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Old 03-08-2005, 08:16 AM
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Name: Geruni
Age: 15
Race: Picori (minish)
Gender: Male
Hair: Well, he always wears a red cap.
Eye Color: Black
Weight: 3 Ounces
Height: 1 inch
Weapons: A sharp needle with a poisin at the tip.
Strengths: Geruni has his own pegasus boots, so he can dodge attacks though he is small. He can also use them to charge into someone's legs and stab them with the sharp needle and poison. He can also climb under armor if he is able to get through.
Weakness: LARGE Buckets of water dumped on him and people with hard feet. His size, too!
Skills: Same as strengths.
Appearance: Red cap on head, green trench coat (thin), blue pants, pegasus boots.
Biography : When Geruni was 6, he and his father always went around Hyrule Town for item-finding. One time he found a sharp needle. "Daddy, I want to be a warrior when I grow older!" He said. Geruni's dad, a retired minish warrior, replied, " If you want too, son, I will teach all my skills!" And at the rest of Geruni's years until 15, Geruni's Father trained Geruni. Geruni went through painful experiences such as fighting a cucco, and fighting a cat. But, because of these experiences, Genruni became a fine fighter. One day, Geruni's dad said, "Son, I think you need these just in case you fight humans!" Geruni's dad handed Geruni a pair of pegasus boots, and a needle with poison. "These, son, are boots that make you fast, and a needle I made for you. It has lasting poison on top. Son, you are a minish warrior," The End!

Personality: Geruni is usually kind to people he like. But mean to others. He also is full of knowledge.Geruni is also always determined to beat someone.

Lioness approved me!
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Old 03-10-2005, 04:21 PM
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Re: Character List

Well here's my new character:

Name: Mia Valentine.
Age: 19.
Race: Human.
Sex: Female.
Hair: Brown, in a short choppy style.
Eyes: Wide, brown.
Weight: 120lbs
Height: 5'2

Weapon: A long sleek whip.
Armor: -

Strengths: Mia's strenghts lie mainly in her speed, and presicion with the whip. She is also highly efficient with her legs, choosing to deal fast kicks when at close range.

Weakness: Her main weakness is her lack of physical strength.
Skills/Magic: Mia is strongly linked to th wind spirits, and is able to summon the winds to aid her in battle. Though these powers may not have much potential at causing a foe major damage, they are useful for tacticle uses, i.e. incresing her speed. This ability also allows Mia to move through the air with ease, and although she cannot fly, she is capapble of using the surrounding winds to soar considerable lengths.

Personality: Mia is a friendly nineteen year old. Sometimes a little hasty in her actions, Mia is fuelled by her emotions, and tends to follow her heart, rather than her head. The strong bonds of friedship she forms with people, influence her actions a great deal, often causing her to act irrationally, esspecially during battle.

Appearance: A slim, petite girl, Mia is deceptivly weak looking. Her wide brown eyes and small mouth, along with her shortdark hair, which is layered to follow the contours of her head, give the impression that she is little more than a school girl. Her dress sence carries Mia with poise and elegance, with flowing gowns being her preference. In battle, she hears short dresses, or loose skirts for practicality, and often fights bare-foot. Mia always carries her whip with her, which is just as mesmerising in appearance as she is. The short silver base carries an engraving of the wind diety Sylph, and the long whip itself, is made of strong leather, with a small metal orb at the end.

History: Mia's family is origionally from England, however they have lived in Italy since her Great Grandmother and Grandfather moved there. Mia had a happy childhood, living in a small village on the southcoast of the country with her mother and father. The villiage was a simple farming one, however religion played a big part in the villagers lives, their God being Sylph, the Wind Deity. The whip which she utilises has been part of her life for as long as she can remember. It is the custom of her home villiage for the girls to be taught how to dance using the whips, for the purpose of performing elaborite routines at festivels, however Mia showed an unpresidented skill with the whip. It was at the annual harvest festival that Mia's true talent shon through. As she danced, the whip becoming an extension of her limbs, as she twisted and soared through the air, a strange wind began to blow. The villagers were certain this was a sign from Sylph, that Mia was one of great destiny. Because of this, her father helped her to learn more about the whip, by teaching her how to use it in martial arts, in the hop that when her time of destiny would arrive, she would be more than ready. After two years of intensive training, Mia had learned all she could from her father, yet she yearned to learn more. With all resources in the Villiage suitably exhasted, she decided to leave, in search of those who could help her master her craft to the fullest, as well as help her discover hidden destiny.
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Old 03-12-2005, 12:09 AM
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Re: Character List

Give a large welcome for:

Name: Christov

Age: 24

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: Long, wavy, red hair down to his shoulders

Eyes: Red

Weight: 180 lbs.

Height: 6’ 2”

Weapon: A black katana with a resistance to electricity

Strengths: Close combat

Weakness: Long range attacks

Skills: He can perform any move a Kirby can (except for the swallow move) including the mid-air jump. He can also perform any type of swordsmanship known to man and then some.

Appearance: A tall light skinned male with red hair and eyes. The red eyes came from blood vessels popping in his retinas. His deep eyes give him a dark appearance. He has very muscular legs and arms. He wears a black shirt that is slightly too small for him and his blue jeans are torn at the bottom from years of abuse.

Personality: He is a very curious type but doesn't talk much. He also enjoys fighting and taking large risks with his life.

Biography: Late one Night after a party, a drunken man, a sleeping woman, and a 2 month old baby were flying home in their space craft when suddenly the drunken man smashed into an asteroid destroying their Jet Propelled Rotation System. So, not being able to turn, they plummeted straight into a small star shaped planet called Pop Star. With a few popped blood vessels in his eyes, permanently turning them red, the baby survived, but the man and woman died because they were not wearing seatbelts.
The baby was raised by a small group of Kirbies who taught him everything they knew. Including their fighting style some English and all the other things kids need to know. He learned and mastered the mid-air jump, the fire thrust, and the drill kick. With all these things under his belt, he decided to leave Pop Star and explore the universe. So he jumped aboard a ship going to a small trading post near Varnes (a small planet 30 light years from Earth).
Since this was a very dangerous place Christov (as he had come to be called) practiced his fighting the whole 600 hour trip. While practicing he noticed a rather large man watching him. The man caught his gaze and approached him. The man said, “You fight well”. “Thank you large stranger” replied Christov. The man acknowledged nothing; he only said “If you intend to fight someone you will surly lose if you don’t have a weapon”. Christov wanted to learn about “weapons” but was concerned about the strange mans intentions. Before Christov could say anything else, the man offered to theach him the ways of the katana (a long curved sword made from folded steel). Christov hurriedly accepted his offer. The man said “My name is Mitsurugi, find me when we get to the trading outpost.” Then he turned and walked away, Christov continued to practice his mid-air jump, fire thrusts, and his final cutter moves.
Upon reaching the trading outpost Christov immediately went in search of Mitsurugi. It took 3 days but finally he found his prey, Mitsurugi was fighting in a dojo with his katana. As Christov approached Mitsurugi he was attacked by a random stranger with a battle axe. As the other fighter swings his axe Christov performes a back flip to nimbly dodge the flailing foe. As he landed he saw the other fighter had got his axe stuck in the wooden floor. Taking advantage of this opportunity Christov decides to show off. He takes 2 steps back and with a loud “Pah” he bursts forward is a fiery ball, which blasts the opponent through the back door and into the street, the opposing fighter was immediately hit by a passing supplies vehicle. Mitsurugi sees this bold show and kicks everyone out except for Christov. Mitsurugi approaches Christov and hands him a large box without saying a word. As Christov opens the box he sees a long black 200,000 fold katana with a black blade and matching scabbard.
For the next 6 years Christov practiced every form of swordsmanship known to man, and even made some new techniques. As Christov turned 24, Mitsurugi said that because of his love for fighting and increasing skill that Christov is ready to go to the Battle Arena. As Mitsurugi says these things Christov realizes that he really has no reason to fight and that because of his love of fighting, death is just a small consequence. So he decides to accept Mitsurugi's intellectual advice. The more he thought, the more he became scared that he might have to kill someone, which he didn't want to do, so he decided not to kill anyone unless they are genuinely evil.
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Re: Character List

Mines here,



Race:Sacred Boy


Hair:Spiked red hair which is designed to make him look evil


Weight:1.7 stone

Height:1.4 meters

Face:A devious face that looks scary which will scare most opponets off.This will be good in battle.

Weapon:A sharp blade with a strong attack,The blade is good against anything that is really weak or thin.

Armour:Gold and strong.This supports him well.

Strengths:Good against heavy enemys.Also smashs enemys who use weak attacks on him.He gets stronger everytime hid fury rises making him strong

Weakness:Weak against powerful attacks.Spells will have him crushed if they are water spells.Also if his weaponary is destoryed he is destoryed to.


* Agility/Speeds the attacks up
* Glow/Weakens both characters

Appearence:Flamzer has a rather strange appearence in some way.He can be seen as a large ash.At other times in the arena he will show his dark red clothes.He appears to be a mystery upon some people.Also his appearance can change depending on his fury.His colours when he appears are red blue white or green noone knows why...

Personality:A smart boy who loves fire his dream is o become the best boy ever.His other goals are to win almost every fight or even every fight.His quest may be succeeded but he doesn't think judging hid powers he will acheive that target.He has scars from his early childhood which are very bad looking.

Biography:Flamzer Grew up in a small town and began to study the arts of magic and spells,hid parents are still living with him but don't like the way he is.Hid childhood was dangerous as he learned dangerous things throughout his age.He beleives one day he'll find a god and be teached by that certain god.He has a beleif in gods and certain religons of all around the world and thinks they once lived on earth.
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Old 03-13-2005, 06:43 PM
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Re: Character List

Ok here's my character

Name: Dashinto Morlai

Age: 14

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 125 lbs

Height: 5' 7''

Weapon: Long sword and shield infused with ice

Armor: Protective breastplate

Strengths: He can survive ice and poison and can fight in close areas and is fast

Weaknesses: Gets taken down by fire and anything that causes extreme heat

Skills/Magic: Can freeze floors to make things slippery for a short time

Appearance: Dashinto has a midnight blue tunic with sky blue, worn out holey jeans. He wears sturdy leather boots that are worn out and has long hair. His skin is fairly light colored.

Personality: He is a hardheaded boy with a dry sense of humor. He is a fairly kind person but has a hot temper. He treats other people fairly well but is destined to be a lone wolf.

Bio: Dashinto was born in a small but tolerable village in an unknown land. He doesn't know who his parents are, as they went missing when he was still a baby. He was then adopted by a retired military general who taught him to fight. When he turned 10 he realized his power over ice when while training he frozen his stepfather in ice. He was shunned from his village after that and has been traveling ever since. He has considered death and has sworn to solve the mysteries of his family that have plagued him for 14 years.
Buu made this =D
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Old 03-14-2005, 02:17 PM
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Re: Character List

Name: Kouroku
Race: Hylian
Sex: Male
Hair: Brown
Height: 6'1



Dagger 1

Dagger 2

Blades of Distruction: He summons up 8 more blades to aid him. Once they have been sumoned, they all turn invisible to any eye and stalk the opponent. He can make the swords attack at any time, without the opponent knowing till the sword is either right infront of their face or had already stabbed them. After all 8 blades have been used, the ground around the opponet explodes, sending big junks of the ground at them and fireballs, to deal large amount of damage.

Chaos:He stabs his sword into the ground and sends 10 large streaks of energy towards the opponent, as they near the opponet, the 10 combined together, making it almost impossible to dodge. If this hits the opponent, it brings them to near death.

Hell Blade:Kouroku uses only one of his blades for this move, When he strikes the opponet, it poisons and paralyzes them. He then throws the blade into the air and it starts to have a mind of its own. The blade starts to slash at the opponet, making 20 critical cuts on them. Durring this, the blade goes in and out of shadow, as it slashes at the opponent, making it hard to follow it.

Magic:Kouroku had mastered Dark magic, and non-elemental such as Flare. He can also creat a barrier to protect himself for a short time. He can teleport to different areas, this also enables him to take his opponents down with ease. He can also heal, only 50% of his wounds though. But he can only heal 3 times.

Strengths: Kouroku's agility, accuracy and strength are amazing, and barely ever matched.

Weakness.His weakness is mostly his deffence. when he teleports he loses a lot of his energy, allowing his opponent to take him down if he's not careful. Even though he can cast dark and light magic, he is still weak against it, and will lose a bit of energy when he cast them.

Personality:Kouroku is very kind, but can get agitated easily. He lhates it when people have to realy on him all the time, when they can do it themselfs. He hates cowards and people that bother him, he'd rather be alone then with other people.


Background:Kouroku was born in a small village. throughout his youth years he trained to become a very skilled swordsman. When he was 25, he left home to fight in a war, but when he arrived everyone was already slayed, allies and enimies. Seeming a bit confused, he journeyed back to his home, just to find it slayed aswell. He was again confused since their enimies had been slayed in the war, and there'd be no reason for this. He stayed in his village for another year, waiting to see if the slayer returned, but didn't. So he is now wandering to find cause of all this pointless distruction, and seek refenge for his parents death.

Belongings The clothes on his back, his weapons and a chain around his neck from war.
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Re: Character List

Approved by Lioness
Name - Soren
Age - 28
Race - Dark Elf
Sex - Male
Hair - Silver/White
Eyes - Silver
Weight - 183 lbs
Height - 6'0"

Weapons - Twin Katanas, one with a purple hilt another with a red hilt. A few shuriken hidden throughout his clothing and two daggers.

Strengths - Skilled in stealth, fast, intelligent, skilled in hand to hand combat and sword fighting.
Weakness - Fire Magic, Water Magic, and is not a very good swimmer.
Skills/Magic - At certain times during his fights during high experiences of emotion such as when enraged, an alter ego kicks in. His stamina, speed, and strength increase and his Aura shows like dark flames. A black Chinese Dragon appears on his back wrapping around his torso. The Dragon can be summoned and commanded to fight.

Personality - Soren doesn’t trust anybody easily, he likes to make smart-alecky comments sometimes and is usually a serious person. He gets cocky easily. When his alter ego takes over Soren becomes even cockier then usual. His alter ego loves a good fight and he will show it, but dont underestimate his cockiness for loftiness, Soren is a trained and skilled Assassin.
Appearance - Attachment - please disregard the weapons in his pic, he doesnt have those.

History – Soren was born in the little village of Iect. He was raised like any other boy, until Raiders attacked his village when he was five. Soren was the lone survivor of the attack, since that day he has vowed to avenge his parents. He trained at his grandfathers home, when he was fifteen Soren left to find his parents murderers. By then the government had killed many and only few were left living. Soren hunted down each and every last one of them till he was seventeen when he had killed the last one. A recruiter for an underground guild known as the Assassins Guild saw this act and had invited Soren to train as an Assassin. Soren then joined the guild and became an Assassin. Soren became the best, surpassing the other students in both skill and intelligence. Only one other equaled Soren, Aeia. They grew to know each other very well, getting to the point where all they had to do was look into each others eyes to communicate. Their master sent them on one last mission together which is yet to unfold….
Attached Images
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Re: Character List

F yeah! He's finally been approved to kick butt! check him out! Ho, Yea!
Name: Inataro

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Hair: White and goes from left to right then up

Eyes: Gray

Weight: 134lbs

Height: 6ft 3in

Weapon: A sword that can extend and can break through any armor

Armor: Just normal clothes

Strengths: Attack strength increases as he takes damage and he can "tank", or take lots of damage for others. Projectiles are weak on him. Can wield any physical attack item. Has incredible attack strength. Very fast.

Weaknesses: Can't use projectiles. Can't guard. Often breaks weapons (except his own). Instantly dies whenever someone stabs him twice in quick succession and draws blood both times

Skills: Can create a copy of his sword and dual-wield. Can fly, but uses strength Can revive dead comrades. He is linked to all elements so he can use them all to his advantage, but he quickly tires after using different elements a lot. Spells are: Obliterate: Damages all enemies by on screen but takes away 20% health. Ineffective against bosses. Heal: Do I have to tell you? Wrath of the Hero: Greatly increase attack but greatly decrease defense. Sacrifice: Die to fully restore all friends ( health, power, etc.)

Appearance: Has an x shaped scar on his chest and on right cheek. Has a sword necklace and a jacket that's NEVER Zipped up. Wears white jeans. Yes, white. The jacket is also white. He wears big boots and gloves. Everything he wears is white. He always looks serious.

Bio: He was born in Shinokasa. He has no parents, because he was taken in by a powerful mage. He has one friend who is basically an alter-ego (sort of like Yami and Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh!), His childhood was brutal, as everyone he ever knew in his home town was murdered ruthlessly. He has no pets. He belives that everything was given to him as a gift from Tomuhaga, the god of Shinokasa. He would die to protect anything he belives about Tomuhaga. He is travelling to an evil power to stop it from becoming the ruler of all. He can kill others, but never would. He is never easygoing, as he is constantly troubled. He likes justice and his girlfriend more than anything. He hates evil and all who stand in his way or are against Tomuhaga. He's especially fond of his necklace, which his girlfriend gave him. It is a symbol of their love. He treats others as if they were all Tomuhaga: Life is NEVER expendable. His dream is to become the Sashakintu: The ultimate protector of the universe. He always thinks of death as if it were now.

Okay, it's good now
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Re: Character List

Huh? Sorry to anyone who got confused before, but it doubled somehow.
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Re: Character List

I had this approved a loooong time ago... by Mirren.

Name- Sierra
age- 670
race- Dark Elf
gender- Female
height- 5'5
weight- 130
eyes- Black
hair- Black

occupation- Sword fighting Mercenary

strengths- Speed, sword fighting skill, flexibility (able to change her plan of action quickly if some thing goes wrong, not necessarily physical flexibility...)
weaknesses- Light magic, elemental magic, someone using brute force against her.

weapons- Two short swords
armor- A mithril shirt

appearance- Although she is 670 years old, that is just a young adult in elven years. She has very pale skin, black eyes, and black midlength hair (that she either parts to the side and wears down, or ties back behind her neck). She wears a dark blue tunic and grey pants, tied at the waist by a black belt. She wears her two swords strapped onto her back. When not fighting, she wears a long black cloak with a hood.

personality- She doesnt talk much, and keeps her thoughts to herself. It may be a bit hard to get to know her, but when she trusts you, she will never abandon you. She hates those who betray others. She also doesn’t usually get along with (normal, or light)Elves, b/c her race is often at war with them.

Past- She was born during the series of wars between the Dark Elves and the Light Elves, thus raised as a swordsman. She fought with the Dark Elf army, but after the wars were over she was no longer needed. She left home to earn her living as a mercenary/assassin. Before she left, her father gave her the two swords that she carries. They are family heirlooms, passed down from swordsman to swordsman. She is the first woman in her family to inherit them (she had no brothers… only a younger sister). She still wanders the world, using her sword to get by.


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Re: Character List

Just had this approved today:
Name: Shron
Age: early 20's
Race: Hylian
Sex: Male
Hair: Long, dark brown, in a similar style as OoT Link
Eyes: Green
Weight: 172 pounds
Height: 6 feet
Weapon: A long curved blade that was a gift from the gorons. It was originally meant for Shron's father, whom was unfortunately murdered. The blade has 4 rubys in the hilt, and his very sharp.
Armor: His clothing provides him with more protection than Link's tunic, but less than Hylian armor.
Strengths: He is very quick and has a keen eye. He will fight to the death to protect his friends and family and other loved ones. Even without a weopon, he's still a pretty lethal fighter
Weakness: Not incredibly strong, and can be knocked back easily. His anger(usually against someone for revenge) is a weakness, since it makes him not plan his atack and instead go out in blind fury.
Skills/Magic: He is a pretty good archer(and his keen eye helps). He possesses some Sheikiah magic, though he has no knowledge of it, since it's in his blood.
Personality: He does not trust most people and depends mostly on himself, though he is a reliable ally. He is very mysterious, and few know of his past.
History: (This is a part of Ganon13's FanFic which I'm writing part of) From the day of his birth, Shron lived in Kakariko village. Back when he was young, gerudo thieves destroyed his village. Before Shron was captured, his father gave him a short blade. He told him to protect his sister, and then he was killed in front of his eyes. After many months, his little sister, Klinia, brought him his sword that he had thought had been lost. Shron decided it was time to bust out. The other prisoners and him rebelled against the gerudos and escaped to the Desert Colossus. Unfortunately, they wandered around for months and many died. They finally escaped to Hyrule Field.
It felt so good to drink water again and feel the grass beneath their feet. But when Shron looked around for Klinia, she was nowhere to be found. After he spent some time searching Hyrule, he eventually gave up and bought a house near Lake Hylia. 5 years later, he started having dreams of Klinia being devoured by darkness. She was screaming to him for help, though he couldn’t save her. They troubled him, so he decided to visit a nearby fortune-teller, asking him of his sister. He said to Shron, “Ah, you have come in search of one close and dear to you. I have the answers you seek. There are two travelers returning from Termina who may lead you to Klinia. They are on a quest to defeat the dark shape-shifter Haksa. In three days, they will dock at Kakariko Bay. You must meet them then, or they may face death.” Shron did not believe at first, but eventually he decided to meet them at the docks. Now, he’s traveling with Ciarra and Matiyan, hoping they will lead him to his sister.

Originally Posted by Silver View Post
I read "therapist" as "goat".
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Re: Character List

My Character Piuma has been approved by Sailor Zora. I hope you enjoy reading up on her as much as I ennjoyed writing her up! n_n

Name: Piuma

Age: 10 years old

Race: Rito

Sex: Female

Hair: Pale Brown

Eyes: Deep Blue

Weight: 64 pounds

Height: 4'5 (4 feet 5 inches)

Weapon: Piuma uses her grappling hook to rob opponents of items, as well as use it as a tiny mace, and reach high areas.

Armor: Silky Robes

Strengths: Piuma is short and light, allowing for quick movement. Her wings allow her to dash quickly around opponents, and her resilient personality will keep her standing in battle until she falls unconcious.

Weakness: Being young and small, her attacks tend to be weaker. And despite her strong will to not give up, her light frame is easy to knock away. Also, being a young rito, she has difficulty flying. She cannot swim either.

Skills/Magic: Although she cannot fly more than a few feet, her wings allow her to dash quickly, and can also be used in the same fashion as the Deku Leaf (blowing targets away with a gust of wind). However, she posseses no magic skills.

Appearance: A short Rito girl with deep blue eyes, long pale brown hair ending in a ponytail, and a tiny beak for a nose. She wears two gold rings around each wrist. She also wears yellow sandals, a dark blue robe with yellow trimming, and the robe has a purple peice of fabric with a picture of the triforce on it. She also has a white scarf with an orange jewel on it. She carries a grappling hook in the folds of her robes, and like most young Rito, her wings are not constantly visible, but only appear when needed. Here 's a photo to help you see.

Personality: Piuma is mostly a very quiet and shy girl, and is not talkative around strangers, or even sometimes peope she knows. This shyness can be a problem, because she tends to think up ways out of sticky situations, but is afraid of the reactions she'll recieve when she voices her opinions. She also has a strong sense of what is right, and, despite her shyness, will speak up to the bad guys in order to protect a friend. Her curious personality tends to get Piuma in trouble when she goes searching for something that sparks her interest. She tends to be a good judge of one's personality, and usually places her trust in the right people. Piuma has a great fear of ReDeads and drowning. She also dislikes medecine, as it tastes yucky. Like most kids, she's always asking questions, but she's also quite intelligent for her age. She tends to lose confidence in herself often, but there is courage that rests inside of her. While other people can sometimes see it, she remains skeptical.

Biography: Piuma was born on Dragon Roost Island. When she was young, she was orphaned when her parents disappeared on a nightime postal delivery. Having no buisness on Dragon Roost, Piuma only stayed on the island long enough to reach Valoo and get her scale, earning her wings. She immediatly departed the island to feed her curiousity of how the world worked. Being so young, not much has happened yet in her life, aside from the decision to explore the land and see how things worked.
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Re: Character List

My new Elemental

Name: Shadow
Age: 20
Race: Elemental
Sex: Male
Hair: short, straight, and black
Eyes: Black
Weight: 145 lb
Height: 6'

Weapon: A Katana

Strengths: Can blend in with shadows. A master of stealth and Ninjitsu. Can create dark energy.

Weakness: Light magic. Any bright light, but sunlight doesn't hurt him

Element Boost(skill)-When surrounded by darkness his power increases.
Dark Matter(attack)-an energy ball made of pure darkness.

Personality: Really quiet. Doesn't like to be disturbed when he is concentrating. Doesn't like to be told what to do. He follows what he believes not what he is told.

Appearance: Wears a black ninja suit. Has the chinese symbol for shadow on his right arm.

History: Was born on the planet Force. His kind could control the elements. But his planet was destroyed by an unknown force. Only 8 of his kind survived. 5 landed on Earth but the other 3 were lost. His 4 friends who landed on Earth with him are Blaze, Lily, Frost, and Lumis. Blaze's element is Fire, Lily's element is Earth, Frost's element is Ice, and Lumis' element is Light. Together they trained and got stronger. They eventually left earth to search for their 3 lost Elementals and defeat the unknown force that destroyed their planet.

When Shadow was 5 his parents told him and his brother, Lumis, to take all the Elemental children and head to the escape pods. Shadow refused and wanted to stay back and face whatever was coming to their planet. Lumis quickly told Shadow that he could stay here and die or he could leave, get stronger and find the thing that was going to destroy our planet. Shadow agreed.

Shadow gathered up every Elemental child he could find and put them in the pods. While in the escape pods, Shadow looked back and saw a meteor hit planet Force and destroying it. But he looked over and saw something in the distance. It looked like something threw that meteor to their planet.

Shadow was the only Elemental that wanted nothing more than to destroy that thing. He didn't know how to find it, but he knew he had to kill it. While Lumis wanted nothing more that to find the 3 remaining Elemtals he lost during the navigation.

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Re: Character List

Here's mine.

Name: Dedgoroth

Age: 18

Race: Human

Gender: male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 164 Pounds

Height: 5 foot 9 inches

Weapon: Wields 2 Steel Long swords, Fire magic burns deeply within these blades. He can slash and it will leave a burning wound. Or he can blast fire pillars or balls from the tips of them. And he can do many more.

Armour: silver colored Iron chain mail under his black leather shirt. silver Iron Leg armour on top of his black leather pants. brown, leather, gloves that you stick you fingers out of. A Jet black leather cape with hood.

Strengths: Speed and Agility. Good at hand 2 hand combat.

Weaknesses: Accuracy, Weak against brute strength

Skills: Can give bursts of energy and fire through his swords when attacking. and is abnormally fast.

Appearance: Skinny but muscular, Pale, Small chin, Spiked black hair, high jowls, a scar down his right eye.

Back-story: Born in a small settlement up on death mountain. Trained to kill by his father. He grew up in an abbusive, strict family. His brother, Nobydod, was the only one ever nice to him. He had 1 sister and 2 other brothers. His parents where conducting strange experiments with potions on there children. Dedgoroth received super speed and agility, Nobydod received great knowledge and wisdom about battle situations, and his sister, Jade, received the power of invisibilty, and his 2 other brothers received the power of strength. His 2 swords where crafted by his Mom who was a creator of dark blades and weapons. Dedgoroth Fought against a large group of Stalfos and killed many but was hit off the side of death mountain and lost all memory of his past and gave himself the name Dedgoroth. He is a very evil, mean teen who's out to learn about his past.

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Re: Character List

My other Elemental that Sailor Zora the same time

Name: Lumis
Age: 20
Race: Elemental
Sex: Male
Hair: Short, straight, and white
Eyes: Black
Weight: 140 lb
Height: 6'

Weapon: Bo Staff

Strengths: Intelligent and extremly strong. Can create and fire light-based attacks.

Weakness: Dark magic.

Element Boost(skill)-When surrounded by pure light, not sunlight, his power increases.
Bright Shine(attack)-A large beam of light energy.
Healing Light(skill)-Can heal himself and others.
Downpour of Rain(attack)-Summons light energy from the sky

Personality: Quiet and conservative. Helpful and gentle. Will always help others and always tries to find the peaceful way out.

Appearance: White shirt and White pants. Has the chinese symbol of light on his right arm.

History: Was born on the planet Force. His kind could control the elements. But his planet was destroyed by an unknown force. Only 8 of his kind survived. 5 landed on Earth but the other 3 were lost. His 4 friends who landed on Earth with him are Blaze, Lily, Frost, and Shadow. Blaze's element is Fire, Lily's element is Earth, Frost's element is Ice, and Shadow's element is Dark. Together they trained and got stronger. They eventually left earth to search for their 3 lost Elementals and defeat the unknown force that destroyed their planet.

Lumis was 5 years old when his planet was about to be destroyed. He and his brother, Shadow, had to take the last remaining escape pods and had to go to a new planet. During the navigation, Lumis accidentally misguided 3 of the pods to a different planet.

When they landed on Earth, he and his brother had to take care of everyone since they were the oldest. They soon gained everyone's respect and became like a family. Ever since he misguided the 3 pods to a different planet, he hasn't been thinking of anything else but finding those 3 Elementals. His brother, on the other hand, wanted nothing but to destroy the thing that destroyed their planet.

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Re: Character List

Okay listen up who ever is looken at this. I, Drago, am NOT the owner of this character. My freind, who you will call Timmy, is the owner of this character but sense his computer broke he's using my file. So send PMs to me if you wish to speak with him. I also will take reponsibility for teaching him the ways of the forums. *Bows* So here he is... TYRION!

Name: Tyrion Selcis
Age: 27
Race: High elf
Sex: Male
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Hazel
Weight: 150
Height: 6’ 2”

Weapon: Sunfang: a sword that has the Old Ones Blessing and has a radiant yellow glow. Can shoot magic and will never be stopped by any kind of armor; A clean cut is easy made by this powerful blade; The blade is thin and can fit through tiny cracks in skin. The sword is silver like some blades and has black Elven symbols on it.

Armor: Dragon Armor of Aenerion: This armor was made from the scales of the Father of Dragons, Indraugar, made in Vaul’s forge. It was first made for the very first of the Phoenix Kings, Aenerion. It is the strongest armor the Elves ever made although a powerful weapon could pierce it. It was also blessed by the Elven priest, Alarielle, which protects Tyrion from weak magic. The dragon armor is a beutiful red color with gold trim.

Strengths: Can easily parry careless attacks made by foes. Can slice foes down in great numbers, tiring slowly. Those who use darkness for magic Tyrion can quickly defeat. Although extremely good against dark magic he excels at all elements.

Weakness: Brute force is not one of the things Tyrion has quite learned to deflect. Tyrion can be hurt terribly if a powerful attack lands on him.

Skills/Magic: Tyrion prefers to use magic of Lighting. When at long range he will summon a large storm called the Storm of Cronos. The storm launches a large amount of lighting bolts down towards the foe although a weak spell. When Tyrion is fight in close combat he using a spell called, Lighting Blade, which sends a surge of electricity through his sword. The sword stays like this till Tyrion calls off the spell or some wizard cancels it. When Tyrion is extremely wounded and needs help he’ll use his strongest spell, Fury of Khaine. Fury of Khaine is a spell that calls upon the might of the dread god Khaine. Tyrion launches a searing bolt of white energy at his enemies. When this spell hits or wounds it keeps going until the target can throw it off or until the target’s body burst into white flames, in which it melts away.

Personality: Tyrion is a very open-minded person. Although sometimes since he’s an elf he lets his pride stand in the way of a smart decision but that’s very rare. He isn’t that talkative unless the matter is dire or he’s talking to another elf. Tyrion is a good soul and despises traitors, murderers, and any other corrupted soul. He will always help someone in need rather it is a single person or a whole country.

Apperence: Blonde hair, tall, high cheek bones, soft put piercing eyes, thined out face, buff but skinny, great but perfect posture, and his hair is long and smooth, skin is a peach/white color.

History: Born with a curse, more effective in his twin Teclis, Tyrion was built up of the physical components of the dark lord, the witch king. He always excelled in physical endurance condition and strength. Tyrion came from a royal family but soon disliked the style of royalty. He ran away to the Southlands with his favorite weapon and armor. Where he met up with the lizardmen, the masters of magic. He was brought up with them and taught about the earth, not its physical attributes, but the spirits and natural way of magic. At the age of 22 he returned home, grown into manhood, and was rejected by the elves. He snuck himself back into Ulthuan and presented himself to the Everqueen. She always thought he was pure of heart and made him the protector of her. In times of war, because Tyrion had been a loner for several years took the Everqueen to a hidden sanctuary in the center of Ulthuan. At the age of 25 against, the Dark Elves, he leads the Elven army into battle. He is always gaining power as long as the lizardmen still have control over the magic of the world. Now driven out by the elves with no heart and no forgiveness he lives his life in secrecy sharpening his skills with various challengers.

History: Born with a curse, more effective in his twin Teclis, Tyrion was built up of the physical components of the dark lord, the witch king. He always excelled in physical endurance condition and strength. Tyrion came from a royal family but soon disliked the style of royalty. He ran away to the Southlands with his favorite weapon and armor. Where he met up with the lizardmen, the masters of magic. He was brought up with them and taught about the earth, not its physical attributes, but the spirits and natural way of magic. At the age of 22 he returned home, grown into manhood, and was rejected by the elves. He snuck himself back into Ulthuan and presented himself to the Everqueen. She always thought he was pure of heart and made him the protector of her. In times of war, because Tyrion had been a loner for several years took the Everqueen to a hidden sanctuary in the center of Ulthuan. At the age of 25 against, the Dark Elves, he leads the Elven army into battle. He is always gaining power as long as the lizardmen still have control over the magic of the world. Now driven out by the elves with no heart and no forgiveness he lives his life in secrecy sharpening his skills with various challengers.

Approved by Mirren!

Thank god for Safer and this awesome sig he made for me!! Fitting, don't you think?

Dythren Addara
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Re: Character List

Name Osiris

Age 26
Race Angel/Human
Sex Male
Hair Gold
Eyes Gold
Weight 85 kg
Height 1.95


Luminattis Longsword 1m, Lumen steel blade (highly resistive to damage), Decorated golden hilt with affixed crystal (stores sunlight)

Laborvicta Round shield, Diameter 80cm, Lumen steel, Decorated with gold designs (angels)


Defencastus Sacred armour (chest plate), Lumen steel, Decorated with gold designs (angels)

Helmet (winged)
Shin guards

Strengths Being an angel, he has the ability to take to the skies using his wings. Though of considerable strenght, he has a light build which offeres him great agility. He also has several magic attacks attacks at his disposal, his innate element being light. Additionally, he can self-luminence at will.

Weaknesses Osiris tends to depend on light sources to rejuvinate his energy, so prolonged exposure to heavy darkness can weaken him. Light is necessary for him to recover in case of injury, and magical attacks consume his energy level, although his sword can store some light for future usage.


Excellent swordsmanship
Aerial combat

Enlightenment Osiris' most basic ability, he uses his magic to generate light that can be used to assist viewing, and in more powerful versions even to detter enemies. The intensity of the light depends on the energy usage, which can change the ability from defensive to offensive.

Enduring Faith Infrequently used, this attack makes use of Osiris' energy to create a defensive dome of light from his shield. The light has trouble deflecting tangible attacks, but instead mainly focuses on stopping magical attacks. The stronger the attack, the more energy needs to be given to the shield in order to deflect it. For this reason it can quickly consume lots of energy, which is why Osiris avoids using it, preferring to evade attacks.

Salvation Pyre In his second most widely used ability, Osiris uses his magic to create and charge up golden orbs of light, which are subsequently launched at enemies. They have concussion effects and offer a wide splash area. The larger the size of the orb, the greater the strength of the attack. The energy used depends on the time taken to charge it. On average, the energy used to create it depends on the size of the orb.

Divine Edge This attack sees Osiris channelling his energy into his sword, producing a store of energy in the affixed jewel. The energy is then discharged in the form of a beam emitted from the blade. The strenght of the attack depends on the amount of energy channelled in the jewl. Although the area of effect of the attack is smaller, the attack is much stronger than the previous.

Judgement Day The most powerful attack available to Osiris. It can only be achieved when he finds himself in a very dire situation, where his last chance of victory is this attack. The angel musters all of his energy and dilutes portion of his strength and spirit into pure energy, until his body is brimming with stored energy. This takes much concentration and a long charging time. The attack takes the form of an immense, directed explosion of golden light, rattling the surroundings with a devastating concussion, and emitting alarming radiation levels. Usually, enemies are reduced to a cinder.

Personality Osiris is imbued with a high sense of pride. He sees most other races as inferior, though he might be better natured towards a person he deems worthy (such as a skilled warrior or someone with similar beliefs), but he completely loaths humans because he considers them greedy, corrupt and dishonourable creatures (see biography). He is greatly introverted, happy to be his own company, usually lost in his own thoughts. A deep part of him still retains the kind and loving person he once was, though he does not allow it to show and seldom feels as such after his fall. However, he is by nature not violent, and will avoid combat if necessary. Despite his seemingly indifferent attitude, he greately despises acts of evil, and will defend the innocent and those in need. Most of his aggresion is directed towards beings of evil and hellspawn, and although any evildoer is a target, demonic beings fuel him with rage in confrontation. Humans he may ignore, but a demon he will never leave unchallenged, even if he has done no evil in his presence.

Appearance Osiris is tall and well-built though he maintains a slim figure, he moves gracefully and almost silently. He wears a Greek/Roman battle suit, consisting of a breast plate with shoulder plates, gauntlets, shin guards, helmet and fringy leather below the breast plate. All metal is lumen and gold. Being an angel, he has two long and strong wings on his back for flight. He has neck long blond hair which hangs below his helmet, which he usually wears only during battle. His feet lie in sturdy leather boots. His sword is affixed to his side, his shield strapped to his back below his wings.

Biography Osiris was born out of the love between a male angel and a human female. His father was later lost in combat with evil forces, and his mother kept his identity a secret. On his fifteenth birthday, his wings started growing so she told him the truth and he set off to find his kin. Due to his coming of age, he was sensed by the angles. After several travels he was found by Anarchon who became his friend and mentor who took him to the kingdom of heaven. He began training as an angel and started gaining rank and proving himself. But he was allowed to return to earth every now and then to visit. In this way, by his twentieth birthday, a love grew between him and a human girl called Ellanda. Their love grew greatly until they were inseparable and Osiris tried to visit as often as he could. This continued for some years while he continued to gain rank and status. One day he returned home only to find his home ransacked and Ellanda killed by a gang of men present. He was gripped by great grief which turned into unstoppable anger. He killed the men present and destroyed their corpses, and went past several villages killing everyone in sight with blasts of fire, even his own mother. When his anger had subsided, he understood what he had done and felt great remorse. He tried to return to heaven but he was now exiled for killing innocent people. Ever since, he has been wandering through worlds, in search of something meaningful to spend his many eons of life doing.

Theme Song Powerslave - by Iron Maiden

Into the abyss I’ll fall - the eye of Horus
Into the eyes of the night - watching me go
Green is the cat’s eye that glows - in this temple
Enter the risen Osiris - risen again.

Tell me why I had to be a powerslave
I don’t wanna die, I’m a god, why can’t I live on?
When the life giver dies, all around is laid to waste.
And in my last hour,
I’m a slave to the power of death.

When I was living this lie - fear was my game
People would worship and fall - drop to their knees
So bring me the blood and red wine for the one to succeed me
For he is a man and a god - and he will die too.

Tell me why I had to be a powerslave
I don’t wanna die, I’m a god, why can’t I live on?
When the life giver dies, all around is laid to waste.
And in my last hour,
I’m a slave to the power of death.

Now I am cold but a ghost lives in my veins,
Silent the terror that reigned - marbled in stone
Shell of a man God preserved - a thousand ages
But open the gates of my hell - I will strike from the grave.

Tell me why I had to be a powerslave
I don’t wanna die, I’m a god, why can’t I live on?
When the life giver dies, all around is laid to waste.
And in my last hour,
I’m a slave to the power of death.

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Tamriff, approved by Ry-San

Here we go, second char. Notice the extreme personality difference from my first one.

Name: Tamriff (Last name unknown)

Age: 25

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: Dirty Blonde

Eyes: Bottle Green

Weight: 140 pounds

Height: 6'

Weapon: Long sword(the Renaku), little daggers on his belt, flute

Strengths: Earth Magic, agility, speed, music, close-ranged combat(i.e. punches, kicks, etc.), logic

Weaknesses: Fire magic, long-ranged combat


Prediction: Tamriff can ask the Earth Magic to open the veils of the future and let him gaze through them, but only for a very short time, and not during battle.

Healing: If Tamriff covers an injured part of his body in mud, the mud will completely heal any wound.

Earthquake: If Tamriff sticks the Renaku into the ground and yells, "Earthquake!" the ground will rumble, and a fissure in the earth will form along the line of the sword.

Sonic blast: Tamriff can blow sound out of his flute at such a high frequency that the opponent's eardrums almost shatter. The opponent is rendered temporarily deaf, and has an annoying ringing in his ears for three to four hours.

Personality: When in the company of others, Tamriff is an exuberant, jovial, funny man. He is very polite, and tends to use his wits more than his sword to get out of a sticky situation. Though he has a strong sense of what's right, he will hesitate a bit to intervene when he sees a villainy, but if it goes over the top he'll be there in a flash.He's a very musical person, and loves people who enjoy his songs.

Appearance: A slim, tall man, Tamriff is not often perceived as a warrior. His good-natured smile, along with his kind green eyes and dirty blond hair tied in a ponytail, differentiates him from the usually gruff, dark, or fierce look of the other fighters he meets. He always wears simple, flowing clothes, and always has the guitar his mother gave him on his back, in a durable rainproof case. On his belt is attached the Renaku's sheath, along with several small dagger use for multiple purposes and a small piccolo-like flute he carved out of an oak tree. He fights barefoot, but in other circumstances wears leather sandals.

History: Tamriff was born in the kingdom of Canadar, where his parents had settled after discovering the little paradise. Urban, an artist, decided to settle down there when Lobelia, an Earth-witch, became pregnant. Unfortunately, what the couple did not know is that they had settled on the lands of the lord Edonf… The ruler was just as evil as he was stupid, and went down with soldiers to burn their house and crucify them. Urban pleaded for mercy, and told the ruler that he would work for him for free until the debt was repaid if he let the house stand and the couple live. Edonf agreed, and forced him to work all day, every day, in the fields, without water or food. Urban went to work every morning with tears in his eyes, and returned every night his back bloody and aching. Every night, young Tamriff dreamed he would set his parents free and they would live happily ever after.

Though her family was poor, Lobelia was determined that Tamriff should live a relatively happy childhood. She taught her son the arts of music, singing, dance, hunting and even swordplay, for the witch had had her share of battles in her day. She also taught him to listen to the Earth, and use its power.

On his fourteenth birthday, coming back from a hunt where he had found a wild turkey, Tamriff saw agitation near his home. He clearly recognized the pompous voice of Lord Edonf, and that of his mother, pleading for mercy.

Sneaking closer, Tamriff heard Edonf accuse his parents of stealing the donkey they had in the barn from him last night, and of killing his prey on the mountainside. His parents vehemently denied both accusations. Tamriff knew Edonf was lying about the second, but was actually right about the first. Tamriff had sneaked in to the palace of the ruler, and taken the ass with him, so that it would not have to endure any suffering from Edonf's part. He had told his parents the animal had followed him back home from one of his walks in the nearby woods.

Tamriff knew that, if he didn't do something quickly, his parents would be killed. He carefully went into his house without being seen, and noticed a cauldron of water his mother had set to boil on the fireplace. He carefully took the handle and his father's hiking stick, and slipped out the back door. Then he walked over near where Edonf was still insulting his parents, set the cauldron down, and began hitting it, while chanting: "Boil, soup! Boil!"

This alerted Edonf's attention, who turned towards Tamriff and said: "What are you doing, young idiot?"

"I'm making the water boil with this magic stick, my lord," replied Tamriff. "When the water has a high enough temperature, we put rocks in it. The water dissolves them, and we can then make a delicious velouté aux pierres. It's all we eat." Tamriff's parents, knowing their son's intelligence, remained silent when Edonf looked inquiringly at them.

The monarch, wanting to test the water, plunged his hand into the scalding liquid. He immediately pulled out his now-red hand and screamed, "WATER! Get me cold water!"

One of the nearby guards took one look at the cauldron and, thinking it would do good, dipped Edonf's hand once more. The ruler broke free, took his hand out, and punched the guard. He wrapped his hand in the long folds of silk that made up his robe, then said to Tamriff, "Boy, I'll spare your life and your parent's life if you give me that stick."

Tamriff fell to his knees and pleaded, "Please, my lord, do not take it! Burn our house, our crops, our clothes, but take not the stick! It is the only way we can survive!"

Edonf looked thoughtful for a moment, deep lines of thought creasing his pudgy brow. Finally, he took out his purse and gave it to Tamriff, then took the stick. "There you go, " he said. "There are fifty gold coins in that purse. Consider it good payment for that magic stick."

What an idiot, thought Tamriff. "Fine, take it," he muttered under his breath. "You won't even be able to use it, without the cauldron…"

"Fool," said Edonf. "You thought I didn't hear that? You just gave me a hint. Guards! Take the cauldron carefully! We will walk back to the palace!" The three left their horses there and set off with the cauldron and the stick.

When the three were out of hearing range, Tamriff went to his parents and said, "Quickly, we must leave. Though he's an idiot, he'll find out the trick soon."

"You have no idea how proud of you I am, my son," said Urban. "But we cannot leave together."

"Why?" Protested Tamriff. "We can just set off beyond the mountains and make sure he can't find us… I'm sure we can—"

"My son, we are growing old," Lobelia said. "We are no longer adventurers. You must go on your own."

Tamriff looked at the ground as he realised it was the only way.

"We will go to one of the Earthwitch refuges. They will take us in. And you, my son, must go off alone. We would only slow you down," continued his father. "But before we part, we have some gifts for you." He motioned to his son to come into the house. There, he ripped out two planks from the floorboard and took out a gleaming longsword. It was completely black, from the tip of the blade to the end of the hilt. With it was a scabbard of the same color as the weapon.

"This is the Renaku, my old longsword," said Tamriff's mother. "You will need it, as the roads you will take are not exempt of danger. You have proven yourself a great fighter. Use it well."

Urban then went into his room and came out with a waterproof guitar case a few moments later. In it was his guitar. "Take it," he said to Tamriff. "I have no use of it."

And so all three packed their bags, and mounted onto the horses Edonf had left there. They rode together until they came to a Y in the road.

"I love you," said Tamriff. He looked at his parents with tear-filled eyes.

"We'll meet again, my son. I swear it," replied Urban. Then the two horses carrying Tamriff's parents trotted off to the right, and Tamriff's went to the left…

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Re: Character List

Could someone please look over Randufel? Please? Please? Please? PLEASE?
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Re: Character List

GoldenChaos just approved this. w00t!

Name: Edward Laguz
Age: 17
Race: Hylian
Sex: Male
Hair: Dark reddish-brown, parted in the middle, about shoulder length, spiked slightly at the ends
Eyes: Dark green
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 176
Weapon: A Gilded Sword his father gave him (see Bio)
Armor: A Hero's Shield his father gave him (see Bio)
Strengths: Lithe and agile, quite good with a sword for someone his age
Weaknesses: He's rather naive, and he tends to defend much less than he attacks.
Skills: N/A

Appearance: Edward is a well-built young man, his body covered in lithe, supple muscles. His face is tan from spending time outside exploring, as are his arms and legs. He has a normal-sized nose, and angular eyebrows. He also has medium-length sideburns. He wears a dark red shirt, with long, straight, flowy sleeves. The cuffs of the sleeves are decorated with a darker red flame patern. He also wears a functional pair of dark blue shorts equipped with several pockets and decorated with patterns of squares, as well as a plain leather belt. He keeps his money and other small items in the large pouch strapped to his waist. He also wears a standard pair of dark brown leather boots.

Personality: Edward is an incredibly kind, compassionate, and friendly person. He aspires to "right the world's wrongs". He helps anyone he can, and is friendly to anyone he meets. He is also very curious, and he yearns to learn more about the world around him. His favorite activity as a child was to explore new places, armed with a Deku Stick, perhaps. He is filled with a passionate anger at cruelty, especially against the weak, the helpless, and the innocent.

Biography: Born to a novelist and a blacksmith, Edward spent a happy childhood living with his parents in Clock Town. Edward spent most of his days in Clock Town exploring, playing with his older brother, one of the guards of the city, or reading books. One day, the father, who had become rather wealthy through his blacksmithing, decided to move to the peace and quiet of the country. They built a nice sized house somewhere in the forested region between Ikana and Woodfall. Edward was rather sad about leaving his friends, but he stayed in contact with some of his best friends with letters. After a while, he grew to love the wildnerness around him, and spent his days exploring Termina. As he grew older and older, he left on longer and longer treks, sometimes staying away for several days at a time.

During the days when the moon was beginning to fall towards Termina, Edward heard rumors of a mysterious youth from another world with strange, magical powers. This young lad could apparently travel through time, as well as change his shape with magical masks. On the third day, everyone was astonished when this young boy summoned the four Guardians, who saved Termina. Not only that, but this child also destroyed the evil that made the moon fall...

After this, Edward became curious of other lands outside of Termina. He was determined to one day find the land where that strange boy was from, maybe even meet the boy himself. On his 17th birthday, he told his yearnings to his father, who said it was a good idea and gave his approval. He presented to his son his finest work of smithing - a Gilded Sword, the coveted unbreakable blade that was rumored to have been made for the mysterious boy by the blacksmith in Snowhead, though the blacksmith had no memory of forging that blade for the child...Edward's father also gave him a standard shield used by soldiers, the Hero's Shield. So, Edward packed up a small traveling satchel with some food, his sketchbook/notebook, some sleeping gear, and a small flute, and left home.

Edward has no qualms killing any corrupt, evil monsters that attack him, but he doesn't like the concept of killing a fellow human at all. He would rather show the person mercy, than finish them off.

Edward loves freshly baked bread, most kinds of meat and fish, and fresh vegetables. He also loves to play songs on his flute, especially late at night, as well as listen to music. He enjoys staying up late, since he is so fond of exploring the world in the cool, dark night.

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