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Peter Larken

Name: Peter Larken

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Height: 5"10

Weight: 150 kg.

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color/Style: Black, short, semi-long bangs; tufts up a bit at the top.

Skin Color/Complexion: Light skin. Often stained with paint colors and scars from battle.

Relationships: Uzuki

Appearance: Peter is very tall, with short, ruffled black hair and a slight muscular build. He has various tattoos, including a tattoo of Fluttershy on the inside of his right arm, and a demon on his right shoulder, its tail curving over and ending at his left shoulder. He also has scraggly sideburns that trail to his goatee.

He usually wears his glasses - except for when he's fighting - and a grey hat that would typically be worn for golfing. He also keeps a pipe handy, usually found inside his jacket, in a secret breast pocket underneath so that he can access it at any time. He wears a long black jacket that buckles along the back and front, keeping it loose and open at his chest so that he can access items from the inside pockets. He wears a baggy dark-grey shirt underneath the jacket, and loose, baggy grey pants to match. Finally, he wears knee-high boots with lots of grip and buckles crossing around the leg like the jacket.

He wears black fingerless gloves on his hands, and always keeps a fresh set of pencils hidden in one of his inside pockets, all different types, along with fresh paintbrushes in a pocket just below the pencils.

Weapon(s): Peter fights with three choice weapons: a masamune, a muramasa, and a crescent axe. He keeps the masamune and muramasa to use as regular weapons, and uses the crescent axe only when he's been fully pushed into battle. The masamune is just a little longer than the muramasa; both swords are tied up on either side of him with straps from his pants.

Peter's crescent axe is doubled, which means that it's a staff with a crescent axe for each side. He uses it in two ways - rapidly spinning it to deflect a person's blows, and use it to slash at his enemies.

Armor: The only armor that Peter wears are the metal shinguards attached to the front of his boots and over top the toes for kicking when he's fighting. Other than that, he wears no armor, as he relies on his speed.

Carried Possessions: As an artist, Peter carries pencils and paintbrushes with him wherever he goes, and will use any medium to create a piece of surrealistic art. He also carries lots of extra knives, most of which he crafts himself out of stone. Along with that, he keeps a necklace around his neck that was given to him by Uzuki - a silver pendant that has the word "Laugh" imprinted on it.

Powers/Magic/Skills: Because he's a human being, Peter does not know magic and does not have any special powers, but he does specialize in various types of martial arts, and is always learning more every day. So far, he knows judo, karate, kung fu, and taekwondo - however, he refuses to learn some fighting styles due to their 'impracticality'.

Limits: Peter often has to watch his stamina when fighting hand-to-hand; also, because he uses martial arts and swords, he usually always has to fight close-range, and does not do well against enemies that must be fought with long-range attacks.

Side-Effects: Peter does not have any side-effects due to not using special abilities.

Battle Strengths: Peter specializes in fighting with martial arts, and does well in close-range fights. He is very good at counterattacking his enemy's blows.

Battle Weaknesses: It takes Peter a while to learn an enemy's movements as he pays more attention to his own attacks than his enemy's. He also does not fare well in long-range battles, as his weapons and fighting styles are all close-range.


Personality: Peter is considered a very humble person, but is also very open about his feelings and opinions, and won't hesitate to speak out even if it may not be the right moment to.

Although he's very open to people, he hasn't been known to have a lot of friends, and only has a few people he can truly talk to. Of course, he blames this on the fact that he does speak his opinions and other people consider him a loudmouth and inconsiderate of people's opinions, which to him, is not the case - he doesn't care what people think, and he doesn't judge them either.

He doesn't care much for what people think of him regardless, and just doesn't pay attention to the people who dislike him, moving on to people he really does care about and do care about him. He will gladly accept anybody's opinion and speak out his own, and doesn't care how weird he looks if he's doing something silly.

Like Uzuki, Peter is very artistic, but enjoys surrealism unlike Uzuki's typical realism and anime styles. He also prefers painting on canvases over drawing on paper.

When it comes to his friends, however, Peter is very loyal and will do anything to make sure that they are happy, preferably Uzuki, whom he considers his only true friend.

However, despite the fact that he accepts people's opinions, Peter is very stubborn and will never admit to being wrong, which will usually cause him to get into long arguments with people over certain subjects, arguments of which he usually does enjoy because he gets entertainment out of them, especially when he knows that he's right.

Likes: Peter enjoys long walks on the beach, watching movies, playing video games, and reading comic books and graphic novels. He doesn't mind working alone, and also enjoys sleeping in and taking long naps. He also enjoys having long debates with his friends about things like comic books, movies, and weapon/fighting impracticalities.

Dislikes: Peter hates stuck-up people who refuse to broaden their horizons, especially when it comes to art. He also hates it when people question his judgement on things, and when people nag.

History: Peter was always an odd one of the bunch in his small town, and - unlike the other kids - was always interested by things like martial arts and surrealistic art, and set himself apart from the crowd by attending judo classes and doing horrific and sexually-intoxicating paintings that were sometimes hard to decipher when the general public looked at them.

As Peter grew older, he continued to immerse himself in his art and the artists around the world that did similar art to him, artists that he considered his mentors and swore to overpass someday. He would work out every day, and trained with both teachers and on his own in many fighting styles, mostly specializing in judo.

Eventually, he met Uzuki, a girl who was two years younger than him and went to the same high school with him for a year before he graduated. However, she passed away a few weeks before his graduation. Traumatized by the death of his best friend, Peter trudged through life, hoping that she could somehow return to the world of the living. Still unaware of her rebirth as a Reaper, Peter continues to train and hone his skills, so that he will always be able to protect those close to him.

Personal Sayings:

"Oh, that's bull!"

"Pff, you just don't understand real art."

"Uh, no, I'm ALWAYS right!"

"That's so stupid!!"

Theme Song:

"Soldiers", by Otherwise
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Re: Peter Larken

Nothing wrong here.

*Insta approve*
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