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Meta-Elemental (Rio)

I already had this approved like a 7 months ago, but than i quit ZU, so I'm just reposting it again just incase the acceptance rules changed.


Character Name: Meta-Elemental

Real Name: Rio
Appearance: A samus-Aran type (see sig). Has a 'All Seeing Eye' engraved everwhere. Blue/gray armor with a sword and sheild ready.

Age Before Accident: 26

Age Present: 32

Race: Human/ Android

Sex Before Accident: Male

Sex Present: Android (Male)

Height: 6’1”

Weight unarmored (pounds): 172

Weight armored (pounds): 386

Build: Under metal, seems week, but very strong.

Skin: N/A

Hair: N/A

Eyes: Midnight Black

Elemental Type: Master of the Elements


Right Hand Weapon: Elemental Sword

Left Hand Weapon: Elemental Shield

Auxiliary Weapon: Elemental Bow

Armor: The Titanium Alloy suit that keeps him alive.

Skills/ Magic

Being an android, he has unlimited strength, but need to charge every 4 days (96 hours). He has a solar powered back up, but he cannot do everything on solar power, only retain vital information, and walk, and do basic fighting maneuvers.
Before his accident he was “The Master of the Elements”. He could control Water, Fire, Ice, Electricity, Wind, Sound, and Gravity. Being no longer human, his powers would not work, so The 8 Elements incased themselves in his 3 weapons, Sword, Shield, and Bow. These weapons can only be wielded by two people, “The Master of the Elements” and Chen (see Past). Each weapon has a mighty gem, in the sword, on its tip, the shield, in is center, and the bow, in the middle. These gems have infinite power, and can be used as many times as you need, as long as you can chant the proper prayer.

Sword Abilities-expedo ,expedo,*name of element*

The basic purpose of a sword (Slash, dice, etc.) is still retained, and is used often.

Each element takes about 1.5 seconds to cast, and lasts as long as he can support it.

Water- The sword summons a surge of water from anything that it points at. Even a puddle can be a deadly weapon.
Fire- The sword elongates 1 foot, and is engulfed is flames, besides the handle.
Ice- a stream of ice is shot out of the gem of the sword.
Electricity- Sparks fly from the gem of the sword, in random directions.
Wind- Gale force winds sprout out of nowhere, creating a strong and steady gust.
Sound- A loud sound is emitted from the gem, created extreme discomfort to all but its user.
Gravity- Speaks for itself, the control of Earth’s gravity in a given area.

Shield Abilities-expeda, expeda,*name of element*

The basic purpose of the shield (Block, block, and block) is still retained, and often used.

The shield creates a short force field of the said element. This will only last about 30 seconds, and takes about 2 seconds to cast.

Bow Abilities-expede, expede, expede, *name of element*

The basic purpose of the bow and arrow (Shot, shot, and shot) is still retained, but seldom used.

Each element takes about 3 seconds to cast, plus the time of pulling back, and aiming. Any arrow may be used, but the elemental arrows fly back to the quiver after they hit something, or are called back. The elemental effect last until the arrow has hit something, or until he calls it back. Meta-Elemental also carries 100 elemental arrows.

Water- a normal arrow followed by a steady stream of water
Fire- a fire arrow is shot, and ignites when it makes contact.
Ice- an ice arrow is shot, and freezes on impact.
Electricity- a electric arrow is shot, and shocks on impact.
Wind- an arrow is shot with a gust of wind following.
Sound- an arrow is shot at the speed of sound.
Gravity- an arrow is shot. Around it is a zero gravity force field, so the arrow can fly forever. The force field can be dropped on command.

(Other strengths/weaknesses may be found throughout the thread)
Since he’s an android, he needs recharging every 96 hours. He has a solar power back up. He cannot jump high, but is very fast, this becomes a problem. Due to his fast nature, he often misses his shot, this provides mild accuracy with the sword, but extreme accuracy with the bow. He can also be easily deceived during battle, although he is far from dull (stupid). Cannot use his poewrs for greed or wrong dueing, they wre giving to him to protect the innocient, and therefore will not fight without great reason.

A Samus Aron type, just with less armor. The armor allows fun movement in any direction, like it wasn’t even there. Sliver with blue joints, the helmet is built into the suit with a black visor. A blue, glowing symbol of the All-Seeing Eye is in the middle of the chest. The all seeing eye is like an eye with a perfect circle around it. Conecting them are lines in the four directions (N, S, E, W).

A peaceful android, although does not seem one at first glance. Trained in the skills of the sword, bow, and elements. He is organized to the highest extent, usually one step ahead of his opponent. His mood changes along with his power. His human mind must always concentrate, while the android must always pay attention to the amount of power being put into every attack. His elemental attacks will not work if he is fighting for greed, or vengeance. He must always fight for a good cause, but can also fight if challenged, at any cost.

My name… is Rio. I was “The Master of the Elements”, until a fatal blow changed my life. I was an unstoppable being, or so I thought. Raised in the Land of the Seeing, I was brought up a prophecy, according to the legend,

“ He who is born with an All-Seeing Eye shall be the one, to see over us all. He will banish us from a world of torment and injustice, and lead us to the world of justice, and good.”

According to the 8 sages, I had the all-seeing eye. When I was born, my land was under the rule of a harsh and stick leader, Chen. Chen was believed to be the one with the all-seeing eye before me. He wasn’t. When the sages went to train him, he acquired all the powers of the elements, but his heart was filed with greed, and hatred. His powers became dark and unrelenting. He took over my world, and all its inhabitance.

The sages were wrong, but still hopeful. If the mother of Chen were to have another child, he would be the one with the All Seeing Eye. That’s where I come in. I’m Chen’s younger brother, and the one with the real All-Seeing Eye. I went to training, and defeated Chen, and restored peace and harmony to my world. In the process, I was severely wounded. With half of my right body gone, and everything else crippled (besides my brain) I had just enough strength left to create a portal to an alternate dimension, a place called… Earth… There I knew that their technology surpassed ours, so maybe I had a chance of living.

I was brought to Leon, the one of Earth that knows my people, and of my world. He said that there was one way that I could be helped. To become a machine. I followed his orders. My powers were sealed into three weapons, and with that, I became one with the machines. I now couldn’t teleport home, due to my condition. Without the powers inside of me, I cannot make a portal. Leon didn’t know what to do.

So this is where I am. I have come to your world, and become something I’m not. Now I wander Earth, looking to see if another person could return me to normal, challenging all who stand in my way… I want to go back...

Player: Technolink
Character: Meta-Elemental
Strength: V
Speed: IV
Magic: IV
Skill: III
Armour: IV

Battle Archive:
The Temple of Souls <-- Awsome Battle
Feathers and Fire <-- Phonix Guard Battle
Battle by Moonlight
Two on Two

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Re: Rio (agian)

Looks good.


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