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Mesfido 2.0 - Wielder of the Elements

God's flesh,
Satan's blood,
Good's virtue,
Evil's sin,

Forged on the flames of hell,
Shaped by the heaven’s hand,
Fused with being,
Bound by the seven,
And left to rot.

The word sleeps.

Name: Mesfido
Title: Master of the Seven Elements

Age: 8563
Date of Birth: Unknown

Race: Angel

Sex: Male

Mesfido has fine, blonde hair. Thin, crimson streaks fragment it all the way to the very tips. The fallen angel wears his hair in three tight plaits. The largest falls between his elegant wings, reaching down to just above his waist, the others drop down before his cobalt eyes, ending about his chest.

His eyes are cobalt blue but can change if one of the Seven Elements is using his body as a medium to talk through.

Elemental Vision- This is a technique that Mesfido learnt from Kenjin the Encorna. When Mesfido closes his eyes and concentrates on the elements around him the different elements appear in his mind’s eye, letting him view things as though they were composed by elements. With this technique Mesfido can fight with his eyes closed.

Weight: 124kg (273 pounds)

Height: 6”7”

Mesfido has a small, marble touchstone with the angelic rune of healing on it. When he sits in a mediating position and holds the stone between his two hands he can slowly heal his own wounds. This requires concentration before any healing actually begins and then x-amount of hours depending on the severity of the wounds. Since unlocking the Crimson Blood Mesfido has no more need for his touchstone but rather keeps it for sentimental values.

The Sword of the Pact; Verax
In its Verax form the Sword of the Pact takes the shape of a long elegant two-handed, five foot sword. Its blade is slender yet sharp, its surface is coated in a shining gold substance.The blade is made of an ancient metal, harder than any other. It is unknown to even the most accomplished metal workers.

A thin ruby is embedded near the tip of the blade along with a large sapphire placed near the base. In sword’s pommel there is a tiny, black onyx. These three gemstones make up the Essence Seals, the locks that contain the sword’s power over the three essences of being; mind, body and spirit. The ruby is known as the Crimson Blood, the Body Seal or Corpus et Sanguis. The sapphire is known as the Spirit Seal or simply Spiritus. The final gem, the onyx, is known as the Mind Seal or Claritas. So far Mesfido has only managed to unlock the powers of Corpus et Sanguis, in doing so his essence of body has fused with the gem, giving him complete control over his physical being.

The next of the sword’s seals is known as the Elemental Seal or Rudimenta, it was created to bind the sword’s separate seals into one, much more powerful seal. However, at present seeing as Mesfido has only discovered the power of one other seal Rudimenta remains separate. The seal is made from the Seven Elements, concentrated ethereal manifestations of the true elements; Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, Light, Dark and Lightning. These Seven Elements are capable of creating and controlling their own element, however, they cannot control their respective element in its raw, naturally found state. The Seven Elements are housed in the handle of the Sword of the Pact, Mesfido can often be found conversing with them.

In the past the Sword of the Pact has taken on two other forms, Venalis and Ventum. It took on the form of Verax after Mesfido, with the help of his Seven Elements, locked the angel’s evil alter ego in the depths of his mind.

Mesfido doesn’t wear armour, though he can use Corpus et Sanguis to harder his muscles and skin against oncoming attacks. The Seven Elements that he commands act as a kind of anti-elemental shield.

Mesfido is incredibly strong and also very skilled with a sword; he can cut through most substances with a quick swing from the Sword of the Pact. He has complete control over his own body, preventing any forms of physical possession. Corpus et Sanguis allows him to exceed all his body’s natural limitations. Mesfido has an extremely high pain tolerance due to the Body Seal. It allows him to fight on unheeded by most wounds. The Seven Elements give him a supply of the true elements no matter where he is, he can use these elements in many different ways. The Seven ELements differ in many ways to their naturally found counterparts, only Mesfido can command them, it's impossible for anyone else to do so, no matter how powerful.

Mesfido lacks any proper armour. His high tolerance for pain, albeit a strength, can often be a weakness. It means that he will occasionally use large amounts of energy and strength without feeling the full damage that it causes his own body, this means he will sometimes push himself too far past his limits. Though Mesfido has control over the Seven Elements he lacks control over many of the raw elements found in the world. If any one of the Seven Elements he commands uses up too much of their energy, they will become exhausted and useless.


Signature Attacks
Name – Incantation – Description

Angelic Touch-When he touches another living thing he can will his energy into them, healing them.

Blast Breeze-“Flatus”- Fires a strong blast of air at the target, smashing into them and sending them flying backwards. This can be powered up by the Seven Elements.

Slicing Tempest-“Typhon Ferio”- Creates a strong, swirling wind about the target, slashing at them with blades of air. This can be powered up by the Seven Elements.

Fire Amalgamation- This skill gives Mesfido the ability to absorb fire element into his own body. When he uses this skill the tints of red in his hair and wings are set alit by tiny flames.

Igneus Aestus (Fiery Surge)-Mesfido releases all the fire he has absorbed in either one gigantic wave of fire element or several much less powerful waves. This can be powered up by the Seven Elements.

Exardesco Ardens (Zealous Flame)-Transformation-Fire erupts from Mesfido’s body, coating him in flames. Verax is covered in a swirling, white-hot inferno. This skill increases the power of Mesfido’s Fiery Surge skill and adds fire element to his wind element attacks. This technique requires a constant supply of fire element to maintain, Arden, one of his Seven Elements can aid him in maintaining it.

Holy Decree-“Decerno Sanctus”- Creates an immensely powerful bolt of pure, holy energy that is capable of instantly vaporizing a group of demons or undead. It is harmless against pure beings. This is a much more powerful version of Mesfido’s original signature attack - Holy Bolt. It can be powered up by the Seven ELements.

Verax Judgement-“Sententia Verax”-Mesfido’s most powerful attack. Verax draws power from all the nearby Light. Once it has absorbed enough power it releases an orb of magical energy. It takes concentration and time to cast. This can be powered up by the SevenElements.

Sword of the Pact Seals

The Body Seal
Corpus et Sanguis gives Mesfido complete control over his own body. With its powers he can manipulate his body’s blood flow, organs and any other piece of his body. An example of its less spectacular powers would be the ability to stop his body bleeding thus stopping blood loss, he can take this further and make his skin stitch back across the open wound. Another example would be the ability to breath through his skin or to stop his heartbeat.

The Elemental Seal
Rudimenta gives Mesfido complete control over the Seven Elements found in his blade. With its power he can call forth any of the elemental manifestations and command them to do as he wishes. Since Mesfido already holds control over the raw wind, dark, light and fire elements he can add the power of the true elements to them. The Elemental Seal works as a barrier of sorts against elemental attacks. When Mesfido is attacked by any element, one of the Seven Elements will cancel it out. For example if lightning attacked him, Earth would neutralize it. This can be overpowered, though not easily.

Since banishing Venalis, Mesfido has become a much more cheerful character. His self-confidence and belief are finally blooming, though he remains as modest as ever. Some would say that his need to help others is his biggest weakness, he always values the lives of others high above his own.

Mesfido still remains a bit of a social recluse. He enjoys the company of his friends and his Seven Elements but finds it sometimes hard to click with new people. He tends to be rather formal when conversing with someone he does not know. He comes off quite serious but he does a have a more fun layer beneath his tough exterior. He is always honest and will rarely if ever get annoyed or angry without reason. He spends most of his time either alone, with his Seven Elements or with close friends.

The Seven Elements often guide Mesfido with their collective wisdom, and he will often be found conversing with them. People sometimes think he is mad seeing as only he can hear the Seven’s voices.

In battle Mesfido will often start off defending rather than attacking not wanting to harm his opponent but when he sees the need he will always use his full strength. He neither taunts nor teases his opponent but rather tries to convince them to stop their assault. The fallen angel normally doesn’t enjoy fighting, but he sees its need and uses, and even he gets thrills from a challenging battle.

When with his students in the Dome, Mesfido is patient and understanding. However, he will be quick to rebuke any rudeness or lack of respect from his students. He doesn't except them to be brilliant warriors right from the start, though he is pleasantly surprised when they are. The tasks he sets all have a purpose.


Picture by DekuQueen, colouring by me.

Mesfido is tall and muscular. The dark substance that once covered parts of his body has faded into his memories along with Venalis. His wings are massive, a span of about eleven feet, white with streaks of blood red. They jut out of his bony shoulder blades, almost like feathered extensions of the limb.

Mesfido has long, blonde hair with crimson streaks running through it; he always has tied into three separate plaits. His eyes are a clear shade of blue. The fallen angel has quite a thin face with a prominent jaw. He wears an earring with the angelic rune of courage on either ear.

Verax is always in its enchanted sheath that is held to Mesfido’s back with a thick leather cord that crosses over his bare muscular chest. The glow of Corpus et Sanguis can often be seen radiating through the magic sheath’s tough leather. His deceased friend, Expertus, made the sheath especially for him. The sheath has several angelic runes on it that enabled it to help restrain Venalis when the need arose.

Mesfido only wears a pair of tan coloured trousers and a thick pair of leather boots for clothing. A tough, golden band, from which he hangs his healing touchstone, holds up his trousers. The ends of his trousers are always tucked into the tops of his thick, leather boots.


-Mesfido was a man over eight thousand years ago. He was one of the first settlers in Europe.
-He was killed during a hunting expedition by a huge beast with a lion’s head and dog’s body. The beast killed him when he jumped in front of his best friend to protect him from it.

- He was resurrected and reborn as an angel, a reward for his selfless act. He was given the name “Tueor” meaning to protect.

-Over the next thousand years he served his masters to the full of his abilities. He was given the title of Archangel.

-Tueor fell in love with a roman woman called Celina.

-Celina and her family were killed by a group of bandits.

-Tueor requested for Celina to be reborn as an angel. She was.

-After the fall of the Roman Empire Lucifer’s forces grew dramatically. This led to a thousand year war between Heaven and Hell called the War of Alliance. This was the cause of the Dark Ages.

-The angelic forces were under massive threat of being defeated during the War of Alliance. Tueor and Celina were two of the generals in the angelic army.

-Tueor’s commander, Famulus, believed that the only way to defeat the demons was a direct assault on hell.

-Tueor tried to convince Famulus that an assault on hell would not work but Famulus refused to see otherwise. In the end Famulus gave Tueor three days to come up with an alternative.

-Tueor was forced to make a bold and dangerous move.

- Tueor and Celina set flight for Bethlehem. A truly powerful weapon was hidden there. It was known only as the Sword of the Pact.

-Tueor and Celina located the sword after much difficulty. The angelic forces had begun the assault on hell and were suffering heavy casualties. Darkness was spreading.

-They found the Sword of the Pact hidden within a massive cavern deep beneath the town.

-The sword lay in a massive stone pedestal. There was an inscription on the pedestal.
“I am corruption,
I am benevolence,
I am One, I am All,
I am the bridge that connects the sides.”

-Tueor pulled the sword from the pedestal.

-The lion headed beast that had killed him when he was human appeared. It attacked the two angels. They managed to fight it off. During the fight they discovered that it was in fact Satan himself.

-When the fight began a mysterious black substance had begun to spread up Tueor’s right arm. Once they had fought off Satan it had spread across nearly his entire right side.

-Suddenly, he turned on Celina. He began to laugh insanely. “I AM VENALIS!” With a massive battle cry he struck his partner’s head from her shoulders.

-Tueor quickly returned to the battlefield, his dark side in control. He instantly turned the tide, spreading death wherever he passed.

-After defeating the demonic forces he turned on his fellow angels. He killed many hundreds of them but eventually they managed to restrain him.

-They attempted to remove the sword from him but no one could touch it, it repelled everyone.

-After Tueor was restrained his good side regained control. He became plagued with guilt. He was imprisoned for years and made no attempt to escape.

-After over two hundred years of imprisonment his friend, Expertus, visited him. Expertus brought a magical sheath with him. The sheath was designed to help contain Tueor's dark side.

-Once Tueor had placed the Sword of the Pact in the sheath, he was summoned to the Council of Angels.

-At the council it was decided that he was to be exiled from heaven, but he was given one final order- He was to protect the sword from falling into evil hands. He was also given a new name, Mesfido, which is taken from the Latin for mind and split-Mens and Findo.

-Mesfido spent years on earth cowering in his shame. He was becoming a truly pitiful creature. His entire being was focused on containing his evil side.

-When Mesfido was at his most pitiful Lucifer came to him. Lucifer had claimed Celina’s soul when Mesfido had struck her down. She was now one of Satan’s most loyal followers.

-Satan offered to return Celina to Mesfido if he did his binding. Mesfido accepted.

-Mesfido learnt much about the Sword of the Pact from Lucifer. He learnt that the sword took on different forms depending on its owner. Since Mesfido was an angel the sword had taken on one of its evil forms, Venalis. The sword had then pumped its evil energies into his body until he had become a being of balanced good and evil. His evil side was in fact the manifestation of the evil energies within the sword.

-After Mesfido had been doing Lucifer’s deeds for over a thousand years he stumbled upon something that caused him to leave the devil’s service. He discovered that Celina was in fact in love with Satan himself. After that he realized he had been doing Satan’s work for no reason. He would never be able to win back Celina.

-Mesfido’s good side managed to regain some slight control and he left the fiery pits of hell. He was now hiding from the forces of both good and evil.

-Celina often visits Mesfido. She is always trying to make him turn to evil. He now loathes her. He despises her with every part of him; even Venalis has a certain dislike for her.

-One day Mesfido arrived in the Dome, seeking strength.

-One of the first feats Mesfido had to overcome in the Dome was opening the doors of Kenjin, the Encorna’s private dojo. Mesfido only just managed to open the doors by tapping deep into the powers of the Sword of the Pact. This was the first time he had been able to access some of its hidden powers.

-After Mesfido opened the Encorna’s doors Kenjin decided to take him on as his student.

-A week passed and Mesfido's powers grew. After witnessing the death and revival of his dearest companion, Jaina, Mesfido left the Dome, putting his training on hold.

-During his travels, Mesfido was possessed by a demon named Scion. Scion’s possession of the fallen angel awakened the powers of the Crimson Blood and also imprinted some of the demon’s control over fire into Mesfido’s body.

-Shortly after unlocking Corpus et Sanguis Mesfido found himself thrown into a new quest, one to find the secrets locked deep within the temple of Vallaris. With a group of friends, he managed to complete the journey through the temple.

-In Vallaris Mesfido found the Seven Elements and learnt the truth of the creation of the Sword the Pact.

-After fusing with the seven ethereal beings he was transported out of the temple. How? He does not know.

-When he awoke, he found his body had returned to its original untainted form. He could no longer feel the presence of Venalis within him. The Seven Elements explained to him that they had sealed him away in Mesfido’s mind. Soon Mesfido found that the Sword of the Pact had also taken on a new form; Verax.

Training Threads
[LEA] Mesfido's Training (transfered)
[Power Shot] Mesfido's Training (in progress)
Daughter of the Encorna (Joint Assignment)(dead)

A Choice of Fates (suspended indefinitely)


Starlit leaves (dead)
The War Within (Finished)
Saints & Sinners (Finished)
A Spot of Training (Finished)
Cruel Destiny (in progress)
Activation Serum (in progress)

To Risk It All (in progress)

For Honour and Glory (in progress)

Chrono Order.
1-A Choice of Fates
2-Starlit leaves
3-[LEA] Mesfido's Training
4-[Power Shot] Mesfido's Training (till post 25)
5-The War Within
6-Daughter of the Encorna
7-Saints & Sinners
8-A Spot of Training
9-Activation Serum
10-To Risk It All
11-For Honour and Glory
12-Cruel Destiny

Previous Profiles
Mesfido, The Fallen Angel

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Re: Mesfido 2.0 - Wielder of the Elements

As I already went over this via PM, poked you about several things, and generally proof read it...approved. ^^

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