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Brother Ardon of the Order of the Shining Blades

(Wow, it's been a while since I have done this. This summer has blessed me with a bit more freetime though so I believe I will get to develop this character a bit more. I'm going to put up a character fiction about this character, that way I won't have to be so reliant on other posts to really work on this and my schedule will compliment this work. Plus I need a good writing hobby ;P)

Name: Brother Ardon of the Shining Blades

Age: 52

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Hair: Long brown with streaks of grey he keeps in a ponytail.

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 155 lbs

Height: 5 ft 9 in

Weapon: Ardon carries two longswords on his person at all times. Both are old weapons, seemingly frail from years of service as is Ardon himself, yet as surprisingly sturdy and strong as he is. The first longsword is called White Moon, and is sheathed at his left side and wielded primarily, it is ordinarily unmagical on it's own. When wielding it, however, Ardon can charge his divine energy into it and make it into a powerful weapon (see skills/magic). His second longsword, Starsilver, is strapped over his right shoulder and not used as frequently. Starsilver glows when drawn with a pale silver light that luminates normally dark areas. The light comes from a mucas coating that the sword secretes constantly and when it strikes an opponent, they also glow. This ability merely makes light and has no other affects on a target.

Armor: Ardon wears a suit of field plate presented to him by the Order of the Shining Blade. Aside from offering him full body protection, and being lighter then your standard suit of field plate, it has no magical properties and offers him no other form of protection. He also bears a shield of the order, built of heavy darkwood and bearing the insignia of the order, he makes great use of the shield with either White Moon or Starsilver and keeps it strapped to his back as he travels.

Strengths: A hardened man of the militious Order, Ardon is an expert fighter and divine champion with great renown that has spread the will of the Order far and wide. He is very strong for his age, and gives an astounding presence withing the room that few can match. He has mastered the Order's practices of channeling divine energies into one's weapon and has more experience in warfare then most would like to believe.

Weakness: Unlike the traditional paladin, Ardon never uses healing spells. It is unknown if the dieties never gifted him with these powers or if he simply chooses not to have them for some personal reason. This, along with his old age, make his endurance falter quickly, and his constitution weak. Although he is very wise, Ardon never recieved schooling and lacks the intelligence to pull off brilliant schemes and rarely thinks to plan ahead more then a few moves. He is also very impatient and makes it very obvious who he likes and doesn't like early on. He also pays little attention to mechanical concepts, such as time. This can be critically devastating to him as his most powerful abilities, channeling energy into White Moon, is measured by time allotment, and he can be made relatively defensless against powerful opponents when his powers fade in the middle of a fight.

Skills/Magic: Ardon can channel the divine energy of his faith into White Moon, based on duration as opposed to power. Ergo, the sword can be charged simply with electrical energy for up to 30 minutes a day, with holy force that cripples evil foes for up to 10 minutes a day, or both for 5 minutes a day. He can supress this at any time to save his time and energy, but using one power supressing it and then using another critically lowers the total time for the day: for instance, using the electrical charge for 5 minutes allows only 5 minutes of holy force and using 5 minutes of holy force allows for only 15 minutes of electrical charge. Using one ability, and then adding the other only subtracts seconds from the total time. Say, he uses electrical charge for 10 minutes, only 20 seconds are taken from the total time. Once both are being used, however, he can't use only one for the rest of the day.

As a secondary power, he often makes use of protection magics as well. For an hour every day he can charge himself with a protective aura against evil individuals. Any being of evil decent or with an evil personality is warded from his body, making it much harder for them to strike at him. This only works against evil individuals.

Appearance: Brother Ardon is a very solemn individual, and all who have traveled with him say that this is shown in his face. His skin is lightly wrinkled and heavily tanned and the shadow of a beard on his face adds to his gruff visage. He bears a multitude of scars, from head to foot and in a variation of sizes, most prominent a large cut across the right cheek. His armor is pure white and shines in the sunlight like a gleaming sun but is far from heavily ornated as their is a simplistic beauty in everything he uses. He wears a large cloak, but it's pure white color and the large insignia of the Order, A blade straight down through a flaming heart, printed on the back hardly keep him hidden in a crowd.

Personality: Ardon is a solemn and stern individual, not saying much and only speaking to say something worth saying. He lacks much of a sense of humor and his eyes suggest a lifetime of pain and loneliness. Many describe him as empty, emotionless, and mercilless. A perfect blade in the hands of the order, and nothing more. More open individuals see pain and vision. Eyes of not emptiness, but of farpresence. He is never truly in the moment, he is somewhere else. The occasional traveler who accompanies may find him looking out into the horizon, and a lucky one may even see a warm, kindhearted smile. And maybe that one individual with the blessings of the dieties will get close enough to see a tear.

Biography: Arnold Douglas Ardon was born of no noble heritage, nor under great tutilege, or even with the aspects of heroism. In fact, Arnold Douglas Ardon of the Order of the Shining Blade was born a vegetation farmer, the son of a vegetation farmer, the son of a vegetation farmer. To the surprise of so very many, he was well over the age of 20 before he ever touched a sword. In his childhood, Ardon sought the life that was handed to him. He was a happy child with a smile on his face at all times and the whole hearted determination to live a peaceful life void of any turmoil. Aside from family, he almost never saw another being save for the few times he went into town with his father as a child and glanced at the wide arrangement of individuals present.

At 14, his life went from peaceful and happy to simply remarkable. Helping his father make vegetable deliveries in town, he was glancing at the different people that passed by and greeted him as he always did on these trips and caught his eye on a clear skinned half-elven girl. It was only for a moment, but seeing this girl changed him and he spent the next year searching for her on every venture in town and every time he found her he would watch her silently from a distance. She was much older then him, but due to her elven heritage and his already gruffening appearance, that did little to not make them look as though they were born on the same day.

After a year of silent watching, the half-elf finally spoke up "It has been almost a year of your short little life and you have done so little else but gawk. A man of courage would have tried to speak to me by now."

Ardon was lost for words for a good minute before he regained himself and replied as best he could, "Well, I ain't no man of courage. But I'm an honest man none the less, and in that honesty I feel that it was your beauty that had me silenced."

A light smile cracked across her face, it was warm and filled with kindness. She walked closer to him and her deep, clear eyes met his and it was in that moment that love transcended through both so truly and deeply that it could be said all in town felt a little better that moment, whether they saw the two or not and to them, all else was forgotten and the two walked off and out of the town together, completely unnoticing Ardon's raging father dissapearing behind them as he left his post. After they were well beyond city walls and far into the uncontrollable wilderness, the half elf looked to him and gave her name, Yvon, as Ardon did the same. They spoke until the sun fell and rose again, and then they spoke more until there was nothing unknown between the two.

As time passed, the two fell deeper in love, and on Ardon's 19th birthday, they were married in the wild field they had spoken in that first night. They managed to make a nice home, a healthy field of thick vegetation that bore the fruits that even the gods could be satisfied with at their table. The next 9 years were the best in Ardon's life and aside from Yvon's occasional partings he was never alone and they were never happier. He would wake each morning to her face smiling back at him, and work in the fields through the day with her helping and smiling not far away. Their love was passionate and pure, and he would look to the night sky with her and watch the stars shimmer above for hours. The night sky was a music to them that sang out a chorus of ecstacy. It was after the first 7 years that Yvon bore a child: a girl they named Alexandra. She had her mother's beauty, and her father's strong grip.

On the tenth year of marriage, however, everything in their peaceful life had changed as an officer of the King's National Army came on their land bearing an issue that drafted Ardon to a miltia camp to be trained for service to the National Army and defend his country from oncoming invaders. He was to work for 5 years under the king and would then be commissioned to return home to this life of peace and hapiness. Given no choice, Ardon said good-bye to his beloved wife and kissed the brow of his young child before leaving, looking forward to seeing them again after those five long years were up.

The militia tought the 28 year old man to hold a sword and a shield, disciplined his mind and body into a strong and sturdy warrior. In those 5 years, he met enemies from orcs, to goblins even to an ogre, and was responisible for the death of well over 30 lives. His power and innate ability was unexpected even by himself, but he never really had the time to acknowledge it at the time. Due to his strength, pure heart, and simple mind, he quickly grabbed the attention of the Order of the Shining Blade. At 32, he was offered to join their ranks as an official knight of the Order. He declined kindly and replied that there was another life eagerly waiting for him back home, a life he would live until the god's themselves took it from him.

It, unfortunately, did not take a god to take this life from him. Only a raging fire on his arrival. He came to find his home in flames, and the wide farmlands ablaze and turned to ash. The single man could do nothing to end the fire and could do little more then watch everything that he had loved turn into black nothingness. Searching through the ruins, he recovered a single corpse. That of a woman, charred beyond all recognition, but undoubtably of elven decent by the delicate figure. He never recovered the body of his child.

Knowing the healing powers the Order was famous for, and the power the gods had over mortals, Ardon took up the only option he could see. He went to the Order of the Shining Blade and swore himself to them and their wishes until the diety of the Shining Order saw him fit of deserving his family back and since then, he has risked his life countless times against unimaginable enemies and has earned a reputation far and wide as the weapon of the god himself. Yet every time he has gone to the diety and asked for his family's return, he has been denied such, once even by an angel of the diety itself, but they were beyond telling him why, leaving him no option but to fight more, and offer more of his service.
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Re: Brother Ardon of the Order of the Shining Blades

Whew. There's quite a bit there, isn't there? It seems good. I would've imagined that being fifty-two would be a bit of a weakness for a paladin, but I suppose that's not necessarily true.

Anyway, very good. *Approved*

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