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Mort Mort Trubelmekker

Name: Mort Trublemekker (Pronounced "Troublemaker")

† Nickname /Alias: - Mort

Age: -Not exactly known, believed to be in early to mid 40's.

† Apparent Age: - around 45.

Sex: - Male

Race: Human

Height: - 6'6

Weight: - 260 lbs, mainly muscle

Eye Color: - gray

Hair Color/Style: - His hair is gray, in a crude version of the military "high and tight" style. If you look close, you can see scars on his head resulting from the sharpened stones he uses to cut his hair.

Skin Color/Complexion: - Pale white, with signs

Appearance: - He appears to be roughly 40 years old, with rough, pale white skin and gray hair styled in a rather crude version of the military "high and tight" hairstyle. His expression is rough and serious, with gray stubble adorning his face, or a long gray beard when he hasn't shaven. At 6'6 and 260 lbs. of mostly muscle, he certainly looks strong and threatening. He can typically be found in his self-made camo pants and a thin, sleeveless shirt made of animal hide.

Weapon(s): His weapons are nothing more than mere survival tools, that he very rarely uses in battle, because he prefers hand-to-hand physical combat. His primary tool is a 6-inch long dagger crafted from flint, and a 6-foot-long rope fastened from tree fibers. As stated before, these are used primarily as tools, more specifically for his own survival, rather than in battle.

Armor: He doesn't wear armor.

† Carried Possessions: He carries nothing more than his tools, which were mentioned above.

Powers/Magic/Skills: - He has no special powers, except an abnormally strong will to fight. His desire to fight and refusal to quit give him an unusually high tolerance for pain and the strength to continue on despite any serious injuries that may occur in battle. He seems to grow stronger with each better, whether he wins or loses.

Limits: - Being a simple human, he is certainly bound to the limits of being human; as such, he is subject to powers much greater than his own, such as magic and technology.
Side-Effects: - As mentioned above, his strong appetite for fighting and refusal to give up often leads him to foolishly choose battles that he is clearly not able to win. Even in situations where it would be wise to retreat, he is oblivious to the dangers that surround him and to the fact that he is losing.

Battle Strengths: -

Fighting Expert- Having fought many fights, and having been exposed to almost every variety of the martial arts, he is very well trained in various fighting styles, and is typically able to predict his opponents moves (provided that it's hand-to-hand combat, not magic).

Survival Expert- An expert at survival at just about any location, be it jungle, desert, or sea. His refusal to quit has led him to be able to accurately analyze and assess his surroundings, and make the best use of available resources.

Agility- Quick and flexible and not afraid to take risks, such as jumping off high platforms.

Endurance/Stamina- His strong will to fight and stubbornness has often paid off, as his opponents often get tired, giving him the upper hand.

Personality: - A man of few words, Mort is a competitive warrior that believes he was put on Earth to be the greatest fighter in the world. He believes that physical combat is the best means to settle any disputes, and fights for the glory of it. Winning fights seems to give him a sense of self-fulfillment; he doesn't seek after a prize or a reward, though he will certainly accept one, not as a form of material gain, but as a symbol of victory.

He is a loner, typically spending his days alone in his wooded camp on the outskirts of the small city that he grew up in. Due to his loner lifestyle, he doesn't get along with a lot of people or work well in teams, preferring to take matters in his own hands. He is not beyond exacting revenge on someone whom he felt has done him harm, and doesn't seem to let things go. His strong will to fight and refusal to give up has often put him in harm's way, and has nearly costed him his life on several occasions. Nevertheless, fighting is his life, and will continue to be until the day he dies from it.

† Likes: - Fighting, winning fights.
† Dislikes: - Quitting.
† Fears: - None that are known.
† Virtues: Good points about your character that are not covered by battle strengths. Go easy on these.
† Vices: Character flaws-- Doesn't work too well in a team. While he is an expert at analyzing his opponents battle tactics, he tends not to think things through before jumping into a situation. He believes that everything can be solved through fighting, when in fact that's not the case.

History: Not much is known about Mort except he was born in a small city on an island from which his surname derives, Trubelmekker. Everyone from the island shares this location-based surname. Sportfighting is a very important part of the culture of the land, as they believe that a little rough competitiveness will make the men and women extraordinary soldiers in their Army. Thus, the young men and women were encouraged to fight often with each other.

Desiring more than just service in the Army, like everyone else, Mort set out to become the best fighter in the world, going so far as to fight and defeat his own General in exchange for freedom from the duty of the Army. He endured an intense training period, and obsessively worked at his "craft", gradually going on to challenge the best fighters of his land, and become the undisputed best fighter of his land.
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Re: Mort Mort Trubelmekker

You have a few typos here and there. I'll post em here for ya.

His strong will to fight and refusal to give up has often put him in harm's way, and has nearly costed him his life on several occasions.

He seems to grow stronger with each better, whether he wins or loses.

Pale white, with signs
What are signs?

Two questions... what does he do when he loses and what is his ultimate goal after he wins all fights or becomes the best fighter? Has he not thought that far ahead? After you answer these few very simple questions, even with a "I'd rather not say" for the last one, lemme know and we'll relook it.
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