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Old 04-05-2005, 02:42 AM
Adm Manhammer Adm Manhammer is a male United Kingdom Adm Manhammer is offline
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Re: Character List

Freshly approved by Ryorinin-San!

Name: Jango Kamiro (aka Zephyr)
Age: 22
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Hair: Silver, down to his chin
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 174 lbs
Height: 6 feet 4

Weapon: A pair of enchanted elbow blades called Tekros (Time) and Wanyu (Wind), which allow Zephyr to control time and wind to an extent.
Armor: Light breastblate, silver gauntlets

Strengths: Quite agile, not affected by strong winds
Weakness: Not particularly resistant to damage
Skills/Magic: These techniques are performed using either Tekros or Wanyu, or both
Slowdown: Using Tekros, Zephyr can create an anomaly in time and focus it on a target, slowing it down for a limited time.
Time Freeze: A powerful time technique, Zephyr uses Tekros to completely halt the current flow of time. Rarely used, this technique requires great focus to perform.
Cyclone: Zephyr uses Wanyu to stir up a whirlwind, which buffets his enemies.
Icy Gale: Using Wanyu, Zephyr sends a blast of cold wind at his enemy.
Time Tornado: Zephyr's most powerful technique, he combines Time Freeze with Cyclone to draw his enemies into a devestating vortex and attack them constantly, giving the impression of rapid teleportation. This is the technique Zephyr used to escape from the prison camp (see History)
As well as these techniques, Zephyr is incredibly skilled with his elbow blades, and in unarmed combat. He is also a fairly skilled potion maker.

Personality: Good-natured, very difficult to get annoyed. Loyal to his friends and fierce against his enemies. Zephyr never lets his friends down, and would be willing to die to protect them. He has chronic arachnophobia, dating back to his childhood.
Appearance: Tall and thin, with silver hair and pale skin. Always wears white, gray or pale blue clothes. Also wears a pair of silver gauntlets (no, not the Silver Gauntlets from OoT) and a silver breastplate. Rarely seen without his pet falcon, a large black-plumed creature named Shadow. Often gives the impression of a ghost because of his pale appearance.

History: Zephyr grew up in the same village as Chaos the Doppelganger, and was an outcast even by the standards of the villagers. His only friends were Chaos and Shadow, his pet falcon. Despite the village's population of freaks, misfits and social outcasts, no-one had any idea what Zephyr's powers actually were. Zephyr first met Chaos while exploring some caves outside of the village. He was attacked by a giant spider, and Chaos, in the guise of a strong warrior, saved him. Chaos tought Zephyr to fight from the age of about 10, and soon the apprentice had surpassed the master. Chaos gave Zephyr a gift; a pair of elbow blades that he claimed possessed magical powers. When the war broke out, and the villagers were captured, Zephyr knew that Chaos would come to help him, and in the body of one of the officers of the army, he did. However, Chaos was forced to leave. Zephyr never lost faith in Chaos, until one of the guards reported that he had been killed while trying to escape. Zephyr snapped, and using the blades he had smuggled into the prison camp, he slaughtered the guards and destroyed the camp using Time Tornado. With his friends freed, Zephyr gathered his falcon and a few of his posessions, and set out to find Chaos.
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Re: Character List

Name: Kratos Ska
Race: Sheikah
Age: 18
Class: Samurai
Sex: Male
Hair: Medium silver cut with a small goatee
Eyes: Dark purple with a reddish tone
Weight: 275lbs
Height: 7.5ft

Weapon: The Ledgendary Great Shadow Dragon Katana of the Sheikah. A six foot long
katana that contains the dark powers of the Sheikah race.
Armor/Clothing: A black Sheikah tunic, which other than the color is identical to Link's. Full
body Sheikah steel plate mail under clothing. Sheikah steel
gauntlets,breastplate, and shoulder armor with ancient Sheikah
markings ingraved. Leather boots, belt, and swordsheith made of
Dorodongo hide.

Strengths: Being a Sheikah he is very strong, tough, and verry agile for his size. Possess
great swordsmanship, ninjitsu skills, and Sheikah shadow magic.
Weakness: Other than women, he dosen't like people and is a born lonner. Because of
this he would never trust or ask help from anyone evan to save his own life.
Being a great ladies man, Kratos will literaly do anything to impress a prety
girl, which makes him stupidly arrogant and overconfident in his skills.
Although he is a master on the battle feild his intelectual skills are quite low.

Skills/magic: Sheikah Swordsmanship, stealth, ninjitsu, horseback, communicating with the
godessess, and a master warrior

Personality: Couragous, assertive, flirtacious, calm, cool, outgoing, quite, your basic lone
Sheikah warrior.

Apperance: A sevan and a half foot tall Sheikah Paladin with medium cut silver hair, dark
purple eyes with reddish tint, and a muscuar well-built body structure.
body Sheikah steel plate mail under clothing. Sheikah steel
gauntlets,breastplate, and shoulder armor with ancient Sheikah
markings ingraved. Leather boots, belt, and swordsheith made of
Dorodongo hide.

History: Born towards the end of the Great war, and like most Sheikah his parents were
killed during the war. Alone at birth with only the cloths on his back and his
fathers sword with a small scroll that read "Goodbye Kratos Ska...". Kratos then
became a nomad traveling between towns, meeting other races/cultures, a
training under them learning many fighting techniques and other things utill he
turned sixteen. During his visit in the Kokri forest he was chosen by a rare dark
fairy name Rave. During his travels he soon learned that he belonged to the lost
race of Hyrule the Sheikah. So folowing the destiny of his people to protect the
Royal Family, Kratos enlist enlisted in the Hyrule knights were hes soon becomes
one of the top knights. He is given the clothing and armor of her people and
learns Kratos Sheikah swordsmanship and ninjitsu. Ska soon
becomes stronger than the other knigts and advances to the highest position in
the Hyrule Knights the King's bodygaud were he is given a rare Sheikah Shadow
Stallion with a beutiful silver mane, dark purple eyes, and Sheikah steel battle
armor named Xelos. However, unsatisfied with his position. He sets of to find
others of his race.
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Re: Character List

Name: Sabooru

Age: 54

Race: Hylian/Hyrulean

Sex: Male

Hair: black, and put forward in a single point

Eyes: Black

Weight: 112 KGs.

Height: 1 metre, 10cm

Weapon: A golden carpenter's double sided saw-axe (Like the one you give to the head carpenter for the broken biggorons sword in the trading sequence, except made of gold)

Armor: Common or peasant Hylian/Hyrulean clothes. A green shirt, unbuttoned over a white t-shirt, with smooth shorts in the style of 3-quarter pants, i dont no what Hyruleans would call 3-quarter pants but thats what he wears anyway. He also wears sturdy shoes for walking through all conditions as a carpenter would. No shield whatso-ever

Strengths: Brute force. Said to have the strength of a goron in his punches. He can lift heavy items, wield heavy weapons in one hand and break down some physical (not magical) barriers which are in his way e.g. vines, thin wooden walls, trees, doors

Weakness: Unbelievably stupid and slow moving. Does not always like to fight with people. Sabooru is rather sexist making woman a weakness to him, especially geredo woman, as they are skilled fighters. His armor is just fabric, which allows him more flexibility though this makes him rather more vulnerable to sharp-edged attacks like those of a sword of axe

Skills/Magic: One of the finest carpenters in the trade, can mend bridges and walls in an instant, will aid others in this need (for a price)

Appearance: Sabooru has black hair on top of his head. His eyes are 20/20 vision for a Hylian. His ears are the regular hylian shape. He has a large stomach but strong, muscly arms. He is white. He has a small pointy mustache under his nose and has a chubby face. His nose is small and pointy and his neck is fat. He has a green shirt, worn unbuttoned over a white t-shirt, dark-brown to blackish 3-quarter pants. Light brown sturdy shoes. He carries his work-axe on a belt around his waste along with other tools which would be useless in battle but aid his abity to build things rapidly

Personality: Is sensetive, and usually opposed to fighting unless someone picks a fight with him. He often uses sarchasm, but is rather optomistic about most things, even though he doesnt show it. He loves getting well payed for doing jobs, and even though building is his skill he usually cant be stuffed doing it for free

Biography: Sabooru was born in Kakariko village (during the time when Impa watched over the village and the man who owned the Lens of Truth's house was where the well is now). His parents did not really love him for himself and forced him to work at things he did not want to do. His father was a master of carpentry, so good that even Sabooru today does not match his skills. His mother was also fussy but died when he was 23, from an accident at a Goron race. This forced his father to work him even harder and he learnt almost everything his father knew. His older brother hated life, hardly ate anything. One day his brother, so upset with life, crawled off in to the deepest of the forests. As far as he could go. Sabooru would not have known it but his brother would most likely have been transformed in to a creature of some type, never to talk to man again. If the boy died he would have become a Poe, built by their hate for the world. His brother's fate is unkown - he could even still be alive. He had few friends as a child, though as he grew older and took on more work he made friends among the trade. He liked to see the dogs from all over and wants to own one but never got around to it. He is an uncommited member of the traditional Hylian religeon - 3 goddesses, triforce. He does not practice in the church life and does not know much about the stories at all. He does not care for his religeon.
When Sabooru finished his work, he had enough money to live out the rest of his days. He had often travelled in his work and enjoyed the sites. He chose to travel and explore all of Hyrule he could in his life. He has been hardened by fights with the critters that walk around the fields but has never really had a massive fight. He can kill but her prefers only to fight until his opponent is neutralised, not dead, as he is much against the wars that were during his young ages of 9 If he met someone on the road he would often greet them with a smile and a nod, never being really cautious of them. When he dies he hopes to die out on the plains, still travelling, so that he can continue exploring in his after life.
He walks alone.

Made this site when Iwas a little tacker and it still exists!: Sabooru's Hyliology Website
Deviant art site:
Anybody interested in making a Zelda flash game with me PM me.
Because I've already started
Check it out here: Zelda: Spirit Realm
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Re: Character List

here is link to my character Zach Voltich
hope you like him

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Re: Character List

Name: Jason Leonis

Age: 25

Race: Half Demon Half Angel

Sex: Male

Hair: Blonde and Black. On the left side of his head he has long blonde hair that reaches his back. On the right he has short black hair that spikes downward.

Eyes: His left is Azure blue. His right is crimson red.

Weight: 112 lbs.

Height: 6 ''3 ft.

Weapons: Two sword and a Spear. He weilds the legendary Excalibur the greatest weapon of the West. And he weilds Kusanagi the greatest weapon of the East. Finallly he uses Longinus the Spear that pierced Jesus. The greates weapon in the central of the eastern continent.

Strenghts: He's fast and agile. Aswell as strong. He is capable to use magic and bond it with his weapons to make them even more powerful.

Weaknesses: He usuallly underestimates he enemy. And at the begining of battle can be taken by surprise if the opponent is strong enough.

Skills/Magic: He is able to manipulate dark magic and light magic to their fullest. And combine them to his armor and weapons to become even stronger.

Appearance: He wears both knight armor and Samurai armor. On his chest he wears a leight weight knight chest plate that is pure silver and shines like the sun. On his shoulders he wears big Samurai guards. Each one blacker than the night.On his forearms he wears nicely decorated knight gauntlets. That also shine bright. From his belt hanged rectangular thick samurai armor to keep bullets from pentrating his thigh. On top of his thight just incase, he wore knight thigh plates. He wore Black samurai boots. And under all this armor he wore red pant kimonos. And a red sweater like shirt. On top of the armor he wore a sleevless vest that fell down past his knees. The top part black and the bottom white.

Personality: Very calm and cool. But at times arrogant. Jason has seen much bloodshed From a very young age. He takes orders from no one, and would dispatch any of his would be dispatchers. However he is intune with nature and is very kind to all animals. He is an idealist.

Biography: Jason was born during a raging war. Angels and Demons battled every were. But his parents one demon and another angel fell inlove and gave birth to Jason and his little sister Jasmine. being half blood brought in many days of descimination towrd Jason and Jasmine., and put their parents at the bottom of the social ladder. Once the war ended, Jason thought everything would be alright but it only got worse. In one last final battalion the demons came upon his village in the mountain and slaughtered the human villagers and then came to kill the angels. His father went off to the battle feild to protect and recue anyone still alive. Finally a small demon came upon his house. Unprotected Jason and Jasmine ran. Their mother stood in the way of a catastophic blast and died instantly. Jason picked up the sword that his father had been forging and stabbed the demon through the heart. At the age of 10 he had seen bloodshed for the first time. Jason angry at his mothers death went off to the feild to kill other demons. His sister followed him unsure of what was to come. Then he was a demon feeding upon a dead human corpse. Without a second thought Jason swinged and cut off the demons head. Only to find that the demon was his father and he was trying to free the corpse from a large building. Jason fell to is knees and cried. fire and blood all around him. Suddenly he heard a terrifying scream for help. His sister Jamine was being held by her neck, by a mystrious demon who cloaked himself with a hooded cape. Jason took up the sword and readied himself. As soon as he did the demon cracked Jasmine neck and threw her into the fire.
The demon then vanished.

Months later while traviling from hi destroyed village and into the hot savannah. A large ferocious lion came upon him. The lion was white as Ivory and his mane black as Ebony. The lion was about eight feet tall from paw to shoulder. The lion saw Jason's eyes and saw the sorrow and sadness, pain and loss. The lion went up to Jason and allowed Jason to ride him. Jason later names him Julius. The two grow up together and becoe the most well known mercenary in the world. Jason bacomes a legend and so do the tales of the enourmous Lion Julius. They have become heroes, as they hunt down the wicked and help the poor. However after a few years Jason and his Lion disappeared without a trace. They are like a long forgotten memory to the people. As a new war has erupted between humans, demons, and angels. All over the world the hearts of little children pray that the hero of legend will return. Jason and Juluis.
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Re: Character List

Jus finally got Sora approved in one peice

Name: Sora Micheala

Age: 11

Race: Light Girl(not the light as in weight,i mean the element/power)

Gender: Female

Hair: Long golden hair

Eyes: Small blue eyes

Weight: 3 stone 12

Height: 1 metres 68 centremeters(or centermeters if you're American and same goes for meters)

Weapon: Sora holds a red sceptant that looks nice and fits her style very well. The weapon in designed to look nice and sometimes scary to enemys.A nice gleaming light emetates(spl?)from this beautiful sceptant that creates nice pink auras and shoots them in any direction at any time Sora wants them too.

Strengths: Sora is strong against dark forces and evil.Because of her lightness and light powers, they will take down the darkness that flows within the power of evil, disorder, and chaotic darkness. All of this,in some cases,would be good for taking down evil that attacks something.

Weakness: Sora is weak against water. When water hits Sora in a weak part like the eyes, her powers weaken and she is stunned for a minute or two.She also as a weak spot on her body, the mouth. If her mouth is hit by something really hard, it tends to really hurt herself for a bit.


Heavens call: This skill is one of Soras favourites. She sings a lovely soothing song that calls a beuatiful aura to come around her. Then an angel appears to defend Sora for a couple of minutes. After the angel goes,the aura fades away and Sora is again, back to a normal ligjht girl in battle, protecting all the community and public from dark forces and battlers.

Light Melody: Sora sings a nice tune to the oppenent in battle.The tune causes the enemy to fall drowsy for a while,bu they don't fall to sleep,they just get stressed because of there drowsiness causd,the stress can cause damage and the only way to calm down is if they would fight against the drowsiness and ot let stress and impatientce take over them for the battle.

Appearnce: Sora appears to have a nice lovely appearnce.She appears as a nice girl with long golden hair. Her face is a pale red colour(or color for the american matter)She also has nice cyan coloured sandels for nice weathers of the day, and the summer and spring time.The most simple appearnce ever seen by people is just her long hair, red dress, and cyan sandles.

Personality: Sora is a nice peaceful girl, who helps alot of eldery, small,and big people. She lives with here really helpful nice parents, and sister. Her sister is called Sophie, and her parents are Richard and Sarah. She beleives one day she will be the most nice, most peacful girl ever, like she already is to everybody in the village, out the village, and even out the country! She also thinks she is going to be a princess one day, but she isn't ever going to accomplish that goal in her life, sadly for her she might never live to even have the chance.

Biography: Sora was born in a peaceful small village built in the early 1900s. She considers studying magic as a great thing in her life as a small nice child. Everywhere Sora goes, she says it feels like she's always at home where she's safe and protected by some stramge magical force she heard was going round, and only her and her friends beleive the story of this "force". She lives next door to her friends house and her parents are still living after 45 years. When Sora was small, she didn't make a fuss or cry about anything going wrong, but she did once cry for a bit, when her parents had gone out for a while. When Sora reached 4 in age, she met her friendly friend, named Flamzer.

After a short time, Sora travelled with Flamzer, and became good friends with each other throughout the ages, and will probably always be closest friends.
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Reality Virus

Despite this being the SECOND character I created, its the first to be accepted.

Name: Nemesis Reality Virus

Age: Depends, how old are memories?

Race: Memory Demon

Gender: male

Hair: Black tendrils, with pulsating green pods.

Eyes: None

Height: About as tall as a teenager, I don't do Height and Weight so well

Weight: 250 pounds.

Weapons: His arms conceal scythes that can be retracted and extended at will. He also has his "Sadness Drain" ability, talked about later.

Magic/Special Attacks: two, he can force a person to relive their worst memories, and feeds off their sadness to boost his strength. The other is much stronger, he can literally absorb the fabric of the universe, and pass through to another dimension.

Strengths: your worst memories become his strengths. he can also feed from anger, he prefers a mad battle rush. He also has incredible jumping abilities.

Weaknesses: although difficult, it is possible to break through his sadness shroud and force him to fight you, scythe to blade. But then again, that's not cool either.

Appearance: From his torso down, he is like a spider. He has 9 legs, 8 walking legs and a final one for jumping forward great distances. He is black all over. From the torso up, he is human, except for his hair, which is described above. He has no eyes, but has one large, dinosaur type mouth. His arms end in simple claws.

Personality: He is constantly angry, and only ever thinks about the world's destruction.

Biography: On one planet in a solar system, there was a sudden change in climate. Animals died out, animals lived. Species became extinct naturally. Because of all the death, a small pool of sadness began to well up. All the creatures' spirits that were driven to extinction were so sad, that they joined this pool. Eventually, 1000 years later, a life-form was created from this pool of infinite despair. Nemesis. When he landed on the planet, he saw much peace and laughter among the creatures who now lived here, humans. Because he was completely devoid of the ability to feel happiness, love and excitement, he became angry. Because he was filled and made from nothing but negative emotions. He slaughtered all life, sucking up the negative energy. Then he devoured the very space-time continuem itself. When the very dimension itself was destroyed, he entered a new one. In this way, he strives to force those who are happy to feel the hatred and despair that he is forced to feel. If no-one ever stops him, then no one will ever be safe.


Name: The "Great" Ahti
Age: Unknown
Race: Hex-Sealer
Sex: Male
Hair: None
Eyes: a big eye with a black pupil, but no other features.
Weight: 0.82 kg
Height: 30.48 cms
Origin: Hex-Sealed Cave

Weapon: An eye laser, that's it.
Armor: none, he uses magic.

Strengths: vast magical strength.
Weakness: Very weak physical strength

Skills Magic: Offensive (Physical: 0, Magic: 250); Eye-beam, Chronos Blow, Shadow Spell, Aqua Star, Flame Shot, Mirage Blade
Defensive: (Physical: 0, Magic: 250); Spinning Ahti Illusion, Shadow Gate
Other: Elemental Seal, Hex-Sealed Weaponry

Personality: Ahti is a playful spirit. Although he doesn't enjoy fighting, he will take on anyone who gives him a reason to fight. He is more mischeivous then evil, and rarely tries to do any permanent harm.

Appearance: ATTACHED

Biography: Hailing from another time, Ahti is quite old. Despite this; he is still as mischeivous as ever. More of a spirit then a demon, Ahti was sealed away by the powers of good when he played one prank too many. After a while, he was released by some curious kids. Indebted, Ahti protects the village with his brand of magic. He enjoys playing tricks, but doesn't mean any harm. When fighting, Ahti floats around blasting the opponent with Chronos Blow and other moves. When he fights with allies, he can make one take the form of a massively destructive weapon. This effect is temporary, so there's no need to worry. He has no physical strength, and he is quite light, so powerful attacks are quite good... when they hit.

Special Abilities (other then Attacks): Besides his skill with magic, he can naturally float. Otherwise none.

Attack Details:
Offensive: Eye-Beam - An average hitting laser shot from the eye. It is the only "physical" type move that Ahti has, as it is of an unknown element.
Chronos Blow - A time-based move that freezes time for an instant, damaging the very soul of the opponent when time begins.
Shadow Spell - by spinning on the spot, darkness energy is blasted from the shadows, its pretty difficult to block.
Aqua Star - small bursts of water are released from around Ahti, and then blasted collectively in a star-shape at the enemy.
Flame Shot - A small ball of flame is shot extremelly fast at the enmy. Take a moment to charge and is none too powerful.
Mirage Blade - A time-based assualt. Blades appear from seemingly nowhere, surround the enemy, and strike at once, before disapearing again. As its name suggests, this is a mirage, but its the illusion of the pain caused that damages. Some people have been known to lose their sanity to this mysterious power.

Defensive: Spinning Ahti Illusion - Long name, lame effect. He stays still and spins in place. By doing this, he can create multiple illusionary copies of himself.
Shadow gate - A gate of darkness appears in one place, then the object/person enters. it shuts and another one opens almost instantly. Since this is unaffected by distance, size of the object/preson or time, Ahti can use this to transport virtually anywhere. He can also force people who are stationary to enter, as long as the gate appears under them. Some people are able to change their destination.

Other: Elemental Seal - By clamping to part of an ally's armour, Ahti can juice up their algined element, whilst weakening their weakness to others.
Hex-Sealed Weaponry - By using this move, Ahti can use an ally to create a weapon! While this may not sound good, its only temporary. Different allies will take the forms of different weapons. Sadly, Ahti has no physical strength, rendering this move useless unless used in all-out brawls!


Name: Metallicco

Age: 101 years

Race: metal-Jaw Dragon

Sex: Male

Hair: None

Eyes: Yellow

Height: His head, which is the tallest bit, is the same size as a bull-dozer. Both in height and Width and Length. His body is about 4 times as long, but gets smaller as it goes.

Weight: 10 tonnes

Weapon: His iron-head
Armour: His Iron-head

Strengths: his Iron-plated head is impenetrable by any kind of weapon. he also has strong breath magic. Not to mention immense strength.

Weakness: If you were to produce a high-pitched noise, he goes into a spasm, besides his head, which is too heavy. He also hates Ice-Magic. Although his head is incredibly dense and virtually impenetrable, he is unable to move very quickly, his movements are slow and sluggish, and it is difficult for him to move quickly. Also, if he were to slide into water, he would sink to the bottom, possibly making him drown, unfortunately, he has small gills and so can survive underwater for short periods of time. Finally, though his head is well armoured and virtually unpenetrable, the rest of his body is protected only by scales, meaning strong weapons can penetrate it.

Skills/Magic: being a dragon, he has many attacks.
Heaven's Pillar - A Divine Attack, Metallicco roars and pillars drop from the heavens, they are made of stone and weight more then even Metallicco. Ironically, if you are strong enough to catch the pillars and use them yourself, they are the only thing known to penetrate the face-shield of Metallicco.
Dragon's Roar - Another powerful attack, this time based on Fire. Metallicco fires a beam of pure fire at the foe from his mouth. Powerful, but it can be dodged.
Dragon Iron - this works best on ground based enemies.It is Metal based. Metallicco flies up to a great height, and then flies straight at the foe, slamming into the ground and sliding towards them with great force using his inpenetrable face.
Dragon Twister - A Wind-based move. Takes a moment to charge but when let loose is devastating. Metallicco spirals through the air, becoming much faster then normal. He can shatter anything with this move, and come out relatively unscathed.
Dragon's Circlet - A Water-based move. He clamps onto his tail with his mouth, then starts spinning in a cricle. This can be performed vertically or horizontally, depending on circumstances.

Apearance: His head looks like an iron. He is completely red, with a black belly. His bottom jaw juts out and is the only part of his body that actually LOOKS metallic. His eyes are yellow and snake like, except snakes don't blink. He has two tongues, on on top of the other. He has two claws just behind his head. They are big and well-muscled, but aren't used for much. The rest of his body is serpent-like and he has three sets of wings. One set is in the middle and larger then the other two, which are on either side of his primary wings. The other two are used primarily for propulsion and steering, whilst the massive ones keep him in the air. His tail is long and whip like. Along his spine, he has twin rows of spikes which stick out over the scales.

Personality: He generally keeps himself to himself. When in battle, he will NOT hold back for any reason. He is old and wise, wiser far than anyone else in the world. Metallicco has been known to share his wisdom to warriors who can beat him. He's quiet and keeps to himself, but is quite noisy when he meddles with the affairs of others. He is also sad as he is one of the last of his kind.

Biography: Metallicco is a powerful dragon lord. He constantly flies through the sky and rarely comes down for long breaks. One time, he flattened a village when people tried to bring him under their control. This was a secret cult however, and some villagers never realised what was happening. Metallicco is a Guardian of the Earth, meaning that he will protec the Earth at all costs. He patrols the heavens and, when he sees trouble, will often get involved. His Iron face makes head-on attacks next to useless. Metallicco is the last of the Guardians, and fears for the worst that when he dies, nothing will stop humans from taking over the world. He sometimes enjoys fighting for fun.
He can speak and is intelligent, but will only converse when the occasion calls for it.
Once a year, Metallicco seemingly dissapears. In reality, he hides out in a cave on a mountain. At this point, he falls asleep for 48 hours. During this 48 hours, if he awakens, it will be the end of the world as we know it. He becomes immortal for the 48 hours and becomes aligned to Chaos, unleashing loads of cool-looking Chaos moves. Fortunately, he has only been woken up once, that was the end of Atlantis...
Metallicco is attracted to magic and devours magical items regularly. He also drinks the magical energy from his foes.


Name: Phrixus Aristodemos Orca

Age: 17

Race: Other (that's the name of the race, not as in "Other-alien" or anything stupid like that)

Sex: Male

Hair: None

Eyes: very dark, looks black, but is actually an incredibly dark colour.

Weight: 15 Stone

Height: OK, I am sick of working with inches, but then, I'm not much better with centimetres either! GAH! 3' 7"

Preferred Turf: A warm, sunny beach

Place of Origin: The Island on which he was born (NOT OUTSET), Other's Island

Weapon: he has a spear, but otherwise nothing. The spear is not paricularly magical. The wood has been enchanted so it won't shatter, but otherwise it has nothing paritcularly interesting to note. Crafted by his grand-father though...

Armor: His scales provide adequate protection.

Strengths: Poison sacs and fingers, but if sprayed, it will react with the air to become extremelly acidic. His armour can't be penetrated easily, e.g.: a regular arrow.

Weakness: The scaled armour can be frozen off with Ice magic. His mouth and armpits are not covered in scales. Also, if you are able to hit his tail with an ice attack, it'll instantly drop off. This causes him to lose his balance and he can't use the spear.

Skills/Magic: As said before, he has posion/acid sacs. When he hisses, the poison squirts out of the two curved horns on the sides of his bottom jaw. They point into his mouth, creating a barrier that blocks arrows heading for his mouth. He is also one insane swimmer. He rips through water like a knife through butter. Another ability he shares with the Others is his ability to forsee events before they take place, however, this isn't his strongest ability, and he cannot use it at will. He can forsee another's path if he is given a Gold Piece.

Appearance: Although he is scaled and lizard-like in appearance, he is also humanoid. His jaws are set so that the bottom (larger) one juts out slightly. He is hunched slightly, and his tail is double the length of his jaw. His scales are an emerald colour, and shine brightly after he has leapt from the water. His legs are well muscled and good for jumping high. They curve back similar to a bird's. His claws are three fingered, with a thumb, and claws that often drip poison are curved. His eyes, a copper colour, close horizontally, rather then vertically, although he can close them vertically to protect them from enemy assaults.

Personality: Passive and calm, Phrixus is generally good natured. He often acts more as a seer of the future then a fighter. Although that doesn't mean he won't. When he fights, he'll do it with a passion seen rarely in most fighting styles. He usually only fights if he gets mad, then he'll let all hell loose! gak!

Biography: Born on Other's Island, a warm island in the southern seas, Phrixus had a fairly peaceful childhood. His parents were compassionate, they set about teaching him everything they knew to prepare him for his destiny. Regardless, he was an only child, not to mention a lonely one. Eventually, he wound up his courage and left home. Now, with the Other's Island behind him, he sets off to turn the cogs of destiny, to turn the future away from disaster and into a brighter path. Like most other Others, his diet consists of fish and seaweed, although he can eat gold pieces, in return for his prophecies. Whilst fighting, he often tries to bring his claws and acid-like poison into the fray. Foes need to be wary of this as the acid is strong enough to melt steel. His fear of feline animals is common amongst Others, in fact, it is said to be as legendary as the Others themselves. Phrixus Also has a hatred of the cold, which slows him down and freezes his venom, making him sluggish and easier to catch.


Name: Su-Nina

Age: 18

Race: Element Valkyrie

Sex: Female

Hair: Blonde

Eye-Color: green

Weight: 10 stone

Height: 5' 2"

Weapon: Elemental Staff. The staff was made specifically to withstand intense heat and cold, but it is not in itself magical. Her elemental powers come from herself, the staff is a focus point for the magic.

Armor: Light and tough mythril armor. Also a battle helmet made from the same stuff.

Strengths: Obviously, she has resistance to flame and water, as she is aligned to these two elements, she can breathe and swim underwater, and she can survive in intense heat, but lava will kill her. Another strength is that she can dance around strong "beam" type attacks, thanks to her seed and agility. Finally, her simpleness means that mind-control doesn't work very well.

Weakness: Although agile, her defence is completely pathetic, she is also scared easily, so ghosts won't have too much trouble.

Spiral Shot - Fires the two elemnts in a spiral.
Dolphin Kick - An aqua-based kick move that works well on flame-based foes.
Flowery Flames - a small ball of flame is shot at the foe.
Smooch - By planting a quick kiss on the foe, she uses their health to heal her own. This move is unaligned. Her gandmother taught her it. It is a trademark echnique of the feminine Valkyrie. It is a move for when they get desperate in battle and need a quick boost. As it is unaligned, they felt it woud be useful for enemies who are resistant to two elements.
Shrinkage - She can shrink down to double her strength. She also grows insect-like wings. Unfortunately, she is easily batted around. She can also use this move on an ally. Handy for a quick power boost.
Hot-foot - If the foe is stood on the ground, he'll feel this. The ground begins to heat up to temperatures of 1000-10,000 degerees. She can balance on her staff to avoid this move fortunately.
Iceberg Slam - Step 1) she creates an ice-berg. Step 2) the iceberg is blasted at the enemy via her staff, Step 3) Iceberg hits foe, possibly freezing them.
She can also talk to dragons and dolphins.

Appearance: She's tall and lean. Her hair is bound back in a pony-tail that goes down her neck. She wears light-blue clothers. She wears a sky-blue t-shirt under her armour. She wears a short-skirt as opposed to trousers, so that she has full-freedom of movement. her staff can be latched onto some straps on her back for easier movement. She has green eyes and blonde hair.

Personality: She's kind, fun and happy-go-lucky, even if she is a bit forgetful and dopey at times. She'll be friends with anyone, but get her mad and you'll know about it. She's not stupid, she knows much of the ways of the valkyrie, she is just very forgetful and silly.

Biography: Su-Nina grew up in a jungle. Her tribe worshipped their deity ÁSDÍS all year-round. Unfortunately, outsiders had no respect for ÁSDÍS and came to steal what they could from the temple. Her father died in action against the outsiders and her mother died a few weeks after she was born. When she grew up, Su-Nina harnessed the powers of water and flame. She excelled in all her studies, but was most definitly not the strongest warrior there. One day, she passed her Elemental exams with flying colours. The village all wanted her to become an elder like her grandmother (who was the current village elder). She turned down the offer, but said that she would reconsider it. But first, she wanted to make the most of her life by hitting the road and travelling the world. Her grandmother, Tu-Esen (which means Earth-Wind) was saddened by the decision, but saw the girl for what she could become and agreed with her heartedly. Su-Nina now travels the world, looking for adventure. She hopes to make lots of new friends, and try out every fighting-style she can find. She loves travelling, and it is unlikely she'll return to the temple anytime soon. On a side note, Su-Nina's name actually means Water-Flame in an anceint tongue. Her mother chose her daughter's name wisely. On the subject of death, Su-Nina doesn't think about it too much, although she feels it is a great sin to kill anyone



Name: Daedalus

Age: 23

Race: Levia-Dragon

Sex: Male

Hair: None

Eyes: Yellow

Weight: half a metric ton

Height: The head is roughly 5 foot tall, and the body is a good 6 foot long. As usual, the body gets smaller, eventually ending in a tail.

Weapon: has a large jewel embedded in his head called “Tempest’s jewel” – this jewel is sea-green and glows whenever Daedalus is using a powerful spell, or when he is feeling a particularly strong emotion. The jewel is unbreakable and is embedded, so cannot be removed.

Strengths: Fights better in the water. A powerful swimmer, moves quite fast on land too. Also has three magical attacks that are quite unique. Fire and Darkness based techniques have little to no effect on him. Also has some intense armour on the front end.

Weakness: As with many water creatures, hates electrical skills (has found a way around this though) and has a tough time defeating other dragons. Many times, he flees rather then fights. If you were to find a way to dry his scales out, his water-magic would weaken greatly.

Typhoon Boom: A wind-based technique that is unusable underwater. Blasts the foe with a tornado of sorts, slashing at clothing. Foe with no armour need to be wary of this.
Terror of the Deep: The water becomes cold and dark. This prevents the foe seeing through the water. The only thing visible of Daedalus is his jewel when it flashes.
Aqua Torpedo/Ocean Blast: This move is Aqua Torpedo underwater. Fires a bunch of tiny little torpedoes made of O2. When they hit, they leave a painful sting. Out of the water, this can work one of two ways. He can fire a barrage of small Ocean Blasts from pretty much anywhere in the water, or can power up a more powerful one in his mouth, which is then fired once, and only once.

Appearance: Blue skin, light purple underbelly, red dorsal fins. But for more detail, here we go!
His head is quite hideous. It has four eyes, one pair on top of the other. The mouth and chin are angular. There is a “helmet” of sorts resting on his head. It looks like the head and mouth of a hawk, except is blue, scaly and has a Jewel stuck inside it. The helmet stretches down and fits snugly on his chin. There are some larger scales going down about half a foot down his back. These act as intense armour. Just past the end of the armour, there are two front claws. They are each about half a foot long, and are quite well muscled. Not only that, but they end in three-toed, very wicked claws. From here on, there is no other defining feature, as a short red dorsal fin (which is certainly no more then 5 inches long) stretches down it. About one foot before the tip, the fin dies away. Round about here are two, slightly less muscled and clawed, hind legs. They act well for supporting Daedalus’ immense length and weight. Finally at the tip of the tail are four jagged plates that stick out of the tail. Though not as useful as spikes, they are god for clobbering sense in or out of the opposition. They are red.

Personality: Daedalus is surprisingly timid for a denizen of the deep. He often stays underwater, harvesting his favourite food: fish. He does not enjoy the pleasures of a human slipping down his throat. If he does fight, it is usually an act of vengeance or something, he rarely makes the first move. Surprisingly peaceful, if you catch him on a good day. On a bad day however, he is snappy and lashes out at some foes.

Background: Daedalus comes from a far off island of tropical seas and warm sunshine. Despite it being peaceful for his kind, they were vastly over-populating the island. Eventually, it was decided that they needed to find new places to visit. Daedalus decided to strike out on his own.

It was quite peaceful on one island, quite far away from Daedalus' home. One morning, after a fierce storm the previous night, the villagers found symbols scratched into
a wall of the docks. They appeared to represent a pattern of some sort. Eventually, someone decided they were musical notes. After playing them on his instrument (rumoured to be a trumpet) Daedalus rose out of the sea.

Daedalus is more of a fish-eating dragon then a human-eater, and so was fairly freindly with the villagers, especially after he prevented a tidal-wave from colliding with the island. Daedalus then worked for the island by ferrying people back and forth between one island and the next. Rather then make a return trip however, he always takes whoever comes to him first, on a first-come-first-served basis.

Daedalus fights mainly to defend himself, not to mention the ones of those who ride him occasionally.

Name: Nahemah

Age: 100 – looks 18

Race: Succubus

Sex: All succubuses are female

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 30kg

Height: 5 foot 3

Weapon: Whip

Strengths: Obviously, has a certain thing over male opponents. Darkness-based magic has little effect.

Weakness: Feminine characters have an upper-hand over her. Light and Fire based magic works well.

Skills/Magic: Succubi all have the natural ability to lure in unsuspecting men. She has two other moves besides this.
Dark Arrow: A ghostly bow and arrow appear. When it hits the foe, it vanishes. Does darkness-based damage but has no other effect.
Unholy Summoning: Takes a moment to charge, but when it has finished, she unleashes a wave of dark energy that will not penetrate armour but does decent damage to unprotected foes.

Appearance: Wears a very revealing dress and skirt. Her hair falls down to her shoulders and is as black as night. Her body glows a pale-blue. She is quite slim. Her most redeeming feature is her large bat-like wings. She can make the wings appear and disappear at will.

Personality: She is very seductive and often talks to men over women. By seducing men, she will steal their souls and devour them. When alone with women however, she will talk and chatter like a typical human girl. She is a bit of a “girl-power” type person, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like men either.

Born from the darkest pit of hell, and the crowned princess of all Succubus, the only one with more power is the devil himself.

Like all Succubus, she attempts to attract many an unwary man into a dark corner, most of the time she will strip them of their souls, enhancing her own beauty whilst also making her more powerful. She is incapable of true love, although she believes that one day she may find someone whom she truly likes.

Nahemah was crowned the princess at the age of 1. After that, three other Succubus’s took her into their home and attempted to show her how to do what they do best.
The three of them were highly successful, until one day when the villagers began noticing the strange disappearances of their men. At this point, Nahemah was 8 and was already a looker, a few more years and she would be truly ready for the test. She escaped the catastrophe that struck her home and fled, going into hiding.

No-one knows what she did during the time of her self-exile

Eventually, she was 17. Succubuses come of age at 18 however, so, a few days before her 18th birthday, she was invited to a ceremony in hell. During the ceremony, she was officially crowned the princess of the Succubus (the burden of this was held off by the oldest of them until she was ready for it), the title not only brings her rule over all Succubus, but also the responsibility of seeing to it that the race was never extinguished. Incubus (the male version of succubus) were out-numbering them 9-to-1 at the time. And so, it was her official duty to see to it that they did not prosper further, or it would mean the end of her people. Incubuses have a nasty habit of slaughtering Succubus and are also slightly more luring.

So, by using her brand of magic, she creates more Succubus from both innocent women and desperate house-wives. Either way, they become her servants, as does the rest of her race.

At the moment, she travels the world, looking for Incubus to slaughter and Succubus to create. If she has her way women will be the dominant sex.


Name: Hot Spot

Age: As old as the earth

Race: Pyro Elemental

Sex: Male

Hair: None

Eyes: Orangey-yellow

Weight: Floats, but when on the ground weighs about 1 ton.

Height: 4 foot

Weapon: None, relies on magic

Strengths: Fire magic is completely ineffective. Physical attacks aren’t very effective, there is a constant aura of 1000-degree hot air surrounding him.

Weakness: Water attacks. None physical attacks are also good.

Skills/Magic: All his attacks are fire-based.
Fire Burst: Increases in power as it is used. A single shot of flame is shot at the foe.
Napalm Force: After waving his hands in mystical motions, Hot Spot blasts the foe with small streams of flame, which surround them and then smother the foe. Hard to dodge.

Appearance: His skin is completely red and he wears no clothes. From his waist up, he is a regular humanoid, although he is constantly emitting intense heat. He has four arms, one pair is underneath the other and much smaller. The smaller pair usually stays crossed and is slightly weaker then his larger arms. He has no hair and two horns on his head, both of which are twisted in insane shapes.
Below his wais is a lump of skin which takes up about half his height. This skin is in the shape of a pinecone and the various section rotate around the body. This allows him to float in the air.

Personality: Very quiet, and very wise beyond recognition. Hot Spot has many wise words of wisdom, but catch him on a bad day and he will be quick to attack you.

Background: A bizarre and ancient being, Hot Spot was created at the same time as the world itself. He knows a thing or two about life, and can be asked questions, if you do not mind beating the answer out of him first.

Hot Spot hails from the volcanoes and is considered by some to be a star reincarnate. He doesn’t ever claim whether this is true or not, more for modesty’s sake then anything else.

Hot Spot’s ambition in life is to see the human race through to the end. He does not often directly indulge in human activities, although when he does it usually involves destroying a factory because of global warming (not that it’s a bad thing, you see, but because he knows the human race is making a mistake) or taking part in tournaments. He hates the cold and you will rarely see him on a polar ice-cap or over the ocean!

He currently has a love interest and has a hatred of the sword-wielding, winged fire-users known as Valkyrie.


Name: Sarah TryForse

Age: 18

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Hair: Brunette – hair falls down to her shoulders, a single strand also falls in the middle of her face.

Eyes: Hazel

Weight: 44kg

Height: 5’ 3”

Weapon: She has two types of bomb in a bag she carries with her. One is a Flash bomb – explodes, causing minor damage to foes without armour, causes burns if it explodes directly next to exposed flesh. The other is a Smoke Bomb – throw it on the ground and a smokescreen engulfs the vicinity for no more then a minute. No other weapons.

Armour: her cape can provide unrivalled protection against flame attacks

Strengths: Natural Resistance to fire and other magical attacks. She is agile and fast.

Weakness: Water attacks. If you can land a good physical attack then she won’t last very long, she also can’t swim.

Skills/Magic: With a swish of her cape, she can teleport short distances.
God’s Wrath: A fire technique that sends a pillar of flame into the air, that then snakes through the air before dropping straight on top of the foe.
Call of the Haunted: Relatively weak Dark-based attack that involves screaming. After the initial scream, the foe begins to hallucinate and may lose their sanity. The hallucinations go away after a few minutes.

Appearance: Slim figure. She wears a white-shirt, and a long red skirt. She wears simple white slip-on shoes and has a long red cape that is tied around her neck. The cape has a hood that she often wears over her head, especially during a battle. She also has a brown bag that is always slung over one shoulder. This bag contains money and her bombs. It also contains ingredients for making more.

Personality: She is very kind and generous. She tends to prefer creating things then destroying things. Sarah has a habit of forgetting where things are and can sometimes be a bit dopey. If you can prevent her from burning you to a crisp in battle, she proves to be a true and loyal friend to the end.

Biography: No-one can honestly tell where Sarah came from, she doesn’t tend to reveal much about her past to anyone.
One thing is for certain though, she remembers her family. Her cloak was made by her mother and her father was the one who taught her how to make her bombs.

Sarah is searching the world for a powerful relic. She isn’t sure what it is, or what it looks like, she just knows it must be found before it falls into another’s hands.

Dark clouds gather over a horizon.
A fog of black, inky darkness rolls over the hills, envelopes the valleys, screams can be heard, pleas, cries for help, but it eventually all dies down…

In the silence, the silence that demonstrates both a power and a will beyond realisation, only a wicked laughter can be heard. The darkness surrounds, engulfs. Suddenly, a melodious cry can be heard. The darkness breaks, from the cloud comes a single beam of pure white light.

In the circle of darkness, the outline of a pure and noble creature can only just be seen. It vanishes, and is replaced by a…

This is the dream she had that followed her for nights. An old fortune teller spoke to her a few days later;

The smell of perfume was quite overpowering. Sarah sat on the stool in front of the mysterious woman who was veiled by the shadows.
“Welcome, my child” said an old and wise voice, “come and speak to Madame Serene, tell me, what troubles you?”

“Well,” began Sarah, and a moment later, she had told everything.
“It seems to me, that you had a prophecy,” said the old woman sagely, “and I believe that the answer is in the form of an old legend I once heard, it goes something like this…

Deep in the Earth’s core…
Lives an ancient and forbidden creature…
At one time, it graced our skies, gave us many miracles, joys and inspirations…
However, we feared not only the beast’s true might…
But only of the horrors unleashed…
Lest the great beast be under the control of the Dark Forces…
So we sealed it away…
Until the time for it to be unleashed is upon us…
Forgive us, thee who hast given us so much joy…

…This creature,” said the old woman, “described in the legend is what I believe you saw. It must not be allowed to fall into evil’s hands, but from your dream, I’d say that someone… or something is hunting it,” the woman had sat back in her soft armchair and frowned, “unfortunately, I am too old to depart for such a journey, so there is no-one to stop this man…”
Sarah realised something, “in the dream, I saw myself, and I was surrounded by the darkness, but the laughter had stopped…”
“It seems you,” said the woman, “have been chosen to release the creature of legend from it’s ancient slumber, you must depart at once to the Sacred Temple and obtain the ancient relic, only then will the world be able to breathe freely once more!”
“Wait, but how do I get to the Sacred Temple?” asked Sarah.
“Ah yes,” said Serene delicately, “the Sacred Temple is a mysterious place, its doors shift from place to place, although the building itself stays rooted in place. Your best bet is to find the temple itself, then you will discover how to find the door to enter it…”

And so, Sarah bravely set off, not knowing what would await her just over the horizon…

Name: (General) Metaton

Age: 30


Sex: Male

Hair: Ginger

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5ft 8

Weight: 500 kg (the armour weighs him down)

Weapon: A Sword and a 2-foot long lance.

Armour: His armour is all black, with a gold pattern on the front and edged in bronze.
He has armour on his chest, his arms and on his legs, whilst he wears a helmet on his head.

Strengths: Immense physical strength. His determination and will-power are second to none.

Weakness: Magical attacks will leave major dents on him. Can’t swim. Immense weight means he is slow and cumbersome.

Skills/Magic: Dark Conviction: fires a large bolt from his hand that causes little damage but immense pain. Darkness-based magic. He can use this if his opponent has him in some kind of grid-lock.

Appearance: Besides his armour, there is very little else to him, he almost never removes his armour. But when he does, many die in revulsion because he is shockingly ugly. Don’t judge books by cover though, his strength outweighs any other force on the planet, he can even hold an earthquake together.

Personality: Pure evil. He loves nothing more then chaos, destruction and a nice helping of suffering. He does not understand why people help each other, or how they love, all he knows is that he must destroy anything in his paths.

Biography: Raised by a band of thieves during a war, Metaton was grown to be a warrior. He does not fight by an kind of code of honour or anything of the sort, though he does expect everyone to remove themselves from his path, or they will die.

When he enters a village, he will go to bed one night and, by the end of the following day, no-one, children, animals, women, men will be left alive. Many hear about him beforehand and wisely flee, though he often enough finds them somewhere else. Metaton searches for the creature sealed away, deep under the earth.

Metaton is a general in the Shnicdt Army. A race of beings born with just one magical spell, and incredible strength, though Metaton outranks most of them.

When he finds the legendary beast, he is going to use it to conquer the world. His cruelty and his evil will lead the world to the abyss of sorrow and despair.

Name: Wish Dragon

Age: 100,000 years

Race: Wish Dragon

Sex: Male

Hair: None

Eyes: Light blue and lizard-like

Height: his head is (Height x Width x Length) 3 foot x 3 foot x 4 foot, his body is at least 10 foot long, not including his head.

Weight: 1 ton, but has a grace that makes him as light as a feather

Weapon: His right arm can turn into a 2 foot long sword.

Strengths: He has a natural ability to repel darkness. He can grant wishes and has a complete immunity to light spells.

Weakness: Has a tough time warding off other Dragon attacks. Divine attack also get him pretty badly.

Skills/Magic: Besides his natural ability to repel darkness of course.
Heaven’s Roar: A Divine attack capable of penetrating defence. Anyone who is pure of heart will not be touched by this move.
Dragon’s Gift: Heals the foe and Wish Dragon. Water-based. Rain pours from the heavens and will heal and revitalise all but the dead.
Guardian’s Might: Dives underwater and spirals into the air, bringing up the water around Wish Dragon in a whirlpool-tower-type thing. Can also be used in Lava, Water or Fire based dependant on the tower formed.

Appearance: Is long and sake-like in appearance. The skin is pure white and glows in an ethereal sort of way. There is a bizarre pale blue pattern on its body that glows whilst the rest stays dark at night time, this is a beautiful sight to witness. The head is dragonish, and has two pairs of large, leathery wings, which also function as ears. They are triangular shape and aren’t as big as the head, one pair is situated slightly below and further back then the other. The claws are situated roughly two meters behind the head, they end in three fingers which are tipped in minute claws. The arms are tucked away when flying to decrease air resistance.

Personality: he is immensely wise and will happily converse and participate in contests with humans, especially children, whom he prefers to speak with. When at night, he will fly through the air, his patterned body warding off evil and darkness. He is quiet and honourable, he will not strike an opponent who is not ready.

Biography: A unique dragon that grants wishes. Wish Dragon has no actual name, so many just refer to it as Wish Dragon. Centuries ago, it was sealed away by ancient being, who feared his power when in the wrong hands. After being released, Wish Dragon took to the sky and left for the ocean. He has the ability to survive under pretty much any conditions, except a vacuum. Wish Dragon will flee rather then fight. His powers are strong enough to be considered dangerous, and so, spends his time at the bottom of the ocean. When he is not, he will hide in the mountains, or in a volcano, or even in a forest. When he is stumbled upon, he will produce a blinding flash and then retreat. If the person he sees is an innocent, then he will not flee, having no true reason to fear the other.

Wish Dragon will fight, but he is very much against it. When he is forced to be violent, he will follow a strict code of ethics. He is fleeing at the moment as two warriors are after him, and neither will stop until he is no longer of this world.

----- It's a good thing I'm not SAYING all this, huh?

This will be THE last time I post a new character. In fact, these aren't even knew, I am just reposting them. But these will IT then. I will create no more characters!

Name: Belzelga

Age: 21

Race: Dragon

Sex: Male

Eyes: Yellow

Hair: None

Height: 5 foot 8

Weight: 75kg

Weapon: Relies on his fists.

Strengths: Resistant to any kind of spells that uses “raw power” such as Thunder and Fire attacks. Fast with his fists.

Weaknesses: Hates water. Try and get his feet stuck together too.

Skills/Magic Attacks:
Plasma Blast: Fires a mixture of fire and thunder elements at once in a ferocious beam attack.
Thunder/Flame Punch: Throws either a Fire-based punch, Thunder-based punch or a combo of the two.

Appearance: His feet are thin and agile. His top half is much thicker. He has two arms, both of which end in bulges the size of shovels. These bulges are harder then steel. His head is shaped like half an egg on it’s side. He has a large horn that sticks out straight in front of him. He also has two scaly, purple wings. They looks small and are better for leaping high or gliding then actual flying.

Personality: This dragon is quite confident. Occasionally he gets a little over-confident. He loves to practice his punching technique and blast things with his Plasma Blast. He is a decent guy, he knows his rights from his wrongs, and will always try to help. He can get annoying on occasion.

Background: There isn’t much to Belzelga. After hatching from his head, he was almost immediately obsessed with learning how to fight. He loves fighting above all else.

Belzelga soon left the nest and entered a Boxing League. Many people felt it was unfair that a dragon was entering against humans only. Regardless, he lost as many as he won (although a rumour says that he is doing it on purpose) and fas loved him for his attitude.

Eventually, he just felt he needed more room to grow and hit the road. His fans are excited for him and are currently awaiting the return to the top for the “raging firestorm”.

Whilst on his journey, he hopes to improve his (already fast) punching speed and his aim. He’s also working on the Megaton Punch, which is meant to be the ultimate punch for any boxer to learn. With that goal, he is clearly aiming for his own star. Maybe not as high as some people’s, but it is his dream nonetheless, to look proudly, with a gold cup in his hand.

Name: M.A.D. Mechanism

Age: Unknown

Race: Mechanical

Sex: N/A

Hair: None

Eyes: Has various eyes, but no actual pair

Height: 3 1/2 foot

Weight: 3/4 of a metric ton

Weapon: Comes with various builts in weapons

Strengths: Has various attack abilities, has solid defences. His eyes are untouchable when he closes them.

Weakness: Weak against attacks such as explosions and lightning. Water also works well. The eyes are the only true weak-spots.

Skills/Magic: No magic.
Lazer beams: Can fire lazer beams in any direction, independent of each other, relatively weak attack.
Missiles: Stronger attack that involves missiles that lock onto one area nearby and explode, causing chaos and pain.
Soul Cannon: Unusual attack. One side panel opens and a cannon is revealed that shoots blue energy spheres. the spheres stick and drain magical energy.
Shadow Tag: A natural ability bestowed by the Gods Unknown, the opponent is constantly tracked, using an ancient magic. This means that an opponent is unable to dissapear or duplicate.

Appearance: Looks like a metallic melon. It has four thin legs, each ending in feet with three toes. On top, a panel opens to reveal two eyes that look like cameras. They can turn in almost any direction.

Personality: Robots lack a personality, I find. But M.A.D. seems to enjoy causing endless destruction. It hates staying still, unless in Sleep Mode.

Background: After Randum was banished, the Gods Unkown set about looking for a new guardian. Eventually, they decided that a machine would be the best way. It would remain in Sleep Mode until the creature residing in the middle of the Labyrinth would awaken. Also, machines don't get lonely and don't wander off.

Thus, M.A.D. was created. At first, some Gods were sceptical to M.A.D.'s use as a Guardian, but after a short test, they all agreed that this was the best way.

Afterwards the Gods forgot about Randum, weakening their wrath against him. He was unaware of this but he knew by now he would've been replaced and so had not tried to leave the Realm of Nightmare.

Shortly, the Gods Unknown expired and a new generation of young Gods and Goddesses was begun. M.A.D sensed this and, since its original masters were dead, it decided to set off and cause as much destruction as possible. The new Gods are unable to undo the work by their ancestors, and so must sit back and watch.


Name: Randum

Age: Unknown

Race: Enigma

Sex: Male

Hair; None

Eyes: Yellow

Weight: Surprisingly light at 45kg

Height: 6ft 6" - bt often crouches and looks shorter.

Weapon: None

Strengths: Good at imitation, his foes strengths become his own. Can climb walls and ceilings.

Weakness: His foe's weaknesses become his own. Losy Defences before Imitating

Skills/Magic: Imitate: Mimics the foe's fighting style, magic attacks and can even create illsionary copies of the foe's weapons. All happens quite fast.
His body is made of extremely durable bones, meaning that his fists and feet WILL hurt you

Appearance: Completely black. He is black with yellow eyes. his hands end in rather small claws that do little damage and so aren't used for attacking. He often squats and crawls rather then walks, though he is capable of it. He has four horns on his head, which bend back in "hair"-like fashion. His arms are just as long as his legs. Wears no clothes. Has two black fangs that stick ot from his mouth under his nose. His head is anglar and flat, and his feet are of a decent size. Quite thin and lanky

Personality: He is quite lonely, having guarded the end of a labyrinth for far too long. He will fight when others are threatened. Also a bit quirky, on occasion, he will spout some random nonsense.

Bio: Created by Gods Unknown for testing purposes, Randum used to guard the end of the Holy Labyrinth. After a few centuries, he wandered off in search of freinds (guarding the end of a Labyrinth is probably a really lonely job). The gods, on their deathbeds banished him to the Realm of Nightmares for his disobedience. 100 years later, a Goddess of Light felt sympathy for the wretched creature. She released him from his chains and he was free to do as he pleased. Indebted, he has sworn to fight for righteousness and good causes.

Now, he walks the world, following his own path and never giving up, most of all. The Goddess will always watch over him, as long as he stays true to himself.
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I like the above characters. MADE BY ME!!!
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Re: Character List

Please look at Randufel. He's almost at the bottom....
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Re: Character List


Name: Nayorin-Sayasha (Actually one word, but she uses Sayasha as her last name. Everyone calls her Nayorin!)

Age: She is fifteen, born april29th 9999QT (Meaning, she's just fifteen)

Race: Hylian


Hair: Black hair,goes halfway down her back (Um, I have a picture of her. (See bottom) (Ignore the hands please) )

Eyes: Black, actually (Or, if that's impossible (I've been told it is) Than just a REALLY dark brown)

Weight: WHAT? I ALWAYS NEVER tell this info! She is very Self-conscious! OK, 120 LBS

Height: 5'6"

Weapon: The Quadros Sword (She also has a bow...but...never mind...)

Armor: none

Strengths: Um, she can make friends with people easily!

Weakness: Has a hard timekilling people. Monsters, sure, but life-like things is hard. (is this good enough?)

Skills/Magic: Fury Blast. It is a white-hot attack of immense fury. It effects the mind greatly. By doing this, it actually hurts the body as well. She has to say "FURY BLAST!" for it to fire from her hands.

Appearance: *DEEP BREATH* She has a black stone on her forehead, that must be there. She is pretty skinny, yet graceful when she fights. She wears black all the time, not because she is evil, but because of her heritage. (See bio) Normally, she wears a black shirt and black pants, and black shoes, but sometimes she wears this mini-skirt thing, with black boots I tried tomodel off Link's, and a strange black tanktop that is hard to describe. I'll just say, practically anything black.

Her eyes are slightly square-ish, and set higher on her head...thin eyebrows accent this trait, and long Hylian ears protrude from the side of her head. (Where else?)

Personality: Nayorin is very friendly. Yet also persistant. She will bug you till she knows what she wants to know. She is loyal, but she tends to be by herself a lot, despite the fact she has so many friends. She "Hangs" with her horse, Fairy Princess.

Biography: *Meep* I'll copy this from somewhere else I wrote it, much faster:

Nayorin is the descendant of the High Duchess of Quadrone, a country far from Hyrule. Her destiny is to help the princess regain her throne from an evil ruler, Erano. The stone on her head is actually the princess'. But they don't know that...Her destiny is to fuse bodies with the Princess (Meaning her spirit will go in the Princess' body.)

She was born in Quadrone, she grew up with her parents, but had to go see the world and left them. She was single child, she has a friends named Meghan, though. Meghan lives in Quadrone. Like I said, she has a horse. Yes, She talks to Meghan by sending her letters.

Her childhood was peaceful, until age two when Erano took over. Then life was hectic. (Sp?) This may sound Ganon-like, but Erano actually isn't a magician or anything, just like a dictator, with a lot of force behind him. Basically, communism.

Again, she has a horse named Fairy Princess (Who she sometimes calls fairy)

The Quadronians worship the samegoddesses as Hylians, except they have a God that oversees the three godesses, and one lowerGoddess, theGodessesof the Sun.
She is not particularly religious, so no, she is not protective of her beliefs.

Nayorin is traveling to see the world, before she has to face her destiny. She, or anybody else for that matter, doesn't know when she has to fuse with the princess and help her beat Erano. She may have to stay fused, or she might die in battle. It is so unclear...

She CAN kill others, it's just a matter of her will. She will only hurt evil, and annoying little monsters along the way...

She is VERY easy going. Yes, she doesn't stress about things, she knows they are her destiny.

She likes swords.hatess .

She is very fond of her friends. And her horse, and the princess and Meghan.

She treats other FRIENDLY...

She just wants her land to be back to normal...

She pondersdeath day in, day out. She is not afraid nor anticipatingdeath. She believes what will come, will come.Deathis always there. She just doesn't like to enforce it.

(P.S.-There is a reason she likes Meghan as a friend so much. Why? Meghan does not know!! But she does!)

Sorry if some words are scrunched together. My computer has this strange block thing that makes certain words not appear, so that's the only way I can fix it. Sorry!! I think that's it!!
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Re: Character List

Name: Fayrii Lijaro

Age: 78 (He looks and is a teenager)

Race: Half-faerie (half-human, half-combat faerie, nut the cute fuzzy ones)

Sex: Male

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 75 lbs.

Height: 6 ft

Weapon: A katana, his natural six-inch bone claws that extend over his fingers in a arc, his tail, and his foot (it smells)

Strengths: Strength, Speed, Regenerates very slowly

Weaknesses: Hot-headed (strongly dislikes being insulted), reckless, slightly inconfident, can't give up, easily knocked back due to weight, knows no battle strategy

Magic: Knows plenty of Black (destruction) and White (healing, creating, and changing), but can only use simple spells; also can communicate psychically and lift pebbles

Appearence: He wears a black cloak tied together by a golden leaf brooch, has very fair skin, red hair that goes back, blue friendly or piercing eyes, a soft but battle-ready face, has regular brown boots, and wears a brown tunic tied by a black belt, along with long brown patns. he also has his katana in a sheath at his side.

Personality: Fayrii loves to adventure and travel. He's seen death so many times that it doesn't faze the teenager (who to anyone but his kind looks 17). he doesn't like being insulted, and occasionally gets in fights about it. He's willing to help anyone, and doing so will reckless charge into anything. He likes having friends and enjoys having fun, but loves to fight evil. he'll also play fight when he's bored.

Biography: Fayrii's half-faerie part comes from his father, who is a ludiquil faerie (A Faerie that is mostly human except for its claws, tail, regeneration system to match Wolverines' and their head shape, which looks vaguely like a can opener). His father is also the King of the Ludiquil, and Fayrii is the Crown Prince. Fayrii grew up in a kingdom that was always at war with invading demons, and was made to study fighting extensively. Fayrii also took time to look at a few magic books, though he could never really get the hang of them. When he turned 50, he realized how boring being King could be. So he left home and is now exploring, looking for adventure to keep him away from home and if he does go back, he'll be able to look back on the "good times." Fayrii never paid attention to battle strategy though, so he often relies on people he meets to help him out. he's really not that smart, or maybe the word would be wise.
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Re: Character List

Name:Miro Al’ferok des böké (but everyone calls him Miro)
Race:derailï (beings who fought with the gods during the legendary wars)
Height:6 foot

Weapon: two swords: the legendary sword ragnarok and finior, the sword of his father
Armor: none

Strengths:he is very good with the two swords and his strenght and speed are remarkeble, even for his kind.
Weakness: never thinks out a plan and he is pretty stupid
Skills/Magic:he can shoot magic balls from his hands and can do various tricks with his swords (combat tricks)
Personality:he is a heat-headed person who can’t sit down, he always must be in action. He is a nice guy that gives everyone a fair fight, even the not so honest ones. Miro wants to be heroic, just like the warrior of tales and wants to win great battles. Most of the times, he is looking for a fight. He likes fighting with ragnarok and finior but he hates evil creatures. But most of the time, the only thing he's thinking about are battles, battles and improving his skills. If he's not fighting, he trains to be the greatest warrior of them all.
Appearance: Miro wears a brown cloak and green pants. His boots are also brown and his hair is kinda short. His body looks normal, but when you look better, you see that a scar is located on his right leg that looks like a sword. Like the rest of his kind he has a silver spot on both of his hands, which they use to use magic (like fire, ice, lighting, etc…). He is somewhat attractive but he doesn’t care for girls.

History: The Derailï were the greatest warrior race. They have such great power, that some of them were mistaken for gods. But most of their power were lost during the legendary wars, which destroyd all of their greatest warriors. The result whas, that not only most of their former power, but also their knowlegde whas lost. Now only tales are left of their ancestors, but the remaining Derailï are still a race that lives for battles. Each of the Derailï have different magical abillities, which are divided into groups: Miro for example, can shoot magic balls from each element, they call this kind of gift "rözî", then you have other kind of powers like healing "curïa", and many others. They don't exist in many numbers now, so that a few still know about the Derailï. Each of them has a silver spot on his/her hand which they generate magic. The magic abillitie is a talent which comes by birth. The Derailï are now a very generous and kind race, but in there heart, they still eager for battle.

When he whas twelve , he whas considerd as a adult and according to the traditions, he got the scar burned on his right leg, to test if the boy whas strong enough to be a fighter (girls get another test). He passed. After that, he and his entire family celebrate this big event. He whas granted the sword of his father, who died in battle when Miro whas 5, ofcourse, he whas very happy. Shortly after that, his grandfather thought him the way of the the two swords, because all men in the family masterd two swords. When he whas 16, he discoverd a strange cavern, curious as he whas, he enterd that cave. Inside the cave he found a sword that whas stuck on the wall. He pulled the sword out and returnd to his grandfather. His grandfather whas shocked when Miro showed the sword. Then he telled a story: “When whe fought with the gods during the legendary wars, there whas one men who had a mighty sword crafted by an ancient people who no longer exists. With that blade, he succeeded to kill Gênaizar, the king of fürieh, our underworld. Because he had started this war, his armies had no leader, and without somone to lead them they felt helpless and they surrenderd to the warrior who had the mighty sword. Luckly , the warrior told them to return to fûrieh and that they may never return. After that the warrior put the sword into the wall so that another warrior who is worthy , to pull the sword out of the wall, and you my boy, are that warrior. And the sword in your hand is the legendary blade Ragnarok.” Miro whas shocked when he heared the story, should he be like the warrior, or not ? Shortly after that he leaved his village to travel around the world so that he may be like the warrior of tales.

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Re: Character List

Finally, my character is aproved!

Name: Raven.

Age: 20.

Race: Human.

Sex: Male.

Hair: Short black hair about shoulder length.

Eyes: Blue.

Weight: 11 stone

Height: 6 ft

Weapon: Raven weilds a silver hilted, jewl incrusted sword with a 4 ft blade and a silver
longbow with hair from a unicorn as string.

Armour:Raven wears no armour, just his scabbard and quiver.

Strenghs: Having unicorn hair for string on his bow means Raven never misses his target. He's also a very skilled swordsman.

Weakness: Raven wears no armour and is vanrable in the sky.

Skills/Magic: Raven has the ability to grow wings from his sides but in doing so he grows weak.

Appearance: Raven wears long black trousers and a black clouth shirt. He has a handsom face that atracts many women. While traveling he prephers to wear a cloak so old enemys won't recognise him. He has large white wings with a span of 2m.

Personality: Raven isn't easily persuaded to let anyone travel with him as he dosn't like to put peoples lives at risk. However, if there is no other way, he will travel with a few other companions on his journey. He dosn't mind not being the strongest or the fastest warrior amongst a group, as long as people apreshiate his abilaties. Once in battle, Raven will not take off into the sky inless forced into doing so. He prefers to keep his feet on the ground and fight in hand-to-hand combat weather against a vilanous enemy or just practicing with his alies. Raven has a beautiful singing voice and likes to seranade his companions.

Biography: Raven was born in the small, quiet village of Mercia. As a boy, he wondered off away from his village deep into the surronding forest. Despite the efforts of his family and freinds that lived in the village, he was never found. Instead, he was raised by an old man that lived in the forest but never left it. He taught Raven how to grow wings from his sides and fly as high as he wanted. However, the gift was also a curse. Even though they were intended as a gift, growing the wings caused Raven emence pain so he tries to keep his feet on the ground. Once old enough, Raven left the forest and set out searching for whatever there was out there to be found.
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BA Characters
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Re: Character List

Here's my character...approved by the-half-a-bee! Thanks!

Name: Airanárë (some call her Aira for short)
Age: 18
Race: Hylian
Sex: Female
Hair: Red
Eyes: Gold-brown
Weight: 58 kg
Height: 1m 70cm

Weapon: A bow and red arrows and a golden dagger.

Strengths: Very agile, and very intelligent. Fast learner.

Weakness: Dark magic, weapon attacks that she can’t defend, very susceptible to hypnosis and has aracnophobia.

Skills/Magic: Manage all types of weapons, but prefers the bow.
She is very good with medicinal and other plants, because her mother was the town healer.
She's still learning to control her magic and new skills.

Red Arrow: Airanárë's favourite trick is to light up her arrows when she uses them.

Telekinesis: She can move objects with the strenght of her mind, although, they can't be too heavy or to far away. She needs to have total concentration when doing telekinesis.

FlameShield:When surrounded by enemies, Airanárë enteres in a type of natural combustion, creating a flame shield around her. She still doesn't know exactly how she does it and it doesn't happens very often. Nevertheless, when it happens, it makes great damage to her enemies.

Fire ball: She can thrown small to huge fire balls. It cansumes many energy of her, so she use them very carefully.

Personality: She's kind of a lonely person and very simple. Can be very ironic when needed and sometimes can be quite arrogant. She as a huge thirst for knowledge and tries to learn everything that she can...her dream is to be accepted in the Secret magic school, and find lots of magic everywhere. She never killed anyone, because she’s quite peaceful, also she as a little secret fear of seeing blood spill. She also fears death and because of it she respects it. She’s very creative and analyses fast her surroundings, in one word, very intelligent. Intelligence substitutes her lack of force/strength.

Appearance: Airanárë has a dark-red hair and golden eyes. She normally wears orange and red tones, but some times prefers black.
Her favourite weapon is a bow that her mother offered her by her 8th birthday; still she can fight with almost anything that she finds on her way.
She as an elegant way of walking, and some may say that she’s quite attractive. She was elegant hands and soft skin, still, when you look in her eyes, you see the death, the sadness and the knowledge of hundred of years, captive in a 18-year-old girl.
Airanárë left Trykio with a red long dress with orange motives and a hood.

History: Airanáre lived on a small and peaceful town called Trykio.
Her father was a hunter and her mother was the town healer, so she learnt most of the plants names and healing appliances.
She never wanted to play with the children of the town. She preferred to be at the forest reading some books of the town’s library, or going to mom’ laboratory to learn more about plants.
One day a circus came to town, and her parents took her there to pass more time with the other children.
Airanárë was fascinated with the magic tricks of the circus’ wizard.
When the wizard asked for a volunteer to perform a magic trick, she was picked.
The wizard told her that he was going to surround her with a rope in flames and that she couldn’t be afraid.

»When I count to 3, I’ll light up the rope! 1…2…3!

The rope started to burn and Airanárë wasn’t afraid, in fact she was delighted.
The wizard then tried to extinguish the fire, although that didn’t occur.
The fire evolved Airanárë in a huge flameball for awhile and then disappeared in thick air.
The people, in panic, ran away from the circus.
The Wizard called Airanárë’s parents.

»Your daughter should learn magic. She showed that she can be capable of it with this little ‘magic trick’! What’s her name?

«Airanárë, wizard! -answered the mother.

»Red flame…you see it’s not a coincidence that you named your daughter that. It’s clear that her destiny is to control the fire magic. I think she should enter the Magic School of All Elements!

Airanárë’s parents were too shocked to respond.

»Here! - the wizard gave Airanárë a map - This is the map to the secret magic school. There you can learn and improve you magic skills and specially, control it! But, be warned, the road keeps many dangers!

They went home and never touched the subject again. The children of the town were now to afraid, or forbidden by their parents to talk to Airanárë, still she didn’t care much, for she preferred the quietness of the forest, instead of the insupportable laughter (as she classified the other children).

One day, a mortal illness attacked Trykio, and the people refused to go to the healer, because of the circus’ accident, so the passed away.
Her father also suffered with the mortal illness, and day and night her mother tried to heal him with her plants. Unfortunately, she was not successful.
The mortal illness disappeared as fast as it this appeared and she tried to keep a normal life with her mother and the rest of Trykio that survived to the illness.

After a month or two, she entered her mother’s room and found her dead. On top of her body she had a red and black spider. Her mother was bitten by an instant poison spider, very rare in Trykio, still it was there.
Her spider phobia began that day, and with a glimpse of fury, anger, sadness and feeling for the first time the solitude and emptiness of her soul, Airanárë picked the supposed forgotten map and ran away from Trykio.
She was then 18 years old and she decided

«I’ll go and to find the Magic School of All Elements, I’ll train very hard, I’ll make my father and mother very proud of me!

And so she turned away from the town and went into the Forest, never to return to Trykio again.

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Re: Character List

Zolf Kadreen--approved by the mighty 2 quarters of an insectoid honey-maker.


Name: Zolf Kadreen

age: 18 years of age.

Race: Pseudo Humanoid

Pseudo Humanoids are a very rare race of human-like creatures, but are born with the capability of amazing feats of strength and magic not possible by most Homo sapiens. Their bodies have very mysterious properties. Some pseudo humanoids have discovered the ability to expand and stretch their bodies, while others can spit fire, some master the ability to liquefy themselves, etc. All pseudos have learned the ability to shape shift objects while using only their hands. Pseudos have been rumored by many people to be alien, others claim they are the reincarnated children of a deity of some sort.

Gender: Male

Hair: His long, untamed hair is a startling shade of Indigo purple

Eyes: His irises are a vacant looking whitish color that seems to almost meld with the Sclera (whites) of his eyes.

Skin: His skin is a light tan color

Weight: 100 lbs.

Height: 5’ 9”

Weapon: Zolf was born with a rare condition, he has all of the pseudo sapien abilities, his body seems to know them, but he does not. His body’s powers seem to execute at random. Besides his body, he also fights with his bone saber. He carries many vials of strange chemical compounds he has developed in the many pockets of his pants.

Armor Zolf believes that armor holds him down, so he simply doesn’t wear it.

Strengths: His eyes are extremely keen, and his body is extremely durable. His body can bond to all other elements, but not all of the time. He is also very swift, and spends most of his time defending.

Weaknesses: his regular physical strength when not randomly changing abilities isn’t that great, and his resilience leaves a little something to be desired.

Skills/Magic: Random Power Shifts and Chemical Compounds are his only skills, and he only knows two spells, Haste and Shield.

Appearance: He wears a simple, black, unbuttoned T-Shirt that reveals his moderately muscular chest, and a pair of matching black slacks, with many pockets. He is barefooted most of the time, and wears a couple of ragged, white, fingerless gloves. He never seems to be listening to you, due to his eyes empty shade. Even when Zolf is near you, he always seems distant. he is rather tall and gangly, but his appearance conceals his speed and agility.

Personality: Zolf seems to have more than one personality. He is perfectly cheerful and careless one moment, extremely worried about his condition the next. He has been afraid to get close to anyone, because of what could happen. Zolf never really tries to start a fight, but he is usually the one to finish it.

Biography Zolf is one of the last pseudo humanoids, as both of his parents died in a chemical explosion, when a group of scientists had taken them in for testing when Zolf was just a boy. The scientists had insisted that the testing was going to be completely safe, and exposed Zolf’s mother and father to certain chemical compounds. Apparently, the researchers did think it was safe, because they all died in the explosion as well. A young woman named Sonia, who found him alone at home, 3 days after his parents died, raised Zolf. As he reached the age of 18, his dormant Pseudo Human powers took effect, and he left Sonia’s care, afraid that he would hurt her. He then set off on a personal journey, to find meaning in his life. He has wandered through many lands, in search of purpose, and perhaps a cure to his unstable condition. He has gained many friends during his quest, but no real enemies. Since learning how his parents died, Zolf has been determined to learn more about science. He has learned many combinations of chemicals that can be used as weapons in battle, and he has been devising a substance that may cure his random state. Zolf’s parents were Ovirian and Phailya Kadreen. He loved them dearly, and was deeply saddened by their loss. He sometimes thinks he sees them, but his mind is simply in denial that his parents are dead. Zolf mainly fights for good, but his sometimes-selfish nature leads him towards wrong decisions. When Zolf does fight, it’s usually for sport, and he tends to enjoy it. “Makes my life excitin’.” as he would put it.
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Re: Character List

Name: Tsifarious

Age: 47

Race: Caucasian

Sex: Male

Hair: Black, about shoulder length but he can't stand it, can't find time to cut it.

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 180 lbs

Height: 5'11"

Weapon: Pyron- A long two-handed blade that, when wielded in anger, glows with the fires of Vulcan; The Twins- Gladius and Gamma II, two Roman gladiator swords, used for speed as opposed to the massive damage dealt by Pyron.

Armor: Tsifarious wears the armor of a Roman legionaire, bronze with elaborate designs engraved on either side. Subject to change depending upon setting.

Strengths: Has proficiency with a wide variety of weapons, though he excels in swordsmanship, all the more with western blades.

Weakness: Pointy things entering his flesh.

Skills/Magic: None

Appearance: Tsifarious is a rough looking man, the toll of countless battles shows in his wrinkled brow. Living on the move almost constantly gives him little time to shave or cut his hair, hence the shoulder length hair and beard. He bears quite a few scars, most of which remain hidden under his clothing.

Personality: Despite his appearance Tsifarious is a kind man. He finds it difficult to strike a woman, even one threatening his life. A more loyal man you can't find despite his distrust of authority, nor a more honorable for he will not kill a man who is unarmed. That, and he doesn't like wizards.

Biography: Tsifarious was born to a rich merchant father in Rome and was an only child. Much like any pair of proud parents of the day, his wanted him to be a politician, maybe be Praetor someday and get into the senate. He had other plans. Many days he would skip school to listen to men coming in from the frontiers and hear of their conquests. Of course when his father caught wind of this he was disappointed....ok, disapointed is an understatement, he was pissed.

Tsifarious decided that the best decision was to run away at the tender age of twelve. He made it all the way to Gaul before he was captured and sold to a gladiatorial school in Greece where he was kept as a slave until he was old enough to train for the games. Now a young man at age 18 he quickly learned the ways of the blade and was sent back to Rome to fight in the arena there. Before long Tsifarious was a name known by everyone. Women wanted him and men wanted to be him. The anger built up from being enslaved for so long proved useful. He adopted Vulcan, the fire god as his patron deity and had his seal emblazoned upon his shield and armor.

After five years of fighting in the games Tsifarious fell into favor with the emporer and was freed by imperial decree. Now a free man Tsifarious hardly knew what to do with himself, of course he was a hero in Rome, but he had no skill save for fighting. He tried several things, sailing for a merchant, starting a gladiator school of his own, he even tried to run a public bath. Nothing seemed to fit. Finally he gave into the obvious and joined the legion at age 27. For years he fought on every front, Egypt, Palastine, Gaul all of which taught him better how to fight and lead. His rise through the ranks was the fastest of anyone in history, quite a feat, especially for a former gladiator. For twenty years he fought until at age 45 while walking alone in the far north he discovered a rift into another world and into it he fell.

Thus he came into the world of Innet where his fame spread as he fought alongside many great generals in great battles waged across the land. That and his constant rambling in between made him one of the best known men of the land, and one of the most mysterious in a land of mystery.
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Re: Character List

Name: Dirk

Age: 19

Race: Zora

Gender: Male

Hair: Has no hair because he is a Zora

Eyes: He has oval-shaped blue (I think) eyes

Weight: 100 lbs

Height: 5'8"

Weapon: No weapon (has natural abilities)

Armor: No armor

Strengths: He can swim at great speed and he can toss his fins like boomerangs, he can slash with his fins and create barriers too.

Weakness: Weak against fire and ice and was born with weak muscles

Spells: Can create magical barriors, protects from damage and can cause slight damage when touched. Protection can't last long because he is not proficient with the spell.

Appearance: He is 5'8" and 100 lbs. Not really a fighter 'cause he was weak when he was born. He looks like a thin Zora and his main thing is agility. He also has unusual fins. When extended, they are huge, making him an average swimmer. He also has a scar that looks like a perfect square on his right arm.

Personality: He is not rude or kind, but in between the two. He is fond of the peaceful atmosphere of his home. Dirk is, for the most part, pure of heart. He also is a little shy when speaking to the opposite gender that he kind of likes.

Bio: He was born into a peaceful family of zoras with no health problems. Their third son (Dirk) was born with weak muscles, but on the plus side he was born with huge fins. He was trained to be a knight for the zoras when he was little. Although he was weak, Dirk had great determination. He was often teased becasue he couldn't pass the quotas of most tests. He came to detest people that treated others with disrespect. He would love to be able to help the others that get teased, but his weakness prevents him from being able to do something about it. He often thought about finding a way to get rid of his accursed weakness. He one day thought about joining the Battle Arena. He packed up and headed out on his long journey. Dirk finally arrived at his destination. He still has a lot to learn and he will not get much stronger because of his weakness. He is searching for a way to get rid of his weakness. He battles to find information on how to get rid of his weakness. A difficult task that he alone would not wish to go alone.
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Re: Character List






hair:His hair is blue and long




weapon:A hook.

strengths:Fisher is very stealthy,quick and swift.He also can see very far.

weaknesses:Fisher is not strong,so it takes a while for a succesful kill .He also has some trouble blocking because he was not trained for long.

skills/magics:Fisher can use a few water spells such as cause a small wave or create a water barrier. Other than that,he can run fast.

appearence:Wears normal blue jeans,a white under-shirt with a red vest,blue gloves and has his hair long. He is not very muscular.He usually wears a leather belt.his shoes are normal brown leather. He wears a blue ring.

armor:All Fisher has is normal clothes.

personality:Siereous at times but can sometimes be on the not so bright side. He also is determined to finish what he started.he is not very good at working with teams,but will if he must.He hates to be forced into or out of a situation.

biography:Fisher grew up in the town of Fisher. As a child,he loved to fish and swim because he lived by the ocean. He grew up as an orphan because his parents left him at the age of 2. Later at the age of 16,he bought a giant hook the size of his head. He later started to take lessons on how to use it as a weapon. When Fisher was 18,he moved to become a traveling merchant. One day,2 years later,he over heard 2 men at a resterant talking about some kind of arena. Thinking it was nothing,he kept on traveling until he reached a boating town. He saw the 2 men,who ended up being bandits who tried to attack Fisher. He used his hook and beat them. One spectator said he should go to the battle arena. Fisher thought it would be a great idea so he got on a boat and,3 years later,he reached the battle arena and hoped he could participate in it.
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Re: Character List

Name:Kijimisu Tamihami


Race:Half Human Half Elf



Eyes:normal form:green bear form:gold

Weight:Normal form:137 llbs,Bear Form:327 lbs

Weapon:Normal form:Ice sword called skater that has ice surrounding it and will freeze opponent when hit and is a good defense. Bear form:Claws and sapphire necklace which is his key for transformation.

Strengths:strong against archers,swordsmen,Gerudos and elves. He's known to block arrows and maul archers in his bear form.He also slashes up swordsmen and can crush them with one paw.He just roars at elves to scare them away.Gerudos are just no match for him because their attacks don't hurt him except the Triforce of power.

Weaknessog and Cat eared demons and Sorcerers,he's just intimidated by them.He also
hates fire.

Skills/Magic Ability:Ability to shoot lasers from his eyes in both forms.Has bear claws on hands and feet in both forms. He also has the ability of laser forcefields.
He can shoot a blue laser beam out of his mouth inhis bear form.
He can also do the 7 devil card attack which is his special attack it has 7 japanese characters that when he says one of the names the character will appear on the opponent's head and will cause pain or do whatever the character stands for.
Claw Tornado is an attack were he exposes his claws and spins and dismembers the foe or have them in a lot of gashes.
7 Devil Card changes Kijimisu's element intoower-Ki
Family:Mom,Dad,and brother

Grew up with Parents:No

Pets:At one time he had a grizzly bear cub

Beliefs:He practices Shinto

Attitude twords others:Fair,but some better than others.

Personality:Very Serious but,also very wise

Purpose:Searching for who he is and to find his family

Appearence:Kijimisu wears long,gray boots.He also wears a white football jersey with a blue number 6 on it. He also has a black Japanese character tatoo which appears to be the family emblem.Kijimisu also wears black jeans and bear fang earrings.His bear form
is a large Brown Grizzly Bear with Blue fangs and claws.

Bio:Kijimisu tries hard to remember his family but fails.The sapphire necklace and family
emblem is all he knows about his family.Kijimisu's been traveling since he was 12 searching for who he is and his family.Then one day Kijimisu befriends a bear cub and the bear cub saves Kijimisu from an assassin.The bear infused with the sapphire necklace and allows him to control his powers and if the sapphire is broken then Kijimisu would change into the bear without warning and will become very,very destructive and deadly.
The assasin that tries and kill Kijimisu is thought to be Kijimisu's brother Suyoko and belongs to Mukaro Prime.So Kijimisu also believes that his mother have something to do with it too.Kijimisu sets out for a new adventure and will take down anyone who gets in his way.
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Re: Character List

Name: Tidra
Age: 18
Race: Elemental
Sex: Female
Hair: Long, curly, and black.
Eyes: Black
Weight: 113 lb
Height: 5'5"

Strengths: Very agile and a master at Tai-Chi. Is very good at using her opponent's weight and strength against them. Can control and create water.

Weakness: Since she uses Tai-Chi, she is not very strong. She has a hard time fighting someone smaller or lighter than her.

Element Boost(skill)-When surrounded by water her power increases.
Droplets(attack)-Fires multiple small water balls.
Tidal Wave(attack)-Fires a large amount of water into the air and then brings it back down.

Personality: Quiet and reserved. She is very calm and only speaks when spoken to. She can get very crazy sometimes and usually loses control of herself. She is also very shy.

Appearance: Her facial features are exactly like her sister's: small cute nose, thin asian looking eyes, and small facial bone structure. She does not have large muscles, but she has a lot of muscles definition. She wears regular blue jeans and a blue V-neck shirt. Has the Chinese symbol of Water on her right arm.

History: Was born on the planet Force. Her kind could control the elements. But her planet was destroyed by an unknown force. Only 8 of her kind survived. 5 landed on Earth and the other 3 were lost. She was one of the three that were lost. She and 2 other Elementals, Zephia and Flash, landed on a strange planet called Warlob. Warlob was a baren planet, but had enough wildlife and water to keep the Elementals alive. Flash soon left the two girls and went off on his own. Even though Zephia was very energetic and she was very quiet, they became very good friends. They learned to live and survive on their own.

After 15 years on planet Warlob, they met the five other Elementals. They left Warlob and went off to live on Earth. They wanted to learn different techniques and other ways to use their Elemental powers. Tidra soon developed a crush on Lumis, the Light Elemental, but since she is so shy. She hasn't been able to tell him yet. She is the older sister of Frost. She is very protective of her.

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Re: Character List

OOC: This is a character from one of my stories I wrote a while ago.

Name: Project 39

Nick name: Surge

Species: Gordothian

Age: 34

Personality: Born to fight so he is very aggresive. Lonely because everyone runs at the sight of him.
He may look like a blood thirsty, pure evil beast. But under those yellow eyes and grey skin, he is like
a human being.

Appearance: See picture right here. (Sorry proportions are bad, I can't draw that good on a computer.

Weapons: he has been mutated and has countless retractible tenticles protruding from his back. Median blaster pistol, a dark,

black, Steel lightning sword with a white sheath, Wrist cuff has
two retractible knives jutting out for a good quick stab. Feet and hands are also deadly weapons because
of his extremely sharp claws.

Armour: Verry little armour. See picture for armour he does have. Verry tough skin that's hard to penetrate.
If he loses a limb, it will grow back in mear seconds.

Strengths: His senses have been geneticaly enhanced so he has excelent smell, sight, hearing, speed, and agility. Gordothians

have a healing ability that in a few weeks they can regenerate lost limbs, but Surge can regenerate alot faster because of

his mutation.

Weakness: Since his senses are hightened, he feels extra pain when hurt in battle, But is extremly tough so as to not show

his pain.

Skills: Slag, see bio below, has messed with his genetics and abilities, now Surge can give bursts of energy from his wrists

and tenticles. Hence his nickname, Surge. And all his senses have been hightened.

Bio: Project 39 was taken in by slag's research scientists when he was a baby. He was mutated, twisted, and torchured. When he was a little older, Slag, an evil, cyborg, warlord who is plotting to rule the universe one galaxie at a time, began training the young Gordothian for battle. He taught him almost everything he knew. Slag became Surge's fatherly figure for a time. But then the worst happend, when he was 12, Slag brought Prodject 39 to to a metalic chamber and spoke to Surge, "My son, you are about to make history, enter this chamber to begin." Project 39 entered the chamber expecting a test of skill and combat, but before he knew it, he was shoved to the floor by 2 large androids and his hands and feet where cuffed. Then they began the mutation process and attaching the robotic tentacles. Surge, even though he was a tough boy, screemed in pain during the final mutation process of the lightning ability, and the tenticles.

The young Gordothian emerged from the chamber and looked up at his father, "Why? why father?"
"Don't fail me my son." Slag spoke to him. "You will help me in my reign over the universe by eliminating our foes."

When Surge turned 34, Slag had finally recovered his long lost device after destroying planet Earth. It was a portal that allowed him to traverse between any planet of his chosing. He opened the portal to let prodject 39 fly through in his ship to attack the enemy. He entered, during this event, Slag's ship was hit by a photon Missile. It rocked the ship and jammed the portal which threw Surge through time and into another dimension. When he awoke, he found himself in a very diferent land. One full of knights and Dragons. And full of beings he had never seen before. He realized that he was many years before his time.

His mission is to rebuild his ship, and construct another portal that would transport him back to his time so he can take his place at the right hand of Slag...

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