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Jack Rattle

Name: Jack Rattle
Nickname /Alias: Skinny Jack (or just Jack)
Age: 141
Sex: Male
Race: Skeleton (former human)
Height:1.72 meters
Weight: 23 pounds
Eye Color:black (cavities that is)
Hair Color/Style: no hair
Skin Color/Complexion:bright white (as in bone)

Jack looks like a fairly average male skeleton except for a few details. Jack broke his right arm during his human lifetime. This has healed, but left a visible mark on the bone. The back of Jack’s skull has a dent in it. This was probably the cause of his death, but this can’t be confirmed because Jack has no memory of his human existence.

Jack always wears a pair of black leather boots outside. These are very important to him because if he walks barefoot, he will lose parts of his feet. This happened before. He had to get it back from a pack of rabid hyena’s.
He also wears shoulder pads, connected to a waist belt with a red loincloth under it.

When the need to go to town arises, Jack puts on the black robe with blue trimming once owned by the necromancer that resurrected him. (see history + soon to be created character fiction on how he acquired this robe) this robe allows him to walk amongst the living fairly unnoticed.

Jack’s has a sacrificial knife with a curved blade and a skull on the hilt. The blade was used in Jack’s resurrection so it is quite special to Jack and can be used for necromantic arts. It does not offer any special abilities in battle. Jack keeps It in a hilt on the side of his belt. It is about 30 cm long. The knife needs to be charged with life force, this can be done by covering the skull on it in fresh blood. Doing so will make the skull turn a glowing blue. The larger the intensity of the glow, the more life force the knife contains.

Jack cannot wear heavy armor as the weight of it will cause him to collapse. Normally he relies on the “if you kill them before they land a blow, you don’t need armor” principle. The only protection comes from the leather shoulder pads. These make chopping off Jack’s arms harder.

Carried Possessions:
Necronomicon: The very same book of dark arts that was used in the revival of Jack himself. Contains many spells of different grades. Jack’s skills limit him to low level spells at the moment. Training with other Necromancers may improve him later on. (if so, this will be featured in the magic section.)He carries this book in a leather container bound to his spine under his ribcage. It is very important to him.

Jack is a special necromantic creation. Part of the powers and knowledge of his ‘maker’ have rubbed off on him. This has led to him being able to reassemble himself in case he falls apart. This does not mean that Jack cannot die, crushing his skull and burning the remains will destroy him permanently, the core of his power resides there. Also the parts that are to be reattached need to be within a distance of 4 meters of Jack. Otherwise his power will not reach.
His only other skill at this time is controlling a single corpse. The corpse (whether decayed or not) will have no free will or ability to do anything outside of direct mental commands issued by Jack. Jack has to be continually focused on the movement of the body to keep control. Otherwise it will simply fall back into its dead state. This skill offers Jack the opportunity to fight with something else than his own brittle bones. To activate this skill, Jack has to jam the charged sacrificial knife into the ground and recite the proper incantations. The body will (if in proximity, of course) spring up and be under Jacks control. It is possible to jam the knife into the ground, flee to a safe distance (within 20 meters) and then take control.

Jacks magic only works when the body on which it is performed is truly dead and when his knife is charged with life force. Otherwise nothing will happen. A reanimated body will cease to function after severe damage to the spine.
When controlling one of his flesh puppets, Jack has to be fully focused, this means that he can’t move about, rendering him an easy target.

Battle Strengths: Jack is a master in the element of surprise. If a (potential) target/opponent thinks he’s dead, they usually become careless or even approach him to loot.When a corpse is nearby Jack can attack a target from safe distance.
Battle Weaknesses:Pretty much any direct melee combat ends poorly for Jack. This is the reason he relies on tricks and corpses to keep safe.

Other: If things look grim for Jack, he can play dead like no other. To do this he releases the power that bind his bones together so that he collapses on the spot. By doing this he will seem to be defeated and dead (again) but he can regain control over his ligaments and piece himself back together later. (or stab the opponent when he/she gets close.)
A less convincing form of this is just falling down somewhere, he may seem dead to passersby, but if you are in battle with him, you will know that he is faking it. It can be used to ambush curious and unsuspecting targets though.

Whilst most necromantic creations lack the concept of free will and personality, Jack is different. He was created as a first experiment on ‘free’ undead. The first soldier in an army that could conquer without the constant attention of a necromancer. This will turned out stronger than expected: it created a possibility of disobedience. This bred a constant flow of threats of rekilling Jack uttered by the necromancer. This lit a flame of rebellion in Jack’s core, which grew and grew, turned into scorn and later would become violent wrath.
Now Jack lives to strike fear into the heart of man, His ultimate goal being raising an entire populace of undead like himself. He is actually quite lonely without the company of peers. This emptiness drives him on his quest to learn the secret of creation.
He is also very aware of his limitations. This in combination with his remarkable resurrection makes him very careful.

Likes: Bereft of all senses but sight and hearing. Most of the pleasures in Jack’s life are visual or audible. One of his biggest pleasures is polishing his bones with boiled vinegar until they are bright white. Scaring humans comes in second, their screams being sweet music to him.
Dislikes: dogs, they love Jack though, mostly for lunch. On a more serious note: Jack hates most living things with their petty needs.
Fears: Losing his belongings, especially bones and his necronomicon
Virtues: Jack is more aware of the value of life than most.
Vices: Jack is a wrathful skeleton, taking the lives of detesting humans for his creations.

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Re: Jack Rattle

And since I am dead, I can take off my head, to recite Shakespearean quotations~

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