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Izagar Caelestis

  • 07-27-2012 | 04:05 PM
  • Izagar
  • Name: Izagar Caelestis. Prefers to be referred as just Izagar.
    Nickname /Alias: Izzy. It's a nickname he's had since his childhood. Hates the nickname, but only allows his family to call him by such.
    Age: 16.
    Sex: Male.
    Race: Scalix. (1/4 human, 1/4 dragon, 1/4 elf, 1/4 Silver Child).

    Blood Explanation: Izagar appears to be a Scalix, which is a half-human, half-dragon race (see below). His father, Shrukan, had fallen for an elf princess named Efrosini. Through his father's bloodline, they were descendants of the deity who created their planet, Deus, who was one of the 12 Silver children of creation.

    So, in short, Izagar is a quarter God, Elf, and mostly Scalix.

    Note: Even though he is part God, he is NOT invincible and still can be killed by mortal ways, aside from poison. So a stab to the heart, brain, or having his head cut off, are all ways of killing him.

    Silver Child: A race of deities. There was 12 at the start of the creation, but through Deus, there has been more. However, a curse was brought across Deus's line that only Shrukan and Izagar are the ones who are alive. They are merely marked as descendants of Deus by their powers.

    However, due to the length of time from the first demi-god to Izagar, the blood has become so thin that the only thing they retain is their powers and their ability to live forever. They can still be killed by mortal ways aside from poison (see above).

    Scalix: A race of dragon-human people who have existed for only a span of one millennium. They look mostly human but have several dragon traits, such as dragon wings and a dragon tail. Some also look more dragon than others with having legs and feet similar to a dragons. The cause of their dragon-traits were due to their strong bonds with dragons after the War of Angels and Demons.

    Scalix children grow quicker than any other race aside from the dragons themselves. A child that is nearly five years old can even reach nearly five feet tall. A typical male Scalix grows to be about seven feet or so tall while a typical female is nearly six feet tall. Eastern and Western Scalix have wings growing from their arms while Northern and Southern Scalix grow wings from their back. Scalix also come in any color of the rainbow; some are even black and white colored wings.

    When a Scalix reaches their teens to early adulthood, they begin to develop the last of their dragon traits, and at a rapid amount of time. This rapid growth causes immense pain within the body of the Scalix causing them to go berserk and start attacking anything nearby due to being blinded by the pain. Each Scalix goes through three different stages at different times of their life. For Izagar, I've provided what happens each stage of the growth:

    Stage 1: Grows claws on his fingers and sharp spikes on his tail.
    Stage 2: Grows more dragon fangs and muscle mass increases.
    Stage 3: Muscle mass grows more and becomes more prominent but doesn't change his overall frame size by much. As well, speed and endurance has increased more than before, despite the extra weight from the muscles. Unlike his father, Shrukan, Izagar is capable of being able to use his new strength to throw someone quite a distance as well as through a few walls or trees if he wished.

    Scalix are powerful creatures that can hide their strength. Even the most fragile looking Scalix can deliver enough damage if done properly. A Scalix woman herself can tap into her strength and lift an ox if she wished, granted, however, her endurance will fall rapidly. As well, Scalix are natural fliers and have learned to fly since they were a just a few years old.

    Height: 7 feet.
    Weight: 285 pounds, medium frame.
    Eye Color: Sky blue.
    Eye (misc.): When angered, his pupils can turn into thin slits, like a dragons. When using his magic powers, his eye color flashes silver, but not after every attack, only when he starts uses his magic.
    Hair Color/Style: Medium Dark Red color (not orange). Front hair fringe reaches to just about his eyebrows. There are two strands of his hair which raise upwards about two inches and then slope back down the sides of his head; the right strand reaches all the way down to his chin while his left side reaches only halfway. Similar to Shrukan's hair style, but it is longer and reaches down to halfway down his back.

    Skin Color/Complexion: White with a slight tan.

    Wears a red tunic similar to Twilight Princess Link without a chain mail under it. He also wears black colored pants. He wears a leather belt over his left shoulder with a scabbard resting on his back. He has a sword about five feet in length which has a blood red hilt. On his wrists he wears brown leather gauntlets that have the design of dragons on the top. Around his neck he wears a neck belt like this, but without the spikes; there are dragon designs around the belt. He wears brown leather boots as well.

    He has a medium frame with some muscles shown, but because of his Scalix bloodline, he is able to hide his true strength. He also has large golden dragon wings and a golden dragon tail that can be used like a club.

    He has a scar on his chest that he got from his uncle (See History).

    Weapon(s): Blooddrake: A sword he got from his uncle, Avinash Sulfura. The sword was given to him when he completed most of his training. The sword has a blood red hilt and has no special powers, though Izagar channels his powers into the blade at times.

    Dragon Tail: His tail is long and thick enough that being struck by it is like being hit by a club.

    Armor: He wears no special armor.


    Elemental Power Chart (First Element is the easiest to use and uses the least energy. The later uses a LOT of energy)

    Anger: Fire/Earth -- > Lightning --> Wind (anger) ------------> Darkness.
    Sadness: Water ---------------------> Ice.
    Calm: Wind --> Water ------------------------------> Light.

    Fear cancels any magic powers. It renders them unusable due to fear severing the control between him in the powers. Think of it as the elemental powers being ropes and grabbing a hold of them make them snap and disappear.

    Note: At this point of time, Izagar is only capable using basic elemental attacks. That includes fireballs, fiery fist, water whips (bending water to act like whips), icicle blasts, rock blasts, one or two blasts of lightning, small gales blasts, and basic healing (patching skin and preventing blood lost). Dark powers are completely locked. As well, he can only control the Fire Dragon; other dragons are hard for him to control and cause him much strain.

    Fire: The easiest element to control for himself. He is able to form fire from thin air and be able to conjure up a large fire dragon to attack his foes. He can also shoot small fireballs or create a firewall to impede the path of anyone running away. It uses little energy due to how easy it is to control.

    Earth (Anger): He is able to stomp the ground and cause a pillar of rock to shoot out of the ground. He can then use the pillar and break it by merely punching the air towards it and shoot many small shards at his opponent. He is also able to use the pillar as a means to protect himself. If he wishes, he can use manipulate plant life and extend roots, branches and the sort to wrap around his foe or attack them using that. This takes a lot of energy and force to attack. As well, he can form a turtle-like dragon beast (similar to Megarock Dragon only with more plant-life) out of the rocks and trees to attack.

    Lightning: He can summon thunder clouds which will shoot lightning out of them at random targets. If he concentrates he can direct the lightning bolts at specific targets, but he has to be still and concentrate a lot. Like fire, he can form the lightning into a long snake-like dragon beast. However if he doesn't have much concentration, he can accidentally electrocute himself, but not enough to kill.

    Wind (Anger): When he is angry, he can whip up powerful gales and create tornadoes to destroy anything in his path. He can form another dragon-beast that is in the form of a tornado like shape with clouds around it. If the dragon eats the opponent, it will send them through a vortex and rip at their body and will exit at the "tail" of the dragon.

    Doing this however causes him to lose a lot of energy and he becomes rather weak.

    Earth (Happiness): He can form and create plant-life, such as trees and bushes. In this state, he mostly can just form simple plant life. He can also use the plant life to protect himself by wrapping himself in roots or vines. A primary attack would be able to use vines with thorns on it and wrap it around his arms and use it much like a whip or just control the vines to tackle and wrap around a foe.

    Wind (Calm): Unlike when he in angry, he is able use wind and make gentle breezes or be able to control air currents. It is useful to get to place to place quicker by just slightly modifying the air current. He can also slam his arms down to force a gale of wind to knock down his foe or stun them.

    Water (Calmness): He is able to summon a water dragon and bend water to his whim. He is able to conjure up a tidal wave, a cyclone, or a whirlpool, but each takes massive amounts of energy that he can only create ONE in a 24 hour span.

    Water (Sad): He is able to conjure up rain storms which fit his hurting heart. The more he feels sad, the more it rains. His attacks are mostly the same as if he was calm, but they are fiercer as they feed off his depression.

    Ice: The more he gets into depression, the more his attacks get fiercer. The water dragon will grow ice spikes and become a moveable piece of ice, being able to quickly freeze anything in contact. Everything around him will become a solid chunk of ice. However, in doing so, his energy gets depleted at a rapid pace; within 5 minutes, he will be out of energy due to the dragon being uncontrollable. His energy reserve will leave him to the near point of death, his body as weak as one that hasn't eaten and slept in days.

    He is close to having no compassion and will strike out with ice spikes on his fist and will attack without remorse and will freeze anything in his way.

    In this state, he rather freeze something with his fists and send out ice spikes to reserve his energy.

    Darkness (Currently Locked): When consumed by pain and rage, Izagar taps into the power of darkness and gets consumed by it for a short time. His normally dark red hair becomes black, his eyes become black red, and darkness wraps around him and solidifies into dark armor as a means of protection. His wings also turn to a darker shade of gold and become more demonic looking. If too far into his anger or depression, his wings split into six wings, three on each side. He has several attacks as well:

    - Shadow Sphere: Concentrated ball of shadows that, when struck, explodes and causes massive damage. The compact it is, the greater the explosion. It is red and black colored.

    - Shadow Lightning: Dark purple and blue lightning that sparks from his fingertips. It uses a lot of energy to use, but it deals a lot of damage and more effective than Shadow sphere.

    - Shadow Meld: Ability to meld into the shadows for safety. The shadow dimension doesn't follow the laws of time and space and so traveling through it is quicker, as there is no gravity, but as well, there is nothing to keep him permanently suspended. Think of the ability to slide down a water slide at a rapid pace.

    In this form, his personality completely changes. He gets violent and almost animal-like and has no compassion or remorse. He has no allies. In this form, you would consider him Chaotic Evil.

    Light (Currently 75% locked): As with the Dark version of himself, Light Izagar will have a different appearance. His hair turns golden blonde and his eyes turn silver colored. His wings also change from being dragon wings into angelic ones but he keeps his dragon tail. He seems to glow with light. He has several attacks and protection spells:

    - Light Sphere: Similar to the Shadow Sphere; it is a concentrated form of light. It will explode on contact.

    - Force Field: Creates and invisible force field in front of him. He can take upwards to three straight hits (example: sword blows) before it shatters. Each hit makes it more tangible. He can make the shield stronger, but it wastes more energy. As well it is able to take 15 arrow shots before collapsing. Basically, the more force, the greater it will fall.

    - Healing: He is capable of surrendering his power and use it to heal himself or others. It rapidly takes a lot of energy to do so and he is capable of losing control over Light Izagar and revert back to his normal form.

    In this form he is compassionate and caring and would rather use himself as a shield to protect someone. In this form, he is Lawful Good. However, he rarely uses this form.

    Deus: In this form, his ancestor Deus possesses his body and controls him for a short time, allowing access to the other elemental powers in his disposal without need of activation by his emotions. However, at the cost of this, he can only stay in the form for at most, thirty minutes, before he gets weak enough that he cannot move. It is used as an absolute last resort.

    Energy-Sapping: Although he doesn't like it, he can steal the energy from the plants and animals nearby him to refill himself. He only does it in case of life-threatening emergenices.

    Premonition: This happens at random, and is uncontrollable. Promonitions happen to Izagar whenever his life is at risk. A side-effect is he is stunned by the pain it causes and cannot move till the vision passes. His eyes will turn bright silver when he receives a premonition.

    Spirit Talk: His eyes turn bright silver and he is able to communicate with the dead around him. He uses this rarely and in private, as he communicates to spirits for advice. Of his blood, he is the only with this skill, aside from Deus himself.

    Limits: He magic depends on his physical reserve. If he uses too much of his magic powers, he can become rather exhausted and hungry, sorta like Goku. He either needs rest or eat and drink a lot to replenish his energy in order to attack again. Or he could use Energy-Sap in order to replenish his strength in dire situations.

    Side-Effects: Bad: Using high amounts of magic or even simply turning into Deus can make Izagar faint from exhaustion.

    Neutral: Izagar's eyes turn silver when he uses his powers, but quickly turn back to Sky blue. Only exceptions are when uses his dark powers, light powers, Deus, Energy-sap, Promonition, or Spirit Talk.

    Battle Strengths: 1) He is a skilled swordman, being only second to his uncle Avinash. Because of such he is the third strongest of all Scalix, second to Avinash, and third to King Xerxes.
    2) He is also rather quick. Despite his size, he was trained to be quick on his feet and quick to think.

    Battle Weaknesses: 1) Being hot-headed, sometimes he leaves himself open to attacks.
    2) He doesn't wear armor, so he can be hit by magic attacks, swords, or arrows.
    3) Magic attacks waste as much energy, if not more, if he were to physically fight. This is because they require him to physically move a limb to direct the element, such as his legs, feet, arms, and hands. Lifting say a boulder would exhaust him a lot due to its mass.

    Personality: Generally hot-headed, he rather fight to solve arguments. He can be bold, rebellious, stubborn, and even proud. He hardly shows any sort of mercy, but will not kill unless need be. He is a natural warrior, and as such, mercy, to him, is merely weakness and spits on his pride.

    Around his family, he fights with his father, but he does respect his father a bit and secretly fears that he will lose his father. He respects his uncle absolutely, even to the point to referring to him as "sir" at certain points to not disrespect him. He has a younger cousin who is 14 years old by the name of Arick who is physically weaker than Izagar. Izagar defends his cousin out in public, often fighting off anyone who dares to try and pick on Arick. In short, Izagar maybe an angry, rebellious teen, but he values his family.

    He doesn't have a lot of friends, preferring to keep to himself and not allowing himself to get close to others, in fear of losing the person and becoming hurt. He mostly has acquaintances who are just fellow warriors he used to fight with in Ilidar when he trained with his uncle.

    Alignment: Chaotic Good.

    Likes: Fights (generally battles with swords and magic rather than words or intelligence), Flying, Exploring.
    Dislikes: Boring discussions, silence/idleness, treated as if a child, cold, anything relating to education.
    Fears: Death of his father, losing anyone close to him, being completely helpless/weak.
    Virtues: Believes in serving justice, albiet in his own way.
    Vices: Quick to anger. Cares mostly about himself.

    History: Izagar was born to Shrukan and Efrosini and was born three months after the War Against Angels and Demons. During this time, he was happy and curious child, climbing the many trees of the elven kingdom. It wasn't until he grew his wings that he was more of a hassle and was flying and exploring far more than he ever had before.

    He and his father left the home of the elves when he was three years old due to Izagar's extreme strength in magic and since then has forgotten his mother.

    As a teen, Izagar called his mother a dirty, cheating, whore and always thought of her as such due to her being absent in his life; he thought she wanted nothing to do with them and only wanted to be with Shrukan for sex. At first, he only wondered why she left, but once he became a teenager, he began to curse and was disgusted with her. Even though his father claims Izagarís mother as being an elf and that they left due to being banished from the elven kingdom, Izagar claims his mother is a pure Scalix, as Izagar doesnít have the signs of an elf.

    When Izagar was three years old, Izagarís elemental powers began to awaken and he was sent to be trained with his uncle until he was sixteen to ensure Izagar would not succumb to his emotions and destroy the world. He and his father were banished from the elven kingdom until Izagar had absolute control over his powers. Thus they had to leave the elves and return to Ilidar, the kingdom of the Scalix.

    Izagar began to train himself and his powers when he was four years old. He spent many days training with his uncle Avinash, who was harsh and strict, but loving at the same time. At first, Izagar was trained on how to control his powers so Avinash put him in emotionally stressful situations to cause Izagar to either get angry or sad, making Izagar control his fire, earth, water and ice abilities. Shrukan would then tend to Izagar and show him how to be happy and calm, allowing Izagar to control his wind and light powers. Izagar was forbidden to ever tap into his dark powers, fearing he would be consumed by his own inner darkness.

    When Izagar was old and strong enough to wield enough a sword, he was trained on how to use it. Unlike his father, Izagar was born right-handed and only used one sword. When he completed his trained to the point that his uncle felt he was competent, Izagar was given his own sword, which he named Blooddrake.

    Once did he try to stand up against his uncle to prove he didnít need to be ďbabysatĒ. He insulted his uncle and in a rage, Avinash fought him and slashed open Izagarís chest. Izagar yelled in pain and backed off slightly and healed the wound enough that all that remained was a scar. Avinash then told him, that so as long as Izagar was his student, he was not to insult him. Insulting a Scalix is a grave mistake.

    Currently, Izagar is traveling with his father to stop a man named Emygdius from gathering the power of the dragon deities to become omnipotent. Izagar, however is more interested in fighting the mad man in order to test out his strength.

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  • 08-05-2012 | 09:57 PM
  • insaney
  • OKAY

    Let's roll.

    Firstly, I don't know what he looks like. You just described his clothes in his appearance section. I can have a general idea of what he looks like with eye colour/hair and clothes and his build, but nothing like facial features, or whatnot.

    Secondly that is way too much powers. Not to mention that Water (Calmness) and Ice are too powerful on their own. You'll have to tone everything down. Also, he's just 16 and he's already the 3rd strongest Scalix swordsman?

    Thirdly, his only weaknesses is basically he is hot headed and can get hit. These aren't really weaknesses so much. Sure, hot headed is one, but not a major one. Every character can get hit.

    Personality is also a little on the short side, and needs more detail.

    His History also need a little work. He was cursing his mother when he was three? And his elemental powers awoke at the same time? You didn't say how he grew up really, or how his uncle treated and trained him. Also nothing about this Emygdius fellow (like how Izagar got to know about him) except what he's doing.
  • 08-06-2012 | 04:07 PM
  • Izagar
  • 1) Mm... I guess I can make a picture of Izagar. I'm not the best at describing an object or thing unless I draw it. xD; Will that be acceptable?

    2) I can tone it down, but I can't remove anything. Unless he was a bipolar freak, he can't use more than one element at any given time. Trust me. If he did, he'd be as weak as a kitten in a matter of a few minutes.

    3) I would think if he is a hot head, he can leave himself open a lot. That means he is extremely prideful and thinks he's better than anyone, making him liable to fumble a lot due to said pride.

    4) How can I expand this any more? He's a hot-headed teenager. He'll kick your ass if you insult him or his race. What more can I add?

    5) I'll try and expand that.

    I'll expand the History only right now until you respond.
  • 08-06-2012 | 04:55 PM
  • Izagar
  • Sorry for the double post. I expanded the history now... There's not much to expand on for Emygdius. He's a standard evil villian.
  • 08-06-2012 | 06:38 PM
  • insaney
  • 1. A picture is fine. A written description is still appreciated though. So you can do a picture, and just do a small written description. That's fine. The written description doesn't have to be as detailed with the picture there.

    2. As it stands now his spells are way too powerful. Especially his Water/Calmness and Ice. Those are pretty dang powerful, though I realize that he won't be using it much due to his hotheadedness. Still they are pretty powerful. His Wind/Anger is pretty powerful too. A good way of toning them down is to set limits for each individual power so he won't use them every time he gets a chance to, and will only save them for when he really needs to. Like having him be KO'd after summoning a (small) tidal wave or tornado. I'm not asking you to remove them. It's just that each one is powerful enough (aside from Water/Sad) to overpower most of his opponents no matter which mood he is in.

    3. Then you could list that as a weakness. He is prone to fumbling because of his hotheadedness. That kind of clashes with him being a very good swordsman, though. "Being able to get hit" isn't really a weakness simply because he can overpower his enemies before they can do so. Another weakness is that his magic drains him and if he's forced to use it, he cannot fight. (turning most of them into last resorts is a good way of limiting them)

    4. I suppose you could expand on it as you RP with him. But all I know about his personality is that he's hot headed. He's easily angered right? (which would make access to his powerful angry-wind all the more easier. All the more reason to tone it down. The powers I mean.) And he's foul mouthed? How often does he curse? That's part of his personality too.

    5. x3 History is okay now.

    I understand he's a 1/4 god, but he's still too powerful for now. Later you can unlock more of his abilities/power. He is plenty powerful without most of those abilities. I mean, he's still a great swordsman right?

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  • 08-09-2012 | 05:17 PM
  • Izagar
  • 1) If I can get someone to help with it, then I will. I can draw a pic, but I'm horrible with descriptions.

    2) ... Hmm true. I can lighten that up then.

    3) I see. I can do that. He's still good, but it's just that he leaves himself open. One can't be without flaws; even the best get bested. And with the magic, I guess. But he frequently uses mostly his fire powers. They're the easiest powers to control for him. So I guess you can say he is Fire Affinity. XD

    4) Right. I'll tone it down. Umm... I think he pretty much cusses as much as I do or more. He curses a few times if he is hit or misses. Not all the time. It's just like how someone would if they were getting annoyed. He'd also talk something like this: "Let me get this s*** straight. You got f***ing pummeled by this idiot? And you call yourself a warrior?"

    5) I don't think it's possible to unlock them anymore if he trained for 13 years to master them, unless you consider unlocking his dark powers that he was prevented from using. As well, in terms of light powers, he can ONLY use healing. Deus cannot possess Izagar at will and it's used as a last resort.

    Last edited by Izagar; 08-09-2012 at 05:18 PM..
  • 08-09-2012 | 06:17 PM
  • insaney
  • 1) You gotta have a description. Even a small one with a pic.

    2) Thank you

    3) The thing is, if he's in a different mood, he may do something other than just use his Fire elemental power, and can easily wipe out any opposition x3 I like how it looks now though, it looks better. He is only 1/4 god, he shouldn't be able to use powers of that caliber until he's trained/matured/grows more powerful. I have a demigod or two that can't even match it.

    4) Well he's foul mouthed x3 that's part of his personality. What else? How does he act around family? Friends? Who or what does he have soft spots for, if any? Is he bold? Does he go looking for a fight/is he aggressive?

    5) I meant taking them out now to make him less powerful and then adding them in back later. It's still very hard to believe that he's 16 and that powerful already, with control over his powers (even when he's in the mood for them). And he's a strong swordsman to boot.
  • 08-10-2012 | 02:34 PM
  • Izagar
  • 1) I guess I can try.

    2) Is it good?

    3) I guess I can do that... I can make it that it's harder for him to control any element (aside fire) when it turns into a dragon-like form.

    4) Hmm... I guess I can add those. I'll think about it.

    5) I see...
  • 08-10-2012 | 03:28 PM
  • insaney
  • 1) Good x3

    2) Some of them are alright now. I still think Earth/Anger and Ice need to be limited. Especially Ice, which needs to be limited more x3 Simply because he can turn anything or any one into a solid block of ice. I don't know how fast his energy depletes at "as if he were running twice his normal speed. twice his normal speed"

    3) That's good. So each power has two tiers? One is normal, and one where the element turns into a dragon? Make sure you make those dragons exceptionally hard to control or very limited, because stuff like Earth, Ice, Wind and Water are waaaay powerful without that dragon form.

    4) x3 Sure, think more of how he would act in different situations. The BA/RPG isn't so much about battling anymore. Sure, you can do that, but it's more fit for developing characters along with other peoples' characters along different storylines and RPs. You can develop characters' powers alongside this as well.
  • 08-10-2012 | 03:37 PM
  • Izagar
  • I'll see what I can do soon.
  • 10-01-2012 | 04:15 PM
  • Izagar
  • Sorry. Been netless for awhile. I fixed the ice dragon a bit so it's limited to 5 minutes before extreme exhaustion. I'll edit out some other things when I can think straight.
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