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Waykla - The Rune Caster

Name: Oġäk'la ( simple: Waykla - pronounced: ʍeɪkʔɭa )

Age: 17

Apparent Age: mid 20's to a human

Gender: Female

Race: Sė’ad (Shiyadan)
-Race Description: Shiyads are the inhabitants of a desert planet called Leġėr (Lehir). They almost always have a tan-olive or darker skin color, their eye colors range through various brightness and hues of yellow, orange and reds - all usually faded a bit, and though their eye's lack pupils the center is always a more saturated version of the iris color. Shiyadan hair colors are mostly limited to shades between red and brown and a fade-to silver color for older folks.

They also have lengthy pointed ears with a tuft of hair at the tips to act as an anemometer. Their noses are also typically pointed a bit downwards, preventing them from inhaling too much sand - males usually have a larger width do the bridge of their nose, while females have a much slimmer nose, with a noticeably rounder point as well. Extremities are also a bit different in comparison to the average human: Shiyads have slightly webbed feet and hands, with various colored padding on the bottoms. This clearly exists to help them walk upon shifting sand, as they spread their toes with each step when they aren't wearing sandles - the padding is meant to mitigate the heat of the iron sands.

Padding on their hands and feet aren't quite as thick as most animals on Earth, however they are very similar in appearance in that they are placed along the tips of fingers and toes, as well as the parts of the feet that actually touch the ground (meaning it's not on the part of the foot that arches) and in three to four segments on the hand which allow it to still form a fist with no obstruction. The color of the padding can range from a slightly darker form of the skin - almost like a callus - to completely black or dark brown, with the rarer occasion of dark grey.

It should also be noted that they have four fingers and three toes (technically). The thumb of their feet actually makes the arch of their foot (anisodactyle), and they do have claws rather than finger nails, but they are often clipped or smoothed. The the entire foot can also clench, much like a birds. As far as fingers goes, they have three fingers and a thumb, the thumb is similar to a humans, but the the middle finger of the other three is slightly larger than the ones to it's side. Same for the feet.

The most significant racial trait of Shiyads is that they do not see in colors, but rather they see matter itself. This was given to them as a side-effect of a changing atmosphere which created a sky of nothing but bright light, ruining the old eye-sight, but creating a new one through the development of a node in the brain which detects everything around them, but is focused through the newly evolved eyes of the Shiyads.

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________

Visual Description:

Height: about 5ft

Weight: 125 lbs

Face: Waykla has a diamond shape head, accentuating her cheek-bones, chin, and her forehead somewhat. She also, like most Shiyads, has sizeable almond shaped eyes with long lashes, though shorter than what would be expected of a desert dwelling race. Her eyebrows have no arch, but instead are oblong shapes closest to the bridge of the nose just above the eyes with slight, rounded points going outward of the face. She has thin lips, with a very undramatic philitrum, but her nose is significantly more noticeable from a human perspective. It is thin with a long bridge, and a downward pointing tip, with slits for nostrils.

Her cheek bones and chin, as mentioned earlier, are dominant features to her face, as they are protruding features of it's silhouette. The cheek bones are rather high up, bringing a softer, happier look to her eyes. Meanwhile her chin, though not jutting dramatically or anything of the the like, creates a certain rounded point from the cheeks, drawing attention to an otherwise average feature.

Hair: She has a slightly more complex hairstyle than most other Shiyadan females - who would just have their hair hanging - it is a more sophisticated look among her people. She has fiery red colored hair with long side burns, and bangs tucked to the right. A bun of hair sits near the top of her head, and loops come out and hang from both sides of her head, in an almost pig-tail type fashion.

Skin: Waykla has flawless tan skin - almost an olive color but more reddish. The padding on her hands is an dark reddish brown, one could describe it as a dirty burgundy. Finally her webbing is a lighter tone than her olive skin, but mostly only because of it being thinner, making pigment less noticeable.

Ears: As with all Shiyadans, Waykla has some comparatively long pointed ears, spanning out about a foot. Also the tufts at the ends of her ears are the same color as her natural hair color - which is actually not always the case. They also droop slightly, pointing more downwards than what is usual.

Eye Color: Her eyes are a hot pink color at their darkest point, and it gets progressively lighter pink as you go further from the center to a ghostly pink. She has grey-ish centers like all other Shiyadans as well - this eye color isn't necessarily rare but it's uncommon enough for it to be the type everyone wants (something comparable to people envying blue eyes)

Body: She has the proportions of an adult human female, but the height of a significantly younger girl. However, this is normal for her people, and she would actually be considered more on the voluptuous side as far as proportions go. Her bust is above average at a high B, while her hips aren't quite as slim as many other Shiyad women's typically are. Her shoulder width is narrow, also normal, and her upper torso is appropriately thin as well - lining up well with her abdomen. Her feet, however, are smaller than most other Shiyads, male or female. This causes issues with her walking on loose sand like the others, as there is less surface area to distribute weight, even with webbed feet.

Clothing: Waykla wears a pure white cloth like most Shiyads. She has a tunic top that goes just past her waste before coming to a point further down in the front and back. It's full length goes down to the knees. The collar of the tunic protrudes just above the mouth to cover it from the plentiful sand that rushes around the Shiyadan homeworld, it is a very common design in all their clothing. The arms of the tunic are long, often covering her hands. Finally beneath the tunic she has a set of shorts that are red in color and have plentiful petal shapes flaring downward.

As far as jewelery goes, Waykla has a golden necklace type of adornment which loops around the back of her neck and then has beaded strings connecting in the front across the neck. She also has abdominal jewelry which is golden just like the neck-piece, and loops around her like a belt. It is made of two solid halves that clip into each other and hold in place looking as if a solid loop of gold when worn, it also has a large red jewel in the center of the front-side that is surrounded by various symbols centered around the jewel itself.

Waykla also has her pockets within the sleeves, like plenty of other Shiyadan clothing, and she tucks things under her abdominal jewelry as another method of carrying things.

Sensory Description:

Impression: You can tell just by looking at Waykla that she is kind-hearted, she just gives off a very nurturing and maternal type of aura. Which she also proves to be true with her actions.

Smell: Waykla smells very sweet, as she was a hobby botanist. She worked with many visually and aroma appealing plants. She often carries a few plants on her as well for medicinal purposes.

Energy: As a rune-caster, Waykla will often have a usually unidentifiable form of energy emitting from her and her runes when she uses them. Some people may be intimidated by it's power, while others might find it securing. The energy will often interrupt other forms of energy as well, such as electricity, magnetism or even some forces like gravity.


__________________________________________________ _______________________________________


Runes: Waykla doesn't have any weapons necessarily, but she does have very powerful mathematics and science on her side. What some might call magic would be considered science and spirituality to the Shiyads. Waykla uses runes with advanced mathematical symbols to create different equations and outcomes from them. She will either have an "equation" already made from several runes which would float around her, or she can make them out of most stones and the elements required in the equation.

Necklace: There are 3 common sciences of Rune Casters: Life, Space, and Time. The science of life includes things such as general biology and medical applications. The science of space includes things like physics, astrology, transportation etc. Finally, the science of Time includes things such as mathematical organization, historical recording, and other rarer fields that usually interconnect with space and life. This trio of science is represented proudly on all Rune Casters (For Waykla it would be her bead necklace).

Kaljė Belt: Her large belt-like jewelry is actually very important to her work, the jewel and already written inscriptions on it are what allow her to Rune Cast far more efficiently. (More about this in the "Capabilities" section)

Note and Writing utensil: Waykla tends to carry a few small scrolls with her (hidden in the pockets of her tunic sleeves). These notes are most often used to hold the data of her studies, but are sometimes used for other general purposes. She also carries something to write more notes, or to make more runes.

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________


Tools | Kaljė Belt: With this inscribed, golden, adornment she is capable of channeling the energy required to operate her runes. For this reason it is the single most useful thing to her. The energy being used is a combination of "Kaljė" which can be translated as soul, spirit, or flow (even a mixture of the words) and whatever other resource is required in the equation such as: thermal, magnetic, kinetic etc.

Rune Casting | General: Waykla is trained in all the sciences: life, space, and time. She is capable of doing a wide variety of equations or "spells" with said runes after they have been crafted and activated properly.

Constructs: A construct is a rune mechanism, device, or object with some type of purpose decided by the equations given to it. These can be almost anything, using knowledge from any of the the three sciences. For example, the common form of locomotion on Lehir (at least in major cities) were stone vehicles engraved with runes holding anti-gravity properties and a few others for control purposes. Other devices could be a rune inscribed on a material that is conductive, but made to hold energy until a certain event, effectively making engines or generators whenever needed. These are just the beginning of what constructs can be, though.

Rune Casting | Life: Waykla can make many different types of herbal remedies through alchemical processes, and is very quick to learn about new useful plants just by looking at their composition - which is significantly easier for a Shiyad to do. She can also repair bodily wounds like broken bones and other serious injuries with relative ease.

Not only is this science used for healing but it is also used for biological warfare. War is something Shiyads never wish to see again, but scientists like Waykla still developed methods of defensive attacks in-case something like the ancient Cataclysmic War were to occur once more. She can craft different poisons from plants, or even use elements to make the air harmful, such as making iron runes absorb oxygen rapidly.

Waykla can also interfere with the processes of flora and fauna such as speeding up the growth of plants dramatically, and control their stimulus to tell it which direction to grow - each different process requires a different equation though, so usually only one action is taken at a time unless all the right runes were already made. Animals are also susceptible but are often more complex and require research before manipulation can occur.

Rune Casting | Space: Space is one of the things that interest Shiyads the most, because it is something that Ancient Shiyads were known to have great knowledge of, unfortunately the information was lost to time, but has since drove the current Shiyads towards unveiling the secrets again. Waykla has so far learned to teleport varying distances based on a channeling period, she has also learned to cause small distortions in space that move gravity to the targeted point - all requiring fairly intricate set ups that can take anywhere from a few hours to the entire day.

She is also knowledgeable of surrounding solar systems and even multiple galaxies that are nearby. Thanks to very advanced mathematics the Rune Casters have created many star charts with precise co-ordinates. The reasoning for such an astronomical obsession? Simple : The Adoga'ėl - a device said to be the reason for the disappearance of the Shiyads of old. Waykla finally unlocked the secrets of this magnificent structure using her teleportation equation, but was met with extreme results.

The method that helped form star charts uses highly complex equations which can literally map out space that they usually can't physically see based on a few points of origin. They have another method, somewhat like spacial clairvoyance that uses a varying amount of energy based on how far you wish to perceive. It basically enhances a the visual node of their brain which already acts as a radar (what gives them the ability to see matter) by extending it's range and focus.

Rune Casting | Time: Time is the least known science, but Shiyads have still made decent strides in understanding it. They have a time system that's most basic unit is a sixth of an earth second, and a very accurate sub system to determine precise measurements of time. Waykla was one of three scientist to develop a method of speeding up time in a small area, which was used in unison with the Space school to develop new forms of transportation. Currently Waykla will use the same method to speed herself up significantly, or to slow down time around her as a method of better dodging objects entering the temporal field.

One of the strongest points in the Science of Time would be that the Rune Casters have developed a method of temporal clairvoyance - seeing into the future to varying extents. They have also almost perfected the method to a point where it requires very minimal amounts of energy to preform. Thermal energy is all they really need (a few runes of fire could be one way).

Never has an actual time machine been made to skip time all-together though, if one wanted to pass time quickly they would go through a meditation state with temporal runes active to speed up time from their perspective, though time wouldn't actually be passing any faster around them, they would seemingly experience it quicker is all - a time passer rather than a time skipper.

Rune Casting | Soul: This field of study is a new one created by Waykla soon after her accident. She became fascinated by new forms of life and how much differently things were created and reacted, and soon she realized that where Time and Space were often related more directly, Life and the Soul where too. She has found that energy from souls aren't infinite, but do regenerate to certain caps. With this she started testing using the vital energy as a method of using equations from the other sciences - to some success. She can achieve only simple things like changing densities or state of matter of certain elements like water, and even then she feels weary when using her own vital energy.

Another Discovery would be that every living thing contains a soul, of various energy levels and complexity, there even seem to be differences in soul strength between individuals. She has not yet put this knowledge to a test though, giving it a taboo tag...for now.

Innate | Ears: The tufts at the end of Shiyadan ears have the specific purpose of detecting when deadly sandstorms of their home-planet were about to hit. This anemometer functionality is still somewhat useful in other settings for Waykla, though not quite as dire as it was on Lehir.

Innate | Eyes: Shiyads are blind in the sense that they do not see by light reflecting off surfaces, they see matter itself and its compositions. This form of vision has the benefit of being able to see in the dark due to not relying on light for vision. It also allows her to do things like locate flaws in a structure, like a building or someone's armor. Best of all, she can focus hard enough to see passed walls, or see things within them. Closing her eyes cancels the direction of vision they give to her brain, and actually allow the visual node to see more around her, but with less focus.

Knowledge | Studies: Waykla still attempts to learn everyday like a proper scientist would, she tries to develop new more efficient methods of doing what she already does, or come up with a completely unseen achievement all together.

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________


Tools | Kaljė Belt: The energies manipulated by the Kaljė Belt cannot be focused or used for any other purpose than operating runes, as it makes a link between the energy and the rune, rather than controlling the energy directly. Also if at any moment Waykla is without the belt she doesn't become incapable of runecasting, she simply can't channel the energy as efficiently. Meaning if she were using thermal energy from a fire for an equation, she would have to wait until the energy was drawn to the runes by itself - seeing as how thermal energy is the least compliant that isn't likely unless the fire is directly below the rune/runes in question.

Rune Casting | General: All transformations, changes, outcomes, etc. made by an equation, must first have the elements in question and the equation set out in runes first - this can take time to make. First off she needs a sturdy object to engrave the symbols, and then it would take slight bit of time to write the entire set of runes - which vary in amount.

Constructs: the only limits to constructs, just like with science and engineering, are ingenuity, imagination, and resources. Logically, you cannot make a car without the parts, the same goes for anything made with runes. Rune casting can enhance the properties of normal materials, but not give them new ones. For example, a flammable object will typically burn out given enough time to destroy the resource, but with runes one can make all the materials involved in the chemical process remain in place, and cycle - in this case the only requirement would be a continuous supply of oxygen, and even this can be mitigated through additional and intelligent rune use.

Rune Casting | Life: in order to cause any harm to another, Waykla must have already created the poison, and must have had the items to make the poison to begin with - she cannot simply use her Rune Casting to make it appear out of nowhere. It is a somewhat tedious event just to harm someone this way, and would basically have to be pre-mediated to be very effective. The mentioned technique of sucking out oxygen from the air also has requirements: a metal to be oxidized, she would make something like iron begin to absorb the oxygen and oxidize itself quickly in order to suffocate someone.

Also, when healing, the same rules apply, she can't just cast runes and make something appear out of nothing, the materials must be gathered. The only time she can repair a bone directly without extra elements would be if all the bone is still there, or is mostly there, otherwise when she repaired it the bone would be structurally unsound. The same logic applies to other procedures.

In organic manipulation, Flora are easier to control because they generally have the same anatomy, but animals become far more complex, varying significantly from one another externally, internally, and chemically. In order to manipulate most processes of an animal at least a day or two of research is required, and possibly even some experimentation to test theoretical equations. Some less sentient, simple creatures can be manipulated - like oysters and the like, but there wouldn't really be a point. A few very simple things like causing small blood clots to create limp or painful limbs are possible, but she'd have to know the composition of one's blood etc.

Rune Casting | Space: Teleportation of herself and other people or objects doesn't take any other elements besides whats being transported because the object in question is already there: space is everywhere after all. However, the process does require energy provided by runes in order to work, so the proper runes don't have to be made of a particular element, but they are usually made of elements that are conductive and can retain the energy put in them. Electrical energy is the most used, but plenty of thermal, magnetic, or gravitational energy can be used within certain situations. Each of these forms of energy would take a significant amount of planning out and time to be used successfully.

Rune Casting | Time: Time equations have the same requirements as Space equations, they don't really require elements, but they require an energy input to actually happen.

Clairvoyance: both spacial and temporal clairvoyance require varying amounts of energy per form of clairvoyance and to what extent it is being used. Both methods have been studied well and practically mastered, however spacial clairvoyance is still far more efficient in energy. large amounts of pressure, or even movements can be used to power spacial clairvoyance, but to see far out such as beyond 2 miles more powerful energies are needed.

Temporal clairvoyance requires, at the very least, thermal energy to be activated, and that is just to see a few moments (around 20 seconds or less) into the future or past of an area. Things such as magma would be the only thermal energy to suffice further clairvoyance of this type, other energies like lightning would have to be used to see anything passed a week.

Rune Casting | Soul: Waykla can use her own vital energy, or her "soul" to use any of the types of abilities, but due to it usually being fatal it will be a method only used as a last resort, probably if she thinks she's going to die anyway type of thing.

Innate | Ears: Being in the direct vicinity of fast winds, or strong air currents in general, can actually overwhelm a Shiyad's senses - much in the same way that a bright enough light can impair some, or how deafening noises can cause pain and so on.

Innate | Eyes: The Drawbacks associated with seeing matter directly are that Waykla must also see gasses and other materials that are invisible to Human eyes - things like Oxygen can shroud her vision at times and in order to see passed them she must focus (just like with normal eyes except it takes almost twice as long to focus in this manner) Shiyadan eyes generally can't see very far either, a restriction of simply too much information being received. Lastly - a lot of energy-forms which can only be seen due to giving off light are invisible to Waykla, things like lightning, lasers, in some cases fire (where it is magical and is not using a source to burn from, like wood) etc are completely unnoticed.

Knowledge | Studies: Waykla can sometimes take steps backwards due to her forgetfulness. If she neglects practice or never writes information down, she'll more than likely have to re-learn it all.

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________

Battle Strengths:

Intellectual: She is highly intelligent and not only good at mathematics and science, but as well as planning and strategizing (which probably developed from being a Rune Caster anyway). She will usually try to have runes set for temporal clairvoyance so she'll have a few seconds to prepare other runes for something coming up. Spacial Clairvoyance also becomes a big player in planning out attacks or escape routes.

Resourceful: Waykla likes to be very aware of where she's at and what there is to use around her, not only because she might be able to cast something with what is present, but also because there will be times where she won't have anything available at all, and she'll be able to devise what to do next based on that.

Useful: She is useful to other people as a supportive roll. She is efficient at healing, sometimes on the go, and can provide a wide range of other actions to help whoever she is allied with.

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________

Battle Weaknesses:

Kindness: Sometimes it really is a downfall, she tries to be nice to everyone whether she knows them or not, and gives some people way more chances than they should get - if it's minute though. If someone were to flat out be clearly evil in some way it wouldn't get passed her. Because of this kindness, though, she leaves her guard down often.

Clumsiness: When things start to stray from her plans or she feels like she's put under immense pressure she begins to fall apart and starts becoming clumsy. She's used to being in a stable environment like the lab, where just about everything is predictable and under her control.

Forgetful: Whenever Waykla doesn't have the time to right something down, she often forgets it after a while. Unfortunately this applies to some of her researches, for example: if she learns about the anatomy of a human to a large extent, without notes, practice, or experimentation she'd likely forget most of it within a week or so. She would usually already have forgotten something within the first few days if it was over something complex like chemical processes and the like.

Naive: She isn't naive as far as her intelligence or wisdom goes, but she can be socially naive, taking information too seriously, and being trusting to a fault. In a battle she might not think she's even fighting a bad guy, and will become hesitant because of it - this and her kindness can make for face-palmlingly bad situations.

Athleticism: It's basically non existent, she is capable of running like lazy teenager who isn't entirely out of shape, but sprinting quickly, jumping, parkour or anything similar is simply out of her expertise.

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________


Waykla is extremely kind and nurturing, she could probably be a mother-like figure for most if she didn't appear so young - especially by human standards. She's also somewhat shy when first meeting people. When you get to know her though she opens up big time - she likes to entertain people she calls friends with her botanical shape shifting, or other Rune Casting abilities. She's really good with kids, just because of her nurturing style, but she can also be just as naive as a child so she probably relates with them as well.

She isn't anti-social at all, she loves to be around people, there just wont be much talking from her when she's there most of the time. Waykla is more of a listener, which goes towards her analytical awareness of everything around her. Where most people that are analytical might be cold due to seeing reality for what it is, Waykla tends to still see the brighter side of every situation. Just like any other person, though, she has her dislikes.

When overwhelming people come into the picture, Waykla makes a social withdraw and turtles quickly. Luckily it wasn't really in Shiyadan nature to be aggressive or demanding, but she's been noticing ever since she left her planet that that's not the case elsewhere, and it frightens her. She also isn't a fan of unpredictable loud noises - if she doesn't sense the lightning but gets the thunder she usually freaks out.

Along side her dislikes and fears comes her personal problems and vices: Sometimes she takes the path of science over morality, despite how kind she is, because she doesn't see it as something bad personally. She would never painfully torture and tear someone apart, but she might use the left overs of someone's assassination for her own scientific advances, or become so involved on a project that she forgets about everyone else for selfish needs - it is uncommon that these things happen because she's usually too busy to start up a project, but when she does... it can be ugly.

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________


Rune Casting University, the only collegiate facility on the entire planet, located in Dsösenotė (Chushinoti), it is the berth place of Kaljė (RuneCasting) and RuneCasters (Kaljėr). While many just worked happily day by day, a few had the luxury of learning alongside a handful of others here. The University was even taught by the oligarchical leaders, the elder council itself - though only the three interested. Each of the three volunteering elders held their own school dedicated to a science: one of Life, another of Space, and a final one of Time. Most people chose to reside in the biological studies of the Life school, but other prodigal individuals would head towards Space and Time.

Waykla, and only a handful of others whom she was acquainted with, wanted to go above and beyond though, and enlisted to all of the schools, wanting to learn as much as possible. It would only be 2 Shiyadan years before her and five others from her old group of acquaintances became teachers at the facility due to their outstanding performance in all fields they had been trained in. On the side, Waykla also acted as one of the revolutionary scientists that developed the Shiyadan future through Rune Casting. The "technology" of Shiyadans would truly be mystical to other races of metal and electricity, for here the future was as it always was - stone and essence, just with a few advancements in technique is all.

One great structure known as "Adoga'ėl" was held dearly by the collegiate elite. It was a structure from ancient times, where the understanding of space and matter was actually significantly more advanced, unfortunately those who held the secrets vanished into thin air, leaving nothing but legends of traveling amongst the stars. These amazing tales finally gained the possibility of becoming real once more upon the discovery of the Adoga'ėl, and immediately the most prestigious members of the university flocked together to unleash the mechanism's powers - but with absolutely no further understanding.

It was only after testing a new equation for teleportation with other colleges that Waykla began to see definite similarities between the symbols of her new format, and that of the ancient structure. With a hint of greed she took all the notes associated to the revolutionary knowledge and went for a play-test at the Adoga'ėl site.

She entered the dome-topped building containing the circular stone structure, notes in hand, and runes at the ready. Nobody was around at this time of the day, as it was one of the only two breaks in the 22 or so hours of the work day. So Waykla scurried in and set-up her runes, putting each one into slots located in the top of 25 different pillars formed as a circle in 5 rings. Only after everything was perfectly in place would she begin to channel energy through the jewel located on her Kaljė belt. A storm formed in the fabric of space, and the crackling and tearing of it's fabric sounded throughout the temple. Glass shattered from the top of the dome, and the pillars began to rise around her, gating her in the center of the rings as the temple doors slammed shut.

It was a decision she would regret ever since.

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________

Fun Facts:

Waykla (Oġäk'la), is named after the rarest plant on her planet called the Oġäkar. It's a plant that floats high in the sky with gasses built up in it's bulb-shaped leaves, and it keeps a steady supply of water by sprouting from a special seed that embeds itself in geysers atop mountains and cliffs.

Shiyads are herbivores with a cyclical digestive system of three small stomachs, gall bladders to each, and an advanced liver which spans across the entire system. This excrete-free digestive system can take about two Lehirian cycles (about 68 earth hours) to be entirely absorbed. this is perfect for some of the Shiyads and their nomadic nature. Most Shiyads eat twice within the Aṫör' (Athu-ruh - awake-time: about 26 hours earth time), but they are rather small meals consisting of small gatherings of salad like shrubbery and the like, occasionally the equivalent of a fruit.

Sleep and Restoration (Sė'ansor):
For Shiyads sleeping isn't as simple as shutting your eyes, a ritual of sorts must be preformed, firstly everyone gets an appropriate amount of a special neuro-anesthetic paste, there is usually a jar of it in every bedroom, an old runic symbol is written on the face: a line going from the forehead to the nose, a slight cross on the line with the right side extending and looping under the eye, and then on the left side under the eye another loops is made going back to the line on the for head, this symbol is actually a general outline over the organs that allow them to see the way they do and over the pre-frontal cortex. After making the runic symbol they activate it with the a small static shoc and the anesthetic begins to numb the pre-frontal cortex, and the visual nodes beneath the temporal lobes - this allows for a silent mind to sleep, the anesthetic is also more or less an alarm clock as it wears off at about the same time every time and then there brain becomes fully active again.

The paste they use actually isn't required but is far more accurate and helpful, they can actually message their temples and meditate to get a similar effect, but not nearly as quick, and not quite as effective.

fun/cool fact: the neuro-anesthetic paste used is made from a lightly acidic juice found in a plant on Lehir, the juice is used by the plant to build up an electrical force, when the juice is "charged" is is luminescent, so when the Shiyad activate it to go to sleep the symbol on their head glows! Shame they can't see it.
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"Innate | Eyes"
"I nnate | Ears"
"Rune Casting | Soul".

oh yes, and the matter manipulation bit has been removed all together.

I also moved the information of her eyes' abilities to capabilities and limits rather than being under battle strengths and weaknesses - with more detail on each which may have to be checked on.

Also, I don't know what policy is on name changes are, but this is more of a spelling change than an actual name change. In the language I've created for the Shiyads her name is spelled the same as before, but is pronounced differently due to some morphology and grammar changes in the language, which I've decided to update here. ^_^
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