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Re: Character List

Approved by Safer...

Now everyone, listen here. Drago is very powerful compared to most kinds of BA warriors. I don't not mind fighting every one of you, but certain forms will be restricted, so don't expect Nightmare form in every fight, I would expect in one or two. Even Overlord is rare, so, now that you know that, I wish luck to you all, see you on the battlefield! Also, I would like to request that Safer is the one who reads and approves or disapproves this form, thank you.

Name: Drago Universi
Age: 1,000,000 (Seems to be a young adult except for his wise ways)
Race: Royal Chaos Dragon, Demon-Dragon
Sex: Male
Hair: Red-Orange, Blonde in humanoid form
Eyes: Emerald Green normally, Glowing Red in Bloodlust and humanoid, Emerald Green outlines with a Red pupil in Overlord form, and black in Nightmare.
Weight: 568 (Is pretty light for a dragon)
Height: 7’11(Dragon form) 6’2(In human form)

Weapon: The Dragonic Edge, which is a long scimitar that reaches to about eight feet, is a powerful weapon was forged by the first dragon overlord, Vaelisares, and has grown in power over the years. It also has an extremely sharp edge that can cut through the strongest armor. This mystic weapon bears dragonic symbols down the blade and has a gold handle. The sword ends like a crescent moon, having a curve between two points on the end. This is a dangerous sword and any not of the royal lineage will be burnt badly if they try to wield it. After coming back from the dead, the Dragonic Edge’s evil ways have grown even more powerful, but Drago is not seduced by its power. It also now charges black lightning through it at dangerous levels, making it near unstoppable.

A new weapon has formatted in the pacts with two immortal beings. The Whip of Chaos first transformed when Drago made a pact with the being Death. The pact was symbolized by Death handing over his scythe to Drago, which fused with the whip. It formed a weapon that looked like Death’s scythe with a long chain on the inside, so when he swings it, it extends up to ten feet.

Now Drago is so dangerous, that he has mastered using his claws, teeth, and tail. Since he’s a very small part vampire, Drago has filed teeth and two main fangs on the top row of teeth that are extremely sharp. Drago’s claws now extend up to seven inches. His claws and teeth aren’t very good against magic, but they are good for ripping apart other things. On the other hand Drago’s tail has formed a mind of its own. If Drago is attacked from behind, his devil tail will lash out and try to stab the victim. Drago’s tail also has armor on it and that leads to a sharper tail end.

Armor: In this new form I’ve decided to give Drago’s armor a name. It’s called D’lasenhilde. The armor covers all of Drago’s body except for parts made of bone, and is a beautiful combination of gold and black. Where his chest, stomach, and legs are, there are gold scales. Every where else is a black, thick, steel armor. Drago has two sharp spikes coming out of the armor where his head comes out, therefore giving him a lord-like appearance. The gauntlets make bone-chilling sounds like bones crunching when he moves them. His boots are very flexible and give room for his claws. Now, though, his armor has a few more things.

Drago’s armor is even better than it used to be. The God of Dragons himself forged the armor for Drago. The armor is mostly resistant to Chaos magic, and enhances the power of Drago’s spells. The armor is 25% resistant to Fire magic and Dark magic, but is almost worthless against Light element attacks. The armor is decent against all of the other elements.

The real new thing about the armor is that it possesses a Chaos aura that adds on to Drago. The armor is mostly resistant to physical attacks.

Strengths: Drago’s physical strength is beyond powerful. He can smash through anything with ease and has a temper to match. Drago’s power in Chaos magic and summoning has grown unmatchable. The Dragon Overlord has learned his full power while he was in the after life.

Drago’s sword skills have improved and he has learned some new tricks. (See Skills)

Weakness: D’lasenhilde is helpless against magic, though the aura somewhat reduces the blow. Drago's head is also open for attacks, and his eyes are very easily blinded by bright flashes. Drago also cannot use magic in Bloodlust, for he is too bloodthrsty, so that puts him at a disadvantage.

Drago also has a small weakness for children and female elves. He has fought many and slaughtered them without a thought. When he died he saw all that he had done and promises himself never to do it again. So he hesitates with blows.

When Drago is in Overlord form he doesn’t have a weakness, so ya got to fight hard and dramatic against him. That also goes for his Nightmare form.

When Drago is in humanoid form his scales won’t protect him so his defense is lowered greatly, but his speed is way up. Plus D’lasenhilde now is visible in that form, giving him light armor.

Skills/Magic: Drago has increased his ability in magic by tenfold. He has mastered the Chaos element, Dragonic magic, and everything else. He is a formidable opponent and these are his spells and skills. He is also a great double-wielder.

Hand of Chaos: A personal favorite of Drago’s. This spell fires a large beam from Drago’s hands that will explode on contact and will hurt the enemy with dark magic. It starts out as Drago’s hand(s) glowing black before the beam fires. The spell is under Drago’s control and is hard to dodge; not to mention that Drago can launch and control as many as he wishes, unless he becomes distracted.

Chaos Breath: This spell happens when small, black embers begin to fall from Drago’s mouth. That is the only warning before black fire comes from Drago’s mouth and burns anything it touches terribly. The fire usually gives a first-degree burn and can light anything aflame. The flames are so hot that the air seems to make a screaming noise from the heat.

Dark Aura: Drago always has an aura of darkness around him, constantly waiting for something to touch it. The spell is a black aura around Drago that will hurt the mind of any who touch it. If something were to touch the aura they would repeat the most painful emotional event that ever happened to them. This usually stuns the foe with enough time for Drago to heal and attack. Now the aura is so strong that it burns to the touch. The aura now also is powerful enough to block all but the strongest of magical attacks. Physical and artillery have no power against it.

Life of Darkness: This spell heals Drago in a twisted way. It forms a black line into the air that moves very quickly towards its target and when it makes contact it sucks raw chaotic energy and transforms it into life force. If Drago were to face someone with anger, sadness, or any soul Drago could use the spell on him or her and heal considerably. If something were to get in the way with no sort of dark energy within it, the spell would hurt Drago, for it would drain his energy a little and give it to whatever got in the way. Drago can also use this spell instantly if he gains physical contact with the foe.

Demonic Hordes: In this spell Drago’s eyes glow red and he starts chanting ancient text. After a few seconds, a demon that is extremely hard to defeat; rises from a burning crack in the ground that appears during Drago’s chanting that leads to Hell. Shadows and horrid sounds will flee from the gap. The demon doesn’t have an actual form. It appears as the opponent’s greatest fear. Drago can control the demon and can also put it away just as he summoned it. It will either be like a spirit that attacks the soul or a physical one that attacks the body, or sometimes it can attack the mind; depending on the battle.

Necromancy: When Drago died he learned how to call the dead to him. So now Drago can summon the Undead to his side. He is excellent at this, and can call the dead forth in any form he wishes for them to come to him in.

Bloodlust: While Drago was going through life, he came across the Bloodlust ability. He can access it in human and dragon form. If Drago is so close to death that a light wind could finish him off, or if he’s beyond the word rage in anger he enters Bloodlust form. In this form Drago gets three times stronger, faster, and more dangerous. He will show no mercy in this form and is extremely hard to hurt. The scales on his body harden, but first the opponent has to get through the Dark Aura and D’lasenhilde. The only two ways to get him out of this form are, to have a female sooth him with a soft song, or kill him.

Universi: Since Drago is a royal dragon he has the ability to summon dragons from Universi. Universi happens when Drago holds his hand out to the opponent and thinks of the dragon he wishes to summon. A void opens in Drago’s hand to reveal a black, empty portal. It starts empty, but in a few seconds a dragon will suddenly appear and crawl out of the portal in Drago’s hand. With the new armor Drago has, it’s impossible to slice his hand off during the spell. Drago has control over every dragon now since he has been named the true Dragon Overlord and is extremely strong. Drago’s dragons are based off of elements. They only fight with the usual skills like teeth, claws, tails, etc. Except for that every dragon’s fire is a different color and has a different effect depending on what element the dragon is. The effect of their fire will be posted in the battle rather than in this. You probably will be able to guess what their fire does based on their element. The dragons are now more powerful cause of Drago’s new form and they have all gained the Bloodlust ability, plus, they wear thick, steel plating.

This is the list of dragons and their elements. Fire: Diablos, Water: Yetigora, Wind/air: Witaural, Earth: Bauslitaus, Nature: Teayanere, Animals: Naktora, Spirit: Apelloucalis, Kings: Dragere, Death: Death, Life: Vitauran, Darkness: Apocalypse, Light: Armageddon.

Re-Shi: When Drago died, he fell into Hell and then was brought to Heaven. He was given a guardian. The guardian was a demon that lived in Heaven. It was Evil by nature, but Holy by heart. He was given to Drago as a protective guardian and was to see to it that Drago got what he wanted and was kept protected. Re-Shi does not feel any pity, sadness, or caring. He has only one objective, to fulfill Drago’s wishes and crush Drago’s foes. When he is summoned, Drago’s magic abilities are extremely enhanced. Re-Shi only comes out when Drago calls him, or something bad happens to Drago spiritually or physically. Re-Shi is a guardian and cannot be killed, only sealed back inside Drago.

Destruction: For this skill, Drago chants dragonic language and holds his sword out. Then he holds up his scythe and swings it around his head, then he is covered with a dark aura of Chaos and everything around him gets a feeling of despair and goes cold. Drago’s eyes turn red as his sword and scythe fuse to make and long, evil, whip-sword with a scythe tip. Drago sends it into the foe and it pulses a large beam of chaotic energy through it. Not only does it hurt the foe, but it also stuns them. Then the weapon of pure evil thrusts forward and stabs through the foe’s heart. This usually kills the foe and anyone who survives it earns Drago’s respect easily. This is Drago’s most powerful spell and only two beings have walked away from it alive.

Power of the Mind: During his travels, Drago has mastered the ability to pick up his sword and scythe with his mind, and even fight with them. Though this ability puts a strain on his mind, he is quite fond of callnig his weapons back to his hand.

Overlord Form: When Drago is so angry that the world shakes, he is in mortal danger, Drago enters his ultimate form. For this he chants an ancient text that fuses him with a Daemon from Hell, an Archangel of Heaven, and the twelve Dragons of Chaos. Drago grows a good ten feet, and his voice is so low the floor rumbles. In this form Drago’s magic abilities are amazing, he can summon many Undead easily, fire large beams from his hand and his fire is even hotter and more dangerous. His physical abilities now so well tuned that he could easily lift ten times his wieght, and gains a great boost of speed. Drago’s voice is so deep and freighting that he talks in bold print. Drago aura becomes very powerful and this is as close as he gets to being in God-like status. I will only allow people that can become a God-like status to fight against this form. Drago will be so calm and focused in this form he angers his opponent and cannot be caught off guard. He also can move so fast that he can nearly teleport, but not quite while most God-like people can. This form is a true test of power, so think before you act.

Nightmare Form: Drago has acquired a new form that is his most powerful form. He becomes a shadow, with a long, black cape around his body. The shadow is somewhat etheral, and floats a little off the ground, giving him a strange, mysitical look. His red, glowing eyes pierce the very soul. He has an uncountable amount of arms that come from beneath his black cloak. A bit of Chaotic Flame floats above his head as a symbol of power. No physical attacks can faze him, though it can harm him, and magic breaks right through that even though his defenses are still mighty. He moves at such speeds that not even the fastest beings can keep up. He has no visible body in this form, and the Dragonic Edge and Scythe of Chaos float beside him and attack at his will. Only the few people I decide are strong enough will battle this form.

Personality: Drago has grown a lot more dormant during his change. Now he has taken on the idea that anyone he doesn’t know is an enemy. Drago is extremely wise, is his own way, and tries to be very calm. Drago is quite obeying to women though. During his travels females have more and more easily tamed him. Sadly, the males haven’t had much progress. Anyone that is a showoff of some sort or thinks high of themselves best avoid Drago because he’ll rip them apart in an instant. Drago is technically neutral now. He thinks quite smart when it comes to plans and will choose that tactic that either causes the foe pain or lets Drago win. Drago also acts tough around children, but will hate to harm them. He has a heart that decided that his true path is yet to show. His hatred for mortals is unmatched, so none shall ever see a Drago that is loving and caring ever again…or so they say…

While in Bloodlust Drago has a completely different personality. No one can stand in front of Drago before he leaps upon him or her and begins to slash at their hearts. Drago would always choose the decision that would guarantee blood. If there were a helpless person in front of Drago he would kill them instantly without thinking. Drago has only one thing he thinks about in bloodlust form, blood. Drago will actually drink blood if there is some around in Bloodlust form. He never thinks, just attacks. So therefore it’s hard to talk or reason with him in this form. If he enters Bloodlust while in human form his sword serves as his weapon always.

When Re-Shi has taken over, Drago’s personality changes. Nothing can ever anger him, and he only wants to do what is necessary. Re-Shi has no care for any women. He feels no regret in doing anything, rather it be killing innocent children, or not giving someone a chance that deserves one. Re-Shi can’t tell the difference between friend and foe, so he rates them all as foes. Re-Shi hates other demons unless they held great power in Hell. He also doesn’t like pain. If he is hurt he will turn his pain into strength and use it against the enemy. The demon lord doesn’t fight for evil either. Only for Drago, if Drago commanded the demon to fight alongside an angel the demon would do so without a complaint.

While in Overlord form, Drago is calm beyond reason. No amount of foul language or insults can enrage him. For he’s technically already in Bloodlust. Drago has such focus on his opponents so that he won’t miss easily and he is sure that the opponent suffers before death. His mind enhances dramatically so he is not outsmarted without challenge. He doesn’t want the opponent to escape so to ensure they burn in eternal damnation for their sins.

In Nightmare form he’s is just flat down freakish. He taunts and uses any emotion without expressing emotion. Nothing else can be described about his personality…for he has none.

Appearance: Drago is a black dragon that stands like a man. On his elbows and kneecaps he has a spike coming out of the joint. On the elbow it curves toward Drago’s body and is about a foot long. On his knees the spikes curve upward. Drago now has black or gold armor all over his body. Except for the places like the horns, teeth, spikes, etc. Drago has two horns on the top of his head above his eyes that curve to the front. He also has one horn on his “snout” that curves backward. His eyes are on the upper side of his head below the two upper horns. (Yes there are two!) Drago has spikes starting from his “snout,” that are quite small, going down to the end of his devil tail, getting bigger along the way. Drago’s tail ends in a triangle and has a sharp end. Drago’s eyes are an emerald green color and have a slit in the middle like cat eyes. The gold and black on Drago makes him look like a dragon knight in shining armor. Drago’s wings are now gold, but are purple on the see-through part and black along the outside lines. The wings are gold looking because of the metal armor. Drago claws have a combination of gold and black. At the tip its gold and for every little joint in his claw it changed to black, then back to gold and so on. Drago’s hair is red-orange and goes down to his shoulders. It starts behind his two horns. (This form is what Re-Shi looks like too, and Bloodlust changes only the eye color)

Drago’s human form looks like quite a handsome man. His body is perfectly shaped and his hair has a wild, unruly look to it that attracts women. His hair goes a little past his shoulders. His nails are just a little longer than most people’s are and they are sharp. Drago’s teeth are completely white and they are straight. Drago’s face looks to be in his early twenties. Drago wears a tight black shirt that shows off his muscles that he wears it for Eyliden’s amusement. Drago wears khaki pants that are a little tight, but don’t show too much. His arms are nicely formed, as are his legs. His muscles also show easily around all of those areas. His D’lasen Hide armor is visible in this form. Drago’s cape in human form is a beautiful, shiny black cape. The power in him flows so strong, that Drago cannot contain his dragonic power. His eyes glow red with hatred and energy, while his dragon wings and tail stick out of his flesh and his teeth turn to fangs to make him a humanoid.

In Overlord form Drago looks the same pretty much as his dragon form, but there are a few minor things. Drago grows to ten foot. His muscles grow greatly in size and his red muscles seem to glow a little. His teeth turn yellow and very sharp. His claws grow about three inches and sharp so that a tap will slice through rock. His eyes are emerald green with a red pupil, disturbing foes. His voice is incredibly deep and his tail grows thicker and quicker. The dagger-like tail end becomes venomous and curved so that it can hook into foes for enough time so that the poison can work. So flank and rear attacks grow ever so hard to make. Drago’s spike line goes from one spike at a time to a horde of spikes. His hair grows longer to match his new size and turns pure gore red.

The last form, Nightmare, is quite odd. He is merely a shadow, his color is bluish like the night sky while he glows a bit. His eyes are so red that it is like a beacon of devilish light. A long cape hides no part of his body shows except for his head, the rest of his body. Only the most powerful foe can see his body…and that is a secret held for the battle. Everything else is described in the listing of the form back in Magic and Skills.

History: Drago started his life as a normal dragon. Having no idea who, what, or where he was Drago fought for survival. After five years of living in the wild knights began appearing to slay him. They would try and do this only to impress the women in the area. Drago wasn’t to be trifled with. He would take on the challenge and tear the knight apart, limb from limb. Drago stayed in this cycle of life until one day one of the Dragonio appeared. The Dragonio were an ancient race that was made completely of dragons. Drago didn’t trust the other dragon at first and attacked him. There was a long battle, but in the end Drago was defeated and sent to the Dragonio area.

The main city lived under the mountain in the land of Hyrule known as, Death Mountain. This was long before the time of the Hero of Time so evil reigned. When Drago was brought to the main city known as Cheko’pec, Drago was asked to do a task. He was to slay three powerful beasts, and from their remains form a weapon. Drago accepted and set out on this quest.

At first, Drago went into the Death Mountain and came across a fire dragon in a large room. The dragon’s name was Volvaga. Volvaga would unleash his fiery breath upon Drago and Drago would try and tear him up with a series of slashes from his claws. Drago would keep hiding behind rocks as Volvaga attacked, but Volvaga mastered Drago’s tactics with his own claws. The battle became bloody and the ground was like a burning pool of lava. The battle continued and both of the dragons fought ruthlessly against each other. Drago was beginning to lose, for Volvaga had pinned him on a wall and was rearing his head back to breathe fire. Drago threw a punch and knocked Volvaga down to the ground. Drago jumped upon him and delivered a few slashes to the neck. Volvaga still was alive, so he smashed Drago down with his tail and broth fire at him. Drago reacted by breathing his on Chaos fire back. The two fires collided and then it was a battle of flames. Every time the fires met they exploded. So Drago and Volvaga were flying around firing flames at each other. The walls began to melt as the room’s temperature went so high that it could easily melt the strongest steel, but not high enough to melt dragon scales. The heat was going to Volvaga’s advantage since he was a fire dragon and that he grew stronger the hotter it got. Drago figured this out too late, because next thing he knew he was flat on his back with Volvaga’s claws digging into his chest. Drago grabbed onto Volvaga’s arms and managed to throw him off. Drago was growing too tired to carry on so he began to die. Volvaga took advantage of that and charged Drago into another wall. Drago then entered bloodlust for the first time. Drago’s eyes glowed red and his muscles bulged. Drago grabbed Volvaga’s tail and bite his teeth into it. Volvaga roared in pain as he turned and threw off Drago. Drago ran at Volvaga ran with his claws up and Volvaga grabbed Drago hands with his own. The dragons were eye to eye and trying to over power the other one. Volvaga started to gain the advantage, but Drago pushed harder and gained the advantage. Volvaga began to breathe flames before Drago pulled him over and slammed him into a molten wall. Volvaga screeched in pain as the molten lava brunt through the scales and onto the rough skin. Drago was careful not to touch the stuff. If it could burn a fire dragon who knows what it would do to a non-fire resistant dragon. Drago felt a little sorry for the great monster so to end its torment he snapped Volvaga’s neck. Volvaga’s body went limp as Drago carried it to the center of the room. Nearby a Goron that has seen the entire thing went back to his people and claimed that he had slain Volvaga. Drago didn’t really care and began to skin Volvaga. After a long time the heat of the room proved useful for Drago. He was able to melt the dragon bones and store them in a nice cube shape. Drago took the square to Cheko’pec and stored it in one of the three boxes that he was to put the earnings in.

Next Drago headed east into the forest and traveled far and wide looking for the next opponent. Drago came across a Dark Elemental. It was absorbing the pure chaotic energy that was all around in the area. It looked like a human made of black mist. Its eyes glowed red and it turned to face Drago. Before Drago could decide whether to attack it or not, the Elemental attacked Drago with a blast of energy from his hand. The Elemental’s name was Shadow. The Elemental then ran at Drago after stating his name and slammed him up against a tree. As soon as Shadow’s hands touched the tree, it withered and died. This would have also killed Drago by now, but since he was a Chaos Dragon it had no effect. Drago roared as he threw Shadow off. He went crashing into a tree as Drago ran and jumped on the tree above him. It let out a low, creaking noise before it fell upon Shadow. Drago leapt from the tree and examined where Shadow had been. He expected to see and dead body, but instead there was a black mist. Drago was about to grab something to trap the mist in before the mist reformed back into Shadow and he punched Drago across the small clearing. Drago groaned as he recovered from the blow, but Shadow was all over him in seconds. The clearing had filled with black mist and everything around them was dead. Shadow stomped Drago’s face into the ground and kept punching him. The Shadow transformed. He grew horns and blades attached to his arms. Then his blades turned double-sided. That was not good for Drago. Drago would dodge four blades then try to hit Shadow. Most of the time it missed, so it was challenging. Drago then roared and grabbed Shadow by the throat. Shadow grabbed Drago around the throat as well. They both strained for air. Drago was beginning to lose his sight and Shadow still had plenty of air. Then Drago felt something rising within him. Suddenly an aura slowly came from Drago’s scales. It was black and uninviting. Shadow had a look of fear in his eyes as the aura reached him. When it touched him, his eyes rolled into the back of his head. He then was about to regain consciousness when Drago threw a punch right into his stomach. Shadow ran out of air as Drago shoved his claws through the Elemental’s heart, cutting his life short. Drago let the body fall to the ground, where it turned back into mist. Drago inhaled deeply, taking in the chaotic mist. He quickly returned to Cheko’pec and stored it in a bottle, although Drago didn’t exhale all of it. So that led to a discovery that he could use his Chaos powers in other forms.

Drago then set out once more for the last monster that he had to kill. Drago wandered his way over to the area where Hyrule Castle now stands. He was roaming the small area when the ground shook violently. Drago toppled over a rock during the shaking. The shaking ceased and Drago regained his footing. When he looked up, there was a giant golem made of gold. The golem had eyes made of silver and it held a giant bronze club in its hands. The minerals this creature had awed Drago. The golem’s name was Glineral. Drago immediately attacked the creature. Glineral noticed Drago a second too late. Next thing Glineral knew, he was on his back with a dragon hacking into his chest. Drago was having no luck breaking Glineral’s hard, golden chest. The golem raised its club and smashed Drago over to the left. Drago swore something broke when the club hit him. Glineral grabbed Drago and flung him on the ground. Drago groaned when he was slammed on the ground. Drago was getting desperate. Then his Dark Aura formed again. It confused the golem and it became stunned. This gave Drago some time to think. He was so close to death that his Bloodlust activated again. He was angry and covered in an aura that could easily hurt anything, a dangerous combination. Glineral didn’t really think about this. He charged Drago, and found himself on his back five minutes later. Drago lunged at Glineral and ripped him to shreds. That resulted in Glineral’s demise. Drago laughed at the golem’s body and gathered up the minerals it was made of. Drago for the final time, headed back to Cheko’pec.

When Drago arrived he did as he was told a forged a weapon out of the supplies he had collected on his quests. Drago began to make his weapon in a room that was so hot, even he had to wear a fire-proof shield around him for protection. In there he made his weapon known as the Dragonic Edge.

It’s blade was made from the bones of Volvaga, it’s handle formed by the minerals that came from Glineral, and it’s power came from the dark energy of Shadow. The blade fit Drago’s grip perfectly and it was easy for him to wield. He had to spend about a month to learn how to use it. He loved this blade more than anything else, or so he thought.

With the Dragonios lived a race of evolved apes, known as Humans. They learned quite quickly, and were all quite different. Drago didn’t care much for these creatures, but there was one female that caught his eye. Her name was Eyliden. Drago had some strange feelings for her, and she had some for him. For although he was a dragon, most women had to admit he wasn’t that bad to look at. Eventually Drago some how went from liking Eyliden to loving and wanting her. After some time, he was moved into some sleeping quarters and she was moved in there as well. Then one day they both began talking, and this turned into a sort of relationship.

After living with the Dragonios for so long, Drago became bored with their race and talked Eyliden into leaving with him. Three days after their decision they sneaked out into the night and were free from the underground race.

They ran into the forest that Drago had met Shadow in. While in there, Drago found a den that they stayed at. Although Eyliden loved the den, she sensed something would go wrong, but ignored it. While staying at the den, Drago left and fought many people. One of these people was a human by the name by Tokumaru. Drago fought and befriended Tokumaru. Drago had a strong friendship with this human, and they became quite good friends, after a huge battle with one evil demon by the name of Naoru. Together they defeated the monster and celebrated. During that celebration Drago left, saying good bye to Tokumaru before he disappeared back to Eyliden.

When he returned the den was quiet. When Drago entered, Eyliden greeted him fondly. They spent the rest of that day together. The next week, a Trent caught Drago in the forest. A Trent is a tree that can walk, talk, and fight like Hell. Drago knew he didn’t stand a chance against the Trent so did nothing, but it was different when the Trent smashed him with a rock. Drago easily slew the creature. He realized the mistake of his action too late, for next thing he knew three Trents had trapped him in a circle of trees, and he was told that for his crime, he would be trapped in the circle for one year. Drago groaned as the Trents left him there in the circle.

Over the year, Drago hacked down some of the trees and began to gather his energies. With these energies he formed an evil and powerful whip. With it he poured all of his dark emotions into it. Drago also was able to smash his prison to bits. He quickly went to Eyliden once again. When he as able to explain everything to her, she gladly cleaned him up. After that, Drago thought of his defense weak. All he had were scales and he wanted more. So with the help of Eyliden, he forged his own armor. This he possessed with his dark powers and put it on. After that his fondness for Eyliden overpowered his stubbornness and he married her. For the next year, Drago spent the rest of his spare time training his battle skills and control over himself. Now he is a master and knows everything about himself. He has bid Eyliden farewell for now and sets out once more on a quest for true power…

(Continued) Drago finally found what he was looking for when he fought Blitz Keir, the Wielder of the Sword. Drago fought Blitz in his own home and ended up destroying it. After that he learned how to achieve Overlord form. He had actually made this form when he became the Overlord, but forgot it.

Drago then ran into Tokumaru Kyo, the HeavenFlame samurai, again in the same place they had defeated Naoru, the Demon Lord. They had a vicious battle that ended up with them both entering their most powerful forms. They were so powerful that the ice broke and shook when their energies met. Tokumaru and Drago finally stopped fighting when Drago heard Eyliden’s call and left to go to her. Tokumaru left for his adventure to continue.

Soon after Drago discovered how to call his weapons to his hand without fault and after that Drago’s son was born. He was titled Draken, Prince of Dragons. Drago began raising his son when he felt a calling. So Drago left Eyliden and Draken to themselves for a while and journeyed to the place he heard the calling. What he didn’t know, is that Eyliden followed him in secret. When he reached the place he was surprised to find Blitz and Tokumaru there.

Drago and his greatest rivals fought each other in the most deadly battle to take place. After swords met swords and magic met magic, the trio all ended up in their greatest forms. Drago in Overlord form, Tokumaru in Divinity, and Blitz in Celestial. They all fought the war of Gods. In the end, Blitz and Tokumaru both stabbed Drago from both sides, for he had grown so powerful that he had lost his mind.

Eyliden cried out as she saw her husband fall. Tokumaru and Blitz felt as though they had been struck by lighting when they saw the look in Eyliden’s eyes. She had never felt true grief. She ran over to her husband’s side and watched the light of life leave his eyes.

Drago, the Dragon Overlord, had died.

What the warriors and Eyliden didn’t know is that Drago was stuck between Heaven and Hell. They both wanted him, so the God of Hell made a deal that they both should get Drago for one year. In Hell Drago wasn’t tortured like most. He was talked to by Satan himself that Drago must fight for the side of Darkness and the evil demon gave Drago’s Chaos magic quite a boost, and said that a demon of Heaven would make sure he lived and got what he wished. Drago was also granted the ability of Necromancy.

Then after a year of training his magic, Drago was taken to Heaven. He was very grateful there and even met the God of Dragons. The giant beast forged Drago armor in the fires of Hell and blessed it with the water of Heaven. Then the God of God’s came forth and talked with Drago for two months, teaching him how to understand mortals, and how to choose his own path. He worked with Drago on his sword and whip skills. Drago was confused with all these things they taught him. What happened when the year ended? The powerful God showed Drago his wife, and Drago nearly cried. His wife was on the verge of suicide, but Draken kept her in check. Eyliden also seemed to have been training like crazy with a bow. She planned on getting revenge for her lover’s death.

Drago was very thankful when the mighty one told him that he was going to be sent back with a mortal form and a guardian. Re-Shi was called forth. He was told that he must protect the Overlord at all cost. After that Drago returned to his body. He was buried under Eyliden’s home and Tokumaru was in there praying.

For Tokumaru there was some sound. He looked around in confusion. Suddenly the ground shook considerably. Eyliden wouldn’t get revenge… for Drago was going to get it first. Although his mind was weak from coming back, Re-Shi took over. When Tokumaru was about to leave a large, clawed fist smashed out of the ground.

Drago Universi, the Dragon Overlord, the Black Dragon of Chaos, had returned…

Thank god for Safer and this awesome sig he made for me!! Fitting, don't you think?

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Re: Character List

Approved by Aerixeth! Thank you!

Name: Haineko (Ash Cat)

Title: Priestess of Ash and Flame

Age: 130 (Appears 14)

Race: Neko-demon

Sex: Female

Hair: Ash (light gray) colored. Goes down to her knees.

Eyes: Ash colored. Looks just like a cat’s eyes.

Height: 5’ 5”(5’ 9” if you count her ears)

Weight: 100 lbs.

Weapons: A slightly smaller then normal, ash colored Elven long bow with sacred words written in the language of Nekos. The words are black and read, “Oh goddess Macha! I call upon your divine power to lead my foes to their end under your menacing glare. Ikorose!” The words help to improve accuracy and protects the bow from being broken by other weaponry. Two small, four-inch knife concealed in her sleeves and her natural 1 inch claws.

Armor: Light, short chain mail underneath her robes.

Strengths: Haineko has good skill and accuracy with bows of all kinds, but is great with her own. She has several different magics she can call on to use when her bow can’t cut it. As a light weight Neko, she can move very fast so as to keep foes at range to her and she very agile to dodge attacks. Haineko can see through illusions and illusionary techniques because she know they work, they appear as nothing more then a shimmer to her eyes. She also has great magical and physical stamina and because she is fire-aligned, she can manipulate fire very well. She can also throw the knives with some skill.

Weakness: She doesn‘t weigh much so her light frame can be thrown easily from strong attacks. To put it bluntly, she sucks at hand-to-hand combat. The knives are to surprise an opponent that gets too close or to cut her hair if an opponent grabs it and she can’t get away.(it has happened before) With the exception of her chest, she wears no armor(the chain mail stops at the bottom of her ribs), combined with her light body means she takes a lot of damage from physical attacks. If forced to fight unarmed or in close weapon combat she’s at a large disadvantage not to mention she‘s not very physically strong. Just as with other Nekos, water attacks do large amounts of damage to her. Haineko doesn’t enjoy getting wet and dodges or blocks water and water element attacks as her first priority, regardless of the consequences. Because she is fire-aligned, being surrounded by large amounts of water weaken her overall spell strength and endurance. As she has only just learned to throw knives, she isn't good yet, and 30% of the time throw them wrong or miss.


Non-affiliated: Various spells and techniques Haineko knows that aren't or can't be classified under her main/major groups of abilities. Below are her current techniques.

Art of Fire: This is, in essence, her natural ability to use, control, attack, and otherwise manipulate fire, flame-elemental energy, and various flame magics for her own uses. This also includes her ability to rejuvenate energy and power-up through surrounding excessive flames as well as condense flames/flame element into a more potent/crystalline form respectively.

Ascention by Fire: An experiment ability Haineko is developing to take elemental form by Absorbing condensed flames into her body. As it is still a ways from perfection, let alone completion, it doesn't always work out too well during it, after it, or sometimes both and she tries not to use it in combat too much.

Shunpou: Special movement technique taught mainly to the best in the Temples of Macha, Priestess and Mage Warrior alike. Through minute build-up and release of bodily energy through the feet and legs, the user can almost seem to vanish from sight in high speed bursts. Can be performed in both mid-air and on the ground and becomes easier and less costly as one gains in ability. As a comparison, someone horrible with it might wear out after 3-5 times while someone extremely great with it might take 100's of times to begin to tire. Haineko is average, but still new to it and begins to tire after 12-16 times. Runs on Stamina usually instead of Magical power.

Genjutsu: Illusionary techniques made to fool the senses of the target. The stronger the Genjutsu, the stronger the influence on the target, but the harder it is to use and maintain it. {Note: Genjutsu need a hand sign to be activated. Genjutsu can not be used if both hands are unusable.} The below are Haineko’s currently known Genjutsu.

Yasashii: A lower level Genjutsu that makes the target think the location has changed by fooling the eyes with an illusionary 3-D picture. Pain causes the target to be ‘knocked out’ of the illusion so Haineko mostly uses this to get a chance to retreat and/or hide. This Genjutsu lasts only for 30 seconds. Haineko has improved a bit with this in that outside sounds are also cut off from the victim, making it more realistic. Someone sharp could realize it's fake due to the fact it doesn't affect the real surroundings, only the illusionary ones.

Yoake: A lower level Genjutsu that allows Haineko to appear as someone else by fooling the eyes. During this Genjutsu getting attacked or being forced to attack causes it to stop working and reveals her as who she really is. This Genjutsu can last until it drains her(several hours at best).

Kidou: Kidou(demon arts) are divided into two sub-classes. Hadou(Destructive arts) and Bakudou(restriction arts). Every Kidou spell has a chant to call forth the spell’s power. Kidou users with enough skill can bypass the chant and cast the spell, but the spell is weaker than if they spoke the chant(usually half to two-thirds weaker). The stronger the Kidou, the higher its number, and the more basely powerful and difficult it is to use. Through her travels, Haineko also learned the ability to cast two Kidou spells together by alternating back and forth between the two spell's incantations. {Note: Bakudou must be maintained by using a hand sign and constantly cause a drain of energy. Bakudou can‘t be used if one or both hands are unusable. Kidou require speech to be cast. Kidou can‘t be used if user can‘t talk.} The following are Haineko’s current Kidou spells.

Hadou 31: Shakahou - Forms a small to medium sized fire ball at the palm of the user and fires it at the target. Fireball explodes on impact. Beginner class spell and not very powerful. Incantation: "Ye Lord, Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man, Inferno and pandemonium, The sea barrier surges, March on to the south!"

Hadou 33: Sokatsui - Forms a medium to large ball of blue fire at the palm of the user and fires it at the target. Explodes on impact. Intermediate-advanced level spell and is fairly strong.
Incantation: "O Lord, Mask of flesh and bone, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man, Truth and temperance, Upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws!"

Hadou 63: Raikouhou - From Haineko's palm, she fires a massive blast of concentrated lightning at her foe. Advanced level spell and is strong to break rock.
Incantation: "Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!"

Hadou 66: Souren Sokatsui - Essentially, it's a doubled version of #33, Sokatsui. This spell fires two medium to large balls of blue fire from the palm of the user at a target that still explode on impact, but with greater potency than the original.
Incantation: "Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens!"

Bakudou 9: Geki - Creates a red aura around the target, stopping them from moving. The more physically strong the target, the more energy that must be used to keep them from moving. Intermediate level spell and causes a low drain over time.
Incantation: "Disintegrate, Black Dog of Rodannini. Look upon yourself and burn. Tear away your own throat!"

Bakudou 58: Kakushisuijaku - Tracks and locates any spiritual/magical/elemental force the user focuses on. To activate it, the user must draw a circle on the ground, cut into four parts with a specific character in each. The incantation animates the circle, causing various scenes to appear within until the specific target is found.
Incantation: "Heart of the south, eye of the north, finger of the west, foot of the east, arrive with the wind and depart with the rain."

Bakudou 61: Rikujokoro - Summons six thin, but wide, beams of light that slam into a target's midsection, holding them in place. The rods are fired at once from the caster's pointed finger.
Incantation: "Carriage of thunder. Bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six."

Bakudou 77: Tenteikūra - Transmits telepathic messages to anyone within range of Haineko's power. In addition to reciting the spell, the user must draw specific markings on their arms, which are animated by the spell to convey the messages.
Incantation:"Black and white net. Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six crowns and belts. Footprints, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden in the night, sea of clouds, blue line. Form a circle and fly through the heavens."

Priestess arts: The priestess abilities Haineko learned through study and prayer. She can call forth power from the goddess Macha. Each spell is unique to its priestess and must be learned through prayer and memorized through use and study. With each spell, is a chant to call it forth, but unlike Kidou can't be bypassed. {Note: Priestess arts require the use of speech and one hand to be cast. Can not be used if user can't talk and/or both hands are unable to be used.} The following are Haineko's current Priestess arts.

Ascetic's Flame- Calls forth blue flames to her fist that she then throws at her opponent. The flames travel in a straight line through the air until contact with an object. Upon contact, it sticks to them like napalm and continues to burn like this for ten seconds, after which it goes out instantly. Uses a medium/low amount of energy each use.
Incantation: "Oh my goddess Macha. I beseech you to grant me thy power to immolate my foes under the flames of your wrath!"

Kurenai- Draws heat and/or flames from the environment into a ball of flame that forms in the palm of Haineko’s right hand. After building enough flame she thrusts her arm toward the foe, unleashing a foot wide column of fire capable of turning steel white hot. The hotter the area the stronger Kurenai is and the colder the area the weaker Kurenai is. Uses a large amount of energy to cast.
Incantation: “Flames of the sun, I call upon you show my foes to their end under Macha’s menacing glare!”

Revitalizing Aura- Covers injuries in cooling grey flame and slowly restores it back to normal. Any wound short of a death blow can be healed, but take large amounts of time and energy to heal. Small wounds can be healed in seconds while large wounds can take well over an hour and massive, near-death injuries could take a day or two of healing. She can sustain the healing for three hours max at a time and she can heal twice a day at max. This can be done to herself or others, but she can’t do anything else while healing herself since the recipient must stay relatively still.
Incantation: “Regenerative flames, I ask for thy help. Grant me the power to heal this fallen warrior!”

Wraith of Ma’ar- Forms blacks flames capable of melting steel and can burn on anything, including water. Though it can be used in a few different ways, Haineko, for the most part, forms 16 black flame balls that circle her in two circles of eight tilted 45 degrees from the ground, making an “X” and fires them one or two at a time. The greatest thing about this technique is its versatility. It’s able to be used in a different way each time it’s used. Inspired from a book she read at Ma’ar, The Mage of Black Fire and an extremely powerful human wizard from 400 years ago that was one of the few human followers of Macha and learned thanks to helping Selene wield her own black flame. Uses a fair amount of energy, but is well worth it. (Three times a day at best.)
Incantation: “Immortal black flames from the depths of the Abyss, grant me your aid. A new master calls for thy powers and requests of you to reduce my foe nothing but ash!!”

Phoenix Resurrection- Calls forth the regenerative power of flame to resurrect the dead. By immolating the person in pure white flames the person’s soul is called back to be “reborn” from the magical ashes in the body that the soul remembers, minus any injuries. The person comes back without clothing or possessions, but will all their knowledge intact. Learned through helping Selene wield her own white flame. Uses a huge amount of energy to cast(once a day max). Can’t be done if no body or body part can be burned or if the soul can't be called back.
Incantation: “Sacred Phoenix! I ask of you to bestow your blessed flames upon this fallen soul and give him the chance to live again!”

Appearance: Wears a long, ash colored, Japanese-style priestess robes with slightly larger then normal sleeves. The sleeves cover Haineko‘s hands usually unless she‘s using her bow or Kidou. The robe itself go down to half way between her knee and ankle with matching leather boots. A gray belt holds her robes closed. Underneath, Haineko wears a tight gray tube top and shorts that end at mid upper leg and a light chain mail hauberk over her tube top and under her robes. Her hands have 1 inch sheathed claws and long fingernails painted gray. Around her neck she wears a necklace with the symbol of the Neko goddess of temptation, Macha; she’s shown as a beautiful Neko in a flowing skirt, standing bent forward with a seductive look and no shirt. Haineko has a face that isn’t quite at ‘beautiful’, but would be considered very cute and cat-like with 4” cat ears that match her hair. Her tail is also ash colored and is long enough to reach her neck, but is usually hidden in the folds of or underneath her robes. Her bow usually can be seen resting on her left shoulder and she wears an ash colored leather quiver on her back within easy reach of her right hand. The quiver holds 30 wooden arrows with leather-piercing heads.

Personality: Haineko isn’t a loner, but mainly travels alone since most non-Nekos seem to believe the Neko goddess Macha is evil, so traveling with a priestess of Macha isn’t very appealing. She travels from temple to temple to learn magics to teach other Neko priestess and to earn herself status as a high priestess. At first, Haineko seems quiet and timid, but she’ll be the first person to punch you out if she heard you say that. She makes quick, intelligent choices and will not hesitate to fight back if threatened or attacked. She has no remorse when killing and will kill you the first change she gets if she believes you need to be dead. She isn’t fooled by many things and usually won’t fall for the same trick twice. Never fallen for a trick three time because she usually kills them after two, one of the reasons most non-Neko think Macha is an evil goddess. Usually is nice and doesn’t anger very easily or often so most people tend to be surprised at her casual thoughts to killing. Surprisingly, it takes more then it seems like it should to make her wish to kill you. She always gives one warning before she tries to, usually telling you to stop doing whatever it is because it’s beginning to annoy her. After that she makes one attempt on your life for every time you warrant another warning. Haineko isn’t an overly violent person and kills in the most painless and quickest way possible at the time. Being a fire-aligned Neko, she loves fire and enjoys watching things burn. She enjoys manipulating flaming objects and other people’s fire spells to produce odd, but harmless effects like making a candle’s flame burn different colors or become different shapes or even snuffing them out completely.

History: Haineko was orphaned at an early age. When she was 6, her parents were killed in a surprise attack on the village she lived in, only just managing to escape being killed because of her parent’s sacrifice and the luck that a priestess of Macha was near by. The priestess saved Haineko from the group of humans and after hearing from Haineko that her parents were dead, the priestess took Haineko with her to the main temple of Macha. For years Haineko lived at this temple, becoming a priestess/mage of Macha. At the temple, she learned that to qualify as a High Priestess, one needs to know both clerical spells and mage spells and must have mastered either a long range or a close combat weapon and have learned at special attack for said weapon. Then to become High priestess you must challenge the current High Priestess and kill her. During her years of training, she discovered her innate element. During a duel with a mage student, she realized she could manipulate fire when she threw up her arms to protect her face from a fireball and caused it to veer into the sky. She farther confirmed this talent during class, being able to learn and use the taught fire spells much sooner then the others and easily showed the most power, range, and accuracy out of all the other students, earning her the nickname “Little Priestess of Flame” due to the fact she was also the shortest and youngest neko in her classes.

As the years went by, Haineko noticed that no male Nekos ever appeared in the clerical trainings. One day, she decided to find out why and asked the head teacher. The head teacher’s reply was, “Because no male Neko has been strong enough to survive casting them. While us women have no trouble casting them, Macha’s power seems to be extremely difficult, straining, and painful for men to use. After the first time they usually die from shock or heart failure because of the enormous amount of strain and pain their bodies have to endure. The ones that survive give up trying to be a priest and set their sights on the ‘War God’ status of the Mage Warriors. Never, have we ever had a High Priest. Nor do I think we ever will. Only the will of Macha come dictate the outcome of that matter.” Haineko, a little dazed by the information she received, headed back to her room for the rest of that day.

After that, Haineko became more serious in her goal to be High Priestess. Her nickname of “Little Priestess of Flame” became her title of “Priestess of Ash and Flame.” Among the students of her class level and a good number higher, her abilities with fire were unmatched. It wasn’t until her duel with a water mage that she realized her weaknesses. From the start, the mage revealed to her, her first weakness as he surrounded the area with water to boost his area of effect and strength and in the process weakened her. The mage continuously hammered at her with water and water spells, showing her just how painful water is to the fire-aligned. The battle continued on, Haineko was obviously losing as she began to slow down and pant for air. The mage was taking advantage of Haineko‘s auto-response to a water attack to hurt her more and tire her out. “HA! This is the powerful ‘Priestess of Ash and Flame’?! Pathetic! You don’t deserve that title!” the mage exclaimed as he readied his final strike. Haineko looked back at the mage, her ash colored eyes burned with anger.

“You think so?!” Haineko snarled. “I’ll show you why everything that has angered me has turned to ash!!” Gathering her remaining energy, Haineko jumps high into the air. Too high for the water to weaken her. As she gets farther away, she feels some of her suppressed energy return to her. She throws her head back causing her hair to flare around her as she reaches the height of the upper story window, her robes and hair blot out the light like an eclipse. “I have no options left. I don’t want to reveal this, but to lose is to die.” Haineko murmurs these word as she extends her arms toward the mage and draws on every last bit of energy she has. A blue fireball forms at her palms. “O Lord, Mask of flesh and bone, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man, Truth and temperance, Upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws!” The fireball grows larger and larger as it begins to spin rapidly. More and more power infused the fireball, long after it seemed like Haineko’s power should be gone the fireball continued to increase in power.

“Turn everything into ash!!! Hadou 33!! Sokatsui!!!” The massive fireball blasts toward the mage with a slight shockwave.

“Do you really think that fireball will even reach me?! You’re dumber than I thought you!!” The mage yelled as a shield of foot thick water moves in between Sokatsui and the mage. As he begins to laugh, Sokatsui hits the shield and punches through, barely diminished in power or speed. “Oh shi-” was the last thing he said as Sokatsui hits him in the chest and erupts in a massive explosion that shakes the arena. Haineko lands and drops to her knees, wounded and weak. Slowly, the dust clears to reveal…nothing. The mage and most of the water in the arena was gone. A smoldering crater lay where the mage once stood. It soon became apparent that he had quite literally been turned to ash as ash began to drift to the floor from an unknown source.

“I…I did it. I won. I beat the ‘Mage of the Azure Sea’ with a fire spell,” Haineko murmured to herself in awe of her own power. “But, where did all of that extra power come from? The sun? What…could…it…” was all Haineko got out before she passed out from fatigue and pain. She awoke several hours later, stiff and in pain, to find the Head Teacher sitting next to her bed. “Miss Aoineko? What is it?”

“’Priestess of Ash and Flame’ you may be, but you still need to explain how you learned Sokatsui. You aren’t supposed to know that move yet.” Aoineko said as she crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair.

“Well…I was wondering the halls one day after class and happened to find the advanced class practicing. I watched for several minutes and was about to leave when I thought I heard the chant of Shakahou, but it turned out to be Sokatsui. Apparently the girl did something wrong because the instructor came over and told her to do it again while the rest of the class watched. I watched her chant and use it again and then the instructor told her to speak the words with more power. The instructor’s Sokatsui was ungodly strong. I recited the words in my head several times until I was sure I had them right and went outside to test it.” Haineko said in an embarrassed tone. She blushed and stopped speaking.

“So you’re the one that put that massive hole in the kitchen wall.” Aoineko smiled as Haineko nods and turns redder. “Is that the reason you volunteered to help rebuild the wall?” Another nod. “Well then. Just when were you going to reveal this to everyone, Haineko?”

“Actually, tomorrow. I was going to show it during class, but that mage started an argument with me. It got more and more heated until…well, the duel happened. Miss Aoineko, is he really…?” Haineko asked and looked at Aoineko.

Aoineko nodded in affirmation to the implied question. “Oh, yes. The ‘Mage of the Azure Sea’ is quite literally a small pile of ash now. You’ve lived up to your title of ‘Priestess of Ash and Flame’ and your spell did exactly what you commanded it to do. It turned everything the mage was wearing to ash, including the once thought fire-proof training cloaks the teachers and students wear for practice with fire spells and weaponry. You showed us they’re not quite ‘fire-proof’ per say, but more like fire resistant.” Aoineko replied.

Haineko’s eyes flared with anger again. “You mean that little…?! He was wearing…?! He’s lucky he’s already a pile of ash. Or else I’d kill him!” Haineko spoke with hatred. Then she thought about what else was said and a look of surprise entered Haineko’s face. “Wait, I still reduced him ash with that cloak. I see…But, how did I do it? I’m still not sure how I channeled that extra power or where it came from.”

“That, Haineko, is something you’ll need to find out for yourself. You can likely do things that normally wouldn’t happen.” Aoineko replied and stood to go. As she began to walk out, she stopped and looked back. “By the way, Great match. You should be careful of who you fight next time. We would want to lose the first flame master we’ve had it a while.” With that, she turned back and walked out, leaving Haineko to her thoughts.

The years continue to go by Haineko. She begins to learn her non-fire spells now. She learns the Bakudou Geki and experiments with genjutsu. Since the duel with the Mage of the Azure Sea, the number of people willing to challenge her dropped. Some believed themselves too weak to win, others were scared they too would be the victim of a surprise spell like the mage, but mostly it was because they didn’t wish to end up a pile of ash. Her classes in fire reached the highest the temple can teach her and her weapon classes start in its place. Where Haineko was top in her fire spell classes, she was bottom in weaponry. Even girls many, many years her junior could and usually did beat her. She managed to do well in hidden weaponry, as she was the first to draw blood from the instructor using the style. Her instructor was doing a mock battle with her in front of the class in an effort to make Haineko see why she should cut her hair for at this time Haineko’s hair reached her butt. Near the end, the instructor got her by the hair as she was turning and no sooner then she saw that, she swung her arm in an arc, cutting deep into the instructor’s wrist and making him let go. He looks at his wrist in shock as Haineko moves out of arms length, her hands are hidden in her sleeves, but from her right sleeve a four inch knife blade, red with blood can be seen. “So teacher, should I still cut my hair or do you think I’m covered?” Haineko said, indicating her bloody blade.

“Fine, I’ll stop badgering you about with hair. Class is free for ten minutes. I don’t really care what you do short of killing each other, but You better all be back here in ten minutes.” The instructor walked out, wrist and pride both wounded. Unfortunately, she was still outclassed by most of her peers in close weaponry. After trying(and failing) at every close weapon the temple could teach, she changed the class to archery and found herself average, not horrible but not the top.

Several years later, Haineko saw her first High priestess duel. It wasn‘t a duel, it was a slaughter. The challenger was outclassed, murdered, and reduced to little more then a small pile of meat. The High Priestess had only used one spell and her odd weapon, a seemingly countless number of small, paper thin, razor sharp, pink blades she controlled with her magical powers and mind. During the fight, they floated around the High Priestess’ legs and not only defended her from magic and weapons, but could attack at any range quickly, deadly, and beautifully. Through out the entire match the challenger was out matched. Her arrows were useless mere moments into the match as the High Priestess used her blades to destroy the girls bow. After that, the High Priestess just allowed the girl to attack with any and everything she could, attacking only when the girl stopped for longer then six seconds. Finally, the girl rushed the High Priestess. Pointing a finger at the girl, the High Priestess used Bakudou 61: rikujokoro, binding her in place with six rods of light. As the girl looked up, the High Priestess closed her eyes and said, “Scatter. Okuzakura.” All of the High Priestess’ blades drifted away and turned invisible while the trapped girl looked on in terror. Seconds later, the rods shattered as the girl was stuck by the invisible blades. Behind her, the massive stone archway was obliterated. For a few seconds, the girl stood wide eyed and completely stiff before blood started running down her face and body. Then, her body’s blood exploded high into the air as her body literally fell apart into chucks of flesh, her clothing shredded to small scraps. The blades turned visible as they returned to circling the High Priestess’ legs while she turns and walks away. Later that day, Haineko goes to the Head teacher Aoineko and asks what the High Priestess’ title was. Aoineko replied, “She’s the ‘Cherry Blossom Priestess.’ It was given to her when she showed herself to have mastered the zakura, a weapon consisting of, at minimum, 100 of those blades she wields. Hers is the Okuzakura. A powerful weapon consisting of so many blades no one but the High Priestess knows the exact number. It is rumored to be over 1,000,000 blades.” Thanking Aoineko, Haineko went off to her room for the night with a whole new look toward the High Priestess.

More years go by as Haineko learns archery and makes two genjutsu: Yasashii and Yoake. Knowing she can’t learn everything for being a priestess by staying there, she decided to start traveling to other temples and not only learn more, but to become stronger. The day before she was going to start, Aoineko came to her door. Upon Haineko’s opening of the door, Aoineko gave her a message stating, “If you wish to leave must fight to prove yourself strong enough. Your opponent will be: Me.” The next day, Aoineko was standing at the duel ring in front of the temple. She was holding twin fans with fold out blades instead of paper. “Come, Haineko! Prove yourself worthy to leave!” Aoineko yelled as she opened her fans with an audible ‘snap’ and threw a white energy cutter at Haineko. Haineko, after a second’s surprise, jumped aside and brought an arrow the bear pointed at Aoineko’s head. With that, the fight began. It lasted for hours, with the two almost perfectly matching and countering each others attacks until Haineko managed to surprise Aoineko with her newly made genjutsu Yasashii, hiding in a tree to later surprise attack and defeat Aoineko. Accepting the loss, Aoineko allowed Haineko to leave the main temple and travel.

During a visit to a neighboring temple, she meet Derrel, a dinofos on reconnaissance to learn about the Temple's warriors and Nikudemon, a human swordsman that she quickly learned doesn't always think before acts as he killed another Neko in the middle of the temple and nearly getting killed in the process. She learned he was searching for a Neko called Tsukineko and was spared, though barely, by Haineko. She graced his presence and helped him to found out Tsukineko was not at the temple, though she got Nikudemon and Derrel to 'spar' while she learned to throw knives...using them as targets until a demon attacked them and disappeared. Wishing to leave, Nikudemon continued his search for Tsukineko with Haineko and Derrel in party.
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Re: Character List

Approved by Tiroth

Name: Poe Black
Age: 17
Race: Elf
Sex: Male
Hair: Black / long
Eyes: Green
Weight: 160 pounds (about)
Height: 6 ft 3

Weapon: Poe main weapon is a bow The bow is incanted with a phoenix tear stone to help protect Poe from magical attacks.. Poe also has a short dagger, the blade is about 7 inches long, used for melee fights.
He also knows spells and carries a spell book.

Strengths: Poe best weapon is the bow, He fires 3 types of magic arrows as well as regular arrows, he Is good at water/Ice spells, and is also good at stealth, He is even able to run silently, and sneak up on his enemy. but he usually waits for the enemy to come close. Because he is an elf, Poe can hear better than most humans.

Weakness: The main problem Poe has is at melee combat. He has very little skill at hand to hand or sword, Knowing his weakness, he started practicing with a dagger. another problem when fighting melee is that he is not massively strong but makes up for it in speed and stealth. When it comes to magic, a lot of spells that are found in Poe's spell book can backfire if done with heist because Poe is not familiar with them. Also if Poe Casts spells without rest, the spells will become weak and backfire more easily. Because he has been practicing magic for only a few years, he can only cast two or three spells before they become weak. Clothing provides little protection from attack.

arrow - Just an arrow nothing fancy.
Magic arrows
1. Ice arrows - When fired, this arrowhead leaves behind a tail of snow flurries. Ice expands around the target it hits. But the Flurries that appear in the air can be fallowed back to where the arrow was fired.
2.Fire arrows - The arrowhead on this arrow explodes on impact. catching everything around it on fire. Like the Ice arrows, fire arrows can be traced back to where they are fired because of the trail of smoke they leave behind.
3.wind arrows - Known for their power and speed. These arrows fire farther and faster than other arrows. When they strike the target The target flies back. The shooter of the arrow can loose his balance from firing the arrow because of the wind.

Spell book - Various spells can be found in Poe's spell book The spells are passed from generation to generation by using family spell books. A person from the family can cast a spell using a chant that is listed in the spell book. But each person must know the spell by heart in order to use it without using a spell book. The book helps the person casting the spell. By preventing backfires and reduce the damage caused by backfires. Also keep in mind that spells can just fail, causing nothing to happen.

When it comes to casting spells Poe has energy that is stored in his body and is used to cast a spell. The energy slowly recharges after a spell is cast, and the longer the parson is casting spells the more energy he has and the more a person cast a certain spell the less energy he needs to cast it. Poe only has enough energy to cast two or three spells if he casted them at their full power. If he weakens the spells he can cast four or five spells before he runs low on energy.

Ice spells
Frostdew -Water quickly runs across the surface of an area and turns into ice. leaving everything around the area where the spell was cast covered with a thin smooth sheet of ice. This spell does very little damage but, is preferred by archers because the caster can stand outside the range of the spell well casting it and people can not get any grip and just slip and slide around.
Backfire – caster can slip on the ice
Poe Does not need his spell book to cast this spell.

Blizzard - Sharp spears of ice fall from the sky.
Backfire - if the spell backfires, the ice will fall on the caster
Poe can use this spell without his spell book

Ice Flurry - Long thin needles of ice forms around the caster and fly straight to the enemy.
Backfire - If this spell backfires, it can freeze the user.
Poe can cast this spell without his spell book but it is not as strong.

Water spells

control - allows the caster to control water. Water must be around for the caster to control
Backfire - When the caster cast this spell it quickly drains his energy.
Poe must use his spell book for this spell and the spell only last a short mount two minuets at most because of Poe's limited magical energy.

ball of water - a ball of water forms at the casters hands and flies at the enemy.
Backfire. - the ball can explode on the caster.
Poe does not need his spell book to cast this spell

shooting rain - raindrops form around the caster and then fly's at the enemy. Similar to Ice Furry but is weaker and takes less skill.
Backfire - the droplets don't fly towards the enemy and forms a fog around the caster limiting the site of the caster.
Poe does not need his spell book to cast this spell.

Fog - Forms a thick fog, making it impossible for everyone to see. Best used for escaping.
Backfire - limits the sight of the caster when cast.

Wind spells
*Because of Poe's inexperience with wind spells these spells are weaker and have a greater chance of backfiring, if Poe does not use his spell book*

Gust - Gusts of wind push the enemy back and lift him off the ground.
Backfire - gusts of wind push the caster back and throw him off the ground.

Tornado - Gusts of wind from a twister.
Backfire - caster can loose control of the tornado,
*When Poe casts this spell, the tornado is the size of a small dust devil*

Other Spells

Heal - magically treats the wounds of the person the spell is cast on.
Backfire - If the spell fails all of the casters magical energy is drained.
*Poe Can not cast this spell with speed, takes about fifteen minuets for Poe heal a person*

Teleport - This spell is a high level spell that magically teleports the caster to another location of his choice. The caster must have the image of the place in his mind before he can teleport to the place. the further away the person is teleporting to the more likely the spell will backfire.
Backfire - If the spell backfires two things can happen. The caster teleports to a place near where he wants to teleport to, (usually a few feet away about five to ten feet up in the air) or the caster flies backwards.
*this Spell Poe only uses as a last resort, It have a very high chance of backfiring on him even with his spell book*

Spells not listed – Because all of Poe's family spells are in Poe's spell book, there are spells that Poe can practice, but because Poe rarely uses them and are weaker and have a grater chance of backfiring, they take time to cast so Poe can not cast them in battle. These include Earth and Fire elemental spells.

Pet – Poe has a Phoenix named Luna that he calls with a small flute that plays notes that human (or elven) ears cannot hear. Luna rescued Poe when he fell off a flying ship. She attacks by throwing Flames from her wings.

Personality: Poe is usually a shy, quiet, kind, good hearted Person. He is laid back, easy going and very rarely gets mad, Because of his shyness people might think he is deprecated. He is not quick to trust other people and is very cautious.
Poe is not the type of person who will stop to chat. When a person greets him he usually just saids hello or a s nods his head and a smiles. He rarely speaks in a group of people and would prefer someone to speak to him alone.
If someone talks to him he will talk back, and he will do his best to help a person who asked for his help.

Appearance: Poe's Hair comes down about three inches below his shoulders, with his long ears sticking out. Hie ears are about six inches long. Well traveling. Poe prefers to wear black boots, brown pants, Green shirt with a brown leather vest. When it is raining Poe wears either a green, dark blue, or black cloak. When he is traveling in colder weather he he wears brown or white pants made of skin (similar to dear skin) pants and a thick white or brown fur coat instead of the vest. He wears the white coat when snow is on the grown and the brown coat when there is not any snow.
Poe has his bow and quiver strapped to his back and a haversack strapped to his belt. The haversack has been magically enchanted to hold all of Poe's stuff.

Before Poe's birth - Poe Black Comes from the lands of Resanna. Resanna has suffered a war between elves and humans. The war lasted so long that all history before the war (even why the war started) was lost. What ended the war was when dragons who feasted on the slain grew in numbers and started attacking villages. Both the elves and humans knew they had to stop the dragons. When the Human capitol (name was lost) fell to to an attack from dragons. The only stronghold against the dragons was the elfin capitol called Sunselia. Humans and elves, decided to call a ceasefire and defend the city of Sunselia until the threat of dragons were over. The day before the Dragons attacked a fourth species came into the war, the Queen of the Phoenixes promised to help if after the battle there would be piece between the elves and humans. The battle lasted for weeks and in the end the dragons were defeated. And for the first time that the People remember there was peace.

Very few dragons remained, every once in a while they attack a small town or farm. But it was Rare. Elves and humans know live peacefully as neighbors. There are even half lings a half breed of elves and humans. There is a fountain in Sunselia, the ingravings on it saids, as long as there is water in this fountain, there will be peace. It it rumored that a feather off of the Phoenix queen is buried under it.

After Poe's birth - Poe Black was born in Sunselia 237 years after the war. His father taught him the ways of the bow. Poe practiced on a child's bow that had a low pull and only shot twenty feet. But Poe learned how to aim. But when he was six, the city was destroyed, by dragons, Nobody knows where the dragons came from but the city quickly fell. People say they just appeared, then disappeared. Some believe they were ghosts of the Dragons that attack completing the mission they failed over 200 years ago. But none has seen that many dragon since.

Poe was taken to an orphanage. He live there till he was nine, He casted his first spell at well living there. It was a spell that sent water that quickly froze. He cast it on accident and did not realize that he casted it until after he cast it, a bully that picked on him along with everyone else in the orphanage

Poe was adopted by Zacklin at the age of nine, an inventor well known for his inventions, most helped sailors navigate the seas. Zecklin also adopted a girl named Rachel

Zecklin lived tn Seaswell, A town that is a popular trading port. Because of this it is also very popular for competitions, especially archery. During this time Poe was given a bow and started practicing. His father's practice quickly came back to him and he started winning numberless competitions starting at the age of eleven.

When Poe was 13 Zecklin wanted to head to a small mountain town called, Christal Lake to study wind affects on different types of sails. Poe ask if he could stay in Seaswell, knowing that there would be no archery competitions in Christal Lake. The next month Zecklin and Rachel said goodbye to Poe as they left town.

Poe lived in an the Willow Inn an Inn/bar own by the Bartender. No one knows his real name, but if you mention the Bartender to anyone in Resanna and they know who you are talking about. Poe earned money by running errands and doing odd jobs around the town.

At age 14 Poe Decided that he would like to Visit Zecklin. So he started to prepare for the journey. He was about ready to go when he ran into a thief. Poe Fought back but failed. Everything was stolen from him. But Poe knew that he had to learn melee combat before he traveled.

The Bartender gave him a bow and a dagger the day after he was robed. He also taught Poe the Basics of fighting with a dagger.

An archery contest caught Poe's eye, The winner would receive a scroll for the wind arrow spell. Allowing one to enchant arrowheads with the power of wind. Poe won the contest and got the scroll.

Knowing that you can't read a magic scroll in less its in your spell book, Poe went to a Mage shop the next day.

“ah yes I'm expecting you, Hear is your Spell book.” The shop keeper said as soon as Poe opened the door. “also I added your family spells in the book as well, Water elemental spells will be your best, go on open it” Poe Opened the book and words magically appeared on the Page. “To add new spells to your book just lay the scroll in the pages and shut the book, Poe layed the wind arrow scroll in the book and it fused with the pages.

The shop keeper continued to tell Poe about spell casting how to avoid backfires.

Poe Spent the rest of the night learning to cast spells. He started casting water/ice spells with ease. He could cast a few fire spells, but they were less powerful than a match. But Poe knew that the more you use spells of a certain element, the stronger you will become at that element. When Poe open this book up to the wind arrow spell, he found the Ice arrow spell right behind It.

When Poe was 15, He was sitting in the Willow Inn bar and chatting with the Bartender. To their surprise a gypsy walked in the bar. “Hello Poe Black, my name is, Minna have a message from Zecklin.” “how did you know I was here?” Poe asked. “I have my ways” she replied. Poe looked at the woman, She was a half elf, short in height, and wore a purple dress. Poe took the letter.

I have something I want to show you, my friend Minna will bring you here.


Poe During the travel to Christal Lake Minna taught Poe more about spell casting and stealth, along with other survival skills. Poe looked forword to seeing Zecklin and Rachel.

After traveling through mountains for days. They Finally reached their destination. This is where Zecklin Lives. Poe said as he looked at the windmill, the door open and Rachel ran out and hugged Poe.

Poe was looking out an open window up on the top floor of the windmill. Because it was a new moon Poe could barely see the lake. But he did see the few lights coming form the windows of the houses near the lake, as well as the lights that from the windmills that dotted the surrounding mountain.

So what have you been doing in Seaswell, Poe turned around to see Rachel standing behind him. He started to tell he about the Past three years.

“So why did you build this hear.” Poe asked Zecklin, as he view the ship floating about 15 feet from the shore of the lake. “wait you wanted to study wind on different sails. I guess that would explain some of the sails. But not the ones sticking out of the side and running horizontal.

“Do you know about load stones? Zecklin asked.

“No” Poe Replied.

“than I will show you.”

Poe, Zecklin, and Rachel took a small row boat, boarded the ship. And went down into the hull.

To Poe's surprise the hull was just a big open room that contained two large rocks in it, one at the bow and one at the Sterm.

“these two rocks you see are load stones, blessed with the element of wind.” Zecklin saids.

“so the ship can fly?” Poe asked

“yep” Rachel said.

:”Its first fight is now.” Zecklin said. As the ships crew climbed on bored.

Poe was amassed at what he was seeing. Very few before has looked down upon the world form this height. He felt as if he was looking through the eyes of a god. Zecklin was taking notes on various things. And Rachel was controlling the ship.

From out of no ware a dragon attacked the ship. Poe Tried used his bow and arrows to fight the thing off but, the sails quickly caught on fire by the dragons breath. Poe fired an Ice arrow and hit the dragon between the eyes. The dragons tail destroyed the bow of the ship. Poe saw one of the load stone

The ship started falling. Poe knew he had to slay the dragon. Poe aimd another arrow, But the dragon flew into the ship. Poe lost his balance. He stumbled and fell. Poe felt the dragon fire surround him well he fell.

Poe woke, He was surround by what looked like dragons. His vision cleared and he saw that they were not dragons, but phoenixes.

“Welcome Poe Black.” a voice that seamed to come from his own thoughts said.

All but one of the phoenixes flew away.

“I am Mia, Queen of the Phoenixes,” Poe looked at the phoenix that did not leave.

“what brings me hear?” Poe asked.

“The Dragon that attacked you today was the same one who killed your parents,
he was meant to kill you,
Don't take revenge”

“what do you mean” Poe yelled

“Dragons are being forced
being controlled”

“By who” Poe yelled

A demon, Atticus is his name.

“Why” Poe replied

“I don't know
Take this scroll, If is the spell for enchanting arrows with fire.
Luna Rescued you, She will help you, Use this flute to call her.”

The Scroll and flute appeared in front of Poe. Poe took it A Phoenix landed decide him.

“You must be Luna” Poe said as he looked at the bird, The bird chirped, grabbed Poe with its beak, and flew off.

Two years later.
Poe was on Lunas back to visit Zecklin, who has built not one but 2 airships, Luna took a dive, Then Poe saw him, A demon was waiting for him. Poe Puled out his bow and fired an arrow.

“We finally meet Poe Black, You will never see this day end” The Atticus voice rang out and echoed off the hill sides. The demon took off spreading its winds and hurled its self at Poe. Poe Fired arrows at Atticus but The demon dodged them. Luna flew out of its as Atticus tried to claw the Phoenix.

Poe Jumped off Luna and Landed on Atticus. He pulled his dagger out and started cutting at Atticus skin. Atticus threw him off and Luna caught him. Poe Aimed a fire arrow and fired. The arrow hit Atticus right between the eyes. And broke a Rupee. That Atticus kept on his face to protect himself from the sunlight.

“We will meet again.” The demon flew into a cavern. Scraping his hands against the walls to cause it to cave in.

Poe jumped onto the ground and found the jewel that fell from Atticus' head, he did not know what it was for but He took it with him Knowing that it was of importance to Atticus.
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Re: Character List

Approved by Wielder Of The Sword.

Name: Mina Kunashi
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Purple
Height: 5'3
Weight: 89 pounds
Apearance: And short red with a bit of gold at the top none-heeled boots.

Weapon: Broad Sword
Weapon discription: Normal Broad Sword She Can Make Disapear And Turn Into A Necklace She Puts Around Her Neck. Necklace has a red string with the charm that is attached to the end. (Apearance in picture. *Points to sword in apearance*.)

Attaks: Iron Blade, Silver Sword, Killer Blade, and attaks she pretty much makes up.

Iron Blade: Her sword becomes as then as paper and cuts threw the enemy easily.

Silver Sword: Her sword will shine as bright as a star and she will run at te enemy and cut him/her/it blinding him/her/it.

Killer Blade: Her sword will become lighter and easyer to swing, but will have a more painful and deadly inpact.

Personality: Easy to gain her trust, likes cats, careful, loves her friends and family, very sweet to whom she trusts, Pretty much normal a bit of a tom boy, loving, and someone who you might want to gain trust of.

Weaknesses: Cats, Jewels, Friends, Family, Silver, Gold, Precious Metals, And Her Memorys.
Elemental and Physical Weaknesses: Lightning attaks and magic, Ice attaks and magic, Fire attaks and Magic, Hard Attaks, heavy magic, Getting punched in the gut, shin or chest, getting cut in the chest, gut, or shin, and heavy combat.

Strengths: Snakes, Lizards, Worms, Jerks, Fools, Idiots, Spiders, Cute smiles to get to do something, Boys, And Stupidity.
Elemental and Physical strengths: Wind magic, water magic, light magic, dark magic, and getting slaped in the face.

History: She was born in a village called "Hikashuki Village" She was raised by her parents untill the age of thirteen, in her village they knew enough by thirteen to be able to stop school and move on in thier lives, she went to her parents and told them her grades, she had worked all day everyday of her life after four, her parents were amazed she could get the best grade there was, her brother was not to happy. Mina walked to the village stores, she saw her brother, he was at a store in the middle of the night, the shop was closed and he was taking items, she was shocked that her brother was commiting thievery, her brother tried to kill her, she was told to leave the village by her parents before he had the chance to kill her, she left at the age of thirteen, her parents did not want her brother killed for atemptive murder and commiting thievery, thier parents hid him, but he escaped and left the village searching for Mina, she is in grave danger, and it is to easy for him to gain her trust once more. She headed for a village near by, but just a few more days and she was found by her brother, he fought her in the village untill she magaged to escape with a sword she had picked up with money her parents had given her, the shop keeper had no idea of the value, he had never used it so the sword was not expencive, on her way out of the village she attaked him and cut his leg, his leg was almost taken off, but he still has it, she managed to leave the village with just a few scars and bruises, but the worst is yet to come...

"All the scars that remain with me from our battle are well with my memory, is he ever going to forgive me? Is he ever going to love me like he once did years ago? My memorys are all I have left, but are they what I really desire?" Mina Kunashi
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Name: Locke

Age: Appears 17

Race: Half-Elf

Sex: Male

Hair: Shoulder length, brown with red tips.

Eyes: Hazy purple

Weight: 147 lbs.

Height: 5'11

Weapon: None

Armor: A gaunlet he wears on his right arm.

Strengths: Locke possesses a fundamental knowledge of the elements, and can manipulate them through his magic.

Weaknesses: Locke is afraid of lightning, and his magic is very weak against physical attacks since he possesses no physical training.

Personality: Locke is cold hearted and typically fights alone, he only allies himself with others when the circumstance calls for it. He is quick minded and can use his magic to counter most any attack.

Level 1 Spells
Wind Blades: Blades of air rip through the opponents flesh.
Fireball: Locke uses a ball of fire to scorch the opponent.
Shock: Locke uses electricty to torture the opponent.
Tremor: Locke slightly shifts tectonic plates to make a small tremor.
Freezing Douse: Locke summons freezing rain to attack the opponent.

Level 2 Spells
Air Barrier: Locke arranges wind pressure columns to create a barrier.
Fire Dragons Wings: Locke shoots spears of fire at the opponent.
Sleeping Lion: Locke summons a lightning bolt to strike the opponent.
Stalagmite Sword: Locke summons a giant stalagmite from the earth.
Frozen Edge: Locke calls a sword of ice for melee attacks.

Level 3 Spells
Hurricane Blast: Locke uses a small funnel cloud to attack the opponent.
Rising Dragon: Locke summons a dragon of fire to attack.
Sound Break: A massive thunder shockwave repels the opponent.
Earth Cage: Locke summons a stone cage from the ground to trap the opponent.
Pressure Break: Locke summons high pressure water to attack the opponent.

Level 4 Spells
Final Monsoon: A combination of Hurricane Blast and Wind Blades
Magma Surge: A geyser of lava erupts from underground to attack the opponent.
Indignant Lightning: A blast of lightning so powerful it can split the earth.
Meteor Star: Locke summons up a giant boulder with the force of a meteor on impact.
Oceans Serenade: A blast of water freezes the opponent in a sheet of ice.

Level 5 Spells (Special Seals Required For Each One)
Twin Dragons: Two indentical tornadoes attack the opponent.
Super Nova: Flames as hot as a star's flames reduce an opponent to nothing.
Heavens Judgement: A blast of lightning, said to come from god, attacks an opponent.
Tectonic Crash: Locke generates an earthquake, powerful enough to split a continent.
Leviathan's Call: A dragon made of ice and water crushes all it's path.

Non-Aligned Spells
Tiger Claws: Locke uses an energy wave to split anything, mainly energy barriers.
Negate Spell: A spell all sorcerer's know. It enables the disabling of a weaker spell.
Seal Enscribing: Locke uses magic and concentration to enscribe the level 5 spells.
Sword of Light: Locke bends light into a blade that he uses on occasion.
Aura Mirrors: This ability allows Locke to steal the aura and spells of an opponent.

Locke is currently on level 4, but with "Seal Inscribing" he's capable of level 5 as well.

Appearance: Locke appears to be 17 years old, with shoulder length hair that spikes at the ends. He has handsome features, but isn't very physically fit, just slender. He traditionally wears martial arts gi where the shirt extends down to a trench coat. His choice footwear is combat boots. All of his shirts usually have long sleeves, sometimes with the left sleeve cut if its hot, but under no circumstances does his show his right arm, which is branded with a tattoo curse that is slowly killing him.

Biography: Locke was born in Egam, the village of elves. Locke and his full-breed elf, and half brother Hiro learned magic from the village elder. Locke's mother, a human died during birth, and lovesick, his father died soon after. Locke was always isolated for being a half-elf, but when he turned 10, his brother, Hiro abruptly went berserk, and with better fundamentals for magic, his older brother killed a young family with his magic, following he placed a seal curse on his brothers right arm that slowly spreads and when it covers his whole body, it will drain his life he then fled, leaving Locke to receive the blame. Hiro's reasons for killing the family remain unknown. For his brothers actions, Locke was banished from the village, and to remove the mysterious curse, he pursued his brother.

He believes in the policy "borrow nothing, loan nothing" which means he asks for nothing, yet gives nothing as well. He is agnostic, preferring to live by his own standards. He is on a hunt for his older half-brother Hiro to question him about the events on the night he killed the family. Locke grew up alone after he was banished, using the magic of the elves and the knowledge of the humans to gain strong elemental magic.

Locke began traveling at the age of 15 and came upon a village inhabited by a powerful sorceress whom ruled the village with her power. Deciding to see if his magic was as strong as hers, he took the sorceress Erzsebet on in combat, and lost, barely escaping with his life. Locke learned that if he couldn't even defeat Erzebet he wouldn't stand a chance against Hiro, so he took refuge in the village, training his magic, hoping to become stronger....
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Will the lycan

Approved by Awbri
Name: Will Canter
Age: 18
Race: Blessed Lycan
Sex: Male
Hair: Brown both as human and werewolf
Eyes: Left one is blue, the right one is green



Weight: 160

Height: 6'0"

Weapon: Multiple different elemental Nunchukus
Armor: Simple leather armor, loosely worn (stays on when he is a werewolf)

Strengths: Nunchukus, elemental magic (except light magic), extremely fast, he has a wiry build, so people misjudge his strength, he also has high charisma and is able to persuade people easily

Weakness: Is slightly affected by silver, but not as much as when he is a werewolf, he has no prjectile attacks, other than that, he is weak to what humans are normally weak to.
Being a werewolf, he will get into fights for dominance between other werewolves or any canine for that matter (whether or not he is human at the time).


Elemental nunchukus

Wooden Nunchukus
His father's Nunchuku. No real strengths or weaknesses. Enchanted to prevent them from catching fire.

Steel Nunchukus
A pair of steel nunchukus. Useful on certain elves, however it can be magnetized

Fire Nunchukus
A pair of nunchukus that are set aflame but cannot harm the user, the heat is still felt however, causing discomfort.

Ice Nunchukus
A pair of nunchukus made from enchanted ice that will not melt, but constantly eminate cold. Once again, the cold will cause discomfort.

Water Nunchukus
A pair of nunchukus made from a stiff cloth that is for some reason always wet. Cannot inflict strong blows due to the material that they are made from. Can be used as a water supply.

Electric Nunchukus
A mysterious metal pair of nunchukus that buzz with electricity, while he cannot be directly electrocuted, the power can be inderectly looped back to him.

Dark Nunchukus
Ancient nunchukus made from stone that is said to have come from the moon. Use of them causes darkness fall temporarily (like 15 minutes) temporarily transforming Will to his lycan state and dampering light magic, while strengthening dark magic. Use of these nunchukus requires great strength and energy due to their weight and magic, and are not used often.

Transformation: Whenever in darkness, Will transforms into a semi-werewolf form (see werewolf).
On nights of the full moon, Will will transform into a FULL werewolf (see werewolf).

Regeneration: When Will goes to werewolf form, all previous injuries are healed, all lost body parts regenerated.

Dan the wolf: A white wolf that has taken a liking to Will and follows him around. Dan will protect Will, seeing Will as the Alpha wolf.

Personality: Will is normally a happy and friendly person. He believes in the good in all people although he is very aware of the bad in them. He will give people one chance, and if he is betrayed he may never trust them again. Sometimes Will gets depressed over the innocents he has killed

Appearance: Will wears loose fitting, clothes. He wears an off-white tunic, with long brown pants. The leather armor is worn over it. His hair is dirty and unkempt. He wears no shoes, they get shredded during his transformation. As a result, his feet are extremely calloused.


Semi-Werewolf 6' 6"
Werewolf: 7'0" (Nose to tail)
Semi-Werewolf: 200 lbs.
Werewolf: 175 lbs.
Weapons: Claws, teeth, jaws
Semi-Werewolf: In semi werewolf form, Will's strength is greatly increased
Werewolf: Will's speed, strength and endurance are greatly increased, speed remains the same.
Weaknesses: Will is weak to silver, exposure it causes migraines, fur loss, and strength weakness. A silver bullet to the heart will kill him. Will is more susceptible to fire. He cannot pass through running water (rivers, streams, etc.) doing so causes burns. The urge to kill is always existent as a werewolf, Will can usually keep it in check as a semi-werewolf, but cannot as a full werewolf. Will lacks any projctile attacks, and he can't really defend against them as a werewolf.

Werewolf: As a full werewolf, Will loses the ability to speak. He can no longer stand and drops to all fours. His intellingence drops and he thinks purely through instinct, and will attack anything living. Will remembers everything he does as a werewolf, even though he has no control over it. This depresses him, as he has killed innocents in this form.

Skills/Magic: Stealth is increased, along with tracking, sense of smell and hearing.

LYCANTHROPY: Will can spread Lycanthropy if he causes a bite that draws blood while he is in werewolf or semi-werewolf form. Lycanthropy is spread by a werewolf's saliva directly entering the blood stream. If Will bites someone wearing armor and it does not draw blood, the victim will not be infected.

Transformation: Whenever in sunlight, Will will transform back into a human.

Regeneration: When Will goes to human form, all previous injuries are healed, all lost body parts regenerated.

Dan the wolf: A white wolf that has taken a liking to Will and follows him around. Dan will protect Will, seeing Will as the Alpha wolf.

Personality: Will is very serious and grim. He is near emotionless, and always means what he says. He is rarely ever enraged or depressed. He is grim and ruthless.

Semi-werewolf: He wears the same clothes as human Will. His head is that of a wolf's. His entire body is covered in thick brown fur. He has claws, but still has hands. He has more muscle on his body. He walks upright and is still able to talk. He is basically a human with wolf characteristics.
Werewolf: Basically a giant brown wolf. The change in muscle mass and shape shreds his clothes. (He usually keeps a spare change with him.) The only difference between him and a wolf is his size and his eyes, his eyes always remain human.

Will's life started ordinarily enough, no evil curses, no blessings from angels, no legendary monsters, no none of that, he was born in a secluded village surrounded by immense woods. He was born an only child, with two loving parents to help and support his journey through life. His father worked as a hunter, he would go into the woods, kill a few animals, take the choice cuts for his family and sell the rest to the village's butcher. His mother's job was to teach and take care of Will. Will's childhood was for the most part an average one.

He would play with the other children in the village, and everything was peachy, he even had a talent. When he was 12, he had found an old pair of nunchukus in his attic. It turned out that they were his father's. His father taught him the basics, and Will practiced them as a hobby. He eventually got very good, and would do performances during the village's festivals.

Everything was going right in Will's life until he turned 15. That year was when the monster came. Noone knew what it was, but it was attacking the livestock. It wouldn't attack every night, just about once a month. It was considered to only be a minor problem, until they found Will's mother, dead. That was when the men in the village determined that they were going to hunt it down.

Will was depressed due to his mother's death, but his father even more so. His dad seemed to have blamed it on himself. A month after the murder of the villager, the men in the village were tired of searching. They were sure that the monster had run off by now.

Meanwhile, at Will's house, his father's condition had become like a sickness. His dad had told him that all he needed was rest and time alone to deal with what had happened. That night, Will decided that he was going to talk to his father about the loss of his mother, and they were going to get past it and continue with life. He went in to his father's bedroom to see if he was awake, and found him... gone. The bed was ripped up, the window was broken with claw marks aroung it. Will realized that the monster had come for his father. Will ran into his bedroom, grabbed his nunchukus, and followed the footprints leading out of the window and into the woods.

Running along in the woods, Will began toi worry about what he was doing. He was running to some unknown monster with weapons that he had never used for violence. But he had to save his father. His father was the only person he had left. Finally he found the owner of the footprints, a giant snarling werewolf. Will couldn't see any sign of his father, but knew he had to around somewhere, he hadn't seen any blood yet. During Will's hesitation, the wolf sprang, falling on top of him. Will managed to get away with some serious scratches. He tried to fend it off with his nunchukus, but the werewolf seemed to be unstopable, as it dashed forward and sank its teeth into his side.

His chest exploded into white hot pain. The pain quickly spread throughout his entire body. It became hard to think, but he realized that his body was suddenly filled with a new power. He immediately dropped onto all fours and combated the other werewolf, not yet realising what he had become.The fight was a brutal one, but Will finally killed the monster that had murdered his mother, and with that having been accomplished passed out from exhaustion.

The next morning he woke up with a blanket covering him. The villagers had found him this morning, covered in blood, clothes ripped up, near his fathers dead body, also bloodied and clothes shredded. Will was dazed for a couple of minutes, and then all of the previous night's events came to him like a brick to the face. HE had killed his father, and his father had most likely killed his mother.

The shock of this left him emotionless for days. He hardly noticed that he was in another families house. He hardly ate, didn't sleep. Finally he snapped out of it, and realized one thing. He needed to rid himself of the curse that had destroyed his family, before the next full moon. He knew that he couldn't ask anyone for the information, that would only make them suspicous.

So one night he snuck into the village elders house, for he was the one most likely to have a book on magic. He snuck into the elders library and looked through the books finally finding one entitled Magic Maladies and their Cures. Will figured that this book would most likely contain the answers he sought. So he took it and snuck back out of the village elder's house. When he got back to the house of the family that he was staying with, he snuck into his room and silently opened the book. Reading by candlelight, he found the cure to his disease. A cure for lycanthropy. All it was was a complicated chant on the night of the new moon. Will figured that it would be a week until the new moon, he couldn't wait that long, but he had to.

He silently bided his time, he figured that the elder wouldn't notice the book missing for quite some time. Finally, the night had come, and Will silently crept out of the house and into the woods. Since there was no light on the night of a new moon, he brought a canlde with him. In the middle of the woods, he opened the book, took a deep breath, and recited the chant. He mispronounced some of the words and lost his place a few times, but he figured that it didn't matter, his situation couldn't get any worse.

Little did he know how wrong he was. When he finished, he could a prickling sensation all over his body. He looked down at his hands and stared in horror as they were slowly engulfed in brown fur, claws growing on his hands. He could feel his head re-arranging into a new shape. It didn't really hurt, just felt extremely disturbing. He saw his nose and mouth elongate into a muzzle. He also felt an increase in strength. He could suddenly hear and smell many more things around him. He realized that now he had become even more of a freak, now he was a half werewolf half human mix. He had to find some solution to this.

He looked through the book, and found there was another cure for lycanthropy that he had looked over, because it wasn't a permanent cure. According to the book there was a stone of great rarity, called the sunstone. This stone emanated sunlight, the thing that reverts werewolves back into humans. The location of the stone is said to be in some unknown cave, heavily gaurded by the fiends of darkness. Will realized that this was his only hope.

He silently padded into the house on his wolf-human feet, and quickly took the only thing of importance to him, his father's nunchukus. Then, he silently slipped into the dark forest, never to return home.

He traveled on through the night, drinking from streams when he was thirsty, catching some woodland animal when he was hungry. He felt that he didn't deserve cooked food anymore, and simply ate them raw, which the wolf in him enjoyed.

The next morning, Will was delighted to find that the sunlight had temporarily cured him of his odd new disease, and things seemed to be looking up. He knew that if he followed the path he was on, it would lead to a major town. He figured from there he could start his journey to find the sunstone.

That afternoon, he decided he was going to stop and relax a little bit, he didn't feel tired, but he knew that he should be. He was about to try and get some sleep, when he heard whimpering nearby. He followed the noise to find a white wolf, with one of its back legs caught in a trap. The wolf growled at him, and for some reason he had the uncontrollable urge to lock eyes with the wolf. Will started emitting a low growl, surprising himself at his actions. To his surprise, the white wolf lowered its head and began whimpering. Will now knew, for some inexplicable reason, that the wolf would now make no attempt at hurting him. So gently and slowly, Will opened the trap and let the wolf's leg go. He noticed that the injury was minor and would heal quickly, so no medical attention was needed.

Will felt a little better having done good for once. So, having left the wolf behing him, Will continued on. Except for the fact that the wolf wasn't left behind, it was following him. Will found this only slightly odd, and didn't really mind it. He liked the wolf's company and felt that the wolf enjoyed his.

Will eventually made it to the town, but not before realizing something. He didn't just change at night, but whenever he was in an area lacking sunlight. This made his quest even more dire. Over time, Will got better with his nunchukus, and with his newfound abilities. He found out that being half-werewolf makes it so people don't mess with you very often, and he would use this fact to help people that he met along his journies.
He would go into the towns or villages and ask them if there were any "legendary items" or anything like that. Sometimes he would find out that there would be some "legendary item," and he would go out and try to find it. Usually the legends were false, or just some cash treasure, but a few times he found things that he would get the local weaponsmith to make into a pair of nunchukus for him. He is still out seeking the sunstone. Will he find it? Only time will tell.
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Re: Character List

Approved by ma buddeh Safer! <3

Name: Aemilia Cosette
Age: 19
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Hair: snowy white/ light grey
Eyes: Dark red
Weight: 121 lbs
Height: 5'6''


Tira: A katana like sword is sheathed across her lower back, the blade itself measuring nearly three feet. Although its appearance is a dull jet black from the tip of the sword to the leather bound hilt, it is extremely sharp. Its mundane appearance only serves the purpose of refusing to glint or sparkle in the moonlight. Across the bottom of the black, near the hilt, the name “Tira” is etched, revealing the silver and steel underneath the black coating. It is the name of Aemilia’s grandmother, the first wielder of the sword, and the name by which she refers to her reliable companion.


Strengths/Skills: Aemilia’s most prominent skill is her stealth. Although she isn’t always silent, unseen among the shadows, she is very polite and inconspicuous, definitely not the type that one would suspect to be a professional murderer. She is extremely effective with a blade, aware of the locations of vital veins as well as a few pressure points. Aemilia’s fighting style outside of quick assassinations is one that could be described as graceful, using short turns and long, sweeping strikes of her sword that take advantage of its length. She is flexible, her movements are quick and sharp and, especially when in a perilous situation, she is very observant of her surroundings.

Armor: none

Weakness: Despite her skills with a sword, she is quite vulnerable to magic, especially spells and attacks that cover a large area and are nearly impossible to dodge or escape. She wears no armor, nor does she carry a shield, so any attacks against her must be dodged, parried with her sword, or simply taken full force. Although her movements are quick once she makes up her mind, Aemilia is one to overanalyze things and often thinks a bit too much before she acts. This is likely to cause her to miss chances to take action, or be taken off guard while lost in thought. In addition, her sympathetic nature may pose an opportunity for enemies to trick her or lead her astray.

Personality: Assertive yet calm and soft spoken, Aemilia isn’t one to make a bad impression, but is very strong in her beliefs and opinions and is willing to state and defend them. Her soft, calm tone does well to suggest a casual aplomb, but has the potential to make her seem a bit shy every now and then. She can be extremely contemplative, almost to a fault, but makes a habit of catching herself before her thoughts run too rampantly. She hates to draw unneeded attention to herself, and is generally kind and polite, but not to the point of being gullible or naive. However, the fact that she can be very caring and sympathetic and doesn’t like to upset or disappoint others, often being quick to apologize, could easily be reason for bouts of naivety. Although she usually isn’t one to instigate a fight, she will not back away from one. If she is offended, threatened, challenged, or is carrying out an assassination, she becomes somewhat cold, and extremely determined, no longer worried about the impression she may be giving. While fighting she offers quite a few remarks, some sarcastic, that may cause her to appear a bit cocky. But truth be told, Aemilia knows when to back down, and despite her occupation as an assassin she rarely takes assignments to kill individuals who are not criminals or otherwise harmful to society. Around friends and family she is cheerful for the most part, caring and sincere.

Appearance: Aemilia’s slightly wavy snow white hair falls a couple inches past her shoulders, curving inward as if caressing her slim figure. Her eyes are deep red and, although they are often fixed in a solemn stare, noticeably brighten up when she smiles. A very sturdy yet lightweight black dress fits snuggly around the upper portion of her body and falls freely below her waist. Surprisingly, it is extremely easy to move around in, as it was designed to be, and may appear to be more of an overcoat than a dress. It falls to the middle of her calves, barely covering the tops of the black leather boots worn on her feet both for comfort and a bit of added silence.




Her whispers met the closed door. Perhaps her sister was asleep…

Or maybe she’d silenced herself when she heard approaching footsteps on the wood floor of the hall. Regardless, she couldn’t bear to go back to her room. Kariette was nine years old, Aemilia being only a year older. At times like this it seemed that they were all each other had, and she admitted to herself that she didn’t want to be alone.

She opened the door and stepped into a new collection of shadows. Even in the darkness, she could almost see her sister’s blue-silver eyes. She was sitting upright, facing the door. How long had she been awake? How long had she been like this?

“They’re doing it again.” Her small voice blended strangely with the sounds of the argument upstairs. It was firm and somewhat mature, as always, but held a hint of lost hope and exhaustion that made Aemilia uneasy.

“Kari…?” She sat next to her on the edge of the bed, hands clasped in her lap, front teeth grazing her bottom lip. “Are you okay?”


“I don’t know...” Aemilia wrung her small hands, looking over at her sister, “why they do this.” It was the only comfort she could offer, if it could even be described as such, but at least it was something to break the silence, to drown out the screams.

“They hate each other.”

Aemilia wrapped her arms around her sister and blinked back her tears, pushed them away. Crying wouldn’t help anything, although it was all she had longed to do for quite a while now. They should’ve both been used to their parents senseless bickering by then, she told herself. It’d been going on for so long, and things weren’t getting better. Perhaps Kari was right.

But she wouldn’t agree, or give away the true magnitude of her fears. She had to compose herself. For the both of them.

“Don’t worry. One day we’ll run away. One day it’ll be just you and me. We don’t need anyone else. We never will…”

Kari looked at her sister, a faint smile appearing on her lips. Aemilia could see it, no, she could sense it, even in the darkness, and the underlying tone in her voice, one of amusement and yet one of the purest trust, confirmed it. “You’re right.”

The two held each other there for the longest time in an embrace that kept the screams out, enveloped them in an imaginary yet welcome silence. It kept them from the fears, the nightmares, the horrible, regrettable thoughts that were only so because they just might be true. Although Kariette had agreed with her, welcomed her plan that involved just the two of them, where nothing could go wrong, Aemilia felt the need to add something.

“I promise.”

As far as promises go, it wasn’t broken. It may have never been followed through, but it was the kind of promise that still held validity, the kind that could’ve very well just been delayed.

The fights continued, more often than they’d ever been. Every word spoken seemed to be grounds for an argument. Rather than sitting up together at night, listening to the hate and terror upstairs, Kariette and Aemilia often found themselves right in the middle of them. It never stopped. Even when silence filled the folds of the house, it was a bitter silence, a silence riding on a mere sigh or gaze mistaken for something meant in ill-taste.

It was on one night that their dreams of running away were fulfilled, although they came in a package neither of them desired to open. Rather than running away together, they were separated carelessly, mercilessly, selfishly.

Their mother had been threatened, and thrown a small container at their father to keep him away from her. He’d been pushed over the edge. Kari and Aemy watched in horror as he hit her, his hand leaving a crimson impression on her cheek. He’d never struck her before.

Everything stood still.

And then Kariette spoke. Quiet, solemn, calm Kariette. Her out of character remark changed the course of all of their lives.

“You shouldn’t have thrown that.”

Such a simple statement, and yet such harsh, complex consequences. Their mother made an impulsive decision that night. Since Kari seemed to favor her father, she would go with him while she took Aemilia and fled from the hell they’d created for their children.

It was a bad choice at the time, but perhaps for the best of the future. Her mother regretted leaving in the morning. She and Aemilia did everything they could to contact the other half of their broken family, but to no avail. No one knew where Kariette had gone with her father. No one ever found out.

She missed her sister everyday. She’d lost her best friend, the only person she’d ever been able to truly confide in. Only twelve years old, and it seemed her life had already been torn to pieces.

Life got better for Aemilia and her mother, not in the sense that they forgot what had happened, but they’d adjusted. Her mother sold her paintings and worked at a local tavern while Aemilia continued her studies. It was a normal life, a contented life, but not one without wants or regrets. Still, they were as happy as they could be, with no current burdens to bear.

But things, as they often do in times of contentment, changed.

Aemy’s mother fell ill, so ill that she was eventually unable to continue work at the tavern. She still painted, when she wasn’t too exhausted to get out of bed. It always seemed to Aemilia that her paintings were her escape. She’d yet to find her own.

Despite the money her mother’s art brought it, their savings began to dwindle rather quickly, considering normal costs added to those of medication and frequent medical bills. She was above usual working age now and knew it would only be right for her to work to support her mother as she had once supported her, and so she willingly filled the job her mother had left at the tavern. However, as her mother’s condition worsened, so did their financial wellbeing. She was nearly completely bedridden, a saddened, frail version of her optimistic former self she painted less, and her medical needs continued to rise higher as the hours available for overtime work at the tavern were depressingly finite. Things couldn’t stay as they were for long…

“Don’t worry…” Aemilia said that night, kissing her mother on the cheek. She intended on finding some other field of work. She had to. As she left the room she could barely meet the woman’s eyes. She had aged so quickly in these times of misfortune…

Wiping down the counter in the tavern, her eyes were drawn to a corner table filled by a group of shady men. They seemed to be talking in a hushed tone, expressions both skeptical and thoughtful, and an occasional scheming smirk stood out among the more subdued expressions. The majority of them had weapons, swords or daggers at their waists. Pieces of paper were passed between them, as well as small bags and vials. They very well could have been travelers, just a group of friends looking for adventure, but Aemilia’s hopes and desperation got the best of her. She immediately assumed that they were mercenaries or assassins.

“I’d like to apply for a job.”

The men stared at her, their countenances suggesting the disbelief of some and the ability of others to find hilarity in the situation, until one of them set his mug down and laughed, eyes bright with amusement. “You’d like to what, precious?”

“I’d like a job.” She found it hard to keep her intimidation inside. She’d had no training, no experience in anything but caretaking and serving and drinks, and wasn’t even sure of the true employment of these men.

He was sitting in the corner and seemed to be detached from the rest of them, He lifted his head, the hood of his cloak casting an ominous shadow over his face. “You know what you’re getting into. You know what we are?”

Aemilia clutched the damp rag in her hand and prayed for luck. “You’re assassins.”

The whole group seemed taken aback.

The first man spoke again, his tone and sly smile suggesting that he was hoping for a laugh from his peers. “And you’d like us to…train you?”

“I’d like that.” She was keeping her answers simple. She didn’t want to make a bad impression on the men who, by employing her, could help her save not only her mother’s life, but keep her own intact.

“Hah! And why would a pretty little thing like you desire the life of an assassin?”

“I’d like to try, please.”

He looked her up and down. Her body tensed; she could feel his wandering eyes inspecting every inch of her, admiring, imagining.

“Well, dear…we could train you to do more than kill.”

That particular man left the tavern that night with a cracked and bleeding nose.

Aemilia left with a new occupation.

In the months that followed, Aemy was trained by the very same group she’d spoken with at the tavern. They taught her each night after she’d locked up, sparring with her and demonstrating skills that they used themselves. Her mother was lead to believe that Aemilia was simply working extra hours for increased wages, when in reality she was learning techniques that would earn her more than a life of cleaning tables could offer.

She wasn’t proud of what she would eventually do, but it was necessary. She’d get her mother well again, and if this was what it took…

It would have to do, as long as the poor woman didn’t find out.

On one particular morning, as the waking sunlight cast a dull haze through the windows of their home, it fell upon something unfamiliar propped up against the door.

“A sword…?”

The blade itself was jet black, slightly curved. It was beautiful, nothing like the swords she practiced with, which were dull to both sight and touch. Something caught her eye near the hilt, a small engraving tainted the midnight with a sliver of silver.


Her grandmother’s name?

Rising from the position she’d assumed to better examine the sword, she turned towards her mother’s room. It was the only explanation…

But one never proven.

That night the lull of her mother’s shallow breathing came to a halt. No pulse. No murmurs in sleep. No soul residing in that tortured bedridden body.

And the next night Aemilia performed her first assassination. It wasn’t hard; she imagined that the man was her mother’s killer. No mercy was shown. She’d lied to herself, but found closure.

After that night she would leave unnoticed, allow the shadows to embrace her and carry on until morning, stopping only when her body simply demanded that she sleep. She would find Kariette, the only member of her family that was alive and worth finding.

But that night. That one twisted night.

That man had felt a hand across his face, a finger teased the pressure point behind his ear. He could not move.

A leg wound itself around his own, locking him in place. Cold steel was tempted at his throat.

The sound of lips kissing the air, and a woman’s voice.


In one moment of pathetic desperation he struggled to speak, but couldn’t even manage a breath. In one moment of hope and regret intertwined, his whole wretched life, the life that had lead him to this fate, flashed before his eyes. In one moment on which balanced life and death, blade met skin.

All was lost.


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Re: Character List

Rain Seraph prior to the Ascension.

Rain Seraph after the Ascension:

Name : Rain Seraph

Age: Over one millennium and counting (looks like he’s 23)

Race: Grim Angel (black-winged angel that serves no one). He still retains most of his vampyric aspects.

Gender: Male

Eyes: Light gold. (His irises turn light purple and his pupils become slits when using Nightingale and/or wings)

Hair: Shortish and Blackish.

height: 6 feet 1 inch

Weight: 130lbs

Fuel - "Won't Back Down"

Nightingale: A long, dark, slightly curved staff. It is light, smooth and indestructible, forged from the material that angels use to make their weapons and armor. It is hollow, as it houses something more deadly. The staff and it's weapons inside can absorb or dissipate any type of holy or light magic, offensive or defensive. Dark/Evil magic has no effect on him once he's holding the weapon. The staff can be dematerialized and rematerialized at any time, no matter where it is or who's holding it. He only draws the two blades when he wants to, preferring that they be kept concealed most of the time.

A long katana hidden in the staff. It is extremely sharp and never gets dull. It also displays a mysterious control over the air which can be used in different attacks.The blade is dark, but it shines a gold-ish colour when there is light. When the sword is swung, it 'hums'. The humming weapons are an attribute associated with Grim Angels. Other than that it has the attributes of a normal katana.
On the opposite end of the staff from which the katana is drawn, a kodachi (short katana) is hidden. Like Night, Gale is indestructible and the blade is dark. Unlike Night, however, it does not have control over the air, and it does not hum. The shortsword acts as defense, but the blade is as sharp as it's longer brother.
As a small side note: when two Grim Angels' weapons clash, the sound is similar (it's a little higher pitched) to tolling bells.

Weapons for Present Day settings:
Sawn-off shotgun: He's terrible with it, so it's rarely used. Most times he leaves it behind. Because of his aiming skills with guns, he usually runs out of ammo once he tries to shoot something.

Weapons for Futuristic settings:
A one handed black pistol (similar to the ones his sister carries) that is as powerful as a shotgun, and can shoot both physical shells and energy blasts that can burn on contact.

Armour: none

Strengths: He can walk on walls, and is extremely agile. His humane appearance grants him safety from being noticed when walking among humans. He is also fully nocturnal, making him gain an acute advantage of eyesight in the dark. He can jump higher, and further than any vampire or angel. When he is injured severely, he can heal instantly by drinking blood… (Which he only drinks for extremely critical injuries, lost limbs can be regenerated instantly this way). Small cuts and bruises can instantly regenerate without him having to drink blood. With his wings he cannot fly, but he can glide. He is now even faster and stronger than his former vampyric self.

Although his speed is way above his strength. One word to describe his speed is simply: 'unparalleled', he can move so fast that he cannot be seen, he can move even faster than this, creating an illusion that makes him seem like he's still standing there, while he's really moving at breakneck speed (the image of him standing there is burned into the retina of the viewer, so Rain can move faster than it takes to send a message from the eye to the brain).

Like his sister, he is extremely observant and knowledgeable, but he does not possess photographic memory, which makes her a cut above him.

Rain also has alot of knowledge about demons, implanted into his mind during the fusion when he became a Grim Angel-Vampire hybrid. Rain is also very combat oriented, knowing different styles and how to dodge/counter most attacks. He can fight expertly unarmed, with his staff, or with his swords.

Weaknesses: Has no armor, so if someone wanted to kill him with a normal stake through the heart, they could. He isn’t invulnerable, so he can be critically injured. His ‘vampire side’ is still present, and can take over at times, because of not drinking blood, resulting in light-headedness which he suppresses, this happens at random times, which makes him lose concentration. Crucifixes and holy water no longer have any effect on him, but silver can deal the same damage.

Silver: Silver only works once it penetrates his skin. His blood reacts with it, sending a burning poison through his veins. His veins turn grey or black as the silver poison goes through, and can be seen on his skin. Once the poison reaches his heart, he has no chance. It can be healed and the poison pushed back out of the initial wound by only drinking blood.

~Truth – This ability is never ending, he can tell whether a human is not a human, but actually of another species in disguise. He doesn’t have to will himself to see it, he just does. On moment, it looks perfectly normal to him, and then he blinks, and whatever it is is revealed to him. This ability also allows him to sense when demons or angels are around him. The stronger the demon, or angel, the stronger this sense tingles. This is also used to see spirits that aren't normally seen. These spirits can be souls, good or bad.

~Healing Blood - The ability to regenerate automatically after receiving cuts and bruises. He can only heal small wounds on himself, but when he uses his blood to heal others, it can even regenerate a lost limb. To apply this to others, Rain has to either cut himself and place his blood on their wound OR they can instead drink the blood.

~Advanced Shukuchi - The constant unparalleled speed that is described in the Strengths section. He can speed up any part of his body, even his eyes. When he speeds up, everything slows down, as if time itself has slowed down.

~Sub-Reflex - Rain's body is so tuned to battling, that he can subconsciously react to any situation with swift and often deadly force. When he decides to use this, his whole body relaxes, his arms drop down to the side and his eyes (purple or not) get very dull. His reaction time drops dramatically, so he can react even faster than normal (and 'normal' would be his unparalleled speed). This 'mode' is extremely dangerous, meaning he will most likely kill his target if they cannot defend themselves. He will only use this when fighting an opponent that overpowers his conscious attacks and skills.

~He also possesses a mediocre two way telepathic link with his sister.

~His weapon, Nightingale, can be summoned by will. It appears as a long, black mist coming out of his hand. The mist subsides to reveal the staff.

~He has for wings that can also be summoned in a similar way. The mist extends from his back (whether he has something covering his back or not) and forms wings as black as the void. There are two lower wings (which are small) and two upper wings (which are larger). Every few seconds, the wings drop one feather each at the same time. The four feathers disintegrate before touching the ground.

~When Rain uses his staff and/or his wings, his irises become a faint purple and and the pupils become slits, to give a more frightening and deadly appearance.

Fighting Style:
Rain uses a sword technique called Battojutsu.

Odyssey: A combination of vampyric speed and battojutsu. It is a draw-attack so fast, that there isn't a moment to feel pain. After the attack is over, it takes a few seconds for the opponent's body to show the results of the attack (The skin seems to part for itself). This attack, however is based on more speed than power, so it is very weak.

Ragnarok involves drawing the sword while it is almost parallel to the ground in front of the attacker. The air forced downward from the blade, which causes the ground to 'explode', sending rubble and dust everywhere.

Dragon's Flight of Heaven involves three stages.
1st strike: The basic Battojutsu stance is made with the right foot forward, left foot back, so when the draw is made, there is no danger of severing the left leg (as it's in the back, it's away from the blade). However, with this move, an extra step forward is made with the left foot in mid-draw, adding more force and speed to an already powerful and swift draw. The sheath of the sword also swings with the draw, adding more speed to it. The draw altogether is so fast that it is invisible to the naked eye. If this first strike is parried or blocked, the second stage begins.

2nd strike: If the initial attack is somehow avoided, the sword uses it's power and displaces the air in front of the attacker, creating a small vacuum which sucks the opponent in. While the opponent is being sucked in, the attacker completes a 360 degree spin that started from the initial attack. This second attack adds the force of the spin to the blow. If this strike is somehow parried or blocked, the third stage begins.

3rd strike: If the 2nd strike is somehow avoided, another 360 degree turn is made. The 360 degree turn in the second strike creates a vacuum around Rain instead of in front of him, drawing almost everything in (dust, rocks, leaves. It can even drag a car towards it). At this point, the sword vibrates furiously, and it's hum turns into a deafening screech. This last attack is even faster and more powerful than the first two.

Even if you manage to avoid the fangs of the flying dragon, the wind of it's passage will render you immobile and it's claws will tear your apart.

This technique puts strain on the entire body. The higher stages of the attack increases the strain dramatically. As a result, this move is not used often.
Six-Headed Hydra:
This technique is extremely fast and is impossible to block, but it can be dodged easily as it is extremely inaccurate. It can be blocked fully, however, in cases where a magic barrier is used. Rain uses more speed than he thinks he has and initiates an attack from all sides:
~Rising vertical attack from underneath
~Descending vertical attack from above
~Horizontal attack to the neck from the front
~Horizontal attack to the chest from the left
~Horizontal attack to the waist from the back
~Horizontal attack to the knees from the right
Due to the immense speed at which he moves, pressure is applied directly on his heart, mind and body, making him pass out a minute or two afterwards, even if he misses. He can use his hands, his staff, or either of the swords. The technique is so inaccurate because Rain moves so fast, he cannot see, therefore it would be useless against a moving opponent. This attack can only be used at close range because he cannot move at that speed for more than a few seconds.

Appearance before the Ascension

Current Appearance.

Personality: Usually, Rain has a very 'happy-go-lucky' character. Mostly always with a small smile. He seems to be very oblivious and clumsy sometimes. If someone jokingly throws a punch or something else at him, he usually takes it, pretending to be surprised. But truth be told, even when he's like that, he's always observing and alert. When facing danger, you see a completely different person than you see normally. It seems like his whole personality changes, because he goes from being a sort of bumbling guy to an expert fighter, even though he usually has a small smile on his face to stop opponents from trying to read his emotions or thoughts. He's also usually quite the gentleman too, and has to literally force himself to hit a lady.


Darkness reigned. Demons and angels walked the earth. The sun was almost never seen; it only seeped through the small crevices in the grey clouds. Chaos was prevalent, as the gates of hell were waiting to be opened. The angels could do nothing but stand by and watch destiny be fulfilled.


In the midst of this dark age, lived a boy, Rain, seventeen years, and his sister, Raisha, of twenty three years. They protected each other, because they had no one to do it for them. Orphaned by past wars, the two had to find their own way to make ends meet. While Raisha spent her time ‘entertaining’ the men of the town, Rain helped around the households with works of construction. They put together whatever little they made to buy clothes and food. Their ‘home’ was an old, abandoned house, old and broken, from age and weather.

One night, Raisha didn’t come back.

Rain, fearing the worst, searched frantically around town for her. At the edge of the town, at the grey well, he saw a figure, clothed in a grayish white gown. The sleeves of the gown, along with her long, dark hair, rippled in the winds. She turned slightly, and saw Rain out of the corner of her eye, she started humming, and turned back, walking away slowly. Rain’s eyes widened.

”Raisha…?” He whispered

He carefully walked up to her, and put his hand on her shoulder. She stopped humming, turned around, and stared straight into his eyes. Rain reached to touch her face under the pale moonlight. Her skin was still soft, and slightly cold. Rain’s thumb went under her bottom lip slightly. He jerked his hand away upon feeling a wet substance on her chin.
He raised his thumb to the moonlight, the crimson liquid glowed.


She had a blank, merciless stare. It remained unchanged, even after blood ran down her neck, staining her blouse. Rain’s eyes were trembling.

”Raisha… what… what happened?”

A devilish grin spread across her face, baring her blood soaked fangs. Rain stumbled backwards as Raisha grabbed his shoulder and his hair, and pulled them apart, stretching his neck. Rain gritted his teeth and struggled, looking up at his sister.

Her newfound strength was too much for him.

She cleaned her fangs with her tongue, and bent her head over his neck.

”This is how you die.”


The whispers came from all around, echoing and overlapping….

”Wake up…”
”Open your eyes- Rain…”
“Wake up, open your eyes”

Rain’s eyes snapped open; a length of his dark hair fell before his face.

It wasn’t that long before…

More importantly, where am I…?

Blood stained the walls of the room he was in, even more blood seeped through cracks in the rock walls, slowly moving towards the ground. The room reeked of rotting flesh and blood.

The smell of death.

There was a tablet on the wall, with ancient characters. It was old and worn, he moved slowly towards it. His jacket moved with him, he stopped and looked upon himself.

Where… did these clothes come from? … I wasn’t wearing this when Raisha…


He looked around and called out her name. Screaming her name at the top of his lungs.
The whispers surrounded him once again.

”Do you see…”
”… The tablet? Do you see?”
”Go over… walk over to it”
”Go over to it…”

Rain heeded the words of the whispers, and moved over to the stone tablet. The whispers doubled in volume…

”Destiny… your”
”Your destiny… accept destiny”
”It’s yours… accept your destiny…”

Rain couldn’t understand a thing, on the tablet. An ancient language, too ancient, beyond Rain’s current knowledge. He stepped back, and looked up at the ceiling, which was stained crimson.

”What is my destiny… I.. I don’t understand this. Where am I?!”

A dark and heavy voice crept through the whispers. A shadow, floating in mid-air, crept around the boy, encircling him…

”It’s your destiny, Rain… it tells that you will be the one to kill the key keeper to hell.”

”Why would I want to kill him… or it…?”

The shadow laughed.

”Did you not see what he did to your sister? Ah… the delicate and sweet Raisha, turned by the one Lord of the Vampires.”

Rain grew angry, but still scared at his surroundings.

”Where is my sister?!”

”At his side,” the shadow responded, “where he wanted her.”

Rain looked down for a second, and then looked at the shadow.

”… How do I kill him?”

It laughed again.

It explained that Rain wouldn’t have been able to kill him before, that’s why he’s here now.

”And where is here?”

”You’re in Hell.”

Rain’s eyes widened, he looked around at the walls. This time they were changing, the walls were different, there were faces engraved on them, faces that showed expressions of pain and suffering, all stained crimson.
The shadow cackled.

”Go back to your foolish Earth, kill the keeper with your new…. abilities, and bring me the key, otherwise, you spend your eternity here, in this room.”

”… Wait… why do you want the key to hell anyway? You live here!”



Rain blinked. He was in front of huge castle doors, wooden and dark. He looked upward, the soft snow fell on his face, but he didn’t shiver. The doors creaked open on their own, cracking and moaning, as if they hadn’t been open for ages.

The sight that greeted him, filled him with perplex confusion.

A woman, grey gown, long black hair, almost pale complexion, running towards him.

She called out his name.


She extended her arms and jumped into his.

It can’t be…. he thought, Raisha…?

She held him tight.

”How are you still alive? What happened to you?”

Rain was utterly speechless. He felt her warm breath on his neck.

”Rain..? Where are the bite marks I gave you…?”

His mouth opened, eyes widened. What had happened the night he died, it was real.
Rain grabbed her neck, and slammed her up against one of the doors. He looked up at her, as she bared her fangs, and looked down on him, grinning. She snarled and writhed.
Rain bared his fangs as she did hers, he was a vampire now, strong enough to bring down this ‘key keeper’.

She grinned even more when she saw his fangs.

”So… you joined your sister in the vampire world!”

Rain looked up at her, tears about to flow from his gold eyes.

”I’m stronger than any vampire…,” He gritted his teeth, “and you’re not my sister anymore.”

He twisted his hand sideways, and broke her neck. Rain broke a piece of wood from the door and sent it through her heart. He lifted her up, and walked to the entrance of the main room with her. With his new strength, he flung her body through the doors, smashing them open. The Vampire Lord behind the doors leapt up, startled. Rain pounced on him, and drove a stake from the remains of the doors into the Vampire Lord’s heart.

That was too easy…

He looked down on his victim. Who was shaking as words escaped his mouth, he was… smiling.

”You fool,” He started, “I’ve been waiting for this day… when I would no longer be the key to hell… That’s right… you see the key, quivering before you… the person who destroys the key, becomes the key… the key allows the devil himself to walk the earth, he didn’t know I was actually the key!”

He raised his eyebrows, smiling a little.
Rain looked at him, and narrowed his eyes.

”Hahahaa…Demon from Heaven, Angel from Hell, now the king of Hell is after you… start running, boy…”

*** The Ascension ***

He doesn't know why... It was a stupid thing to do. A deal with with the Devil himself. A deal that would endanger the world as a result of just one possibly selfish act.

One life for another. That was the bargain.

It was only after the key had opened the locks, and the locks had open the gates, he realized what he had done. Six angels had broken the laws of Heaven to save his soul from being tossed into flames all because they had perfect reason.

Alexiel. Rosiel. Sylver. Arinel. Orinth. Denya.

All Archangels. All realized the mistake Rain had made and that he would want to make up for it. They had watched him all his life. Cried when he had cried, smiled when he had laughed. They knew him. And they knew that he had something to love, someone to protect. Rain was going to atone for his mistake even if it means thwarting death itself and at the same time, it would grant him time to be with the ones he loves, his sister included.

The six broke the Covenant that was held up for centuries. They fused Rain's soul with that of a Grim Angel, transforming his body.

He awoke in the place that he had died. His four black wings on his back, the swords in his hand. The majority of Lucifer's minions had escaped into the world. Since the key was used, the gates couldn't feed on it anymore, so they began to close. The key was useless now, even if he were to be used again.

With one last look with purple eyes and a menacing grin behind him, he walked out through the gates just as they closed.

This will not be over quickly. You will not enjoy this.

The six angels that had helped him had been cast down to Earth, to live the rest of their eternity suffering along with the suffering. Rain is now an anomaly. He was supposed to be dead, but since death did not befall him at the appointed time, the Angel of Death now hunts him. Azrael, the only black winged angel put into service. Although reluctant because he knows that Rain closed the gates, he has no other choice. Every time he catches up to Rain, he comes close to overpowering him, but then, he begins to hold back, allowing Rain to defeat him.

Rain sought out the six angels, hoping that they would know of ways to stop the demons that had escaped from hell. They knew of none, but they prompted him to find his sister, at which point they'll realize what they need to do.

Together they would make a formidable, if not unbeatable team.

Mistaken Identities.
Ramblings of a Bigoted Priest (Pre-Ascension)

Crossroads RPs
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Re: Character List

Woot! Didn't forget THIS time!

Name: Taen (Tay-Ehn)
Age: 19
Race: Unknown. He appears to be human, but he is not sure.
Sex: Male
Hair: Semi-short gold, blond hair.
Eyes: Yellow Gold
Weight: 130 lb.
Height: 5' 9"
Weapon: Any weapon he happens to have on him, usually a sword. Or two.
Armor: None.
Strengths: Taen is very swift and deadly with his blows when he needs to be. He doesn’t hold back and can block most attacks.
Weakness: Taen is fast with attacks, but slow in actual movement. So, he can’t parry or dodge too well. He can also be knocked down pretty easily, allowing for the enemy to unleash a number of attacks.
Skills/Magic: Taen has many mysterious powers, but he has little control over them. His most common involve control over the elements, telepathy, and power over other’s minds. These powers don’t come into play very often, usually only in times of great stress, anger, or fear.

Taen also has training in the use of swords. His strikes are swift and deadly if needed.
Personality: Taen is a pretty easy-going guy. He’s real positive and makes jokes about things all the time. He’s very persistant in the heat of battle and doesn’t give up easily. He studies his foe to understand his or her strength and weaknesses. He never underestimates his enemy and will flee if needed.

Despite his jokish nature, Taen can be very serious. He doesn’t let anyone influence a choice he makes and will boldly do a he feels.

Taen is also very flirtatious. When he sees a girl, he goes after her with everything. Like in battle, he won’t give up on a girl very easily. Unless a more interesting girl comes along.

History: Taen knows very little of his past and who he is. He never knew his mother and was raised by a family in a large village. All he knows of his mom is that she entrusted Taen to that family and then left. But he never really worried about it. He was okay with who he was and left it at that.

Despite being different from most people, Taen was never treated like an outcast. He was always with friends and was always playing with them in their games. Everyone was always nice to him and always wanted to be around him. But things changed when he turned 16.

That was when the village he lived in was attacked. The attackers were some strange monsters that no one had seen for many centuries and were only told about in legends.


They were looking for Taen. They attacked the vilagers in their pursuit. They went right after him, but when he commanded for them to leave, they did. This puzzled him and he began to question many things. For example, why were they searching for him? And why did they obey him?

Taen told all the villagers that it was best he leave, in case they searched after him again. But his real reasons were to find answers...

He's been traveling for three years now and has come up with nothing. But he is still determined to find out who he is and why his parents left him.

Stolen Kiss (active)
Clash of Books and Swords (dropped)
How To Find Your Way (active)
Cascade (on hiatus)

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Re: Character List

Approved by Tiroth.


Name: Yami Christi

Position: Demon Summoner

Age: 25

Race: Human, though she does have some demon blood in her.

Gender: Female

Hair: White

Eyes: Red

Weight: 122 lbs

Height: 6' 1"

Weapon: Sevcis- It is a staff that his about 5 feet long. Her weapon is colored black with red spikes emerging about halfway down that end in a large red spike that can be used to impale opponents. The other end has a grey flower-like design that can also be used as a mace of sorts. Sevcis is made of a demonic metal known as Draxic that allows the channeling of spirits and dark magic. The staff also contains the soul of Yami’s sister, Rya, which means that only Yami is able to use it properly.

Armor: None

Strengths: Yami excels in using dark magic, her attacks are powerful and require little energy. The magic also grows a little stronger at night. Her ability to summon demons also helps her overcome most foes. She is fairly agile and can use Sevcis in close combat if need be. The summoner sometimes uses seduction to lure enemies into a false sense of security and her determination makes it hard to win against her.

Weaknesses: Having no armor means that attacks can easily pierce her skin and her light frame cannot withstand powerful attacks. Even though she can use Sevcis in close combat Yami isn’t trained well enough to hold out for long. Sunlight can actually weaken her dark magic and some of her summoned demons. Her determination can also be used against her as it can get her into situations she can’t get out of.

Dark Blast- A simple spell that fires an orb of dark magic at the enemy. It’s power can range from annoying to downright powerful. It takes almost no time to charge but the stronger forms require more energy than the weaker ones.

Absorption- This magic allows Yami to absorb dark magic to replenish her own supply from either a direct spell or an object such as weapons and armor, touch is required. She can also use it to absorb darkness directly from a person’s soul but it takes the willingness of the individual to do. Absorbing from a person’s soul also weakens her instead of strengthening as she cannot use that darkness.

Dark Being- Using this spell fires an orb of dark emotions at the opponent, strengthening the darkness in a person’s soul. This usually causes the person to turn evil for a few minutes and do things they never would regularly. A foe can break out of it and rather easily if they have a moderate amount of willpower. The dark emotions come from Yami herself which means it isn’t terribly effective if she is in a happy mood when performed.

Poison- Yami creates a glob of dark magic which, when she shots at the opponent, enters their bloodstream. It does not weaken the foe in anyway but causes muscle spasms every few minutes, disrupting their attacks. It wears off after about 15 minutes or about seven spasms.

Tendril- This spell causes shadow tendrils to come out of the ground and snare the opponent. They don’t do much damage on their own other than roughly holding the foe and is more to trap the opponent long enough for Yami to cast another spell or perform a summon. They can easily be hacked apart or destroyed by magic.

Blood Seal- A stronger form of dark magic, this spell requires a little of Yami’s own blood. She dabs her fingers in her blood then performs a magic circle in front of her and aimed at the opponent. If performed correctly, this spell seals the opponent’s magic. Only people with either strong light magic or willpower can break out of the seal, however, it does eventually wear off.

Summoning- Summoning is the art of calling on supernatural beings to aid in battle. Many different kinds of summoning exist ranging from angelic summoning to dragon summoning. However, these beings cannot exist physically in the world on their own. They require a large amount of magic to create a physical form which comes from the summoners themselves. As a result, only people with large amounts of magic are able to sustain the beings and only for a limited amount of time. The summoning spell must be performed correctly, as well. If Yami is disrupted during a summoning, she can continue it if she recovers fast enough. If not, then she must start the spell from the beginning. Also, the final attack of the summons require a little more energy in addition to their own. They must then return to the spirit realm after performing a final attack as it takes all the magic they have. The demons cannot be summoned for several hours after they are initially called and only if the summoner has enough magic left. Rya is an exception to a few rules, however. She requires less energy than the other summons to appear and also recovers the fastest, meaning that sometimes she can be summoned more than once in a battle.

Rya- Guardian
Being Yami’s older sister, Rya is extremely protective of her summoner. She will always protect her, no matter what the cost. The guardian doesn’t fear any being and will fight when called. She shows very little emotion when battling and almost appears as though she has none.
Final Attack: Sorrowful Blade- Using her sword, Elotion, Rya performs rapid succession attacks on the opponent. The blows are moderately powerful and leave the foe feeling depressed and doubtful of their ability to win.

Fenrir- Earth Demon
Fenrir loves to fight and kill, that is his greatest joy. When summoned, he will proceed to try and rip the opponent apart, and anyone else who happens to be around. His defense of Yami is mediocre as he can get too caught up in killing something.
Final Attack: Earthly Howl- Using his voice, Fenrir loosens the ground around the opponent to form a sinkhole. Once the sinkhole has dragged the opponent in far enough, earthen spikes shoot up to impale the foe.

Shivra- Ice Demon
The ice summon is a wise and calm demon. She tends to be slow in her initial attacks so she can study the opponent’s moves and abilities but can become fierce when ready. Shivra will also give advice to Yami if she thinks her summoner needs it. Protecting her summoner is this demon’s top priority.
Final Attack: Frozen Spirit- Shivra calls upon the lingering spirits that inhabit the battlefield to rise. He then has them enter the opponent’s body, freezing them from the inside out.

Raizan- Lightning Demon
Similar to Fenrir, Raizan only cares about killing people. However, this demon barely has any sentience to speak of and attacks haphazardly and without thought. Sometimes, he will even ignore a command Yami gives. He will also not protect her, though his constant attack on the opponent is most likely enough to keep them occupied.
Final Attack: Primal Kamikaze- Channeling a large amount of lightning magic through his body, Raizan will charge at his opponents. Upon contact, he will explode in a massive burst of electrical energy.

Rahab- Water Demon
He is a sly demon that usually attacks using underhanded and sneaky strategies. He enjoys making people chose between survival and the death of someone else thus he likes to fight in heavily populated areas. He will protect Yami but sometimes shows that he doesn’t care to catch the enemy off guard. This has put the summoner’s life in danger many times.
Final Attack: Purifying Rain- Sending large amounts of demonic power into the sky, he causes it to rain an acidic water. This attack can be used to target specific things, for example, Yami can stand it the middle of it and only get wet while all the plant life around her dies.

Tiamit- Wind Demon
A furious yet intelligent fighter, Tiamit will do whatever it takes to win. He isn’t above killing innocent people and will kill anyone that stands in his way. Tiamit is extremely serious about fighting and won’t fall for any trick that tries to throw him off guard. He will protect Yami under any circumstances and will occasionally give advice.
Final Attack: Spiraling Dive- First, Tiamit summons up a large tornado to suck in an opponent and keep them spinning defenselessly inside. Then the climbs to the top oft the tornado and dives at the enemy, slashing at them with his sword.

Ifreet- Fire Demon
Ifreet is one of the calmer demons, opting more for defense than brute strength. He tends to attack more with his fire than with physical attacks and stays by Yami’s said most of the time. However, if he sees an opening, he will rush the opponent in hopes of finishing them off quickly.
Final Attack: Consuming Fire- Ifreet will create a circle of intense fire around the opponent then send it crashing into them from all sides.

Pharia- Plant Demon
Pharia is a rather melancholy demon, only showing depressed emotions. She usually attacks with plant magic but will sometimes go to hand-to-hand combat as she has great agility and can fly. The plant demon usually doesn't converse with her summoner and focuses only on protecting her and defeating the opponent. Pharia has an advantage over the water element but is weak to fire.
Final Attack: Beautiful Death- A field of flowers, various colors, grow around the battlefield. Then, Pharia takes Yami into the air while the flowers bloom, releasing spores that can paralyze an opponent or put them to sleep.

Galvion- Metal Demon
This demon doesn’t care what happens except fighting. As he is of the rare metal element, Galvion has no elemental weaknesses but doesn’t have an advantage over any element, either. His single goal upon summoning his destruction of the opponent and will do what it takes. He doesn’t care if Yami is under attack and will sometimes attack her if she gets in the way. A risky yet powerful summon.
Final Attack: Vorpal Strike- Moving at subsonic speeds, Galvion will proceed to slice at the opponent with the two blades on his arms several times.

Reever- Dark Demon
Once a summoner herself, Reever now gladly fights others who attack her own summoner. She is not physically orientated and relies more on dark magic to fight off opponents. Crafty and sly, this summon also likes to force foes to make choices. Her quick thinking can also get Yami and herself out of trouble. Knowing the difficulty of being a summoner, she protects Yami as well as she can.
Final Attack: Unholy Light- Reever covered the entire battlefield’s ground in darkness. Then the darkness erupts into beams of dark light, damaging a large area and anyone that gets caught up in it.

Sara- Light Demon
As an angel, Sara is naturally associated with light. However, in order to balance out demon summoning, she excepted the status of a fallen angel and lowered herself to the demon realm. Because demon summoners tend to ruthless, this summon constantly laments her position. She hates fighting and will only fight against those allied with darkness. Coincidently, that is the only reason Yami will summon her. Sara tends to fight with her light magic as her fragile frame isn’t made for melee combat. She will protect Yami at all costs but will sometimes disobey an order, especially if someone innocent gets hurt because of it.
Final Attack: Lamented Blessing- Sara positions her cross staff in front of her as a ray of light shines on them. The cross then starts to glow a golden color. Finally, Sara lets loose the holy energy gathered in the staff at the opponent in series of rapid bursts.

Appearance: Yami wears a brillantly white mini dress and equally white leggings. These clothes allow her to stay warm in the cold but also cool in the heat. Over the mini dress is a deep red clothing that shows her position as a demon summoner. Her shoes match her white leggings and are almost impossible to differentiate between. She also wears a necklace that is a large, black bead on a deep red string. Her head is adorned with two fake horns on either side from which red earrings hang. Her white hair is long and allowed to move freely though the horn keep it out of her face. Yami’s red eyes have a seductive and mysterious quality swirling in them. Her skin, what little is shown, is a light tan color. Yami’s fair form and mysterious quality lead many people to consider her beautiful, something she likes to exploit.

Personality: Yami is a headstrong and independent person. She usually shows no respect and insults people, even if they are in a higher position than her own, and only trusts her own people or those who have proven trustworthy. The summoner is determined to become a high summoner and will battle anyone who tries to stop her from achieving that. She doesn’t care who gets in her way and will sometimes attack innocent people to train or even for the fun of it. Yami is usually in a good mood and is somewhat difficult to anger. She likes to taunt her opponents to mess them up and will even try to seduce those who appear weak. Yami can also hold grudges for a very long time, especially if someone defeats her in battle. If paired with an ally, the summoner will try to protect them, though she can get a little too caught up in her own battle to notice her ally’s condition.

Biography: Yami was born in the city of Hino. Her mother, Elizabeth, was a human while her father, Balphmet, was a crow demon. She was the second youngest sister of four children. Rio, the oldest and only boy, was a full-demon, Rya was a half-demon, and Yami and Marissa were both human. Hino was one of the last demonic cities standings after the War of Souls, which created the art of summoning, thousands of years ago. She had a relatively happy childhood, her parents and siblings were kind. And at a young age, Yami showed a strong affinity towards magic which led her down the path she is on now.

Around the age of ten, she was enlisted into a school of magic at Hino with other prominent humans and demons. The child excel in her studies and soon became one of the best students. After learning about it in class, Yami decided she wanted to become a summoner. At first, her parents opposed the idea. Become a demon summoner would mean leaving the city to travel to the temple to obtain the calling abilities. Most of the outside world considered demon summoning a depraved art that should have never been created. There had never even been another demon high summoner since Aykia, the first demon summoner. Yami, however, was undaunted by their concerns. Every now and then, Hino would come under attack from forces of the outside world. They hated the demons and those who lived among them. The outsiders would kill anyone that they could and would try to burn the city down. Fortunately, the residents were able to fight them off every time. She had seen the destruction brought to Hino and hated the outsiders for it. Eventually, her determination even brought her sister Marissa into wanting to study summoning.

Yami and Marissa were then both transferred to the school that taught summoning exclusively. Here, they had to try to be the greatest. The magic they learn was far stronger than at the other school, many students dropped out because of the difficulty. Those that stayed and yet were still too weak were eventually killed by the power of the magic they tried to wield. The sister were able to stay in their studies, though. Their dark magic grew and they could finally perform large amounts of spells without tiring.

Finally, both Yami graduated from the school at the age of 19. As she set out to leave Hino, Rya decided to come along and be a guardian for her younger sister when she graduated. Rio would stay and then become a guardian for Marissa. For her first summon, the summoner and her guardian traveled to the Earth Temple. However, they were welcomed with armed guards and angry priests. They would not allow her to go into the temple and pray for the earth summon. When Yami refused to obey them, the guards attacked while the some of the priests used magic. Rya held them off and told her sister to go inside and pray. Reluctantly, Yami did as she was told for her sister and ran into the inner chamber. There, she prayed and was blessed by the earth demon, being able to summon him. However, as she ran back outside to help her sister, she saw that Rya had been mortally wounded and the guards were closing in. Enraged, Yami summoned Fenrir and had him wipe out the entire area of people, whether they had been apart of the attack or not. Then, with Rya’s agreement, she fused her older sister’s soul to Sevcis so she would still be able to serve as a guardian. Despite the beginning difficulties, the summon continued her journey and came to the Ice Temple next. There, her welcome was less violent but no better. The temple keepers ask her to leave, politely, but Yami refused. That’s when another summoner who had come there challenged her. The demon summoner had her first battle using only summons and defeated the bird summoner. With no one to challenge her, Yami entered the temple and prayed to the spirits. The ice demon granted it’s blessing and she was able to summon Shivra.

The temples of Lightning and Water proceeded in a similar fashion. However, upon reaching the Wind Temple, Yami met up with Marissa and Rio. She told them what had happened at the Earth Temple, the reason, Rya was not longer among the living. Together, the three of them fended off the temple guardians and the two summoners proceeded to acquire the wind summon, Tiamit. Receiving the fire summon went as well as could be expected but when Yami arrived at the Plant Temple, there wasn’t another soul in sight. Instead of being guarded by people, the plants that grew around the building attacked her. Fending them off with her new fire summon, she went inside to learn that plant summons usually kept to themselves. The demon was rather saddened upon being called but, nonetheless, Pharia joined Yami. When she traveled to the Metal Temple, she saw a similar sight though nothing attacked her. Upon entering and conversing with the metal demon, she learned that the Metal Temple had long been abandoned because the metal summons were extremely volatile. But after seeing her determination to be a high summoner, and sick of being cooped up in a temple, the metal demon granted her the ability to summon him. She then traveled to the Dark Temple were she was actually welcomed. One of the few areas that didn’t consider demon summoning a depraved magic and treated Yami with care. There, she easily acquired the dark summon and was on her way, though she contemplated staying. Her final temple was the Light Temple. She was not attacked by the guardians but simply ignored, most believe she would never obtain the light summon. The summoner wasn’t thrilled by the prospect, either. However, she knew she needed the light summon to become a high summoner. Inside, she spoke with the light demon. At first, she appalled by the fact that someone was actually attempting to become a demon high summoner, the light summon refused. She did not want to be used to harm innocents. Yami, though, was able to convince her to allow the ability to call the light summon because otherwise there would be no one to monitor her summoning. While the light summon knew she was simply lying, the summon couldn’t deny that maybe she would be able to put the demon summoner on a better track. Yami was given the ability to call Sara.

Now that she has all the elemental summons, Yami seeks the final temple were she can be blessed to call the strongest of all demon summons. However, the location of this temple is kept secret to all summoners. She has only met her sister once more and the only way they know how each other is doing is through rumors. The demon summoner has felled many opponents but has also been defeated, something she won’t forget or forgive until she defeats those people. She hopes her position of high demon summoner is not far off.
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Re: Character List

Name: Taloon (Vessel 2)

Age: Eternal

Race:Overseer (a being of energy that exists between dimensions)/ Dwells in a Humanlike Vessel (a humanlike "body" that he uses as a tool/ very scarecrow like)

Sex: Chooses male

Hair: Straw

Eyes: None

Weight: The "Vessel" weighs 201 lbs

Height: 6'2''

Weapon: "Occultus Ferrum" A sword tempered from the darkest steel. Its' blade is as black as ebony and is smithed to perfection. It is a standard long sword (like the Master Sword) and is completely devoid of decoration (ex: symbols, runes, jewels, etc.). Although it is rather simple looking it has taken its share of lives. It’s most notable feature as a weapon, besides being a sword, is that it can create a veil of pure energy to act as a barrier.

Armor: None to speak of just simple clothes. He relies more on skill and dexterity to defend him than actual armor.

Strengths: Because the body talon dwells in is more of a “puppet” then an actual body he is less restricted physically than most beings. Also because his existence is timeless he has observed all forms of fighting and can switch styles instantly.

Weakness 2.0: Because Taloon is not used to existing in our world the best way to beat him is with uncommon methods. Overwhelming him with uncouth (??SP??) methods of fighting and exploiting the fact that his body is a scarecrow. a few examples of such methods might be self-destructive moves, traps of any kind, even though he knows alot about magic magic is a very good counter to his styles, and frankly any other unexpected attack.

Skills/Magic 1.1: *Can create energy barriers using sword. Largest drawback is that the energy veil works primarily on an "overloading" effect. That is to say that once struck the veil is destroyed. So, to keep shield lasting the veil must be continually renued.

*Comunicates Telepathically.

Appearance 2.0: Taloon’s vessels’ appearance is incredibly simple. Imagine a scarecrow without eyes, ears, a mouth, or a nose. His atire is simple, seemingly arabian clothes. His hands are covered by gloves. He feet in turn are covered by those cool arabian shoes like Aladin (i have no earthly idea what you call these things. Mocasins???) His body stature is rather gaunt. Oh and he wears a sombrero esque hat. Very simple, he is pretty much a conservative and less insane version of scarecrow from Batman.

Personality 2.0: From countless years watching the universe roll by the best word for Taloon is stoic. Because of his current predicament he is very keen not to attract attention to himself. He is here to learn from others which he does in the only way he knows how, standing back and watching. Which is why he will likely say little or nothing at all. His attitude toward others will be ressistant but over time anyone willing to get close to him and help him would become an essential ally. His composure in battle will be much like his first impression, cold. When confronted he is composed and in control. He will not show mercy if threatoned

Biography: The story of Taloon is much much more than I can explain in a short time so I will stick to the basics. And the best place to start is explaining what exactly he is.

Sometimes you have to step in and alter the story of time. When the countless beings that roam this universe start talking of destruction or justice or freedom the carefully calculated balance that was established is endangered. Thats where we come in. We step in, correct the problem, and fade out. That is our purpose. - Creed of the Overseers

Taloon is an Overseer. A being that exists between dimensions and keeps a so called “balance” among those dimensions. This “balance” is supposedly the only way from keeping mortals (and even lesser immortals) from destroying themselves. Sometimes the balance can be kept by a simple elimination of a soul. Most of the time however, intervention is needed.

That’s were the Overseers come in. They observe the universe, keep tabs on the balance, and step in when necessary to restore the balance. The Overseers basically worship balance. Which leads to Taloon’s current predicament.

Taloon was sent to manifest a physical “vessel” and eliminate a human that was being used by a secret organization to destroy the balance. As the human stepped backwards and forwards in time and roamed the galaxy he was really only fighting for survival but was unknowingly working for a secret organization called “The Stranded Maven” who are a band of mages and sages who fight against the Overseers.

Anyway Taloon failed to kill the human on two separate occasions and then was encountered by the leader of The Stranded Maven, a mage named Kloin. Kloin opened Taloon’s mind to the truth and exposed the Overseer’s “balance” to be an evil thing.

“The ‘Balance’ is an excuse to maintain dominance over the universe,” Kloin had said. “The Overseer’s are just tyrants that wish to exercise marshal law over our world.”

Upon hearing this Taloon’s will to work for the Overseers wavered and as is the law of the Overseers was immediately sentenced to irradiation. But luckily Kloin was able to preserve Taloon’s being so that the normal method of irradiation wouldn’t work.

“It’s not perfect,” Kloin said. “You are still vulnerable. Perhaps in time you can find a way to perfect what I have done and free yourself of the Overseers. I also know that you will not consider me an ally until you have your newfound questions answered. You are free to go and answer these questions. Go out and find where you should place your trust and a way to free yourself from irradiation. Until then, farewell.”

And that’s were this chapter in the existence of Taloon falls into place. He comes to Hyrule to seek the answers to his questions
Sometimes you have to step in and alter the story of time. When the countless beings that roam this universe start talking of destruction or justice or freedom the carefully calculated balance we've established. Thats where we come in. We step in, correct the problem, and fade out. That is our purpose. - Creed of the Overseers
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Re: Character List

Aproved by Andúrhil. =) (Thank you! <3)

Name: Kariette

Age: Eighteen

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Hair: White (with a bit of pink)

Eyes: Blue/Silver

Weight: 100 lbs.

Height: 5’3 ft.

Weapon: Two silver swords, that hang around her waist. She tries to use them as much as possible when fighting. The swords are rare to find, since even the handle is made of pure silver, and has a small round sapphire in the middle of each blade. And though it's a bit hard to notice, the very tips of the blades are gold. Kariette's teacher claims that swords tipped with gold are good luck.


Strengths: Kariette is very talented when it comes swordsmanship. On missions, she uses her two swords as much as she can. But besides the way of the sword, she's pretty nifty with hand-to-hand combat. And because of her "doll-like" personality, barely anything effects her.

Weakness: Kariette has been taught to fight without mercy, and with the instinct to kill. Her teacher has told her many times to "fight perfectly". But the more she tries to fight better, the worse she gets. She looses concentration and fails to dodge some attacks. She also fails to notice small weapons, like maybe small knives, arrows, things like that.


Appearance: Kariette has long white hair that goes past her waist and blue, silverish eyes. She wears a black dress that goes down to her knees, and big black boots. And she carries two silver swords with her the left and right side of her waist.

Personality: Some would probably claim she's merely a doll. Or, at least, a souless human. Her reactions to people and situations are dry. She's barely ever cried, nor has she ever really smiled. No one besides Aemilia--her sister--and her teacher have seen her actual emotions. Pretty much, the only emotion she shows to people in general is anger. When fighting, she stares straight at the target and says harmful things that could catch them off-guard. She gives out no mercy to anyone she fights.

Biography: Kariette's life will be put into segments.

Childhood: Kariette grew up with her father, her mother, and her sister, Aemilia. Her parents weren't, unfortunately, the best couple in the world. They would argue constantly. Aemilia and Kariette pretty much only had each other. When their parents would fight, Aemilia would go into Kariette's room and comfort her. It wasn't fun, being in the broken family. But it was bareable, as long as Aemilia was there.

But one night, things didn't turn out very well. Their father got angry and ended up beating their mother. Their mom got upset and wanted to leave. She planned to take Aemilia and Kariette with her. But Kariette was young. She didn't quite understand what was going on. So while her mother was yelling, she stood up for her father. Her mother got angry at this and made Kariette stay with her father, while she left with Aemilia. Things were no longer bearable. Aemilia was gone.

Her father was angry more and more often. So he began to take his anger out on Kariette, by beating her once every day. The beatings would go on for hours, usually until Kariette was unconscious.

Teen Years: One day, when Kariette was fifteen her father rudely sent her to the market. She obediently went to go get the things he wanted. She entered the market after an hour of walking and looked around. Everything looked normal. Everything was normal, until...

"Stop! Thief! MURDERER!" A voice screamed.

Kariette turned her head in the direction of the screaming. But as she did, a man in a black cloak pushed her out of his way and continued running. It was only for a second, but Kariette caught a glimpse of what was in his hand. Bread.

Standing up, she ran after the guy. She wasn't the world's fastest runner, but fast enough. She chased after him all the way out of the market. Maybe he noticed her, maybe he didn't. But he cotinued running, into a dark forest.

They ran for over twenty minues. The both of them. Eventually, when they were deep in the forest, he stopped and turned around. "What do you want?" He said coldly.

"Take me in as your aprentice," Kariette whispered.

He laughed darkly. "You want to be a thief?" He looked her up and down. "You don't look much like a warden..."

"You fight. And no, I'm not a warden."

He smirked. "Do you know what type of fighting I do?"

"I know you're a fighter. That's all I care about."

He stared at her. "Now, why would a young woman like you want to fight?"

"My father beats me."

The man look a bit taken aback, and then smirked. "So you want to kill him?"

Kariette shook her head. "No, I want to be able to stand his beatings."

"Okay... So you want me to train you?"--Kariette nodded.-- "Fine. But what do I get out of this?"

Kariette looked at the bread in his hand. "I can cook. And I'll work for you."

He smiled. "I'll train you."

The next three years was full of training, cooking, and beatings. The beatings got much worse, since Kariette was "mysteriously absent" every day, and wouldn't come home until late at night.

Three weeks after her eightteenth birthday, Kariette was waiting in the forest for her teacher. She heard a twig snap behind her. She stepped to her right and watched as a silver sword flew by her head and hit a tree.



Kariette could feel him smirk behind her. She smiled faintly. "What's the sword for?"

"You get to keep it, if you can dodge this."

She ducked and saw another sword, identical to former one, hit yet another tree. Standing up, she yanked them out of the trees and examined them. "Gorgeous things. Pure silver?"

"Yes." He smiled. "Look at the tip, though."

She looked at the tip and raised an eyebrow. "Gold?"

"It's good luck."

"Understood... But why are you giving me these?"

"You're done training. It is time you officially work for me."

"You mean...?"

Kariette's teacher nodded. "You are now officially an assassin."
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Re: Character List



((How's this? Anything I need to fix up?))

Name: Selene Vlaxen
Age: 23
Race: Fallen Angel
Sex: Female
Hair: Light Blonde
Eyes: Light Blue, like sapphires.
Weight: 160
Height: 5'8

Weapon: A large sword she calls the "Angel's Sorrow" and her wings. She obtained the sword by the vampires, it used to belong to Xiaver.

Armor: Nothing but the clothes on her back.

Strengths: Selene is a very talented fighter. One of her greatest strengths, though, is her beauty. Many men tend to swoon at the sight of her. She would rather not fight at all, but because she is an angel, she can fly. Her wings can become like razors, cutting through metal, or as soft as silk, depending on her mood. Her greatest advantage is her speed and agility, as she is a blur when flying.

Weakness: Romance and vampires are her greatest weaknesses. She's quite easily taken in by a soft-spoken man, especially one who feels for other's problems. Vampires are some of her greatest weaknesses, because of her past. Her physical strength is lacking, partially because she's a woman and partially because she had angel blood in her and hates people to be hurt. She will usually not take risks, rather taking the chance of losing the battle. (Unless of course, the opponent is a vampire. In that case, she will let all go to chance to defeat them.)

Skills/Magic: She can heal others, but only if she takes on their pain herself. *Think Rogue from X-men* She does not have a specific name for this, but it's strange that she is the only one among all angels she's met who posesses it. This also includes emotional pain, and this is part of the reason she is so saddened all the time.

Personality: Selene was a loving, kind person, until Xiaver happened along. After what he did, she became cold, and bitter. She cares about others, but mostly if there's something in it for her. Only if there's something in it for her. Her face shows gentility and caring, but is contradicted by her eyes, which only display remorse. Seeing pain makes her angry, especially if it has to do with love. She has a soft heart for those questing towards something to do with love. She's only happy when she sees others happy, and even then it is difficult to tell what she is feeling. Anything to do with romance, especially towards her, eases her into a state of relaxation and calmness.


History: Selene was a princess of angels, destined from birth to become queen one day. However, when she was born, instead of pure white wings, hers were a blood red color. Because of this, and the chance of her mistaken for a demon, her father banished her, leaving her to wander the earth without rest. Years passed, and she grew into a beautiful woman, hiding her wings because of shame. She was supposed to be a young, silent woman, with a particular talent for dancing...unknown to the human viewers, her grace was because of her angel blood. She liked to dance for people and see their smiling faces, especially men's. Unfortunately, soon after she began her career as a dancer, her wings were found out. Driven from all humanity, she became desperate for any company. Then she met Xiaver, a vampire who claimed he had feelings for her and knew how she felt, as he was driven from socitey as well.. After a few months, they became engaged. A few days after, he told her to meet the rest of his family. To her unblievable surprise, when she obediently came, he had betrayed her to the vampire race. They believed that an angel's blood can, when correctly mixed, make them invincible to anything (even stakes). She was almost killed, but managed to escape using one of their swords, the smug face of Xiaver burning in her mind. Now, she swears she'll have her revenge, whether it takes her an eternity. She will find Xiaver...and make him pay.
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Re: Character List

Ap'rov'd by Saferrr

Name: Charrona "Charlie" Maddox

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Race: Phouka- a mythical creature of fairly low magic power

Hair Color: Dark, dark brown.

Eye Color: Grey

Weight: 121 lbs

Height: 5'5"

Weapons: Charlie has a fascination with all things sharp and shiny, so she uses knives, and carries four; two ten-inch blades enfused with spells from a Phoenix, with abilities to cast anything they strike into a small-sized inferno; one four-inch dagger with a poison tip, and one eight-inch knife with no special qualities.

Armor: A long cloak made of leather from the stomach lining of the Kraken, a giant squid. It's heat-resistant but becomes tough and heavy when it comes in contact with water.

Strengths: Charlie's strength lies in her speed; she is very good at dodging and darting around and speedy attacks. She generally relies on slowly tiring her opponents out and wearing them out with poisonous wounds of small burns. She likes to draw things out and thus has built up a lot of agility and a lot of stamina. Her main battle tactic is tiring out her opponents to the brink of collapse.

Weaknesses: While her defense is so/so, she is very small and very light so one good whack will send her flying and crashing. She is not very strong, physically, which explains her reliance on speedy attacks and long, drawn-out battles.

Skills/Magic: As a phouka, Charlie has the ability to exist as either a horse, a dog or a human. As a human, she's generally small and quick and can attack fast. She hates becoming a horse, but as a horse she can generally travel far distances in good time. She sometimes defends herself as a big black dog, a slow and brutish creature.

Appearance: Charlie is a laid-back-looking young woman. She has short, dark brown hair that reaches not quite to the middle of the neck and long bangs that angle out and frame her face, slightly covering her peripheral eyes. She has skin the color of raw sienna and bored-looking waterry grey eyes. She dresses mostly in earth-tones; her cloak is the color or treebark, and she wears a long-sleeved white cotton shirt, covered in a beige vest with short cap sleeves and a stiff collar. Her pants are long and obsessively baggy and maroon and always slipping down her hips, kept in place by a black belt. She also wears big black combat boots, worn to fit her feet and perfect for running in.

Personality: Charlie is fairly self-confident, decisive, willful, and confrontational. One could say she could be the "commander of her own fleet" if she enjoyed the high-responsibility of being in charge of such a fleet. She's decisive and knows what she wants but refuses to rely on anyone to get it, meaning that, generally, she's a loner. However, she is also extremely impatient because of her go-getter attitude, and easily bored with places, meaning she likes to travel a lot. Also, her lack of any long-term friendships or relationships with many people in her life has caused her to be somewhat shallow when judging people, meaning she is fairly judgmental; a first impression means everything in how she'll treat you. But if she likes you or not, she's generally a cynical, sarcastic person.

Bio: Charrona, aka Charlie, was born to parents Lamilla and Derron Maddox in an obscure town in the middle of a wild mountainous region under the control of the Seelie Guild, a group of generally benevolent magical creatures. Since Phouka are generally very low-key magical creatures, they’re seen as subordinate to their more powerful counterparts, and the only real magical professions they can get are in the delivery or messenger services. Her father was submissive to this way of life but her mother, a strong-willed and very unconventional sort of woman, this was no way to raise her new child. When Charlie was two her mother and father split, her father staying stationary while her mother ran off with a group of a few other phouka, some humans, and other freaks and joined a band of roving entertainers, The Troupe Jovial.

Charlie spent most of her young life raised among adults with passionate souls, weird instruments, and a love for drinking a whole lot of the time. Her only young companion was Jonah Bleksen, a human a year her senior whose mother was a contortionist and whose father played a strange bagpipe with strings. While unconventional, her childhood was, overall, good and she traveled a lot.

Her mother was a singer but since by eleven young Charrona proved to have no musical talent whatsoever, she was, at the request of her ticked-off mother, taught the art of knife-throwing by a foreign professional at a carnival in a human city. She discovered after a few weeks she had a fetish for all things sharp and shiny and she started collecting knives, her two favorites being her twin Phoenix blades, bought at a steal from a very confused trader who had no idea how much they were worth.

Her happy years ended when The Troupe Jovial ran into her father while they were performing in a town where he was making a delivery. He demanded some custody of 14-year-old Charlie, and the girl wanted to get to know her father, so they arranged that she’d spend a year and a half with him and they’d go from there. She said goodbye to her happy way of life in the middle of a dark November and moved with her father to a nameless little town.

While she was there, she witnessed all the things her mother had pulled her away from; the discrimination against lesser magical beings, the politics of the Guild, and the general disregard for humans. These ideas were foreign to the traveled Charlie. She hated being told how to live and where, and what to do and why. She hated that her father had found a new wife and had kids all his own that were adjusted and somewhat liked for being from around. She hated all the suspicion about her being a dirty gypsy who slaughtered good little elf children and ate them and bathed in their blood. Finally, a little under a year after she had come to the town she hated, she ran away to go find her mother and the life she had once known.

The Troupe Jovial proved more difficult to keep up with than she had expected, and after just two months of searching she was cold, starving, and all too ready to give up and go crawling back to her father. She tried to press on a little further but came down with a bad cold and could not travel for two weeks straight. It was during those two weeks she met up with a familiar face: Jonah, her old friend. Jonah had become bored dealing with a bunch of drunken adults and no best friend, so he had set out to find his own destiny. Charlie and Jonah instantly decided to travel together.

For a little while Charlie continued to search for her mother but ultimately she agreed with Jonah’s proposition to be spontaneous. They began a search for absolutely nothing, roaming the land because they felt like being free. They found friends in Nathanael, a Phouka two years Charlie’s senior who had been run out of all the towns he could remember, and Audrie, a half-elf who looked like she was somewhere in her 20s but so enthused about life she seemed to be a child.

Their happy little circle of sunshine and happiness and carefree youth only lasted until Charlie was 19. During one summer night, one of Nathanael’s anti-Phouka non-friends from a former-town hunted him down and attacked their campsite, slaying Nathanael and leaving Jonah and Audrie injured.

Angry about the injustice, scared for her friends and irrational with fury, Charlie claimed that if this kind of thing had happened to Nathanael, it would happen to her too and she didn’t want to cause them any trouble. They tried to reason with her but stubborn and pig-headed as she was, she refused to listen. Within a few hours, she was gone.

Three days later, all alone again, Charlie began to doubt her decision. She returned to the campsite, but there was no evidence they had ever been there. She tried for a while to halfheartedly track Audrie and Jonah or The Troupe Jovial down, but nothing worked. She left the Seelie Guild’s territory and traveled outside with the occasional oddball companion, but generally on her own ever since.

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Re: Character List

Approved by Andúrhil.

Name: Ontri Decarda (On-tree Day-carda)
Age: 20
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Hair: White- Spiked about two inches high; short in the back.
Eyes: Green
Weight: 180 lbs. (81.65 kg.)
Height: 6’1” (185 cm.)

Weapon: An extendable metal staff with an optional spear/blade attachment- also extendable.

Strengths: Quickness of the hands, which allows the staff to twirl at unbelievable speeds. Ontri is also pretty fancy with his legs; strong kicks. Ontri's other strength is his anger. While angry, his power multiplies, and his speed increases to the point where he is a human beast. Another strength is his ability to transform into a werewolf at the full moon. This is when he truly becomes a beast. He likes cold weather.
Weaknesses: Considering how good he is with his legs, his boxing skill isn't great. This is why he rarely uses his hands for anything other than twirling a staff. Unfortunately for him, he was born with a soft head. He can sustain head injury easier than most people. He isn't very tolerable to heat. He also has a weakness while in werewolf form: his chest. The reason he has a mane on his werewolf’s chest is because of what's underneath it. Beneath it lies a burn wound that is still highly sensitive to the touch.
Skills/Magic: His time spent in the wilderness allows him to adapt to extreme living conditions quickly, and also allows for great survival skill. He has high resistance to the cold, which I think is a skill. Amazing with his staff. His werewolf trait blesses him with heightened smell, and the ability to sense the paranormal.
Appearance: Human (white)- Clothing is a black sleeveless tank, and black pants accented by his belt with a wolf head buckle; his shoes are made of tough black leather. He also wears black gloves that stop at the knuckles. His face is considered by most to be handsome. His body is built leanly. Not many know, but his black headband hides the scar that the werewolf that turned him left. His staff is carried across his back in a sheath.
Werewolf- Ontri's werewolf form walks on all fours, but has the ability to walk upright. Silver is the color of his fur, but the fur on his underbelly is a ghost white. It's fur is short and fuzzy, except for the fur on it's chest. The fur on it's chest is heavy, like a lion's mane. The werewolf's eyes, like Ontri's, are a magnificent emerald green.
Personality: He is silent, and hardly ever talks to people who are not his friend. Ontri always needs a good reason to battle. He is very peaceful, but if his temper is ever ignited he will show no mercy. His fighting style is very relentless, taking advantage of his staff’s speed to never let his opponent rest. He is very questionable of his faith to anything greater than he is. In some ways, he's on a journey to figure out if he believes or not. Ontri doesn't like people. He avoids social events, and will try to avoid friendship, because he'll only let his friends down. If someone does happen to become his friend, he'll try his best to keep them (usually ends in a blood bath caused by his werewolf gene).

Biography: Ontri had parents once upon a time. He also had a hometown named Port Gyra. Before he was old enough to make sense of the world, he was taken away. Port Gyra is a religious town. Because of this, they took Ontri’s white hair as an omen. Babies with omens were drowned in the local lake. His father would not stand for this. His father snuck into the church where Ontri was sleeping, awaiting death. He snatched him up and ran for the “forest where the wolves dwell”. The church caught on and sent executioners after Ontri and his father. It was only a matter of time before the executioners seized the father and brought “the lord’s justice upon him”. The found and killed his father, but Ontri was never found. Before they had seized him, Ontri’s father sent his son down the creek which flowed through the forest. He had used a primitive stick raft to do so. Ontri drifted into the next town, Trios. Ontri was found by a woman, who was by fate sterile and wanting a baby. Her name was Lyn and her husband was a blacksmith named Rauol.

Ontri grew up under the influence that these two were his parents. Rauol taught Ontri how to smith and hunt. Lyn taught him how to cook and sew. He had reached the age of 17 before the next tragedy happened. One night, when the moon shone bright and full, the town was pillaged by a pack of werewolves. They tore the town apart and left none alive- that they knew of. Fate protected Ontri once again, for he had been out in the forest training with his wooden staff. He came back to see the town destroyed. He ran to his house to see if his parents were still alive. He saw parts of their bodies sprawled across the floor, and their blood on the ceiling. Rauol had wounded the werewolf that attacked him and it lay on the floor, near to him. The werewolf’s blood spattered from the wound in its chest. Ontri grabbed a knife from the kitchen and went to finish it off. Ontri made sure it suffered; he had torn its legs to shreds with the knife before giving it a second thought. Ontri went in for the kill, but before his blade fell on the werewolf’s chest, it gave one final burst of energy and lunged at Ontri’s head. Ontri was able to react just in time. It came so close that the werewolf’s tooth left a scratch across his forehead. With the remaining werewolf dead and his town destroyed, he decided to leave and never look back. He collected one thing from each of his parents to remember them. The item he took from Rauol was his belt with the wolf head buckle, the item taken from Lyn was her necklace. While looking through his father’s things, he discovered a weapon design. It looked to be an extendable metal staff with a removable blade attachment. As homage to his father, he crafted this weapon. It took him two weeks of near constant work to get it, but he pulled through. Mixed in with the metal of the blade attachment was his mother’s melted necklace. Before he set off he spent the rest of the week sewing his new clothes, which are the clothes that stick with him for a long time.

Not long after those weeks of work, Ontri was hiking over Kailua Mountain. Night fell and Ontri set up camp. This particular night, the moon was full. He looked at the moon and changed into the very same race of beast that killed his parents. He awoke the next morning at the end of the mountain. In one night, his werewolf form had surmounted the entire mountain. Now knowing that he had the werewolf’s curse, he found the highest cliff on the mountain. He was going to cast himself off the rocks and kill himself. He took a deep breath and jumped off. Before he hit the ground, his staff sheath caught a tree limb. Ontri took this as fate, and continued on his journey for nothing.

For three years he walked through the wilderness. All of the hunting and survival toughened him up beyond belief. Now 20, he has begun to ponder the thought of returning to civilization.
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Re: Character List

Name: Seeroth
Age: 924( but appears 24)
Race: Vampire
Sex: Male
Hair: White
Eyes: Grey
Weight: 173 lbs
Height: 6 feet 1 inch

Weapon: A sword with a black blade and silver writing down the side.
Armor: None

Strengths: Can smell blood from up to 3 miles away, extremely fast, extremely strong, feeds on blood, can see in the dark, greater hearing, able to jump greater distance and height.

Weakness: Spells weaken him slightly after use, can only use spells once every fifteen days, gets tired fairly quickly, needs blood at least once every two weeks, not his best during battle in open areas, can not stand the sun without using his Cloak of Darkness spell, and has no armor.

Skills/Magic: A very skilled swordsman, skilled in the art of stealth, uses the spell Cloak of Darkness to protect himself from the sun(spell not visible, can be used for about 12 hours straight, and can be used again in about 4 hours if Seeroth is not too active), can use the spell Shield of Shadow to protect himself from attacks. (the Shield of Shadow looks like a black orb that surrounds Seeroth, and spell lasts 1 minute and can only be used once a day) Can transform into a raven. Seeroth conjures his spells by whistling specific melodies.

Personality: He hasn’t known happiness for the past 900 years. He feels hatred, lust for blood, and when he thinks of his former life, and what he did, he feels miserable. During battle he’s ruthless and will kill you without a second thought. He feels horrible for killing his parents, but feels nothing when killing anyone else.

Appearance: He wears a long black coat, black pants, is thin, very pale, sharp teeth(duh), slightly slit pupils, pointed ears, and his hair is long and straight.

History: Seeroth was born in Kig. A small town just on the outskirts of Norridia city. His original name was Alexander Oreth and his parents names were Aldron and Catherine Oreth. He also had a brother named Christopher who trained him in the art of stealth and swordmanship. Christopher was a vampire slayer, and one day went out to kill a particularly powerful vampire he'd heard was roaming the ruins of Belchore(a kingdom destroyed by demons). He told Alexander that he'd be back the next week, but he never returned.

Two years later a man that went by the name of Seeroth told the Oreths that he was a traveling merchant and was just looking for a place to stay. The Oreths kindly let him. Alexander did not believe this man could be trusted and told his parents this, but they thought he was just being paranoid and payed no attention.

That night Alexander woke up to a preculiar sound. Muffled talking coming from his parents room. Suddenly he heard his mother sream, so he lept out of bed and ran to his parents room. He swung open the door to see Seeroth leaning over his parents bed gripping a sword with a black blade. Seeroth turned towards Alexander and said, "I'm no traveling merchant! I am a vampire that has come to kill your brother. Tell me where he is!"

"I do not know, vampire, we have not seen him for two years. He left and never came back," Alexander replied. With that Seeroth darted towards Alexander with astounding speed. He tried to jump out of the way, but Seeroth was just to fast for him. Seeroth grabbed Alexander and bit his neck. It was a long bite, like Seeroth was savoring the monent. Alexander managed to wriggle his arm free of the vampire's grasp and grab the knife in his pocket. He stabbed him in the arm and Seeroth lept backwards, dropping his sword and releasing a high pitched sream. Alexander quickly grabbed the sword and held it up to Seeroth's chest. "I will not let you harm my family, Vampire," exclaimed Alexander.

"I don't need to, you will do it for me! Ha, ha, ha." In a surge of anger Alexander shoves the sword through Seeroth's heart. Still laughing, Seeroth falls to the ground as his body shakes and contorts. Alexander grimaces in disgust. A searing pains flows through his body. Not able to withstand it he calapses. The next thing Alexander remembers is holding his mother's body in his arms and blood dripping from his mouth. He looks over and sees his father's corpes pinned up against the wall by the black bladed sword. Realizing what he has done, Alexander attempts to commit suicide, but at the last second his new found vampire instincts take control and stop him.

Believing he did not deserve the name his parents gave him, he changed it to that of the vampire he killed.
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Re: Character List

Approved by Winged Fire Ninja

Name: Revvan "Blind Swordsman" Dazrithen (R-eh-ven)

Age: 15

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: Long and black

Eyes: Mainly green, but with hints of blue

Weight: 124 lbs

Height: 5 feet, 6 inches

Weapon: A mystical blade known as the "Seeing Sword". This was given to Revvan by the goddesses who watch over his homeland to aid Revvan in his quest,
and level the playing field. It's powers are listed below. It is a short sword measuring about two and a half feet long. It's handle is of the common design
made from silver, but with ruins sketched across the hilt, that Revvan could never see, or read. The grip is wrapped leather. The blade is sharp and radiates
a dark blue energy. Revvan also owns a small shield, but rarely holds it in combat. The shield is metal painted blue with a bronze bird (the symbol of
his village).

Armor: A small amount of chain mail over his upper body.

Strengths: Revvan has a very good sense of hearing, and can hear and sense things from a far away distance. He is also skilled in the way of the sword.
He has very good technique in his swordplay. Revvan also has a very close bond with animals. He can't quite understand them, but they seem to be able to
understand him, and can become friendly towards him quickly. These animals can become loyal companions with Revvan. Mainly, wild dogs, wolves, and birds.
However, the other animals seem to understand him as well.

Weaknesses: Although Revvan is known as the "Blind Swordsman" he can see just a very small amount out of his right eye. This is a faint weakness when he
relies on his little vision. Darkness is also a weakness. When submerged in the shadows Revvan feels trapped and is frightened by the darkness. Thus making
him a lesser fighter. Revvan needs to be more intact with his senses.

Skills/Magic: The Seeing Sword is Revvan's most important weapon. It has many different abilities, and Revvan often wonders if the blade itself is alive.
Revvan can give it several different commands:

"Guide me" will allow the sword to navigate him through the obsticles in front of him. A good example of when to use this would be in a crowded forest.
"Show me" will trace the evil and guide Revvan towards it.
"Find me" if Revvan ever loses the blade this will bring the blade back into his hand.

The three goddesses (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) also granted the blade three separate abilities. Each with its own amount of energy required to use it with
bronze being the most energy draining, and silver being the least.
Bronze Fury: This admits a burst of power behind Revvan's swings for a short amount of time. This is the most draining of the three.
Silver Flash: This ability emits a large flash of light briefly blinding his opponent for a short amount of time. This is the least draining and can be
done numerous times before resting.
Gold Beam: This ability shoots a beam of gold light from the seeing sword. This beam sends the opponent flying backwards, and also hurts a sufficient amount.

Appearance: Revvan stands at about 5 and a half feet tall with long black hair going down to his very tops of his sholders, and bangs that go down past
his eyebrows. His hair also covers his ears completely. Revvan is also skinny. His shield is often on his back with his sword in his shieth on his belt.
Revvan wears a bright blue tunic with silver chain mail covering his top part of his body. He also has knee high black leather fencing boots, and elbow
high black leather gloves. Sometimes, he is seen with glasses, but for the most part, he does not wear them. Revvan also uses a long, pollished, wooden
stick as a cane.

Personality: Generally, Revvan is a nice person. He is very polite to people. At first, he is shy, but when he gets to know you he can be a very good friend.
He is understanding, caring, funny, and smart (even if he doesn't show it). Only when he is treated rudely, or unfairly will he become less friendly. He
rarely gets angry, but can get upset. In battle he is very quick with fast reactions and quick movements. He is very courageous, and cunning. He does not
like to kill, but if faced with a life threatening situation, will.

Biography: Revvan spent most of his childhood growing up in the desert sivilization known as Heatpoint with his parents in the Great Desert. When he was
one year old, his eye site became less and less average until it is where it is at today.

When Revvan was 15 he encountered a beast out in the desert that threatened to kill him. In a fierce battle between him and the beast, Revvan won with the
help of the shovel he was carrying. Shortly after this, he was sent out of his village, for once you slay a desert creature, the villagers of Heatpoint
believed, that you must start your life on your own.

The travel out of Heatpoint and through the Great Desert was a brutil one. About half way through the travel through the Great Desert, Revvan encountered
something that would change his life...

In the distance in front of him, Revvan saw a fierce battle raging on between six people. Eventually, four of the bodies dropped to the sand and he heard,
"Pathetic! Sending their city warriors after us. Meh, well, we'll head back there tomorrow. Think of all the lute we got today and multiply it by two!"
The two bodies quickly ran off to the East. Revvan had understood in an instant. Those two who had won the fight, were bandits. They had just slane four
warriors from a distant city, and were planning to loot the city again the next day. Suddenly, rage shook through Revvan's body. He then dropped to the
ground and cried in remorse for the killed fighters and the unjustice of the situation that was occurring. Then, three bright lights zoomed towards Revvan.

The lights came to a hault in front of his face. He thought his bad eye might just be playing tricks on him again. "I mean, it was tough enough finding
my way along this trail...had to even get on my hands and crawl to find the path again." Just then, the lights exploded. Revvan jumped back and covered
his right eye with his hand to shield it from the blinding flashes.

When he opened them again, he saw three blurred images. As he struggled to look at them, he noticed all three of them had very long hair, and curved bodies.
So they must be women he thought to himself. Then, he noticed each had different colored hair. One with gold, one with silver, and one with bronze. The
three women greeted him and explained to him that they were the three goddesses of the Great Desert. "We have seen your struggle, and have forseen that
you are bound for greatness in your path ahead," the goddesses told him "but we warn you, the world outside is very harsh and unforgiving. Conditions are
not in your favor for survival." "You are one of the purest in heart we've seen from the desert, and we wish to aid you to help you in your quest." "...Quest?"
Revvan asked confused. "We shall speak no more, but we grant you this. This blade was forged by us, and we give it to you, knowing you will not abuse its
abilities. Take it, use it, but respect it. This sword is not just a tool; its your companion." The three goddesses then told him more words of wisdom
and how to cooperate with the blade.

A week later Revvan arived in the great city he had heard of known as Battlecent. There, many warriors lived, faught, trained, and did many other things
in a community. Here, was where Revvan learned from the best, and sharpened his skills. Not just as a swordsman, but also other skills like being in tact
with nature. Revvan was quick to pick up the ability of speaking to animals. He could never fully understand them, but they seemed to understand him. "And
that's good enough for me..." he had said one afternoon with a bird purched on his index finger.

Many of the great warriors were facinated with the blade on his belt, so he was often taught and challenged to test the abilities of the sword. Three months
went by, and Revvan had been given the alias of "Blind Swordsman". Another five months went by, and Revvan had become much wiser, smarter, more skilled
in the way of the sword, and much funnier (many of the best fighters had great senses of humor which rubbed off on him).

Revvan could walk down the streets of the city and determine the best from the worst. Over time, though, the Seeing Sword had noticed more and more evil
lurking into the hearts of people around Revvan. Eventually, Revvan could pick up on the aura of evil as well. This frightened him extremely. So, one day,
Revvan packed up all of his belongings from the small hut he had been staying in, and left the city. "No matter what lies ahead, no matter who I meet,
there will always be evil. Something strange is happening, and I need to find out what. Now is my time!" Right after this statement Revvan had left Battlecent
on the road to the unknown ahead.

With one last glance at the distant great city of Battlecent (now with a strange dark aura around it), and a turn of the shoulder, he was gone...

(Thanks go to Heart for getting me the sweet sig and avvie!)
(BA Character: Revvan)
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Re: Character List

Name: Asmodee

Age: 1500 yrs after death (looks 30 years old.)

Gender: Male

Race: Vampire

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Height: six feet

Weight: 150 pounds

Appearance: In his lifetime he was captured by Vampire hunters, and burned almost to death. He has burns everywhere below the neck that he covers with his Dark Robe, black gloves, and black shoes. The hunters left his face untouched so they could clearly see his pain. During the day, he can walk around if his entire body is under his Dark Robe, because the robe blocks all light. The unburned skin is very pale, wich is a good sign of a Vampire.

Personality: He is cold, calm, and calculating in his effort to get what he wants. He is always confidant when facing an enemy, even when he is losing. He's more of an icy, sinister kind of evil than aggressive and loud. He doesn't raise his voice in anger, only if he's calling to soimeone far away. When angered, he gets very quiet, and he decides the best punishment for the offender. Often, no one will know he's angry until it's too late.

Weapon: a 4' long soulstealer sword with a solid black blade, and a small guard. When noble people die, they go to heaven, but the soulstealer sword was created so that it's victims always go to Hell. Vlad once made a deal with a Demon to help him rid the world of Vampire Slayers and Holy men. The Demon gave him a sord of pure darkness that would send good souls to Hell, but leave the body more or less intact. This way, Asmodee could drink from the corpse, and use it as a slave Vampire.

Armor: Dark robe that blocks sun light.

Skills: hypnosis, transformation, create Vampire by draining all blood, then replacing it with Vampire blood. Call nocturnal creature, which summons a local creature of the night. He can transform into a 6' tall bat for flying, a snake with forearms, and a vapor cloud.

Magic: none

Strengths: immune to dark magic attacks. He has book smarts and street smarts, because he's been around so long.

Weaknesses: vulnerable to light based spells. He's Pyrophobic. If a person holds up a religious item, and has strong faith in the religion, he/she can hold Asmodee back.

Background: When he was human, Asmodee lived in 1000 AD. He met a woman named Druella at a tavern. They spent the night dancing, drinking, and having a wonderful time. She seemed to enjoy everything he wanted to do, but she wasn't completely submissive, which he liked. He took her home with him and they began to get intimate. That is when she bit him. In his drunken state, he didn't register any pain.

He awoke the next morning to find her still with him. She told him that she had fallen in love with him, so she made him a Vampire. Though he was not her slave, he stayed with her, and fell in love. They spent a few hundred years as nomads, fighting Vampire hunters, and preying on innocents. Eventually they killed all of the hunters in their country, so they settled down in a remote area, and fed on animal blood.

This as not a good idea, since Vampire hunters from other countries still walked the Earth. Asmodee and Druella were captured by vigilante Vampire hunters. These were not normal hunters that hunted just to rid the world of Vampires. These were hunters with vendetas, who took pleasure in torture. Asmodee and Druella were tied and burned. Through his pain, Asmodee doesn't remember how he broke free from the rope, but he went into a frenzy as he attacked the hunters. Druella died that day, and Asmodee had burns from feet to shoulders. The burns remind him of his lost love, and why he should always remain a nomad

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Re: Character List

approved by Winged Fire Ninja

Name: Louis Condry.
Pronunciation--(Loois) (condree)

Race: Vampire

Eyes: red pupils, and when in vampire form, Louis’s eyes are all red.

Hair: short spiked black hair

Age: unknown (looks 19)

Height: human form-6 ft. 1 in. vampire form- 6ft 5 in.

Weight: human form- 120 Vampire form-140
Weapon(s) : hand-and-a-half Vampiric blade. The steel was mixed with silver to deal extra damage to their sworn enemies for all time, werewolves. (Picture at the bottom)

Armor: Vampiric armor- all Black steel plate armor except for gloves, and boots with dark red swirling design running around the edge of the armor, and a pure silver bat symbol mounted over the heart on the chest plate. He wears no helm, and 2 inch silver plated spikes are mounted on the pauldrons and along the arm braces and ½ inch ones on the knuckles. The gloves are black leather and same with the boots. He also has a small secret compartment in his left bracer filled with small vials of cooled persevered blood in times of desperation. He also has two holes in his back plate for his wings to come out of when in Vampire form. Also the armor is enchanted to mold to his size when in full vampire form.

Strengths: Being a vampire, he has enhanced physical abilities and also can only be killed by a cross to the heart or being bitten in the neck by a werewolf. He also has the ability to stick and hang to walls and ceilings and jumped very high. His canine teeth are larger and longer for biting his enemies and or victims. Louis also has the ability to turn into a full vampire when he desperately needs to drink blood, when a werewolf in full form is present or near, or when the danger is great enough. In full vampire form, he cannot wield his sword but nails grow into claws on his hands and two horns protrude from the sides of his head.

Weaknesses: Louis needs to drink blood at least once a day to maintain his health, and will become weaker and weaker the longer he goes without blood. Also his armor has two holes in the back, giving him a venerable spot. Being a vampire, he is weakened greatly when in the presence of a cross made of any material, intentional or not. And is weakened in the presence of holy weapons. If he is fatally injured, say got his head chopped off, and then he is healed, but is reduced to a small green imp, about a foot tall with no armor or weapons, just some small clothes, his wings and small claws and when in this form he must drink blood twice a day to stay alive. After about 5 days, he will grow back into his human form. Also after turning back to human form from full vampire, Louis must drink blood within one hour. when in full vampiric form, his wings have no armor, as it would be impossible to fly with armor on them and they are very sensitive, so an arrow or sword to the wing would cause him great pain and inability to fly while in full vampiric form until his wings heal.

: Louis has one spell and a few skills.

Louis is an okay sword fighter, and is better at one on one combat than fighting multiple enemies. In that case he will usually flee or turn into full vampire form.

SPELL: Bat swarm-Louis calls down a large group of bats to distract enemies while he escapes or attacks them.

: Human form- Louis wears his armor all of the time, never knowing when someone might recognize him and try to kill him. His skin is deathly pale, and his red pupils glow in darkness. He has slightly pointed ears and wears a black cloak all of the time. He also keeps the hood up all of the time and he wears a black bandana covering from the middle of his nose down. The end of the cloak is shredded from use and the black is faded. Under his armor he wears dark red short sleeved shirt and black pants. He wears a red belt that has bat imprints in the leather with a silver buckle and a clip to keep his sword at his side. Louis takes good care of his teeth so his canines don’t rot so he can get blood.

Full vampire form- his skin is all black, and all of his eyes are blood red. His canines grow to about 1 ½ inches long and his jaw can open extra wide to bite with his elongated canines. Dark red tattoos cover his arms and his nails extend into claws used to slash.and Large black wings grow through the holes in his armor and protrude from his back.

Personality: Louis has a very serious nature about him, but also a cruel sense of humor, and enjoys it when people plead for mercy. He has little sense of loyalty to anyone besides another vampire, but even then he may go behind their backs to get something. The only ones he trusts and has a soft spot for in his heart is Vagor, king of the vampires and Elizabeth.

Bio: Not too much was known about Louis in his childhood. His encounter was with a vampire was interesting. He was about 14 and Louis and his father were out In the fields when he accidentally tripped and he pulled on the horse’s tail. It reared up and bolted, towing the plow behind it. His father was planting seeds, and the horse ran him over and the plow cut his leg clean off. After Louis helped his father back to the house, in anger, his father suddenly pulled out his sword.

“YOU HAVE RUINED ME! YOU ARE NOT MY SON!” and he swung at Louis. Louis ducked and ran out of the house. Then his mother came out of the house, her husband leaning against her.

“BOY! YOU BETTER RUN!” and Louis ran for dear life. See, Louis was adopted after his real parents died. He ran for about an hour until he found a man lying on the ground, blood splattered everywhere and he was maimed. Louis, being a good enough person, pulled the man off the road and bandaged his wounds. Later that night, the man awoke, and looked at Louis with blood red eyes and said.

“You seem unhappy child, what is wrong?” The man said with a soothing voice, like a concerned father. Louis told him the story of the field and the man shook his head.

“I am sorry child, for your hardship. Would you like a better life?” he said, and Louis pulled his knees up to his chin and he nodded. The man slowly sat up and sat cross legged next to Louis.

“I can give you a better life. Are you sure you want this?” the man said, opening and closing his jaw, as if stretching it. Louis was confused, but he nodded. He didn't know what the man meant. Louis’s eyes went wide as the man suddenly reached over and bit him in the neck. Louis’s vision blurred and then he fell into deep sleep. He awoke to the touch of a hand on his face. After his vision cleared, he looked up and saw a beautiful girl about his age.

“what?” Louis said softly, slightly delirious. The girl just giggled.

“sit up, and I will take care of you” she said and Louis obeyed. He was clothed in a dark red shirt and black pants, and black leather boots. They started walking together, and then the girl spoke up as she directed him along stone halls, the walls covered in portrait after portrait.

“My name is Elizabeth, what is yours?” the girl said taking his hand and pulling him down some stairs.

“My name is Louis. Where are we? And where are we going?” he said, looking a suit of black armor and a painting of a battle. The girl wore a very fancy black and crème colored dress, and she had long slightly curly blonde hair.

“You are home, and where we are going is a secret” Elizabeth said, suddenly poking Louis.

“Your it!” she said and ran down the hall. Louis laughed and chased her down the stairs and down a side hall. He suddenly bumped into her, as she was standing still in a doorway. Then she turned to him and held him lightly by the shoulders.

“It is time to meet the king ok? and you talk only when talked to ok?” she said, looking at him with light blue eyes. Louis nodded and they walked through the doorway. In the room there were two thrones and a long red carpet. The room was full of people. Then two people, a man and a woman walked down the red carpet and sat down on the throne. Then the man stood up and Louis recognized him and remembered about the incident of the forest. Then he pointed at Louis.

“This boy saved me! He let himself be bitten to save me and I have brought him here to his new home to live here with us!” he said and everyone applauded for Louis for a moment. Then Louis realized what all these people were. Vampires. Louis ran out of the room suddenly, and ran for his life. Then he saw a mirror and started to cry. He was a vampire too! He turned around and the man stood in front of him. he knelt down and looked into Louis’s eyes.

“It’s ok. It is fun being a vampire! I promise you will like it! Then he started listing off cool things you could do while he walked up to the ceiling and back down and Louis laughed.

“See? Its not bad! Just come back and meet some nice people. Then we will teach you how to do all that fun stuff, ok?” The man said.

“sure. What is your name?” Louis said as they walked back to the throne room.

“My name is Vagor, king of the vampires” he said and when they reached the room, the people all had on nice faces and they gave him a cup of red juice. When he drank it, he found it had a sweet yet sort of irony taste, but he liked it. They all laughed when he down the cup and patted him on the back. Then everyone got back to the party. After about an hour of exchanging pleasantries, Elizabeth took him out of the room and down a dark hall. They came to a room with a large furnace and racks of weapons and armor of all sorts. Then Vagor came in and picked up a sword.

“It’s time you learned about werewolves” he said with a serious look on his face. Then started the training. He taught him everything, how to fight with a sword, how to kill a werewolf, the anatomy of a werewolf, everything about werewolves. Then he taught him how to bite, and how to keep your teeth clean. He taught him how to transform. He taught Louis everything he knew. During training, Elizabeth and him became best friends and often did things together. Often they would sword fight, or work on transforming to enhance their abilities. They both liked each other but niether had the courage to take it to the next level. After about 3 months, Vagor called Louis to his throne room.

“Louis, I think it is time you see the outside world again” he said with a wide grin. Louis nodded, and a wide grin came upon his face as well.

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Re: Character List

Selah approved this! (YES!!)

Name: Sarai (Sarah)


Race: Human

gender: Female

Hair: Blonde ponytail, some side bangs

Eyes: blue, not huge or small

Height: 5'1"

Weight: 123lbs

Weapon: She could use any sort of projectile weapon, but she has had no experience with weapons other than that. If she were to choose a weapon, it would have to be the dagger her father uncovered for her from World War 2. She plans on getting it from her father, but for the time being, she carries no weapon.

Armor: None. She has never had need for armor until now.

Strengths: She can easily dodge things, will not give in to temptation or intimidation. But because she hasn’t been trained in any special way, her other strengths have yet to appear. She will be able to notice small things, has a distinct paranoia that can help her out at times, and her memory serves her well in dire situations. She is very good at predicting the outcomes of events as well. She has quite good aim with projectile waepons, and can find anything around her to throw. Her creativity is a plus.

Weaknesses: Love. She has always been sensitive to the subject. Her feelings can sometimes leave her off guard. She also has a tendency to give up if she feels overpowered. She can be scared easily. She prefers not to fight at all, and cringes at the sight of blood.

Skills/magic: No skills but for the uncanny ability to guess what people are thinking and feeling. Perceptiveness.


Personality: Raised to be smart and successful. She has a highly sensitive side but is prone to anger. Her temper can flare unexpectedly. She denies the fact that her mood swings can lead her to trouble. Once alone, she is quiet and calm. She prefers it that way. Friendly to most, she can relate to almost any situation. Only if someone treats her badly will she respond with anger. She keeps to herself. Her friends have always tried to help her through past troubles, but she has never wanted to trust them. Her strange personality can sometimes make her a bit unpredictable.

Biography: Since birth, Sarah had been a happy child. Her years as a toddler were filled with joy. She lived with her father, mother, and sister; and even though they did not have the most wealth or possessions, they were happy. They lived in a small house in the suburbs for 8 years until Sarah’s parents split up. The devastation that followed affected the family for many years to follow, and Sarah grew depressed to the point of needing medication.

Through her tweens and early teens, Sarah could not find anything about herself to like. She hated the way she looked, felt, talked, walked and laughed. Her days in school made things no better. She was able to make a few close friends, and her low self-esteem boosted enough to get her through junior high.

As she progressed through her freshman year of highschool, Sarah began to notice subtle changes in society. People were beginning to go to the extremes in fashion and popularity. She finished her freshman year disgusted with how the world had transformed.

In her confusion, she would sit ouside by the small tree in her backyard and throw any sort of pointy objects she could find: rocks, sticks, even some knives from the kitchen, at the tree. It helped her think, and she became very good at throwing that sort of projectile weapon with accuracy.

Late one night, Sarah packed her things and left her home in the suburbs, leaving only a note:

‘Dear family, I have decided to search for guidance... don’t look for me.’

Her note was scribbled in haste, and Sarah did not care how corny it sounded. She was ready to be on her way.

She gathered whatever money she had and walked along the many fields that surrounded the suburban area. With nothing else to support her, her only worry is where she will find a place to rest.

Sarah changed her name by choice. She figured that if she was to start somewhere new, she should have a new name. Looking at her name’s origin, she changed it to Sarai, which was the original name of Abraham’s wife in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Sarai wishes to be able to make a difference, learn skills that not many have heard of, and of course learn how to use a weapon. She looks at the stars, for she feels connected with them and their vastness. She believes that she was placed on this Earth to do something big, something that will mark history forever.

Half-assed art is flattering, no?
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