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Keldar v2

Here he is, not (not)long awaited upgrade of Keldar. He is no longer called Demon Spawn, I never want to hear that again.

Name: Keldar

Age: 21

Race: Shadow Wielder

Race Explanation: Only a chosen few belong to the Guild of Shadows, but those who are chosen are forcibly injected with a strange drug and transported to the guild headquarters where a large tattoo of the guild symbol is infused with their skin and body. The drug and tattoo, along with the Shadow Energy in both changes his D.N.A into a Shadow Wielder. All previous power disappears and is replaced with Shadow Energy power. This process normally kills everyone it is used on, Keldar being the only one to survive, thus the only one of his kind.

Gender: Male

Hair: His dark brown hair is messy and about medium length. He also has a short beard, same color as his hair.

Eyes: Bright green with a thin brown outline. The brown outline on his eyes turns black and glows with a dark fire when he uses his shadow powers.

Weight: 210 lbs.

Height: 6 feet

Weapon: A magical katana that is bound to his soul. It is called the “Kihaku Hazumi” although he hardly ever calls it that. The katana allows him to increase his power by channeling his energy through it. The katana can’t break unless Keldar is killed, if that happens then the blade will shatter and the hilt will be all that remains. The blade is made of an unknown metal and looks to be made of shining silver. The hilt is black and has a specialized grip that allows for a much better hold on the weapon than a normal katana would have. The hilt is decorated with silver, and can also be used to ward off vampires, werewolves and even low-class demons. Keldar can also summon the blade with his mind if it is ever taken from him. If his katana is used against him it will do him no harm, the blows will just bounce off of him. The katana is kept in a sheath on Keldar’s left side.

Armor: Keldar wears a lightweight black robe that is held together with a simple cloth sash. Keldar has a new addition to his armor, a chain mail vest that he wears underneath his robes for extra protection and weight training. The chain mail vest covers his arms, legs and torso, but not his hands, feet or head. The vest is made of a material that changes its weight with Keldar’s mental command, becoming as light as three pounds or as heavy as two hundred. The vest protects him from attacks with blunt objects and physical blows. He is still pretty vulnerable to sharp objects and projectile attacks such as arrows or bullets. The chainmail is made from the same indestructible metal that binds to his soul as the Kihaku Hazumi, so it is indestructible unless Keldar is killed.

Strengths: Keldar is proficient in dark magic, but his real strength lies in something he calls “Shadow Energy” (shadow energy explained more in Skills/Magic section). The Shadow Energy gives him the ability to fly, and can increase his strength and agility. His Shadow Energy gives him the ability to heal injuries, given enough time he could re-grow limbs and organs. He can’t die of blood loss due to his complete lack of blood. Keldar can draw Shadow Energy from shadows, in theory he could last indefinitely without food or water as long as he had shadows nearby. He also has incredible vision in the dark, able to see extreme details even in the darkest room.

Keldar is very agile and stealthy. His incredible cunning and smarts often help him out in many battle situations. He is also an incredible swordsman, and is even better when using his katana. Keldar has the potential power to destroy entire worlds, but this potential has not, and most likely will not be, unlocked for quite some time.

Weaknesses: Power over darkness means he is extremely weak against light magic. If he is hit with a powerful enough light magic attack then he will temporarily lose his ability to use Shadow Energy to attack or defend and may even pass out. Keldar is only slightly stronger than the average human, so he relies mostly on magic or his katana to fight. His armor does not protect him from sharp objects and projectiles like arrows and bullets. Even though he doesn’t have any blood, he can’t still die if his organs are injured beyond repair. Keldar is weakened at night because the moon’s pale light doesn’t produce strong enough shadows. If Keldar is kept out of the shadows long enough, then he will weaken to the point of death.

Skills/Magic: Shadow Energy: Shadow Energy is the unique form of magic that runs through Keldar’s veins instead of blood. Keldar can also get this energy from shadows. Keldar also has Shadow Energy stored throughout his body and can access it at any time. Shadow energy is the main thing that drives Keldar, it is part of his body. Where someone would have life force, or an aura, or blood, Keldar has Shadow Energy. Keldar can draw Shadow Energy from shadows, in theory he could last indefinitely without food or water as long as he had shadows nearby.

Shadow Enhancement: By building up Shadow Energy on certain parts of his body, such as his hands or feet, he can make them stronger and more powerful. This puts little strain on his body, unless he uses it at its more powerful forms. A more powerful version of this allows him to run a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour, and lift up to one ton, but at those levels he drains his energy quickly.

Shadow Shield: Keldar uses his Shadow Energy to create a protective barrier around himself. He can increase the strength of the shield as much as he wants, but the stronger the shield, the more strain it puts on his body.

Shadow Flight: Keldar uses the Shadow Energy to allow him to control the gravity around his body; this places no strain on his body and allows him to fly.

Shadow Blast: Keldar builds up Shadow Energy and releases it at an opponent. Keldar can alter how powerful the blast is, ranging from a small bump to a devastating explosion. The more powerful the blast the more strain it puts on his body.

Shadow Breath: Keldar can sustain himself on Shadow Energy instead of air. Using Shadow Energy at such a rapid rate causes extreme fatigue and would only be used if no air was available.

Shadow Heal: Keldar’s Shadow Energy is constantly healing minor wounds, but for larger wounds Keldar has to concentrate Shadow Energy on the wound. Keldar can use this to re-grow limbs and organs if the need ever arises. Keldar can also heal others with this ability.

Shadow Meld: Keldar transforms his body into shadow and becomes practically invisible.

Shadow Read: Keldar absorbs part of an opponent’s shadow, thus gaining access to his or her next move. This gives limited information, as Keldar doesn’t fully understand what the shadows say.

Shadow Copy: Keldar can create exact copies of himself using shadow. The clones are, so far atleast, only illusions and cannot attack. If you were to attack one, you would pass right through it and destroy the clone.

Passive Skills: Skills that Keldar naturally has and are always active.

Night Vision: Spending all that time in the dark allows Keldar to see in the dark. He is able to see the smallest detail even in the blackest of nights.

His Feet: Since Keldar never wears shoes, the bottoms of his feet have adapted, allowing him to walk on almost any surface. He can’t walk upside-down though.

Appearance: Keldar is slightly muscular, and always wears his robe with the katana at his side. His skin is lightly tanned from his travels instead of the pale skin you would expect from someone who stays in the shadows. Keldar’s robe has a large hood attached that covers his face and allows Keldar to see out, but no one to see in. He normally wears the hood, but if he were to remove it you would find he is quite handsome. On his back is a large tattoo of a dark red eye with a black outline around the iris, the eye lacks a pupil. The tattoo also glows when Keldar’s Shadow Powers are activated.

Personality: Spending months alone changed Keldar’s personality. To people he doesn’t like or just met he is quiet and mysterious, but to people that he is friends with he will still be kind and generous. He often uses his power to intimidate opponents and often uses them to scare those he doesn’t like. He often uses his power to help others, such as helping people out in a fight. He is normally calm, both in battle and in life. He has tried to adopt Zorlo’s style of life, and now tries to live life in a calm and happy attitude. Keldar can also be a bit cocky and over confident in his abilities, but not all the time.

In battle Keldar relies on strategy and his skills to help him out. He prefers to drag battles out as long as they can go so that he can learn of their strengths and weaknesses in case he meets them again. He sees battles as a way to practice his new abilities and often uses as many as he can, sometimes creating new moves in the process. He doesn’t like to kill intelligent beings unless he either hates them or they attack him first.

Biography: Keldar was born the illegitimate son of Hades and a human. His mother died without knowing who Keldar’s father was. At the age of seven he was sent to a special academy for the gifted and learned of his magic abilities. He spent most of the next five years in the library studying magic and ancient lore. He became very good at dark magic. Through his studies he learned that he is part demon, and he has made it his quest to find his father. He stayed at the academy until the age of eighteen; after he graduated from the academy he began his search for his father.

While trying to find a powerful artifact an imp told him who his father was and that Hades is ashamed of Keldar. After hearing this Keldar briefly goes mad and vows revenge on his father and the Demon Council that he once served. Seeking power, Keldar travels to the Dome where he trains under Zorlo and realizes that killing his father is not the best way to solve his problems.

After leaving the Dome Kelar began a life as a wanderer, always searching for wisdom and power. After coming across a small town and spending the night at an inn he was kidnapped by the Guild of Shadows and was forced to experience the “Trials of Insanity” the trials take the form of a drug that is injected into his bloodstream. The drug takes effect over the course of three days. The first day is extreme pain, the second is wild hallucinations, and the third and final day is the transformation and application of the tattoo. The tattoo is supposed to wipe Keldar’s mind and force him to become the new Lord of Shadows.

Keldar wandered into a mysterious room and was drugged by the Lord of Shadows with a tranquilizer dart. Keldar woke up only seconds before the binding spell was put on the tattoo on his back. He managed to kill the tattoo master and escaped the guild (the binding spell takes the form of the pupil on the eye tattoo on his back, but since it wasn’t applied the eye on his back has no pupil).

After escaping Keldar spent the next few months traveling the world and training his new found powers. Being alone for those months taught him many new abilities, but gave him a darker personality.

Keldar is currently looking for wisdom and power by reading ancient books and training with the greats.

Not only is it a bunny with a pancake on its head, it is also the link to my B.A Character: Bartholomew. Keldar has been moved over here until another breakfast based fuzzy animal can be found.

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Re: Keldar v2

[Draculla's Magic]

Wake up, lose your hesitation. Wake up, it's time for us to realize.
Wake up, show appreciation. Wake up, it's time for us to realize.

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Re: Keldar v2

... you have made me so happy! *tries to hold back the tears of joy* Seriously though, thanks.

Not only is it a bunny with a pancake on its head, it is also the link to my B.A Character: Bartholomew. Keldar has been moved over here until another breakfast based fuzzy animal can be found.

Proud Adopter of DodongoKing12. I can taste your jealousy.

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