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Ranul Cyrod. My second character

Et be doon at thae bootom of thase page, mea hearty. 'E was oopdated a whoil agoo, so 'e ain't oop here noo mar.
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Change it again... I dare you. It only gets worse from here.

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Re: Ranul Cyrod. My second character

Fine. Approved.
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Major Update Version.

Name: Ranul Cyrod (Ran-nool Say-rod)

Age: 250 (will never look older than 21)

Race: Half Angel

Sex: Male

Hair: Short White Hair

Eyes: White with no visible iris or pupil

Weight: 238 lbs.

Height: 6’10”

Weapon: A long sword that can create an electric barrier, effectively named Electrode. A longbow and arrows. His fists. A staff fashioned by Napaj that has a hidden blade in each end that can be extended in oder to dish out some extra damage. (Not in battles, but in fics and teaching) two "invisible" wires/strings (one in each glove) made of diamond filament. Each string is 100 feet long and has a magical needle on the end of them. (This needle is magical because not only is it unbreakable, it can be lodged into any surface and won't come out until Ranul wants it to.)

Armor: Heavy black cloaks and an enchanted mask.

Strengths: Lightning, Ice, and Wind. Knows a high amount of magic. Because he is an angel, he can't stay dead. Yes, he can die but approximately three days later, he will rise again. He is a master of hand-to-hand. He uses his needle-string (from now on called "Wasp") for super stealthy kills. His Wasps can disconnect one's spine if thrown right. He throws the Wasps with a flick of his wrist. The string can be used for decapitations. (Hey, he's a very cynical person.)

Weakness: Fire, Earth, and dark magic. Strong physical weapon attacks. He isn't very strong, so it takes him a while to simply beat someone down. Pulling his wings out takes time and hurts him a lot.

Skills/Magic : They are as follow: (*= originally given by mask)

*Telekinesis: The ability to move things with his mind. Can move up to two tons (4000 lbs.)

*Telepathy: The ability to speak with his mind. (He always does this when wearing his mask to avoid muffling his voice.)

*Mind Reading: The ability to read one's mind. (Strong minds cannot be read.)

*Teleport/Rush: Commonly called teleportation, but it isn't. He suddenly blurs out of material existence and reemerges when he reaches his destination. (Goes about two miles TOPS.)

*Past-time: He can be launched into the past at random points. He has little control over it, and it can be triggered by simply bumping into someone. The upside is that he cannot change the past, as he was a being that was meant to exist. The downside is that if he happens to bring a being that should have never existed (Kender, Gnomes, Dark Angels, etc.) then time can be altered. (Not so much a move for battle as a move for RP's and fics.)

Lightning Bolt: A high amount of electrons is gathered in Ranul's palm and released in the form of a bolt at the enemy.

Ice Shards: Large ice spikes rain down upon the enemy.

Freezing Blast: A concentrated energy blast of ice is launched at the enemy, not freezing them but chilling them to the bone.

Tornado Winds: Not exactly a tornado, but the high forced winds from one is used to knock the enemy back.

Icy Winds: An icy chill is sent surrounding the enemy from, what seems like, Ranul's very existence. (Not harmful in ANY way, but really annoying.)

Indignation (yes, I like ToS) Rain: Can only be used when Ranul is in peak anger, lightning bolts strike from every direction and substantially hurt the enemy.

Static Electricity: Not very harmful to the enemy, but can be used to charge metal objects, creating electromagnets. Also, it can be used to trip the pins in a lock.

Frosty Glance: A strange ability, mainly because he has little control over it. It always seems to occur at the right time though. What it does is freezes an enemy in its tracks.

Frozen Touch: Not so much an ability, so much as a curse. Anything he touches begins to cool rapidly, making his touch deadly to some. (He wears gloves to counteract this.)

Super Blast: According to a theory, lightening bolts are as hot or hotter than the surface of the sun. Under this belief, Ranul has spent many a year training and working, allowing him to create a small sun (about the size of a basket ball) and launch it at his enemy. He needs a ton of unbroken concentration to do it, and it takes a ton of energy.

Fusion: When Ranul and Napaj put their amulets together, they can fuse into an ultimate angelic being, Rage.

Personality : Ranul is extremely serious and slightly headstrong. He is almost the polar opposite of his twin, Napaj. He studies a lot and has a distinct aura of maturity, even at a young age. He also has a twisted perception of life because of his childhood. read below. Like his brother, Ranul can be an unstoppable force in war. He is rather cynical and untrusting, so gaining his friendship is... short of impossible.

Appearance: He has a pair of gauntlets made of angel wing feathers, much like Napaj's boots, but these make him stronger. He wears a robe made from the one his father had that conceals his weapons and has a hood that makes a shadow over his face, but to further hide his identity, he wears a black mask that looks like the Gibdo mask from MM. The mask is completely black with eye slits. He wears a plain black shirt, pants and boots under his, you guessed it, black robe. His face is set in an indifferent scowl, almost like his will for life is gone. His past, although similar to Napaj’s, is darker and sadder. He is less muscular than his brother and is almost lanky. He looks like a mage, but that’s just a front; he is a swordsman at heart. Although frightening at first, those who get to know him find that he’s a nice guy. He carries the Lightning half of the amulet found with the brothers. He is a handsome guy, but his creepiness offsets that.

History: This story takes place on a planet called Nhot. Nhot is kind of like a parallel Earth, but one can travel easily between all worlds and times if you were from Nhot. This planet is probably the only world to not have separated into different countries. In fact, the closest thing to that are the ancient tribes that live in the plains. Anyway... the story begins something like this...

Ranul Cyrod, son of Clash and Shama Cyrod and twin brother to Napaj Cyrod, was born at 12:37 AM at the start of a storm. His brother, born two hours later, came into the world at the end of said storm. Whether that was significant or not has to do with whether or not you believe their destiny.

Supposedly, their father had been cursed to act as a key to the bowls of hell. Apparently, an evil Angel had gained the power to control demons. According to legend, Clash was the only one who could stop him. The evil entity, known as Aroz, knew this legend and knew its accuracy... it was, in fact, a true story.

Aroz, in attempt to destroy Clash, called a full out war against all Angels. When the Great Creator succeeded in driving back the demonic forces, he decided to curse Aroz with the curse of Lock. What that meant was that the demons that were now sealed in hell would be so until Aroz died... but he could never die.

The thing the Great Creator (and this is where variations of the legend get muddled) had not intended to do was to place the curse on Clash as well. So now only half of the demons were sealed by Aroz's life and half by Clash's. Aroz found this out and chased the Angel relentlessly for years. Not only because he could free half of his demon army, but because Clash's offspring would prove Aroz's demise.

One day, when Clash thought he was free from the Evil One's clutches, he ran into a woman. Not just any woman, but the woman called Shama. Many men, and women, considered Shama to be the most beautiful human to have lived. He (here, again is an unclear area of the legend) was struck with love. But because it is impossible for Angels to love (in that sense), he feared the worst... and rightly so.

When Clash confronted the Great Creator about this new emotion, he was informed that his "glory" was leaving and humanity was creeping in. This meant that Clash's Angelic gifts (eternal life, unnatural powers, etc.) were fading and being replaced by the ability to die and become ill. The Great Creator felt that it was partly his fault; because of the curse, Clash would never again be allowed to enter heaven, thus making his gifts diminish.

Clash went into exile, though not alone... Shama came with him. Not only did she pity him for his loss of all he knew, she loved him deeply. She followed him into the wild with the intention of knowing him. He was confused and, at first, tried to kill her, but something inside him told him to stay his hand. He saw the fear in her eyes... and the love for the first time ever. Then he knew.... humanity isn't a curse; it's a temporary gift.

They wed a few months after and would have lived happily ever after, if not for Aroz.

Soon after Shama found out she was pregnant, Clash was called away to war. Before Clash left, he cast two unique enchanted amulets for his sons; one amulet had a flame on it and the other had a lightening bolt. Clash left to fight and was victorious after eight months. It would take nearly a month to get home. He never made it home. Although he did not die in the war, he was killed by Aroz in the return trip.

Shama had the first of her sons the second Clash was attacked and had her second son the second Clash's final breath escaped his body. Shama made it so the boys wore their amulets all the time.

It was two years after Clash died when a plague hit the town Shama, Napaj, and Ranul lived in. The plague was brought about by horse demons that had been freed by Clash's death.

Everyone in the town, save the twins, was killed by the plague within two days of catching it. The boys, due to their angelic heritage, did not become ill.

A week passed and the two boys had wandered away from their now dead home. It was at this point when two farmers came across the orphaned children. They took the boys in, but couldn't afford the livelihood of both, so they had their neighbors take care of Ranul while they kept Napaj.

Tragedy struck when the family that was taking care of Ranul suddenly lost their land, forcing them to travel north. Ranul wouldn't see his brother for nearly one hundred years.

Ranul’s family landed themselves in a small fishing town near the coast. They lived quite happily for the next four years, or until Ranul was eleven.

Not long after Ranul’s eleventh birthday, his father disappeared in what they all assumed was a boating accident at sea, but Ranul had felt uneasy since then. It was two years later when the pirate raid came. It was around three in the morning, and everyone was asleep; everyone except Ranul that is. He had a very bad feeling about that night and had suggested a night watch for a while. Since the town elders held his opinion in a high regard (I mean, he could predict things and had wings), they agreed to set up a night watchman. But that night, even he was asleep.

Ranul was still an innocent youth and he pulled a cloak around him. The cloak was black and belonged to his father. It was at this moment when he saw a light just off shore. It wasn’t unusual for there to be a boat to visit the town, but it was late and b the larger ships weren’t due for another six months. Ranul snuck down to the beach to see what was going on, and since the cloak completely hid him in the darkness, he didn’t worry about being seen. When he got there, he saw something that actually frightened him.

There were pirates and freebooters scrambling up the hill to the town. Ranul could see from his position that the watchman had been killed. He ran with all speed back to his house to warn the town. He woke his mother and baby brother and told them to go to the next town inland and wait for him. They never got the chance. As the girl that Ranul was dating at the time ran by, an arrow struck her down.

“No!” he screamed in a hoarse voice. He turned back to his family, “Run. And don’t look back.”

Just then, a pirate ran in and saw them trying to escape and said in an angry and gruff voice, “Where do ya thin’ yer goin’ my pretty lass?” And as he licked his scimitar, he struck her down, along with the young boy.

Ranul snapped. Like when Napaj gets angry and fire bursts out, Ranul becomes a human lightning rod. “You bastard. I will destroy your soul!” he cried as he lit the pirate up like a Christmas tree.

Ranul watched his town be destroyed and everyone he knew killed. He took revenge and killed every seafaring pirate he could before they pulled out. It was then he realized that his life would never be the same. He wrapped his cloak around him and took the tribal mask that had been left by the freebooters and wondered the land as a sword for hire.


Later in his life, Ranul gave up most of the ways of a swordsman, keeping only the necessities to keep him alive, for the ways of a mage. Ranul long desired true power, but realized that it would only come in the form of magics. He also retained his martial arts abilities, thus making him a hand-to-hand master.

When he went to a place called the Dome, he learned the love for lore his master had taught him. He also ran into his brother. They stayed to become teachers there and left only when they grew bored with their surroundings.

(He cannot stop his father from dying or Aroz from being made, he has tried on many occations.)

And yes, he's still approved.
Click on the dancing man for my BA characters.

Change it again... I dare you. It only gets worse from here.

"You know what they say -- home is where you hang your enemy's head." ~Gogron gro-Bolmog from Oblivion.
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