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Ejnar Rekklae

Name: Ejnar Rekklae.

Age: No one quite knows the real age of Ejnar, as he rarely speaks to anyone. Though, for the sake of this, I'll post it here. He is 45.

Race: Panserbjørn. What is a Panserbjørn, you say? Well, Panserbjørne are biologically similar to polar bears, though they have an opposable thumb and incredible intelligence, with the ability to speak human languages. They are incredibly skilled in metal work, and as such are some of the greatest smiths in the world. They are also the only type of creatures able to work with meteoric metal. [Translates to "armoured bear" in Danish/Dutch.]

Sex: Male.

Hair: Ejnar is covered with hair, being a polar bear of sorts, and his hair is a white color, the color of new-fallen snow.

Eyes: Ejnar has strangely-piercing green/hazel eyes.

Weight: 1,685 pounds, though with his armor on he clocks in at 2,285 pounds.

Height: 9 feet and 8 inches, nose to tail. On his paws, he is at 5 feet, 2 inches from his paws to the top of his head.

Weapon: The only weapons that Ejnar has readily accessible to him are his teeth and his claws. His teeth; truly man-killers, they are incredibly sharp. Truly the teeth of a predator. His teeth are at 2 and a half inches. His claws are retractable, but when they are fully revealed they are at 5 and three-fourths inches. These claws are very sharp as well, and as such are very capable of slicing through both flesh and metal.

Armor: The armor of a Panserbjørn is of no normal iron. The iron is made specifically for the bear, by the bear. It's made of sky iron, which is a dull, rusty-red color. This sky iron is a rare metal collected from meteorites. Sculpted into large plates, they cover his arms and the back of his legs. The other armour overlaps, and covers his back and a huge breastplate decorates his front. The sides are exposed. Panserbjørne feel a strong, spiritual connection with their armour. Without it, Ejnar feels as though he is separated from his spirit. Leather belts hold all of this armor together, and it is all incredibly well oiled.

Strengths: Ejnar has the strength of many men, and as such, with his opposable thumbs, is able to make nearly anything out of metal. Panserbjørne have an innate sense of metallurgy, allowing them to smith anything out of everything. His armour is incredibly strong, a result of it being made of meteoric metal, and he has very good defense. Immensely strong, he has incredible strength, as said before. He also has a very well-defined sense of smell, as all polar bears do, and is very good at hunting seals. Great swimming ability, and is quite intelligent.

Weakness: Ejnar is very vulnerable to heat. Room temperature may even be too much for him. He isn't fast at all, and as such relies wholly on his armour for protection, coupled with his strength. His armour can dent easily, and as such, he must remove it slowly and painstakingly, which wastes much time. Rarely talks, and as such is often rejected by others.

Skills/Magic: Ejnar knows not of magic. He has a great sense of direction, though, and has great stamina, as well.

Appearance: He is of immense size, and his fur is very glossy. The armor that encompasses his self is a dull, brown metal, and is a rusty-red color. There are crude carvings of polar bears and humans both in this armor, of which Ejnar has made himself in his spare time. Able to stand on his hind legs, he is quite a frightening creature, to some. There is a deep, weary intelligence in his eyes, and when you stare into his eyes you can see it most clearly. He has a seal-skin of some kind that he uses to keep cold from getting into parts that it should not. There is a strange scar that goes from the bottom of his right eye down his muzzle to his cheek and down to his foot, which was obtained from his childhood. It has since turned black and is very prominent.

Personality: Ejnar is very taken-aback, and rarely speaks. This is a result of isolation from humans and bears alike, and when spoken to he will but say one or two words, and will never try to contribute to a conversation. He enjoys listening to others, though, and he especially enjoys listening to stories of human lore and mythology, and will listen intently when a story is being told. Silence is the dominant trait in Ejnar's personality, yes.

He is not one to show his emotions, and will rarely speak out about anything. However, for those that have the infinite pleasure of being his friend, he will protect them at any cost. He has many quirks, of which people usually don't know about as he doesn't usually fraternize with people. One of these is the strange opening-up of himself during danger. At times of peril, he will often speak with a wry wit and sense of humour, of which people find strangely disturbing.

His good side is a good place to be, as he will never hesitate to protect you, and with an armoured bear on your side, you can bet money on protection. Not only that, but if you are lucky enough to be friends with him, he will speak to you, and it's truly a wonder. He has a very gruff voice, but the way he speaks is almost stream-of-consciousness and he makes many good points during the times he speaks.

His bad side is a terrible place to be. If he does not take a liking to you, he will often ignore you, though during times of peril he will just deal with you. Ejnar will not speak to those he does not trust, and often gives them the cold shoulder, if you'll pardon the term.

Biography: Somewhere, in Svalbard, there was a huge castle, a great mechanical one, made purely of sky iron. Strangely fashioned, it looked as though it were pieced together by odd pits and pieces of metal. From the tip of the tallest tower to the dungeons, it was built of this meteoric metal.

Down in the dungeons, all was quiet, except for one cell. A huge bear named Ejnar Rekklae, to be exact, was the cause of commotion. He was stuck in the cell, and the guards would not let him forget it. Poking fun at him with their spears, the walked on as the defeated bear slumped in agony. He growled gruffly.

A fine mess you've gotten yourself into here, Ejnar. He thought with distaste. Trying once more, his claws slid out with a strange *SHHHICK* sound, and he went back to slicing at the bars. They could not be broken, however. They were made of something strange, something human that he could not break. Slumping back down once more, he started to think.

Let's go back before we come back to Ejnar. How did he get there?

In this gigantic metal monstrosity lived a king, a corrupt and strange man. He ruled over his portion of Svalbard, and imprisoned or killed all those who opposed him. Ejnar happened to be one of them. He lived in Svalbard, fishing and trying to make a life for himself. One day, he was captured without his armor, as he was oiling it, and took a few lives before he was tranquilized and taken to the castle.

Why did the king want him there? For a pet, of course. The king was a greedy and jealous man, mostly jealous of the bear's infinite smithing ability. So, Ejnar lived out his days in this dank cell, sculpting things upon a whim for the king.

Back to the present, suddenly, there was a huge explosion inside the castle, rocking the very foundations of the castle. Ejnar sat up, alertly, and put his huge paws on the bars. Another explosion, this time lower. He almost smiled, if a bear was capable of smiling. Without warning, he was thrown to the ground as he felt the castle tilt, and another explosion occured. Shaking his head, Ejnar looked back, and noticed that there was a hole in the side of his cell. Taking advantage of this, using all of the brute strength he could muster, Ejnar ripped a hole in his cell and escaped out into the cold harshness of the castle itself.

He needed his armor. They had stripped him of his glorious sky-iron shell when he had been captured, but he had found out where it was through the guards casually talking. Running on all fours, he ripped open doors and finally found his armor. Fitting it into place, that familiar weight once again rested upon him. Then, tearing another hole, he escaped into the icy darkness of the night in Svalbard.
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Re: Ejnar Rekklae

Yay, Jhans now has a fellow Panserbjørn to look forward to meeting someday! : D *approved*
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Re: Ejnar Rekklae

And what's not to love about a huge bear with opposable thumbs, armor, and the ability to craft nearly anything out of any metal?
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ejnar, rekklae

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