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Masa Kage

Name: Masa Kage (M-au-saw Caw-gay)

Age: 20

Race: Hylian

Sex: Male

Physique: Muscular, but not big

Weight: 190 pounds

Height: 6 foot

Eye Color: Blue/Green

Hair: Platinum color and long like a samurai’s

Black martial arts style pants
Black vest with gold trimming
Black and gold martial arts belt
Black and gold head band
Black wristbands with gold trim on both wrists
Black martial arts shoes with gold laces and trim
* Clothing is enchanted with Stealth ability

Strong melee attacks
Excellent in sword combat
Extremely Stealthy
Quick evasion rate

Terrible against magic
Bad against air targets
Weak in long-range combat

Weapon of Choice: Yoko Tsutonomi: Obsidian Katana with black and gold handle

2nd Weapon of Choice: Koyu Ryo: Whip with spikes for impaling surfaces

Impale: Impales enemy with Yoku Tsutonami. Drains life of enemy as battle continues.

Lethal Whip Spin: Flings Koyu Ryo around opponent. As it wraps around, the spikes within the whip impale into opponents body, then pulls whip back to spin and disorient the enemy to give time for another attack.

Stealth: The enchanted clothing allows wearer to become unseen, but drains energy rapidly. *Can be used at current level for about two minutes before energy is totally drained

Personality: Determined to reach his goal and overcome any obstacle that may came between him and that goal.


Masa’s father is a martial marts master and taught his knowledge in his dojo, which also happened to be their home. Masa’s mother died giving birth to him so he had never had a chance to know his mother except for the pictures of her that his father hanging on the walls in the dojo. Masa has no siblings that he can call his own or any other relatives for that matter.

Masa’s hometown is a small rural town called Tassly Village. Its population is no more than four hundred citizens where everyone knows each other and treats each other like family. This small village is a farming village and relied on itself to provide food, shelter and protection. Thus there were three equal classes in the town. Farmers, who provided the food, carpenters, to provide homes and other necessities, and lastly blacksmiths and the only martial arts dojo, which provides the protection of the city. There are other professions, but these are interconnected into the main way of life for the village.

Masa was a very active youngster as he played with his friends outside every day. Masa helps his father in the dojo after school and even participates in the classes on weekends. At the age of 13 he earned the rank of black belt, surpassing his peers. Dart played many sports, which included baseball, basketball, soccer, and tennis. But he transcended above all others when it came to swordsmanship. If you give him a regular wooden stick it will only be a matter of seconds before you eat the dirt.

At the age of 20 Masa’s father has become suddenly ill. A doctor specializing in deadly illnesses gets called in. He states that Mr. Kage has gotten a very rare disease called Konoloma and will die in a few weeks if not cured. The only way to cure Mr. Kage is to retrieve sacred water that is colder than ice. This may seem impossible, but on rare occasions there have been reports of a sacred spring that carries such water. Masa departs on his adventure searching for this sacred spring.

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Re: Masa Kage

A bit short on paersonality and "apperance", but, good enough.


Maloney made this sigg. Peefy is cool.
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