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Akira, the Bubbly Demon

Name: Akira

Age: 18

Race: Half Cat Demon, Half Ice Demon

Sex: Female

Hair: Blue

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Blue

Weight: 120

Height: 5’4

And Akira's 99 Red Balloons x3 ( never could find a good AMV for that one =/ ) (from Belle =P)

Weapons: Ice is her primary weapon.
She has also stumbled upon this fancy dagger that almost seems to have called to her. It glows with an eerie sapphire light that radiates a mystery about the weapon that Akira knows nothing about yet. (Of course she doesn't) And While she hasn't noticed it, it is slowly siphoning her magic, as well as any other powerfully magic creatures in it's presence.

While the dagger is a new development, there have been two instances where the blade has let loose a miniature ice storm to defend Akira against her enemies. Akira didn't think much on it, though. The dagger is only 10 inches long

Armor: Ice is her only armor.

Strengths: She is very agile and quick, helping her to dodge well and attack fast. She’s thinks things through and is very cautious in a fight. Her ice powers give her a variety of skills to employ when she needs them. Being a cat demon gives her a great amount of stealth and balance. She spends a lot of time in the air and can fly and maneuver very quick and skillfully. She is immune to the cold and most ice spells have no effect on her.

When she goes into her berserker rage, her attacks become twice as lethal and her speed is incredible.

Weakness: Her light frame and lack of armor give her a considerably low defense. She’s quite na´ve and sometimes immature and that can lead to unwanted fights. She of course has a weakness to fire and the such and a minor weakness to light-based attacks as well. She does not like to fight and will usually only stop and restrain an opponent rather then hurting them.

When she goes into her berserker rage, she focuses solely on offensive attacks, with no regard for her own safety, which of coarse makes her quite vulnerable.

Skills/Magic: Ice

Ice Blades: Creates a sturdy blade out of ice. She will sometimes create them as forearm blades so she can still use her hands and, as the blades cover her forearms, she can also easily use them as a shield. The blades are quite durable and will take a good couple of hits before chipping, however, she can easily add more ice to them when this starts happening. They won’t hold up against fire blades very well though. Her blades are so cold that they will do ice damage if she lands a blow, causing the surrounding area to freeze over. This can make movement difficult.

Ice Shards: Shoots ice shards from her hand that can stab and pierce.

Ice Armor: She can basically create ice from anywhere on her body. Although she will usually creates small shields on her forearms, she can also form a shield on her leg, torso, or head if she needs to and has enough time. The shields can form quite fast but still take a couple of seconds. For instance, unless she already has a shield ready, all she can do is hope to dodge an arrow or other projectile

Ice Mist: She can control the ice in the air and cause a thick layer of mist to cover the battle field, she can also freeze the ground while the mist obscures her opponents vision, giving a good chance that they might slip and fall. She can also cause the mist to form on to one person, encasing them in a thin layer of ice.

Ice Wall: Creates a wall of ice to hold someone back or close off a corridor, or to slid it along on the ground and slam it in to someone.

Ice Minion: While she doesn’t have much practice with this skill, she can make a two foot ice minion that looks like a spiky drop of water with arms claws, and legs. She can use it to cast other ice skills and attack or distract opponents. Doing this takes a good deal of concentration, and if broken, the minion will stop obeying her and might run off and melt. She can however gain control over it again if she’s able.

Heal: She has a minor healing spell where she purifies water and weaves it into the wound, magically healing the damage. This ability doesn’t work as well on major injuries and takes a while to fully heal minor wounds.

Freezing touch: When she touches someone she can freeze two feet of that area. If she’s given enough time she can incase someone in ice. She can also freeze other objects and large bodies of water.


Personality: Akira is an all around happy, bubbly person, and is always goofing off and trying to make friends with everyone. She can be rather immature and na´ve, and does not really understand any sort of courtship. She doesn’t like to fight and will usually run away or hide form a battle. She will however, fight back if she is protecting someone or if one can make her mad enough to lash back out. But you will almost never see her mad, for it is very hard to get her angry. But if one ever secede in this, they would forever regret it. Locked in the back of her mind are the suppressed aspects of her true demon self. Both the fierceness of her cat demon half and the warmongering ice demon, pit her into a berserker like rage. While she is in berserker form, she becomes utterly brutal, never holding back, and dealing as much damage as possible with no regard for her own safety. Reverting back to her normal self is only possible after every last foe is no longer a threat and she will fall unconscious, or if she is incapacitated and unconscious. During which time she will obviously be very vulnerable. She will then awaken some time later back to her bubbly self.

Biography: The unholy union of an Ice and Cat demon was punishable by death. Granted they were both a race of demons, these two tribes loathed each other nonetheless. The couple hid in secrecy their love for each other, traveling many miles just to see one another. It wasn’t long before Akira came into their lives. Not knowing what to do with their beloved, yet unborn child, they sought out any being that would be willing to raise the baby in secrecy, away from the ice and cat demons. Finally after months of searching, the ice demon father happened upon a wise old human hermit in the woods, and convinced him to care for the baby. They had been chased for many years, so a week after they had met, the couple dropped the baby at the man’s door step, never to return.

The hermit was pleased just to spend his days drunk, and had lived for years in the wild and could take care of himself. He passed little in worldly or fighting skills, except in how to take care of his own needs with what nature could provide. Akira grew up with a great love for the forest, but dreamed of the big cities that the hermit told her about. She developed a keen sense for healing salves and healing herbs, and how to eek out her own survival by hunting, and she developed a very human personality, taking on the traits of a young human girl, so far removed from her kin and her true nature. And it wasn’t long before she discovered her ice manipulating abilities. She practiced quite often, developing different ways to manipulate the ice, but more than that, she used it in everyday things, treating her skill like a form of amusement more then anything else. She also spent many nights flying through the night sky, as she was warned not show herself to others due to her strange appearance.

The hermit’s alcoholic condition worsened over the years, and he became old, and Akira found herself caring for the both of them. The hermit spent many years in bed, unable to care for himself, and Akira cared for him through those years, telling herself she owed it to him. Then one day she went out hunting, and came back, and he was dead. After an unceremonious, but still very emotional burial, she packed up and set off for the wide world.

She soon found it necessary to hide her bizarre appearance, after the odd looks and at times, attacks she received from traveling threw towns. She now wears a large, dark gray cloak with a hood to hide her demon wings, and cat tail and ears.

Locked deep inside her, is the true nature of her demon self. And she has yet to discover her own berserker fury.
Shy Akira and Suffocate the bunny Akira
Amazing pic by HitokiriChibi ^^
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Re: Akira, the Bubbly Demon


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