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Vaskalen: The Hellfire Sword

Name: Vaskalen
Age: Unknown
Race: Longsword
Sex: Neither, but has Female and Male “voices”
Weight: Approximately 20lbs
Length: 1meter (Blade) 1meter, 30 centimeters total.
Weapon: Itself

Armor: Vaskalen is made from a very powerful metal called Chrome Dextroice. Most other metals cannot even dent this verity of ore. Unfortunately, Chrome Dextroice is an incredibly common metal, however, the strength of the metal is dependent on its purity. For example, a 99% Pure blade of Chrome Dextroice is much weaker then 100% pure Chrome Dextroice

Strengths: The Hellfire Sword has the almost unique ability to communicate to anyone it desires, not just its master. Moreover, the blade possesses a very strong will, so strong in fact that it can convince a wide range of people to do acts of unimaginable horror. The swords greatest strength is that its spirit cannot be destroyed unless the blade itself is destroyed. In this sense, Vaskalen is considered as close to immortal as anything can get. Finally, because it is the Hellfire sword, Vaskalen is immune to fire, dark and non-elemental demonic attacks.

Weakness: Being a sword, Vaskalen is unable to move on it’s own free will. This means that if the person the sword is controlling/taken over is killed, it will be left helpless. Another weakness the blade possesses is that it requires fuel (In this case, blood) to use its special attacks. The more powerful the attack/skill, the more blood that is required to use it. Another weakness Vaskalen curses is the fact that Holy or Light oriented beings and attacks can severely weaken the blade overall. Finally, because the sword is trapped in the mortal realm, it has a power limit of 10% of its true power.

Bloodwave Blade: A slightly more macabre version of the Shockwave Blade attack. As the sword swings it summons a small amount of blood to its tip. When the swing stops, the blood is propelled forward at an immense speed. The laser-like attack and slice through pretty much anything less then a Diamond in strength. However, holy items, no matter how weak, cannot be destroyed immediatly by this attack. In addition, any material harder then a Diamond must be hit multiple times in order to be broken through.

Dragon Teeth: The only special attack Vaskalen knows that does not use any blood. The user simply tightens their grip on the pommel, causing many sharp tooth-like appendages to come out of the blade on one side. The Dragon teeth are useful for tearing up flesh and bone, as well as adding extra strength to the blade itself.

Soluside: This attack is not directed at an enemy, rather the user of the sword itself. Once the user has killed 100 human beings, Vaskalen is then able to devour the soul of the user, adding to its own strength. Once it has done this, the Demon Blade is then able to put it’s own spirit into the body of the victim and still be able to use all of its special attacks. In order for Vaskalen to return to its true strength in the mortal realm, it must devour 1,000 souls. Furthermore, for every 100 the sword regains one of its old powers.

Hellfire: The attack that is also the swords namesake. The fires of hell surround the blade making every cut that is dealt feel 10 to 100 times worse then it is. However, the attack only lasts 10 seconds, so the sword has to get in some hits quickly in order for it to be on any use.

Hell Pyre: The sword is implanted in the ground while the Hellfire attack is in use, causing a large fireball to engulf an area comparable to that of a small city park. This attack would be near deadly to any plant-like creatures.

Diabolic Blast: The most powerful technique that the Vaskalen remembers from the pre-mortal life. The attack uses a whopping two thirds of its maximum blood capacity. The wielder lifts the blade above their head and does a demonic chant. This causes all the negative energy within the blood to manifest itself as a glowing red ball of demonic energy to form on the tip of the sword. Once charged, the wielder swings the sword downward, causing the ball to bound forward in that direction until it hits an object.

The resulting explosion is worth nearly a thousand pounds of TNT when it hits. Naturally, Light elemental or holy creatures are immune to this attack, but nothing else unless it can create a magical shield of some kind.

Hellfire Blast: Hellfire forms on the blade, slowly moving towards the tip of the sword. As the energy grows, a small ball of fire begins to form, showing the attack is charging. When Hellfire Blast is released, it shoots with the force of an artillery cannon, moving with great speed towards the target. On contact, the ball of energy explodes, causing the target to feel Hellfire’s effect as well. At full power, this attack can shatter most barriers; however, at this point in time it cannot destroy magical barriers of any strength.


Drawn by myself. ^_^

Alternate Picture by Quark. =P

Vaskalen has a hole near the base of its blade form an attack on it a long time ago. The hole is almost perfectly circular and there are small cracks surrounding it. The guard of the sword had four claws that extend down and coincidentally, are close to the hole in the blade. The grip has several green bands that look like snakes going around it. Finally, the pommel is a simple point at the end of the grip. Vaskalen’s scabbard is a sky blue colour with golden trim. This is because God turned the scabbard holy in an attempt to stop the sword from freeing itself.

Personality: Vaskalen, being a sword made for Satan, shares many of the same traits as his former master. One of the biggest being that it is malevolent to any creature living or dead. When the blade was forced into exile in the mortal universe, it developed a deep-seated hatred for its former master. Moreover, during its exile Vaskalen grew sadistic as revenge fantasies ran through its imagination. When it was finally released, the Demon Blade became dead set in its goal: To create a Hell on Earth in which it stood as King, to topple both Heaven and its master’s Hell. Because of this goal, the Sword of Hellfire became selfish in addition to being malevolent and sadistic.

Three years had passed since the Great Uprising, an event that had brought much suffering to the ones who followed the angel know as Lucifer. However, the resolve of these fallen angels had never been stronger since their master unveiled a plan to invade the place they once called home. Since that day, deep in the bowels of Hell, the craftsman had been hard at work preparing all the equipment. The crown jewel of which, would be the sword created for their master.


The small, green lizard-like demon rushed past the hordes of other fallen angels clutching a long wooden box. Long had he worked on this, his finest blade. All that hard work was about to pay off, as he was sure he would please his master with his creation. The long trek to the Dark Palace was nearly over, the lizard demon finally making it to the top of the brimstone hill. From the top of the hill, the small demon could see the Palace in its entirety. In the middle of a lake of fire, the Fortress made even the demon shiver slightly in fear. What if his master hated the sword? Would he kill the lizard? Or worse, banish him to the sulfur pits?

The wind began to pick up, casting ash down his throat. He quickened his pace to make up for time he had lost earlier in the journey. At the foot of the Castle sat a small village, home to some of the most vile and deadly demons in all of Hell. However, at the city entrance two monstrous bull-like demons waited for him, they then escorted him, and his valuable cargo, through the slum of a city, unscathed.

The creature made its way through the enormous castle, taking in all of the scenery along the way. After nearly twenty minutes of traversing through the maze-like halls, the demon finally came to the last set of stairs. He licked his scaly lips in anticipation as he ascended the red stone stairs to the Grand Throne Room, stopping at its huge black doors to take in the horrifying beauty of it. On either side stood a massive red dragon, guarding the doors to the King of the Underworld.

The over-grown lizard gave the two dragons a shallow nod. They then returned the gesture, turned their backs on the demon and knocked on the great doors a total of three times, each making a booming echo that shook the small creature to his very bones. The doors then opened, blood-red light spilling forth as though from a wound. The lizard-demon sheepishly walked beyond the threshold, clutching the package in its claws.

On top of the massive, demonic throne in the room sat the King of the Underworld. He was a beast of unimaginable horror and malevolence, able to kill any demon or evil dragon at the drop of a stalactite. As the miniscule lizard approached the leviathan, it could fell the sheer power his master possessed course throughout his bones, like a chilling winter’s wind.

“Right on time,” spoke the King of the Hell. His very voice possessed incredible power, strong enough to match that of the one who had caused both the lizard and his master to live in these unsavory conditions. There were also several other frightening beasts in the room, probably planning for the impending war. “Now show me the blade which is to be mine, and which will assist us in the war to come.”

“Yes, Milord,” voiced the demon with an obvious tint of fear. He placed the box on the red-gem incrusted table in front of the massive throne and opened the box. Inside lay a sword of such strength that it seemed to glow a colour that matched the King’s skin perfectly.

The Demon Lord took hold of the sword and gave it a few test swings. Satisfied, he lowered the tip slightly and smirked saying; “Good work. Just the kind of quality I expected from you, Gratech.” The small lizard demon known as Gratech grinned from ear to scaly ear upon hearing how happy his master was with the blade he had worked for so long to make.

“Um, Sir. You said you would give me a reward if I made a sword you liked, sir,” whispered the demon.

“That I did,” replied the Devil. “Your reward for creating such a powerful blade is this: You will be its first victim.” The Master of shadows then thrust the sword into what would have been the demons heart, the expression of shock still etched on his face. He died in instantly. After a few seconds, the limp body began to glow, then slowly dissolved into the sword.

The red gem in the center of the guard began to shine blood red, causing several intricate lines to appear on the entire guard of the sword. The King of the Underworld, knowing what had just transpired, spoke to the sword, as though it could hear, “My blade of Hellfire, what name do you chose for yourself?”

To the astonishment of everyone in the room, a voice comparable to that of the Devil came as if from nowhere. “Let my name strike terror in the hearts of both men and angel, for from this day forth I shall be known as … Vaskalen.”


Several months later, all of Hell knew of the creation of Vaskalen: The Hellfire Sword. With this new, terrible blade in their possession, the armies of Hell felt confident that they would win in the battle to come with those who exiled them. During this time, the sword had learnt the extent of its powers; however, it unexpectedly began to develop a mind of its own. Hoping to stop it from choosing the “wrong” path, the King of the Underworld influenced it as if it had so many others, although it was not needed.

Soon came the day the armies of Hell would invade the realm they had been rejected from, Heaven.


“My fellow outcasts,” addressed the Devil to his vast army. “Had it not been for the angels that alerted God of our revolutionary ideas, we would be the ones enjoying paradise, and not those inferior beings that put us down here! Our trials have only made us stronger, and today we shall take our rightful place as the rulers of the mortal and spiritual world, using our hardships as our drive for victory!” To that, all two billion demons in the army erupted in a defining roar of approval. “Now,” continued Satan, “On to the gates of Heaven!”

Suddenly, a massive gate made from bones appeared to the multitude of demons, opening to the gates of Heaven. The massive army began to march through this massive gate, eager to take the guards by surprise and capture the Golden Throne Room, the place where the almighty himself governed all of existence.

“You suck at making speeches,” voiced Vaskalen to his wielder.

“At least I am a better public speaker then you, Vaskalen,” replied the devil.

The Sword of Hellfire did not say another word, for it knew its master was correct.


The first real war in Heaven raged for days afterwards. The forces of Hell were unable to penetrate the inner walls that separated them from their goal. Satan and his generals, along with Vaskalen, met to formulate a plan to breach the innermost wall. Together they came up with a plan so perfect, in their opinion, that they felt they could not fail. However, they would never anticipate that God had planned for this by having a sword of his own made.

After a successful breach of the wall, the Devil and his army came face to face with their polar opposites. It was also then that Vaskalen learned the name of its rival sword, Himotarien. Throughout the battle, the two swords and their masters battled furiously for control over the universe. However, just as the battle seemed to favor that of evil, an angel shot a holy arrow at the King of Hell. Fortunately, the arrow missed. Unfortunately, however, it hit Vaskalen near the base of its blade.

The holy arrow created a big, nearly perfectly circular hole in Vaskalen. Suddenly, the sword found itself weakened exponentially; the red gem in the center of its guard ceased glowing. Consequently, the intricate red lines also vanished. Furthermore, the Hellfire Sword could no longer use any of its most powerful moves.

Predictably, because of the loss of his weapons power, the armies of Hell were vanquished and sent back to their realm. However, to prevent this from happening again, God met with Satan one last time to go over the details of the defeat. Vaskalen would never forget this moment.


The two forces sat on either side of a long, marble table. The damaged Vaskalen and its opposite Himotarien, lay side by side closer to the others master then their own. For days the two forces discussed what was to become of their blades, since the defeat meant decommissioning the arms of both sides. However, the stubborn Devil caved in to the demands of God. Both of them would hide the others’ sword in the mortal world so that the rest of the universe, not just earth, would know good from evil.

God stretched his arm across the table and took hold of Vaskalen’s scabbard. The black coloured and ruby encrusted sheath turned sky blue and gold trimmed after the holy one uttered a small chant. He then took Vaskalen by the grip and sheathed it. The Hellfire sword was left speechless. Was this really happening? Was its master really going to let his enemy dispose of it like this?

A stone chest appeared on the table were the blade once lay. Vaskalen tried with all its might to tell his master to stop this, but the words failed to come out. Later, the sword would realize that God suspended its ability to speak until it was secure inside the chest. Nevertheless, that wouldn’t stop the Demon Blade from developing a deep hatred for its former master. Never would it forget looking at his unemotional face as the lid of the chest slammed shut.


Many millennia passed as Vaskalen lay inside the stone chest. It had no Idea where the its stone prison was, but as the years began to blend together it did not matter. Trapped within it’s small confines, the Hellfire sword began to plan its revenge on the one it had once called “Master.” In addition, the sword also formed the ideal that all extremes, most of which were good and evil, must be eliminated in order for the blade to find any peace for itself. Even if it meant destroying countless souls in the process. Furthermore, the sword developed a series of new, less powerful attacks in order to survive in the mortal realm once someone found it. Thankfully, after seven hundred thousand years of being imprisoned, a small satanic cult would uncover it. Then its plan could commence.


“Ladies and Gentlemen,” sounded the voice of the cult leader. “Today the unholy one has blessed our endeavor to purge the world of all the religious scum. For before you in this stone chest lies the sword which all holy men fear, behold my brethren, the sword of the devil himself, Vaskalen!”

The foolish man then opened the great stone chest with relative ease. Apparently, God was convinced no mortal would ever find the chest, or its contents. For the first time in eons the sword saw light, being removed from its prison. The man then lifted the sword into the air, showing off its demonic beauty. However, before another word could be uttered, fate got in Vaskalen’s way. The police stormed the building in which the cult had assembled, arrested all inside, and locked Vaskalen as evidence.

Some months later, the cult members stood trial. The sword, as evidence, was displayed on a long table in front of the Judge’s bench. The Hellfire Blade knew it would need a wielder, but none of the people in the courthouse looked like they could handle a sword very well. All it would need though, is some time.

One of the members of the Jury seemed to have a very weak conscience; just what Vaskalen needed for its first host. He was a slender, weak man, but until the Demon Blade could find someone better he would have to do. After all, he was light which meant he could run fast.

With its target chosen, Vaskalen began a small mental attack on the man. Hello there, said the blade to the man in his mind. The man was startled; it was not every day that one hears voices. He promptly dismissed it as a hallucination and turned his attention back to the trial. You know you want me, continued the sword, this time in a female voice. Just take me and I can give you anything you want. Just name it and I can help you get it.

Anything? Inquired the man.

Anything, responded the blade.

The man stayed still for only a few seconds after that before he bounded from the Jury and rushed toward the sword. He had only just gotten to the table before the bailiffs caught him. However, he had already grabbed hold of the sword. They want to take away your greatness, said Vaskalen. Kill them.

The man drew the Demon sword form its scabbard and stabbed both the bailiffs in the stomach. Other police officers rushed in to see the sight before them. Leave no witnesses. Kill them all! The man complied quite easily with the swords will, and within ten minutes slew everyone in the courthouse, especially the cult members.


Since that day, Vaskalen has gone through 100 wielders, unlocking one of its old per-mortal specials, Diabolic Blast. Today, the Sword of Evil continues to ravage everyplace it visits in an attempt to complete its goal and get its revenge on both God and Satan.


~End History~

OoC: Yeah, I know the History part goes from good to bad, but at least it gets the message across, right?



Name: Galan
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Weight: 130lbs
Height: 5’3”
Hair: Red.
Eyes: Emerald Green
Weapon: Vaskalen: The Hellfire Sword.

Personality: Galan is quite headstrong as well as a little insecure, especially about his height. He does not like to think that anyone is above him in ability, only below despite the fact he, on more then one occasion, was beaten.

Strengths: The young swordsman posses incredible stamina as well as determination. In addition, he is not too shabby with a blade, although he is nowhere close to being a master swordsman. Finally, Galan is a fast learner, and thus can adjust his fighting style to the opponent he is facing.

Weaknesses: Unfortunately, Galan is easily frustrated and regularly becomes enraged about comments concerning his height. Moreover, he has a low tolerance to pain, often Vaskalen has to force him to continue the fight, even against his own will.

Abilities: See Vaskalen’s Abilities.

Appearance: Being a bit of a rebel, Galan wears his ear-length hair as though he never tends to it, because he does not. On his left ear, the swordsman sports a single earring: a small longsword. He never wears any black or leather clothing, preferring to go for a more “worn down” look. This means all of his clothes, from his usual red or green T-shirt, to his jeans, to his running shoes, look as though they have been overused.

Biography: Born and raised in the small town of Halis, Kitoman, Galan never fit in with the other kids his age because of his height. This led him to self-exile, preferring to study the ways of the sword rather then playing with the others. One day when he was 19, Galan was forced to take part in a rite-of-passage ceremony that included teamwork with a fellow village member.

Upon returning, the villages found out that Galan slew the other boy for getting in his way. Galan then decided to leave the village to avoid the penalty, death. However, after a couple year of wandering, the young man found the sword known as Vaskalen. Shortly after, he returned to his village and razed it to the ground, killing everyone and everything that dwelled within.


Name: Mioska
Race: Human (Deceased)
Sex: Female
Age: 120
Weight: 137 lbs.
Height: 5’ 6”
Hair: A very dark shade of purple
Eyes: Blood Red
Weapons: Darkness, Vaskalen: The Hellfire Sword.

Personality: At a young age, Mioska was diagnosed with a multiple-personality disorder. That being said, she has five dominant personalities. They are as follows: Innocent/childlike, Sadistic, Lustful, Depressed, and Lazy. All of those names accurately describe each personality to a tee. Therefore, there is no need to go further.

Strengths: Being already dead, Mioska cannot die again. Although she has a physical body, all the wounds she has inflicted on her are automatically healed. Furthermore, when she died she gained complete control over darkness. Both the literal, and the kind that exists in the heart of mankind.

Weaknesses: Despite being what is called a “True Immortal”. Mioska has some rather grave weaknesses; the most predominant of all is that she is clinically insane. This means that she is easily distracted in battle, along with her disorder. This can prove to be both a strength and weakness. The second is that all of her attacks and abilities have little or no effect on holy or light-based people/objects.

Abilities: Almost complete control over Darkness and shadow. The only thing she can’t do with them is make others like herself. In addition, when she uses Vaskalen, she can use the abilities it has.

Appearance: Being the strange woman she is, Mioska will wear her hair anyway she feels like. One day, it will be straight, the next it will be braided, as an example. Sometimes, she will wear a hat or other accessory, depending on her current personality and mood. When it comes to her wardrobe, she is not meticulous: As long as it is black, she does not care a single bit.

Biography: Born to a rich family in the capital of Mistalin, Madorian City, Misoka was privileged to the finer things in life. However, he parents constantly told her that she was a mistake, a consequence of unprotected intercourse. Although they provided for her physical needs, despite her mental disorder, her parents neglected her emotional need to the point where she bit off a classmate’s ear.

For the next dozen years, she studied the forbidden spells in magic, her mother being a retired Dark Mage. Upon discovery, her own mother reported her to the authorities where she received the punishment: Death by firing squad. After dying, the element she coveted gave her the opportunity to join it forever, to get revenge. She accepted and killed everyone that made her life miserable. Finding the Sword of Hellfire only made the final three targets easier to destroy.


Name: Zalif
Race: Human
Age: 31
Weight: 145lbs.
Height: 5’8”
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Weapons: Longbow/Adamant Arrows, Vaskalen: The Hellfire Sword.

Personality: When it comes to social interaction, Zalif would rather remain quiet. However, he is very honourable and quite the gentleman. He will refuse to strike a woman, even if his “master” insists that he do so. In battle, he remains just has honourable, giving his opponent a proper burial if they die, or letting them live to fight another day.

Strengths: Zalif is an excellent archer and a very accurate shot with his bow. As stated before, he holds very high standards in both life and battle, which has earned him many allies in his life.

Weaknesses: Unfortunately, Zalif is an unwilling servant to Vaskalen. This means that he is more inclined to lose a battle just so he either can die, or be rid of the Hellfire sword.

Abilities: For a human, he has great skill with a bow and arrow. One time, he managed to hit a fly from a distance of about 100 yards, as an example to his skill. However, he is no swordsman. When using Vaskalen, he often leaves himself open to attacks, a great chance for an experienced swordsman to cut him down.

Appearance: Zalif always likes to keep a formal appearance, wearing clothes such as suits or tuxedos. Other then that, he is clean-shaven, keeps his hair tidy and in order, and has no scars or other aspects that set him apart. This is a great advantage for Vaskalen if he tries to corrupt a corporation into doing his dirty work.

Biography: Unlike Vaskalen’s other two servants, Zalif was raised like any child should be. Although he does not remember his birthplace, he considers his place of origin to be the city his parents moved to. The World Capital: Minoria. All throughout his schooling, Zalif refused to learn about swords, preferring the less-beaten path of archery instead. When he left school, he was considered the best archer on the Western continent.

Because of his prowess, Vaskalen, Galan, and Mioska, decided to hunt him down. Together, Mioska and Vaskalen put a spell on Zalif, binding him to them. Now, Zalif is forced to do the bidding of the Hellfire sword, trapped in the spell until either he dies, or the sword itself is destroyed.

The Nightmare Begins. - Complete!
Skies of Blood. - Complete!
Decent Unto Chaos. - In Progress.

Road to Redemption - In Progress (Features its servant, Mioska. Vaskalen is more of an NPC here then anything)

(Forgot who made the sig. Sorry. =/)

Voices from the back of my mind~!
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Re: Vaskalen: The Hellfire Sword

A sword as a character? Strange...but good enough. The only thing is:

- The Bloodwave Blade skill. Other character's swords might not be that strong, so tone it down a bit.

Other than that, this character is approved.

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Re: Vaskalen: The Hellfire Sword

Made the changes.

I can't believe I forgot to make a weakness for Bloodwave Blade. I guess my mind must have been elsewhere when I wrote it or something.

(Forgot who made the sig. Sorry. =/)

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Re: Vaskalen: The Hellfire Sword

Well, it looks okay to me now.


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not to let me fall into the hands of this angel.”

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Tomorrow is a new day. Why let it be the same as the day before?
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Re: Vaskalen: The Hellfire Sword

Thank you for giving Vaskalen the honour of being your first approved character, Angel!

(It is your first approved, right?)

(Forgot who made the sig. Sorry. =/)

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