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Name: Fairden
Nickname /Alias: Normally people call me by my name, isn't that what you do too?
Age: 19
Apparent Age: 19
Sex: Male
Race: Half Elf
Height: 5 ft. 9 in.
Weight: 150 lbs.
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color/Style:
A dark bronze, I wear my hair in all sorts of fashions, but my favorite is very short, and left alone.
Skin Color/Complexion: Normal

Appearance: Normally I wear my favorite jeans, a particularly soft pair with frays in them, and shirt, a loose plain blue dress shirt. My shoes are normally the best I can afford, because of my role, I tend to get into fights alot, so on first glance you can tell so by the scuffs on me. Other than that, i have a chain necklace with a sphere of metal polished to a shine with tiny ruts in it. My mom gave it to me. I also have a thin silver band around my right ring finger. Whenever I know I'm going into a fight, I take off the ring and put on some basic leather gloves.

Weapon(s): My preferred weapon of choice is the blade, whether that be a dagger, or a shortsword, my favorite is Fios, a blade I made myself when I was a kid working at my father's forge. The only other weapons I carry around are a simple dagger and it's sheath, and a spear tip attached to some lightweight wire.
Carried Possessions: My everyday possessions are stored in this device called a 'pocket' which is a spherical device that tells the time and stores my items- not weapons- in a temporal shift, or in basic terms, a gap between reality. The pocket is needed to manage my magic, as I have to commune with the land's master and ask for a contract. ( A contract is pretty much asking to borrow the land's strength and what I must pay for it. Thus, the more power I request, the higher the cost.)

Powers/Magic/Skills: As described above, my magic is managed by the land's master. First I must make a contract with the master and wager how much power vs. cost/ risk. (NOTE. Not all masters will demand a price. Some others may set limitations or ask you to complete a task or even others may challenge you themselves. It depends on the master and his temperament.) Then there are the different master classes. Depending on the temperament of the master they may affect you in different ways. For example, a master's energy may cause you to alter your mood, fighting style, and in rare occasions, change your form... Regardless, a master's domain is directly correlated to it's power. A master is a entity that works somewhat like a spirit; If they so choose, they may detach themselves from the land and follow you, or some may wander for eternity. Of course, this has never happened before and is only a theory.
Anyways, onto my abilities:
Augmenting: Simply using magic to strengthen my physical abilities
Manifestation: Shooting my magic while the master changes the form. (ex. Ice>Icicles; Earth> ball) but generically I shoot my magic in a ball.
Geomancing: I can kinda do some geomancing, but it's only limited to stimulating life, like speeding up cell regen, although that usually exhausts me. So, no, no big flashy pillars of earth coming out of the ground, and no titanic plant growth either...

Battle Strengths: Not to brag, but I'm pretty good at analyzing my opponent, and I tend to keep my cool in a fight, but I mean, c'mon, I'm not perfect.Also, I talk to myself quite a bit so that puts most people off, and scares the rest. Other than that, I'm pretty light on my feet. Years of running tend to do that to you.
Battle Weaknesses: Well, first off, I cannot fight women. I just think that attacking a defenseless woman is dishonorable and I just can't stand it. Others have also told me I chat too much on the battle field and I get too friendly with my opponents.

Personality: My personality? Sure, if you're that interested. Most of the time I'm calm and collected, but I've seen all walks of life and when I shift moods, it's easy to tell. My body language can go from relaxed to menacing to cautious and back. To put it shortly, many can call me friend but few could claim they know me.

History: TO BE FINISHED ASAP. Sorry!

There's nothing you can't say or that hasn't been done until you try it.
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Re: Fairden

When you get the history done, I'll give it a good look over. :3
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