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Ebosia Chordata

Name: Ebosia Chordata ('Chord' as in 'Cord')
Nickname /Alias: 'Bo
Occupation: Traveling merchant
Age/Birthdate: 24 / January 17th
Apparent Age: Around 20
Gender: Female
Race: Alchemically altered Human
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 150lbs
Eye Color: Algae Yellow - Green
Hair Color/Style: Chlorine Blue - Green / Dreaded in the summer/spring and full and curly in the fall/winter.

General Appearance:
[ extra picture ]

Standing at 5'7" and 150lbs with a loose, relaxed stature, this strange young woman has an otherworldly appearance. With vivid yellow-green eyes and neon blue-green hair that bounces about with her lively walk, she is definitely a sight to make your eyes sore. With pale skin that is lit up by the insanely bright colors that she surrounds herself with, all the greens and blues and the cream of her skin most likely makes her look sickly. Her hair--when not in dreads--is full with large curls that frame her face, and is gracefully unkempt, as she likes to call it. Her eyes sparkle with excitement and deviousness, and lead most men to financial ruin.

She wears a bright blue bikini top the majority of the time, which has bright yellow stars at the center of each side, and long, poofy, hand-stitched forest-green pants with what seems like an endless amount of pockets. To fasten those large pants in place are several belts, some for fashion, others for functionality. Her boots are dark brown, made of a dark, tough leather that can withstand pretty much any terrain she needs to go through, whether it be snow, swamp, bog, grass, or mud. The bottoms of the poofy pants she wears are tucked into the tops of her boots, causing the silky material to billow over the tops of the knee-high leather boots. In the colder seasons, she wears haphazardly sewn together striped sweaters, which dawn darker shades of the same crazy colors that are now apart of her physique forever. She also wears a cloak of dark green to fend off the cold, with a large hood with ample room for the luscious curls of her hair.

Weapon(s): Though they are not visible on her person, she has an assortment of throwing knives hidden in the bottom part of her clothing. Her pants contain many pockets, be they sewn in or in one of the larger pockets of her pants.

She also carries a pair of three pronged claw blades, sheathed in leather padding inside of deep-stitched back pockets. The inside of the outer two blades has serrated edging, allowing them to deal more damage when they are pulled out than when they enter.

Armor: N/A

Carried Possessions: Assortment of blades, claw blades in her back pockets, a pack of hand-rolled fruity-flavored cigarettes, her "meds," hand-made matches, and a container of fish food in one of her many pockets.



+ This is a substance that makes up her blood and tears, and also the substance she is able to create inventions that run from it, draw power from it to create lanterns with her fishies, and other such strange things that not many people have seen before.
+ Gnathos seems to have a mind of its own, as though it were alive, and acts as such when spilled upon the ground or any other surface. It spittles and pops and hisses, and undulates. It may have a will of its own, or may be controlled by the will of its host--that's for Ebosia to know and you to find out.
+ The Gnathos makes her go into periodic fits of 'sickness', in which she vomits the substance, and becomes extraordinarily sick. During these periods of time she doesn't interact much with anyone, and tends to stay in her coach.
+ There is a possibility that it could be poisonous to the touch, but Ebosia has yet to test this theory.

Limits: She does not know the extent of what her blood (Gnathostomatis*) does, and it is therefore dangerous for her to use it without experimenting first.
Side-Effects: Every time she has used it so far, it has brought on the "sickness," or a period of vomiting blood, lethargy, and at its worst a state of comatose.

Battle Strengths: She is very quick, agile, and alert. Ebosia tends to use an assortment of tricks, and the tactic of faking-out quite a lot; this makes her opponents second guess both her and themselves.
Battle Weaknesses: While she is quick, she is small, and not bulky by any means. Body blows can definitely do a lot of damage due to her lean form. The sight of her own blood in large amounts causes her to panic, which can lead to rash decision making in the heat of battle.

Other: She lives in and travels everywhere in a gypsy-looking coach, which is drawn by a Silver, peculiarly tattooed mare named "Quin." She makes stops in whatever town she can find, and tries to do friendly business with those she can draw in.

In her fishy-covered coach she sells an array of things, from the Gnathos injected fishies that double as lanterns, the energy source for many toys, small tinkerings that she has created, and other such equipment that one might need. She is a good cook, and prepares and sells food when she has it. Ebosia also grows her own tobacco and some berry plants, and harvests both to make hand-rolled fruit-clove cigarettes and cigars, as well as flavored tobacco for hookah (AKA shisha).

+ The name of the fishes she breeds are called Chordi, and resemble a mixture between a goldfish and a boar-fish.

She does not travel with any caravan, but prides herself in offering her innovative and out-of-this-world technology to anyone who she happens to stumble upon--or those who stumble upon her otherworldly coach for that matter. There is always a market for power and light, as well as weaponry which she hopes to experiment on and start creating soon.

+ Ebosia has to constantly keep stock of certain herbs, powders, and chemicals to create an antidote or "medication" for her sickness. She used to travel with a quiet middle-eastern-esque desert woman named Mohini, who was good at making healing salves, and great with alchemy altogether. The first time Ebosia got sick, Mohini used Ebosia's blood, along with several other ingredients to make the antidote that Ebosia still uses to this day. Without this antidote, Ebosia would be sure to suffer something far worse than what she perceives death to feel like.

Theme Song: "Future Reflections" by MGMT

Personality: There are many pieces that make up the personality of strange-but-lovely Miss Ebosia Chordata. Her eccentricity is something that is not found often in others, and her bubbly-yet-sarcastic and devious attitude is an acquired taste. Most of the sarcasm that permeates her speech goes over peoples' heads, which is very irritating to her.

Her world view is probably skewed, but accurate to what she perceives the world to be, due to her cosmopolitan lifestyle. She has met hundreds of thousands of different people all over the world, even different realms, and she views humans as ignorant, runt-like creatures. Though a human herself, the transmutation of her very DNA, as well as the heightened resilience it has gifted her has given her a different perspective on every day life.

To most she has a very alluring personality. She tends to appease those who come her way with good graces, and exchanges pleasantries with those who are pleasant. To customers she is a bubbly, cute, and clever fox of a merchant, and treats them with a limited amount of respect. She does, however, get snippy if she feels her customer is trying to jip her, or in her opinion, is just plain dumb.

She is rarely serious, due to her overly-serious past.

Likes: Chocolate, her fishies, alcohol, money, fruity-flavored cigarettes, hookah, men, tattoos, and making people feel uncomfortable for fun.
Dislikes: Undead: Liches, Wraiths, Ghouls, Vampires, Zombies, and all of the above. She had a run-in with a certain Lich that nearly ruined her life. She also hates all unnecessary noise (i.e. chewing with mouth open, clicking, tapping, rustling, snapping of fingers, etc), and the annoying mannerisms of most humans.
Fears: The Lich Kobal and his constituents.
Virtues: Ebosia prides herself in being very humorous and sarcastic, and loves to make people laugh (also enjoys it when other people make her laugh). She is clever, creative, clean, witty, and overall satisfied with her existence.
Vices: She loves intimacy, and she's shameless when it comes to it. She'll lie and steal and cheat on occasion, but not excessively. Ebosia is scantily clad the majority of the time as it is, which is unheard of mostly in the places she travels. Most people would say she's morally loose, but that's just because they're prudes.

History: Ebosia recalls her childhood as a blissful blur that is by no means memorable--that is, until the transmutation. Her father was one of many alchemists in a traveling band that would work for kings and queens and bandits--even bandit-kings and queens. They would mainly serve the upper class, coming up with ways to smooth the wrinkles from their faces, strengthen their weapons, and provide horrific poisons for the assassination of their enemies, rivals, or victims.

She was an illegitimate child, born of a courtesan that her father frequented, and tossed into his quite careless hands once she was born. Her father slathered her in anything she desired, just to shut her up, until the day he decided she was old enough to experiment on. She became a guinea pig. Her once raven hair had become a neon blue-green in result of a wacky hair-pigment experiment, and her once deep emerald eyes had become a more putrid yellow-green, due to experiments with chemicals that only affected the iris.

Every once in a while the experiment would be painful, and would cause the young girl to become extremely sick. She began to resent her father more and more as these things happened, and that resentment built up to the day of the transmutation. She was mostly desensitized to death and the like, but the thought of her own blood being spilled still got to her.

The transmutation was going to take her blood, and transform it into some substance one of her father's cohorts called Gnathostomatis. It was some electrically charged substance mixed with some other chemical that she had never heard of. The change was the most painful experience of her life, and she has yet to rid her mouth of the taste of her own blood.

Ebosia did not even take the time to recuperate from the experiment--that had been the last straw, and she left. She left with the few belongings she could carry in a large, tied sack on a staff hung over her shoulder, and covered herself in a heavy, dark-green cloak. Her bright and otherworldly appearance was not something to be shown off since she was a runaway, with no weapons besides a dagger that she was unfamiliar with wielding.

She did not care which direction she took, but walked and walked until she could walk no more. Then she would rest, and walk and walk some more until it seemed she had wandered into the wrong neck of the woods. It was a mire filled with undeath.

The mire belonged to a Lich named Kobal, a vindictive sorcerer who sought to poison all mankind and make them his servants. It did not take much for the wights and wretches in the mire to notice the appetizing stench of the young girl, and not much at all for them to capture and restrain her. The Lich had felt her presence from miles away, but did not understand the sickly aura that surrounded her. She was human--but not a normal human. The stench of the blood that she was drenched in had no metallic, iron smell, but a sweeter aroma.

Upon touching her blood, the skin of his fingers sweltered and bubbled and hissed, as though her blood was acidic to the touch. He demanded an explanation, but could not get an answer that satisfied him. The Lich Kobal could not have his ghouls destroy her, nor could he turn her himself, so he decided to farm her blood. It would protect him from other undead and other Liches, and it would be an easy, quick, and efficient way to kill all the humans he wanted.

The blood was farmed from her for days on end, but she became sick quite often. The Lich Kobal could not tell the origin of the sickness, and simply buffered her with strength from himself and the life force he had taken from other humans. It gave her artificial strength that lasted only for a few days before more life force had to be harvested. It got to a point where she became overwhelmed with strength, and was able to emerge out of her comatose sickness.

Ebosia escaped only thinly by destroying the mechanism that farmed and stored her blood, and allowing it to envelope and destroy the Lich Kobal's mire. The distraction only allowed her moments to escape--but due to the paranoia of the Lich Kobal, he fled far to find his phylactery, in fear of the girl somehow discovering its whereabouts.

7 years later...

In the seven years following the run-in with the Lich Kobal, she established herself within a wily band of gypsies who became her new family. She was now 20, and they felt it was time to send her out on her way. Ebosia was an aspiring tinkerer, and had discovered her love for alcohol, men, chocolate, fishies, adventure, and excitement. They figured she had a lot more to offer than they did, and that she would amount to amazing things out on her own. They gifted her the coach she had stayed in since her arrival, and anything they would not use that she definitely could.

During the next four years, she made many friends and acquaintances in different parts of the world she lived in, and once she met a Mage (She calls him Geraldo) as eccentric and as generous as herself, different realms. She continues to adventure throughout the worlds of the universe, showing and selling her crazy contraptions and fruity-cigarettes to those interested enough to buy.
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Re: Ebosia Chordata


Was there really any question? Her blood tear thing could be powerful, but not knowing how to use it is a good enough weakness to approve this without a problem. So yeah.
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