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Aproved by Shrub

Character Damion Lionheart

Name: Damion Lionheart

Age: 16

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: Brown hair. He has spiky bangs in the front and his hair goes back and slightly curls down with the bottom part of the back spiking upward.

Eyes: Hazel

Weight: 160 pounds

Height: 5, 11

Weapon: He carries a mediaum sized sword with a curved tip. Mainly he doesn’t use the sword and resorts to his hand to hand combat.

Armor: Just his clothes. Slightly more sturdy then normal garments.

Strengths: Damion’s truly shines in close quarter battle. His fists are his most dangerous weapon along with his high strength. He often attempts at grappling and strives for stylish moves. He also seems to make use of most items on the ground, even a broom.

Weakness: Damion has a great disadvantage in a water filled environment. Even being in the rain can lower his moral and effect his fighting performance. Also when it comes to running he can’t make a quick take off quickly and needs to accelerate to get any real distance. He can also be easily aggravated when opponents make a fool of him which leads to focus problems.

Skills/Magic: Damion has slight control over rocks and stones creating light ripples in the ground or s slight bump for tripping an individual. Even small task like that drain a lot of energy.

Appearance: As mentioned before Damion stands at about 5’11. He wears light brown short boots. They are a bit large. He also is always seeing to be sporting baggy pants that go over his boots. They are black in color and are held up by a black belt. He also is seen with a tan colored short sleeved shirt. It almost goes down to his knees with his sleeves going down a little past the elbows. He has a small pair of round sunglasses that rest below his eyes. It is unknown why they don’t just fall off his head. He is usually seen with a grin on his face.

Personality: Damion is a sort of laid back kind of guy. He usually enjoys a good battle and often doesn’t have the heart to kill someone especially being at a young age. In battle he mainly talks through with jokes and is often seen laughing which leaves many to be annoyed. He’ll constantly look for none conventional ways of getting through a battle just to make things interesting and if all else fails he goes in for the punches. In tougher situations at times he will drop his sarcastic and comical side and become as a different person. When enraged he is often to lead him into dangerous maneuvers but also very dangerous and lives will at some point seem to not be an issue.

Biography: As a child Damion had a fairly average life. He had a mother and father surprisingly enough and a few brothers and sisters. Damion was often annoyed at the fact that he hadn’t stood out very much. He wanted a name for himself. He was often called by his brothers names such as Jake, Mitch, and Serio. As he got older he took great notice to things around him and had a lot of opinions. In order to stand out he often made his opinions known which lead to his great degree of sarcasm. His sister’s would constantly play with dolls and as he watched he would think, “Wow, when my dad plays with dolls it’s so creepy but when they do it..” This often lead to a great deal of scolding and punishment.

At the age of ten Damion as usual had ventured off into the woods in which he dwelled in and got into an incident. One of the fabled monsters he had heard of but never seen finally had shown itself. When he went up to fight he was quickly knocked down and got a bad scratch on his arm. He started to cry and continued attacking with sticks and stones but the creature mealy truck back. In one desperate move he charged it and by a stroke of luck hitting the creature in the eye and scaring it off. To this day he refuses to tell the name of the monster but does have a slight fear of octorocks. A man in green forest cloths soon approached him and told him he was proud of his work. Most boys his age would have given up. Damion was very happy with what the man had said and asked if they could hang out some time. He told him that nightfall was approaching but tomorrow they could hang out all they wanted.

For the next three years Damion visited the strange man. They would always talk about life, the world, sisters, and do there common task of monster slaying. As time went by Damion grew stronger and stronger And always remembered the say he defeated the creature with one punch to the eye. It became his signature way of fighting to slug his opponents into submission instead of the man’s method of arrows or many knights method of swords. After three years had passes Damion felt he was ready to take care of himself. He told his family he would make a name for himself instead of just being a part of the head count at home.

His parents, not knowing of the practice in fighting he received for the last three years were very reluctant but feeling he was still a little boy, felt he would come home crying soon enough. They aloud him to go but only that if he couldn’t take the big bad world he had to return home. Damion quickly agreed and set off. He stopped by the man’s home one last time and told home he was on his way to be great just like him. He laughed and told him he was already quite great but if was going to be leaving he needed some equipment. After leaving for a few minutes he returned with two things that he treasured to give to him. A curved warrior’s blade, it’s said it will always return to you if it is treated right. And finally gave him a few pairs or round sunglasses. Damion looked at them in amazement and was overjoyed to receive them. He told him that “Enemies can’t fire if they don’t see the white of your eyes. So now they can’t!” They both laughed as Damion took the orange pair and rested them on his nose. And with that they gave there final fair wells as Damion set on his own journey. His own life.
lDamion Lionheartl lDeviant artl

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It might be an opinion, but it isn't a valid one. It is impossible for SS's controls to feel "tacked on" or "forced".
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Re: Character List

This character was approved by Tiroth.
Name: Kaj Willow

Age: 15

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: Kaj has straight, light green hair that just barely brushes his shoulders. It is usually very neat, and usually he keeps it down. However, if he is fighting or if he’s focusing on something, he’ll tie it up in a ponytail.

Eyes: Kaj has green eyes.

Weight: 120 lbs

Height: 5’6” (five feet six inches)

Weapon: Kaj owns a longbow that he hangs on his right shoulder. It is pretty simple when it comes to appearances. It is made entirely out of wood (with exception to the string, of course), and has swirling designs engraved in it. It is made out of the finest wood available, and was given to him on his fourteenth birthday as a sign of becoming a man.

Armor: Kaj armor is some hard leather that he wears under his clothes on his chest.

Strengths: Kaj is very resourceful, and can make most of his necessities from items that he finds in nature. He likes things to be neat and orderly, and is very organized. He is very cautious, and won’t instinctively jump at things. Kaj has excellent sight, and can see things that are very far away. Kaj is pretty good at using his bow, and can hit what he's aiming for a majority of the time. He also knows how to cast a few simple spells.

Weakness: Kaj is scared of fire, and doesn’t like to be around it any longer than he has to. He is not very good at sneaking around, and is in fact very clumsy. Kaj is also very shy, and is afraid to ask people for assistance for fear of being laughed at. Kaj is also slightly claustrophobic, and is very uncomfortable in small places. Kaj cannot use his magic in places where there is very little plant life.

Meditate: When Kaj uses this spell, he can listen to the trees, the grass, flowers; anything that is a part of nature. He can find out information such as if an enemy is nearby, or something along those lines. He doesn’t usually use this during battles, because when he does this, he tunes out everything around him in order to listen to nature, making him completely vulnerable.

Earth Arrow: Kaj uses this attack to power his one arrow at a time with the power of the earth. It usually takes a few seconds for him to get the energy from the earth. It doesn’t cause too much damage, but it causes more damage than a normal arrow would.

Appearance: Kaj’s outfit is entirely green, being from the forest. He wears a dark green long-sleeved shirt that is tucked into his pants. His pants are light green, and he had pockets in them that he uses to hold his money and other small items. He wears a belt on his pants, and attached to it is a small green pouch that he uses to hold his writing utensils, the small book that he writes in when he sees something that inspires him, and his spare change of clothes (which are identical to the other set of clothing). His boots are dyed green. His longbow hangs on his right shoulder, and his quiver is on his left. Around his neck he wears a bronze medallion that has an engraving of a willow tree on it.

Personality: Kaj is a very shy individual. He doesn’t usually like to talk to people he doesn’t know, and tends to be a loner. When a stranger talks to him, he usually has short responses, which makes him appear to be rude, when in reality, he’s just a bit nervous about talking to a new person. He is friendly around people who he knows. It is very hard for him to lose his temper, and he is very patient. He doesn’t like to harm animals unless they attack him, and is the same about people. Kaj is also a vegetarian. In his free time, Kaj likes write, whether it’s poetry, stories, or just descriptions of places where he has been. He also enjoys reading what other people have written.

Kaj Willow was born in a small village called Amoreon, located in the middle of a forest. The people in his village all have studied or will study some form of earth magic. In this village, once a child turns five, they begin to train with a weapon that they choose: a bow, a staff, a sword, or they solely study magic. When a child turns ten, they learn how to use magic. When a child turns fourteen, they are considered adults, and they are given their own weapon, and are allowed to leave the forest.

In Kaj’s case, when he turned five, he chose to use a bow, just like his father did when he turned five. Kaj studied how to use a bow for many years. He was pretty good at it, but it wasn’t his passion to learn how to fight. When he wasn’t training, Kaj would go off in the woods and read or write. The villagers thought he was a bit odd for wanting to do that sort of stuff when he could excel with a bow, but they left him alone, which was what he wanted. Kaj loved being alone in the forest, where he could relax. He would write and read without worrying about anyone bothering him.

When Kaj turned ten, he began to learn how to use magic. He had a natural talent for magic, and was a fast learner. He learned simple spells quickly, and soon began to learn harder spells. When he was twelve, he first performed Meditate, and Earth Arrow when he was thirteen.

At Kaj’s fourteenth birthday, his father presented him with his very own bow. His father taught Kaj how to make his own arrows, and kaj was finally ready to leave the forest for the first time, like all of the villagers did. Before he left, his mother gave him a medallion with a willow engraved in it, and told him to keep it safe, saying it was a family heirloom. Kaj agreed to keep it safe, and left the forest for the first time.

He wandered around the world outside the forest for a bit, and discovered it was nothing like his little village in the forest. Outside of the forest was an open plain with hardly any trees or plant life. Though Kaj missed all of the trees and plants that grew in the forest, he was excited about being able to explore the world around him. Kaj wandered around the plain for a bit until he saw a city up ahead. Kaj went to it, and discovered that it was loud and crowded. It was in that city that he discovered how uncomfortable he got in tight spaces.

Kaj left the city after a few days and returned to Amoreon. He decided that he wanted to go all over the world, and decided to be a delivery boy, delivering items from the forest to various cities, and vice versa.
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Re: Character List

(approved by Zanza)

Name: Erestor Carnesir (nickname= carn)

Age: 10

Race: Half elf half Human

Sex: Male

Hair: Brown, ear length, messy

Eyes: Green

Weight: 80 lbs.

Height: 4ft 4 in

Weapon: Magic gauntlets, knife
Armor: Gauntlets, pauldrons, and a leather chest piece

Skills/Magic: He is very smart, and can outwit the average adult. He’s fast, despite him being a little kid. He can also wield his knife when his magic (rarely) fails him. He has a wide variety of magic, better than most normal mages. He can cast fireball, lightning, entangling roots, heal, etc.

Strengths: He is a mage prodigy, and excels at most magic except for dark magic. He is a quick little boy and can run fast to get out of trouble. He can sneak around pretty well, and gets into a lot of mischief. If he is desperate he can pick some ones pocket pretty good. His armor can protect him against small hits but nothing more.

Weaknesses: For some reason, (see in bio) he can’t use dark magic. That's probably a good thing though. Also he gets damaged more by evil/dark magic more than normal. Naturally being a little kid, he isn’t physically strong at all. He would get beaten to a bloody pulp if he was to fight in hand to hand combat. he has a knife, but he could at most deal a small cut to get away from his enemies

Appearance: Small boy, well built, and ear length messy hair. His face is like all other young boys. Usually dirty and cute. His smile is big and goofy. He wears a blue tunic, the sleeves go to his elbows, and he never tucks it in. With brown pants that are held up by a leather belt, and he has a small pouch on it to hold money.he also has his knife hanging in a sheath by his belt. He also wears a small backpack with rations and a change of clothes. He wears some old leather boots. Over his tunic he wears a leather chest piece, leather pauldrons, and magical gauntlets.
His gauntlets let him handle his magic powers better, so they don’t go out of control. The gauntlets go to just below his sleeve. They look like the golden gauntlets in LoZ: OoT. He also wears a blue cloak and hood when he does not want to be noticed, or when weather takes a turn for the worst.

Personality: He is very smug, and prideful, and always seems to know what he’s talking about. But he is smart enough not to talk when he doesn’t know what is going on. He isn’t very serious, and tries to cheer everyone up when they are down. One thing that annoys him a lot is stupid/incompetent people.

Bio: As a baby he was dropped off at the mages guild by his mother, and given to the head mage.

"please take care of him, i know he is special and thats why i'm giving him to you." she had said that morning.

The head mage who's name was Gart, trained him in magic. The mage found that he excelled at an early age of 5 with many spells. By 6, he could heal a broken arm and fling a pig sized fireball. Carn never wondered about his family or anything like that. Gart had told him about him mom and he accepted the fact that they probably just didnt need or want him. after a long lesson with jaret, the healing teacher,Carn went to study some magic in the library. there was a section that only teachers and the head mage could enter. he snuck in and looked all along the shelf. there were books on zombies, demons, werewolves, and then he saw what he was looking for. he pulled off the old book and looked at the cover. on the center, it had a skull with a 2 headed snale coming out of the mouth. under the skull, the title read dark magic for excelling the mage. He read the inside, and it had some gruesome pictures of rituals. he threw up in his mouth a bit and continued turning the crinkly old pages. he read a spell with a drawing of a dark figure. it seemed to move and float around on the page, moving as it pleased across the page. he read the first line, and suddenly the dark shadow came out of the book. it seemed to smile evily at him, almost hungrily. the shadow flew at him and seemed to meld with Carn's body. He screamed out in pain having seizures and rolling around. Gart came into the room and dispelled the evil shadow from Carn with a blast of light from his hand. He was near death and he was nursed back to health. 2 months after the accident, he felt that he could train and use magic again. But he was emotionally scarred for life. He is scared of dark magic and its users. He grew up fast and the mages realized the talent he had. The mages considered him a gift to the guild, because he excelled at anything he tried. For his 9th birthday the mages deemed him a full fledged mage. Many of the teen mages teased him for being little and phisically weak. He couldnt help but laugh at the pupils being jealous of his skills and trying to make themselves feel better by teasing him. One day Tory, A young mage kicked Carn in the stomach and teased him.

" you stupid little runt, you dont belong. i cant tell what that old fool Gart see's in you."

"maybe he see's real talent, unlike you and your idiotic, magicly inept bunch of cow dung eating fools." Carn said.
Tory didnt know what half of those words meant but he acted like her did. "oh please, if your mother didnt want you, then why would Gart want you?" Tory said advancing.

He had enough. He used a magnetizing spell to stick him to the ceiling. The head mage scolded Carn for his actions and freed Tory. At age 9 he left the guild, thinking they were only holding him back. The guild hated to see him go, because they believed they could teach him so much more. The head mage gave him a gift. They were magical gauntlets to control his powers. He now roams the world, looking for a chance to gain more power.

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Re: Character List

Wee,another character.

Race:Sprite of the forest
Hair:Green,looks like knuckles from sonic
Weight:97 lbs

Appearance:Check attached image,but without the colar and the hood.The mask is regular green,the belt is forest green,the whole gi* is french or light green.He does not wear boots,he wears samurai wood sandals.He wears a chinese rain hat made of leaves.Hat looks like:
/ --------------------- \
/ ------------------------ \

If you know what that is supposed to look like.Just,instead of straw,it is made from leaves.He has a katana with no sheath on his back,and a small 3 inch bamboo stick on his belt.The mask on his face is covered by his mask,only taken off when sleeping to prevent suffocating.He is has pointy ears and is white,not green.As a sprite,he remains the same age forever.Note:His gi and leaf hat change color seasonly;blue=winter,green=cummer and spring,brown and orange=autumn

Weapons:He has a short katana that is good,since it is the correct size for him.There is a grapple he can use to coil enemies.His best weapon is his bamboo staff.On his belt,it is merely three inches long,but when in battle,he can extend it to any length.It is green bamboo that does not die and is unbreakable.

Berserk blade-He loses control and just turns into a slicing dicing machine.Only lasts for a few seconds,and really ttires him out afterwards.

Smoke bomb-He escapes using his smoke bombs.This can be used to cloak himself.Unlimited ammo.

Leaf Tornado-He summons the power of the trees and creates a whirlwind and leaf blades to slash those in the tornado.Sometimes,he can get himself with this attack.He can use it to ascend to higher levels.It cannot hold him in the air very long,and he is vulnerable when boosting.

Shuriken/Kunai knife throw-He makes roots unearth and turn into wooden shuriken and kunai knives.Then he stabs/throws them enemies.These are easily broken,and they are easy to blow off-course.

Strengths:He can scale walls,and he is short.This means he can slide under enemies to get them in the back.In the spring and summer,his gi gains more power and gives him a strength boost.+People sometimes take him lightly...

Weaknesses:In the winter and fall,the tree are not thriving so he loses strength.This drains his energy little by little,and also makes it harder to control some attacks like the Leaf Tornado.Since he is light,he can easily be thrown back.Of course,he is susceptible to fire.He has trained to protect himself from this slightly,but not well.He's a bit of a wimp and fears dark magic.

Personality:He can be a wimp at some times,and he likes to joke a bit.When he makes mistakes in battle,he makes humor of it.If confronted,he always refuses to battle,but when he is forced to,he WILL try to pull funny jokes.He has learned to take things seriously.A bit.

Bio:Chu was born a sprite and did not go through the aging process.He was small,so his friends called him "Chu",which means mouse in japanese.He lived in a forest which evolved into a jungle a few years after he was born.He was special and the gods gave him three items of great worth;The Gi of Leaves,the unbreakable bamboo rod which extends at the will of its wielder,and his rain hat,something with no real powers but something to shelter him from the rain.He was taught his powers by the gods who bestowed these gifts upon him.

At first,he was reckless and unable to control his powers,but he soon smartened up and got serious.Pretty soon he was able to hit targets from quite the distance away.He still joked around a bit,so the gods wanted him to prove that he could take something seriously.

The first thing he did was take on big opponents WAY more powerful than him,but the gods thought he was just proving he could not take things seriously.This made Chu feel like a dork.Hated by the gods.He was a joke.Now,he really tried to prove it.
He did some research to find out where the fighters he sparred with compete.This is when he learned that they were elite fighters in the Battle Arena dimension.There were many others in his level of fighting there,so he wanted to take the challenge to beat those who were the right difficulty for him to prove he could take thing seriously.

There was a rule that only peopleapproved by the gods could cross the border of the jungle,and this worried Chu.He was still trying to prove himself to the gods,so how could he get through?He had no choice but to try.He begged and begged them,only to find that he found the right path in discovering the Battle Arena,and he took time to find it.It proved he could take things seriously,and the gods let him across,giving him a katana as an extra weapon.

When he got there,he stood in awe,looking at the large area.With a nod,Chu ran into the fields to find the foes awaiting him.It was time to test his brains and brawns.
Also his survival skills.
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Re: Character List

Derscription. Approver, me fellow dragon Tiroth.
Name: Kyzer.
Sex: Male.
Race: Reploid.
Weight: 123 lbs.
Height: 6, feet 2 inches. I suppose I don't really know how big to make im. So this should do.
Eyes: Dark red.

Weapons: Red Recoil Rods. Red Kyzer-Saber. Red Gauntlet Shield

Armor: His body. And his Red Gauntlet Shield.

He also keeps his saber magnetized to his leg. But it is a strong magnet.

Personality: He is a reploid torn between the natures of good and evil. Though he has no heart. His creator did. She seemed to have put a piece of herself into all of her creations. He sees no real thing good or evil. He sees them for who they are. He is not good or evil, but a little bit of both. He is seeking the answer to why he was created. He is not easy to tick off, the fact that his creator was kind and she seemed to put part of herself into each creation. He is more of the kind protective type than a murderer. Though if he is cornered he will get angry.

Shadow Soul, he flies through an object and then slashes it with his saber. But it is limited, he needs energy to do it. It requires a high level of energy to use. So if he is weak he can not use it.
Shadow Dash, he simply dashes through an object. It requires no energy. Though if the dash ends in front of a bullet, the bullet will hit.
Apocalypse, this takes all but enough energy to back away after using it. He jumps up into the air, skrunches up into a ball, and stretches back out again. Everything within a half mile radius is hit, being damaged. He normally uses this if he is surrounded or mad. But if he has little energy left it is impossible to use. It takes 80% of his energy.

Strengths: Due to being a reploid he is stronger then a human. He can dash through any object by means of using the Shadow Dash. He can even survive long falls. Though they may damage him if they are to long.

Weaknesses: Also being a reploid, if the crystal on his forehead ever were to be destroyed he would ciese to exist. But it is made of hard crystal material. Falling on sharp objects is a threat also though. Also. If a sword were to hit a circuit in his arms/legs/body. That part would be immobelized. His energy level may be decreased, his abilities can drain his energy. If he fights too hard too long his energy will start to drain faster.

Kyzer was built twenty-five years after Zero went to sleep. His existance was kept secret. It was a mistery who built this reploid.

Doctor! What have we done? a scientist yelled. We have created a monster!

Warning Warning! Code red alert, sections three through seven have been locked.

Three through seven! Those are the escape routs! another scientist shouted.

Calm down, a femanine voice was heard. This is only the beginning if you give up now all will be lost. Find a way out, I will keep the reploid busy once it leaves the container.

Yes! Ruby do not be to harsh, but, try to keep him away from the power supply, a female scientist spoke out.

Yes! I will. Go get out of here! Ruby a reploid of the Leviathan series responded.

Aaaaaaaarrrgh! the reploid yelled as it smashed out of the container.

I must not allow you to move on, the female reploid said. You must stop he... What.

The reploid dashed through her and kicked her in the back.

Ugh! Why did she give him such power?

She spun around and shot magma stakes from her spear. The stakes stuck into the reploids back. But he grabbed them and forged them with some other items in the lab into recoil rods, a saber, and gauntlets. He took the recoil rod. And slammed it against the floor. Flying through the top of the lab.

Ruby! the scientist yelled after seeing the lab explode. Ruby was her most behaved and most human reploid that she built.

Let us go. a voice tried to comfort the woman. It is to dangerous here. We need to return to Neo Arcadia.

Ms... a fading voice came from inside the lab. Though no one could hear it.

Outside the lab the other reploid was wondering.

Why do I feel I have done something wrong? the black reploid wondered. I need to find my answers.

He lept up. Running through the forest destroying robots. At random a large figure popped up out of no where. There was a reploid fighting it. It looked like nothing more than a piece of cake to him. He ran over grabbed his forged saber. Jumped and slashed. The figure hit the saber and the saber disingaged, flying out of his hand. He took his recoil rods and started pounding on the figure left and right. When he had finally had enough. He went over to grab his saber, picked it up, and swung extremely fast and hard at the figure. Once he hit it. A large portion of the figure had blown off.

Wow! You just destroyed a golem! a soldier exclaimed.

Golem? What is a golem? the reploid asked looking really confused.

Hello, I am Jessy. You are? a woman walked up to the reploid holding a gun in her hand. There were a lot of people in uniform with guns.

I have no name. I do not even know who I am. he replied.

He is a reploid, he has no name, or an identity. a woman walked up to Jessy speaking.

They walked back to their base talking. A golem flew out. Kyzer jumped up and slammed his saber onto the golem. Destroying a large portion of its body. After that reploids and golems started coming out of the woods everywhere.

Get out of here I will take care of them, the reploid said.

The humans ran ahead of him while he cleared the path with his saber.
He stayed behind after they had gone off.

Apocolypse! he used his final move.

Clearing out most of the weaker reploids the golems were badly damaged.
He used what little energy he had left to get out. And go after the humans.
He made it to their base and fainted.

Three hours later.
There was a large commotion in the base.

What is going on? he asked.

Neo Arcadia has declared war against us. The resistance base.

Twenty five years later. The reploid was running through a snowy mountain.

Target aquired. Commensing mission. a reploid was talking on a mic.

He had destroyed many robots on the mountain.

Why do I continue to fight? Why do I still live after all of these painful years of war. Why? Jessy has grown yet I have only been battle scarred. the reploid was wondering in his mind while finishing the mission. Mission accomplished. Bring me back.

The... tel... epo... rter is mal... functi... he heard a scattered voice.

Hello Kyzer, a feminine voice spoke out. Remember me? I am your sister in a way.

Yo... I thought I killed you. he responded. And who is this Kyzer? I have never heard of that name.

Kyzer. You do not even remember your own name, she responded. Professor Diana created you and I.

I know no one who goes by that name. he replied.

He took his saber and turned it on. Who the heck are you, and what do you want with me?

Someone wants to meet you. Come follow me. she said.

He questionably followed her for a strange reason. He could feel he may find some answers. After a long walk they came to a large city. Neo Arcadia the city was called.
They entered a building, and he had a long chat with an old woman that claimed to be a Professor Diana.

My my. Kyzer you could not remember that day after all these years, the old woman said. I am dying I need you to remember this day and never forget it.

Thirty years later.
Waaaah! a crying sound was heard within the resistance base. It is a girl! a joyous voice was heard. The commander of the base had a daughter. Kyzer had revealed his name to the resistance a couple of years back. He wondered what was going on because he was just a reploid.

Kyzer went out on the cliff and sat on the side. Looking up at the night sky.
What is this feeling? Joy, peace, or chaos. I can not tell. There was a sudden hope in my mind when I heard of my creator. Diana who are you? Where are you? Kyzer said as what seemed to be a shooting star flew in the night sky. Slamming into the ground in front of the base. I need to check it...

Waaah!crying became louder inside.

Kyzer lept up and ran inside. There were reploids everywhere. He grabbed his saber and started to destroy them. He got into the mother's room and found three women lying on the floor he checked to see if they were still breathing, they were alright. And the baby was crying. The mother was unconciouse she had just had a baby.
He ran around the base looking for injured or maybe even more reploids.

A golem then slammed through the roof. It was not a normal golem though. It was heavily armed. Darnit I don't have the time for this garbage. He took his recoil rods and slammed them against the golem's face. Then took his saber and stabbed it in the middle of its mechanicle body the golem fell exploding. He ran over to the room where the mother was. And stayed there guarding all night.

After that, there were loud crashing sounds coming from outside the base. He did not move an inch the whole night. A red figure came dashing through the hall. He thought wondering whom or what it was. The women in the room woke up. He took guns off of the walls and gave them to the three.

Protect them with your lives. he said to the three. I am going to the front to stop this madness. Whether it kills me or not.

He ran out to the battle front the enemies surrounded the base. He saw no way to kill them all.

Need some help tough guy? he heard a femanine voice speak out. Long time no see Kyzer.

Ruby what are you doing here? he asked.

I came to help, she answered. Though two reploids are not nearly enough. Come on out!

A whole army of reploids and humans came out of tunnels and passages in the forest.
The war was even, many human and reploid lives were lost but they knew the stakes and they took the chances. A new human life had begun that night. Destined to become the leader of the Resistance, a baby girl named, Ciel.

Twenty years later.
The resistance base. Home to the many brave soldiers who fight for their rights, against Neo Arcadia. The members of this resistance were out on a mission to find the legendary reploid. They found him, but many men were lost during the battle.

Kyzer on the other hand, vanished during that mission never to be seen again.
Until now.

Theme Song: Blow Me Away - By Breaking Benjamin
My Terraria Thread!

Artemis - Rampant Waters
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Fizilika, Approved by the Great Drewey!

Name: Fizilika

Age: 13

Race: Sheikah

Sex: Male

Hair: Scruffy, Long Blonde hair

Eyes: Red

Weight: 6.1

Height: 5'1

Weapon: Tenyatsu (Rod)

Armour: wears none

Strengths: Tempus-Magica (time magic) the magic that some shiekahs use, it has very bad side effects (read bio) and the forgotten fighting sheikah martial, rod skills, tachdefras. Fizilika can also take up to 68% of damage (which is alot for his age)
his intelligence and vocabulary is far beyond others at his age

Weakness: over using magic (read bio) being reminded of his terrible past (again read bio) Draftrus
the very magic that killed most of his race, it awakens his nightmares
and sometimes His humor can get him in trouble aswell! stamina is used up verry quickly when using magic

Skills/Magic: His signature move is time flash, in which he can stop time! unfortunately he can only stop time for 1 minute, after this his magic is all drained!
His weapon, Tenyatsu is a sacred sheikah weapon passed down from his ancestors.

or sometimes

and his sprite sheet

Personality: Jokes allot about things, because he’s blocking memory of his past, he then suffers from a MASSIVE personality change when over-uses magic!
loves his food, especially cukoo-dogs!
his best friend is Mira a 13 year old girl with green eyes and blonde hair who Fizillika actually has a crush on!
Mira is the only girl to see Fizillika for what he really is and is "partly" phycic, so can feel all the sadness inside him when hes joking about something
she often reminds him of his past so he can overcome it but that often ends up in him hitting her!
Fizillika at one point attempted suicide but was saved by Mira.
Fizillika seeked revenge on those that took the sheikahs lifes
but became saddened to find out that he was turning into a death craving maniac like most of them

Born a full shiekah and like all sheikah's, used the power of the eye of truth, rather than the triforce.
He is fully trained in magic and transfers the magic to his weapon Tenyatsu,
which is a shiekah rod passed down from his ancestors.
But Fizilika is just a child and does not grab the seriousness of things,
therefore is Frivolous.

He has encountered many dangers an thought nothing of them!
He is wise and clever but makes jokes out of many things that usally make people roar with laughter!
He’s a happy funny character,
but that doesn’t last for long,
if he uses magic!

The eye of truth Controls all the magic in sheikahs,
if one sheikah were to over use this power everyday they would slowly transform!
What into you ask?
Gossip stones were once shiekahs.
That’s why the stones talk to you and are wise,
When a shiekah uses magic far too much then they are supposed to,
the eye of truth appears on there forehead!
Giving them mass of power,
but there is a side effect!
The magic is taking over there bodies very slowly;
pretty soon they forget who they are and have nothing on their mind but death!
The goddesses use there power to stop them and turn these sheikahs to stone!
Fizilika is very close to this happening to him!

this is why Fizillika Became A fighter,
It all started a very long, long time ago, as you know the shiekahs are nearing extinction!
Well, long ago there was a great war in hyrule (which was explained in ocarina of time)
in that war the shiekahs were fighting along side the hyrulians!
There magic wasn't working!
Without magic the sheikahs could do nothing but try!
they failed
there was one sheikah village called Kakariko village in which Fizilika (age 3) lived
once the Terrible monsters had dealt with the hyrulians they attacked kakariko village!
Millions of shiekahs were killed!
Only a few lived Fizilika was one of the lucky few who’s magic was working!
He teleported with the surviving shiekahs to a strange island called Shanrode island
they developed a shiekah civilisation here that no one knew about.

For five years Fizilika Lived in Shanrode island,
then out of curiosity he went back to Hyrule to see what had happened Most villages had gone
But not his own when he arrived at the village he was shocked to see that shiekahs were no longer living there!
He wanted revenge on those that took the lives of many!
And so trained with magic for seven more years
he never liked to remember his past. And so he always joked about more and more things to block the memory.
Blocking the memory, would eventually make things worse!

when he was in school he was bullied by a
"species-racist" Hylian called kraft
he was making such remarks as
"your race was weak and defenceless, thats why they died!"
Fizilika then lashed out on him!
He grabbed his head and sent sparks of electricity into his mind
eventually he killed the boy

When he was twelve he felt so guilty for what he had done
he decided to help the church for one year,
even though he liked the eye of truth more!
he usally helped with picking tomatoes etc, etc
when he turned 13 he left the church
and started a quest,
he didnt plan what would happen
he just expected things to happen to him.

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Re: Character List

Name: Eiro (Pronounced Eee-row)
Sex: Female. The armor's helmet makes her voice sound like that of a demonic male, so her opponents often think she's a male. She prefers if they think she's male, so she doesn't try to correct them.

Age: 19. The armor makes it hard for her opponents to tell her age, and she usually doesn't tell anybody.
Species: Human.
Height: Seven feet even. Smaller than seven feet in reality, but the armor adds to Eiro's height.

Appearance: Not even she knows what she looks like under the armor, as she has been wearing the armor for several months. The armor covers her from head to toe, keeping her appearance a mystery except for her crystal blue eyes.

Weight: Almost three hundred pounds with armor, unknown how much Eiro weighs without armor. It is known that the armor makes up for a large percentage of the weight though, as Eiro's movements indicate.

Weapons: Eiro weilds two medium sized spears, which are kept tied to Eiro's back when not in use. The spears are made of a lightweight, unbreakable metal. They are incredibly sharp as well.

Armor: Eiro's defining factor is her armor. The armor is a dark color, and covers Eiro from head to toe. It's incredibly hard, but not indestructible. The armor cannot be taken off due to a curse placed on it years ago. It fixes itself rather quickly, although that doesn't help too much if Eiro suffered a flesh wound.

Where the eyes would be there are two very thin slits. Eiro’s blue eyes can be seen through these slits if one looks closely enough.

Strengths: The armor provides good protection, as well as giving Eiro above average strength. Eiro doesn't have to eat or use the restroom, and the inside of the armor is somehow comfortable enough for her to sleep in as though it were a bed.

Weaknesses: Eiro's mobility is hampered by the armor, which is rather bulky. Eiro isn't very fast due to the armor. Electricity and fire deal more damage to Eiro than most other attacks due to the metal armor. The armor weighs Eiro down enough to keep her from swimming.

Skills/Magic: Eiro has no magical abilities whatsoever. Her fighting skills make up for that however.

She knows only two fighting styles, and isn’t a master at one of them. Her first fighting style is the basic fighting style of the village where she was born. It is a mix of classical knight’s fighting style, and a little bit of Japanese swordsmanship.

The other style is her personal variation of Ni’Tenchi, also known as Two Heavens as One. She doesn’t use this style too frequently, as it calls for speed. The style specializes with attacking with one weapon, using the opponent’s block against them by forcing their weapon into a desired position.

Once the opponent’s weapon has been forced out of the way and blow is struck with the other weapon. As said earlier, she doesn’t use this style very frequently as it calls for speed.

Personality: Eiro is very reluctant to reveal anything about her past, interests, or anything of the sort. She is annoyed by idiots to the point of threatening them, but is an overall caring person.

She is initially mistrustful of strangers, but it is hard for her trust for somebody to be shaken once they have gained it.

She is firmly against performing acts of violence on defenseless citizens. A problem that she doesn’t see as a problem is that she constantly tries to keep the illusion that she is a man underneath the armor, as she feels weak when referred to as a woman.

Bio: Eiro was born in a distant village. She was the child of two powerful warriors. They taught Eiro basic fighting skills until she was fourteen.

At the age of fourteen, Eiro was given her twin spears. It was a right of passage at the time for the parents of a warrior to give him or her a weapon from each of them. It was said that the parent's souls would end up residing in the weapons after their deaths.

Eiro's happiness at being bestowed the rank of warrior was short lived though. The death dealer Grasthos had the village ransacked for test subjects.

Eiro's parents were among those that were killed, her mother being raped before her very eyes. The warrior barely escaped the village with her life.

It was seeing her mother raped that led Eiro to believe that the male species was the more powerful of the two. Because of this, she always tried to seem like a man in order to seem more powerful.

For months Eiro searched for a way to make up for her relative weakness. Eiro couldn't fight as well as most warriors, and was physically weaker than many more.

She took to accepting bounty-hunting missions, but found that she wasn't strong enough to finish most of them. This was made drastically apparent when she tried to kill a criminal that turned out to be a gang boss.

He easily deflected every attack she tried and knocked her to the ground. The criminal called in his minions to finish her off.

"You can have your fun with her too, if you want." He said to them. Many of his minions snickered and rubbed their hands together.

That night was the worst night of Eiro's life, even worse than when she was forced to watch her mother be raped. The men performed unspeakable acts on her throughout the night. The acts ranged from cutting her sadistically to raping her.

They left her in the locked room while they went to sleep. She was exhausted and angry. Worst of all, she found that she was actually scared. To be scared was against the warrior's code, so she thought.

It was then that a dark form appeared before her. It had the shape of a man, but it seemed to have no organs. Its flowing blue hair hid crimson red eyes.

“Hello Eiro,” the figure had said. The figure’s voice echoed throughout the small room as though it were a mountain range. His very existence seemed to suck the remaining life out of the room.

“Who are you?” was Eiro’s reply. She was too tired to move, and couldn’t even move far if she had wanted to. The men had placed her weapons on the other side of the room, and chained her leg to the wall on the opposite side.

“My name is Rize, but that is unimportant. I have something for you my dear girl.” The figure, which Eiro now knew as Rize, snapped his fingers. The chain that kept the female warrior stuck to the wall suddenly broke.

“What are you talking about?” Eiro tried to stand but found that she didn’t even have enough energy to stand up.

“You have a need, and I can fulfil it. Your repayment will not be called for years,” Rize chuckled to himself when Eiro started to crawl towards her weapons.

“I can easily put that chain back on you Eiro.” The dark god grabbed the girl by her hair and lifted her up. He snorted in disgust at the fact that the men had done so many things to her that she didn’t even have the energy to scream in pain.

“F-fine…” Eiro replied. She passed out then and there. Rize went to work sealing her in the armor. He had been waiting for the perfect person to test it on…

Eiro awoke feeling rather strange. It felt as though she were wearing armor despite the fact that she had never owned any such defensive equipment.

Eiro stood up, finding that she seemed to be taller. She had a knack for standing up after awakening before even opening her eyes. The young woman was surprised at what she saw.

She was inside a suit of armor. It was puzzling enough that she was wearing armor, but it was even stranger that she was able to stand with it on.

Her actual height was somewhere between 5’6 and 5’9, she never bothered to clarify exactly what it was. The armor however, made her seven feet even.

“What the ****?!” Eiro turned to see that the men were flooding back into the room. Rage filled her head over what they had done to her the day before, and she instantly scooped up her weapons and attacked.

The female warrior discovered that the armor drastically increased her strength. She was able to send at least one person sprawling onto the floor with each strike, whether it was a killing strike or a blow from the back of her armored hand.

She left the room less than ten minutes later, a pile of dead and knocked out bodies lying behind her. Eiro fled the criminal base for a nearby stream. She’d need to wash up before taking the mob boss to her client in order to attain the bounty.

The female warrior knelt besides the burbling brook with a sigh. She was still confused as to who Rize was, why she had armor suddenly, and how the armor increased her fighting abilities.

She cleaned the blood off of her spears. The feeling of metal being between her delicate frame and the outside world was still new to her.

Eiro had finished cleaning off her weapons when she realized that she was likely to need water. She didn’t feel thirsty, but thought she could use some water anyway.

She grabbed the suit of armor’s helmet and moved to lift it off of her head. Strangely, it didn’t move an inch. She pulled harder and harder but the piece of metal didn’t budge.

Much to her later disgust, Eiro started to panic. How would she eat? How would she drink? How would she relieve herself of waste?

“I see you enjoy my gift,” came a slightly familiar voice. Eiro spun around to see that Rize was there with her. The dark being’s arms were crossed, an evil smile on his face.

“Why can’t I take my helmet off?” Eiro asked. She gasped after hearing her voice. Rather than her usual voice, a demonic voice had come from the armor.

Rize chuckled and leaned against a tree. He cracked his neck and smiled yet again.

“You can’t even take the gauntlets off. You’re stuck,” replied the dark being. Eiro panicked again and frantically tried to tear the helmet off.

“Don’t worry. The armor takes in energy from your surroundings, so food and drink are things you don’t have to worry about. Relieving yourself of waste is unneeded, as the armor absorbed it from your body and transferred it to energy.”

Eiro clutched her weapons. She had no clue what this man’s goal was in sealing her in a suit of armor, and she’d beat it out of him if she had to.

“Why can’t I take any of it off?!” She asked. The demonic voice altered to match her anger towards Rize.

“You admitted to yourself in your subconsiousness that you are weak. I have made you more powerful, as well as making it so that nobody can commit acts to you like those men did back there.” Rize replied.

He disappeared in a cloud of smoke before Eiro could strike him down. She decided that Rize was right, she had wanted to be more powerful and he had granted her wish.

She left the clearing to become a traveler. Eiro had steered clear of vast travelling before, as she was too weak to protect herself from the various dangers that the road held. Now that she could protect herself the dangers didn’t seem so large.

~BA Characters~

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Re: Character List

(approved by drewey)

Name: Blaze Bodylifter, The Hidden Zephiriade

Age: 14

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Weight: 48 kg

Height: 5’4

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Really long (almost up to her waist) which is a light golden brown and goes lighter at the tips when it’s in the sun.

Weapon: Perpetual Zephyr: small bow that can shoot the arrows great distances. It has wind runes inscribed on it.
Bodydeath shards: These are two short daggers. Sort of like stabbing knives I guess. The knives can pierce weak magic spells and can block any kind of earth and forest magic that is thrown at her.

Appearance: Blaze is a 14 year old human ice sorceress that weighs in at 48 kilos and is 5'4 high. She has long golden brown hair that is very long, and when it is in the sun it lights up at the tips. She will often tie her hair up in a ponytail to keep her hair out of her eyes, and she is concentrated too much on other things to care about something as trivial as her hair. She usually wears leather boots, and may wear leather padding underneath a robe like light-blue dress that increases her flexibility and helps with her favourite element, ice. For flexibility she may wear an orange robe with a hood that is useful when she is using her bow in combat.

Armour: She doesn’t really wear any, besides her leather padding.

Strengths: Her best strength is her ‘Ice powers’ and she's a fast runner. She’s excellent at dodging things but she isn’t really strong. She also has some skill with the bow, and she likes mixing magic with melee combat (like making her arrows ice arrows)

Weakness: Since she doesn’t wear any armour, she gets hurt more easily than others, and fire sorcerers would be her weakness as well. Blaze also hasn’t fully learnt her ‘Ice Powers’ properly, so she cant use very strong spells and uses them mainly for self-defence. Her emotions can often get the better of her, and she may give up when the odds are against her.

Skills/Magic: Well, she has her ‘Ice Powers’ which can heal certain wounds (mostly burns and stuff to do with fire) She can use earth and wind magic as well, which she has potential to unleash to a devastating stage, though she is unaware of this and sticks to her favourite element, ice. The other spells are here....

Ice bolt: a weak bolt of air that freezes anything it comes in contact in, but not lots of ice results from it. Things that aren't living when hit by it will occasionally actually turn into ice, instead of simply freezing over. Enemies can easily break through the glass though, if they are string enough. (or it melts off)
Ice thaw: heals burns and other wounds caused by heat and fire.
Frost slam: hovers in the air gathering power in her hands, and then slams to the ground, letting out a ring of pure frost energy that will freeze everything in a 2 meter radius. This drains blaze a lot because she isn’t as skilled in magic, plus she can only hover in very short periods. Things that aren't living when hit by it will occasionally actually turn into ice. As usual, enemies can break out of this, and it is useless against a fire being.
Radori quake: She causes a miniature earthquake that covers only a 5 metre radius and may destroy most of the things around it.
Razor Gust: She creates a whirlwind that branches from her hands to her target. It cannot cause much harm at the moment, so she doesn't use it that often.

Personality: Blaze is one of those very nice girls who’d do anything for her friends but can get annoyed quite easily. She has troubles hiding some emotions like anger, depression etc. but is mostly happy all the time. She always looks to the positive of things. She is usually very quiet and shy, but when angered she changes completely. She has a soft spot for most animals, mainly cats and foxes.

Biography: Blaze was born in Adelaide, a large city in South Australia. This was situated in Australia, which was opposed to all the other countries, because Australia did not have many heroes in it. Blaze was a happy baby that was very emotional and always made her parents smile. Her birth name was Debbie.

She started school when she was five and made lots of friends because of her kind and caring nature. She progressed primary school quite easily and eventually found herself in high school, with no friends of her own to hang out with. Soon, though, she found a few friends, including some boys (as she went to a school where most of the boys are jerks)

One of her good friends was Jono, who always treated her as an equal. Because Debbie was not as self-conscious of her appearance like the other girls (who were taller and richer than her) she was treated with scorn by many, and no one really cared about her feelings like her friends at primary school. The only person she was treated well by was Jono, and she had many things in common with him (though, like with everyone else, she was smaller than him) Year 8 passed quickly, and in the holidays something very strange happened.

Debbie was dreaming...In the dream, she saw two enormous citadels. One was a dark colour and the other was very light and was hard to distinguish. Debbie soon realised that one was wreathed with dark flames, while the other was sparkling with ice. In the distance between the two citadels was an army of people, who appeared to be casting spells at each other. Large, hideous beasts were in the fray as well, clobbering all in their path. Above all of them were two figures that were floating on clouds and were trying to calm the combatants by one creating small cyclones and sending them ripping between the middle of the battlefield, while the other was zooming across the two parties and pushing them back to their respective sides of the battlefield. Debbie felt the strongest urge to be there, to be amongst them and settle their differences. She reached out her hand...


Debbie rubbed her eyes and looked forward. She gave a small scream as she realised where she was.

She was in the place in her dreams. However, she was too far out of eye sight range for any of the spell-casters to see her. Dusting off her nightgown, she crept slowly towards the huge ice citadel, hoping that it would be able to help with her dilemma. As she approached the citadel, she felt very dizzy. The monstrous building reached further up into the sky than the eye could see....


A hand suddenly clamped around her mouth. She looked to her right and saw a girl dressed in a tattered blue robe holding her hand across her mouth. Debbie narrowed her eyes and struggled to get the hand off of her mouth, and finally she prevailed. The girl stared at her.

"Who are you? You don’t look like a sorceress; otherwise I would have sensed your power by now. What are you doing here?"

Debbie took a deep breath. "I was teleported here or something, and now I’m right in the middle of a battle! Do you have any idea where I can get back home, beca-"

The girl silenced her again. "Be quiet, or people will here you. I have no idea how to get you back to your home, but hopefully the captain will. There’s only one option, and that’s to train to become an ice sorceress. They should have some new recruits in by now; all you have to do is line up. By the way, my names Leila"

Debbie nodded. Leila took her inside the citadel (which was covered in head to foot in ice sculptures form the inside) and they walked threw three corridors until they arrived in a teachers office, along with five other sorceress hopefuls. Debbie saw a girl jump into the air and rush right past the way Debbie came, a look of joy upon her face. The line dwindled until it was Debbie’s turn. She stepped up to the desk, and before she could say anything, the teacher was speaking.

"It's Blaze, isn't it?"

Debbie shook her head in confusion. "Sorry, it’s Debbie-"

The old lady waggled a finger at Debbie. No, now it's Blaze. There is a name for each of or students so they remembered out teachings here"

Debbie thought that was a bit extreme, changing your name so you could train. However, she thought nothing of it and asked, "Well that's it then?"

"Far from it. I need you to read out these words, and focus on this orb at the same time"

Debbie nodded and reached for the paper with the words. "Iciclius ovreeka!"

A beam of magic shot at the orb from Debbie’s finger and wrapped around the orb. It was lost to sight for a few seconds, then when the mist faded; all Debbie could see was a ball of ice. Debbie grinned in happiness and clapped her hands; however the teacher merely frowned and scribbled something down on her clipboard. She looked up.

“Your room is on level five, room 57. Do not be late for training."

Debbie grinned and raced out of the room.

For the next three months Debbie trained at the citadel. She rarely went outside, even though the citadels had called a temporary truce. Debbie never learned why they were at war, but it had something to do with betrayal of some sort. After her training she snuck away unnoticed, taking with her a few memoirs of her training. She was going to find out what had caused this war, and settle it, if it meant the lives of a million people.

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Re: Character List

Approved By: Drewey.

Name: Evan

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 12

Height: 5'3 Feet

Weight: 100 lbs

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Green

He Dosnt have Much Armor.

Personality: Evan Is a smooth relaxed guy who takes risk and likes to climb trees, His only fear is Spiders they give him the creeps! He kinda goes crazy and does not catch on to anything fastly...But when it comes to fighting He can really give the enemy a good SHA-BANG!
Weapons: His Appearance might make him look weak but make one move on this guy your bound to end up on the ground begging for mercy. With his Swift Blade and his Takroar sheild, This Young man will fight to his death, He will give mercy If you ask for it. His Swift Blade can Spike Groundwich is a move were he jumps into the air and strikes the ground with his blade and causes the rock underneath the ground to form spikes and Stun any enemys in his way.

The Histrole Bow and The Jax Arrows:The Histrole Bow And The Jax Arrows The Perfect Combination. Evan Useally uses his Bow And Arrows hes more of a hunter then a solider. His Histrole Bow and Jax Arrows have the best skills, Unlike His Swift Blade The Histrole Bow Has Several Skills. The Shoot Back: The Shoot Back is a move were Evan gets a Perfect aim on a enemy, But after using the shhotback skill it takes about 10 minutes for Evan to get the energy back. The Jax Arrows have very deadly acid inside of them so useally when you shoot a enemy with a normal arrow it takes about 21 shots to get him on the ground, But the Jax Arrows Have The Acid In them wich kill the enemy with in 15 shots. The Gothrectic Kirling: The Gothrectic Kirling Is a very usefull move. If Evan takes a Jax Arrow And lights it on fire the arrows will be 2x the flames

Bio: Now Evan Loves To build forts and fight and he always is up for a challenge he likes to build his own Training Dummies and He also likes to hang upside down... There not to much to say about Evan exept He just FUN! He comes from a family of Five A Brother A siter a mom and dad. He was born in the Forrest of Klinker and was raised as a Wood chopper then he told his family that he wanted to do something big in his life and so he went on to the soilder training In Gargemar and there he became a Warrior. He Also has a pet dog that he took with him on his departure, The Dogs Name is Dilko.
Evan carries a bag of marbles so if he gets bored.Evans family is a very nice family, His mom would make him pancakes in the morning, His dad would help him with his school, His sister was...well his sister was sometimes nice they never got along very well, And his brother was always there when he needed to practice. Evan sometimes be to himself but other days he fun.(Keep SUGAR AWAY FROM HIM!)Evan can be very handy and is very skilled with his Swift Blade. His best friends were. well he never had any until he met this girl named Nami. Evan help her a bit and then he met a Boy like him Named Marlin. They Joined forces and made themselfs a group fighting together and helping eachother. Evan's parents bought him a Special hat so his parents could tell him apart from other kids when he went outside to play, Evan Never leaves without his hat. his dog Dilko is his other best friend. Dilko is a wolf but abandoned with its pack Evan taked it and raised it.Defense: He has a pretty good stealth rate and and has a okay defense its not the most best though he useally gets cuts in every battle.

Speed:Hes not the fastest. about 6mph at the fastes

His Strengths: Evan gets his streangth from nature,He hates to see animals fight over food or a mate. But his dog Dilko help alout!

Weakness: His Weakness is The Arax Poisen From The Super Dangerous Pukety Plant, Smaller thing die from its poisen but if a human gets poisened by its vines then you will pass out for about three days with a very bad rash, But if you walk in a field of them, You have a 3% of life and only 12minutes until death.

Just to let you
Know The Swift Blade Is A Gaint Hammer

His Appearance Is:
Well, let’s just say it’s ironic how footage of someone being born can make you want to kill yourself.
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Re: Character List

Approved by Tiroth.

NOTE: This character is ment only to have fun. He has no proggressing storyline, so he's just for fun.
Name: Kito Hentai (Roughly translated, as far as I know, means "Small and annoying Pervert)
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 18
Weight: 10 pounds.
Height: 6 feet in height

Apperance: A tall, slim build with broad shoulders and blue eyes. He has blond hair and is very muscular in apperance. Although this probably shouldn't be in "Apperance," he has a deep voice with a Russian accent.

He has covered his face up (except for his right eye) with bandage-like cloth. His hair often sticks out in places where the bandage isn't so tight. He wears on his body a pink tuxedo with highly polished red tap-dancing shoes. A rose he has pinned on the left side of his tux is actually alive, and Kito waters it daily.

Personality: He's very happy-go-lucky, and will only talk to people if they talk to him first, which is very often, giving his apperance. He despises the rich and pities the poor, often looting mansions and giving all of it to Homeless Shelters.

If you say something mean to him, he'll just start laughing and walk off. He's almost never serious, but is almost never laid-back. He's just a guy who views life like you should.

Weapons: He has a notepad tucked away in his back pocket on which he draws. (this is going to take a bit of explaining)

You see, if he draws an opponent/obstical on the notepad, then draws something happening to it, then burns the page, it will instantly happen. This may seem like some kind of uber-l337 power to you, but it's not. He can only draw outside forces, such as an anvil dropping, to attack his enemies. And even then it takes a few seconds for the page to fully burn. All the while his opponent could easily dodge, attack, or be an idiot and stand still.

Armor: None

Skills: His body weight is severly disproportionate to his strength, enabling him to jump much higher and farther than most people.

Bio: Kito grew up in a mansion on a ridge in the middle of nowhere. His father owned over a million miles of private land, as well as being the leader of a country that sized almost as big as Russia before the collapse of the Soviet Union. His father loved Kito very much, always playing with him and rocking him to sleep.

Kito's mother was totally different. She was a hideous slut, with pendular breasts and a cough that would make any normal man go insane. She hated Kito, and that's why she named him that.

Eventually, Kito grew into a fine young man at 16. His mother wanted him to die because he loved life itself. One night, she drew a knife to Kito's father, and she killed him groutescly. In the morning, she laid the knife next to Kito, and woke him up with a scream. "Kito killed the Master!" she yelled, piercing the morning grogginess.

Nobody believed her and they sentenced her to death, seeing as the local CSI agents found her fingerprints on the handle. With her dying words, she said "F*** you, Kito! I'll see you in Hell!"

The same day, a fire broke out in the mansion. Kito drug out dozens of maids, servants and butlers, but at a terrible cost. His face had been burned beyond all belief.

Some say that they could hear laughing coming from Kito's mother's grave.

Others say that he is a brave young lad and should be commended for his bravery.

Still others say that they watched the whole thing on the nightly news.

Whatever the case, Kito was scarred. He drew up his most valuable items and left the house to his most trustworthy brother, Brothel Mc. Weiner Hentai. "I'm putting you in charge of the country. Do me proud."

At age 17, he stumbled upon a cave that sparkled like the morning dew. He had heard tales that the fairy that lived inside could heal any wound, so he had searched for him, for obvious reasons. He walked for miles upon miles, eventually coming upon a door. He opened it and walked straight into an office that looked like something out of Chicago.

The chair behind a desk wheeled around to show a small man hovering slightly with small fairy wings on his back. "Yeah yeah, so you're here, ya little canolie!" it said in an Italian accent. Kito was confused.

"Uh, who're you? I'm looking for the fairy..."

"I am da fairy! I'm your fairy godfather! Don't mess with da family!"

"Ah, okay then, uh... could you heal my face?"


"What? Why not?"

"Because I can't do that. But I can do this... Whoo ha!"

With those words, Kito seemed to fill with strength. In fact, all he was doing was losing weight without losing mass. Also, a notepad and an instruction booklet had found themselves into his back pocket.

"There, now leave! I gotta go pay Sparkly a visit down by da river."

And so, that's the story of his f-ed up life.

Strengths: He's got a magical notebook that can allows him to draw anything and it comes true. Plus, he can jump around real good.

Weaknesses: It takes time to burn the pages of the notebook, so he can be very open to attack during those times. Plus, he has no armor.
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Re: Character List

Name: Jaycorie Harrkord, The Hopeful Lightbringer (His name is most often shortened to Jayco)

Age : 21

Race : Zercurian.

Sex : Male

Hair : Long, sleek black hair that falls just below his shoulders.

Eyes : Green.

Weight : 74 kilograms.

Height : 6'1

Information on the Zercurians : Zercurians are simply humans, living in zercura. however, living in that land has shaped them to look much different from an average human.
Zercurians are strong-willed, and are usually smarter and stronger than humans. They are not as experienced in war as other races, however when the need arises they will put their all into whatever they are doing, and do not know the definition of giving up. A zercurians skin is slightly dark and tanned from birth. For a reason unknown they do not grow facial hair, though the rare occurance is possible, and that would only result in a tiny moustache. A zercurians stamina and hearing is almost double of that of a humans, and a skilled human warrior would be equal skilled of a rookie zercurian. They are NEVER obese.

Weapons : Harkelberdia : This was a weapon that was made by his great grandfather. It is in excellent condition. It is a halberd- a spear that has a hammer and axe pieces attached to it, making it a dangerous weapon. This also is blessed with holy light magic, so Jayco can shoot weak light spells from it, and in addition any zombies or skeletons hit by it will turn to ash. It looks quite plain, but etched into the hammer-part is the Harrkord family crest. It is very heavy, but if he is hopeful the halberd actually becomes lighter and vice versa.
Holispear a plain spear, its handle made of wood and its point made of steel. It has been painted a dark orange colour along the wood. This was forged by Jayco himself, and he considers it his finest piece of work. He will use it more often than his halberd, and the spear is well suited to him. Sometimes in battle, he will attach the spear to a thin though hardy chain and throw it, and instead of fetching it he can reel the chain back up.

Armour : When he is riding his stracknoch, Jefira, he only wears some leather armour and perhaps some chain mail However, when he is on the ground, he wears massive amounts of plate and chain mail along with a helmet. These are rather hard; though in them Jayco can barely move under all the weight. He also wears a cape named the "angelic wings" that makes him almost as light as a feather, so he can jump higher and is magic repellant (unless it is a super strong spell)

Strengths : Jayco posses much physical strength, and he has aim with the spear is very accurate. He can use lots of other weapons if needed, though he will stick to his own ones. Zombies are no match for him, as his halberd sparkles with the power to turn them to ash. His zercurian blood enhances his stamina and hearing to almost double that of a humans, though these are not nearly as prominent as an elf's.

Weakness : Jayco, when in battle, is slow because of the large amounts of armour he wears. He is susceptible to any magic and has no idea how to block it. He find mages unpredictable and somewhat deceitful, so he only uses what little magic he posses on rare occasions, though they have the potential to aid him. Though he can easily defeat them, he is terrified of the undead. He hates hurting others, and when someone he knows or loves is hurt greatly, physically or emotionally, he can feel it and he fills with despair himself. His eyesight is rather poor compared to humans.

Skills/Magic : Jayco can destroy any zombies in battle using his halberd. Along with that, when he enters a battle his fellow solders gain a new hope and can attack with a great power, built on hope alone.

Rain of wonder: When he casts this in battle, a storm will appear, though when this rain hits the skin people will see what they are doing with their life, and they usually stop fighting and in fact become friends with the opponents.

Light ray : Jayco shoots a ray of light at the opponent. This causes minor damage and is useful against the undead and evil.

Appearance : Jayco has strong, muscular build, and is quite tall. He has green eyes that can nevr hide a smile, and distinct facial features that always have a concerned or happy look on them. His hair is long, shiny and black, though he does not care for it much. His attire is usually messy or grubby from work, though he doesn't care. He may wear long black pants and a light brown t-shirt (whihc is ripped in some spots, but that is only for casual circumstances; otherwise he will wear an elaborate costume that is a light yellow robe (or tunic) and some white baggy pants. These have gold coloured lacings that form initials and symbols that he is quite unsure of what they are. He will wear a cape, which is the same light white colour of his pants, and this has two long lines of silver going from top to bottom. This cape is made from velvet and is smooth to touch. This actually makes him lighter, so he can jump rather high. He is often seen with his spear by his side.

Personality : Jayco is a kind, somewhat carefree and caring soul that does not hurt anyone. He may often appear serious, but he is always happy and loves his family, friends... basically he loves every living thing. He is not one to meddle to freely in "love" though he does care for others more than himself. When in battle he often spares opponents their lives, and hates killing. He only wounds them or lets them escape, unless they are his mortal enemy. If you were to hurt one of Jayco's loved ones, his wrath would soon be upon you. All in all, an all round nice guy.

Biography : Jayco was born in Zercuria, the land of life, as many would often call it. His family were quite wealthy and cared for him well. He was given the nickname Jayco by his older brother, Zacharias. He was mainly a happy child, one who had many things to look forward to in life. Unfortunately, that was about to change.

When Jayco had reached the age of four, he was taken fishing by his father at a lake rather far away. However, when they were gone, a scoundrel burst into their home, followed by two armed mercenaries. The leading man raped Jayco's mother, Sicilia, very violently and the others kept watch to make sure Jayco's brother would not interfere. When he had had his way with her, he stole almost all of their valuable possessions, and one of them sliced Zacakrius's down his chest with a katana as a warning not to tell anyone. Meanwhile, Jayco and his father, Roarund, sat by lake hylia, a fishing rod sitting forgotten beneath Jayco's legs as he watched his father struggle to catch a long, serpentine fish. Jayco watched in amusement as the fish and his father fought, one moment the fish gaining the upperhand, the next his father grinning in triumph as the fish flopped helplessly about on dry land. Roarund grinned.

"Struth! Tis nothing other than the great hylain loach!"

Jayco blinked a miniscule insect out of his eye. “Wow, dad, ya really gots it this time!"

Roarund winked at Jayco and replied in his heavy, highland’s accent. "Aye, all what is needed to catch a fish like this 'un is patience and a fisherman’s wit. Luckily, I have both of 'em!"

Jayco winked back at his dad. 'Gonna chop it up and eat it for dinner, yum yum!"

Roarund shook his head. "Nay, son, this one is a legend. It has devoured all other fish in this here lake without hesitation. Better to die at the fin then be etten' at the fork, I always say"

Jayco nodded, his head absorbing the information. "We have this one for dinner then, right?" He walked over to a large bucket that had a whopper of a fish swimming almost lazily around in it, butting the side of the bucket in what could be considered boredom.

His father smiled. "Ah, that's where your right, my son!"

Later on, as Jayco and his father got off of a fine carriage bearing the seal of hyrule, they looked on in shock as the house they loved so much tainted by evil....Jayco wept silently as his father ran inside and cradled his mother’s unconscious body sadly. Jayco desperately tried to tie Zacharias out of his roped up chair, but to no avail. Jayco saw blood leaking out of a tremendous wound on his chest. This was not his ideal birthday.

A few months later his half brother was born. No celebration became of the birth. Sicilia could not stand raising a child who had caused her so much much hatred. So they decided on one thing- giving the baby away. As it was still Sicilia’s child, she resolved to give it to one who could not have a baby. She sent it to holodrum via a postman who offered to take it. He said he would find a good home for it, and would inform Sicilia of who decided to raise the child. Sicilia merely nodded and bid the postman goodbye as he mounted his horse. She blinked away a tear as Jayco joined her to say goodbye to his brother.

The years went by...Sicilia and Roarund had another child, this one a girl. Sicilia was overjoyed, she called the baby Leila. However, they soon received a letter stating that the adopters of the child they had relinquished had been murdered, and the child thrown into a lake. There were mixed feeling about this from all members of the family, though Jayco was now 7 and forgot about it in a matter of days.

Jayco passed through his teenage years, his mind blooming with wisdom, his arm strong and his heart pure. On his 18th birthday he inherited a family heirloom from his father, the Harkelberdia. It was a magnificent present, but it was very heavy. Soon after, he took up working with his father and mother. They were loosing all their money, and income was scarce. The king payed no attention to the country when his queen died, and they fended for themselves. In his spare time he forged a spear, and he defended their home and their neighbour’s home from many bandit attacks. He and his brother Zacharias could often take down five of them in a matter of seconds.

Now he is 21- he often takes short quests to holodrum to look for his brother. He has received word that he is alive. His next quest: find his brother and reunite him with his true family.

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Re: Character List

Aproved by Tiroth


Name: Kray
Age: 19
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 70 kg
Height: 6 foot 4 inches

Weapon: A dagger
Armour: none

Strengths: Rocks, Stones Almost anything that can be thrown because he has an excellent arm for throwing. He can also create a little fire ball which needs great concentration, it also drains a lot of his energy leaving him to conserve it.

Weakness: He hates pollen it makes him have a sneezing attack, which distracts him. Since Kray isn’t very good at magic spells opponents with better magic spell will hurt him a lot causing even more engergy loss. When opponents with a big weapon comes he will try an avoid the weapon because he only has a small dagger which im comparrison to a sword isnt very useful.

Skills/Magic: He can cast a spell but he isn’t very good at it but he can make a little fire ball appear which can be cast at someone to burn them, I’m sure as times goes by he will get better at it.

Personality: Kray is very outgoing he will try almost anything that’s not too deadly, I suppose you could say he’s a bit of a jackass. He once hugged a bear and the bear scratched him badly and he had to get it disinfected and all. He even tried to retrieve a rock on the other side of the cliff he threw it on, he tried walking along a giant log to get to the other side but he fell off luckily it wasn’t a very deep cliff.

Appearance: Kray wears a black jacket with brown pants. He usually has his two piercing in his ear. He has a pocket in his jacket that holds small objects that he might need. He would keep things like matches and other useful things. He also has a pocket in his pants, that is where he keeps his dagger

Biography: Kray was born on a night with a horrible storm. He was then taken to his parent’s home. They rased him as a little fighter hoping to rase his self-defence. He always liked to nock things like bottles over. He learnt to be resourceful since his family went on many camps. On one of the camps he found some sticks and built a little cubby that he wanted to stay the night in but his parents made him sleep in his tent.

On his 14th Birthday his dad made him a dagger witch he has kept since then. Kray has done very helpful thing with his dagger like cut branches, killed his dinner and even got him out of a rope trap by cutting the rope. His dad was a blacksmith and was one of the best around. Kray became strong by helping his dad make things and lift heavy amounts of metal.

On his 16th Birthday his dad took him to see the magic people and learnt some little spells. He has improved on them greatly since then. He has used those spells to create a fire for useful things like create a campfire and even kill food and annoying pests.

He had a veggie garden in his backyard until some crazy and annoying people dug out all the veggies and ate them, Kray was so angry he made a fire ball and threw it at them, he successfully burned one of their jackets then making the guy take off his jacket and throwing on it the ground which then burnt the grass and Kray got grounded.

Since Kray turned 17 he started exploring alone. He kept finding the same things, there were no other people his age around so he felt very lonely. He would always walk into a cave that he had been in serval times before and seen bears that he had names many times as well. He had named a total of 5 bears calling them Joey, Fred, Barn, Cavy and Wok, he had some great times with those bear and he will never forget them.

Then he felt redundant and left home forever, he soon felt happy that he was exploring out his parents boundaries that they had made and found out there was many people to fight.
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Latig Softvoice

Approved by Scott
Biography -

"Come little one! It is time!" called out the sweet soothing voice of a mother. The child looked to his hut, where his mother was standing, and back to his game of stones. It had been a good game, he decided, brushing the pebbles out of the stick formed circle.

The child rose from the frozen ground and stumbled towards the waiting arms of his mother. She held her child close, sacrificing her well earned body heat for her child. Children here were few and far between, and she could not bear to lose hers.

Lifespans later they seperated; she was a little colder, and he was a little warmer. She ushered the small boy inside, and bid him sit on their only deer-skin blanket. She reached for the bones that lay near the fire, and with a throw marred by cold and brittle bones, cast them into the fire.

They waited there for what seemed like hours. Hail pounded against the teppee, and shouts from other women called their men and children inside. But then they were ready. The mother grabbed the two sticks she used for each occasion, and grabbed the bones out of the meager cook-fire.

She took the bones, and cracked them onto the side of a small stone basin. Golden juices poured out, and she handed the thick soup of marrow to her child, for marrow was all they had. A hard winter had hit hard times, and game was scarce. Hunting parties came back with nothing many times.

As soon as the boy finished, she handed him two more bones. She smiled sweetly as she guided his small, shaking hands. Soon more marrow appeared, and he again dipped his head in the bowl. He finished again.

"Good," she said. "Sleep now, little one." The child complied and laid his head down upon the ragged blanket; his mother bundeled him up as best she could. He went out like a light in an arctic wind.

With her child sleeping, she threw a few more sticks on the embers. As soon as his snoring grew it's deepest, his mother picked up his bowl. With her fingers, she scooped up a mouse's portion. This she pucshed to her frail mouth. In this land, nothing went to waste.

She finished, and reached for her stomach. The woman had only eaten enough to sustain her, and only leftovers of her son's meals. Times were hard. She didn't show it.


"I'm sorry boy. She was your mother, and you lost her. We've all lost a friend, and I know it won't help, but she dances with the stars now. She dances even as we speak."

Condolences wouldn't help.The sobbing massthat laid before Daith blubbered away calories every second, and he had no power to stop it.

"I - I miss her!" he screamed out to the wind.

The dog's wavered a perverse echo. "But, she's gone," sighed Daith. The cold wind made him shiver; if they stayed out to much longer, the disease would set in. "Look here," Daith held out two berries - two extremely hard to come by berries.

The sobbing child held out his hand. He knew what they were. "Swallow, but don't chew," Daith ordered. The child gulped them down, and immediately fell into a deep slumber, toppling to the ground.

Daith again sighed. He grabbed the seven year old and carried him back to his hut. As he had taken no wife, the boy would be good company. At least, he would, after a few more weeks of sobs and moans.


"Good, now play The Ballad of The Land Of The Root again."

The child complied. His hand guided the wand, which in turn strummed the violin.

"Great is the hold,
Which grabs onto me.
Sing out rejoices, and clap hands with me.
Over the valley, and under the hill,
Time, in a word, stands very still.

And upon this land
Lay able young men,
Who seek out their fortunes,
To the very end.

Drink up your spirits,
And sadness does rot.
Here in the land of men,
Called The Land of Root."

The child finished, and bowed to his audience. Daith merrily clapped, and walked to his young ward. It had been three years since the time he had first accepted him as his ward and student. He had grown into a land of music and adventure. The violin he now carried was made of his own hands.

Soon, Daith thought, his name journey will begin.

And so it did.


Every winter, each boy who turned ten was sent out on a quest. This quest was made to determine the boy's name, which should fit him to the extreme. This winter, It was the boy's tenth birthday.

"...And rejoice in your findings; name your brothers well, for it would be on your shoulders if his name would not fit." Now, go, into the wilderness." The village elder finished his speech with a sigh. Then he turned around and left the two boys in the wind. They could tell the speech was rehearesed.

The two boys nodded to each other, clasping hands in custom. They left their town behind for the winter, and started on a brisk trot towars the horizon.

They jogged for hours, each boy keeping pace with the other. Wolves, they were, a silent battle of the wits. A boy left behind was a dead boy. And like wolves, they soon reached their den. Carved out by the first boys lay a small alcove. Carved from living rock, it offered shelter to all who needed it.

These two needed it.

"I've seen you," offered the other boy.

The child nodded. They had played games before, including stones. The other was a tough boy. Pain didn't seem to register within him. The other built a small fire in defiance of the howling wind. Then they slept.

The next morning they awoke, only to find their bodies covered by an inch of snow. As soon as they had rid themselves of the dry blankets of water, they started up a new fire. With that, they used it to melt the surrounding snow into water. They rolled out their packs, each selecting a thin strip of jerky.

Times had changed, if only a little. Their hunters had traveled south enough, only to find a large herd of elk. There was food enough to go around.

The boys had been provisioned with enough to survive, if that. A length of rope, a flint and knife, and a small bow. Although it weighed him down, the first boy had brought his violin.

Each night he played an old song of greater times, and each night the other told stories of old. The two were great friends soon, and when they finally went home, they had selected great names for the arrow.

The other boy stood up. "This one," he motioned towards the first boy, "is Latig Softvoice. He is a great musician, hence the name Latig. His voice isn't rough, so I named him Soft-voice."

Latig nodded; he liked the name. When the other sat down, Latig stood. "Arrow Teller." He than sat back down. There was no need for an explanation.


Latig Softvoice was 19 years old when he left the village. He had no wife; his soul was married to the music. In search of greater songs and ballads, he headed for the south. This village has passed down his story for generations. Now young children, you must do the telling.

- Elder Historian Arrow Teller.

Name: Latig Softvoice.

Age: 20

Race: Northlander, a sub species of humans. Their complexion is ussually as white as the snow as which they live in. Blue eyes and blonde hair crown their heads, and many are strong and able.

Sex: Male

Hair: Latig's white blonde hair is cut short - almost to the skin. It comprises of a widows peak, and ends in two back-burns.

Eyes: Ice Blue.

Weight: One hundered and fifty pounds (10.7 stone)

Height: Six foot two inches

Weapon: A yew long bow, strapped with ragged leather hand guards. He also owns a violin, which can only be used in battle for emergencies.

Armor: A soft leather travel suit, ideal for movement, but horrible for defence.

Strengths: Latig is a well rounded archer, and a great violinist. He could hit a deer from twenty feet away in the heart. He can run for a very long time, and can lift his weight. His art in music can also raise his and companions spirits, or can lower enimie's spirits as well.

Weakness: Latig is not a warrior, or a mage, or anything that would amount to anything in a fight. Although his skill with the bow is great, it's not the same to shoot at a human being. Taking lives is just not in his nature. His armor is thin also, allowing virtually anything through it.


Latig is a great tracker, and can sniff out a ferret to it's home. Deer are easy to find for him, while other hunters struggle.


Song of Bravery (in battle):
The song of bravery raises his companions spirits, giving them the edge in battle. The composure plays like this:

Greatest warriors,
Your hand strikes down
Upon your enemy,
Until his soul is passed.

And know
That many wait at home.
They await your safe return.

No matter the cost,
You will prevail.
You'll live another day,
To drink more ale.

And many await
Yo---ur Retur----n.
And many stand beside you.
Just Know that many await your home,
And many stand be----side --- you."

The Ballad of Tranquility (pre-battle):
The Ballad of Tranquilty is sung prior to an engagement. It takes the anxiety of the chance of death off of all who hear it's shoulders, as long as the anxiety has not already set in.

"Many a foe stand before you,
Jumping at our throats.
Well I don't know 'bout you lad,
But I'm not heading home in a land-bound boat!

Oh, take your swords up,
And hear this song.
Listen to me 'till the break of dawn!
Oh, take your swords up,
And hear this song.
Listen to me 'till the break of dawn!

You know that battle's soon upon us.
I know that I'm not being honest,
When I say I know noone'll die.
Of course someone will die!
Our enemy!

Oh, take your swords up,
And hear this song.
Listen to me 'till the break of dawn!
Oh, take your swords up,
And hear this song.
Listen to me 'till the break of dawn!

Bourne to the Northlanders, Latig resembles his human friends closely, but not to close. He is tall for his age - 6'2" - and averagely muscled. His short blonde hair is cut close to the skin - military style. A widow's peak dominate's his forehead, and it greatly contrast his almost colorless face and sharp blue eyes. He is garbed in a soft brown leather suit of travel armor. His chest is powerful, and a four pack rests over his abdominals. He can lift one hundered and fifty pounds, giving him average muscles.

Personality: Latig Softvoice is not a very talkitive person. He gets his messages across by the ballads he writes. In battle, he ussually stands alone, playing his supporting songs for the benefit of himself and his allies. In the extreme, he may pull out his bow and threaten his enemies to back down. Only in the most extreme situation will he take up his bow to kill.

And that, is Latig Softvoice.

By the way, I got the name Latig by turning around the word Digital and cropping off the D and I.

Daryn, my fanatical BA character.
My new BA Char, Latig

Awsome Siggy by Kat, from HH.
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w00t!! Another character without fail!...erm...*ahem*...

Name: Arythia (Pronounced: Ah-rith-ee-ya)

Also Known As: Archery’s Angel (nickname given to her after winning many archery tournaments)
The Huntress (A nickname given to her by the criminals she hunts)

Age: 17

Race: Human.

Gender: Female

Eyes: Light brown

Hair: Long and very dark green, almost black.

Height: 5 feet, 5 inches.

Weight: 109 lbs

Weapons: A small dagger which she only uses when the enemy is within reach. She has a Sniper’s bow, which is a bow that can shoot arrows very far. The bow is large, almost as tall as the archer herself.

Armor: None

Strengths: Extremely skilled with a bow, she hardly misses, if she does, it’s only by a few inches. She moves silently and swiftly. Arythia also has expert tracking skills; which she uses to track her prey.

Weaknesses: Not skilled in hand to hand combat or swordplay, so standing up against an opponent who is close is dangerous as she may not be able to nock an arrow in time. She is also light which means she can be thrown around easily, and she is easier to harm.


Blackheart Arrow: A normal arrow filled to the brim with dark magic. This magic arrow can pierce anything, but, it will never be accurate, the power within the arrow causes it to fly wildly. In addition to the inaccuracy, the arrow also sends a burning sensation through the archer’s hand to numb it, so that the archer will not be able to use her hand for a few days.


Arythia is a beautiful young girl, who has long dark green hair and light brown eyes. She wears black underclothes which are covered by her red outer clothing. Her dagger is strapped to her waist by the ropes. She carries her bow in her hand.

Personality: Arythia is a firm believer in following the rules. She is strict and almost always serious. She has no regrets of killing people, once they are guilty of committing some crime. She also has a habit of believing in luck, she sometimes twirls an arrow with her fingers before making a long shot. She is almost always silent, and just stares into the eyes of someone who is talking to her, the staring is meant to make the person feel intimidated. This hard outer covering is removed when she is around family and friends. She becomes a soft, delicate person, who is talkative and has a sense of humor.

Character Biography: Born from the blood of a long line of skilled hunters, Arythia was not in her father’s favour. Her father was a skilled hunter, who had matched and beaten the best archers in the land.

“She is a girl,” Her father used to say, “Girls can’t hunt.”

With this firm belief, Arythia’s father forced her brother, Aryn, who was a good-for-nothing womanizer, to learn archery. Aryn refused.

“What would happen,” Aryn asked his father, “If all the girls saw me with battle scars on my face which was caused by some….animal?”

Aryn used to literally shudder at this thought. Being this stubborn, Aryn put down the thought of archery, vowing to never pick up a weapon, for fear of being disfigured. Arythia was only nine when she picked up her brother’s bow, and fired her first arrow, she wasn’t aiming at any thing, she just nocked the arrow and fired. She knew how to nock the arrow by looking at her father in archery contests. Being of a tender age, she knew not of the dangers of archery, she was just amazed at how the arrow flew. When she fired, she would look at the arrow, run to it, pick it up, and fire it again.

Her father was amazed at the young girl’s determination to shoot arrows. When she got home after school, she neglected everything, and headed outside to play with her brother’s bow. Her father used to sit and watch her. The first time she actually aimed at something, was at the age of eleven, a bird had flew down from a tree to attack her because she was close to the bird’s nest. When the bird flew back up, she had already shot an arrow, taking the bird in the wing. Her father saw everything. She turned to her father;

“Daddy!” She exclaimed, “Look what I did! I’ll be just like you!”

Her father smiled, and the two began to share a bond, they were being pulled together by what they both loved. Arythia’s father began to teach her archery, he began taking her on hunting trips, teaching her how to track prey, and trips to the castle town. At the age of thirteen, she entered an archery contest alongside her father in the castle town. The king presided over the tournament. The king’s best knights were there too, including one knight’s son, whom she had heard much about, a young knight-to-be called Raven. During the tournament, she knocked out every archer she came across, and she entered the finals. Her final opponent was her father. After a tremendous display of archery skills, Arythia’s father was the victor.
She had almost matched her father. This loss fueled her determination to become a better archer. She became a bit angry afterwards, and spent her free time shooting arrows at a makeshift target. Every day she managed to slip away from home and into the valley to practice her skills. A week after Raven had left his home, Arythia, now seventeen years of age, heard someone crying in the valley, she heard laughing too. She crept up and spied on the group. There were four horsemen riding in circles around the crying girl, they were laughing at her. One of them rode to her and picked her off the ground, she began to scream. Seeing the girl in this situation, Arythia, took and arrow from her quiver and twirled it, she nocked it and let it fly, taking the horseman in the neck. He fell off his horse letting the girl fall to the ground. All the horsemen were stunned, they were looking around, until one by one Arythia picked off every one with an arrow each.

She rushed towards the girl;

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“Yes,” The girl responded, as she looked up into Arythia’s eyes, “Are you the one who shot them?”

Looking into the girl’s face, Arythia’s eyes widened;

“You’re the Princess?!”

“Yes, you saved me, you have to come and see my father”

Stunned, Arythia followed the Princess to the castle, into the king’s throne room.
The Princess relayed the story.
The men were about to kidnap her and hold the king to ransom, but seeing no one was around, they decided to have a little fun with her. But they never got to that part, because Arythia had saved her.

The king was almost made speechless by her story, decided upon a reward for the girl.

“I have seen you at the tournaments,” He began, “Your archery skills are impressive, like that of your father, would you like to stay here and work for me?”

“What kind of work, your Majesty?”

The king explained the job to her :
To become an assassin of criminals for the king, she will travel the lands, become a better archer, take out criminals who have done wrong to the innocent and she would be well paid for her service to the throne.

Arythia jumped at the chance to become a better archer. The death of criminals meant nothing to her as long as she was sure that they were guilty. She was also excited about traveling the lands. She knew it would be dangerous, but that wasn’t enough to deter her.
When she had agreed to the king’s request, the king granted her the Sniper’s bow, which was used by a former assassin of the throne, who was now retired. The king also gave her the magic of the Blackheart Arrow, he warned her about it’s consequences, and that it only should be used in dire situations.

After a few months of being the king’s assassin, she had become an even better archer, still, she did not think that she was the best, and she would always keep training so that someday she may challenge her father again. Arythia had gained a reputation among the criminals, they began to call her: The Huntress.

Fear would strike the heart of many men once the whisper of the words reached their ears:

“The Huntress is after you….”
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Re: Character List

Approved by Drewey.

Name: Hill
Age: 15
Hair:Spiked Red
Eyes: Brown
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5.9 Feet
Weight: 120 Pounds
Armor: Light Leather.

Weapons:Hill has 2 weapons one is his Legecy Dagger and the oth is his Swift Bow.

Strengths:Hill's Strengths Is His Crystal Emblem In his dagger handle, It lets him attack faster and a Harder hit. And Hes got a good fortune charm wich is his scar on his arm. But he Is best At Melee Because he has No Magic. He Is also Good with cold places.

Defense:His Crystal emblem Realeses a charge wich makes a sheild around him, This Move uses a little of his life and all his energy.

Weakness:Hill's Weakness Is Arrows Hes not to good at avoiding them so he gets shot alout. And hes not a swimmer so he has trouble. But he Is use to Cold places so he cant stand in heat really long.

Skills/Magic Hill Has a skill using his dagger. The Swift LacesThe Swift Laces Is A Move Were Hill Uses His Crystel To Increase Speed, Then He does a spin attack wich makes any enemy In the way Deystroyed, But this move uses all his energy. His other move Is The Brake StabbHill has a move with his Dagger that does pretty good damage, But It uses all his energy, Hill Has To jump up in the air and Land on his enemy then while on his enemy he jumps of but while he is in the air he throws his Dagger at the enemys back.
(He Does Not Have Magic..)

Personality:Hill Is a guy who is always upto adventure and is good at digging, Hes a good smooth talker and can get out of stuff that he did that was bad like steal or something.

Bio:Hill Was born in the same town Evan was (Evan Is My Other Character) They are best friends and kinda grew up together. Anyway Hill was born in the woods part of his town he had a little sister and and two big brothers, Hill never helped out around his house until his parents were injured when a tree fell on them By a evil lumberjack. That changed Hills life, So he started to do everything he could to make his mom and dad happy, But Hill was never Good at math or spelling and was kinda a trouble maker. But when he reached 13 he started to act more mature. When he reached 15 he got better at Math and spelling. He has a baby kitten that he takes care of and his kitten Ollup kinda tought Hill Responsability.
When Hill and Evan worked together In there training centar Hill was not the best student so Evan had to help out a bit, But Evan wasnt really a teacher so he asked the sub Instructor to help. Hill got better and Ranked a pretty high level. When Evan Left The town so did Hill and they adventured together and found a Girl who had the same thoughts as they did. (Im gonna try making her character Later)

Well, let’s just say it’s ironic how footage of someone being born can make you want to kill yourself.
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Re: Character List

Name: Merran
Age: 16
Race: Shiekah
Sex: Male.
Hair: Shoulder-length, straight white hair with blue highlights on his bangs.
Eyes: A light teal
Weight: 165lbs.
Height: 5'6

Weapon: A refurbished longsword. Iron handle with shadow temple symbol carved into the base of the sword and slightly inhanced with shadow magic energy & it has a steel dual-edged blade. His sword is designed to be lighter then the average longsword for quicker combat. This also makes the sword a bit more fragile and less effective in deflecting attacks. He also carries a black handled wakizishi with a sharpened single edged blade for close combat and emergencies.

Armor:Wheres a suit of leather armor. The armor is made of several paddings sewn together and then burnt into place for holding. The leather is darkened and softened to make it less easy to see. If you notice in the corner there are rune markings in the shoulderpads of the armor. These are the symbols of his family which he had marked into his armor as a symbol of his family. He often travels in a large thin cloak with a white rose design on the back with sharp tribal markings surrounding it and the symbol of the lens of truth at the back of the neck.

Strengths: Is a strong and effective swordsman. His fighting technique is based on quick critical attacks. He is trained to locate weak points in an opponent and strike violently but accurately. Focuses mainly on slash attacks and backstabbings as thrusting in combat leaves you a little more vulnerable but does it often when attempting escape. Has a very agile and quick witted nature, preffering to fight strategicly over anything else. Can resist dark magics at a moderate rate. He has an accute sence of hearing and strong vision both by day and nocturnally that help him in stalking and recognising enemies while stealthing. He can move at mind-bending speeds but not for more then a few seconds at a time and not for an extreme distance. Aspires to be a master swordsman and assassin.

Weakness: Merran lacks a strong defense in melee combat. He never fully learned to use a shield or block effectively with a sword. He is a good dodger but if hit, he will take a good deal of damage from most attacks due to lack of natural armor and stamina. This is a strong contributer to why he prefers stealth kills and being head-on if seen to avoid much resistance. He is strong but not a jugernaught and can't rely on his strength alone by any means. usually lacking companions, if ambushed he is almost forced to try and escape.

Skills/Magic: Sword contains slight dark magic qualities: chance of casting a shadow bolt at target for dark magic damage. this has better chance if used in the dark. Also affective stealth abilities. Hopes to eventually learn to create illusions but at this point, has no experience in the matter whatsoever.

Appearance: He is relatively thin but still holds definition in his figure. He has a strong and stern face, that is yet thin and shows signs of fault and mortality. Although young, he appears to hold much wisdom in his eyes and often paints his face with violet and blue tribal symbols around his eyes and cheekbones. These symbols represent the scars of battle and the hold they keep on oneself. His skin is deathly pale and he lacks facial hair of any kind. His appearence doesnt really matter to him and he doesnt change how he looks any more then he feel he should. His hair, long as it is, often finds itself in his face, this is why he likes to tie it back while in combat, when not in comabt however, it will be straight down on the sides of his face.
He can rarely be seen in public places especially those with a strong town guard working, due to his criminal records. If you do manage to see him however, he will most likely be wearing a large thick cloak with a white rose design on the back with sharp tribal markings surrounding it and the symbol of the lens of truth at the neck. He also wears a black sash with bright teal trim over his mouth and a black silk collorless shirt and matching pants with the same bright teal trimmings.

Personality: He is a deep and serious person. Constantly looking out for his fellow man, but only if that man is someone he respects. If you are foolhardy enough to try something dangerous he may not help you out and let justice live out it's part on you. He is cunning and tries to use his wits to defeat an enemy opposed to brute strength or flashy spells. He prefers not to remain in combat with one enemy for two long and sometimes becomes impatient and hostile with his opponent. this he considers his greatest weakness. He also likes to look for the finer things in life and would much rather look out at a sunrise over a beautiful horizon then become famous and win gratitude of others. He tries not to get involved in the affairs of others, and keeps to himself unless someone attempts to speak to him...and even then, he might ignore you unless you have something worth saying to him.

Biography: Merran was born the son of a shiekah soldier in kakariko village. His father was a loyalist to the hylian army and would risk his life to keep hyrule's people safe. His mother, was shiekah peasant woman who often struggled and was had been ridiculed due to her inability to learn. Merran loved his mother dearly and often became hostile when others mocked his mother for her lack of strong education. He was constantly in trouble for fighting but was never a bad kid and claimed that he brawled only for self defence. Soon after leaving adolescence, his father began to teach him the way of the sword. All the while, his mother taught him to respect the world and the natural order of things. She may not have been as intelligent as others, but she had a great deal of spirit which Merran respected and grew on.

As simple and happy as his life was, Merran longed for something bigger and greater. He constantly dreamed of adventuring and sword fighting duels. He often became so lost in thought that he sometimes slacked on his chores. He also enjoyed wandering away from the village to explore the wilderness, which often got him in serious trouble. He didn't mind the harping though.

On one of these wanderings, when he was 10, he found a small cavern. feeling brave, he quickly grabbed a nearby stick and charged headfirst towards the cave. It was dark inside, and he was shivering from the cold. Just when he became tired and started to turn around to go back, he could hear clicking from behind him. Giant spiders erupted from the ground in their dark dwelling in search of the meat that had just waltzed so kindly into their lair. Merran began to run. This to no avail, as the spiders quickly pounced him and began to spindle around him. His screams grew muffled under the sticky thread and his tears, so hot that he could no longer see, began to stop under the pressure of these great beasts. Fighting was futile and only caused him more pain. He helplessly struggled as the hellish creature's talons clawed their way into his flesh and injecting a numbingly painful poison into his blood. Merran inevitably blacked out seeing nothing more but blackness. His eyes hurt as he slowly opened them. His body was stiff and it hurt a little to move. he managed to pull himself to a sitting position and managed to lean against the nearest object he could see. it took him a few minutes to realize he was outside again and that he was in the company of a man. The man's face was veiled by a cloak the covered his body from head to foot. "what is your name, child of Shadow?" he asked in a stern but kind voice. Terrified, Merran could not reply. "i should probably introduce myself, then will you speak to me? I am Blitzkhan, the greatest elven assasin within a hundred miles! as a matter of fact, probably the ONLY elvish assasin within a hundred miles! Please, i mean you no harm. A child such as yourself shouldnt travel through these dark woods unarmed, much less, enter the spider caverns!" Merran couldn't find himself to respond for several minutes. He soon managed to speak however and quickly grew to the company of Blitzkhan. He found it hard to actually keep from talking after an hour or so. Blitzkhan didn't mind. He loved the company and it was almost impossible to not tell that he was smiling, despite the fact that his face was completely concealed. They talked greatly for hours and Merran listened intently to all of his companion's stories of advenure and battles. unfortunately, as the night began to close, It was time to return home. Blitzkhan took him back to the forest's edge as dawn approached and they said there goodbyes. "will I ever see you again blitzhan?" merran asked hopefully to his new hero. he hesitated to answer but then kindly replied "maybe someday when your a great adventurer! and I know you will be." He was then gone, out of Merran's life, maybe forever. These words had sparked something in him though, and that sprak fired his dream to adventure. Unfortunately, when Merran's dream began to come true, it did not come in the way he would have ever wanted it to.

Due to an accident while collecting water, his mother had fallen into a well and drowned. Soon after, his father went insane and disapeared over the grief. In a matter of months, Merran was alone with not but a large sum of ruppees left for him to survive on by his father to his name. Merran went out into the world to become an adventurer and maybe someday, a Master Swordmaster and Expert Assassin.
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Re: Character List

Name: Larena Fanaren (La-ray-na Fa-nah-ren)
Nickname: Rainbow Eyes

Age: 24
Race: Elven
Sex: Female
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Rainbow
Weight: 67 kg
Height: 1.92 m

Theme Song: Rainbow Eyes - by Rainbow


Steel rapier with silver hilt, 94 cm


Having considerable skill with the rapier, she can easily defend herself in an attack. Being quite athletic, she is nimble on her feet, giving her a graceful agility, a significant advantage in battle. Her heavy money pouch always at hand gives her quite a leverage in any situation, and means that she can just about afford anything. She has an adamant willpower that allows her to put her mind to doing anything she needs to and stand up to anyone posing a threat or defiance. Another attribute she has no fear of using to her advantage is her beauty, but never in a wanton way, mainly because she would loath to be reduced to an object in other's eyes.


Though trained in the art of swordmanship, she has no battling experience beyond sparring matches, therefore a skilled and experienced warrior could overpower her. She may be the adventurous type, but her aristocratic upbringing has meant that she has come to rely on a warm bed and food being available whenever she requires them, thus if she finds herself deprived of such comforts she might find it difficult to cope. The fact that she has no real armour and that her clothes give minimal protection, a weapon attack could cause her significant damage. Her weapon being a rapier also offers her reduced defensive capabilities, especially against a heavier blade.


She is a skilled dancer, knowledgeable and practiced in most popular court dances, including some human ones. Putting her rapier skills to good use, she is a seasoned participant in sporting events of swordplay. She is fluent in many languages, particularly in the Elven tongues, including several human languages and a few dwarven dialects. Having taken horse-riding lessons from a small age, she is now an accomplished rider.


(image courtesy of Lineage II : The Chaotic Chronicle)


Larena is not one to hold back, she displays a dynamic personality that causes others to either build up great respect for her or distance themselves from her. The fact that she tends to display a certain arrogance on occasion, due to her royal heritage and Elven identity, usually calls for the latter. She displays a caustic, English-wit humour which permeates her thoughts and speech. She also usually enjoys giving a playful teasing to everyone she meets. Sometimes she tends to be somewhat hot-headed and take insult easily, but only with people she does not know well. It is difficult to discern what she makes of others, due to the fact that she masks most of her personal thoughts behind a tough exterior. She enjoys listening to slow, melodic music, which is probably one of the few times her emotions are plainly apparent. Quite the social type, she easily engages in conversation and is able to hold her ground in any debate. She is generally quite active and lively, though she occasionaly enjoys drifting away and relaxing in peace.

She is also the flirtatious type, engaging in courtship whenever given the opportunity, usually in a playful or teasing manner. At this point it should also be noted that Larena is bisexual, meaning that she feels an attraction to both males and females, even though this tendency doesn't surface very often. In other words, there is only a select group of females that she would feel any sort of attraction to. She is in actuality indifferent to men seeing as she's been in a lot of relationships, viewing them more as a hobby of sorts. As a result, her very few relationships with the same gender have been generally more meaningful than her relationships with men. Also, although she would never admit it, she is quite a sucker for compliments.

Another peculiar aspect of her personality is her love of good cuisine, indulging shamelessly in all sorts of dishes and never fearing to make her enjoyment audible. Whenever questioned on how she manages to maintain her figure, she attributes it to an undisclosed secret.

She is confident in her sword-wielding abilities, and though she is arguably not experienced, she will attempt to defend herself, though she may be somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of killing.


Larena was born in the elvish city-state of Alduren, her father being the ruler of the city, her mother tragically dying whilst giving birth to her. Alduren was nestled amidst a gentle ravine, adorned with lush and bountiful temperate vegetation, with a shallow stream coursing along it, dotted with numerous waterfalls. At the very heart of the city, the ravine is bordered by tall cliffs which prevent any invading rmies from flanking the defences. Moving further downstream, the cliffs fall steadily in height, until they merge with the ravine and proceed to form a wide valley. Moving upstream the elevation rises, leading to sharp inclines and cooler temperatures, until the cliffs merge with the snow-capped mountains in the distance.

As a young girl, she was usually shy and reserved, particularly in the presence of elders, and especially her father. Her bond with him was a strange one, a mix of both love and fear, coupled with a sense of wonder. For her childish self however, he was the world. Even so, when she was on her own, away from the conformity of aristocracy, she was fearless, never holding back. Brave and adventurous, she found herself exploring and playing in the beautiful land of her father, usually in the company of boys. As a result, she was mostly a tomboy, having little to do with the other timid girls her age. She had a happy, carefree childhood, but she was also tutored in various subjects ranging from ancient runes to horse-riding, so she also grew up with a formidable education.

Reaching puberty, Larena found it difficult to adjust. She was so accustomed to the presence of boys, that she did not feel anything in particular towards them. And her closest male friends were also so used to playing with her, that they didn't develop any feelings for her. However, as she began to assume the beauty of her mother, other boys who did not know her so well started showing an interest in her, something which only made her feel awkward and confused. As she began coming of age, her best friends started getting girlfriends and spending less and less time with her, and she began to feel left out and unwanted.

Maybe that's why her first true love happened to be another girl. Her name was Taenuviel, although Larena preferred calling her Tae for short. At first, Larena felt very awkward around her, even to the point of shyness. But as she let her affections start to show, she was amazed to see that they were returned. Their relationship grew until Larena realised that she was falling in love with Tae, so she decided to let her feelings for her out into the open. Much to Larena's joy, Tae returned the feelings, and they became a couple, even though they kept the relationship a secret from most people, especially her father. For the first time in a long time, Larena felt happy.

As she reached early adulthood however, she began to be assailed by countless suitors seeking her hand in marriage, most of them eager to lay a hand on the heirdom of her father's throne. Much to her father's puzzlement and even annoyance, she rejected any and all offers. She loved Tae with all her heart, and would allow nothing to come between them. However, something happened which she did not expect. Lured by the prospect of wealth and power and motivated by lust, Tae started an affair with a young elven noble from another kingdom behind Larena's back, leading up to a marriage proposal.

Tae broke the news to Larena in the most blunt way imaginable the day before she left with the noble. She said how Larena had only been a mere pass-time for her all this time, and that she was deluded if she believed that Tae would have settled for her. She wasn't about to give up everything for Larena. Concluding her speech, she abandoned an extremely shocked and heart-broken Larena, and left with her would-be husband. Larena was simply devastated. She spent three days locked up in her room, barely eating and crying almost constantly. Her naivety had cost her greately, and now she could find no solace. In the end, she picked up the pieces of her broken heart and vowed to never let herself get hurt like that again.

And from this experience came a new Larena, who had no qualms with flirting with the opposite sex. She used the steady stream of suitors which continued to prey upon her as a chance to become acquinted with being in relationships with men, forming several different ones but never actually considering a serious future with any of them. Needless to say, there were also a few females again with whom she had brief relationships with, and even though they were in general more meaningful, they were, too, not with much forseeable future.

Larena eventualy became disenchanted with her constricted life within Alduren and the constant stream of short-lived relationships with boring people, her instinct of adventure driving her to explore the outlying world and see what it has to offer. Much to her father's dismay, she confronted him and let him know of her wishes to leave Alduren. Her father was eager on marrying her off to one of the suitors and securing a heir to the throne, but Larena would hear nothing of it, putting her foot down before him for perhaps the first time in her life. In the end, her father could do nothing but give her his wishes and hope for her safe return some day. So Larenia gathered a few belongings, her beloved rapier, and a large sum of gold, and set forth to see what lay beyond Alduren.
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Mesfido, The Fallen Angel.

(Approved by Drewey)

“The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity,

Surely some revelation is at hand:
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.”

(Extract from The Second Coming by W.B Yeats.)

Name: Mesfido
Age: 8562
Race: Angel
Sex: male

Mesfido has fine, blonde hair. Thin, crimson streaks taint its chaste strands, dark red fragmenting the blonde all the way to the very tips. The fallen angel wears his hair in three tight plaits, the largest falling between his elegant wings, reaching down to just above his lean waist; the others drop down before his cobalt eyes, ending about his chest.

Mesfido's eyes are normally cobalt blue but when Venalis takes control they turn dark, almost navy, blue.

Weight: 114kg

Height: 6”7”


[The Sword of the Pact; Venalis]
The Sword of the Pact is a huge sword. Its blade is over five feet long, the handle adding another foot to that. The blade is made of an ancient metal, harder than any other. It is unknown to even the most accomplished metal workers. A pitch-black substance covers the metal in places. The weapon’s edges jut out in several spots forming lethal ripping tips.

A large glowing ruby called the Crimson Blood is embedded near the point of the sword; a smaller octagonal sapphire is fixed at the base of the blade near the hilt. There is also a small thin black onyx rooted into the pommel. The hilt itself is made of steel, the handle is formed from of a soft wood like substance with leather wrapped about it for grip.

The Sword of the Pact was the first blade ever created. It is said that the blade was forged when the Creator and Lucifer formed a pact; this was the pact that lead to heaven and hell, right and wrong, sinners and righteous men. The huge sword symbolizes the coming together and agreement of good and evil, therefore it contains both pure good and pure evil.

When Mesfido obtained the Sword of the Pact it took on its corrupt form known as Venalis. This form of the sword is the reason for Mesfido’s evil side. Mesfido’s evil side is also known as Venalis as it is the manifestation of the sword’s evil energies.

[The Sword of the Pact; The Crimson Blood]
The Crimson Blood, also known as Corpus et Sanguis and the Body Seal, is the ruby embedded in the blade of the Sword of the Pact. The mysterious gem gives Mesfido complete control over his own body. With it he can manipulate his organs, blood flow or any other body function. These powers give him the ability to do things such as breath through his skin, heighten a chosen sense or stop his heartbeat along with many other endless possibilities.

The powers of Corpus et Sanguis were unlocked during Scion’s possession of Mesfido. The huge rise in power triggered the awakening of the gem’s dormant powers.

The Sword of the Pact: Facts unknown to Mesfido.

These facts are by no-means to be used by anybody other than myself in any RPs which Mesfido partakes in.

The Sword of the Pact has tainted Mesfido’s body because it is the keeper of the balance between good and evil, since Mesfido was an angelic being it balanced his body’s energies by pouring evil into him. Mesfido’s body now contains two minds, his own and that of Venalis. Mesfido’s spirit is the one unchanged feature of his being.

The sword’s balance can be upset and changed. Since Mesfido’s body “bonded” with the Sword of the Pact he has become the supplier of its energies. When Mesfido commits either good or evil acts he feeds the sword either good or evil energies. Only through experience, vigorous metal training and several other unknown events shall Mesfido be able to lock the true powers of the Sword of the Pact.

The Sword of the Pact has many forms other than Venalis. Mesfido has actually experienced one of these forms: Ventum. While the sword was in this form Mesfido was momentarily able to tap into some of its hidden powers. It was the brief truce between the feuding minds of Mesfido and Venalis that led to the sword transforming. Ventum is one of the three balanced forms the Sword of the Pact.

As the Sword of the Pact currently stands bound to Mesfido nobody but the fallen angel is capable of wielding it. It repels all other beings. If the Sword of the Pact were to become completely absorbed by good or evil energies it would turn Mesfido into a being of complete good or evil.

Mesfido doesn’t wear armour but the majority of the right side of his torso is covered in a dark, rock hard substance.

Sparing Armour
A simple training outfit that Mesfido received from Kenjin during his training. Its special properties mean that the Encorna can use it to change the weight of Mesfido’s body.

The Sparing Armour covers most of the angel’s body. A pitch-black sleeveless shirt is worn across his chest with a white undershirt beneath it. A section of the black substance that covers part of Mesfido’s right side is still visible on his right arm. There are two holes in the back of the shirt from which Mesfido’s wings protrude. A yin-yang symbol is visible in the lower left hand corner of the shirt. Two white bands are wrapped tightly around his forearms.

When wearing the Sparing Armour Mesfido’s usually tan coloured trousers turn black. Thin white zigzags wrap their way around his legs down to where the trouser legs meet his new black boots.

Mesfido is incredibly strong and also very skilled with a sword; he can cut through most substances with a quick swing from Venalis. Parts of the right side of his body are covered in a dark, rock hard substance that helps protect him from harm. He has the ability fly. He can also use wind, fire, light and shadow magic. Corpus et Sanguis gives Mesfido complete control over his own body allowing him to manipulate it at his own will. The Crimson Blood’s skills give Mesfido the ability to implement a wide variety of tactics. The fallen angel has a high pain threshold meaning that he can often fight on unhindered by most of his wounds.

Mesfido lacks any proper armour. Mesfido’s split personality often causes him to suddenly change his mind. The concentration he requires to contain his dark side puts massive strain on his mind and body. Mesfido’s high tolerance for pain, albeit a strength, can often be a weakness. It means that he will occasionally use large amounts of energy and strength without feeling the full damage that it causes his own body, this means he will sometimes push himself too far past his limits.

After living for so long and having experienced so much Mesfido has picked up many skills and is also a master of hundreds of different languages. Being an angel he is also capable of speaking with animals. He also possesses the skills to perform holy rituals and rights. He is a skilled craftsman. Mesfido can use wind, fire, light and shadow magic.

Wind Magic
Name- Incantation- Effect

Blast Breeze-“Flatus”- Fires a strong blast of air at the target sending them flying backwards.

Entwining Tempest-“Typhon”-The air around the target begins to swirl about them and makes them do a sudden quick spin launching them several feet into the air. Used to knock the opponent off guard and daze them.

Sky Slasher-“Caelum Ferio”- Launches several blades of air at the target, slicing at what ever it makes contact with. This takes 30 seconds to cast.

Whirlwind Safeguard-“Typhon Massa”-Creates a small blast of air used to knock projectiles out of the air.

Fire Magic/Skills (none of these require incantations.)

Passive Skills

Manipulate Fire- This skill gives Mesfido the ability to manipulate fire outside and inside his own body.

Fire Amalgamation- This skill gives Mesfido the ability to absorb fire element into his own body. When he uses this skill the tints of red in his hair and wings are set alit by tiny flames.

Normal Skills (Mesfido must have absorbed fire element to perform these skills.)

Igneus Aestus (Fiery Surge)-Mesfido releases all the fire he has absorbed in either one gigantic wave of fire element or several much less powerful waves.

Exardesco Ardens (Zealous Flame)-Transformation-Fire erupts from Mesfido’s body coating him in flames. The Sword of the Pact is covered in a swirling white-hot inferno. This skill increases the power of Mesfido’s Fiery Surge skill and adds fire element to his Entwining Tempest and Sky Slasher techniques. Mesfido can only maintain this form if there is an abundant supply of fire element nearby.

Light Magic (only usable when his good side is in control.)

Sun Blast-“Sol Clangor”- This creates a blast of extremely strong light that temporarily blinds the target.

Holy Bolt-“Iaculum Sanctus”- Creates an ethereal bolt of pure light energy that is highly damaging when used on the undead and demons.

Shadow Magic (only usable when his evil side is in control.)

Dark Cloak-“Dissimulo Tenebrae”- Wraps the target in a coat of shadows temporarily immobilizing them. This takes 30 seconds to cast.

Shadow Fist-none-Strikes out with his right hand causing reasonable damage.

Sword Techniques

Venalis Tempo-“Venalis Impetus”- Mesfido begins to swing his sword madly at speeds he can’t normally reach.

Venalis Judgment-“Sententia Venalis”-The Sword of the Pact begins to draw power from all the nearby shadows and light. Once it has absorbed enough power it releases a potent orb of magical energy that is extremely effective against both angelic and demonic beings. It takes 2-5mins to cast.

The Crimson Blood

The power of the Crimson Blood gives Mesfido complete control over his own body.
With its powers he can manipulate his body’s blood flow and organs. An example of its less spectacular powers would be the ability to stop his body bleeding thus stopping blood loss. Another example would be the ability to breath through his skin or to stop his heartbeat.

The Crimson Blood Skills

Bloody Influence- Mesfido can direct his blood flow towards any area of his body increasing the efficiency of the muscles in that region. The downside to this technique is the fact that when pouring blood into certain muscles the rest of his body runs low on blood causing it to weaken and slow down

Bloody Influence, Examples:
If Mesfido directs the blood towards his legs he becomes capable of running faster, to his wings increases his flying speed, to his arms increases his attack damage and speed.

Blood Clotting- Mesfido can instantly clot small wounds and cuts.

Scorching Blood- The blood in Mesfido’s body begins to boil causing his speed to increase to high new levels. He can’t maintain this for long as even with his high pain threshold it still causes him sever pain if he attempts to.

Miscellaneous Skills

Angelic Touch-When he touches another living thing with his left had he can will his energy into them, healing them.

Demonic Touch-When he touches another living thing with his right hand he can slowly drain their energy and use it for his own (this doesn’t heal him just replenished his magical energy.)

Healing Stone-Mesfido has a small marble touchstone with the angelic rune of healing on it. When he sits in a mediating position and holds the stone between his two hands he can begin to slowly heal his own wounds. This requires over two hour’s concentration before any healing actually begins and then an additional x-amount of hours depending on the severity of the wounds.

Mesfido has what many would call a split personality. The dark energies from the Sword of the Pact have tainted his body and created a dark side within him, this dark side is known as Venalis. His mind is always under the mental strain of trying to contain Venalis; a simple lapse in concentration can cause this evil side to come forth. His evil side is utterly insane. It knows no good. Venalis will do what he wills and never feels remorse. He is a sadist and unmerciful. This evil side is quite literally a killing machine.

The good Mesfido is quite a pitiful man but he is a kind man. He has a great sense of integrity. He will always do what he can to help others no matter the price. He often tends not to reveal himself to the people he helps. Mesfido normally distances himself from humanity and rarely visits populated regions. The fallen angel can seem like a rather cold person but once he gets to know someone better he may open up though he will always be cautious of his own actions.

Mesfido is beginning to become more open and now seems stronger in himself than the pitiful man he was becoming, though occasionally he will return to his shell of sorrow. It is the friendships of people like Jaina and Rex that have helped Mesfido overcome his self-loathing.

Mesfido has never really known how to act around women; their actions often confuse him. When around certain women, especially ones he is attracted to, he will become rather clueless almost like an ignorant child. He only really shows this more normal side of himself to people he trusts and feels comfortable to be around. Mesfido can often be over trusting and can sometimes be easily manipulated. If someone doesn’t manage to obtain his trust it is always for good reason. He will always treat people he distrusts with a mild neglect. Mesfido is always willing forgive and will always admit his mistakes if he judges someone wrongly.


Unbelieve pic of Mesfido
drawn by the mighty DekuQueen,
and coloured by me.

Mesfido is tall and muscular. His most striking feature is the dark, curved, tattoo like markings that cover nearly his entire right arm and right side of his chest. These strange marks started at this right hand and then spread up his arm and onto his torso and the very base of his wings. His wings are massive, a span of about eleven feet, white with streaks of blood red and feathered. They jut out of his bony shoulder blades, almost like feathered extensions of the limb.

Mesfido has long blonde hair with crimson streaks running through it; he always has tied into three separate plaits. When Mesfido is in control his eyes are light cobalt but when Venalis is in control they are an extremely dark, almost navy, blue. Mesfido has quite a thin face with a prominent jaw. He wears an earring with the angelic rune of courage on either ear.

The Sword of the Pact is always in its enchanted sheath that is held to Mesfido’s back with a thick leather cord that crosses over his bare muscular chest. The glow of Corpus et Sanguis can often be seen radiating through the magic sheath’s tough leather. His deceased friend, Expertus, made the sheath especially for him. The sheath has several angelic runes on it that enable it to help restrain Venalis.

Mesfido only wears a pair of tan coloured trousers and a thick pair of leather boots for clothing. A tough, golden band, from which he hangs his healing touchstone, holds up his trousers. The ends of his trousers are always tucked into the tops of his thick, leather boots.

Sparing Armour- See armour section for a description of Mesfido while he is wearing this outfit.


-Mesfido was a man over eight thousand years ago. He was one of the first settlers in Europe.

-He was the leader of his clan and was respected by all.

-He was killed during a hunting expedition by a huge beast with a lion’s head and dog’s body. The beast had already destroyed his village, which is why his hunting group was tracking it.

-The beast killed him when he jumped in front of his best friend to protect him from it.

- He was resurrected and reborn as an angel, a reward for his selfless act. He was given the name “Tueor” meaning to protect.

-Over the next thousand years he served his masters to the full of his abilities. He was given the title of Archangel.

-Tueor led the angelic forces to many victories over the forces of Satan.

-Tueor fell in love with a roman woman called Celina.

-Celina and her family were killed by a group of bandits.

-Tueor requested for Celina to be reborn as an angel. She was.

-After the fall of the Roman Empire Lucifer’s forces grew dramatically. This led to a thousand year war between Heaven and Hell called the War of Alliance. This was the cause of the Dark Ages.

-The angelic forces were under massive threat of being defeated during the War of Alliance. Tueor and Celina were two of the generals in the angelic army.

-Tueor’s commander, Famulus, believed that the only way to defeat the demons was a direct assault on hell.

-Tueor tried to convince Famulus that an assault on hell would not work but Famulus refused to see otherwise. In the end Famulus gave Tueor three days to come up with an alternative.

-Tueor was forced to make a bold and dangerous move.

- Tueor and Celina set flight for Bethlehem. A truly powerful weapon was hidden there. It was known only as the Sword of the Pact.

-Tueor and Celina located the sword after much difficulty. The angelic forces had begun the assault on hell and were suffering heavy casualties. Darkness was spreading.

-They found the Sword of the Pact hidden within a massive cavern deep beneath the town.

-The sword lay in a massive stone pedestal. There was an inscription on the pedestal.

“I am corruption,
I am benevolence,
I am One, I am All,
I am the bridge that connects the sides.”

-Tueor pulled the sword from the pedestal.

-The lion headed beast that had killed him when he was human appeared. It attacked the two angels. They managed to fight it off. During the fight they discovered that it was in fact Satan himself.

-When the fight began a mysterious black substance had begun to spread up Tueor’s right arm. Once they had fought off Satan it had spread across nearly his entire right side.

-Suddenly he turned on Celina. He began to laugh insanely. “I AM VENALIS!”With a massive battle cry he struck his partner’s head from her shoulders.

-Tueor quickly returned to the battlefield, his dark side in control. He instantly turned the tide, spreading death wherever he passed.

-After defeating the demonic forces he turned on his fellow angels. He killed many hundreds of them but eventually they managed to restrain him.

-They attempted to remove the sword from him but no one could touch it, it repelled everyone.

-After Tueor was restrained his good side regained control. He became plagued with guilt. He was imprisoned for years and made no attempt to escape.

-After over two hundred years of imprisonment his friend, Expertus, visited him. Expertus brought a magical sheath with him. The sheath was designed to help contain Tueor's dark side.

-Once Tueor had placed the Sword of the Pact in the sheath, he was summoned to the Council of Angels.

-At the council it was decided that he was to be exiled from heaven, but he was given one final order- He was to protect the sword from falling into evil hands. He was also given a new name, Mesfido, which is taken from the Latin for mind and split-Mens and Findo.

-After the council Mesfido’s darker side broke free momentarily, it killed a few angels including Expertus. Mesfido managed to regain control of himself. He quickly fled heaven and returned to the earth.

-Mesfido spent years on earth cowering in his shame. He was becoming a truly pitiful creature. His entire being was focused on containing his evil side.

-When Mesfido was at his most pitiful Lucifer came to him. Lucifer had claimed Celina’s soul when Mesfido had struck her down. She was now one of Satan’s most loyal followers.

-Satan offered to return Celina to Mesfido if he did his binding.

-Mesfido accepted.

-For the next few hundred years Mesfido served Lucifer. His dark side was in control most of the time.

-Mesfido learnt much about the Sword of the Pact from Lucifer. He learnt that the sword took on different forms depending on its owner. Since Mesfido was an angel the sword had taken on one of its evil forms, Venalis. The sword had then pumped its evil energies into his body until he had become a being of balanced good and evil. His evil side was in fact the manifestation of the evil energies within the sword.

-After Mesfido had been doing Lucifer’s deeds for over a thousand years he stumbled apon something that caused him to leave the devil’s service. He discovered that Celina was in fact in love with Satan himself. After that he realized he had been doing Satan’s work for no reason. He would never be able to win back Celina.

-Mesfido’s good side managed to regain some slight control and he left the fiery pits of hell. He was now hiding from the forces of both good and evil.

-Celina often visits Mesfido. She is always trying to make him turn to evil. He now loathes her. He despises her with every part of him; even Venalis has a certain dislike for her.

-Mesfido now travels the world trying to atone for his sins.

-One day Mesfido arrived in the Dome, seeking strength.

-One of the first feats Mesfido had to overcome in the Dome was opening the doors of Kenjin, the Encorna’s private dojo. Mesfido only just managed to open the doors by tapping deep into the powers of the Sword of the Pact. This was the first time he had been able to access some of its hidden powers.

-After Mesfido opened the Encorna’s doors Kenjin decided to take him on as his student.

-A week passed and Mesfido's powers grew. After witness the death and revival of his dearest companion, Jaina, Mesfido left the Dome, putting his training on hold.

-After leaving the Dome Mesfido came across a young man named Rex.

-Rex carried the burden of the demon of deceit and fire, Scion.

-With Mesfido’s help Rex expelled the demon from his body.

-During the fight that followed, Mesfido was possessed by Scion.

-Scion’s possession of the fallen angel awakened the powers of the Crimson Blood and also imprinted some of the demon’s control over fire into Mesfido’s body.

-Finally, after tracking down the demon, Rex and Mesfido defeated him.

-Feeling stronger, Mesfido returned to the Dome, ready to face his training once more.

Training Threads
[LEA] Mesfido's Training (transfered)
[Power Shot] Mesfido's Training (in progress)
Daughter of the Encorna (Joint Assignment)(in progress)

A Choice of Fates(currently suspended)


Starlit leaves (dead)
The War Within (Finished)
Saints & Sinners (in progress)

Chrono Order.
1-A Choice of Fates
2-Starlit leaves
3-[LEA] Mesfido's Training
4-[Power Shot] Mesfido's Training (till post 25)
5-The War Within
6-Daughter of the Encorna
7-Saints & Sinners

#1-Major Changes-The Crimson Blood and Fire Skills (approved by Andúrhil).
#1-Relevant Battles-The War Within

~Fabulous Siggy by Insaney~
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Re: Character List

Name: Naomi (Goes by Kitsune in some places)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Sorta Fox-Girlish (see bio/apperance)
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: Dunno.


Personality: Really nice, spunky, and always looks on the positive side of things. She doesn't like to fight, but if provoked, she will give it her all. Naomi has a fierce temper in combat, and constantly tries to talk her opponent into giving up with derogatory statements.

Also, she's politically correct all the time. If you say "I see I need to pee." she'll correct you, saying "No, you feel the need to pee." She also has a not unfounded paranoia of crowded places, seeing as she was always abused and an outcast, though not overly prominent.

Weapons: A red guantlet with two curved steel blades. The guantlet fits over her hand like her gloves do, leaving her fingers exposed. The metal prongs are scimitar-shaped, with the sharp edge on the inside of the blade. Naomi can be quoted on her choice of the unusual weapon:
Originally Posted by Naomi
I'm half animal, but I don't have claws? Well, I'd better get a fake one!
Armor: None

Strengths: She's pretty agile. Constant running and hiding from the authorities (and angry peasants) has lead to her having above-normal hearing and reflexes.

Weaknesses: She really hates crowds. As in, you get her in a crowd, she might start to panic. But more on the combat issue: She's fairly weak, and relies on speed to do damage, which doesn't always work on heavily armored foes.

Bio (As told by Naomi):

"Well, I guess it all started way way back, when I was a kid. I lived in this little alley between two homes in the middle of downtown Galesburg. They really didn't notice me, because at most they would yell out the window 'Oi! Stupid cats...'

I lived there, living off of scraps, until some police officers came by and arrested me. I was about ten when that happened.

They tried to take me away, but I got away. I don't really know how, but I guess I must have fought them off somehow. Anyway, some random townspeople started chasing me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall around town. It was kind of fun, really.

Anyway, they never caught up with me. I ran off into the woods, and hid there for a year or two.

Later on, I became a wanderer. I traveled from town to town, looting the rich people for my own benifit. Of course, I gave a lot of it to the poor. One distinct homeless family I remember in particular. It was a japanese family, consisting of a little girl and her mother. Apparently, the father was out looking for scraps.

Anyway, I really felt bad for them, so I gave the night's haul to them. Although they didn't speak English, I think one word really stuck out to me. The little girl didn't talk at all, but when I was about to leave, she said "Kitsune." I really like that word.

Since then, I've still been wandering around. I guess it's here that I found a place to call home, there are a lot of stranger people around. Plus, I just like the title, 'Battle Arena...'"
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Re: Character List

Aproved by Trioth


Name: Tantin (no last name he wasn’t assigned one)

Age: 27

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: Short messy white hair, that seems to be tinted silver.

Eyes: One blue one yellow

Weight: 137 lb

Height: 5’8

Theme Music: I Stand Alone-Godsmack

Weapon: Tantin weilds two short sword, the longer one (at about two feet long) goes by the name Volo. it is a curved single edged blade, designed specificly for the task of decapitating. The other, by the name of Volatus, is about a foot, and a half long. Its has serrated edges on both sides, and a sharpened point.

Armor: None

Strengths: He has insane speed, and agilty, to the point that at his fastest he is nearly invisible to the human eye. He is a highly trained warrior, who stops at nothing to defeat his enimes, as quickly, and efficently as possible. He can spot flaws in his enemies fighting form, that they themselfs didn't even pick up, untill its too late.

Weakness: He is easily overpowered in a match of strength. Also he has a tendency to be thinking to much about his attack, without taking into account that fact they may attack as well, leaving him open to counter attacks. Also he has no long range attacks, so that could be considered a weakness.


tardus vicis: Moves at a speed so fast that everyone around him appears to be moving in slow motion. He can only use this for thrity seconds at a time due to the extreme toll it takes on his body.

Pause: He stops time for a few second, allowing him to gather information on what to do next in an intense battle.

Chronus Aperio: Reverses time for two seconds (Can only be used six times a day).

Appearance: While his skin is suppsoed to be a tanned white, it is riddled with black scars that cover up almost half his body. He wears a tann tunic with one arm ripped off. He wears black cloth pants with a red spiked pattern going up the left leg. His boots are made of leather and a well-worn in. the right side of his face has black burn scars going up it in a weird pattern. His eyes look like eyes that have seen much happiness but if you look deeper they are hollow and almost empty.

Personality: In battle he has no emotions. He is focused, and deadly, atacking full force without any regard for his opponent, or himself. It was how he was trained, its all he knows, to fight without emotion, without sympathy, is the way of the warrior. out of battle is completely different, having been trained as a war machine, he has next to no social skills. he speaks bluntly, and without empathy. He fails to see the meaning behind metaphors, and sarcasm. He has emotions, but he is hopeless on how to use them. And though his intentions are good, he often goes about them the wrong way, because to him then ends justify the means.


“Do you have the money?”


“Then he is yours”

These are the first words Tantin ever heard. This is odd because he was only three at the time. He was born in the year 3045 but his new owners where born over 3000 years earlier. You see the men who Tantin was owned by where from the past. The men after years of searching found the palace of time and where able to control it.

There plan was to use technology from the future to train warriors to take over the past changing the course of history. Using a mix of holograms and machines they trained men to be machines of war against there own will if they had to.

After the infants where recruited they where put through a series of test to see what class of training they where to be in. The classes where power, speed, thought Tantin was chosen to be put in the speed class.

The rest of his life was a blur of pain and hardship. If he failed a training course he was put into the fire room, if he tripped he was beaten, if he talked when he wasn’t supposed to he was sliced with a sword, If he even blinked without permission he was beat. Here he was trained to be a warrior.

Five hundred infants where put into the center. Only three hundred and fifty men came out. Some of those men where out into the elite class and where taught the ways of time magic. Out of the twenty who where taught the ways of time magic only five where able to utilize it. Tantin was one of them.

One week before they traveled back in time they where told there mission. Tantin was appalled all he could think was “All the pain and suffering they put us through only to out others through the same pain. Dose the chain stop when will the pain stop coming when will people be able to live without suffering what I have suffered. It isn’t fair just because I have suffered dose that mean everyone I meet much also feel the same pain.” He decided to escape that night and try to stop what was happing in the past.

After easily getting threw the motion-censored traps designed to keep him in line he almost made it to the portal to the past when he saw him the man in charge there. Tantin approached the man known as sinit and drew the sword given to him. He charged at sinit but he was know match sinit defeated him effortlessly but before he could kill Tantin, Tantin used the time magic to slow time down enough to escape and reach the portal.

He was teleported to the middle of the desert where he began his journey to keep the past and therefore saving the future. Soon he was met by an intangible soul, who called himself the master of time. he sent him on two disticive journey's both to teach him something very important.

The first was a battle against a man called Soledad, it was used to teach him to not let his emotions get the best of him. the second was far more important, it was orignaly supposed to teach him not to underestimate people, but it turned into something else entierly.

He fought a young girl, with cat like features, and ubknownst to him, his heart swayed at her sight. After intense battling the two where joined in a kiss, but it was not to be. Tantin had to leave, and the girl had to stay. He will always remember her, and he hopes to see her again.

Then came a dark time for him, not two weeks later he was brutally assulted by a hord of golden haired warriors, and their queen Anastacia. She infected the man, and turned him into her slave.

However whilst on a scouting mission Tantin came across a strange man. What happened was foggy, but when he awoke he had his senses back. He was ordered via a note to Tell a man named Tsuukai Ita about Stacia, which of course he did. He then setted out on his journey to stop any and all evil forces, so no one would have to endure pain anymore.

Battle Rank
Player: Puck the Trickster
Character: Tantin
Innate Element: Time
Overall Rank: IV
Strength: I
Defense: I
Elemental: III
Speed: X
Skill: VI
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