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Belle Watson

Name: Belle Watson
Nickname /Alias: Phantom Thief (since no one knows her real name, that's what's on her wanted posters)
Age: 16
Apparent Age: 16
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5"4
Weight: 110 lb
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color/Style: Light blonde (almost white), wavy, and long.
Skin Color/Complexion: Caucasian

Appearance: Belle is a joker, and it shows on her face. She'll most likely have a grin on her face, and she'll keep it there for as long as she can. The supposedly happygolucky attitude of hers goes well with her physical features, which consists of a Caucasian skin tone, light blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and a slender physique. Her long, wavy hair reaches down to about midway down her back, and is very smooth and easy to manage.

Belle dons a rather masculine steampunk outfit, which includes a black top hat with a pair of gold goggles wrapped around it. Her outfit also consists of a thin, tight, black suit jacket with all five buttons buttoned. For her legs she wears a pair of black, thin, tight pants that are loose on the bottom, which go nicely with her black leather boots. She also wears a white, long sleeved blouse under her jacket, brown, fingerless gloves, and a brown belt with a small pouch on her left hip.

Weapon(s): Belle wields two weapons:

Cards: In the pouch on her left hip is a deck of 7 cards. Each card is a different color: one is red, one is orange, one is yellow, one is green, one is light blue, one is blue, and one is violet. With these cards, she is capable of stealing the powers of others (explained below). She is also capable of levitating them around, which is not only very convenient, but also a nice way of passing time.

Cane: Belle wields a gold cane with a blue jewel on the top of it. It is held in her belt as well by a clasped loop on the right side of the piece of apparel.

Armor: None.

Carried Possessions: None.

Powers/Magic/Skills: Belle is very agile, stealthy, and quick. She is also great at stealing things, thanks to her already stated qualities, and is proficient with using her cane as a blunt weapon. However, she does have a few abilities that are a bit more special.

Power Stealing: There aren't any special requirements to steal a power with her cards, other than the fact that she must take her cards out to do so. When she absorbs a power using her cards, the stolen powers go straight to the wielder of the cards, which in this case, is her. However, she doesn't actually "steal" power. Instead, she simply copies the ability and applies it to herself.

Each card can absorb a portion of a power (8% of a power's strength), which allows her to either steal multiple powers or use all of her cards to steal one power. However, the consequence with stealing multiple powers is that she will only get a small amount of its strength (once again, each card can only absorb 8% of a power's strength). Unfortunately for her, even if she uses all of her cards to steal one specific power, then she will only get 56% of its strength. For example, if someone has the ability to lift 100 tons, then if she uses all of her cards to steal that power, then she will gain the ability to lift 56 tons. If she uses one card, then she will only be able to lift 8 tons, but will have 6 free cards for use.

Unfortunately, she receives any side effects of powers she steals. If a power has a side effect and she steals that power, she will also get that side effect. However, the side effect follows the percentage system, so if she uses one card to steal a power, she will get 8% of the strength of the side effect (if the side effect is mental pain, she will only get a fraction of the mental pain).

Teleportation: Belle has the ability of teleportation, a supernatural power that is desired by many mortals. However, her destination must be no more than 10 meters away and the delay between disappearing and reappearing is about half a second. This ability, when used, appears to be Belle simply "vanishing" in a flurry of golden, glowing cards made out of light, and then reappearing at her destination in the same manner.

Powers Currently Stolen:
First Card:
Second Card:
Third Card:
Fourth Card:
Fifth Card:
Sixth Card:
Seventh Card:

Battle Strengths: Belle will most likely be the most elusive character you will meet. She's agile, quick, stealthy, and, above all else, can teleport.
Battle Weaknesses: Though she's difficult to catch, she's not difficult to take out. She wears no armor whatsoever and is relatively small, which comes with a consequence: she has low durability and strength.

Personality: Belle is a joker. She likes to make jokes every now and then, and will always have a contagious grin. She also enjoys to flirt with attractive males, especially when they're, well, trying to kill her. She also enjoys being the Big Damn (Anti) Hero and saving "heroes" in their time of need, though she will most likely do it in the shadows where you can't see her.

As for her standing in the whole "Good VS Evil" situation, she is best described as an anti-hero. Yes, she's a good person at heart and stands against villains, but she also enjoys committing a few crimes here and there and doesn't exactly respect the whole "protect and save everyone" thing. A lot of her actions are actually made for her self gain. Unfortunately, however, people tend to label her as "evil" or "bad", since she is a thief. Things like this tend to anger her, since she knows she's good at heart.

Belle also enjoys toying around with her opponents in combat, but will get serious if necessary.

Likes: Money, flirting, joking, fun
Dislikes: Being considered a bad or evil person, misconceptions, law enforcement
Fears: Becoming allied with or even liking any type of law enforcement
Virtues: She's quick, agile, and stealthy.
Vices: She's weak and rather fragile.

History: Belle, an orphan, grew up on the streets, relying on thievery to survive. Because she refused to live in an orphanage, she was forced to constantly be on the run, stealing money and valuable items for food. Fortunately, thanks to her stealth skills, she was never caught.

One day, when she was 9, Belle was found and recruited by two orphan boys, who were infamous thieves. Upon joining their group, Belle's skills improved, and she was able to steal much more valuable things, allowing her to live in wealth with her comrades.

When she was 14, Belle, along with her two closest friends, the boys who recruited her as a child, broke into a mysterious mansion. However, it turned out that the owner of the house was no ordinary person, which was discovered when Belle found a deck of 7 cards - one red, one orange, one yellow, one green, one light blue, one blue, and one violet. They were constantly glowing, which attracted Belle even more and caused her to steal them. However, upon putting the deck into her pouch, the owner of the house, a mage, walked in with two law enforcement officers. They proceeded to attack the trio, managing to kill the two boys. However, Belle managed to escape, albeit barely, and ran off with the cards. It was only a day later when she discovered the powers of the cards she had stolen.

To this day, Belle refuses to affiliate herself with any sort of law enforcement, since she now views them as heartless monsters who kill their targets just for the satisfaction of the general public. In order to honor the deaths of her friends and keep herself distant from law enforcement, she continues to be an infamous thief.

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Re: Belle Watson

I hereby trust you not to be cray cray with the possibly implied freedoms of this character.

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Re: Belle Watson

Originally Posted by Drammor View Post
I hereby trust you not to be cray cray with the possibly implied freedoms of this character.

Oh my God I love you.


Thank you very much! And I will not ^__^

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