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Old 06-15-2005, 07:09 PM
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Name: Racht (pronounced Ra-ca-t)

Race: Demon

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Hair: Black. Sholder lenghth and untidy.

Eyes: Red

Weight: 120 pounds

Height: 7 feet 6 inches

Weopon: Can make any weopon appear out of thin air but usually uses a 5 feet long sword.

Strengths: Can make any weopon appear out of thin air, make himself a shadow, and can do variuos spells.

Weaknesses: Can when trasforming be damaged. Spells take some of his life force and is weak against light magic.

Skills/Magic: Can transform from human to demon and vise versa.
Hells flame: A burst of Flame is realsed from his weopon.
Iced Heart: Shoots out a burst of ice from his weopon.
Lightening jolt: Shoots out a burst of lghtening from his weopon.
Winds Path: Creates a strong wind.
New minions: creates minioms from the ground around him.
Fallen angel: Grows wings from his back.
Shadow heart: Turns into a shadow. Anyone shadow or just a shadow on the floor.
Weopon transfer: Changes weopon into anything he needs.
Spike flesh: grows blades all over his skin. Hurts imensly.
Transform: Turns himself into any thing.

Apperance: Wears all leather. Stands tall and proud.

Personality: Calm, collected, does not speak much outside of battle. He loves to aggrivate his opponents.

Biography: When Racht was a child he was trained to destroy mankind. He went to the surface from hell and began to concour. Than he saw a mother holding her child and realised he was killing a race of caring beings. He decided to fight against the monsters he had brought to earth. He led earth's armys and won the battle of death (the name of the battle of earth verses hell). He than saw his greatest challenge, Satan himself. He fought the monster vigurously. This is how that battle went. Written by an old wise man.

As Racht saw his master he knew one of them was going to die.
"Master you will fall today." said Racht
"NO YOU TRAITOR YOU WILL FALL." said the beast.
They began to fight and Racht was losing his streghth fast.
"I'll take the pain." said Racht.
Thay fought for hours. Racht used every trick he knew. Finally he shot an ice arrow at Satan's eye. This stunned him and Racht had time to transformed into a gaint sized version of himself. They fought for three straight years. Than a small boy who had just come of age stabed Satan in the leg.
Racht grabbed the child and put him in his pocket for his protection.
He than threw Satan into the depths of hell.
Though all heared Satens vow of vengince.
"RACHT YOU WILL DIE!" and the gate sealed it's self for the next ten thousand years.

He now defendes all of the innocent. He has one freind, a child named Myles. This was the the child he had seen with his mother this was also the child who helped save the world.

Racht is nw in hell fighting with satan for his freedom.

______Thank you Emily, for the birthday card!______
[Racht][Gray] [Myles]
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