the Security Team will keep an eye on the villages after the insurgencies have been forced back in retreat until all things have settled down.

The mission sounds simple, doesn't it? Well, it would be if you killed the enemy. However, we as specially-trained international police, our job is to stop injustice from occurring and to achieve peace. To do that, we must not tamper with that peace.

I will lead the Security Team, and the leader of the Assault Team will be-"

A tall boy, seemingly a teenager, walked up to the front of all the officers standing in attention. His broad frame and muscular physique showed he went through extensive training since a very young age, and his face beared no emotion, giving everyone the impression that he was very serious about anything, if not everything. His hair was an unusual colour as well; a very light blue, almost turquoise colour, and his eyes were a much darker colour than his clean hair that brushed his shoulders as he walked. He also wore the standard uniform with his sleeves rolled up to above his elbows, but he wore a crest on his right shoulder that represented his rank as Lieutenant Colonel. What was more peculiar about this teen was what he carried on his back; a long spear-like weapon whose length exceeded his own height. Everyone watched the teenager stand in front of them all, wondering who this person could be.

"Hello to all," he said with a monotonous voice, no change of expression in his face. "I am Lt. Cnl. Ethan Hurron, your Assault Team leader."

No one said a thing knowing that they aren't allowed to speak, but both Ethan and Warrick saw the expressions on their faces. The colonel walked up to the teenager's side.

"yes, this is him. That boy you knew from years ago," Cnl. Warrick cleared up for them. "After he turned 13 years old, I decided to have him train with a friend of mine in the southern forests not too far from the headquarters. Now you see him at 17, a fine, young, well-mannered man standing right next to you as your commanding officer."

"You may stand at ease, soldiers," Their officer ordered, a vague smile appearing on his face. All soldiers in the room stood to their own comfort, continuing to listen to the briefing.

"As you have all been told, we are to split into two groups. Whoever is in my team, please take this into account," Ethan added. "I don't want to be called sir. It makes me feel old." Everyone let out a chuckle, Ethan joining in. Ethan continued when the humour ceased. "Instead, I'd prefer you call me by my code name, Spearhead. I hope you do your best, and help achieve peace this day... Ah, hell, let's kick some ass!"

Everyone shouted in agreement, raising their fists to show their enthusiasm to their new officer.

* * *

"Move! Move! Move!" The soldiers came out like a pack of wild dogs into the city streets, firing at the tribe warriors with the stun guns issued to them for the mission. Spearhead's team went into action and started to fire at the enemy to drive them off back into their villages. The choppers left after deploying the troops, and Warrick's chopper went on ahead to start securing the area. The tribe warriors didn't put up much of a fight, most of them running away when under heavy fire. It was much too simple, but not suspiciously so, so no one spent too much time wondeing about the simplicity of the mission.

However, Spearhead had something else going on in his mind. Voices started to go off in his head at times during the mission. At first he figured it was only the screaming of the enemies, but they sounded more like cries of mercy from victims of supposed gunfire, wood crackling from fires that he could somehow feel the heat from. He looked around him in panic, but everything was normal. What the hell's going on?

"Spearhead, are you all right?" a nearby soldier asked. Spearhead nodded assuringly, and the soldier went on her way.

It wasn't too long after the mission was complete. Once all tribe warriors were forcibly taken back to their villages, the Security Team took charge and allowed the other team to pack up and begin to leave. As Spearhead was ready to board the chopper, something else unknown to the teenager happened at the same time.

"What did you just tell me?" Cnl. Warrick angrily replied to the man.

"Are you hard of hearing, colonel? I ordered you to get rid of them."

"You can't be serious! They were to be forced back to their homes, not to be slaughtered. I will not do it."

"You forget, colonel," the man rose from his chair in the large office. "I am one of your force's biggest sponsors, and I have all control of this mission. If you do not follow my orders, I will simply stop paying your force what I do now, crippling you all severely. Do you really want that?"

Warrick said no more, but gritted is teeth in anger. He left the room and had no choice but to do what he was asked.

Gunfire alerted Spearhead and caused him to jump. At first he ignored it, thinking it was just in his head until he noticed everyone was reacting to the sounds. The teenage officer ordered his team to follow him, and quickly darted for the source of the gunfire. What he saw afterward was more than what he could've comprehended.

Fires were blazing through the villages as countless natives were shot mercilessly. Spearhead could hear the cries of the victims who ran and fought back regardless of how very little it did for them. It wasn't, however, what was happening to those people, but who did the horrible things - his own colleagues, led by the one who raised him, Cnl. Warrick hurron.

He couldn't look back. It was too horrid for him to look away and pretend it wasn't happening. The cries from before crept into his head and tormented him even further, but they were accompanied by voices that forced him to awake...

Wake up, and do your duty, they said. You must stop this madness.

"What madness?" the young officer replied confused. "Who are you? What do you want?"

Wake up, it repeated. Wake up and do the task bestowed upon you.

"Get out of my head!" He fell to his knees in pain from the voices calling him. A soldier from his team approach him, placing a hand on his shoulder in fear of what was happening to the officer, but he pulled it back after feeling a strong shock coming from his commanding officer.

Then Spearhead rose to his feet, his eyes glowing and heat emanating from his body. The intense heat ripped at his uniform, showing his upper body that grew flame-like tattoos all over his back and arms. Everyone was in awe and afraid of what they witnessed. The fear grew even more after columns of blue lightning fell violently from the heavens. Spearhead knew nothing of what he was doing, oblivious to every action his body was commiting. It was only after the voices spoke for the last time that all of it ended in the most violent manner...

... do your duty, and kill your enemy.

The fires were extinguished by the might of the bolts of lightning that shot from Spearhead's body, destroying not just the village he stood in, but all the villages in the surrounding area. Everyone in the path of the lightning were incinerated, and even the ones who escaped died by the powerful force that came from the blasts. Surprisingly, no native lost their life from the blasts, and only the soldiers were killed by the might of the lightning bolts.

After waking up from his experience, he saw with his own eyes the destruction of the villages, the building bordering the town from the forests and native villages, and all the dead W.P.F. soldiers. He fell to his knees and cried, unable to stop the crying, for at his knees laid Cnl. Warrick Hurron's body; the body of his mentor, his guardian, and his father.

* * *

"Lt. Cnl. Ethan Warrick."

"Yes, sir?"

"How do you plead to the crimes of mass murder and city-wide destruction?"


"I see." Dom stood from his desk and walked to Spearhead, who wore hand-cuffs as he was officially convicted as a cold-blooded murderer for crimes he knew nothing of. Spearhead knew he had no control of what happened that day, still oblivious to the day's events, and after 5 years of living in a cold and dark cell, reminiscing about the day over and over again in his head for countless hours, he knew it could've been avoided somehow. He didn't know how, but a strong feeling told him he could've prevented it. Now was Judgement Day, and he was going to take his punishment any way it would be given to him.

"It seems that your mentor saw you as something else," the man replied, motioning his hand for the nearby guard to come and remove his hand-cuffs. The surprising release of the young officer was more than he could handle, but the man had more to say.

"I knew Warrick very well, Ethan," Dom said. "And he knew this day would come. He knew who you truly were."

"He knew? WHat do you mean 'He knew' ?" the young officer asked perplexed. "How did he know about it? Why didn't he tell me?"

"You should know by now, son," the General said warmly, "He's always been full of surprises." He took out an envelope from his back pocket and handed it to Spearhead. "Take this. It will explain everything."

The officer, now 22 years old, took the envelope from the General and ripped it open on the spot. He read it to himself without showing any sort of emotion on his face. After reading the letter, he gave himself a nod that told him he understood.

"I must go, sir."

"I know," Dom replied. "And expect a promotion when you get back."

After saluting to his commanding officer, he left for a place unknown to anyone. It was never revealed where Spearhead left for, or what the letter said, but many rumours spread around the men and women in the force. Some said the colonel told him to train hard and be the best soldier, so he went to train and control his power or something of the sort. Others believed he went to a library to study what happened to him after being told in the letter he was to learn more of what he experienced. No one ever knew for sure, but Spearhead was gone for another year and was never seen or heard from for that time.

* * *

"Sir, you're back!" a soldier called out to greet his superior. "Where were you hiding, sir?"

But he did not listen, and instead walked past him as if he wasn't there. He was like that with everyone at headquarters. He ignored everyone who tried to greet him warmly, but he disregarded them and minded his own business. Some were becoming confused as to why their superior officer, never seen since the incident 6 years ago, would ignore them after not seeing any of them. Others just took into consideration what happened back then could've changed the young adult.

Spearhead walked into the General's office, greeted by the soldiers stationed at the doors. He walked in and saw Dom looking out the large window behind his desk.

"So I see you've come, Lieutenant Colonel 'Spearhead' ," Dom greeted him as well. "Or should I say, Colonel Spearhead."

No answer came from the officer. He simply walked straight to the General's desk and placed three things on top: the letter given to him a year ago by Dom, and a pistol that was accompanied by a single round. He then walked out of the room, not one of them speaking a word.

So now it's my turn, Dom told himself.

Once he exited the office, a soldier came to him to escort him to the training facilities to choose his team, as he was ordered to do by the General. Spearhead complied and followed.

* * *

After much observation, Spearhead came down to four individuals. As he read their bios', he carefully took into account their abilities and what they could do for the team:

Name: Seth Larken
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Weight: 135 lbs
Height: 5' 11"
Specialty: Expert pilot and mechanic.

Able to control the element of fire. Was a former cloud surfer in his late teen years, but decided to join the W.P.F. after his father, Squadron Leader Bill Larken, died in a dogfight when up against 5 enemy pilots. Somewhat childish and boastful of his skills at flying and fixing supposedly "anything", but his skills are exceptionally good.

Name: Kaya Az'Kune
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Weight: 120 lbs
Height: 5' 10"
Specialty: Expert marksman and sniper,.

Able to control the element of air. Said to be able to fire the tip of a strand of hair from 500 yards away. A calm, quiet and benevolent personality, never able to lose her temper. Being as good as she is, she is unable to shoot to kill. Calm and quiet, the best aspects of a sniper. She doesn't shoot to kill, hmm... her bio says explains her accuracy is undoubtedly perfect, so it wouldn't matter either way.

Name: Argoroth Mecenia
Age: 30
Sex: Male
Weight: 500 lbs
Height: 7'
Specialty: Weapons specialist.

Able to control the element of earth. Knows anything and everything about any sort of weapon, regardless of age or rarity. He proves to follow orders perfectly without having second thoughts, but still has his own mind and thoughts about any issue brought up. He will prove to be very useful with his extensive knowledge and discipline.

Name: Azura Tetsuna
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Weight: 120 lbs
Height: 5' 9"
Specialty: Black Ops and Recon

Able to control the element of darkness. Able to hide in any environment which also includes open grassland, and is able to kill an enemy in a room full of multiple men without showing herself. She is also able to survive without food and water for 7 days if necessary. Her agility and speed are exceptional. She proves herself to be independent. That will be vital to the assignments ahead.

"Looks like they will do," he assured himself.

* * *


The four individuals stood straight and waited for their team leader. They were all anxious to meet their commanding officer, though Kaya was somewhat afraid. She shook the fear off when the doorswung open and in came a tall soldier with strange turquoise blue hair and darker-coloured eyes than his hair. His face was stern, serious and vague of any emotion. The four recruits were not surprised to see this as all superior officers were the same this way. What he said, though, caught them by surprise.

"State your names, starting from you on the left," Spearhead ordered.

"Yes, sir," Seth replied. "Sir, Seth Lar-"

"No, not those names," Spearhead replied strictly. He stood in front of all four, looking at them with a hard gaze. It made all of them feel uneasy.

"From now on, you will be given new names."

Their commanding officer pointed to Seth first. "You will be called 'Heat Surfer'."

Seth was already liking the name, thinking it was "cool" in a way.

He then moved onto the next one, Argoroth. He looked up at the tall beast and quickly came up with a suiting name. "You will be called 'Behemoth'."

The large man took the name partially as an insult, but took the name without second thought.

The next person, Azura, was a bit fearful of their new leader already. She wanted to keep her name, but knew she wasn't able to regardless.

"You will be called 'Reaper'."

The name was suiting, and she had nothing against it. She hatd the idea of losing her name, but was satisfied that her name provoked fear among possible many.

Kaya awaited her name. She had no second thoughts about it, but she hoped it wasn't something undignifying. When Spearhead approached her, she held her breath.

"You will be called 'Gunslinger'."

As he passed her by, she let go of her breath and was satisfied to have the name.

Spearhead stood in front of them, looking at their faces. He noticed dismay, disappointment, and a sense of anger. He ignored the feelings they expressed through their facial appearance, and introduced himself appropriately,

"You have been given your names, now you will know mine. I am Spearhead, and you will call me by either that or by 'sir'. My rank is unimportant to myself and to you, so you will not know of it. I want nothing out of you except one thing: a complete assignment. If you are given a mission, it is your duty to complete it with great effectiveness. Your life is nothing when compared to the missions ahead, so I expect you to have no fear in dying when the time comes. Dismissed."
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Re: Character List

I didn't do this when he was approved so I am now.
Name: Hochgender Adler

Age: 22

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: He has short brown hair combed straight down.

Eyes: A very dark blue.

Weight: 72kg

Height: 1 meter and 75 centimeters

Weapon: A thin blade kept on his left boot, a short sword at his waist, and a crossbow on his back.

Armor: Chain mail for all body protection and a leather chest plate .

Strengths: Very fast and observant. Has 3 different ways to kill you. He could throw the blade on his boot at you, cut you up with his short sword, or shoout you with his crossbow. He has studied phsychology and so can predict small minded peoples actions, to a certain exctent of course. Has many people to help him with his assassin jobs.

Weakness: His arms, head, and legs have no protection from attacks at all. Hoch has no protection from certain magic. The magic he can dodge is things like fireballs. He can't dodge inst-spells though. Doesn't do well in areas he's never seen before.


Super Sprint: Used only as a last resort it gives him super speed but brings him towards the point of collapse. When used it makes him as fast as a cheetah but with more endurance.

Judgement: A usefull skill of Hochgender's is being able to tell if people mean him harm or not. It doesn't always work though. Can only be used every other hour.

Partial Telepathy: He can communicate with his mind but only to other people that have the ability, they know each other, both accept to talk. Is constantly in use incase of news from his informants.

Appearance: He has 2 different cloaks, a white and a black. He wears the white in daylight and the black at night. Thw white has trimmings the color of his eyes and the black has blood red trimmings. Has short brown hair combed down, very dark blue eyes, a few bristels on his chin, and has abnormally large canine teeth. Some people describe them as 'vampirish' when they see him. He has a thin scar going from his right eyebrow to his cheekbone. Hoch has relatively light skin.

Personality: Intelligent but hot headed. He is not frusterated often but when he does he makes some big mistakes. Has very good social skills and is extremely observant. He is serious when fighting but lighthearted when not. This will leave him open for ambush often. He is very social and so always trys to find a traveling companion. He will only kill when necessary. Is good at gathering information and learns the layouts of towns and villages quickly.

Biography: Hochgender Adler was born in the Italy. No one was sure exactly where except for his parents who are now dead. He was raised by his uncle in Ireland. His uncle knew almost everything about Hochgender's parents' killer but mades it seem like he knows little about he/she/it for the sake of Hoch's childhood. The truth was revealed to Hoc when he was 18 years old. The truth was that a figure called "The Dark One" was his parent's killer. He is a very powerful serial killer with dark powers. He seems to be constantly moving around the world. When Hoch found this out he sets out on a quest to find and kill the The Dark One. Hoch found The Dark One in the Arctic. He killed The Dark One and left with only a scar stretching from his right eyebrow to his right cheekbone. He is now an assassin for hire. Hoch has many informants from all over the world that he keeps in touch with them using his Telepathy ability. He has a familiar that appears in Ireland when he visits. He only knows it from walks in the woods from his childhood. He has ,as far as he knows, no siblings. The closest things to friends he has are his informants.
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Re: Character List

Name: Synyx (SIN-iks)

Age: 26

Race: 95% Human, 5% Neutral Dark Elementite
(An Elementite is a fabled species. Their appearance is just like a human's. There are two main types of Elementite: Light and Dark. The subtypes are the elements that the Elementites master in. Those elements are based on their type. e.g.-Dark has fire, Light has ice. Dark has lightning, Light has water, etc. The most powerful ones, though, master in the arts of their main type. The most powerful Dark Elementite, for example, would know shadow magic.
There is, though, the neutral sub-type, where the only real separation is that Light Elementite are more swift than Dark Elementite while Dark Elementite are more powerful. The neutral types do not use magic except for small amounts of telepathic power.)

Sex: Male

Hair: Dark Black, similar to Xaldin's (from Kingdom Hearts 2)except it doesn't come that far onto his face and the eyebrows aren't as... bushy.

Eyes: Also black.

Weight: 165 lbs.

Height: 5' 11''

Weapon: Xangatsu (zan-GAHT-su)

Armor: Right and left Xicarta(ZI-car-tuh), [steel] shoulder guards, and a [steel] breastplate.

Strengths: Synyx is very fast, able to run consistently at eight miles per hour and swing a sword as fast as a true samurai, and has more than average strength. He can lift up to 300pounds, but that puts him under a lot of stress.

His Elementite Overtake.(Elementite Overtake happens when Synyx is consumed with rage. He then enters [Dark] Elementite Overtake form. In Elementite Overtake, he can swing a sword only as fast as an armored knight, but can cleave most objects in two. He can lift up to 500 pounds maximum (only 100 pounds telepathically), and can run consistently at five to six miles per hour. Black "flames" also seem to cover his body.
One of his most used moves in Elementite Overtake is throwing around Xangatsu while keeping it levitated and spinning, then bringing it back like a boomerang. Xangatsu can spin up to 150 revolutions/rotations per minute in this move.)
(In Elementite Overtake, Synyx becomes 80% Elementite and 20% Human.)

Weakness: His Elementite Overtake. The longer he stays in Elementite Overtake form, the more exhausted he will be when he comes out. If he stays in it too long, he may even faint when returning to his original state.

He is very susceptible to magic in his neutral form. In his Dark Elementite Overtake form, he is a bit more susceptible to magic.

In Dark Elementite Overtake, his line of vision becomes darker and shorter, like using senses as Wolf Link in TP.

In Dark Elementite Overtake, Synyx loses half of his speed.

If he loses Xangatsu, he will most likely do anything to get it back.

His right and left Xicarta. If they come off when he's holding Xangatsu, there is an almost certain chance of "Elementite Override." Elementite Override is when Synyx becomes 95% Elementite and 5% Human. Humans cannot handle the amount of stress and power Elementites have, so the human part of him dies off. This leaves him 95% Elementite and 5% DEAD Human. Since no one can live being 5% dead, he collapses and dies shortly after.
It's hard to explain....

Appearance: Looks very much like Xaldin from Kingdom Hearts 2, but only in his physical features. His sword, Xangatsu, is a double-sided samurai sword that once belonged to a Dark Elementite.(By "double-sided," I mean that, if the handle is being held vertically, there will be a blade on the top and the bottom. The blades' edges are facing the opposite direction.) The sword's handle is smaller than a normal samurai sword's, though, because it is incredibly light and therefore meant to be held with just one hand. Darkness is still possessing the sword, making it impossible for anyone to hold the sword without going berserk and being filled with anger, hate, and rage. When Synyx is engaged in battle, black "flames" cover Xangatsu.

His special gauntlets, Xicarta(ZI-car-tuh), are brown leather with a clear stone in the center, on top of his hand(s). The stones absorb the darkness from Xangatsu and direct it back at the weapon to protect Synyx from Elementite Override.

Synyx has on a well-fitting black shirt and pants. He also wears an odd kind of jacket, which reaches to his knees and does not have any means of connecting at the middle. He also wears shoes that a normal human man would wear with a tux, though not shiny. He has on a black leather belt with a very small holster to carry the handle of Xangatsu. The way he can turn it into just a handle is explained in the Biography.

Personality: Synyx is very mysterious and serious(pardon the rhyme). In battle, he is very confident and angry. Synyx doesn't like to talk publically. He believes that it is up to him to keep the world from being destroyed or overtaken by evil. Synyx doesn't like crowded areas, so he generally stays away from them. He normally doesn't stay around people at all, as he lives as a nomad, usually on the lower part of a mountain, secluded from most humans.

SYNYX IS NOT GOTH OR EMO. He just wears black clothes because he likes to do what he has to at night, so he wants to blend in. He also wears black to say "Stay away from me." As stated before, he does not like excessive human contact.

Biography: Synyx was born in a run-down old city. He grew up there and his father taught him everything he needed to know, as his mother died giving birth to him. He taught him how to hunt with a spear, start a fire, and basically anything else necessary. At age 16, though, Synyx's father was trampled by a stampede of cattle and, unfortunately, also died. Synyx then moved to another town. It was a bit more modern, mostly the buildings. Synyx lived with three newly-made friends: Anthony, Jack, and Jeremiah.

He lived there for six more years, until one day they passed by a museum. Synyx felt compelled to enter, and did so. He was drawn to the newest display; a sword. A special sword.


Synyx grabbed it. He suddenly felt rage, anger, hate... but something kept him from letting go.
Jeremiah spoke. "Synyx, what's--"

That's all he got out.

Synyx awakened on the ground, Xangatsu a few feet away from him. He looked around, and saw that the city, which he no longer could recall, as Xangatsu had somehow obliterated all but tiny scraps of his memory before that day, was in ruins. Not a person was standing. Synyx became frightened.

He ran off into the desert and tried to escape-- escape all of the evil that had happened in the city. He finally was more than three miles away and lay there to rest for the night.

Synyx woke up in the middle of that night, only to see-- a meteor headed straight for him! He got up and ran again, and after it hit the ground, he returned to examine it. It was a small meteorite, only a yard thick. It split in half suddenly, and revealed a treasure chest of some sort in the center. He touched it quickly to see if it was hot, but it wasn't. He pulled it out and opened it... and saw the Xicarta. He hesitated, but eventually took them out and put them on. A perfect fit.

Synyx walked back to the ruined city the next day. He fearfully picked up Xangatsu, but he didn't go berserk. It was something in the gauntlets. He could even take the darkness of the blade and put it into the gauntlets, so that there was only a handle.

Synyx set out for another city.
"I am a guardian of this world. I am a powerful warrior. I am a destined soul.

I am Synyx."
By Sugarpoultry
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Re: Character List

FINALLY!!! My character, after over a week, has finally been approved! Mwahahahaha!
This post would have been VERY long, so I shortened it. See the full details on the original thread.

Name: Netros Melia
Age: 23, birthday: 3/18
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Hair: Flat, Brown, straight
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 146 lbs
Height: 5 feet, 9 inches
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Re: Character List

Yay, my charecter gotted approvvededed!
Name:Saso is his name, his title is Wolf of the Wild

Age: Circa 19

Race: Human, with wolf like qualitys

Sex: Male

Hair: A wild unkempt blond long hair, with a leather bandanna keeping the

bangs out of his eyes.

Eyes: A wild yellow with orange tint around the white pupil. Though having color in his eyes, he is blind.

Weight: 124 pounds (lbs.)

Height: 5'4" (five foot four)

Weapon: The weapons he uses is the claws of his "father". The claws are from a "great" white wolfos, named Kuyakin by the nearby villagers, which are as strong as material(steel assumed) hylian knights use. When his "father" died, he cut the claws out with a spear edge stolen from an ambushed traveling salesman, and placed with within a specially made glove made of his fathers own skin and fur.

Armor: He wears a leather under tunic, hardened with bonded scales of the Zora's, with a regular white cloth cloak covering and hiding his tunic. He also wears leather shin guards and arm guards.

Strengths: Saso is fast as a wolf, and accurate as a hawk. The wilderness has taught him to fend for himself, while relying on your close "pack-mates", thus making tracking and stalking easy. Though, he cannot stand long battles without being considerably exhausted, he prefers fast, swift killing blows when the victim leasts expects it. Being blind he cannot see, but his hearing and smelling senses have been heightened considerably, though not overpowering.

Weakness: He cannot survive long drawn out fights without having had some sort of repercussion. He is also blind, so if you can confuse him with sound or smell, he is not at his full strength. He cannot understand the tongue of men, nor see friendly advances or actions, so if he feels threatened he will become very agressive. Seeing as he uses regular, handmade armor, mortal wounds are highly possible. If the zora scales embeded in his armor crack or break, his armor is almost like paper to a sharp or piercing weapon.

Skills/Magic: He is an excellent stalker and tracker. He can go without food for days, because he lived on an "eat by the kill" basis.

Appearance: Saso is mostly always cloaked with a white hooded cape. refer to armor section for whats under the cloak. His pants are made with a tan linen material that are somewhat big, not baggy or saggy, but just long. They hide the hardened leather arm and shin guards. He has a belt made from his fathers hide that he stores his tracking tools in(made of a sour smelling flower powder he uses to mark his targets, and some other helpfull tools not naming any right now. ) His long blond hair normally would cover his face but he holds it up with a leather band to keep his scent away from his nose.its unkempt, but not curly or frizzy, it's straight. His face is young, but has a few scars on it, big ones being across his left eye and one below his lower lip, followed by small ones scattered all over his face. His clothes are not in perfect condition, the are shredded and battle torn in some areas but nothing that would expose his armor.

Personality: He is very cold towards most people, but he has a soft spot for women and children. He tends to keep to himself and follow his own agenda not letting anyone be the master of him, wild like a wolf. He tends to keep to himself. Though he cannot understand the tongue of men, he can understand tone. He knows what a threatening noise sounds like and knows when to be on guard, and when to act naturally.

Biography: When he was born, he was born blind. This was seen as an abomination to his village, and because of this they ordered him to be killed. His people believed in physical strength and barbarity above thought and civilized behavior. His parents, caring for his future, fled the village the night the execution was to take place. Seeing this, the leader of his village sent for all three to be killed. Fleeing into the woods, his parents knowing they would all three die, or they would die and their son would live, decided that their child's life was worth far greater than the life of barbarity and hatred they would live.

They hid him in a cave, and fled quickly. A few moments later, the grunt of his father and the screams of his fearful mother could be heard threw out the area. The seed of murder had been sewn, the screams echoed threw out the cavern. The sounds of running water had been overlapped with the sound of death. Saso began to cry, and the sounds of his crying awakened the pack of Wolfos that dwelt within the cave.

One having bore witness to the evil dead that took place within the forest, ran back to warn his fearless leader, Kuyakin, of the imposing danger. Kuyakin, having been awakened by the infant's crying, approached the child, and took him in his mouth to raise as his own. The wolfkin didn't understand his reasoning, but Kuyakin had sensed something within the child, something no one else could understand because of his oddity.

Years later, Saso being around 8 and having lived in the wild all his life, Kuyakin decided vengeance must take place for the murder. Being of the Wolfos kin, and rightly natured so, he set an ambush after observing the Kiran village's trade route. The barbarians, though being uncivil in nature, did believe that allies must be kept. The Kiran merchants made their way like always, but this time were ambushed by Kuyakin's wolfos tribe. Being brutally strong, the Kiran repelled the countless waves of Wolfos thrown at them. Saso walked calmly over the wolfos corpses.

The Kiran merchants were surprised to see one that looked like them and was attired similarly. They let their guard down as he approached, and Kuyakin swiftly struck them from behind. Saso recited something from the Wolfos tongue that sounded like barks, snarling and coughing to the Kiran as they took their last breath. He stated, "You have killed my parents, so I am told. There for you must die to atone for your sins.".

Kuyakin rallied his remaining wolfs and Saso for one last march to kill all the civilians and warriors of the Kiran clan's village. They stormed threw the forest and hit the village lightning fast, every woman and child was killed. Half of the Kiran warriors, having had been caught off guard by the swift attack, had been killed or mortally wounded. The other half hardly had time to reach their weapons only to have been able to kill one or two wolves before being killed.

The wolfos army thinning, they charged for the Leader's Meeting Square, where the Battle-hardened skilled Champions of War waited for them. Kuyakin and Saso stayed in the back watching wave after wave of their fellow kin wiped out. Being mortally wounded and overpowered by the sheer force of wolfos, the champions fell. The leader of the Kiran grabbed his spear and finished off the rest of the wolfkin by himself.

Kuyakin engaged him after the last of the wolfos's hair touched the ground. The battle lasted around ten minutes, before Kuyakin was stricken with a gouging wound to the chest. With the last of his strength, he grabbed Saso and threw him on his back, and ran with all the might he had as far as he could into the forest. Having fallen under the oldest tree in the forest, he let Saso down and died. With his last breath he told Saso these words in the wolfish tongue, "Your family and yourself have been avenged. Act not on your emotions, but your mind. My death is but a beginning for your life. Avenge me and your clan, for we your family.".

Saso took his claws and hide and ran back to his cave. He fashioned himself a misshapen headband and belt. He made some gloves and took his father's claws and placed them inbetween his fingers, where he bonded them to the glove with his fathers steel like fur. He fled the cave and followed the sound of the running stream, whiched turned out to be a small waterfall leading into lake Hylia. He lept out of the opening and into the water. He had never swam before, and not know what to do he paniced and fell to the bottom of the lake.

A dying Zora had seen him, and with the last of his strength had grabbed the boy and reached the shore. He died next to Saso. When he came to, Saso felt the body, felt the armored scales, and harnessed their power. He lived off the earth and his wolf taught instinct for the next few years. Now he has become hardened by the wilderness, and discovered his ability in tracking. He now follows his father's words for vengeance, seeking the Kiran leader and his newly established village.
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My second character, Elea

*~ Approved by Puck ~*

NOTE!: The term ‘they’ is how she helps herself not to get confused when talking to her ‘sister‘. ‘They’ use this term frequently. The word “demon” is not exact either, it is used to help describe her other half, her ‘sister’.

Name: Elea (She does not tell people her last name.) (Pronounced Eh-lia)

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Race: Human; a Union (explained below)

Race Explanation: A Union is her own term to describe herself. ‘They’ appear to be conjoined ‘twins’. She is totally bonded to the other ‘sister’ at the near back of her head, down her back, the tops of her arms, and the back of her legs. Important: ‘They’ are one person! (To understand the arms, hold them at your side. ‘their’ hands are joined on the top, not the palm.)

Eye color: “Human sister”; A dull gray. “Demon sister”; White with snake-slit pupils.

Hair color: White in the front to the start of the “human sister‘s” ear. A stripe of gray is stuck behind the threaded ears of the "human and demon sister’s". (If her demon sister has copied her human side, black hair starts and ends as a mirror of her human sister’s white hair.) Hair ends at her chin.

Height: 3’8”

Weight: 90 pounds

Weapon(s): None.

Armor: Nothing but the clothes on herself.

At first glance, this child seems normal, yet she is standing in the shadows. Her head is slight medium circle, framed by pure white hair. Dull gray eyes appear to be locked in a shy expression. Her skin is a pale white. The nose is a small, right triangle. It does not stick out much, a bump in other words. She appears to be wearing a large green t-shirt, obvious by the large collar around her short and thin neck. The sleeves nearly cover half of the child’s arms. It hangs down slightly, which seems odd. A medium-large light gray jacket is tied around her waist, the end touches the ground. The legs of light blue jeans stick out from under the baggy shirt. The legs are loose as well, yet do not sag as much. The child is strangely barefoot.
Then the child’s mouth moves slightly and she turns around. The first thing noted is a gray x-styled stitching running down her arms, leading to her wrists. Then, five black clawed fingers clench up, clearly separated from the child‘s fingers and thumbs. The child apparently disappeared behind a black ‘skinned’ thing, a demon would better explain its appearance. It’s eyes opened, pure white except for a sharp ended oval. It’s head is bare, and mimics the child’s face. It is wearing the same thing the girl wears. The explanation of why the shirt did not hang down is now given. It turns its hand to the side, showing the pale skin of the girl, joined at the top of the hand. Two, four-clawed feet stick out of the jeans, also showing why the child is barefoot.

Stitches: Starts at the back of her ears, and snakes down the side of her next and continues straight down to the sides of her feet. There is a single piece of this ‘thread’ that dangles down near ‘their’ right thumb.

Personality: (Both personalities combine often.) “Human sister”; Shy, yet kind. Tends to be careful at not showing her ‘sister’. “Demon sister”; Stubborn, voices her opinion sometimes, is the first to react to danger.
In a fight: “Human”; Will pick up a stick to defend herself, holding it like a sword. Cautious.
“Demon”; Animalistic in a fight. Will use her claws and bite, basically.

Strengths: Elea can not be snuck up on if her ‘sister’ is out. She can run in either forwards or backwards, due to she has no physical knees. The ‘demon sister’ can attack with her claws, only when not with her other ‘sister’. Since she is a child, she is kind of quick in running.

Weaknesses: Cannot bend down very far when both ’sisters’ are visible, due to they are joined at the spine. If pinned to the ground with one half on the ground, she can be choked because their lungs are partially joined together. Elea can not guard herself, if her other half is trying to get ’them’ up from a fall. The ‘sister’ can use her arms whenever she needs them. Stamina is slightly low, and she is easy to knock down. Does not have much power in her attacks.

  • The “demon sister” is better at using ‘their’ water magic than the “human sister”.
  • Needs a source of water nearby in order to use her magic.

Water magic (Currently unknown to her.)
  • All of her magic goes by shapes.
  • She can use this in either hand, but only one at a time.

Peg: A four inch, solid cylinder forms in her hand and she jabs her hand forward. If it connects, it feels like being stabbed with a blunt object.
  • Easily blocked
  • Can be destroyed if it hit’s a barrier, like armor or a shield.

Snake: Water forms into a small tube and Cora throws it at the enemy like a spear. It feels like being jabbed with a small wooden pole. Only moves in a straight line then falls after five feet. Flies like an arrow. It’s a clear light blue.
  • Easily dodged.
  • Can be destroyed by hitting any barrier.

Blade: A flat triangle forms in her palm, the three pointed ends stick out from the front and sides of her hands. Attacks by sweeping the bladed hand towards the target. It can cut the enemy, but it is not deep. Elea can stab with it, but she finds it easier to just slash. The pointed edges are clear, while it fades to a dark blue triangle in the center.
  • This can hurt her if the enemy pushes her hand towards herself.

Sting: Three small, navy blue triangles form near her fingers, and throws them like a Frisbee. They can cause small cuts, or even stab wounds if close to her.
  • Thrown path is not exactly straight.
  • She has to wait a while to use this again, up to two minutes.

Block: A two foot, flat square extends from her palm to block a weak attack or projectile. The square is a murky light blue. It is about an inch thick.
  • This can easily break.
  • The oncoming attack can hurt her if aimed at her palm.

Other skills

Fall: One ‘sister’ appears to fall backwards and disappears into the other ‘sister‘.
  • “Demon“: The ‘human sister’ falls into the other, appears with her clothes on, yet she has a flat back. I mean flat as in the side of a cardboard box.
  • “Human”: The ‘demon sister’ falls back. The human appears normal, the only difference is the black end of her hair, beginning where the end of the other “sister’s” ear starts. The gray stripe runs in between the white and black.

Split: By tugging the loose piece of ‘thread’ she can split into the two ‘sisters’. The two can not stay apart for long, as one of them instinctively will begin to move to the other ‘sister’. By touching either ones hand or standing back to back, they will come back together. (Unknown to her right now.)

Bio: (Color meaning: Black is her “demon sister” talking to her.)
I was born with my ‘sister’ attached, according to my mother. The whole backside of my body is bonded to hers, as if we were stuck standing back-to-back in a fighting situation. I learned that from my father. He began to teach me how to defend myself, before everything bad happened. My family does not want me to be with them, even my siblings, it‘ because of my sister. I like her though.

The only weapon I know how to hold or ‘wield’ is a medium sized stick of sorts. I’m kind of bad with it as well. Dad said I’m slow and I leave myself open a lot. My ‘sister’ says it’s because he keeps saying he is being gentle with us, but he is too quick. He said to hold it at one end, instead of holding the center like I always do. It’s easier to swing it like that, but when I try to hold it like he says to, it falls and then I almost follow it. That or it jabs me in the stomach. Too bad I left it behind, when we left home.

Oh, I guess I should explain why I’m writing like that. I do that to help keep me from being confused when I talk to my ‘sister’. I have a habit of talking out loud like that, other people say I must be talking to an imaginary friend, but I’ve never had one of those things. I have my ‘sister’. I have to hide her under my jacket, even though it kind of feels weird when she is not hidden.

The bad thing happened when the rest of my family found out about my other half. I was just playing a game with my older brother. I should have had my jacket on, but it was hot outside…
Elea puts the small blue journal back into her pocket. The pencil she is using is almost gone, the eraser barely pokes out of it’s metal band.

Sis, you don’t need to think about that.

I know, but I can’t help it. Everyone got upset and yelled or screamed “Demon!”…

Mom knew that I’m not a demon. I’m not too sure as to how she could tell.

Elea takes out her journal again, and begins to write something else down.
We like being near the water, it tends to jump near my hand though. My sister can hold it in her hand for nearly a minute, while in my hand, it’s a little shorter. I always find it odd, though. Being near the water helps me to forget bad things and relax.
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Name: Sonlen Evandar Xiulta

Age: 87

Race: Elf

Gender: Male

Hair: Dark brown, nearly black

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 134 lbs.

Height: 6 ft. 9 inches

Weapon: A long blade that is imbued with the lost elven magic, this makes it unbreakable as well as causes it to do things from beginning to shoot fire from its tip to temporarily melting. This will cause advantages as well as disadvantages, my character cannot control when or what happens. His style with his blade is very fluid. His style is to focus on defending using as little energy as possible, and once they are exhausted, he will take advantage of this and attack full-force. He also carries an unbreakable recurve bow. Obviously, he does carry a quiver on his back, this is inscribed with words from the elven language. His arrows are very basic, except for the heads, they are made of shed unicorn horn gathered in the elven forest.

Strengths: A quick thinker, he possesses the incredible strength and flexibility of all elves, his archery is much better than his swordsmanship, but it is also decent. His swordsmanship style is found in Weapon. His archery style is very accurate and he likes to concentrate so that he does not miss.

Weaknesses: He will sacrifice anything, including his life, when his friends are in danger. Sometimes he may lose focus of a fight and put himself at a disadvantage. His weaknesses in his swordsmanship is that there are occasionally small gaps in his defense that, if exploited, can cause him to take heavy damage. In his magick it takes him a while to activate a spell and once he has begun using a spell, he must follow through with it, this may cause extended periods of vulnerability.

Skills/Magic: He is apt in small magicks such as basic healing, understanding birds and other animals, and weak attack spells. These include shooting small, blue, glowing energy blasts and a weak, temporary, paralysis ability that only lasts for a few seconds. He also has an incredible lock-picking ability. He can also meditate which can allow him to see the future, but he must concentrate extremely hard; he cannot do this in the middle of a battle, he uses it to calm himself and make himself wiser; and yes sometimes possibly see the future.

Appearance: Like all elves he is very beautiful, but he is also scarred; he refuses to heal scars because he thinks that "all battles, even small ones, should be recorded in some way." He is rather tall and about an average length around him, meaning, he is neither fat nor skinny. He normally dresses in green, earthy colored clothes, brown boots, and his quiver and bow strung acoss his back, also his sword in a black sheath. You can see his eye and hair color above.

Personality: He is rather grim, he takes a very serious view about life, I hope you can understand that this is because of his tortured past. He can be joking and very cheerful at times though. He absolutely hates being lonely, he once believed he was apt to go mad for being without his friend Kitar so long. This was because he was going to warn the dwarves about the vampire conspiracy while Kitar was warning the humans.

Bio: He was born in the elven village Mein by his parents, Narn and Minora. He grew a rather normal childhood for him, but that really isn't saying much.

At age 83 he left to go and explore the world. In a few months, he met his friend Kitar, a tree spirit. He then learned of a vampire plot to either destroy or control the world. There were to many adventures he had for me to tell all you about, but I will tell you some, these will be in the form of important entries from his journal. Along the way he met Moddehn, a dwarf, at the dwarven capitol. He also made many enemies, his story is not yet, and will not be for a very long time, finished.

December 30, 2007

I did meditate today, though I wish I hadn't, what I sensed greatly troubles me. I can't tell exactly what it is, but here is what I could tell ; blood shed, spirits broken, lives lost, great cities destroyed, it isn't good. I haven't decided whether to tell Kitar or not.

January 8, 2008

We didn't reach Baderen as expected, we were attacked by vampires, that's right vampires! I mean, aren't vampires supposed to have a peace treaty with the elves or not?
One of them said something to me : "Why do you fight?" he said, "for you must know your pitiful existence as well as all others, must come to an end soon, there is no point."
"What do you mean?" I asked him. He merely laughed and vanished in a puff of black smoke, as well did the rest. Kitar asked me what I did to make them go away. I told him, "I didn't do anything. One of the vampires....." "Yes?" he asked me, "Never mind" I said, "nothing." Whatever the vampire meant still troubles me, and what's worse is we were driven days away from Baderen. I will write again when there is something to write about.

January 11, 2008

Well, we are back where we were when we were attacked. I found a strange object, it looks like some kind of amulet, it has strange markings on it that I recognize to be of the Vampire Clan of Guren, which means Bloodlust. Their history is as dark as night and black as it too. I haven't told Kitar of this nor of what the strange vampire said to me.

January 27, 2008

I will now tell you of this terrible thing that has happened :

I was sitting in my room meditating when I heard a crash. I ran down, quick as I could, unsheathed my sword and threw back my hood. What I saw was terrible; dead bodies everywhere,
"What happened?" I said to no one but the corpses that littered the ground. I regained my senses and ran out of the destroyed inn and leapt on top of the sign that used to read "The Boar's Tooth." What I saw was Kitar struggling against an onslaught of vampires, with nothing but his oaken sword, I know it's enchanted to be strong as steel but he knows the only way to kill vampires is with silver through the heart.
I used a simple spell to change my steel sword to silver as I did with Kitar's, we killed about six when they realized what I had done to our swords and they all vanished. But it was much to late; dead bodies scattered across the ground and the entire city was completely destroyed. I told Kitar of the Bloodlust Amulet, and of what the vampire said days before. He once again looked at the ground and said,
"Where do you propose we should go?"
"To the Clan of Guren" I replied.

February 8, 2008

What I am about to write is extremely disturbing.

We walked into the cave slowly, staying alert for the attack that might come any moment. Though we weren't attacked; we were greeted by a young vampire.
He said, "Come this way, to the Bloodchief." Kitar slowly nodded, his eyes told me to stay on my guard and to not unstring my bow.
When we reached the Bloodchief I immediately asked him about the Amulet, he smiled and said to me, "Come we shall unlock it's power," I was unsure about this, but I was forced to, as I noticed there were many armed vampires surrounding the room.
They led Kitar and myself to a chamber that I could sense was tainted with evil. One vampire asked me to step into the center of the empty room and place the Amulet on the stone table that was there. I did so. I was then asked to say three words, I did not know their meaning, I do now though, but I will not write them down.
Once I said these words the, strange presence I sensed earlier, it was back! It was stronger! I cried out in pain as I saw what I had done; A demon was rising out of the Amulet. It was terrible, blood red eyes glared at me with hatred. It charged me, but I was unable to move. Instead of colliding with me as it should have, it went within me! It's presence vanished, as did the ruins of the clan. I blacked-out.
I awoke a few hours later and asked Kitar what had happened. He told me the vampires had attempted to release a demon to destroy the world, but instead it is now within me. I asked him if we could destroy it, we couldn't. We could only release it. So now, if the vampires do not attack within a few days to try to release it, they have most likely found another way to destroy the world, or whatever else they are planning. So for now I bear the burden of the demon. I do not know what effects it will have, but I must stay on my guard for anything.

February 21, 2008

This is even more terrible than January 27.

We were riding through the forest at a rather slow pace. There was some brush in the way and I knew that we would have to clear it, as there are enchantments placed upon the forest so that you cannot enter any elven village by any means other than a certain path. It took about an hour to clear the brush.
What we saw then was terrible. My kind, elve's dead bodies were lain on the ground as if they were bloody toys of a baby giant. I was not the only one in despair, trees, hundreds, thousands had been either blasted or burned. I would guess Kitar recognized they once were his kind. We both wept openly.
About an hour later, as I walked through the wreckage, I came upon what once was my home. Both my parents bodies were laying there, looks of fear on their cold, dead faces.
When I went back to Kitar he only had three words to say to me, "Come with me." I did. He led me to what was once the blacksmith's. There was a sword on the ground, it's hilt engraved with the same markings as the Amulet.
I suddenly felt an extreme rage. I exploded! I had to kill! I unsheathed my sword and began striking Kitar with blows I never thought possible. All I remember after that was a look of extreme fear in Kitar's eyes and the uncontrollable desire to kill. I think I blacked-out.
I woke up about an hour later to see Kitar nursing a large gash on his left arm. "Ah, so you woke up," he said.
"What is happening to me?" I had to know.
"I don't know for sure," said Kitar, "but I'd bet it has to do something with that Amulet and the Demon." I was terrified, and still am, of myself.

February 23, 2008

I've noticed I've only been focusing on battles and death and destruction. It's been hard not to. (As I hope you can understand.) But now I will try to be able to put in more entries, so I must focus more on the lighter side of things. However, there is something that cannot be ignored; Kitar and I have decided to separate. We must warn all the races in time! I don't know what will happen if we don't.

March 9, 2008

Well my plan worked... sort of.
I got in to see the King, I walked up to him and said, quickly as I could; "Your Highness, I am here to inform you of an extremely important matter. The vampire Clan of Guren, and possibly more vampires are planning to..... well, I'm not actually sure, but they tried to have me release a Demon. Also, a vampire I was fighting after I was attacked said that we would all die soon, I'm not sure what this means but I know it can't be good."
He stared at me angrily and exclaimed, "Who do you think you are!? Coming and stunning my guards and then telling me of some, some, vampire conspiracy!? Why should I believe you when you have proven yourself a threat to my people?"
"Are we not all threats, your Highess?" I said quietly.
"Well, um. Guards have him thrown out!" So I slowly walked out of the room, as the guards were unconscious; I didn't want the King more flustered then he already was.
As I left, I saw a dwarf, probably a bit older than myself. He walked up to me and said quietly, "I believe you, and if you'll allow it I'd like to come with you, wherever you're going. There is nothing for me here."
At last a companion! I will no longer have to talk to my horse in hopes of real company! His name is Moddehn.

March 18, 2008

Kitar arrived.
I was talking with Moddehn about bows when I spotted a faint blot in the distance. It looked like a horse whose rider was humped over and leaning to the right.
No matter what, I wasn't taking any chances. I strung my bow and kept it pointed at the rider's heart. That is, until, I realized it was Kitar.
Once Kitar was within fifty yards, he suddenly grimaced in pain, and fell off his horse.
I ran to him. "What's wrong?" I asked him.
"Arrow, just above my heart," Kitar barely managed to choke out. He passed out.
"What happened?" asked Moddehn.
"This is Kitar, we have to get him to a healer, fast. I can repair some of the damage with magic, but only enough to keep him alive for a week, if we're lucky."
"So, I expect you to know were these healers live, correct?" asked Moddehn.
"Not exactly, I know they love the sea, and that they often reside in certain areas of the forest, we have the best chance of finding them near the coast."
"So, to the Dreggen Sea," declared Moddehn.
I then repaired what I could by magic, we put Kitar on his horse and we decided to take turns leading Kitar's horse. So now our search for the healers begins.

March 25, 2008

I managed to find the healers.
They said that Kitar would have been lost within three hours. Right now they have Kitar in a tent and are treating him with different herbs. There are lights in the tent. The one who I assume to be the head healer told me Kitar would probably be fine in the morning
I am relieved, but also sad. After Kitar is healed, what should we do? Shall we grow fat and lazy until the vampires destroy us all? We are but wanderers if we have no purpose. The dwarves did not believe me and I doubt the humans believed Kitar, judging by his wound. Once me and Kitar meet with Moddehn I will pose this question to both of them.
If we find no solution will be to either run, which is completely out of the question, or fight the entire vampire army, just Kitar, Moddehn, and me, which is an option where we have no hope for survival. I don't know what we should do.

Allies: Kitar, a Tree Spirit, Moddehn, a Dwarf, and Mirabella, a Dark Faerie. (Dark Faeries are not neccasarilly evil, Mira is actually rather shy).

Please note that Moddehn, Kitar, and Mirabella may possibly be future BA characters for me.
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Re: Character List

Name: Tierra (Kite) Nena

Age: 22 summers

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Hair: Neck length, light brown hair of a nearly blonde shade with metallic golden highlights. She wears her hair in simple, uncomplicated styles. Her hair is both pulled back in a braided knot and hidden by some form of headwear, and her bangs - which are just long enough to touch the top of her eyebrows - left out. Alternatively, her hair is sometimes gathered loosely but securely behind her head by a light metal barrette, and her bangs are still left to fall over her forehead.

Eyes: Tierra's soft magenta eyes are expressive of her feelings at nearly all times, and a soft grey latticing within them gives them the impression of a stone color. She rarely blinks, and often makes direct eye contact, making the unusual color of her eyes even more obvious.

Weight: 155 pounds

Height: 5' 6"

Appearance: Standing five feet and six inches tall, Tierra Nena is a sturdily built young woman whose features might not be beautiful, but they are certainly striking. Her soft magenta eyes are expressive of her feelings at nearly all times, and a soft grey latticing within them gives them the impression of a stone color. Her skin is a dusky olive hue that suggests she may hail from some southern desert region with a natural tan that gives her a truly exotic look. Her hair is neck length; light brown and nearly blonde in color, with metallic golden highlights. She wears her hair in simple, uncomplicated styles. Usually, her hair is both pulled back in a braided knot and hidden by a grey-blue cloth scarf that has a knot near the base of her neck, and a tail of cloth that trails down to between her shoulder blades, while her bangs are left out to cover her forehead. Alternatively, her hair is sometimes gathered loosely but securely behind her head by a light metal barrette, and her bangs are still left out. Tierra’s voice fits her stature – sturdy and a little husky, but almost certainly womanly. Her curves are not especially flattering for a young woman, and while her facial features are feminine, Tierra could certainly and easily pass herself off for a young man.

Tierra wears heavier clothes that cover her completely from the neck down. Around her neckline, she wears a silvery metal collar set with a smooth red gemstone at its front. Clasped just below that collar is a deep-hooded, sand yellow cloak that flows over her shoulders and covers most of her body. Beneath that cloak is a like-colored cape of strong but light silk, which keeps the left side of her body covered as far down as her midthigh. Visible beneath both cloak and cape, respectively, Tierra wears a long sleeved, grey-blue shirt, which is somewhat billowy and obviously padded for protection. The ridge-like collar of that same shirt keeps the hem of her cloak off her neck. On her forearms, she wears a pair of thin, stylized metal vambraces and, on her hands, a pair of tight fitting, grey-blue cloth gloves. On her right upper arm, one may catch sight of an armband made from chain links and red gemstones.

Around her hip, the young adventurer wears a thick but soft leather belt, on the right-hand and slightly rear side of which is a heavy-duty leather weapons harness that holsters her warhammer for a fast and easy draw. On the left, front side of this belt she keeps a small leather satchel, which is usually concealed by a cape of cloth. A sand yellow silk cape that clasps on the left side of her hip covers her right hip and leg as far down as her midcalf, in similar manner to a skirt; the skirt partitions her weapons harness and warhammer from her leggings. The lady’s leggings are the same grey-blue color of her shirt and gloves, and are just as billowy and obviously padded for her protection. Strapped securely to the outer side of her right thigh, a tooled leather pack of rather rectangular shape, which is easily accessible through the cape that covers that leg. On her feet, she sports a pair of comfortable leather walking boots. From their shape, one might discern that these boots are steel toed.

Personality: When meeting new people, or encountering and exploring new places, Tierra is usually quiet until she develops a better command of her surroundings. When in her element, on the other hand, her demeanor is confident, direct and slightly sarcastic. No matter her level of comfort, Tierra has difficulties hiding her intelligent nature – her eyes are always sharp and watching, whether she trusts her company or not. She can be cold and calculating to new people, and guarded always. Whether her words or her tone say it to her friends or, even friendly acquaintances, or not, she is genuinely caring. Insulting the woman is difficult at best, impossible when she has only just met someone. Despite her cold demeanor toward strangers, she has a soft spot for children, especially those without families of their own, and may go far out of her way to help them.

If danger is the way of the wind, Tierra turns ruthless. Her life is top priority, followed closely by the welfare of her companions. As such, she prefers to mind her own business; stirring up trouble or poking one’s nose in where it does not belong is the fastest way to the grave. Her nature is regularly not controlling, but it is one of her few vies when lives are at stake. When she has control, her safety is guaranteed. Friendly spars or even duels to anything but death see her in a more playful, facetious light – she may even taunt her opponent in jest.

Weapons: Tierra wields a seven-foot long, shadowtop-hafted, steel bec de corbin of expert quality with a two-and-a-half hand leather grip near its head. The weapon has a metal interruption in five feet along its haft, where a strong, mechanical fastener holds it securely in place, while allowing its wielder to perform a short series of twists, pulls and pushes to either separate the latter two feet of the weapon from the former five feet, or lock them together again. When separated, the bec de corbin becomes two weapons - a spiked steel warhammer, and a steel-capped quarterstaff. Tierra normally keeps the weapon in its separated state, combining them into the bec de corbin only on rare occasion. In most circumstances, the warhammer hangs from a weapons loop on her right hip, while the quarterstaff remains her walking stick.

The warhammer on her side is barely more than two feet long and composed entirely of steel, brass and leather. Where other weapons may have a pommel, Tierra's warhammer has a thick dowel of notched steel, which comes to a point after about two inches. Its haft is wrapped in braided leather, which is in turn secured to the haft by means of several brass tangs. The hammer's head is viciously forked by a severe crescent-shaped depression at the place where the flat of its head would otherwise be, giving that end of her weapon amazing armor-piercing qualities, in line with the normal bec de corbin style. At the top of her weapon, the warhammer has a broad, two-and-one-half inch double-edged steel blade for making simple punctures, and the back of the hammer has a blunted, five-inch long steel spike for making deeper pierces.

The quarterstaff portion of her bec de corbin is typically held in her right hand, its solid cap pointed at the ground. The center of its upper cap is interrupted by a notched steel hole, the receptor for the dowel of the warhammer, where the two weapons merge back into the bec de corbin. The quarterstaff's haft is made from seasoned shadowtop wood, sealed with a myriad of oils and tempered in a method that Garn learned during his travels as a youth from a forest-dwelling tribe outside known civilization.

Tierra also keeps a small, waterproofed leather satchel on her belt, which she can reach into and draw out a mix of powdered salt and acidic alchemical reagents to throw at an opponent's eyes or open wounds. This same mixture also ignites readily, giving her a fire starter when tinder is sparse. Although practiced in the skill of throwing this powder during combat, Tierra is no expert, so she refers to this weapon only rarely.

Beneath a small cape of waterproofed cloth on her right hip, a safe few inches in front of the weapons harness, that secures her warhammer; Tierra has a single-shot pistol, made mostly from steel, oak and brass. The gun is more like a flintlock than a modern pistol; its payload is a single small sphere of alloyed meteorite iron and silver, propelled by a charge. Unlike her other weapons, Tierra's gun could be described as magical. The charge her pistol uses is not powder, but a stored spell from her Ruination magicks, powered by the soul of an ancient and deranged sphinx. The beast's soul can fuel five shots from the pistol. In size, almost the entire gun fits easily into Tierra's palm, except for its short barrel, which juts just one inch past her fingers.

Lastly, Tierra keeps a spring-loaded, twin-bladed steel dagger designed for both breaking and trapping blades hidden beneath the capes of cloth on her left thigh, ready at a moment's notice. This blade has an angled handle, a full knuckle guard and a split trigger, positioned on both the dorsal and plantar sides of the handle. When this trigger is depressed, the blade traps spring out from either side of the weapon's blades, making it look like a strange, four-pronged weapon.

Armor, Clothing and Accessories: Tierra wears clothing that covers her from the neck down at all possible times. Though her gray-blue, long-sleeved shirt may initially appear to be nothing more than padded cloth, its high-cut V-neck collar stands up in a two-inch ridge meant to protect her neck from blows while still giving her a free range of motion. This collar is the first indication that her slightly billowy, padded shirt is more than it first appears to be. A mesh of fine metal cords tied in a series of complex knots lie beneath the first layer of cloth, designed to resist punctures, such as from arrows. Woven with the fabric of the shirt itself are thin, double layered iron plates, all concealed at her abdomen, lower back, upper back, chest, and the tops of her shoulders. All in all, this very complicated design gives Tierra an almost uninhibited range of motion and very light wardrobe, while providing her with some of the protection of true armor, especially warding off the danger from most conventional ranged weaponry.

Tierra wears a pair of gray-blue leggings are crafted in similar fashion to her shirt armor, though they conceal light chain or banded mail armor in the places that cover her inguinal region (the groin), the front of her thighs, her knees, the back of her knees, and her calves, instead of plate reinforced cords.

Tierra wears a pair of steel toed, calf-high leather walking boots, armored along her shin and the top of her foot in the same hidden fashion as her shirt, despite the fact that her leggings drop down as far as her ankles, causing an overlap in her leg and foot protection. She also accents her armored attire with a pair of full-fingered cloth gloves with corded plates laid at the back of her hands. To hide her hair, she wears a cloth scarf of the same gray-blue color of her shirt and leggings tied around her head with a knot near the base of her neck, and a tail of cloth that trails down to between her shoulder blades.

Woven into sewn in channels all over her shirt, leggings, boots and gloves are long, supple strips of a canvas-like material, the overall weave of which is designed to suture together her various pieces of clothing into a more singular piece. There are seven of these strips in all, and their entire function is to protect her from the harsh elements on her travels, particularly to keep water off her body during storms, and snow out from inside her clothes.

Over all her other clothing, Tierra wears a large, deep hooded, sand yellow leather cloak that mantles over her shoulders and falls down as far as her mid calves. This heavy-edged cloak is specially treated with oils, designed to keep the weather off her body while she travels. Other capes of sand yellow cloth or leather adorn her body as well, such as a thin pongee silk cape that clasps on top of her right shoulder and covers the left side of her torso, down to midthigh of her left leg, thus keeping her entire left arm hidden most of the time. Another such cape drapes around her hip, clasping at her left side and loosely covering her right leg down to her midcalf, in similar fashion to a skirt. This second skirt is worn under the weapons harness that holds her warhammer, but over a far smaller, third cape of waterproofed leather - which covers barely eight inches of space - that hides her gun. None of these cloth or leather capes cover her body so tightly as to impede her range of motion, and all of them are cut so as to catch the air around her and puff out when she jumps, runs or makes other swift, prolonged movements.

Around her neck, Tierra wears a low collar of silvery white metal, set with a translucent, red cabochon gemstone, which rests against her sternal notch. The stone is inhabited by the soul of a demon on its way to redemption, who causes the stone to pulse against Tierra’s neck when she is in danger. On each of her forearms, the adventurer wears a pair of light, nickel-iron vambraces engraved with flowing, concentric patterns and on her right upper arm is an armband of many small iron chains, into the links of which are set just as many small, faceted gemstones of the same color as the stone set in her collar. Six of these smaller stones glimmer with an inner light, but these lights are visible only in dim or worse lighting; each one of them contains the captured soul of some especially heinous demon or creature of legend. On her right ear is an elaborately crafted piece of jewelry, a stylized earcuff made of nickel and silver, and set with tiny, faceted orange corals. This earcuff is possessed by a feminine spirit of knowledge and secrets, named Gilda, who has consented to aiding Tierra in her journeys until she is laid to her final rest. To Tierra's dismay, however, the spirit answers only direct questions, and never volunteers more information than is asked of it, to a very precise degree.

In a tooled, waterproofed leather pack, secured via leather straps to the side of her right thigh, Tierra keeps a plethora of small tools for her magicks, including incense, an iron-cored teak wand, and some knotted silk cords, ink of various ingredients and colors, and several individually wrapped cloths containing specially prepared miscellaneous components. On the posterior side of this same pack, a small pocket stores several small spheres constructed from meteorite iron alloyed with purest silver. Another of the pack's pockets holds high quality paper and vellum of varying lengths and widths.

One very notable object in this pack is a crystal phial containing a pinch of bright blue gemstone powder, called atenaar. This powder can be used as an additional component for any of Tierra's Ruination or Shaping spells. If she uses this powder to cast a spell, that spell's power is enhanced greatly, though it does not give Tierra the ability to cast spells that would otherwise be beyond her.

Strengths: Tierra has been trained in and practiced for several years the use of the quarterstaff for self-defense, and is familiar with the warhammer from both fundamental instruction and practice in live combat across the course of her journeys. She is a dangerously quick draw from either her left or her right and has an astounding understanding of the bodies of living creatures, whether they are mortal things or creatures of legend and myth. At her heart though, Tierra is a spellcaster. Each of her three known forms of magic are unusual in nature, and defending against them effectively can range from tricky to double-edged.

Tierra is an intelligent young woman, perhaps far more intelligent than she herself realizes. She learns quickly and can adapt to new conditions with infuriating ease. Tierra learned early in her adventures that fighting honorably is a short road to death, so she has put together an arsenal of cunning tricks to help her out of the tight spots that may arise both in battle and out.

The young woman is a blacksmith of notable skill, a crack shot with her gun, a gifted spellcaster and a passable melee fighter. As Garn refused to openly having a girl for an apprentice at his forge, Tierra is adept in passing herself off for a clean-shaven young man. She can cook a mouth-watering meal with her pot and the normal findings of any forest or meadow and, has a kind of insight that is nearly unheard of for her young age.

Weaknesses: Though she has been traveling for the better part of six years, Tierra is what a person would call new to the adventuring lifestyle. Her lack of experience is apparent to anyone who scrutinizes her too closely, and has been the source of many a glaring blunder on her part.

Tierra learned to defend first, attack when necessary. Her nature is defensive, however, and her fighting style relies on defense far too greatly. She will often ignore gaps in an opponent's defense until she is certain that she has an opening to attack and that is not being deceived by a ruse or feint. Instead of attacking, Tierra prefers to exhaust her opponents, then strike. This style often gives her opponents enough time to find flaws in her defenses.

Although her magical skill is prodigious, Tierra knows only a handful of spells and her skill-at-arms is passable, but she is unfamiliar with most of the weapons outside of her own personal arsenal. Even her bec de corbin and its constituent weapons are difficult for her to use effectively; her other weapons have come from her need for less honorable ways to bring opponents down. Additionally, when Tierra cats a spell, she must wait before she can cast another. Depending on how powerful a spell she's just cast, this wait time can be anywhere from a few seconds up to a full minute, and a lot can happen in a minute.

Water in large doses is anathema to Tierra; she has a deep-rooted and irrational fear of water in large volumes. Partially related to this fear is the fear of creatures that reside in the water; their inhuman forms unnerve Tierra. She is uncomfortable and apprehensive in heavy fog or mist, a sensation of being trapped makes her strongly dislike being caught in the rain and she has (as a result) impulsively used magic to keep water off herself during a storm on more than one occasion. Nearby streams, lakes, rivers and especially oceans make Tierra feel nervous or jumpy. When Tierra bathes, the tub is always spelled against misfortune, and the room is warded against unwelcome visitors and spirits. This fear is inborn to Tierra, no traumatic event has ever transpired to cause it.

Skills and Magic: Tierra's journeys have often found her in dangerous locations where fleet feet and nimbleness are paramount to survival. As a result, Tierra has become adept in a degree of acrobatics and tumbling. Although her reflexes are not superhuman, she does seem to push the limits; her awareness of her surroundings and her reflexes are akin to the prowess of expert assassins and ascete ki masters, respectively. Taught by her hometown's stable master, she is also a talent on horseback, able to stay astride a frightened wild stallion... just not without a saddle.

Though barred from learning the magicks taught at the royal academy, Tierra was undaunted in her pursuit of a magic she could call her own. Over the course of her journeys, she has learned three different styles of magic, each as unusual and unique as the others. They are Ruination, Shaping and Terragaldrs.

Ruination is a very dark style of magic that Tierra learned from a repenting demon shortly before its suicide. The fiend had specifically requested that Tierra use its own soul to fuel a ward that would alert her to nearby danger, so that she could hopefully succeed in the inevitable adventures that would accompany her journeys. Ruination focuses on death energy, on flesh, and on infernal powers. Spells from the ruination style can augment the caster’s abilities, torture others, curse others, conceal a person’s self or others, and create wards. Its spells can require remaining completely still, specially knotted cords, invocations, talismans, specially prepared components, magic words, gestures, parchment bearing special symbols, a staff and/or guiding magical forces with the mind. Ruination spells draw their power from otherworldly sources, but the more powerful spells in this type of magic can also require the energy of captured souls. Some ruination spells can age their caster in leaps and bounds. Many of the components in Tierra's leg pack are used for this style of magic, as are all eight of her captured souls. Tierra herself is uncomfortable using the spells that draw their power from soul energy, preferring the spells with other components when she uses this style at all.

The following are the Ruination spells that Tierra has learned:

Axe of Infernal Light
This spell conjures into being a single-bladed battle-axe composed almost entirely of coherent blobs of crimson and golden light. It stands up to blows as well as tempered steel, and its edge cauterizes any wounds its lays into a victim, ensuring great pain with the merest scrape. The axe takes only as long to materialize as its magic words take time to speak, and its haft is made from a long strip of parchment bearing symbols, wrapped around itself several times. To cast, the Axe of Infernal Light requires the magic words "Sorece Uc" and a long strip of parchment bearing mystic symbols along both sides of its length, which will become its haft.

Blades of Dust
This spell takes the form of a gust of dust-filled, burning hot wind large enough to cover half of an average human. When the wind brushes over its victim, it parches and cracks their exposed skin, causing them to bleed slowly. A wound caused by blades of dust is never life threatening, but it is certainly painful. Its casting requires a pinch of dust or sand, the magic words "Erfec Ros", and a scarab's wing treated with oil. When the spell is cast, the scarab's wing withers, making it unfit for another casting.

Beam of Bone
The evocation called Beam of Bone manifests as a single, pencil-thin ray of ivory color, which jumps out at a single target within 50 feet of its caster. Any object or creature struck by the ray is covered in a shell of massive bone, measuring two feet in diameter. This casing can be broken off with a hard blow, usually from a weapon, but can be devastating to a victim's agility if it forms around a joint. The casting of this spell requires a gesture with one hand and a cotton cord that has been knotted so many times that it cannot bend in any meaningful way. When the spell is cast, every knot in the cord comes undone, making it unfit for another casting until the knots are retied.

Ray of Devilfire
This spell manifests as a cyclone of red and gray flames that reaches out from the caster's hand, from which brilliant orange and yellow sparks fly in all directions. The ray is only a few inches wide but can be extended at its caster's will up to fully fifteen feet long. The fire burns hot enough to set ignite green wood after less than a minute of exposure. Perhaps worse than its physical effect, the devilfire also burns a victim's mental acuity, leaving them feeling drunk and "fuzzy”. Among Tierra's offensive spells, Ray of Devilfire tops the list. This spell's casting requires a gesture with one hand, the magic words "Urrogh Vel Ors" and a dried bat's wing that has been treated with human tears. The bat's wing is burned by the casting of the spell, so a new one must be used for another casting. Each time Ray of Devilfire is successfully cast, its caster ages another three weeks.

Aegis Circle
The aegis circle is one of the rare protective spells in the ruination style. When cast, it surrounds the caster in a bubble of nearly invisible force, which keeps weapons, spells, debris and similar matter at no less than arms' length from them. The ward is strong enough to rebuff falling rocks and weapon attacks of perhaps slightly greater than human strength. If stronger forces are hedged against its protection, the circle allows them passage without collapsing. The aegis circle also stops cold a single spell cast at it before dissipating, itself. An aegis circle can be maintained for several hours between castings, but its maintenance prevents the caster from casting other spells. Aegis Circle requires a short series of gestures with both hands to cast, as well as five pieces of paper bearing arcane symbols on them. When the spell is cast, the symbol-bearing papers fly out from the caster's hands and mark the outermost limits of the spell's protection but these papers can be reused for other castings of the spell. Every creature within arms' reach of the caster at the time of the spell's casting is counted under its protection.

Profane Blast
The Profane Blast creates a very compact and powerful explosion of eldritch blue smoke and energy. The detonation is of sufficient power to flinder living bones but affects only the living. Objects within the effect of a Profane Blast spell suffer no ill effects, but might become ruffled as if be a small breeze. The area of Tierra's Profane Blast spell is only one foot in diameter, but lacks not for power. The casting of a Profane Blast requires a gesture with one hand and a measure of soul energy. Most souls have enough vigor to fuel six Profane Blast spells.

Bloody Evocation of the Blade of Hell
This particularly wicked spell is one that Tierra knows but cannot cast. The spell summons a blade the size of the average shortsword, made wholly from crimson, crystalline pain, which bursts forth from the body of its victim. The blade drinks the blood of its victim, and dissolves upon their death, leaving only a withered corpse with a ragged gash on its torso. The casting of this spell requires the magic words "Gol Orn Ervena Hal," a series of gestures with one hand, severe concentration on the caster's behalf, and the consumption of 2 mortal souls. Additionally, the completion of this spell ages the caster four years prematurely and leaves them heavily disoriented for several minutes. Before Tierra can even attempt the casting of this spell, her skill in the Ruination magicks will need to be expanded five-fold, at the very least. Before that time, the advanced magicks involved would only kill her.

In Tierra's Ruination repertoire is another sort of magic, which is used to steal the souls of those she herself has slain. This magic cannot be used on anyone but the dead, and is wholly ineffective unless the victim was slain by Tierra herself. The ritual takes more than a minute to complete and requires both a receptacle for the soul and a long strip of vellum bearing special runes. As powerful as souls could make her Ruination magic, Tierra is not fond of capturing souls, and so performs this rite only on creatures and people who have met their end after a lifetime of wronging others.

Shaping, on the other hand, may seem like the very opposite of Ruination. The woman learned the Shaping style while poking about the vault of knowledge guarded by a sphinx in the desert, at about the same time she acquired Gilda. Its spells focus on holy energy, light and astral matter and can create weapons, armor, objects and art, bring prosperity to people, homes and land, prevent misfortune, heal wounds, repair damaged or broken objects, temporarily enchant items, evoke light and augment the abilities of living creatures. Shaping's spells can require invocations, offerings for supernatural forces, incense, words of power, careful visualization and/or a special talisman. Tierra's favorite and most commonly used spells are from the Shaping style.

The following spells are a part of Tierra's Shaping repertoire:

Lucent Shield
This defensive spell creates a shield of dazzling white light in midair, at any point up to ten feet away from Tierra, and in any orientation she desires. Its evocation requires a gesture with one hand and the magic word "Thyre" and, when first cast, it takes less than a single second to fully form. Tierra's shield is strong enough to deflect arrows and sword blows. The shield could even stop a charging man in armor, but nothing stronger. The shield can last upwards of a half minute before dissipating on its own. A Lucent Shield is immobile once it has formed, and could be used as a stepping-stone by someone light enough. Lucent Shield is perhaps Tierra's most commonly used spell in combat.

Lance of Silver
By coalescing pristine, silver-white light and astral fabric, this spell creates a seven-foot long war lance with a broad, triangular blade. Its haft fits the hand of whoever hefts it and its balance is impeccable. The lance seems to weigh only a few pounds, when swung or thrown, it strikes as though the whole weapon were made of iron. It is extremely resistant to blows, its edge can slice leather with ease and it is impervious to fire. The spell's casting requires that the caster be wrapped in the smoke of incense made with jasmine, a gesture with one hand, the magic word "Sier" and careful visualization of the lance to be created. Unfortunately, Tierra is completely untrained in the use of a war lance, and has only ever used the spell when in need of a spear to throw.

Hale infuses its recipient with astral energies and augments them, body and soul, with holy power. Any living creature blessed with the power of the hale spell will find their health, their eyesight, their mental acuity and willpower, their physical speed and strength - the limits of all of these things become nearly twice their norms and, the effects of the spell last until either two minutes have elapsed, or the caster articulates another spell. The casting of the hale spell requires that the caster be able to lay her hand against the body of the recipient and a cone or block of incense made with vanilla. The incense is consumed in the casting, so a new cone or block must be acquired for another casting. Hale has no effect on the unliving, so mechanical or similar prosthetics and the undead glean no benefit from this spell.

The Rejuvenate spell does just that - it rejuvenates its target. The recipient of a Rejuvenate spell is cured of all exhaustion and can be brought back even from the far brink of terminal dehydration. The spell closes puncture wounds, gashes and deep cuts and alleviates the aches and pain of such injuries. Tierra's rejuvenate spell also replaces the majority of the blood lost from the same injuries it closes but it cannot aid with internal bleeding or knit broken bones. Other feats of healing are simply beyond Tierra's skill with this spell. To be cast, the Rejuvenate spell requires that the caster be able to hold her open palm near the recipient of the spell, the magic word "Melia", and a special talisman containing pure water. Casting the spell draws on the astral energy held in the talisman's water, making it unfit for another casting until its natural stores of that energy return, which is usually about a day later. Tierra owns three of these talismans.

When a weapon breaks, her armor becomes damaged, a cloth is torn, or she kinds a key rusted into two pieces, Tierra turns to her Mend spell to remedy the situation. Given enough time, this spell could turn a few rusty scraps of metal back into a shining cuirass of plate armor but Tierra rarely has need for such prolonged castings of the rite. Generally speaking, the more severe the damage to an object, the longer it takes to fix the object. Simple cloth or leather tears mend over the course of a single breath, partially rusted or split pieces of mail can take nearly a minute to piece back together and full breaks in large objects, such as most weapons, can take upwards of an hour. The rite for the spell requires that the caster breathes incense made with both dragon's blood and lemon grass and that the magic words "Dwam Urum" be chanted as the caster touches each place on the object where repairs must be made.

Terragaldrs are a type of magic that draw their energy from the world around the caster, using her as a friendly conduit. Tierra learned terragaldrs from the inherited personal notes and research of an academy mage-historian, who in his life voted against Tierra being allowed entry to the royal academy of wizardry. It focuses on gravity, magnetism and sand, specifically moving these things around and using them to move other things. Effects in the terragaldr style (referred to as terragaldrs, and usually not as spells) can require gestures, the drawing of sigils, a wand, specific bodily postures and/or specially knotted cords. Though Tierra is far too young to benefit from it, the use of terragaldrs seems to grant the caster a longer lifespan. Most terragaldrs require the use of the caster's hands and a strong measure of hand-eye coordination, so Tierra is careful not to let her terragaldrs consume too much of her attention. Terragaldrs do not really have names per se, but for listing them here, I have approximated some names for them.

The following are the terragaldrs that Tierra has learned:

Control Sands
By the use of this terragaldr, the caster takes a teak wand in hand and draws a few pairs of sigils in the air, each of which manifests in the form of a luminescent blue rune. The caster may direct one of each of the pairs of sigils to float near a body of sand; the remaining sigils simply float near the end of her wand. By tapping on one of the sigils near her wand, the caster may direct the movements of the associated patch of sand on the other end of the paired sigil. Each pair of Tierra's sigils can affect a measure of sand up to one yard square and half an inch deep. Every inch a "close" sigil is moved can translate up to five feet of movement for a "far" sigil, and a simple flick of the wrist can turn a patch of sand to a different orientation. A patch of sand controlled by this terragaldr can support an enormous amount of weight and force - charging bull could be stopped with ease with walls made by this terragaldr. The use of this terragaldr requires only that the caster hold on to the teak wand for the entire duration of the spell. As soon as the wand leaves the caster's grip, so does the sand leave the magic's grip. When a wand is being used for this terragaldr, it cannot be used for any other.

Gravitic Knot
This terragaldr works by "grabbing" on to the gravitic forces surrounding its target. The grip of the terragaldr is powerful but gentle; having an upper limit of weight, it can lift or move over around four thousand pounds. Despite its great strength, the target of this terragaldr is never in danger of being harmed by the grip of the effect. This terragaldr requires that its caster to have tied a special, moving knot into the middle of a cord of silk. By taking a moment to attune an object or creature to the cord, the caster can slip the knot along the length of the cord, thus moving the attuned creature or object along with it. Therefore, if the terragaldr's controller holds a cord upright and slides the knot to the top of the cord, the attuned object or creature will be flung skyward. If the controller slides the knot away from their self, horizontally, the attuned creature is moved likewise. By moving a knot downward, the Terragladr's taster can even attempt to slam the attuned creature or object on the other side against the ground, or cause flying things to fall. Every inch of moving knot translates to about ten feet of moving attuned thing. When the controller stops moving the knot, the magic releases its grip on the attuned creature or object, as well.

Direct Iron
Functionally, this terragaldr is almost identical to the terragaldr for controlling sands. The terragaldr's user scribes a few pairs of sigils into the air with an iron-cored wand and assigns "far" sigils to a single ferrous object nearby. The "near" sigils float around the tip of the wand and can any one of them can be tapped upon to seize control of them until the terragaldr's controller no longer wills it. By moving the group of "near" sigils, the terragaldr's controller directs the movements of the associated ferrous object on the other side. Each sigil assigned to an object helps the terragaldr to lift and move up to 300 pounds of weight and every inch a "close" sigil is moved can translate up to five feet of movement for a "far" sigil, and a simple flick of the wrist can turn the associated object to a different orientation. Only one object can be affected by this terragaldr at a time and if the terragaldr's controller ceases to hold the wand attached to the sigils, the terragaldr releases its grip, as well. When a wand is being used for this terragaldr, it cannot be used for any other.

Aevui is a type of life magic. Though it is arcane in nature, its power comes from the world around its wielder, specifically from animals and a cycle of elements. The aevui cycle is composed of and flows in the direction of earth, wood, water, air, spirit and fire. its spells can be used to incorporate living animals to the body as totems to garner benefits from them, to summon spirits and creatures to do one’s bidding, to shape objects, weapons and armor from the elements of the aevui cycle, and to move the spirits of animals and mythical creatures through the aevui’s wielder to enhance or alter their abilities. Aevui magic can also summon an animal familiar and move the elements of its cycle, though the latter spells are taxing to their caster. Aevui spells can require magic words, various herbs, incense, concentration, emotional calm or heightened emotions, the drawing of runes, guiding magical forces with the mind, and/or talismans in their casting. Aevui is a type of magic that is unique to Tierra, though she has not yet developed it.

Bio: On the day of Tierra Cohr’s birth, in the reaches of the Has’haran deserts, near the border of the steel king’s land, a shaman was called into the Cohr household. The shaman wore the finest leathers and furs the tribe owned, many brightly colored ribbons and small metal trinkets to ward off spirits of ill fortune, mischief and worse. Though the man’s demeanor was normally very light-hearted to other nomads, that day his chin was set and his eyes were severe. Sota Ret’s duty was grave, and he took no joy in it at all.

The shaman Ret set a hand against the frightened midwife’s shoulder, he could feel her relax immediately. She turned her head to look up at him, and he spread pure oils across her forehead with one finger. A tear escaped from the corner of her eye. The midwife bowed her head, stood, and stepped back from the bundled child.

Sota sat down in the midwife’s place, Alla Cohr, the child’s mother, looked on at him apprehensively. He took a pipe from the leather bag on his side and lit the end. The shaman drew a long breath from the pipe and held it for a moment. When he breathed again, a sparkling white smoke filled the tent’s air. Sota lifted the fussing child into his arms and doubled back the leather fold the hid the infant’s face. She grew quiet at his gaze and smiled up at him. The old man did his best to return the favor.

As Sota looked at the child, he tousled her hair and ran a finger along her cheek. Her soft magenta eyes shone brightly, but for some reason, he did not want to believe it. Those moments in the Cohr household changed like seasons. At last, Sota looked up at Alla Cohr and glanced sidelong, turning his head with the look. The mother burst into tears, unable to contain herself. Roghen, the father, took her in his arms, whispering to her quietly.

“This child is no Cohr. She is no child of the Faran tribe. The spirit in her will bring ill fortune to the tribe.” His voice sounded dead as he spoke; he addressed the child’s father, “Roghen. You will take Tierra to the Steel King’s land. Leave her in care of one you have never met and return to the tribe.”

* * *

Roghen Cohr had been traveling for two days. On his journey, his heart had grown heavy; he felt only fortunate that the child’s mother did not have the chance to grow so close to their daughter these past days. Something inside him ached. With every step he took, it was as if he were tearing open an old wound.

Far behind Roghen were the sands his people knew well. In this place, grass and forestland lay in all directions, as far as the man could see. He had traveled here swiftly, sparing himself no quarter. He wanted this task done with. Up ahead, the trees broke, and beyond that, the homes of the Steel King’s people. Before this moment, he thought that this moment would have made him glad, but he was not. Instead, he felt a longing in his heart. “No,” he reminded himself, “I cannot take her back to the tribe with me. It is the word of the shaman. My– “ his voice caught in his throat. He could not even think the words, so he changed them, “This child is demon possessed. If I returned with her, her fate would be far worse than this. I can only do my best to provide well for her while I can provide for her at all.”

Roghen looked about at the buildings of these people’s town. He knew that Has’haran nomads knew the best ways to live and, though these people had no shamans and worked with fire and metal, they were not ignorant, either. The largest family tent in Faran was owned by the wealthiest family in the tribe, so it would make sense that the largest building in this town was owned by the wealthiest family. He looked along the line of wood and stone structures until he spied the largest among them. He crept up toward the door, wary of anyone that might see him – the shaman had warned him that if he met the child’s caretaker to be, the evil spirit may follow him back to the tribe.

With incredible care not to wake the sleeping babe, the man set down the basket she was in on the stoop of the door, outside of the range that someone might accidentally step on her, and set the note he prepared atop her small belly. He kissed Tierra gently on the forehead and whispered an invocation over her for protection, and fled into back to trees, where he watched and waited patiently for the child’s next parent to arrive.

Three hours passed.

* * *

Reggorn grunted as he lifted the heavy wooden barrel of refuse and cracked cups from the corner of the inn’s tavern. He hated slow nights; they always meant the heavy chores were left for him. Still, there was no use paying one of the local boys when the help wasn’t needed. With a word to one of the serving girls, he headed out the back door to dump the garbage.

As Reg walked down the steps toward the trash bin outside the city, something caught his eye. Setting down the barrel, he looked a little closer. It was a basket woven from thick desert grasses, with something wrapped in soft leather inside. A note sat atop the leather, and in the quiet, Reg swore he could hear someone sniffling. His mood fouling, he snatched up the letter and looked it over. It was in the King’s common, but the script had a flourish about it like nomad writing. He knew at once what the basket was.

He had always known that the desert barbarians got rid of children that seemed strange to them. As soon as a child displayed unusual characteristics, the nomad shamans were called on to look the child over. If they were found, by whatever backwards system the shamans used, to be possessed by a bad spirit, the child was cast out. Some were left to die in the desert; luckier ones were abandoned on the doors of peoples’ homes in the middle of the night. It was simply beyond Reg how anyone could treat their own children that way. They were heathens, the lot of them. He thought that about the nomads even before tonight, when he found a child wrapped in leather, in a basket on his doorstep. That only made it worse.

He took a deep breath, tried to calm himself, and folded back the leather covering the child’s face. The child was beautiful, but he saw at once why the nomads got rid of her. Eyes like those – a bright, yet soft magenta – weren’t common in any culture. She fussed a little, having just woken. Silently, Reg stroked the child’s cheek softly to calm her, folded the leather back over her to keep her warm, took her inside the inn without closing the door behind him and set the basket on a safe counter for the moment.

Red in the face, Reggorn walked back outside the inn and closed the door behind him. His anger boiled up inside him, and he half-growled, half-screamed out to the tree line, “Heathen! Coward! You’ll burn in Hell, dammit! Ain’t you feel nothing?! Ain’t you human?!” He went on like that for the better part of three minutes before finishing, “…and I hope you ain’t never come back! I’ll raise her, you gutless–“ Reg nearly choked, but instead, let out a roar so filled with hate it sent the birds from their trees.

Out in the forest, too far in the night to be seen by naked eyes, Roghen listened to it all. He was frozen in place, stunned by the sound of the man’s voice. He didn’t understand all of the words, but he didn’t need to. When the man bellowed at him, he found himself retreating – running – as if it would get him away from his shame and hide him from his wounded heart.

Reggorn took a breath and heaved a deep, heartfelt sigh. After a moment, he came to his senses and hauled the barrel of garbage out with the rest of it. Wiping the back of his hand across his brow, he looked back toward the inn and went inside. Reg picked up the bundled child from the counter and returned to the inn’s tavern. There, at the bar, he set the child down and whistled for the attention of the wenches who came to help him in the evenings, who immediately halted their chores, bringing near silence to the room. They knew that this whistle meant something important was happening. The child inside her bundle stirred and began to fuss. Reggorn turned away from his helping hands who had begun to gather about him and soothed the small child again.

Curious and disbelieving, one of the girls leaned toward the innkeeper, “Wha-“ her voice cracked. She stopped, and then tried again, “Reggorn… what’s that ye got there? Don’t tell me…”

With an expression of resignation, Reg cut her off right there, “It’s exactly what you think, Ruby. This child’s been left at our doorstep.”

One of the other women cried out in vehement protest, “Who’d jus’ leave a babe at an inn?! Dun they know there ain’t none but the innmaster what lives here?”

Reg waved his hands and the girls and patted the air, trying to quiet them, “Jay, the writing on the note’s from a Has’haran tribal hand.”

“So?” she demanded fiercely. She looked to the other five girls, who had seated themselves at nearby tables, trying to get some support from them.

“They gots a different way of livin’ than us. Whoever it were, probably didn’t even know what an inn is, and just assumed it were a big house. Asides, there be someone ‘at lives here. I do. And I’ll be taken in the child jes’ like ter plan, I’m guessin.”

Ruby made a face and began slowly, “Now, Reg, sweetheart… we all know you got the best intentions and there ain’t none in town that’ll tell yeh ye ain’t a good man, but ye’ve never ‘ad a child. Ye dun know what it’s like. Iffen anyun’ll be taken after that child, it’d be one of us.”

The innmaster shook his head at the woman and smiled, “Thank you, Ruby, but no. I’m a man of my word, and though I were in a fit when I said it, I told after that coward what left her here that I’d take her in. And I know it costs money to keep a child, which none of ye ‘ave got much to spare of, and what’s more do I know that none of ye have got the room to keep a child in. I got enough of both, and what I don’t, I can get.” He looked across their faces, each of which wore a look of uncertainty, shock and perhaps a little bit of wonder. To soothe them, he continued, “But, ladies, I would care for it very much iffen ye helped me raise her. I am new to this, after all.”

Ruby, a woman in her mid-30s and a mother of two herself, spoke as if she were speaking for all the women there, “Reg, if you’ve sworn to take her in, we’ll help you raise her. For the next couple of years, though, there will always be someone here to look after her with you. And I bet you’ll be regrettin’ never marryin’ when we’re here.” Her grin was sly, “Cause we’re gonna shape you into a right father, and you ain’t get none’a what comes along with it.” The women laughed, their tension broken, and Reg couldn’t help but laugh along with them. Ruby did go on though, after her joke was had, “Reg, that leaves just a couple of loose ends. Like, what’re you gonna tell her ‘bout her parents? And what’s name goin’ t’ be?”

Reggorn stroked his chin, feeling thoughtfully at his stubble. After a moment of deliberation, he said, “Ain’t do no good to raise a child with no parents. We’ll just make it known I had a night with a trader woman what was here in town last autumn, and I got left with her when the trader come back, as her ma’s travelin’ woulda been no good for her being raised.”

The women nodded in approval of Reg’s idea. One of them, Dawn, spoke up, “What about her mother’s name, then, Reg? And what color was her eyes? She’ll want to know those things, y’know.”

Reg stroked his chin again, “We’ll call her mother Althea… and she had eyes’a sky blue.”

“Very good, Reg,“ said Ruby, “but what’s the child’s name?”

Reggorn took the note from out of his pocket and unfolded it, looking it over. “Says here…” he began, “her name’s Tierra. But ain’t got no last name what’s said.”

Ruby part-laughed, part-sighed at the innkeeper, “Well, that should be obvious, Reg. You’re her father, after all. She’ll be Tierra Nena.”

Thus, it was decided.

* * *

Tierra walked in through of the open doors of the smith’s workshop and looked around for the man that should have been tending the forge. Finding him nowhere, she went to the side of the doorway and pulled on a long, thin rope that hung down from large room’s loft. The sound of a jingling bell filled the air.

Today, Tierra had been sent from the Red Oasis on an errand for nails from Garn, Shadowtop’s sole smith. The Red Oasis was the inn where Tierra called kip, as her father, Reggorn Nena was the innmaster there. Tierra apparently had a mother somewhere in the world, but she was raised by her father and the women who helped him run the inn and tavern there. Tierra had heard that in Garn’s earlier years, he lived in the royal city of Acadnia, where he was the king’s royal forge master. Garn was certainly a skilled enough craftsmith to live up to the tale, but she wondered why such an important person would want to retire from such a prestigious career in a little forest town like this one. Shadowtop was the town she lived in. It was a small town, but had many of the trappings of a much larger city. She supposed that was because the people who lived there didn’t want it to be any larger. One of its main exports, shadowtop wood, provided the city with all the money it ever needed, as the hardwood was rare in the world and in great demand from the neighboring provinces.

The shadowtop wood exported from the city came from the massive tree at its center, after which the city was named. Nearly a third of Shadowtop was covered by he tree’s wide canopy foliage, and the townspeople there had paid great expenses to have special towers built that would hold up some of its larger limbs as they grew outward, to ensure that more of the city would one day be covered. In the early spring through late summer, massive red flowers bloom on shadowtop trees, and this tree would cast the inner third its city in rich crimson radiance during the days of those seasons.

Garn’s voice called out from the loft above her, “Kite? S’at you?”

Kite. That was the name she earned four years ago, when she became the smith’s apprentice. Before that time, Garn had refused vehemently to have a girl for an apprentice at all, despite all her efforts to earn his favor. Then, one day, a knight errant had come through town; his sword suffered a crack down most of its length. The knight took the blade to Garn, whom he had heard could mend even such damage as though the blade were new.

While Garn was toiling on the blade, Tierra watched, and he set it back in the forge and waited for it to heat again. As the man was getting ready to draw the blade out of the forge, Tierra made her move. Using the techniques she learned for bringing people larger than herself off balance and onto the ground, Tierra grabbed Garn and threw him over on his back.

Tierra wasted no time picking up the astonished smith’s work out of the forge and began working at the sword herself, in its final stages of repair. Garn, when he gathered himself to his feet, swore violently at her, but the steady falls of her hammer did not falter, nor did she look up at him once. The man who was once the royal forgemaster to the king of Acadnia was left with no choice but to guide the young woman as she fixed the sword, or all of his effort would have been for nothing. To Garn’s further chagrin, the knight who owned the blade walked back into the shop just as Tierra was finishing the labor.

When the knight pressed on why the girl was working his blade instead of the master, Garn abashedly explained that the girl was his apprentice, and, to his surprise, the knight congratulated him on his open mindedness and ability to guide a young girl to produce such expert work. Tierra received a hefty punishment for her actions after the knight had left town, but when Garn tried to dismiss her, she asked when she should arrive for her lessons.

Garn would have been a liar if he did not accept the girl as his apprentice, then, so he told her that she would receive lessons in the afternoons, five days out of the week. He also explained to the girl, though, that not everyone would be as accepting of new notions as that knight was, and to protect Garn’s business, she would from that day forward be a young man as long as she toiled at the forge, and his name would be Kite. Since that day, Kite never missed a single day of lessons in smithing.

“Yes, Garn,” she called back, “I need some nails for the Red. There’s a fight what broke out last night.”

“Aye, I heard. I got ‘em ready for ya, lass. Sitting by the table down there.” Garn paused for a moment, then went on, “I’ll be seeing you in the afternoon’ for lessons, aye?”

“You will, Garn.” She went to the table and peered into a bucket there. She fished out several iron nails from it and placed them in a pocket of the pack slung at her side, just as Garn was coming down the stairs from the loft.

The smith was a large man, just over six feet and two inches tall, with broad, powerful shoulders and corded muscles. His tan skin was made tough from forgework and he wore three days worth of stubble on his chin. Garn’s hair was a rich reddish brown, beginning to turn gray with his age. He was dressed in simple, thick clothing that had many scorch marks and burns on it. “Tie-,“ he began, “Kite. Tell your father that I’ll need you for a little extra time today. I’ve got a little present for you.”

Tierra tilted her head to the side in wonder, the gloss in her eyes betraying her thoughts. Garn said nothing at all, having suddenly found something else to busy himself with. He had never shown her much reason to think that he was fond of her, especially not after the way she became his apprentice in the first place. The idea of getting a gift of any capacity from Garn was almost like the sky turning blue in the dead of night. She had never thought it possible. She wondered if Garn had grown fond of her at all over the last four years, but decided not to ask. “I’ll let him know. I’ll see you this afternoon.” she told him.

Tierra left the smith’s shop and headed over to the apothecary’s. The brawl from the night before somehow quickly turned from fists to knives. It had injured several men; a couple of them were workers at the tavern, most not. When Ruby, one of the women who was something of a mother to her, went to patch up the cuts on her fellow workers, she found that their supplies were in sore need. She was certain that her father got a sound talking to about that, but it was Tierra’s duty to go and get more supplies from the town’s apothecary, just like most of the errands that involved going about the city on foot did.

On her way to the apothecary, Tierra saw a kind-looking man in his mid-forties walking toward the Red Oasis. He walked with a tall staff, topped by an intricate-seeming array of crystals, and wore a set of blue and gold robes that fit him prestigiously. Blue and gold. Those were the colors of Acadnia, the royal city at the heart of Tierra’s home kingdom. The man stopped by a window where a bush of ill-attended flowers was wilting. He passed his hand over the flowers and they recovered almost instantly. They stood up toward the sun as if they were happy to be alive once again. The man was obviously a mage, and probably a graduate from Acadnia’s royal academy of magic.

That thought brought Tierra back to the present. As she looked for the things she needed from the apothecary, she thought it over. She’d be leaving within days, so that she could make her own way to capital city and try to join the academy there. She had made this commitment ages ago, though no one had quite believed her until she began to put together a list of the things she’s be taking with her on her journey. Tierra was determined to become a mage, no matter how strong or weak her own talent for magic may be. Untested as of yet, she had no idea what her knack was, but many of the graduates fresh from the academy who Tierra had spoken with on the matter encouraged her to join the academy. Tierra looked at the things she had gathered in the apothecary’s store, and went to his counter to pay for them.

* * *

Kite finished the last of the plates he’d be tasked with. Their measurements were very exact, and it made him wonder what, exactly, they were for. The plates were arranged into many different shapes, they were all very thin and, most of them seemed to be arranged into opposing pairs and matching pairs. Every different plate required a strange perforation around its edges, as though it were a filter for something, or something else were to be threaded through it. Kite’s project was taxing in most of the ways he knew, and it drew on nearly all of the skills as a smith that he had learned over the last four years, and then some. On several occasions, he needed to scrap a piece of metal and begin anew, and on a few others, he called on help from Garn. Sweat beaded his brow, and he was thankful of the tied scarf that kept his hair out of his face.

Kite took a deep breath and sighed, then stacked all of the plates over the last few days that he’d made in a basket near the work table. Since he and Garn had begun this project, it had also become filled with a pair of spools of strange steel string that Garn had crafted himself. Kite wondered what else Garn had been occupying his time with, as none of the normal work had been coming into or leaving the forge since the beginning of the week, but he felt it was best that he didn’t ask.

The forgemaster came out of a door that came from Garn’s personal work area, carrying spool of the same metal cord. He set it down in the basket and looked at Kite, rubbing the stubble of his chin, “Take this basket to the weaver Neva, Kite. We’re done with our end of this project. Don’t ask any questions about it while you’re there.”

Puzzled, Kite did as he was told. The basket was surprisingly light for all the work he and his mentor had done, but he certainly wasn’t complaining; the weaver’s shop was on the other side of town. As he reached the door, the old woman opened it before he could even knock. She eyed him in a way that made Kite a little uncomfortable.

“Tierra?” she asked abruptly. When Kite nodded in return, the old weaver shook her head, “Sorry, girl. The way you’re starting to look when you put on that name, it’s getting tougher to tell if you’re a young lady or lad.” Neva took a step out her doorway and went on, “I’ll take that from you. It must be getting heavy.” She took the basket from Kite’s arms before he could even react. “I have it on authority from Garn that you aren’t supposed to know much about this. Off with you, then.” She set the basket down inside her shop and turned around. Her gaze was sharp, and Kite knew better than to linger.

“See you another day, Neva.” Kite said as he began his way back to Garn’s forge.

“And you, child. Now scram before your master accuses you of asking questions.”

* * *

When Kite walked back in through the wide doors of the forge, Garn was nowhere to be seen and the room was dim. Normally, Garn would have been cleaning the forge and workshop, so his absence puzzled Kite. She pulled on the bell cord to sound her arrival, but Garn did not arrive from the loft above, either. She walked inside and looked around. To her surprise, most everything was just how she left it but, as her eyes adjusted to the light, she found one exception. Sitting on the worktable was a long handled tool. She walked forward to inspect it, and found that it was not a tool at all. Instead, it was a weapon.

The weapon’s haft was almost seven feet long, its head steel. Kite was familiar with all the materials of the object, but the purpose of its construction was an enigma to her. She ran her hand along the haft; its grain and texture told her it was shadowtop, but it had a strange gloss on it and it seemed too hard, even for such a sturdy wood, to be the shadowtop she knew so well. Along its haft was an interruption of thick steel, which she knew from her lessons should have made the haft weaker. The weapon had a leather grip near its haft, but even she knew to wield a polearm from there would be folly. And its head bore payload on three sides – a hammer with a moon-corved face on one side, a dagger blade off the top, and a spike opposite to the hammer. Its craft was more than expert; it made gape in awe. Whoever made this weapon must have surely been a muse of the trade.

She was brought suddenly from her reverie by the sound of footsteps behind her. Before she could turn, she could hear Garn’s voice, low and graveled, “Do you like it, Tierra?”

She paused, and instead of turning to face him, she ran her hand over the haft again. “It’s beautiful…” she murmured.

“Yer…” Garn began, but his voice seemed to catch, “yer gonna be leaving in just a couple days, aye?” There was something different about the way he sounded, as if his confidence were short, which was unusual for the man.

Tierra stared forward at the weapon, her eyes transfixed. “I am, yes. You know that, I’ve been talking about it for months. I’m going to Acadnia, to join the mage’s guild there. I’ve been saving money from my tips at the Red for just as long to pay for a room while I’m in the city.” She paused for a moment, the thoughts coming together in her head, “Garn, this isn’t for–“

“It’s yours. I want you to have it,“ he interrupted.

She spun around to look at him, protesting, “Garn, no! I can’t accept–“ she stopped cold, he was crying.

The forgemaster blushed heavily when Tierra saw him, but he spoke anyway, “I’ve known ye since yeh were just a babe, Tierra. When mah lettle brother tol’ me about yer mother bringin’ ye here, I thought about ‘ow I ‘ad never, uh, never married, aye? Ye didn’t…” he took a deep breath, “ye didn’t ever see any of the other childfolk about the shop, when ye were lettle, remember? It was just ye. It weren’t cause of no one wanted to be abou’, I just didn’t want ‘em here.”

Tierra frowned, uncertain of where Garn was rambling to.

“Ye were a sure blessin’, Tierra. I never had a child of my own, but…” he hesitated, tears were streaming down his face, “well, ye’re my niece, that’s all.” He paused, again, and Tierra wasn’t sure if he was going to go on before he blurted out, his voice cracking, “I, I’m gonna miss ya!”

With that, the man sobbed, and Tierra hugged him about his chest, consoling him as best she could. He hugged her back, but he didn’t speak for some time. It was probably better that way, it left Tierra to ponder. No one had ever told her that Reggorn and Garn were brothers, and it was never made known another way. She was certain that they were friends, but that was all she ever thought of it. What’s more, was that she had never been given reason to think that Garn was so fond of her. From the way he so vehemently protested her apprenticeship here, and how he spoke to her, she had always thought that he had only tolerated her and grown accustomed to her presence over time. That Garn was her uncle, it gave her a new perspective on him.

At last, he stopped crying and took a breath to steady himself. He cleared his throat, “I want you to have it, Tierra. Shadowtop’s a nice place, but ain’t everywhere so. And ye never know where the wind’ll take ye. And tain’t no lettle knife that’ll stop ye from highwaymen gettin’ atcha.” He hesitated for a moment, “And besides… it weren’t made for no one but ye.”

Tierra let go of Garn and turned back toward the table. For nearly a minute, an awkward silence passed between them. Suddenly, Tierra broke that silence, “Garn… I don’t know how to use this.”

Garn began to chuckle, then laughed outright, “Ha!” He sighed, and grinned down at her, though she did not see it, but she could hear it in his voice, “Well, yeah. I know. And I’ve only got a couple days to teach ya. Let’s get started.”

* * *

Tierra woke not early, but to the sun’s rays on her face. She squinted as she rolled out of bed and looked at the polished metal mirror on the far side of her room. Her eyes glimmered back at her and she smiled. The past two days had been tough for her. Since she’d be leaving today, she was relieved of her normal chores, so that she could focus on gathering everything she would need for her trip to the capital and saying her goodbyes to the people she knew. When she was doing neither of those things, her normal hours of forgework were replaced by a strict regimen from Garn, who trained her in the use of the weapon he’d given her, called a bec de corbin.

The primary use of the weapon, or “bec”, as she called it, was one that came to her easily. To swing the hammer at an opponent. The hammer’s face was curved inward like a crescent moon, so that its edges could pierce through armor, and since it was a polearm, it had a kick like a mule. Garn showed her how to adapt the hammerblow style she learned as a smith to the swing of this hammer. By now, she could swing the bec from nearly the bottom of its haft and reliably strike a target one hand across. For only two days of practice, she called this good progress.

Garn also taught her how to set the weapon against the ground, in case someone were charging her on horseback; the dagger blade off the top of the bec would impale and probably stop, messily, any horse that hit it. The weapon’s haft could even take that kind of abuse easily – it was made from shadowtop wood, an extremely durable material, but also had it been ‘tempered’ by Garn, using a method that was taught to him during his own days of traveling the world by a tribe of jungle-dwelling folk far in the south. In Garn’s experience, this kind of wood tempering turned normal maple wood into something steel-tipped, armor piercing arrows could not mar. This only made her wonder exactly how much strong the haft of her bec really was, as maple is soft by comparison to shadowtop. She was satisfied when Garn told her it was strong enough that she might never need to know.

Third, the five-inch long spike on the back of the bec de corbin was used for making much deeper and narrower punctures than either of the other two ends of the weapon. When she swung the spiked end of the bec like she would the hammer end, she found that it passed easily through leather and lesser steels. A blow like that could easily end a man’s life right through his helm or, maybe, even his breastplate. Garn taught her where to strike on heavy armor so that if it took enough damage, she could make it cumbersome and almost useless for its wearer, or even fall off. She wasn’t very good at that, yet.

The bec had even more uses to it. Sort of a secret to the weapon, Garn showed her the reason it had a spot of thick metal in the middle of its haft. With a short series of pulls, twists and pushes on either side of that spot, Garn revealed to her that the bec was designed to split into two different weapons. A warhammer and a quarterstaff. The warhammer was an easy concept for her, but she needed to learn the application of the dowel that stuck off its pommel. Other than just locking the two weapons back together, that dowel could be used to stab an opponent, or make scores in objects. Garn recommended that she only use it for this when really necessary, as cleaning the piece could be a bit of a pain.

The other ‘half’ of the bec de corbin was a quarterstaff. Reggorn and the tavern ladies that raised her taught her to use one of these. Being raised in a tavern was tough for a young girl, and she needed to know how to defend herself, just in case some drunken patron got a little too friendly. She had personally put that knowledge to use on more than one occasion. In hand to hand self-defense, she was a little lacking but, with a staff she was dangerous.

When Tierra asked about the stability of the joint between the two sides of the weapon, Garn told her that he had refined and alloyed a special ore called ‘adamant’ to the steel he used. Tierra had never before heard of this ore, so she asked Garn to elaborate. The forgemaster said he’d used his entire stock of adamant for her bec de corbin, but when he measured out how many grains of the metal he used, Tierra asked how this was even relevant, as so little metal surely couldn’t mean any major difference to the performance of steel. Garn’s reply came that this was, in fact, nearly a wealth of adamant, and that since so much had been added to the steel, it would likely never bend or break for hundreds of years. On close inspection, she did notice that the steel of the joint between the two weapons of was a bit darker in color and glossier than the steel of the rest of the bec de corbin, but she was still uncertain to the absolute veracity of his claim.

Tierra was amazed at the sheer number of uses and value for a single weapon like the bec de corbin that Garn had given her. He said that he’d been working on it for months, but that in the last few weeks, it had been the object of nearly his sole attention. She was very thankful for it.

Many of her goodbyes went well. Some people were a little heartfelt at seeing her go, others were very enthusiastic, encouraging her to find her fortune. Her father, Reggorn, was very quiet lately. She hadn’t said any farewells to him, since he’d be the last person she saw before she left, but he was acting like it was all one very long goodbye. Reggorn was quiet at meals, where he was normally very talkative. His mood was not foul by anyone’s measure, though; Tierra thought that he just didn’t want to have to admit she was going. Tierra felt much the same way about having to go away from her father.

For her journey to Acadnia, Tierra would be going on horseback, atop one of the horses from Shadowtop’s stable. One of the stable boys was supposed to accompany her, but she had never met him before. When they got to Acadnia, that stablehand was supposed to stick with her until she found a suitable inn, and then take both horses back to Shadowtop. Tierra had heard that the stablehand used to be a wayfarer, so his advice on inns to stay at would be sound.

These are the things that Tierra chose to go over in her mind while she got ready to go downstairs. She washed, with soap she had been saving for a special occasion, in a tub of hot water, brushed her hair, chose simple and adequate clothes and a traveler’s cloak for her journey and packed her bag. Taking a last look around her room with a little tear in her eye, she set off toward the kitchen, downstairs.

As she walked through the short hall that led to stairwell, she heard a collection voices in the rooms below. Since the Red Oasis was not yet serving hard drinks, she assumed this was overnight patrons having breakfast. When she began walking down the stairs, though, the voices seemed to hush a little, then quieted altogether. Slowly, she came into the kitchen and looked around.

In a semicircle across the kitchen were all the tavernwomen who helped keep the Red Oasis on its feet, Reggorn standing beside Garn, the weaver Neva, several of Tierra’s other friends and a few people she wasn’t sure she recognized. Now that Reggorn and Garn were standing side by side, Tierra could easily see how the two could be brothers. As though on some silent cue, everyone began moving at once. Neva approached Tierra while some of Reggorn’s help prepared a breakfast, Garn laid a long wrap of leather he’d been holding on the center counter by a box that was already there, Reggorn looked around and scratched his head for a moment, then began setting a table with Ruby and Jay, and others were promptly put to work by Dawn.

“You’re looking very nice today, young lady,“ Neva said to Tierra, bringing her attention away from the bustle of people. “You will be joining me at the table for some breakfast, won’t you?” Neva gestured over to the dining table, which was still being set, “As long as you’re sitting with me, dear, none of them will bother you for seating yourself.” Tierra nodded in return, still in slight awe at the people moving about. Before she knew it, she was sitting at the head of the table, with Neva on one side of her, her father on the other, and everyone else seated throughout the rest of the large, oval table.

The food was the best she’d ever tasted, she was certain that many of the people who made it used their own home recipes, spices they’d been saving for a special occasion, and not the usual for Red Oasis fare. She talked about many things with the people at the table – her hopes for her near future, the preparations she’d taken and her plans for when she hit the capital, other than just applying for entry at the mage’s guild. She also met the pair unfamiliar faces at the table. One of them was the stablehand that would be accompanying her to Acadnia, named Stephen. He seemed to be an alright young man, but he didn’t strike Tierra’s interest in any way. As a part-time companion, she thought of him to be fine, but they’d know each for three days, tops. The other man she didn’t know was named Dorick, and he was new help at the Red Oasis. Although she didn’t say it to him, Tierra was almost certain he’d last as long the other men that had helped out at the Red in the past.

* * *

That was just one of the many fond memories of the past six years. After that point, she received some gifts from her extended family in Shadowtop. The clothes and armor she was wearing now, and a very brightly polished bec de corbin. Ironically, it had turned out that she made the plates in her armor, though Garn didn’t tell her that was what they were for when she was making them. It was a nice surprise, and more than a little humorous.

Her journey into Acadnia was uneventful, and her stay in the city was infuriating. When she went to the mage’s academy to apply, she had been turned away on what she was told was an issue of her skill with magic. A vote of twelve councilors was taken, and she needed a swing vote on whether her admittance was allowed. The thirteenth councilor voted against her. After that, she set out on a quest to show up the mage’s guild by finding a magic of her own.

The same councilor that voted against her told her told her about a demon that had been amassing magical knowledge and wealth, thinking that by sending her there, he would be ridding himself of her nuisance forever. In a stroke of cosmic luck, however, that demon’s home had been infiltrated by a wizard seeking the demon’s treasure just weeks before, who had cast a powerful spell of guilt and grief on the demon just before the demon slew him. When Tierra arrived, the demon asked Tierra not only to kill him, but to learn the magicks that would be necessary to bind its soul into a gem forever, forcing it to live in suffering as penance for the horrible crimes that the demon had visited upon mankind in its twelve thousand years of life. Through that method, Tierra learn Ruination, the demon magic. At the same time, she gained a powerful tool. The collar around her neck contained the demon’s soul, which warns her whenever she is in danger.

Having learned a magic few other men knew, Tierra returned to Acadnia and sold much of the wealth she had taken from the demon’s home to buy herself a home in the city. She wrote home to her family in Shadowtop after that, telling them about what had happened. She wasn’t satisfied, though. Ruination was known by few, but it didn’t fulfill her end of the argument with the mage’s guild.

She became an adventurer, searching for a magic she could call her own. Following many unsuccessful adventures, she heard of a library in the desert that held the knowledge of an ancient and extinct culture. After venturing there, she encountered a deranged sphinx that guarded the place. A fight ensued, and she found herself stranded in the library, incapable of traveling home for her wounds, and fearing dehydration unto death. Stubbornly, she decided to plumb the library for its secrets, as she would apparently die here, anyway. While sorting through endless tomes, Tierra found a strange piece of jewelry and tried it on. She was partly surprised when it began talking to her, but dismissed the weirdness when thought she may have just gone crazy.

The earcuff was home to a spirit of knowledge and secrets, and with some trouble, Tierra got it to help her learn a type of magic she had found in the library. Her luck returning, one of the first spells of the style that old civilization called Shaping was a healing spell that also restored a person from dehydration and heat exhaustion, and there were a few of the components for its casting that had managed to avoid destruction by the ravages of time.

Triumphant, Tierra returned home to find that a messenger had been living in her house. She nearly killed him for his trespass, until he explained that he was waiting for her to return on order from an elder councilor from the Acadnian mage’s guild. Tierra’s wrathful hand stayed and the grateful messenger delivered the letters, notes and books he was tasked with giving her. From those pages, Tierra learned that the thirteenth councilor who voted against her had passed away, and that it was in his will that she received these writings. Looking into the inheritance further, Tierra found out that the old mage had voted against on the basis of her being a woman, and he resented that decision as his own death neared. These books and notes contained everything he had learned about an old form of magic that could not be defined into spells. They were more like commands told to the very forces of the world, the mage called them terragaldrs.

Since learning terragaldrs, Tierra’s efforts to learn her own magic have been largely unsuccessful. Nonetheless, she still latches onto every piece of arcane lore she can find in an attempt to learn enough about magic to make her own style.

Between those six years ago and now, Tierra had also picked up some new weapons and tools to help her along her way. She bought a gun for dealing with the demon, which turned out not to be a very big help and after the sphinx incident, she learned a new Ruination spell that would improve the power of the gun by far, but since firing the gun now slowly ripped apart the sphinx’s soul, she was hesitant to do fire it at all. After being set upon by a self-proclaimed rake who tried to have his way with her after a duel, she spent a small fortune on a type of dagger that would specialize in parrying, trapping and breaking blades of all sorts. In her adventures in general, she found it useful to have a powder for staring fires easily. This same alchemical powder made a fine weapon on any creature that had eyes or a mouth – that was just about everything.

In the desert library, from which she also took many, many books, Tierra also found a blue gem powder that was always store in small phials. Her study on the powder told her it cam from a gemstone called atenaar, which had the power to significantly enhance any spell it was cast in conjunction with. At first, she had three pinches, now she had only one. The first one she used while testing the powder’s potency. She cast it in conjunction with her beam of bone ruination. Instead of covering a small area with bone, she encased an entire maple tree, leaves and everything. That tree probably died years ago, but still stands, white and gleaming for its encasement. No one in Acadnia but Tierra knows why one of the mage’s guild trees suddenly became covered in inch-thick bone. Her other use for the powder was during one of her adventures, when she fell from a rocky ledge toward a river of liquid rock. She cast the lucent shield shaping beneath her, and was relieved when she landed upon a lucent floor. That shield spell held itself, free from Tierra’s accord, for nearly an hour before vanishing, giving the adventurer more than enough time to escape her luckless position.

During an adventure to the ruins of a forest temple, Tierra ran across a rare breed of horse referred to most often as a “forest horse.” With help from Gilda, the spirit in her earcuff, and nearly a week of coaxing, Tierra succeeded in taming the forest horse, and named him Weiss. Over time, Weiss and Tierra have developed a trust for one another, a bond made stronger by Tierra’s use of her Shaping magicks on Weiss. In the last year, the horse has allowed Tierra to ride him, and he carries many of her supplies.

Right now, Tierra was headed off toward forest land again; there was the home of an old wizard there who apparently passed away recently. Not passed away in the dead sense, but according to the rumor, the wizard had accidentally opened a portal to Hell some ten years ago, which swallowed him and closed up behind him. Tierra was sure that no one could survive ten years in Hell. So, all preparations made, Tierra was off toward arcane knowledge again, hoping that this place would lead to the breakthrough she needed to make her own magic, and fulfill her quest.
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Name: Vincent Moretti, a.k.a. "Silver"

Age: 28

Occupation: Mercenary commander, contract killer

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 190 lbs.

Race: Human

Hair: Long silver hair down to his lower back. This is where his nickname came from.

Eyes: A vibrant blue. They are constantly scanning the area around him for signs of danger.

Appearance: Silver is a well-built individual. He is tall, lean, and muscular. He has a triangular jaw and a prominent Roman nose, and his face is usually unshaven.

He has several different outfits he wears. When dressing casually (or for small-scale combat), he wears a short-sleeve calf-length trench coat, a tank top, loose-fitting pants, fingerless gloves, and combat boots, all in black. Occasionally he wears a long, long-sleeved, brown coat (also down to his calves), a red or deep-maroon long-sleeved shirt usually rolled up to the middle of his forearms, dark brown almost-black pants, and black combat boots. For large-scale combat, he wears the same colors and fatigues as his hired country/faction, as well as a bullet-proof vest if the uniform doesn't include it. On hired hits, he wears the local civilian clothes. With each of his outfits, he wears a belt with several pouches and two holsters.

Weapons/Equipment: varies with the job. He always carries a serrated combat knife with an 8" blade with him, usually in a sheath on his left breast. His personal favorites are two highly modified Desert Eagles; one painted gold, "Jane," and another painted silver, "Rosie." He has those on his person almost all the time, relieving himself of them only when extreme stealth is required. For those missions, he carries a silenced M9 pistol and a sniper rifle that can be disassembled. In open combat situations, he carries his Desert Eagles as well as at least one other weapon, usually an M4 assault rifle, an older US Marine scout sniper rifle, or an HAP-180 (a streamlined SMG about twice as big as a Desert Eagle). All his guns use armor-piercing rounds with the exception of his handguns and the HAP, which uses small but heavy rounds made for accuracy. His pride and joy is an antique M1 Garand, which he avoids using.

In addition to these, he carries some smoke bombs no larger than a ping-pong ball, two hand grenades, a flashbang, and a grappling-hook gun. Depending on the mission, he may also carry thermal or night vision goggles.

Skills: Silver has received military training in the use of firearms; he is an excellent shot. Even if he is unfamiliar with a gun, he usually gets a feel for it quickly. He is a master of Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu, and Eskrima. He is fluent in English, Russian, Korean, Cantonese, and Arabic.

Strengths: strong, athletic, and intelligent. He has synthetic muscles in his right forearm that allow him to keep that arm steadier than normal.

Weaknesses: he is just a normal human being; there is really nothing special about him. He has no experience with magic or any similar force, and would be weak against most forms of magic or special powers.

Personality: On the outside, he appears to be a cocky, happy, fun-loving guy. On the inside, he is really a sad and aching soul. He has experienced hardship and trauma, much of which he has yet to move on from. However, this does not mean he is depressed; he still tries to live each day to the fullest, even in these bleak times. He has a strong sense of justice, always doing what he thinks is right. Still, he takes jobs from anyone (although he occasionally takes liberties with his orders if he believes his employer is corrupt), as long as he gets payed in the end. Those few who haven't payed up have met his wrath, whether destroyed politically or at the end of his gun.

Biography: Silver leaned back in his chair and crossed his feet on his desk. Business was good lately; he had just gotten a big sum from the Republic of France, one of the few remaining democracies in Europe, and the week before he had finished a target for the US in Western Japan. Horrible guy; he had was a rogue US general. He delighted in torturing his POW's, and he was horrible to his men, even those few who were loyal to him. That particular payment had payed for some badly needed equipment. Like food.

He leaned forward, chair thudding back onto the floor. He picked up a small eight-by-ten photo in a black picture frame. His parents, along with a young Silver in front. He smiled. His hair was darker back then; as he got older, it got lighter instead of darker, going from a blond to a shiny silver. He was an only child. His parents had a hard enough time with him. Neither of them were particularly wealthy, which made it all the more a surprise when he found out they were paying for his college education.

Oh, college. Those were the days. He attended a college in the Midwest, far from his native New York City. He was one of the rowdy ones. He always went out drinking on the weekends with his friends, but he always managed to stay out of trouble. His grades were above average; if he had spent more time studying and doing his work, they would have been excellent. He was going for a degree in Criminal Justice. He would have gotten it too, but for that one day.

October 17th, 2008. 4:13 PM. Silver had turned nineteen that summer, and he was just getting into his sophomore year. That day changed everything. He was sitting in his room playing his guitar. Metallica, "Fade to Black." Always had been a bit of a metalhead. His roommate Jake came running in. He looked sick. Silver asked him what was wrong, and he told Silver to turn on the TV. Switched to the news. Four nuclear missiles had struck the West Coast. One in Washington D.C. One in Philadelphia. One in Charleston. One in New York City. Silver remembered just sitting there in a stupor as the newscaster continued on in an almost emotionless voice. Jake was shaking. They were childhood friends. They had known each other since grade school, and they had grown up together. Hell, they even lived in the same apartment building right across from each other for almost fifteen years. Now they had nothing.

They found out where the attack came from. North Korea, they said. Immediately, Silver and Jake had dropped from college and joined the Marines. They spent two years on the frontlines. It was hell; Vietnam all over again, but with modern weapons. Silver was pulled out when he took a shot to the arm, rendering it useless. Fortunately, medical technology had advanced, and they replaced the muscle with a synthetic material that was even better than the original. Jake came out three months later, one of the lucky few to get out unscathed. Naught but two months after that did the US pull out. They had lost. The enemy had weapons that they had never seen before; new guns that could shoot quickly over long distances with little decrease in accuracy; bombs that reduced even the hardest of structures to ash; nigh-indestructible tanks that could survive several direct hits from US tanks.

Slowly, the world descended into chaos. War became a business; Silver and Jake, seeing only one choice before them, started their own mercenary company in their homestate of New York. Business came and went, and the company grew. But that was years ago. Today was July 5, 2017; he had just gotten payed, and he had a company to run.

A knock sounded at the door. Silver sat up and brushed an errant strand of hair from his face. "Come in," he called. Ikaruga entered and wordlessly set down a coffee on Silver's desk and left. Silver sighed as he sipped it. Business was picking up, and that was all that mattered.

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Re: Character List

Name: Sivart the Phrygian

Age: 18

Race: Elf.

Sex: Male

Hair: Black, curly, and shoulder length.

Eyes: Brown, with eyeglasses.

Weight: 155 lbs

Height: 5'10"

Weapon: A sword guitar. The sword goes by the name of Metropolis. It is a shortsword that doesn't threaten much, but it has the ability to channel magic and it is also a fast weapon. It can be used to cast powerful sound based spells. Spiked gauntlets may be used as a last resort.

Armor: Hardened leather armor and spiked wrist gauntlets to deflect attacks.

His strengths lie in his speed, stamina, and reflexes. He has extremely powerful hearing. He has little physical defense and therefore must be quick. He has a great deal of stamina and in the event of a duel or any prolonged close combat scenario, he could outlast most opponents granted he doesn't take any direct hits. If he is able to disable an opponent, he may be able to make use of the weapon depending on its size. Because of his speed and reflexes, he has the ability to engage multiple enemies.

Minimal defense. Only protection lies in his ability to deflect and avoid attacks. A few good hits, and he's out. Another weakness lies in his weapon. Without the sword guitar, he's unable to cast his most powerful spells. If it gets knocked out of his hands and he is unable to recover it, his only choices are evasion and magic as the spiked gauntlets can only do so much in terms of offensive capabilities. His attacks are fast, but somewhat weak. If he loses his glasses, he's going to have a major problem. If he becomes tired and/or his power level is depleted, he can only surrender or flee.

Sivart's magic is sound based. He has learned to channel his own life energy and this energy allows him to cast spells. In reality he has only three spells; one he casts using his body (hands, feet, and mouth), another he channels through his weapon, and a last one that amplifies natural frequencies. These three spells have a wide variety of application, as his main skill is sound manipulation. He must be careful to limit their use, as there is only so much energy that can be used. Energy can slowly be regained over time, but proper rest is the best way to recharge.


Sonic blast - Basic attack using a mid frequency wave that can knock down an enemy while causing some physical damage.

Tremolo - Alternating rapid fire sound waves using both hands.

Phaser - Similar to tremolo. Fires two sound waves in medium speed succession from one hand.

Reverb - A prolonged wave of sound. Comparable to a beam type attack. Uses more energy than above mentioned attacks.

Wah - A prolonged sound attack with varying degrees of pain. When used at maximum power it can disable the enemy and cause temporary deafness. This attack used at maximum power is also quite harmful to the user. Uses a great deal of energy.

Offense channeled through the sword:

Sonic bow - A powerful concentrated wave of sound. Similar to firing an arrow. Takes a sec to charge up.

Gain – Temporarily enhances the blades edge to cut through materials it normally would not be able to cut through. Uses a medium amount of energy.

Distortion – Similar to gain, but with the opposite effect. Channels heavy vibrations through the blade to make it more of a blunt force weapon. Uses a medium amount of energy.


Overdrive – Used as a last resort. Amplifies his personal energy to increase speed and strength for a brief moment. Uses the most energy and puts a great deal of strain on the body.

Bass – A wave of sound that emanates from the users body. Knocks back enemies when surrounded.

Mobility – By channeling sound through his feet, he can sprint over small bodies of water and increase jumping capability.


Personality: Sivart is disciplined. He takes practice and training very seriously. It is not extraordinary for him to spend entire days playing guitar or studying historical battles, tactics, or figures. He is very quiet and shy making him sometimes socially awkward. He is not very understanding of ignorance and will become exasperated when trying to converse with someone who does not meet his intelligence. He keeps himself clean and takes pride in personal hygiene. He may come across as vacant and apathetic, but when the right buttons are pushed, he will react drastically and harshly and usually with excessive force. On the opposite end of the spectrum lies a similar drive with different results. Given the right tools and opportunities and motivation, Sivart will excel at most tasks.

Sivart’s personality is not the most suitable for making friends. He has only a few friends, but those individuals are very near and dear to him. When first meeting him, he may seem cold and disinterested. He won’t pretend to be interested for the sake of conversation or friendliness. He sticks to his beliefs, but does not take them to any extreme. He greatly dislikes people who fall too far towards one end of an issue. This makes him a good mediator for disputes as he often does not side with one view and offers objective opinions. He has grown cynical with a dark sense of humor as he experienced several great losses and immense tragedy.

Sivart was born into an elven clan who called themselves the Phrygians. The Phrygians were one of three elven clans who lived on the mountains. The Dorians were a clan who lived in the forest at the foot of the mountains. The Locrians were a secretive clan who lived at the highest altitudes. The Phrygians lived deep in the mountains in a series of caves.

The Phrygians were renowned as master musicians and warriors. Each Phrygian is born with perfect pitch and powerful hearing. By the time they are 5-years-old, they are expected to be masters of their chosen instrument. Each elf was born into a caste, each with different expectations. The average Phrygian was known as a Bard. They grew crops, built buildings, and took part in large-scale musical performances. Next up were the Composers. They were the scholars who wrote and drafted most of the music. They were housed in a massive music library, filled with row after row of musical piece. Another class on the same level was the Craftsmen. These individuals constructed the instruments and assigned them to each member upon their birth. Craftsmen also built the siege weapons that were used on military campaigns. The next class was the warrior class, or the Fortes. They were the defenders of the clan. The highest class was called the Conductors. They were royalty among the clan and oversaw each Phrygian. Certain members of this clan were endowed with special powers upon their birth. They were known as Concertmasters, the equivalent of a shaman or holy man. They were one caste below the conductors, but held equivalent societal standing. They had the power to manipulate sound. They were mysterious and unknown to most. They will be the most important in this case.

Sivart was born the grandson of the head Concertmaster. As a boy, he was trained in music and went to school like every other Phrygian. He was a normal boy, save for the fact that the Forte class fascinated him. One of his schoolmates named Dlanod was the son of the head Forte. At night, Sivart would sneak to the Forte encampment to receive training as a warrior. This went against many of the rules, and had to be done in secret. He was trained to be a master swordsman and trained nearly every night throughout his childhood, and through adolescence. All this time, he kept up with his grandfathers training as a Concertmaster. It was not easy for him to maintain two skills that both required a great deal of discipline, but through perseverance he managed.

As a gift from the head Forte for his 16th birthday, Sivart received Metropolis, the sword guitar. Dlanod, now Sivart’s best friend, received the bass halberd, the Sleeper. They both became honorary Mezzo Fortes, the grade only one step lower than a Fortissimo. After advancing to the highest grade of Concertmaster, Sivart was allowed to marry and begin a life of his own. He chose the young Conductress, Coda, as his wife while Dlanod took Fermata, a beautiful craftswoman. He maintained his skills as a Forte at night by training with Dlanod and maintained his skills as a Concertmaster by taking a job taking apprentice Concertmasters.

For the next 18 months, he lived happily as he had his son, Nailuj and Dlanod had a daughter whom he named Anila. This happiness could not last forever. As time went on, rumors of the growing force from the Locrian clan who dwelled highest peaks of the Phrygians mountain became more and more frequent. The winds carried word of raids on Phrygian and They were often dismissed by the head Conductor and never taken seriously, although a small group of elders believed them to be true. This group of elders included Dlanod’s father and Sivart’s grandfather. They were soon discovered and banished as conspirators and traitors.

But a short two months after the elders banishment, the Locrian clan made their move. On a rainy evening, Locrian warriors crept into the Conductors quarters and murdered him. The Locrians then blew their wicked horns and cast the decapitated head of the Phrygians Conductor down the stairs that led to his cave. While the townspeople awoke, several thousand Locrians stormed the village and the caves and began torching and looting.

Sivart awoke and ran out of his home still wearing his night outfit. The Forte camp as well as the rest of the town was ablaze. The clattering of swords and the screams of his fellow Phrygians awoke his senses. Only the Concertmaster’s and the Craftsmen’s quarters remained intact. Sivart questioned a fleeing Bard who frantically told him that the Locrians had invaded. Sivart quickly woke his family and told them to evacuate the mountains. He gave his precious Coda a note that was to be given to the chieftan of the Dorians, begging for swift military action to be taken against the Locrians. He strapped on his sandals and dressed in his robe, yet he felt it would be wise for him to wear his armor. He retrieved Metropolis from its hiding place under his bed and saw his family off to a hidden path that went down the mountains. They were joined by several other groups of escapees, and Sivart presumed them to be safe.

Sivart then went to find Dlanod. Sivart swiftly moved to the site of the Forte camp. He discovered the burning pile that was once his friends home, but found no corpses. Hoping for the best, Sivart continued his search. He met a party of several dozen Fortes whom he recognized. His friend being his chief concern, he asked if any of them had seen Dlanod. The tallest Forte told Sivart that Dlanod led the first group of elite soldiers to the archives to make way for the larger group as they planned to retake the caves and the music archives. Sivart joined them hoping to find his friend. The party moved deeper into the caves that led to the archives.

They approached the large ornamental doors that protected the archives. There were arrows in the door and two guards lay dead on the ground. The door hung slightly ajar and the echo of swords crossing could be heard. The smell of death hung in the air and mixed with the musty smell of the music scrolls. The Phrygians moved into the main entrance of the archives. The only thing they found was a Phrygian Composer lying on the ground. The elderly man had several arrows in his chest and was struggling to breathe. A trail of blood dragged behind him, revealing his attempt at escape. Sivart approached they dying man asking what direction Dlanod’s group followed the Locrians. The man whispered that they had split into two groups. One group ventured into the public archives to rescue hostages. Another group, apparently led by Dlanod, followed a team of Locrians who carried torches into the deepest chambers of the caves that held the archives. The Locrians meant to burn the musical history of the Phrygians and loot the treasures that were held in the deepest chambers. The man then died, having gathered the last of his energy to assist Sivart and the soldiers.

The tall Forte elected to lead a group of soldiers to reinforce those retrieving the hostages. Sivart took the remaining men to protect the treasures. Sivart traveled down endless stairs while Metropolis reflected the light cast by the torches on the walls. He noticed a Locrian hiding in the shadows. Sivart held his men back and moved slowly forward, Metropolis at the ready. The lone Locrian screamed and made his attack. Sivart was almost overtaken by the man, but knocked him down with his Bass attack. The Locrian recovered for another attack, but Sivart placed a well aimed Sonic Spear into the assailants gut. He searched the corpse and found spiked gauntlets around his wrists. Sivart took these as trophies and found they fit him perfectly. The Phrygians then continued down the passageway.

The clattering of swords and yelling of elves grew louder. The group then found themselves standing on the balcony overlooking an enormous room. Looking down, they saw they had entered a melee. The green robed Phrygians were quickly being overwhelmed by the navy colored Locrians. Sivart acted quickly and led his soldiers to aid the desperate group of Fortes. He surveyed his surroundings, but saw no sign of Dlanod. Sivarts reinforcements evened the odds and the soldiers now fought to a stalemate.

Moving to the rear of the fight, he saw two Locrians running into a corridor. He followed them alone and wished the best for his men. He chased them silently for what seemed like hours until he found himself on a cliff edge. He saw a several dead Phrygians, but none of them were Dlanod. He followed the pair along the cliff to a large plateau. There he saw his best friend locked in combat with a massive Locrian soldier. More dead Phrygians lay at his feet and it was apparent that Dlanod was the only one remaining on the cliff. The pair of Locrians Sivart had followed rushed ahead to aid the massive elf attacking his friend. He entered the fray and blasted back the three Locrians with a spell. Dlanod lay panting on the ground, but upon seeing his friend it seemed as if his energy had returned. The two Phrygians hugged as the Locrians recovered. Sivart and Dlanod prepared for battle. They rushed at the Locrians and the clattering of steel was heard once again. The combatants were evenly matched. Nobody would concede to his opponent. After a short time, Sivart and Dlanod were on the offensive, pushing the Locrians to the cliff edge. Suddenly, the light pattering of feet could be heard. A group of Locrians appeared from above and rushed at the pair. Sivart turned to face these new foes, but saw an immence terror out of the corner of his eye. The Locrians knocked over Dlanod and thrust their swords into his chest. Sivart looked for life in his friends eyes, but saw nothing but grey. Sivart was quickly surrounded as the large Locrian cast the body of Dlanod off the cliff. Sivart then felt a powerful force strike him on the head and everything went black.

Sivart awoke on the same cliff to silence. He found his sword nearby as he tried to gather the previous nights events. He remembered what had occurred, and fell to his knees sobbing. His friend was no more. Dlanod had been killed. The only thing that remained of his friend was the Sleeper, Dlanods trusted halberd. Sivart hefted the memorial and backtracked through the caves into the archives where he found nothing but ashes. He made his way to the surface. There was nothing. No sound, no homes, no people. Not even a corpse lie on the ground. The Locrians had been meticulous in leaving without a trace. Sivart went to where he believed the Forte camp once stood, and stuck the halberd into the ground. The least he could do to remember his friend. He then returned to his cave where everything was in ruins but oddly enough, nothing had been taken. He found some dried meat on the ground amongst the remains of a ceramic pot and quickly devoured his findings.

He ventured though the ruins of his town discovering only one survivor, an infant girl sleeping soundly in the cave of a Craftsman. He sat with the girl outside the dwelling, not knowing what to do. He vowed revenge on the Locrian warrior who had defeated his friend. Sudenly, a flash of crimson entered his sight and where there was nothing now stood two speared soldiers, Dorians. These were Dorian scouts, sent to search for survivors from the evenings raid. Sivart introduced himself to the Dorians. Upon hearing his name, one of the Dorians handed Sivart a note. This was his handwriting. They said they found it on the corpse of a young woman clutching her baby. Sivart fell to his knees, sobbing. Everything had been taken from him. His family, his friend, his people all eliminated by the Locrians. He was the sole survivor along with this infant girl. He gathered himself while the Dorians patiently waited.

The scouts told Sivart that another party of Dorians followed a group of Locrians into the mountains. This group of Locrians had taken the remaining villagers hostage. Upon reaching the Locrian camp, they witnessed the systematic murder of all of the prisoners. They made mention of a large man who seemed more eager than the others in his killing. Sivart made a mental note of this. As the scouts revealed various bits of information to Sivart, more Dorian soldiers entered the ruins. They appeared exhausted. He heard them murmuring about casualties and something getting away. A stout Dorian approached the scouts and murmured something to them. The scouts turned to Sivart and explained that the Locrians had abandoned their camp and traversed down the opposite side of the mountain. Several Locrians noticed the Dorians following and alerted their command. The Locrians picked up the pace and were gaining ground at a tremendous rate. There would be no way to catch up with them.

Sivart spent the evening in the makeshift Dorian camp. He ate well, but could not sleep. The next day he went on a scouting party seeking the Locrians. They had traveled beyond the horizon and only a cloud of dust revealed their location. Runners from nearby settlements brought news that the Locrians were gaining allies and spreading lies concerning the Phrygians through every town they passed. They were passing details of a man who matched Sivart who was to be considered very dangerous. Sivart stayed several more nights in the company of the Dorians in pursuit of the Locrians. The mountains turned to forest and the forest turned to prarie as they followed their host.

Sivart carefully watched the infant over these few days, as they were the only survivors he was aware of. One evening, he formulated a plan to follow the Locrians independently. He left a note with the infant girl and returned to his ruined village after only two days of travel. He took Dlanod’s weapon from its place in the ground and returned to the location where he had died. Sivart then cast the Sleeper into the chasm, a final act in respect of his friend. As he traveled back through the archives, he picked up several books that told of ancient battles and generals and conquerors. He then went back down the mountain and swiftly traveled through the forest and back onto the open plains. He overtook the Dorians in several days time, but he kept his presence unknown. He traveled over land for several more months, living off the land. He forgot his own birthday as it came and went. Fishing and hunting became his sources of food; foraging from whatever berry bushes he came across.

As the months passed by, he confronted those sympathetic to the Locrians. He discovered he was a wanted man, and was forced to remain hidden. These confrontations kept him on his feet, and his mind stayed sharp. He sometimes traveled with companions, but only for short periods of time. He made some friends as he went along who promised to spread his story and foster sympathy.

He has stopped counting the men he has killed. They don't matter as they hinder his progress. This is where we find Sivart today, in constant pursuit of those who took his life from him.
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Re: Character List

Name: Try Mon’tan

Age: 19 basic years, or 22 Ryloth years.

Race: Twi’lek – Twi'leks (pronounced /'twilɛk/) is a humanoid species originating from the planet Ryloth in the Star Wars galaxy. Their distinctive features include colorful skin, which varies in pigment from individual to individual, and a pair of shapely prehensile tentacles that grow from the base of their skulls which are called lekku, or brain-tails.

Affiliation: Dark Jedi


Hair:No body hair, except for eyelashes


Weight:89 kg

Height:1, 8 meters.

Weapon:Dual Lightsabers. The one to the right, and the first he built, with a red blade and the other with a green blade.

The lightsaber's beam is made of pure energy which can cut through almost anything, except the beam of another lightsaber, some rare materials or as for the Battle Area, other character’s weapon or specific parts of the armor (to avoid the default overpowering of the blade). The blade does not weigh anything and only becomes solid the moment it touches something, giving it an unpredictable and fast fight pattern. The actual cutting part is only a few millimeters wide; the glow and the visible width of the blade is only ionic discharge. The discharge, along with the strong magnetic current creates a strong gyroscopic effect which makes the lightsaber a difficult weapon to handle.

The lightsaber does not emit any light except from the glow, and does not emit any heat either. Because of the high temperature of the pure energy blade, a cut made with the lightsaber will instantly coagulate the blood, making it a clean cut with no blood.

A lightsaber is not water proof, and will short circuit if submerged in water while rain and small amounts of water simply vaporizes on contact with the blade. Although it is pure energy, it still requires momentum to cut through objects; a light swipe might not make a deep cut while a strong swipe will penetrate even durasteel with almost no effort.

His first lightsaber is a Dual Phase saber, which have a default length of 1.3 meters, but can be extended to 2.3 meters or shortened to 0.3 meters. The strength of the blade can also be altered to produce from a beam of deadly energy to a beam of harmless light. It is controlled by two knobs on the hilt. The color was original yellow, but he changed it to a red and purer crystal after leaving the academy.

The second one was built after he mastered the Jar’Kai form, to wield dual lightsabers. It is a shoto, a short lightsaber, with a fixed length of 0.8 meters, and is wielded in Try’s left hand. It also got a dead man’s switch, causing it to turn off after two seconds after being dropped, although this function can also be turned off when using Saber Throw.

Lightsaber combat is accounted for further down.

One Bryar Blaster Pistol. It is a fairly standard, relatively accurate blaster, which have the ability to “charge up” and fire one large, and considerably slower, blast. The beam is a general particle beam, red in color while the charged up beam is yellow.

Equipment:His equipment reflects the jedi order equipment consisting of survival rations in the form of capsules, a Hush-98 comlink, a holoprojector, a holomap, a medpack and an A99 aquata breather.

Armor:As a Jedi, he does not wear any armor apart from a protective net made of ranchor leather around his lekku, instead relying on his supreme reflexes and agility to avoid harm.

Strengths:Try is not a Jedi Knight yet, but is still a strong force user. He is also physically strong and has quick reflexes. He is also a very skilled duelist mastering both Form II and Jar’Kai, which fit’s with his aggressive attitude.

Weakness:Try does not have armor, and is therefore quite vulnerable to attacks against his body. His force powers are also somewhat limited, something which can be noted when fighting in a long and exhausting battle where he has to use a lot of force. He got a very aggressive fighting style which is limiting his defense abilities.

Lightsaber combat:
Try got general knowledge of Form I, is very skilled in Form II and a master of Jar’Kai.

Form I is the first, simplest and easiest form of lightsaber combat. It focuses on disarming the opponent instead of killing, and is most effective against several enemies. It can also be used to block projectiles and direct attacks.

Form II, Makashi, is the dueling form, and is the most elegant of the seven forms. It is based on fighting an opponent with a melee sword, and is not effective against blasters and projectile attacks. It focuses on parries, thrusts and small, precise cuts, as opposed to the blocking and slashing of the other forms. It is an elegant form, in which the combatants almost appear to be dancing when fighting each other. A small weakness is that Makashi is best when fighting a single opponent, and not that efficient while fighting multiple opponents. But the greatest flaw in the form is that it’s not capable of withstanding more powerful strikes such as those of form V, as its single handed.

Jar’Kai is the art of fighting with dual lightsabers. It is an aggressive and confusing form where the opponent is unsure which direction to shift to either to block or attack. A weakness to this form is that the use of two blades prevents the user of putting all his weight behind a defensive block, thus weakening the defense considerably. Try can use telekinesis to make the blades swirl around him creating a form of saber barrier.

Saber Throw is an offensive use of the lightsaber where Try throws the lightsaber in a boomerang fashion with Force Throw, with it cutting its way through obstacles, and recalling it by using Force Push.

Force Powers:
Force Speed is a Force power that allows Try to maintain sprinting speeds (even moving in awkward directions like backwards) for a brief time. Greater aptitude grants greater boosts to speed and/or greater duration. The power also enables him to run for extended distances with no visible signs of fatigue. The increased speed enables him to see the world around him in a slightly slow motion. This aids him in his reaction time.

Force Jump strengthens his feet when jumping and landing, making him able to jump up to four times his normal jump height, about five meters.

Telekinesis is an ability that most Jedi have. With it, they can lift objects according to their concentration and manipulate them, moving the items in any direction. Try is not an expert in it, but he can lift light objects with ease. Bigger objects require him to sit still and meditate to be able to move.

Force Pull is a telekinetic ability that would cause an object to draw close to Try. The greater the aptitude, the heavier the object that could be pulled. It could be used to pull weapons from enemies, or the enemies themselves would be brought closer to his lightsaber range.

Force Push is the ability to create a telekinetic impulse via the Force, launching a concussive burst of pressurized air that would impact a target with enough force to knock it over, launch it into the air, or even (in the case of fragile materials such as ceramics and glass) shatter it into pieces. Greater telekinetic aptitude equalized larger pressure differentials, stronger effect and the power to move heavier targets.

Force Throw is also a telekinetic ability that causes objects, and even people, to be hurled towards a target at an astounding velocity.

Comprehend Speech is a Force ability that enables Try to learn the spoken language of any sentient he is interacting with only moments after meeting them.

Mind Trick is not a specific power, but a series of powers which are affecting the mind of the opponent. The simplest and most basic power is to coerce into agreement by suggestion through voice manipulation, or to cause one to reveal information. The target would, if the trick succeeds, agree to whatever Try said without thinking for themselves. They might feel puzzled about their sudden change of opinion, but would not change it back. If enough power is put behind, he can even control weaker creatures by mentally instructing them. Stronger minded persons would not be susceptible to Mind Trick, but if he puts enough power behind it, they may change their opinion for a short while.

Precognition, the ability of foresight, is a power that helps Try to see what is happening before it is happening. This is used in battle to anticipate the opponent's moves, increasing reaction time in combat.

Force Choke is a dark telekinesis power where Try chokes the target by using the force, thus immobilizing the person. It can be lethal over prolonged time. Try needs a visual of the target to be able to choke him. A flaw in this power is that if he is disturbed while using the power, the target is released.

Force Healing or Health, is a power that uses the Force to accelerate the natural healing process rapidly. Try can use this power to either heal himself or others. It is best utilized while meditating, but a light wound can be healed with not so much attainment. If the amplitude is big enough, it can also mend internal damage such as a heart, lung and other organs. Lethal damages are also mendable, but require huge concentration and much power from Try's part, only obtainable through intense meditation. It is not able to replace lost limbs or other parts of the body.

The Force is not a specific amount. Try’s Force “pool” is not unlimited, but it is practically unlimited in battle, meaning he can use force powers throughout a fight. But using force powers is not without cost, as the body is physically exhausted from the enormous power. Therefore, Try relies mostly on his lightsabers, and only uses the force as a secondary mean of attack. It is also a limit of how fast he can unleash the force, such as moving an enormous pillar of rock will take time, as he cannot use much force at once.

Appearance:As a Twi’lek, he has two “lekku”, also known as brain-tails. This, along with his dark blue skin color and red eyes are his most distinctive marks. He is usually wearing a light brown vest made of bantha leather with many pouches where he carries his equipment. The medpack is carried back on his waist, under the vest. Under his vest, he got a white, rough shirt. His pants are also made of bantha leather, but made from more durable and heavy parts of the hide. The boots are made of softened rancor leather, which give them a dark brown color, giving him a general brown appearance… His face is not beautiful as the female Twi’lek, but not completely ugly either, as is natural for a male Twi’lek. His twin lekku are about 1 meter each, and are not kept around his neck as most Twi’leks do, but instead kept just hanging down for the sake of convenience, with leather straps protecting them from direct damage. He speaks galactic basic, Ryl, the native language of the Twi’lek and Ryl, a body language which were solely done with movements of the lekku.
Basicly, he looks a lot like a human, with the exception of his red eyes, blue skin and twin lekku.

Personality:He is very aggressive and has a constant crave for power and strength. He likes to dominate the battlefield and his surroundings to prove he is mighty and will never let a chance to either make himself more powerful or to make him appear more powerful pass. His only leash back to the time at the Jedi Academy is a holocron with some of Luke Skywalker’s teachings. It provides him with advice and teaches him about the force, but only after the gatekeeper, in this case the form of Luke Skywalker, senses he have reached a higher level of consciousness. But he have also obtained a Sith holocron on one of his missions. It featured no constraints and as he accidentally listened to it, he became obsessed by the holocron. Instead of showing it to his master at the academy, he instead hid it, and when he left, he brought it with him. Now it is his most precious possession, which he protects with his life. He addresses himself as Sith, but does not have even a fraction of knowledge about the dark side. Try also believes he is better and more worth than other humans, and won’t hesitate to sacrifice another person.

Bio:Try was born as a slave laborer on Nar Shaddaa in 8 BBY and discovered in year 15 ABY by Kyle Katarn. Bringing him to the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV, Kyle took Try as a padawan along with Rosh Penin and Jaden Korr. The three got along well, but Try was very interested in Rosh’s dark side experience and how powerful he was as a Dark Jedi. He had lived on Nar Shadaa for his whole life, working in a recycling company under a Hutt crimelord. Life was miserable and he felt so powerless. Neither did he know about anyone he could call a family, thus rendering his soul harsh and vain. Becoming free when Kyle Katarn found him he was still not happy. He was not satisfied with serving the galaxy as a Jedi, which was for him just as bad as the slavery. But what Rosh told of, being so powerful one could do anything without worrying about the consequences was just so tempting. He heard himself blind on the power he told of, and did not hear his warnings about the consequences that followed.

Then, on a mission on Dagobah, where he was supposed to retrieve an artifact Joda had hidden on the planet, he felt like a dragging in the force to a specific place. Moving towards the location, he felt darkness enclose him more and more and realized that he was heading for something of the dark side of the force. Minding his training, he turned back to walk back to his ship to continue his search for the artifact. But as he took the first step back, it was almost as the force spoke to him, retelling him about the dark side and Rosh. Told him that the object could as well be the object he was looking for, and that it was destiny that he would find it. Trying to resist, Try tried to think back to Kyle and his teachings, but found he could not remember. Then, just as he had reached his ship, he turned and ran back, being completely engulfed in darkness. And just then, he saw it lying straight in front of him, a pyramid shaped holocron. As he picked it up, it burst to life, projecting a dark shrouded figure into the damp air.

“The dark is generous. Its first gift is concealment: our true faces lie in the dark beneath our skins, our true hearts remain shadowed deeper still. But the greatest concealment lies not in protecting our secret truths, but in hiding from us the truth of others.
The dark protects us from what we dare not know.”

Try was stunned. It was a Sith holocron, and he was the only one that knew about it. When he picked it up he instantly knew two things: this was not the artifact the Jedi knew about, it was lying under the ground in Yoda’s old house. The second thing was that he now had a purpose.

On his way home, he took a detour around the galaxy to listen all the holocron could tell him. He felt like he got a new life, a life where he could decide and not just follow orders. He felt that he could do anything!

“Its second gift is comforting illusion: the ease of gentle dreams in night's embrace, the beauty that imagination brings to what would repel in day's harsh light. But the greatest of its comforts is the illusion that the dark is temporary: that every night brings a new day. Because it is day that is temporary.
Day is the illusion.”

Try felt like a child receiving his first speeder bike, sitting in the ship on his way home from the shop, watching the bike and thinking of everything he was going to do, the places he was going to see and what his friends would say. But in Try’s case, his friends would not say anything, yet. The last thing he wanted was to let them know he had a Sith holocron. He wanted the power for himself, and only for him. Suddenly, his friends were not just friends. Now they were the enemy. They must not know about the holocron!

As he landed on Yavin IV, he faked a crash, hiding the holocron in an old Massassi temple which was already filled with dark force. Hiding his true self from the other Jedi, Try continued his training at the academy, while spending his off time listening to the gatekeeper of the holocron tell him the deepest Sith secrets and techniques. Then one day, the unavoidable happened. He was discovered by a fellow student while listening to the holocron.

It was a regular day, and Try did not expect anything to be different than usual. It was a day where nothing happened, as both Luke and Kyle was on a mission, and most of the other masters and students were away, also on missions and doing training in faraway places. He was instructed to meditate, but feeling he could as well meditate outside of the academy, he went to the massassi temple he had hidden the holocron in and absorbed himself into the teachings of the Sith. A fellow student had noticed him leaving, and thought he’d follow him to see if he was doing anything exciting. He had not expected to find him listening to a sith. Frightned, he turned and ran out of the temple, only to encounter Try, who had sensed his fear, in the entrance.

“What are you doing?” Try demanded.

“What are you doing?” the student cried back, “it’s a Sith holocron! You must not give in to the lure of the dark side!”

“It’s not a lure. It’s power. Power I deserve! But if I were you, I’d shut up about what you have seen. Else, you might not live long.”

“Listen to yourself!” cried the student, “you are indeed corrupted. I can’t let this pass! You must seek help! I can’t be silent about this!”

“To bad. Then you must be removed,” Try said calmly, taking fourth his lightsaber.

“What? Are you mad?!” the student almost whispered as he took a trembling step backwards. “I will not fight you.”

“Don’t worry. I will not kill you,” he said in an assuring and calming voice and took two steps toward the student. “I will not kill you.”
A flash of light, and the student’s eyes widened as the blade of the lightsaber extended into his right lung.
“I will only wound you mortally. I’m sorry that it had to end this way,” Try said calmly as he let the lightsaber burn a big hole in his fellow student’s chest.

A rush of adrenaline flowed through Try’s veins as he retracted his lightsaber. The person that was lying on the temple floor was still breathing slowly and harsh, and was writhing in pain. It felt good, what he had just done. He had taken a man’s life. He was in control. It was just when the person muttered out a weak call for help he realized exactly what he had done. He felt his stomach disappear and being replaced by a feeling of guilt. He had killed a defenseless man. He was a murderer! The word rang in his head making him dizzy and he had to support himself to a wall to avoid falling. Why was he feeling this? He was doing what he wanted, so why would he feel guilt? Freedom was not freedom if he could not avoid the consequences. He could not be powerful if he had to deal with personal feelings.

Luke and Kyle came to the place after about two hours, but the only thing they found was the student, dead.

After killing the student, Try went into hiding on his home planet Nar Shaddaa, learning about the Sith and the former Sith Lords. As he progressed, he found that the dark side gave protection to the feelings. That was what he sought. He was a dark Jedi.


Some time after he killed the student at the temple, he was traveling in the deep core, around the center of the galaxy, where supernovas and black holes were a common thing. He had just become a smuggler to earn some money, having “obtained” an YT-1000 light friegter, and had to take a route that went through the deep core to make it. He had just entered the hyperspace, after leaving it for a brief time to change direction, when a star cluster not far away from the newly set course imploded into a super massive black hole. The first indication Try got that something was not right was a malfunction in the Hyperdrive safety systems and the navicomputer, caused by the strong electromagnetic currents generated by the supernova. Not long after, the gravity pull of the black hole reached the craft in hyperspace and jolted it out in the middle of an asteroid field. Unable to use the navicomputer to plot a new course through hyperspace, Try had to fix the system himself, and maneuvered out of the asteroid field. Scanning the planets in the system he found two planets which he could land on. He chose the one which looked most tempting, a lightly dense forest planet with much water.

As he started his sublight engines, he noted that the force felt different that it had felt just some seconds ago. He got the strangest feeling that he was not in the deep core anymore. He wasn’t even sure if he was in the galaxy anymore, as he couldn’t feel anything familiar. And he had been jolted out in the middle of an asteroid field, which would be impossible as the craft would have crashed in the very first asteroid that was blocking its path. Something was wrong.

As he closed in on the planet, he was not surprised that the scanners detected life on the planet, but on the dark side of the planet, he could clearly see many dots of light, which had to mean cities. It was not supposed to be any planets with sentient life in this part of the Deep Core and Try decided to be careful. Turning on his stealth generator, he descended into a rather deserted area of the planet, and landed in a clearing in a jungle.
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Re: Character List

Name: Arvin Anson
Age: 23
Race: Human (Infused with Mako Energy, the sign of SOLDIER)

Occupation: SOLDIER operative
Rank: Second Class

Occupation Description: SOLDIER operatives are elite warriors that serve for the betterment of places under the control of the Shinra organization and keepers of the peace. These elite warriors generally fight with swords and use condensed balls of Mako Energy called Materia in order to fight. SOLDIER are infused with Mako to make them superior warriors, stronger and faster than the average person. This enhanced strength, along with the magic powers gained from Materia give them the edge in normal battle. A second class SOLDIER is the middle rank of SOLDIER and have limited Materia and can only use standard issue weapons and Materia (non-procurred on sight Materia) given by Shinra.

Sex: Male
Hair: Brown-red hair. His hair is more brown than red, but still has twinges of red in it. His hair is eye length and parted to the sides, along with going down to just above his neck in the back.
Eyes: Glowing green. (Mako causes the eyes to grow)
Weight: 160 lbs.
Height: 5’10’’ inches.

Weapon: Standard Issue Materia Blade: These are special swords that are standard issue for all members of SOLDIER. This sword is made of highly condensed Mako energy to the point that it becomes metallic instead of crystalizing to become actual Materia. These swords are forged under extreme heat applied to Mako energy in its pure form until it has become different density metals. Each part of the sword is made of Mako Metal, as it is called, although each has its own defining characteristics.

The pommel, handle and hand guard of the sword are all made of a less dense, but more decorative, Mako Metal. This metal is a dull gold. These parts are all as dense as steel, but have a more decorative color than the blade. The handle is wrapped in a fine, dark blue leather. The leather is wrapped over twice, covering all of the metal beneath the wrapping and making the wrapping seem very fine and thicker than it actually is. The handle is seven inches long. The hand guard is in the shape of an arc that arches down. beneath the hand guard is a circular piece in the form of a sphere that is convex towards itself. The the center of the hand guard is the Shinra engraved on both sides. Also, Materia is fused into the hand guard to draw from.

As for the blade, aside from a small part that runs about four inches up the middle up the blade that tapers from half an inch to a point, the blade is a dull steel color. The blade of the weapon is slightly more dense than steel, albeit not much. The blade is three feet long and three inches wide. The weapon, as a whole, is very light due to what it is forged of, and Arvin wields it with an even greater degree of ease due to his above human strength.

Armor: SOLDIER operatives are armored with shoulder pads that are made of a black plastic that is resistant to blades and a sleeveless shirt made of a highly durable fiber that is resistant to blades and weak magic. Although this material can be cut, it is very hard to by a normal human. Also, he wears a bangle on his right arm for the purpose of fusing Materia into it to add additional Materia to his arsenal. Also, another part of SOLDIER standard issue wear is a Abdomen guard that covers under his sternum and is bound by two belts at the waist level.

Strengths: Being a member of SOLDIER, Arvin is infused with Mako energy in his body, adding extra physical attributes and some sensory. His strength, agility and speed are heightened slightly to allow for use of heavier and stronger weapons than the average human warrior. Also, being a member of SOLDIER, he understands how to use Materia and is given specific Materia to use for that sake. Also, he has slightly heightened senses of hearing, sight and smell, due to his infusion with Mako.

Materia is Mako energy condensed into a crystalized form that a person can focus upon to draw magical energy from. Materia is used for various things, from attacks, to defense, to healing, to special attacks and on. Arvin specializes in fire Materia and relies heavily on it, along with his sword. His skill with fire Materia isn’t amazing, but he’s no novice with it either. Materia, when using it, requires focus on drawing out the Materia’s energy and expending personal energy to use it. Using Materia tires out the user little by little, based on what type of Materia it is, and requires different amounts of focus to use.

Aside from the two Materia that Arvin can merge (and also remove to junction with other Materia if he wants to), Arvin also has a special bangle on his right arm that he can merge two Materia into as well, giving him four Materia he can use at once currently. Also, aside from his Materia, Arvin has some skill with his sword, although not a great deal. He can fair well against most average swordsmen with his blade alone.

Weaknesses: Using Materia requires small amounts of energy to use, but the tolls of continued use can wear a person out quickly. Also, without his Materia or sword, Arvin is relatively defenseless since his skills in hand to hand combat aren’t very high. His basic level in hand to hand combat is also limited by his physical strength, which is much higher than an average person’s. Arvin is also limited by his combat experience and, due to his personality, attempts to avoid conflicts with humanoid beings, for fear of hurting anyone else.

Also, because he specializes in fire magic, a skilled water, earth or ice user can overcome the magic produced by his Materia. Also, because Arvin isn’t overly skilled with his Materia, he hasn’t completely learned all of the drawbacks or problems with each of his techniques and skills. Also, due to their nature, using magic or skills drains energy equal to the amount of energy put into it, meaning that power is attached to emotions. If Arvin has a surge of any one emotion over another, the power of his magic fluctuates with his emotional state.

Lastly, Arvin has a unique ability based off of people that he meets. Arvin has an acquired ability from being infused with Mako where he can create special techniques based off of skills he’s seen someone use by thinking of that person when his body is under both extreme physical and emotional stress. As of now, Arvin only knows one, that of his master, Sieg, but can learn skills he bases off of people that he has some level of connection to on a friendship level.

Skill/Magic: Materia: Again, condensed Mako energy into orbs that contain specific powers based on the color and infused energy. Light green Materia is white magic, dark green is black magic, dark yellow are skills, light yellow are abilities, red are summoning, and light blue, almost white, are support Materia. Materia are divided up by their color (thus their type), abilities and strength. One being the weakest and five being the strongest level the Materia can be. Materia also gain strength by use, although over using one Materia can burn it out for a while where it can no longer grow in strength.

Materia based in (Type/Ability/Level).

Fire: (Dark Green/Fire/1) Fire is Arvin’s most basic magic. This Materia is placed on his bangle on his right hand, and is used to channel fireballs. The fireballs vary in strength based on how much power is expended to create then, and can vary from the size of a baseball to the size of a bowling ball, although they tend to be somewhere in the middle, a little larger than the hand. These attacks impact and burn the target where they hit, causing anywhere from a very small amount to a medium amount of damage. This Materia takes very little energy to use, even when being pushed to its fullest power, and Arvin can make five or so large fireballs in one day before being too burned out to use the full strength of the Materia.

Fire Sword: (Dark Yellow/Fire/1) Arvin’s personal favorite Materia. Arvin starts by placing his hand where the golden line in the middle of the blade starts and then proceeds to move his palm up the sword, covering the blade in flames. This adds a burning bite to his slashes and makes his sword attack more dangerous. This Materia is located in the handle of his sword. This Materia causes constant strain over time when being used and can be drawn on for no longer than an hour before Arvin needs to allow his energy to recover for the day.

Barrier: (Light Green/Defense/1) Arvin’s only defensive spell. This skill works by raising a barrier from his sword to repel and block oncoming attacks. The barrier is a four three foot area rectangle that is used to repel weak magic and physical attacks. Arvin rarely uses this magic, and generally only uses it for defense against projectile users and weak magic attacks. This skills takes a relatively good amount of energy to create the barrier and Arvin only has the strength to maintain it for about five minutes before it soaks up all of his energy.

Cure: (Light Green/Healing/1) Arvin’s only healing ability. He generally avoids using this skill in combat because of the way it works. Cure can be used one of two ways: Either Arvin can release a burst of energy and recover all of his moderate wounds (shallow cuts, bruises, damaged nerves, and the like) for immediate relief in battle, although he can only do this once per day, or use the energy from this Materia to slowly recover himself and use less energy to heal himself, but this manner is more time consuming. Arvin will only use this Materia in battle if it is absolutely necessary.

Limit Break: A special skill reserved for Arvin only when his body is under a great amount of physical and emotional stress. When these conditions are met, Arvin can think of a person he has a strong emotional bond with and produce a skill based off of the memory of that person. These skills are based off of the person’s abilities generally and can lead to a burst in stamina and strength to a very powerful final skill with hopes of winning. These abilities rarely appear, and it is said in SOLDIER that only one in every ten members of SOLDIER ever uses a Limit Break in his life.

Sieg: Arvin’s first, and currently only, Limit Break skill is based off of his master, the SOLDIER first class, Sieg. The name of his special skill based on thinking of his Master is called Knight Strike. In this attack, Arvin throws a quick and furious volley of punches, followed by a powerful finishing, horizontal slash meant to wound, but not kill, the target, normally leaving a relatively deep cut. This skill causes a burst in speed and strength for a few seconds, but after using it, Arvin normally passes out.

Appearance: Arvin is a relatively young appearing man for his age, having few stress marks or other things that cause rapid aging on his appearance. Being a member of SOLDIER and having Mako infused in his body, along with all of the training he does, Arvin is relatively toned and muscular. His hair is a brown-red that is disorganized and wild atop his head, and his eyes glow green from the Mako infused in his body.

Arvin, like all SOLDIER second classes, is dressed in the required uniform. The uniform consists of a purple, heavy weave shirt made of a special material that is resistant to weapons and weak magic. Over his shoulders, he wears two shoulder pads that are attached to the back by two thick, black leather straps that run down over the pectoral and attach at the pants in the front and attach to the back behind the shoulder pads attaching in the back to the magnetic circle and then with a single strap that attacks to the back. The shoulder pads are made of a black, plastic like material and curve over the shoulders themselves and extend slightly to the sides a bit. Also, Arvin wears two black gloves over his hands to prevent blisters and calluses on his fingers.

The pants, like the jacket, are purple and baggy starting at the thigh and expand out, for free movement, and then constrict just above the heel into a tight fitting scrunchy. Aside from that, Arvin wears the standard issue abdomen guard that covers everything under the sternum in front and levels off under the ribcage where it expands around at the same height around the back.

In the rising section that contours to the shape of the ribcage, in the center the Shinra Emblem is embroidered. Below the abdomen guard are two black belts at about the waistline that hold the guard and shoulder pads in place. Arvin, like all SOLDIER second and third class wears his sword along his back, held on a special magnetic device that is on a metal circle built into the shirt between the shoulders that keeps the sword in place when not in use.

Personality: Arvin is, to put it simply, meek and mild. Arvin seeks to avoid conflict with humanoid beings because of his natural dislike of fighting against other people. Also, Arvin is relatively submissive and normally caves to requests of superiors or friends that ask it of him. Deep down, Arvin is truly a caring person, but tries to hide it by attempting, normally poorly, to be tough and brave, and winding up in bad situations. The only people that Arvin has very little problem turning his sword against are people that Shinra considers rebels, because Arvin feels they are challenging the good that Shinra is bringing to the world. Even so, he still does this rather reluctantly.

Aside from that, Arvin has a very strong sense of honor and pride in his job. Arvin fights for his own pride to prove himself and has aspirations of becoming a hero like those people hear of in fairy tales. Arvin hopes that by slaying monsters and clashing with rebels, he will gain fame and brings prestige to his family, and pride to himself and his family. Arvin fights for what he feels is right, and this sense of honor allows him to occasionally justify doing things that he feels are ethically and morally wrong, although those times are few and far between.

In battle with monsters, Arvin is ruthless and fierce, focusing all of his knowledge and training to overcome them. Feeling that using Materia against monsters is beneath him, Arvin tends to rely solely on his sword and his raw strength to defeat these creatures. When fighting a humanoid, no matter what they are, Arvin mixes up his swordsmanship with his Materia magic to create a strong balance of long and close range combat. Also, his favorite skill to use, which he tends to indulge a bit too much in, is his Fire Sword, which he tends to use more as a threat than an actual attack.

Lastly, when Arvin feels a strong bond with someone, he can a skill based off of the memory of that person and their abilities to produce a special attack or effect. This power requires a feeling of closeness to a person that is more than just appearance, and can only be used when Arvin is under extreme mental and physical stress to use this special attack. Arvin’s Limit Break, if you will.

Biography: Arvin Anson was born to Barone and Alexandra Anson. Barone was a man that worked in the slums of Sector Seven of Midgar to scrape out a living in his younger years, partially being a thief by trade that finally earned a respectable job in the Shinra corporation as desk employee in the lower floors of the building, mostly a tour guide in the exhibit room, explaining the technology in order to pass the days. Eventually, he worked his way up in rank and became a member of the business sector of Shinra, dealing in product pricing and placement.

As for Alexandra, she was born to a wealthy upper class family in Sector Eight, the upper city, where she simply lived her life. Her father was one of the heads of the Shinra business sector. It was through him she met Barone by pure chance at one of the company parties. The two had an interesting relationship and wound up being married, partially for convenience and partially for love. The two only had one child: Arvin.

Arvin, being the only child of an upper class life, has a strong love of the current system, since it supports his family very well. As a young child, Arvin lived as a pampered life, only doing what he needed to when it came up. However, at the age of sixteen, Arvin was caught in a sudden monster rush into Sector Eight while playing with the other children. SOLDIER was deployed and protected the town’s people, and that was also the day that Arvin met the SOLDIER first class, Sieg Freud.

Sieg was a decorated war hero for his actions in Coral, Wutai and dealing with the rebels in Gongaga. As a SOLDIER first class, his strength surpasses that of any normal person by a good bit, and his impressive skills in dispatching the monsters that attacked, and saving Arvin, left an impression that has lasted with him since. A few weeks later, Arvin sought entrance into SOLDIER in order to train to save people as he was saved. With that training, Arvin worked hard to gain entrance, and was accepted on his merit, and not just based on his family, which he demanded his parents stay out of his affairs.

Arvin, as a SOLDIER third class, worked hard to become stronger. Sieg took him under his wing as a trainee and taught Arvin both honor and humility. However, Arvin adapted more of a passive nature than anything else, so he wound up being used by a Turk, Shinra’s secret police and spies, Sandra, who finds him easy to bend to deal with jobs she doesn’t want to. Still, Arvin has a strong sense of honor to defend humans from monsters and from people that Shinra has labeled as terrorists. After four hard years of work, Arvin, at the age of twenty-two, after two years of working to join SOLDIER, finally received a promotion, being moved up to SOLDIER second class, after the suggestion by Sieg.

Arvin’s hard work and training with Sieg have made him a proficient with a sword and his Materia. Arvin hopes to become a hero to prove himself to his family and the world. Arvin, intent on proving himself as both honorable and a hero, he does the missions assigned to him, namely cleaning monsters out of the slums, as he awaits his big chance to prove himself a hero, just like Sieg.
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Re: Character List

(Approved by Zorolo)

Name: Jan Mercer (pronounced: Mur-sair)

Alias: “Robin Overcoat”

Occupation: Tycho agent

Explanation: Tycho is a rebel group dedicated to fighting against the Shinra organization. They are fervently opposed to Shinra’s use of mako and its effects on the environment, but without the same resources or strength as the organization possesses, they have been struggling for countless years to make an impact. Tycho is based primarily in the slums of Midgar with smaller bases scattered elsewhere. Most of its scant financial resources are spent on weaponry and technology for the base, and as a result, agents often have to scrounge for their own supplies. Initiative, intelligence, and fighting skill are highly valued amongst Tycho members.

Age: 25

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Hair: Much like Robin herself, her dark violet hair tends to attract a good deal of attention—people waltz up and demand to check the roots to see if it’s natural, and upon discovering it is, fuss for quite some time over it. When they finally come to notice something other than the color, they find that her hair is smooth and straight, cut to the shoulders and layered in front in a very lightweight cut that complements her face. It’s the sort of hair that looks good whether it’s all mussed-up after a fight, or cleanly kept after she does it in the morning.

Eyes: A intelligent gray that can look cold and serious, but most of the time has a playful sparkle about it as if she’s always laughing at a joke that only she has heard.

Weight: 120 pounds

Height: 5’7”

Theme Songs: Face the Gun (Kenna)

Known Family:
Victor Mercer – father
Alana Mercer – mother (deceased)
Hugo Mercer – older brother (deceased)
Lauren Mercer – younger sister

Homeplace: Kalm, Gaia (village, world)

Weapons: At first glance, it looks like a black crossbow with metal bits. You might laugh. Then a bolt harder than steel whizzes by your ear, supercharged with electricity, and you’re reconsidering your unwise chortle, hopefully with your ear still intact. The bolt’s been fired from a large, upgraded, technological crossbow with all the firing power of a comparably-sized gun and more. The bolts come in a wide range of, let’s say, flavors—some charged with electricity to paralyze and shock, some poisoned or otherwise tainted, some loaded with explosives, etc. The three listed here are the most commonly used, but it’s not unheard of for Robin to be packing others. The weapon’s mainly used for longer-range fighting, but at point-blank range, it can still blow through your temple and out the other side of your head, so don’t get too arrogant if you’ve invaded the girl’s preferred amount of distance.

When her bow really isn’t enough for up-close-and-personal though, Robin has an assortment of knives just as varied as her crossbow bolts, with similar abilities—shocking, poisoned, explosive, and so on. She’s also known to keep a pair of knuckledusters around, in the event that her punches need more pow! behind them.

Armor: The truth of it is that Robin’s not exactly sure what the Tycho higher-ups handed her when they issued her some armor, but what she’s been able to figure out is that it’s some sort of gold-colored, lightweight metal alloy, similar to mythril, but sort of…denser, and a little stretchy. It protects against sword and other weapon strikes, and some magic, and if she ever fell off her scooter at high speeds (highly likely if in a middle of a fight, as you can imagine), she wouldn’t be utterly doomed if she was wearing her armor. In fact, she’d probably just be sort of bruised and maybe nicked a bit. Depending on how she landed, of course. The suit is worn underneath her clothing, and covers all of her torso and arms, extending down as far as her knees.

Robin also wears a pair of black leather gloves to protect her hands from her own crossbow bolts, and black, brace-like leather guards on her knees to minimize the chances of tearing them up should there be a nasty scooter crash.

Other items:
  • Hoverscooter: Imagine an azure blue Vespa scooter—and now take off the wheels, and replace them with repulsion jets. That, in basic terms, describes Robin’s custom-made hoverscooter, originally built for her by her older brother Hugo, and further upgraded over the years by her father, Tycho engineers, and Robin herself. The scooter’s capable of flying above the ground at high enough altitudes to soar over a redwood forest, but will have no trouble skimming along the surface of taller mountains, provided it can come close enough to the ground to get a bearing to repel. Because of all of the upgrades made over the years, it’s not quite clear what the maximum speed the scooter can achieve is, but let’s just say that you only have to hear Robin whooping madly on a joyride once to know that however fast it can go, it’s, well…fast. Various features have been added to make the scooter more stealthy, including a cloaking device activated by the single touch of a button.
  • Goggles: Robin mostly uses her blue-rimmed, green-lens goggles when riding her scooter, but they’re also handy for protecting her sensitive eyes when she comes across anything particularly damaging, like extremely intense light. Although she rarely needs it, the goggles also have night-vision and infrared-vision settings as well, available with just a simple voice command.

Strengths: No one’s quite sure exactly where the traits come from—but they were one of the reasons Tycho was so willing to let her in, as young and headstrong as she was when she came to them. It’s widely speculated that it all has something to do with her father’s genetics, or perhaps her mother being exposed to something before she had her—maybe both--but in any case, Robin possesses senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch heightened beyond normal human levels. Her reflexes are far quicker, her mind is sharp, and she’s physically stronger than someone with her build would be. If she needs to run, she can get away damn well faster than your average person. Her accuracy with her crossbow is dead-on, and she’s a pretty skilled fighter with her knives or unarmed. She also has more stamina than a normal human, and recovers in a shorter amount of time from most injuries.

Weaknesses: Her greatest strength is also, as the saying goes, her greatest weakness—her highly-acute senses have a trade-off in that she also experiences sicknesses more severely and pain more strongly. She is, you could say, very much alive—both positive and negative sensations are intensified. Her armor protects her, but if she takes a powerful enough hit—powerful enough that she won’t have time to recover as quickly as she does, all the pain instead hitting her at once, she’ll be overwhelmed. She often doesn’t let on that she can hear, see, feel, etc. things as strongly as she does, so unless an opponent knows her well and has observed her, they rarely will know to capitalize on her sensitivities. Extremes like very loud noises, very cold temperatures, or very bright lights don’t usually bother her much—she’s accustomed to being able to perceive them. But prolonged exposure to them, just as it is for any human, can have slightly damaging effects.

Skills/Magic: As mentioned before, her highly-tuned senses and reflexes, and other physical advantages are her greatest weapon in combat. She can wield whatever weapon you give her pretty damn well, but she’s best with her tech-crossbow or a good sturdy knife. As of now, she can’t make use of materia (or in other words, magic.) She heals from injuries quickly, but has no actual “heal” spell/skill.

Appearance: Even though it’s usually covered by her flowing gray overcoat—the basis for her alias, along with the story of “Robin Hood”--many a man finds himself admiring Robin’s athletic and lithe, yet still feminine build. She’s toned and fit, and her gray-blue jumpsuit, cut-and-tied off at the knees by gray string, hangs on her slender figure a little loosely over her armor. The jumpsuit was originally Tycho-standard issue, but over the years has faded and been personalized by the addition of numerous pale yellow pockets and yellow detailing around the collar. She jokes that the countless pockets scattered about on both her coat and her jumpsuit demonstrate the first Tycho principle—initiative. There’s a lot of room to squirrel away the fruits of a good foraging in all those pockets. It’s at this point that one of the superior officers smile and nod at her, up until they realize that she’s “squirreled away” some extra cash from the group’s savings for upgrades on her scooter, and feels the sudden urge to wipe the cheeky little grin off the girl’s face.

While on the subject of the girl’s face, let’s say that the face that superior would be smacking is one he’d otherwise be charmed by—she’s pretty and young-looking, with what appears to be an European bone structure that has seen a slight Japanese influence, and she has bright, intelligent, almond-shaped eyes. She also has a small nose, healthy, tanned skin, and lips that seem perfectly-made for giving charming smiles. One of her most distinctive features is the small dimple on her left cheek, which many people consider “cute”.

In addition to her overcoat and jumpsuit, Robin wears a pale blue bandanna with light-green detailing around her neck—finding that it goes along well with the whole “rebel” image--and faded goldenrod-and-black leather boots on her feet—finding it goes along well with the whole “I have to walk around that huge base” thing. A black bandolier attached to a belt holds her main knife at her side, and her tech-crossbow on her back. When not in use, she leaves her goggles (detailed earlier) on the top of her head.


Personality: Robin is like that one friend you constantly roll your eyes at, but on the inside, you’re probably laughing along with her. She likes puns, clichés, and drama, and is a repeat offender of making some very bad jokes—just for the fun of getting on people’s nerves while still being too charming for them to blow up at. She’s very playful and outgoing, and likes messing with those she can get a good reaction from—she enjoys finding what makes someone uncomfortable and pushing that button as far as she can. This would piss off her superiors if they ever took her seriously—but everyone finds it difficult to do so. Everything’s a joke with her. People honestly respect her ideas, but inevitably brush her off because of her attitude. Some think she has a questionable set of ethics, but she really just lives strictly by her own set of rules.

It’s rare for most people to see Robin’s serious side, but it’s there. She’s clever and idealistic, bold, and somewhat worldly—but once you cover this all up with a slick, smooth, and flirtatious personality on the outside, it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s a defense. The silliness always seems to be present in her voice—people tend to feel like they’re being mocked, and that’s unnerving to many. She can be stubborn, but plays the fool or the coward when she knows she’s cornered. In a fight, she’s tenacious and a little impulsive at times, tending to act on emotion rather than logic. She’s generally more concerned with getting out alive or completing a mission than she is with victory, unless the survival of herself or a loved one is on the line. If her younger sister Lauren is ever in danger, she long ago came to the resolution that she’d be completely willing to give her life to save her sister’s—and there’s no doubt or uncertainty on her part at all now that she absolutely would.

Casualties: Alana Mercer, 43, and Hugo Mercer, 19.

In the two short minutes they had known each other, the courier had only stood at the door, sneezed, and handed Victor Mercer this report, but their relationship was already off to an extremely rocky start, and there was, Victor thought, absolutely no chance of reconciliation in sight. Firstly, there was the fact that this little twat had had the nerve to knock to the tune of “Shave and a Haircut” on his door, and secondly, the calm, pleasant expression this boy was wearing despite his delivery gave Mr. Mercer the urge to do some impromptu plastic surgery. With his fist.

The schoolteacher stuffed the message into a pocket, gave the boy one last severe look, and slammed the door firmly in his face. At any other time, he might have laughed when he heard the yelp of pain and realized that he’d closed the door on the boy’s foot. But not now--not with this news. With his scapegoat for the message having just left, he turned to face his two daughters with more hesitance and sadness than he could ever remember—and he was a teacher, who went to a job most people dreaded doing every single day. His wife and son were dead. How was he going to break the news?


Lauren was staring back up at him from amongst her toys on the living-room floor, looking glassy-eyed, and gurgling little words like, “Mama”. She was still a baby, only one-year old, and hadn’t the faintest idea of what her father had been saying, or the pain he was going through. He wished she never had to know.

Then…there was Jan. Bright. Perceptive. Seventeen years-old, and damn well aware of what was going on. She recognized the courier at the door—recognized the outfit of a Tycho rebel trying not to be recognized as a rebel. She was already wearing that thin smile she got when she was sad but trying to hide it and put on a sunny face for the world.

And then, of course, she’d cover it up more by being silly.

“Why the frownyface, ehh?”

She was two steps away from stretching out her dad’s cheeks in an exaggerated frown when his hands snapped up, with all the finely-honed speed of an experienced teacher catching the usual tossed paper airplane, and grabbed her arms by the wrists. There was an exchange of looks—Victor’s, stern and sad, Jan’s, busy making a fishy-face and crossing her eyes to try and make him laugh, until the man finally let his daughter’s arms drop, and gently took her hands instead.

“It’s your mother and Hugo, Jan”, he said—and then, a squeeze on the hands, a heaviness in the voice, and, “I knew this was going to happen... I wanted them to leave that group--I knew it wasn’t safe! We could have had a normal life! We could have…”

His tone fell as quickly as it had rose, the passion fading away with it into a sorrowful silence. The way he had talked…it was more to himself, convincing himself, airing out his cares and frustrations to the world at large, rather than being directed at Jan. She stood there for a while, watching him as he hung his head and sobbed quietly into a shirtsleeve.

This was not, she knew, the first time a Tycho agent had been by to deliver a message in the past few years. But it was the first time she had thought about that past meeting since then…a group of the higher-ups, not some messenger boy, had appeared on their doorstep back then; her mom had nodded at them, ushered them in. Jan had come down the stairs when called, wiping grease stains from her hoverscooter from her hands, and then…then? It was all ideology, and arguments, and conversations involving words and phrases like “potential” and “asset” and “there’s no finder’s fee for the recruitment of new agents, you daft woman—get serious”. The girl had stood there, listening to her mom and dad and the Tycho guys discussing her future, and had spaced out. It didn’t feel like she was actually part of this decision, as much as it, in reality, involved her. She hadn’t thought about things for herself yet--where did she really stand on the issues with Shinra?

Flash forward two years later. Her brother had come home with his head bandaged up and his arm in a sling. Jan couldn’t help but gasp when she saw him. Still, the first thing that came out of her mouth was, “Got beaten in soccer pretty damn bad, didn’t you? Doing a header shouldn’t make you bleed, you know. Not if you do it right, anyways.”

Hugo had smiled back at her, but had otherwise shrugged her off. He was used to Jan, and normally he’d play along, but that day hadn’t been one for jokes. He stared at his arm for a while, and then lay back on the couch, silent and thinking.

“Is it worth it?” she finally asked.

He found himself raising an eyebrow at the suddenness of the question—but then realized that it wasn’t really the abruptness of it that had puzzled him. It was the seriousness. The earnestness. It was unlike her…usually.

“Is what worth it?” he shot back. He knew, but he had to be sure it wasn’t another set-up for a joke. Jan would do that.

“You know. Working for Tycho—getting in their fights, supporting their cause, scrounging for supplies all along—is…is it worth it?”

He smiled again—a smile like a wise old sage would give to some young, zealous kid running up the steps to the Temple of the Lotus Flower or some other and asking if meditation would really help them relax before their job interview in the afternoon. Yes, it was that specific of a smile. There was a knowing sort of look, an “I’ve been in your shoes before” quality…

Hugo took his sister aside then, and presented all he knew and thought and believed to her about what he and his allies were doing. Plainly, clearly, sincerely—leaving room for her to make her own judgments and form her own opinions, without any of the pressure there had always seemed to be before when anyone discussed Tycho or Shinra with her. It might have been the most enlightening conversation she’d ever had--she almost laughed when she realized that it ended up being with her big brother, of all people. Generally they just talked about who got the last cookie, or the last soccer match they’d seen. Not life decisions.

Return to the moment six months later. Jan’s father is crying before her. Her mother and Hugo are gone, killed in some terrible fight. Lauren’s sitting there, innocent to it all…

…if you had been following what thoughts were running through Jan’s mind all this time, her next decision would have been obvious. And, of course, her flair for the dramatic accounted for the timing.

“I’m joining Tycho…” she murmured.

Victor Mercer looked up. He hoped the sound he’d heard was just a sneeze. He knew it wasn’t, unless his daughter had started learning to sneeze words, like some of his students burped the alphabet…

…no, that wasn’t it. She’d spoke--he was sure of it. He was just too afraid to ask her to repeat what he thought he had heard.

But she repeated it anyway, realizing that he was going to have to hear it, and she was going to have to say it to him; “I said…I’m joining Tycho.”

He nodded emptily, muttered something like, “I heard.” He didn’t look up at her—his gaze was fixed on Lauren, playing with some blocks behind her. “What…what about your sister? Are you going to leave her without a big sister now too? She already lost one sibling today…”

“I won’t die--not unless there is no other conceivable way to protect her. She won’t be in danger. That…I promise.”

The unspoken question in the air was, “Why?” Her dad’s eyes said it all.

“I have to do this—I believe in what Hugo and Mom strived for, and I want to finish what they’ve done. I want to do something important. I want to bring about change, not just for their memory’s sake, but for everyone…including you and Lauren.”

If there was ever a doubt that Jan was Alana Mercer’s daughter, it was erased completely now. Victor knew there would be no arguing with her.

“Keep your promise,” he said.

And then Jan left—but she left Jan Mercer behind to live with her family. Out in the world now, fighting against Shinra, was Robin Overcoat, a stranger who would not be traced back to her home. Her family, she told herself, would be as safe as possible.
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Re: Character List

Approved by Z x3

Name: Eden Ataraxia Marseilles Winters

( Ataraxia: ‘peace of mind’, ‘tranquility’.)

Aliases: Winter, Axia, and Mint/Minty if you really want to get on her bad side.

Age: Over 23 years.

Race: Human, but a curse was etched into her early on in her life. The curse gives her longevity and other abilities which shall be explained later on.

Sex: Female

Hair: Straight and long. White. She was once a redhead, but the curse turned her hair to the colour it is now.

Eyes: Mint green.

Height: 5 feet 7 inches.

Weight: 132lbs.

Shattered Angel: An abnormally large revolver made up of a material called Innocence, a holy ore. Her father shaped the ore into the gun and her mother helped activate the power of the Innocence. The revolver is an extremely powerful weapon, the bullets never need to be reloaded (even though shells fall out of the gun after it is fired) but needs a second or two to ‘recover’ or ‘recharge’ after all the shots have been fired. Any ‘unholy’ being standing up to this weapon will be dealt great damage, having been hit by raw holy power. Shattered Angel cannot be destroyed in any way. The gun is also able to have different ‘levels’ of functions called ‘Purging Levels’:

Purging Level 0: Straight Shot – Like a normal revolver. Normal firing rate and handling.

Purging Level 1: Rapid Fire – It enables the weapon to fire all six bullets in rapid succession. It makes it seem (and sound) as if only one bullet has been fired, when actually, all six bullets have been shot.

Purging Level 2: Twisted Split – The gun clones itself temporarily. Although the power of the guns is now half of the original, the speed of fire is the same. None of the other Purging Levels (aside from Rapid Fire) can be activated at this time.

Purging Level 3: Revolving Wind – The bullets are fired a lot slower than usual. They also move through the air slower. To make up for the speed cut, the air around the bullets begins to ‘ripple’ visibly. If the bullet hits the target, a larger, rounder wound is made instead of a smaller bullet hole.

Purging Level 4: Arrow of Angelic Sin – A powerful, single-shot mode. A large demonic-looking structure forms over the gun with a single hole for the shot. Eden pulls back a ‘string’ made of Innocence and uses the whole structure like a bow. The single, powerful arrow of light shot out hits only what Eden wants it to hit. The Arrow can disintegrate lesser (ie. very weak) demons in one shot, while powerful demons and other beings are only burned badly. Only one arrow can be shot at a time. And it takes longer to fire an arrow than use bullets.

Broken Butterfly: An EDM Arms Windrunner XM 107 Tactical. A bolt-action, magazine-fed sniper rifle chambered for the Browning Machine Gun cartridge (.50 Cal. BMG.). The rifle can be differentiated from all others in the fact that it can be taken-down into 5 pieces or assembled, without any tools, in less than 1 minute. The complete take-down overall length is less than 32 inches. It’s carried (along with ammo) in a neat, black briefcase that has the shape of half of a butterfly (hence the name) engraved on the top right-hand corner on both sides. The other briefcase with the other half of the butterfly was destroyed long ago. The gun itself is normal, meaning that it isn’t modified magically or physically.

Excalibur – Chained in Fate: The legendary sword itself. The blade always shines brightly with a golden light. However, due to Eden not being a ‘chosen’ wielder, its full power cannot be implemented. As a result, when the sword is drawn, numerous chains appear and wrap themselves around the blade. The chains’ lengths are seemingly infinite, as they create more links if one tries to remove them from around the sword. The chains will sometimes bind themselves to Eden’s arm or connect to the walls and floor of an area, forming a formidable ‘web’ with the sword suspended upright in the middle.

Avalon – Extinguished Flame: Excalibur’s scabbard, which supposedly has the power to heal any wound and make its holder immortal. However, that power now seems non-existent. Instead, Avalon’s only use is healing other people (and not Eden) of any wound they can sustain, even if it’s fatal. Avalon also plays a part in helping Eden’s body reject the curse; when the curse’s ‘presence’ reaches its potential and takes over Eden’s body for a while, Avalon ‘resets’ the presence, making Eden’s body normal again. It cannot destroy the curse totally.

She always keeps a few things with her (aside from weapons), these include:

-Bullets for the Broken Butterfly, which she keeps in the same briefcase. Since the gun is not modified, the bullets can be bought if she runs out of ammo.

-The other half of the mask. It’s just a mirrored version of the one she has now, with a narrow hole cut out for her to see through. She sometimes puts this on when entering a fight.

-A carton of cigarettes. Always.

-A box of matches. They’re rather loud when she strikes them.

-A cigarette lighter. It’s small, sleek and silver. Used when the matches finish or if they get wet. Refillable.

Because of the curse’s effect on her eye (the world’s movements are sort of ‘slower’ to her sight), she can aim flawlessly with her guns or move to dodge a fast attack just in time. She takes mental ‘snapshots’ twice as fast as a normal human would. Another effect of the curse; her body can take immense amounts of damage and she’ll still be able to move, attack and dodge without much trouble (at some point in her biography, she brought down half of a stone mansion on herself when she created her companion, and was able to get up and walk away). Eden is naturally graceful, agile and swift, trained to handle different ammunition by her father (who wanted a son rather than a daughter), and trained in the basics of Piguaquan by her mother.

First of all, although she wields a holy weapon, she actually takes a lot of damage from holy/light magic because of the curse. Holy/light magic bypasses the curse’s ‘endurance’ and slowly eats away at her body even after being hit. The wound will stop eating away and will heal over time. The curse’s presence (described by her as ‘The Darkness’) will increase every time she takes a blow, especially a supposedly fatal one. The Darkness will be seen by herself only when she looks into a mirror or reflective surface. Because of the mask covering the right side of her face, she is unable to see anything on that side of her body. She is also totally blind in the dark, even when some light is present, bright light (a single torch won’t help) is needed. She is also extremely dependent on Avalon to keep her curse in check, which forms a weak point.

The Darkness/Skills/Magic:
The Darkness – Harmonious Nightmare: When the curse’s presence reaches it’s full, Eden is engulfed mentally and physically by a dark form called a ‘Nightmare’. Physically, she is covered in shadow by a hooded cloak, so much so that none of her features are distinguishable, even if you shine a light to her face, the light would be seemingly absorbed by an ‘abyss’. Nothing can touch her at this point; a sword would slash nothing and a bullet would go straight through her. Also, at that moment, Eden will exist no more on that ‘plane’, replaced by that silent form of darkness. This Nightmare can attack and move of its own accord, slashing with claws that cut deeply and burn at the same time.

Eden herself will be transported to a different ‘plane of reality’ that is exactly the same, but filled with other forms of Nightmares. The Nightmares attack her relentlessly, inflicting great physical pain each time they land a blow, until she succumbs and is pulled back to the original reality, in her normal form, where she experiences suffering and pain like no other. She’ll be unable to move, or even blink without feeling severe pain. At this point, without Avalon, she’ll be unable to recover; if she falls asleep, the Nightmares would attack again, starting another cycle of pain. Avalon stops the cycle after she’s brought back, so she only experiences pain for a while afterward. Since the curse gives her longevity, it was meant to give her an eternal life of pain and suffering.

The Darkness – Dormant Dream: When the curse is dormant, Eden is normal, save for the fact that the ‘abyss’ still exists on the right side of her face (hence the half-mask) and her body’s endurance and longevity. Any attack directed at the right side of her face will have the same effect as when the Nightmare takes over; it’ll go straight through. If she takes off the mask and tries to view the abyss in the mirror, she will see the right side of her face as normal, while the rest of her body as an abyss (basically an ‘inverted image’). Occasionally, the image in the reflection will speak in a language that Eden cannot understand, and is not recorded in any library or website, anywhere.

Magic – Ragnarok -- Fate of the Gods:

“The sun has been devoured, the moon is no more. The stars have burnt out; the world shivers in the darkness. The fate of all Gods is decided, Ragnarok has been unleashed.”

—Translation of the characters on Excalibur’s blade.

When chanted once while Excalibur is out, the sword’s sturdy Chains of Fate stretch out and attach themselves to their surroundings so that the sword is suspended upright in the middle of the web of chains. Excalibur begins to pulse repeatedly, sending out numerous golden embers as far as the eye can see. Each golden ember becomes a replica of a weapon from legend or myth. The weapons remain suspended in the air, all pointing towards the center, towards Excalibur. The weapons remain suspended in mid-air and can be used to stand on (if you’ve got the balance) or they can be plucked out of the air and wielded. Anyone within Ragnarok’s range can use the weapons it brings out. Legendary weapons such as Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer), Gungner (Odin’s Spear), Gae Bolg (the lightning spear from Irish mythology) and the Claiomh Solais (The Sword of Light, also from Irish mythology) are among thousands of other weapons replicated by Ragnarok’s golden embers.

Skills: Eden is versed in the basics of her mother’s fighting style, Piguaquan, which focus on fluent and graceful attacks that rely on combinations rather than attacks with raw power. She is also no pushover when it comes to fixing certain devices and machinery.

Appearance (with Avalon and her half-mask):

If you were to put her into a category of ‘alignment’, the most fitting classification would be ‘Chaotic Neutral’; Eden is an individualist who follows her own goals. Or just that one: to rid herself of the curse and be ‘normal’ again. She typically acts out of self-interest, but doesn’t necessarily enjoy seeing others suffer, so despite her willingness to kill, she does not necessarily do it for enjoyment. Eden usually dismisses any form of authority and she has no qualms about breaking any law. She can be crafty and devious, but can also demonstrate a capacity for moral thinking. Sometimes, her actions will border on the odd to the extremely insane, believing that she cannot die so easily. Eden is also a heavy smoker, but not much of a drinker.

Because of the trials she’s been through her personality has hardened instead of making her insecure. It is in such a way that nothing seems to really excite or scare her anymore. Eden rarely speaks or smiles, but can force a good pretend smile if she has to; as seemingly nothing can really make her smile. She is also bisexual, but attracted to women more so than men. Eden also shows great care for Ticker, her companion, and treats it as more of a pet than a tool.

Soundgarden – “Blow Up The Outside World”.


Excalibur’s History:

Just before his death, King Arthur ordered his loyal servant to return Excalibur to the one who gave the legendary sword to him: Vivian, the Lady of the Lake. Instead of destroying the sword, Vivian kept it, so that it could be bestowed upon another worthy king. However, many years came and went, and she found none as worthy as the former king. Decades more would come and go; Excalibur’s history would become legend, the ‘Legend of King Arthur’, the ‘Legend of the Sword in the Stone’. People soon stopped believing in things like the legendary sword and the Lady of the Lake.

Vivian decided that she would go dormant, so she entrusted the sword to a woman (known only as “The Keeper”) whose duty was to keep Excalibur until the sword stopped glowing, which would mean that a worthy ruler has ascended to the throne. The Lady warned the Keeper that if the sword was drawn out and blood touches its blade before that time, a curse of nightmares would plague Vivian and the Keeper’s descendants. Years continued to pass by, the Keeper handing down the responsibility of the sword to her descendants, who, in turn, gave it to their descendants. It was only a matter of time before one would forget to pass on the knowledge of the curse and blood would fall unto the blade.

Vivian’s descendants began to suffer from hellish nightmares. The Keeper’s family was wiped out in a war. It was revealed that a child in every seventh generation would have it the worst, being inflicted with both physical and mental pain. Excalibur’s ownership changed numerous times, finding its way back to Vivian’s final descendant.

Avalon’s History:

A little simpler than Excalibur’s; the scabbard was stolen from King Arthur before his final battle. Eden’s mother is a descendant of one of the thieves.

Eden’s History:

Eden and her twin sister, Eve, were born into an odd family. Their mother was a woman who knew an ancient Chinese fighting style and dabbled in sorcery. Their father was part of the military; a military scientist, to be exact, but he knew how to handle his guns. The father was disappointed, having two daughters and no son, but the mother was happy. As they grew, their mother taught them some of her skills, including some of her black arts, while their father taught them sciences and ammunition.

Their father had his own laboratory in their old stone mansion where he kept his experiments and secrets (including Excalibur, which his wife did not know about). It was there that he created the Shattered Angel, from powerful, holy, angelic ore called Innocence, which he had experimented on earlier. The two girls broke into his lab (using their mother’s sorcery. It was good practice) numerous times, coming across the hidden Excalibur and the gun made from Innocence. It was after Eve touched Excalibur for the first time when she began to experience nightmares, night after night. She began to lose sleep and strength, until eventually, she couldn’t take it anymore.

Eve’s suicide weighed greatly on the family, and the curse was transferred to Eden, who, even at her sister’s funeral, was more angry than sad. She did not cry. The curse now began to take its toll on Eden. Not knowing what to do, Eden’s mother bestowed Avalon upon her, which seemed to quell the curse. The father locked himself up in the laboratory, not wanting to face the problems in his family, only coming out at night to crawl into bed. During those nights, Eden used to creep down to the lab and break in, confident that he was researching and working on some sort of cure. This was when she found out the translation of the markings on Excalibur’s blade, and other documents that proved that her father was ignoring the family almost completely.

She found letters and notes in his date book that implied that he was having an affair, even before Eve’s death. Aside from the affair, when he was not meeting the woman, he was working, developing miniature ‘Golems’ that would act as spies for the military. Unfortunately, he couldn’t animate them. Out of curiosity, Eden decided to make an attempt to animate one of them using her mother’s magic. The result was an explosion so powerful that it destroyed the lab and almost everything in it (the other butterfly briefcase included), bringing almost half of the stone mansion down on her. The explosion also blew off half of her face, revealing the abyss beneath.

When she finally climbed out of the rubble, she didn’t come out alone. Eden was followed by a small, silver ball with wings and a long tail, Ticker, which would become a faithful companion from then on. Despite the massive damage she received, she was still strong enough to push away large stones and then get up and walk as if nothing had happened.

Thinking that she had lost another daughter, Eden’s mother started making preparations to do away with her own life. Before she could finish, however, Eden came in at the same time. Her mother was happy for a small while, before looking into the abyss for too long. She lost her mind right there, the depth of the abyss driving her mad, provoking her to hang herself right in front of her daughter. Not wanting this to happen to her father, she locked herself away in her room with some materials and tools from the destroyed lab, along with Excalibur, Avalon and Ticker. There she made two halves of a mask, one for the right side of her face and one for the left, which had a hole cut out for her to see through.

When she went to find her father afterwards, she found that he had shot himself. The note he left behind explained that he couldn’t handle the guilt of destroying his own family. It was then that she decided to leave the place in an attempt to leave most of these memories behind. After taking all of the items that were valuable to her, she set fire to the mansion and walked away without shedding a tear.

She was fourteen when her sister died, eighteen when her mother hanged herself and just turned nineteen when she left her home.


Name: Ticker/Tick-Tick

Age: Four years

Race: Miniature flying golem. Made from silver and animated by magic.

Gender: None.

Weight: Extremely light, less than 1 lb.

Height: About two inches tall.

Wingspan: A little more than one foot from the tip of one wing to the other.

Tail length: Two feet.

This little bugger is airborne, swift and stealthy. It can be used to spy or deliver messages. Even though it is light and can be destroyed in one direct hit, it can rebuild itself just as easily. And even so, Ticker is extremely hard to hit, just like a fly, which makes it an expert at annoying anyone.

Weaknesses: Ticker is small and delicate, and although it can understand humans perfectly, it sometimes isn’t very bright when it comes to some circumstances. Humans can’t really understand it, even Eden has some trouble. It sometimes wanders off on its own, and can get lost, even if it’s not far from Eden herself.


Not seen: A large mouth with very sharp teeth.

Shapeshift: Its ‘face’ (above its mouth) can morph into various small images or icons to help communicate. For example, when it changes into an exclamation mark, it means surprise or danger.

Rebirth: If it is destroyed, it crumbles into small rocks. After a small while the rocks pull themselves together, reforming the golem. Ticker can also crumble at will and rebuild itself whenever it likes.

Black Hole: This little golem has a massive appetite, eating things as large as tables and chairs in one go, without stopping. The hardest thing it can eat and digest is iron.

Other than changing the shape of its face to communicate, it ‘speaks’ in clicks and whistles. Even though it can’t speak human languages, it can speak to other animals perfectly. It can also fly at very high speeds, but only in a straight line, it has to slow down a lot before it can turn.

Ticker is fiercely loyal to its master, but also enjoys the freedom that Eden gives it. Usually when Eden meets other people, it will hang around those it likes, sometimes sitting on their shoulder and becoming their temporary companion until Eden is ready to move on again. When it is with its master, it will either be sitting on her shoulder or hiding inside her clothes. It can sometimes be crafty in complicated situations, but when it comes to simple situations, it’s not very intelligent. For example, it would fly repeatedly into a glass window before realizing that it has to find another way. Ticker can also cackle or giggle audibly when it’s happy, but only shiver when it’s sad or angry.
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Hei Quan, Urban Mystic

Name: Hei Quan

Age: 18

Race: Human (Chinese)

Gender: Male

Hair: Semi-short black hair.

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 125 lbs.

Weapons: Shortsword- A 22”, carbon steel blade with forged iron fittings and an ebony handle.

Psi-Blade- By collecting psychic energy together in front of his fist and molding it into a sharp, quasi-physical edge that is two feet long, Hei can wield this psychic weapon as a cutting and piercing edge. The effectiveness of this blade is virtually equivalent to a well-crafted sword, though it also possesses the ability to affect magical, psionic, spiritual or other special materials and beings when a non-magical weapon will not. Despite this advantage, the Psi-Blade cannot be used for more than a few minutes at a time, and Hei must wait a minute after each use. The blade itself appears to be a light-blue, translucent edge that hovers in mid-air a few inches away from Hei's fist.

Armor: None.

Accessories: Arcane Cellphone- This item is a magical cellphone that visually appears to be identical to any normal cellphone. Because it is magical, the arcane cellphone possesses certain qualities and powers that are seemingly supernatural. The cellphone is capable of connecting to any other telephone regardless of location or weather conditions. The connection has a slight warble, but is otherwise free of static and other interference. If the conversation is tapped into or intercepted, the Arcane Cellphone masks the conversation with magic, making unwanted listeners only hear gibberish. It also has a built-in caller ID defeater, and cannot be traced using non-magical tracing technology or anything of that nature. The cellphone is capable of contacting any individual Hei desires, though if they do not have a phone it dials the nearest one to them (even if they can’t reach it).

Dharmic Wheel Amulet- This is a small, lucky amulet that Hei keeps with him at all times. The amulet takes a shape akin to that of a pocket watch, except that there is no crease or opening for the amulet to open. Hei has discovered that as long as he keeps the amulet with him, his ability to channel his energies is amplified. Should he lose the amulet, the majority of his spells and psionic powers are not usable or require so much effort on Hei’s part to cast that he becomes very tired, making the spells inefficient to use.

Strengths: Hei’s greatest strength is his resourcefulness and broad skills. He is skilled in martial arts and with simple bladed weapons. He is also physically tough, agile, and has considerable willpower and endurance. Hei has picked up a variety of knowledge and skills, though he does not specialize in any certain field. Also, Hei also possesses psychic and magical abilities, granting him a certain edge in battle.

Weaknesses: Hei possesses no armor, which is a serious disadvantage in combat. The majority of Hei’s combat-oriented spells and powers are draining on his magical and psionic reserves, making their uses limited. Hei does not possess a “trump card”, but rather a series of slightly effective techniques, his combat style focus more on trying to outsmart and outlast his opponents, making his strategies more predictable.

Magic/Skills: Hei has the ability to cast magic spells as well as use his psionic powers. All spells and powers that are unusable without the benefits of the Dharmic Wheel Amulet are marked with an asterisk. The two categories are divided here for the reader’s benefit:

Magic Spells:
Augury*- A powerful magical spell, Augury allows Hei to determine if a certain action (or set of actions) will bring good or bad results for him in the near future. The results of the spell are a “good”, “bad”, “both”, and more rarely a “none” response to a mental question Hei creates. The spell only looks 30 minutes into the future, so long-term effects are not calculated. Because of its powerful effects, the spell consumes Hei’s magical energy reserves so greatly, limiting it to only one use per day.

Command Undead*- This spell grants Hei the ability to generate an invisible aura of faint negative energy around himself. This aura extends up to 20 feet around him, and any undead creatures within this aura fall under his mental command. This ability is only in its early stages, so its effectiveness is limited to only a handful of undead at a time. The commands Hei can issue must be simple, such as “attack”, “defend”, or “go forward”. Also, not all undead creatures will obey his mental commands, especially intelligent creatures such as powerful vampires or even liches. The spell’s effects only function within 20 feet of Hei, limiting his command range. The spell lasts up to one minute, and because it requires many energy conversions to perform and maintain, Hei can only use it three times a day.

Haywire- This spell grants Hei the ability to cause a single electronic device to act in a random and erratic manner, defying any attempts to bring it under control. The effects of this spell vary with the device targeted, though the true nature of these effects would mimic something akin to an individual pressing random buttons on a certain device or inputting random codes into a machine. The device targeted cannot be turned off, as the “on/off” control is not available thanks to the spell. The spell lasts for up to 6 minutes, until the device no longer receives power to function, or unless Hei chooses to dispel it earlier.

Illuminate- This spell causes a non-living object to glow shedding light for up to a 20-foot radius. The spell generates non-magical light, making it ineffective against magical darkness. This spell can last up to an hour or earlier, if Hei chooses to dispel it.

Invisibility*- This spell causes Hei to become completely invisible magically for up to 6 minutes. He is visible to creatures that are also invisible, and to things that can see anything that is magically invisible. Anything Hei is carrying becomes invisible as well, but any sound he makes is not masked. If Hei does anything that will directly harm another being (such as physically attacking a person or casting an offensive spell), his invisibility is dropped. Since the spell uses magical energies to remain invisible, Hei can only cast it three times a day.

Instant Identify*- This spell allows Hei to identify all the magical properties of a single magical item, including how to activate its functions (if appropriate) and how many charges are left (also if appropriate). This ability does not pierce through illusions, as it only read the visible magical aura of the item in question and translates its effects into information that Hei understands.

Magic Detection- This spell grants Hei the ability to detect the presence of magical auras at a range of 60 feet. The spell’s effects vary depending on how long Hei focuses while using this spell. If used quickly, the spell only reveals the presence (or lack thereof) of magical auras. If used for about 10 seconds, it reveals the number of different magical auras and the strength of the greatest aura. If used for a while, it reveals the location and strength of every aura within 60 feet of his location. This spell lasts as long as Hei concentrates.

Magic ID- This spell grants Hei the ability to transform any card into a identification card that appears legitimate to anyone reading it. The effects of this spell are only illusory, meaning they are merely a trick played on the eyes of people who view the card’s information, and making it useless in situations that require machine-readable data or electronic coding. This spell lasts for up to three minutes, unless someone sees through it or if Hei chooses to dispel it earlier.

Magical Graffiti*- This spell grants Hei the ability to etch runes, symbols, or letters on any solid surface other than nonliving material. The spell can etch writing on a maximum space of two square feet. The graffiti does not harm the surface it is placed upon, and it invisible to the naked eye. When any magical effects, spells, or auras are present within 100 feet of the magical graffiti, it glows a random color as long as it is present and then fades after 10 seconds of its absence. Thanks to Hei modifying the spell, the etched writing does not glow when Hei is the direct cause of a magical presence, such as when he casts a spell or generates a magical effect. The graffiti dissipates a half hour after it is created or can be dispelled earlier by Hei.

Magical Speech*- This spell grants Hei the ability to understand all spoken languages. Hei uses magic to alter his mind to be able to translate words and sentences into a language he understands. In turn, Hei can speak to these creatures in a language they understand, as his mind translates the words he speaks into a language the creatures can understand. Hei does not gain the ability to learn new languages with this spell, as magic translates words for him instead of his brain. This spell only works with languages that are spoken by creatures or near or above human intelligence. The spell lasts for up to an hour unless Hei chooses to dispel it earlier.

Mending- This spell grants Hei the ability to repair minor breaks or tears, and warps to non-living objects. The damaged objects are magically repaired, even if the amount of material necessary to fix the damage is not available.

Nondetection*- This spell makes Hei undetectable by magical means, such as divination, scrying, or even viewing a magical aura. The spell does not effect what a being can naturally see, but prevents them from seeing or detecting him by unnatural means such as a crystal ball or special powers. Combined with other spells such as invisibility, this spell can make Hei completely invisible to even magical sight. This spell lasts up to six hours or earlier if Hei so chooses. Because the spell prevents Hei’s magical aura from leaking out and requires much energy to use, the spell cannot be used more than three times a day.

Obscuring Mist*- This spell generates a stationary, magical mist that spreads out to 30 feet in all directions. The vapor obscures all sight beyond 5 feet inside the mist. This spell cannot be used underwater, and it is not affected by winds. It lasts for up to 6 minutes or unless it is destroyed with a suitable amount of magical fire. Because of the spell’s powerful effects, it is so draining that Hei can only use it three times in one day.

Rebuke Undead*- This spell grants Hei the ability to generate an invisible aura of faint negative energy around himself. This aura extends up to 20 feet around him, and any undead creatures within this aura feel compelled to flee or cower before Hei. This ability is only in its early stages, so its effectiveness is limited to only a handful of undead at a time. Also, not all undead creatures will flee or cower when in this aura, especially intelligent creatures such as powerful vampires or even liches. The spell lasts up to one minute, and because it requires many energy conversions to perform and maintain, Hei can only use it three times a day.

Secret Pocket*- This spell grants Hei the ability to create an opening to an extra-dimensional space at the mouth of a pocket on his garment. This extra-dimensional space can only be accessed by Hei, and can be filled with a small object that could normally fit in the chosen pocket. The pocket does not bulge, regardless of what is placed in the extra-dimensional space, and does not interfere with anything placed in the pocket in physical space. This allows Hei to keep certain objects hidden from anybody frisking him, and can be used on the fly for an alternate weapon that is hidden inside. The spell lasts up to six hours or earlier if Hei so chooses, in which the extra-dimensional space collapses an anything left inside is destroyed and lost forever. Because the spell uses so much magical energy to function, Hei can only use it once per day.

See Invisibility- This spell grants Hei the ability to magically see creatures that are invisible as if they were normally visible. This spell does not reveal how creates are kept invisible, nor does it see through illusions or darkness. The spell lasts up to an hour once cast, but can be dispelled by Hei earlier if he so chooses.

Touch of Death*- This spell grants Hei the ability to damage foes by channelling negative energy into their bodies at touch. The area immediately affected by this spell is slowly injured (cells start to break down), and the being targeted feels as if sharp objects are piercing that part of their body. The immediate after-effects of the spell are numbness in the area that was touched, while a few minutes afterwards it becomes a slightly aching pain. If exposed to this spell too long, some beings may actually suffer irreversible damage to their bodies and even death. Depending on the amount of the negative energy channelled, the average effects of the spell last for up to an hour, after which the negative energy fades and the body can heal naturally. However this spell has the reverse effect on undead creatures, healing their bodies instead of damaging them. Hei has learned that by converting his bioenergy into negative energy, instead of magical energy into negative energy, he can use this ability more often and far longer than before. However, this trade-off takes away more of Hei’s physical endurance with each use, getting his more tired. He can use this spell up to 10 times a day before it affects his physical strength.

Wire Walk*- This very powerful spell grants Hei the ability to teleport himself through the technological mediums of telephones. The spell functions as follows: Hei dials the number of the desired phone and waits for someone to answer (this includes answering machines). Once the two lines are connected, Hei can then choose to instantly teleport himself, one other person, and all they are carrying from that location to the area right around the phone on the other line. Hei can choose to teleport to the other phone as long as the two lines are connected, but if the lines are disconnected the spell doesn’t function. If Hei uses a cellphone (such as the Arcane Cellphone) to perform this spell, it is teleported with him to the other end. Only willing subjects can be teleported with Hei using this spell, and it can only be used twice per day, making it extremely effective for breaking and entering.

Psionic Powers:
Psionic Detection- This power grants Hei the ability to detect the presence of psychic auras at a range of 60 feet. The power’s effects vary depending on how long Hei focuses while using this spell. If used quickly, the power only reveals the presence (or lack thereof) of psychic auras. If used for about 10 seconds, it reveals the number of different magical auras and the strength of the greatest aura. If used for a while, it reveals the location and strength of every aura within 60 feet of his location. This power lasts as long as Hei concentrates.

Psionic Key*- This power grants Hei the ability to open barred, locked, or mechanically and electronically sealed doors, as well as those with hidden mechanisms. It also loosens welds, shackles, or chains (provided they are holding closures shut). Once this power is used, anything affected by it does not get barred or locked again on its own, but can be physically. This power does not consume a great deal of psychic energy to perform, making it capable of being reused numerous times.

Psychic Barrier- This power grants Hei the ability to mask his mental thoughts and intentions from others. This power can be used when Hei is trying to convince someone to trust him, or when a person is trying to read his thoughts or body language. The power affects Hei’s subconscious only, making him act in ways that make him seem trustworthy and honest. Once activated, the power lasts up to four hours or earlier if Hei chooses, long enough to make him look trustworthy to others or accomplish a certain goal.

Psychic Blast*- This power grants Hei the ability to collect together psychic energy into a quasi-physical object and throw it at an enemy. Although the amount of energy collected and the speed at which the object is thrown may vary, the force of the object colliding with an intended target is usually equivalent to an average human running into someone. Because the power collects psychic energy and fires it as a weapon, it is so draining that Hei can only use it five times in one day.

Psychic Burst*- This power grants Hei the ability to send a burst of psychic energy into an individual’s mind, causing them to be disoriented and lose balance for a moment. The effect lasts only for a few seconds, but because of it’s potency the power can be used at crucial moments with devastating results. Because this power collects psychic energy and fires it as a weapon, it is so draining that Hei can only use it five times in one day.

Psychic Flamethrower*- This power grants Hei the ability to collect together psychic energy, generate an ample amount of heat in front of his hand that a small flame may form, and allows him to expel it in a cone-shaped ray. The flame is quite hot, and is capable of giving someone a first-degree burn after a moment of exposure to bare skin. Exposure for more than a couple seconds will then lead to a second-degree burn, and so on. However, the power consumes large amounts of energy to maintain the flame, allowing Hei to only use it for a few moments at a time. Even then, he may only use it at a maximum of five times a day.

Psychic Shield*- This power grants Hei the ability to generate a thin, invisible membrane of psychic energy around himself that protects him. The barrier reduces inertia once physical objects come in contact with it, dulling half the force of blades and half the strength behind punches and kicks. However physical damage is not completely reduced, meaning Hei can still be cut and harmed by weapons and attacks. Energy-based attacks, such as fire, electricity, and even lasers, are reduced more than physical attacks, but they can still damage Hei if present in considerable amounts. This power consumes large amounts of psychic energy to generate, limiting it to being used for a minute at a time though Hei can dispel it earlier. It can only be used five times a day.

Psychic Thrust*- This power grants Hei the ability to exhaust psychic energy from his own body and towards a certain direction, pushing him in the opposite direction as a result. The power can be combined with his natural movement to increase his physical abilities, such as his jumping height/distance, his running speed, and even his physical attacks. Each use of this ability lasts up to a minute at a time, and can only be used again after a few minutes have passed. Because the power literally collects and fires out Hei’s psychic energy, it is very draining on his energy reserves and can only be used three times a day.

Psychokinesis- This power grants Hei the ability to mentally manipulate a nonliving object weighing up to 100 pounds. The object in question must be mostly solid, and can be lift off the ground with this power. Hei can cause objects to turn, rotate, spin, rise, fall, move back and forth, left and right, etc. He cannot exert enough force to bend materials that are tough and rigid, nor can he rip something out of someone’s grasp. At best, the movements of objects manipulated with this power are shaky and clumsy, making it useless for precise actions. This power functions as long as Hei concentrates.

Psychometry- This power grants Hei the ability to learn information about a particular object’s past owner(s). How much information is gained depends on how long Hei focuses and studies the object. If studied for a few seconds, Hei gains little insight on the previous owner, such as their age, appearance, and gender. If studied for a minute or longer, Hei learns how the owner gained and lost the object. If studied for a few minutes and longer, Hei learns about the previous owners, how they gained and lost the object, and so on. This power does not consume much psychic energy to perform, allowing him to use it indefinitely.

Wandering Mind*- This power grants Hei the ability to weakly affect the mind of one individual long enough to distract them for a moment. This power is mind affecting, and cannot break mental barriers or affect strong-willed individuals. The power lasts for only a moment, and cannot be used in combat situations or when targets are focusing their full attention on a certain thing. The power is only useful for distracting an individual for the sake of espionage or assassination attempts, but requires so much psychic energy to perform that it can only be used five times a day.

Personality: At first glance Hei appears to be a somewhat average person interested in the paranormal. However, if you were to learn more about him you would discover he is an intelligent, resourceful, and dedicated individual. He is fiercely obsessed with the occult, and will stop at nothing to learn more about true, practical magic. A disciplined and self-conscious individual, Hei tries his best to appear modest for the sake of moving in life without arousing suspicion. Knowledgeable of numerous fields of information, Hei is a jack-of-all-trades at heart. He can be easy-going to those he wishes to manipulate in order to gain more knowledge of the arcane, though he usually does not make friends with people unless they are extremely valuable to his goals.

Appearance: Hei looks a lot like your average Chinese-American young man. He is 5’6”, 125 lbs, has semi-short straight black hair and brown eyes. He is of medium build and is somewhat athletic for his age group. He is rarely seen in public and in casual attire, as he usually spends more of his time out and about, working on his “profession”. His attire for such situations usually consists of non-baggy, black clothing. He also wears a mask in situations where his identity must remain unknown, and such masks include generic Chinese opera masks. At first glance, Hei appears to be an anti-social person who is a clearly normal (and therefore unskilled fighter) individual, which gives him the element of surprise in combat.

Biography: Hei was born in San Francisco, California, the son of two Chinese immigrants. His youth was, for the most part, unordinary and uneventful. His parents became middle-class as time passed, giving Hei access to more of what the world had to offer. He was a good-hearted child, one that was disgusted with the negative things in life. A single child, Hei had little or no one to relate to, and he was not easily accepted at school. His few friends were mainly interested in the occult, which in turn caused Hei to be more interested in the paranormal. He believed that if the supernatural did indeed exist, it was an amoral force that merely existed to be tamed by humans for the goal of bettering society and life in general. Although Hei was agnostic, he did accept the possibility of virtually any supernatural concept to be true, giving him the ability to delve into the occult without much bias.

As time passed, however, Hei’s interest started to grow into obsession, and he became more and more fascinated with the various beings and forces that were purported to exist. However, he had little evidence that anything supernatural existed, so he was merely an adolescent who merely wished that such forces existed. Hei then dedicated all his effort to discovering ways to manipulate the supernatural energies that resided within the human spirit. Then one day all his effort paid off, as Hei accidentally discovered he had learned how to lift small objects with magic. After that day Hei focused entirely on moving out and finding a way to live on his own, and then began to move about the country, in search of more knowledge.

Hei went from city to city, learning more and more about magic, as well as other supernatural forces, and tried to find ways to master them. He eventually discovered he had hidden psionic abilities, though they were very weak and required must effort to manifest. As time passed Hei began to use his powers for malicious purposes, killing certain people in order to keep his lifestyle going, or to get rid of certain people to gain access to more magic. Hei became more and more anti-social, spending most of his days planning his next moves, reading tomes, grimoires, and spell books, and even testing out new spells and psionic abilities. Night, however, was the time when he enacted his plans and went about hunting certain creatures, meeting up with certain contacts, and even breaking and entering buildings in order to gather more information regarding practical magic.

Hei despises individuals who do not see value in the arcane, and hates creatures that use it for their own selfish purposes. He regularly goes about hunting magical beasts, trying to prevent their uncivilized style of living to negatively affect the way society functions. Hei has few passions, and most of them surround topics of the arcane. He is always interested in meeting and conversing with new, intelligent and magical creatures, and regularly goes to places purported to be haunted just to see if ghosts do exist there. In public, Hei usually keeps to himself and does not draw much attention. He is kind but indifferent, trying not to make friends or reveal anything about himself to strangers.

His ultimate goal in life is to continuously learn more and more about the paranormal and occult, so he may tame such forces to his will and use them for the betterment of mankind. Hei has considered the possibility of death, though as a person involved with magic he is certain that there may be some sort of afterlife awaiting him, meaning he has little or no fear of death as a metaphysical concept.

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Re: Character List

Name: Crackle
Nicknames: Sparkles, Spike
Age: 20
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Hair: Jet black made into spikes. At certain points when using his power his hair will either get a blue tinge at the points or sparks will come out of the points.
Eyes: Light blue mostly but look silver on the edges. (Edges surrounding pupil.)
Weight: 150lbs
Height: 6'1''


Big Blue: A regular longsword covered in hardened aura. This is his main weapon. The sword weighs about five pounds. The aura coating adds the extra weight. Crackle can use his aura to change the blade's temperature. The blade looks as if it made of silver with a blue tint. There is a sapphire on the pommel where he can store some aura for later use. The handle is made of silver and has slight ridges for his fingers.

Throwing knives: Throwing knives with blades made of only hardened aura. He made these to practice his aura control. He can easily change their temperature and change their direction while in the air. They look like Big Blue's blade but are more light blue and less silver. He can use aura to return them to him after throwing, which makes for a good double attack if someone dodges one.

Little Blue: Not so much a weapon but a small sword strapped to the left side of his chest. Only used if he doesn't have the other weapons listed above. He really only uses it for cutting things. It looks like Big Blue but is smaller and doesn't have an aura coating. It's made of titanium and cuts through most things easily.


Aura ring: A gold ring with a diamond in the middle. The diamond changes color depending on how much aura he has left. Blue is high, purple is medium, and red is none. There are shades in between, like a reddish purple or a bluish purple. He received this ring from a wizard specializing in aura. It's worn on his right index finger.

Diamond belt: He picked this up for a rather high price from a merchant. It's a leather belt coated in small diamonds. The aura controller stores aura in the diamonds giving them a light blue look.


A jacket made of 3 layers. The layer touching his skin is a very soft cloth. The middle layer is a titanium chain-mail that he keeps from moving with his aura when not in battle. The outer layer is a dark blue material that is flame resistant and waterproof. It zips in the middle with a silver zipper. The jacket goes down just above his knee. Hidden under the jackets sleeves are leather gauntlets, which are decorated with saphires where he can store aura for later use.


He is skilled with his sword and is getting better at controlling aura. He is also quite fast thanks to his aura, which he can send to certain muscles to speed them up. He has high resistance against fire, earth, and water skills and magic. He has complete immunity to lightning magic. He can convert lightning magic to aura energy. He his medium resistance to dark, light, air magic.


Although he is skilled at controlling aura, he does not have a lot of aura to control. He has to be careful to not use too much aura in any attack because it could wear him out. When he tries to send aura to a body part, if there is a cut on that part, aura will leak through it. He has no psychology experience and so has trouble reading movements. He is very weak against ice magic. The reason is due to the crystal nature of ice. He unintentionally will fill it with aura if ice is lodged in him. He has very little sword skill and can't take on a swordsman with proper training unless using his power.


Sticky Aura: An aura is made that can stick to what he wants. It was used when he coated his sword in aura. It is mostly used to climb things and when hardened, is slightly stronger than titanium. This skill is natural and takes almost no energy to use. He can destroy if he feels it necessary.

Aura Shield: A dark blue shield appears in front of Crackle. Very few things can hold up against it. The longest he's held it is a minute.

Blunt Aura: Crackle can make small invisible barriers using aura. They're very slippery. It is generally used on Big Blue when sparring. In use, sparks come from his fingers and whatever he touches gets a barrier. This one takes a little less aura then Aura Shield. He'll try to use this on an enemy's weapon if possible.

Aura Absorber: When lightning magic is used against him, he uses this shield. It turns the attack into aura which Crackle then absorbs.

Aura Movement: This can only be used on objects with either Sticky Aura or Blunt Aura on them. It allows him to move the object. Because his sword is coated and his knives made of Sticky Aura, he can control them if he throws them.

Aura Vision: Aura Vision allows him to see how much aura someone has. For those who can control aura, they're invisible. Aura users are marked by blue flames and aura masters appear as golden flames.

Aura Flames: These are blue flames that can only be held briefly. Now used only for lighting cigarettes and starting log fires. It's made when he sends aura to his fingertips and he snaps his fingers. The flame will come out of his thumb similar to the way a lighter flame would.

Aura Cleansing: Crackle doesn't bathe often because this ability opens his pores and cleanses them.

Aura Temperature: Like Aura Movement, except it changes the temperature instead.

Aura Storage: Crackle has found he can store aura in jewels like diamonds and sapphires, then take it back at a later time.

Aura Power: Crackle can send aura to body parts to make them stronger and or faster.

Aura Replenish: This skill is a meditative move used to restore aura. Can only be used every half hour. When using this, sparks come out of the points of his hair randomly. Small bolts of lightning will sometimes come out of his fingertips. To not lose that energy, he must surround himself with Aura Absorber.


Crackle is tall and has a muscular build. He doesn't have much extra fat but like most people there's a little extra. He has mildly tanned skin and tries to keep facial hair from growing too much. He has blue eyes and his hair is spiked to near perfect points. He wears a white T-shirt under his armor jacket (described above). There are some internal pockets in the jacket where he carries some items. There are always two packs of cigarettes with him, his lighter (when he's too weak for Aura Flames), and a red bandanna (often worn when it's raining). Two things about the jacket which weren't said above: it has a collar that can be folded down or up. When folded down, it's on the inside of the jacket and unseen. When folded up, it's at the lowest point of his ears. This is used when it's rather windy. The other thing is a hood that is folded into a pocket in the back. It's used when raining or extremely windy. Unless he's fighting or run out of cigarettes, Crackle will be smoking.


A very honorable fighter. He dislikes using surprise attacks unless absolutely necessary. He's clever but can sometimes mistake movements. During these times, he'll use his speed to dodge them. He'll try to reason his way out of situations where he doesn't think he'll win. This may seem cowardice but surviving is more important to him than what other's think. He's generally laid back while by himself. If a friend is around he'll happily talk with them. If someone he doesn't know is by him he'll simply ignore them and if they ask a question will either ignore it or give a quick answer. He's very respectful around people with more authority than him.


Crackle was born in Ireland. He doesn't know his parents because he grew up in an orphanage. Crackle got his name because sparks came out of his fingers sometimes when he was a child. He was an outcast from the others because they thought the sticky stuff he peeled off his hands was gross. They sent him to school like the normal kids. He developed his Aura Flames ability when no one could get a lighter when smoking at school. As far as the other kids were concerned, that's the only thing the smart ass was good for. His smoking has carried on to now too, except there's no danger because he can clean out his lungs with aura. Crackle's goal is to master his aura. He wants to be able to control his aura perfectly and use it more. The aura controller will kill but only if the person deserves the death or if the person will be killed fairly. He dislikes killing with guns and the only things he uses for stealth are his body and aura. Crackle is nice to people he trusts but harsh and bitter to people he hasn't gotten to know yet. This ensures he has brave friends because they have to make conversation with him as strangers while he's bitter. Crackle often wonders what happens at death. He lives by the way that if you're honest and a good person, you will get a form of reward at death. What the reward is, he's not sure. He also thinks if you are dishonest, you will receive punishment.

His powers were known to him since a child. An example is the sparks that gave him his name. For a while, the orphanage supervisors wondered why children were slipping on areas that seemed dry. He found aura techniques by applying them to things he needed done. An example is the Aura Flame skill.

If not in a regular town Crackle will sleep in a cave. Otherwise a hotel room is his preferred place for sleep.

Crackle fights to master his aura. His sword is mostly used for throwing, he then uses Aura Movement to bring it back. That's just a way he can help control his aura. He was taught the basics of actual sword fighting by the man who forged his sword, Artemis. Artemis was a kind man and made Crackle a sword when he was 17. When the sword was still warm from the forge the smith trained Crackle in what he needed to know. Mostly the basics such as blocking, slashing, and stabbing. When Crackle finds the time to go up to Artemis's home in the mountains he's glad to teach Crackle something new. Real sword fighting is only used when he's low on aura. Each time he learns something new from Artemis he tries to use it but finds his aura to be much more natural and easy.

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Re: Character List


Name: Vita Deficio.
Race: Human.
Sex: Male.
Age: Thirty-four, looks about twenty.
Personality: Vita is a very compassionate, loving person. That said, his greatest passion in life is war, and the rush, thrill and hype he gets from it. There are some dark aspects to him though; war has ravaged his mind. He is troubled, but rarely shows it, and has forged for himself a guise of solidity, firmness.

Eyes: Gold.
Hair: Blood red. Brow-length at the fringe and lengthening as it approaches the back, where it touches his shoulders.
Physical: Vita is a strong, lithe person. His muscle is more obvious in his abdominals and arms, with chest and leg muscles roughly even (although his legs are slightly stronger). Although his face is not overly angled, it is recognizably slim and elf-like. His fingers are long and dexterous to match the rest of his body. His eyes have a look of inner strain coupled with determination. His brow is light, and lessens the impact of other aspects of his face that would show worry. Overall, his form and facial expressions possess an odd aura of concern and brooding.

Vita Deficio wears a tight, dark green shirt with his insignia on the left breast (see below). The sleeves of this shirt are long enough to reach just over his knuckles and the joint of his thumb. Over the shirt, he wears a leather overcoat the colour of darkened blood. It extends down to his knees, partially flaring out at the end to allow leg movement, with a zip from his waist up to his collarbone. The collar points slightly forwards, exaggerating the angles of his face, and reaches up to just below his eye line. The sleeves reach a centimetre over the balls of Vita’s hands, with a strip the width of his palm stitched over the back of his hands to protect his fingers. The edges of his overcoat have a row of studs along its edges. His pants are black and tight, tucked into his boots, which are the same kind of material as his jacket. The boots reach halfway up his shin, tied together with white laces. His pants are held up with a black belt, which is studded with half-spheres, similar to the ones on his jacket. A featureless belt, which does not run through the loops of his pants, is attached to the same buckle as the other belt, but hangs down on the left side. The hanging is due to the weight of Solvo pro Vita in its sheath, fastened to the left side. The sheath has Vita’s insignia etched into it hundreds of times.

Vita’s right palm has his insignia scratched into it.


Solvo pro Vita:

Strengths: Vita is a skilled swordsman, having served fifteen years in the army. The sword he wields is also trained in the arts of death, and has been Vita’s companion for years. Although not the strongest of all people, he has the ability to endure for hours on end at his full potential and can take a beating; he always stands up.
Weaknesses: Despite being fearsome in close-combat, Vita has barely any defences at long range, and would easily be outdone by a skilful mage. If he overpowers his sword, it can backfire and severely burn him, lessening his ability to wield the blade. Vita is also merely a human, and would be at a great disadvantage against other races with superior strength and senses, which make up a large amount of the enemies he encounters. Being slightly influenced by the holy attributes of his sword, Vita is weak against black magic more than other varieties.
Sword Style: Vita, over many long years, has developed a sword style that is unique in many ways. He prefers not to stab, and sticks to slashes and one-handed disarming manoeuvres, much like fencing. If he cannot disarm his opponent, he will gash their hand, impairing their sword-fighting abilities. He tends not to kill his opponents, but simply render their means of defence and offence defunct.

Death's Retribution, Solvo pro Vita: Vita wields a rapier roughly four feet in length. Solvo pro Vita, or just Solvo, is a gateway into the deepest bowels of hell. If he so wishes, Vita can open this gateway using a large portion of his soul’s latent power, pouring the energy into his body. This energy is released through the insignia on his right palm into the hilt, and subsequently into the blade, where the centre of the sword glows a fiery orange. When the sword is powered, it heats up dramatically, increases Vita’s physical strength and speed, heightens his senses and gives him an extremely powerful sense of space. If used for too long, however, Vita will be extremely drained of energy and may even have to sleep for days.

Solvo pro Flamma: Instead of powering his sword, Vita can channel the hellish energy into his body, allowing him to launch skeins of crimson energy from his right palm and fingertips. This energy takes the form of flaming plasma, with the lightning-like branches of its reach burning the air and itself. This does not drain Vita as much, but still takes its toll on his ability to fight and is not used often.


Vita Deficio was born as James Funder. Vita Deficio was a name he got given when he was held responsible for his sister’s death in a household fire, when he failed to save her in order to save himself.

He grew up normally, beside the fact of being shunned by all he knew, as well as his parents. And that was why he was sent to war.

New Year’s Day, 1620

Blood was everywhere. It was on their clothes, on their faces, on their hands. The air might as well have been made of it; cascades, torrents, of blood erupted all around. The battlefield was stained with the crimson rivers, as if the bowels of hell had been allowed to unleash their chaos and pain unto the plain.

The ground sent pangs up Vita’s legs as he bounded along, slaying and maiming the enemy. Demons and hell’s-children all, the foe rolled over the plain in waves, approaching through physical space and the ether, attacking the minds of Deficio’s comrades unrelentingly.

The next group of demons were coming, and people around him had their mind’s crushed by the onslaught of psychic energies. Vita leapt headlong into the mass, swinging his longsword ravenously. He felled many of them, rending them from physicality. He knew that, as he killed them their bodies vanished. They would be mended at the back lines, and sent in again; Vita had slain some demons many times over, but they would just keep on coming.

Deficio slammed his sword’s hilt into the skull of one, and the spun around and ripped another four demons. The final one fell at the hands of one of his fellow soldiers.

The next wave came, hundreds strong. They were black and red and blue, smeared with excrement and blood, wielding swords, maces and axes. Tongues lolled from gaping maws, all lined with needle-point teeth. Their mouths gaped, as if the demons wished to show the beds of razors that would serve as the final resting place for many foolish soldiers.

Summer, 1623

Vita moaned. Like the others, he shambled along, coated in chains and ropes, tormented and whipped. They all wandered where they were told. They were the prisoners of war, the playthings of darkness.

Today, Vita Deficio would be Marked. Marked as a prisoner, sworn as a soldier. He would be made to fight his comrades of old, and would bring to their death many of the people he called friends. And, if he was lucky, he would die.

A many-fingered hand wrapped around his neck, hauling him like a doll into the embrace of a demon. It had no eyes, and inspected him with its tongue. The slobber smothered his face, almost suffocated him. He had his right hand freed from chains. The claw of the creature came down, and began etching his hand. The pain was unbearable. It felt as if, through the carving of his hand, he lived the pain of all demons and men. The he was tossed down.

The ground smashed upwards into his back, cutting and maiming his form further. He felt the bedrock twist and writhe beneath him. It seemed to dig its hands into him, engulfing his soul in the manifold pain of its stranglehold. More hands of rocked rushed over and into him, until he new not where his body finished and hell began. Then he was on the field of battle.

Then, when Vita freed the head of a human he new too well from his body, he realised how to escape. It would probably end in death, but it was worth the risk, worth it to find a sliver of hope of survival. From the ground he lifted a sword, and brandished it against the demons.

Then, he knew not what happened. He felt his soul shatter, the world shudder, as if it had been holding it’s blood-reeking breath for too long, and the demons scream. The world turned, and he was the axis. He looked down to see all of hell’s glory blazing about the rapier he now held.

Winter, 1630

Vita Deficio could not tell how long he had been swaying through blood. He was thundering through sloughs of demons, fire bursting from his blade. He was journeying towards the centre of hell, taking a dive into the release of war. Somehow he knew that this was the only means of escape. Running would not help; you could not escape this battle by fleeing from its claws. Vita was ducked under the fingernails of those hands as they raked the earth for more blood. He escaped their touch by attacking them.

The war raged on around him, and he raged through it, to its heart. The sky was black, and the sun hung in its ebon folds. Like the sun, fighting back the darkness, Vita killed and maimed the demons. He knew that he would live.

And he fought onward.


Vita buried his sword in the earth, and let its power flow away from him. He had escaped, he had lived.

That was what was so frightening.

O R'lyeh?

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Re: Character List

Name: Emile Velos.
Title: The Silver Beauty; The Divine Lancer.
Occupation: Roller Battle Combatant
Occupation Explanation: In the world that Emile is from, there is one extreme sport that trumps all others. Roller Battles are battles between warriors dressed in armor that enhances their natural attributes and tests their physical strength/skills in battle with each other. Each Roller Battler wears an armor model or mix of models based on preference, and the warriors fight while skating around an arena similar to ones that Nascar are held in. THe most powerful warriors are hailed as such, and each fan has their own favorite champion. This sport represents the most primal nature of people by testing their skills.

Race: Human
Age: 18
Hair: Purple in color and straight, falling to just below her neck.
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5’5’’ (five feet, five inches)
Weight: 120 pounds

Weapon: The Mark XIX High Voltage Spear.

Code Name: The Divine Lance: A joke based off her her signature attack she uses in the Roller Battle Arena. Emile named the spear the Divine Lance after finding fitting names for her special attacks. Despite having only two notable special attacks that she uses, she gave them names from mythology, and thus, named the spear the Divine Lance because both spear users were partially divine.

Specs: This spear is about six feet long, five feet and four inches of it shaft, and eight inches is for the retractable blade and the volt dispenser at the top.

The Shaft: The body of the weapon is five feet, four inches long. The whole weapon is about two inches in diameter, except for the handles which are about one and a half inches in diameter. The spear is two layers thick. The inner layer is made of wires, circuits and generators that keep a constant rush of power flowing through the weapon at all time. This allows for the creation of lightning through the voltage dispenser at the top of the weapon.

The outer layer is made of a Titanium-Chrome alloy. This alloy is flexible, strong and durable, along with having a lustrous finish to it. The outer layer is connected to the inner layers start at spring loaded things that push the outer layer open to reveal the inner layer when the red button is pressed once. The outer layer also has the handles of the spear, one at about one foot, six inches up the weapon, and the other about three feet from the butt of the weapon. Each handle has a synthetic material grip that has a pressure sensitive button beneath where the index finger is placed. Also, a red button is placed about two inches above the farther handle.

The button beneath the closer handle causes the blade to retract so the tips of it are even with the volt discharger. The second button either electrifies the tip of the spear or releases a blast of lightning from the voltage dispenser. The red button has three different effects, one for each time it is pressed. The first time causes the exterior plating of the spear to be pushed upwards by the mechanisms in place to push it about three inches and retracts the blade. Each part of the spear with plating has four plates around the spear that are pushed out, and the spear is broken up into three sections, so in all there are twelve plates opened with one push of the red button. The second push causes the spear to release massive amounts of energy, causing a white glow to encompass the whole weapon and creating a six inch long tip at the end of the spear from the voltage dispenser. The third push causes the weapon to go into cool down mode, where the plating is returned to its initial position and the weapons energy output ceases for about six minutes.

The blade: The blade of the weapon is four inches long, double edged, and has retractable rollers placed on the sides of it and shaped like an arrow head. When a certain button is pressed, the blade is retracted to reveal the voltage dispenser. The volt dispenser is a cylinder that extends five inches from the end of the shaft up until an inch into the blade where two very narrow slits in the dispenser are. When the red button is pressed twice, the dispenser creates a six inch blade that is used in her ultimate attack.

Armor: Mark XXIII High Density Combat Armor: This armor is a unique one among the Roller Battle armors for one reason: It is one of a kind. Emile made this armor based on some schematics she looked over for other armors and modified the armors to make them more efficient. The main trait of this armor that gives it is very notable one of a kindness is that each piece of armor has its own use.

Psychic Helmet: The helmet of her armor. This helmet is very unique among Battle Roller helmets. Despite its plain appearance, appearing like a normal helmet a person wears for going out on a bicycle ride (except there are no openings, it is one solid piece), this helmet has no real unique external features. LIke all helmets, it has a wire connected between it and the chest plate, and hers has a green visor that she can leave down or have up based on the push of a button on the right side of her helmet. No matter where Emile is, she’ll always have this on her, since she can use it as a beacon to call the rest of her armor to her.

The helmet of this armor is probably, however, the single most useful piece of armor she has in her arsenal. THe helmet allows her to control the powers of the other parts of her armor with her mind, since the helmet reads brain patterns. By using these psychic messages, she can activate the power of any of her armor parts effects, and even so much as activating two at once. Aside from that, the helmet also causes her to have increased Adrenal levels when battle starts, along with an increase in her aggressiveness. Also, her visor can scan and analyze the make up of things and even identify what they’re made up of, so long as it is a naturally occurring substance. Also, the helmet gives her basic knowledge of hand to hand and spear based combat.

Power Conductor: The breast plate of her armor is also, like the helmet, completely created out of the Titanium-Chrome alloy that the rest of her armor is made of. The internal layer of the armor is a vast series of circuits that move power through them. The internal of the armor is similar in design to the internal system of her spear. The armor controls her muscles, increasing her physical strength, agility, dexterity, speed, and skill. With her chest plate on, her physical attributes are all amplified to the level of being almost twice the capacity of the normal human.

Knuckle Duster: The armor that covers her right arm. This is her dominant arm, so the Knuckle Duster is used as a secondary weapon. This piece of armor borrows energy from all other armor parts and channels it into the knuckles, creating a light white glow around it and increasing the power of her punches by nearly four times her strength. However, the armor goes into a cool down mode after just one of these super punches, so she rarely uses it. The distinctive thing about this piece of armor is that there are cylinders over the knuckles, whereas the rest of the arm is chrome colored, this part is gold and the point where the energy gathers. This can be activated either by the helmet or pushing a button on the center of her hand.

Absolute Defense: This name is far from the truth. This covers her left arm. The entire arm is made of the same alloy as all the rest of her weapons and armor except for on the forearm where a small, pentagonal shield is attached. Either by pressing the button in the center of her hand or by command of helmet, the attached shield begins to spin, releasing an energy shield that’s about six inches in diameter from each edge of the pentagon. The shield, while active, spins quickly a shield made of energy that can repel most pierce attacks (including bullets), and some hack attacks, however, like all of her armor, it is extremely weak to magic. Also, this shield can only take a few attacks before it shatters and the shield generator must recharge.

Jet Booster: The Jet Booster is the leggings, covering from her waistline down over her feet in her metallic armor. The leggings are very normal except for the boots. On the heel of her boots a large wheel is attached, and under the toes of her feet are wheels. Instead of running, she skates around on these wheels. Also, under the heel is a jet booster that she uses for her special attacks. The booster can either be activated by enough pressure on the heel of the boot(s) or by use of the helmet.

Strengths: Natural: Emile is naturally an intelligent person. She has a nearly photographic memory, allowing her to retain great amounts of information on things she’s interested in. Also, she has great knowledge and skills as a mechanic, having built her own Power Suit, and is also highly skilled in metallurgy, creating light, but strong, metals to be used in armors. Also, her attention to detail allows her to retain the entire layout of a battlefield by looking around, knowing what areas are safe and dangerous.

Enhanced by her armor: Thanks to her armor, she is very fast, strong, and has much greater endurance. Also, thanks to her helmet, she can control any part of her armor with or without a thought based on how hard she wants to try. Also, because her chest plate enhances her muscle performance, she is in better shape than normal people and her armor is also lightning proof, since the chest plate also acts as an electrical regulator, to preserve her impulse from any damage from lightning. Aside from that, the fact each of her armor pieces has a unique power grants her a variety of combat ideas she can use, even without her weapon. Also, so long as she has her helmet, she can summon the other parts of her armor from wherever they are to her and have them quickly equipped themselves to her for immediate protection.

Weakness: Natural: Being a normal human, she isn’t very physically powerful in any category outside of thought. Also, because she’s not a warrior, her skills with weapons is very limited to what she’s just began to learn in Roller Battle. Although she’s learning the spear and fist fighting quickly, with the help of her helmet, her skills are mostly unrefined and she tends to lean towards using her special attacks too often.

Armor Weaknesses: The main drawback to her armor is that, despite being durable and strong, it can still be broken or damaged with enough force. The most worrying thing when damage is her helmet because of the loss of the mental stimulus she has from the helmet being broken. Also, although she can repair any broken armor parts, it takes time to do, and cannot be done in battle. Also, although her armor is immune to the effects of lightning, water is very effective to short circuit any part of it that gets substantially wet. Aside from that, she suffers from, although an irrelevant thing in battle, sexual frustration from the chemical shifting occurred while in her armor.

Skills: Emile has thought up only two skills, both involving her spear. These skills are named after legendary spears used by heroes or gods from mythology. In an attempt to find something that had a ring to it for the Roller Battles, she came across the legends of Cuchulainn (from Irish Mythology) and Odin (from Norse Mythology) and took the names of their spears for her special attacks.

Gae Bolg: (Pronounced guy bulge) The name of Cuchulainn’s legendary spear from Irish Mythology. The weapon has man translations, one of which includes it being a lightning spear, and this is where Emile got her name for her signature attack. In this attack, she depresses the button on the handle furthest from the blade and engulfs the tip in lightning. After this, she starts up her boosters and bursts forwards at a very high speed, lunging the spear. This attack is extremely powerful, however, it only works if it hits the target, or if on the pass the target is close enough to be hit by the residual force from the move. Being her signature move, she uses it a lot, and tends to boast that the skill can pierce anything man made.

Gungrir: The name of Odin’s spear from Norse mythology. This attack is pretty much a copy of Gae Bolg, aside from the fact that the attack power is amplified massively and the destructive power is at the limit of a non-magical, man-made attack. Despite that, this skill is reserved to damaging only whatever it strikes due to the contained output of power. This attack is activated after pressing the red button twice and causing the spear to begin releasing huge amounts of energy. After she performs her lunge, she tends to deactivate this mode because otherwise it burns out the spear, to which she will need to repair it before any of the parts will function again.

Appearance: A small sketch of Emile in her armor by I)man. Worship her... kinda. ^_^

When wearing her armor, aside from her neck and lower face which, like the rest of her skin, has a creamy complexion, there is no skin revealed. Instead there is only a lustrous, almost silver metal covering the rest of her body. The armor makes her almost glow white in the moon light directly on her, giving her the nickname the Silver Beauty. So long as she has her helmet, even if the rest of her armor isn’t anywhere near her, she can use the helmets power to gravitate her armor, calling it to her and having the armor self-equipt to her. The armor bulges slightly in the chest and where her rear is, giving her armor a distinctly, albeit only slightly, look.

When not wearing her armor, Emile is a beautiful young woman. Her face is very oval in shape, and her hair and eyebrows are distinctly purple. Her hair falls with her bangs at eyebrow level, and her hair moves in a diagonal line down the side of her head, ending in the back just above the back of her neck. Her eyes, being hazel in color, attract many glances towards them, since they are, despite her secludedness in public, filled with a great desire to have fun, some have told her. That is the adventure seeking her that she keeps bottled up while at work.

Her upper body isn’t overly curvy, but she is rather filled out. She normally, while at work and under her armor, wears a white tank top with a white button up shirt over it. Aside from that, she tends to wear a tie, although she tends to remove that when she dawns her armor, because it looks silly to have a tie and armor on. Other than that, Emile wears a pair of tan dress pants that she feels are very flexible and useful.

Personality: Emile, the secretary by day, is a generally kind and quiet person. She does her job with extreme skill and is skilled typist, capable of finishing her job in half the time it takes the other secretaries. She is generally meek and calm around people while at work and on the streets, making sure that she doesn’t accidentally offend anyone or get in fights, because she doesn’t wish to reveal her other identity to anyone.

As the Silver Beauty, Emile is arrogant, tough and proud. She is known to, aside from her battles in Roller Battles where she fights two or three foes at once, accept street Roller Battles. In all cases, all that is known is that few people withstand her first attack and can fight afterwards. Aside from that, she tends to be tactical, although minutely rash, when it comes to fights, generally thinking what would work the best in what situation.

The use of her armor, however, does have adverse effects to Emile as a person. Because of the increase in adrenaline and her aggressive impulse, she suffers from an enhanced sex drive, which she generally has to ignore, because she is looking for a man stronger than she is to impress her. Aside from that, her armor also causes her to suffer from occasional fits of anger, generally inspired by the frustration. Aside from that, she suffers from muscle pain from time to time to due to the intense increase in power her armor gives her, and when this happens, she is unable to use her armor for a several days, because it could inflict serious or potentially permanent damage to her body.

Biography: Emile Velos has lived in Neo New York on Earth two for her whole life. Hired by a friend of her father because her skills at typing, she became an intern, and later a secretary at a large investment firm at the age of sixteen. From that day onwards, her life was a boring hell of typing pointless memos and stocks and whatnot. However, she did find something of interest in the nearby city.

In Neo New York, in the year 2436, the biggest sport around is Roller Battle. A sport that brings people back to their most basic, fighting for money, sport, or just the hell of it. Over time, the sport introduced special metallic armors used by the best, and Emile quickly, after being taken to one by a coworker, fell in love with the sport. It was after this that she began to look into everything she could about Roller Battle and how the armors work. Although it took a little while, she finally found schematics for one of the armors, and decided to try to buy one.

Emile quickly learned that the armor would cost her nearly four years salary. At that point, she made a decision. She’d make her own armor, since it would clearly be much cheaper. After studying metallurgy and craftsmanship, Emile began work on her own personal armor with supplies she bought through a friend of the firm. After long hours in her basement and few hours of sleep, she had finally created a unique armor based on special schematics. Her armor was one of a kind. Her armor was the strongest one she’d ever heard of. After all, it wasn’t restricted by base models and things of that sort.

It was the Spring Opening Match where the “Silver Beauty,” as she called herself, first made her appearance on the stage. Wearing her chrome-Titanium alloy armor, Emile won six matches that night, and each with only a single move. That move would become her signature move: Gae Bolg. Although at the time, that move didn’t have a name, but whatever worked, she figured, should be tried.

For the next several months, Emile worked on perfecting the basics of combat and tested out each of her special parts, making sure everything worked right. Still, these battles, even three-on-one, weren’t very exciting to her. She needed something more. She needed a real challenge. And so, the Silver Beauty took to the streets, engaging in illegal Street Roller Battles. Quickly, her reputation on the streets and underground Roller Battle ranks grew. She was the most well known of any Roller Battler, only on the streets, she called herself the “Divine Lancer.”

Since then, Emile has lived her life like this, keeping it as an almost sense of normalcy. Still, she is haunted by two things: Her search for a man stronger than her that she feels is worthy to be her boyfriend, and a way to escape her dead end job that she feels is squeezing the life from her. Still, she fights on, praying for the day she’ll truly be free of her awful day job and be a full time Roller Battler.
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Re: Character List

Name: Lucille “Lucy” Mourette
Age: 18
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Hair: Blonde. Cut shortish, so it’s out of her face and she doesn’t have to tie it back
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 115 lbs
Height: 5 ft, 4 in

Strengths: Being small and lightish, her specialty is her speed and agility. She’s got some degree of stamina, to the end that she can sprint for a while without having to stop. She’s also remarkably good at hiding and fitting herself in small spaces. For this reason, Lucy is the type of person who will attack from behind and avoid direct confrontation.
Weakness: Her speed and stealth have obvious consequences. Being such a lightweight, when she’s hit, she’s very easily knocked around and finds it difficult to get back up to the pace she had been at before- meaning, she takes a while to recover from a blow. She’s also inexperienced in direct confrontation, so presently gets overwhelmed by a very large or intimidating adversary, and finds it especially hard to focus when she’s confronted by more than one opponent at a time.

Skills/Magic: Lucy’s magical training is based on the Greek Elements: water, wind, fire, earth and aether. She specializes in wind and water. Although she does know a bit about fire and earth (she can ignite a fire and cause a small earthquake or shift stone, and will occasionally use these in battle, although she can’t really do anything bigger) she focuses mainly on the other three.

Water is incorporated in that she can move large amounts of it, and use it against opponents. When no water is present she can summon molecules in the air and bring it together. Her specialty in water is the “water whip” technique, in which she uses it to smack about an opponent from far away. It is controlled as if it is an extension of her cutlass, so every move she makes with the weapon, the whip makes as well.

Her use of wind is more incorporated with the cutlass. She can slash the air to form a blade-like gust of wind that will travel towards an opponent in the direction in which it was thrown (although, the farther away the object is from her, the weaker the blow will be.) She can also form smallish whirlwinds (not large-scale tornados) to launch at opponents.

Lucy uses aether, the fifth element, less aptly. Aether is said to be “the power of life” not finding any physical form. It can be manipulated by sucking the life out of one thing and transferring it into another. This, however, is a difficult and advanced skill. At her present level of skill, she can’t transfer the life out of anything animal, (only small plants or fungi) and for this reason her healing skills can only be used to heal small cuts and slightly retard pain. However, even this is incredibly taxing. She become drained quite quickly doing this, and for this reason seldom uses and of her aether-related skil
She also plays piano.

Weapon: A sort of shortish cutlass, the sort used by seamen to protect their ships against pirates. She had a mentor customize it so that she is able to use it to enhance her magic.
Armor: flimsy, thin, fairly useless leather. Might retard some blunt trauma of lessen the impact of a punch to the gut, but doesn’t do much to protect against a stab wound.

Appearance: She’s small and lightweight, with blonde hair she very recently cut short. (to be taken more seriously- she found being taken seriously quite difficult with golden curls) This lends her a sort of little-boyish appearance, and somewhat rounds off her generally heart-shaped face. She hates long, trailing robes that many magic-users tend to wear, so she favors more movable-clothes- lighter fabrics, no long, trailing skirts. She wears a standard long-sleeved shirt, although it’s somewhat distinctive by the wine-colored fabric. It goes long, trailing a little bit past the bottom of the vest the wears over it. Since the shirt is long she wears leggings under it, and boots. She’s also got a scabbard for the sword, as well.

Personality: Lucy’s used to being the best in everything she does. Due to being taught for a long time with a small group of peers, for a long time she lived with the identity of the alpha, the leader, the gifted one. She has a bit of an ego, which often leads her to feel impervious to failure. When she does fail, she tends to either make a lot of excuses or get exceedingly discouraged. She puts all of her energy into everything she does, to the point of blind obsession. It causes her to become warped, sometimes, and she is so driven towards the “what” that she forgets the “why,” going as far as to abandon all morals. She can be self-centered, as well, not paying attention the needs of others- although that’s less out of spite and more because she genuinely forgets them. But that’s really her at worst. At best she’s a person of drive, spirit and enthusiasm, creativity and a knack for problem solving. She is never satisfied (which is kind of a double-edged sword) and she seldom sees the bad in anything- only the potential for improvement.

Due to her striking out in the world just recently, she’s a little bit naïve; although not really in the sense that she’s too trusting or foolish- just that she couldn’t be described as “jaded” by any stretch of the word. She always tries to see the brighter side of things, which makes it hard for her to understand the struggles of others. And because she sees everyone as being potentially good, she thinks that killing is never a necessity and death (even sacrifice) is always a tragedy that should have been avoided at all costs.

Biography: Lucy’s childhood, while somewhat unconventional, was by no means violent or tragic. Her mother died while giving birth to her and she lived with her aunt for five years until her father, Lucien decided he wanted to raise her himself. He’d been an Admiral in the Royal Navy of his country but retired, after being wounded in battle and injuring his knee. He became the captain of a line of fairly high-end cargo merchant ships, which sailed from port to port carrying trade materials. Lucy spent a lot of the time moving with her father according to his wishes to be with his only child. This went on for five years until Lucien remarried Rochelle, an instructor at the famed Jouelle Academy; an exclusive educational institution for wealthy and talented students looking to learn, among many other things, skill in magic.
Lucy lived with her new step-mother, no longer going along on her father’s voyages. She grew fond of her new maternal-figure, and Rochelle soon had a half-bother for Lucille, Bernard. Due to her mother’s connection to the Academy, Lucy was allowed to enroll. Although she did not always fit in very well with her “classy” classmates, her blind ambition led her to become the most talented of students, and despite her wild personality (she had, after all, spent many of her formative years with sailors) she was reasonably well-liked.

Seven years and many skinned knees later, she graduated with her class as Valedictorian. There seemed to be very little a woman magician could do in her world- she could marry, but that would mean many years of wasted effort. The only other jobs she could think of were healer, or bodyguard to some important female figure needing protection. Not liking any of those options, and certainly not wanting to settle down just yet (she’d been recently feeling quite a bit of wanderlust, and missed the travelling of her youth.) she decided to strike out someplace where she’d be met with new challenges to conquer, and not something dull.
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