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Anna McGinty- Character Profile

Name: Anna McGinty (She hides her middle name: Ophelia)
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Race: Human, Anglo Saxon, Irish-French Mix
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 120
Eye Color: Light blue-green
Hair Color/Style: Dark red, thick, below shoulders, tight curls.
Skin Color/Complexion: Pale skin. She gets sunburned easily. Light brown freckles dust her forearms, her cheek bones, and her nose. Her blush is a very bright red and slightly splotchy.

Appearance: On the short side of average height, she has a slender build. Her muscles are toned from daily exercise and training, but she isn’t incredibly muscular. She got her father's red hair and light skin, her mother's blue-green eyes and quick tongue, but her father's intuitive knack for math and science was lost on her (and was a gene bestowed on her younger brother, David.) Her red hair falls down her back in tight curls, it ends above her elbows, when it isn’t hanging loose it is tied back in an elastic band as a wild pony tail. Her eyebrows are angular and a light red. Her feet are a dainty size 6, but she is very nimble on them.

She wears a sporty t-shirt, usually blue. (In her emergency bag she has a brown spare). She also wears a pair of jeans that are in pretty good condition, so far, and a reddish brown leather jacket that belonged to her mom. She wears it even in the heat to hide her wrist watch… because it isn’t a wrist watch, and she can’t take it off. It's a holographic portal key. The watch is about five inches wide, the band retracts automatically when the key code is typed into the holographic interactive screen, however, the code vanished along with her father. Though it may look odd to outsiders, the watch is actually very common among Americans and Europeans in this decade. It is very stylish at that time to wear very bulky things. She wears a pair of red canvas converse shoes. She isn’t a fan of jewelry, but she has an old heart shaped brass locket with a picture of her mother, father and brother which she keeps around her neck.

**More about the watch: This is a short exerpt from Anna's first adventure in "Grief's First Steps" where she begins to understand the power of time travel under the training of C.A.N., character by Haagar212. Here is a visual image of the watch's screen.

Careful not to move too quickly, she let him hold her right arm as she used that hand to work the watch. She pressed a few buttons, twisted the little silver knob on one side (a stylistic choice, not something that could actually wind the watch), but the holographic screen didn't pop up. Instead, it made a small "beep-wahmp!" Embarrassed, she tried again. This time the screen opened, a bright blue square that came out of the watch as a single beam of light and the seemed to stretch into a rectangle of its own accord. She paused to make a mental note that it was the brassy button on the top right. She looked at the screen. She hadn't been able to do that earlier; no time for it. The screen was about four inches by six inches, blue lines stretched out like a grid. There were three bars which acted like touch screen buttons. The top said "Start New Search", the second said "Door Room", and the third said, "Retrace Steps". A few small circles surrounded the bars, three in a vertical row on either side. Above each was the phrase "Search By:". On the left, they were labeled "Time", "Place", "Person". On the right, "Species", "Planet", "Solar System".

The idea is that she can look things up about the places she travels to and can theoretically find a particular person, time, place, planet, etc.

Weapon(s): Anna’s only weapon training was with her uncle’s hand gun, which she keeps in her emergency bag (the green bag she brought with her). She is, however, trained in self-defense and taekwondo. So she knows how to handle herself. There is also a small Swiss army knife in her bag, which she would never intentionally use as a weapon but could be used if her life was immediately threatened. (Note also that this character will be seen mostly, if not solely, in the crossroads. A gun does not make her invincible, nor does it always mortally wound a person. Even in defense, she would not go for the kill.) The gun is an Automatic Pistol, Caliber .45. It is completely black, with her initials scratched into the base. (A.O.M. -Anna Ophelia McGinty) She has extra bullets in her bag: about three cartridges of 50 bullets each.

Armor: None.

Carried Possessions: She carries a dark green backpack which she grabbed in her quick flight from home after the death of her father. She has had it at the ready for a long while now at the request of her father, who had an idea that something like that might happen. Inside there is a solar/lunar powered flashlight, a packet of matches, a water bottle, several Insta-Meals (30 second microwavable meals which are actually very healthy for you) an extra t-shirt (brown and slim fitted), 80 feet of rope, her uncle's gun, a Swiss army knife which is equipped with a lazer that can pick locks through centralized magnetic energy, and a bunch of Snickers bars.

Powers/Magic/Skills: Her wrist watch is made of titanium alloy, is silver in color, and doesn’t actually tell time. Inside is the key to opening and closing portals. It is a program her father created, accidentally, while working for a corrupt business. Anna can open the portal door with the holographic interactive control panel, which leads to a large, dark room which seems weightless. There are countless doors in this room, all of them are closed with the same white, flat door, which is imprinted with an icon of the world it represents only once Anna has passed through the doorway, sort of like a bookmark. Each door can reach any spot on any world. Once she masters it, she'll be able to control where it leads her, but for now, the doors will take her where she is most needed. The portal can be opened from any location, and the doors are limitless in number...

Limits:/Side-Effects: ...However, she must refrain from leaving too many openings in the same area because each trip is a tear in the fabric of time and space. Too many in one area could cause a black hole. This is something she finds out down the road. Only two people can be inside the portal room at one time, and they both must be in contact with the watch. So, for example, she could not transport a whole crowd of people from a sinking ship or a crashing plane, however unfortunate, without doing it one at a time and causing a rip in the fabric of time and space.

Battle Strengths: From years of living in down town New York, and several years of self-defense classes and Taekwondo, she is very fast and agile. She is also very clever. (Not a genius, but street smart and witty, a good problem solver.) She can defend herself, and she has the gun and her Swiss army knife to help her out.

Battle Weaknesses: Despite her skill in self-defense, she isn't very strong. She puts her heart into things, which can be harmful in a situation where she tries to play the hero. She often acts without planning.

Personality: Anna is a very confident person. She doesn't care much in the way of personal appearance. She cared for her family more than anything. She is an honest person, not a bad bone in her body. But life in futuristic New York has made her tough, fast, and careful. She isn't quick to trust. When happy, she can crack jokes and act silly, usually by making odd noises with her mouth. When upset, she tends to retreat into herself and push others away. She handles tragedy with a strait face, but her heart breaks at a moment's thought. When angry, she can be very unreasonable and often can't think strait. Her instincts help her most out of sticky situations.

Likes: Snickers (the candy bar), singing, keeping busy (she doesn't like being idle), training with her uncle, dogs, and the smell of lemons, cinnamon, and jasmine.

Dislikes: Reptiles- especially snakes, the subway system (she prefers the SkyTran—a hover bus system—or walking), crowds (whether being in them or in front of them), and being dirty. (She isn't a neat freak, but she hates having mud or dirt on her skin.)

Fears: Growing close to anyone who can be taken from her. Her family's tragic history has made sure of that.

Virtues: She is very loyal. She is understanding of others faults and doesn't judge. She is very street savvy. She is courageous, daring, and willing to try new things.

Vices: She isn't book smart, math and science are definitely weaknesses. She cares way too much for people, which can sometimes cause problems, so she tends to push them away. She isn't the best problem solver, and she tends to act on feeling rather than rationality.

History : Anna was brought up as a 2nd generation American, in Brooklyn, New York. Year 2058. Her grandfather moved his family to the U.S. In 2010. His son, Anna's father, was born two years later. After several private schools, her father was given a full ride scholarship to MIT for work in the field of science and technology. It was there he developed his ideas for space travel. He graduated and married a beautiful dark haired woman of French heritage, and then Anna was born in 2039.

Anna lived with her father in a small fourth floor apartment. Her mother, Vivian, and younger brother, David, died when she was eleven in a car accident. Her father, Owen McGinty, found jobs working as a computer technician and repair man after graduation, but was soon brought on by a wealthy but mysterious benefactor to work on several experimental projects involving space travel. He took the money because it paid better than his repair job, but refused to move himself and his daughter out of the small apartment, thinking the money could rather be saved for Anna's college tuition. They both agreed that the extra space wasn't needed, it was only them.

One day in August, when Anna was eighteen and starting her first year at the community college down town (her math and science grades hadn't been exactly high enough to go strait to the university), her father stumbled across the access code (as he called it) for opening a portal. After several tests, and realizing that he could in fact step across space in a matter of seconds, he knew that it must be kept a secret until he could rest assured that it would be used for the right purposes, which he hoped would be to move rockets from earth into another galaxy for further exploration, or to ship important medicines or documents from one country to the next.

[The farthest space travel has gotten by this moment in time is a rocket to Jupiter. Other advances in technology for this decade have been: 3D hologram/interactive TV screens/smart phones/wrist watches, hover busses (called the SkyTran) and cars, healthy 30 second microwavable meals, hand-held lazers that straiten hair or open locks, and complete reliance on solar power energy (even cars, which no longer run on gas or batteries).]

So, her father spent the rest of the year in suspicion of everything that moved. He encouraged Anna to keep an emergency pack prepared, should anything happen where they needed to run. In the mean time, he programmed the portal key into an ordinary wristwatch to disguise it and kept it in a locked drawer. [Ordinary for this time still looks pretty advanced. It is one of the hologram watches I mentioned in the last paragraph, the buttons all reset to control the portals... so it no longer can tell you the time, date, weather, and GPS location like it used to.]

Just as Owen predicted, the benefactor's men came after him. Somehow they had found out about his project. Or, at least they noticed he had quit making such long strides in the project they assigned him. Despite his suspicions, they came without warning. Anna found the apartment ransacked the day he was taken. She'd just returned from the shooting range where she'd been enjoying the afternoon with her uncle, and was devastated to find her father gone. The kitchen table was thrown aside, everything from every cupboard now lay in pieces on the floor among scattered glass from picture frames and mirrors. Her father's desk was in shambles, papers covered the floor, the computer had been taken and left the desktop bare. The locked drawer had been forced open and its contents dumped onto the kitchen counter. The watch was still there, they hadn't known to look for it.

Quickly, Anna scooped up her green bag, which hadn't been seen under a bucket in the broom closet, and strapped on the watch. She knew that it was what those men had come for, but her father had never shown her how to use it, fearing that it might be information that could get her killed. She ran for the staircase and made it down two flights before running into two men in suits and wires. They were sent there to retrieve Anna, apparently her father needed incentive to talk.

Anna spun and ran back up the stairs, with the goons at her heels. Back on the fourth floor, she spun back and kicked the first square in the jaw, who then tumbled back down on his partner, giving her time to reach the roof. Being the lack-of-plan kind of girl she was, she stood frozen at the edge of the roof, not sure where to go. The two men emerged behind her. “C'mon, kitten,” one of them said. “No one's gotta get hurt here.”

“Except your pops if you don't play nice,” said the second, smirking. Despite their talk, they both pointed their 45s in her direction.

Anna turned to face them, her hands behind her back.

“No funny business, hands in the air, cupcake.”

She did as she was told, pulling out a small card, her SkyTran pass, from her back pocket and holding it high for them to see.

“What's that? Drop it!” one of the goons ordered.

“Please,” Anna begged, “don't shoot. This is what you want, isn't it? My father's experiment? All his files are on this card.” She watched for them to understand, and then she turned and tossed it over the side of the building. “But you'll never find it!”

The two men ran for the edge of the roof while Anna jumped to the side, out of the way, and began furiously pressing buttons on the watch as they searched for the card on the street below. The shorter of the two turned to her, full red in the face, yelling, “You'll pay for that, you little B--” he fired his gun, and the bullet flew through the air and hit the wall of the neighboring building. Anna was gone.

Anna floated in a dark space for what seemed like years while she gathered her senses. There were doors all around her, in a wide open circle. There didn't seem to be a floor. But she could move. When she tried walking, her feet made the motion of riding a bicycle and felt no pressure, no resistance, but continued in her desired direction anyway. She soon began opening door after door, all of them white, with no mark or differences. Each held a different scene beyond the door. One was a wild jungle, the next an office, another was, impossibly, underwater, a fourth gave an incredible view of the stars from a small planet with purple sand and trees. She found that even by opening and then reopening a door, it was not the same place as before. As her mind explored the possibilities that lay before her, she could not distract her heart from grieving, nor her mind from the thought of her father and his unknown fate.
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Re: Anna McGinty- Character Profile

Hi there, Hoyden. I'm going to be Approving this character for you. There are only a few small points I'd like you to attend to before signing this off. The first is the Armour section, as you seem to have accidentally attached it to the Weapons section:

Please rectify this and make Armour its own section; even if Anna does not have any armour, make a note of that as it is a factor that could affect an RP.

Second, you mention that Anna has her uncle's handgun for emergencies. I'd like you to consider adding a few more details about the gun, perhaps what kind of gun it is, if it has any special qualities - but also the appearance of the gun and what it will look like to another character who sees it.

Please post here when you have attended to the above. Thanks!

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Re: Anna McGinty- Character Profile

Alright! Edited.
Lemme know if you need more. But that's basically all I've got, the gun isn't particularly special aside from that it is her uncle's and that it might save her life. Not too futuristic in that area.
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Even in the grave, all is not lost.
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Re: Anna McGinty- Character Profile

The changes you've made are good. Have fun with her!

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