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Vergil Timoros

I am The Watcher that guides the damned.
I am The Ethereal Glow that knows no end.
I am The Everlasting Flame of Purity.
I am Benevolence.
I am The Light.
I am An Angel of Death.

You are the misguided soul.
You are the being through which my sword shall pass.
And I shall bury you.

Name: Vergil Timoros

Former Name: Valion Mithian

Age: Unknown (Looks about 30)

Race: Seraphim

Race Explanation: There are several species of angel, unbeknownst to most races, that serve under the Creator; Of the ones that can effect the world of men, Seraphim are of the most powerful, answering only to the Supernal, the non-tangible “invisible” angels, who are charged with protecting the Source and the Whole of Existence under the Creator. They are characterized as being 'the least humane of all angels' due to the nature of their work. The Seraphim are primarily concerned with vibrational manifestations which keep reality in perfect order. They help to correct anything that would disturb the physical realms. Supposedly they are so bright and powerful that to look at them would instil one with pure fright. Because of this, the only beings known to interact with the Seraphim are other angels.

Position: Angel of Death.

Gender: Male

Hair: Dull White

Eyes: Light Purple

Cybernetic Vision - Although he is no longer part machine, Vergil still has the abilities of different visions that his old body granted him. Vergil can switch his visualization to infra-red, ultra-violet, x-ray vision, and thermal imagery.

Weight: 175 lbs

Height: 6 ft

Weapon: A physical manifestation of the soul known as Virtus that resides within him, Vergil can feed it into six different elemental weapons at any given time. While each blade is capable of inflicting inconceivable damage, they can only be wielded by Vergil, as his direct contact channels their existence into solid forms.

Luminarium – “The Pride of God serve thy Hand in this Sword” - Reminiscent to the weapon that Vergil wielded before his re-incarnation, the Seraphim takes great pride in using this weapon. The curved hook near the end makes it especially deadly against unarmored foes, and is a hard weapon to block when swung.

Ventus – “Uplift to the Heavens Blow by Blow” - Similar in design to Luminarium, Ventus has a much lighter advantage to it, making it perfect as a weapon to use against slower foes for rapid attacks.

Notios – “Within in the Water there is Salvation” - Notios is the chosen weapon when Vergil needs to become defensive, since its watery structure makes it perfect to absorb and distribute magical energy along its surface.

Incendia – “Purify with the All Consuming Flame” – Unlike the other swords, Incendia has most of its weight situated at its tip, giving it more a club like quality, and making it a great choice to break an enemies defence.

Humai – “From the Earth Shall Rise the Saviour” - This weapon is the heaviest of any Vergil can summon, and is almost impossible to block an attack from it, although it takes most of Vergil’s strength to wield it.

Acerbus – “From the Darkness Shall Spring Thy Judgment” - The longest weapon that Vergil can summon, he dislikes using it because of its dark aura. It is useful due to the fact that cuts from this sword cause the wounds to fester quickly, as well as sap the strength or magical essence from its foe.

In addition to Virtus, Vergil carries a high calibre magnum holstered on the back of his hip, which is constructed of platinum, chrome and blessed silver. Named Advocate by its maker, this gun utilizes a rather large amount of bulky armor piercing bullets in its clip. The design of the weapon allows for higher accuracy at further distances, while the ammo still retains its high armor piercing potential. Inscribed upon the handle are the words ‘The wage of death is sin, paid in blood and souls.’

Armor: The red pendant that hangs around Vergil’s neck radiates a slight blanket of energy that Vergil uses at times for elemental use. Its protection is minor, only stopping weak physical attacks. Other than this, the Seraphim wears no physical armor.

Strengths: Vergil’s basic limitless energy source makes him a deadly combatant when it come to a fight of endurance, as he can draw energy from the elements that surround him. His limber figure, while not incredibly strong, does give him the gift of speed. If hurt, the Seraphim’s healing abilities allow him to mend wounds with a relative quickness. His own style of fighting is quite hard to counter due to the choice of sword he desires in combat, which can be changed in a moments notice. His greatest attribute would have to be his own angelic prowess, with which he has the utmost versatility to use holy powers.

Weaknesses: Vergil, while powerful, does have his limits. His elemental power works on the basis that he needs a substantial amount of the element to be near before he can use it. As an angel, Vergil’s compassion can also cloud his judgment at key times, which means he will not commit such acts as attacking an unarmed being, or a being who cannot defend themselves against him.


Time Abilities

Dilation - Using his time warping abilities, Vergil speeds up his own brain functions, particularly his sensory information processor. This means that his brain is processing the objects that Vergil sees at such a rate that everything around him, including his own body, seems to be moving incredibly slow. This allows him to better respond to actions, such as evading attacks.

Perception - Vergil creates a time warp around the frontal lobe of an opponent’s brain, stopping any sensory information from reaching it, thus making them blind and deaf for a short period of time until the warp stops.

Stasis - Vergil releases a huge amount of energy in a circular wave. The effect of this is that the surrounding energy is temporarily removed from the time stream, immobilizing all objects that the wave comes into contact with. The wave only usually spans a length of ten meters, and cannot be stopped unless Vergil is disrupted before releasing the wave.

Elemental Abilities

Aliquem - A basic technique that ranges from doing many things with the six different elements, such as healing with Water and Light, creating a cage from Earth, or setting things alight with Fire. This technique simply requires that a substantial amount of the element needed be present.

Loricatus - A defensive technique which helps defend Vergil’s body from harm in a more effective way than his pendant, usually used against other types of elemental magic. It creates a type of armor over Vergil’s body, and can be composed of any one of the six elements that Vergil wants. Each set created differs in a key way to the others, which makes each set of armor unique.

Certo Litis – The conjoined power of using both Loricatus and Virtus allows the Seraphim to wield two blades instead of the usual one. It warps the armor currently on him into a mixture of both elements of the chosen swords. While the extra weight does slow Vergil down, it also makes him far more deadly, and the armor, in its new state, is far more resilient to attack.

Angelic Abilities

Pure - This skill ranges from creating spheres of holy energy, sensing a being’s aura or completely obliterating objects. All it requires is a certain amount of holy energy from Vergil. The bigger the feat, the more energy it will take.

Muneris - Vergil has the gift of being able to talk the many different languages of the universe. This includes talking the various human languages, animals, the dead, and in some cases, beings from other worlds.

Arcessiel - Vergil can draw a soul from beyond to aid him in battle. The soul’s power depends on how much energy Vergil puts into it, and is sustained only for a maximum of five or six minutes. However, Vergil can take up to three souls from beyond at any one time. Their ability to stay sustained as physical beings while summoned lessens with the larger number of souls.

Seraphim Abilities

Acclivity – This ability is common in all Seraphim, the skill to connect themselves to Heaven Gate. This bond feeds Vergil what seems to be a nearly limitless amount of holy energy, blanketing him with a misty translucent aura. His true six wings appear, which are most majestic, and stretch out to seven feet in each direction, each feather becoming brighter. While like this, Vergil’s power over Light increases exponentially, making him able to bend it to his will in any shape or form and warp the very fabric of existence with its help.

Interyiel - Building up as much power from the Heaven Gate as possible, Vergil raises Luminarium above his head, and he disperses it into one swing of his blade, which can decimate anything in its path. The attack itself is a blinding wave of pure white flame, towering at thirty feet and accompanied by a sound that can be only identified as thunder.

Divinus Provectus Sententia - This requires Vergil sacrifice one innocent soul, using it to fuse himself with Heaven, in mind body and soul. While they are joined, Vergil gains Purity, total control over the known physical realm, allowing him to target one singularity and move it to a higher plane of existence, thus causing a black hole where the singularity used to be. If used properly, the chain reaction caused by removing one singularity could cause a planet to be reduced to nothing. However, the physical strain of keeping Purity under control for those few moments, coupled with the actual moving of the singularity, will completely drain Vergil, and after the moments pass, Vergil will automatically return to his normal state.

Combat Style: Ruthless against enemies, Vergil shows only mercy to the meek if they are truly repentant. He’s incredibly deadly with any sort of sword in his hands, which makes him best suited for melee combat. Vergil is also an adept user of the various magical abilities he wields. The angel’s aptitude with long ranged weapons however, still needs work. Relying mostly on his lissom form, and his potentially lethal knowledge of the magical power he wields, the Seraphim can be considered a very dangerous opponent.

Appearance: Vergil wears a sleeveless black leather torso piece which shows his toned muscles underneath. However, the rims around the holes for his arms are colored white with red zig-zags. The collar is also a different color, a light shade of crimson, and reaches about halfway up his neck but allows free movement. His white pants fit comfortably at the top but widen as they trail down his legs and eventually flair at the bottom. His shoes are also the same white-coloring and are made of a comfortable material that fits but cushions so he can travel distances without hurting his feet. While he does have a white jacket, it is seldom used, and mostly kept tied around his waist. Vergil has white, fingerless gloves on each hand but his left hand is wrapped from the elbow down. Finally, he has a necklace of a cross that is made from black metal with red edging, which is indestructible. His hair is white and spiked in all different directions, some falling over his eyes. While his muscles do show, they aren’t bulging but rather toned and lean. His skin is also lightly tanned. While not pale, it is not the deepened tan of someone who works or travels in the sun most of the time. His wings, when they are in sight, are quite sleek in appearance, and can reach four feet in each direction. Each feather is a creamy hue of white, with a tiny darkening of grey at the tip and are deceptively sharp, enough to cut through bone and wood.

Personality:Vergil is a very upstanding and moral character, with a strong inherent sense of noblesse oblige; however, the conditions and situations he finds himself in (almost never of his own making) rarely lend themselves to unambiguous ethical judgments and he often ends up doing the wrong thing for the right reason. At first glance people would think Vergil is a very silent, withdrawn person. Once you can get past his silent side, they will discover that Vergil is quite talkative. He finds it hard to hold grudges, and is the sort of person who would rather make friends than enemies. That said, the angel does harbour hatred for certain beings that have wronged him. At times he is serious, but only usually when faced with a dilemma or in the heat of battle.

Esonra – His conscious mind, in an attempt to cope with the loss of the secondary being that had inhabited his previous psyche, created an alter ego, known only as Esonra. It retains memories of all the preceding mentalities, but rarely shares this with Vergil.

History: Remiel Mithian, known to all as White Vengeance, was becoming old, too old for him to carry on his position as the Angel of Death. It was this that sparked the idea of a predecessor, one created of his own flesh and blood. After laying down his plan to the Creator, he was allowed to create his successor, his son. Using a spirit mould, Remiel poured part of his spirit into it. Days passed, and soon enough, the newly created angel awoke. He was to be dubbed Valion Mithian, the ancient word for ‘vengeance’.

Overjoyed with the results, Remiel at once started preparations for Valion to become his predecessor, teaching him all he had learned as to get him ready. Years passed, and Valion’s knowledge flourished under the knowledge of many angels, becoming wiser with each passing day. His skills with the sword were uncannily identical to his fathers, with an added flare of his own.

Throughout the ages, Valion’s attentions were caught by one angel in particular, Mithlania. She returned the attention he gave her, and soon enough the two were courting. They fell deeply in love with each other and she became pregnant with Valion’s child, which was unknown to the angel. Soon enough, Valion’s skills and knowledge were put to the test, as the First War began. Knowing that he was not to participate in the fight and aid the Creator instead, Remiel gifted Valion with his sword, Sameron. Valion took the sword with great pride, hoping that he would make his father proud.

Hundreds of years passed before the war ended, Heaven victorious at last. To mark the achievement of this great act, Remiel gifted his son with a simple pendant with the profound power to let its wearer move between the streams of time. It also signified that Remiel was at last stepping down from his position, and letting Valion take over.

Saying his goodbyes to Remiel and Mithlania, Valion departed for Earth, sure that he would make his father proud. Unfortunately, on Earth, his incoming presence was sensed by malevolent forces. Springing a trap on the unsuspecting angel, hordes of demonic creatures enveloped him, ripping him apart within mere moments.

Unfortunately for Valion, before his soul left for Heaven, meddling humans came across his body. Using highly advanced technology, they steadily repaired the damage that had been done by the demons over a period of ten years, until finally Valion returned to the world of the living. Gradually coming to realize that he was not in fact in Heaven, the angel was distraught to find that half of his body had become mechanical, perverting that which the Creator had called a blessing.

He eventually learned that the only reason the humans had chosen to save him was because they thought that they would be able to command him, and use him to their whim. This drove the angel to the brink, coupled with all of the events; he went into a blood craze, killing every human he could find.

Staying a while in the ruins of where he had woken, the angel decided upon returning to Heaven to solve the matter of demons on Earth. However, upon his arrival at the Gates, Valion found that his entry was now forbidden. His father, who watching was from above, felt nothing but shame for his son. Mithlania watched as Valion tried and failed to enter, tears in her eyes. Knowing that his disgrace would only greaten if he stayed, Valion once again departed for Earth.

Discarding his title and renouncing his claim as servant of Heaven, Valion decided that if he was to be permanently trapped on Earth, he would carve out a living, hunting demons that had brought his fate upon him. He up his own company called B.H.U, and gathered different hunters to him, soon becoming a feared killer within years. Still, he thought of one day returning to Heaven, to take up his rightful place once more.

Recent Events: While meditating one day with a close friend called Aristo, the two were witness to a time portal that appeared. A girl called Linda, whom Valion had met before, jumped out, followed closely by another person. Linda informed Valion that demons were attempting to destroy creation, and that she needed his help. After a long journey, Valion and the others stopped creation from being stopped, and on the way Sameron gained new powers. Since it was no longer the original blade, Valion gave it a new name, Spring.

Months later, while on his way to investigate several disturbing dreams he had been having, Valion was brought to a place known as the Dome. He became a student under a Pseudo Humanoid known as Zolf Kadreen, and learned a few things before he was informed that he was to have a new teacher. On the way to meet this new teacher, Valion was forced to go through a place known as the Maze of Darkness. In this place, the angel was confronted by himself, his darker half, who went by the name of Hadriel. After meeting Hadriel, a battle ensued, in which Spring was broken, but Hadriel was defeated. However, as a last trick, Hadriel forced his way into Valion’s body, deciding to lay dormant until the perfect time to arise and take over came.

Escaping the Maze, Valion was forced to undertake a task for his new teacher before he had met him, retrieving a powerful dark object. After this had been accomplished, the angel took a break from the Dome, returning to his daily hunting life for a while. In this time, he had a run in with a time paradox in the form of a drawynn called Summer Heil. After travelling to the future, where he met his future self, the problem was fixed. However, the older Valion warned his younger of a grave occurrence in his future, something that he couldn’t tell him about directly. Slightly puzzled by the message he was given, Valion returned to his own time once more.

Days after coming back from his latest mission, the angel was given a task by the Seven; a set of angels of great power. He was to destroy an ancient evil, one that the Seven themselves had never been able to destroy. Gathering seven comrades to him, they journeyed to the ancient prison Vallaris. There they underwent several trials, but managed to come out victorious. Unlocking the final door, Valion was greeted with the sight of a spirit orb called Virtus. But before he had a chance to destroy it, the spirit bonded with Valion. He was able to suppress it from gaining control of him, and in doing so gained the power of Virtus; six elemental blades that would appear at his command. Unfortunately when Virtus had forced himself into the angels’ body, he awoke Hadriel. Like the other spirit, Valion suppressed his influence, but with an extra two souls, the effect on his own mentality and body was starting to kick in. He needed a way to vent the pent-up energy that the extra two spirits were forcing on him.

The chance arose itself in the form of a competition, in a nexus world, where a substance named Aetherion was kept. The world was slowly being enveloped with Aetherion, and it would eventually seep out, causing chaos in the universe. If Valion won a duel to decide whether to destroy the nexus world from the outside, therefore stopping it before it had its chance to grow again, he'd be allowed to transcend to Heaven once more, becoming whole, and silencing the others who inhabited his mind. Unfortunately, the angel met his demise, and fell into the Aetherion, destroying his body to the core, that supposedly being his end.

Several months passed, and Vergil was resurrected in Heaven, using the Aetherion he had fallen into and another, more durable spirit mould to recreate his body. Newly born, the angel was deemed to be a nearly entirely different being, now a part of the Seraphim race, and was renamed Vergil. Once again becoming an Angel of Death, Vergil now serves Heaven faithfully, guiding his charges to their eternal resting places.

This character was several months in the making, with several peoples help and guidance. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did creating.

[Vergil] [Grigore] [Caliga]

"O may it be Thy will, my God and the God of my fathers,
not to let me fall into the hands of this angel.”

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Re: Vergil Timoros

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Re: Vergil Timoros

sciphon, seeing as how you're new around here, I think I might do you some good by telling you not to post in other people's character threads. Thanks, mate.

Good character by the way, Angel.

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