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Jaxes weapons master, and Faze rock beast

Name: Jaxes

Called by: Weapons master

Species: Human

Weight: 192lbs.

Height: 6.2 ft.

Armor: Almost none except for a shoulder plate on each shoulder with a spike sticking out of it.

Weapons: Blade of the phoenix. Blade of the fallen ice angel. Two hatchets. Concealed knives all over him. He also has a back pack containing a spike chain mace and a spiked ball mace. He also has two elven curved swords at his back, and a broad sword at his side. The blade of the phoenix sets things on fire with the touch. But it cant pierce heavy armour. The phoenix blade is a fire red color. It has a black stripe coming down the middle of it though. The blade of the fallen ice angel can turn things to ice on a deep cut. Unlike the phoenix sword, it has to make a deep cut in the person, and can pierce heavy armour because of its slender form. The blade of the fallen ice angel is a bluish white blade that is made of blue metal and coated in white ice. The phoenix sword can spark to fire on will and the blade of the fallen ice angel, also called the White, can shoot a quick ice beam from the tip of the blade.

Appearance: Broad shoulders. Tall, fairly tall. Dark tan skin( he is cockasian). He also has muscular legs and arms. He also has a clack cloak and black clothe all over him. He is dressed in the manner of a ninja. He has a few different helmets. He has a Helmet that covers his face in a thick glass/metal combination face plate, and a heavy furish animal that runs down the back of the helmet. He also has an iron helmet with one eye slit that comes across his from tip of eye to eye. He has long black hair.

Personality: Calm, and happy. All the time. He laughes constantly. He cracks lame jokes in an attempt to make Faze laugh. Never works.

Strengths: He can use each one of his weapons with skills matched by none on his world. Due to the fact that all he did and all he does all his life is train with his weapons. He is also very good at blending into his enviorment. The only magic he has is in his two swords.

Weaknesses: Almost all elemental attacks can take him down. If he has his Blade of the Fallen ice angel he is impervious to ice attacks. If he has the Blade of the phoenix, he is impervious to fire attacks.

Skills/Magic/Abilities: None other than his sword.

Bio: He was young. Very young. His mother and father went to the store to pick up some essentials. They were very poor. They came back with what they went for and were killed the next day for shop lifting. They lived in a strict community. It was instant death to break a law, and instant death to be different. The soldiers that were supposed to protect the city, did more damage then the citys enemies. He was moved to an orphanage. Even dirtier then his house. All the children were in rags. Some of them did not even have that.

Two years later the orphanage was shut down. All the children were now on the streets, and those on the streets were cut down mercilessly for not having any money. He was caught after robbing a store for food. The soldiers chased him, and he found himself hiding in a house. By then he was five. He looked around as the soldiers ran by. A man by the name of Sesous lived there. Jaxes turned around to see the man. The man was armed with a sword. He called the child over. Jaxes then explained his life story to the man. This was not the first person the man had taken in. A toad by the name of Faze was with him. Faze could turn to rock, and was not much older then Jaxes. Faze was seven.

The soldiers came back, but Sesous was well trained in the skills of battle and killed all ten of the soldiers that came. He killed them all in a matter of seconds. From then on Jaxes was trained by Sesous alongside Faze. Untill the soldiers came again. The naghbor had tipped of the soldiers that a toad lived next door. The house was ransacked by a large platoon. Sesous killed many of them, and the children hid in the back room. Even though they were fifteen by then. Faze had taken toad form. He crushed soldiers that got by Sesous and Jaxes witch were few. But then more started coming and Jaxes could not handle all of them by himself. Faze stepped in at full fury. He crushed his opponents like a leaf.

They left the town after finding Sesous dead with seven arrows in him. They escaped killing only ninety soldiers including the ones in the house. Once out they became well known. Hero’s. They traveled and protected all the innocent. The then found themselves in a new land. One full of hero’s and villains. One that they came to call home.

Name: Faze

Called by: Rock beast

Species: Toad( pronounced Toe-ad( creature that can turn his body into something else. Exp: Turn from human form into a walking rock. That is Fazes shift form))

Weight: 170 in human form and 900 in rock form

Height: Human form is 6.1” and rock form is 7” even.

Armor: None

Weapons: A giant battle axe with a spike handle on the end. The axe alone weighs over two-hundred pounds. He also has a massive hammer. On one end is the bigger part of the hammer, and the other side of the big hammer is a precision hammer for making well aimed blows. The first part of the hammer is to completely crush his opponents in a single swipe. The battle axe is massive on both sides and can cut through a boulder with just dropping it, no pressure behind it.

Appearance: In human form he has grayish tan skin and is bald. He is tall, and has a heavy set skull. He is broad and muscular. He is extremely muscular. He is built like a mobile wall. All he wears is a pair of magic black shorts that can change to rock when he changes.

Personality: Grim. He never laughs. He talks kindly with a certain calmness in his heart, yet is almost always placed under battle fury in every battle.

Strengths: Faze can turn into a walking rock. He is basically impervious to all melee attacks then. He can use both his weapons to the fullest extent, and is the only one who can do so. Both his weapons will only allow him to pick them up. The magic surrounding them will set fire, or ice to all those who touch them. Faze is also basically unstoppable when he starts running in rock form. In battle frenzy is three times stronger then normal. Not in battle frenzy he is five times as strong as an above average strength human.

Weaknesses: Faze can not swim in rock form. Also all Ice based attacks can freeze him instantly. Ground based attacks, like vines and stuff can way him down also. He is not good at fighting creatures faster then himself, which are many.

Skills/Magic/Abilities: None except shorts.

Bio: He was not born in the city, but in a small village outside the city. None of the villagers knew that he and his family were Toads. He was never told not to use his powers. One day at school a bully was pushing him around. He took rock form and put the bully through a wall. The bully was unconscious for weeks, and the villagers chased him and his family out. The soldiers at the gate had been tipped off to the toad familys coming and a trap was set. Archers killed both parents, and Faze barely managed to avoid the arrows.

The soldier set out a foot, and chased Faze down. Faze turned into the rock beast that was his heritage. He broke through the wall at only five years old and that was no small feet. He was chased down to an alley, where he killed two soldiers before getting pinned down by five other soldiers. He struggled until a man named Sesous jumped down from the roof, and killed the remaining soldiers. Sesous had heard of toads special abilities so he took the toad in. From there Faze was given two weapons, and trained to use his powers. He was there two years before Jaxes came to the house ( from there the bio is the same as Jaxes).

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