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Old 06-22-2005, 07:14 PM
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Alk'zec(second try)

Name: Alk'zec
Age: 18
Race: Human/Hylian
Sex: Female
Hair: Wavey, shoulder-blade long, dark blue colored Hair
Eyes: Dark Brown
Weight: 107lbs.
Height: 5' 5"

Weapon: The Demi-Sword is a weapon that can transform into any other weapon(axe,spear,sword), but does not have as much affectiveness as the real weapon itself.
Armor: The Demi-Shield is a shield that can transform into any other shield(hylian, mirror, deku shield), but does not have as much affectiveness as the real shield itself.

Strength: She is pretty good at running, strength, reflexes, and swimming, all due to pirate training.
Weakness: Get past her shield, and she has no more defense, and she is weak against magic attacks. Her weapons are only weaker copies of the originals, so the weaknesses of the weapons become more effective.
Skill/Magic: No magic.

Appearance: Young woman with tan skin, short pointy ears, and wavey, dark blue hair. She wears a white, long-sleeved shirt, with a brown, leater vest and pants, with a black, leather belt going around her waist a little loosely, and a braclet, earing, and necklace with a ruby on the end. She wears a black, heavy cloak over all of that.

Personality: She is aggresive, but only to strangers. She does that only to hide her identity, but if you get to know her, she becomes less aggresive toward you. She will be a good friend and also help you out in a life and death situation. This is a person that you would not like to mess with.

Bio: Alk'zec was born into a 'family' of pirates. She was the daughter of the dread pirate known as the Shadow. Ever since she was born, she never knew who her mother was, cause she died at giving birth. Since she was small, she knew how to fight with the sword. When she turned 10, her father decide to raid a mysterious island in favor of her daughter's b-day. There, they discovered an ancient set of weapons known as the Demi-Weapons. Her father, being as generous as he was toward his daughter, gave it to her for a birthday present. Word spead around like a wildfire, and everyone wanted those weapons, so they experienced lots of attacks. One day, when Alk'zec was 17, another dread pirate's crew engaged with thier ship in battle. There were lots of casualities, including her father, and hardly anyone who survived, was badly injured. Both crews tried to retreat, but a fire broke loose and traveled to the gunpowder sector. As a result, a large explosion occured and those who survived, including Alk'zec, were shiprecked and floated to an uncharted island. There, with her little strength left, tried to find shelter in a cave, and found a mysterious staff there. She discovered it to be the Staff of Silence, and she wielded it, and used it to heal herself. After gaining full strength, she searched the island for supplies, and used materials of the broken ships to build a shelter. The next day, she found a survivor by the name of Itana, and discovered that she was the daughter of the dread pirate who attacked them, and the Staff of Silence belonged to her. They had a bad friendship for quite some time, but they learned to get along together after a while. Then after a year's hard work, Alk'zec and Itana worked together to build a small ship, and sailed off the island and returned to the famous Termina Bay, and tried to make a living there as merchants.
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Re: Alk'zec(second try)

Just like the other one, Itara, even out the strengths and weaknesses.

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Re: Alk'zec(second try)

what about now?
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