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Dark Army of Death.

Name: Deaths army.

Leader: Rahn angel of death.

Races: Various monsters. Exaples Vampires, trolls, Demons, Orcs,

Leader Race: Angel.


Apperance: wheres a leather jacket and black clothes. Has a large sword and two knives that extend and retract. He is very tall and has straight black hair.

Personality: Repects people dosn't have much of a sense of humor. Never retreats as his army is very disposable. Thay are regenerated in hell each time. Very honorable. Will not use guns.

Sex: Male

Skills/magic: Can create a large staright path to hell. This only lasts a minute and closes quickly. He uses a lot of streanght to do this. C
an heal a fallen ally but never does unless it is someone important.
Can kill many enemies at once by stabbing someone and than smashing someone with there body than throwing the body on the sword to a bunch of people. Depending on how big that person isthis can be a serious attack.
Can also kill many people by shooting his two knife blades and retracting them than he throws them again and uses the sharp wire to cut the heads off of everyone in a twenty feet radious. This sometimes includes those who don't listen to the code word "Rain."

Weopon: A six feet long sword that is coated with acid to kill thick skinned enemies. Two knives also coated in acid with a wire to go out and retract. If he presses a button on the knives they stob retacting and can be spun to cut off heads.

Armor:His jacket which is a thick leather and a metal plate on his shin.

Ganeral info:

Name: Kane Camate

Sex: Male

Weopons: A large Ax. It has a painful effect on those it hits. A large electric shock. Can put weaker enemies into a coma.

Armor: A large plate of metal for his chest and a helm for his head.

Race: Vampire/Orc

Appearance: Very handsom when he is human. He has won the hearts of many wemen and eaten many of them. Can split his chin to suck the blood of an enemie.

Skills/magic: Drains the blood of his enemies and if he drinks all of it he dies. If not he is healed completely.

General Alexander Blake

Name: Alexander Blake.

Sex: Male

Race: Vampire/gorgan

Weopons: a knife, coated woth acid. about six inches and it is like a mind controlled switch blade.

Armor: none

Apperance: Wheres a common ninja suit. Has red eyes that is all anyone has lived against him can say.

Skills/Magic: Has two different long but thin snakes. They can latch to the throught of someone and drain there blood giving him life or if the skin is too thick bring them over so he can kill them with the knife. They come out of his hands and have eyes that he can see into.

General Kelly Blake

Name: Kelly Blake.

Sex: Female

Race: Vampire/Gorgan

Armor: an impenitrable mask on her face.

Appeance: Has a black cloak which underneith is a leather suit. Always wheres a sun galsses for some reason (see Skills) she is very beautiful.

Skills/Majic: A look into her eyes kills anyone.


Vamps: Carry no weopons but are the front line. Can convert others into vamps and they join this army. Armor: Strong Attack: aerage Numbers:200

Orcs: Carry large swords always ready to kill. Armor:average Attack: Weak Numbers:300

Gorgans: A beautiful race but they are very deadly. Armor:none Attack: deadly. Numbers: 200

Trolls: A large race so big they can crush you just worh a step. Armor: Heavy Attack: Deadly. Numbers: 50

Archers: A large amount of archers ready to fire with cross bows. Armor: Weak Attack: Deadly. Numbers:250

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Re: Dark Army of Death.

Seige warfare is not currently implemented in the BA. Thus, Armies are not accepted.

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