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Re: Character List

~~~aproved by LEA~~~

Name: Princess May
Age: 14
Race: Human (Princess)
Sex: Female
Hair: yellow
Eyes: green
Weight: 70 lbs
Height: 4'9"

Weapons: Light arrows

Armor: no armor

Abilities: She can use a power called light beam that will lock onto darkness and ONLY work on darkness. She can also use the light arrows. She also has the ability to think things through before she does it.

Strengths: Can close and open locked gates. Can make friends easily due to kindness, but can also make rivals easier. She usualy has more of a chance to do something right because of her ability to think things through.

Weaknesses: She is open to be attacked when closing or opening locked gates. Her kindness sometimes gets control over her, which gives the enemies a time to attack.


Personality: Princess Mae is a tough, brave, thoughtful, and generous young princess who loves to stand at the top of high places by the ocean and look into the horizon as she relaxes from fighting and stuff like that. She usually acts like she is 3 though because of her quite sensitive feelings.

Bio: May, as if she were Zelda, was born in Hyrule but married to a member of the royal family. For that reson, she did not grow up with her mom and dad. She grew up as the Secondary princess of hyrule. Her sister was Zelda, at least Zelda and May thought they were sisters.

May's childhood became Peacful after she met Zelda, but what May really wanted was a pet, a cat, but the king of hyrule never accepted it. "Its too big of a responsibility for a teenage girl like you, May." He would say. She didn't believe in anything yet, and she is traveling away from hyrule to explore the wonders of the rest of the world.

She has the ability to kill others, yet she is very easy-going. She loves being a princess, and she would hate loosing it. Her special item she is found of is her light arrows, gaven to her by Zelda so May could protect herself in battles. She would treat others the way they treat her and her dream is to become the best Princess ever. May, for these resons, never thought of dying, all she thought about were the happy peaceful parts of her life.
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Re: Character List

Name: Katherine Luray.


Race: Human

Sex: Female.

Hair: Medium-length, purple. She keeps it in pigtails with a few pieces hanging loose and bangs.

Eyes: Aqua.

Weight: 127 lbs.

Height: 5’6”

Weapon: Not really a weapon, more like a companion that helps her through battle. See mini profile.

Strengths: Katherine’s power is most effective when she’s in a bright environment. She’s battle-smart and utilizes the tings that she has to the best of her ability.

Weakness: Black and evil magic. She doesn’t like dark places nor being alone, hence the reason she carries Zwi everywhere around with her. Katherine is a terrible fighter if she doesn’t have Zwi with her.

Skills/Magic: She uses Zwi’s “Lucky Dance” to call upon magic attacks. The strength of the magic can vary from anywhere between a small drop of water to powerful lightning blasts and everything in between. She also has another skill that lets Zwi call upon a random object during battle that may or may not help. It can vary from a blade of grass to a bazooka gun.


Personality: Katherine is most of the time leaning towards the energetic side. She’s very trusting of others and likes to befriend almost anyone. She likes to avoid conflict rather than engage herself in one, but if the need comes to it, she wouldn’t back down from a fight.

Biography: Katherine was born in a small town. Her father was the known as the village healer and her mother had been a black mage. Katherine had inherited some of her mother’s power, but she had trouble summoning it. When Katherine was 3, her mother was killed in a war and was therefore unable to teach her anymore about black Magic. Katherine had to grow up watching the other children in the village increase their knowledge on Black Magic, while she didn't learn much.
Nonetheless, Katherine didn't let her mother's death stop her from learning a small amount of information on Black Magic. While she had trouble casting the simplest of spells, she did broaden her knowledge on the elements.
When she turned 9 she met Zwi at a nearby forest. She found him hurt and unconscious, and although she had not the slightest clue as to what he actually was, she took him back to the village and nursed him back to health. Once Zwi was healthy again, he refused to leave Katherine’s side. Katherine never did manage to figure out what Zwi was since he only spoke in incomprehensible noises.
Although there were other kids in the village, Katherine had found it hard to socialize with them because she felt as if she couldn’t live up to their standards, so Zwi was pretty much the only friend she had.
One afternoon when Katherine was 13, she had been back in the forest playing with Zwi when she had been attacked by a man. Katherine had tried to call upon her magic for aid, but she had been too frightened to concentrate and had failed. Zwi then stepped in front of her and did a comical dance and the blast of lightning that Katherine had been trying to call upon came crashing down on the man. That’s when she realized that Zwi’s little dance could actually most of the time help her in battle, although some of the time what Zwi manages to call up isn’t very useful. What Zwi calls upon can range from strong magic attacks to a simple blade of grass.
Katherine carries Zwi around with her everywhere she goes. She has been able to somewhat develop her knowledge on the usage of Black Magic because of him, but she still cannot summon it without his help.
Katherine's father disapproved of her studying the art, because he thought it would get her killed like it did to her mother. This caused their relationship to fall out.
When Katherine turned 16, she decided to leave the village in search of adventure.

Mini Profile:

Name: Zwi

Age: Unknown

Race: Unknown

Sex: Unknown

Hair: Zwi has no hair

Eyes: Two, black, small, beady eyes.

Weight: 4 pounds.

Height: 1'5"

Weapon: Teeth

Strengths: N/A

Weakness: Separation from Katherine

Skills/Magic: "Lucky Dance" (Look in Katherine's profile)

Appearance: (Bottom left corner)

Personality: Zwi's personality is a bit hard to define. His mood goes with Katherine's.

Biography: Unknown
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Re: Character List

Approved by LadyElvenarcher. ^^;

Keltan Kriste

Name: Keltan Kriste

Age: 19

Race: Angel

Sex: Male

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Light blue

Weight: 157 lbs

Height: 5'6"

Weapon: He has a switchblade knife, that he holds in his pocket. He uses it to cause himself intentional harm, but from recent circumstances, he also uses it to harm others.

Armor: None

Strengths: Keltan is a Holy being. Thus, his injuries heal faster than human ones. He can use Holy Water to heal his more serious injuries. He is quite strong, and can deal a sufficient amount of damage in a single blow.

Weakness: He is part mortal, and bodily wounds cause him the most damage. He isn't very quick, and therefore, leaves the enemy an advantage to strike. He is ill aware of his own strength, and doesn't realize his own power, which also leaves him open for attacks.

Kingdom Come: Keltan's favorite magic skill. He can summon Holy beings at will to assist him in a battle. The beings surround the enemy, and engulf it in light. As a means to "suffocate" it.
Ethereal Light: This is his most powerful defense. So powerful, he can only use it one time in battle. Keltan will sprout the wings of angel. Light will surround the enemy, and they will be powerless. Now airborne, Keltan can do a number of attacks on any of his enemies with lightning speed. However, this attack lasts only for a few seconds, and leaves him vulnerable after he has used it.

Appearance: (Thank you, Iroas... for the wonderful picture.<3)

It needs to be colored, but I still love it.

Keltan is quite a dashing young man. His hair is straight at the top and curves out on the bottom, and is so dark, it is brown in reality, but looks almost black. It just barely touches his shoulders. His ice blue eyes, and brown hair are his best features. Keltan lives in what would be the future to us, so he wears a black t-shirt, and blue jeans. He has sweatbands on his wrists to hide his cut scars. His wings are also hidden, to discourage anyone from thinking he is of the army of God.

Personality: Serene, and dispassionate, Keltan isn't exactly what one would think of as being pious. Emotionally unstable, one can often find him secluded, in the darkest of corners harming himself. Being completely self-relient, he only thinks to himself and for himself. Life for him is a struggle to stay alive, and only the strongest survive.

"...then the second angel poured out his bowl on the rivers, and springs of water, and they became blood..." Revelation 16:4


It was the year 2021. People lived in solemnity as the days grew as dark as the nights. Crime was rampant in the city streets, where a young boy, Keltan, only at the age of nineteen, worked hard to earn what he could. Jobs were scarce, and he often found himself wandering the alleys and streets for odd jobs. He lived in a small apartment on the outskirts of town, where he whiled away the hours sketching on his wrist with a razor blade.

It was dawn, but it gave the impression of being twilight.

Keltan was on the floor, with a switch blade. Along the width of his wrist, he ran the blade along his veins. Blood began to trickle down his arm, and drip on the floor. It seeped through the cracks in the old wood, and stained it black.

"This life" he sighed to himself.

A tear streamed down his face, and fell to the floor. It mixed with the blood, and ran through the cracks of the wooden planks on the floorboard.

He placed the knife in his pocket, and stood up to look out the window. He lay his hand on the window pane as he peered out to the world around him. The wind was blowing, and it looked like rain was on it's way. The leaves of the trees swayed about, as the wind grew in strength.

"More rain?" he whined.

Thunder reverberated in the distance, as droplets fell to the ground. Keltan looked on in astonishment.

"That isn't rain!"

He was stunned. He gazed out the window, trying to determine what was falling from the clouds. It began to downpour as thick droplets smacked against the pavement, and shattered in a million pieces. Puddles of scarlet were forming all over the place.

It was raining blood.

"This can't be happening... " his thoughts raced as he paced the floor, "No... not now, please no... not now... "

He blazed out the front door, and thrusted himself at the concrete. The blood splashed all over his body as it rained harder and stronger. He was drenched in blood as he looked up to the sky.

"Angels of Heaven, Servants of God...!"

Keltan screamed his heart out. His voice was that of a train crash, the sound pierced through the vicinity, and left him stunned. With his hands palm-down on the pavement, he bowed his head and prayed.

"... save me."

With his last bit of breath, he fainted in a pool of blood on the sidewalk.


All pain was gone.

It was quiet.

There was light.

It was Heaven.

"what the...?" Keltan sat up. Apparently, he had been lying on his back. He rubbed his eyes, and looked around.

It was beautiful. The streets were paved in gold, and there were clouds... clouds everywhere. It was silent, and no-one could be seen for miles.

"Where am I?"

"You are in Heaven"

The voice snapped Keltan out of his trance. He jumped to his feet, and swivled around to face the opposite direction.

"Who...? Who's there?"

He frantically reached for his switch blade, and found that it was gone.

"Who are you? Show yourself!"

There was nothing there. Nothing, but a voice.

"I am the Holy Spirit, Keltan. You cannot see me. Only through belief in me will you be able to comprehend such a concept."

"Then why?"

"Why... what, Keltan?"

"Why am I here?" Keltan tried to flash back to what happened.
" All I remember... all I remember... was..."
" ...being outside."

"Yes... continue."

"It was raining."

"Raining, what? Dear child."

"It was raining blood."
" I remember, I jumped outside..."
"and I..."


"... I prayed."

The Holy Spirit took over the conversation.

"Yes. You see, Keltan, you will soon find that through faith, and faith only that you can be saved"
"You called upon me to save you. You believed that I could save you..."
"... so I did."
"But now, my dear, you will be trusted with the destiny of saving the world."

Keltan just stood there, in complete, and utter awe. He didn't know what to do. He had always known that he was special. He always knew that there was something about himself that wasn't right. He knew that he had a purpose in the world. But this?

It was too much for him. He slouched his back slightly and stared into space where he thought the voice was coming from. With his mouth agape, he sighed.

"This isn't a dream... this is real, right? Keltan questioned the voice.

He crossed him arms, and snickered.

"You want... me?"

A smile spread across his face.

"Well well, let me finish. You are treating this like it will be something of leisure." The Spirit retorted.
"A big responsibility has been placed on your shoulders."

An ethereal light gleamed down on the ground before Keltan. He looked on with disbelief.

"Here. Take this"

There, on the ground lay his switchblade. He cautiously picked it up and studied it. It wasn't the same old knife he once had. The blood stains were gone, and the worn-out handle was replaced with a golden one. He flipped the blade over and ran his fingers along the engraving that was carved on the other side.

He read it aloud.

"Keltan... "
"... Christ?"

"You spelled my last name wro..."

"... No I didn't." The voice interrupted.

"Oh, uhm... okay."

He flipped the blade back, and put it away.

"You know what you must do..." the Spirit's voice echoed as a jolt of wind rushed through the air, and tousled Keltan's hair.

"What?! What do I do?"

"you know what you must do... just believe..."

The voice trailed off behind him... and eventually disappeared, along with the gust of wind.

"Believe? Believe in you? Believe in what?"

Keltan dropped to the floor, and began to sob. Pounding his fists to the ground, he cried and cried.

But this time, no one came.


"Fulfill the destiny. Restore the light. Spread your wings."

Voices echoed through Keltan's mind, and encircled him... they kept... repeating the same thing... over and over again.

"No... no... NO!!" Keltan thrashed back and forth through the covers on his bed.

He awoke, a cold sweat beaded on his face.

'It was... a dream?" he sat at the edge of the bed, his legs dangling over the side. He got up, and the bed creaked as he did.

He walked over to the window, and looked outside.

It wasn't a dream. It had stopped raining, but blood was stained all over everything.

"No... Lord no..." He gasped.

He was trembling as he reached for his pocket. He pulled out the switchblade, and held it gently in his hands.

"I know what I must do."


Puddles of blood splashed around as Keltan raced through the streets. Crashed cars and dead bodies were everywhere, as he weaved in and out of them.

It was midnight, and the moon light shone on his face. His ice blue eyes glowed with rage.
He blazed past empty buildings, and wreckage... determined to make it to the other side of town.

He was met in a dark alley way... by a mysterious figure.

The figure was dressed in a dark robe, and red eyes peered out at him, as the figure snickered.

"You, are the One? You are the soldier in the army of God?"

Keltan quivered, as the figure continued to speak...

"So we meet again"

Keltan couldn't breathe. He was speechless.

"What? You don't remember me?"

The figure circled around Keltan, it was so close to him, that it brushed the hair out of Keltan's face, and laughed menaically.

"Aww, c'mon. Let's play a game."

"Who are you?" Keltan opened his blade, and stanced.

"Why... I... dear boy... am your father"

Keltan's eyes widened as tears streamed down his face.

"You don't... you don't remember me?"
"...I always knew that I would grow to hate you."
"...Your mother... she wanted me to love you... she wanted me to raise you right..."
"...but I had different motives"

His smile widened, and bared his pearly white fangs.

"she only got in the way."
"So, I took her out of the way."

Enraged, Keltan thrusted himself at the demon.

"You aren't my father! I don't know you!"

Keltan grabbed at the figure, and stabbed it in the heart.

"Now you've done it boy... "

The demon howled, as blood poured out of his chest wound. Light surrounded the demon, and he disintegrated... but his voice trailed on.

"You have fulfilled the prophecy... you have evoked the beginning of the end."

He laughed crazily, as Keltan sat there, astonished.

"You gave the first blow in the War between good and evil... you have started Armageddon"

The demon's voice trailed off in the distance. Keltan, kneeling on the ground, started to cry.

"This life" he sobbed.

It began to rain, as thunder rumbled in the distance.



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Re: Character List

Approved by the ever awesome, wonderful, terrific, and uber cool Awbri. Thanks so much! ^_^

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~

Name: Daniel Quintana, though everyone calls him Quintana

Age: 20 years

Race: Fire Pixie, who is a mage primarily wielding fire as the name implies.

Sex: Male

Hair: Light brown with streaks of orange. It’s shaggy and at shoulder length.

Eyes: Hazel with a touch of orange as well.

Weight: One hundred fifteen pounds

Height: Five foot four inches

Weapon: He wields naught but a staff. The staff enhances his magical powers. It’s made of a sturdy wood and was crafted by the elves from a spring in a mysterious forest. He encountered the spring on one of his adventures. The elves granted him the staff in exchange for him keeping the secret of the spring.

The staff is made from a wood unknown to Quintana. Though crudely carved, its magical powers are always powerful. It has a red, flame shaped crystal at the top of a spiraling molding in the wood. The staff is about half of his height. Picture coming as soon as I get my scanner out from under some stuff…

Strengths: Oddly, he’s great at being sarcastic. It throws off his enemies quite a lot since sometimes, it’s hard to tell. Fire would be the thing that he’s best at. He can easily withstand anything warm or burning. His intellect is quite high and most don’t dare to try to guess what he’s thinking since it’s usually overly complicated.

Weakness: Something stupid gets him side tracked, he has the feeling that anything stupid should be made fun of. Ice and anything cold can harm him greatly for long periods of time. In battle, he goes off on a tangent if the person he’s fighting happens to intrigue him. His stories sometimes lead to him losing the battle though.

He is a fire mage and therefore, most of his attacks have to do with heat and/or fire in general. He does not require his staff to perform magic, but with his staff, his powers are stronger.

Spiral of Heat: His magic forms a twirling spiral that continually spins toward his enemy with a speed depending on how much strength Quintana puts into it. With a lot of strength, the twister goes at a very fast rate. The twister scoops up his opponent and after promptly spinning them, the spiral lets his opponent go. It deals no damage, but his enemies are left dizzy and seeing double.

Flame of Healing: It’s a mystical flame that contains the power to heal injuries. He can’t heal his own injuries, but this helps when he has an injured ally or friend.

Orb of Fire: Quintana manifests a large orb consisting of fire around himself and anyone else he wishes for protection. Obviously, the flames can be put out, but it provides a sturdy enough shelter.

Quintana is a fairly good looking young pixie. He has wavy light brown hair and shimmering hazel eyes with touches of orange within them. His hair seems messy and uncontrollable but it does have a cute little flare to it. It covers his face most of the time. Quintana prefers to not show his face due to how soft and feminine it is. He’s one of those guys that one would expect to be completely innocent, yet despite his appearance, he can easily hold his own in a battle. He is lanky and always wearing a blackish tunic. He wears a tight red long sleeved shirt underneath it. He has a brown belt with a bright yellow buckle. Quintana has long boots covering his entire foot and reaching all the way to his knee. Wrapped around each ankle is a diagonally stripped ribbon. He has two large wings that are around the same height he is. Picture coming as soon as I get my scanner out from under some stuff…

Quintana tries to make a joke out of anything and everything. By using so much sarcasm, he’s gained many foes. He’s really annoyed by ignorant people and those that think too much of themselves. He hates without remorse. If someone ticks him off when they meet him, chances are, he’ll never like them. So to him, a first impression is very important. He believes there is a fire god and that that is where the source of his power lies. Though he doesn’t often protect his beliefs, sometimes, if someone just pushes the wrong buttons, he’ll snap. Quintana gets along well with anyone that is intelligent and he can have an interesting conversation with. He loves telling stories to anyone, whether they want to listen or not. Those that understand what he’s talking about, usually find them hilarious. He is willing to kill, but not unless the person is really, either annoying, or simply stupid. Quintana cares a lot about intellect. He can be easy going, but it all depends on who is with, once again. He loves living too much to die. Overall, he’s a reasonably happy person, only when surrounded by people that are competent.

Biography: He was born in a fire pixie city called, Fareton where he lived for until around a week after his birth. His parents were a prince and his maid. They were unmarried when his maid gave birth to Quintana and forced out of the city for their actions. Not being able to take care of their child, his parents left him in an orphanage in a human town, hoping he would grow to be accepted among the humans.

Unfortunately, the humans were hesitant to letting him fit in. Since as a child he was often ignored, Quintana learned to do almost everything by himself. He learned to talk by himself at the age of 2. Within a year, he’d begun to read. At the young age of four, he’d already mastered the ability to write. Before long, people began to realize how smart he was. He actually began to fit in with the humans. He gained many friends and stayed at the orphanage most of his life. Then, at the age of 15, he decided that the orphanage had become too much of a restriction of his abilities. He needed to expand his horizons and learn to be independent.

Quintana left without a word of notice to anyone, he didn’t want to have to say good bye. Taking nothing but the shirt on his back, a weeks worth of food, and roughly fifty dollars he’d saved up. For the nest five years he went on adventures, meeting people and gaining new abilities. As soon as he was given his staff, Quintana began to take his adventures a bit more seriously. He’d been given the power to fight better and he intended to use it.

He figured that using his powers, he could eventually find his hometown and/or his parents. Each of which he knew nearly nothing about. He’d been told that his parents were kind people that loved each other, and him, immensely. All he knew about his town was that it rested deep within a forest and it was inhabited completely by fire pixies. The whole idea seemed like a heaven on earth to him. To find a place, where everyone loved fire as much as he did, was definitely high on his priority list. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t be able to find it without further information. He decided to continue his quest to find his parents and his birthplace, but primarily he’s looking for more clues as to their whereabouts.


>Be Careful What You Wish For (dropped)
>The Spiral of Swords and Fire (in progress)
> Where There's Fire There's These Two (in progress)

> Cold as Death (dropped)
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Re: Character List

Approved by Awbri

Name: Kiterina

Age: 23

Race: Demon Cat

About her race: Demon cats are usually rude and selfish. They usually can either have super fast speed or great hearing/seeing/smelling/tasting. They usually only fight at night so they dont get noticed and arrested, but at day, if they were stubborn, they would still fight and almost get arrested.

Sex: Female

Hair: gray

Eyes: yellow

Weight: 155 lbs

Height: 6'2"

Weapon: A sword made out of pure emerald shown in the image this link leads th (its the blue one) that Kirerina named Caterina because it is almost like her name. The sword is the size of a small dagger, but yet it is still powerful. It has Ice powers.

Strengths: able to run at speeds up to 290 mph. she's always willing to fight even if it is someone she doesn't know. Her attack powers are also increased in ice/snow/anywere cold because she has ice powers.

Weakness: Kiterina not very trusting so she doesn't team up often and even though she runs fast she becomes easily exhausted fast. Kiterina also jumps into fights she will most likely lose in. She hates Warm temperatures since she has power over ice.

Skills/Magic: she can shoot a beam of ice out of her sword, and anything she hits with her sword while in a fight turns to ice for a short period of time.

Appearance: She has Black cat ears and a black cat tail. Her skin is a normal peach color and she wears black shirt, shoes, and pants.

Personality: Kiterina is mean when it comes to other smaller childen and older ones to picking on her and teasing her, as a matter a fact she hates anything that talks to her. She never liked her mom or dad or family, and she never will, so basicly she hates everything, and usually gets into fights.


Kiterina was born and raised by her parents who lived in a city somewhere in the middle of nowhere. She had no friends and no brothers or sisters. She never talked to anyone. Her childhood was very mean and abusive and she had no pets.

As she grew up she dicided never to believe in anything, and since she hated home so much she started to jorney away from home, her job was a job as a fighter. She wanted to get away from home, kill things since she has the ability to, live on her own. she was not easy going then.

She likes to fight. Its the only thing she would do that interested her alot. The one thing she hated though was loosing a fight. She never had any special things to her. Everything seems boring and if she didn't get what she wanted she would kill them, so that proves she was a greedy little disrespectful brat of a child when she was 10 and she left home.

As soon as she was a teenager she was even more greedy and disrespectful. She had no goals or dreams, and she never thought of the possibility of death. All she thought about was killing, so one day she was almost arrested. After that she decided to take a rest from killing, and think about how in the world she is going to live anywere if she ends up in the most wanted list of criminals.

When she became 23 she became a small bit nicer. She still hated everyone but if they were children she didn't care. what she cared about was the older people because of what her mom said," ALWAYS RESPECT YOU ELDERS!". She never wanted to hear those words from a human's mouth ever again. Another reson she hated people is because they stared at her often because of her cat ears and tail. That always made her mad, verry mad. So she never grew up to have friends.
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Zer[0] 2.0, approved by LadyElvenarcher

Name: Zer[0] 2.0

Age: 575 Years (Born 1.1.1 D.W.)

Race: Human, Cyborg

Sex: Male

Hair: Silver, with Gold streaks

Eyes: Green, bright Yellow when enraged

Weight: 300lbs.

Height: 6'8''

Weapon: Two thigh-holstered blasters, Dual beam sabers, mounted on back console when at rest.

Armor: Black with red trim, similar to Zero's from MegaMan, but more body-fitting. White crystal on head piece. Head piece can close to form a mask.

Strengths: Keen intellect, excellent ability to fight; he was bred for fighting. His sword abilities are second to none. He also has the ability to use ninja-style evasion techniques; infltration is another specialty.

Weaknesses: He has only bits and pieces of his past as a real human in his head; he is too trusting sometimes, in his effort to regain his past. Also, he is weak to any electromagnetic force, especially solar radiation in the EM spectrum. Too much exposure to this radiation can kill him. He has no emotions; he is trying desperately to re-discover them. Gaining strength, due to the nature of his robotic body, is difficult, and requires far more effort than would be needed by a normal human. His bursts of emotion often erupt at the most inopportune times.

Abilities: No magical gifts here. He can fly by concentrating his energy into a useable field around his body, defying gravity. His flying talent is still in its infancy, however. He is refining it, though, however slowly. This same ability can be used to fire bursts of pure electrical energy from his body, but again, is still in its beginning stages. He can also focus energy up to 500' away at a given focal point, and produce a shield through his focusing abilities. His eyes can see all types of radiation, incuding infrared and ultra violet. His ability to sense high levels of EM radiation provide him with the foresight to keep himself out of mortal danger. His sword is his primary weapon, and can be enhanced through his energy-focusing power. The twin pistols he carries provide him with medium to long range weapons support; he is incredibly accurate.

Appearance: Looming at nearly seven feet tall, Zer[0] 2.0 is quite an imposing figure. His eyes show fierce restraint, a reflection of his repressed soul fighting the black-and-red durasteel shell his body is encased in and melded with. With powerful musculature beneath the icy-cold armor, and an elegant mane of silver-and-gold hair protruding from the back of his double-crested headpiece, Zer[0] 2.0 looks almost like some work of art, animated for the defense of a dying people. His helmet, black as night and sharp in appearance, has twin crests pointing back on either side of his head. Between, is a white stone that glows when his emotions rear their ugly heads. Not thin, but not bulky, his body holds the strength and speed necessary to survive in his world.

History: His past is clouded with mystery; all he knows is that he was created 575 years ago in order to save his people from an indescribable threat; the cost was his humanity, or most of it, anyway. His home country is unknown, and he lives in a world torn apart by the war left in Neo-Rome's wake. He goes bounty-hunting from time to time, but spends much of his time searching for clues that could point him to definitive answers, and ultimately, the redemption of his humanity. As Oedipus said, "Clues breed clues," and that is how Zer[0] 2.0 searches for his past. Perhaps he will find whoever created him- or at least their current generation...

Time History: B.W. time, named for the time before the Neo-Roman War that shaped our anti-hero, begins at 3001 A.D. So, 2000 B.W. occurs where 3001 A.D. should have. D.W. time, lasting 5 years, is during the Rome-Russian conflict. Timeline:

2000 B.W.[---Beginning of current timeline---] 1500 B.W. [---1st Conflict Begins---] 1200 B.W. [---Rome begins to re-organize for a massive global assault---] 1000 B.W. [---Rome attains the most power it has ever had with the

Neo-Roman Empire, beginning "Docem Pax Romana"---] 200 B.W. [---Russia begins to gather support in an effort to overthrow the NRE---] 21 B.W. [---The man that formed our hero is born, Sextus Augustus---] 1 B.W. [---Zer[0]

1.0 is created from a footsoldier, and dies in the experiments---] 0 B.W. [---On December 31, Russia strikes Italy with the largest single assault known to man---] 0 D.W. [---The Rome-Russia war is begun---] 1 D.W. [--- Zer[0]

2.0 is created from Sextus Augustus, a captain in the Neo-Roman Army, and the last remnant of the bloodline from the first emperor of Ancient Rome. 10 D.W. [---The war is ended by Zer[0] 2.0---]

War History: Created in 1 D.W., his original body born in 21 B.W., he was a Captain of the Neo-Roman Imperial Army. The mention of this army, of course, requires some explanation. History repeated itself beginning in 1200 B.W., with the reinvention of the once glorious Roman Empire. The world had been at war with itself sice approx. 1500 B.W., and after secretively gaining strength, Rome launched a swift campaign to re-capture the territory it held in the distant past. After half a century of bloody conflict, the Roman Empire was re-established, extending this time, to all corners of the world, with the exception of Russia. Rome's now Imperial court saw to it that the Russian territory was contained, but it remained, in essence, Russian. The empire was established to its greatest extent by 1000 B.W., christened as the Neo-Roman Empire. Thus began a "Docem Pax Romana," or Second Roman Peace, the first at the hands of Emperor Augustus in 27 B.C. Anyway... fast-forward to 0 D.W.; the RRWar has begun. After a year of terrible fighting, the Romans decide it is time to try to create their secret weapon once again. The first attempt, Zer[0] 1.0, was a powerful prototype, but the body rejected the implants after 1 month, becoming sickly and weak. The armor was and is designeed with a self destruct feature, which the Roman scientists used to dispose of their dying super-soldier. They, in their time of dire need, decided to try again...

Personality: Cold and calculating as a result of the bio-mechanical implants, his persona exudes pure unadulterated logic. Occasionally, the repressed emotions stored in the deep recesses of his human brain come out violently, but only enough to remind him of what he came from. He has an absolute sense of justice and selflessness; this is the closest he has to any emotion. His sense of justice often involves him with third parties, and these people are usually responsible for his momentary bouts of humanity. He says nothing that does not need to be said, and in his line of work, that tends to be very little. His sense of right and wrong is limited due to his judgemental manner; a character flaw he tries to improve with patience. Again, being a pure fighting-machine, it is difficult for him to express feeling (he currently, for all intents, has none.) When a clue to his past is in his grasp, he can become trusting, a sign of his emotions struggling harder with his war-like self.
What is power without wisdom?

My BA Character: Zer[0] 2.0

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Re: Character List

Name – Jae Jepman
Sex – Male
Age – 26
Height – 6’ 0”
Weight – 184 lbs.
Hair – Short, black hair spiked all around with side burns about an inch wide and three inches long.

Appearance – Very Italian Looking
~Face – A thin, handsome face with amber eyes and a great smile.
~Upper Body – Always wears a white polo shirt and a light brown overcoat with a large collar. He is pretty muscular.
~Lower Body – Has long legs and always wears blue jeans. Has a favorite pair of brown, slip-on shoes but occasionally wears sneakers.

Drawing by Aiko (aka Altamira)

Weapons – His main weapon is a Ruger KP944 Pistol, a gun that has been passed down for generations to every male in his family. The gun originally didn’t have a laser sight on it but his dad added it when he owned it. He tries to only use it when necessary. He also has a very keen ability to be able to use any weapon from sword to gun by only testing it out once or using it for a few seconds. He can also easily hold his own in hand to hand combat because of his flexibility and agility. His brain is also a weapon which will be explained later.

Strengths – Very, very flexible. Some people like to call him Mr. Octopus (especially his mother who he told never to call him that again) and it has become somewhat of a nickname. He’s also tremendously fast on his feet and smart. And because of his confident attitude and his humorousness he can make people either lighten up or become extremely frustrated with him.

He was taught mental physics, a technique developed by a man named Igor Stritouwsky in 2901, which can manupulate the physics of the world around him just by tapping into the unused parts of the human mind. It's not magic or a psychic ability but actually a science. It takes many years to learn and many, many more to master.

Some of the things Jae can do is:

-Compress people into a tiny, tiny space effectively making a micro-blackhole. It takes a lot of concentration and a lot of time but he can do it while he is fighting someone and it can happen almost unexpectantly to Jae while he is trying to use it.

-Move small objects with his mind with little concentration or large objects with a lot of concentration.

-Slighty change the way the world looks to people by modifying their brainwaves. ie. making someone see the world upside-down

Weaknesses – The biggest weakness is his womanizing. When ever he fights woman he tends to belittle them which makes the woman angry and makes her kick his ass. He also very picky. This tends to even out his great strength of being able to use any weapon because unless the weapon is high quality, he won’t even consider using it. He’s also completely human so he has no supernatural powers or armor.

Attitude – Fairly confident in everything he does and always has a glimmer of happiness in his eyes. He is never serious about anything and loves to joke around, even when he is fighting. He can sometimes be a womanizer but he is generally pretty nice to woman but never trusts men unless they are good friends.

He is amazingly flexible and can shimmy, bend, or maneuver himself through anything. He’s also a very smooth talker and can calm people down or get them to trust him very quickly.

He’s also been very good at picking something up and using it like an expert on the first try. Because of this, he has had many jobs but usually gets fired because he messes around.

The thing that people always find annoying is his pickiness about everything. He’s picky about eating, clothing, woman, and about everything else.

Biography – Jae was born on Earth in America on April 2, 3073. When he was three, his father became a head scientist at Calmar Inc. His father took him, his mother, and his older sister to live on Zajsk while his father had the job.

While they were on the shuttle to the Andromeda System he saw the three planets and was amazed by their magnificence: Calmar, a fractured brown planet with giant cracks and small patches of white and brown and one large patch of silver; The States, a planet very similar to Earth but about two-thirds smaller and had only one body of water, a large river that seemed to flow around the whole planet with smaller rivers emerging off it; And Zajsk, a tiny ball of grey with small squares of glass scattered, through which another smaller planet inside could be seen. Jae was fascinated by them.

As they lived on the inner planet of Zajsk, Le Métro, Jae went to school and studied as often as he could. Although by High School he was the biggest nerd in school he was also the best looking guy in school. It was here that he grew confidence in himself and decided what he wanted to do.

He has heard of a training ground in the city of Sirmána on Calmar that trained both the body and mind. So, when he graduated High School he moved away from home to Sirmána.

Jae was greeted be a Chinese man named San Ju. Ju told Jae that from 18 to 24 that Jae will live at the training ground and that he will be Jae’s master. Jae was taught many things there from Tai-Kwan-Do to Physics. Ju told him that in his 70 years of teaching on both the Earth and Calmar that he had never seen skill like Jae’s. Only a few months in Jae was given the nick name Chao, meaning strength in Chinese.

When Jae graduated he was given the option to join the Calmarian Army but declined. He was told that he could come back any time he wants for advice or if he changes his mind and wants to join the army.

For a year Jae traveled between worlds helping people in various ways. When he was 25 he went back to Zajsk to visit his mother and sister (and father but he had not been home since he first took the job.) When he got there he couldn’t find his family anywhere so he asked a neighbor and he was told that a few months ago a man that looked very similar to Jae came to the house and took Jae’s mother and sister with him. The neighbor had assumed that it was Jae taking them somewhere.

He went searching for them for many months and could not find them. He hasn’t given up but he decided to get a job on The States guarding one of A&F’s factories until he finds out more about his family’s disappearance.

(For a bit of background on the backstory check the Story Progression in my signature.)
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Re: Character List

Name – Spring Mathews
Sex – Female
Age – 22
Height – 5’ 8”
Weight – 112 lbs.
Hair – Long blond hair that she often puts in a handkerchief.

Appearance – American
~Face – Very beautiful, almost over exaggerated facial features. She always wears make-up and has only been seen a few times without it on.
~Upper Body – She wears a long red dress almost all the time that hugs her whole body showing every feature from her large bust and shapely, hourglass shape. She can also be seen in a thin green v-neck shirt and blue jeans.
~Lower Body – Long, Shapely legs that can usually be seen molded under her dress. She wears many types of shoes, mostly high heals.

Strengths – Spring can, quite plainly, beat the **** out of someone with one hand. She is a small person but packs a horrible punch. She’s not particularly fast, especially not in high heals, but she makes up for it in strength. She also is very smart and has great reasoning powers. Some even say she has such high brain power that she can move and destroy things with her mind but most also say that is a myth.

Weaknesses – Even though she is also a Genius she is also a Ditz. She likes to act stupid to throw people off but it can work against her also. She also likes to wear very girly clothing which is not good to fight it which is why she’s gotten better at fighting barefoot. Spring thinks most people are her friends, too, so she can often make the mistake of mixing foes with friends which could potentially be a fatal mistake.

Attitude – Spring is extremely and horribly perky. She has a very lively, high voice and because she talks so much, her voice is far too evident to people. Spring loves men and most men love her but there are some men that don’t like her that she just refers as the “Others.” “They often end up with martinis in their face,” she often says.

Spring has a social illness where she constantly thinks everyone is her friend when they often aren’t. Although Spring looks really fragile, growing up with 8 brothers made her a very good fighter, better then most men.

Spring is also very smart and bright although she is called an airhead all the time. She often surprises people by being able to do complex math and understanding most sciences.

Biography – Spring was ironically born on November 21, 2077. She was born on The States in a small village called Livally. She was born to a poor family of already five children and she had three more, younger siblings later on; A total of nine, with her being the only girl.

She was often ignored most of her early life because her brothers didn’t care about her and often teased her. Here was born her social illness. One day she just snapped from all the teasing and yelled at all her brothers that someday everyone will like her.

As she went on to middle school she gained many friends and became the most popular and smartest kid in school. As she moved into High School guys started really liking her but most of them were teased or brushed off but it never went any father then a first date.

In her senior year she met a boy named Rocky Johnson. Rocky was the complete opposite of Spring. He was rich, he wasn’t popular, he wasn’t smart, and he wasn’t good looking but Spring immediately fell in love with him.

Only a year after High School they got married. She met his exceptionally wealthy mother. She and Rocky were the only two left of the family. Only a few months after meeting her she died of old age and all the money was left to Rocky.

Rocky got a job working for Calmar Inc. and went off to help work on Planet #4. After 9 months of working there Rocky got in a terrible accident with one of the planet making machines and passed away. All of Rocky’s money and possessions was left to Spring.

Spring continues to live on Calmar in High Hill where she and Rocky’s home was. She often goes out to bars and tells the person next to her a story that Rocky told her about a great mystery of the universe but she never does get to the end.

(For some backround on the backstory look at the Story Progression in my signature.)
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Re: Character List

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Z-2.0 & Ubechok

~Approved by Power Shot~

A while ago, before a prolonged period of absence, I wanted to create a team of characters. However, by pure chance, my completed project was very much like another members', so that idea died. I'm trying again, but this time adding onto my Wolver/Zeliro hybrid story. Ubechok's information is always on top. The reason that I didn't give Z-2.0 his own history is that he has no real history.

Name: Ubechok "Black Fist" Daffin
Age: 61
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown/Red
Weight: 80 lb.
Height: 5' 8"
Weapon: Blaster pistol, stun level

Strengths: Ubechok's greatest strength is his pure brains, the greatest scientist and mastermind in all of Kahzan. He has revolutionized the hybridization process, and has designed many highly advanced weapons, such as an improved, cheaper nuclear weapon. In combat, his tactical mind is one of the greatest, coming up with a foolproof plan in seconds. In the fray, Z-2.0 relies heavily on his master against very powerful opponents. He is also very quick in movement, darting around the battlefield for a good shot with his blaster pistol, another strength.

Weaknesses: Ubechok's greatest weakness is his strength. He is painfully weak and nearly broke his fist upon pounding his desk in frustration once. He once was very fast and has not lost much of that skill, but it is compounded by his poor strength. His blaster pistol, though a useful strength, is made less useful by its low power. Ubechok prefers not to carry around a very powerful weapon, for fear that he will be captured and the secret of his technology will be uncovered.

Appearance: Ubechok, at first, looks absolutely bizarre. His clothing consists of casual jeans and a lab coat over a collared black shirt. His hair is long, down to his shoulders, and completely, naturally black, strange considering his old age. At a younger age, he wore red contact lenses to intimidate his followers. Over time, he neglected to remove them and they seeped into his eyes, changing his eye color from brown to red. This made his eyes very sensitive, so he always wore green sunglasses afterward, increasing his bizarre image. He always wears black gloves.

Personality: Ubechok is usually a ruthless, coldhearted mastermind, creating his own plans without a thought for other's lives. But as he created Z-2.0, the younger vampire began to sway him towards the idea of caring for others. He cares for the clone like a son, and would never harm him. He is a hybrophobic (hates hybrids unfoundedly) with the exception of Z-2.0, and the only other person in the world than Z-2.0 that he really cared for is his late grandfather, the first Black Fist.

Name: Z-2.0
Age: 16
Race: Hybrid/Clone
Sex: Male
Hair: Red
Eyes: Completely white
Weight: 130 lb.
Height: 6'

Strengths: Z-2.0's greatest skills are nearly identical to Zeliro's. His rock-hard skin, imperviousness to flames, and pure strength are great assets, in addition to his fire breath. He is empowered by both cold air and blood.

Weaknesses: Z-2.0 is, though by no means dumb, not a great tactitian. He and Ubechok are required to work together at all times, and thus Z-2.0 is forced to protect Ubechok in battle. Akin to Zeliro, molten rock is also a concern.

Appearance: Z-2.0 always wears a black, leather jacket over a white T-shirt. Unlike Zeliro, he only has one fang, over his bottom lip. His eyes are completely blank, and he wears black jeans. His skin is pale, and his nails are long and sharpened like claws.

Personality: Z-2.0 is by no means a typical teenager, very solemn and serious with little to no care for others. However, he does have a sentimental side, and does care for the people that cannot protect themselves, like the disabled and homeless. He is usually overruled by Ubechok, though. He is also the one known for breaking the coldness of Ubechok, and truly cares for the old scientist.

Bio: The boy Ubechok Daffin was born mysteriously, in a dark alley away from other people. At a very young age, his parents disappeared and he was given to his grandfather, who raised him as a cold-hearted thug. His grandfather was the member of a very large gang.

When Ubechok was only eight, his grandfather took his gang and captured the three states of the West Coast, plunging the country into war. They renamed their "nation" Kahzan and established a capital. They elected a President, highly influenced by the current Black Fist, leader of the Black Hand gang.

His grandfather was very powerful, and as a result, had many enemies. The paranoid Black Fist established a role for an apprentice: the White Fist, successor to the Black Fist. He picked a very skilled man named Earl Jable, the best of the Black Hand.

Ubechok at the time was becoming a very successful scientist. He had invented a very cheap and increasedly powerful nuclear weapon when he decided that technology bored him. He quickly switched to genetics and quickly his place was secured in the history books as he was the first to learn how to merge two animals together. He also created a dinosaur preserve and began breeding them.

In time, his grandfather's fear was realized; he was shot eighteen times by a man named Yabla, who was instantly tortured and killed. Earl Jable was almost as great a Black Fist as Ubechok's deceased grandfather. He ruled Kahzan with an iron fist. During his short time as Black Fist, he had seen the gang double in size and skill. Satisfied, Jable gave the position of White Fist to his son, Cole. He was abruptly killed by his son, who took the position.

Cole proved to be a poor and inept Black Fist: unambitious, fat and repulsive, and a completely loathsome personality. At this time, Ubechok was steadily working his way up through the ranks, and had made an ally in the muscular King Troutson. The two teamed up and formed the most useful duo the Black Hand had ever seen: the muscle and the bullet. The muscle would battle the opponent, distracting them, while the bullet would dart around him and shoot down the enemy. Ubechok took the position of bullet.

King was killed by a sniper in mid-mission a few years later. The interested Cole hired Ubechok for the position of White Fist. The scientist easily surpassed Cole in only two weeks. After two years, he grew weary of training under Cole and shot him, becoming the new Black Fist.

He began wearing contact lenses, which seeped into his eyes and significantly weakened them. He then wore sunglasses. He also began merging animals with humans, an idea quickly adopted by the government. Repulsed by his creations, he quickly killed or drove them away after taking notes.

After several years as a brilliant scientist and Black Fist, he found a powerful hybrid destroying the city of Destroburg. In the morning, he realized that the teenage wolf hybrid in the center of the city was the same. Fighting back his repulsion, he offered Wolver, the boy, a chance to heal himself of the monster that destroyed the city. Wolver agreed immediately.

As a test soon after he took in the boy, Ubechok created a vampire creature, Zeliro. Zeliro was meant to sway Wolver into believing that he relied on his wolf form in combat. When the plan failed, Ubechok tried to kill the hybrid, who subsequently escaped with a vow to kill. Soon after the vampire left, Ubechok realized that Zeliro was his most powerful creation. He then quickly used a blood sample he had taken upon creation to create an altered clone, made ten years younger to make him more swayable to Ubechok's ways.

Upon seeing the clone, the familiar feeling of revulsion did in no way dawn on Ubechok. Over time, an unconditional love developed between the two, and together, the two formed the next generation of the muscle and bullet.

Sig made by iUnknown.
Zeliro X | Wolver the Treacherous | Blackshot the Archer | Loraine Fett | Z-2.0 & Ubechok
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Re: Character List

Approved by Ranarath (a.k.a. graceful_shiek)

Name: Kuro Mitsukai (Dark Angel)
Age: ??? (25 years since last reincarnation)
Sex: Male
Race: Demonic Angel
Height: 7ft 4
Weight: 240 lbs
Eyes: Left-Blue Right-Red
Hair: Long, Silver
Weapon: Hitokage Touzoku Sword (Soul Thief)
Normal Form- A huge man, but besides that, he just looks like a regular, well-built person. Strange scars on legs and arms. Looks as if someone or something were trying to grab him and pull him in two directions. Usually wearing black jeans and white t-shirt, but has been seen with strange robes that look old and worn.

Angelic Form-Two large, white, feathery wings sprout from his back, and a faint, golden halo is seen around his head. Hair becomes blonde. Both eyes become blue. Muscles bulge from both arms

Demonic Form-Two grotesque, monsterous wings emerge from his back, and bloody horns emerge from his head. Sinister tatoos of the coming of judgement day cover his body. Hair becomes black. Both eyes become red. Muscles bulge from arms and legs.

Angelic Demon form-???

Sword Appearence- Kuro's sword, which is rarely seen, is usually strapped on his back unsheathed. The handle has an angel wing on one side, and a demon wing on the other engraved in the black steel of the handle. The blade itself, is made of an ethereal matierial that cannot be broken my normal means. The blade looks like a normal broadsword when not wielded. There is a black, crystal looking stone in the handle of the blade. This, apparently is where souls taken by the sword are kept. When Kuro is wielding this sword though, it is said you can see the souls spiraling around the blade. The handle of the sword, is wrapped in simple, bandage looking fabric. (Drawing by me)

Skills: Kuro aquired his skills from the touch of Heaven and Hell, and gets the energy to use them through the souls that rest in his sword.

1) Heal- This skill heals anybody but himself. It can cure wounds, sicknesses, and diseases

2) Regeneration- This skill regenerates the flesh of Kuro. Also cures various poisons, diseases, and viruses within Kuro's body. Takes seven days for full effect.

3) Arashi- This skill creates a violent downpour of rains that can destroy, lightning that can incinerate, and winds that can carry skyscrapers away. It has been known, though that he had once been struck by a lightning bolt that he had brought on by one of these terrible storms.

4) Hellbender- Manipulates techtonic plates to creat huge gaps in the earth that lead staight to the fiery depths of hell. Whenever used though, it is said that demons violently grab at his legs and try to take him down with them when used.

5) Ressurection- If killed, Kuro reincarnates 666 days after death.

6) Yuuku- Unleashes souls of the damned to show opponents their darkest fears

7) Last Stand- If the flesh around Kuro's heart is penetrated, his sword auotmatically reacts, and throws itself at the opponent at great speeds.

8) Soul Stealer- Not usually used in combat, this skill rips the soul right out of its body, and sends it to Kuro's sword. If not using regeneration while this skill is activated, it could kill him.

Strengths: Since touched by both demons and angels, Kuro can easily take out both by using its opposites power.

Weaknesses: His only weakness is his heart. If attacked physically or emotionally, It could break the bond of good and evil in his body, rendering him useless against magic attacks.

Armor: N/A

Personality: Normal form- Just a regular person that has the emotions and attributes of a normal human being. Seems very peaceful in this state, and when he can, he loves to share stories of mythical creatures to the children of his town. Though he hardly ever does this, because none of the parents want their children around him. He loves to make people laugh. Doesn't usually get angered. In fact, he isn't bothered by the fact that parents keep there children away. He himself knows his past just as well as everyone else, and wants to protect the human race by holding back his dark emotions.

Angelic form- Very good hearted, and will stop at nothing to make someone happy. Also, heals people and helps them get back into normal living conditions. Does not usually fight in this form, unless conditions are very bad. In this state, he greatly fears the death of the innocent.

Demonic form- Ruthless and shows no mercy for anyone, even his friends. Will slaughter the innocent without thinking twice. This is the form that everyone fears he will turn to, although the only account of him in this form was at the beginning of time.

Demonic Angel form- Nobody has ever seen Kuro in this form, but legend has it that in this form, Kuro can destroy planets with one blow, but it also weakens him to the point where he can't stand or breathe. When in this form, Kuro stays as far away from human as he can, because depending on what side is infecting his heart more at the moment will determine his reaction.

Bio- Long ago, just before the great battle of Heaven and Hell, Kuro was created by angels to cleanse hell of all sins. They wanted him to be the hmost divine being aside God himself. They planned to send Kuro to hell to wash away the wrongdoings of all demonic souls. Once word got to the demonic lord, he was enraged. He wanted Kuro for himself, to wipe out any goodness in the world. He waited until Kuro was sent to the demons fortress, and was captured by the demon lord's best men. The demonic emporer gave him a choice. Forever live in the fiery depths of hell, or serve as His minion. To reassure he would choose to be Hell's minion, the emporer promised he would give him his sword. The sword was said to hold thousands of souls, good and evil, within its blade. Kuro accepted. The moment Kuro was given the sword, something happend that not even Satan himself would have expected. The moment the blade was grasped, it was purified by the hands of Kuro. But not all darkness can be washed away. When the great battle finally began, Kuro was being torn in two by both sides. Demons and angels grabbed and tore for him, because both sides new that he would be the fate of the universe. That was when he relized, this battle was not for the fate of the world, it was over him. As the wounds from the tearing of souls at his arms and legs began to drip with blood, his stomach began to churn. The heart inside him filled with darkness and hatred of the world. The feathers of his left wing began to fall. As they floated down to earth, they were replace by veins as black as night, as a new wing, similar to the one on his right emerged. By this time, the holy and hellish decendants watched in aw as he began to to rip at them, killing them one by one effortlessly. He burned the land and was merciless to both sides, and one day, all the violence and destruction just stopped. That was the end of the century-long battle. He was never seen again until centuries later. His story was so terrifying, the scripture was ripped out of the holy book, which he still searches for today.

Now, he is living a normal life with his normal human family, occasionally healing his young brothers if they are ill, or have gotten a paper cut from that last school project. Born into this family with his last reincarnation, it has been a long time since his demon form has revealed itself, but the darkness still flows in his blood. Because many know (or think they know) about Kuro's past, he was never allowed to attend school, or any public events. Generations have past down Kuro's story, and it is well known to the public. All though his elderly parents love him very much, they must keep him locked away. Regardless, when he is seen, he looks very peaceful and kind.
His two brothers, Umi and Kaze, love him very much. They know the goodness in his heart, and are with him whenever they can be. His family means everything to him, because they are the only family in any of his lifetimes that have actually treated him like a normal human being. Any human interaction he gets, young or old, makes him happy. Even a small 'hello' by a distant child will cheer him up.
Kuro tries his hardest not to think about his past, because he his afraid it will trigger the anger that can bring on his sinister form. Although he does want to find that sacred scripture, which tells of his past. He knows much, but there are some things that are a mystery... even to him...
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Re: Character List

Approved by Power Shot.


Name: Kisiro

Age: 12

Race: A Human/Kitsune (Spirit Fox) Hybrid. He can freely switch between forms.

Sex: Male

Hair: Human - Black, messy hair. Kitsune: Yellow fur

Eyes: Red. (Completely red for Kitsune form)

Weight: Somewhere 'round 100 pounds.

Height: Rougly...5 feet.

Weapon: None

Armor: None

Strengths: Kisiro is incredibly quick, and strong. In fact, he doesn't care for defenses that much. Believing only in Offesive maneuvers, his defense is relatively low.

Weakness: Kisiro's main weakness is his Defense, which is half of what you'd probably expect. He spends too much time on Speed and Offense that relatively weak attacks do more damage than expected. His speed is also known to be hard to handle, and he may run of a ledge.

Skills/Magic: Being part Kitsune and part Human, Kisiro can freely change between the two races with an immense focus on his Spiritual energy. He also can focus energy to create what Kitsune are most kown for: Blue Fire manipulation. He is great at mastering Blue Fire, and sees no need for other attacks. Lastly, he has an ability to eject his spirit from his body and posses others. This ability is only a last resort, and has been known to knock him unconcious when his Spirit returns. His body is also helpless during this move..

Appearance: In his human form, Kisiro has messy black hair and red eyes. He has a dark yellow shirt with black jeans. He also keeps a puch at his waist where he keeps items given to him. His Kitsune form is much simpler. A yellow fox with 9 tails, pure red eyes, and black and the tail's tips. Simple.

Personality: Kisiro is sarcastic, rude and slightly moronic. He never seems to say things that have anything to do with the current situation, such as 'Wonder what's for dinner?' during a fight. He believes no one can defeat him, and also believes everyone adores him. (Like Hercule from DBZ.)

Biography: Kisiro awoke one day with Amnesia, only knowing his name. He was soon taken in by a master of the elements, known by Kisiro as Old Geezer. Kisiro only was able to master Fire control, but the man noticed Kisiro's flame was blue. Knowing only Kitsune could master blue fire, the man told Kisiro the legend of the Kitsune, the last of which vanished a Millenium ago. However, legend says every century, a chosen child will be born into the world with Kitsune gifts. Kisiro knew what the man meant, and left without a word that night.

Kisiro traveled the globe, searching for whatever caused his Amnesia. He soon found a fox. He approached it slowly, but rather than running, the fox approached Kisiro. The fox began to glow as Kisiro noticed things shrinking. The fox stared at Kisiro and ran off. Wondering what was wrong, Kisiro chased after it. He stopped as he passed a lake, and saw his rflection: A Kitsune! Kisiro jumped, and thought of his human form. He began to glow, and returned to normal. He still searches for the cause of his Amnesia, unkown what it truly is...

His Amnesia cause is really quite simple, though he has yet to figure it out. The legend of the Kitsune Powered ones says that once a Century the Spirit of a Kitsune enters the mortal plane as a human. The human can be any age. However, something known as 'The Doom' wiped Kisiro's memory as soon as his human form reached earth. The Doom was the same entity that wiped out the Kitsune Millenia ago, and now wants to wipe out those who hold the powers.
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Approved by Power Shot

Name: Rakalosh
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Height: 5'7
Weight:180 lbs

Appearance: Raka sports a light blue vest, boots, bandana and gauntlets. On the vest is a white pattern of lines that represents wind currents. His bandana bears the symbol of fire, for the village he is from. His hair is short and white, and his skin is a light brown. He wears the white mask of a tracker ninja.

Personality: Rakalosh always hides his true feelings about something, so no one is certain what makes him angry, or who he cares about. If he trusts and cares deeply about someone, he'll drop subtle hints like giving a small birthday present, or watching out for them in different situations. His ability to hide feelings often worries people, because they never know if he is happy or angry with them. He often simply says "Stop that." or "I'm listening."

Weapons: Two double bladed claws that strap to his gauntlets for hand to hand combat. Sen bone, which are needles primarily aimed at pressure points to paralyse opponents. Two chains that rap around his arm that are used as whips, grapple cables, or restraints against opponents.

Armor: Gauntlets and shin guards for blocking.

Skills: He knows the Byakugan technique. He is very agile, proficient in close ranged combat, and very accurate with sen bone. He is good at paralysing opponents with sen bone and stopping chackra flow with byakugan, rendering any opponent helpless.


Air Drill: A blast of air that travels like a corkscrew to ddeflect long ranged attacks to the side.

Wind kick: He can use this horizontilly on the ground to hit multiple opponents, or vertically in the air as a charge attack.

Bubble: He creates a bubble of air that lets him glide for ten seconds. It offers slight protection.

Boost: Launching with hands or feet, he can achieve major jumps.

Strengths: His senbone and byakugan can help him restrain just about anyone. His proficiency in close ranged combat helps him defeat most opponents who are within arm's reach, and high speed and agility help him get over there.

Weaknesses: Low armor makes him vulnerable to long ranged attacks. Sen bone is only good if it connects with pressure points, so he doesn't have a great long ranged attack. His byakugan is useless in dark or foggy places.

Background Rakalosh is a Chunin traker ninja from the land of Fire. The Hyuuga clan that he is from is seperated into two sides, and he prefers to keep which side he is from a secret. He has trained himself with byakugan and sen bone to apprehend almost any enemy while not making a huge scene. when things get dicey, he kills his opponent with hand to hand combat techniques, finishing the person off with a simple slitting of the throat.

There are five hidden ninja villages that protect most areas of the world, and hide very important secrets. Every ninja holds secrets that could mean a village's downfall if the person turns traitor and escapes. This is where tracker ninja like Raka come in. He tracks down enemies, and ambushes them with sen bone. If something goes wrong, he will move in and use his byakugan to stop the flow of chakra or magic, that makes elite ninja extremely powerful.

He doesn't like to draw crowds that may contain innocent bystanders or allies of his target, however he can use close ranged fighting techniques to draw his enemy in and control his actions. If the mission calls for a live capture, he is prepared, but he will not hesitate if the mission calls for killing. Whatever is in the best interest of his village, he will do.

Raka comes from a somewhat protective family, where his parents didn't trust strangers. They always told him not to show too much emotion, or speak too freely about his information. This security against strangers, and his parents need to keep their secrets inside the family is why he became a tracker.

As for his parent's secrets, it is believed they may be hiding a dark past that they want to forget. The only thing he is certain of is that they love him, and have not committed any criminal actions since he was born.

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Arrow Calavera--(aproved)--*

My character approved by PowerShot

Name: Calavera W. Overlook
Age: 35
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Hair: Long, black, with grey "stripes"
Eyes: Black; small
Weight: 73
Height: 7-feet,82-inches
Weapon: Two-handed Katana

Strengths: his abilities to guess what other people think, like a "sixth sense"; he likes to use that in order to discover secret enemies or the true identity of some people... He also uses his skills; (see below) to be known and praised by other people; another of his positive points is that he likes to protect every living being... he would do almost anything to save a simple, unprotected lizard; may sound ridiculous, but he thinks that every one deserves to live, and don't tolerate people who dislike and bad-treat animals or other person.

Weakness: Although he has very strength, and wisdom; he does not posses agility and capability to perform certain tasks and to avoid most hostile attacks... His reduced capability to do some things, have lead him to another negative point, self-confidence; when he doesn't manage to do a task or journey, his confidence drastically lowers which may cause serious problems when facing other dangerous situations, when working hard to help or do something/someone; and that can lead to the worst of its negative points: failure...

Skills/magic: "Blunder Strike": Slashes and enemy with a powerful strike, paralyzing an enemy until you hit him twice, after that the paralyzing effect end.
......................" Wishing Hor": Character's speed and constitution double until get hit by an enemy.
......................" Ghoreding’s Will": The character went berserk and its strength doubles until get two hits by an enemy.

Appearance: He as black and small eyes, that combine with his light skin... The hair is totally black, but when he reached puberty, the hair was painted with grey stripes, and he still paints them every time they start to vanish. He also has facial hair, goatee style, also black, with grey stripes. He can be proud of having a strong body, with large shoulders and muscles; a properly body to a warrior...
He uses a two horned, red and brown, helm; that combines with the brown boots and red gloves; his golden bracelets with sapphires incrusted in them give him a "travelled" warrior look; he also wear a Steel plate and steel leggings; along with a "iced-blue" belt and a white and yellow cloak; his last clothing his on the shoulders; One-spiked, red and golden, "shoulder plates"... A regular warrior in the general...

Personality: Well, a little bit egocentric, but at the same time, a good heart person that thinks in everyone; a little strange yes, but that's what makes him unique in the world, he doesn't care even a little about other peoples thoughts about him, he just likes the way he is, and thinks that all people would do better if they also had confidence in themselves, and the way they are... Sometimes, he just cares about attracting attentions to himself, showing off, but other times, he tries to protect and save everyone he can... He also goes straight into the subject, or "you" want to negotiate or not, or "you" want to fight or not; and so on...

Biography: When he was a little boy, he was kidnapped and taken to a secret place, a place where all kinds of warriors were trained, the little boy stayed there until it's 13 years old, when he started training with others of the same age, He soon got used to that kind of training, it wasn't really difficult, but to a 13 year-old boy, it was enough. But someday; that secret place, you could call it a school for warriors; a secret school... it was attacked by the guards of Sunridge, under the king's orders, to rescue and bring back the children; as the students at the secret school didn't know anything about that; they defended the place with their own lives... this young lad Calavera didn't fought though... he was too scared and fearing his own incapacity to help on the protection of that place...

So, when everything was over, he got out of his hideout, and saw that the students had managed to defend the school, only a few of them had survived though... And when he tried to go talk with them, some knights appeared from the forest and killed the remaining students. Calavera watched everything from the small alcove in one of the walls; and from that day on, he decided to make those knights and the one who sent them, to pay... for his colleges, friends, teachers, and his only home, the school; destruction...
These days he grown up to an adult, and is now a fine warrior-commander that is still searching for the trail of those mysterious knights, and the secret entity that sent them...

He travelled forth trough mountains, woods, drylands, Lakes... He visited many cities and villages; until one day...
He found an ancient man as he travelled to Barekeeper Mountains; the ancient predicted Calavera's future.
"...... Oh, god... So much disaster to only one bearing it..." Calavera asked what was the meaning of that.
"Oh, oh, oh... you don't wanna know that!” the ancient answered... and departed to the mountains.

A few days later, when Calavera was camping during the night... A group of hunters came by, and stopped to say hello.
They decided to camp with Calavera until the next morning, when they all started their long journey...
They were three men and a woman, one was Bornus, other was Wringly, and the last man was Turgad; as for the woman, Kityara was her name. They kept company to Calavera during two weeks, after they crossed Moon woods, their ways divided, from Vyuldrum city, the hunters went to Boar planes, Calavera embarked on a ship that was departing to Lightshire... A few days later, Calavera reached is destination, in Lightshire; he paid to a mercenary for his help and company... Now, this happened when he was 27 years, the mercenary he had paid to, did actually go with him during 2 more years, when an ambush from Thieves got them unprotected; and the mercenary didn't manage to escape...

Once again, alone, Calavera decided to went directly to Sunridge city, from where those guards came from when he was 13 years old. Probably, the mysterious knights should have come from here too...
He reached the city, at the beginning of Spring, and the enormous city gates with Iron symbols were shinning at the Sun light... As he entered the city, the guards spotted him, and arrested him...
They took him to the throne's room, where the king was waiting!
"King- I thought I had killed you all! My guards went to that stupid school of yours to save you all; and you kill them?!"
"Calavera- What you mean, save us? You attacked the school!! You killed our instructors! What were you waiting for?"
"King- Your teachers were nothing more than rats!! They kidnapped you all when children you were, and took you to that cursed school!!"
"Calavera- ......"
"King- Now let me tell you: ... you're gonna die! Or, do you prefer to be held captive in a prison? Until your life end? Ah, ah, ah...!"
As Calavera answered, the king sent him to the prison:
"King- You'll die there...!! Do you hear me!? You'll DIE!!"
During many years, Calavera stayed in that prison, but then, suddenly; the castle was attacked... Calavera could hear the explosions in the streets, the buildings being burned... the screams of the people that were being attacked... He waited to see what would happen; the door of his cell was opened, he didn't recognize those people at first, but then...
"Calavera- Oh, god!! How did you found me?"
"Bornus- We explain later, now c'mon!"
They all started running through the burning tunnels of the castle; the floor was covered with corpses... They stopped in front of a hole on the ground; Kityara looked at Calavera and said:
"Kityara- jump down on this hole! And then follow the river north; we'll meet with you in a small fountain near the river. Go now!!!"

Calavera jumped down to the hole and expected everything but a slide down! He started sliding and got out through a hole in the castle's wall, he flied over the water channel in front of the castle, and got himself stuck on top of tree... He sited on the middle of the leafs and from there watched the destruction of the city... He jumped down of the tree, and followed the water channel of the castle to the east; until it joined the river, he followed it to the North, and a few hours later, a small fountain was shinning on the left side of the river... He went there.
Some time later, the people who helped him, appeared and joined him.
"Bornus- Are you ok?"
"Calavera- Yeah, thanks to you, how did you found me?"
"Bornus- We didn't. We just heard rumours that you were being held captive in Sunridge's castle; as we are working to the King of Elves that suspects that Sunridge king is a corrupt man, he sent us and his army to destroy the city."
"Calavera- And what do I have to do with your king's problems?"
"Turgad- Nothing, of course! But when we told the Elves king that you were our friend, he managed to arrange an attack to Sunridge without having the Velbym Counsel on our backs, ready to take us down."
"Wringly- Now that you are safe; our King told us to take you to his presence, will you come with us?"
"Calavera- Sure! I'll go..."

And during days, they travelled to Seladram, city of Elves...
When they reached the king's chamber, he looked at Calavera and went to talk with him with privacy... No one knows what they talked about; but when Calavera go out of the room with the king; he was decided to stay in Seladram, working for the king...

And he's still there, now, he lives near Wringly; Kityara and the other two live in a village separated by Seladram, by only a small forest; and goes to speak with the king to receive a new task, everyday...
But despite the new life, he still awaits a chance to search for the mysterious knights... In case they hadn't been killed already in Sunridge's attack...


Class: Warrior
Class type: Weapon master
Weapon appearance: A two-handed katana, with the blade of steel, the "protecting part" of gold, and the "grabbing part" of resistant wood.
Destiny: Become the Ruler of Light in his world or Lord of Darkness in the Underland, the final choice will be made by him and only him...
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Re: Character List

Name: Awaineko

Age: 20

Race: Neko (half-breed [Human + Neko-demon])

Sex: Female

Hair: Pure white. Goes down to her shoulders.

Eyes: Purple

Height: 5’ 4” (5’ 7” with her ears)

Weight: 100 lbs.

Weapon: Claws and Magic

Armor: (See skills/magic)

Strengths: She’s very lithe. Allowing her to move and dodge fast and her spells are strong without taking a very long time to cast. Paired with her sister, Myouneko, their spells are deadly. With affinity to light and holy magic those types of spells don’t affect her and weapons based with those attributes can be slightly manipulated by her to make it harder to harm her with them (though a strong enough attack will hit her regardless). She has the ability to harness and even absorb existing free light/holy energy in her vicinity to bolster her own power and can enchant object to strengthen them or to manipulate objects to throw at her opponents or shield herself with. Her magic’s affinity is mostly toward boosting ability and healing, but by no means are her attack spells weak. Blinding attacks by light have no effect on her and an abundance of light increases her power. Both she and her sister have weak telepathic ability. Not enough to harm someone else, but enough to link with each other’s minds and sometimes pick up a thought or two from a foe and can help defend each other’s mind from mental attack. Though weak to water based attacks, she actually enjoys swimming and doesn’t mind getting wet.

Weaknesses: With her small frame and lack of armor, she’s at a disadvantage when in close combat. She only knows basic hand-to-hand combat; just enough to block a few punches or kicks if she can’t get away or dodge, but too much after that can overwhelm her quickly. While her magical endurance is very high, she can be physically worn out quickly against faster opponents and against strong opponents her low body weight makes her easily thrown distances. Her two worst weaknesses are water and dark/demonic magic and attributed attacks, causing her a lot of pain and temporarily weakening her light powers. Her telepathic ability does have one downside; too much pain to either one will end up being felt by the other and can wind up debilitating both of them since they’re too closely bonded to completely block one another out.

Skills/Magic: She has a good number of spells for use on her own and even has a few “Twin Attacks” she uses in tandem with her sister, Myouneko and are described later. Her light attacks are intense enough to cause burns to flesh.

Light ball - As the name implies, she forms a ball of light in her hand about the size of a baseball usually and throws it at the opponent. It doesn’t require much energy and the ball itself is strong enough to crack rock and explodes on contact. Travels fairly slow and doesn’t have much range since she isn’t physically very strong. In a pinch, she can just slam the ball into the opponent to blast them away.

Light Cannon - Basically, it’s her Light ball attack on steroids. She forms the Light ball attack, but instead fires it at speeds and ranges comparable to a strong bow shot. Strong enough to blow holes in rock and dent/crack metals. Uses more energy then Light ball due to how it works. Like Light ball, it explodes on contact.

Armor of light - Forms an armor of light energy around herself or others. The armor absorbs light and holy based attacks and magic as a fuel, but is easily breached by dark and demonic based attacks and magic. It can easily stop small things like arrows and throwing knives, but shatters if struck repeatedly by swords and spears. Disappears after a minute and 30 seconds with a 2 minute lag until its next cast. It can be formed partially to protect maybe just their arms or can cover them completely. Places covered by this armor are covered in a pure white coloration.

Light boost - Increases the recipient’s physical speed and their reaction time for 3 minutes. While in effect, the person’s body shimmers iridescently. When used on herself, she also speeds up her casting time, but when it ends she’s slightly slower for a moment.

Revitalize - Bathes a wound in light energy and heals it without a scar. Small wound heal fast, large ones can take a few minutes and a fatal wound can be healed, but is very draining. Strong enough to regrow limbs.

Holy Edge - Casts an aura of destructive light around an object. Can even be cast on her own or her sister’s claws.

Energy gift - Allows her to transfer some of her magical energy to another person.

Light freeze - Using her light energy, she attempts to freeze an opponent in place by stopping their muscles from responding. Only affects voluntary muscles (Meaning heart beat and breathing doesn’t get affected). The more physically and/or magically strong the target is the faster they’ll break free.

Damage Guardian - A sacrificial technique she developed in secret during the one time her sister couldn’t protest, while she was sleep. This move allows Awaineko to prevent any and all injury to her sister by having it inflicted upon herself instead. Everything from a slash to a burn or even a punch or impalement is inflicted on her body instead of Myouneko’s. To a viewer, a sword slash would go across Myouneko’s chest and both do and show nothing while Awaineko’s chest would suddenly slash open and bleed as if she was hit instead. The move itself isn’t very demanding, but the constant healing of herself could drain her fast. Myouneko can stop this move at any time after she realizes it’s on.

Appearance: Picture of both found here. Awaineko’s on the left. She wears a one-piece, white dress without sleeves and an upper back that’s mostly held up by a wide strap on her shoulders. It goes down to just above her knees and has black trim along the edges of the strap and bottom of the dress. At the top, three back bows hold the top-front of the dress closed and she has an Amethyst around her right wrist on a golden chain. A plain black collar sits around the base of her neck. It’s made of hard leather that can stop small things like throwing knives, but not much more. Near the base of her spine, a three inch slit is cut in her dress to allow her pure white tail to come out without lifting up her dress and showing off her lack of panties. On her feet, she wears white leather shoes, worn a bit from a lot of walking but still good for much more. Cute is likely the best word for describing her face and appearance and her collar definitely helps this along with the way her semi-short, pure white hair frames her face and her beautiful cat-like eyes with her cute three inch snow white cat ears adding to this. She’s thin and shapely without being overly thin or busty and her long, graceful arms and legs give a hint of her great flexibility. Her hands and fingers are no different, also being long and graceful and perfectly suited for spell casting or thievery and her long fingernails are painted white to hide her sharp, inch long claws. Her skin is light and blemish-free without being pale and her tail is long enough to reach her ears. She can always be found within 30 feet of her sister, Myouneko.

Personality: She’s a bright and cheerful girl that enjoys having fun with her sister Myouneko all the time and is never willing to be more then 10 meters from her. She tends to see things from a brighter point, in contrast to her sister’s slightly darker nature and can pick out the truth effortlessly thanks in part to her telepathy and her personality. One of both her and her sister’s favorite things is using their telepathic link to finish each others sentences and tend to speak in turn because of the fact they always know each others next thought. Also in thanks to their telepathy, the two are almost always conversing mentally which is how they never get in each others way during a fight. Awaineko tends to help as support and enjoys the role, being a natural healer and is a nice surprise for those that think she can’t fight directly. She also has no qualms about her body being exposed or being seen without clothing thanks to her upbringing. The tail slit is more for when around other races that aren’t as “carefree” as her hometown. She also enjoys being high in a tree, swimming, and having some private fun with her sister. When in battle, she’s quiet, serious, and observing, specializing in support magic tends to make one a great analyst and Awaineko is no exception to this. Even when fighting, she studies the opponent’s moves and attacks for weaknesses and patterns and shares the information with her sister over their mental link to help end battles without too much blood shed or any killing. Meanwhile, she’s alert to help her sister all the time. She usually can be seen smiling with a happy look on her face that gives her a false naïve look. The two sisters are also lesbianistic both toward each other and toward other woman. It's one of the many things that link them as twins.

Name: Myouneko

Age: 20

Race: Neko (half-breed [Human + Neko-demon])

Sex: Female

Hair: Pitch black. Ends at mid-back

Eyes: Azure

Height: 5’ 4” (5’ 7” with her ears)

Weight: 100 lbs.

Weapon: Claws and Magic

Armor: (See skills/magic)

Strengths: Like her sister, she’s very lithe and her spells are quick. When her spells combine with Awaineko’s their destructive abilities jump. Dark and demonic magic have no effect on her and she can manipulate things of that attribute to lessen the chance they’ll hit her (though a strong enough attack will hit her regardless). The free dark and demonic energy around her can be used to strengthen herself and objects around her can be enchanted with her power to be strengthened or manipulated to her aid. Her magic, unlike her sister Awaineko’s, is focused toward attacking and negative effects rather then healing, but she does have good healing ability. Blinding spells by darkness don’t affect her and an abundance of darkness increases her ability. Both she and her sister have weak telepathic ability. Not enough to harm someone else, but enough to link with each other’s minds and sometimes pick up a thought or two from a foe and can help defend each other’s mind from mental attack. Though weak to water based attacks, she actually enjoys swimming and doesn’t mind getting wet.

Weaknesses: She’s small and light, leaving her a close range weakness and she knows only about as much hand-to-hand skills as her sister. Meaning she can be quickly overwhelmed physically. Though she can be physically worn out fast, her magically endurance is quite high, allowing her to cast long after most would be tired and strong foe can easily toss her due to her low body weight. Water and light/holy magic and attributed attacks are her major weaknesses, they hurt her a lot and weaken her dark powers. Her telepathic ability does have one downside; too much pain to either one will end up being felt by the other and can wind up debilitating both of them since they’re too closely bonded to completely block one another out.

Skills/Magic: She has a good number of spells for use on her own and even has a few “Twin Attacks” she uses in tandem with her sister, Awaineko and are described later. Her dark attacks are powerful enough to cause numbness.

Dark Cannon - Much like her sister’s move, she forms a ball of darkness in her hand about the size of a baseball and fires it at speeds and ranges comparable to a strong bow shot. Strong enough to blow holes in rock and dent/crack metals. Like her sister’s, it explodes on contact.

Dark Sword - Forms a sword made of darkness to fly at the opponent. The sword itself is able to cut just like a normal sword and when it hits a surface, the sword unleashes a weak, dark shockwave to knock the opponent away from the impact site.

Black Aird - Five black crystals form around Myouneko and fire beams of pure dark energy at a foe. Each one has the energy to fire continuously for 2 minutes and are under Myouneko‘s command. The beams are strong enough to stagger a grown man and can shoot holes in leather.

Black Beast - Hits an opponent with human-sized black wave of energy in the shape of lion’s head that comes from her palms. Used to throw a foe away from her. Hits hard enough to bruise and can throw a 160 lb. man 5 meters away. Uses a chunk of energy and is only used within 4 feet of herself.

Armor of Darkness - Basically, it’s the dark version of her sister’s Armor of Light with the same weakness and time constraints. It can be formed partially to protect maybe just their arms or can cover them completely. Places covered by this armor are covered in a pitch black coloration.

Dark Break - Decreases a foe’s physically speed and reaction time. Can last up to 3 minutes if the opponent is weak to magic or can’t resist magic well. Mages can throw off this enchantment almost instantly and magic-users can resist it enough to only be slowed for a minute or two. While in effect, the person looks to be covered in shining black stars. When used on herself it greatly slows her bleeding if it doesn’t stop it altogether, allowing her to keep from bleeding to death until healed but she’s forced to be slowed for the full 3 minutes.

Shadow Healing - Covers wounds in darkness to stop bleeding and heal it with no scar. Unlike Awaineko’s Revitalize, she can’t heal wounds much worse than a slightly bad sword slice, though she can heal it in less then a minute.

Shadow Edge - Casts an aura of punishing darkness around an object. Can even be cast on her own or her sister’s claws.

Energy Transfer - She attempts to steal energy from a target to give to another. Those weak to magic would be hard pressed to prevent some energy from be taken while a mage could feedback this attack to injure Myouneko.

Appearance: Picture of both found here. Myouneko’s on the right. She wears a one piece, shoulder-less and strapless black dress hold up mostly by the short sleeves of the dress. It goes down to stop just about at her knees and sports white, fuzzy trim at the top and bottom of her dress. At the top, two amber colored bows hold the top-back closed with a similar bow at the ends of both sleeves and in her hair next to her left ear, she has a white furry hair pin. A plain white collar sits around the base of her neck. It’s made of hard leather that can stop small things like throwing knives, but not much more. Near the base of her spine, a three inch slit is cut in her dress to allow her pitch black tail to come out without lifting up her dress and showing off her lack of panties. On her feet, she wears black leather shoes, worn a bit from a lot of walking but still good for much more. Cute is likely the best word for describing her face and appearance and her collar definitely helps this along with the way her long, black hair gives her a youthful look, nicely frame her face and beautiful cat-like eyes along with her cute, three inch cat ears. Much like her sister, her body is curvy without being overly thin or busty with long, graceful arms and legs that hint at her great flexibility. Her hands and fingers reflect this as well, being long and graceful, made perfectly for thievery or spell casting with long, black nails to conceal her sharp, inch long claws. Her skin is light and blemish-free without being pale and her tail is long enough to reach her ears. She can always be found within 30 feet of her sister, Awaineko.

Personality: She’s the dark, but happy sister of Awaineko and would rather be stabbed then be more than 10 meters from her. She sees things in a darker, slightly more evil way then her cheery sister and is able to easily detect lies thanks in part to her telepathy and personality. One of both her and her sister’s favorite things is using their telepathic link to finish each others sentences and tend to speak in turn because of the fact they always know each others next thought. Also in thanks to their telepathy, the two are almost always conversing mentally which is how they never get in each others way during a fight. Myouneko is great at changing and applying new things into her strategies when her sister gives her new information and can react a bit faster then her analyst sister can. As the better attacker, she enjoys protecting her sister and making the opponent react instead of acting and proves an interesting surprise of those that believe she needs her sister for support spells. Also, much like her sister she isn’t body shy in any way, shape or form because of their upbringing and Myouneko was actually the one that suggested the tail slits for their dresses. In battle, she pushes her foe to deal with her instead of her sister and tends to provide a great distraction for her sister to gather information and support mostly unnoticed by the foe. She can usually be found with a dark, slightly devious smile that can make her look mischievous at times. Her favorite pastime is being high in a tree, swimming, and having some private fun with her sister. The two sisters are also lesbianistic both toward each other and toward other woman. It's one of the many things that link them as twins.

Skills/Magic 2: Described here are the “Twin Attacks” that Awaineko and Myouneko use in tandem with each other. These can’t be use if one of them is unconscious or drained.

Twilight Cannon - The sisters extend their hands toward the foe and launch a highly destructive ball of light and dark energy about twice the size of a bowling ball at the opponent. The ball explodes on contact with a surface and travels at speeds comparable to a powerful bow shot and ranges comparable to a sniper rifle. Takes a chunk of energy from both, but the strength makes it worth it. Strong enough to punch holes in metal.

Energy Loop - The sisters create a unified energy “pool” between them by having Awaineko give energy to her sister while Myouneko passes the energy of the enemy into Awaineko, creating a loop that the twins then exclude the foe from before energy can be given to him as well. Allows them to revitalize one another and is the only Twin attack that can be used if one of them is drained, but can’t if both are drained.

Beast Blast - Myouneko performs a Black Beast attack immediately followed up by Awaineko’s Light Ball or Light Cannon to hurl the foe even farther while doing great damage, unlike the original Black Beast.

Death Play - Possibly the sister’s most fatal attack. Awaineko freezes the foe in place and attempts to hold them long enough for Myouneko to pierce their chest with a spiraling black energy sword. Foes weak to magic are all but screwed against this while those that are physically and/or magically strong can quickly break free in time to dodge the sword strike. Takes a good deal of energy, but can kill or fatally wound a foe in one shot.

Flare of Conspiracy - A destructive assault inspired by a similar attack used by an ancient beast of great power the Twins read about. The two move to both sides of an opponent and fire light and dark energy into two unstable spheres around the foe. After building the strength to the desired level, they touch the spheres to cause a violent light/dark energy reaction that leads to a powerful explosion. They can usually be heard whispering in conspiring undertones before launching it.

Armor of Twilight - The sister’s fuse their armors to form a stronger version that lasts much longer and is stronger then the original armors. It absorbs both light and dark energy attacks and repeated sword/spear strikes take much longer to shatter it. Last for three minutes, but takes three minutes “recharge”. Like its weaker forms, it can be formed partially to protect maybe just their arms or can cover them completely. Places covered by this armor are covered in a spiral of white and black coloration.

Joint History: Awaineko and Myouneko are, despite appearances, twin sisters born to the Neko-demon Seleyneko and her human husband Eldritch Kuroi. They lived in Zarathustra, a prosperous forest town made up of mostly Neko-demons and Neko half-breeds with a few humans and was a very “unrestricted” when it came to clothing. It was the vast forest the town was located it that was the main cause of this; its pulse of life resonated with Nekos and created a kind of weak aphrodisiac that didn’t take long to make a clothing optional agreement among the populace. It seems I’ve gone off topic. Anyway, Awaineko and Myouneko was a unique pair. They differed from other twins in that they weren’t each others mirror, but rather they were each others inverted image. As kids they were never separated, doing everything possible together from sleeping to eating and of course, playing. The two hated being separate for any reason, especially when there was no reason it could be done together.

The two were in rolled in school at age 6. It was here during a period of boredom they happened to discover their telepathy and answer the reason why knew exactly where the other was during the few times they’d been forced to separate by teachers or their parents. At first it was difficult to use, but thanks to their closeness they learned quickly and made it easier for them to use and developed an unbreakable link with each other. Armed with this, school went by quick and easily for them. They were academically great students and their link allowed both to think on questions that would stump just one of them. They breezed through the curriculum: Math, Science, Sex education, and English.

At 12 they finished school two years earlier then most would have and chose to spend their time exploring the forest, learning magic from their sorceress mother, and having some “fun” usually with each other and occasionally with twin boys they’d met during school. Their magical specialties showed early and so their training branched off soon after the basics; Myouneko went toward attacking and negative inflictions and Awaineko went toward healing and support effects. Again, their link helped out for at first they had extreme trouble trying to learn each others specialty, but their direct mental link gave insight that greatly helped. They spent the next 7 years learning everything they could from their mother and developing their Twin Attacks until finally, they were told they would need to experience the world outside of town to learn the workings of her strongest magic. For a little while they stayed at home, learning a few more personal techniques for each other before they made the decision to leave and broaden their horizons. So at the age of 19, they made their goodbyes and left their peaceful town to see and experience the world. Just as well, for their curiosity was nearing point of making them want to leave soon anyway. Never separate, they travel together even as I speak the story of their past and it is here I give their tale back to them.


“Have I done a good job, my dears?” said an old man sitting in a large chair near a fire.

“Yes you have,” “Old man. Thank you,” the twins said, finishing the others sentence. The two smiled and stretched before walking up to him and kissing his cheek. “You did a great job,” “Considering the information we gave you. How,” “Much do we owe you,” “For this?”

The old man waved the statement away. “Bah! You owe nothing. It was enjoyable for me and your company and kiss was more then enough. Not many come to listen to my stories, much less give me a new one. Now, off to bed with you. It’s getting late and your journey continues in the morning. I’ll see you then.

“I see. Good night, old man.” Awaineko hugged him and started to the stairs. Myouneko soon mirrored her sister’s action.

“See you in the morning at breakfast.” Myouneko disappeared up the stairs after her twin.

The old man smiled as he got to his feet. “Good night. May your beautiful story continue for quite some time,” he murmured to himself before going through a nearby doorway to his own room.
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Re: Character List


Name: Axle.
Age: 32.
Race: Human.
Sex: Male.

Hair: Short, dirty blond hair. He also has a small, shaven beard surrounding his mouth.
Eyes: Light blue.

Weight: 114 kilograms.
Height: 6 foot 5.

Occupation: Flame of the RedClad Forces.

Mount: A black stallion called Thammund; he is well bred and fast.
Weapon: Steel Broadsword, Traditional steel Round-Axe of the RedClad Forces, and a titanium headed Battle-Hammer. He only ever carries one at once on his weapon belt, and the others on his horse, Thammund.
Armour: Traditional Battle-Armour of the RedClad Forces; a grey tunic, over which steel chain mail is worn under a red leather jacket. Red leather, chain-mail-backed gloves and red leather boots with steel-reinforced soles. He also wears red leather pants.

Strengths: Axle’s strength lies in his abilities to take command, his weapon skills, his sheer size and strength, and his sharp mind.
Weaknesses: Axle is slightly phobic of forests.. When in one-on-one combat, he can hold his ground, especially when mounted on Thammund, but he is helpless without a weapon. He is short to anger, and can get frustrated about even the smallest things.

Skills/Magic: Axle is a very good axeman if anything, but he has no magic abilities.

Appearance: Axle is a tall man, looking like a battle-hardened veteran, which he is, and does not appear to the kind of person you would take an instant liking to. His blond hair is unbrushed, and his beard rarely shaven. His form is very muscular, hence his weight. A thin scare runs across his right brest. . Axle is a foreboding-looking man, but his appearance is striking, wether relaxed, or at war.
Personality: Axle is an open man, but quick to anger. He is one never to be seen wearing a helmet, as he likes to see the world through his bare eyes, and to look his enemy straight in the eyes. His mind is riddled with questions, and to how his mind actually works; he is the only one who knows.

Biography: A man trudges through three feet of snow, dragging himself along. He hears a noise, the sound of a whisper on the wind. The Mortegar. he thought. He now walked more carefully, watching the trees around him, listening to the whispers. Then he heard the speech of a wraith, much closer now.
“Flesh to feeeeed on. Flesh to feeeeed on. Weeeee must feeeeed.”
“Show yourself, you abominations!” the man drew his sword.
“So, you want to fight, eh? Soon weeeee will feeeeed, my prettieeeees. So close now, so close…”
“Show yourself!” the man was becoming distressed. He was afraid of them, but it was he who had hunted them all his life! I’m a coward! But I must fight them. he sincerely hoped they would be bulks, the more substantial of the wraiths. Then he saw it: smoke drifted down from the sky and in front of him. It formed a creature, seven feet tall; thin, with long, whip-like limbs, two claws on each hand, to claws on each foot. A human skull masked its head, with black liquid seeping from the eyes, dripping on the ground.
It opened its mouth wide, wider than a human could, “Ahhh…” a black smoke drifted out onto the man’s face, choking him. He ran, not knowing how to fight this new kind of wraith which he had never seen before. He sprinted, as fast as he could, through the snow. And as the black liquid from the wraith’s eyes hit the snow, it stained. And the staining spread, up to the man’s feet, until it was a good hundred paces in front of him. He could not escape the blackness. The black snow melted into a black liquid, surrounding his feet, and in front of him, formed out of the liquid the black form of three bulks. “Get him, my prettieeeees, get him!” The wraith outstretched an arm, pointing at the man, and then drifted away as smoke. The bulks’ faces were broad, with a huge, razor-sharp-tooth-lined mouth, and no eyes. They bore huge clubs, and swung them at the man. The man turned and fled, running through the black liquid, dodging trees. He then heard the sound of a babies wail, and ran towards it. He turned behind a tree, and saw a little babe, wrapped in grey cloth, and he picked it up. It was a little pale-skinned boy, and in its hands it held a small marble. The Sceptre! he shouted in his mind, grabbing the marble with his one free hand, and he threw it at the bulks. When it landed before them, it shined brightly, melting the bulks with light magic. He huddled the baby up to his chest, and ran, out of the forest.


Six years later

Axle walked through his father’s home, looking for his father. “Dadda! Where are you Dadda?”
“I’m here, son.” His father walked out of his bedroom, sweeping the child up in his arms, hugging him. Axle’s dirty blond hair was a mess, as usual. The boy’s little blue eyes stared into his father’s large brown ones. “What did you want me for?”
“Someone’s at the door Dadda, and I can’t reach the knob!”
“I’ll get it.” He walked up to the door, putting the Axle down. He opened the door, wondering why someone was knocking at the door at dawn. What he saw terrified him.
“Weeeee will feeeeed. And weeeee will feeeeed on you!”
“Who is it Dadda?”
“Axle! Run, upstairs, and lock yourself in the cupboard!”
“Why –”
“Just go!” Axle’s father, Rarron, ran through the house, into his room, and grabbed his sword, and faced turned to face the horror at the doorway. He slashed his sword at the wraith, but it just passed through its arm. The wraith reached out to him, grabbing him by the shoulder, and throwing him across the room. “What do you want with us?!” Rarron said, standing up
“You stole him from us, you stole him! And now weeeee will feeeeed on you! This is the end of you and your boy.”
“It is not!” Rarron leapt forward, slashing at the wraith. The wraith stood, all blows passing through it. Except one. Rarron’s blade struck the wraith’s skull, and left a small scratch, but at least he had hit the damned thing.
“Come, my prettieeeees, come!” the wraith’s form disappeared, leaving the head, floating in the air. It cracked open, exposing a floating orb of blackness. It got larger and larger, and then split up into eight. Each black orb grew a skull around it, and then grew a wraith body. Great, now there are eight of them! Rarron thought, stepping back. The front wraith, the original, grew skin over its body, and then looked like a human. It was a man, with long, black hair and deep blue eyes. He was wearing a black cloak with black feathers around the collar, and a black leather fedora. The other wraiths assumed the same form, but no other than the original wore a hat. Their fingers had claws of a beast unknown, and teeth of a wolf. “Kill him.” Commanded the leader-wraith. Rarron then realised that when the wraiths were in human form that they had the voice of man, not a wraith. The wraiths jumped forward, lunging at Rarron. They slashed and hacked with their claws, doing anything they could to kill the man that had robbed them of the child. He slashed out with his sword, trying to hit them. Now that they were men they were easier to hit, but only one in every three hits actually hit them, and they kept dodging. Amidst the confusion, Axle climbed down the stairs and saw the look in the leading and hatted man’s eyes, a look of foreboding and ill will. He would never completely forget that look, or the face. Axle ran back up the stairs and locked himself in the closet, looking through the crack between the doors, hoping that he wouldn’t have to see those horrible creatures again. Never again.

Rarron kicked one of the wraiths off of him, sending it out of the door and onto the snow outside. He kept on hacking at the wraiths, but he barely hit them. He soon noticed that the wraiths were easier to hit on their limbs than anywhere else on the body. Their arms and legs could not be cut off, but when he cut them, their energy drained out of the cut, only to soon be regained after the cut had been healed, which took about three to four minutes. He finally killed one when he stabbed it straight through the chest, puncturing what its heart would be if it was human. Rarron felt better that he only had to face seven of the things, but he still hated it.

Axle sat in the musty old closet, and then remembered the small marble that his father said would keep Axle safe from any danger if it came. So he leapt up and ran out of the closet, down the stairs, and into his father’s room, all without being seen by his father or the creatures. He crawled under the bed, and grabbed the small box under the couch. He sat on the floor, and opened the box. Inside the box there was a small, clear marble, which he picked up in his small fingers. He ran out of the room, facing the creatures attacking his father. Then, the hatted creature spoke.
“The Sceptre, my pretties, the Sceptre!”
“Axle! Get back upstairs!” Axle drew his arm back, and threw the small orb of glass. It flew forward, hitting one of the wraiths in the eye, and it passed through and into the head, as if the head was its normal skull form. The wraith exploded with light, sending the other six back, writhing and twisting in pain. They all exploded in a splatter of black liquid and smoke, except the leader-wraith, who ran through the snow, forming back into a wraith. It dived up into the air, and disappeared through the snow. Rarron looked at his six-year-old son with a look of befuddlement.


Ten years later

Axle walked along the city path, looking at the people he passed with an eye of a hawk. His Round-Axe hung loosely off of his belt, the insignia of the RedClad Forces. It had been three years since the RedClad Flame, Razgran, had apprenticed him. When he had been, he got a horse – a black stallion –, which he named Thammund, a RedClad Round-Axe, and a Battle-Hammer. His Hammer was in his saddlebags back at the stables with Thammund and his food. He had moved out of his father’s home the day after his entering of manhood. He had found a new home in Razgran’s castle in the city of Gorgranek and had made many friends. Axle’s closest friend, Jaime, had introduced Axle to his sister, Letesia. And Letesia and Axle had soon fallen in love. They had made love four or five times since meeting, and had done so the previous night. Letesia had dark red hair, green eyes, and was three years younger than Axle. Rarron was now thirty-four and was still fit, and served the RedClad Forces. Rarron was commander of the west wing, and although Axle was Razgran’s apprentice, Rarron was ranked far higher than him, and was in-fact Razgran’s right-hand-man and caretaker of Axle, always making sure that Razgran’s heir was not harmed. Razgran was the only Warlord and King in all of Vorna that went into battle with his soldiers.
“Axle!” the shout of Jaime echoed through the streets, followed by the galloping of a horse. Jaime rode up, baring his Round-Axe. “We are called to battle! Quick!” Axle spun on his heels and ran up to Jaime, jumping up onto the horse’s back. Jaime spurred the horse onwards, down the road that wound around the hill that the castle of Gorgranek sat on.

Axle sat in his saddle, holding his axe at his side. Thammund nickered as he looked out onto the Gorgranek plains, facing south. Razgran sat on his white horse, Wynd, holding his longsword firmly with both hands. He was one of few who could ride their horse by steering with their legs, allowing him to bare a weapon two-handed if need be. The city walls stood two or three hundred metres behind them, giving them nowhere to run, but somewhere to hide. Axle shifted in his saddle, looking at the black line on the horizon. The sun was setting, and snow covered the ground. In Axle’s experience with the Mortegar he had realised that they would only ever come in winter. And winter it was. Axle spoke his mind to Jaime, who was next to him. “These are perfect conditions for wraiths.” He whispered, daring not to break the silence.
“How would you know?”
“I’ve grown up behind chased and attacked by the Mortegar. They mainly attack my father, but given the chance they would hurt me, and in the most devilish of ways.”
“We’ll just have to see.”
“Strike them on the head. It damages them the most.”
“I never said that these were actually wraiths, brother.”
“I know, but–”
“Quite in the lines!” boomed Rarron. A cloud passed over the sun and the black line on the horizon disappeared. Axle heard a snicker, and turned to his right.
“Did you hear that?”
“Hear what?”
“It came from over there, at the middle of the wing, near Harrison.
“It was nothing. You’re imagining th–”
“ARRGH!” Harrison screamed, and was pulled off of his horse by an unknown assailant. Several more people fell from around Harrison’s previous position, followed by Rarron. Axle spurred Thammund hard, and the horse shot forward, dodging through the lines of cavalry. At the edge of the wing, Axle dived forward off of Thammund’s back. Rarron had been sucked down through the ground where the ground had turned to black liquid, and Axle splashed in. He was falling down, through the blackness, and he hit the ground with a thud. Next to him laid the form of an unconscious Rarron. He leant over his father, and shook him.
“Commander, Commander! Wake up Commander!” almost just as soon as Axle had grabbed him, Rarron was pulled downwards through the floor by an invisible force. Axle pulled viciously on Rarron, but the force was to strong, and Axle fell forward on the floor with a whack, winding him. He stood up, walking forwards into nothing. He was suddenly jerked downwards by the force and his leg was pulled through the ground. He tried to get a grip on the ground but it was too slippery, and he fel through. The next moment Axle was being dragged out of the pool of liquid by Jaime, and around them the warriors of the RedClad Forces were fighting against the Mortegar. Several bulks walked around with menacing clubs, with what looked like a grin on their faces. Rarron was a few feet away, dripping wet with the black liquid, fighting a wraith. Axle leapt up and grabbed his Round-Axe, and slew the wraith that was overpowering Rarron with a single smash to the skull. He went on to smash the head’s of three more wraiths with ease. Now he was faced by a grinning bulk, which swung a mace. Axle had recently bought some more of the small marbles that he used to fight the Mortegar, and flung one into the bulk’s mouth. The wraith exploded in a burst of blackness and light, and the light killed several more wraiths. A wave of the smaller wraiths, known as crawlers, which were the height of a dog, rushed at Axle, knocking him over. At least twenty more jumped onto the pile, all-pushing to get a bite of flesh. The crawlers were not substantial at all, and were just ordered around by the Mortegar to do their bidding. Axle struggled and struggled, but he could not move. His nose was overpowered by their stench, his mouth rank with the taste of his blood and their breath, and his flesh being torn by their claws and teeth. He finally got a marble from its pouch and held it up to the beasts. They burst open with a spurt of black blood and light. He stood up, dripping with wraith-liquid and guts. A single, lone crawler jumped at him, ripping his shirt across his right breast, leaving a deep scratch. Axle punched the crawler off his chest, standing on it. The last few lives of the wraiths were ended, as was the battle of Gorgranek. Axle walked back to Thammund, for once he would be glad to wash before going to bed.


Sixteen years later

Axle sat in his throne, looking over his subjects. Leaned on the right side of his throne was his Round-Axe, on the left side his Hammer, and three feet to his right stood Yl, his right-hand-man, holding his sheathed Broadsword. Razgran had died eleven years ago, and now Axle was the Flame of the RedClad Forces. Razgran had been stabbed through the chest by a bulk, and, in the first three seconds of being the Flame, Axle killed the bulk who killed his King. The battle that Razgran was killed in was a war between the Mortegar and the humans had raged for 15 years, and it had ended just the other day. The force of the RedClad had been at the Fort of Krahk, and they had to abandon the historical place that had stood for thousands of years, but now it lay in ruins. Axle sat in his throne, just hoping that the same would not happen to Gorgranek.
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Re: Character List

Name: Maria

Age: 27

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Hair: Straight blond hair goes down about half way down back. Its style changes almost daily.

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 124’ lbs

Height: 5’8

Weapon: She wields a small saber that was built specifically for her. It is fairly plain with no special designs or markings to speak of.

Armor: None.

Strengths: She is strong willed, and never likes to give up. She fights fiercely when she believes someone she loves is in danger. She is extremely quick on her feet never allowing an opponent to catch up. She is also very quick minded, and can find solutions to problems other could not.

Weakness: She has a light frame meaning she can be thrown around with a relative ease. She is fairly new to battling with people who are aiming to kill her so this inexperience can prove troublesome. While she has some amazing powers they are still new to her, and she cannot wield them as well as she would like. At times she can get very emotional, and lose focus in the heat of battle. Also she needs to concentrate hard to use her powers, which can prove troublesome.


Telekinesis: The power to move objects with her mind, while useful, and deadly she cannot lift thing that equal heaver then five six times her own weight. It takes more concentration the heaver the object happens to be.

Pyrokinesis: She can control flames with her mind in a similar matter to her previous power. The large the flame the more concentration it takes on her part, and she needs a flame to use as she cannot herself make fire.

Flight: Among these she can fly with the greatest of easy. While technically she could fly forever it take a lot of energy to keep afloat when using her other powers.

Appearance: She has a very small round face, with small eyes and a similar sized nose. She wears a headband of sorts to keep her straight blond hair out of her eyes. Her body is shall we say curvy with a light tanned color. She usually wears a long skirt, and dressy shirt out in public, but if she thinks a battle is near she will change into shorts, and a long sleeved shirt. The style and color changes by the day, usually blue, red, or purple, she rarely wears pink yellow or black as main colors, but mostly for accessories. She has three different pairs of earrings that interchange between days, the first are a pink and yellow combination that hangs down about to her shoulders. The second are black studs that she only puts on if she knows a battle is coming. The third are small gold loops these are by far he favorite pair. Over all one would call her pretty, cute, or beautiful although she would disagree.

Personality: Outside of battle she is energetic, out going, and sometimes childish. always looking to help those in need. She is particularly emotional at times, but she also can sense when someone is upset even if they don’t say it. In battle she tends to scout the opponent first, and try to figure out a way to beat them. Usually she wont show any sort of power till it was an absolute necessity. She is kind and caring for all people, and Maria hate the idea of killing, but will if it is the only option. In all, she is a very passionate person who always places feelings above logic, with a personalites that completely contridicts her lover tsuukai.

Biography: Maria led a fairly simple life on the island of Crete. Her parents died bringing her over, and she was raised by a middle class family, she never disliked her adopters she just knew they weren’t really her family as they knew although she always called them by mom and dad as any child would.. As a child she was quite adventurous, always getting into trouble, and the like.

At the age of eight she was exploring a cliff by the edge of the island, about 50 feet up when suddenly the part she was standing on gave way leaving her hanging by one hand. She cried for help, but no soul came save a baby dragon. It grabbed her by the shirts, and took her to its home, which was actually part of the ruins of the ancient labyrinth. From then on out she felt a bond with the beast even as it grew to be a large monster she loved it.

By ten her adopted father decided to teach her fighting, he knew a time would come when she would have to leave the island and fight, and he couldn’t let her go without knowledge of the sword. She was fairly good no amazing, but still good.

When she was twenty-seven her adopted father, and her step-sister brought home a man who was found unconscious on the beach, he was the man who would forever changer her life, he was the legendary Tsuukai Ita. He awoke saying he was looking for a book to defeat the infector. She decided to help him by going with him using her dragon friend to cross the sea, and the land.

They journey for a long time before they found themselves trapped in a forest, Tsuukai was drained, and weak from an energy draining snake, but he still managed to save her. They escaped to find her dragon had been kidnapped and sent to the same castle that held the book Tsuukai was looking for. They traveled a long way by horse until they where attack, Tsuukai was put into a magic binding spell, and ordered her to run with his precious silver cross.

The cross was a key to another world where the god Ti’rulth lived. He trained her, and helped her to unlock her powers so she could save the one she loved, Tsuukai Ita. She managed to pass the training, and save Tsuukai from the castle. From there they went to the palace of Anastacia Angel, the infector.

As the entered the throne room they where met with a deadly secret, there entire journey was an elaborate trap to capture Tsuukai and force him to do Stacia’s bidding. Tsuukai ordered her to run once again, but this time she refused, but Tsuukai persisted that if she wanted to live to save him again then she must. She ran through the door whence she came, not before looking back, and seeing Tsuukai charge the three evils that tricked them.

After long, and hard battles Maria, with alot of help from Zorlo returned Tsuukai to his mental state, but they where soon ambushed by an over powered Shinu. Maria was quickly delt with by the dark master, but not before confessing her feelings to Tsuukai in the form of a kiss.

After Tsuukai, and Zorlo finally managed to defeat Shinu, they brought her to a nearby hospital. When she awoke, and after a few days of rest, Tsuukai, and maria continued their journey together. To where? Only the Gods know.
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Re: Character List

*approved by the shot of power (powershot)*

Name: Witer Zhalfirin pronunciation-(winter without the “n”. zaul-fear-in)

Age: 12(life span of a goblin is 41 years)

Race: Goblin

Sex: male

Hair: none

Eyes: yellow pupils, bloodshot

Weight: 79 lbs.

Height: 4 foot 2 inches.

Weapon(s): He carries sticks of dynamite and other explosives and also a goblin short sword. Razor sharp and it is 1 foot 3 inches from pommel to point. They hilt is made of simple leather and the blade is steel. He also carries around a pouch of tools that could be used as a last resort.

Armor: he has metal cappings covering his fingers(explained in bio) and leather boots.

Strengths: being a goblin, he is very smart and agile. His knowledge is vast but tries not to be a show off. Despite his size, he can hold his own in a battle, utilizing his speed to take down his enemies. Also he has excellent night vision and hearing.

Weaknesses: Goblin’s aren’t one of the stronger races out there, and if he is battling anything bigger than the average human, he will have a tough time. Also he has little armor, making him vulnerable to heavy hits. Also, he hates the cold and is weak against any sort of wintry attacks.

Skills/Magic: Witer is an exceptional mechanic and engineer and carries around a leather pouch filled with various tools. He has a wide knowledge of different machines and can fix lots of things. Witer knows little magic, only a simple fire spell to light a fuse, torch or something along those lines.

Appearance: Witer has a slightly crazed look, just as most other goblins do. His body has little fat, the rest being muscle bone. His skin is green and he wears rugged leather boots worn from travel. Brown cloth pants, down to his leather boots with a hole in the back side for his short tail. A bandana tied with a leather strip and a feather and a few beads, which covers his bald head and a pair of goggles rest on his forehead when he isn’t working.

Personality: Witer is a very go getter type of person and he talks very fast and often it takes a bit to understand him completely. He believes he can fix anything and often says so although this has never been proven. As all goblins, Witer is a prankster and has a habit of getting into trouble when he can’t contain himself. He tries to make others laugh and he smiles a lot, revealing sharp, slightly yellow teeth. Witer is one of the few goblins that tries to take care of his teeth and protects them with his life. Also like most other goblins he is very hyper and energetic and is always up for a challenge, even if it means certain death.

Bio: Witer was born into a warrior clan that lived high in the mountains, scavenging for berries, hunting mountain goats and fighting other goblin clans. But witer never seemed to fit in. His father trained him well, and on his 5 birthday was given a sword that his father claimed could outlast the mountains as long as he was a fighter. Sure he always fought when he was told to, often battling other goblin clans for territory but he found engineering and mechanics much more interesting, a profession looked down upon in his clan. His father, the clan leader often found Witer messing with a mechanic chicken or something along those lines and scolded him often. At the age of 10, Witer always felt he could be spending his time doing something else and confronted his father finally.His father was fed up with his silly ideas and he was banished for his “Deranged” ideas. He travelled down the mountains, carrying his sword and a pouch of berries. He wandered across empty plains and through lush green forests until he came to a human city. After wandering around and almost gettig run over by a particularly mean horse, he saw a sign with a gear and a wrench on it, hanging over a metal doorway. He knocked on the door with his small green fist, hoping that someone would be here. Just when it seemed that no one was home, locks clicked and gears turned and the door swung open. A man with frazzled brown hair and a pair of goggles on his forehead, looked around and then looked down at the goblin.

"Becomeyourapprenticeplease?" Witer asked excitedly. The man laughed and nodded.

"Well sure, i could use some help. What is your name?" The man asked, taking his goggles off his forehead.

"Mename'sWiteryesyes!" Witer said extending a hand. The man took it and shook it "I am john"and then showed witer inside.

John taught Witer many things, like how to properly use an armada of tools, and how to fix things that witer thought impossible to fix. When it seemed John had taught him all he knew, John presented Witer with a fine black leather pouch that was filled with all sorts of tools.

"Good job Witer, you have learned all i can teach you" John said patting him on the head. Witer decided to leave the next morning and then headed off to bed.

That night, a knock came at the door, and Witer answered it. He was kicked aside by a large man with a large sword strapped to his back and a tattoo of a skull with a sword coming through the dome of the skull. On the edge of consciousness, Witer overheard them talking.

“You are late on your payment” The tattooed man said.

“I know, please I need more time” John said, his voice shaking.

“No, no more ‘I need more time’. You pay, NOW” he said, steel ringing as the man drew the large sword.

“I don’t have it, please show mer” but he was cut off by the blade sliding into his chest. The tattooed man lighted a torch, poured some oil on a wooden workbench and lit it. the heat awoke Witer and he saw John lying ina pool of blood. In his hand he held a diamond shaped box, and Witer grabbed it before escaping with his personal belongings. The diamond shaped box was a matte black, except for a small red and orange eye etched into one of the faces. It had seems in it, so it could be opened but nothing could open it. Sad for John's death, Witer wandered the streets, seeking revenge but it was useless, the man had vanished. He left the town, wandering the world, Witer searches for new and wondrous things to build and create, to avenge John, and find out how to open the black box.

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Re: Character List

Approved by Aex.

Okay, this is my RPG character Raiku, who I made not long ago, almost a year ago now. I have completely made up everything about him from scratch and he belongs completely to me. So anyway, here I go!...

(P.S ThEShAdOwGeRuDo (TSG) is another of my RPG characters (My first and main character) incase you're wondering while you read this, whos profile I'm hoping to get up as soon as possible, after I've posted around a bit with Raiku, who I've already used tons and know a lot, and am totally used to, who infact is starting to be one of my favourite RPG characters, so yeah, just so you know ^^ TSG is another of my characters, who you can read about later once I get her profile up. I already have her profile written, infact I did ages ago, but I thought I would post Raiku first ^^Enjoy.)

(P.S.2 Suoken is yet again another of my RPG characters who again over time I will post a profile of ^^ Enjoy Raiku's Profile.)

(P.S.3! XD Floyvilie is again another of my RPG characters, whos profile YET AGAIN I'm hoping to get up. X) Carry on.)

Raiku's Profile

Name: Raiku -- Forest and Earth Guardian
Age: 14 Human Years.
Gender: Male
Hair: Blonde
Height: 157 Centimetres (5 Foot 2 Inches)
Weight: 8 Stone (112 Pounds)
Eyes: Blue, except for when they glow green during powerful spells, and when they change grey, whilst unconscious or dead.
Skin Colour: Skin Colour (As the English, White?)
Race: Forethan
Alignment: Neutral
Element: Earth, Plant, and Forest.
Companion(s): None
Wearing (Appearance): Headpiece of the Guardian; a top which looks somewhat like a poncho, but not, with leaf designs around the edges, and the Guardian Design of the Forest relating somewhat to the plant, Ivy. Pants designed with leaves and the Guardian Design of the Forest. One (sort of leather, I'll get a picture of it soon) glove on his left hand. At knees legnth down his pants is his knife sheaths. Base colour of clothing: Green.
(Drawn by me!)

Instrument: None
Location: Anywhere really, mostly around Forest and Earth.
Mother: Misuke (Drawn By Me!)- Dead, Aged 29
Father: Unknown
Sister: Floyvilie(Again, Drawn By Me!) - 11
Interests: Nothing really. See Also: Likes
• “Weak.”
• “Stupid.”
• *Cuts person’s palm.* “Did that hurt? Then you’re weak.”
Elemental Weaknesses:
• Fire, Wind, and Darkness.
General Weaknesses:
• Gets aggravated rather too easily. (Doesn’t like to be called “Kid”, “Boy”, “Shortie” or anything along that line, so he tends to take out his anger in violence, which can be quite a bit hesitant. (Short Tempered)
• His attacks are not too difficult to counter, IF he doesn’t concentrate on his battle.
• His attacks aren’t all that strong, IF he doesn’t make an effort.
• Can’t stand dense, compact and compressed places, including indoors.
• Being Lazy, he tends not to put much effort in his attacks and battles.
• Is not so strong physically and mentally, but not too bad.
• When dire things happen, and he’s being faced by many foes at once, he can tend to get a little confused if they taunt and mock him, although once again that sarcasm will be used to cover it up.
• He has a rather shallow mind, and certain things he finds hard to understand.
• If something gives him nostalgia, he’ll not be able to get over it for ages.
• Has no resistance to illusions which are used against him quite often, solely for that reason; he can’t stand illusions, and will freak out.
Elemental Stregnths:
• Water, light, and of course Earth and Forest which takes almost next to no effect.
General Stregnths:
• Immune to any and all forms of poisons. (Well, 90%, of course he won’t be immune to poisons he is not aware exist…)
• If he puts great effort into his attacks, they can be very deadly.
• Fast in both movements and attacks
• Usually keeps sarcastic during battles to help cover up his fear and pain, which sometimes also helps keep him calm.
• Rather smart in his moves, and can plan ahead in his attacks and spells.
• Takes less damage while he’s fighting around Forest and Earth.
• Has a good sense of other people’s presence.
• Brave and pretty strong. Far from a Coward.
• Although he is lazy, he never gives up in a battle.
• Doesn’t really fall for traps and the such, or “oldest tricks in the book”.
• He barely falls unconscious, but that doesn’t mean he can’t.
• Sarcasm
• “Taking the piss”
• Teasing Floyvilie (His little sister)
• Privacy, although at times it’s very "disturbing", according to him.
• Fighting (Obviously)
• Putting his hands in his pockets
• TSG very slightly (See "Inner depth Description as to why it is that Raiku has a slight liking towards TSG")
• Getting revenge
• Disliking things
• Mostly everyone.
• People who call him, “Kid, Boy, Tiny…” etc.
• Being a Guardian.
• Clever talk against him.
• Being contradicted.
• Being underestimated.
• When everyone think things are his fault and when he’s expected to do something about it.
• Being treated like a child.
• Being yelled at for petty and stupid reasons.
• Talking about his past and being reminded of it. (Nostalgia)
• Compact, Dense, and compressed places; spending too much time indoors, and stale air.
• When people copy his form.
• Sour and Spicy things.
• Illusions.
• Having to think too hard.
• Mostly everything actually.
Far from the quiet type, but one of those calm ones. Raiku has that sarcastic and short-tempered attitude. He’s one who at times would rather keep to himself than socialise. It’s hard to call him a brat or spoiled as he has no family, besides his little sister, Floyvilie, who he’d prefer to have nothing to do with, as he just finds her weak, annoying, and a get-in-the-way. He has no cares or regrets, and he wishes that the Forest and Earth Guardian responsibility was not his. He’s more on the Lazy side, and so he’s pretty much against any work and anything which involves a big effort being put into it.
He’s pretty proud, and stubborn, filling in any other gaps is the resentment and hate towards almost everyone, cloaked with a sugary coating of his so-called humour, which is just more indignant and bitter sarcasm.
He seems to be calm, cool and collected all the time, with an impish smirk across his face, walking around somewhat solemnly, despite the face that he can have quite a hot-headed temper and his anger can be poured out through violence; although deep down, he has a hidden fear, which he wishes to KEEP hidden from everyone else, and the rest of the world…

Inner depth description as to why it is that Raiku has a slight liking towards TSG:
Obviously, there’s the typical “they-look-pretty” nonsense, although Raiku’s not one of that kind, barely even looking at that. He sees more a similarity between the two of them, and pretty much agrees with TSG’s perception of things, and her so-called doctrines, such as how everyone deserves to just die, and the hatred towards everyone.
Not only that, but he’s also somewhat drawn to her darkness, which by the every sight of her influences him more and more, watering his hate into growth. Envying her strength and power comes in the same bushel of apples, as he is not satisfied with his own.
His feelings are not strong, and he rarely makes them obvious, which is what he prefers to do. His thoughts scarcely consist of her, only with the occasional and rare one-or-two second image of her splitting through his mind, and he barely takes notice of that anyway, either.
All in all, it’s nothing to fuss about, and no big deal, although who knows whether his feelings will grow or not, perhaps he’ll fall down the other line, and they weaken, before they fade away completely and disappear. Who knows?

1) Two Earthen Knives, which most of the time he’ll poison. They look a lot like Elven knives, but with an Earthen look to them. If he loses possession of them, within a certain range, he can hold his hands out, and automatically (after being surrounded by spinning leaves) the knives will reappear in his hands (like a teleportation spell on the knives).
Offensive Magic: (I can’t even begin to list everything, especially since he can basically control any and all forms of plants and the earth, so I’ll write a few (20) basic spells and a few of his more powerful spells to give you some idea… (Alphabetical order))
1) Algae - A form of algae -- moss or fungus, whichever suits you best-- forms over the opponent’s body, which can cause severe skin problems and eventually damage inside their body. Great distraction, with the irritation and all.
2) Fox Glove - From this flower it is the leaves which Raiku only looks at. They’re highly poisonous. ‘Nuff said.
3) Hitch Hikers - You know those annoying little plant-seed things which stick to your socks and pants when you’re outside in summer? They stick to your cat’s fur too? Well, he uses these too, except the quantity, quality and size is far greater. He often uses these as a distraction, since when his opponent is busy trying to get the little things off themselves, they’re open to Raiku’s bigger, and more powerful spells. He poisons them sometimes too, since they’re quite difficult to dodge once being thrown at you, but who says he has to throw them? Hiding them in tall grass works well…
4) Humatrap Flower - It’s basically named differently to the flytrap flower, but exactly the same, and instead of intending to catch flies, it’s for humans (Or whatever and whoever he’s fighting) and works extremely well with tall grass. It looks like a giant thistle without the pricks, and the bottom leaf-parts are the catcher in which you can get caught in. Originally, this plant has many small catchers around its base, but the Humatrap only has 3 to 5, and are very large however. This is why it works so well with tall grass. The catchers look like toothed hair clips, except plant-like. Once you step into it, it’ll shut on you at an amazing speed of taking a fiftieth of a second, and when you’re in it, there’s no easy escape. This strange plant will partially eat you alive, but that process isn’t quick, however. Your skin will most likely end up being torn off and eaten by this plant which it lives off. Also, it’ll be deadly if the teeth are poisoned, as there are over 100 individual teeth on either end. Raiku only may cast one of these plants a day, and when each catcher has finished with its victim, it dies, after passing on the flesh it’s caught onto the next catcher, which is giving it an extra catch (An extra life so to speak.) before it dies which passes its caught flesh on also, and so on and so forth.
5) Iris - Looks innocent enough, yes? This can sure shock you as you find yourself face down under its giant roots which can so suddenly spring out of the ground. They’re poisonous too, the roots I mean.
6) Ivy - Control all and any form of Icy for any purpose; can choke ones body causing critical inner damage (See also, “Poisonous Ivy”)
7) Leaves - Control the movements of leaves, and change them however he likes, and even though it may seem like a very basic spell, it can be used in many different powerful ways.
8) Mistletoe - Once you get this attached to you, hope you’re ready for your energy being drained. After it’s done and drained as much as it can, it’ll die and fall off.
9) Nettles - Control them however he pleases, and often he’ll use them at the beginning of a battle to cripple his opponent. However, the sting of his nettles are thrice the badness, and the stinging can cause very bad damage. Feel what it’s like to be cloaked in a spell like this…
10) Poison - He uses many forms of poisons, mostly to cover his knives, but he uses it plenty of other times. Also, sometimes he’ll coat his body in poison if for example he’s fighting a martial artist to increase the chance of them being poisoned. (See “Defensive Magic” - “Coat of Poison”)
11) Poisonous Ivy - He uses this more than the plain ivy itself, simply because it’s much more powerful, and I’m sure you know the effects of poisonous Ivy; if you don’t, well, let’s just say red raw burning and itching skin will make you wish you did.
12) Resin - Yeah, that stuff that comes out of trees, similar to sap? Well, this stuff is very high in acids which burn, and believe you me, if you get this on your skin (It sticks), it really hurts. Before long, you’ll realise that your skin has turned red raw, irritating like hell.
13) Roots - Ah, Typical again, yes? You won’t be laughing once you get yourself caught under a root or two. They can seriously pin you down, and done correctly can cause harsh damage. If you’re unlucky enough to have a few bones broken, you’d better think twice next time you laugh at typical spells like this. That’s where the great advantage comes in…
14) Sinking Mud - Quite like quicksand, but he may adjust it however he pleases. He finds it rather amusing to harden the mud once his opponent his half way through sinking, so they’re stick and completely open to his attacks…
15) Spitting Mud - Mud fight anyone? There’s only one mud thrower here though. It can get very annoying after a while of getting mud thrown at you, and very distracting. Once it’s on you, Raiku thinks it’s funny to harden it, causing your body great aggravation; get it all over your body and you’re screwed. Hard thick mud can be heavy you know…it’ll really slow you down, and god help you if you’re already slow. There’s the poison possibility again…
16) Tall Grass - Works extremely well with Hitch Hikers, Humatrap flower, and sinking mod, as well as surprise attacks. Nothing spectacular, but just a great distraction and crippilization to the opponent. Who says he can’t add to the grass blades a bit of poison too?
17) Thistles - Ouch, not much to say other than that these hurt…and they’re not small and easy to avoid…
18) Thorns - Even wooden splinters can’t piss you off as much as getting caught in a bunch of thorns. Maybe you’re image of thorns is those tiny little thorns which grow on rose bushes. No way. These are huge and they hurt. God forbid you get caught in one of his Thorn Bushes or Thorn Showers. Poison possibility again…
19) Vines - Very similar to Ivy, in fact there is not much difference besides this being a weaker, but faster attack.
20) Weeds - Yes, very Typical, but don’t underestimate it…Raiku doesn’t use weeds very often however, so not much is known what weed’s deadliness is. Maybe there’s some special reason to why he doesn’t use weeds much…they seem innocent enough…
A few of his more Complex Spells (4):
1) Blackthorn - First off, he forms a Makre. (Like a Hand Seal or something like that. Made by certain hand and arm motions.) Around his foe, leaves start to spin around extremely fast, preventing any escape, then poisonous ivy from out of the ground pins their legs down. Then, from out of god knows where, black thorns fall from overhead, which are black for a reason; they are covered in a rare black poison which no longer exists in this world; the black thorns represent death. What does the poison do, you ask? Well, many things; confusion, fear, extreme pain. Your body turns numb, and also stiff at the same time, as if it had crusted over. If the foe is extremely weak, it could be fatal. Also, the poison can enter your blood stream and harden, which would of course cause tremendous pain and eventually your breathing would slow down and if you’re blood stream isn’t flowing, you can’t have oxygen delivered to your body…
2) Choker Ivy - To start off, it’ll work best if his opponent is stuck and hardened into Sinking Mud, with their arms free however, but not for long. Forming another Makre, thick, bright green poisonous ivy springs out of the ground on either side of the foe. Then, each one clasps to the foe’s arms so tightly that the pain feels like their arms are about to be torn off; leaves sin around them from the speed they’re at, cause minor cuts, but because of the poisonous ivy, it feels like 1,000 knives are all cutting at the same time, and this is where the fun comes in. The Ivy feeds off the foe’s arm flesh, and grows along and up their body, not at the quickest of speeds however; eventually it’s made its way onto their whole body and it tightens, choking their body. This lasts for only a few mere moments, but it’s nasty.
3) Nettlcase - After the Makre again, and applying tall grass, the spell is complete, now wait for enemy…there you go. Raiku created a ditch in the ground among the tall grass which inside has a surrounding of nettles, which caves inward once the foe hits the ground, almost like a wall, but quite inescapable for that matter. Not much to say after all that, but it’s not as simple as a spell as you think. The quantity is high, very high, and the leaf tips are sticky poisoned too, and sometimes, he’ll drop a few drops of resin too. The nettles eventually become a rope around the foe. Red raw skin once again, stinging like hell. Once it’s off you, more moments later, I doubt you’ll want to ever move again.
4) Poison Flush - A Makre has been performed. If Raiku’s got one of his enemies stick in one of his basic traps suck as under roots for example, this is a great finish off. The shape of the poisonous element is formed in the air a few inches in front of the foe very rapidly, and once that’s done, three thorns will spit out of it into the foe’s neck, numbing their whole body. The poison seeps swiftly through their body; although the outcome of what exactly besides pain it’ll do all depends on the choice of poison Raiku decides to use. A few minutes later, the foe will be able to move, but Raiku will probably have finished them off by then, if not, then the poison will have, again depending on which one it is, and the foe’s strength.
Makre’s can only be formed by the sacrifice of a very, very tiny fraction of Raiku’s own energy, which at the time seems like next to nothing, but later it will all add up after he’s used quite a few complex spells.

Defensive Magic and Miscellaneous: (Again, I could never list everything, so yet again, here’s a few… 18)
1) Branch block - With the mere outstretch of his hand, multiple branches will block an attack. Although it is weak it’s very face and recurs rapidly.
2) Coat of Bark - When he is about to take critical damage, this temporary invisible armour sort-of-thing forms over and around his body, almost like an extra layer of skin. Once it’s taken the damage, it’ll appear and fall off like a scab, and crumble into dust. After a short period of five minutes, it'll regenerate, and when it's broken, the same cycle will occur and so on. This is automatic, and Raiku has little control of it himself.
3) Coat of Leaves - Not much different to Coat of Bark, except that it’s leaves instead of bark, and that it’s used for different sorts of attacks; strong against certain things and weak to others.
4) Coat of Poison - If he’s fighting a martial artist for example, he’ll do this - coat his body in poison, like an extra layer of skin - to increase the chance of the foe getting poisoned, as they’ll be fast. One thing though, the Coat of Poison is invisible, so the foe won’t know whether or not he has it anyway, except for the fact that when all Coats are applied, his eyes will glow green for a few moments.
5) Rock-Hard Shell-Mask - An invisible, rock-hard shell-mask. An Earthen face shield, which he casts and as he does, the earth in front of him takes his faced shape and acts like a mask. Try to hit his face and get red knuckles. (Complex spell. A Makre must be formed.)
6) Earthen fly-vision - Earth from the ground lifts up for half a second like an upside down waterfall in front of him, and then vanishes, but now everything for the next 3o seconds to him is in slow motion. Absolutely fantastic for avoiding powerful quick attacks.
7) Earthen Teleportation - Instead of his leaf teleportation, there’s this, in which his body is “eaten” by the earth, and he comes back out from in the ground else where. It’s slightly slower than the leaf teleportation, but can teleport further, and it’s good for surprise attacks, and he can stay in the ground for as long as he wants.
8) Earthen Illusion - He discovered a new poison of which he can use on someone, and link his own thoughts to, which enters the foe’s mind and an illusion is formed to them make it appear that Raiku is someone else, and sounds like someone else. Complex, more modern, and updated, yet better version of meta-morphing. The poison also removes all recollection of them being poisoned in the first place. The poison causes no damage whatsoever, and it wears off whenever Raiku pleases within the limit of one day (24 hours) before a renewing Makre must be made. Raiku just finds this spell very helpful as he finds it disturbing to use other people’s forms. (Complex spell. A Makre must be formed.)
9) Earthen Confusion - Another new poison Raiku discovered very much similar to the Earthen Illusion, except the foe sees triple of Raiku. A more Complex and updated version of duplicating; only lasts for a few minutes however.
10) Earthen Counter - Yet again another newly discovered poison which forces nearly half of the foe’s attacks to be countered back onto themselves by own force. (confusion from the poison) (Complex spell. A Makre must be formed.)
11) N/A
12) Ground-call - Like a giant shield, as Raiku casts, a giant chunk of earth comes from out of the ground in front of him, blocking very powerful attacks. (Complex spell. A Half Makre must be formed.)
13) Ivy-hands - For when there are multiple things such as knives being thrown at him, from within the ancient leaf Kaot’s (Like a Tattoo) on his body, strips of Ivy come forth and act like hands and catch the things being thrown, then bursting and crumbling into dust with the thing caught, so watch out, if you don’t want to lose your knives, it can be used for up to the max combo a day, three hours. (Complex spell. A Makre must be formed.)
14) Makre Twist - By using a Makre itself for a complex version of the Humatrap flower, the flesh caught is instead transformed into energy which Raiku obtains. It gives up to the energy amount of four Makre’s, in other words three, since one is used to cast the spell. Hardly worth it, but when you’re running out of energy and you’re like Raiku you’ll be wishing you had it…
15) Leaf Teleportation - Teleportation which occurs as leaves of all types swirl around him, picking up speed within 2 seconds and he’s vanished.
16) Backward Photosynthesis - Since he’s quite weak to darkness, this counter attack is brilliant. If you’re reading this, then you should be old enough and smart enough to know how photosynthesis works, right? Well, this is very backwards and twisted. Instead of absorbing light and changing it into energy and food, darkness is absorbed instead, and changed into light, and it’ll explode out of him very powerfully, and to great distance causing extreme pain and damage if hit with it, especially if you’re one of the darkness. (Complex spell. A Double Makre must be formed.)
17) Poison Absorb - From any poisonous plants of anything, Raiku may absorb the poisons and use them for his own, but what’s the point of absorbing if he can already control poisons freely, you ask? Simple. The speed of them entering one’s bloodstream and damage is doubled. (Complex spell. A Double Makre must be formed.)
18) Photosynthesis - As light is absorbed, the photosynthesis process occurs, and is changed into energy which Raiku absorbs. It’s basically an alternate way of the Makre Twist, but a faster and simpler version, and it doesn’t depend on the Humatrap results, which depends whether or not flesh is obtained; but the downside is that only the amount of energy replenished equals out to 2 Makres instead of 3 which the Makre Twist gives. (Complex spell. A Makre must be formed.)
Special Magic: (Yet again I can’t list all of them, as many are unknown also, so here are a couple…)
1) Dancing Blackthorn - Under his left hand glove rests the taboo Kaot of a leaf, which can unleash all inviolable spells of the Forest and Earth. No Makre’s must be formed which violates the way of the Forethan. This Kaot can make this spell, the Dancing Blackthorn. Leaves spin around Raiku to the point where he is invisible. In front of the foe, the outline of a dancing figure appears formed by leaves, and only seconds later it stops, and black thorns and replicas of Raiku’s knives which are black stick into the foe’s body, and completely paralyses them, knocking them unconscious. The leaves vanish and return into the Kaot. The only downside of these overpowered spells is that they’ll completely drain Raiku of his energy and will find himself desperately gasping for breath. Worth it, or not?
2) Taboothian Snake of the Venom - After the removal of his glove, his Kaot will glow, and the outline of a snake will form in front of him and then fade away, as Raiku is surrounded by leaves again. Then, the ground will tremor and in front of Raiku a few mere metre’s forward, an enormous snake with the same Kaot’s as him, will emerge from within the ground. Raiku has complete control over it to tell it whatever he wants, which of course why it’s so life draining. He’ll obviously command it to obliterate his enemy. Then, without repeating the gory details, he’ll completely demolish and annihilate his foe, and return to the earth below, into Raiku’s Kaot.

History (Biography):
In the world of Trindisě, there are three cities, Foreth - The Earthen and Forest citizen’s home -- The Forethans. Fireth - the Fire citizen’s home -- The Firethans. And Watereth - The Water and Ice citizen’s home -- The Waterethans. All live as one, although each city are hundreds of miles apart, the spam of empty land filled with the three elements - sea, forest and fire.
Living with his mother and his sister, Raiku grew up in the northen city of Foreth. Strong willed and high spirited, he caught on to learning the way of the Forethan very quickly, faithfully learning Earthen and Forest magic daily.
When he was born, his parents learnt that he brandished a taboo Kaot on his left hand, and both knew what this meant…and that once ‘it’ was done on him…it would stimulate…
But there was not much they could do then; they would just have to wait until the right time came…
Every twelve years, the tournament which determines the “New World Guardian” takes place, which had occurred once in Raiku’s childhood, four years into his birth, and a year before his sister was born. He and his mother watched it, when it began on the first day of June.
It would last for the period of Sixteen Days, with 32 contestants, two matches a day.
Raiku’s father entered the tournament. He was set for 5 Matches if he was not knocked out. His first match was two days into the Tournament, which would be versus one of his own element. A Forethan.
And of course he won that match as you would be able to predict, onto his next match.
His next match was in 7 days, on the 9th day of the Tournament.
Below is a Tournament Tree of the “New World Guardian” Tournament. (Click to open)
New World Guardian Tournament Tree
(Tournament Tree Created By Me! XD)

If your thoughts are wondering where this Tournament took place, the answer is this…
In the centre of the world of Trindisě, directly south of Foreth, east of Fireth, and west of Watereth, lies the forth city, Windeth, which would only appear visible at the time of the Tournaments, whilst the other years it was as if it didn’t exist.
Now, after going through three more battles, Raiku’s father realised he was through to the finals, after managing to defeat two of his own kind, a Firethan, on the skin of a tooth, and a Waterethan. And now he was against another Firethan in his latch match. A young girl seven years younger than he. However, he was absolutely thrashed by the Firethan girl, who became the new World Guardian of Trindisě.
Humiliated, disgraced and ashamed by his loss, Raiku’s father that night told Raiku’s Mother, who was three months pregnant, that he was going to go on a journey of which he would not return.
However much Misuke pleaded with him, his ears were deafened to her and eyes blinded by his own pride, shame and selfishness.
And he told Raiku to forget him, to erase all memories of his existence. Too young to understand Raiku could only cry and please “Please let me and mother come with you.”
But it was to no avail, the next day he disappeared.
The pain of his father’s disappearance always lingered within Raiku for the next three years, until slowly the memory faded away…
And as for Misuke, well, her emotions were too much for words, until it was that her emotions too began to fade away.
Floyvilie was born, and she grew up as a cute, average child of the Forethan. But Raiku…as he grew up, his heart hardened towards the world, and he refused to have anything to do with anyone else, except his family.
A few more years passed, as the two of them, Raiku and Floyvilie, grew fast, and learnt the magic way, and eventually Raiku even obtained two knives of his own.
The birthdates of the two of them were Raiku - June 8th, and Floyvilie - April 2nd.
About six months before the Elemental Guardian Tournament, Misuke felt both Raiku and Floyvilie were old enough and ready for ‘it’. The Awakening of the Makre.
It hadn’t been a great deal of time before Raiku’s father left that he’d taught Misuke this spell. Now it was her time to set it into action.
She formed a Makre in front of her, and two objects appeared - A Necklace, and a Leather Brown Glove. She took both and gave the necklace to Floyvilie, and the glove to Raiku, as she explained what they were for.
On the left palm of Raiku’s hand, a Kaot appeared, with the image of a leaf. His mother explained to him that he needed to wear his glove over his left hand at all times, and of course Raiku questioned why, and she would reply to him that he would find that out for himself, and repeated to never remove his glove.
To Floyvilie she explained that whenever her necklace was worn, her Makre energy would be strong, and that her fears would melt away under the blossoms of spring.
Both Raiku and Floyvilie saw this as some kind of Riddle, but nodded, as they each took that what was given to them.
As that year’s spring came, Floyvilie and Raiku would often spend their days in the gardens of their house. Floyvilie often questioned Raiku about their farther, and Raiku would reply with a long silence, and say that he was not coming back.
Floyvilie did not understand him, but what could she do? She didn’t miss her father, as she did not know him, but she often wondered about him and where he’d gone, and why.
Raiku was now 11, and Floyvilie 8. Raiku had already started going down the road of life which he now walks on. He already began to despise his own sister, and when she’d ask him questions on whether or not their mother would tell her more about her father, he would yell at her not to and told her to forget about it quickly, and he would even threaten her.
Now, only Four and a half months after Misuke had performed the Awakening of the Makre for Raiku and Floyvilie, something very terrible happened.
Beforehand, a few Firethans from the city of Fireth had been planning to raid Foreth in their selfishness, to give them more a chance at winning the Tournament, so now they set it into action. During the night they raided.
Many Forethans ran around frantically for their lives, searching for safety, as everything set ablaze, spreading within minutes.
Misuke told Raiku in a fit of fear to flee with Floyvilie and take her to the town of Watereth and wait for her there, but Floyvilie had to be forced into it.
Escaping their house, Raiku pulled Floyvilie out as they ran slightly, only stopping seconds later by Floyvilie as she gasped, dashing back towards their house -- Her necklace.
Raiku just yelled, shouted and cursed at her, chasing after her. In the meantime, Misuke hurried to collect everything important and flee, but she was too late, as the door to their house was kicked down and three Firethans entered.
At the same time, Floyvilie frantically searched for her necklace through the blazing house as Raiku screamed at her for her stupidity. Eventually, she found it and Raiku dragged her out of the house.
The shrill sound of their Mother’s screams filled their ears as they ran the completely opposite direction to her, and Raiku had to stop Floyvilie from running back to the house, as he told her it was too late, and she was gone; she wasn’t coming back.
After three days of travelling they reached Watereth, tear filled eyes on Floyvilie’s side, and worn out Raiku.
But there was not much help the Waterethans could offer. It was a City for those of the water, not the Forethans. They were forced to look after themselves for one and a half months more, until they decided to return to their hometown, only to find ruins.
They never found their mother’s body, and when they returned to the ruins of the house, nothing remained.
For three hours straight, Floyvilie cried, as Raiku just scornfully watched her. No longer they had a home, a family no more, they had nothing.
Floyvilie stared at the necklace which hung on her neck as Raiku glared down at her, until suddenly pink blossoms of a tree of spring fell softly around them, everything else whitened. The blossoms vanished mere moments later and Raiku and Floyvilie found themselves in the City of Windeth, which gave Raiku nostalgia.
A man approached him and told him that he’d been expected, and his match was about to begin.
Raiku was slightly stunned, but he accepted it. He entered the Elemental Guardian Tournament.
This particular Tournament took place 6 years before and after the World Guardian Tournament, at the same time and the same place, except it would determine the Three Elemental Guardians for the three cities, from only 24 contestants.
He was set into group A, for three battles if he won each one. His first opponent was versus his own element, an Forethan Girl. The battle begun.
The girl obtained the first attack, as she floored Raiku, afterwards pinning him down under an invisible rope formed by leaves. Raiku quickly countered it.
Now, to list all the details of each battle would be a drag and bore you as well as use up unnecessary space, but so I don’t completely extinguish your intriguity, I’ll shorten down the phrases to more interesting parts and summarize the rest of the battle.
Throughout most of the battle there was much countering and pointless effort wasted on poisons, when of course both were probably immune to them. Many Makre’s were used both sides, and they both eventually found themselves at their limits, and Raiku had to accept the face that he was pinned down under six roots.
But was this the case?
Approaching behind the girl, Raiku forced both his knives down and through her back, as he smirked,
“I thought you were immune to poisons.”
The girl’s eyes broadened, as she realised she had fallen into a trap. Raiku’s Earthen Confusion had been used on her, as she wouldn’t be immune to a poison she had no idea existed, as Raiku himself hid within the ground, waiting for the right moment to strike, as she left herself open.
The Raiku under the roots vanished, as Raiku was affirmed the winner, to move on in the tournament, for another battle, and if victorious, to the finals.
His next match would be 12 days later, against a Waterethan. As he left the arena, Floyvilie congratulated him, with great ecstasy. Raiku merely smirked as he muttered the word “weak”.
Floyvilie found her brother hard to understand, but she hoped one day that would change.
For the next twelve days, Raiku and Floyvilie kept themselves quite intrigued with the other tournament battles, which some days, lasted as long as eight hours.
The days flew by, and it was not long before Raiku realised his next battle was nigh.
A battle against one of the water wouldn’t be hard, especially versus the earthen element, as water grows earth.
But it all began on the wrong note, only going downhill. Attempting many poisons against the Female Waterethan hardly fazed her.
Details shall not be repeated, but let’s trail over to how this battle ended.
Widening his eyes, Raiku glared down at hit feet which were stuck in a puddle of water, as he discovered he himself had fallen for a trap, as his own hitchhiker traps he’d set earlier stuck to his pants, into his skin, as on the spikes, water seeped from the puddle into his body, into his bloodstream.
He felt his body being controlled.
The Waterethan explained to Raiku that now she had full control over his limbs for a short period of time, and declared that she would now win, and the battle would be over.
As she held out her right arm, Raiku held out his left, facing her, which she used to have her control over him.
Raiku glared down as his right arm reached for his leg-pouch pulling out his knife, which he held out now in front of him.
And that’s where the Waterethan made her big mistake. Raiku grinned.
The girl’s breath caught in her throat, as she slowly turned her head to glare behind her, to see the mini trunk of a tree with a giant thorn atop it, dug in her back, poison dripping from it.
She looked back at Raiku, who had now outstretched hands controlling his spell; the girl fell flat on her face forward, as she then suddenly felt her body completely paralysed.
And that pretty much confirmed Raiku’s victory, followed by applauses and cheers, Floyvilie as one of them, happily clapped her hands with a beaming smile.
Raiku lowered his hands and sighed in relief, striding over to his defeated adversary, staring down at her, as she weakly muttered in question, “How?!”
Raiku proceeded to explain how when his hands faced his enemy and he then in his mind said the name of the spell, it would work; and he then sarcastically thanked her.
He then made his way over to Floyvilie, who congratulated him, as he laughed sarcastically again.
He was now through to the finals, and to determine his opponent, the next day’s match would take place.
Raiku’s next match was due in 5 days, when the final decision on whether or not he was worth for the Guardian would be decided.
The next day both Floyvilie and Raiku intently watched the battle between a Firethan and one of their own kind, a Forethan, with the hopes that the Forethan would go through, merely because Raiku stood no chance against one of the fire.
But it was not of any use, as the Forethan was thrashes, and Raiku’s final battle foe was decided.
A Firethan -- the worst he could have asked for.
Floyvilie stared up at Raiku’s blank, yet worried face as his foe was determined, but then it changed to a smirk.
Those quick 5 days passed, and the finals arrived. When Raiku arrived at the battle stage, his opponent was not there. He waited, until about half an hour passed by, as did everyone else, and everyone figured his opponent was not coming today.
Then, someone came onto the battle stage and proclaimed to everyone that the Firethan would be late, and would arrive in a couple of days. Raiku’s final match was then delayed for two days later, the final match out of every Tournament match, after the other two final matches, which decided who the other two Guardians were.
So a couple more days passed, until Raiku’s match arrived.
Raiku made his way into the arena, and as did his foe, the Male Firethan. His name was Suoken. (Again Drawn By Me!)
They exchanged a few words and taunts, before the battle began.
The first attack went to Raiku, as Suoken's legs were coiled in poison ivy from the ground, which he merely angrily burnt off. Then he angrily charged forward, blasting forth a powerful spell.
Raiku smirked, forming a Makre, as a chunk of earth from the ground blocked the attack, as it burnt away into smoke, and Raiku was hit with a surprise swift attack from behind, which knocked him to the ground.
And after that, everything tumbled terribly downhill.
He wasted most of his energy on defensive spells, which were an absolute waste, and were burnt away. He was gradually forced to the last Makre he could do.
Being knocked again and again to the ground, he felt he could lift himself up no more. A few metres away, his foe teased and mocked him.
“What’s the matter, Forest Boy? Too tired to get up? Scared? Ha, hah, ha!”
Raiku stared at his gloved left hand. It was all returning to him, his memories of his father. It was all happening the same. Would he end up like his father and lose? Then be too ashamed to live anymore?
Raiku bit his bottom lip, clenching his fist with the squeezing sound of the leather piercing to his ears. He would not follow his father’s way.
He forced himself to his feet, wiping away blood from his face, as he grinned, pulling off his glove, revealing the palm of his hand, where the taboo Kaot of the Forest, which resembled a leaf, rested on his palm.
There were a few gasps from the crowd.
“That taboo! The violation to all Forest and Earthen spells!”
Leaves suddenly from the ground twisted up and around Raiku, completely surrounding him, and Suoken stepped back, before backing away.
A few feet in front of the Firethan, the figure of a person was formed from the unusual manner of spinning leaves, as they suddenly began moving as if the person was dancing or something along the same line.
A pair of dark, illuminating green eyes stared at the boy from within the dancing leaves.
Suoken outstretched his hand for a spell, but he was cut short on that as the leaves stopped moving, and he felt his body numb. He glared down at his body to find several black poison-covered thorns and knives stuck in his body.
He stared up at Raiku, opening his mouth in shock, before falling backwards, and falling into an unconscious slumber.
There were many applauses after applauses and many cheers after cheers. A few mumbles came from the crowd officials.
“But is that counted? Wasn’t that cheating? He violated the law of the Makre…”
“You are right. He is only a boy, and he is already using those sort of spells, without Makre usage…Hmm.”
A man walked over to Raiku, who was panting for breath struggling to keep to his feet, as the man proclaimed, “Everyone, our new Earth and Forest Guardian! Raiku of the Forethan!”
The new Guardian was chosen -- Raiku of the Forethan.
Raiku grinned, and then fell forwards to the ground, as he inhaled deep breaths searching for energy.
Floyvilie ran down to Raiku as she helped him to his feet as she giggled, “Well done, big brother!”
Raiku smirked at her, “Thanks Flo.”
From the other two previous final matches, the other two Elemental Guardians had been chosen, the new Water and Fire Guardians.
And on of those two approached Raiku, the Firethan, a boy; Raiku and Floyvilie glared at him for a few moments.
“Hey, nice goin’, Forest Boy.” he laughed, “I didn’t expect that for one second.”
Raiku turned to face the boy fully, “Thanks for that, I’ll sleep well knowing that tonight.” he stated sarcastically.
“Oooh, getting cocky are we?” the boy snickered, as he slightly set afire the bottom of Raiku’s pants.
Raiku shot a quick glance at his legs and then back up at the boy, as he held his hand out, the Firethan’s legs being bound by ivy.
He growled, burning them from his legs, “You little…!”
“Okay calm down both of you.” the Waterethan Guardian exclaimed, drenching the two of them, “You’re Guardians, you should get along.”
The boy stomped off in a temper, and the Waterethan walked over to Raiku.
“That was a very impressive performance, Raiku.” she smiled, “Well done.”
She walked off. Shortly after, Floyvilie stared up at Raiku, as she questioned how it was that he managed to beat a Firethan.
He smirked, as he commenced to leave, as he simply replied with one word; “Weak.”

After that, the two of them left the city of Windeth, and found themselves travelling into other worlds. Three years have passed since then. And where do they linger now? Who knows…?

--End of Raiku’s Biography

Below is a Tournament Tree of the “Elemental Guardian” Tournament.

Elemental Guardian Tournament Tree
(Tournament Tree Created By Me! XD)

©Copyright, 2006. Elizabeth Burton. All Rights Reserved.©
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Re: Character List

Name: Scourge
Race: Plague Zombie
Age: Summoned one month ago.
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 200 lbs

Appearance: Like all zombies, Scourge is an undead corpse with rotted flesh, and small holes all over body. He is fat, and withing him resides a nest of flying insects. More on them later. He wears tattered clothes, the colors of which can't be determines because he (obviously) never bathes. His teeth and nails are black as coal, and his breath is rancid. His body also oozes poison that destroys the ground, and just about any weapons that come in contact with him.

Personality: He was created to spread famine and pestilence, and he thoroughly enjoys his work. He loves watching people starve, and writhe from the diseases that he spreads. He also likes to visit dreary, deathly places like gaveyads, swamps, and other depressing regions.

Weapons: The insects that live in him can be summoned at any time to destroy crops, spread poison and create noxious chemicals and gases that he pukes up to ten feet in front of him. The insects look like hornets, but are much tougher, and carry much more venom.

Skills: He can corrode almost any weapon and armor that he gets his hands on. He can communicate with the insects as they search for places to destroy. He often scatters them around to watch for enemies.

Magic: None

Strengths: He is immune to poison, and doesn't feel pain, though he does have some sense of touch.

Weaknesses: He moves slowly, and his body catches fire easily. If he doesn't seek out enough food, his insects will begin to eat him.

Background: Scourge is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Pestilence. He was created to spread famine and disease during the end times. Thsi is to help destroy the current civilizations of the worls so Hades can begin a new world order.

His horse is a dinezen of darkness that requires no sustenance. That's good, because the insects eat everything edible. And they will eat anything. To the insects, Scourge is a moving hive. They eat what they can, and live within him. He is not their master, and the threat of them eating him during times of shortage is what fuels his quest for villages to destroy.

It is unknown what will happen to him once his quest is complete. He tries not to think of such things.

OoT<.............................................. \____________________/
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