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Zachary Leos Redux

Name: Zachary Leos
Nickname /Alias: Zach, Formerly the Sorcerer of Blades

Age: 20
Apparent Age: 20

Sex: Male
Race: Half Undine, One-quarter Ice Elemental, One-quarter Human

Height: 5’8’’
Weight: 140lbs

Eye Color: Dark Blue (His right eye turns teal when he’s channeling his Undine powers)

Hair Color/Style: Zachary’s hair is short and generally pushed back and spiky. His hair is generally red, but it becomes white (starting at the roots and moving up) when he uses his ice magic, and teal (starting at the tips and receding) when channeling his Undine powers. (When using both in excess, they meet in the middle and just remain there.)

Skin Color/Complexion: Very Pasty

Appearance: By all accounts, Zachary is a relatively normal person for his height and weight. His flame-red hair makes him stick out when he’s around normal company, but aside from that he’s neither obese nor skinny. His body is toned, but not massively muscular.

Aside from that, under the Temperature Bracer on his right arm, a snow-flake shaped tattoo has formed, teal in color. When channeling his Undine powers, wavy lines and dynamic lines form ancient Undine symbols upon the right side of Zachary’s face, arm and chest that expand the more he draws upon his blood-line powers.

In general, Zachary wears his mages robe (described in the armor section.) However, when occasion and his daughter or fiance call, Zachary wears red or blue shorts in connection with shirts that mix blue and red, generally in the appearance of fire and flowing water.

Weapon(s): Proficient with swords, axes, lances, spears, bows and halberds. Specialized in mages staffs and spears.

Carambano: The spear Zachary forged after the duel with Rosario and Denebola. After failing to help Cadenza, and having her punished for his weakness, Zachary forsook his power to create weapons in exchange for drawing upon the powers within his bloodlines. The spear is created of an Ocean Orb from the Undine, Sylvan wood from the sprites, Oricalcum from the Gnomes, and the Blast Furnaces of the Salamander. The staff is now bonded to Zachary’s existence, and should he be disarmed, he can summon it back to his hand.

The shaft of the staff is a winding tree made of sylvan wood that stretches about four-and –a-half feet. At the base of the staff, the roots wrap around the Ocean Orb and allow Zachary to channel magic through the staff at that end. The orb can fire any elemental that Zachary had forged a weapon with, although using anything besides water and ice expends more magical energy than simply calling upon water and ice. With water, Zachary cannot control the water he creates aside from turning it into ice.

The blade is a foot-and-a-half long and attached to the side of the staff opposite of the sphere. The blade shimmers golden and blue and is very durable, flexible and strong. The blade end allows this weapon to be treated as a spear, and Zachary’s skill with two-handed swords and spears allows him to use this weapon as both a mage’s staff and as a melee weapon.

When this weapon is damaged, Zachary can repair the damage by meditating with the staff. The staff repairs faster the longer the amount of time Zachary meditates for, but the length of time is dependent purely upon the damage dealt to the weapon.

Should the staff outright be destroyed, Zachary is capable of recreating it and calling the original back from nonexistence, since the weapon and Zachary are now bonded via spirit. The entire event requires seventy-two hours of meditation to call back the materials and solidify the weapon. Whenever Zachary breaks from this event, he must place the weapon within a blessed Oak Chest so that it won’t deteriorate until the restoration is continued and eventually completed.

After it is fully recalled, the weapon has to be retempered, which requires another twenty-four hours of meditations. When the tempering is halted, the weapon can be left alone without any adverse effects, but should Zachary be awoken from meditation before he’s finished with a cession of tempering, all work for that cession will be lost and Zachary will have to start from where he left off before.


Robe of Snow A robe tailored by Monroe Vossler and reinforced with Metalloid Ice by Zachary. The robe is dark blue in color with interlinked, extravagant teal colored Undine symbols similar to the tattoos that form on Zachary when he uses his Undine powers; and many different shapes of snowflakes that Monroe painstakingly embroidered.

The main advantage of this robe is that when Zachary channels his magic into it, he can use the metalloid ice to form metal-like plating over his robe to increase his defense. The armor takes the form of jagged looking ice spikes that are poorly linked together, but provides impressive defense all the same.

Carried Possessions:

Temperature Bracer: A bracer given to Zachary by Cadenza Madrigal. This bracer covers Zachary’s Undine Mark, which is in the form of a snowflake, and when removed allows Zachary to unleash his full power. When removed, Zachary’s hair turns half-white and half-teal from root to tip and the temperature of the area drops to around negative ten degrees Celsius.
Aside from containing the frigid cold Zachary’s unrestrained body releases, it also monitors his internal temperature, preventing his body from freezing solid. As Zachary burns up magical energy with the bracer removed, his body begins to drift towards absolute Zero in temperature, at which point he would freeze to death. The more magical energy used, the more rapidly this effect happens unless Zachary’s magical energy is being drained from him.


Ice Powers: The power to control liquids that have been transformed into a solid state, Zachary’s fighting style relies highly upon this brand of magic. The magic is generally used to condense moisture in the air or freeze liquids for attacks, weapons and other objects, but the main advantage of this kind of magic is that it allows Zachary to condense his magical essence straight into ice to imbue it with unique properties or create ice in situations in which moisture is unavailable.

Magical Ice Properties:
  • Temperature Resistant Ice: Ice that is created of a dense cloud of magic. This kind of ice is unaffected by temperature, allowing it to surprise people using fire magic. This ice, however, is more brittle than normal ice, so physical barriers make quick work of it. Also, it requires a few seconds to create because of the magical density requires to make something of even the size of a needle.
  • High Density Ice: Ice made denser through magical reinforcement. This kind of ice is much physically denser than normal ice and is used for Zachary to make make-shift weapon. This kind of ice is also used when Zachary is fighting against heavily armored foes or against lines of enemies in which the line is relatively immobile for side-ways evasion.
  • Transference: One of the most basic, but effective, methods of using magical energy for ice and earth mages. This method moves magic through the ground to create blades or spikes to appear in a selected area. To do this, the Ocean Orb must be placed against the ground and Zachary must have visual contact with where he is aiming.

Undine Powers: Although Zachary lacks the genetic powers of Undine to control water. In Zachary’s case, his Undine Powers only grant him the power to generate water from his tattoos when they’re active, and convert ice and ice-like solid liquids into liquids and gases.
  • Conversion: Zachary’s Undine power to convert ice and ice-like substances into their liquid state. This power uses a mass of magic, generally in the form of a cloud, to loosen the molecules up and free the liquid from its formerly solid state. The amount of magical energy required to do this is transferred at an equivalent exchange, so a cloud of similar volume and density can convert something ice-like back into a liquid.
  • Sublimation: The power to convert a mass of something ice-like into a gaseous state. This requires twice as much magical energy as Conversion and the effects are much more unstable, given the rapid changes that must occur. Twice the Density and Volume of the ice-like substance is required in a cloud-like state of magical energy, and the potential that this will fail is about fifty-fifty. This also requires a massive amount of concentration, which affects the cloud density.
  • Formation: The power Zachary has to use his Undine Tattoos to create Water. By converting magical energy directly into water through the tattoos, he can grant himself extra fuel for his ice magic or thicken his ice-armor of his robe.

Combat Style: Zachary’s combat style combines his ice magic being used to create ranged attacks and surprise attacks while using his staff to defend himself at close range and fend off more skilled fighters at close range. The fluid combination of the two allows Zachary to smoothly switch between fending off foes and protecting oneself.


Ice Magic: The limits of Zachary’s ice magic are that in order to freeze something, he must have physical contact with it, preventing him from using his powers to freeze other people or objects that are out of hand’s reach. Aside from that, most of his attacks have limits based on range (for hurling spells through the air) and line of sight (for surprise attacks).

Undine Magic: Generally not all that useful, since it can only be used to either create water or convert the matter of ice-like materials into their liquid or gaseous form. Still, they make him look cool, for a time.

Combat Style: Heavily reliant upon having both his weapon and access to his magic. If one or both are, for whatever reason, cut off, his attacks don’t flow as effectively and he can’t fight optimally, unlike normal mages or warriors.

Side-Effects: Aside from his ice magic turning his hair white and his undine powers turning his hair teal, the only major side-effect is after removing his bracer, his body undergoes rapid cooling. His body can only maintain life-functions until his magical energy is worn out, after which he will freeze unless the bracer is returned.

Battle Strengths:
  • Proficient with multiple kinds of weapons and can combine his weapons and magic to fight cohesively at both long and close range.
  • Possesses a wide array of uses for his powers and skills.

Battle Weaknesses:
  • Weakness to lightning. His bracer can stop fire short of white-hot flames, but lightning can pierce that guard without resistance. It can also temporarily disable his Temperature Bracer.
  • When fighting without his weapon or without his magic, Zachary’s combat style is somewhat lackluster in terms of effectiveness.
  • Someone proficient with heat-based, fire-based or water-based magic can easily disable Zachary’s combat magics or turn them against him.

Other: He’s kind of a funny guy?

Personality: A young man that’s come a long way from where he started. A firebrand when it comes to what he holds dear. A calm person when it comes to people in need. A passionate man when it comes to his family. Zachary Leos has transformed from a rebellious teenager into a slightly more well behaved young man. After his miserable failure of a first attempt at proposing to his wife, he refined his skills and has grown up enough to try and understand what others want and how he can better help him.

More than anything, his daughter Fabi has opened his heart to all of the beauty the world his to offer. Her youthful optimism keeps him bright and filled with smiles throughout the days, and his time spent with his wife keeps him ever on the ropes as she tries to approach him, and he fails to grasp her desires.

When dealing with new people, he tends to look for part of their angle, but is quick to agree to help. When it comes to family, he is willing to throw himself into a hail of bullets, literally, to protect them; and when it comes to his friends, he tries to watch their back as best as possible. All in all, his life is really looking up of late.

Likes: His Family, hot chocolate, glaciers, a frigid wind, the full moon.
Dislikes: The midday sun in the desert, scorpions, Kichaa, people who abuse their weapons/tools, and monkeys (they throw poo at him).
Fears: Losing his family; being too weak to help; failing to save someone he cares about.
Virtues: Honesty
Vices: Pride, ignorance.

History: Until this point, look here:

Since then, Zachary has adopted his daughter, Fabi; after an encounter with her evil Grandmother and uncle. Since then, the two, along with Zachary’s girlfriend (and now Fiance) Arietta, have begun to grow deeply into a family.

Having a daughter has forced Zachary to grow up a little in order to better deal with the ever-changing events that involve his young daughter and her travels through life. Still, he enjoys the ride, and she keeps his life exciting. If not for her, he presumes, he would still be traveling around somewhat pointlessly, searching for a purpose that’s right in front of him now.

Zachary’s relationship with Arietta has always been somewhat hard for her. His lack of knowledge in certain areas strained their relationship at first, but their daughter helped through those. Still, with the wedding day for the two approaching, Zachary’s starting to wonder what exactly she was talking about all those times over the past few years. For now, he simply breathes deep and waits for her to try and explain.

Most recently members of Denebola, the Head of the Royal Mages, kidnapped Zachary and Fabi and Fabi was experimented on. Despite Zachary’s best efforts, he couldn’t save her on his own, and had Cadenza not been there, he would have certainly died. Because of his weakness, his own soon-to-be sister-in-law is now paying for the crime he should have been the one to commit. With the help of his uncle and the elemental beings, Zachary has forged a new weapon to continue training and hopefully right the wrong he has forced upon Cadenza’s shoulders.
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Re: Zachary Leos Redux

Thank you for working with me on him.

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