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Crystal the Ice Elf

Name: Crystal

Age: 17

Race: elf

Sex: female

Hair: long black hair w/ ice blue bangs.

Eyes: a forest green

Weight: 130 lbs.

Height: 5 ft. 9 in.

Weapon: Crystal wields an enchanted short sword. It has a dark blue handle with a sapphire jewel in the pommel. The blade is roughly 16Ē long and is a deep blue. The blade is surrounded by a blue flame that doesnít give off light and freezes anything that it touches. The fire doesnít spread through a body and leaves a closed scar, frozen shut when it leaves itís target. This process keeps an enemy from bleeding but is excruciatingly painful. The weapon can be used to freeze water, an opponent, or small patches of ground if she uses it correctly. She has the ability to quench the fire if she chooses to by magic, but rarely does this as she doesnít like to draw blood. Other then this way, the fire cannot be extinguished.

Armor: She travels in a suit where the top is a leather hide made from the skins and scales of lizards and snakes. They are painted blue to match the rest of her attire and are painted with several black tribal marks for effect. The scales protect most of her body and are chained together with a fine but durable thread.

Strengths: She is relatively strong for her size and a fast runner. She is an effective myrmidon in her unique style of swordplay that focuses mainly on quick but deep thrusts and slashes. She excels in ice magic, especially for her age, and usually knows how to trick her opponents into giving her what she needs.

Weakness: She is incredibly vulnerable to fire, due to her ice qualities, and is weakened being too close to it. Warm environments also tamper with her magic skills and her sword loses much of itís power in warm terrain. Also, she is unable to cast many of her spells if she is not near a water source. She doesnít like the sight of blood as it nauseates her and she is often easily startled. She has a hard time paying attention to her surroundings when not in combat. This leaves her very open to a stealth attack.

Skills/Magic: Crystal is a master of ice magic and has created many techniques which she uses quite often in combat.

Ice Flurry: Crystal draws upon her magic ability to animate small shards of ice which she uses as projectiles at long range. This requires several seconds to do as it takes time to animate each shard.

Ice Shield: When near a water source, she can draw out water and make a wall of ice out of it that surrounds and protects her from any angle she draws the water. This is done instantly and can be used multiple times to defend herself or can be used as a blunt weapon if aimed correctly.

Spire: If there is water underground nearby, she can draw the water to a designated spot underground and launch it out as a sharp, frozen spire. This requires a lot of energy to do but can be deadly to the foe depending on how much water she can draw.

Frost: This spell allows Crystal to chill the air around her with a 30 ft. radius. This makes it extremely cold and almost impossible for anything to get close to her without freezing. Requires a lot of her energy and is usually used as a last resort.

Animate Ice: This spell is not very useful during combat, but she finds ways to use it. By focusing on a certain spot, she can make ice begin to slowly creep from it and follow her eyes to a different location. This is useful in such ways as creating a bridge across a crevasse or sealing shut a door. It canít be cast on or very close to anything living or that exerts heat from itís body, works better if object cast on is cold.

Appearance: Crystalís skin is a light shade of blue. Her nails are naturally a deep indigo and her fingers are relatively long and bony. She is a beautiful elf, with a fair but almost depressing face that makes one wonder if something is troubling her. Her jaw is thin and pointed at the end, unlike the rest of her well rounded, fair face. Her armor is designed like a dress that ends at her thighs, allowing her better movement. She has a relatively thin body shape, but manages to retain curve. Her muscles are lean but very strong despite their thin appearance. She wears a silver band around her upper left arm that is shaped like a snake. It coils around her arm to appear like 3 bands along her arm. She wears dark makeup on her face and tribal art drawn around her eyes in black paint, giving it more of a dark look that adds to the sadness of her appearance. Her hair is straight and laid behind her large, thin Elven ears except for the blue bangs which hang in her face. She keeps her sword in a tribal patterned, teal sheath that is always at her side. She has 3 small, silver, hoop earrings in each ear, each front one having a small sapphire in the bottom and a silver, circular labret piercing.

Personality: She is kind to the people she knows and trusts. She has learned to never fully trust anyone though and would never risk her own life for another, unless they gave her reason to. She is usually very quiet and shows little to no care for most things. She often tries to hide her feelings but people still notice the pain and sadness in her eyes. She is often very cold to her enemies and is merciless in combat. She holds a strong prejudice against humans and will often attack one on sight.

Biography: Born in a small rural village of Ice elves high in the snowy mountain peeks, Crystal enjoyed many of the pleasures of a simple, peaceful life through most of her childhood. She had no noble blood and was one of many daughters of an ice sculptor.

Her life was filled with joy and happiness as a peasant girl until one day, while she was beyond the town borders collecting food, a bandit raid invaded her home, killing everything and everyone in site. When she came back, all she had known and loved in her life was gone. The entire place was rank with the scent of human, and she could still feel their presence as she walked through the burned and blackened streets.

Praying that her family still lived, she approached her homeÖfinding it too in ruins. The site of her families corpses sprawled across the house was far too much for any little girl to handle. She passed out on the floor, out cold for hours. When she awoke, night had fallen over the ruins and her poor families bodies had begun to decay. She sat by their bodies the entire night, ignoring the smell and the dark. She didnít care about anything anymore, her life was empty now and there was no one to look up to and nothing to comfort her when she was afraid. The next morning, the 9 year old girl buried the corpses in their yard alone.

For the next 5 years, she became a lonely wanderer. Traveling from town to town, looking for a home and watching the human filth destroy shame the things that her kind held most dearly. She didnít understand the joy they found in suffering and it sickened her.

One day, while walking through the towns, she saw a man walking down the street. She had become so enraged by his mere presence that she pulled him into a back alleyway and killed him with her bare hands. She was terrifiedÖbut it felt so good to do! She easily escaped the town with no one noticing and then set out on a quest to avenge her beloved family and train herself to destroy as many as possible.
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Re: Crystal the Ice Elf


Nice character you have here. Makes me glad I'm a dragon rather than a human.

There's just a couple of changes I'd like you to make, then I can approve her.

1) I'd like you to put in a downside for each of Crystal's magical abilities - something to deter you from using them again and again.

2) You don't mention where Crystal got her sword from or learned her magic in the Bio. If you can add those in without ruining the tone of her story, then please do so.

That's it. I'll check back once you're done.

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