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Old 12-05-2005, 03:18 PM
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Re: Character List

Hooray!!! I'm approved!!!
Name: Kraal
Age: 16
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Hair: Silver-white
Eyes: Dark red
Weight: 145 lb.
Height: 5'11"

Weapon: Long, thin sword, that is quite durable

Strengths: Speed (Kraal can run fairly fast), Nimbleness (Kraal can dodge many attacks, and has above-average balance)
Weaknesses: Kraal, due to his lack of build, is not very strong and cannot lift or move heavy objects, and cannot do much damage to normal enemies.
Skills: Quick Dash- Kraal dashes right at his enemy, usually catching him by surprise. This attack is difficult to defend, but it does not do very much damage. After the attack, Kraal has his back turned to his enemy, leaving him vulnerable. Quick Dash will not work if Kraal's sword does cannot pierce the armor of his enemy.

Personality: A loner, Kraal takes his own existence into priority over anything else. He does not yet know much about the world, and is often headstrong to a fault. Kraal is not what you would call a "people person". Even though he is self-obsessed, he sometimes takes time to appreciate the little things in nature, such as the sun peering through the trees, or a hawk against the sky.
Appearance: With silvery white hair and dark red eyes, Kraal has a fearsome appearance. Kraal is not heavily built, and has a gentle face, despite the eyes and hair. Kraal's normal outfit consists of a simple off-white blouse, and worn out black pants. He wears a special necklace consisting of a small shard of an unknown reddish crystal, encased in a silver amulet. His hair is very long, falling down to his chest, and sometimes he puts it into a ponytail. He wears normal, brown leather boots and also carries a small leather sack.

History: Kraal lived peacefully in his small hometown, Lowell, with no wars to affect his childhood. However, because of his unusual appearance, Kraal was bullied by his peers, and never made a true human friend. Because of this, Kraal spent most of his time alone, and began to shun the rest of the world. Kraal began to steal what he wanted, which was not much, so he did not think anyone would care. But when his peers discovered what he was doing, he was rejected more.
When Kraal was 12, he found a stray dog wandering around the village, and through this dog, which he named Marli, he found the only other being he cared about. The more the kids bullied him, the more secluded he became and the closer he became to Marli. At the age of 15, Lowell was raided by a sudden attack from a neighboring town, Forbean. His parents were gravely injured while Kraal was in seclusion, and he found his mother barely alive, and his father dead. His mother regretted not spending very much time with him, and gave him a special necklace. She did not tell him about its mystical powers, and Kraal is not able to use these powers until he discovers they exist.
Kraal barely managed to escape Lowell before the whole town was torched along with Marli. Kraal, running to a safe distance, looked back on Lowell one more time, and vowed to find the reason behind this sudden betrayal. Kraal trekked to Forbean, but was nearly killed on sight as he entered. But, with a quick counter, Kraal was able to knock out the attacker, and decided to travel in stealth. Eventually, he learned from inquiry of the townspeople that this sudden attack was due to a shift in power, from a monarchy to a dictatorship.
According to the townspeople, King Forbean III had been slain by his aide, Crostor, and Crostor took power, because Forbean III had no heirs. Crostor then established a dictatorship and ordered the destruction of Lowell. The odd part was, however, that Crostor, until recently, was a faithful follower of Forbean III. Nobody knew why Crostor changed in personality so suddenly, but everybody knew he must be stopped. Kraal at this time was not skilled in any weapon, so he knew he could not take Crostor down himself. Not yet, anyway. But nevertheless, Kraal vowed to destroy Crostor himself.
Kraal managed to pilfer a long, thin, sword, and due to the hostility of Forbean, set out on a quest to master swordplay. Now, he is roaming the land, slowly improving his skill. He has not improved greatly, but has much potential.
Yes, I am an idiot. Thank you for noticing.

My BA character is Kraal .
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This is mine

Name: Leayon

Age: 14

Race: Hylian

Sex: Male

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Black

Weight: 86 pounds

Height: 5 feet


Hylian Sword

A small plain average Hylian sword
made of strong metal and easy to use.


Leayon has the blood of a Hylian
Hero in his vains. This gives him
the power to never give up.


Leayon has a scar on his left
arm from when he was young so
hitting him there would cause seriuos
injury and pain. Leayon also bleeds
easily if hit in the face.


Leayon wears black
leather boots, a brown jacket, a
black belt, grey pants and shirt, and
a black hat (similar to Links). He
carries with him a Hylian shield.


Leayon is usually lonely and scared.
Sometimes when with people he knows he can be
stubborn. When Leayon is in battle he becomes
aggresive and courageous. When he is feeling
unconfident he thinks about his parents
and that helps him gain courage.


Leayon is said to have encountered a demon of evil at the age of 6 and to have lost his
parents during that moment. After the demon murdered Leayon's parents it proceeded to the ridding of Leayon. As the
demon approached Leayon it pulled out a long sharp blade and struck Leayon on his left arm. Leayon
flew far across his room in agony. As he lay there unconsious the demon walks toward him with gleaming eyes and
then runs off with something in it's hand. That object in it's hand was an important stone passed down by
Leayon's ancestors. Hours passed but finally Leayon woke up in a Hylian knight's house. From then on Leayon was
raised by that knight to become a fighter in order to slay the demon and gain back what was rightfully his.
Leayon is also known as Link's cousin. Although Leayon has lost much he is much happy with the way things are.

Once the moment came for him to start his journey he set off to Hyrule Castle. As he left Hyrule Town he spotted
the knight's daughter named Amy. She looked at Leayon in dispair, "Are you leaving now ?" she asked in a sad voice.
".............WATCH OUT !" yelled Leayon, Amy turned around and screamed. Standing in front of Amy and Leayon
was a giant Stalfos. As the Stalfos reached for Amy Leayon pulled out his sword and slashed it in the arm.
"RUN BACK !" yelled Leayon, Amy didn't say anything she just ran back to town warning everyone. The Stalfos
scratched Leayon on his scar. Leayon began to feel agony and pain. The Stalfos attacked once more scratching
Leayon in the face. Leayon began to bleed. The blood began dripping down his body. Leayon fell to the ground as
he could hear the marching of soldiers in the distance. Then Leayon thought of his parents and how disapointed
they would be if they knew he couldn't defend himself. Leayon then steadily stood up and picked up his sword.
As the Stalfos began another attack Leayon cut the Stalfos in the leg. The Stalfos began to tilt and fall.
When the Stalfos hit the ground dust blew everywhere. When the dust cleared the spot the Stalfos had fallen was
nothing more than shattered bones. Leayon limped back to town in relief.

When Leayon got back to town he was very tired and weak. Leayon became dizzy, a potion salesman saw him and
hurried over and healed him. Leayon began to feel better. As Leayon got up he thanked the salesman and ran off.
He knew he wasn't ready for his journey yet and decided to practice for 2 more years. He never wanted to take a
chance like the one with the Stalfos ever again.
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Name: Daryn

Age: 18

Race: Human, with a Spider inhabiting (not infesting) in him.


Hair: White

Eyes: Blue flecked with black

Weight: 136 Pounds

Height: 5'9 feet
__________________________________________________ ________________________

Weapon: A small iron mace in the shape of a scraming human face.

Armor: Spin silk, which is weak against normal weapons, but negates 70% of the effects of magic. It is in the form of a cloak with a picture of a spider sewn onto the back in white.

Strenghts- Daryn is the anti magician magician, kinda like the chick terminator from Terminater 3. He is very strong willed, able to control weaker creatures to help in his culling of the unfit. His armor negates other magic users spells, making him almost impervious to magic. His mind can not be taken over by psychics and cannot be tricked into hallucinations by magic or drug. He can summon 2 giant spiders at a time which can attack his enemies while Daryn prepares a spell.

Giant spiders- Physically strong, but mentally weak. If Daryn's concentration is broke, they dissapear. Their base color is black, but are flecked with purple spots on the top and around their pincers. Their feet are magically sharp, able to tear through steel, but are cumbersome and slow. Their sense of smell can let them fish out hidden warriors before they attack. Like their master, they are sensitive to smell and light.

Weakness- Daryn is very weak. If he tried to, he could only bench 45 pounds. His armor sucks against melee attacks. If his concentration is broke in the middle of a spell, his own spells will drain energy out of him. He is very light and smell sensitive, so if you put him in a very bright room, he'd weaken, and if you stuck 30 day old raw meat under his nose he'd be knocked unconcious. His spear easily breaks against steel.

Summon Guardians- Summons Two Giant spiders.
Summon Steed- Lets Daryn summon a very weak giant tarantula.
Control- Lets Daryn control small animals, acting as scouts.
Fear- Makes the recipient halucinate.
__________________________________________________ ________________________

Personality- Daryn isn't necessarily evil, but he isn't neutral either. He just likes to hurt things that get in his way. So I guess I would describe him as the Medeival CIA agent. Yeah CIA agent.

Daryn is 5'9 and very skinny, only about 135 pounds. His hair is pure white and lightly trimmed. It ends in long wispy bangs that give each other a two inch berth, while the backburns splay out in all directions. He is garbed in a black cloak with a large spiderman esque spider painted on the back. Small spider metal knick-knacks dangle from various places on the cloak, tinkling when he runs. The cloak hangs down to the knees, a large warped version of our own leather jackets. His knees are covered by leather bracers, and his feet are protected by simple brown boots.

Daryn was raised in the village Edlesmire, deep inside the heart of the Silver forest, named for its collection of beech trees. He was born to a widow named Elly- his father had drowned to death when he was held underwater by water reeds. Elly was a strict mother who did not like Daryn at all -because he was an accident - and made him rip out bramble vines from there yard with his bear hands every summer, and sell matches in the cold of winter. In spring he was made to steal honey from bee hives and in autunm* to rake leaves from every house in the village.

A village that had a horrible secret. It was custom in the village to give the smallest 7 year old child to the giant spiders that nested near the village. It was believed that children had no soul until they turned 8, when they were taught every thing the village knew of history. Daryn was a small child.

On his 7th birthday the villagers took him deeper into the forest and tied him to two large trees. They sang and danced for the spiders appearance. For 2 days they waited, and on the third their prayers were answered with the cresendos of chitinous feet and the clatter of pincers. The villagers watched with glee as the whimpering child was carried off in the pincers of the she-spider.

Daryn was taken to the nest, a huge web that covered about a mile of forest. He was wrapped up in webbing and stored for three days. When the queens children tried to feed on Daryn, the queen would kill and eat the attempted thieves. When the Queen came on the fourth day, she buried her stinger inside his stomach, shooting an egg inside of him. Then she unwrapped him and let him go.

He wandered for days until he felt... a presence. Hello, it said. The egg had hatched inside of him, but it had not tried to eat its way out! This had never been heard of. Thanking the gods for his gift, he went back to the village, and- with the guidance og The Voice- burned it to the ground.

After that he found his way out of the forest and took odd jobs to support himself. He did not hear from the voice anymore. Thinking it dead, he led a normal life. Until he was 15.

Age 13 the voice was heard again. Again it guided Daryn to kill and cause destruction. The spider wanted the weak culled. "Only the strong of arm and strong of mind should be allowed to live", It assured Daryn. Daryn killed and killed and killed and drove more to kill for him. The Voice taught him how to use the magic fused inside their blood to summon spiders, control animals and make others hallucinate. It even gave him a steed made of a tarantula.

At age 14 Daryn had amassed a small kingdom of spiders and humans alike. But this was not what The Voice was born for. The original Queen spider gathered her children and blanketed the land in a horrible black shadow. Man killed spider, spider killed spider, spider killed man in a bloody war. The dark army of the queen finnally surrounded Daryn's last fortress. The queen sent huge mental attacks at the voice and Daryn, which made them submit to her power.

The Queen then sent mental images of Daryn spreading her religion to the humans. She was furious that her village of fanatics had been killed, but she knew that she could gain thousands of followers in only a few years time. She thengarbed Daryn in Spin silk, a very magical cloth which dispersed aggresive magic's effect on the wearer.

On Daryn's 15th birthday he started to travel to other lands, spreading The Creed Of The Spider.....

The Underdark Dropped

Gang Wars Finished

Feathers and Fire
In Progress

Begining of the end
In Progress

In Progress

(He has a lopsided face)

Daryn, my fanatical BA character.
My new BA Char, Latig

Awsome Siggy by Kat, from HH.
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Re: Character List

Hey all, its time I got back to something I havent done in a long time, here is my new character...hopefully sometime in the future you might see him in a fan fic. Thanks Power Shot...

Name: Kuunas Jr. AKA K.J.

Age: 19

Race: Half Potente (a type of elf), Half Al Bhed (a race in FFX that loves to tinker with machines and speaks a strange language)

Sex: Male

Hair: Spiky Brown with a pony tail

Eyes: One blue, one green…pupils are actually spirals

Weight: 75kgs

Height: 198cms

Weapon: Longsword

Armour: Leather Bracers

Strengths: Heightened senses, mental abilities (can read minds and memories), good physical strength and flexibility.

Weakness: Not able to control mental abilities well so could be overwhelmed by intense thoughts and memories. Can be ‘hot headed’ and will make mistakes in fighting technique if he gets angry. No real experience in actual fights against foes with weapons…most of training used to destroy monsters in his home of Spira.

Skills/Magic: By using the power of his father and ancestors he can manipulate power through his blade, it is an energy from deep within him. This energy surrounds the blade with a green appearance, it is connected to his life force so when he does this it saps his is because he is not a full Potente that this happens. Although it can be devistating at higher levels it is weak at the present and takes a long time to charge up.

Personality: Quiet and secludes himself from large crowds, values honour in battle but not as much as his father who was a hero. Wants to be like him but finds it difficult being not full Potente…because he is only half he doesn’t have as much powers as his father had. He is quite wise though for his age and uses strategy quite well.

Appearance: He is a tall youth, he is quite muscular but not so much like he is on steroids, rarely smiles…wears a royal blue singlet and dark blue baggy pants which is held up by his fathers belt…the buckle has the insignia of the Potente, a green and gold boot. He wears soft brown leather boots, brown soft leather fingerless gloves to protect his hands from swordplay. Sword is slung over his back for easy access; the supporting strap draws over his chest diagonally.


His history is a complex one, when he was born he was without a father….he died a year or so before K.J. was born in a battle with made his family famous in the multi-verse, a complex system of planets; the only way of travel is through a treacherous passage called the Rift Portal. K.J.’s father used to travel between worlds, which was rare, and that is how he met K.J.’s mother. He grew up not knowing who his father was, as an inquisitive child he would ask but his mother, to protect him, had never explained why and how he died. Years went by and to his mothers astonishment he grew quite huge, his Potente blood usually would have meant he would stay in the body of a 12 year old…they got a long life span but it was rare that any Potente would grow after the age of 12.

K.J, when 15 years old, started his training with the sword with his mothers friend and cousin-in-law, Tidus…he got the basics but had difficulties with the more advanced skills. Even at this age he never knew his Potenteian ancestry…he grew even more curious when on his 17th birthday his ears became pointed overnight. It was after this that he found out about his father’s true identity…after his mothers explanations he grew even more curious, he wanted to know everything about his race. His mother gave him a pendant and told him to go out to see his grandfather who held something which he just discovered, a device which could transport someone to another world. He found his grandfather and after some coaxing got him to reveal the Rift Portal.

The pendant K.J. wore had a powerful essence inside, normally anything that entered the Rift Portal would shatter into a million pieces but the powers of the pendant made the wearer impervious to destruction in the portal. He stepped into the emerald green mist of the portal and felt a jerk as he was pulled forward, he was now travelling to another world…he wasn’t sure it was the Potente homeland, but it was a journey he had to face.

Now K.J. spends his time going through Rift Portals…trying to find the Potente homeland, only then would he understand his past, present and future.

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Re: Character List

Name: Trey
Age: 21
Race: Hylian
Gender: Male
Hair: Long White hair
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 110 lbs
Height: 6’ 6”
Weapon: The Sword of the Great Hylian- a sword made from alchemy that was said to be used by a great hylian that had saved Hyrule countless times. Shield of the Great Hylian- a shield made from alchemy that was said to be used by the great hylian as well. These weapons are beginner weapons that were originally know as the Hero's Sword and Shield.
Armor: Alchemist Tunic- a tunic that is worn by most alchemist.
Strengths: 1. He’s very speedy.
2. Is very skilled at sword fighting.
3. Is very good at staying hidden.
Weaknesses:1. Is weak around high altitude because of a disease that he was born with which makes his speed drop down really low and his power decrease by more than 50%.
2.He is to scared to fight a girl.
3. He is so light that he can be hurt easier than other opponents.
Skills/ Magic: He can control plants to grab things and people. This also allows him to strangle his opponents in battle with thorns and bruise them with whips. He can also use alchemy to make weapons and armour.
Personality: Is very kind hearted but will unleash his devastating anger on anyone who hurts his friends and when he is in battle. He is also very friendly. He doesn’t like to kill but will if he has to. Sometimes he loses control of his anger and destrories countless innocent lifes.
Bio: He was born in a forest east of the Kokiri forest and grew up in a hut made of stones. He lived a good life until he was 10. When he was 10, the forest was burnt killing his parents. He escaped the fire with his horse and went to live in Kakariko Village. He lived in Kakariko in the care of Impa until the age of 15. While living in Kakariko, he learned ninja skills and he learned alchemy from a man that lived in Kakariko. Then he left Kakariko and went to live in Hyrule so he could work in the market. Then with his alchemic powers, he made items to sell. One day when looking for items for alchemy, he found the sword and sheild of the great hylian. He now uses them to protect Hyrule from monsters. He is still searching for the answers to why the forest down was burnt down.The reason he loses anger is because when he was young, a witch cursed so when 1 of his friends are hurt, he goes into a rage. Also this made him grow weak around high altitudes. Also being a forest dweller, he is able to control plants.
Appearance: Standing 6’ 6” and weighing 150 lbs, Trey is a very skilled alchemist. He has long, white hair and blue eyes. He wears a Alchemist tunicand an alchemist’s jacket. He wears black pants and brown boots. He has a silver sheath on his back to hold his sword in and to hook his shield to. His long hair goes to his shoulders and has black on the ends.

Approved by power shot.

Sig and Avi by Moop
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Ronin Ako, approved by Power Shot

Name: Ronin Ako

Age: 15

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: dark green that is untidy and shaggy

Eyes: Grey

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 95 lbs.

Weapons: Twin daggers. He calls the right one Vaya while the left is name Fujin. Their pommels are made of a green metal while the blades are standard steel and are about 8 inches long. He also has a small throwing dagger hidden in is right boot.

Armor: None

Strengths: He’s extremely fast, accurate with his daggers, and can strike an enemy in quick succession. Ronin also has good thieving skills and can steal items from his opponents. Wind magic and dark magic has little effect on him.

Weakness: His speed requires him to make only shallow cuts with his daggers. He can’t take very many hits and is weak against lightning magic and holy magic.

Skills/Magic: Ronin has the ability to use wind magic with moderate skill.
Yana-With this skill, Ronin creates a small gust of wind that can be used to unbalance enemies but it doesn’t work on the large or heavy. It doesn’t hurt the opponent.
Tentarin-This magic lifts Ronin’s feet off the ground a few inches giving him greater speed through levitation. The duration of this spell hinges on how active he is during it.
Ether-A healing spell that he can use to heal minor wounds and injuries.
Notus-This ability allows Ronin to transform into the wind demon, Notus, though he doesn’t use it willingly. It can only be activated when he enters a state of extreme rage or his life is in danger. Notus is about 6 feet tall. He has a large, hunter green cloak that covers his whole body but his head, which is little more a ball with no eyes, ears, nose, or mouth. He can still find his opponents and talk; how is a mystery. His skin is a greyish-green color and he floats about a foot off the ground. The demon’s lower arms are actually blades that he uses in melee combat but he can also use advanced magic.
Notus’ magic
Canae-This creates a whirlwind that lifts the opponent off their feet and makes them prone to an onslaught of Notus’ blades. Only very large and heavy people are unaffected. However, it is easily identifiable because a small breeze twirls around the opponent before it is released and can be completely avoided.
Sesso-A spell that compresses wind into a solid form shaped like a dagger. Hundreds of these are then launched at the opponent. It is hard to avoid but the daggers only create small wounds and are fairly inaccurate.
Aether-Advanced magic that can repair large or deep wounds.
*Even though Notus is a powerful wind demon, his power has been diminished by Ronin. As a result, he can only use three spells in battle. Any more and he would risk damaging he body beyond repair.*

Appearance: Ronin is dressed in a pair of brown pants, boots, a black sleeveless shirt, and a hunter green traveling cloak. He had a belt that holds various pouches for storing stolen items and his lock picks and the sheaths for Vaya and Fujin. He has tan skin from the sun and is somewhat skinny. He has the runic symbol of wind on his right cheek and right hand that glows green when his is performing magic. His grey eyes will also turn different shades of green depending on what emotion he is experencing.

Personality: This thief is usually stoic about everything. He tries hard not to express any emotion no matter what happens. Despite this, surprising Ronin will give that person a long strand of run-on sentences. He only fights to protect himself or whatever he has stolen, mainly food. He won’t be social with anyone and tries hard not to make friends. Because of this, he is lonely and melancoly which help his stoicism. He acts this way because he is afraid of releasing Notus. Notus is vicious and enjoys to kill people. He’s crafty and a brilliant fighter which allows him an easier time of defeating foes. But, because Notus and Ronin are the same person, the thief has some say in what the demon does.

Biography: In the world of Runen’bayn, a wind demon by the name of Notus caused havoc across the seven kingdoms. He killed as he pleased and took women that caught his fancy and used them for food. Whoever tried to slay the beast was killed quickly; no battles lasted more than five minutes. Gliding across the land, Notus thought himself invincible and immortal. But that pride cost the demon his life when he came against a cleric from the theocracy of Terasa. Notus let the woman make the first move, sure that he would win. But the cleric sacrificed her life to make a powerful holy spell that the demon could not escape. Though people mourned her loss, the cleric was a made a heroine and people thought that the despair that was Notus was gone forever.

Four centuries later, Ronin Ako was born in a middle-class family in the kingdom of Jengagan. His mother was a midwife while his father was a smith. Born with the runic symbol of wind on his cheek and hand, his family believed he was a child blessed by the wind deities. His first seven years of life were peaceful and happy. His mother taught him household skills such as cooking and cleaning. He loved to help out his mom at home and enjoyed being with her. He even helped with a few births, something that absolutely terrified him. Then, on his eighth birthday, his father decided to teach him combat. He was even given his two daggers, Vaya and Fujin, as a birthday present. So Ronin learned combat from his father until he was eleven years old.

During his eleventh year, war broke out between Jengagan and the republic of Hanon. One day, the soldiers of Hanon invaded the city where the Ako family lived. Ronin’s father tried to fight the army but was overcome and killed. Then, a few soldiers tried to take his mother for a sex toy. Enraged by all that had happened, the boy attacked the soldiers...

A few hours later, Ronin awoke to a gruesome scene. The soldiers, his mother, and various other citizens laid slaughtered on the streets. Blood was running from blade-like wounds and few corpses had bite marks on them. The boy was so confused and terrified by the sight that he fled his home city to the country of Terasa, who always welcomed refugees from wars. He managed to survive by stealing from towns he came upon. Stealing didn’t settle well with him, he was raised to have honor, but he did it only to survive. The whole trip, he was plagued by the murder at his city and an underlying knowledge of what had done it.

After finally reaching Terasa, Ronin sought shelter at one of the chapels. Inside the one he found was a statue of the cleric whom had defeated Notus. He couldn’t understand why, but the statue filled him with anger. The priests at the chapel took interest in him because of the wind runes on his body. He was questioned about where he came from and tested his abilities, at which point he discovered he could use wind magic. The final test came from a cleric to decide if the thief was a blessed child. Calling to their gods, the cleric found out that the boy wasn’t blessed but rather cursed, a reincarnation of the evil wind demon, Notus. The priests and the cleric tried to kill him at that point to make sure that no one could be hurt again by the demon. But to their demise, when Ronin was hanging on to life by a thread, Notus was released and killed them.

Ronin, now knowing what had happened to his family, fled Terasa and went out into the wilds once more. He was not alone as Notus’ personality constantly plagued him with thoughts of death and destruction. He feared people because he doesn’t want them to be killed by Notus, though the demon can only escape when the thief’s will is badly diminished. He travels town to town, using his now expert thieving skills to stay alive. He doesn’t know if he can ever live peacefully and searches for a way to get rid of the demon, even if it means death.
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Re: Character List

My second character! Yay!

Name: Dark Zero X

Nickname: DZX

Age: 16 years old

Race: Humanoid Reploid (a.k.a. Half-Robot, Half-Human)

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Royal blue

Weight: 190 lbs.

Height: 5 ft. 6 in.

Weapon: He has two weapons.

Laser Saber: He uses a laser sword that was given to him by Zero in the Megaman Zero series after Omega’s defeat (explained in bio). He places it in a certain compartment on his left glove. It is a gold stick if it is taken out of the compartment. The laser part shines green.

Shield Boomerang: He also has a laser shield, given to him by Cerveau (explained in bio). This shield, when not in use, is a small disc that can easily be put in a pocket. The laser part of the shield expands to about 2 feet. It can block bullets with ease. It can also be used as a boomerang by imitating a horizontal slashing motion with his right arm. It is normally placed on his right hand, in a specific spot, so he can instantly defend. It takes a while for the shield to come back however.

Armor: Besides the shield boomerang, his skin pretty much is the armor. This armor can never be removed or death will follow soon after. There is a special machine that will repair his armor.

Strengths: His swordsmanship isn't very good, despite what people say, and he, like most for Reploids, does not need to charge, but he can indeed enjoy sleep like any other human. He can use his shield boomerang well with his aiming and timing.

Weakness: If he sustains enough damage, he will not be able to move for a while. His armor is light, which allows great movement capability, but the damage it can sustain is much less than that of a regular Reploid in the Neo Arcadian army. He feels fatigue like any other human and can indeed die out of blood loss if his armor is penetrated. He can’t run very fast, so running away when he is weak is out of the option. If the big jewel on his helmet is broken, then it will knock him out. It takes a lot of strength to even crack the crystal though.

Skills/Magic: He can use an elemental chip to power his sword and shield. However, he needs to remove the sword from his left hand and attach it, when it isn’t on, to the small hole in his shield, when it is off, and wait 1 minute for the chip to completely upload:

Fire Chip: Adds the ability to cause a fire to flammable substances.
Ice Chip: Adds the ability to freeze water and put out fires.
Lightning Chip: Adds the ability to shock enemies, short-circuit electronics, and power electronics for 30 seconds.

Appearance: DZX has a white face with royal blue eyes. His black hair is short and is barely seen since he always wears a helmet. This helmet is as black as his hair. A silver jewel is in the middle of the helmet. It can’t be removed without being forced off or special equipment since it is attached to his head permanently. His torso armor is royal blue. It reflects the sun intensely if it is polished properly. His arms are gold and his wrist and hand armor are crimson red. His left hand has a special compartment where his sword can be placed and used. His right hand has a slot where his shield is placed and used. His leg armor matches the torso armor. His foot armor is crimson red.

Personality: He was built to fight for the Resistance, but he could care less about a mission. He is very loose on many decisions and can’t see the big picture on the most important things. In battle, the is cocky and often forgets that his armor can’t take much damage. When he gets into trouble in battle, he will finally see the big picture and start to fight as if the world depended on him. Whenever he gets serious, no one believes him. His short temper in battle can either be the death of him or his enemy.

Biography: Dark Zero X was built during the time Dr. Weil was found with Omega. Dr. Weil was a human from that was banished for the weapons he created that killed humans and Reploids. Omega was one of those weapons. Anyway, Dark Zero X was the first Humanoid Reploid. He had the weaknesses of a human like bleeding to death and fatigue. He was recovered from a siege in a human district by Elpizo, the Resistance’s last leader, two months ago and kept alive and this was the only way to save him. He was only 12 when he was made into a Reploid to save his life. His human name was lost in the siege, so he was renamed Dark Zero X, or D.Z.X.

He followed along on Zero’s adventure by watching him in action at the Resistance Base. One day, a Reploid soldier was showing him how to swordfight when he heard an odd noise. What was that noise, he thought. Suddenly, a sword thrust was motioned next to his head. The Reploid’s eyes were white.

“Inscribe the name of our new leader!” the Reploid yelled, “Weil! Weil! Weil!”
“Are you mad?!” D.Z.X. screamed as he blocked his attacks with the practice sword.

This went on for a while until a bright light made the renegade Reploid fall down. D.Z.X. ran to the base, where he heard Zero talk to Ciel, the only human scientist, and the only human, on the Resistance, and the Cyber Elf, X. There, he watched Zero’s final battle against Omega.

Three years later, Zero was sent onto a mission. Before he left, Zero spoke with D.Z.X. and left him his Z-Saber. That night, the message was sent out; Zero was destroyed by the Neo Arcadians. A siege on the base took place soon after. Cerveau gave D.Z.X his Shield Boomerang before leaving to protect the front. It was there that he fought for the name of Zero, his hero. After being watched by Harpuia, the Green Lord Reploid of Neo Arcadia, he was commented on being as good as Zero, maybe better. The Resistance took advantage of this and sent him on simulations of Zero’s past missions and sent him on future ones.

After a year of excessive training like this, he left with a communicator and transporter so he could be contacted on future missions. He left since he still did not believe Zero was gone. So, he had one objective: Find Zero.

Sig and Avy made by me
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Re: Character List

That's right guys, I'm revising all of my Elementals. Here's the revised edition of the Earth Elemental, Lily.

Name: Lily
Age: 22
Race: Elemental
Sex: Female
Hair: Long, straight, black
Eyes: Black
Weight: 59 kg
Height: 170 cm

Weapon: Two steel tonfas forged from the metals of planet Force. This metal is unbreakable. Throughout the years, Lily has worked on her weapons. They now have six different modes: Tonfa Mode, Katana Mode, Nun Chuck Mode, Bazooka Mode, Bo Staff Mode, and Pistol Mode.

Strengths: Lily is the last Earth Elemental. She can create and control all forms of Earth. Lily is an expert in weaponry. She can easily adjust to any weapon given to her, whether it is a sword, a sai, or a staff. She has a special ability that she was born with that allows her to steal her opponent’s energy and use it as her own.

Weakness: Lily still carries around the weakness of low stamina. She can fight, but cannot exert too much energy or she will get tired easily. She is also very bad at taking too many hits at once.

Skills/Magic: Throughout the years, Lily has trained to strengthen her Elemental skills by enhancing older ones and developing new ones.

Spirit Steal – Lily’s signature skill. As stated before, in order to keep her energy up, she must steal her opponent’s energy. This can only be done if her opponent is in some type of contact with her weapon, either directly or indirectly. The energy is stored inside her weapons and she can either use it as her own or fire it back as an attack. She can also absorb any type of energy attack.

Stone Armor – A defensive move that is triggered automatically. When Lily is about to be hit by an attack, a patch of earth armor covers where she is about to be hit. This move is activated without Lily’s consent. Even if she is unconscious, the Stone Armor will still set off.

Bazooka Blast – While in Bazooka Mode, Lily can fire large boulders shrouded in Earth Elemental energy.

Rocky Rapid Fire – While in Pistol Mode, Lily can shoot small pebbles shrouded in Earth Elemental energy like bullets.

There are four forms an Elemental can reach. In each form, an Elemental’s appearance, elemental, speed, and physical strength change. Also, depending on how strong their battle spirit is they can lose control of their mind in different forms. Meaning they will not have control of their body, all they will think about is destroying their opponent. At the moment, Lily has a medium battle spirit.

Elemental Base – This is an Elemental’s first form. In this form they look like they regularly do. An Elemental can use their element and have the regular speed and strength they normally do in Base form. This is the form an Elemental starts out with. No matter how weak an Elemental’s battle spirit is they will always maintain control of their mind.

Elemental Boost – This is an Elemental’s second form. In this form their iris and changes to the color of their Elemental aura. In Lily’s case, they turn green. In Boost form an Elemental’s element, speed, and strength increase by quite a lot. In order to achieve this form, an Elemental must be completely surrounded by their element. If an Elemental has a weak battle spirit, then they will lose control of their mind.

Elemental Ascended - This is an Elemental’s third form. In this form their hair turns into their element. In Lily’s case, her hair turns to grass. In Ascended form an Elemental can summon or create their element anywhere they wish. In Base and Boost form they can only create their element near them. Also their element, speed, and strength increase proportionately. In order to achieve this form, an Elemental must be in Boost form and then insert their element inside their body. An Elemental must have a strong battle spirit to keep control of their mind.

Personality: Lily likes to tease and play with her friends, but when it comes to fighting, she is very serious. She is very free spirited, but would never leave her friends. The one thing she hates is people who don’t do anything with their lives, or in other words, laziness.

Appearance: Lily has long, black hair that she wears in a ponytail. She also wears her bangs out that covers her forehead. Lily wears a light green shirt. She has white capris and a brown belt that holds her two steel tonfas. She also wears lime flip-flops. She has the Chinese symbol of earth tattooed on her left arm.

History: Lily was born on the planet Force. Lily’s parents were two Earth Elementals. Her Mother was a 20 year old named Rose and his Father was a 23 year old named Rocky. They lived next to a family Fire Elementals, who also just gave birth to a child. The child’s name was Blaze. The two families were very friendly with each other and Lily and Blaze were able to be together at many family gatherings. At Blaze’s first birthday, Blaze and Lily met Frost, Tidra, Lumis, Shadow, Zephia, and Flash for the first time.

Closing on Lily’s birthday, a news bulletin informed the planet that four Southern Elementals came to the North. The chief of police decided to attack the south and stop the four Elementals, which he dubbed, The Outcasts. This worried Rose, for she never liked the fact that they discriminated against the South. Rocky wasn’t concerned until those four destroyed the entire army and focused on the planet. Luckily, the Northern Elementals were able to keep them out with an Elemental Barrier. Rocky got together with his neighbors: Torch, Aqua, Night, Gust, and Static. Together they build prototypes of escape pods. So, if there were ever an emergency, they would all be able to escape.

Six months passed. It was a week before Blaze’s second birthday and everyone was getting ready. Just then, a large explosion shook the land. The Elemental Barrier shrouding the planet disappeared. The Outcasts landed on the planet and their leader, a Metal Elemental named Alloy, struck the planet’s core and drove it out with his powers. The planet would implode in a few hours and there was no chance of evacuation. Well, there was one way.

Torch called up the others and told them to bring their children. After a lot of hard work, the fathers were able to build eight fully working escape pods. Since the children were the eight types of Elementals, the parents decided to send them away so they can rebuild their people. Since, Lumis and Shadow, being five years old, were the oldest of the eight, they were in charge of protecting the other six. After the coordinates were set, the eight Elementals took off. Unfortunately, Lumis accidentally pressed the wrong button for three of the Elementals and they landed on a different planet.

After a year of traveling through space, they arrived at their destination. A primitive planet named Earth. As soon as they landed, Lumis and Shadow made it a priority to take care of the other three: Blaze, Lily, and Frost. Blaze and Lily were three and Frost was only two. They wandered around the unknown planet when they found a small abandoned house. It seemed someone just moved out. It was in great shape. Upon further inspection of the area, a small town was only a kilometer away.

Three years passed. The three young ones were now able to fend for themselves. They were able to catch lots of food in the woods using their abilities. Lily was able to create separate rooms with her improved powers, Blaze was able to cook food, and Frost was able to freeze the food for storage.

Eleven years passed and the five Elementals gain experience and enhanced powers. They even were able to reach the second Elemental Form. It was at his time, Lumis decided to look for the other three. Shadow had kept the coordinates and Lumis was able to change them accordingly to find the planet the other three were on. They each went to their individual pods and set out.

After a month in space, they landed on a planet called Warlob. It was a barren and empty planet. Animals still lived on it, but hope began to grow thin that the three were still alive. The five began to wander around the desolate planet. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew them away and knocked them down. Lumis immediately got up and stated that must have been the Wind Elemental, Zephia. They continued waking when they saw a girl with brown hair and tattered clothing. Lumis said that this was Zephia. Lily questioned him and asked how he knew. Lumis pointed out the Chinese symbol of wind on her left arm. They began to approach her. When she saw them, she attacked with a large burst of wind. The others were knocked down by the windblast, but Lumis was able to dodge it. He ran up to Zephia and showed her his tattoo. She immediately stopped from attacking. She recognized it was Lumis and hugged him. Lumis asked her where Tidra and Flash were. Zephia pointed over the horizon and said she would lead him to them. Lumis woke the others up and they continued to walk with a reunited friend.

Zephia stopped and told the others to stay, while she would get Tidra and talk with her. She knew that Tidra might attack the five like she did earlier. A few minutes passed and Zephia walked back with Tidra. When Tidra saw Frost, she ran up to her and hugged her. At first, Frost and the others were very confused. Lumis reminded the others that Tidra and Frost were sisters. Frost burst into tears when she heard this and held her long lost sister. Shadow interrupted and told them there was still one more Elemental left: Flash, the Lightning Elemental. Lumis agreed with Shadow, but Zephia and Tidra warned them about how dangerous Flash has gotten.

The now 7 Elementals continued to walk on when suddenly a bolt of lightning struck down and knocked out Lumis and Shadow. The others looked up and saw Flash on a large mound of rock and dirt. Zephia and Tidra asked Flash to come down and talk. Flash just shook his head and knocked them out with another lightning bolt. Now only Blaze, Lily, and Frost were left standing. Flash sent down another bolt, but Lily and Frost shielded it off and they were both knocked out.

When Lily regained consciousness, she saw Blaze and Flash laughing. Blaze helped her up and explained how Flash was just testing him. After the others awoke, they left Warlob. The Elementals were reunited once and forever more.

Back on Earth, Lumis explained how the Outcasts were very powerful and that they needed to at least reach Elemental Ascended in order to fight them. Shadow noted that staying in a large group might hinder training. The others nodded in agreement. So the eight separated into three groups: Blaze, Lily, and Frost; Lumis and Shadow; and Zephia, Tidra and Flash.

Out of the three in her group, Lily was the most dedicated with training. She worked on her weapons everyday, strengthening them and experimenting with new modes. Lily sparred by herself five times a week. On the weekends she would goof of with Blaze and Frost, often going to new places. She and Blaze remained the closest friends out of all the Elementals.

Five years of intense, and some not so intense, training had passed when Lumis contacted all the Elementals and told them to meet at the landing point. All of them had reached the third Elemental Form and Lumis said it was time for the next level. When they were all there he showed them a piece of paper with writing on it. It said: Use these stones. We will come to Earth when you have fully mastered their power, The Outcasts. Lumis opened his hand and revealed eight necklaces. Each one had a stone of a different color. Lumis gave them out to the corresponding Elemental. Shadow explained what these necklaces were. They were made from a mineral called Elemental Marble. There were eight forms of elemental marble: Volcano Marble, Flint Marble, Glacier Marble, Day Marble, Night Marble, Zephyr Marble, Beach Marble, and Surge Marble. These marbles were used to reach the final Elemental form.

After six more months of training, five of the eight reached the next level: Blaze, Lumis, Shadow, Tidra, and Flash. Although, only two have mastered it: Lumis and Shadow. Lily continues training with Blaze and Frost so that she can reach that fourth and final form.

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Re: Character List

finally, my character got approved!


hair:shoulder-length white.
eyes:dark blue mixed with a little gray.
weight:115 pounds
weapon:Justi Blade,your basic gaia sword(gaia sword is another name for a regular sword)
armor:silver gauntlets over black glaoves with no fingers on gloves
two shoulder pieces over each other on each shoulder ;gold outline on top pieces
strengths:skilled with sword,has good agility, and can fly
skills:earth shatter:raises fist in the air andstarts glowing green,can smash boulders
thunder fist:same as earth shatter, but hand is covered by lightning ball, and not as strong, so it can be used more.
fly:well, you figure it out(pretty obvious).
weaknesses:thunder fist and earth shatter tire him out a lot
scar on his chest BURNS when he remembers how he got it and when struck
appearance:uh,hard to describe,to see him , msn image search:balmung of the azure sky,or just balmung.he has angel wings!oh, here's something (look at bottom of post)but that's just his face.
personality:quite serious,and fierce in battle when he is forced to draw his sword.he can sometimes lash out at people who anger him, but they have to SERIOUSLY piss him off. because the duty of the one who wields the justi blade is to be an up holder of justice, he also has a keen sence of justice as well. he also likes to read a lot, especially manga. he is quite fond of the moonstage known as the first quarter. he also likes the full moon, so he is basicly interested in the moon.He likes high up places because going to the moon was his dream as a child, and he secretly tries to fly up there every year, most likely on his birth day.

bio: Born in kassasagi village,a peaceful place.He had a peaceful childhood and had lots of friends. He was also trained in swordplay when he was 13.Pretty soon he carried a sword his sword around all the time.He always liked the sun set and the veiw of the full moon. When he was 15, he found a cave in the mountain that he and his friends learned to like. They started to go there every day.
One day,when zeik and his friends were resting in the cave,when the twin dragons of legend; Dalaigon,the dragon of fire, and Dalaigon Anecdote,the dragon of dark, emerged from the mountain.They both roared and blew fire and miasma everywhere, which poisoned the mountain and dropped boulders.The cave caved-in with Zeik's friends inside!Zeik was just outside the cave and was dodging boulders. He saw the cave and froze. He ran up the mountain and guess what?!? The dalaigon of fire droppped down and went nuts!It blew fire in front of him,making it impossible to go forward.
Zeik threw his sword as hard as he could, and the wind from the sword made a path through the fire .Zeik ran straight down it to fight dalaigon, but his sword was jabbed into dalaigon'sleg. He went to get it and was slammed so hard he fell off of the mountain. On his way down, he blacked out. He felt a pain in his back.He woke up 2 seconds later... with angel wings! he flew back up then grabbed his sword, jumped up, and thrusted the sword through dalaigon's throat. Dead. He flew up the mountainand met Anectdote Daligon. The battle was already over, because Zeik threw the sword right through it's body out of rage.But Zeik noticed a long diagonal scar on his chest. It wasn't normal.It was flashing a light blue colo(u)r. It was from the fire dragon ,maybe from when it slammed him.He then flew down the mountain.On his way down, the scar started to burn,and he almost fell again, but he regained balance.
He then went to the cave and made a grave for his friends.
When he got to the village, his father was there waiting for him.When he noticed that Zeik was crying, he gave him the family treasure; the justi blade. Zeik wiped his tears and then set off to be an upholder of justice, the duty of the one who held the Justi Blade.

approved by wielder of the blade
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Re: Character List

Name Kinos Siht (Sometimes goes by Link XI)

Age 17

Race Domensian

Sex Male

Hair Deep Purple

Eyes Blood red (Black where white should be)

Weight 10 Stone 5

Height 6 Feet

Weapon Blood Saber: A good sturdy sword with a handle of deep red.

Armor a thin layer of Chainmail under his tunic.

Strengths Good sword skills. A quick thinker and never backs down (though this isnt always a good thing) It takes a long time to tire him and is exelant at upward thrusts.

Weakness Doesnt block or dodge much. Strong sence of pride and a strong sence of vengtance. Has delayed reactions and when he gets angry he goes in to a mad frezy where he cant think strait.

Skills/Magic Can also weild a bow and Longshot. Good player of the Ocarina and Harp.

Apperance He wears a dark gray tunic and matching hat. Crimson boots and gloves as well as white tights. Usually seen with his Blood saber and Macori sheild( Black with a faint eye patter wearing away on top).
Here's a sprite sheet:

Personnality Generally a good person but will do anything for the right price. He is hard to anger but when he does he explodes with rage.

Biogaraphy The Domensians are a secret race, only known about by the Sheikah and the royal family. They live deep in the monkin valley in a town called Limponia. There hair is generally purple or black and there eyes are black where the white should be. Because of this every Domensian is given a mask at the age of 10, to hide there identity while going to human towns.

On his tenth birthday Kinos recieved a Gibdo mask and his first sword, a kokriri sword. He lived with his brother, Sour, and his father, Link X . This was before he met Aria. She was a human girl that he defended from a large black wolf with piercing red eyes one day while he was traveling to town to shop. When she asked his name he thought of the first name in his mind, his fathers. Link X sounded so similar to Link the 10th. He was his son so he should be Link the 11th. "Link XI" he blurted out at her after only a few short seconds. They quickly began to meet frequently at town, away from the prying eyes of his father and the town until they fell in love. On that fateful day Kinos, deeply in love with Aria, wasnt thinking strait and removed his mask. Aria, upon seeing his eyes, was startled but eventually settled down. However she did ask many questions which eventually made Kinos tell Aria everything about his heratidge. Unknowingly he was being spied on by one of the Limponia villagers, Eid Elgnit, a bright young man but also a sly one.He reported what he'd seen to Cintensa the general of Linponia. Upon hearing this he banished Kinos from the town and Aria was sentanced to death, so that there species would yet again be kept in secret. Kinos, upon hearing this news, when into a mad frenzy in which he brutally sloughtered a quater of the townsfolk while the others fled. Unkowingly while in this mad frenzy, he had himself killed Aria. Later that days he found her body and buried in the soft earth. He then placed his Kokiri sword in the earth and left, only stopping to see Ivan Diputs, the town champion and greatest warrior, lying in his own blood. In his hand lay the Blood Saber, a powerful weopon only given to those who had killed the champion in battle. Kinos thought it only proper to take it for himself. He then pleadged to one day kill Cintensa and find out who had been spying on him and Aria that fateful day. As he finally left the Limponian town gates did he hear a long, low howling. He looked to see the wolf who had attacked Aria the first day they met. Yet this wolf seemed diffrent from the one of previous. Its eyes no longer glowed red with anger and resentment but shone in sorrow and mourning. Kinos left on his horse, Anope, and the beast followed. He decided to travel with this now faithful companian. Togeather they wander the world, searching. What for he does not know. How long it will take he does not know. Just him,the wolf and Anope.His Gibdo mask on his face, his ocarina on his belt and his Blood saber in his hand. Kinos Siht is no more. Now there is only Link XI.

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Jodd, Blue Mage

NAME: Jodd

AGE: 15

RACE: Human

SEX: Male

EYES: Brown

HAIR: Dirty blonde, unkempt

WEIGHT: Specifics unknown, approx. 70 kilograms.

HEIGHT: Specicfics unknown, approx. 6 foot.

WEAPON: Wooden staff with a large blue orb at the end. Slightly increases defensive magic. No other special attributes.

ARMOR: Faded blue travelling cloak. Light leather vest and grey cotton pants underneath. Soft leather gloves and boots.

STRENGTHS: Defensive magic and lightning. Good at making potions and collecting and identifying herbs and potion ingredients. Excels at practical magic. His lesser performance with the other two elements, (fire and ice) are counterbalanced by his lightning abilities.

WEAKNESS: Incredibly fond of mushrooms. Will risk his own life to collect new species and sample anything containing mushrooms. Physically weak, only has the physical abilities of an average 15 year old. Doesn't respond well to questions about his past, and has the tendency to endanger himself and others when his emotions get the better of him.

SKILLS/MAGIC: Better at defensive magic than offensive magic. Good at detecting poisons, lifting objects, and creating barriers against elements. Can maintain multiple barriers simultaneously. Enjoys making practical magic and potions. His magic powers grow when he is angry or emotional, otherwise, average by all other mage's standards.

A few skills:
[Liknita Kamero] : Lightning manipulation, creates balls ond bolts of lightning.
[Taiira Protecta] : Defensive barrier, wards off weak to medium strength arrows, swords, and spells.

APPEARANCE: Lightly tanned skin, with large deep eyes. Average build, not overly muscular. Was raised doing odd chores, and can hold his own and walk at a steady pace for a long time. Enjoys being left alone to think. Would rather ponder deeper issues than fight needlessly.
Has a scar on his right cheek from a misfired spell, and has bad joints in his fingers, prone to making cracking noises when he clenches them. Has okay eyesight, not good for ranging.

PERSONALITY: A recluse, prefers his own company to others. Will greet new friends warmly, but will not seek human interaction. Enjoys life, and prefers healing to killing. Will heal even an enemy if there is a chance of them changing their ways. Was only ever close to Jayara, and a girl in the clan, Taila. Never answers questions about his past, and will never ask about anyone else's. Has a tendency to get distracted when immersed in thought.

BIOGRAPHY: Never had a real family. Jodd was found at the age of 5 eating mushrooms in a ditch by a nomad man, Kayeel. Kayeel took him back to his tribe and gave him to a woman who had recently lost her son. The woman, Jayara, fed him and gave him a place to sleep in exchange for Jodd doing chores and helping out. At the age of seven, It was discovered that Jodd could use magic, like many of the clan elders. He was taught by Kayeel in the art of magic and potions, though Kayeel was a bit grouchy, and Jodd longed for the day when he could leave...

"Dammit! I said brown the onions, not blacken! You expect someone to get better with that?" Kayeel was grouching as Jodd hunched over a pan, flipping the onion gently.
"It's almost exactly the same as how you showed me, sir." He spat out the sir, not enough to make Kayeel blow up, but enough to annoy him.
"Well, add them anyway, the least it can do is explode and we'll be rid of you." Jodd closed his eyes and clenched his jaw, desperately seeking patience to continue for a few more minutes. He slid the onion into the cauldron, and it fizzed, the suplhur in the onion reacting with the fungi in the fresh mushrooms he had added before.
"Fine, that'll do, go and leave me to clean up your mess, boy. And tomorrow, come with a better attitude."
"Yes master..." Jodd trudged off, picking up his cloak and scratching his scar. He wandered past the semi-permanent huts of his neighbours, the smells wafting out making his stomach growl. He opened up the flap on his own hut, and was greeted by Jayara.
"Oh, you're back, good. Dinner is almost ready. Grab the plates will you?" She said. Jodd reached for the magic in his mind, and mentally grabbed two plates from the shelf. He set them on the small table and sat down.
"How was today, dear?" Jayara asked cheerfully as she set down a pot of stew.
"Mmmgh." Jodd replied unintelligibly.
"It happened, huh? Well, there's always tomorrow!" Jayara was never one to be dragged down by Jodd's often unresponsive moods.
"Well, when your finished, can you grab some mushrooms from the log in the east forest? and be sure to grab extras, last time you ate half of them before you got home!"
"Okay." He replied.

Jayara knew him, and was giving him a chore that would let him think, and mushrooms always cheered him a bit. He cleaned his plate and trudged off, grabbing his staff to lean on for the trip. It wasn't too long, but it was long enough. He flipped thoughts across his head as he walked, and sat on a stump to rest halfway. His thought turned to Taila, a girl in the settlement. He cursed, and tried hard to think of something else, but failed. He stormed angrily away, reaching the log without regard to the creatures around him, which was rare for him. Squirrels and birds glared at him as he grabbed mushrooms and stuffed them into his pack. He grabbed a large one and nibbled on it. It's aroma heatened him, and he felt better. Resting on the same stump as before, he swigged from a flask of light ale. renewed vigor filled his tiring limbs, such were the effects of the herbs he had mixed with it. With only a few kilometers to the settlement, he immersed himself in his thoughts.

A hundred meters from camp, Jodd senses something wrong. He sniffs the air, but smells nothing different. Striding forward, he spots smoke rising into the air. Panting, he sees the outer huts burned, with some of them crushed by some unknown force. Dead lay around him. Panic clutching at him, he rushes to his own hut. Half of it stands, with the other half torn away. Inside was a Moblin, sifting through his belongings. He cried out, hoping to scare it away. The moblin spins, holding his spear towards Jodd. He thrusts, and Jodd dodges, surprised by the reflex. He turns to run, glancing at the ruins of another hut. Time seems to stop as he sees Taila's hut in ruins, her battered body lying at the door. Jodd turns to the moblin, rage building at an incredible rate inside him. If he didn't release it, he felt he would explode. He reached inside him for magic, hoping to protect himself. Unintentionally, his emotions draw upon a part of him he didn't know exixted, and he raises his hand, uttering "Liknita Kamero". A bolt of lightning leapt from his hands, the sound of the moblin screaming as its flesh burned drowned out by Jodd's maniacal laughter.

The incredible amount of energy required to turn a living moblin into a pile of ash drained him of energy, and, still laughing, he faded into black...

It was night when he awoke, completely drained. He reached for his flask, drinking deeply Strength gathered in his limbs, and he dragged himself upright. He staggered to the ruins of Taila's house and collapsed near her. She was too badly hurt for him to heal, and would not survive.
"They came...we...never had a chance..."
"Who came? I'll kill every cursed one of them!"
"No...I'm..." Taila's last breath past her lips, and she slumped, dead.

Jodd spent the next few hours in a daze. He was unable to heal anyone, and instead eased their suffering by easing them into eternal slumber with magic. He came upon Kayeel, his annoyance at the old man gone.
" did okay...your old enough...go...I have nothing more for you..." And so Kayeel, elder of the Nomad's passed.

Jodd looked upon the ruins of his settlement, his pack full of all the salvageable things he could find. He would not search for those who did this, but if he ever found someone related to this, he would destroy them with all manner of painful magic he could conjure. He leant upon his staff, and walked...
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Re: Character List

Name: Kaylarin

Age: 400

Race: Elf

Sex: Female

Hair: Gold

Eyes: Hazel

Weight: 80kg

Height: 6’6”

Weapon: Herself

Armour: None

Strengths: Telepathic, can summon dragons, physically strong, quick on her feet, and is an expert at Wing Chun.

Weakness: Not a strong telepath, can’t control it properly, if angry she cannot decide when to use it, so she may be distracted by others thoughts. Cannot summon very powerful dragons, as she is only an apprentice, has to use her spells and summon in ancient elvish, her hair can get tangled in here feet when she is fighting, and this has caused her to come close to death many times.

Skills/Magic: Expert at Wing Chun and can summon lesser dragons. The more powerful the dragon the more the physical strain. Has some healing magic.

Personality: Kaylarin has a gentle and optimistic out look on life. In any situation she will always look on the bright side. She will always help those in need, creature or person, but her knack for running headlong into these things, and her telepathy, has often gotten her in more trouble than she can handle. Kaylarin has many friends and really cares about those who she can still keep in touch with. But over the years of her wondering she has made many friends. Even with those who keep to themselves.

Appearance: Kaylarin has two hazel eyes that have been said to glow like twin suns, and her gold hair, which is nearly always tied back, goes down to her ankles and reflects the sun almost like a mirror. She has a short pointy nose and a small mouth with full lips. She can always be seen wearing a dragon summoners clothes. This consists of a full-length blue leather skirt, a blue t – shirt, with a short blue leather jacket over it. The jacket and t – shirt have the dragon summoners insignia on the left side. This is a dragon’s silhouette with a setting sun behind it.

History: Kaylarin was born in a town called Ithranir, and she grew up with almost everything she wanted. But her whole life she found that there was something missing that she could not find at home. So, at the age of 40, she left, carrying nothing but food water and a few knives to protect herself, to try and find this missing piece of her heart.

After 10 years of travelling she found a teenage human male who taught the art of Wing Chun to travellers. He offered to teach her, and she accepted. She trained for 10 more years. Until she was sure there was nothing else she could learn from him, before leaving to travel once again. Upon leaving she left a couple of her knives with the man who trained her.

After another year of travelling, improving her Wing Chun in little battles she got into, she found an elf aged 3500, who called himself the dragon summoner. He saw she had the talent for it, so trained her. At the age of 75 she summoned her first dragon, and then her training intensified. Whereas before she only had to do little things like cook and wash up for chores, she now had to do this and jog everyday for and hour at least, to build up her strength.

For 329 years this elf trained her. During which time she found out she was a telepath and managed to hone that skill. Until she could almost master it completely. But it still gave her unwanted insights into peoples minds whenever she wasn’t concentrating.

So at the age of 390 she left, her dragon summoners, and telepathic, training incomplete, to try to find what was missing in her life. Now, having travelled for another 10 years, she is 400 years old and has still not found what was missing. Also, over the years, she has either given away, or lost, her knives she left home with. Due to the fact she no longer sees the point in them. They are used to kill, which is something she does not do. She also no longer needs any weapons to defend herself in a fight. She relies on her own quick footing and mind.

Kaylarin will never help anyone to kill anyone else, and will heal and protect those she deems in need of it. Whatever their opinion in the matter is.
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Re: Character List

Name: Merric Everleaf

Age: 107 (equivalent to about twenty-five years)

Race: Drull

The Drull race was there at the creation of the world. Tacssem (Takes-em) Oakwind, the Drull God, also known as the creator, took part in this creation with the gods of other races. The world was named Tallor (Tuh-lore). Tacssem was responsible for all the magic and beasts in the world.

So the Drull lived on, soon to become the most powerful race in Tallor. The Drull were mostly peaceful; Tacssem, immortal from helping to create the world, had a large Drull army. The Drull did not attack unless they were attacked first. Anyone who dare challenged their army was soon foreseen as defeated.

One millennium after the creation of Tallor, Drull seers foresaw a disturbance in the natural balance of the world. They strained all they could to discover what this disturbance was; but a magic more powerful than even Tacssem’s held them back.

The evil mage Tiqdvor (Tick-de-vore) was the leader of the weakest race, humans. Fed up with the Drull and their numerous victories, she trained in magic until she was eighty years old, when she was just powerful enough to create a portal to the Gods. Doing so used up her strength, but with enough determination, the old woman stole immortality from Tacssem.

Tacssem died that night, and no one knew what happened, except the seers. Whenever the seers would try to tell what happened to Tacssem, their heart stopped and they died instantly.

Tiqdvor now was more powerful than Tacssem, and gaining her immortality, she turned young again (early twenties) and lived for nine-hundred and twenty more years; the world’s first millennium. She fed off of the dead seer’s magics, increasing her power all the more.

On the thousandth year Tallor, all of her followers attacked the Drull lands. The Drull, unable to defend because Tacssem was gone, retreated. Tiqdvor killed all Drull she saw.

One hundred years later, no more than two hundred Drull survived. Tiqdvor, still after them, had much more trouble now that the remaining Drull were scattered all over the world. She continues her search.
The Drull is a very unique race. They look mostly human, but have large dark hands with claws. They are masters of magic. Most Drull are silent, the result of living in hideaway for 100 years. A Drull’s lifespan is about 300 years.

Sex: Male

Hair: Medium brownish/blonde. It is choppy and goes down to his neck.

Eyes: Sage green.

Weight: 120 pounds.

Height: 5’ 5”

Weapon: Drull have large beast like hands, which are about five times stronger than a humans. Merric also carries around an old and weathered book that has the oldest Drull magics known to Tallor written in it. Before the fall of the Drull kingdom, Merric stole this book from the Imperial Library. It contains potions, spells, and anything else magical you could think of.

Strengths: Merric is a Master of Magic like most Drull. However, his strongest area of magic is green magic (plants) and red magic (sun/fire). Physically, he is very strong because of the Drull hands.

Weakness: Drull do not like wearing heavy armors at all. And also, as a result of being in hiding for one-hundred years, most clothes are not as strong as they should be. This makes Merric’s weak spot defense and stamina.


Sunburst-This magic has taken Merric almost fifty years to master. Found in his Book of Magics, Merric centers himself. Next, he puts his left hand in a fist and over his heart, while raising his right hand to the air with his thumb against his palm. Light from the sun is channeled into him, and when released, it runs off in waves all around him. Its range is about thirty feet, and it sets most flammable materials around him on fire. It has powerful scorching power and dazes many foes. This uses up much energy.

Heal-Not many Drull are born with the ability to heal. However, as lore has told, the healing power is in Tacssem’s bloodline. Most Drull with this power are somehow related to Tacssem. All Merric has to do is concentrate on the injured being, and let his power flow into them. It mends almost every type of damage.

Vines-This magic, well known and a basic move to most Drull can be very effective. Pulling his hands upward, Merric can call plants from the ground to encase or trap the enemy. The plants follow his will.

Eye of the Forest-An extremely hard magic to master, the Eye of the Forest places Merric in the mind of another plant, being, or animal. Every creature he places himself in knows immediately who and what are in their mind, and if skilled enough, they can shield their selves from Merric trying to read their minds. However, this magic can only be held up for at most fifteen minutes, as it eats up his magic quickly. This skill has saved Merric many times.

Appearance: Merric-

An extra picture of him -
Another extra picture of him -

Magics Book-

Personality: Merric is extremely reserved. In hiding for one-hundred years of his life, he rarely talks and is tuned into every movement. He trusts no one, as Tiqdvor has spies everywhere looking for Drull. He has learned to hide emotions from others, and does not hesitate to kill.

Biography: Growing up in the richer parts of Iliame (Ill-E-aim), the capital of the Drull lands, Merric was born into a loving family. For the first seven years of his existence, he led a happy life. His parents had always been on the slightly richer side of the economy. When Merric was four, his parents had a baby boy. He became Merric’s brother, Yozuye (Yaw-zoo-A). He also had a baby gryphon, found half dead in the forest, as a result of Tiqdvor’s hate when he was three. However, Merric did not know this at the time. He named the gryphon Oluqwyrn (Ah-luck-ren), and calls him Olu (Ah-loo) for short. This is young Olu. This is older Olu. Olu, thankful for being saved, accompanied Merric everywhere. A gryphon’s life span is about two-hundred years, making Merric glad to have an almost lifelong friend.

The day of the new millennium, Merric was seven years old, and sat in the Imperial Library with Olu. Having passed his first magic test, he was interested in looking up magics. Asking Olu to find him a magics book, Olu came back with the very same book Merric carries today.

Then there was a boom. That was the first of the attacks that Merric had heard. Olu was now four, and strong enough to carry children around on his back. Merric stuffed the book into his pack, and hopped onto Olu’s back. Olu flew through the large open window in the library; it needed no glass, because the windows were spelled to deflect rain just like glass.

Olu carried Merric high above Iliame, and Merric gasped at what he saw. The sky had begun to turn a deathly purple color. Merric knew his parents had gone to dinner with another family that afternoon, and looking in the direction of his parents, things didn’t look too well.

He ordered Olu to take him home. Olu burst through the door of their house, and Merric dashed up to Yozzie’s room. Pounding on the door, he cried, “Let me in!”

“Who is it?” asked the voice of his mothers. Like always, Merric’s mother left an impersonation of herself with Yozzie when he was home alone.

“Merric!” he shouted.

The impersonation, recognizing his voice, opened the door to let him in.

Entranced by what he saw out the window, Merric saw the purple clouds were lowering. There was no time to wait for his mum and da; he had to take Yozzie with him.

Picking the toddler up, he grabbed his bed sheet and tied it around himself in a sling, placing Yozzie in it.

“Mer? Where we going?” he asked in an odd voice.

Merric tapped Olu in the side, while hopping on and ordering him to go.

Silently, he prayed to his god Tacssem.

“I don’t know, Yoz,” he said, trying not to let tears stain his eyes. What was a seven year old supposed to do with a three year old boy and his four year old gryphon?

Yozzie, Merric, and Olu left without looking back, and fled into the forest.

They lived as runaways until Merric was fifty, Yozzie forty seven, and Olu forty eight. Around that time, they all came very close to dying; Yozzie was taken away by Tiqdvor, and oddly, not killed. Merric and Olu barely escaped.

Fifty-seven years later, Merric has made it his goal to find Yozzie. He knows he is still alive, and he will do whatever he can to find his last family member.
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Tenpouin Craven

Name: Tenpouin Craven

Age: 240

Race: Human/Vampire

Sex: Male

Hair: Long and black, held in a ponytail at the back of his head, at the joint where his head and neck meet.

Eyes: Ice Blue

Weight: 210 lbs.

Height: 6'3"

Weapon: He mostly uses his Martial Arts skills, but he will occasionally unsheathe his katana

Armor: Steel Gloves

Strengths: He is an excellent Martial Artist, and has the kicking power of a mule. His punches are like being hit with a sledgehammer. He fears nothing as well, making him deadly in battle.

Weakness: Due to his fighting skills, he tends to be arrogant, and rushes into things headfirst. He has a bad right leg, so any sword strikes to that leg could do some major damage.

Skills/Magic: Tenpouin uses only a select few spells, each corresponding to an element.
Fire: Flame Cannon- A ball of flame forms in his palm, then floats up into the air, seperates into three, and attacks the target. Minimal damage if hit by one flame ball. If two hit, normal damage, or a burn, are gained. If all three hit, it usually does a lrge amount of damage.
Earth: Spike Burst- A row of spikes rise from the ground and float into the air, the spikes ranging from 1 inch to 1 foot long. This is the most damaging attack he has, regarding his mana. He can only use this once before he starts to feel the same pain his target feels. Water: Hydro Geyser-A pillar of water rises from the ground and rushes towards the target, and cannot change direction if the target moves. This is a purely stun move, so if hit, you will incur no serious damage.
Wind: Whirlwind Barrage- A cluster of whirlwinds form in the air, each homing in on a target's location and surrounding the opponent. These whirlwinds do absolutely no damage to the targt. They only keep it in one place, usually in the air.
Light: Shining Beam-A point of light appears on the tip of his finger, then fires, extending into a beam of light, serving only to blind and disorient the opponent. It can cause damage if the target takes a direct hit.
Dark: Chaos Destiny- Tenpouin becomes slightly stronger, faster, and harder to do severe damage to. This only lasts about three minutes per casting, and it drains him horribly afterwards.
Shadow: Shadow Bullet- This spell can only be used when Tenpouin has gone berserk. It will wipe out whatever it hits in one shot. However, the accuracy is horrible, and it it very slow. Not only this, but even if he doesn't miss, he almost always loses consciousness.
Tenpouin is highly skilled with these spells, but if he changes from one elemental spell to another, he will lose mana each time.

Appearance: Tenpouin wears a black tuxedo, with a tie and dress shoes. On his hands are a pair of leather gloves with steel plates on the knuckles and the back of the hand. His hair is in a tight ponytail at the base of the skul, the hair in the ponytail trailing down to the middle of his back. He wears a pair of round-rimmed glasses perched on his nose, and has a white scar from the left side of his chin, up the jawline, and ends at the bottom of the left ear.

Personality: Tenpouin is very cocky at times, so he is not very friendly at these times. Usually though, he is very calm, and rarely shows emotion. He follows Bushido.

Biography: Tenpouin was captured while playing in a field by a large castle. He was sent to the dungeon of a man named Sovereign Dragon. The dungeon was always filled with the screams of those being tortured. He was 4 when he was captured, and 12 when the man three cells down, known as Callos Blaze, started the riot that allowed a large amount of the prisoners to escape. Everyone thought Callos had been killed, but he survived the battle with the half-dragon half-human Sovereign Dragon; Sovereign Dragon had grabbed a random prisoner, who just happened to be Tenpouin, and slashed him with a knife, then Callos tackled him, allowing Tenpouin to escape.

Tenpouin leaped out the window of the tower he had been chased into, falling 300 feet to the ocean below. He washed up on the shore of a small fishing village, where a Ronin named Goshin Nimoura adopted him. Goshin was not by any means the most skilled Samurai, but he was good, no doubt about that. He taught Tenpouin everything he knew, including the principles of Bushido. When Goshin died, he gave Tenpouin two things: the name his son had been given before death, and his sword, Onishigiru. Tenpouin set out after his mentor's death, wandering here and there; he had been 12 when he began learning, and was 30 when Goshin died. He honed his skills by learning skills from passing Ronin in a fight.

He eventually came to a cottage he thought was empty. When he entered, he met a monk named Tai who had fled his Monastery after a man named Carig had taken control of it. Tai had been sent to the Monastary when he was 6, and had left when he was 65. He taught Tenpouin everything he knew, or at least, everything he could teach before Carig tracked him down, and killed him when Tenpouin had been out gathering herbs. Driven by anger, Tenpouin entered the Monastary, planning to kill Carig, but he saw how skilled the Monks were, and joined the Monastary. He had met Tai when he was 40, and trained with him for 40 years. Tai had been 70 when they met. He trained in the Monastary for 100 years, honing both his Martial Arts and Samurai skills to near perfection. Carig trained him personally for those hundred years, neither one aging like the others in the Monastary. He eventually became strong enough to kill Carig, and did so. He then left the Monastary after a familiar face had arrived: Callos Blaze, the one who had saved him in Sovereign Dragon's dungeons. He left the Monastary to Callos, and set out.

He met Jarek Morose while in a smithy shop. Jarek, who was called Chaos by everyone else, taught him the Elemental spells he uses. He also taught him how to hold the berserker back until it was needed. When he left Jarek, he was 240. He had trained with the man for 60 years. He then set out on his own, and has been traveling for the last 4 months.

My BA characters: Tenpouin Craven, Akuma 'Aku' Xion
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Name: Dimoroc
Age: 16
Race: Undead
Gender: Male
Hair: Long Blueish White
Eyes: Red with slit pupils
Weight: 70 lbs
Height: 5' 11"
Weapon: Sword and Dagger (very powerful)
Armor: Armor of The Rogue - most rogues wear this
Strengths: 1.very speedy
2. skilled well with swords and daggers
3. Able to blend in with his background (stealthing)
Weaknesses:1. Hates The Smell of Orcs
2. Scared of Troll Women
3. Get's hurt badly when struck because of no flubber
Skills/ Magic: He enchants his weapons to make them stronger, like poisens
Personality: He gets angry very easily but to most people he is kind
Bio: He lived to the age of 10...until he was murdered, now he is back alive to get revenge off of that person as an undead.

That is my person and i hope that is enough info
here is a picture of him...don't click...its Image Shack
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My first character, Janeen.

Approved by Linkmastersword.

Hair:Color:Some red and some white, with black streaks in it. Length:Goes down to about the middle of her back.
Weight:About 125 lbs
Height:about 5 ft 4

Weapon:Argonian blade carved by her father. (Attribute:When the wielder is weak the sword feals it's the pain and heals the wielder a little.)
Armor:Argonian breastplate carved by her father. (Attribute:Has a protective shield that can protect about 10% against magic.)

Strengths:Water doesn't effect her much. Can jump at a height of 12 ft due to her semi-dragon fusion from the scratch(found in bio) (Argonian Strengths) Higher attack power than humans.

Weakness:Is rather phased more than usual by lightning and thunder. Ice is strong against her as well. (Argonian Weaknesses) Darkness and Light phase them more than normal humans, seeing as they are a neutral unholy/holy tribe.

Skills/Magic(Skills:Argonian Bane:Can cause the opponent to feal a little dizzy.)(Magic:
Argonian Shockwave:Is strong against some forms of demons and dragons.)

Personality:Gets angry when it starts to storm, but is tender hearted and loving to her family, likes to play with her little six year old brother when she isn't busy fighting will protect family from anything that she feals will possibly harm them.
Does not see it in her nature to attack a defenseless creature, unless it attacks her first.
Acts like a normal adult but inside is not normal.

(Body)Looks pretty much the same as a human, but has Argonian powers that only those born of both Argonian parents can obtain, she has a scar on her arm from a Dragon scratch, looks more like a lady than a warrior, dragon wings on her back which enable her the high jumping ability. Has small paintings on her face because it is an Argonian warrior tradition.

(Suit)Has sleavles shirt with the breastplate over it, a sword and a shield on her back, pants are a little baggy with an armored kneepad on her knees, and a golden iron sheeth, armor plates on her hips, and armored shoes.

History:Janeen grew up in Argonia since she was a little child. Her house was attacked by a dragon when she was eight. The whole family got out alive but not unscarred. Janeen had been scratched by the dragon. Her arm was bleeding bad and they had to hurry to a priestess. That priestess after healing Janeen's arm told Janeen's parents that she had gained a substance called Dragon's Indanet, and she had been open to the curse that it causes that is called Dragon's Curse. But did not get phased at all by it.

But grew dragon wings from the scratch that she had obtained and also gained some dragon abilities but not enough to change her skills or magic but to jump higher than a normal Argonian.

So after that the priestess asked Janeen to go on a quest for her when she grew older to prove to the people of the village all hope was not lost.

So now here Janeen is nineteen years old ready to take on the quest she promised to take.
After countless encounters with bandits and pirates she had made it to a town to rest at on her way to The Dome.

There she met a nice no more than five year old girl girl who asked her why she had wings on her back. She answered kindly:"I got these when I was only a little older than you."
The girl answered "But how?" With a really questioning voice.
She answered "It is kind of a scary story."
The girl responded with a surprised voice "Oh okay!"
The girl's mother came out and asked who this woman was and told her daughter that she is not to talk to strangers.
The mother said "Oh forgive me if she intruded!"
Janeen answered "Oh not at all, I am just looking for a place to stay for the night that's all."
The mother answered "Oh! why don't you stay here i can see you will have some problems with the innkeepers as to the fact your part dragon."
She answered "No i couldn't burden you like that!"
The mother answered "No it is nothing."

So Janeen stayed with them that night and left in the morning refreshed and ready to head for The Dome.

She then arrived at The Dome and thus her story began.
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Re: Character List

this was approved by tiroth.

Name: Lance (nickname: zold,jono. his original name is jonathan though it appears safer to use a more natural name to the realm)

Age: 15

Race: human

Sex: male.

Hair: light brown- messy hair that sticks out slightly at the sides.

Eyes: hazel.

Weight: 58 kg.

Height: 6 foot 3.

Weapon: Jonathans weapon appears to be a simple staff ; however on one side is a blade that is hidden to most by a simple brown dye that is applied to it. on the other side there is a large purple orb that is continuisly shifting to shades of red due to the light. attched to teh orb are three pearls- red, blue and green.
also carries strange daggers that have runes on them and can be enchanted.

Armor: does not use proper armor- though leather padding and chainmail has been used occasionly.

Strengths: lance's strengths are spread evenly across many things, though he has great stamina and is a good runner.Is quite strong and can weild his heavy staff one handed(though both hands ensures more skill) he can quickly recover from using magic.

Weakness: appears to be weak to corrupted magics- as his current array of small magic is quite pure and can easily tangle with his body. also can be quick to anger and appears to take revenge on certain people who threaten him for things like teasing his pride. unfortunately lets his emotions get the better of him. also not that skilled with close combat and enemies find easy ways to exploit his weaknesses, as he can often make slips when fighting with an opponent close up using his staff. Also his healing magic and elemental magic takes a lot out of him.

Skills/Magic: his known spells are few but he uses magic excellently. his current spells are mainly associated with the elements, can make fire,wind,water,earth,shadow and spirit spells. these are not relatively powerful. these can vary depending on the mood also may sometimes have prophetic dreams that can relate to real life incidents.
Spells- Mend Wounds- heals hurts and wounds - this tires lance greatly, however, and cannot be used on major wounds.
Shadow dance- to activate this spell the hands and body must be moved properly and is difficult to acheive, however once activated the spell causes devastating wounds to the enemy as the shadow moves just as the user moves and attacks the opponent.
Mana chain- uses this as a normal chain, however it is made from magic. used as a tool and not so much as a weapon.
Spirit of the sand/forest/fire/water- creates a strong elemental blast in the form of whatever element it is and can be used to exploit enemies weaknesses. Lance is not that experienced in using these spells as he only acquires them when Wizienas spirit fuses with him.
Appearance: Jonathan wears a simple tunic that is cut off like a t- shirt but sleeves protude from underneath that are white- the shirt itself is blue. Long denim(which is unusual in the land) used for weak protection against attacks and insects. his hair is messy and light brown.

Personality:Jonathan has a strange personality, though he has a good sense of humour and is well liked by most. however is often quick to anger and sometimes has a short attention span. he learns to unleash his anger in battle and thus proves to be an asset.
His magic grows stronger every battle and uses it better when in one.

Biography: Jonathan grew up on a normal continent that is to remain nameless. However one day when at a forest reserve a purple triangle appeared on his hand. He was puzzled by this and somehow this gave him power over many elements, these generated as spells. The powers that were very noticeable to be stronger than the others were light and shadow. Around this time strange, prohpehtic dreams came to him each night, and strangely they linked up to actual things that happened the next day. One such dream contained a large whale.... the wondrous leviathan glided through the sky as if through water....
the next morning he awoke, shaking his head fitfully. he opened his eyes.

"Ah!" he barked in alarm. This was not where he was before.... he was in bed, thought Jonathan. But then where was this?

he stood up, rather embarrased that all that he was wearing were his short and tattered pyjamas. Looking around and narrowing his eyes, he espied smoke. Walking further a few steps revealed it as a village. Jonathan gave a sigh of mingled releif and confusion,hope coming back to his mind. He took off on his feet, sprinting towards the village.
Jonathan panted as he approached the wooden gate bordered by stake like barrier walls. The two armor-clad gaurds regarded him closely.
"Who are you, young man? do you live here?'
jonathan looked up, noticing the gaurds inquisitive faces.
" well.... im...looking for my house...."
One of the gaurds nodded, a hint of a smile playing at the corner of his mouth. "This'll be it than. No other place in all of labyrinna who would house one such as you,"
Jonathan raised his eyebrows, quite sure that no place existed with such a name like that. He waved his hand in thanks.
" so.... can i please get in?"
"yes. open the gates please andro," he said, gesturing to the other gaurd.
Andro nodded, turning around and lifting the bar joining the two doors. The gaurd who had previously questioned jonathan helped push the doors and they swung open easily, a slight creaking eminating from the doors as the action was performed.
Jonathan gasped. The sight blasted him int the face.
It was A humongous village, that of the size not encountered anywhere he had been. There were large buildings everywhere, but there was one that particularly stood out- a huge temple. Jonathan had barely taken a few steps when a wizened old woman wearing a scarf approached him.
"Come with me, young one" she said, giving him a jolly smile. Jonathan was puzzled so decided to follow her. They weaved in and out of townspeople, eventually reaching a small forest that was ingeniously concealed inside the villages walls. She turned around, giving him another happy grin. "Just a little longer, young one"
"where are you takin-" But he was stopped in his tracks, as a beautiful sight met his eyes.
it was a glade- squirells and rabbits bounced around happily, looking for nuts and mushrooms to eat. Vibrant plantlife adorned the space, adding to the scene. 6 medium and flat shaped boulders lay in a ring. In the centre there was a particularly large one. Sitting on it was a girl of quite breath taking beauty, trilling quietly on a flute, nearby birds listening intently, enchanted by the song. Jonathan claered his breath and she looked up.
"Oh hello!" she replyed startled, getting up. Jonathan backed away slightly but the old woman just continued smiling and gave a gesture to talk to her, and the woman vanished into the woods.
"Are you a new student? oh goody! its been boring lately and i needed a new class mate!"
Jonathan frowned."I dont understand...classmate?"
"Oh yes!" she said, nodding. "we are taken in by old lady Wiziena and trained because of our special qualities!"
Jonathan nodded. "oh i see. but i never knew I was special...."
"You most certainly are," she replyed." By the way, my name was Filorn, but now its may-rose. whats yours?"
"oh, my names Jonathan.." he said scraching his head.
"Your true element name will be revealed by lady wiziena soon," she said lowering her voice. "As will many other things...."

During that time, Jonathan was taught by lady wiziena elemental magic- he trained using a strange staff that wiziena gave him and his true name was revealed as shadow- lance. he was then called lance by most. he also learned how to play the hamonica. he became friendly with many inhabitants of piniack village (for that was its name) however, later a different chain of events were set in motion.

one night he had a recurring dream abut a burning city.... people were screaming... and monsters were every where.... they were the moblins of old...... but hadnt they all been destroyed?Bbefore he could wonder further he was awakened by the sweet face of may-rose and the chirp of the birds in the glade to continue his magic training.
One day,when lance (jonathan) was outside the villages meditating among the plains, he smelt something. Sniffing and coming out of his trance, he identified it as smoke. He quickly got up and ran towards the smell, seeing the village. Shouting in surprise, he put all of his energy into getting there as fast as he could.
Piniack was burning.... wreckage was everywhere. he took off into the woods, arriving at the glade.

it was worse than he coulve imagined. Birds lay dead, and trees remained smouldering. the 6 strange rocks around the glade were gone. but there was something in the middle of the clearing.....
the old woman was twitching fitfully, a horrendous gash in her side. As she saw lance she smiled, despite the situation.
Oh dear Jonathan.....Lance..... you were like.... a grandson to me. They did this to me....and....(she gasped for air)they have taken....her...
Lance jumped up, reaching for a dagger at his side." who? where are they?"
Wiziena waved her hand as if to dismiss it, but more blood just flowed and she gasped in pain. Lance was at her side again.
"Where have they taken her? is he going to be alright? you can tell.... your... magic..."
Wiziena smiled again. your dreams will reaveal all, Jonathan...Lance....the... windfish is on....your...side....."
And so did Wiziena, Lance's last remaining thing resembling anything like family, die. Lance got up. a fury flowed through him unchecked, when something flew up from wiziena's body. it gathered into the air and formed a ghost of wiziena. She smiled and flew straight into Lance. he heard words....

"I was a great witch of the forest. all of my power unites with yours!"
Lance nodded and strolled out of the clearing. he went to the tavern, gathered supplies, and slowly trundled off along the path, wherever his dreams may take him.

Your fire makes it all worthwhile.
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My Character

Approved by LadyElvenarcher

Name: Grimli Ironfist

Age: 121

Race: Dwarf

Sex: Male

Hair: Medium Brown

Eyes: Chestnut

Weight: (Without armour) 175 (with armour) 275

Height: 5'3"

Weapon: 1 long handled double bladed battle axe, 2 hatchets, and 4 throwing axes.

Armor: An iron helm, breast plate, bracers, wrist guards, and a plate mail jerkin that extends just below his knees. (Iron is a very heavy metal which is the explanation for the extra 100 pounds of weight)*

Strengths: Tremendous physical strength from working in Dwarf mines since the age of 16, dexterity, and endurence.

Weakness: Due to the weight of his armour, he is not the most agile of fighters. His stature also prevents him from wielding a sword effectively as he needs his axes to extend his reach, arch, and power in his swing. His berserker rage can leave him oblivious to everything around him except for the person or thing that is the focus of his rage.

Skills/Magic: He has no skills in magic, though you would think otherwise when you see the objects he crafts. He is a seasoned axe fighter, an excellent craftsman, and one of the best miners you will ever find under the mountains.

Personality: As with most Dwarves he is not very out going. He would rather spend his time crafting armour, weapons, or jewlery befitting of Elvish ladies. Usually calm and mild-mannered but he can be provoked into a battle frenzy that would drive fear into the hearts of those who bear witness to his rage. Like every dwarf, he enjoys good ale, good food, good song, and a good fight.

Appearance: His rough hands give a clue to his skill with the forging hammer. This dwarf is of an athletic build and is considerably young for his race. His beard only extends to the mid section of his cheast as he only recieved a full beard at the tender young age of 40 and Dwarf beards are slow to grow.

Religion: This dwarf worships two of the three Hylian goddesses, Din and Farore. The worship of Din stems from his passion for mining. The dwarves reguard her as mother of the earth. Each day he prays for guidence to the specific metal he is looking for. More often than not, he finds it. Farore is reguarded as the essence of courage, a quality that is held in very high reguard in dwarvish society.

Bio: Grimli was born as most dwarves are, mysteriously. No one really knows where dwarves come from. At the age of four it became apparent that he was to be a great craftsman as he had rearranged every precious stone in his family's jewlery collection almost flawlessly. At the age of 16, he, along with other dwarf boys were sent to the mines to dig for precious stones and metals. Mining became a natural talent for Grimli as time went on. His mining teams uncovered the most valuable materials in the shortest amount of time. The dwarven king was so impressed that he made Grimli a foreman, giving him control over the entire eastern mining operation. When he was not working in the mines, Grimli was with the smithies learning the crafts of the forging hammer. This talent also came naturally to Grimli and soon, he began to make his own objects to sell and became quite well known for the quality and beauty of his work. Just as everything seemed to be going great for him, a goblin horde attacked the city under the mountain killing Grimli's mother and father. Grimli dawned a suit of iron and picked up a long handled, double bladed battle axe, two hatchets, and four throwing axes and rushed to the defense of his beloved city. The battle was fierce, but so also was the rage that flowed through Grimli and every swing of his axe. He had personaly taken the lives of 53 goblin warriors. The entire horde was destroyed but the dwarves lost close to 500 of their own warriors. The goblins continued to attack over the years and each time the attacks were repelled. When Grimli was 89 years of age, the king conscripted him and 20,000 other Dwarves to invade the goblin caverns and end the war once and for all. There was a great battle in front of the goblin city. The Dwarves were outnumbered three to one. During the battle, Grimli fought the goblin king. Though he was not able to kill the king goblin, the foul creature will always remember who it lost it's right arm to. The invasion was a success and Grimli was allowed to leave the army and continue his work in crafting. He has taken on four apprentices, each of which have become excellent smithies in their own right, and continues to improve his own skills. His greatest compliment to his work came when an Elvish noblewoman requested a tiara made from the finest silver. Grimli did her one even better. He designed the tiara to fit around her head instead of on top of it. When Grimli was finished, the tiara looked as if it were made with silver vines interwoven almost like a wreath. He added leaves made of the brightest emeralds and iris flowers crafted from a lighter shade of saphire. The elf lady paid a considerable fortune for Grimli's work and convinced the Elf King to allow Grimli entrance into the woodland realm of the Elvs. As Grimli approaches his 122nd birthday, he has become famous for his work in jewels, armour, and weapons. His duel with the goblin king is still a legend that is retold by fire sides and through small dwarvish boys' reenacting. Yet for all of his fame, Grimli would like to work with the most precious metal of all, mithril. Grimli had heard about it in legend, but he had never seen it. He has been travling now for some months hoping to find some and maybe bash a few goblin heads on the way.
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Re: Character List

Here is my character.

Name: Bejin, the third Guardian
Age: 22
Race: Half human, half blood elf
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 71 kg
Height: 189 cm

Weapon: Heavenly Glow-One-handed sword with the blade made of a moonstone. The sword shines with an aura of blue-white light. The sword is lighter than a normal sword and it is easy to wield. When he calls it's name, it starts to glow and it make him able to reflect some magic attacks like magic-missile and small magic-balls(Fireball) but will have no chance against aoe-spells(meteor storms) and will be weak against rays(lightning).
Keeps also a dagger in his boot just in case he would lose his sword.

Armor: He is only wearing clothing. Green shirt and a brown robe. The robe is made of enchanted wolf skin so it can handle small elemental attacks to a certain point. Rest of his equipment is normal stuff like gloves and leather-boots. (Of course, in the future, he will maybe change his outfit and also maybe start wearing armor, leather perhaps)

Strengths: He is fast and is able to dodge most attacks. Have passable skills with sword, both defensive and aggressive. Smart enough to use both sword and arms and/or legs if necessary to help(do not think of himself as a cheap fighter). Trained in running very far without breaks by his former trainer, Oscar Halfhand, in survival and fighting, he is able to run continually for 5 hours straight in normal speed. Is also able to high speed in combat. He is very good at reading opponents movements, and is also able to copy most skill or ability as long as it is non-magical.

Weakness:Got no heavy armor, because he wants to be able to move more easily. This makes him weak against blows and a strong enough blow would make him lose balance and/or make a great wound on him.
With the ability to reflect small magical attacks, he would consentrate more on the spell and less on the opponent. Also, he will lose some stamina depending on the strength and the speed of the spell if he can block it.
If he is using his speed in combat his stamina will run out faster. That and defending himself. He would much rather dodge than defend. His strength is average for a fighter.

Bejin have two different modes but is not able to use Dark Mind at will because he don't know of it yet (that don't mean that he have to learn the ability, only how to trigger it):

Normal Mode:
-Copy/mimic: Able to almost perfectly copy the movements of any enemy as long as the attack is non-magical and lies within his ability(like he cannot copy flying because he would then need wings or some special powers, since he is not trained in magic, and he is not able to create himself extra body parts).
-Speed dance torpedo: Able to run fast around, making mages of himself all around his opponent before he out of surprise attacks directly at his target, either with a stab or a vertical slash. This attack makes him open for the opponent to attack him from behind if he misses. This attack drains a lot of his stamina.
-Sandstorm: because of his speed, he is able to create a sandstorm by running around on beaches and deserts and of course, places with a lot of sand. Makes the opponent lose track of Bejin in the storm. Sometimes used to escape with if the battle is to hard for him.

Dark Mind: (have yet to learn how to trigger this ability by himself, but may be accidentally be triggered by emotions of anger, but if so, the anger will take over his battle and he will lose any control until he have calmed down. Afterwards he will forget the battle and not have any recalls of what have happened.)
-Dark ball: Creates a ball of darkness in his hand which is a bit powerful but very slow. Also it takes time to create the ball. The ball can be maintained in his hand for some time before he shoots. This spell will of course take a lot out of his powers and will be exhausted since he is not trained in using magic.
-Dark armor(automatically starts when going in to Dark Mind): Creates a shell formed around his body which makes him faster and it will absorb most of the damage that he takes. Also, it will absorb dark magic used on him. Is also a shield which makes the guy that hit him, get a shock and get the feeling that he is a little getting heavier though it is not noticeable before about 7 or 8 hits.
-Will get some other abilities in the future, probably.
(Keep in mind that these names are not the original names of his attacks, but the names will come when he discover or learns how to use them properly)

Personality: Bejin is as cool-minded as a rock. He don't get distracted easily and his ability to actually come with new strategies during a fight has helped him survive a lot. Outside of battle he is quite social. In his city he is one of the best known fighters, mostly because he is one of the three guardians, but also because he don't wear any kind of armor. The reason he hates armor is because his trainer, while he was alive, made him run miles and miles in a thing heavy as hell as a training for him to be able to run with heavy armor on.
His caring for people makes him unable to leave anyone behind to die, even if it would save himself. He would even save his enemy because he can't take it that people die.
Bejin isn't a man that have to fight everyone, but if it is not to be avoided, he not rather kill his enemy.

Appearance: Wearing a brown robe that mostly covers his cloths from eyes, underneath he got a green shirt, black pants, a belt and on his back hang his sword. Not in the belt because it would get in the way when he is running. When he fights he wears a mask that is all white with the symbol from his village and the Guardian Seal and on the top the symbol III to show that he is number 3 of the three Guardians. His ears are not that pointy though he is half blood elf, and most people would not be able to see it by just looking at him since some of his hair cowers the upper parts of his ears. Also on his left hand he wears a ring with the Guardian Seal on it and the head of the jaguar marked in it.

Bejin is the son of the human, Ariel, and the blood elf, Quan'Tir. Bejin grew up in Montoso, but without a dad. Instead, he had Oscar Halfhand, a man that soon became his best friend in the whole city and sometimes, Bejin would think of him as his dad.
Oscar was a warrior of the Temple of Montoso. His ability with the sword was excellent and he was a great warrior. He became a Guardian when he was 23 years old. He was the second of the three Guardians. People from all over Sanko travel far to enter this ceremony to become warriors.

Montoso is a city in the southern part of Sanko, the land were forest rules over mountains (that means that there is more forest than mountains). The city Montose lies in the south of the country and is the biggest city where they choose their Guardians. It it the last place south before entering the dark and snowy mountains of Calac Nintour. Each year there is a ceremony that choses the the three Guardians for the year. They are chosen by the gods. Altogether they are three warriors that becomes Guardians of the Temple. The first Guardian of the Temple is the Guardian of the wolf. Second is the Guardian of the eagle. Third is the Guardian of the jaguar. Each Guardian gets a ring as prof to show that they has become a Guardian. The rings contain the marks of their animal. Since the start, the gods have changed their Guardians each year.
To become a warrior, is something totally different. To become a warrior, one have to beat the test that the judges gives you. Also, you have to be able to beat the opponent you are given in battle in just one-on-one, but killing is not allowed. That will say that only the half of the who participates are able to become warriors one year. They who don't becomes warrior that year, gets a chance next year.

First time Oscar met Bejin was when he was visiting him friend, Ariel. That was their first meeting between Oscar and Bejin. Oscar was really surprised to see Bejin since he didn't know that Ariel had a kid. Bejin and Oscar met each other when Bejin was three years old and Oscar was 35.

Bejin's mother, Ariel, a happy and cheerful woman was once in love with the blood elf, Quan'Tir. This was kept secret from everyone, and they met outside of the city walls almost every night just to spend the nights together until one day when he didn't show up. She occasionally came out just to check if he had come but he never did again.
They had then been meeting like this for a year. Seven months later she got Bejin, but she never told the people she knew who the father is.

Ariel was the mother to Bejin. She was the daughter of the great marshal in town. When she was young she was in love with Jandes. He was a warrior, and also the brother of Oscar. Their love was great, but one night he was kidnapped, and later found dead not far outside of the village. She mourned a long time and during that time, she also lost her parents. The marshals wife died of age and not long after, the marshal also died. That year she lost a great both her parents and her love. The only man left was Oscar, the brother of Jandes. He comforted her during the time she mourned for her loved ones. She was then 21 and Oscar was 26.

Three years later she met the blood elf Quan'Tir. One day while she was out in the woods just outside of the city, she suddenly met a blood elf wandering out in the dark.
While she was in the woods, she heard a sound of walking footsteps not far from where she stood. She thought it was Oscar looking for her, but when she tried to call him and he did not answer, she became a little suspicious. If it was not Oscar, then who could it be? None of the other town folks left the village since the time when Jandes got killed, because they are afraid. Also they are a bit lazy because most of them likes it where they are. And it is because of that they built a huge wall and a gate, so they could feel more secure. Anyway, she was curious( she wasn't a person that was scared of the forest) about who it was and out of the shadows of a tree, there stood a man with big, pointy ears. He introduced himself as Quan'Tir, although he didn't want to tell her why he was out in the forest. Blood elves, after all lived far away from this forest, so he couldn't be from around here. Although he was a blood elf, he looked a lot like Jandes. She almost thought it was him and was about to hug him, but to her disappointment it wasn't him.

The blood elf Quan'Tir was an escaped prisoner from the blood elf village Halenwood forest. He had runned for three days straight when he, one day, saw another forest. He went in the trough when he suddenly heard a woman asking Oscar. He tried to hide in the shadow, but it was no use. She had already heard him. She walked straight toward him and it was no use to hide. After all it was only one woman, not an army. He came out and when he saw her, he almost thought she attacked him and was about to defend himself, when she suddenly stopped. She said something about he not being Jandes and then excused herself for being rude. He introduced himself and she told him that her name was Ariel. The rest is, well you can imagine.

When Bejin was 15 years old, his mother got a incurable sickness that made her weak, and almost lived in a close-to-death life. This went, of course, very hard on Bejin and all he wanted for his mother was that she would going to get better. But she lived with this sickness for two years, until she could not take it anymore. She died when Bejin was 18 and he lived in the village for one year without talking to anyone, not even his best friend Oscar. But after some time, he started to open up again. He began to talk more, and Oscar was really happy about that.

When the kids reach the age of 22, all those who are able to fight in the region would enter a ceremony to become warriors of the temple in Montoso. This thought Bejin sounded exciting and he wanted to enter. But before he could do that, he had to learn to use a weapon. He asked Oscar train him since he already was a warrior of the temple, but Oscar said no the first time, but after that Bejin convinced him in to it, he could not help it. He would make him a fighter. They went together to the blacksmith to get a weapon for Bejin. What Oscar said to the blacksmith, Bejin could not hear since he waited outside while Oscar was inside talking to the smith, but he expected that Oscar told the smith to make a sword for him. Oscar came out of the house, and told Bejin that they would come back later to pick up the sword.

When they later came to pick up their order, the blacksmith showed them some of the finest work he had ever done. It was a sword all right, but it didn't seem normal. “It's name is Heavenly Glow. The blade is made of moonstone, which makes it lighter than a normal sword and it will be easier to wield. This is quite special, kid. Hope you like it.”

The training Bejin got was very hard to start with. In the beginning he didn't think this would get to hard, but as he got better with his ability with the sword, the training also got harder. Also, he was beginning a training so he could be able to run around fast enough with heavy armor. Although he hated this part of his training, he did it anyway. What surprised him was that this helped him with his speed. He became faster and was able to run farther and farther without becoming exhausted. Also his skill with sword was now almost just as good as Oscars', but he had still not been in a real fight.

One day Oscar decided to test his skills. He dressed up as a ninja and attacked Bejin while he was unprepared. But Bejin was a fast one and pulled out his sword as fast than lightning and dodged Oscars attack by jumping away. But you could see it in Bejin eyes. He was not sure what to do so he concentrated real hard on following his movements. But there was something funny, he thought. Oscar also had those same movements and by remembering how Oscar moved, he was able to predict when he was going to attack. He dodged and defended himself until he was able to knock his opponent off his feet. “You ARE good, kid. Still, your sword skills are not as good as mine, but you are getting there. Even though, you was able to dodge me a lot.” Oscar took of his mask. “Ah, it's just because i have been fighting you so many times that I know how you move.” Bejin told Oscar. “Ah, thats a nice ability to have when you are fighting.”

The year he turned 22 was the year he was most excited. This year he would be able to enter the ceremony and become a warrior of the temple. From all over the country, people of all ages will try themselves to become warriors. Both old and young ones looks strong and fast and Bejin is unsure if he will be able to beat his opponent that he will get to fight to become a warrior. The test he got was actually easy. He was going to get an egg from the Thunderbirds on top of the mountain not far from the city. But there was a problem. The way up there was very hard and he knew that those Thunderbirds were big and fearsome killer birds, and would protect their eggs with all cost. But Bejin was lucky.

When he got to their nest, there where no Thunderbirds to be found. As it turned out, all of them had left the place, for some unknown reason. Still, there were eggs in the nest and he grabbed one of them and ran back to the city, with the egg in his hand, back to the judges. After two days, almost everyone had finished their mission, but many had failed to complete. Still, Bejin wondered what had happened to the Thunderbirds.

His opponent was a guy from the northern part of Sanko. It was said that he was excellent with with his axe, and that he could even cut huge rocks in two. When the two entered the arena, he showed Bejin his weapon. “Look at this, kid! This is what makes me unbeatable!” After just saying that, his axe began to glow with redness. Suddenly the whole man was on fire, but it seemed that it didn't hurt him at all. “Now, show me what you can do!” Bejin just looked calmly at his opponent. “So, you are not coming, ey? Well then, then I will” the man yelled.
Bejin was barely able to dodge his attack because his speed was unbelievable. Just a second ago he stood about 20 meters away and suddenly he was right in front of him. Where Bejin stood a second ago, were big hole in the ground. “Dodged, ey?” Bejin just stared back. Stay calm, he thought. Find his weakness and use it against him. But he could sense he was excausted by the speed he had to use for that dodge. “You know what, kid? I bet you are just as fast as I am.” “How would you know” Bejin asked back. “Well, for first, you dodged my attack. And secondly, I have studied you. No that I knew that I was going to fight you, but because I think there is something special about you. Bet you can run like, what, 100 meters on like, lets say under 3 seconds.” “No.” Bejin answered. “I haven't tested my speed yet. You are the first one to fight me, except from my trainer, Oscar.” “Hmm, well then. Looks like he trained you well then. Nobody have ever been able to dodge me, except from my trainer, of course. Well then, shall we continue?” Bejin nodded. People watching the arena cheered.

Both had great speed, but as Bejin predicted, he was slower than his opponent. Many times Bejin's sword and his opponent's axe met. Bejin thought that the blade was about to break, but it held. Still, to block took a lot out of him and sometime he thought he wouldn't be able to hold back the blow. Still he had got in some blows himself but they seemed not to have any effect on the man. “Strange sword you got there, kid” said the man, still engulfed in flames. “Broken a sweat yet?” Yes, he had actually begun to become very exhausted, and he nodded. “What you call your sword?” “Heavenly Glow.” Then suddenly the sword began to glow white. The blade began to glow more and more and the blade got a bit bigger. Also, Bejin was covered in a white light. “What's going on kid?” The man asked, probably in shock of what was happened. “I'm not sure” Bejin answered, “This have never happened before.” The crowd was also in shock. Then it stopped, still Bejin all covered in white. “Hmm, guess that's your weapons ability, kid. Hey, judges, I give up!” “Why?!” asked Bejin in surprise. The man just smiled and said “I got no chance you know that you found the call for your weapon. You are probably stronger than me now.” Then they heard the judges “Well then. The winner is Bejin!” The crowd cheered for Bejin. He had won. He had become a warrior of the Temple. Suddenly, a great white light fell from the sky right on Bejin. “The crowd Cheered even more. Bejin was going to become a Guardian. “Nice going, kid. Fermatus is the name.” “Bejin.” The seal that came over him showed the symbol III. He was the third Guardian.

The ring and the mask he got had both the III-symbol on it. Bejin was now officially the third Guardian of the Temple. He putted his mask in a bag at his belt. He putted the ring on his left hand, on the middle finger. A few weeks after that Bejin had become a Guardian, his trainer and friend, Oscar had disappeared. Bejin had a bad feeling when Oscar didn't come by the whole morning. He always came by early in the morning to wake him up and bring him food, because Bejin could not cook himself food. Bejin got suspicious and went out to find him. But he could not find Oscar anywhere. Not at home, not at his friends, not at the training ground. Therefor he went around the marked to look. When he was close to the gate, he asked one of the guards if they had seen Oscar. They said the saw him go out trough the gate early this morning, but they didn't know why. Bejin had to find him. Therefore he went out after Oscar to look for him. After been looking for Oscar for several hours, he suddenly heard some voices talking and one of them was familiar. It was Oscar.

Bejin sneaked toward where he had heard the voices came from. There, not far from were he stood in the bushes, he could see Oscar talking to some men in black robes. “What? This was not the deal. You said you would not hurt him.” “Change” “of” “plans” the three men said. It seemed like those three had one mind. “No, that will not happen.” Oscar pulled out his sword. “Fool” “trying” “to” “oppose” “me” the robed men said. They lifted their arms and pointed toward Oscar and in their hands they created one black, shiny balls. Oscar ran toward the three men, but it was to late. They fired the balls toward him and Oscar could do nothing but to get hit by them. His body became black and he started to levitate from the ground. “Death orbs...” he said before he fell he fell on the ground.

Bejin could not believe it. His friend Oscar was dead. The three men began to walk away, but stopped when they heard a voice. “You... killed... him...” Bejin said with an harsh voice. His emotions had taken over his actions. His rage became unbearable. He could not control it. Suddenly he began to glow of darkness. Out of his body he started to give away black lights and the three men was amused by his actions. “Ahh” “now” “this” “is” “more” “like” “it” they said. But not before they had said it, before he stood there, looking at them with black eyes. “Heavenly Glow” he yelled and his sword began to glow of light. “Now” “this” “is” “strange.” “Both” “light” “and” “darkness.” “Strange” “indeed.” But Bejin didn't care. “There... is no time... to talk” he said. The speed that he had was much greater that before. Before they could react, he had sliced them all in half and they went up in shadow before they hit the ground. Still, they where not dead. The reformed themselves, only this time not as three, but as one. “Indeed, you ARE great, just as Oscar predicted.” He had now gotten the shape as a giant demon. “Still, you are no match for me.” The demon lifted both his hands in the air. Above him, hole in the sky built up. In the hole, Bejin could see a place he had never seen before. All of a sudden, Bejin started to levitate from the ground. “For now, you have to survive all on your own” the demon said. Bejin was thrown in the hole. Then all got black for Bejin.

Bejin woke up with daylight in his face. He opened his eyes and realized that he was not in the forest anymore. Instead he woke up on great field. But he didn't remember how he got here. Had he lost his memory or something. No, that could not be, because he still remembered his name and all that, just not this trip. He didn't even remember yesterday, when he fought the demon. From where he stood now, he had no clue where to go next. “I better find a town and ask where I am.” After been walking for some time he entered a castle. “Strange” Bejin thought. I don't think I have heard of this castle before. He asked one of the guards he saw standing at the gate. “Ah, welcome to Hyrule Castle, sir” the guard said. “Hyrule” Bejin asked. The guard nodded. “Where is that?” “What, you never heard of Hyrule? Say, where are you from, sir? The moon?” The guard laughed. No, I'm from Montoso, the country of Sanko.” “Sanko you say? Hmm, nope, never heard of that place.” Suddenly, Bejin heard a voice inside his head. “Ah, not in Sanko anymore...” “Huh? Who said that?” “Said what” asked the guard. “Didn't you hear? A voice just now” Bejin asked the guard. “What, are you messing with my head. I didn't hear anything. Listen, I don't have time to play games. Do that in town.”

It has been one week since Bejin came to Hyrule. Still trying to figure out what have happened, he decided to go out to the field to do some exploring and try to figure out what happened.

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Re: Character List

heres My 2 guys:
Name: Tongo Simongo
Age: 5000 years old
Race: elf (part of the Tal' Bon tribe to be exact.)
Sex: male
Hair: Long silver hair (just like his brother Tiko)
Eyes: green
Weight: 70 pounds
Height: 6" 6 inches

Weapon: short sword and bow
Armor: tower shield, "steel" breast plate, " " boots, " " gantlets, " " greaves, pants and shirt

Strengths: he is fast, and strong.
Weaknesses: can be crushed easily, and all kinds of magic but light magic
Skills/magic: he knows fire ball, fly, heal, teleport, weather control, lightning bolt, and fire arrow

Personality: Tender hearted and ready for anything
Appearance: skinny and healthy and is white

History: He was trained by the tribe members of the Tal’ Bon. So he was trained to use a bow and short sword. He also mastered using magic. But one day Tiko was kidnapped. So Tongo put on some armor and took up his sword and bow. A few years later he found his brother tiko. But he was different. They battled until one retreated. Tiko retreated but Tongo gave Tiko a scar of a dagger. Tongo then bought a horse. He left Tal and went into unknown territory. He then fought many battles against other clans. He won and lost many. But the battles were mainly against orcs. Tongo found an ally Elven tribe who were with the Tal’ Bon. They let him have shelter. Tongo told them the whole story. The elven tribe (whose name was Calanment tribe.) told Tongo the name of the possessor. His name was Dark Force. Dark Forces goal was to slay all of the elves. So he possessed Tiko, to kill all of ‘em. So then Tongo went on his horse the next morning. and he rode until he saw a guarded castle. The guards saw Tongo and captured him. So Tongo broke out of jail using weather control to make lightning destroy the wall. . Tongo escaped but he didn’t see Dark Force nor Tiko. He then rode back to the Calanment tribe’s village, but everybody was slain. He knew that he couldn’t linger any longer. So Tongo rode west. hoping to find his infamous brother.

How is this for a character? since this is my first time.

NAME: Tiko Simongo
Age: 680 years old
SEX: male
HAIR: long silver hair
EYES: red flaming eyes
WEIGHT: 75.8 pounds
HEIGHT: 6ft. tall

WEAPON(S): two steel magical daggers
ARMOR: a cloack

STRENGTH(S): the sign of blood
WEAKNESS(ES): a cross and holy water
SKILLS/MAGIC: on skills he can have gunpouder in his cloack and ignite it with his dagers to do flame of the underworld and magic is resist fire and wind also can fly but his daggers magic is called resist spell and heal

PERSONALITY: chaotic evil for short. but for long he will kill anybody in sight
APPERANCE: has a scar of a dagger on his right cheek so that he will always remember his first loss. has very pointy ears. his cloack has gunpowder and blood on it.

HISTORY: he has only lost one battle. that was against Tongo. tongo is the oldest of the two. tongo also gave tiko his weapons and cloack. but one day tiko turned evi by a guy named Dark Force. dark force did a spell called mind switch which made tiko and a guy named Pahito switch anger and niceness. so pahito is looking for darkforce and tiko to reverse it. but tiko wants to kill pahito more than anything. only dark force was able to control tiko. until tiko killed dark force one day. now tiko is looking for two things a good fight and pahito
my char Tongo My char Tiko
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