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Re: Character List

Name: Linda Perez, The Time Keeper

Age: 15 in appearance, over 2000 years old really

Race: Human (if you’re willing to call her that)

Sex: Female

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Black

Weight: 120 lbs. (pounds)

Height: 6’ 0”

Weapon: She uses no weapon except her gloves. (Explained later)

Armor: No armor except the clothes on her back.

Strengths: She is an excellent fist fighter and she can manipulate time to a certain extent.

Weakness: She is not very fast and can use up too much energy without even noticing. If her gloves are taken, then she can’t manipulate time.

Skills/Magic: Being the Time Keeper…

Slow Time: Linda can slow down time for 15 seconds. To her, it is 30 seconds. The opponent, in her eyes, is slowed down. This takes a lot of energy and she can only use it 3 times in one day before she can only walk and defend.

Stop Time: Linda can stop time for 10 seconds. In her eyes, the opponent stops moving. This takes up almost as much energy as three attempts at slowing down time, so she can only perform it once every day.

Fast Time: Linda can speed herself up for 5 seconds. This does not take much energy, but three of these is equivalent to one attempt at slowing down time.

Repeat Time: Linda can only activate this during an attempt at slowing down time. She can replay a scene in front of her and copy one technique from that scene. She can only see something five minutes back at the most. This move takes 10 seconds in real time.

Appearance: Linda’s brown hair touches the middle of her back like her descendant Sylva. She wears a loose blue shirt that ends halfway down her arm and some black jeans with white sneakers, but the soles are worn. She has brown eyes and tanned skin. Her gloves are different colors. Her left glove is blue and has a yin symbol; her right glove is red with a yang sign. These are the Time Gloves. She is attractive at her age, a trait that seemed to have been passed down her family on her mother's side. Many men desire her because of this.

Personality: Linda is not shy at all unlike her descendant, Pedro. She has a carefree mind like that of Dark Zero X, her third descendant. By that, she does not like to follow orders. She jumps at the chance of meeting new friends and learning things that she already knows. Those who attack her or any friend she has will meet be met by her soon. She can forgive people in some cases, like taking something of hers or stealing an invaluable item. However, murder is met with murder under her eyes. She will not forgive those that kill or harm others.

Biography: Linda Perez was born a Roman during the time Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix recaptured Rome after his return from Athens. Her Roman name was Linda Perez Agnoscia. Her cognomen, Agnoscia, was a way to show that her true family was a branch of the Perez gens, or family. Unfortunately, her parents opposed Sulla when she was a month old. Being plebs, the lowest rank in Rome, they did not get too many supporters. Sulla considered them a nuisance and on his proscription board in the Forum was written the following names:

Caius Marius – Oh yeah! He’s dead! Ha!
Cornelia Perez Agnoscia
Marcus Perez Agnoscia
Linda Perez Agnoscia

Those who kill them will take their money and land!

That day, Sulla’s assassins came in armed with swords.

“Why do you want Linda dead?!” Marcus yelled.
“To teach Rome the true meaning of my wrath!” Sulla shouted from behind.

The sword fell once and Marcus’ head rolled onto the floor. Linda was being approached by an assassin, but Cornelia blocked the blow and the sword pierced her heart.

“M… mommy… d… daddy…,” Linda said.
“Y… your first words… at our… l… last… look,” Cornelia said, looking at her daughter with tears.

The assassins neared the young girl until Sulla called them off.

“Let her live. She’ll die soon enough without parents,” he said as all of them walked out.

Linda sat on the floor looking at the gore that were once her parents. A man entered the room. He had a long beard and was rather old looking with a sandclock in his hand.

“Poor Linda. Come with me,” he said as he turned the clock around.

They both disappeared with a flash…

The next day, rumors spread in Rome…

“Did you hear?! Sulla angered Jupiter with what he did and in pity, he took her!” one pleb said.

“Really? Sulla’s going to get killed!” another pleb said.

For years, Linda was taken under the care of this mystery man. They lived in Greece for ten years. They moved back into Rome reluctlanly since Greece was starting to lose it’s touch. There, some Romans panicked under the fear of Sparticus and his slaves.

“It’s a shame that these people are going to go crazy over something that will never happen, eh Linda?” the old man asked.

“Yup.” she simply replied.

The two settled down in a house for five years until the district began to turn into turmoil. One night, the old man decided to have a conversation of truth with Linda.

“Linda. There’s something I need to tell you,” he said.
“What is it grandpa?” Linda asked with a smile.

Suddenly, some Roman soldiers entered by knocking down the door.

“Where’s Cicero?!” they shouted.
“This,” the old man replied as he flicked his hand.

The two people and everything else stopped moving.

“How’d you do that?!” Linda asked in excitement.
“You know that stuff I taught you about the Ruler of Time?” the old man asked.
“Sure do. He rules over it and makes sure it flows correctly,” she said.
“I’m the ruler,” he flatly said with another flick.

The house disappeared and they reappeared in a place full of clocks. It was silent, even though there were sun dials, grandfather clocks, analog clocks, digital clocks, and other clocks she never saw before.

“Then I’m the princess?” Linda asked.
“No, you’re not. Not in blood anyway. You will be soon,” he said as plainly as before.
“Not… in… blood? You’re not my… grandpa?” she asked, “Who are my real… parents?”
“I can’t show you… I can tell you they died for your cause,” he said.

Over the next thousand or so years, she was taught many martial arts moves by the old man. She was tutored in many subjects that arose in the 1700s up to even the 2000s and beyond. She learned after a while that one person from her family had escaped Rome before the time the old man mentioned her parents died. Her descendant's name was Maria and her daughter was Sylva. Later, she saw that she had another descendant by the name of Pedro. Over these times, she progressed much faster in what was called in fantasy, taijutsu, or the basic martial arts she always learned. Her appearance had never changed. She was still the 15 year old she was when the old man brought her to this place. After much inspection, she found out that there was a third descendant. His parents were killed much like hers, but he was almost killed. His name was changed to Dark Zero X since his real name was lost in their archives and in the old man’s.

One… time, she went to the old man who was sleeping.

“Hey, grandpa!” she shouted.
“Yes…,” he said weakly.
“You wanted to see me?” Lind asked.
“Yes… I wanted to give you… those gloves…,” he said slower than before, pointing at a drawer.

She opened it and found a red glove with a yang symbol and a blue one with a ying symbol.

“Those are the Time Gloves,” he explained, “You can manipulate time… with them… slow… stop… fast… reverse…”

He disappeared from the floor he lay on. Linda knew what it meant; he no longer existed. After this, she did not cry but when on a journey for the sake of one. She has no reason. The Time Gloves allowed her to navigate through time however way she pleased, but she always knew one thing.

Don’t mess with your descendants, your history, or their future. Do it and all will pay for such a thing.

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Re: Character List

Name: Unknown. (He was never given a name at birth, so he'll go by anything)
Aliases: The dark child, Abomination, Monstrosity, The Thing, It, Beast, Evil Boy- By the villagers of his home town. Kid- Gorin, Tokumaru, and Nenet call him that.
Age: 2, but looks to be 13.
Height: 5 feet 8 inches.
Weight: About 130 pounds.
Sex: Male
Race: Abomination. (Mix of three or more races)

Weapon: Two spirit orbs. They can change into any weapon he needs at the time, excluding bombs and projectile weapons.

Armor: None.

Appearence: He has short white hair. One eye is brown, the other is green. He isn't very muscular, which hides the fact that he is as strong as a dodongo. He wears rags usually. His teeth are normal except for his canines, which are slightly larger and sharper than usual.

Magic/Abilities: When has grown angered and badly damaged, he will turn into a wrath demon form. In this form his eyes glow red and his strength and speed double. He also grows regenerative abilities in this form.

Personality: Usually very quiet, though he isn't afraid to speak his mind when he feels strongly about something. TDC has incredibly low self-esteem, and, save for when he is with Kawaii, he is almost never happy.

TDC could be considered the oblivious, and at the same time, gullible hero. He believes things fairly easily, but at the same time is oblivious to obvious facts. Despite all the evidence, TDC is still completely unaware that Kawaii is a doll, as well as the fact that Gorin is his father. (Despite the numerous times that Slag very bluntly pointed it out to him)

Strengths: He cannot be possessed due to the small amount of angel blood that runs through his veins. Being part demon god means that he can't die from injuries. He also has the strength of a dodongo.

Weaknesses: He isn't as skilled with weaponry as his father was, and has a low opinion of himself. He angers fairly easily, and never asks for help. Also unlike his father, he is unable to control himself in wrath demon form.

Bio: Shortly before Gorin was accidentally slain at the hands of Tokumaru, Grasthos possessed him and forced him to rape a female peasant by the name of Amanda.

Amanda gave birth to a demonic litter of eight children before dying. The children grew quickly, seven of them joining Gorin's army as the Dera mages. They died of old age due to the overly quick growing process.

The eighth child was no different. He aged much quicker than most other species, and by the time he was a year old he looked to be six.

The remaining child grew up in slums, just barely managing to scrap food. He found out about his fighting abilities when he killed a man he caught trying to take a blind girl into his home.

The villagers, finding him with his hands covered in blood and what turned out to be the father of the blind girl's corpse, beat the child with sticks and nailed him to a wall.

He was stuck hanging from the wall, the villagers insulting him and throwing things at him for days. They stopped when Gorin found them. The then wrath god was appalled at what they were doing to a mere child.

After chasing them off, Gorin helped the teen down. After giving the child food and healing his wounds, Gorin went off to return to the Dome.

With Gorin gone, the villagers resumed trying to beat the child. He fled, following the same path that he remembered Gorin taking.

His first sight upon entering the Dome was the fatal blow that went through Gorin's chest. The god had never known that it was his own accidental child, whom he didn't know even existed, that he had helped that day.

The child lashed out at Tokumaru when the Heavenflame Samurai realised the teen had seen Gorin's slaying. Tokumaru took him in for a time, letting him see Gorin's funeral.

The child couldn't bear it. He had seen enough murder. He stole Gorin's spirit orbs from the coffin so that he could remember the kind man who saved him from the villagers, and fled. He went back to living in the slums, changing towns from time to time.

At one town, he accidentally killed a drunk. The child was surrounded by villagers, all ready to kill him. A female charged through the group and chased them off with a large sword.

The female’s name was Nenet, and she turned out to be just as kind as Gorin and Tokumaru were. She gave him food, protected him whenever an angry villager tried to kill him, and talked to him more than anybody else had ever done before.

During one of these conversations, Nenet mentioned somebody named Gorin. The child remembered the name from Gorin’s funeral, and went off to try and find Gorin.

He's still looking for Gorin, whom he still doesn't know is his father. He still lives in slums, but moves from town to town more quickly, looking for Gorin.

He also wishes to find Tokumaru and Nenet, both for the reason of leaving their care without properly thanking them. He only realised this days after he left Nenet to search for Gorin.

Recently he met the dollgirl Kawaii, and has developed a crush on her. Around the same time that he made a new friend, however, he also met Chovex, Gorin's reanimated corpse. After Chovex badly damaged Kawaii, TDC swore revenge upon him.

~BA Characters~

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My confidence just had an erection.
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Re: Character List

I've decided to compile the links to my lesser used characters in a single profile in order to save sig space.

Harges, Darges

~BA Characters~

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My confidence just had an erection.
~RIP Ceesco~
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Re: Character List

Name: Reizin (sounds like rey-EE-zen)

Age: 15

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hair: light brown, it is medium length and spiked

Eyes: Adamantine Green, and a golden color closer to the pupil

Height: 6’2

Weight: 155 lbs.

Weapon: The Twin Blades Heavenflame and Hellfire, Heavenflame is enchanted by the purest phoenix fire, and Hellfire is driven by the dark flame of dragon’s breath. Heavenflame is a beautiful sword, with a silver trimmed Mithril pommel, wrapped in silver wire around the grip. The guard is also Mithril and encrusted by jewels, shaped like a very intricate set of Phoenix wings. The blade itself resembles that of a standard long sword in shape. In color it is a strange light orange than emits a faint glow, it is unbreakable to all known forces and tapers to a straight point, although the blade blazes with orange fire in battle. The Hellfire is like a polar opposite of the Heavenflame, although shaped nearly identically. The first notable difference is the color of the blade, it is dark crimson in color, and the flames are blue and black. The handle is also different, gold trimmed obsidian, wrapped in gold wire matching the spiraling pattern of the Heavenflame. The guard is shaped instead like the wings of a Dragon, black and even appearing leathery, although made of obsidian like the rest. The grips of the swords are “hand-and-a-half”, but the bottom of the hilts flare out instead of abruptly ending, giving the swords the ability to be used two handed if only one is drawn. Reizin uses them both, one in each hand, normally. However, certain conditions may cause him to lose one, or to only use one. The sheaths of these beautiful weapons are as ornate as the blades, with Elven calligraphy and beautiful designs of the creatures they are aligned to.

(To better give an explanation of the look of his weapons, let me explain that in my world where all of my characters come from Mithril is light as a feather and it is a white metal that is nearly unbreakable. Obsidian is black and is rather heavy in comparison as it is stone instead of metal.)

Armor: He wears light chain mail on both chest and legs, with a thin but durable breastplate. Other armor of a similar make such as an open helm, a tasset, light gauntlets, shoulders, and light leg plates cover him. The chain mail is uncolored, and the Spirit of the Salamander powers the rest, causing it glow bright red. His boots are of red leather and quite new, not showing signs of wear yet.

Accessories: An enchanted amulet, which increases his natural abilities slightly. He is faster, more accurate, stronger, and tougher than a normal human.

Strengths: He is well balanced and has eliminated the weak points normally present when someone wields two swords as apposed to a single weapon. He can do a good deal of damage, but can adequately defend himself, and is quite fast.

Weaknesses: He is young and untrained, despite having natural talent. His weapons and armor are rendered useless by water, to the point of working like ordinary swords rather than magical ones, and he cannot swim. His age and inexperience are hindering, as he does not know what kind of destructive force he possesses or how to use it.

Skills/Magic: The swords and armor are brimming with magical power, the fire within them ready to burst from confinement any minute. Reizin has conscious control over that and his own powers, which are developing.

Phoenix Blast: The Heavenflame is in gulfed in flames akin to its namesake, and from the tip of the blade comes the purest holy fire in a blazing ray of light.

Dragon’s Bane: A powerful slash where the Hellfire is surrounded in blazing flame and it explodes with energy on impact.

Salamander’s Supernova: A large release of energy engulfs the surrounding area in flames that explode from Reizin’s body and flare until unable to sustain themselves.

Cascade of Flaming Might: the blades of the swords and the armor plates glow bright, then the swords are placed blade to blade, and slashed outward. A wave of fiery energy erupts violently from the swords and causes massive damage to anything in the path.

Essence of Inferno: The spirit from one of his weapons is temporarily infused to his body. The power from the other spirits and himself is put into powering the weapon his fused spirit is housed in.
The Phoenix: He grows golden wings of flame, which can be used for flying and for damaging the opponent. The Heavenflame becomes completely golden and flares with white fire, doing much more damage while rendering his armor and the Hellfire almost completely drained and mostly useless.
The Dragon: His muscles receive a large increase in mass and power, and he acquires what appear to be scales along his body in patches. He becomes harder to damage and stronger, taking on a fierce fighting style. The Hellfire glows with a strange dark light, and swirls in green fire, while a similar draining effect takes place on the Salamander Armor and the Heavenflame.
The Salamander: Becoming engulfed in fire, Reizin does not use his weapons in this form. Strength pours from the Salamander Armor, and he can manipulate fire as well as use any part of himself as a weapon due to his fire-like quality.

NOTE: These attacks are in their beginning stages and are much less devastating than the descriptions of the full versions imply.

Appearance: A young boy with the smooth, unlined face of youth. He is of medium build with brown, spiky hair and green eyes. Garbed in chain mail that is plated over in certain areas by bright red armor, he carries two swords on his back; one with a white and silver handle, the other black and silver. The breastplate bears a scuffed, slightly dented mark in the center. His eyes hold the thoughts of a young boy who is unsure of himself and his future.

Personality: In a word, quirky, he is young and unpolished. But, despite his age he does have some courage and a sense of justice. He is eager to help and rather clumsy about his speech and mannerisms, albeit with good intentions. He doesn’t like to back down from challenges but is rational and none too prideful to ask for assistance.

Bio: Born in a small village whose only boon was the local arena for which they were famous, he developed an interest in the fighting arts very early in his life. This was unusually because to the other villagers the arena was just a tourist attraction, and a goldmine. No, Reizin used all of his free time and allowance buying money to see the fights. Quickly he picked up basic sword fighting and practiced moves he saw in the arena. Then a fighter who wielded two swords and no shield was at the competition once… Somehow the guy never took a single bow and managed to defeat all but one opponent, the champion. The twin-blade fighter had really impressed the young boy, he had the utmost confidence, This man is gonna win it!

… He didn’t. The champion wielded a terrible chained flail that had rendered much of the man battered and bruised within the first few minutes of their bout. The armor the man was wearing, that beautiful red mail, was damaged in the crushing final blow that left him unable to stand. The champion, the large man throwing his pillar of an arm backwards, wound up for a killer and then with a sideswipe whipping upwards he caught the twin-blader right in the chest and the resounding clash of spiked metal ball against tough plate mail was heard throughout the stadium as thunder burst from the collision. The mace was magicked!

Reizin was crushed; his hero had been defeated, humbled, and knocked unconscious. The young boy ran to the sick bay as the medics carried his limp body from the field. Dashing through the packed crowd and running along back roads that only he knew, Reizin arrived in time to see them strip off his armor. He was bleeding and his skin was bruised, but his now waking face was smiling. Reizin stared as he began to move slowly, stirring and attempting to stand. “No no no sir, you cannot be standing yet!” The medics yelled, pushing him back down gently but forcefully.

“You were amazing!” The eager boy burst out, and the Medics hissed and attempted to push him out. Kicking and shoving, the eager youth insisted on getting one more sentence in however, “You’re my hero!” Before the practitioners forced him out the door. Reizin visited the man every day after class, but while his condition improved the medics said there was nothing they could do for the damage to his chest. He would have trouble breathing for the rest of his life...

Over the time that the man, whom Reizin now knew was named John, spent abed, he had spoken with the boy about his interest in swordsmanship, and particularly his newfound interest in double wielding longswords. Reizin had been practicing after visiting hours with sticks and hitting dummies hung from trees. John immediately told him to stop when he found out, and offered lessons in how to fght correctly with them. So when he was released to go home, he went instead to Reizin's house and quickly made wooden practice swords for the lad. Over the course of a few months, lessons were a daily running of drills and forms to practice skill, and intense cardivascual and strength building workouts. Reizin became stronger, faster, and more alert, and he gained considerable skill with the blades. It was soon time for the final exam, Reizin was to face off against John to show what he had learned. The fight started in obvious favor of John, however Reizin soon gained an edge and managed to win the fight, knocking John over. The teacher began to wheeze and cough, clutching his chest, and proceeded for a few moments before regaining control. He was still having health problems. Before John left the town, he entrusted the armor from the battle, as well as the beautful swords, to Reizin.

"I've no use for them, look at me! I'm never going to fight again, I'm retiring..."

"But, but but-"

"Don't act like a child!" The teacher cut him off, coughing. "You will make much better use of them than I can. Now I'm going, don't make me part on bad terms with you." So he left, and Reizin never saw him again. Life resumed something of normalcy for the boy, except he practiced his swordsmanship every day as if John was still there, but not with the weapons, of course.

Mirorin the Elemental was in town. The man was a legendary competitor in the tournaments of the arena, always scoring high and winning quite a few. Today though, the arena was not his destination. He'd heard of Reizin from a travelling merchant, the story about John the twin-blader and the armor. It turned out Mirorin knew of them from before, and was interested in meeting the new owner. Their confrontation happened while REizin was training, and after watching for a while Mirorin not only told Reizin the properties of the armor and swords, but offered to apprentice him in the warrior arts. The boy was ecstatic and immediately accepted, taking leave from his parents and setting out with Mirorin. As they passed the gates of the town, the Oblivion General thought to himself, That was terribly impulsive of me, but I needed something to do anyway. The boy has talent I'd rather not see go to waste. And they were off, Reizin's dream finally coming through.
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The Elven Princess

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~The Elven Princess *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
Name: Akina ( a-KEY-na), which means "spring flower"
Age: Eighteen
Race: Harmonia (an enormous Elven city in the middle of Du Veira, the Elven forest/country) Elf
Sex: Female
Hair: Red, in which is usually pulled back when fighting
Eyes: Emerald and saphire towards the pupil
Weight: 130 Pounds
Height: 5'9

Weapon: Lakiya (luck-I-ya), a long, sharp crystal sword that Akina recieved on her 16th birthday by a Dwarf king. She also owns Keara, a brave female peregrine falcon that would risk it's life for Akina. Keara is covered in beautiful, brown feathers that feel like pure silk and can turn to fire when moving at extreme speeds. Keara is also quite wise and always seems to know what the right thing to do is. Akina was givin Keara when she was a small child and Keara was a tiny teenage falcon. At this time, Akina named this falcon Keara after a legendary saint. Like Akina, Keara is also magical and can talk with Akina and other humans as well as any animal she comes in contact, although, she can only talk with those through her mind. Keara's most dangerous weapons are her needle-like claws, her jet-black beak that can shread flesh in seconds, and her ear-piercing screech that she sounds when in pain or fear. Another weapon she was given on her 16th birthday was a bow-an-arrow in which the bow is made of pure Elven cherry wood.
Armor: A magical barrier that drains energy and power when used for a long period of time. She also owns a magical sheild that is genuine crystal, although, it is quite light.

Strengths: Akina is agile and fast. She can move at amazing speeds while making little to no sound. She also has an amazing voice and singing ability, with which she can sing small animals and foes to sleep. Her intelligence and knowledge of her past is quite unusual for her age. She was taught by some of the most noble and intellectual leaders in her area.
Weakness: When using magic, Akina's energy is drained. How much is drained depends on how long she is using magic and what is she trying to do with magic, although, she can regain energy by resting. Also, if she trys to do something that requires more magic than what she possesses at the moment, she will die. Akina also has a short temper that, when tested, Akina would lash out on the one who is annoying her or her siblings or friends. An
emotional weakness would be the death of her father in the Elven war of Du Avagith or "The Great Elven Massacre".

Skills/Magic: Akina's main and most important skill is magic. Ever since she was born, she has had that uncanny ability to move objects and people. She can also hurt people at will, but she only does this to protect her and others. She also can talk to animals through her mind.

Personality: Akina is wise and keen. She is stubborn when knowing she is right. She also tends to fight with people who put her family or friends down or criticize them. She is also known to fight for what is righteous and lawful.
Appearance: Akina is quite beautiful for her age. Her skin is and always has been smooth and clear as well as blemish-free. Her hair looks like an enormous ruby that falls down, over her shoulders and back. It is always extemely soft, long, and is one of Akina's most prized possessions. Akina wears long, silk, dresses that fall down to her ankles. Akina also wears pants that go down to her mid-calf and open up. She wears these when exercising. Being an Elven princess, Akina also wears a crown to special occasions and has pointed ears.

History: Akina was born into royalty. Her mother, Tura, is the queen of Harmonia (an enormous city in which is the capital of Du Veira, the Elven country),as well as the rest of Du Veira. Akina's father, Tritogin, was the king of Du Veira. Having her mother and father being the king and queen of Du Veira, Akina is the princess and queen to-be of her country of Du Veira. Although, her sister, Tikera, wanted to be the queen of Du Veira and planned to be it. She made a trap to kill Akina by poisoning her, but, Akina knew her of plans and tipped off the guards. Unfortunately, the brave guards battered Tikera to death to keep her from killing their princess and were executed for it. After this dispute, Akina was assigned a quartet of guards that were just as noble, although, they refused to be any sort of friend to Akina and despised her. Akina was determined to never allow this to disturb her, so she left them to their job and found other friends in the palace.

There is also another side to Akina's past. As a child, Akina always had both parents that loved her and cared for her in all times of distress. They never left her for any reason. But, when a war swept over the country of Du Veira, Akina's father was told to come and fight with the rest of the Elves. At this time, Akina was celebrating her tenthth birthday and did not yet understand the reason and seriousness of the war so, she expected her father to come back scratch-free, although, that was not the case. Two years went by without word from Tritogen and Tura was worried sick, although, Akina still thought of him coming back in one piece. One day an Elf came to the door of the palace bringing horrible news. A house-maid answered the door to the strange person. He asked to see Tura and told the house-maid that it was urgent. The maid told him to wait and swept away to fetch her queen. When the queen answered the door to this person, the weathered Elf respectfully bowed and greeted her with "I have brought terrible news, my Lady.". Tura told him to tell her what was the ill matter and he took out a scroll. Since Tura was so incredibly educated, she read it at an amazing speed, after which, she burst out in tears. Tritogen was killed by being be-headed. The Elf told her that in a week, the Elven general will hold a ceremony dedicated to the deaths of the Elven warriors, including Tritogen.
After the ceremony, Akina was a mess. She would sob for hours. This would serve as a soft spot with her for the rest of her long life.

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Re: Character List

Name: Tuariv Knil

Age: 19

Race: Hylian/unknown

Sex: Male

Hair: Brown, messy and uncombed/none

Eyes: Blue with slit pupils

Weight: 154 pounds to 200 pounds

Height: varies from 5' 9'' to 7' 5''

Weapon: Two claymores, one at a time though. Claymores are well known as being deadly because of their strength and light weight, as well as not rusting. (real facts) First one is named the Leviathan, picture here. Which is strapped around his back, number two is made of pure crystal, shaped exactly like number one only stronger but it takes a lot of energy to weild, after training for so long though, not so much anymore. [/B]It's called The Hydra, brother to the Leviathan, this one is strapped at Tuariv hip. Other weapons are his fists and claws, his feet, his tail, and teeth.

Armor: His only armor are his scales, though they are extremely durable and tough as steel.

Strengths: Tuariv has heightened senses and superhuman strength. As a human he is much quicker but weaker, ninja like (realistic ninja). He knows how to disappear easily, and can hold himself in a hiding position, above a door for example or hanging from rafters, for a long time.

Weakness: Changes often, from slow because of his weightyness in lizard form, to not so strong. Universaly harmed by poison, as a human he wears no armor so not much protection there. As a lizard his blood is cold, so ice will slow him down a lot.


Twilight: Tuariv creates a bubble that grows in size and covers the immediate area in a bubble of twilight power, it is neutral in the elements and unstable. Its power can only be drawn off by Tuariv.

Great Lizard Form: After a Twilight bubble is created Tuariv can utilize this power, it increases his height and muscle mass to double, and increases his stamina, strength, and speed and allows body part regrowth in case of loss.

Lizard God Form: Requires immense amounts of power, but once utilized he becomes much stronger than his Great Lizard Form. Faster, stronger, much more deadly. Same as above only far, far better.

Defense of the Chameleon: This allows Tuariv to completely blend into his surroundings perfectly, takes a few moments to complete.

Heart Burn: Tuariv simply breathes fire for a couple seconds.

Tuariv has abilities connected with the very life force of himself, able to heal himself and others, as well as slash away his enemies. Tuariv now has the ability to change in between his regular self, and his human self, at any time, as well as any part of his body. When in his lizard self he can utilize all of the above, when in his human self he has a control of time, but has trouble with reversing it. Also, he wears no armor as a human, but he is speedier.

Appearance: Tuariv is a very imposing, he has a chameleon like head and a long tail, covered from head to toe in scales green in color. He also has claws on his hands and claws on his feet, his tail is around four feet long. He also has sharp teeth and a sort of long tongue, all that as a a lizard. In his human form he is mcuh shorter but still quite muscular, his clothes are long black and a black sleeveless shirt. But he keeps a small mask over his mouth and nose, his slit pupils stay the same no matter what however. He wears short boots, good for tough terrain. He keeps his claymores in a leather sheath he also wears a necklace in the shape of a sword which was given to him by his rival Kenjin.

Personality: Tuariv isn't all that friendly overall, tending to stick to himself, not afraid to engage in conversation he may be quiet once in a while though. Usually mutters to himself when alone. He's become much more calm with meditation, but can still have a short fuse with fools.

Biography: Tuariv has traveled across the land, meeting and fighting many great warriors of many different types. Born in the Village of Toaru he left it, but expected to return, he didn't. Instead he was pulled into the Twilight Realm and forced to learn to battle just to survive, and he did. Faced many strange enemies and beat them, hoping to one day to return.

After a few months trapped he finally found a portal out, but was greeted by a most unwelcome foe, a shadow master named Kenjin. Tuariv fought this demon well and lasted a very long time against the demon, but he couldn't fight forever, that's why he lost. His will kept trying to fight but the body refused to go on any longer. Kenjin left him where he was, knowing that Tuariv would be able to heal and fight again.

Tuariv did, but the two, now rivals, never did. Instead they strangely found themselves fighting together a couple times. But Tuariv was always out trying to kill Kenjin, even though he was an immortal.

A while later he entered into a quest to save the King of Hyrules brother from a neighboring regions fortress, there he was captured and experimented on, when it was done he became a whole different person, Viraut. He killed the lead man within a minute out of pure hatred, his memory had been lost.

When Viraut left he began traveling again, searching for a way to reclaim his lost mind, and an answer came in the form of a exclusive training place, the “Dome”. It was in the Dome that he trained under a teacher named Aurora, becoming more and more powerful through what she called lessons.

A while later he returned to his previous form, and still fought and traveled while still living at the Dome. One day he and a group of people arrived upon a tower, guarded by a mysterious god. At the very top he sacrificed himself after being mortally wounded, and disappeared. He didn't die however, he lived for what felt like years to him, and he trained. In his pocket stayed a secret key he used in the tower earlier, and that is how he escaped.
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Haden Blue

Name: Haden Blue, formaly Hirken

Nicknames: None

Age: 26

Race: Natural:Reiishiken (4th to last post on page)

Sex: Male

Blood Type: O+

Place of Birth: An underground hovel in Asiatica

Residency: Diamond Citadel

Occupation: Member of the Special Operations Squad Blue.

Alignment: Government

Picture: (Not required)

Hair: Light blond, long and jagged, his bangs are parted to the sides but the part is not continued.

Eyes: Piercing blue with white lines making his eyes look like cracked ice.

Skin: A tan white.

Other Features: On his left bicep a tattoo of a blue celtic style trinty, the symbol of his squad.

Scars/Birthmarks/Etc.: The hands of Haden are covered in the many scars of swordsmanship and gun powder burns.

Garb: A white full collar jacket with blue tubing trim around the outline of the coat, collar, pockets and major seam-lines. It goes to his waist and is left unbottoned. He wears pants of the same style which are tight fitting and flexible. He wears black steel toed army style boots with laces, not a zipper. To top it off he has a black silk neck-tie strung loosley around the collar of his jacket.

Personality: Haden is rather eccentric. He tries to be funny but usualy fails at it; he is a good person at heart but a rebel at times often straying from the conventual path to get what he wants. He has almost no sympathy for his marks, or for other people. When doing a job he does not interact with others at all, he soul mission is to do the job and nothing can distract him. Haden likes to buy expensive things for his small room in the tall towers of the government complex that houses other officals. He is like all those ruled by the government, unmovable on matters of orders. Yet he is always quick to smile or laugh, aften a glow of joy enters his eyes but is soon extinguished for he knows that he cannot attach himself to anyone.

Strengths: Haden is a creature of precision, agility and speed. Relying on them he can easily maneuver around obsticals, and preform acrobatic maneuvers while firing a gun or attacking with melee weapons. Running on walls, jumping extremely high various things allowed to him give him the ability to dodge projectiles, and other attacks with ease and secrecy usually not even letting them know of their own death. These things, common to the people of his clan through rigorous training and innate racial abilities allow him to be the perfect covert operative.

Flaws: Haden is highly susceptible to heavy hits, him being a of light weight and attacks relying on on his racial abilities. Once he is hit hard the struggle to recover is immense, he is highly susceptible to being thrown or knocked long distances. This coupled with a harsh blow would totally disable him. And despite his speed and agility, he is no superhuman and is stilled bested in these fields by many. His reliance upon his weapons is paramount, and should they prove to be ineffective, there is little else that the man would be able to do.

Skills: Haden was trained in the ways of his kind before departing from them. He is trained in the arts of the sword, gun and evasive martial arts (not those for attack but those of stealth and dodging). He also employs the life sensing powers of his race, even if it is not that strong in him.

Weapons: Haden carries the mark of his race, the sword. It is Kris in nature, being short and wavy it still has the power of bullet reflection. The blade has temper marks like that of wood grain, often called Damascus. The handle was originaly made of redwod wrapped in shark skin, but now he had replaced it with a white sythigrip handle with a red stone in the pommel. However he hardley uses this weapon and instead uses his two Semi-automatic Pistols .6 caliber with thirty-five rounds a clip. The weapons are held in a holster on his lower back, the gun handlesfacing down and crossing while the handle of his Kris points downward.

Armor: White sectioned kevlar chest plate that is wore bare under the coat.

Equipment: None other than a cell phone

Vehicle: None

History: Haden had the upbringings of any Reiishiken. He grew in seclusion, under the ever watchful eyes of his mother and father. The Hirken family lived in a clan underground in what was once a large bomb shelter near a small gun shop. His clan was very strict, never allowing anyone on the surface unless it was necissary. All of his child hood was spent learning the old tales from ancient scriptures and documents, memorizing the fables and their life meaning. Like all childern of the Clan he was forced to under go rigorus physical and mental activies each day, getting him ready for the test of the blade.

In his clan the pure blood Reiishiken, those of more asian looks, took the tests of the sword upon the age of thirteen. However Haden and the few other non-asian kids had to take the test at the age of fifteen, even if they surpassed the skills of the other Reiishiken. Yet upon his fifteenth birthday Haden did pass the test, and began the process of forging his blade. For days he gathered the metal, using broken bits of older warriors swords, gun parts, and other metal objects he smelted down he made the sheet of metal necissary. After folding and heating it it had finaly gotten to the stage that required the clay. With the touch of years of teaching he applied the substance. Letting it do it's work, Haden a few hours latter scrapped of the clay. His result was at the time dissapointing, a blade of only one and a half feet. He put the handle and grip on then showed it to his father. Instead of the praise the other recived, Haden got ridiculed. He was called less of a man and various other things, the harrasment so brutal he ran away.

Months later Haden was living on the streets when he was picked up by the police for having a weapon as he did. He was in jail, having his just been filed when a government offical took him out. The offical was looking for talented youth to train, and seeing that Haden's heritage suited his purpose the man claimed him. Haden was then made offical government property, to be inlisted in the special operations squad Blue. He was put through years of training in the art of gunmanship and stealth, playing upon his Reiishiken talents. Only once at graduating from training did he meet the other members of the squad, but he was told to not remember them so he didn't.

Haden has been given many elite jobs for the government, such as assainating syndite and gang heads. Dangerous, but a job that he was required to do neverless. He is currently waiting for his next job.

Theme Songs: Numb

RP Sample: The harsh click of heavy steel toes boots rang out through the narrow ally. A bright form walking speedily through, determined to get to their destination as the bright blue eyes shone with the fact in a cold glint. The heavy material of the jacket swung slightly back and forth with the motion of the man's muscular and tones body. A hunched over form ran ahead of him in futile effort, for she knew that at the end of this ally a red brick wall lay in her path and her stalker was gaining on her quick. Throwing back a quick look that caused her bright orange hair to fling about wildly, the man was no longer there. Then head of her as if a wraith from above the man landed kneeling on the ground in front of her, a blur of white. He turned around slowly, the moonlight reflecting from his rough blond hair and white clothing making him radiate with a angelic aura. Then she saw the glint of a pistol shaft, and it was too late. In a blink of an eye, she lay on the mudpool littered gravel ally, a stream of blood dribbling out of the whole the .6 caliber bullet had bad in the center of her forehead.

The man walked forward, placing his smoking gun back into place under the heavy material of his white jacket. He bent over the form, using the special power of his race to identfy that the woman was surely dead. He brushed aside the tangled fiery locks that surrounded her forehead to reveal the mark he was looking for, a bulet burried in the center of it. A metalic scraping sounded briefly as he extracted the Kris from its sheath in a lightning fast movement acomplished by much practice. He then with a swift slice cut the small oval of skin from her forhead and pulled it off, a trail of blood slinking down the pulpy mass of her pulverized forhead. From an inside pocket he pulled out a plastic bag and placed the patch of skin in it, sealing the thing closed with a pinch of his fingers. Haden then placed the white handled curved blade into it's sheath, the blade already cleaned off by the intense whirlwinds that constanftly surrounded it.

The Reiishiken then opened his phone with a flip and pushed number one on the speed dial. A whir of beeps and boops sounded before connecting him with the incrypted line. "Mission accomplished," he said, his deep voice soft in the harsh ally that was stained with blood and violence. He then quickly snapped it shut upon receiving the conformation beep. Now he could get some rest.

Humours Exhumations

Dauntin Affection In progress
+/Haden\+ */Vana\* >/Raziel\<~/Neeko\~

----- ♥Best TA '09 & '10♥
Retired Characters:
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Re: Character List

Name: Edward Kitsuo
Age: 64
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Hair: Black but beginning to gray
Eyes: A glossy, faint blue because he is blind
Weight: 130 lbs.
Height: 5’7”

Weapon: A long, slender katana and an oak walking stick.

Strengths: Being stricken with blindness at a young age, Edward’s other senses have developed well beyond those of an average person. Although he is blind, his skills with the blade are superb. He is also very fast and agile. The blind swordsman is also very wise.

Weaknesses: Even though his other senses are at a much higher developed state than the normal person, Edward is still blind. His older age also leaves him at a disadvantage because his energy is not as great as it was when he was younger. He also wears no armor at all, so his body is subject to injury from any physical or magical attack.

Skills/Magic: None

Appearance: Edward carries all the features of an aging man. His face is slightly wrinkled and his long, black hair usually hangs in his face. He is attired in a traditional, eastern styled kimono with wooden sandals. His kimono is old, much like himself, and worn through in several places. He also wears a pair of black glasses so people cannot see his ghostly eyes.

Personality: The blind swordsman, Edward, is a very kind man to those who are pure at heart. His demeanor in battle is most strange, because he usually remains soft-spoken even when confronted or confronting others. When he does speak, he usually equates what is happening to a philosophy or to some sort of lesson. In many ways, he is a natural teacher providing life lessons to even those who would oppose him. Sadly, some do not live long enough to learn from those lessons.

Biography: Many years ago, Edward was born to a poor merchant and a housewife. His childhood was rather unexceptional until in his teenage years when he began to show a high aptitude for scholarly subjects. Using everything that they had, his poor parents managed to send him to a school within the kingdom of Coreelus. He excelled within the school and made top marks in all subjects. After spending several years in the school, Edward began having problems with his vision. Some days his vision would blur and darken. Most of his symptoms were accompanied by a splitting headache where he would have to spend most of the day in bed because of the pain. It was only a short time later when the young scholar lost his sight for good.

However, blindness was not enough to hold Edward back. He was specially tutored and continued to excel in his subjects, maybe even more so than before because the migraines and continual visual problems that plagued him stopped. Now, there was only blackness. It did not take too long before word of the young man spread throughout the kingdom. The king personally selected him to become the assistant to his royal scholar.

The now successful young man continued his studies under the royal scholar. The two mapped the stars, developed an elementary concept of meteorology, solved the Coreelus’s growing drainage problem, and came up with many of the concepts and principles that would eventually be followed in local and foreign regions years later. Being a very curious and ambitious man, Edward longed for even more than his studies. During his thorough research of history, he heard of the famous swordsmen known throughout the world. This sparked his interest and he desired to know all that he could about the way of the sword.

Combing through the dusty archives of the castle’s ancient library, Edward’s personal assistant read every single title to him. The scholar listened intently and soaked in every bit of knowledge behind the ways and life of a swordsman. He became learned in the various styles of swordsmanship, in the great masters of the sword, and in the ethics and traditions of an honorable warrior. He still yearned for more though. His quest for complete knowledge in this area would not be complete unless he learned to handle a sword. This would be unthinkable for a blind man though.

After a great deal of convincing on his part, Edward finally persuaded the Master of the Guard to tutor him in basic swordsmanship. The Master of the Guard, Coralis Coreelus, was the descendant of some of the founding fathers of Coreelus. He was a swordsman of legendary standing. Even after his many conquests and successes defending the kingdom, teaching a blind man the way of the sword would be his greatest challenge. The ambitious, blind, young man spent every waking hour in the presence of Coralis. The Master of the Guard did not go easy on him either. He put him through the same difficult training that he expected of anyone. Truthfully, he was more difficult on Edward than he had ever been with anyone before. He did this because he could see the true potential that resided in him. Past his blindness, he could sense that he had the ability to become truly great. He could sense that the young man could make those he encountered to be the ones with the disadvantage. Coralis knew that Edward could turn the vision of others into their own greatest weakness.

After years of intense training and conditioning, Edward’s senses were awakened to a level where he could hear the nimble feet of ninjas in the forest. He could sense coming attacks greater than those with the sharpest eyes. What he did not possess in strength, he made up for with his almost hypnotic movements when attacking. His feet seemed to not even touch the ground as propelled himself toward the sky with only his toes. His body spun in the air as a piece of silk does when it’s thrown into a strong breeze. His attacks came quickly and deadly. He could not afford to waste movement because of his blindness. When Edward struck, he struck to kill. Coralis realized that the ability of his pupil surpassed even that of his own.

On a blustery fall day, the Master of the Guard gave his blind pupil the black kimono that he wore himself as a student. He also rewarded him with his most prized possession. Coralis presented Edward with the sleek katana that was handed down to him by his own master, a legendary samurai from the east. The blind pupil took the blade, but not before hearing what Coralis had to say about it.

“Edward, you have learned the way of a swordsman. I’ve taught you all that I know and you have managed to surpass me. I’ve nothing more to give you, but the katana that now lies in your hand. Use it well. It was specially crafted far in the east and presented to my master who later handed it down to me. I have now handed it down to you. The blade has a storied history, but I feel that you already know that.”

The young swordsman looked down to the blade in his hand. He reached up to the round black glasses he wore to cover his glossy eyes and removed them. He opened his non-seeing eyes wide and he could almost see the shimmering of the blade through the sheath.

“With that blade,” Coralis said solemnly, “If God should turn on you, He will be cut.”


Edward went back to his scholarly duties for the king. He still practiced his swordsmanship everyday. Years later, Coralis died of old age. He died peacefully in the night in his own bed. For that, his most exceptional student was glad. Still, he was deeply saddened by the passing of his own master. Meanwhile, the kingdom was slipping into disarray.

The king died suddenly after the onset of an illness. His young and arrogant son succeeded him and almost immediately led the kingdom into conflicts with neighboring lands. The young king didn’t care much for scholarly matters and decided to do away with the royal scholar and his assistant. He offered Edward and the royal scholar a small parcel of land within the kingdom, but both soundly rejected the offer. The king was deeply offended, but both of the scholars knew that the kingdom would meet an ill-end with this king in control. The two moved far away into a deep forest together and built a very small home by a spring.

After a walk to the spring one cold day in winter, Edward strode toward his home. When he was only a few dozen yards away from the spring, he stopped. Small flurries of snow and a bitterly cold wind from the west brought the smell that alerted him that something was amiss. He could sense the figure leaping from a tree to his right. He pulled his katana from over his shoulder and with one spinning motion the would-be murderer was spilled over the snow-covered ground. Upon arriving at his home, he was greeted by two unfamiliar voices.

“You must be Edward,” one of the voices said.

“Yes, I am Edward,” he said, “What do you want with us?” A snicker came from one of the men.

“We want you dead,” a gruff voice answered.

“Before I die,” Edward started, “I think I should know what has brought you here to kill an old scholar and a blind man.”

“Fair enough,” the voice answered, “You were privy to far too much secretive information during your stint in Coreelus. The king has ordered us to execute you both. He has fears that you have betrayed the kingdom by sharing secrets with neighboring lands. You are guilty of treason, and that is why your friend is dead and why you have to die.”

The two assassins dashed at Edward and he dispatched them with ease. One tried to speak, but only a loud gurling was heard as bright blood spurted from his throat. In the house, he discovered the elderly scholar slain in bed. He dressed in the black kimono given to him by his master and placed his black glasses on the end of his nose. The blind swordsman began his long journey to Coreelus to make those pay who had this senseless murder committed.


The king was killed, as was a large panel of his advisors and conspirators. That was over thirty years ago. The blind swordsman realized what great evil was dwelling in some men. Edward has spent his remaining days wandering throughout the lands and ridding the world of those that would do evil. He felt his fate was sealed with those that he had been forced to kill back in Coreelus, so he would continue this undesirable work until he fell to another’s blade or he went into an unending sleep. Tirelessly, he wanders the land without a place to call home and without mercy for those who seek to do harm to others.

He is actively sought after by assassins and others hired by those who have warranted a visit from the blind swordsman.

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[My BA Characters are Aidan and Edward Kitsuo]
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Re: Character List

Name: Forest Drayic
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Draco
Eyes: Dark green
Hair: Dark Brown, down to his neck
Height: 5”8’
Weight: 150 lbs.

Weapon: Human form: Oak Bow and arrows
Dragon form: Claws
Armor: Human form: none
Dragon form: none

Strengths: Human form: He is a good archer. Forest can also be good at fist fighting too.
Dragon form: Forest has all of the powers of a Dragon, including all strengths and weaknesses. He can use his sharp claws as a weapon at times.

Weaknesses: Human form: Even though Forest can be good at fist fighting, but he is not as good in strength. He doesn’t know how to swim, and he is afraid to use his various magic skills. This is because he might lose his human form temporarily.
Dragon form: Even when Forest is in a Dragon’s form, his strength is no match to a regular dragon. His dragon form also cannot fly due to his one wing (see bio).

Skills/Magic: ~Magic~

Human incarnation: Forest always uses this magic. It allows him to be a human, which is his favorite form.
Telepathic connection: In dragon form, Forest can use magic to temporarily talk by sending telepathic messages to each other
Pyrocorpse: A fire move he can use in each form. It is move he made up where he turns into fire in the shape of his current form. In this magic, he is extremly vounerable to any water attack and weak to any water attack.
Fire breath: Can breath fire

Appearance: Human Form: Forest has dark clothing on. He has black, baggy cargo pants on. He also has a navy blue long sleeve shirt on. He has a quiver on his back for his arrows. He also carrys a pouch carrying his one scale of each of his sisters, he will do anything to keep them.
Dragon Form: Forest is a black Dragon. His claws are pearl white. He has a wing on his left side, but not to his right (See bio). All that is left of his other wing is a little stump of a wing that show signs of being ripped off. His body has stained blood all over this form from the war.
Personality: Forest was never talkative. He never starts conversations, he joins in them. He usually never trusts anyone except friends. In battle Forest goes all out, he uses almost all of his arrows then fights with whatever is available. He is always determined to win. He never loses hope in battle.

Bio: Dracos are creatures that developed from Dragons. They are much like dragons, only that they have a magic to turn into a human, less magic spells, and they are weaker. Dracos get their magic power from their wings, unlike Dragons. Dracos have enough magic to be human for 24 hours, and recharges as they sleep. They get less hours of being human if they use other magic. They have the ability to use magic in both forms.

One day among the Dracos, a young baby Draco was born. His name was Forest. He had 2 older sisters and 1 older brother. Blaze, the oldest, was a mischievous Draco who teased and pulled pranks on everyone. Erika and Luna, the twins, who were nice and a bit strict at times. Blaze was a red dragon with black claws, while the Twins were both Sapphire blue dragons with white claws.

When Forest was at the age of 10, he was trained by a training camp at the edge of his town. They put him in a human archery class and a Dragon fighting class. There he received his oak bow, his arrows, and his quiver. He learned to fight in Dragon form and was in one of the highest levels with Blaze, Erika, and Luna. Since each group in any war has 4 Dracos, they were placed together in a group to train, just incase a war did happen.

Soon Dragons declared war agents the Dracos. While the Dracos were still figuring out why they formed a war, an ambush of Dragons started to attack the Dracos. Adult Dracos and younger Dracos in high levels of fighting in the training camp were sent to defend the Dracos. All of the weaker men, women, and children Dracos were sent to a sanctuary of an unknown location. Some Dracos ceased human magic and went to the Dragons to spy. The spies were soon discovered and killed shortly after they came.

Forest was one of the fighters. He was in dragon form along with Luna, Blaze, and Erika. Forest was 15 at the time. He was in a real war this time. He used his claws and all of his strength just to kill 2 dragons. By the time he was slashing the third with his claws, he felt an enormous pain in one of his wings and he toppled to the ground. He stood up on his 4 legs and saw that his right wing was hanging by a piece of skin, blood spewing everywhere from it. He couldn’t see his siblings anywhere. Then he saw Luna’s dragon body on the ground, dead. He also saw a few of Erika’s scales on the ground. He saw no trace of Blaze anywhere. He turned into human and he hid in a dead hollow tree covered with ash. It felt like eternity, but finally the Dragons flew away.

Forest now lives among the humans. He has less magic power due to his one wing. Soon after the war, Forest ripped of the rest of his wing except a little stubble. Forest sleeps and hides in caves so the humans won’t kill him in Dragon form. Forest never stayed with the Dracos to see if they won the war, or to see if Erika or Blaze is still alive. All he does now is hanging around with the humans. He occasionally trains in each form except magic. He just wants to be human.

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Re: Character List

Name: Zapri, The Gear Alchemist.

Age: 15

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: Brown, long and messy

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 156 pounds

Height: 5' 8'

Weapon: Any he can think of, projectile things are harder though.

Armor: None.

Strengths: Zapri is capable of alchemy which is a science in which one can deconstruct, then reconstruct them into something new. Such as dirt, refined much, much harder into a dagger.

Weakness: Initially wears no armor, just simple clothes. Isn't to good at fighting directly against a person, such as sword to sword and such. Plus not to good with any specific weapon mainly because using weapons is not what he trains in.


Zapri is one capable of using Alchemy, which is actually a science, not a magic. Utilizing it he can change almost anything, such as water into ice, or create a weapon out of the rocks beneath him. He simply claps his hands together and presses his hands to the ground, object, ect. For larger scale things however, a circle is required.

Varying from small-

To much larger and more complicated-

So Zapri always carries chalk and a swiss army knife to draw on different things just in case. If an enemy is not of human flesh then he can transmute them.

Appearance: Zapri isn't specially clad in any special garments, instead wearing simple sweats, short cut boots and a regular t-shirt topped off by a long fleece. His brown hair is only around three inches long, usually uncombed. A pocketwatch hangs from his belt into his pocket, with a transumtation circle carved on.

Personality: Zapri tends to be a real smartass, constantly talking back to everyone, when he's talked to. When not in conversation however, he'll often be quiet, mainly because random people don't just talk to him out of nowhere, and quite a few people hate alchemists is a reason too. If he has to fight then he'll be serious, but may taunt. Though Zapri doesn't like to just fight, and hates killing.


Zapri was born and raised in Central City, the main Headquarters for all alchemists and government. Usually war was going on so Zapri was forced to learn how to use alchemy seeing as how it was the best way for one to survive. It was a hard time because of many warmongerers and the rumored humonculus were running about.

After a year of studying the science he was ready to become a State Alchemist. Zapri worked his way through the trials that were required to prove you were capable enough to be a true alchemist. Unfortuantly Zapri wasn't one of the few who passed that year.

Another year passed after that, not a week going by without Zapri reading a book on alchemy and trying to be better. When the next chance came for him to tryout, he did, and passed by impressing the judges with his own special move, by creating a working windup clock out of nothing but refined dirt. For this he was given the second name, Gear Alchemist.

Zapri was given an offcial State Alchemist pocketwatch, and now carries out order for the governement. Lately however the war has yet to cease, with such problems as even the president being a homunculus, warmongerers left and right, and massive groups of suits of armors appearing out of nowhere. For this reason Zapri has been laying low as of late, though still fufilling (sp?) his duties, but staying out of the fighting best he can. This however still threatens his staying a State Alchemist.
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Re: Character List

Name: Laia
Age: 20
Race: Human/Avatar
Sex: Female
Hair: Shoulder Length Black
Eyes: Black
Weight: 130lbs
Height: 5'6"

Weapon: Magic Staff
Armor: Air Shield (learned from her friend, Reese)

Strengths: The element of water and air.
Weakness: The inability to use the elements of earth and fire. She also has learned the Air Shield maneuver from her friend Reese, but the shield has many holes where swords are easily penetrated. She is also very ineffective against any electrical attacks, which essentially short circuits her water attacks.
Skills/Magic: Being an avatar, she is skilled in all the elements of the planet, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. She can use these elements while in battle. However, she has yet to learn the skills of Earth and Fire. Some of her magic includes Balls of Water, Water Streams, Ice attack (when the climate is right), hurricane force winds, gusts of wind, and fogs to confuse her opponents.

Personality: Laia is a very courageous young lady. She will easily give her life to save another. Despite her appearance, which is very dark, her personality is very outgoing and generous. She is also a very fast learner, which is to her advantage when she goes to learn the other arts of bending.
Appearance: Laia is an average height, average weight young woman, with shoulder length black hair and black eyes. For someone with a very outgoing person, Laia is very rarely seen in anything other than black.

History: Laia was born in a small village in a small town in a small country. This country was based on the magical ability of "bending" water to suit the needs of the country, including agricultral advancements. Laia started bending at the very young age of 5, which was seen as unusual, as many benders started at age 12. This lead the town to discover that she was an avatar, a human the ability to bend all four elements of the earth. Laia started her training at age 10, two years earlier than all those in her village. She finished her training at the age of 15, and was just as good, if not better than the most experienced benders in her village. She did not find out that she was an avatar until she the age of 16, from her father who was told not to tell her until she was old enough to take on the responsibility. With that, she set on a journey to train in the other arts of bending. This lead her to a city to the north of her. The people there were airbenders, on the verge of destruction from the war waged with the Firebenders. She singlehandedly stopped the attack and gained the trust of the people. She met Reese, a local airbender, who instantly befriended Laia. Reese taught Laia in the ways of airbending in the matter of two years, lending her ability to harness air just as well as water. Her journey is ongoing though, as she still has two elements to learn, her and Reese set out on an adventure to the other countries of the other two elements.
Name: Reese
Age: 20
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Hair: Long brown hair, always braided.
Eyes: Green
Weight: 150lbs
Height: 5'7"

Weapon: Small dagger
Armor: Air shield. Able to defect maybe attacks with a gust of wind.

Strengths: The ability to harness and "bend" the element of air to her advantage.
Weakness: Weak armor. Even though her Air Shield can deflect a lot of attacks, it has many holes in it's structure that's easily penetrated by many sword attacks. Earth attacks also screw up her concentration in performing many of her air attacks, throwing her winds off course.
Skills/Magic: The element of air. Hurricane force winds, small gusts of wind, and the appearance of fog to confuse her opponents.

Personality: Reese is a very shy person. She has a timid nature to her, but her bending skills are really impressive. It takes a while before anyone can get to be her friend, but once you do, she will be your friend til the very end. She is also very courageous as well, willing to do what it takes to get a job done.
Appearance: Reese is a young woman of the age 19. Even though she has a few extra pounds, she is still very athletic. Reese always dresses in light colored clothes, usually of the color blue and green.

History: Reese grew up in a big city inside the country based on airbending. She only knew her father, as her mother left soon after her birth, which was one small factor in the timidness of her nature. Reese was taught in the ways of airbending from her father, who passed away when she was 15 while training her. She is certain that he was murdered by a firebender, who were gaining strengths that no one had seen before. The only living relative Reese had at the time was an uncle she knew from when she was very little, so she set off one town over to find him. She found the town he lived in burned to the ground, but found him alive in an underground bunker in the center of town. She finished her training with him and at age 18, moved back her hometown, which still waging war with the Firebenders. With all hope lost, a lone waterbender came wandering into the city and pushed back the firebenders with her impressive skills. Reese befriended the woman, whose name was Laia, a waterbender from the south. Reese found out from Laia that she was an avatar, a human with the ability to harness the four elements of the planet. She asked Reese if she would teach her in the art of airbending, so over the next two years taught Laia. With her journey not yet complete, Laia set out to leave the city, when Reese decided to join her, owing to the fact that she needed more training on her own skills, as well as venegance on her father's death.
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Re: Character List

Excuse my perfection-ism. (is that even a word)?

2,500 something words for the win.


Name: Hashem Kiyumars (Hash-hem Key-you-mars)

Race: An Immortalized Human. Basically, this means that he is human but has stopped aging and does not die unless killed. Along with being human, Hashem is from a Persian Origin.

Age: Hashem stopped aging at age 19. Afterwards, he lost track. There’s a good chance that he is over one thousand years old.

Gender: Male

Height: 5'4" (Yes, I realize he's short.)

Weight: 145 lbs.

Eyes: A mixture between honey and hazel.

Hair: Extremely curly black hair, but close to his head. Each strand stretched out is about an inch long. He also has a small and soft goatee, black also.

Skin: A crisp and golden honey/tan color, the basic color of Persians.

Weapon: Two large butcher knife-looking blades/knives that are shaped like an Arabian blade. They are a dull dark gray that fades into a much lighter shade at the sharpest edges. The blades are each about a foot and a half long, and at the top part of the blade (the widest) it is four inches wide. At the base of it is one and a half. The hilt is a curved metal, while the handle is made of steel and wrapped in satin and gold thread. These blades have no particular power, and are just blades. However, Hashem prefers these over any others because he has ‘broken them in’, ‘is used to them’, and ‘trusts them’.

Strengths: Over the years Hashem has improved much, as would be expected. Hashem is equally powerful, quick, tough, and witty. This may seem like a large combination, but neither of them are his strong or weak points. Hashem loves to be balanced. He can also speak almost fifteen languages.

Weaknesses: Hashem cannot stand it when he can’t see his foe. He relies mostly on his sight. It makes him feel vulnerable and naked. Hashem is usually good at keeping his cool, but when he looses it, he really looses it. The anger forces him to only focus on attacking and defeating the foe. If the enemy is out of sight when this happens, he may go around on rampage without realizing what he is doing at the moment. This is massive waste of energy, as well as it leaving him even more vulnerable. Hashem is also very defenseless against water, and does not do well in cold conditions. He also has a problem with long range attacks, much relating to his problem of not being able to see his opponent.


Sword Skills

Hashem has trained with swords since he was eight years old. His father had said he was a natural and Hashem highly regarded the comment. He would practice everyday for hours and hours at no end, just to improve one tiny detail. Hashem’s movements became quick, powerful, and ruthless. They were something to be feared.

After living for almost a thousand years (most likely) Hashem has seen, heard, and felt much. He has collected sword techniques from all over, and compiled them into one giant pile. However, his Arabic style still protrudes most evidently, as it is his favorite and the way he learned first.

The Basics

OK, so here we have our basics. This is the simple slash up, down, east, west, diagonal, forwards, etc. Each of these movements is quick and requires a relatively good eye to catch. However, fighters with bad eyes are rarely seen so his strikes are just like anyone else’s to his opponents.

His combination of swords can provide a very useful blocking technique. He can block them and place them over his face, which will stop anything that won’t crush his blades or exert too much pressure that he’ll stumble backwards. The blades also have anti-fire magic on them allowing them never to melt. The problem with this is that they rust and become weak rapidly when in contact with water.


Hashem, as you may have guessed, has developed several unique moves over the years of his existence. One of his most commonly used ones is hurling one blade at the foe and pinning them to the wall by their shirt, only to slash the blade at them while they are stuck to the wall.

The Flame Tattoo

Hashem received an extremely odd tattoo, one that cost thousands of dollars. This tattoo was drawn by an expert fire mage, put on by burning the skin. His right arm went through many days of pain afterwards, but in the end, was worth it. Burn-like marks are on his skin, shaped like flames. The flames actually move, but slowly and still visible.


When he is angry his arm can heat up to as hot as 1,000 degrees F and leave a nasty burn on anyone that touches him, accidentally. This, however, can be quite a giveaway sometimes as you can feel the radiating heat and it automatically tells you if he's mad.

His arms also supply him with strength, pulling heat from the air and transferring it into energy. The problem is, Hashem can never stay in one place too long because it gets cold. So as a result, he goes someplace else (it doesn't necessarily have to be far), and it eventually gets cold again. If he isn't doing something, this can cause him to be a little hyper, and full of energy. It is also a 'storage tank' of magic power.

The last notable ability of this is that he can take power from his arm and transfer it to his swords, causing them to catch fire. But since they have anti-fire spells, they will not melt, thus making them more powerful.


Hashem, although having some, does not have much magic. All that he can do with it is small manipulations, and store heat in his body. He cannot create fire out of heat. Fire is the only kind of magic he has.

Appearance: Hashem is shirtless, but does wear khaki/white baggy pants that go down a little beyond his knees. He doesn’t wear shoes either. The man also wears a cloth belt along with a little leather one that slightly hangs on his hip, which holds his two swords in a hilt. Picture coming soon.

Personality: Hashem is a man of mixed personalities, you could say… most of the time he is fun, happy, outgoing, and friendly. He loves to make new friends, to help others, and to protect them. Hashem will die for anyone that is truly his friend, as he has an extremely open heart. He can be a bit hyper active, due to his tattoo (see skills), but his nice attitude usually makes up for that. Yet, on the other side of him, if you manage to make him angry he’ll go off. He is hard to anger, yet when he does get angered, the man is very dangerous and is threatening to anyone around him as well as his opponent. Most of the time Hashem can tell of someone is better than him or not, or equal. If it seems they are not better, he will usually joke around and try to have fun. However, if they do seem better, he will concentrate and give it 150%.

History/Background: Hashem was born in a small farming village in the middle-east, called Cirocco. The population could not have been over seventy, and had no schools, as this was a very long time ago. Almost every resident was in a family that owned a farm, as much of the village supplied markets with food. The family farm of Hashem’s was the Kiyumars Farm, owned by his father, Kedar, and mother, Nadia.

For the first few years of his life, from age three to eight, Hashem did the small jobs at the farm; Hashem learned the smaller and easier jobs of the farms. He got acquainted with horses, and learned how to feed them, brush them, and take care of them. The young boy became particularly acquainted with one particular horse, though. That horses’ name was Faris. Hashem would spend every drop of his free time with the horse, taming, training, and taking care of it. Always being at home, it was the closest thing to a friend he had.

At age eight, his father brought him home his very own pair of swords. They were brand-spankin’ new, and you could say that Hashem loved them almost as much as his horse. He spent less and less time with Faris, and more and more time practicing. However, he did not completely forget Faris. Hashem made sure he had time to do and pay attention to both.

Around the time Hashem turned nine his parents gave birth to his little sister, Farihah. Like most brothers and sister, Hashem was excited at first but eventually became angry because nobody paid as much attention to them. They were always all over his little sister, and he hated it. He completely hated it. Often he hurled his swords at the old shed outside, which is how he got his accuracy. The shed had many slit holes in it, from times he was mad.

Now, you would have expected Hashem’s parents to notice his change in attitude. They didn’t. Nadia, his mother, stayed with Farihah all the time. His father was constantly checking on them while working in the field, and hiring workers so he didn’t have to do it. As a result, he forced Hashem to become the new farm head, and work all day long in the hot sun. They began to seem like enemies.

One hot afternoon, Hashem decided he was fed up with it all. He grabbed his blades, jumped on Faris’ bare back, and took off to the closest oasis. The young man never planned to go back, but new he eventually should. He was away from home for almost a week, and his father was in rampage when he came back. With a hard slap to the face and whip to the back, Hashem was sent back to work in the fields.


Hashem began to fall in a monotone-like pattern. Day after day, he followed the same routine, ate less and less, and drank less and less. It was like he didn’t have the will to live, almost. That was, until, an odd looking human emerged from the plant. It looked like a little boy, with sleek black hair and death white skin enveloping his chiseled cheekbones. Hashem knew immediately that this boy was not from around there. He would not have that pale of skin, if he was. The boy extended his hand slowly and gave Hashem a light tap on the shoulder. The older man looked over his shoulder and glanced, returning to his work. The boy repeated, and Hashem turned around and demanded who he was and what he was doing.

The boy replied sullenly, stating his name was ‘Taro’. Hashem gave him an odd look, and questioned to why he was here. He stated: “He wants you. He sees strength in you. He told me to get you. His men will come for you tomorrow night. Be prepared for Him.”

“Who is ‘Him’?” Hashem inquired. He didn’t care what happened to him; his life was a drag already.

“Him. You know Him. Do not ask me who He is. You will serve Him, forever. He is coming to make you live.”

“What, was I supposed to die today?”

“No. You won’t die. You will never die. Goodbye.”

And with that, Taro was gone.


Hashem woke to a hard slam on the shoulder. His eyes flickered open, and were greeted by the silhouette of a burly man. A pudgy hand gripped his shirt and ripped him out of bed.


And so Hashem followed, half asleep. They walked on for what could have been hours, and was finally taken to a large platform in the middle of nowhere with a wooden pole erected. Chains dangled from it. The man tied him up in them, as Hashem began to register the massive amount of people, pale like Taro, which surrounded him. People beat him with sticks, stones, and anything they had… he just didn’t care.

The crowd was shushed by the burly man. “I present to you all, His newest servant, Hashem. Tonight, he will be made immortal, and will serve Him forever.”

Cheers erupted. Hashem frantically tried to figure out what was going on, when a whip of purple magic flew at him, with a heavy strike. Excruciating pain swept though him. It felt as if every bone in his body had just broken, heart been crushed, and brain was smashed. It felt as if bugs were crawling under his skin and in his skull and as if spiders laced their webs around him. In the midst of it all, more sticks and stones were thrown.

Hashem slumped, bloody chin against bloody chest. “Take the man to Him.”

The new immortal slipped into unconsciousness.


For the next hundred years, Hashem served under Him, never really finding out who ‘He’ was. All day he cleaned, swept, cleaned, swept, and puked. It began to seem like his job at home, even though his job back at home sounded a lot more enjoyable. Eventually everything important to him slipped his mind, except for his two swords which he had with him the whole time.

At a bar, one day, he met a person with the color skin he used to have. He immediately began to talk to the man, questioning why he was not bleach white, and how to get back to normal. Apparently, Hashem was in the land of the dead, on the side of evil’s ‘Him’… the devil. Hashem was horrified. For Hashem to get back to the way he was, he must escape to the other side, and find the exit out (which wasn’t too hard to find). Once he entered the other side, he would regain all memories and everything else. He set out on his quest to the other side.


He made it, after years of trying… years of searching, and years of trying. Barely escaping evil’s clutches, he escaped back into the mortal world, yet still immortal. By the immortal process he had gone though, he would never appear to age, nor would he in physicality and mentality. He would live on forever, until killed. Once done, he sought out a mage in an attempt to learn magic. Hashem found that he liked the fire element the best, and focused on that. This was around the time when Hashem paid thousands of dollars to get his tattoo done. The mage who implemented the tattoo trained him with it, as well as a bit of magic before he died of old age. Hashem took his textbooks and studies them whenever he has access.

Hashem doesn’t really know what quest he’s going on. He knows that everyone he once loved and knew is dead, and that he will live on and on. As a result, he fights for the good of people, the health of them, and the safety of them. Ever since coming back to the mortal world, his old and energetic personality has come back, like the old Hashem (the one before Farihah).

[These Guys Will Show You Inescapable Doom]

"Maybe it's the sum of a million coincidences we don't quite control that brings us to a particular place
at a particular time, or maybe it's the choices we make, the actions we take. If there's one thing I've learned in 85 years, it's
that what we want doesn't always matter. But then again, sometimes it's all that does." - Mick St. John

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Re: Character List

Approved by Drewey.

Name: Annabelle “Anna” Syn-Lupus (Sine-Loopuhs)

Aliases: Dream Dancer, Wolf Dreamer

Age: 17

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 127 lbs.

Hair: Silver-gray

Eyes: Burnt yellow

Weapons: Anna’s only weapons are her many and varied bracelets and necklaces she has wound around her wrists and neck. More specifically, she utilizes the various charms she has attached to said jewelry as her weapons. These charms can do any number of things, but each charm can only do one specific task. For example, a charm in the shape of some type of bird could grant Anna temporary flight, or a charm in the shape of some herb possessing healing properties could grant her the ability to heal a wound, depending on how effective the actual herb is at healing. At this point in time, Anna has a limited amount of charms at her disposal; therefore, her abilities are also limited in terms of both strength and variety.

Aside from the charms themselves, Anna has the ability to remove all her attached charms from her bracelets and necklaces and connect all the various chains and strings of beads together to form them into one long, continuous whip that she can use to defend herself with should her charms themselves be or become inadequate.

Armor: Having armor would extremely inhibit Anna’s ability to dance. As such, she does not wear any form of armor whatsoever.

Strengths: Due to her dancing prowess, Anna is extremely light and nimble on her feet. Her charms allow her flexibility in battle, depending, of course, on the number and variety available to her. Her senses of sight, hearing, and smell are keener than that of normal humans due to her connection with the wolves. She finds strength in the wolf pack assigned to protect her. They are her closest guardians and friends, and she shares a bond with each of them individually, some bonds being stronger than with others of the pack. The wolf pack is almost always near her if it is at all possible and ready to defend her life with theirs if necessary.

Weaknesses: Anna’s frame is not built for physical combat, and thusly, she prefers ranged over melee fighting. Should an opponent get close to her, she would not fare extremely well. Another weakness revolves around her charm usage. Once a specific charm has been utilized in a battle, it dissolves and becomes temporarily unavailable. Anna has the ability to recreate charms she already has in her possession, but that takes considerable time and concentration, things which are usually in short supply in the midst of direct combat. The wolves are another weakness for Anna. She loves them dearly and would never want to see them come to harm.

Skills/Magic: As has already been stated several times, Anna’s main abilities in battle stem from the use of her charms and her jewelry. She also has a prominent non-offensive ability. Being the Dream Dancer, Anna is able to infiltrate the inner psyches of almost anyone by simply dancing, that is, only if their mental capacities are weaker than her current level of ability. She can lull people into a relaxed state and then enter their subconscious to probe for memories or other vital information. This ability, however, does have a dark side to it, for while inside somebody’s mind, Anna could conceivably cause irrevocable mental damage by erasing or altering memories. She would never intentionally use her ability in that way, though, unless someone specifically asked her to do such.

Appearance: The most striking aspect of Anna’s appearance is her yellow eyes, eyes that are almost wolf-like. Her hair is kept short, the silver-gray waves stopping at around her shoulder blades, and her bangs fall down into her eyes, helping to obscure their unnatural appearance. She is of average height for a human, her 127 pounds of weight proportionally distributed very nicely over her body. Aside from her potent jewelry, she is usually clothed in a flowing black, shin-length skirt with a swirl pattern embroidered in dark forest green all along the bottom half of the garment. For her upper half, she wears a loose-fitting dark forest green shirt that laces up on the upper half of the front of the shirt. Underneath this, her upper body is garbed in a skin-tight, black tank-top. Nearly 100 percent of the time, Anna is barefoot, with several silver and gold anklets encircling her right ankle. Her lithe and slender frame is perfect for dancing.

Personality: Anna is extremely mature for her young age, in all aspects of the word. She is a caring individual who values life for the sacred thing it is, and she will do anything she can to help preserve it, regardless of the form it’s in. Normally, she is calm, controlled, and serene, but if she sees a life being threatened by some malignant source, she lets her indignation flare up. When in battle, whether she herself or something else she has chosen to protect has been threatened, she can be fierce and relentless. Quick to offer sage advice or to lighten the mood with a slight jest or friendly banter, Anna is a personality that is easy to get along with, despite her slightly intimidating outward appearance and the usual presence of her wolves.

Bio: Annabelle Syn was born to nondescript human parents in the hidden land of Arqueith, the land of dreamers. Arqueith is a land filled with concerns for the subconscious; everything revolves around dream and memory analysis. In fact, the people there are virtually obsessed with it. In every city, town, or mere village, there is what is known as a Dream Center. In these lavish, government-funded facilities, dream experts and analysts perform experiments around the clock in order to further their knowledge of how dreams and memories work, although activity in the Dream Centers is heightened during the night hours, the peak time for people to be sleeping and dreaming. The reason for all the hysteria over the subconscious is found in the ancient, anonymously-written texts of Arqueith. It is said that a select group of chosen people will be born with the ability to directly affect the subconscious through mystical, unexplainable means. Naturally, the scientific minds of the time have decided that nothing cannot be explained through scientific means and have searched night and day for some way that they can affect the nature of memory and dream capacity.

This was the society that Anna entered into, and from the time she could talk and think for herself, she became accustomed to how society seemed to revere the concept of dreams and memory and took it as the natural way of things. When she hit the age of five, a strangely-dressed man came to the door of her parents’ home and informed them that he needed to take Anna away from them. The only thing she heard mentioned was something about being chosen for something, but at the time, she did not understand the significance of what was occurring. Her parents consented to having her taken away without too much of an uproar; the stranger merely had to mention the words of the ancient texts. Soon after Anna left her home, the man introduced himself as Loran Brin-Lupus and told her that from now on, he would be just like a father to her.

Loran took Anna outside the city where she was born and deep into the surrounding forests. Hidden amidst the thickly-placed trees, Anna discovered the existence of a massive cathedral-type building. Inside, however, it was revealed to be an extensive training facility complete with luxurious accommodations rather than objects of worship. Here, Loran informed Anna of her abilities as the legendary Dream Dancer and identified himself as one of the chosen as well, the Dream Purger. He began to instruct Anna in the ways of dream and memory manipulation, but also sternly instructed her not to use her special abilities for her own personal gain.

It was here as well where Loran introduced her to the wolves. He told her that wolves have a unique connection with the dream world that humans do not normally have. Loran himself, however, has that connection because of his bond with them; thus, he is also called Wolf Dreamer. Anna was able to very easily establish this same connection with wolf-kind and earned the right to call herself Annabelle Syn-Lupus, Wolf Dreamer. She still has yet to fully understand this unique connection the wolves have with the dream world, but she is hopefully that, in time, she will grasp the concept.
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Re: Character List

Approved by Tiroth


Name: Rex

Age: 28

Race: Human/Demon

Sex: Male

Hair: Black hair combed down in a bowl shape

Eyes: Brown eyes normally, red when he changes

Weight: 250 lbs

Height: 5' 8"

Weapon: A sacred sword named Eliendel he inherited, it was given to him to help control his "outbreaks". As a side effect of its power to keep the demon under control, he cannot use all of his demonic powers.

Armor: An enchanted armor that changes along with Rex, it is a light blue color and it covers his whole body except his face, hands, and feet. It isn't anything special, it can block weak (and I mean very weak) magic attacks, but it can handle most physical attacks.

Strengths: When he changes he gets stronger and he gains a few powers. He can fly into the air when he changes. In his human form, he can use some of the demonic powers (see Skills/Magic). Since he's been training with Eliendel since he was very small, he is a master with it. He's also stronger than most normal men, so his attacks pack a punch.

Weakness: He can't always control himself when he changes. His powers in his human form are pretty weak, and they take a lot out of him if he uses them too much. Since most of his skills are fire-related, he's also weak against water. He isn't good against long-range attackers, and he can hardly use any weapon other than a sword. Even with another sword, he isn't nearly as good as he is with Eliendel. Because his attacks are so strong, he isn't able to attack quickly.

Skills/Magic: First and foremost, Rex has the ability to change into a demon, but not always at will. If he's feeling extreme emotions, he could change. When in demon form he gets a few powers.

Fury: This power allows him to increase his physical power, but he immediately loses control. He can't tell who or what he's attacking, he just does. This is only for his demon form, and it takes lots of power to activate.

Fireball: He can create fire in his hands and throw it at someone. If fire is already available, he can use that. This is one of the powers he uses in human form. In either form, the power it uses depends on how big the fireball is and if he must create the fire. It will exhaust him in his human form quickly if there's no fire around for him to use.

Heal: He can heal minor wounds on himself and he's learning to use it on others. This is another power he uses while he's human. This only takes a small amount of energy in either form because he can only heal small wounds.

Flame Shield: He can use flames to create a shield around him. This uses a lot of energy if there's no fire around. Rex can use it in human form, but he hardly does because it will take up all his energy.

Appearance: He looks just like a normal human most of the time. Pretty average height, he doesn't stick out much in a crowd. He's muscular, but not so much to draw stares. He isn't fat, but he has girth because of his muscles.

In his demon form he has two horns growing out of his head and three spikes coming out of his back. He has bat-like wings and his skin is all red. He can use a sword in this form, but usually opts to use his large claws on his hands and his talons on his feet. His eyes glow a bright red and on his face is a snout with teeth that could bite through solid rock.

Personality: Normally a nice guy, no one can tell that he's secretly half-demon until they see it. He's very friendly and he loves to get to know people because he never wants to hurt anyone again. He hopes that someday his good deeds will drive the demon out.

In battle, he is still lighthearted. He is always optimistic, no matter who he faces. He is a fierce fighter, even without his demon form. After battles he mourns for any who are dead. Everyone he kills, he gives a proper burial, and everyone he defeats he will try to comfort with a few parting words.

Biography: Rex grew up in a small village with a normal family. He had a younger sister that he always protected from anyone who would do her harm. He lived peacefully for the younger years of his life.

When he turned 18, his parents told him of his curse. Since the beginning of time a cunning demon named Scion had tricked humans with bargains of power or life. Each pact he made gave him more power, and each time the human who dealt with him died soon after.

Years ago, his ancestors made a pact with a mighty demon for ultimate power. They went off to try to rule the world, but they were quickly defeated because of the trickery of the ancient demon. The demon's name was Scion.

Scion knew he was soon to be parting the mortal realm to be thrust into the underworld, so when he made that pact with Rex's ancestors he had them promise him one of their children. They obeyed, and he inhabited the child's body, not always controlling but always there. That child escaped when the ancestors were destroyed, and he lived peacefully and had a family. Every third generation the demon would return to inhabit the firstborn of the family.

Eventually Rex's family caught on, and they sought for a way to prevent the demon from possessing their children. They went to a blacksmith who had the ability to make blessed weapons and pleaded him for something to destroy the demon with. Since Scion was an ancient being, he could not be destroyed. Instead the smith made a sacred sword, Eliendel, to hold back the demon's powers. Whoever wielded the sword could keep Scion at bay.

The family passed the sword on through the family, and then Rex's parents gave it to him. He trained to master the sword so he could control Scion, but unknown to him, it had lost some of its power over all the years.

A band of thieves famous across the nation stumbled onto their village while escaping from a heist. Most of the townspeople obeyed the thieves and they quickly took the village. The thieves took everything the little town had, including Eliendel. When they took the sacred sword, Rex's parents stood up and revolted. Just outside of the town, a battle erupted. Many of the thieves were killed and run off, but they eventually won in the end. Rex had participated in the battle, and lay on the ground slowly dying. Then a giant bird appeared in his vision.

"I...can save you" it whispered in a calming tone. "I can save them all. I can make the thieves go away. I can give you power beyond your imagination. Join with me."

"You're...Scion..." Rex breathed.

"Very good" it replied in its real voice, a raspy tone that sounded like two stones rubbing together. "Now, do you want to live? Do you want to defeat them? Do you want to save your parents?"

The last line struck a chord, and Scion knew it.

"Yes...your parents. They'll die without me. Unleash me. Stop holding back. I can save them all."

Rex gave into the demon's pleads. He stopped thinking, stopped resisting death and the demon, he even stopped breathing. Then he rose with glowing red eyes.

"Yesss..." the demon hissed in delight. He then grew into his demonic form. The thieves ran in fear, but each of them was chased down and ripped apart, supplementing the demon with more power. He burnt everything around him. After just a few minutes, not a living thing stirred. The demon was finally free to walk again. He first used his demonic powers to create armor for himself.

After a few years of destroying towns and villages, a powerful priest confronted the demon. After a huge battle, he attempted to seal the demon away forever. But instead of being sent to the underworld, Scion changed back into Rex. The priest was astounded, and cared for him until he was healthy again. When he was well, the priest explained all that had happened.

Rex was astounded, and immediately went back to his village. All he found was charred land and corpses. As he sifted though everything, he found Eliendel in the clutches of a dead body. As he gazed into its eyes, he knew that it was his father. He had managed to free the blade from the thieves. But Rex had killed him. He searched around the charred bodies and tried to see any hints of the rest of his family. He never managed to find the bodies of his mother and sister, but he had no hope for them.

"I thought you said you would save them!" he yelled at the sky.

"I did. Life is suffering. They were saved from it all."

"Where are you?!" Rex demanded.

"I am in you. Forever. Never forget that."

Rex left the place after burying every body and never returned. He wears the enchanted armor as a reminder of what he could become at any moment. Now he travels the world trying to do good wherever he can and hoping he never has to let Scion control him ever again. But he has other motives, too. He is always searching for the one thing that will bring him true happiness.
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Re: Character List

Product I.D.: Zero Class- MZ-15

Social Name: Loki

Age: 1

Race: Reploid

Sex: Male

Hair: Long brown

Eyes: Green

Weight: 237 lbs.

Height: 5' 7''


Buster- The basic weapon of both Reploids and Mavericks. Both of Lokis hands can be drawn into his arms and then shoot a mild, small, ball of energy. They can be overheated from constant continuess use in which case, recharging their system can take up to two minutes, because of this he'll usually just use one at a time. The busters can be purposly overheated to shoot a larger blast, but this puts recharge time to five minutes.

Energy Sabre: A sword weapon made up mainly of simple energy, wielded like any other regular sword. It is stored as just a simple hilt, but when used the sword will eject out of it.

Armor: Heavy, stainless, titainium. Basicly his own skin, so he will not often have any of it off.

Strengths: Loki, if you couldn't tell, is a robot. He is fairly strong, but not super strong. His reflexes are quick, and movement is extremely tricky, allowing him to first move one way, then another within a couple seconds. On the bottom of his soles he can eject small spikes, these are not often used for battle if ever, main purpose is for slippery conditions. Lokis visibility is top notch and can see in infarred, and night vision. And as a must, he is his own repair man and has a couple tools stored in secret compartments.

Weakness: If a piece of his armor is knocked off, then a powerful surge to his skeleton will fry his core. As a backup however, rubber flaps will cut off his backup power holding area. This is not to much though, at least to battle, so Loki must escape to recharge himself. He also can't swim. As well, if his armor is somehow penetrated, a direct cut into his skeleton would great damage him.


Weapon Snatch: When Loki defeats an enemy he can gain an attack used by it. (robot enemies only)

Personality: Cool, near emotionless, and doesn't like to be interupted. He will show what is described as "kindness" however, though he just tends to do whatever he likes. Although a Reploid he almost considers himself neither that nor a Maverick, for both are just names the other uses for the opposites. For good to evil is evil, and evil to good, is evil. But the groups see what they're doing is good.


If I made it bigger it would just blur up, better if you zoom in on it for yourself.


The fake X has been defeated by Zero and he has disappeared for now, the Reploid Resistance is growing in power with a guy named Elpizo. Zero however has been marked as the strongest Reploid by many, and so an attempt was made to make copies of him while he is gone. Not the smartest idea.

And so a small factory was made where careful design was calculated, and parts created. A robot dubbed Zero 2 was made, no problems. Then came more production of these Zero copies. After a while there were no problems what so ever, but later they slowly turned rogue. MZ-15 was one of the last made, and when programmed knew immediatly what the problem was, so on his own, with no orders to do so, he destroyed all production of the Zero 2s. Still though there were many, many left, it had almost been a mass production.

Loki is currently the only copy that isn't rogue, because of this he is still being used, but mainly just hunts the remaining copies. So far he has found and eliminated over one hundred and thirty, unfortuantly though, the records leftover from the factory say there was over five hundred.
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Re: Character List

This was approved a while ago, but I just remembered now to post it here... This was approved by Safer.

Name: Sfi (pronounced sfy)
Age: 17 years
Race: Zora
Sex: Female
Hair: none
Eyes: a deep purple
Weight: (what's a Zora's normal weight? oh well, whatever...) 125 lbs.
Height: 5' 10"

Weapon: short dagger
Armor: none

Strengths: very quick and agile, but doesn't deal pain in great numbers. She sort of just moves a bunch and dodges attacks, slowly wearing down her enemy, fighting in the hopes that they might lose concentration or such. Fights defensively. Water is the place for a fish to be. A desert... not so much. She can endure being tired, and can stay awake for days if she puts her mind to it. Great in 1v1 combat.

Weakness: an enemy with a load of armor could easily stop her. As long as they're accurate in their attacks, too, obviously. However, Sfi can't handle too many attacks, and will go down quickly if hurt too much too fast. When there's more than one adversary, she won't stand well, because almost all of her attacks are short-distance, and none are wide-ranged. And, as mentioned below in the "biography", she tends to give others a second chance, which may ultimately destroy her.

Skills/Magic: just as Mikau can, Sfi can use her fins as weapons. But she's not as skilled with them as she is her faithful dagger. She can use them as boomerangs, but only one at a time, and it goes in a straight line, not in a curved path. The only magic she can use is to cast water around an opponent (above ground), thereby trapping them and slowly taking away their magic (but it does no physical damage). It lasts about 30 seconds, giving Sfi more than enough time (if need be) to flee.

Personality: Sfi is very laid-back, taking everything in once at a time. She can sometimes get lazy, and she takes breaks from things occassionaly to listen to the Indigo-go's. She never allows her pride to get the better of her, and the does her best to keep her emotions under control. She's never cared for guys (and not gals, either, you sickos...) much, and avoids having a social life sometimes. She'll never jump right into a fight, but rather think about her opponent first. She defends herself and doesn't attack much at first, until she can decipher their weakness(es). Once she does, she slowly attempts to peel away at her enemy, since she doesn't have much phsyical strength, and therefore can't deal out massive chunks of pain.

When not fighting, she can be seen relaxing on the shores of Termina, quietly digging in the sand with her dagger.

Appearance: She has a stunningly attractive body, which is sometimes good for her, other times not. Her eyes are a deep purple, which seem to look everywhere at once. Her hands are on the smaller side, as are her nimble fingers. Her body glistens in the sunlight, and her head fin isn't very long. Her skin color is that of a light blue, but there's a patch of dark blue in her stomach area. (I don't know how else to describe a Zora...)


Where was he/she born?
Did he/she grow up with parents? If no, why not?
Did the character have any brothers or sisters? Any friends? Where are they now? Does he/she still talk to them?
How was his/her childhood? Abusive? Peaceful? Ordinary?
Does he have any pets? Familiars?
What are his/her beliefs? Does he/she worship a god? Is he/she willing to do anything to protect or guard their beliefs?
Why is your character traveling from home?
Does he/she have the ability to kill others?
Is your character easy going?
What are his/her dislikes?
Anything special he/she’s fond of?
How would he/she treat others? Rudely? Friendly?
Any goals? Dreams?
Has he/she considered the possibility of death? -as copied and pasted from the "new to the BA" or whatever in Hyrule its name was, topic. I'm trying to cover everything that I can... I think I got most of that in the "History" though. but whatever.

She's an aethiest. Living alone on an island with only one elder Zora for company, and you can't exactly do much for religion. She'll kill an enemy if the need to persists, but she always gives them a second chance, which may be her greatest downfall. Sfi is rather fond of the ocean, seeing as that's where she lived for nearly her entire life. She just feels that comfort there, the sort that a child feels at home, snuggled in their bed, under a thick sheet of covers. When possible, she lures her enemies to water, in order to gain the dominant speed value. Her one and only goal is to die as a fighter, and not out of old age. She values life highly, but wouldn't want to see her life dwindle away in front of her as she sits in a chair.

History: She was born during a fierce war, when evil had tried to conquer Hyrule (ALttP). Her parents were the last of those to be brainwashed and turn evil. The last thing that they did was set their only child free. They guided her out of Hyrule, but they were caught. Luckily, Sfi managed to get away, and she was scarcely a year old at the time. Due to her never having a relation with her family, she has neglected to becomes friends with almost anyone. The only person she truly befriended was Wavli, a Zora who was once Queen of Termina's waters. Since she relinquished her title to the throne, she swam out to a little island, living a life alone.

When Sfi was fleeing Hyrule, she tumbled upon the island. Wavli took her in, and taught her all that she knew. Six troublesome, painful, but overall impressive years they lived with one another, bonding as Sfi never would again or had before. But, suddenly, Wavli got sick as the oceans were poisoned, and Sfi didn't know any healing methods. She watched Wavli die in her arms, and ever since she has roamed the lands, in search for something to do. When feeling down, she swims to the little island and rests. Thankfully, Wavli had nearly completed Sfi's training, and now Sfi just tries new things (such as swimming with her dagger in her hand, and using her other hand to control magic). Unfortunately, one day a visitor found the island, and challenged Sfi's control of it. A fight ensued...
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Re: Character List

It was approved by tiroth. Im finally now posting him on here after about week.

Name: Altair

Age: 14

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: White, wavy, and messy; goes down past ears and eyes

Eyes: Hazel green

Weight: 120 pounds

Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Pet: a medium sized female dog with shaggy white fur

Weapon: a long, thin, white blade set upon a scarlet hilt in the shape of a phoenix; red tassels dangle off of the pommel

Armour: steel shoulder pads; leather gloves; a silver helmet; leather shirt under his tunic

Strengths: fast and agile; quick thinking and reactions

Weaknesses: sometimes light-headed or lack of common sense; little experience with the sword( or any other weapon); sometimes clumsy and awkward; not very strong

Skills/Magic: can float in the air

Appearance: Altair has white skin and white, shaggy hair. On his left cheek(face, not butt ) is a crimson tatoo depicting a phoenix. He wears a sleeveless white tunic with yellow lining and a tall V-necked collar. Around his waist is a thin leather belt, on which his sheath hangs. Under his tunic and thick leather armour, Altair wears a longsleeved white undershirt and white pants. He wears leather gloves and crimson boots to protect his hands and feet. He is also left-handed.

Personality: Altair's adrenaline usually goes way up in a battle. He is persistent and does the best that he can in anything he tries. He is sometimes serious and thoughtful, but is usually goofy and light-hearted. Altair doesn't delight in the thought of killing other humans. He is also friendly and considerate and will make friends with just about anyone. Altair is easy-going and can sometimes forget his responsibilties, and he enjoys playing violin, swordfighting, hunting, and just chillin'.

Biography: Altair Nuri grew up with his parents in the land of Hyrule. A mysterious evil spirit named Wasaki began dwelling on a nearby mountain at this time. People in the town began to die from a disease coming from the mountain. A group of soldiers were sent to investigate. When they returned, the soldiers were stripped of their souls and had purple skin. The villagers became restless and abandoned their town. Altair began training to be a swordsman along with his long-time friend, Matt. They soon abandoned their master and set out for the mountain after Matt developed symptoms of the disease. His skin converted to a pale purple, and he would sometimes pass out or become angry. The two friends were going to try to stop Wasaki right away, before Matt would become a soulless zombie. At the summit of the mountain stood a lone oak tree, its branches bowing low over the ground. A cerulean brook with moss-covered stones gurgled nearby. The two crawled under the boughs and came upon a crumbling, white-washed stone shrine standing near the base of the oak. Altair and Matt cautiously walked around to the back of the shrine and discovered an opening. Inside was dark except the emerald light of the sun shining through the leaves and into the opening. A rat squeaked in the silence. It came into the light, and Altair could see that it had the same melancholy expression the soldiers had when returning to the village. It was the same wondering, dismal expression Matt's face displayed at that very moment.
"We've got to hurry," Altair prompted Matt to move on. They passed through corridor after corridor, often walking straight into walls, and never knowing where or how far they were travelling. They knew this was a poorly thought out decision, but they were running out of time, and Altair could not let his friend pass away into the shadows. Finally, the two came to room which did not open up into any others. A light flickered, and another. Altair blinked in the light after walking for so long in the shadows, yet Matt still wore the gloomy expression that he had earlier. He also noticed that his best friend's skin was now a deeper shade pf purple than only twenty minutes before. When his eyes adjusted, he saw what now lay ahead of him. A deformed man with violet and black skin sat on the floor with his legs crossed. Black smoke seemed to evaporate off of his skin. His white eyes opened. Death was apparent in them; it was a characteristic of him. Altair whispered, " Wasaki."
" You are correct," the demon said in his appalling voice. " I see you have brought to me a victim of my Plague. He is mine."
" You will not have him!" Altair screamed.
" Then what did you come hear for?"
" I've come to kill you."
" You want to fight me?" the demon laughed. " Very well." Altair drew his sword, wondering if he should have come here. What else could I have done? I will not watch my friend die helplessly. I have to help him. Wasaki lunged toward Altair. The boy jumped to the side and slashed frantically at the demon. He missed, and Wasaki drew his own weapons: three 2 foot-long claws on each hand. The claws whipped the air with astounding speed and force, and it was all Altair could do to evade them. After a while, the monster sighed. He's toying with me, thought Altair. And he was right. The demon soon grew tired of fighting the small human. He took control of Matt's body and commanded him to fight Altair instead. Matt, as Altair realized with horror, was now as deep a shade of purple as the demon itself. Matt drew his sword and swung ferociously at his friend. Altair was terrified at what had become of his companion. He dodged Matt's attacks with difficulty; Matt was always the better fighter. Altair avoided swinging at him altogether. Wasaki watched silently in the background, but his eyes widened as Altair stabbed him square in the face. Altair had been simultaneously fending off Matt's swings and edging closer to the brute. Black blood splurted out of its face, and it disappeared with white flash. A muffled, menacing laugh pierced the silence. Altair shut his eyes. When he opened them again, he was on a broad green plain with towering cliffs in the far east. Matt lay beside him, still affected by the disease. Altair nudged his friend. Matt woke, sat up, and examined his hands.
" What happened?" he asked.
" I think I killed him."
" Why am I still like this?"
" You'll get better soon," Altair replied with doubt of what he was saying. A sudden noise startled them. They both stood, drew their swords, and turned around. A tall man stood in a white robe. That and his pointed ears gave him away.
" You're a sage?!"
" Yes, and I am here on urgent business. Mattias, you will come with me and stay in our temple in the Sacred Realm. You will remain sick, but you will not become any worse while in our care. Altair, I am sending you to train in the ways of swordsmanship until you are ready to fight Wasaki."
" He's not dead?!" interrupted Altair.
" You think he will die that easily! What did they teach at your school? It is common sense that a demon will not die from a simple human!" the sage said, astounded at how stupid this kid was. He did not realize that humans learn much more down-to-earth subjects than how to kill a demon. " Anyway, I'm sending you to train until you have the status pf a paladin, which is a knight who can kill him. Once you do, your companion and all others who have been affected will be restored. "
" How many have been affected?"
" People all over the world."
" I can't do this! Not if he is as powerful as you say."
" Have faith, I believe in you. Besides, it is not an option. Your friend will die if you don't."
" I don't see why you couldn't have chosen someone else in my place."
" You're the only one who has the potential to be a paladin. Your white hair plainly shows this." Again, a hint of astonishment.
" Okay, I'll do it."

This is Altair(duh). I drew him using a no. 2 pencil, and I colored him in Photoshop 7.0.1. I have to admit, I got the cheeks, mouth, and nose from looking at a pic of TP Link, and I learned how to draw the eyes from a How To Draw Manga book.
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Re: Character List

Name: Rubin
Age: 27
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 11''
Weight: 158 lbs

Appearance: Rubin has long black hair that goes down down to his shoulders. He is a gothic person so he is always wearing black and even wears eyeliner. He has loose black pants and black shoes, he has a belt made with spikes. He has a goatee with a mustache. On his abdomen he wears a solid black shirt with a black overcoat.

Skills/Magic: He is a master of the dark arts, he can make any kind of storm appear. He can make it sunny, rainy, snowy, tornado, hurricane, and thunder and lightening storms. But with the little strength he has, they aren't that big.

Weapons: His spells, and daggers that can be used as duel swords or a boomerang.

Strengths: He can recite a spell in less than a second, he is skilled with his daggers. He can also play very good mind games, he can get in to people head, under people's skin. And with his look, he is very intimadating. He is fast too, but that tires him down.

Weaknesses: Worms, if he sees hem he will run after them and just dig in. He isn't that strong though, he can lift only half his weight, but has enoguth strength to penetrate skin. And if he sees a cross, he will freak out, he could die of insanity. He is demon posessed so if an exercism is attempted, he will definantley die. He also has low stamina, which can lead no little or no magic.

Personality: Mischevious, he likes to give that evil smile when he is winning a battle. He almost never talks unless he is with someoen to battle and has to say something. He likes to be alone most of the time, that how he starts battles. And since he is a witchcrafter, he is a little satanic. Things he enjoys are: Killing, slaughtering, and butchering.

History: When Rubin was born, he parents didn't want him for some reason. They put him on a strangers door step with a neclace that had his name on it. The stranger opened the door and said, "Whats this? I don't want that!" They kicked the babies casket and then it went flying, and at that very time, it was evening and was raining. No one ever found where he went because he landed in a river when he was kicked. He floated on river, and teh only thing he had to eat was a couple of crackers that his mother left behind. As he drifted down the stream a bird flew by and dropped a worm on rubin. Rubin rather have eaten the worm, so he did. He got into eating worms. When someone finally found Rubin, it was the next day. But all they did was get him out of the water and ask who this was. It ended up in the news papers and the people (it was a couple) who found him stated in the papers "We will take care of him and love him with all our hearts" The couple was pressured into saying that. And then they had to because their state law states: 'Once you announce the guardianship of a child, it becomes official'
When Rubin was four, he got caught eating worms in his backyard. And soon he started to eat spiders and grasshoppers. He refused to eat anything else. When he was ten years old, he started to wear alot of black. And soon, by the time he was fifteen, his whole closet was just black clothes. Rubin was twenty years old when he started doing witchcraft, and he was quite skilled at it at twenty-two. When he was twenty-four he made his own weapon, daggers, but they weren't any ordinary daggers, they could be extended by a press of a button to make duel swords and also re shaped and could be used as a bladed boomerang. Rubin was so abnormal by that age, he killed his so-called parents just to see if the daggers worked. And then he left town on his 'dads' motorcycle. He was demon posessed by this time. And he was just looking for people to kill.

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Re: Character List

Name: Marce Sparrow
Age: 19
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Moon blue
Weight: 170 lb
Height: 6 feet 2"

Weapon: Persian blade(like the sword in this pic) (and a secret holy dagger on his back for defence against magic, so in battle no other character can know that)
Armor: Light hard leather armor for speed and scaled shoulder guards under his cloak

Strengths: Battles using his surroundings, not just his power. He can run walls for a quick dodge. His armor is good against archers. He can be very stealthy. He is very good at dodging atacks and uses brutality on enemy vitals such as a hard thrust through the heart or a dagger through the throat. He's an observationalist, he can find many ways to get an advantage.

Has two special techniques the panther's claw which lets him strike wildly with lightning speed and the falcon's talon which is a more aeriel attack where he jumps to the air and can judge quickly and guide his blade to an enemy like a falcon snatching it's prey

Weakness: Weak to heavy striking weapons like scimitars. If he is hit he is weakened greatly because his armor isn't that strong or protective. He does a lot of jumping and is vulnerable to arrows while in the air because his weak spots like his head and legs are easier to hit.

Skills/Magic: Has a pair of enchanted boots for great leg power, to like jump sword swipes. He can take a beating but it will slow him down a bit. His fighting style is a combination of brutality, stealth, and agility. Is skilled enough to use any weapon if he's in a tight spot

Personality: He doesn't reach out much but he is close to those he calls friend. He befriends those who are kind and do not strive for power in greed. He will accept help from anyone who offers it to him. If help is given to him he will respond in kind. you don't generaly see his face in public, but he does try to enjoy himself everyonce in a while. He doesn't go to great lengths to be the hero, but if someone clearly needs help he will offer it. He is loyal to his blade it is his solution, his salvation, his remedy.

Appearance: He carries nothing but his blade his armor and a cloak and is very shabby looking sort of unsettled. Has a tatoo running down his arm of a skinny black jagged arm with claws on his left arm. He is almost always wearing a cloak. He has a slight beard and a scar going down his left eye. He is not as muscular as some body builder but his muscles built up enough to take out his enemies.

History:He was born in a desert his mother died later after that. his father was only an officer in the military whose country was at war. He received the scar on his eye when he was running away from his town. He fought for his life at a young age, making a first kill at the age of ten when his fathers military base was under seige. He doesn't fight for revenge or a country, or good or evil he only fights to carve out his fate, and only who he judges has outlived their fates in time. He was scarred watching many lives being reaved away. He lost his mercy do to that day. He just began wandering where he felt to go ending those lives saw need to. to tyrants to cowards who claimed power to opress the weak, his sword met them and made the blow. He did not care for his countries fate his father did not dye in the seige but he did leave marce behind in a flee from the fort, but marce did not care he left that place behind as it raged in flames. He trained with the sword to carry out his new purpose. He gained his magic boots from an assassin who was out to kill a holy leaders. He also takes on some jobs as a mercenary of sorts, and thats how he acquired his sword by killing the general of an army he was hired to take out, he took that blade as a trophy. He was recently targeted by the army that took out his home because the man he killed was an important political figure to that country and one soldier saw him do it. The army of that country put a bounty on him. He aquired his holy dagger from holy man in a monestary who saved him from a huge magical atack with it. He was resting there when it happened, a bounty hunter came for him and fired the blast at marce but the holy man canceled the attack with the dagger. Realizing marces armor and weapons didn't have much defence against such atacks and gave him the dagger. In his job as a mercenary he pissed off many people, because of this he built up a huge accumulative bounty.

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Re: Character List

Approved by Tiroth!

Name: Will, the Ishvalan Alchemist

Age: 17

Race: Human (Ishvalan for specific)

Sex: Male

Hair: Short Dirt Brown hair

Eyes: Blood Red

Weight: 180 lbs. because of auto mail

Height: 5’ 8”


Armor: His auto mail, or mechanical limbs that are substituted for real ones when permanently injured or lost, and the clothes on his back.

Strengths: He can transmute his auto mail and other thing without a transmutation circle. Since most of him is auto mail, then he doesn’t get tired very quickly.

Weakness: He does not know how to use a simple transmutation circle, so if his arms fail, then he is wide open for attack. If his legs fail, he can’t run away. His auto mail weighs him down.

Skills/Magic: His only skill is that he can transmute large amounts of matter without his hands. Although, complex transmutation circles like that for human transmutation, otherwise known as creating, or in most cases re-creating, a human, are required. Transmutation is the art or act of changing the form, nature, or substance of something. For example, he can change a pipe into a blade and he can change it back.

Appearance: He has brown skin and red eyes. His hair is short. He wears a long sleeve black shirt at all times with black gloves to hide his auto mail arms. He also wears blue jeans that cover his legs along with white socks and black sneakers to hide his auto mail legs. He has a watch given to him by the military which classifies him as a State Alchemist and it is in his pocket. It is silver and shines brightly in the sunlight it rarely sees.

Personality: Will is a hard headed and stubborn boy. He doesn’t listen to anyone’s advice. He walks by the needy without even a glance when he is angry. He just snickers at their position in life, even though he was once like that. Usually, he would donate to their cause without a second thought. In a battle, he is relentless in the attempt to beat them down, but killing is not one of his strengths. The thought of death paralyzes him as he remembers what happened all those years ago.

Biography: Will was born somewhere in Ishbal. During this time, the nation next to them has waged war on them. There have been brutal massacres throughout this war. It started when an officer in the area had shot a child. His past is a time of fear when Ishvalans worried if a State Alchemist or a regular officer would come in and kill them. His family escaped before the night where everything was obliterated. From afar, they saw their homes in flames from the explosions. Will remembered seeing a man on a hill with his fingers ready to snap. He wore a ring on his finger. The flames died out soon and Will did not see the man for a while.

The family made it to a town named Resembool by walking through the mountains. It was a quiet, almost rural, town next to the mountains. They found an abandoned house in the back of the town. It was a brown color and the windows were cracked. It was dusty inside with many cobwebs, but they saw it fit to live in. They cleaned it up while his father worked in the abandoned basement. At a dinner, he showed his wife and Will the concoction he had created using the exiled Great Art. The Great Art is alchemy, which is transmuting, or changing the for and nature of, a substance into another substance. It was a jar of white cream that was supposed to change their skin color to match that of the people who wrecked their city. He also proposed to wear sunglasses to hide their eye color. You see, Ishvalans were persecuted even after the war and were sometimes treated incredibly harshly. They wanted to live in the outside world, not in the designated camps assigned to the refugees. They feared an attack from the State if they had gone to these areas. Out here, it was safer and ignored by the State. The family liked the idea and used it to get through the town. The only flaw was that when they showered, the cream came off quickly.

Will grew up like this for many years. It was peaceful living a huge lie. His father said they came from Central City forgetting to buy a house. Everyone had fallen for it. One day, Will saw a red vase decorated with black drawings of a circle that his father used a lot. His mother saw this and took Will away from the vase.

“Don’t touch that!” his mother exclaimed.
“What is in it?” Will asked with a curious look.
“Your brother’s cones are in there,” she said with a tear falling from her eye.

Will remembered his little brother’s red eyes. They always beamed with happiness. His father told him that his brother had been fatally burned by a State Alchemist. He couldn’t believe that they had brought his brother’s bones with them out of the city. Will was worried about his brother’s bones for some reason he could never explain.

The family had become rather wealthy over the years, but they never fixed up the house. They liked the rundown place. It had grown on them like the memories of the Ishvalan city had slid off. His mother retained her belief to Ishbala, the god the Ishvalans worshipped, and did sermons for herself late at night in the basement.

One clear, sunny day, Will went into the basement to tell her mother it was time for lunch. He was 16 at this time. In the basement however, he saw her mother finishing up one of the circles on the vase next to her. In the middle lied his brother’s bones, some powders. She put her hands on the circle and it started to glow yellow until the whole place became an endless yellow room with a large, what seemed like, gate. It had an eye on the center and it was seemed to be made of stone. There were some complex sculptures on the top, but he didn’t study it since he was distracted by the sound of a door opening. A black hand came out of it accompanied by many more hands.

Will ran to the scene as fast as he could. He saw his mother’s shocked face when Will got in the way of the hands and pulled him inside. Will saw the hands change their shape into little children. With a slight tug, they ripped off his arms and legs. He was in such shock from the pain that he couldn’t even scream. All he could do was stare at the white light ahead. Suddenly, someone grabbed him from behind and shoved him back. His mother had saved him as the hands grabbed her and took her to the white light. Will was thrown out of the room the gate took him in, but not without a little souvenir of knowledge. His mother was never seen again...

His father saw the light from afar and ran home as he saw his son in the middle of the room in a pool of his own blood. He had no arms and legs and his eyes were closed.

“S***!” he yelled as he checked if Will was breathing, which he was.

His father took him, without applying the cream on his son. He knew exactly where to go. He approached a yellow house with the sign “Rockbell Auto Mail”. He took no courtesy of knocking and kicked the door open. There was an old lady about half his height. On the far side of the room was a girl about Will’s age, maybe younger, She wore a white shirt and a blue skirt.

“I need you to give my son auto mail before he dies from the loss of blood!” he shouted at the old lady.

“First, knock,” she said as she turned to face him, “Second, what did he do ?!”
“M… mother…” Will stuttered weakly.
Another case?! Winry, get the stuff ready! Sir, clean him up!” the old lady shouted.

They both did as they were told. A couple of hours later Will awakened on a couch. He saw his father conversing with the old lady about the price. On a chair on the far side of the room sat the girl named Winry. He got up to see metal arms in front of him. It felt weird for him, but he quickly took off the sheets as he saw robotic feet also. He could no longer hold any of it back.

“Aaaah!” he screamed.

Everyone looked at him as he looked at his new metal limbs.

“He’s awake,” Winry said quickly.
“I know,” the old lady said.
“Will, what happened down there?” his father asked.

Will told him about the event and the gate he saw. He sighed and explained to him that his mother wanted the whole family together, so she must’ve tried to revive him after he had told her it was too dangerous too attempt.

“I think I’d better teach you alchemy,” his father said.

The next year was spent training Will in alchemy. The first day was when his father found out Will could do transmutations without a circle. After that, Will spent the time learning about bonds and the like so he could do the transmutations a little easier without creating the room his mother had done. One night at dinner, Will asked if his mother succeeded.

“Well, when I got there, all that was left was you, your blood, and your brother’s skull.” He said as he picked up a skull.

“What could it mean?” he said.
“It may mean a homunculus, or created human with no true soul, could have been made. I’ll keep the skull. Here are some other bones of his I stole from the vase.” He explained, handing him a tiny box of bones.

The next day, he left for central to become a State Alchemist. Ever since the Fuhrer had disappeared, Ishvalans were widely accepted. There, he took the National Alchemist Qualification Exam. He passed the first two quickly. The third consisted of transmuting something in an environment where all land conditions where present. He transmuted a statue of the Ishvalan god, Ishbala, without a circle. It was as high as the tallest building in Central City. He passed the test, was given a watch that all State Alchemists are to have at all times for identification and the title “The Ishvalan Alchemist”. He departed after this and headed out to look through the world. If my brother is a homunculus, what do I do?, he thought as he looked to the mountains where Ishbal once thrived...

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