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Nikudemon (The Unknown Human)

Version Five for Nikudemon, Most of the updated info is about his sword Solana and her powers. Nothing else has really changed beyond that.




Swordsman, savior, handy man, problem solver, demon hunter, adventurer, ect...

You name the job and Nikudemon does it.








December 31


Mid-Night Black

Nikudemon's hair appears to be well kept up with and is only about shoulder length on him. It very smooth, soft and light like most female humans hair, but dull at times. His hair seems to have taken on a magical sense. He hasn't noticed it, but since Solana seal has been weaken more his hair dulls and shines as his mood chances. The more happier he is the brighter his hair seems. Also, as the sword is becoming stronger and the more power he uses the longer his hair become.

This hasn't become noticeable since the amount of power Nikudemon has been able to use until now has been never small. But since his fight with Zorlo he noticed the odd change in his hair length only for it to disappear back to normal. He can only think that some how the swords power is effecting his body in some way that not clear to him.


Light Brown-

Looking into Nikudemon's eyes, you’ll see nothing but loving compassion for others. You would also think by staring into his eyes that he wouldn’t hurt any living thing in the world. They show nothing, but a warm, playful, and kind hearted man. But his light brown eyes has another side, this side being more dangerous, cold, uncaring, and fearless.


200 lbs.


6' 0"


Three Katanas-


Details: It has come to be known that Solana has Nikudemon's mother soul locked away in it through dark/shadow magic that she cast onto the sword herself. Only the purest of her soul is tapped into the sword while her darker side is locked away in a mirror at his grandfathers house.

She sealed her soul away to protect her son from the pendents power if he was ever unable to control its powers. When the pendent took her life it activated the spell that has been placed on the sword before Nikudemon was even born. With the powers of the pendent gone and his strength growing stronger the seal on the sword has been weaken.

Nikudemon's grandfather asked Cazdenza to help make sure the evil couldn't break free and make the swords seal weaken more. This helped the seal at the sword since strengthening the mirror seal weaken the swords seal. When fighting Zorlo the powers of the sword became clear to the swordsman, but he didn't understand what was happening. It powers are growing quickly and Nikudemon is having a hard time understanding the magic behind it.


Nikudemon has come to call this sword by his mother’s name. To Nikudemon, this is his sword of life and his mother is the one that always made him feel the most alive. Solana and Nikudemon have been through a lot and Nikudemon is just now starting to see there something different about this sword. The sword has a silver hilt that is covered in a thin, black cloth making a diamond design up against the hilt. A beautiful white snake is engraved upon the blade of the sword. The snake’s mouth is opened, showing off its two long fangs. The fangs are stained in blood from the many battles that Nikudemon has been in. The blade is made out of steel, and has a dull shine to it because of the old blood that covers most of the sword. The sheath is as black as his hair with a white snake running up along it. It rests on the left side of his waist.


Since Zica gave his life force to Nikudemon, Niku changed its name to Nevin. He’s not sure where he knows the name from, but he is sure that it means something to him. The steel blade is much cleaner then the other sword. It shines a little brighter in the sun and is in better shape than the other blade. The sheath on the other hand is all melted and smells of smoke. Parts of the sheath you can see the metal lining.


Nikudemon has dark feeling about this sword and when questioned about it he doesn’t answer. The blade came from a girl he couldn’t save. Her name was Kimi and he carries her sword in hopes to find out answers. The Blade is lime green and is very sharp and weights almost nothing. In all since of the word it far surpasses both his swords in every way. Nikudemon has never seem a Katana like it in his life. The hilt of the sword is simple and old fashion.




Nikudemon’s top running speed is about 50 mph. He can quickly sheath and unsheathe his sword at extremely high speeds. The speed that he can move his sword grows faster as he fights. Nikudemon left hand is very strong and is also the hand he uses the most. He also knows how to go beyond his physical limits and find away to beat even the strongest of foes if given enough time. Nikudemon eyes also have grown to see fast moving things in slow motion. Also his sense of battle and feeling of danger is far superior to that of any other human. Nikudemon can tell if a person is strong or weak by seeing their first attack. Also it almost like he can read or feel when an attack is coming at him, but he won’t know what kind of attack or how big. But just knowing one is coming helps him and gives him a great advantage.

Nikudemon mind set in battle is great and angering him only helps him stay focus. He not afraid of death nor does he want to die so when back into a corner. He’ll do anything to win and sometime his body will take over the fight.


Nikudemon gets hurt by magic more then any other human does. He also know very little about magic and how it works and if the spell isn't something real like fire and wind. Then he won't notice it at first. This comes from being human and not believing in something that he hasn't seen. He will notice the spell at first but only after seeing it happening more then once will his mind let him see the whole picture as it should be.

Being a human, he can be hurt easily by attacks if he doesn’t watch it. His right arm is weaker and doesn’t stand a chance against most well trained sword fighters. It also doesn’t swing a sword as. Nikudemon doesn’t like to kill right off, so this could get him in trouble. Also moving at high speed all the time will tire him out really quickly if he's not careful. Nikudemon’s body is his biggest weakness in that it has a limit and passing that limit can hurt him more than help him. Nikudemon also not well trained in hand to hand combat so his swords are everything.




Quick Draw-

He will quickly draw his sword, strike, and sheath it back.

Quick Draw Air Vortex-

This is a stronger form of Quick Draw where he unsheathe his sword so fast that a vortex forms from the air in front of the sword.

Quick Draw Mass Flow-

Mass Flow is the next level up from Air Vortex. Mass Flow is a two hands quick draw attack that is very deadly to both Nikudemon and whatever it attacks. Not only does he draw his sword at a super high speed, but it is also very powerful and almost unstoppable once he has made one full swing around once.

Nikudemon unleashes ten Air vortex at once, but he moving so fast the small vortex turns into a deadly void of air. Mass flow attack 12 times before it does its damage. The first ten is all in the luck of hitting the foe with the tip of his blade. Next Mass flow suck anything into it space around Nikudemon that end up stopping right in the eye of the storm.

Than finally it rips and blows away anything caught in it trap. The move is very dangerous and if he make one wrong move he’d be caught in the storm with his foes. The range of the final attack is very wide and covers a lot of ground.

Nikudemon body prevents him from mastering this move completely and also makes it almost not worth using. Using just this one move drains him to the point of not being able to move on his own. After using this attack Nikudemon got to rest a little just to walk without chest pain.

Quick Step-

This allow him to run faster than normal for a short period of time.

Slow Down Vision-

He can see very fast movements in a slower speed. This comes from watching his only sword movements so much that his eyes has gotten use to seeing the high speed movements. This helps Nikudemon attack and block attacks better and with more accuracy.


One-handed sword fighting-

Nikudemon will fight with his sword in one hand. His swing is at its fastest in this style and he can also change up the directions of attacks more smoothly. This is one of the styles that he starts off fighting with.

Two-handed with one sword-

This is the most basic of all his styles. It’s the one he knows the best and has both great attack and defense. It’s an ideal style to start out with, but Nikudemon only uses it when he's training or is testing out a weaker opponent.

Two sword fighting-

Nikudemon uses both of his sword in his hands and fights with them. This attack gives him more chances to hit a skilled swordsman by faking one attack and landing with the other. He has got pretty good at using this style.

Combined sword-

Nikudemon can quickly change between one sword to having two sword, making it harder for his opponent to know what he is planning. Nikudemon can handle the switching well but, he is still learning to master this style to it fullest and will test out new ideas for this style in battle.

Neutral Instinct-

When Nikudemon is backed into a corner while fighting, that is the only time when this style emerges. Nikudemon has to be at the point where he is willing to do anything to win the battle. At this point, Nikudemon calms his mind and lets his body move on its own. In this style, he doesn’t care if the opponent lives or dies. All his movements are made based on how his opponent attacks.



Solana has always has returned if anyone, but Nikudemon touched her, but Nikudemon has tapped into the sword and can call Solana to his hand from anywhere. He not sure how or why it comes to him, but he knows it can be done. It takes great mental focus on his part to make this happen. His mind must be one with Solana for him to get it to appear in his hand. If he lets his thought wander elsewhere it won’t return.


Solana react when she feels great magical powers around her. The sword will pulse against Niku's side letting him know. She also react to Nikudemon feelings and will pulse if he is angry or sad. In rare cases she will even show him something in his past that he is thinking about or let him talk to the dead. Nikudemon has no control over when she does this.


The swords powers pours out from the blade and can protect Nikudemon human body for high levels of powers that would crush him normal. This does not stop or protect him from magic or spell of any kind. Only a being release of spiritual or magical powers that their only body emits normally.

Motherly touch-

If Nikudemon is to be killed by a single attack Solana will make the attack miss the killing blow. This means that if an attack would stab him through the heat it would miss his heat by a few inches and cut through his chest or arm. If a bullet would shot him through the head it would miss and hit his ear or cheek.

This happens because Solana has spread her powers to cover only his most important body parts. This power blanket makes everything avoid that spot and hit the closest spot that won't kill him. This doesn't mean Nikudemon can't die it just mean he can't be killed in one hit.
If the Nikudemon pass out while fighting or is endanger while hurt the sword may transport him to a safer place. Most of the time this happens to be wherever the sword feels is the best place for him to be at the time. The level of power that it take to pull this off make it only be able to happen once a day.

Nikudemon is average built with light brown skin with a tattoo of his style of fighting on his back. It’s a picture of a jungle full of trees and vines hanging from the branches with one dragon’s head. Its skin is aqua and his eyes burning crimson with it’s black center. His hair is short and only reaches his shoulder. He keeps himself well shaved and his arms has a light row of hair on them. His hands don't appear to be big or strong, but when he ix fighting the veins and muscle around them are clearly seen. Everything about him seems normal even though his speed is beyond most humans limits. His body doesn't appear to have much muscle or fat at all..

He wears a very loose, cream colored, long sleeve shirt. The sleeves reach past his hands, covering them so others can‘t see them. They are also wide so he can easily grab his sword by his side. Below he has a type of rose color silk that is very loose and helps him move more freely when fighting. .


Nikudemon is a kind of laid back loner that is open to friend but doesn’t find that many true friends. He finds it hard to understand the world around him and every time he believe he has solved something the rules seem to change. He has been spending a lot of time thinking about what to do next about his many problems, but can’t find an answer. Even with his problems he doesn’t let it effect his mood around others. He tries to trust others around him until he feels they have given him reason not to any more.

Plagued by his past and unsure about the future Nikudemon feels he only has the present to fear for now. His focus now is find out what the Ancient Pendent really is and where’d the vamp that had the other one is. Nikudemon is dealing with his feeling of anger and he believe he has dishonor his code, by failing to try an save Kimi from the pendent. He knows what he did was wrong but her death from his sword won’t stop him from reaching his goal. This action of his has caused him to have mood swings from rage to being depress. At times he won’t even talk to anyone and keeps himself training around others.

His favorite thing to do is to walk by a lake or ocean side at night time to see the moon’s reflection on the water. This help him cheer himself up a bit, but lately it hasn’t work. He also hangs around mountains for training and to help clear his thought out. Fighting have become a everyday thing of life for him now that so many people have heard of him and Zorlo’s fight. They have also heard stories of different city and villages he saved with his sword. He tries to avoid smaller villages now since there are harder to blend in with. If he senses a problem he’ll enter a village to help them.

He wanders from town to town doing odd ball things for the people. He feels that if someone has the power to save others, then they must and that’s the way he lives. This code is a part of his training as a swordsman. Nikudemon is very wise for his age and, on top of that, is smart when it comes to battling. He might act gentle around others, but when it comes to fighting, that same kind being turns to a scary, fighting swordsman. If he calls you friend, he’ll fight to protect you, even to the death, if necessary that just the way he is.


Nikudemon lived in a small village where he was born. His father was a black smith and his mother was a farmer. Nikudemon used to watch his father forge swords. His father also was a decent swordsmen and always believed that a man should have a reason to kill a man. So he never did business with a man that had no good reason to kill. When Nikudemon was five year old, a customer that Niku's father knew came in with a blood-dripping sword and asked “Hey can you clean this!” He said it while shacking and worry that someone well catch him

“Why does this sword have blood on it,” Niku’s father said looking at the sword wondering what had happen.

“I killed a man. It was over money and I need the sword fixed.”

“You did not have a good reason to kill this man. I refuse to clean and sharpen the sword.”

The man got anger because the black smith had dared tell him what was right and wrong. He was also feared that Niku father would call the authority and tell them what happen. So he let his fear and anger get the best of him and he killed Niku’s father. Niku, went into a rage and with pendant that his father gave him Niku transformed into a demon. Niku killed the man and destroyed the village after that Nikudemon came back to reality. After seeing what he had done and shaking in fear, he went and got his father's sword which he didn't know had a curse on it. The curse would stay with Niku when he took his father’s sword. A curse that for as long as he fights, it make him become hungry and weak but also allow him to control his demon form for 2 minutes. After that it sapped him of his remaining strength, turning back into a human, and leaving him with no energy to fight.

Nikudemon ran to his grandfather's house. “Nikudemon what are you doing here,” his grandfather said.

“I kill everyone grandfather and then destroyed the village,” Niku said still shaking in fear.

“Nikudemon who’s sword is that,” his grandfather said fearing the worst.

“This is my father sword I took it from the house before I left,” Niku said.

“Your father put a curse on the sword to keep the evil pendant from taking control of you and that Nikudemon will now always be cursed.”

After hearing about the curse Nikudemon asked, “Grand father can you train me so that I won’t have to turn into a demon all the time.”

“ Ok, I will teach you how to quickly draw your sword and run faster than normal, but nothing else.”

It took him ten years to learn how to run faster than normal and to draw his sword so he does not cut himself. Nikudemon also learned not kill for no reason because his grand father taught him the same believes that his father believed in. At the age of fifteen, he left saying that he was go to help other people with bandit problems. He is now doing a demon extermination for a village.

After coming across some strange character he join the newly formed group and they called it The Alliance of Tasoger. The group tried to kill each other and then came together to kill two stupid demons. He started to travel with a half cat demon that goes by the name Tsukineko. After have a short battle with Tsukineko he discovered that the half cat demon still had much to learn. Then after fighting others he also learned that he had much to learn. After traveling he develop a new way to strike faster he called the skill Fast Cutter.

At again he met he’s friends again when his pendent was messing with his mind. His grandfather tough him quickly on this trip that he forgot his one hand sword fighting. After this Nikudemon drop his new skill that he thought was fast, but found that fighting with one hand with much faster. Nikudemon also Mastered his Holy demon on this trip.

After meeting up with a Dark Elf named Ryoko that seems to be in a bad mood at the time, and a mage name Arian. They where took to a new world called Selain where after a long travel Nikudemon fought a red dragon. The dragon was strong, but Nikudemon master his dark form, becoming the master of his pendent. He also found feeling for the Dark Elf and almost die trying to protect her.

After the fight on Arain Nikudemon meet up with on of this Alliance member while recovering from having his powers draining in a forest. She agreed to help him find a missing girl, but the whole time he had to be very careful of what he said. She had changed in the time they last saw each other from what looked like for the worst. She wasn’t nice to him at all and almost fought with him once. After what seemed like forever of arguing and quietness they found the demon that hand control over the girl. Even though the to fought hard the girl was lost to the darkness…

After that the swordsman walked back to where he first meet the other three members that made the AoT. He thought about Zorlo other swordsman of a different kind. It seemed that his old master of maybe the Dome it’s self answered his call and sent him to a room there he got to fight at full strength.

Zorlo had changed a lot in both power and speech, or at less from what he could remember. The two fought long and hard and the dark powers of the pendent grew stronger sending Nikudemon into a rage and thirst for power. His Friend Zorlo somehow was able to break the Pendent returning Nikudemon back to normal almost killing him.

Nikudemon grabbed on to his demon sword Zica that gave him new life and a greater will to fight. With the small amount of life force his had Nikudemon gave birth to a new kind of strength. Nikudemon developed a new fighting style. One he had not every tried but used as if it was normal to him.

This new skill only got him so far with the now far more powerful fencer. He became backed into a cover and Zorlo had enough with playing around a both released something unknown to them. Nikudemon let his body let over and with the last of his strength and will power he was able to dodge most of the fencer quick attacks. In the end both lost, but they learned a lot from that battle…

When Nikudemon woke he when back home and got some new clothes and left to finish mastering his new fighting style. Knowing that throwing away his grandfather fighting style would make him even more hated to him. In the mountains he trained hard to become fully use to most of the new fighting styles. He was able to closely master most of them, but the last style he used that made him feel that he could do anything never came back. He come to believe that it’ll show up again when his caught in a deadly corner like he was with Zorlo.

Many things have happen to Nikudemon since that day and a lot of it has had great effects on him. His choices that he has made and the lost of a friend has hurt him greatly. He can feel his strength growing, but he worries more about the future and the present since hearing what the man at the church told him. Nikudemon learned that he doesn’t walk the road of hope, but he not sure what road he follows now.

He has had great many fights and keeps finding himself leaving the planet he lives on to fight even stronger foes. Everyday it seems like he meets other strong person that he has never heard of before. It becoming harder for him to hid now that his name is everywhere. This became clear to him after meeting a man that knew the fencer. His name was Michael and Nikudemon could tell with a bit more training in one style that man would be as strong as him. Nikudemon as met some other on his travels, but this man stand out from them all.

Nikudemon has met some interesting people most of them have become dear friends to him in one way or another. He has gotten much help from a woman name Leonna that tried to help him find out some things about the pendent and sword. He also met cadenza Zorlo's friend that told him about his friend and again tried to help him find out what going on around him.

While he never found out what truly going on he still has gotten to help some people and see Zorlo once again. He gotten into a heated fight with the man, but in the end it was unclear who was stronger. Both fighters in the end was run die and NIkudemon's sword transported him from the battle field before he hurt himself beyond the point of being heal able.


Lakes, ocean, moon, helping people, fighting


Killing, evil people, rude people, self centered people, strong fighters that does use their strength to help the weak.


The sword Kimi. See sword. The unknown future. The present. (see Personality)


Good willed, nice, helpful, kind, all around good guy most of the time.


His angry, rage, power, the unknown, his body and mind, his skills and sword. Everything that makes him, him is a vices in his mind.

Family: Archam


The Alliance(Done)
The Nameless City Battle(Done)
Sword, Blood, Claws(Done)
A fight in the field(Done)
Pyramid of light(Done)
Wielder of the stars(Not done but fun)
Derrel vs Haineko(Done)
The Sercets Unlock(To be continued)
Bejeweled: Ijinken and the Wielders of the Sword(Done)
Under the Blue Sky(Done)
The Samurai Pride and the Fencers Honor(Done)
New Beginning(Done)
The World Never Changes (done)
Shield Of Force(done)
Problems never end(Done)
Currency Issue(Dead)
A Human Question(Done)


Nikudemon Meets Gloria(?)
The Mysterious Lake and The Phantom(Dead)
The Meeting: A Change of Leadership(Done)
Popcorn hunt(dead)
Continuing the journey(dead)
Shadow pendent(dead)
A day at the bar(done)
Point Of No Returns(Done)
Welcome To Reality(Dead)
Reuniting: Hell is Only Severed Best With Friends (Zorolo, Neko)(Going)

Character fic:

Dark Side (done)


Sign ups(Done)
Tournament grounds(Done)
Wonderful set by, Aiko!
Restoring Luna / Dark Side
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Re: Nikudemon (The Unknown Human)

Pretty much just a formality at this point.


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