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Monroe Vossler Redux

Name: Monroe Vossler
Nickname /Alias: The Technological Quincy (outdated)

Age: 26
Apparent Age: 26

Sex: Male
Race: Enhanced Human (A genetically enhanced human reengineered via the power of SCIENCE!)

Height: 5’11’’
Weight: 150lbs

Eye Color: Bright-green
Hair Color/Style: Short, black hair that he keeps flat atop his head.
Skin Color/Complexion: Slightly tan Caucasian in complexion.

Appearance: Monroe’s body is firmly muscled, although due to his genetic modifications, it is hard to notice. His body is firm and toned, making him impressive to look at.

Generally, he wears colored T-shirts and pants/shorts depending on what he is going out to do, attempting to fit in better within society.

In combat, or when he needs it, he can use his wrist communicator on his right wrist to warp in his Photon Accelerator combat suit. It’s a jet-black, form fitted suit that comes with shoes. Aside from its jet-black nature in color, it has dull-green curcuit-esque designs along it that glow neon green when Monroe uses his photon powers. It’s fibers are lined with nanomachines, so it automatically repairs itself when damage, and the circuits, even when damaged, continue to run energy.

When active, the suit also creates a pair head-phones that have a deployable visor with a green slit. The headphones don’t cancel sound, but actual can be used, by mental commands, verbal commands or a dial on the side, enhance or reduce sound. The visor has a number of functions used for tracking people.

Over this suit, Monroe normally wears a pair of black pants with a pair of pockets to keep his hands in. Monroe also wears a black trench-coat that goes down to his shins. On the left shoulder, Monroe has attached a shoulder cape for no reason other than aesthetic purposes. The cape reaches just above his wrist in terms of length and is black in color and sewn in with golden threads.

The jacket has numerous pockets and compartments, but all of them are for show. In reality, the jacket is a massive fourth-dimensional generator maintained by nanomachines. Likewise, the jacket is also repaired by nanomachines when damaged, and designed so that damage doesn’t create rifts in the time/space fabric (That one took a while).

Weapon(s): Here we go… @_@
  • High Frequency Blade: A sword forged out of a Copper-Tungsten Carbonate Alloy by Omar Vargas. This blade is thirty nine-inches in length total with an eight inch handle and thirty-one inch blade. The blade is very sharp and, due to the composition of materials, very durable.

    This High Frequency Blade, unlike the mass produced versions Monroe has made, does not use an external battery, but instead the Photon Energy he generates in order to cause the blade to vibrate at incredibly high speed. The molecular movement within and around the blade allows the sword to more effectively cut through solid objects. When in use, neon-green lightning dances around the blade.
  • High Frequency Dagger: A miniaturized version of the High Frequency Blade made by Omar Vargas. This dagger is a foot length: four inch handle and eight inches of blade. Its properties are nearly identical to those of his sword’s, just miniaturized. Monroe did not mass-produce this weapon.
  • Anti-Artillery Longbow: Or the AAL. A bow made of high-polymer Titanium Steel Carbonate. This bow can withstand incredible amounts of force on the draw that allows Monroe to concentrate huge amounts of photon energy into massive, anti-artillery arrows. This weapon is used to take out strongly defended buildings, armored units (like tanks) or shooting down massively long-range artillery units. The photon accelerator allows Monroe to build up energy faster than he could before. This bow can also simply be used as a normal bow. This weapon is not mass produced.
  • Ruger Super Redhawk .480 Ruger: Vossler Custom: Monroe’s favored Handgun that went through serious upgrades by Omar Vargas. This gun fires the deadly .475 caliber bullets (the highest caliber of cartridge in terms of damage for handguns). The major modifications were Tungsten bullets (Monroe casts) and an energy condenser in the chamber (along with barrel reinforcements provided by Omar).

    This gun can focus Monroe’s photon energy into the chamber of the gun and fire bullets covered in photon energy, giving them an explosive property or allowing them to pierce deeper into targets. Due to the size, caliber and energy expended, these bullets are exceedingly dangerous. This weapon is not being mass produced.
  • Colt .454 Light Hunter: An upgraded model of Monroe’s old Colt .454 (which uses the casull .454 bullet). Aside from caliber size, this model is almost identical to the Ruger Super Redhawk, except the Photon Accelerator Engine (which has a much lower energy output) and smaller bullets. This weapon is mass produced with a Frequnecy Chamber that causes bullets to be covered in a Frequency Field that makes the bullets harder to stop. Much like the Mass Produced High Frequency Blade, the chamber has a battery that must be changed after extended use (about two weeks with minimal use, shorter if more extended use).
  • Digistruction: The process of Digital Construction (in essence, the reconstruction of physical matter via digital recreation) that Monroe can use to immediately produce one of his weapons he isn’t currently carrying. When not on his person, Monroe uses TETRIS to keep track of his weapons and can use it to, effectively, teleport them to him.


Energy Accelerator Suit: Or EAS. A black suit that Monroe uses to more effectively distribute photon energy throughout his body. Using this property, he can increase his physical strength, speed and durability. It also allows him to channel his photon energy through his weapons.

In the event of damage, the suit uses nanomachines to repair itself.

Cybernetic Exoskeleton: In rare situations in which Monroe feels he may be in danger, he can digistruct cybernetic exoskeleton plating over his EAS. These black plates are made of a Kevlar-Steel Polymer that grant Monroe increased defense with minimal loss to strength, speed and maneuverability. The plates are interlinked, save for at joints where there is slightly more sturdy polymer to protect the weak points in the armor.

Nanomachines regulate the flow of Photon Energy through the suit to further enhance Monroe's strength and speed. Damaged sections are repaired via nano machines when the exoskeleton isn't in use.

Fourth-Dimensional Jacket: A functional storage hub that Monroe wears. Much like his EAS, it is managed and maintained by nanomachines that keep it repaired and functional, even when damaged. In tandem with TETRIS, Monroe uses this to carry a huge amount of weaponry and ammo without drawing needless attention. Even though Monroe prefers to carry his normal weapons on his body, this allows him to transport weapons for others and digistruct them when these weapons become necessary.

It's also very stylish.

Carried Possessions:

TETRIS: The Super Computer Monroe keeps strapped to his left arm. This computer carries all of the functions of the needlessly large mad scientist computers one might keep in a lab. This small, easy to carry watch, which can expands up his forearm for more functionality and control over individual functions. It has a digital, holographic display, a three-dimensional video playing device, and everything else Monroe could need. Whenever damaged, the computer immediately begins the process of self-repair, and it integrates into the Photon Accelerator whenever it is put on, using the accelerator as a power source.

Mental Realm: A special chip placed within Monroe’s brain during the time his body was being rebuilt. It was meant to prevent mental incursions and extractions, but Monroe has recently retooled it to also issue mental commands to the machines Monroe uses to work almost all of his devices.

Electro-Magnetic Field Generator: A device Monroe developed to deal with large numbers of people with guns. Originally, it was a large box attached to his belt, but he’s microsized it into TETRIS. With a verbal, mental or physical command upon the computer, Monroe can deploy a magnetic field that doesn’t disrupt his nanomachines, but can deflect bullets away from him. He can maintain this for about five minute intervals before it must recharge.

Cloaking Field: A field that cloaks the figure’s form by distorting light around the user. Originally a large box attached to Monroe’s belt, it has been microsized into TETRIS. It works by bending lights to cause a person to ‘melt’ into the surroundings and become little more than a spacial disturbance to the human eye. This lasts for about two minutes before it must recharge and any hostile thought Monroe has disables the device (a failsafe for if its stolen).


Quincy Skills:
  • Hirenkyaku: A high speed form of movement that Monroe, as a Quincy, uses. By gathering photon energy into his feet, Monroe can move so fast he leaves a visual blur. This kind of movement is used to move in straight lines, but can be done vertically or diagonally into the air, using the photon energy to move across the air. When the Photon Accelerator Mode is active, Monroe will always move at this speed, except with more exact control.
  • Quincy Eyes: Monroe’s eyes, along with his enhanced senses, can detect spiritual and magical energy, along with a general volume of how much a person possesses. When that amount passes a certain point, the user’s body either cuts the sense off, or becomes paralyzed with fear.

Limits: All of his skills, along with most of his weapons, drain photon energy from his body. Monroe’s body, like a giant battery, can only produce so much photon energy at a time, and when it dries up, he is left with merely his enhanced human strength and such to back him up.

Side-Effects: None, to date.

Battle Strengths:
  • Immense amounts of combat training and specialized weapons training have allowed Monroe to master the guns, blades and bows he uses. He can also wield any weapon of these types without any prior training.
  • Monroe’s weapons are and armor are all highly technologically advanced, so most other people couldn’t begin to fathom how they work, much less how to fight against them on a normal level.
  • He’s capable of thinking hundreds of moves ahead and baiting enemies into traps or lulling them into a false sense of security to gain the upper hand. Aside from that, being able to outthink a foe is far more valuable a skill than most realize.
  • Since Monroe’s body generates an artificial kind of energy (neither spiritual nor magical), sensors/senses that can detect either of those kinds of energy cannot pick up Monroe, making him effectively nonexistent to people with those senses.
Battle Weaknesses:
  • Since his equipment is technologically based, a powerful enough EMP can easily knock out all of his mechanical systems.
  • Monroe’s physical strength and speed are limited to his above human capacity. He may be faster and stronger than normal people, but without his machines to back him up, he isn’t much of a threat for other people with super human strength.
  • Monroe’s equipment and body are dreadfully weak to magic. Any kind of magic can cause Monroe real trouble, unfortunately.
  • A number of his powers are also totally dependent upon having certain materials or bullets, so when those run out, he is left with limited defenses or offenses.

Other: He isn’t a nice guy…

Personality: Cynical and dry, Monroe prefers to berate people and talk down to associates rather than provide helpful or meaningful advice. He tends to avoid working with others, when at all possible, and dismisses most people as “rabble” or “common folk.” Being of an intellect that puts him leagues beyond most scientists of the world he’s living in, he spends most of his time pushing his accomplishments and sharing them with the only person in Rubato he considers his intellectual equal, Algretta Madrigal, whenever the two are on speaking terms.

With his daughter Alex, it seems as if Monroe is a completely different person. He is kind, gentle, compassionate and and honest to goodness good father. He learned to cook, clean, sew, and fix most things when he and Tracey (through some force of will on Monroe’s part) adopted Alex into their… eh… “Family.” In truth, the two of them are the only people in the world Monroe truly cares about and would die for.

With Tracey, Monroe is diverted into the Watson position. He is the ultimate side-kick, providing colorful and attempts at humorous statements. Her endless optimism and quest for justice fuels his generally bleak soul with light and pushes him to see the world in a better light. Since Tracey’s been around, Monroe has become slightly more bearable to deal with for other people, but especially for Cadenza Madrigal.

Likes: His family, cooking, cleaning, inventing, sewing.
Dislikes: Tracey’s Grandfather (think’s the old bulldog is a pretentious prick), magic, gods, other things that defy logic, reason and science; and Tracey’s old partner.
Fears: The loss of everything he has built, in terms of family.

Virtues: Protector?

Vices: Pride, desire, anger.

History: History Until Now:

Life for Monroe has been rather complicated of late. Tracey’s continuous search for her parents has left him homebound with Alex. Although the two have spent a lot of time bonding, Monroe’s frustration at his powerlessness to help in Tracey’s plight have forced him to return to inventing. To date, he has created one of the most advanced arrays of weapons and armor the world has ever seen.

When he isn’t cooking, cleaning, sewing or bringing Alex to school, Monroe is busy working on inventing something, or trying to find someone to talk to… not an easy thing with his personality. At night, sometimes, he still returns to hunting Creatures of the Night and other disturbances to normal society. Aside from that, he waits most nights to get a call on his TETRIS from Tracey about how she is doing and how her search goes… when he’s not tracking her with his fly-bots.
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Re: Monroe Vossler Redux

Alright, buddy. First thing is first. Putting adverbs to adjectives doesn't require hyphenation on its own. You know that. Try to cut back a little, would you? You're like a chain smoker getting a hole in your neck so you can suck on more than one death stick at a time.

I'm still reading, so I'll give you any other issues I have once I've done a more thorough reading. That was just throwing me off.

Edit: He's a serious powerhouse, but he's been around long enough that he's paid his dues. Just don't let that go to your head. Approved.
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