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Name: Maren.

Sex: Female

Age: Unknown to anyone, even Maren herself.

Apparent age: Mid-twenties.

Race: Human.

Hair/Eye color: Long blonde hair with slight curls, falling neatly over her shoulders and nearly covering her large, softly blue eyes.

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 130 lbs.

Appearance: To the casual bystander, Maren will appear as a somewhat delicate, slightly short but otherwise normal person with some slight, womanly curves. She regularly wears simple dresses in light colors, making her seem sweet and innocent. Her skin is a little pale, and appears to be very smooth.

Maren's face in particular draws a significant amount of attention as she has a very sweet and gentle appearance, which is firmly established by her large blue eyes, her pointy nose and her small, pink lips.

The most peculiar aspect of Maren's appearance is that she is a mute, incapable of making any sounds.

Weapons and possessions: Maren is unarmed and beyond her necklace and clothes has no possessions to show.

Abilities: Maren has no combat abilities to speak of, nor does she possess exceptional intelligence, skill or speed. At nearly all times, she appears only to be exceptionally regular. The only noteworthy skill she has is that she is able to read and write ancient languages, but she is in turn unable to read and write the most common languages that are written and spoken around her. In addition to this she lacks the ability to cook. As far as knowledge goes, she appears to be completely clueless about pretty much everything about the world around her, from everything about regular norms and customs to concepts like magic and even nature.

She has an extreme lack of strength, in addition to poor agility and stamina. Any combat situation she has ever been in has been narrowly escaped, usually thanks to her charming appearance and almost divine amount of luck.

The one skill Maren does have that can be remotely called magical is that she is able to "sense the truth". She can tell when something is false - when someone is lying, when something is not as it seems, when there is an illusion, etc. She is only vaguely aware of this ability, and due to her inability to speak or write she is only able to tell others about her senses through body language. She is only able to tell, through vague sensations, when something is false - she does not automatically know what the truth is.

Strengths: Maren's usefulness stretches to her knowledge of ancient languages, her ability to sense falsehood around her, and her extreme luck which is the only thing that has kept her alive thus far. Unknown to anyone, including Maren herself, is that her luck is actually due to Maren being a formerly powerful and immortal entity turned mortal. As such, she is no longer immune to aging or suffering wounds but is still blessed with divine protection.

Weaknesses: Maren's weaknesses are so numerous that she almost has to rely on her own luck and the kindness of others to survive, at least for the time being. Maren's utter lack of combat abilities and other skills makes her an extremely poor fighter, as well as being nearly useless for anything else as she lacks knowledge, experience and useful traits like speed, strength and quick reflexes. Her divine protection can only protect her to a certain degree - it will not grant her immunity to harm or give her greater resilience to wounds, nor will it make the impossible possible.

Personality: Being mute, Maren can only use sign and body language to convey her thoughts and feelings to others. She is almost always seen with a gentle smile on her face, and seems to be constantly cheerful and optimistic. Because of her inexperience and utter lack of knowledge, she has a strong tendency of coming off as naďve and childish to those around her, especially if she is hungry or in an otherwise bad mood. Maren is also easily prone to cry if she is hurt even a little bit, if she is frightened or if she is scolded for something she did. Despite this bad character trait, she is very generous in nature and always wants to make other people around her happy.

Because she is uninformed of usual norms and codes of conduct, Maren can tend to act inappropriately depending on the setting she is in. She shows affection by touching, usually by patting or stroking someone's cheek. When she is angry with someone, she will often kick them in the knees. When she is curious, or wants to know something, she will tug the person she intends to question by the ear, very violently if her question is urgent. When frightened she will seek shelter behind the biggest person or thing she can find that doesn't also scare her.

It is easy to tell whether she is happy, sad, angry or scared, simply by looking at her body language and her expressions. Due to her inability to speak, it seems natural to her that she exaggerate so to convey her feelings more easily.

Likes: Nature, music, animals.
Dislikes: Situations that makes her feel insecure.
Fears: Violence, the dark, the color red.
Virtues: Extremely kind and sweet personality.
Vices: Naďve and childish.


... don't you ever wonder what it would be like?

"The world is a place of beauty..."

Prior to her life as a mortal, Maren was a being of great power. Some would call her a deity. As an immortal being, she possessed the power to "cast the light of truth" and "illuminate the darkness". This life ended when one day, for unknown reasons, she disappeared from the world for a very long time. Everything that happened past this can only be speculated.

For many hundreds of years, Maren slept in the middle of a deep forest. Her resting place was known as the Shrine of Mirrors, and her consciousness came to be sealed away by the blade known as Calaim. When the blade was removed from the shrine by a young warrior, Maren subsequently awoke. Knowing nothing of the world around her nor being able to speak, she wandered the shrine in search of anyone else. When she found none, she wandered deeper into the woods. To other travellers it had been a dangerous place filled with vicious beasts and deadly traps laid by nature itself, but to her it was a safe and gentle place where the animals were kind and helpful. Thanks to them, she was able to make her way out of the forest and to a nearby settlement where she would continue to try and search for answers behind her own identity.

"I hope that one day, you will know the world as it truly is... a beautiful place..."


RPs that Maren has appeared in, chronologically:

Three's Company (ongoing)
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Re: Maren

I like this.

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