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Dale Allan, the Bard

Name: Dale Allan
Nickname /Alias: N/A
Occupation: Bard of the Order of Unerring Destiny (Explanation in bio)
Age/Birthdate: Age: 23 Birthdate: March 15
Apparent Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5 feet, six inches. (Sixty-six inches, or 1.67 meters.)
Weight: 130 pounds. (or 58.9 kilograms)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color/Style: Blonde-brown
Skin Color/Complexion: Thick and smoothed back.

General Appearance: Aside from being on the short side, Dale has an interest in colors that are as varied as they are odd. Wrapped around his head is a brown colored headband that holds his hair cemented hair in place while he travels. Aside from that, his blonde-brown eyebrows and evenly distanced eyes are distinguishable, although are minorly offset by the fact his eyes are somewhat wider than other peoples.

Dale wears a leaf-shaped cape that reaches down near the back of his knees. The cape is interchangeable and dark green on one side and brown on the other side. Aside from that, Dale wears a yellow-white shirt with two sets of leather strings to tie it shut and sleeves that flair out as it nears his hands. On his hands, Dale wears a pear of brown leather gloves with straps that can be tightened around the forearm.

Dale wears brown pants that flair out from the thighs down to the calfs, where he then binds his lower legs in long boots fortified with bronze armoring. The armor covers his feet and wraps around his heels before spiraling up and around his shins and calfs. The leg armor is linked by two binds, one just above his heels and the other just below his knees. Within the armor, Dale wears light brown or white socks, depending upon the day.

Dale also carries his sword on his right side, because he is left handed, with the finger-guard facing towards the sky.

For a better understanding of what he looks like!

Weapon(s): Smallsword of the Order: Dale’s unique weapon he created when he became a fully fledged member of the Bard’s of Unerring Destiny. Weapons made by members of this order are created with the most advanced and powerful enchanting techniques known to the order. The steel is folded and crafted using intricate blacksmithing techniques and bound with runic scrolls between coolings, allowing the blade to soak in magical energy, making it more durable and stiffer.

The enchantments put upon the sword are many-fold. The major effect that the weapon the bard chooses grants them increased proficiency and capability with that weapon (a function lost when not armed with the weapon). The other effects are that the sword slightly increases the users magical strength, physical strength, speed, agility and endurance. Although all of these gains are very minor, the increases make the user much more threatening when armed with one of these weapons than he or she would be if they didn’t have their special weapon.

The sword’s blade is twenty-four inches long and forged of the strongest folded steel. Although the tip is a highly sharpened thrusting tip meant for piercing mail and plate armor, the double-edged blade of the sword has also been sharpened, allowing it to be used for cutting as well. Where the blade and the hand-guard meet, the blade sweeps back slightly.

The handle is made of pure steel. The pommel is orb shaped, the handle is ovular with groves to allow for better holding. Aside from that, the handle is also bound in a white cloth. The handle also possesses a thin finger-guard that attaches at the first cross-guard above the top of the hand and is connected between the pommel and handle. The bottom cross-guard and the concave, circular guard above it are connected by the handle and two other bars, one at the end of the guard nearest the wrist and the other connected to the arc of the finger-guard.

Lastly, the sheet is made of steel and shimmers white slightly. It doesn’t seem to hold any kind of magical power.

Armor: Because Dale has an interesting perception of the world, and his order is most skilled at enchanting items and clothing, Dale’s clothing doubles as armor and enhancements for the user. Aside from the simple enchantment that is clothing repairs itself when damage (the length of time depends on how serious the damage to his clothing is), his clothing also possesses the further enchantments.

Headband of Fortitude: Dale’s headband doubles as both protection for his forehead and a piece to hold his hair in place. The headband is, however, enchanted such that it grants the user increased endurance, meaning he can fight longer or with more wounds.

Magician’s Mantle: Dale’s cloak, aside from being reversible, is also enchanted to increase his magical strength. Whenever he evokes one of his song magics, the mantle increases its magical might, making it possible to mirror more powerful spells with less difficulty.

Bard’s Tunic: Aside from being a snappy and stylish shirt, Dale’s shirt grants him increased luck, increasing both his chance for misfortune and the potential to create misfortune upon others. Although a rather unorthodox, not to mention relatively useless, this function tends to create more problems through incidence or coincidence than actually help.

Gloves of Giant’s Strength: Although highly exaggerated in name, Dale’s gloves increase his physical strength and stamina. These gloves are also reinforced, allowing them to repel weaker attacks with bladed weapons or weak magics.

Bronze Boots of Speed: Aside from being complex and annoying to put on and remove, Dale’s boots increase his movement speed. That’s really all they do.

Carried Possessions: Dale carries, at any time, at least two objects… two that are perceivable anyway.

Bag of Holding: A magical bag that is said to have infinite carrying capacity. Also a very stylish, light blue bag that Dale carries on his right side when walking around with it in public. Dale has further enchanted the bag to allow him to shrink it, allowing him to hide it in a secret pocket in his right glove. Dale keeps things like food and supplies in this bag. Most notably, a harp he plays in his free time and to calm his soul.

Dice of Destiny: An ancient and powerful relic of Dale’s order. A twenty-sided die that is imbued with the power of the Goddess of Destiny herself. Dale keeps this dice tucked away in a secret pocket in his left glove and only removes it when all other choices have been worked through. The die has several effects when rolled:

1: When a one is rolled, destiny answers the all important thought, “This can’t possibly get any worse,” by making the situation worse than it already is. A rare occurrence, when a one is rolled, the Goddess of Fate shuns the roller and the misfortune wrought upon the user and those he’s with is balanced by the good fortune that is brought upon their foe.

2-5: When two-through-five are rolled, the roller’s fate is seen to be bad. When these numbers are rolled, although there is a chance for something good to happen, these occurrences are so rare they are considered “miracles.”

6-10: When six-through-ten are rolled, the users luck is seen as neutral. Fate’s actions may or may not occur in favor of the user, but are about as likely as what humans consider a “coincidence.”

11-15: In this case, readers of dice tend to predict that it is likely that something positive will befall the user. Cases like these are generally random occurrences like a failed plan managing to work occur. Humans perceive these as “fortunate misfortune.”

16-19: A roll with one of these numbers gives the user a high chance of managing to escape or succeed in whatever they have set up. Under these circumstances, luck is taken into account to see how the fortune turns up. In this case, success is nearly guaranteed. A failure in these events is seen as a “avoidable tragedy.”

20: A roll said to be even rarer than the roll of a one on these dice. In the case of a twenty being rolled, the Goddess of Fate acts almost directly in favor of the roller. When this occurs, the roller is said to have phenomenal luck and powers for a very short period of time. The warning on these rolls is that if a 20 is ever rolled, the roller may become reliant on the power of the dice in times of trouble, potentially putting himself and others in danger.

Powers/Magic/Skills: Dale and member’s of his order possess a unique power. When they witness or experience (by watching or being hit by/attacked with) basic magical attacks, if they write a poem (lyrical or otherwise) that captures their experience and how they perceived it, they are capable of recreating these spells by reciting the poem.

Limits: Dale’s poems are limited in power to the maximum power of the spell he witnessed. His ability to recreate the power of the spell is limited by the greatest strength of the spell that Dale has seen. Also, Dale’s ability to recreate magic using his poems is limited to very basic types of magic, such as lightning bolts and fireballs and such. Any magic that he can’t understand or fully perceive some manner of working behind can’t be replicated, even with a poem.

Side-Effects: The combination of magic and skill with a weapon limits Dale’s capacity in both. His skill with a sword and with his poetry magic are restricted by the growth of the other in exchange for the growth of the other. Aside from that, if he witnesses a spell (For example, a fireball spell), although he can only replicate it as strong as he witnessed it, if he experiences a stronger fireball later, he can use the same poem he used to create the original fireball, but with new limits.


None to date. (The man’s just starting his journey. )

Battle Strengths:

Poem Magic: Dale’s major advantage is his ability to learn and adapt basic magic spells into poems and then recreate their effects by reciting the poem. These spells, although limited by the most powerful version of a spell similar to the one his poem is about, has the ability to be upgraded by seeing someone who uses a stronger version of the spell.

Move Cast: Another unique ability of the order Dale belongs to. He is capable of moving while reciting his poems and still casting the spell. Although he can be interrupted by attacks that throw him off balance, hit him, or cause him to stumble or become disoriented, he still maintains the ability to use his poem magics while moving, removing the restriction of being a target while casting.

Sword Play: Although he may not be very strong, Dale makes up for his lack of physical prowess by his talent with his sword. His sword fighting talent and strength require his sword, however.

Battle Weaknesses:

Curse of the Magic-Wielding Warrior (or the Sword-Wielding Caster): The major drawback to Dale’s combat style is that, being skilled in both sword-fighting and magic, neither of these powers is very, very powerful. Because he mastered neither swords nor magics, but choose to wield both, Dale’s skill and power in both of these skills is somewhat restricted.

The Experience is Always More Vivid than the Retelling: Because, in effect, Dale’s magic is performed by simply recalling his experience via a poem and bringing that basic magic into the world through this means, the power of his spells are limited to the most powerful version of a spell similar to the one he’s trying to cast. Also, if the spell requires too much magical energy to replicate, Dale can only recreate the spell up to the point that his magical powers dictate possible.

Never Rely too much on Tools: To put it simply, without his sword, Dale’s capacity to fight in melee combat is exceedingly limited as his sword fighting skills aren’t fully copied into his mind while wielding his sword. While using his sword, the poet captures only part of the experience, but the other part of it remains in the sword to be used/recreated later.

Other: He is also a skilled enchanter, although that requires a good deal of time and effort, along with materials, so it cannot be done in battle or in a rushed situation.

Personality: To say that Dale is eccentric is equivalent to saying that water is wet. To put it simply, Dale’s world is one shaped by his experience. Namely, his experiences involve the reading of countless epic poems and stories about gods, demigods, heroes and other forces beyond the scope of humanity. Dale enjoys listening to good music and playing good music while he is alone or surrounded by others.

Most notably, Dale perceives the world around him in the same manner that he perceives the stories he reads: that events beyond human control happen every day, and he has to go along with the flow. Dale spends most of his time smiling and watching others around him. Although he comes across as a very nice guy, Dale really enjoys speaking of greater adventure and trying to find people to help him find these adventures.

Perhaps because of his incredible lack of realistic perception of people, Dale approaches people in a friendly manner and attempts to engage them in conversation or discussion, no matter how little they wish to speak to him. In conversations, Dale speaks of gods and heroes and adventures, but also of more poetic subjects like love and joy. When he isn’t rambling about inane rules of existence that most people don’t notice or debating which hero could beat up which other hero, he spends time writing up poems for his new spells he’s learned or just for fun.

In battle, aside from experiencing the flow of what is going on itself, Dale spends a bit of time trying to invent impressive, if not overly complex, strategies to allow him to bring down his foes. Everything else, Dale deems, is just a roll of a die… or toss of a coin… or some other inane fate related references.

Likes: Classical music, epic poems, love songs, writing poetry, the number 20.
Dislikes: Non-rhyming poems, pessimists, people who think they know it all, skeptics, and the number 1.
Fears: Fate (because its such a fickle friend), giants (no one likes being squished, I’d imagine) and being without a purpose.
Virtues: Curiosity, ambition.
Vices: Hubris, envy, short-sightedness.

History: The young-adult moved towards the older man as he looked at the large harp with a sword behind him, seemingly stabbed through the center. He smiled as he looked at the massive harp and sword and smiled. “So, Master, why did you call me here?” Dale asked as he looked at the older bard.

The middle-aged bard slammed his bard-staff against the ground as he turned around and smiled at the man. “Hello, young one. I believe it is time I spoke with you. As I’m sure you noticed, others have left. I believe it is time I told you where they have gone.”

The young bard quirked his eyebrow and chuckled. “I’m sure they’ve gone off to start their journey into the world, right?”

The older man sighed. “You don’t seem to understand, young one. There is a reason why we send you apprentices out into the world. It is so when you return, you bring your experiences back.”

Dale laced his fingers along the back of his head and smiled. “Well, what good are our experiences if they’re, you know, our experiences. It isn’t as if an experience can be superimposed onto another person by virtue of simply learning about it.”

The old man shook his head and sighed. “I thought you’d have a hard time grasping the basis. It is time that I explained it to you, I suppose. Haven’t you ever wondered why it is that you have studiced hundreds of epic poems and stories about heroes and gods?”

The sword-bard scratched his cheek as he shrugged. “I always assumed we read about them because their experiences teach us valuable life lessons.”

The elder man’s eye twitched as he sighed. “That’s one reason, yes. They teach us valuable lessons. However, that is not the only reason we learn about them. We learn about them because those events transpired, and, if we study them in-depth enough, we can learn their secrets.”

For the first time since the discussion began, Dale stood up straight and looked seriously at the higher ranked bard. This had just become interesting.

“Good, it seems I have your attention. Now you shall learn the secret of our world… and of all the worlds that are.”

All the worlds there are?”

“Yes,” the man said with a nod. “Through a great deal of luck, members of our order have learned that there are many other worlds, many other existences out there. Through a multidimensional connection point, a place known as “The Dome,” we have gained even greater understanding and knowledge. We have learned that our speculations were right: Heroes and Gods are real, young one. Some are loved, some are feared, some are worshipped and some are hated. No matter what the case may be, these heroes and gods have much to teach us. As we learn more and more about them, we near our final goal.”


“Yes. The goal to finally gain the power to break the rules of reality, as they do. As you’ve learned, our powers are limited to simply bending reality as we know it, but we are nearing the point in which the magical powers we’ll have will let us break the rules and conventions that govern other men. In the meantime between that point and now, we exist to fulfill our other mission.”

“This is all very new to me… well, most of it. Are you telling me that that’s ALWAYS been the goal of this order.”

The old man grit his teeth as he held back the urge to simply beat the young adult with his staff. For now, he’d remain calm. “Yes, and while our scholars continue their research into making us into what we research, others of our order are out in the world bringing about a great change. It is our duty to maintain the balance between chaos and order. Our power is great, but it can be greater.”

“So, how do we maintain the balance of order and chaos?”

“Its quite simple, lad. Hapless do-gooders or incompetent bunglers both work out well. Follow them and aid them in defeating the chaos that the average people fear, and after that, make sure that they “accidentally” leave a wake of destruction to maintain chaos. As you know, there must always be a balance between good and evil in the world. We just help that balance along.”

Dale smiled and nodded. “Gotcha, chiefy. I’ll be back when I’ve gained more insight into the world and can become closer to reaching godhood.”

The man stepped forwards and placed a twenty-sided dice into the man’s hand before smiling and closing his hand. “Be safe, child.”

Dale looked at the dice, then the old man, and nodded. “I shall. Farewell,” he stated as he headed towards the exit of the building. Today, he would begin his journey. He knew not what would happen, or what would come of it, but he knew the purpose he now served… however odd and deranged it may have seemed.
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Re: Dale Allan, the Bard

So the Clothes Make The Superman? (And, it seems, the superman makes the clothes. )

A formality in this case I think, but...
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Re: Dale Allan, the Bard

Originally Posted by Sabbo View Post
So the Clothes Make The Superman? (And, it seems, the superman makes the clothes. )

A formality in this case I think, but...
Yeah... that's the first time I've seen that line of logic within that trope. Also, I don't think most superheroes possess the ability to enchant items, although I'm sure there are a number... but completely technically, thanks for showing me that.

ANyway, thanks for approving him. ^_^
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