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Raina Lunawyn

Name:Raina Lunawyn
Eyes:Green and gold
Hair:Brown and blond
Appearance:Sleek, curvaceous, and solid, Raina's physical presence alone commands respect. Her thick, honey-brown hair falls in waves to her waist with golden highlights. But, her eyes are her most stunning feature. Around her pupils, a starburst of gold traces across an emerald background like lightning. She wears black jeans, leather boots, a green T-shirt, and a sleek, hip-length leather jacket.

Weapons:A bounty hunter and police consultant specializing in the preternatural, this self-sufficient hunter is competent at hand-to-hand combat, but excels in weapons use. She carries a plethora of blades and small firearms hidden on her person, mostly silver in nature: from the blessed cross she wears around her neck, to the various blades hiding on her person, to the silver Glaser safety rounds she carries in her favorite gun, she is armed to the teeth.
Armor:The leather boots and jacket she wears are actually made of dragon hide, thus making them impervious to fire and extremely tough.
Skills/Magic:Raina is a shapeshifter. She is able to take the form of any animal, living, dead, extinct, or mythical, her favorite being a tigress. Her powers also give her an ability to communicate with animals.

Edit: Her stay among the royal fey has awakened new abilities inherited from her mixed ancestry. Among these are two special abilities:
The Hand of the Wild: This is an inhancement of her natural ability to communicate with animals, and extends it to include nature itself.
The Hand of Blood: This frightening ability allows her to call blood from a wound inflicted on a person's body. If enough power is poured into this ability, it can worsen wounds already inflicted, a small wound becoming devastating as the blood is forced out of the body through it.
She is unable to use these abilities if not in full human form.

Strengths:Her abilities give her an extremely strong lifeforce, heightened senses, increased strength, speed and stamina, and incredible healing potential, nearly to the point of regeneration. An extensive knowledge of both the natural and preternatural worlds.

Weaknesses: After a full shapeshift, Raina is unable to return to her human form for 8hrs, at which point she falls unconscious for up to several hours afterward. If she is forced to return herself to human shape before the required 8hrs has passed, she may be unconscious for as long as a day.
Edit: After spending time in the courts of faerie, meeting her ancestor and learning about her heritage, Raina has developed the ability to shift her form without penalty of unconsciousness.

Personality:Blunt and businesslike when it comes to work, Raina seems an entirely different person when left to her leisure. Bright, witty and flirtatious, she enjoys getting to know new people and loves expanding her knowledge.
Edit: Her time spent among the politics of the immortal and the supernatural has made her ruthless. She is slow to trust, and relies on her animal instincts far more. Though not an evil person by any means, she will do whatever is necessary to do the job she is given.

History: Raina had a fairly ordinary childhood; loving parents, friends, school, until she was about 10. Then, one night she and her mother were involved in a car crash. The were hit by a drunk driver, and her mother was thrown halfway through the windshield. But, the horror had only begun, for drawn by the scent of blood, a young vampire showed itself, finishing the job, kiling her mother and feeding right before Raina's eyes, then turning and killing the drunk in the other car as well. The only thing that kept the young girl alive was the fact that she was not human at the time. Imagine the paramedic's surprise when he arrived on the scene to find a woman and a tiger cub in the car. The young cub was sent to the city zoo where it was housed with a tigress as a surrogate mother. But, the paramedic's surprise was nothing compared to the zookeeper's surpirse when he arrived to work the next morning to find a young girl sitting in the tigress' cage, seemingly chatting amiably with the large cat.

Raina was reunited with her relieved father, and taken to see her paternal grandmother, the matriarch of the family and a witch, who shed some light on the situation. Far back in the family history, one of Raina's ancestors had been of faerie. Not merely any fairy, but a Sidhe, a royal of faerie. The girl's shapeshifting abilities, like her unusual eyes, were a throwback to that ancestor which surfaces every few generations.

Armed with this knowledge, Raina and her father went back to life as usual, in spite of a few things, like neighborhood dogs sometimes coming by to ask if Raina could come out to play, or the occasoinal raccoon letting itself in for a leisurely chat while Raina was trying to do her homework, and Raina changing shape once a month.

Eventually, her father remarried. She was by no means a bad woman, quite the contrary, she was a very kindly sort of person, but could not quite wrap her head around the fact that Raina did not have some sort of ...affliction. The two never saw quite eye to eye, and though there were never open hostilities, there always remained a sort of unease between them. Her stepmother always wanting to be helpful in some way, but never really succeeding, simply because she had never really gotten to know Raina.

After graduating highschool, Raina went on to college taking her degree in zoology with an emphasis in preternatural biology. Thus armed, the determined girl took her internship with a seasoned vampire/lycanthrope hunter, seeking a profession that would allow her revenge on the monster who killed her mother and protect others from the same fate, while using her unusual talents.

By some twist of fate, not long after her apprenticeship, Raina found herself in the Dome under the tutelage of one Aurora, who taught her to hone her powers and use them to her advantage in her work, eliminating the need to change once a month unwillingly among other talents that were uncovered in Raina, linking her more closely with the magic in her family tree.

After this training, Raina became much renowned as a Hunter, having a record number of executions under her belt, and her knowledge was much utilized in her work as a consultant on preternatural crimes with the police.

She also hopes to one day meet the immortal ancestor who gave her such unusual abilities.
Edit: After finishing her time under Aurora's tutelage, she was sent on a journey by the Dome. In the course of her travels, she finally met her ancestor, a royal of the Faerie courts. Her time living within the magical courts developed new powers within her, bringing her in touch with the magic flowing through her veins. However, her blunt personality was not suited to a life of political intrigue in the courts, and much of her new powers were awakened in the midst of duels.

Eventually, the Dome sent her home, and now in the modern city the preternatural community finds her even more a force to be reckoned with... or to be bargained with. Both the vampire and lycanthrope comunities seek to curry favor, and seek alliances. She juggles the calls of her awakened powers, her work, her mind, her heart, and her heritage, seeking a balance between who and what she is, and what she is becoming...
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Re: Raina Lunawyn

Nicely done. Her personality is a little short, but describes her sufficiently. Quality over quantity. That's what everyone's trying to drill into my skull .


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